This is a report outlining my step by step formula I use to generate $1000s of dollars
online. My intention is to also place you in the same position.
This document contains Confidential & Proprietary Information belonging exclusively to Sam Bakker & Joshua Rattanong.
This document must not be copied, resold or distributed without consent.
Copyright 2013 Sam Bakker & Joshua Rattanong. All rights reserved.
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Niche Research | pages 4 - 5
Outsourcing graphics | page 6
Creating your report | page 7
Creating product videos | pages 8 - 9
Setting up your website| pages 10 - 11
Affiliate Jvs | pages 12 - 14
Creating your membership site | page 15
Listing your launch | page 16
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Final steps| page 18
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This is a detailed report showing you how to begin generating $3000 in the next 30 days. I have written this report in a step
by step format to help you to easily follow this guide in ensuring your online success. This is the exact system both Josh and I
use in our own online business and is the ONLY system you will need to follow to make it online.
Now to start off with this report is not going to bore you with long draining information just to fill up this report with words.
But I promise to make it as much to the point as I can as well as being very informative to give you the best information as
well as strategy to begin implementing as soon as today!
Beginning with the right mindset
I like many others began online marketing after hearing of the success of others online and how they made $1000’s of dollars
simply through some strategy or system they were implementing. It sounded easy like I could do it to, however I got caught
up in going from strategy to strategy and not even implementing what I had learnt previously.
That was my problem! I was buying product after product absorbing great information but as days went by no money was
coming into my account. So this is where I want to begin. You must forget about looking for another easy get rich this way or
that and begin today implementing everything I show you. I am going to layout this report in a step by step way as well as
adding in daily tasks that I want you to perform in order that you begin making progress from today!
This strategy I am going to teach you is the exact strategy I use, and by exact I mean every single detail leaving nothing out. I
don’t want to just sell you a no hope system but want to help you to really achieve, and enter into that �1% of successful
online marketers’.
This strategy has helped me to earn $100’s of thousands of dollars online and has given me pay days where I have earned
over $60,000 in a single day. It has enabled me to be financially free and to be my own boss working from home and also
from my own office that I rent in central Wellington (New Zealand).
Also to ensure your success online we are going to be having 3 weeks of webinar training where you will be able to ask
questions about anything that we cover throughout this report. This is unlike many other systems that just want to sell you
information to make money but don’t follow up to help you actually succeed.
So with all that said you can begin with confidence as you read this report knowing that you will learn the exact strategy that
all top internet marketer’s use as well as the support we will be giving you within the following weeks.
Ok you ready? Let’s get down to business!
Niche Research
The first step to take is to begin by choosing a niche. Your niche is the specific segment of the market you will be targeting. If
you are an expert in a specific niche already than choose that niche. However for the purpose of this report in helping you to
make money within 30 days we suggest choosing the internet marketing niche.
Within the internet marketing niche there are sub categories that make up the internet marketing niche. For example there
are social media marketing i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, also List building, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic, Pay Per
Click advertising, Video Marketing, Plugins, Word Press themes and a whole lot more.
This may seem overwhelming at first as you may not know anything about any of these niches. The same was for me.
However, this does not matter. You see the way that you become an expert in something is through learning. You learn to do
algebra through practicing and studying, you learn the countries of the world through receiving that information.
The same applies to online marketing. What you need to do now is learn about one of these topics. You will learn the
information compile it into a report and then create videos for each topic within the report. In the same way as I have laid
out this reports.
Researching your product
So where do I find the information to create my product? Good question, I’m glad you asked! The first thing you should do is
go to the warrior forum in to the special offers section and find a $7.00 product which is popular on the specific topic you
want to create your product around.
This is what I did in my last product I created. I didn’t know how to rank videos in Google and in YouTube. So what I did was I
purchased a cheap $9.00 video course teaching me how to do it. I then also went in to YouTube and watched some videos
also on how to rank videos in Google & YouTube and finally went through another course also.
I then learnt how to rank videos. During this time I created a report writing step by step how to rank videos and then after I
had finished the report I created videos for each step showing how to do it. I also added in some additional information and
created a slight twist so that my product was a little more unique.
We sold this product for $17.00 on the front end then we added in two up sales one for $47.00 and the second for $27.00.
You see what people are looking for is information, information on how to do something or how something works. On the
internet there is all the information they need. However, what we are doing is getting all the information compiling it into a
report and into videos to teach them how to do something in one report and in our videos.
So now what I want you to do is begin researching a specific topic within the internet marketing niche. Start off by choosing a
topic. Then go in to the warrior forum and purchase a warrior special offer for no more than $9.00’s. You could also go to
JVzoo and buy one of their products form the top 10 best sellers, This way you will know it is popular.
Then what I want you to do is begin compiling the information. Write up notes on the important information as well as jot
down some titles for each of the important topics that you will be writing up your report on. For each page I want you to have
a topic you will be writing on.
Your First Task Action Plan
Day 1 Research a specific niche
First go to either JVZoo or the warrior forum and purchase a $7.00-$9.00 product. (On the product you want to create).
Next you want to go through the information. Make notes on each topic and compile the information.
After you have gone through the information and made a list of the topics you are going to write your report on then go in to
YouTube and watch some videos on each topic adding in some extra information that is relevant to each topic.
Also go in to Google and search the topics and look for articles which contain good information you can use in your report.
Outsourcing graphics
before you create your report what you will need is a brand/logo for your product and report. This is easy to get done but you
will have to pay to have it created for you.
The designer I get my graphics done by is a guy named Albert at infinityminisites. He will design you professional looking
graphics for your product and a header image for your website.
What you will need is:
Header image
Header full width background image
E-Book graphics
PowerPoint background
Product Bundle Graphics
This package will cost you around $37 but is essential when promoting your product. If your graphics don’t look good then it
probably won’t sell.
You can also get it done for you for cheaper at a site like fiverr where people on fiverr create graphics for you for just five
dollars. However you first want to make sure that the seller has a good reputation and check the comments to see the
feedback from other people who have used their service.
Another place where you can get graphics done is at Odesk. There you can create an ad about what you want done and your
budget and people on Odesk can bid for your gig. You can then speak with them and tell them exactly how you want it done.
Most of the people on Odesk are professionals and you can get some quality graphics done there but it will probably be the
same if not more expensive than infinity minisites.
Your 10 minute task
Get in touch with an outsourcer (I recommend Albert) and ask him to create graphics for you for your new product. Tell him
what you want it to look like, what colors you want to use and he will then send you a payment link to pay through PayPal.
Once he receives the payment he will send you through a draft within a couple days. If you don’t like it ask him to create
another design give him more specific details. Make sure first that your product name is available as a domain name. Go to
www.godaddy.com and type in your product name and see if it is available if not then choose a different product name.
Creating your report
Now that you have compiled a bunch of information it is time to write up your report. Now you may think I’m not very good
at writing. Same for me, in fact I didn’t even finish High School (Josh). I actually left high school half way through my last year
as I went to Holland to play for a professional football club. So don’t be afraid. I am going to show you a really cool way to
write a professional report.
The first thing you want to do for your report to make it look professional is get a nice looking template. This is something
that I myself (Josh) like to do as it gives me more motivation to write once I can see that my report has a nice style with the
graphics. This will also add immense value to your report and again position you as an expert. Most internet marketers use
the basic standard plain word document and add in images. However, it doesn’t give the readers much confidence if it looks
like you just sat down and wrote a report on a standard word template.
So what you want to do is come over to graphicriver. Choose a nice word template and edit it. They cost only about $4-$10
but will be a great place to start.
In your report make sure you have a topic for each page or two. You want to explain each topic and provide helpful
information writing in an easy to understand step by step process (as it is easier for people to follow some kind of step by
step strategy).
Once you have created your report now you are in a great position to begin creating videos to add to your product. Now that
you have all the information all you need to do is create simple PowerPoint presentations and simple tutorial videos to add to
your product.
Task Action Plan
Day 2 & 3 – Creating your report
First what you want to do is go over to graphicriver and sign up for a free account. Then you can select an appropriate Word
template for your report.
You then want to begin writing up the report. Ensure that your report is step by step, that it is informative and is set in
different sections for each topic.
Add in images or screenshots also to give more detail and to help emphasize your points.
Also make use of the italic, bold and place
your titles in a different color and size.
Creating videos
Creating videos is easy to do. I will show you how you can create them for free. What you want to do is create simple 3-4
minute videos for each of the points you go through in the report.
When I first started creating videos it took me 3-4 hours to create a single 4 minute video! This is what you don’t want to do
lol. I was so concerned about how I sounded if I said um and what my accent sounded like. Coming from New Zealand I tend
to speak very fast and my accent sometimes made it sound very difficult.
The first thing you must not do is spend hours creating your video. Simply speak about the topic if you say �um’ don’t worry
about it. You want to sound clear, speak at a nice pace and do not be concerned with how many speaking mistakes you make.
Just make sure that it is natural and addresses the topic you are covering in the video.
How to create your videos
To create the videos is very simple. You will need screen recording software and a microphone. You can pick up a cheap
microphone from any electronic computer store for around $15-20 dollars. This will be an essential tool in your product
creation for years to come! I use a headset microphone and Sam uses a microphone on a stand so it’s up to you which one
you choose.
The next thing is the screen recording software. Both Sam & I use Camtasia studio you can click on the link for a free 30 day
trial. It’s a great software, however is quite expensive. To start off with it may be better to use free screen recording software
such as screenr.
Once you have both your microphone and your screen recording software you can now begin creating your videos.
Presentation videos
If you are going to be creating a video just presenting information then what you should do is create a PowerPoint
presentation with 3 – 4 slides (include images) . Simply speak on the information you will be covering record the screen with
your screen recording software and speak into the mic.
Tutorial videos
Tutorial videos are easier to create and less time consuming. You will create tutorial videos when showing how to do
something or how to use a specific software or program. All you need to do is start up your screen recorder and add in your
mic and begin showing and speaking about what you are doing.
One thing that I want to reiterate is that you don’t need to make the videos perfect, I mean don’t spend hours trying to
perfect the way you sound or the way the PowerPoint slides look. Just keep it in your mind that you are going to spend 10
minutes for each video you can give yourself an allowance of making a couple mistakes per video where you start again but
try to ensure that they are all created within 2 days max.
Once they are all created if you have time later you can go over and create another one if you still aren’t happy with it.
Also add in some personality to your videos. Don’t sound like a robot! People want to be entertained and if your videos are
boring with you speaking like a robot you might not get many people coming back to purchase your next product.
However what you want to do is create videos with personality. Crack a joke! Tell them quickly something about yourself or
your day and just take it easy! The best thing you can do is talk almost like a friend or work colleague like your building a
relationship with your audience.
This way your new members or subscribers will feel more like they are being included, and they will also feel more confident
to purchase from you next time.
Once you have created your videos you will need to upload them onto a site which can host your videos. You can create a
free account at screencast and upload your videos on to this site.
Task Action Plan
Day 4 - 6 Creating your video product
First what you want to do is purchase a microphone
Next you need to register at screenr for a free account and you can begin creating free videos up to 5 minutes long
Now you can begin creating your PowerPoint slides for your information videos
Make sure you add in images and keep try to make them around 3-4 minutes long.
Also you want to now list your product launch on muncheye. Munch eye is a website which allows you to post your launch
details on to enable affiliates/ Jvs to check out your launch and see whether they want to sign up and promote.
List your product for 20 days from now! This will give you more motivation to begin getting everything done quickly and
preparing to get affiliates on board to promote. Once your website is set up you then want to first create your jv page with an
opt-in form so affiliates can register to promote your launch. (We’ll get in to that in the next few pages…)
Setting up your website
Setting up your website is very easy as I will show you in the videos. It does sound like a bit of work but it actually only will
take you around 45 minutes to an hour to complete these steps. Your website is pretty cheap you will need to purchase a
domain name which may cost only.
Domain Name
Once your product is complete you now need to add it onto a website. Here I will show you how to create a website. I go into
detail in the videos, so make sure you check them out to ensure you do everything the right way.
The first thing you need to create a website is a Domain Name. Basically what the Domain Name is, is the name of your
website. E.G. www.rapidincomeresults.com . Make sure that your domain name is the exact name of your product. If your
product is a SEO product it could be called �SEO dominator’ then you will choose the domain name www.seodominator.com.
We will be using Go daddy to purchase a domain name. They are really cheap and underneath my video is a link to get one
for just $2.95.
Hosting Company
The next step once you have purchased your domain name is to purchase hosting for your website. This is essential as your
website needs a host to host your content on. The hosting company that both I and Sam use is Hostgator I highly recommend
Hostgator as it has great customer service, cheap and also is very easy to set up Word Press on which we will need in the
following steps.
If you click through here and register through this link you will get 25% off the package using this coupon code:
Name Servers
Once you have both purchased a domain name and hosting it is now time to link up your domain name to your hosting
account so that it can be one. To do this we just need to change the �name servers’ the name servers simply tell the hosting
company where to host your information.
Word Press
One of the last steps to setting up our website is to install Word Press on to our website. Word Press is basically what we will
be using to manage our content, to create pages on our website and to control our website from the backend. It is pretty
simple to install but best to check out this video for detailed instructions to get it done right.
Now that we have set up our website we need to design it. We can easily design it by uploading a theme. We recommend
using Optimize Press. Optimize press is a Word Press theme which comes with a whole bunch of different remade page
templates. It will save you hours of time, no HTML, simply select the template and add in any text you want and your video
and that’s it!
We will now need to upload the theme to our website to give it a nice design. If you have your own theme you can go with
that however we do recommend using Optimize Press as it will work well for your product offers and also save you time and
money when you need to get a sales page created as it comes with pre made templates for you which will save you hundreds
of dollars.
Membership Protection Script
Our final step in setting up our website is to make it into a membership site. Here we can add in login pages, protect all our
content so that anyone who wants to access our content must first pay and become a member in order to view our content.
We can create our site into a membership site through using a membership protection script.
Both Sam & I use Wish list Member. It is a popular membership script and is very easy to use. Click here to purchase Wishlist
Now I know it may sound like a bit of an investment but all up you will pay a few hundred dollars to get started, But you must
understand that this is a business and that is basically a one-time investment for the membership software and also the
website theme which you can use over and over again on your websites to come! And to first spend some money to make
Task Action Plan
Day 7 - Setting up your website
First you want to go to Go daddy and purchase a domain name. (10mins)
Next go to Hostgator and register for a hosting plan (8mins)
Then you need to link up your Domain with your hosting company (10 mins)
Affiliates Jvs
Affiliates or JVs same thing, simply meaning someone who will promote your product offer come launch day. Without having
affiliates promote your product you won’t make any money. That is why it is very important to get them on board.
The first thing we want to do is set up our JV page on our website. This is a page that basically has all the information about
your launch. Your JV page should include:
A short 1-2 minute video telling the Jvs about your launch
The funnel (your sales funnel showing how much you sell your products for and the commissions Jvs get).
Launch details ( Date, Time)
Email Swipes (Email messages the Jvs can use to send to their list of subscribers to promote your product).
Product Details (Information about your product, what is included…)
Prizes ( to start off with its best not to give away money prizes but once you become more established it is a good
incentive to help affiliates to promote.
Contact details (Your email address, Skype address).
Opt-in form (click here to set up your auto responder and create an opt-in form)
How to get affiliates to promote your product
There are several ways to find affiliates who are willing and able to promote your products. In this guide I will disclose 3 main
ways that you can do so even if you are completely new to this business.
The Connector Approach
The connecter approach works great in niches that have “Trainers” such as online marketing, fitness, the dating niche, or any
other where there is someone who is the front person for their business. This approach works best when you are completely
new to a niche but you have a product you want help from others to promote. First find two �targets’ or Affiliates that you
want to do business with. These people should have around the same size lists, they shouldn’t have any past history of
promoting each other and they should both be able to help each other out or have some cross over business wise.
Here’s how to use this approach:
Step #1: Find the potential affiliates on Facebook or get their personal email address from the web or a mutual contact.
Step #2: Email each of the affiliates asking if they would like to connect with the other person. Write it in such a way it
positions you as someone who has influence with the other. Here’s an example:
Step #3: When you get a positive response from the first affiliate you sent the message to then reach out to the other affiliate
and say the exact same thing.
Step #4: When you hear back from the next affiliate then connect them up through an introduction on Facebook. It might
look something like this:
Step #5: Keep in contact with both affiliates. Many affiliates will message you after the connection and say thanks. Many will
even ask how they can help you out.
The reason that this approach is so powerful is that it communicates to other JVs that you are on the same level as them. Also
it puts them into your dept. You’ve helped them connect with someone who could make them a lot of money. They are going
to be happy about that and more than likely when you come to them and ask if they would consider checking out your
product they will be more willing to do so.
Approach #2: Direct Approach
When you are first starting out it’s important to not set your expectations to high when using a direct approach. Most new
people to this business assume that because they have created a quality product they have the ability to get affiliates. Its not
the case. Until you can get bigger affiliates you need to have a list and a sales offer that sells very well. Affiliates want to make
money, if they don’t think you are someone capable of helping them do that then they won’t be that interested in you. The
direct approach works better the bigger and better that you get. If you are starting out though it still can be effective but you
have to ensure that you identify who are you looking to approach as someone who is only 1 level up from you. AKA: Has just
began promoting products. These people are the easiest to get to promote your products because they are new and more
willing to look at what it is you have. I know when I first started it was the same, many of the guys I approached first when I
first started are still partners and good friends of mine now because we built businesses together.
Here’s an example of a direct approach:
“I wanted to reach out because it looks like we have a lot in common and can help each other out. I saw your product on X
and I have a similar product on X coming out. Let me know if you are interested in having a quick chat on skype some time
soon to see how we can help each other out?
Approach #3: Reach Out
We call this the “reach out” because that’s what it is. When you start to build connections using the direct approach or the
connector approach you have the opportunity to ask your new connections for introductions to other affiliate partners out
there that have similar lists to you. The best way to achieve this for the right results is to do business with the affiliate partner
and then ask them if they know anyone else who would be interested in promoting your product. If they are then ask them to
introduce you via Skype or email. You can even have them write an introduction email like this:
I wanted to connect you up with a new friend of mine NAME. He has an excellent proruct about X. I know you also have
products about X and a really responsive list. I am sure there are many opportunities to work together. Connect up пЃЉ
You should ask for introductions after any promotions you do with any new affiliate partner. If you do so you will grow you
network of connections very fast and do a lot of business in the process.
To close out this section of the book I want to establish that while these methods are greast and will work very well there is
nothing more attractive in the marketplace to a product that �works’ and does a great job to help it’s customers. If you create
a quality product then word will get round the more you sell and you will attract affiliates naturally. Focus on serving your
marketplace and you will create an attractive persona for yourself and your products affiliates will want to promote day in
and day out.
Task Action Plan
After you have set up your JV page
you want to begin getting in contact with as many JVs as you can. Throughout the rest of the time leading up to your product
launch really concentrate on landing as many solid JVs as you can.
Creating your membership site
This step is better explained on video as you will be able to see exactly how to create the site and pages for your website.
However let me do my best to explain how to create your membership site. (Click here to view the entire set up process)
You will first need to set up wishlist member. Simply download the plugin and then upload it to your site through the �Plugins’
tab on the left side of your word press dashboard. You will need a license key to license the site in order to make it run on
your website.
After you have activated Wish List, you then need to create the membership pages i.e. registration page, login page…
To do this click on the wishlist member tab, then click on settings, and on the top right side you will see a tab saying set up
wizard. This will guide you through the 4 steps to set up your membership site. (Click here to view how to set up your site using the
set up wizard).
To create pages on your website
Pages are easy to create and will only take a few minutes. The way you want to layout your membership site is in modules.
Create around 4 modules and place the relevant videos in each module for each topic.
To create a page simply click on the pages tab then Add new page.
You will then need to give your page a title E.G �how to create a membership site’
then select the �parent’ meaning the page that this page is linked to if it is a module page it will be linked under the members
home page. If it is a content page it will be linked under the module page. The content page you should select is the
member’s content (Free/dap/wl) template.
After you have selected the template you can begin adding in the content, Type in any text you want under the video in the
text box. Paste in your embed code into the video tab under the membership options tab and there we go click publish and
your first page is created.
Task Action Plan
Day 8 – Creating your membership site
First begin by setting up wishlist member (watch how to do so here).
Then you want to create your pages and add your content on to them (watch how to do so here).
First create your members homepage, then module pages, then create your content pages.
Listing your launch on JVzoo
We now need to list our product launch on a launch site such as JVzoo, warrior plus. We will be using JVzoo. Basically what
JVzoo will allow us to do is create and list our launch on its site. Then we can create an affiliate link where JVs can sign up to
become an affiliate and get paid commissions automatically through JVzoo.
This makes it a very easy process for JVs to sign up to. It also will give us a good insight into how many sales we are making
and detailed statistics on our launch e.g. how many sales we make, how many people visit our page which affiliates are
making the most sales.
To list your product on JVzoo you first will need to sign up for an account. Once you have signed up you can now begin listing
your launch. To do so the easiest way to find out is by watching the video in Module 4 on listing your product n JVzoo.
Here we go through all the exact functions for you to lost it properly and even connect it with your auto responder to begin
building your list of subscribers.
Task Action Plan
Day 9 – Listing your launch on JVzoo
First sign up for a free account
Then go through and list your launch
Create a sales funnel by adding in your up sales.
Sales Page
This is one of the last steps to setting up your successful product launch. You have two options you can either create your
sales page yourself or get someone to design it for you.
I suggest for your first ones just to create it yourself. You can create it using the sales page templates in optimize press. You
will need to add in some images and make it look professional but you can easily do that and not have to pay $100’s of
Your sales page is one of the most important elements of your product launch. Why? Because it’s the page that all your
potential buyers see and based upon the information and the feeling they get from your page, this will determine how well
your product launch does.
Sales Video
One really important part also that not that many marketers take advantage of is the sales video. This is one of the aspects I
like to take over with (Josh). If you can create a really professional looking sales video it will definitely increase your
conversions! We have seen this even where our sales page wasn’t too sharp!
The program I use to create these videos is After Effects. If you want to learn how to create professional videos like the one
on my sales page here then check out my product here and you will learn how to create a video like that within 30 minutes!
Even if you’ve never used after effects before!
With your sales video you want it to look professional and another thing is they did a study revealing that people were far
more likely to purchase a product based on a sales video than just plain text. So make sure you speak clearly and that you
just be yourself. Don’t try and seem over the top and like you’re the best thing in the world! Just be yourself speak as you
usually do but add in excitement and confidence in to your speech! Check out my recent sales video here
Task Action Plan
Day 10 – 12 Creating your sales page & sales video
First write up your sales copy start to finish in Microsoft Word. Then go over it and touch it up!
Make sure to add in the main benefits first from best to least.
Add in some story of who you are and how you got into your topic…
Create your video be natural, confident speak clearly.
Final steps
Ok once you have created your product, set up your membership site (added in content) created your JV page and listed your
launch on JVzoo you are basically all good to go.
Now it’s time to really concentrate on hitting up affiliates and making sure they are ready to promote. Go through the
information on how to get affiliates to promote within this report and follow those steps.
A few days before your launch you want to get in contact with the Jvs make sure they are ready to promote, that
they have the swipes and the links and they are on the same page.
With your list of JVs who have signed up on your jv page you also want to send out an email letting them know about your
launch again and give them the information they need. Refer them to your JV page to get their email swipes, links, and other
additional info on your product launch.
Joshua Rattanong
Sam Bakker