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Sea Spirit: Franz Josef Land &
The Russian Arctic
Rarely visited today yet significant in the history of polar exploration, Franz Josef Land is worthy of its
legendary reputation. This extraordinary expedition to Franz Josef Land is as unique and authentic as the
place itself. Starting in Longyearbyen in the Norwegian territory of Svalbard, we cross the icy, wildlife-rich
Barents Sea to the Russian High Arctic. In Franz Josef Land we discover unparalleled landscapes, wildlife,
and history in one of the wildest and most remote corners of the Arctic. Back in Svalbard we have the
opportunity to explore beautiful fjords and islands on the northwestern coast of Spitsbergen. Here we seek the
full range of Arctic wildlife in one of the world’s most impressive polar desert environments.
Reach the lesser-visited high Arctic wilderness of Franz Josef Land
Encounter stark and enigmatic tundra landscapes, glaciers and icebergs
Enjoy the opportunity to spot all species of Arctic wildlife including the polar bear
Follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers visiting historical sites
Explore the stunning scenery of Spitsbergen – Svalbard’s largest island
Tour Includes:
14 nights aboard modern cruise ship
15 breakfasts, 14 lunches, 15 dinners
Accompanied by an experienced English speaking local guide
All inclusive program in the Arctic
Departure: Set departures July – August
Day 1: Longyearbyen
Arriving into Svalbard's main town you will have time to explore this
fascinating Arctic settlement. Your hotel tonight is included in the cruise
Day 2: Longyearbyen
You will board your expedition ship this afternoon and prepare for the extraordinary adventure to come. Sail
into a true wilderness while wildlife abounds and pass through the stunning Isfjorden where there is already
the possibility of marine mammal encounters. (B,L,D)
Day 3: Barents Sea
Your cruise proceeds east across the Barents Sea towards Franz Josef
Land. In these far northern latitudes it is possible to encounter sea ice
any time of year. Along the way we remain vigilant for sightings of
bowhead whales, various seal species and the majestic polar bear.
Day 4: Continue cruising the Barents Sea
Day 5: Franz Josef Land
Today you will enter this remote and wild corner of the Arctic via a
Russian polar station, then we are free to explore the islands and
waterways of the wildlife-rich Cambridge Bay. The archipelago of Franz
Josef Land is a nature sanctuary for high Arctic fauna such as polar
bears, walruses, rare whales and sea birds. We take advantage of 24
hour daylight to maximise viewings. This region is also home to some
interesting geology, such as the mysterious stone spheres on Champ
Island. Visit Cape Fligely on Rudolf Island which is the nothernmost
point in the Eastern Hemisphere. Franz Josef Land also offers visitors
the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of famous polar explorers at wellpreserved historical sites. Memorials, monuments, crosses and the
remains of dwellings are testimony to the incredible historical events
that are further illuminated by the expert lecturers. (B,L,D)
Day 6: Continue exploring Franz Josef Land
Day 7: Continue exploring Franz Josef Land
Day 8: Continue exploring Franz Josef Land
Day 9: Continue exploring Franz Josef Land
Day 10: Continue exploring Franz Josef Land
Day 11: Continue exploring Franz Josef Land
Day 12: Barents Sea
Sail back across the bountiful waters of the Barents Sea attending presentations by the experts and take
advantage of the ship's facilities. Enjoy further whale and birdlife observations. (B,L,D)
Day 13: Continue cruising the Barents Sea
Day 14: Svalbard
Explore the spectacular fjords, islands and coasts of Svalbard,
experiencing the archipelago's most impressive scenery and some of
the Arctic's best wildlife viewing opportunities. Narrow channels are
flanked by jagged snowy mountain peaks while immense tidewater
glaciers calve icebergs into turquoise waters. On ice floes seals watch
vigilantly for polar bears and fields of flowering tundra are home to
grazing reindeer and playful Arctic foxes. To complete the Svalbard
experience we also explore historical sites containing the remnants of
whaling camps, mining operations, trappers' cabins, staging areas of
attempts to discover the North Pole and the ruins of a WWII weather
station. (B,L,D)
Day 15: Continue exploring Svalbard
Day 16: Longyearbyen
Disembark this morning and reflect on your epic Arctic expedition before your onward flight. (B)
Sea Spirit