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Issue 14 Spring 2011
about the Medical Fund at the University of Glasgow
Betty and Yvonne take the plunge!
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Yvonne Macdougall
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The Beatson
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Last issue we told you about how our
Beatson Pebble Appeal supporters
were going cycling crazy. This issue
we show you how they are really
testing their bravery by taking part
in sky dives!
Betty McKean from Stirling and Yvonne
Macdougall from Glasgow both have very
personal reasons for supporting the Appeal.
Yvonne took part in a sky dive in New
Zealand in memory of her mum. She says:
“Do what you want; go where you want; do
everything! was one of my mum’s sayings;
she loved life and was fearless. Over a 10
year period my mum received treatment and
care at the Beatson Oncology Centre so it
seemed fitting to raise funds for The Pebble
Appeal. During a trip with my dad to visit my
sister and new nephew in New Zealand I did
a skydive over the Abel Tazman from a
height of 16,500 feet.В What an experience!В My pledges raised ВЈ1,325 for the Appeal.В I know if my mum was here, not only would
she have done the jump too, she would
have been first out of the plane”.
Betty McKean did her sky dive in memory
of her husband, Gus, who died in 2008.
Her jump from 12,000 feet was cancelled
three times because of bad weather before
she managed to finally make it out of the
plane! Betty raised over ВЈ2,000 for the
Appeal and said “I never ever dreamt I’d
be able to do this jump. The money raised
won’t help my husband but it may hopefully
help someone else in the future”.
Thanks to both of them for their enthusiasm
and bravery! For more about the Beatson
Pebble Appeal and how you can become
involved see inside.
Betty McKean
Construction company Mansell have been
appointed to build the translational
research centre. Their Regional Director
forВ Central Scotland, Callum Leslie stated;
“Mansell are delighted to be appointed to
construct the Beatson TRC, it is especially
pleasing to be involved in a project that
ultimately will provide huge benefits in the
treatment of cancer, something that as a
Company based in the West of Scotland
we can identify with on a personal level.
While constructing such aВ prestigious
research facility we aspire to create a
building that in terms of quality meets
world class standards, is delivered on
time and within budget all the while
ensuring that our impact on the existing
campus is kept to a minimum.
The Project Manager for the Beatson TRC
will be Steve McRoberts, Steve’s recent
success include the completion of the
Matthew Hay research facility for the
University of Aberdeen. The team will also
be augmented during the fit out stages
by Steve Williams and George Knight both
of who were responsible for the delivery of
the University of Edinburgh’s world class
Clinical Research Imaging Centre”. As work begins on site, the appeal
continues to move towards the target.
With ВЈ8.3 million of the ВЈ10 million in place
the Beatson Pebble Appeal team are
hopeful that all funds will be in raised
by the time construction is complete in
autumn 2012 and areВ urging alumni,
friends and members of the general
public to support the appeal at this
vital time. To make a donation visit or
call +44 (0) 141 330 3000.
In Focus –
Scholarships Fund
Paul O’Gorman Leukaemia
Research Centre Challenges
Supporters of the Paul O’Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre were asked
to take part in the Centre’s New Year Challenges earlier this year. Challengers
could choose to walk, swim, run or cycle lengths of famous UK routes but in
as many sessions as they needed and in whatever location suited them best.
Entrants chose from 97 miles of the West
Highland Way, 22 miles of the Channel,
212 miles from Coast to Coast or 874 miles
from John O’Groats to Land’s End and
could complete the routes in 8 weeks or
12 weeks depending on their fitness levels.
As you will read in this edition of the
Newsletter, we have reached a crucial
stage in the Beatson Pebble Appeal
fundraising campaign. The building
work has started and we anticipate
completion next autumn, but we still
have ВЈ1.7 million to raise. As a result,
the team have put together a range
of fundraising events and we
continue to seek fresh donations
from trusts, foundations, businesses
and individuals.
I am sure you will find this newsletter
interesting and I urge you particularly
to read about Professor Dominiczak’s
role as Head of the School of
Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences
and how she is preparing the College
for the challenges ahead. Her article
reveals the extent to which you and
others as donors to the medical and
veterinary building projects have
played a vital role in the provision
of state-of-the-art facilities for
undergraduate and postgraduate
education in the medical and
veterinary fields. The Wolfson
building, for example, has received
national accolades for design and
our medical undergraduate courses
have been recognised for their
excellence too. Significant
improvements in the environments
for research work, for example in
heart disease, stroke and various
aspects of cancer from basic
sciences to clinical trials provide
superb facilities for our postgraduate
research students. There can be no
doubt that the recently established
College of Medical Veterinary and
Life Sciences at the University of
Glasgow is proving highly attractive
to undergraduate and postgraduate
students and producing world
class results.
Please help us to complete the
Beatson Pebble Appeal to bring
yet more expertise to Glasgow to
help to conquer cancer.
Gordon Galloway decided to take up the
challenge of cycling the length of John
O’Groats to Land’s End in 12 weeks.
Gordon is a 66 year old retired civil servant
who was diagnosed with chronic myeloid
leukaemia (CML) inВ 2005 and is an ongoing
patient at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
Gordon Galloway
The Scholarships Fund was launched in 2007. Since then, over ВЈ3m has been
raised enabling the University to establish a number of new undergraduate,
postgraduate and travel scholarships, including several in the School of
Medicine. Below are some of the different types of scholarships donors
can support.
The University awards at least 50
undergraduate Talent Scholarships
each year to support students of excellent
academic ability who may be prevented
from taking their place at university due
to financial hardship. Each scholarship
is worth ВЈ1,000 per annum for the
duration of the student’s course
(typically five years).
The Glasgow Excellence Awards enable
the University to offer partially funded
and fully funded postgraduate
scholarships to attract the best students
internationally. These scholarships can
range from ВЈ2,000 per annum, as a
contribution towards a student’s fees,
to ВЈ18,000 per annum, to provide a full
scholarship which covers tuition fees
and living expenses.
Precious Osadolor, a 3rd year Bachelor of
Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery student
says “I’ve experienced first-hand the
University of Glasgow’s commitment to
invest in its students. As aВ third year
medical student, I have been receiving
a Talent Scholarship since I started at
Glasgow.В The scholarship has made a
huge difference to my life. It goes a long
way to paying the bills, buying university
materials and supporting my younger
brother who is at college. Every extra
pound helps, it really makes a difference”.
Lastly, Travel Scholarships and
Scholarships for Exchange Students
provide students with the opportunity
to study abroad and enhance their skills
and employability. The cost of a travel
scholarship can range from ВЈ500 to
ВЈ2,000 depending on the duration and
geographical location.
There are several ways donors can
support the Scholarships Fund. They
can name a scholarship in perpetuity by
creating a Named Endowed Scholarship
tailored to a particular subject or to fund
students from particular geographical
areas. The scholarship is awarded from
interest generated by a large capital gift.
Alternatively, Named Annual Scholarships
require a regular gift which can be made
monthly or annually. However, donations
of all sizes are welcome and donors can
direct a regular monthly gift towards the
overall Scholarships Fund.
For more information on the University’s
Scholarships Fund please visit the
thescholarshipsfund or contact
David Miller on +44 (0)141 330 1867 or
e-mail: [email protected]
A keen cyclist, Gordon was a foundermember of Glasgow University Cycling
Club in 1964 and has won two individual
silver medals and three first-team medals
at British University CyclingВ Championships.
Unfortunately competitive cycling ended in
1997 when a car hit him resulting in a
fractured spine.
Gordon says “you will understand that my
debt to all leukaemia researchers past and
present is quite impossible to adequately
repay but that just means I want to do
something to help, however little”. Even
though Gordon has had a few setbacks
over the last 12 weeks he managed to
complete the Challenge on time!
Blair and Fiona Mackenzie
Cycle Glasgow
in its 9th year
The University of Glasgow is organising
its 9th sponsored cycle on Sunday 14th
August 2011, continuing to raise essential
funds for the Paul O’Gorman Leukaemia
Research Centre. This event is a fun
family cycle designed for riders of all ages
and abilities. Entrants can chose to cycle
13 or 26 miles, starting and finishing
in Kelvingrove Park. To date, we have
raised more than ВЈ323,000 through our
sponsored cycles. This money was
integral for opening the facilities, providing
the essential infrastructure andВ equipment
needed to run the centre and allowing the
expansion of scientific staff.
Volunteers are also needed to help
steward the route. For more information,
please contact Fiona Donnelly at
[email protected]
Blair and Fiona Mackenzie, a mother and
son from Glasgow, decided to swim the 22
miles of the Channel and walk the 97 miles
of the West Highland Way to support the
Centre. Blair is an electrician and trainee
estimator and Fiona is a company secretary,
both in the family business.
Fiona says: “since being diagnosed with
CML in February 2010, Blair has been
receiving excellent treatment and support
both in Vancouver and Glasgow and the
drugs now available have given him the
chance to live a full life that wouldn’t have
been possible a few years ago. We owe so
many thanks to the researchers who have
made this possible and the research into
such drugs and new treatments must be
able to continue. When the opportunity
arose to take part in the challenge we both
felt it was a way of contributing and as an
added bonus for both of us we get fitter.”
The challenge, however, hasn’t always been
plain sailing for them. Fiona had problems
with shin splints but is now doing her
walking on the treadmill at the gym and is
back on track to finish the challenge on
time. Blair, who also plays rugby and has
represented Scotland at Under 19 level, has
completed his swimming challenge despite
having to work away from home for two
weeks and being really tired at times.
Blair and Fiona are hoping to raise ВЈ2,500.
Well done to Gordon, Fiona and Blair
on their challenges! If you would like to
complete a similar challenge please get
in touch with Laura Morton on the details
over the page.
Interview with
Professor Dominiczak
Beatson Pebble Appeal
The Beatson Pebble Appeal total has reached ВЈ8.3 million.
Below you can read about what our supporters have been
getting up to over the last few months
Professor Anna Dominiczak became the Head of the newly formed
College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (MVLS) in August 2010.
The College comprises the former Faculties of Medicine, Biomedical and
Life Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. The new College is structured as
a number of teaching schools and research institutes.
Professor Dominiczak talks to us about the
College and how the restructure is helping
the University move forward as a major force
in a competitive environment.
A number of our donors gave to
theВ Medical School Building campaign
back in the early 2000s – how does the
School fit in to the current structure?
Professor Dominiczak says, “Our new
College covers very broad areas of teaching
and learning and research in Life Sciences,
Veterinary Medicine and Medicine thus
facilitating multidisciplinary approaches
in all of our activities. The development of
three schools and six research institutes with
the seventh institute currently under active
development allows the College to spell out
our research priorities in a clear way.”
There are three teaching schools in the
College; Medicine, Life Sciences and
Veterinary Medicine which work alongside
six Research Institutes. As a central building
within the campus the Wolfson Medical
School has now become the hub for the
College of MVLS.В How many staff work in the new College
of MVLS?
The new College is the University’s biggest
and has 2000 staff with our annual turnover
approximately ВЈ165 million. В Can you tell us how restructuring
prepares us for the future, especially
atВ the moment when the University
is facing financial challenges?
Higher education sector as a whole is
facing unprecedented pressures and this
new structure holds us in good stead for
the future.В The formation of this College has provided
us with excellent opportunities, particularly
in the areas of multidisciplinary research
and the translational aspects of health
and life sciences thusВ bringing benefits
to patients andВ populations, as well as
answering fundamental biological questions,
with the promise of major impact on
Scotland, UK and further afield.В В There seems to be a trend towards smaller
number of large grants being awarded to
well-founded research teams and teams
of cross-disciplinary academics so the
College’s collaborative, interdisciplinary
approach means we are in a good position
to attract these larger grants.В Joint research and learning and teaching
strategies and our joint graduate school
allow for significant economies of scale,
ability to plan and think big andВ to put us
in an excellent position to attract the best
students and researchers to Glasgow and to
forge world class international partnerships.”
Pebble Baskets
The building itself has collected many
accolades over the past 9 years, it was
specifically mentioned in the 2007 GMC’s
review as being one of the main strengths
for the School of Medicine and the BMJ
awarded an Excellence in Learning and
Education in 2009 for the building’s
excellent approach to acute medicine.
Local business woman Fiona Gibson recently
raised ВЈ500 for the Beatson Pebble Appeal.
Fiona commented “I felt I wanted to do
something to say thank you for the care and
treatment I received when I was a patient at
the Beatson last year. As I own a gift basket
delivery business called Pebble Baskets &
Gifts it seemed perfect to try to raise some
money for the Beatson Pebble Appeal”.
We are very grateful to all our previous
medical donors and can say without
hesitation that the Wolfson Medical
School Building is absolutely central to
the College and will continue to be so
in the coming years.
What impact does this change have on
current students, donors and alumni?
The University of Glasgow is in the position
it is today thanks to the efforts of the
staff, the input of the students, and the
relationship we have with our alumni.
The new structure will help us build on
these relationships
With regard to the impact it has on students,
the University made sure that a Student
Experience Working Group was established
throughout the transition to ensure that
the student experience did not suffer. Our
student experience is one of the best in the
UK and we are determined to uphold that.
In addition, a positive student experience is
one of the key aims of the Dean of Learning
and Teaching and the Dean of Graduate
Studies in each College.В Donors can be certain that their gifts will
be used in accordance with their wishes.
Neither they nor our alumni will be directly
affected by the internal changes. We have,
however, made it easier for the Development
Office to disburse the funds quickly and
efficiently to worthwhile projects as the
College is more streamlined. Fiona continues, “my daughter Gemma and
I held a coffee morning and sold candles
and gifts which I donated from my business.
Lastly, how has your day to day
life changed since becoming Head
of College?
My day to day life is very busy but also
a great challenge. We are already seeing
collaborative proposals which would never
have happened before August. This is true
for teaching as well, especially for new postgraduate courses and research projects.
Plus I have an excellent support team in
place led by Dr Carol Clugston. В Contacting the
Medical Fund
Laura Morton
[email protected]
Tel: +44 (0)141 330 3878
Development and Alumni Office
University of Glasgow,
No 2 The Square,
Glasgow, G12 8QQ
My friends provided so much baking that
my husband had to take it to his office and
a number of staff made further donations
in return for cake and tablet! I hope that
this will help in a small way toward the
fundraising target and I do hope to raise
further funds later this year”.
Campaign Chairman Michael Bond said
“We are always impressed by the way
donors use their skills and personal
contacts to help raise funds for the appeal.
We have now raised ВЈ8.3m of our ВЈ10m
target which would not have been possible
without a number of enthusiastic donors
such as Fiona”.
Think Pink Scotland Update
The Think Pink Scotland Ceilidh took place on
Friday 4th February in Oran Mor. The Last Tram
tae Auchenshuggle made sure that everyone
took to the floor and enjoyed the Eightsome
Reels, the Gay Gordons and many more!
More than ВЈ2,500 was raised on the night,
so many thanks to all those who attended.
The fifth annual Think Pink Scotland Ball
will take place on Friday 6th May at 7pm in
Oran Mor. Shereen Nanjiani has very kindly
agreed to compere the evening for us again
this year. The evening promises to be a great
success as always and some fabulous auction
prizes are available including original artwork,
holidays and nights out!
If you would like to purchase tickets for
this event please contact Lindsey Donald
on +44 (0) 141 330 4951 or email
[email protected]
A head for heights!
Regular readers may be familiar
with Darren Heeps’ story. Darren was
diagnosed with testicular cancer in
March 2010 and quickly decided he
wanted to get involved supporting
the Beatson Pebble Appeal after the
successful treatment he received.
Darren says “My sister spotted a poster
promoting the abseil at the Falkirk Wheel
in aid of the Beatson Pebble Appeal and
I thought this was a great opportunity to
help give something back”.
Darren abseiled off the Falkirk Wheel last
year and raised over ВЈ600 for the appeal.
Kirsty Craig, fundraiser for the Beatson
Pebble Appeal commented “We were
really pleased that the abseil proved so
popular. The event raised more than
ВЈ20,000 and we are now looking forward
to the Abseil from the Finnieston Crane
on April 23rd 2011.”
Well done to Darren for raising such a
tremendous amount. Even his dog Coco
came along wearing an appeal T shirt
to support him!
Places are still available for the Finnieston
Crane abseil on Saturday 23rd April 2011.
For more information or to register
please call Angela Campbell
on +44 (0) 141 330 4951 or email
[email protected]
Thanks to all our donors
Thanks to all our donors who have given gifts to the Medical Fund from 1 August 2010 to
31 December 2010. In addition to those listed below, there are a number of donors whose
gifts are awaiting confirmation of naming, or who have chosen to remain anonymous.
Beatson Pebble Appeal
Pace Setting Gift
• The Howat Foundation
• The Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre
Major Gift
• The Estate of Kirsty Johnson
• Donation in Memory of Pat Steel
Platinum Gift
• Abercrombie Gemmell
• Lloyds Banking Group Team
Gold Gift
Borden Road Ladies
In honour of my Mum, my hero, Margaret Coffield who fought it and won
Margaret H Duffy
Sandy and Margaret Halliday and Sandy Leonard – Mt Kilimanjaro 2010
The Keir Trust
Alasdair & Mary Macdougall
Mary O’Boyle
Dr Richard E Young
Silver Gift
one anonymous donor
John Caldwell and David McCord
In memory of Elaine Roberts (nee Paul) 03/03/1976 – 26/08/10
Scott Cochrane
Maureen Franks
Glasgow University Graduates’ Association Cyprus
William and Gemma Harland
Hospitality Services
In memory of my parents, Archie & Sadie Johnstone – Alexander Johnstone
M.B.chb 1971
James and Isobel Kirkwood
N & F MacPherson
Dr Valerie M McDougall
Dr John S McLintock, M.B.Ch.B. 1942, D.P.H. 1951, F.R.C.P.(G.)
Sponsored Zipslide by Medical Faculty Office Zippers John Richmond, Alice Gee, Shona Donald, Sarah Torbet, Elaine Calder and Jacqueline Coffield
In memory of David William Gaw from Port William & District Bridge Club
Ian Rutherford
The Royal Bank of Scotland Community Fund
The Susan H Guy Charitable Trust
Bronze Gift
one anonymous donor
The Arklies
Dr Douglas and Mrs Eleanor Briggs
Hugh Brown
Margaret Brown
Neil & Blanche Carragher†In loving memory of Dick and Kitty Skillin, parents of Catherine (Clark)
Dr Helen M Cross
Dr Richard L Cross
In memory of my mother Helen Martin Nairn, who supported me through my medical training.
Kenneth G Grieve
Darren Heeps
Dr Stuart Holms
Dr Christine Hunter
Stephen Judge, in memory of my Dad, Craig Judge
Angela Love
Dr Stella Lowder (staff 1975 – 2010), Professor Ronan Paddison (staff 1973 – 2010), Dr Gordon Dickenson (staff since an undergraduate 1964 - 2010)
Dr David F C Moffat
John & Diana Proctor
The Hastys
Norman L Rae
In loving memory of my Alex Stenhouse love Linda
Rosemary Stenson
Donald M Stewart
Professor Norman W Struthers
The Manson Family
The Ralph Slater Foundation
The Rotary Club of Helensburgh
Virgin Active Team
Margaret Weir
In memory of Doreen Wood, 27.7.39 – 9.10.10
The Wood Family
Saints & Sinners Club of Scotland
Noted Gift
one anonymous donor
Nadia Ahmed
Tuma Badi
Carlene & Scott Burleigh
Charlene Byrne
Seonaid Cleare
Claire Davidson
Shauna & Anthony Deeney
Mr A C Donegan
Elaine Fenn
Glasgow City Marketing Bureau
Derek Harper
Claire Hewton
Dr Nicola Hodge MD
Angus W Hogg
Kirsty Horne
In memory of a dear friend who would also have been 50 in 2010
In memory of my wife Alison, who died of cancer this year.
Bob Johnston
Joan Langan
Janice H Lynch
Karen McGuire
Susan McLeod
Cameron & Rena Murray
Peter G Murray
Arlene Newbigging Grady
Catherine Omand
Rachel Pugh
Dr Diane M Radford†Dr John N E Rankin
Dr Edwin W Robertson
Jessica J Rundell
Gordon G Shiach
Jim and Ruth and Friends
Lynn Steele
Judith Swanson
In memory of Joseph Wilson
Want to help?
Here’s how!
Medical Fund giving: how you can
help make a difference
Regular giving
It’s as simple as completing this form…
• A R Whitelaw
If you’d like to give a regular gift, simply
complete the attached form and return it to us.
If you are a UK taxpayer and would like the
value of your gift to increase by around a third,
just complete the Gift Aid Declaration and
return it with your Banker’s Order Form.
Don’t forget to indicate which project you
would like to support.
Bronze Gift
• In memory of my wife Elizabeth Young (nee Farley)
Perhaps you would prefer to support the
University with a bequest? This method of
giving is favoured by many alumni and friends
who want to make a difference after their death.
A gift of this kind also helps to reduce your
inheritance tax liability.
The Medical Fund
Noted Gift
General Medical Fund
Major Gift
• Dr Gething Morgan Lewis
Silver Gift
• Professor Max M Cohen†Stocks and shares
Bronze Gift
Since 6 April 2000, individuals have been
eligible for tax relief on gifts of certain shares,
securities and other investments. This is in
addition to capital gains tax relief on gifts of
assets to charity. Tax relief for donors is based
on the value of the shares on the day they are
transferred to the University.
one anonymous donor
Bridget Bell
Alan E Collinson
Dr Sheila G M Dunn
James C MacKinnon
Noted Gift
Oliver Bailey
Lynn G Gibson
In memory of William Love (1912 – 1996)
June McDonald
Herbert M Runcieman OBE
Dr Thomas R Shaw
Heart Disease
Silver Gift
• one anonymous donor
Noted Gift
• Dr John F Anderson
Medical Education
Platinum Gift
• Dr and Mrs L Ade Benedict
Mental Health
Bronze Gift
• Martin and Norah McLachlan
Nervous System
Major Gift
• The R S Macdonald Charitable Trust
Noted Gift
• Dr Anne L Orr
Paediatrics & Maternal Health
Platinum gift
• one anonymous donor
Public Health and General Practice
Silver gift
• Gordon & Joan Stevenson
Immune, Infectious and Inflammatory
Major Gift
• Dr Strathearn Wilson†Kidney Disease
Noted Gift
• one anonymous donor
If you would like to support your chosen
project by gifting shares and securities
and would like more information, simply
call the Development & Alumni Office on
+44 (0)141 330 4951.
We’ve created the Gifted Scheme for the Medical Fund campaign to recognise the vision and
generosity of our donors.
Gifted Scheme
Pace-setting gifts
For gifts over ВЈ250,000
Major gifts
For gifts over ВЈ10,000
Net gift total
Monthly gift
Annual gift
Platinum Brick
Gold Brick
Silver Brick
Bronze Brick
Noted Gift
I would like my gift to be:
A regular gift, and have completed the attached Banker’s Order Form
A single gift, and have enclosed a cheque made payable to
�University of Glasgow Trust’ in the sum of £
I would like my gift to be named as follows (for gifts of ВЈ250 and over):
I wish to remain anonymous.
I would like my gift to support the area of medicine indicated below:
Payroll giving
Cancer – Beatson Pebble Appeal
Nursing & Health Care
Cancer – Leukaemia
Immune, Infectious & Inflammatory Diseases
Payroll giving is a unique way for employees
to give to the University. By having your
donation come straight from your gross
pay before tax, you can effectively increase
the value of your contributions. The result is
greater support for the University at less cost
to you. If you are interested in this method
of giving, please contact the Development &
Alumni Office on +44 (0)141 330 4951
Heart Disease & Stroke
Mental Health
Public Health & General Practice
Paediatrics & Maternal Health
Diseases of the Nervous System
Medical Education
Kidney Disease
General Medical Fund
Please complete both sides of the Banker’s Order Form
I would like information on how I can make a bequest to the University in my will.
Giving from the USA
US taxpayers can give tax-deductible gifts to
the American Alumni Assocation of Glasgow
University (AAGU), an independent charitable
corporation organised in the United States that
has been recognised by the Internal Revenue
Service as a section 501(c)(3) charitable
organisation. All donations to AAGU are
deductible as charitable contributions to
the full extent permitted by law.
Please post your donations to: Melvyn Pond,
President, AAGU, 198 W River St, Milford,
CT 06460-3468
Giving from Canada
Banker’s Order Form
For regular gifts
Please insert your bank details below:
To the Manager
Bank name
Canadian residents will be provided with a
receipt for their tax records from the University.
Cheques should be made payable to
�University of Glasgow’ (and not the University
Trust) to be able to claim tax relief.
Please pay to the Clydesdale Bank, 30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow G1 2HL
(Sort Code 82-20-00) for the credit of the University of Glasgow Trust (Account no: 20006422)