1. How to log on to eBIRForms Home page 1.1 Go to BIR - yimg.com

How to log on to eBIRForms Home page
1.1 Go to BIR website at www.bir.gov.ph
1.2 On the left side, click eBIRForms icon to redirect to its homepage.
1.3 On eBIRForms homepage, click on “Login” tab to redirect to eBIRForms log-on page.
1.4 On eBIRForms log-on page, enter the user ID and password to redirect to eBIRForm page
How to Use the Offline eBIRForms Package
2.1 How to Fill Up a Form
1.1.1. Select a form from the list of BIR Forms. Click the Fill-up button.
1.1.2. You will be directed to the form screen.
1.1.3. Fill-up all mandatory and necessary fields in the form.
1.1.4. After filling up the form, the user may do any of the following:
п‚· Validate
o Upon clicking the �Validate’ button, the system will validate the mandatory
fields. A message box will appear, informing the user of the input fields that
need to be filled out before successful validation. Click �OK’ then fill-out the
field identified by the system.
If validation is successful a message box will be prompted by the system.
Click �OK’.
Submit Button
o The submit command button is only enabled only after validation is
successful. Clicking this button will direct users to the Log-in page of the
Online eBIRForms System.
1.1.5. Click SUBMIT button.
1.1.6. You will be directed to the Log-in page of the system.
1.1.7. Enter username and password.
1.1.8. Click LOG-IN button.
1.1.9. System will validate form being submitted to the system.
1.1.10. System will direct you to form screen upon successful validation.
1.1.11. Click CONTINUE button to go the FRN page.
1.1.12. System will display FRN page.
1.1.13. Click Proceed to Payment button.
1.1.14. Choose bank to pay to
1.1.15. Click Continue button to be transferred to chosen bank’s banking website and follow
existing process for payment.(Please refer to PNB IBS – Bills Payment User Guide)
How to View Paid Returns:
1. Click on FILE TAX RETURNS link to access sub-modules.
2. Click on SUBMITTED TAX RETURNS link to access its screen.
3. Check the right most column of the return you wish to view the payment status off. If the
return is already fully paid, a check mark should be present under the Fully Paid column.
Part 1 Screen
Part 2 Screen