Filial Piety

Filial Piety
E.Q. What was the role of the family
in ancient China?
Filial Piety
Outlines the ways in
which family members
should interact with
each other
What is Filial Piety?
• Each member of a family has a duty
and responsibility to every other
• This duty is known as filial piety.
• It is governed by the relationships
among family members.
*RANK in the family
*Parents and older family members
rank more highly than children and
younger family members.
* Men rank more highly than women.
• Those of higher rank have the responsibility to
care for and raise those of lower rank.
• In return, those of lower rank have to
responsibility to respect and obey those of
higher rank.
Basic Ways to show Filial Piety
• Parents/Elders to Children:
– Provide basic needs
– Raise them to have appropriate morals
– Give them every opportunity to succeed (provide
education, help find job, give them money)
– Caring for grandchildren if parents are working
Basic Ways to show Filial Piety
• Children to Parents/Elders:
– Obey and respect parents/elders
– Take advantage of opportunities given to bring
pride to family
– Care for them as they get older
Basic Ways to show Filial Piety
• To Older Family Members:
– Care and provide for them
– Allow them to live with you
*Several generations of family members may live
in the same house.
- Ancestor Worship: visit ancestors’ tombs and
shrines often