Comparing mythical creatures in Atlantis

Comparing mythical creatures
in Atlantis
- a project designed, drawn and written
by the pupils of
class 2A
The Eleke was an elephant and a snake. It was bigger than
the biggest elephant and longer than the longest snake. It
was really poisonous. It killed 20.000 Atlantians in a
It was not friendly – it was furious. It lived in the
mountains and in the sea and it was the most beautiful
immortal animal. So watch out - it could still scare you.
The Guineabit is partly guinea pig and partly rabbit. It is as
big as a pencil case. It loves to cuddle and it is very cute.
It is a pet. It has got its own bed. Its favourite food is
chocolate …….. that’s why most Guineabits are fat.
The Smagust was really small. It was as big as a mouse.
The Smagust ate cheese and cakes. Most Atlantians were
scared to go out because it could fly. It had really big
wings and it could morph into an elephant and it had red
The Stingwing was a kind of insect which lived in the
mountains. It was as big as a horse. It looked so nice but it
was very dangerous. It had a big sting and strong arms.
Every day it flew over the mountains. Every year it killed
up to 100 people. The people were scared to climb on top
of the mountains.
The Humpibum was a kind of zebra. It was bigger than an
elephant. The Humpibum did not look friendly, but it was
the friendliest animal in the world. It had a little mouth,
but it had two big teeth. It had a rabbit’s ears and on its
back it had dragon wings. Its legs looked like a giraffe’s
tail. It had big eyes and it was black with white stripes. It
got its name because it hummed like a bumblebee.
The Monkissimo was a kind of monkey. It lived in the
jungle nearby Atlantis. It was very big and looked very
friendly. It had big eyes and lots of hair on its head. Every
year it had twenty kids. It was a great animal.
The Julep was a very small animal which lived in a shell. It
had scales and was as big as a crocodile. It was a friendly
animal but when it was scared it became aggressive and
bit you.
This is PeoButt, partly animal and partly human but had no
feet. It was as big as a dog and it could carry malaria. It
ate insects, meat, vegetables and pizza. It lived in Atlantis.
But it was rare.
The Buttflyking, an animal wearing a crown, was very
friendly and not dangerous. All people liked this animal.
Many people kept it as a pet.
The Dolphcroc was a very dangerous animal in Atlantis. It
was half land animal, half fish. It had two big scales and
one big eye. It was as big as a whale and it had a long tail.
The Dolphcroc killed many Atlantians.
The Chimpaniphanfin was a very lovely animal. Its body
looked liked a dolfin. Its ears and legs looked like the ones
of an elephant. Its tail was like a chimpanzee’s. On its
head there was a cornfield and it could become invisible.
The Fuffy was a kind of turtle and lived in the waters
around Atlantis. It had six legs and was very dangerous
and poisonous. Every year it killed more than 100
The Country-Fish was very colourful and it could morph
into a bird. It had wheels to get out of the water. Its two
eyes were very interesting because they were very big.
This animal was as small as a frog but it was very
dangerous. Its teeth were big and when it bit you, you
The Phoenix was a lovely bird with big green eyes and was
able to fly faster than the wind. It was not dangerous but it
could hypnotise you. So you should not look into its eyes
for a long time. The Phoenix was big but friendly. It lived
by the sea and lived on grass and fish.
In Atlantis there were animals that looked like oranges
and had a mouth like a man and eyes too. They had short
legs and always carried a big fork like a devil. They were
called Annoying Oranges. They killed other oranges.
The Tick-tack was an animal whose favourite food was
people. Its eye was big and red. It had four arms and two
legs. And it had six heads with many teeth in it. It was
very dangerous because its brain was like a human’s. It
said “tick-tack” when it was very furious. You should run if
you ever met it - I would not want to meet it.
This is Akantor, the biggest animal in world. It lived on a
volcano close by Atlantis. It was bigger than twenty
elephants and its favourite food were whiteThunderhorses.
It had two big fangs in its mouth and it could spew fire. Its
weight was 50 tons and there were only two knights still
alive who knew how to hunt it.
Its roar was so horrible that people who heard it went
White Thunderhorses, the Kirins, were unicorns that could
make lightning with their horns. They were very dangerous
and could attack and kill everyone with its thunder horn.
Their horn was rare and many collectors wanted it.
The Elemonk was a land animal. It was as big as an
elephant and it could jump as far as a monkey. The
Atlantians rode on it and jumped across rivers because
they did not have bridges. The Elemonk had big blue ears
and a long trunk. It was one of the friendliest animals in
This is the Cheetahphin, a beautiful animal which was as
fast as a dolphin with a cheetah’s head. It lived with the
people in Atlantis. It was a very friendly animal and played
with the kids in Atlantis. It was vegetarian and only ate
The Mudmaw was the Medusas’ horse. It had only one big
eye on its tummy. When you looked at this eye you
changed into stone. It only took commands from the
The Hobb was very small. It could grow up to half a meter.
In its hand there was a big hammer. It was a very
dangerous creature. It could kill a man. It was not so fast.
The Hobb was not friendly and not very clever. When
people saw it, they had to run because it could kill him.