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How to Differentiate Your Company - North Dakota Automotive

March / April 2014
How to Differentiate Your Company
by Kelly J. Watkins, MBA
В It was dark when the hotel shuttle bus picked me up at
the airport in Denver, Colorado. We drove for miles
before there was any sign of civilization. Finally, I
noticed an office complex/commercial development.
There were several office buildings and a few hotels
sprinkled among the parking lots. At that moment, I
was struck by how similar all the hotels were. There
was nothing unique about any of them. They were
virtually indistinguishable from each other.
В None of the usual criteria applied here. For example,
location is one of the primary deciding factors for
guests. Yet, these hotels are next door to each other.
One isn’t closer to the airport. One isn’t closer to
В None of them has a view. There are no sandy
beaches, babbling brooks, or towering mountains
in sight. The surroundings are all the same. None
of them has a beautiful courtyard or flower garden.
There are no amenities, such as a swimming pool or
an attached restaurant.
В I thought to myself. What differentiates these hotels?
Why would someone choose to stay at one versus the
other? Why would that person return to that hotel?
There is only one reason: the people inside. The
В If I stayed at one of those hotels, it would be my
experience with the employees that would determine
whether I would return to that property or go to the
building next door. The only thing that distinguishes
these hotels is their
В The same is true in your business. How your staff
treats clients determines if they will return.
 Whatever business you’re in, the primary element
that distinguishes you from the competition is your
employees and the level of service they offer. What
your employees do and how they act determines client
В You may invest thousands of dollars, euros, dirhams,
rands in your facility, your phone system, or your
computers. Yet, what matters most to customers is
how they are treated by employees. Are you investing
in your employees?
 Are they properly trained? And, I don’t mean in
the technical aspects of the job. I’m talking about
training and empowering staff to provide exceptional
service, memorable service in order to exceed
 Does your staff know your company’s customer
service philosophy? Do they know how to handle
customers who request a refund or demand a
guarantee? Can they communicate with people using
good listening, verbal and non-verbal skills? Does
your staff know how to adapt communication to
different behavior styles? Can they effectively deal
with upset customers?
В Developing customer-oriented employees requires an
investment. Every employee has the opportunity to
make an impact. What type of impact do you want
them to make?
В By Kelly J. Watkins, MBA. Kelly offers Keynotes and Communication Training.
For FREE tips, visit: or (812)246-2424.
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Mission Statement
North Dakota Automotive Recyclers Association
To unite, advance, support, and educate
our members, to create a positive image of
our industry, and improve the automotive
recycling industry in North Dakota.
Executive Director
Kelly Salseg
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The North Dakota Auto Recycler is published
six times per year. None of the material in this
publication necessarily reflects the opinion of the
North Dakota Automotive Recyclers Association,
it’s officers, directors, staff or members. Statements
of fact and opinion are the responsibility of the
author alone.
Articles and letters suitable for publication will
be published in the next scheduled newsletter as
space permits. Material should be sent to Kelly
Salseg. Articles may be edited for length.
Throughout this issue, trademarked names are
used. Rather than place a trademark symbol in
every occurrence of a trademarked name, we state
we are using the names only in an editorial fashion,
and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with
no intention of infringement of the trademark.
Mention of trade names, commercial products,
or techniques does not constitute endorsement or
recommendation for use.
Advertising rates: Contact
North Dakota Automotive Recyclers at
612-782-8786; [email protected]
News from NDARA
Hello everyone – I’d like to remind you all that
NDARA will be paying for up to two individuals from
each full NDARA member (auto recycling facility
located in North or South Dakota) to attend the
Upper Midwest Auto &Truck Recyclers Convention
and Trade Show which will be held in Minneapolis,
MN @ the Ramada Plaza Mpls. on April 4 & 5,
2014. Cost to attend is $150 per person so this is a
great deal! You should all have received attendee
packets in the mail – and you may also check out the
convention website at
To register for the convention – please email me at
[email protected] or call me at 612-782-8786.
Full convention program is inside this newsletter.
Again - this offer is for full NDARA members only
(auto recycles in North and South Dakota), and you
must register with NDARA no later than March
24, 2014.
I would also like to make all members aware of a
special deal NDARA is offering. Do you know of
a yard in North or South Dakota that should be a
NDARA member? Or is there a company that you
regularly do business with that would make a good
associate member? If so – please contact me and
let me know! If NDARA is able to recruit a new
member through your referral – we will discount
your 2014/2015 membership fee by $50!
Thanks for your help.
Warmest Regards –
Kelly Salseg
NDARA Executive Director
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NDARA Recycling Members…
As an added benefit of your
NDARA Membership,
You qualify for free bidding access
to insurance salvage listings in
North & South Dakota.
For more information or to register,
Contact Roger Ross
Toll Free: 888-241-0294 or
Email: [email protected]
QRP of Wisconsin, Inc.
Independently Owned & Operated
ECAR Fact Sheet for North Dakota
Waste Tires
storage, transportation, and proper disposal of scrap
Permit Requirements. Tire dealers are eligible for a
Permit-by-Rule to store a small amount of scrap tires
while accumulating a load for transport to a recycling
disposal or reuse facility. The Permit-by- Rule allows
storage of either up to 1,300 scrap tires, 25 tons of
shredded tires, or a pile of scrap tires equivalent in
volume to a semi-trailer load, with the following
The storage area must not create a public
Access to the storage area must be controlled.
The storage area must be accessible to fire
control equipment.
Funds must be set aside for disposing or
recycling the stored scrap tires.
Storage of larger quantities of scrap tires requires
a permit. Contact the North Dakota Department of
Health NDDH) for more information on the Permitby-Rule provisions. The Permit-by-Rule form is listed
below under “Other Relevant Resources.”
What You Need to Know
Scrap tires provide convenient habitats for rodents.
They hold water and become excellent breeding
grounds for mosquitoes that carry diseases.
Improperly stored tires present a fire hazard. They
trap oxygen that will constantly feed the flames
which emit noxious, air polluting smoke. When tires
are illegally burned, oils and soot can run off and
contaminate both surface and ground water.
This fact sheet will help you manage the tires stored
at your facility and how to dispose of them properly.
The North Dakota Department of Health, Division of
Waste Management (the Department) has prepared
guidance documents to help auto recyclers manage
scrap tires. Much of that information is included in
the fact sheet below. You can access the scrap tire
guidance links under Other Relevant Resources.
In North Dakota, generators are responsible for the
Storage Requirements. The storage area must
not create a public nuisance. Access to the storage
area must be controlled. The storage area must be
accessible to fire control equipment.
Disposal. It is advised that you transport scrap tires to
an end-user who will process, recycle and/or dispose
the materials in a manner that complies with the laws
of the North Dakota, or the governmental jurisdiction
having authority over waste management activities.
For a current list of acceptable disposal facilities,
contact the North Dakota Department of Health.
Transporter Requirements. Commercial businesses
collecting and hauling scrap tires must have a waste
hauler’s permit issued by the NDDH. Tires may not
be delivered to a facility that is not in compliance
with the state rules, or abandoned upon any street,
alley, highway, public place or private premises.
Anyone hauling scrap tires to unapproved disposal
sites could be subject to enforcement action. In fact,
some generators have been required to retrieve tires
from persons paid to manage their waste because it
was never managed properly.
If scrap tires are taken to a location that comes
under enforcement action, generators may be liable
for cleanup costs. To reduce liability, you are urged
to deal only with companies that properly manage
Schedule regular pickup for waste tires.
Links to the Regulations. Use the following links
to view the regulations pertaining to waste tire
Keep tires stored indoors, if possible, or
keep tire piles covered in order to prevent
entrapment of water.
If waste tires cannot be processed in a timely
manner, leave waste tires on the rims to avoid
problems with mosquitoes until the waste tires
can be managed properly.
Do not burn or bury waste tires.
Self-Audit Checklist
When an inspector comes to your facility, there
are certain things they check to see if you are in
compliance with environmental regulations. It makes
good sense for you to perform a “self-audit” and catch
and correct problems before they result in penalties.
Also, there are some compliance incentives associated
with self-audits.
Use the following list to audit your waste tire storage
areas and management procedures.
1. Are you required to have a permit? If you
follow the Permit-by-Rule and the prescribed
storage requirements, you are not required to
obtain a permit.
2. How many tires are stored? If you store
more than 1,300 scrap tires, 24 tons of
shredded tires, or a pile of scrap tires
equivalent in volume to a semi-trailer load,
you will be required to obtain a permit.
3. Are you following scrap tire transport
requirements? Commercial businesses
collecting and hauling scrap tires must have a
waste hauler’s permit. Do not deliver tires to
a facility that is not in compliance with state
Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Most regulations tell you what you have to do to be
in compliance, but they don’t explain how to do it.
That’s where “best management practices” come
into play. BMPs are proven methods that help you
to get into compliance and stay there. The following
BMPs are recommended for waste tire storage areas
and management procedures.
Store as few waste tires as possible at your
1. For more information, contact the North
Dakota Department of Health,
Environmental Health Section Division of
Waste Management at 701-328-5166.
2. To report a spill or leak, call the Division of
Emergency Management’s 24-hour number at
800-472-2121, or 800-773-3259 (normal
business hours), and if necessary, the National
Response Center at 800-424-8802. For calls
originating outside of North Dakota, call
701-328-8100 (normal business hours), or
701-328-9921 (weekends and non-business
3. To report an environmental incident or
complaint, contact the Division of Waste
Management or file an online incident report.
Other Relevant Resources
North Dakota - Scrap Tire
Guidance Document http://www.
The above fact sheet was prepared by the ECAR Center staff.
Once prepared, each ECAR Center fact sheet undergoes a review
process with the applicable state environmental agency(ies).
You can check on the status of the review process at http:// Please read the
disclaimer on the status page. While we have tried to present a
summary of the essential information on this topic, you should
be aware that other items, such as local regulations, may apply
to you.
Reprinted with permission of ARA.
Reprinted with permission of ARA.
The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) requires that employers who
have more than 10 employees must post their facility’s
injury and illness log (FORM 300) of the year prior
by February 1st.В Employers are required to maintain
records relating to employee injuries and illness
throughout the year. Although the records are generally
not filed with OSHA, they must be maintained at the
worksite for a five-year period and made available to
employees and OSHA inspectors.
The information contained in the 300 form includes a
record of each illness or injury, a summary of the prior
year’s experience, and a recap that must be posted in the
workplace from February 1 through April 30 each year.
While the use of Form 300 is not mandatory, posting
the information contained in the form is. Posting the
information contained in the 300 logs is necessary even
if there were no employee injuries or illnesses within the
last year.
More Delays for Implementation of Health
Care Law
In another change to the Affordable Care Act (ACA),
the Obama Administration announced delays in
implementation for two categories of employers.
Mid-sized companies will get an additional year to
comply with the employer mandate - pushing that date
to 2016. These companies employ 50 to 99 full- time
employees who work 30 or more hours per week.
Businesses that employ 100 or more workers will have
to begin complying in 2015 but there will be additional
time allowed for full compliance. Seventy percent of
employees will need to be offered coverage in 2015,
versus the originally called for 95 percent. In 2016, 95
percent of employees of large companies will have to be
offered coverage or the employer will incur fines.
Companies that employ fewer than 50 full time
employees are not required to provide coverage to their
workers and no changes were made to that provision.
The new rule will impact approximately 4 percent
of companies according to the U.S. Department of
Treasury. But media outlets have speculated that those
4 percent employ approximately 72 percent of U.S.
citizens. These delays follow an announcement in
July that already pushed back the employer mandate
compliance from January 2014 to January 2015.
EPA Releases Climate Assessment Update
to National Stormwater Calculator
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has
released phase II of the National Stormwater Calculator
and Climate Assessment Tool package. The calculator
is a desktop application that estimates the annual
amount of stormwater runoff from a specific location.
The calculator now includes changes in seasonal
precipitation levels, the effects of more frequent highintensity storms, and forecasted changes in evaporation
The updated calculator includes climate models that can
be incorporated into the
calculation of stormwater
th Avenue
runoff. This adds future
Auto Salvage
climate scenarios to last
year’s phase I release,
which included local
soil conditions, slope,
Quality Used Parts
land cover, and historical
Affordable Prices
rainfall records.
Users can enter any
Freindly Sales
U.S. location and select
Staff to Help
different scenarios to
You Get
learn how specific green
The Right Part
infrastructure changes can
reduce stormwater runoff.
The First Time
EPA officials state that
this information shows
users how adding green
90 Day Warranty
infrastructure, which
mimics natural processes,
Parts Search
can be one of the most
cost-effective ways to
(701) 282-5130
reduce stormwater runoff.
(800) 729-5130
Scrap Commodities Market Report
Scrap Commodities
Market Report
February 2014
Approximate Pricing
Approximate Pricing
Crushed Cars
Crushed Iron
Motor Blocks
Aluminum Rims
Radiators Clean
Aluminum Condensers
Alum/Copper Radiators Clean
Case Transmissions
Dirty Aluminum
Wheel Weights
Lead Wheel Weights
200 Plus late model
repairables & 15 acres
of used auto parts.
*This Report is for the sole purpose of informing members of current metal market activity.
*This More
is for the
of current metal market activity.
your scrap
metal vendor.
**For More accurate and current pricing call your scrap metal vendor.
Linking you to more customers
Contact Hollander Sales: 800-825-0644
eLInk Ad.indd 1
12/26/2013 7:33:57 AM
2014 Upper Midwest Auto & Truck
Recyclers Convention & Tradeshow
Thursday, April 3
9 PM
Host/No Host Dinner: If you are arriving Thursday night and want to get in some networking and
interesting dinner conversation - join us for the Host/No Host Dinner Outing. If you’d like to take part, meet
in the Ramada lobby @ 6 p.m., hear your dining options & proceed with the party of your choice to your
dining destination. No need to preregister. Each dinner party will be “hosted” by an ARM board member
who is familiar with the area. You will be responsible for your own costs and transportation (car-pooling will
be taking place!)
Hospitality Suite
7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
8 – 9 AM
9:15 – 10:15 AM
9:15 - 10:15 AM
10:30 – 12 Noon
10:30 – 12 Noon
12 Noon - 1 PM
1:15 – 2:15 PM
2:30 – 3:45 PM
2:30 – 3:45 PM
4 – 7 PM
7 PM
Jim Counts – How to Pay More for Cars and Sell the Parts for Less
Gary Olmstead - Workers’ Comp: Everything a Safety Manager Needs to Know - Part 1
Jim Counts – Recyclers – the Next Target of Insurance Companies?
Gary Olmstead - Workers’ Comp: Everything a Safety Manager Needs to Know - Part 2
D. J Harrington - How to Attract New Members & Keep the Old
Jim Counts – The 65 Ideas Which Are Commonly Thought To Be True But Are Not
Dave Kendziorski - How to Develop an Effective Safety Program
Dinner & Live Auction
6 PM
Friday, April 4
Please consider donating a service or item for the live auction. You may donate a product or service from your company or any item
that you think would get the bidding going in a live auction. To coordinate the donation of your auction item please contact Sandy
Dumke at [email protected] YOUR DONATION IS APPRECIATED!
10 PM
Hospitality Suite
Saturday, April 5
8 AM – 1 PM
8 - 10 AM
8 - 9 AM
8 - 9 AM
9 - 10 AM
9 - 10 AM
10 – 11 AM
10 – 12 Noon
12 Noon - 1 PM
1 – 4 PM
4 – 5 PM
6 PM
9 PM
Forklift Training by Paul Secker/SAS Forks
Terry Westedt - The Three Elements Needed to Build a Reliable Workplace Team
Airbag Training by Dave Kendziorski/StormTech, Inc.
Terry Westedt - Building Procedures for a Successfully Driven Job Performance
User Group Meetings: Hollander/ Systems
Rick Zirbes I-Car/New Technology’s and Trends for 2014
Lunch/ DJ Harrington - The Perfect Blend: Electronic & Personal Relationship
Dan Knuth - ARM Lobbyist/Chris Bickmann – ARM Past President – Legislative Process 101 & MN
Legislative Update
Dinner/Nascar Simulator Races
Hospitality Suite
Shared ride service to and from the airport is available from SuperShuttle. Ticket counters are located in the Terminal 1-Lindbergh
Ground Transport Center, accessible via the terminal’s Tram Level. Follow the signs to the appropriate escalator or elevator up. Advance
reservations are highly recommended. Shuttles drop off travelers near the Green and Gold parking ramps across from the Lindbergh
Terminal. From there, you can take an escalator or elevator down to the terminal’s Tram Level (Level T) or up to the skyway to Ticketing.
Travelers arriving at Terminal 2-Humphrey can call for pick up at the Super Shuttle kiosk in the Ground Transport Center, located on Level
1 of the Purple parking ramp across from the terminal building.
call 612-827-7777 or 612-713-7488
fax: 612-713-8999
e-mail: [email protected]
Airport Taxi Service
Taxi service is available at both terminals
Terminal 1-Lindbergh
via the Tram Level (Level T)
Signs direct passengers one level up to the taxi
starter booth, where airport staff will assist
passengers in obtaining a taxi.
Terminal 2-Humphrey
available at the Ground Transport Center, located on
the ground level of the Purple parking ramp directly
across from the terminal building.
How to Pay More for Cars and Sell the Parts for Less – Jim Counts – Friday - How to increase what you can pay for vehicles
and still have competitive prices. Most of us have found ourselves at the auto auction where a friendly competitor consistently
pays more for vehicles than we can. When we call them on a common part, we find they want less for the part than we do. Do you
ever wonder how they can stay in business? Yet, they seem to grow and prosper. Your competitor may already know what we will
discuss at length in this detail packed seminar. Designed to be simple to understand and implement, this seminar can change the
way you run your business and increase sales.
Recyclers – the Next Target of Insurance Companies? – Jim Counts – Friday - In the past 20 years insurance companies
have gradually taken control of the body shop industry by unloading expenses and responsibility onto them. Now it appears they
plan to target the auto and truck recycling industry in the same way. This seminar will explain how this has happened and how we
can avoid this in our industry.
The 65 Ideas Which Are Commonly Thought To Be True But Are Not – Jim Counts – Friday - A discussion of the correct
handling and business practices which make you more profitable. There are a lot of ideas and business practices which our
industry has believed to be true or the correct way of handling issues which are in fact not true and in many cases the exact
opposite is true. We will work thru the list and discuss how to improve profits by changing some of these practices.
Workers’ Comp: Everything a Safety Manager Needs to Know Part I & Part II – Gary Olmstead – Friday - Although a safety
manager’s primary responsibility is preventing injuries, there needs to be an additional focus on dealing with any injuries that
do occur. Many workplace safety programs are judged on workers’ compensation costs. Safety managers need to have a basic
understanding of the system and how to influence outcomes. This presentation will emphasize relationships between the injured
worker and the treating physician, the insurance company and the employer. Attendees will gather ideas on how to evaluate their
current program as well as how to improve it.
How to Attract New Members and Keep the Old - DJ Harrington - Friday - DJ’s no nonsense approach to member recruitment
will help your team reach your target audience. These easy tips and skills will not only increase your member base but will
encourage stronger relationships with the ones you have currently.
How to Develop an Effective Safety Program – Dave Kendziorski – Friday - One of our important challenges is to develop and
implement effective safety programs that protect the health and safety of our employees, and that comply with safety regulations.
This session offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the essential elements of a comprehensive safety program for your auto
recycling company; the safety regulations that apply to our industry; the 15 most important safety practices for your company; the
various compliance assistance services available; and the importance of owner and management commitment. Find out how to
meet the employee safety training requirements and how to maintain proper records and documents.
Forklift Training – Paul Secker/SAS Forks – Saturday - Employees of auto recycling businesses use a variety of lift equipment
to move vehicle inventory. This training will offer a presentation covering safety aspects of both forklift and wheel loader operations
specifically how they apply to an auto recycler setting. Lifting dynamics, best practices, pre-operation inspections and other
critical safety information will be covered. Attendees can use this as a portion of the OSHA required training or as train the trainer
class, to take the materials back and share with others at your business. Follow up demonstrations and test drives will need to
be performed individually by each company by a qualified person, and not part of this presentation. Certificates and cards will be
mailed after completion of the presentation and written test.
Airbag Training – Dave Kendziorski/MN CAR Program Manager/Stormtech, Inc. - – Saturday - Auto recycling facilities that
ship or deliver airbag components are required to document hazardous material shipping training every 3 years. The shipping
employees and their supervisors must be trained. This training will address a review of the regulations, how to fill out the shipping
labels, and how to package and box the airbag modules. Upon completion of a written test, each participant will receive a
The Three Elements Needed to Build a Reliable Workplace Team – Terry Westedt – Saturday - Many productivity experts
focus on individual productivity, even though few of us actually work completely alone. With rare exceptions, each of us fills a slot in
a team focused on specific tasks and projects. Team productivity is as crucial as personal productivity, if not more so; but it can be
difficult to maintain, since a workplace team can only be as strong as its weakest link. Accordingly, it’s your responsibility as team
leader to shore up any weaknesses you see, so you can forge a work group you can be proud of. This class will give you creative
ideas for laying out a TEAM for success in all aspects of your business. (Saturday)
Building Procedures for a Successfully Driven Job Performance – Terry Westedt – Saturday - This class will teach you how
to create and maintain healthy structured job descriptions with set goals, accountability and enhanced team performance for a
stronger more profitable business environment.
The Perfect Blend: Electronic & Personal Relationship – DJ Harrington – Saturday - DJ will show the audience how to
maximize the impact a company has on its customers. In today’s marketplace we cannot solely rely on personal interaction any
longer so we must intertwine personal and electronic skills to develop a well rounded staff capable of delivering for the customer
and the company.
Legislative Process 101 & MN Legislative Update – Dan Knuth & Chris Bickmann – Saturday - In this seminar, Dan will give
an overview of the legislative process. Dan and Chris will give an update on the 2013 Scrap Metal & Auto Theft Prevention Act.
New Technology’s and Trends for 2014 – Rick Zirbes – Saturday - This class will be a mix of the I-Car New 13 and New 14.
Covering new metals and where they are used, sectioning, new safety features and other technologies such as steer by wire and
grill shutters.
User Group Meetings by Hollander, & Actual Systems – Saturday
Chris Bickmann. Bickmann is co-owner of R & R Auto & Metal Salvage, Inc. – Litchfield and Green Isle. He is also ARM Immediate
Past President (2013) and was very active in the Scrap Metal & Auto Theft Prevention Act of 2013.
Jim Counts. After owning three successful automotive recycling businesses Jim has worked with hundreds of Auto and Truck
Recyclers from San Juan to Anchorage and Newfoundland to Australia. He has been a featured speaker at ARA, APRAA and Parts
Plus in Australia, Parts World in New Zealand, SGI Salvage, Ontario Auto Recyclers of Canada and most US state conventions. Jim
is the author of the automated pricing and management assistant algorithms used in the Powerlink 2, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Pro and Bid
Buddy XL systems. Jim is best known for simple solutions to complex problems and was voted “Motivator Of The Year” by The Locator
magazine in 2005. Jim has been a full time consultant dedicated to only our industry for 24 years.
DJ Harrington is a bestselling author and the President of Phone Logic, Inc., an international training company based in Atlanta,
Georgia. D.J. serves as a consultant and trainer to over 1,000 privately owned businesses throughout the country, training personnel at
all levels of the company. Known as the “Doctor” to some and the “Car-Diologist” to others he has presented well over 2000 programs
globally. D.J. combines his knowledge, high energy and humor in a thought provoking, fun, interactive learning environment. He
leaves his audience with practical advice and methods to succeed. His years as a sales trainer and motivational speaker in a variety
of industries has provided D.J with an outstanding background which he brings to every clinic and seminar. DJ can give you a “tuneup” or a “complete overhaul”.
David Kendziorski is the Program Manager for the WI & MN Certified Automotive Recycler Programs. The WICAR and MN-CAR
programs help professional recyclers comply with environmental, safety, and business regulations and certify recycling companies that
meet the program standards. Dave is President of Stormtech, Inc., which specializes in developing and managing state certification
and compliance programs for the auto recycling industry. Dave oversees state programs for auto recyclers in MN, WI, MI, & CA.
Dave is the author of the Automotive Recyclers Association’s Storm Water Guidance Manual, and he previously managed ARA’s
Certified Automotive Recycler program. Dave has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master of Science degree in Water Resources
Management from the University of Wisconsin.
Dan Knuth/ARM Lobbyist. Dan has been a lobbyist since 2003. Dan has also served in the Minnesota House of Representatives
authoring landmark legislation. He was elected in District 52 B in 1982, 1984 and 1986. During that time he served as the Vice
Chair of the Committee on Appropriations, and served as a member of the Environment and Natural Resources, Transportation,
Governmental Operations and Economic Development Committees. Dan also spent approximately ten years working for the 3M
Company as Regional Manager of Government Affairs and Community Public Relations, covering a 31 state region. In that role
he developed policy and acted as an advocate for 3M on such issues as: taxes, economic development, product responsibility and
permitting. Dan earned his Doctorate & Masters Degrees from Indiana University, and Bachelors from Minnesota State University,
Gary Olmstead. Gary is currently President of his own consulting firm. Until last year, he was the Director of Global Safety and
Environment at General Mills where he worked for 35 years. Gary has a PhD. In Environmental Health and is a Certified Safety
Professional and Certified Industrial Hygienist. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public
Paul Secker is President of SAS FORKS. Paul has been in the industry over 30 years, attended several �train the trainer’ courses,
involved with forklift and wheel loader lift capacities daily and has presented on this material multiple occasions in person and in
Terry Westedt is the National Accounts Manager for Rydell Auto Group based out of Waterloo, Iowa. Terry is responsible for the
Recyclers/OEM relations directly relating to the OEM Surplus programs. Prior to this, he was the GM for a large Midwest Auto
Recycler, with multiple locations in three States. His duties included day to day operations for Sales, Dismantling, Procurement,
Remanufacturing, Surplus, Delivery, Cores and Human Resources/Benefits along with Insurance and Wholesale relations. Terry
also spent 14 years in the body shop industry from entry level to Corp. Mgr. for a large multi shop chain of collision shops. Terry
has also shared his experiences on numerous boards and committees for the Recycling industry and the Body shop Associations
across the Country. Terry consults for the Recyclers on stream lining operations and HR topics related to our industry and Sales Team
Rick Zirbes. Since 1973, Rick Zirbes has been delivering quality repairs, insight, experience and performance to the consumer
market. From basic repairs, parts, service to delivering high tech troubleshooting, analysis, and diagnostics for vehicles that needed
more than replacement of OEM parts from a dealer. Today, Rick owns and operates, leading the industry in
automotive interior technology / repair. Because of the many advancements in today’s safety systems and technology’s, this has led
to a shortage of companies willing and able to take on real challenges to deliver excellence in proper diagnostics and repair. From
insurance companies, OEM manufactures, to recyclers, leads the Midwest through I-car instruction, and staying
ahead of what lies ahead in vehicle development and dynamics to meet the demands of the savvy high tech consumer.
Recycled Art Contest - Once again this year we’ve expanded our eco-conscious art competition to include entries made not just
from car parts bur ANY recyclable materials. Entries may be sculptures, yard ornaments, jewelry, furniture, clocks, games, clothing – the
possibilities are endless! Entries will be on display Friday and judged by our blue ribbon panel. There will be cash prizes for 1st ($250)
2nd ($150) and 3rd place ($100). All entries will become the property of the convention and auctioned off during the Friday night auction.
Submit as many entries as you want. You do not need to pre-register to enter. Contact Sandy Dumke at [email protected] for
additional information.
Car Part Chess Set
Car Part Coffee Table
Nascar Simulator Race Competition – Take part in the NASCAR Simulator Races Saturday evening. Entry fee is $25. No need
to pre-register. Race head to head - best lap times proceed. Pay out to top 3 – 50/50 split of proceeds. For further information contact
NASCAR Race Organizer – Robbie Koepp (WI), 800-866-2277 ext. 122 or [email protected]
Increase your visibility and support through a variety of sponsorship opportunities. All sponsorship will receive a link on the 2012 Upper
Midwest Convention website, recognition in the attendee program booklet & ARM & CARS newsletters, area signage & preferential name
Hotel Room Welcome Host $1500
This sponsorship allows you to be the first business your guests
will see upon their hotel check-in. Provide us with your business
card or gift tag of your design and we will have bags of chocolates
personalized with your company information handed out to each
attendee at check-in. You may also choose to provide us with a
welcome bag filled with promo items you provide that may also be
handed out at check-in.
Hotel Room Key Sponsor $1500
large area signage at the registration table and your own display
table for your products/services during the entire event.
$1000 EACH
LD $750 EACH
Provide us with your artwork and your company information will
appear on all attendees hotel room card keys.
$500 EACH
Registration Booth Host $1500
Your business is the first contact every attendee will see. Every
vendor and attendee will be your walking lanyard advertisement with
your company name and logo on each lanyard. You will also have
Place an ad in the program booklet. Quick reference booklets will include schedule of events, information on speakers, trade show
details and more!
Ad copy/artwork should be high resolution (300dpi) PDF files or camera ready artwork.
Submit your ad via e-mail to [email protected] no later than March 15, 2014.
Business Card Size - 3.5” w x 2” h . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $35
Half Page - 3.5” w x 4.25” h . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50
Full Page - 3.5” w x 8.5” h . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $75
Front Inside Cover - 3.5”w x 8.5”h. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100
Back Inside Cover - 3.5”w x 8.5”h . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100
Back Outside Cover - 3.5”w x 8.5”h . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $125 - SOLD
We have arranged for discounted room pricing for our
members.To receive discounted prices, contact the Ra1 877-774-4315 and identify yourself as an Upper Midwest
Auto and Truck Recyclers Convention participant.
The cut-off date to receive a discount is March 19 2014
King $91 | Double $91 | Suite $121 + taxes (currently 13.4%)
Free High Speed Internet
Coffee Maker
Dual Phone Lines with Voicemail
will provide free shuttle service to any location within a five
mile radius of the hotel (this includes both downtowns!)
The airport is outside of this limit.
Hospitality Suite
1330 Industrial Boulevard NE
Minneapolis Minnesota 55413
612 331-1900 or 1 877-774-4315
Follow I-694 to I-35W South. Take the Industrial Blvd exit (#22).
Go left on Industrial and the hotel will be on the right.
Follow I-494 to I-35W North. Take the Industrial Blvd exit (#22).
The hotel will be on the right side as you exit.
stoplight (Broadway Street) take a left. Take a right on Industrial
Blvd and hotel will be on the left.
Follow I-394E to I-94E North. Take I-35W North to Industrial Blvd
exit (#22). The hotel will be on the right side as you exit.
Hospitality Suite
Industrial Blvd
Follow I-494 West out of
the Airport. Take I-35W
North to Industrial Blvd exit
(#22). The hotel will be on
the right side as you exit.
Cost is $150 for Full Registration or $100 for One Day (either Friday or Saturday)
F & Sa Meals included with all registrations ONLY if indicated below**
Company Name:__________________________________________________________________________________________________
Contact Name & Title: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________________________ Phone:_______________________________________
Attendee #1 (First/ Last Name & PLEASE CIRCLE WHICH OPTION: FULL ($150) - or - ONE DAY ($100) Circle Fri or Sat
Attendee #2 (First/ Last Name & PLEASE CIRCLE WHICH OPTION: FULL ($150) - or - ONE DAY ($100) Circle Fri or Sat
Attendee #3 (First/ Last Name & PLEASE CIRCLE WHICH OPTION: FULL ($150) - or - ONE DAY ($100) Circle Fri or Sat
Attendee #4 (First/ Last Name & PLEASE CIRCLE WHICH OPTION: FULL ($150) - or - ONE DAY ($100) Circle Fri or Sat
Attendee #5 (First/ Last Name & PLEASE CIRCLE WHICH OPTION: FULL ($150) - or - ONE DAY ($100) Circle Fri or Sat
Please assist us by providing us with a total number of in each of the following:
Friday Breakfast ___ Friday Lunch ___ Friday Dinner ___
Saturday Breakfast ___ Saturday Lunch ___ Saturday Dinner ___
Walk-In Registration is allowed – walk-in registration price $200 Full or $150 One Day
Subtotal amt:______________
Hospitality Suite $1000 each night Th
Breakfast Sponosr $750
Luncheon Sponsor $750
Saturday SOLD
Dinner Sponsor $1000
Convention Break Host $750
NASCAR Simulator Race Competition Sponsor $1500 - SOLD
Hotel Room Key $1500
Registration Host $1500
Hotel Room Welcome Host $1500
Educational Programs $500
Recycled Art Competition Sponsor $750 - SOLD
Subtotal amt:______________
Program Booklet Ad
___ Business card size $35 ___ 1/2 page $50 ___ Full page $75 ___ Front inside cover $100 ___ Back inside cover $100 ___
SO Back outside cover $125
Subtotal amt:______________
Enclosed is a check payable to: ___ ARM or charge my: Visa ____ Mastercard ____
Card # _______________________________ Expiration Date: _________
Cardholder’s Name: (please print) _________________________________
Provide ENTIRE billing address for card including ZIP CODE:____________________________________________________________________
Mail/Fax/Email completed application to:
ARM-Automotive Recyclers of Minnesota
Attn: Upper Midwest Conv & Trade Show
3333 Skycroft Circle, Minneapolis, MN 55418
Fax: 866-489-5137
Please contact Kelly Salseg with questions (612-781-5555 or [email protected])
Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation prior to March 15, 2014 attendees will receive a full refund. Cancellations after March 15, 2014 will
forfeit all payments. All forfeited payments shall become the property of the Upper Midwest Auto & Truck Recyclers Convention & Trade Show.
What Does A
Membership In NDARA
NDARA Newsletter - published 6 times a year.
The newsletter is mailed to all recyclers in North & South
Dakota as well as to related businesses in our geographic region.
The newsletter includes NDARA and industry news, a complete
membership listing, updates on legislative and environmental
issues and lots of other interesting and useful information.
NDARA also accepts articles submitted by our members. This
is a great opportunity to communicate your message to fellow
recyclers and associated businesses. (Inclusion in newsletter
subject to approval by NDARA staff).
NDARA Website
All members are listed on the website with complete contact
information and a link to your website (if available); Newsletter
archives; Calendar of Events; Parts Search, an opportunity for
each member to sell parts; Complete NDARA Board of Directors
and staff contact information.
NDARA Education and Training Opportunities.
В NDARA provides educational programs, email blasts, social
and networking events which allows you to share and learn from
other recyclers. Legislative representation on issues pertaining
to ND auto recyclers.
NDARA staff is available via email ([email protected])
or phone (612-782-8786) to respond to your questions and
Member of the Automotive Recyclers Association
NDARA is a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association,
the National association for auto recyclers. NDARA is active
by participating in the ARA Affiliate Chapter & Legislative
conference calls, and sharing information gained with members.
NDARA also shares ARA’s Industry Email newsletter with all
NDARA members – providing them with weekly up-to-date
developments effecting the industry, international news as well
as instrumental association updates and promotional offers.
NDARA Membership Plaque
All NDARA members are provided with membership plaque
denoting membership in NDARA for display in their waiting
area. The NDARA logo is a mark of distinction that tells your
customers and fellow recyclers that you are a professional.
In Numbers There Is Strength
NDARA membership means fellowship with other auto
dismantlers and recyclers and an exchange of ideas. In addition,
through membership in one state trade association, auto
dismantlers and recyclers have strong representation before
government agencies, the consumer, and the industry at large.
All recyclers encouraged to join NDARA and make a difference
by getting involved. Support your state association and reap the
many benefits of membership!
Auto Data Direct
Contact: Jay Svendsen
1379 Cross Creek Circle
Tallahassee, FLВ 32301
Phone: 850-877-8804
Toll Free: 866-923-3123
Fax: 850-877-5910
Email: [email protected]
Northern Metal Recycling
Contact: Bob Kaplan
2800 Pacific Street
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Ph: 651-328-8831
Fax:В 651-224-4870
Email: [email protected]
Web:В www.NorthernMetalRecycling.
Materials #2:Layo
Residual llMa
ls Inc.
• S• Steel
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• ••Aluminum
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C oppe r
• ••Brass
C o papi nelre s s
S t Sa ti n
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• • Copper
t a i n l le s s
t e teel eSteel
S te e l
2 2 2 R e d701-746-9381
Dot P la c e • G ra nd F ork s , N D 5 8 2 0 3 -1 5 4 8
2 2 2 R e d Dot P la c e • G ra nd F ork s , N D 5 8 2 0 3 -1 5 4 8
2 2www.
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P la ci edual
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8 2. 0c3 -1
i dual
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www. resFax
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materi al s . c om
North Dakota Automotive Recyclers Association
Application for Membership
Company Name _______________________________________________________________________
Contact Person & Title_________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip ________________________________________________________________________
Toll Free:____________________________________________
o $150.00Annual Fee
NDARA membership is open to all auto recyclers in North & South Dakota, as well as all
associated businesses.
Our membership year runs from October 1 – September 30
Please make check payable to NDARA
Please return this form with your membership check to:
3333 Skycroft Circle
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone: (612) 782-8786
Email: [email protected]
The North Dakota Automotive Recyclers Association (NDARA) is excited to announce we are working with a
new publisher for the association newsletter.
Through our new publisher, newsletter ad proceeds will now go directly to the NDARA to help support our members
and our mission to unite, advance, support, and educate our members, to create a positive image of our industry,
and improve the automotive recycling industry in North & South Dakota.
We look forward to this new venture which will be integral to keeping the NDARA strong and vibrant, and to
continuing to bring you the news of the NDARA and automotive recycling industry at large.
In order to make this happen – we need your support.
The newsletter is funded through the newsletter advertising revenue.
NEW ADVERTISING RATES - Please indicate which ad size you prefer.
Ad Size
Business Card (2” x 3.5”) ¼ Page (3.5” x 4.75”)
½ Page (7.25” x 4.75”)
Full Page (7.25” x10”)
One Time Rate
$60 per issue $90 per
$140 per
$240 per
Yearly Rate (6 issues)
$45 per issue
$70 per
$120 per
$200 per
Please e-mail ad to [email protected] Ads should be in b/w only, and sent as either a .jpeg image
or .pdf file. Also keep in mind the sizes needed for each ad option!
City, State Zip:_____________________________________________________________________________
o I have enclosed a check made payable to “NDARA” in the amount of $
RETURN WITH PAYMENT TO: North Dakota Automotive Recyclers Association
3333 Skycroft Circle, Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone: (612) 782-8786
E-mail: [email protected]
For more information or to sign up for advertising space,
please contact NDARA directly at the contact info. above.
North Dakota Automotive Recyclers Association
3333 Skycroft Circle
Minneapolis, MN 55418
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