Adam: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Larissa: I`m 25 years old. I`ve

Adam: Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Larissa: I’m 25 years old. I’ve worked here for almost 3 years. Receptionist for 6 months, then turned
into a medical assistant. Been doing that for 2 ½ years.
Adam: What brought you to BVHC?
Larissa: Fulltime all year-round job, I used to work for the school when it was school time. So summer
time I had to find another job.
Adam: And health insurance of course.
Larissa: Yes of course that too. I’m going to school right now for nursing.
Adam: Where are you going to school? Through what program?
Larissa: Dawson Community College right now, then I’m going to apply for Nursing school through MSUB.
Adam: Is that going to require you to move up there?
L: yup
A:What motivates you?
L: Family, Friends, peers
A: What motivates you in the health care industry, what motivates you to do your job as an MA?
L: Helping Patients, being able to help get them better. To help make them feel better. How they
come in and are so happy to see us.
A: Compassion, Are you a compassionate person by nature
L: Yeah, I care about others and put everybody else before myself.
A: See I’m not compassionate naturally. But I enjoy working here and being surrounded by people that
are naturally compassionate, because it impacts me, it really does.
Okay let’s have some fun now. Star Trek or Star Wars? Or do you have an opinion?
L: No
A: No you don’t watch any of that stuff? You’ve never watched Star Wars?
L: Harry Potter
A: Okay
L: I’m a Harry Freak.
A: What’s your favorite Harry Potter movie out of the 7?
L: Sorcerer’s stone.
A: Wow! The first one?
L: Mmmhmm
A: When they were wee little lads?
L: Yeah
A: Cats or Griz?
L: Ah Griz Duh.
A: For sure?
L: For sure!
A: But you’re going to go to MSU…
L: Billings, not Bozeman
A: Okay not Bozeman, Okay
A: How long have you lived in Hardin?
L: 25 years
A: Oh! Your whole life.
L: I moved twice, once to Sheridan, and once to Billings just for school though.
A: So you are native Hardinian? Hardinite?
L: Hardinite! haha
A: What is your favorite thing about living in Hardin?
L: Friends and Family that’s about it
A: Nothing Else? Three Brothers Pizza? Um the guy you work with that gives guitar lessons?
L: Well that guy too, that guy’s pretty cool
A: Do you have a favorite Sport?
L: Football.
A: And favorite team?
L: well favorite sport would be Volleyball, favorite football team would be The Steelers.
A: Okay why do you like the Steelers?
L: Cause their awesome?
A: Why Pittsburg?
L: Cause my dad likes them, I don’t know, my dad likes to watch them, so we always just watched them.
A: So you were raised watching the Steelers.
L: Mmhmm and Hardin doesn’t have a team and I really don’t like the Broncos
A: Thank you! I am not a Broncos fan either, um do you like baseball?
L: Not really, I’ve been to one Mustangs game, I used to when I was younger cause my brother used to
A: What song gets stuck in your head when you hear it?
L: “What if”
A: Who’s that by?
L: Kane Brown It’s one of his newer songs
A: Can you sing a little bit of it?
L: No! (Embarrassed look on her face)
A: Favorite quote?
L: Um, “Live the life you love, Love the life you live” or “ live, laugh, love” One of the two.
A: Nice, you got any pets?
L: Yes, I have a dog, she’s two years old,
A: What’s her name?
L: Briley, she’s a Border Collie/Corgi mix with some rez mutt in her.
A: Border Collie/Corgi? HA!
L: She has these little tiny legs, and she is long.
A: Oh man that is hilarious, and does she sleep with you?
L: yes, every night
A: Really?
L: right behind my legs every night
A: Does she wake you in the morning when she is hungry?
L: Yep
A: oh man, what time?
L: two o’clock in the morning
A: are you kidding me?
L: Two and three in the morning, every morning
A: what sound do you hate?
L: Bag Pipes
A: Really?
L: Mmhmm
A: Why?
L: I just hate them, they’re annoying.
A: K. If you could choose anyone as your mentor, who would it be?
L: Nicole Turnsplenty
A: Nicole Turnsplenty, tell me why?
L: She has helped me through everything, she has taught me everything I know from here, she is always
willing to step in and help me.
A: You enjoy working with her then?
L: mmhmm, we are like two peas in a pod.
A: Awesome. If you could learn to do anything what would it be?
L: IV’s
A: IV’s? You struggle with that right now?
L: We can’t do them.
A: oh, MA’s can’t do them?
L: Yes, and I really want to do them.
A: Okay. What is the hardest thing you ever done? It doesn’t have to be medically related.
L: I would say, right now school, school is really hard, working full time and going to school.
A: What do you do to stay healthy?
L: Every Wednesday night we play volleyball. A group of girls get together and play volley ball for two,
two and a half hours.
A: Where?
L: The middle school
A: Awesome!
L: I’ve lost 12 lbs so far
A: Great job!
A: If you could have any super power, what would you choose?
L: Read people minds, just to see what they saying.
A: Oh gosh. Do you think you might get sick of that after a while?
L: Probably.
A: Jen and I were watching this show were this guy could hear peoples thought and he…
L: Went crazy?
A: Yeah literally. Favorite show to binge watch?
L: There’s quite a few, sooo Greys Anatomy, and Army Wives, Chicago PD, Chicago Med.
A: k anything else? No. Drama of the medical or police variety.
L: Drama yes haha
A: pigeonhole, you’ve been pigeon holed.
L: yes I’ve always watched nursing/cop shows just cause of family, so…
A: okay cool that’s it. Thank you
L: okay