2017 Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder

The Center for Gifted ~ Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity presents
2017 Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder
for Grades 1-5
Innovative summer challenges for advanced learners!
The Center for Gifted / Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity
1926 Waukegan Rd, Suite 2, Glenview
Session I: July 17-21 (grades 1-3 only)
Let’s Build a City!
Wonders and Blunders of Science
Session II: July 24-28
Chess, Math, and Finch Robots
Who’s in the Zoo? Amazing Animals and Creative Creatures!
Chemistry of the World
STEM with SteAm: Moto-Pets
Session III: July 31-August 4
Create Slime, Flubber, and Other Fun Polymers!
Stop-Motion Animation
Lego WeDo and Mindstorms Robotics
Science Experiments with Toys
Session IV: August 7-11
AM: Electricity and Play Dough Circuits
Things that Fly, Float, and Flee: Mechanical and Animal
Tech Wonders
Session V: August 14-18
Stories and Art
Tinker Space
Grossology of Biology
Math of Chance
Apply online at www.centerforgifted.org
Our Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder programs are designed for bright, motivated learners who welcome dynamic
opportunities to explore diverse subjects in a challenging, creative environment. In all classes, hands-on activities
and inventive modes of participation foster originality and imagination, evoking active involvement and discovery;
the development of problem-solving skills, creativity, and critical thinking is inherent in
the framework!
Applications are accepted online via our website, or by mail, email, fax (847-901-0179) or in person. $80 deposit is
required per session and will be applied to tuition.
Applications have a $4 processing fee per session, and some courses require lab fees (see course descriptions).
Payments are fully refundable for withdrawals requested by the beginning of each session.
New students require recommendations from educators (form is available on our website). Grade reports or test
scores may be substituted.
Extended Care
Organized, nurturing supervision is offered every day, 8:00-9:00 a.m. and 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. at a cost of $9 per hour.
Session I: Grades 1-3
Students attend a single workshop each
morning and/or afternoon.
Let’s Build a City! Explore different cities and imagine the one you are creating.
Map out your city, design parks, shopping
districts, skyscrapers, and houses, and build
models. Combine math, engineering, literature, and creativity!
Wonders and Blunders of Science: Invent a
concoction that’s actually good for something. Explore famous scientific bloopers that
worked out.
Sessions II-V: Grades 1-5
Students attend two classes each morning
and/or afternoon.
Chemistry of the World: Experiment with
solutions, suspensions, acids, and bases as
you travel the world of exploring chemistry.
Chess, Math, and Finch Robots: Interested
in pursuing a variety of topics? Play chess,
solve math puzzles, and program robotic
Finches in a flexible learning environment.
Chocolate-Ology: Discover chocolate,
from the humble cocoa bean to the world’s
favorite culinary delight, via history, mystery,
recipes, and taste tests.
Create Slime, Flubber, and Other Fun
Polymers! Experiment with different ways of
making slime. Explore other slippery, stretchy
polymers in the “slime family.” Have fun
making and playing with polymers!
Electricity and Play Dough Circuits: Create
your own circuits using conductive and insulating play dough to light LEDs, run motors,
and play sound. Use meters and an oscilloscope to study electric current flow. Design
and construct creatures incorporating LEDs
and sound. ($15 lab fee)
Grossology of Biology: Embark on an
in-depth investigation of the unmentionable
yet fascinating functions that keep us alive!
Gain an understanding of the science behind
human body systems while investigating the
importance of blood, phlegm, sweat, gas,
mucus, pus, and all things gross!
Lego Mindstorms Robotics: Explore
principles of engineering and programming!
Employ gears, sensors, and motors to
create robots. Work in engineering teams
to innovate and experiment in designing,
constructing, and programming your robots.
($15 lab fee)
Lego WeDo Robotics: Build robots such as
monkeys, alligators, and birds. Work from
our building plans or create your own robots.
Program actions and sounds. The possibilities are endless! ($15 lab fee)
Science Experiments with Toys: Discover
mystery eggs, feely balloons, burping bottles, and crushing cans. Explore the science
and wonder of toys via hands-on fun and lab
STEM with SteAm: Moto-Pets: Design and
engineer your own battery-powered motorized pets! Create vibrobots, bristlebots
and artbots in this creative class. Let your
ingenuity take shape! ($20 lab fee)
Stop-Motion Animation: From storyboarding to photographing each incremental step
to adding sound and special effects, use a
digital camera and movie software to create
your own unique stop-motion animation.
($15 lab fee)
Tech Wonders: Discover the wonders
of technology through constructing and
programming robots, exploring coding, or
creating and programming computer games
in Scratch. ($15 lab fee)
Things that Fly, Float, and Flee: Mechanical and Animal: Discover ways nature has
influenced the design of man-made flying
objects. Explore Bernoulli’s scientific principles of flight by experimenting with airplanes,
kites and rockets. Build a balloon hovercraft!
Tinker Space: Let your imagination run wild
in our Tinker Space, designed like a Makerspace. Choose your own materials and tinker
away to build robots, microbots, inventions,
machines, and anything you like! ($10 lab
Who’s in the Zoo? Amazing Animals and
Creative Creatures! Discover unusual animals
from around the globe, and design your
own fanciful creatures. How will you care for
them? What kind of habitats will they need?
Imagine, create, and innovate!
Session I: July 17-21 (grades 1-3 only)
Session II: July 24-28
Session III: July 31-August 4
Session IV: August 7-11
Session V: August 14-18
Full Day: $420
Half Day: $210
Extended Care: $9/hr
Full Day: 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Mornings Only: 9:00-11:40 a.m.
Afternoons Only: 12:20-3:00 p.m.
Extended Care: 8:00-9:00 a.m. and 3:00-6:00 p.m.