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CiviCRM How to Guide - Green Party of Canada

CiviCRM How to Guide
Contact search/Quick Search
1. Open you internet browser and type into the address bar. If you are
logging into the training site then enter:
2. In the top right hand corner of the site you will notice a menu item labeled CiviCRM click this
menu item to open the CiviCRM homepage.
3. The CiviCRM homepage should look similar to the page shown below.
4. From the homepage you have 4 menu options that will allow you to search for
contacts/members. The image below highlights the 4 options.
5. The Quick Search and Contact Search box provides you with a shortcut to begin searching for
your contacts or members. For example; you met someone at the café today who is in your riding
and wanted to be notified by email of any special events. You can easily enter the contacts name
into either one of these textboxes. We will use Smith as the last name of our contact. The image
below shows the steps to use the Quick Search and Contact Search textboxes.
1. Enter the contact name into the search textboxes
2. Next pres the go button for the contact search or the search button for the quick search
6. After clicking the Go or Search Button you will be redirected to the page below. This page
contains a list of ALL contacts with Smith in their name (First, Last, or email address). The areas
highlighted in yellow allow you to further refine your search. The search can be refined by
contact type, group, or tag.
• Contact type: There are 3 contact types, Individual, Group, and Organization. A contact
can only belong to 1 type.
• Group: This is where you would refine the search to smiths in your eda.
Tag: Tags are defined classifications or segments that contacts belong to i.e. Young
By utilizing the search filters you can narrow your search to people only in your riding or and
furthermore belonging to certain segments.
7. The search results page gives you details about your query, tips for doing an advanced search
and the option to view, edit or map.
8. Clicking the view button allows you to see information about the contact contained in
CiviCRM. From this screen you can email the contact, record a phone call send the contact a
letter, print out the contact details or make changes to the contacts information.
The view screen contains 7 sections.
1. Home (Primary Location) this contains all your address info for the contact
2. Communications Preferences you can check here to see how your contact would like to
be communicated to.
3. Demographics contains gender and date of birth info for the contact
4. Riding/Conscription tells you what riding the contact belongs to
5. Preferences
6. Information contains notes on the contact
7. Administration contains administrative notes
Edit Contact Information
The first step to editing a contact is locating the contact you would like to make changes
to. You can do this by following the preceding steps to search for a contact member.
Once you have located the contact click the edit button on the contact main page.
Once you click on the edit button you will be able to change the data for the contact
contained in CiviCRM. Simply enter the new values into the text box to apply your
changes. When you are finished making changes click the save button.
Send an Email to a single contact
1. Locate the contact you would like to send an email
2. From the contacts main page click the email button
3. You will be redirected to the email page.
4. Enter in your subject line for your email.
5. You have 2 choices for your email body, HTML or text. If you know HTML then you
can markup an attractive looking email. Remember to keep your html as simple as
possible, use tables and inline CSS if necessary. If you don’t know HTML then you can
type out your email.
6. When you are done writing your email click the Send Email button.
Sending an email to multiple users
Sending an email to multiple users is almost the same as sending to a single user. The
exception being in your search criteria you select a group of people not just 1 person.
Building a report
Reports can be used to create call list or canvassing sheets for door to door contacts. For more advanced
uses you could move the data to excel and do some data mining.
1. From the CiviCrm home page press the “Go to Report Page” see the screen capture
2. The report homepage gives you the option to download canned reports or create a
customer report. Once you build the report it will be sent to a .csv file. A .csv file is
similar to excel.
3. Once you click on the “Download Report” button a dialogue box will pop up asking if
you want to save or open the report. In most scenarios you will want to save the report.
Save the report to your local drive. Remember to password protect the file. (In excel
Tools-> Options ->click the security tab and enter a password for the workbook. Now
know one can open the workbook without a password.)
4. The report is generated with pre-defined columns. An example of a report is below.
Link to online manual
Direct link to searches
Direct link to sending and email
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