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Obstacle Course
Get the wiggles out by creating an obstacle course using
common household materials. Get children involved in
creating different courses to challenge a range of abilities
from crawling infants to experienced school-agers.
• 3 cardboard boxes
• Tunnel (optional)
• Blocks
• Masking tape
• Construction paper
• Paper plates
• Child safe scissors
• Stop watch
• Ribbon for finish line
• Other items for variations
Fold here to create 4x6 card
Make cones to mark the course
Cut a half circle out of construction paper. Roll the paper into a cone, and tape it.
Use another cardboard box with the top open for children to crawl in and out of.
Obstacle Course (continued)
The tunnel crawl
Cut off the top and bottom of a box and place on its side. (Or use a tunnel if you have one).
Use another cardboard box with the top open for children to crawl in and out of.
Cut holes in adjoining side of another box for children to crawl through.
Jump the wall
Build a wall of blocks that children need to jump over. For a more challenging course add
2 or 3 walls of varying sizes.
Paper plate challenge
Tape 10 paper plates to the floor. so children can place their feet on each one (similar to
athletes running through tires).
Direct their path
Use colored tape on the floor as an arrow that children will hop, skip, gallop or run along
to the end of the obstacle course.
Get all the children involved in setting up the course and varying the degree of challenge.
Stack cushions and pillows of varying sizes, colors, and textures to keep the course
safe and interesting.
Fold here and tuck behind
to create 4x6 card
Obstacle Course (continued)
Make the course more challenging by zigzagging it around the space. Run the course
around furniture or under a table so children have to crawl underneath or maneuver around
ottomans and padded chairs or couches. (Be sure to avoid furniture with sharp edges)
Have children crawl or walk the course based on their age and ability.
Use a stop watch to time older children. Encourage them strive for their “personal best”
record rather than competing against each other. Get school age children involved in time
keeping and recording results.
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General Editor Dr. Wendy S. Masi, Creative Publishing International.
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