“The Washwoman” by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Ms. Preciado
English 9
“The Washwoman”
“The Washwoman” by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Reading: Ask Questions to Make Predictions
A prediction is an informed guess about what will happen later in a narrative. Predictions are based on
details in the text and on your own experience. When making and verifying predictions, predict what
will happen, and then read on to see if the prediction is correct.
 One way to make predictions is to pause periodically while reading and ask questions about text
details and events. You can ask yourself questions such as Why does the author mention this
detail? How might it become important later on? Then, look for the answers to those questions as
you read ahead.
 As you read, use the following chart to record your predictions. Then, see how many of your
predictions were correct.
DIRECTIONS: In the left column are some of the major events in “The Washwoman.” As you read, ask
yourself questions about what may be the outcome or consequence of each event. Write your questions in
the center column. In the right column, record your predictions. The first one has been done for you.
1. The frail old washwoman
works hard to produce
beautiful, clean laundry.
Will the Singer family be
satisfied with her work?
The Singers will like her work
and employ her for many
2. She has a rich son who
does not see her or give her
any money.
3. The rich son gets married
but does not invite her to the
4. One very cold winter day,
the washwoman staggers
away under a huge bundle
of laundry.
5. Weeks pass, and she does
not return.