6109 Pom Pom Rug - Faber

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Making the Pom Poms
• Cut a piece of teal floss 8 inches / 20 cm long following
the cutting guide printed inside these instructions.
• Lay the floss over the base of the tool as shown (A).
• Select your yarn. Wrap it around the pom pom maker 12 times as
shown (B). Don’t wrap too tightly. Cut the yarn away from the skein.
• Tie the center of the yarn with the floss as shown (C).
• Flip the pom pom maker over. Bring the floss around
and tie a double knot (D).
• Cut the ends of the loops on both sides to release the pom pom (E).
Do not cut the teal floss “tails”, you will need these to attach
the pom pom to your rug base.
• Take the pom pom off and set aside.
Repeat until all the yarn is gone –
you will have about 110 Pom Poms
Store them in your box until you are ready to make your rug.
Pom Pom Rug #6109000
© Faber-Castell USA, Inc. • Cleveland, Ohio 44125
Designed in USA • Made in China • www.fabercastell.com
Ages 7 to 97
Create a Heart
Making the Rug
• You can use the ideas printed on the box and instructions
for inspiration. If you want to create a heart or your own design,
use the templates printed on the next page.
• Add another pom pom leaving a square or two empty between
the edge of one to the center of another (B).
• Continue adding pom poms until the base is covered (C).
Create your own design!
• Trim off any teal floss tails from the back of the base as needed.
Design ideas
Letter – Select the same color of pom poms.
Arrange them in the center of your rug to
form your letter. Tie them in place and then
fill in around the letter with the remaining
pom poms.
Heart – Follow the template printed on the
next page. Select the same color of pom
poms to create your heart. Fill around the
heart with the remaining pom poms.
Save any materials for touch up and repair.
Cleaning instructions:
When you are finished, you can display it in your room as a decorative
rug or a wall hanging. Check with an adult before hanging your rug.
Spot clean with a damp cloth as needed.
Not machine washable.
8 inches / 20 cm
• Tie a pom pom onto the base with the floss “tails” as shown (A).