How To Make £2000 Per Week Working Just 1 Hour A Day!

''How To Make ВЈ2000 Per
Week Working
Just 1 Hour A Day!''
Shahbaz Khan
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 –How To Make Money £2000 Per Week.
Chapter 2 – Step-By-Step Videos To Show
You How To Create Your Own Money
Making Website In Less Than 24
Chapter 3 – 26 Surefire Ways To Boost Web
Site Traffic
Chapter 4 – 7 Psychological Triggers.
First, you need to know that there's no fluff in this manual. It's not about
quantity: It's about quality. I have written this manual in a “do this, do that,
go here click that” manner. No time to waste.
I don't want to write 5 pages doing an introduction. That's what the other
manuals do. Let's just get to the good stuff, ok?
How To Make ВЈ2000 Per Week!
Step 1 – Register at my recommended CPA Affiliate network
( you get Instant Approval) CLICK HERE
Step 2
Once you signed up .Grab your affiliate link here's how.
Step 3 :
Step 4 :
Step 5:
Step 6:–Drive targeted Traffic to your affiliate link .Here's the 2 best
Traffic sources for this offers.
1) Facebook PPC
2) Plenty of Fish Ads
1) Facebook PPC:
Dating offer converts very well with Facebook PPC.
1) Log into your Facebook account.
2) scroll all the way to the on “Advertising” link.
3) Then click on create an advert.
4) Next, we’ll proceed to “Design your ad” section.
Destination: Select External URL
URL : Enter your affiliate link here you just created .
Ad Title : You can write some thing .For example
Ad Title: Looking for love?
Ad Body : You can write some thing .For example
Ad Body : Meet local singles in your area. Join cupid and date a
young and attractive girl today!
Image : Click on browse button and select image from your computer .Image
should be attractive and related to your CPA offer. OR You can download
free image from .Visit this website and search for
attractive girl.
Targeting :
Country : Canada
Age :
Gender :
Select : Men
Interests :
Keep this field Blank.
Connections on Facebook :
Select : Anyone
Advanced demographics :
Interested in: Women
Relationship : Single
Education & Work :
Select : All
Pricing :
Budget Per Day : $50
Select : Pay Per Click
Max Bid : $0.90
Then Click on Place Order.
That’s it!
Now just wait for your ad campaign to start, and watch the traffic start to
2) Plenty of Fish Ads – With Plenty of Fish ads, you can
reach 20,000,000 users on a CPM basis.
In case you're not familiar with "CPM," it simply means "Cost
per 1,000 impressions of your ad."
You'll also be bidding for ad inventory on a CPM basis.
The minimum buy is just $25, so you can cheaply give POF Ads
a nice test run for as low as $25.
It takes 24 hours or less for your ads to be approved.
Image ad sizes include 110x80px, 300x250px, 160x600px and
Besides the insanely low point of entry at $25 minimum,
there's something else about POF Ads that makes your traffic
highly targeted.
In-depth demographics targeting is available. You can target
prospects based on: Country, State/Province, Zipcode, Age,
Gender, Education, Profession, Has Children, Games and
Puzzles, Body Type, Drinking Habits, Looking to Marry Soon,
Ethnicity, Height, Income, Login Count, Marital Status,
Religion, Search Type, Smoking Habits, Session Depth, Hair
Color, and Has Car (or not).
Your ads are so ultra targeted that they're not even shown to
POF visitors who aren't logged in.
Your ad is displayed above the fold as well.
With POF Ads you can really go to town with specific dating
Do you see how powerful POF Ads can be?
Because you have access to so many demographics, your ads
don't even have to be about dating. They can be about
something totally unrelated, but targeted to the demographic
you choose.
2nd Method To Make Money Online
Step 1:
Click Here to register at my recommended CPA Affiliate
network ( you'll get Instant Approval)
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Use my 26 traffic method to drive traffic on your affiliate link.
Step-By-Step Action Plan To Show You How
To Create Your Own Money Making Website
In Less Than 24 hours.
This is a Proven Plan for building an opt-in email list from
scratch. This is not theory. This works! All that’s required on
your part is to take action on the steps in this report.
Tools You’ll Need To Start
Ask ANY super affiliate and they’ll tell you the following BASIC
tools are vital to them making real money from their affiliate
1. Find Your Niche
FTP Software
7. Sign Up For Free ClickBank Account
Finding your niche gives you direction and focus on one specific
area where there are PROVEN buyers in the marketplace. This
way, your not “guessing” what affiliate information will sell, you
KNOW what information will sell.
Your “niche” is focusing on a target of people wanting to buy
information or physical products on THEIR interest.No matter
which route you take, you should keep customer desires in
mind .
For example, cosmetic companies don’t sell lipstick; they
sell romance (and sex). They know women want to love
and be loved. Lipstick is a device to attain it.
Historically (and most likely forever) people want:
Here are a few example topics that might give you some
starting ideas:Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing,
Dog Training, Acne Treatment, Fashion, Lose Weight,
Your domain (the words people type in to look for websites in
the search bar) should be related to what NICHE your involved
The ONLY place I recommend getting your domain name from
is Go Daddy
If you do not have hosting, Get Started Here for FREE for
your first month using the code: shkrywq999 (enter this
code in place of the default coupon during checkout). Then as
low as $7.95 per month and 24/7 support! I highly recommend
the “Baby” account for unlimited domains.
You need to connect your domain with your hosting. The
connection is through a system called DNS. will send you an email with those name servers
when you sign up for your new account. The name server
addresses will look something like this:
When you get that email, you’ll need to go back to Godaddy
account and log in to your account. Click Domains from the
Domain ==> Launch ==> Set Name Server ==> Select (I have specific
nameservers for my domains) ==> Copy and paste your nameserver on
nameserver 1 and nameserver 2
It will take 24 hours to update your setting.
I highly recommend AWEBER.
CLICK HERE to downloadable FREE FTP Software.
Here’s a popular free HTML web page editor KOMPOZER
STEP 7: Sign Up For Free ClickBank Account
CLICK HERE to sign up for free clickbank account.
Once you have your squeeze page ready you can now send
targeted traffic to your squeeze page and build your list.We all
have heard of it over and over again...the MONEY IS IN THE
Like in real estate, everybody shouting"Location, Location, Location!"
Likewise in Online Marketing, it's"The List The List The List!"
Follow my 26 traffic method below to build your list.
Once you generate list of 1000 subscribers You can start
adswaping on .With in couple
of months you will have thousands of subsribers in your list .
In Internet Marketing You can EASILY make $1/month per
subscribers from your List!
So if you have 1000 subscribers, you can make $1000 per
And if you have 10,000 subscribers you can make up to
$10,000 per month. Now, just imagine - What if you had
100,000 members?!!
26 Surefire Ways To
Boost Web Site Traffic
Online businesses breathe on web site traffic, just like how
traditional businesses usually thrive on foot traffic. After all,
the more traffic a site gets, the higher the number of potential
customers. Boost your site's traffic with these tested and
proven methods.
1) Social Media Marketing -- People don't just use the
internet to shop and learn these days. They also use the
internet to interact with others. You can take advantage of this
by being visible in social media. You can launch a Facebook
page to promote your business. You can also try Twitter
Hubpages and Squidoo.
CLICK HERE To Create FREE Fantastic
Looking Faceboob Fan Pages
2) Video Marketing -- Videos are heavily visual and attract
a lot of audience. You can sign up for pre-roll or midroll
advertising in video sharing sites such as YouTube. Or you can
launch your own videos. Even a niche like product reviews was
able to produce entertaining videos, as evidenced by the
videos on . If you cannot be
entertaining, be informative. (Recommended)
3) Promote Your Video On YouTube--This is only if you
are really serious about getting a lot of views and subscribers
because it’s going to cost you a lot of dough to promote your
video on Youtube.
This how Youtube Promoted videos works..
• Upload a video of any length
• Target your video by keyword or category
• Decide where you want your ad to appear (search results,
suggested videos)
• Set your own budget and bid price for your targeting
You can control your budget because you only pay when
someone watches your video.
Again, this is serious advertising we’re talking about here so
only do this if you’re prepared to spend money to get views
and subscribers. If you have a business or are a musician,
actor, comedian or have any skill you want to get seen, then
this is a good way to get seen by millions fast.
4) Newspaper Advertising – This may work if your niche is
fond of this medium as well, such as those in finance. Check
out and for
5) Radio Advertising – This works for some niches as well
too. Find spots at
6) TV advertising – TV advertising lends some credibility to
your business, especially if you advertise in popular networks
such as NBC Network. You have the opportunity to market
using the "as seen in" tag. Check out
and for detailed information.
7)Join A Tribe Such As – is
a community of bloggers in different niches grouped in tribes.
Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will
tweet it to their followers. And you do the same for everyone in
your tribe. This will get your blog off the ground and buzzing
with traffic in no time.
8) Forum Marketing – This can bring a hefty amount of
targeted traffic. If you make your presence felt in discussion
boards, you are bound to get traffic from those.
Research about the popular forums in your niche. You can
always start your own forums but for that to be successful, you
have to gain visibility first. Key in your niche and the word
'forums' in a search engine.
Browse those forums and learn which are the most active
and those which has room for another expert. You can be a
pioneer expert in what you believe would be a soon-to-be
popular site but that is a gamble.
Sign up for membership and edit your profile. Put relevant
information on your profile and include your URL in your
signature. Make it appealing but don't overdo the visuals; don't
include too many images in your signature.
Participate in the discussions. Do it well. Be helpful. Post
useful comments. Don't spam just so your signatures would be
strewn all over the place. When you do post hyperlinks in a
discussion, make sure its helpful and not a blatant plea for
people to visit your website. Build your reputation. Talk the
talk. (Recommended)
9) Solo Ad
-- You can opt for e-zine advertising. Research
about popular newsletters in your niche and pay for ad spots.
You can always do this yourself by using Yahoo groups. You
need to build an opt-in list though, which means that you have
to make a nice squeeze page -- a landing page that would
convince your visitors that by signing up, they can access
valuable information. You can use a third party site to manage
your newsletters. You can do it yourself but your script has to
be solid or you may end up looking ill-organized. You can also
use tools such as Aweber to generate clickthrough rates. An
autoresponder tool would also be handy in collecting customer
10) Ad Swap --Ad swaps with other list owners is a great
way to advertise a free product like your free report. Here are
some tips to make them more effective.
• Make this a solo ad, so that it will be easier for both of you
to send out to each others lists.
• Check out the newsletter or ezine first to be sure that it
has the same targeted readership as yours and that the
publication is of good quality. There should not be too
many ads or you will get a poor response to yours.
• Always subscribe to the publication so that you can check
it out and be sure that your ad is sent out.
• You can join a program called “safe ad swaps” to really
make this list building/traffic method work.
• You can find fellow ezine owners on ad coops and by
searching on Google for newsletters and ezines in your
• Ad swaps are good ways to also find JV or joint venture
partners. If you get a good response you can consider the
ezine owner to be a good candidate for a joint venture
11) PPC Advertising -- When done right, this is one of the
cost-effective paid advertising methods. Google Adwords is one
example. Statistics show that those who click on
these type of ads have high conversion rates. You only pay
when your target actually clicks on the link. You can sign up for
PPC advertising and launch your ad in 15 minutes.
Do keyword research. Find out the keywords that you
believe would drive traffic to your website. It should not be too
general and not too narrow either.
Observe the competitor. Find out the keywords in your
niche that your competitors are using. You can scout just by
typing a general keyword and studying the Adwords ads that
come up.
Make your own ad copy.
Sign up for PPC.
Monitor your results. (Recommended)
--With the
increasing number of smart phone users around the world, you
should take advantage of the amounts of mobile traffic by
optimizing your content for mobile.
13) Press Release -- You can issue a press-release when
you launch your business or you get a contest going. Make
sure the headline is attention grabbing. The first sentence of
the first paragraph should be just as attention-grabbing and
cover the what, why, when, where and how of the matter in
the press release body. This can be about events, services,
people, goals or projects. Include information about the
company. If it does not apply, include info about your niche.
Take care not to sell your company in the press release. You
can launch them at press release websites for free, such as
CLICK HERE to download press release template
14) JV Giveaways-- So you’ve heard about this great way
to build your list super fast and free of charge, but what the
heck is a JV giveaway anyway?
In a nutshell, joint venture (JV) giveaways are events hosted
by a group of internet marketers where they offer free gifts to
people just for signing up on their mailing list. The gifts are
usually digital products such as ebooks, short reports,
software, or video courses.
JV giveaways can be just the thing to jump start your internet
marketing business if used effectively. All contributors are
leveraging the traffic building tactics of the other contributors.
For a new marketer this can be huge as it's a great way to
drive a ton of traffic to their offer without spending a penny.
15) Article Marketing – You can also be deemed an expert
in a field by running an article-rich website and contributing to
sites such as You need high-quality articles
for this to work and you need to make updates regularly. (Recommended) (Recommended) (Recommended)
This is one of the best ways to increase website traffic. It's
free. It attracts targeted traffic – people who are already
interested in your niche in the first place. They wouldn't be
typing your keywords in the search box if they do not care,
would they?
16) Freebies – When you hand out freebies, you earn
brownie points in credibility and buzz-worthiness. This is
because if you hand out freebies of good-quality, particularly
free samples, you can get testimonials even when you have
not made your first sale yet.
You can hand out free screensavers branded with your
URL. This is especially popular in the entertainment niche.
Make sure the images and material you used are on
domain. You can use Google to look for screensaver builders
with free trials.
Free e-books are also a great way to get a viral marketing
campaign going. Choose a subject you are an expert in. For
example, if you are a pro do-it-yourself builder, share your
own action plans and tips on e-book format. Even better, retain
copyright but make them redistributable. You can make it more
appealing when you offer to rebrand it for other people in the
niche. (Recommended)
17) Do Video Interviews Of Influential People In
Your Industry --Video interviews are great to promote your
website and get more traffic. Do video interviews with
influential people in your industry so you have the credibility
factor to attract your niche market to actually watch your
video. What’s more, the content comes easily by the answers
the person gives. You are simply asking questions while
valuable content is given by the expert.
18) Banner Advertising -- Traditionally, this has been the
biggest web traffic source. You usually pay for this by the Costper-mile model or cost per thousand views. Buy a spot for your
website's banner in a popular site in your niche.
You can negotiate directly with the owners.
You can use an ad network. Hundreds of websites in your
niche would show your ads,
allowing for high visibility and rapid popularity. Note that this is
not very cost-efficient so you need to have a good budget for
this to work. (recommended) (Banner Add)
19) Social Bookmarking -- These sites allow you to take
note of links you find interesting, and share it with others.
Search engines like social bookmarking sites; it's only logical
because when people bookmark your site, you may have
something useful going on there, don't you. Notable examples
are Digg and Delicious. The trick is in making sure that your
site has great content. (recomended)
20) Guest-Authorship – You can be a guest author for
popular websites in your niche. For example, Ben Thompson,
an author of books in the humor genre, runs an alreadypopular website about extraordinary figures. He sometimes
writes for other websites in his genre (the entertainment
genre) particularly gaming and contemporary literature
websites. This is a win-win situation. They get new content
minus the effort, and you get the exposure.
Get your samples ready.
Find niche websites through search engines and discussion
Contact the webmaster and ask if they allow guest
21) Niche Research – In online marketing, niche research is
associated with keyword research. It is of course assumed that
you have done considerable market research as well. You can
at . You can just input the words
'keyword tracker” in a search engine for a list of keyword
research resources. This can get tricky. The most popular
keywords are those where competition is heavy. You can't
choose the least popular ones as well because with niches that
are too narrow, you run the risk of having too few targeted site
22) Optimized Content – Search engines, particularly
Google, like meaty websites. Include how-tos, buying guides,
product reviews, and other useful articles in your website. You
should have at least 15 pages of content using researched
keywords and keyword strings. Above all, do not stop
updating. You have to post new content regularly. With a blog,
this is easier. Know what your competitors are doing. A dead
website means a dead business. Don't believe all that hype
about money pouring in while you do absolutely nothing. That
only happens when you are well-established and when you can
afford to hire a stable of virtual assistants to do the job for
23) HTML Optimization –
Learning basic Html can take
you a long way. If you acquired the services of a website
designer and builder, ensure that you understand how the
content management system works.
Make sure your title tags, headlines and meta description
have your keywords. Here's an example:
<title> title with keyword </title>
<meta name = "description" content = "insert meta tag
<meta name = "keywords" content = "keyword1,
keyword2, keyword3>
Avoid putting keyword-rich content inside 'frames'. They
can hardly be indexed by search engines because bots cannot
read them well, if even they could.
When creating hyperlinks to your page within the site, use
a keyword in the hyperlink. For example, if your niche is
woodworking, instead of “click here to view buying guide”, use
“click to view woodworking plan buying guide”.
Put keywords even in image names when it is a non-stock,
high-relevant picture or direct depictions of the event or item
that the content is about.
24) Submit to Search Engines – It might take time for the
search engines to index your site. Make the first move and
submit. Make sure you have at least 15-20 pages. Don't
resubmit. It may take some time so you may be tempted to.
Remember that if you do so, you might make it to the search
engine's banned list.
25) Back Links – High-quality back links, that is. Search
engines like it when a lot of sites link to yours. It implies that
your website is useful. However, you have to make sure that a
majority of your back links are from other sites in your niche,
and sites which actually exists for reasons other than linking to
Research your niche. Learn about the top websites in your
niche (In what websites are your competitors getting
Contact the admin for a link swap. Note that you can only
pull this off if you have good content. Don't make it look like
they are doing you a favor (which they are). Make it a win-win
situation for the both of you.
Do contextual linking. Your link should not just be on the
website's section about partners. It should be in an article. This
is where good content comes in yet again. For example, your
niche is iPad accessories and you were able to contact the
admin of a website who runs gadget reviews. If there is an
article in their site about accessories, have them point to an
informative buying guide for accessories.
Join exchange programs. There are programs or networks
that you can join to look up other websites and business in
your niche, such as
Use a text link broker. These links are generally not
permanent though. Before you commit to anything, find out
the links are for good.
26) Blogging – Search engines like blogs. Another good
thing is that, with blogging, you get to post updates easily and
quickly. With regular updates, you can get indexed more often.
and you will also be able to put more search engine optimized
content. It can be an interactive platform, via the comments
Choose a platform of your choice. Blogger and Wordpress
are recommended.
You can host it yourself, because having your own domain
looks more professional. Your URL would look better if its instead of blog
Research the popular blogs in your niche. Search engines
are good for this; or you can just read around and follow links
and blogrolls.
Launch your own blog.
Leave comments. This is tantamount to leaving links.
When you leave a comment in a blog
and you are part of that network, you automatically leave a
link to your blog. You don't have to advertise. In fact,
advertising in blogs turn people off. Instead, say something
smart. Don't just say “nice post” with a smiley. Say which parts
you particularly liked, or which has affected you in a certain
level. If you feel there's something the author missed, mention
it (only if you are sure about it, or you would end up looking
too critical). Make the readers want to click your name to read
your blog too. Don't go over the top as there is an unwritten
read-me-and-ill-read-you rule in blogging networks.
RSS feeds allow your target to read your post without
going to websites individually. This updates them when you
have new content. You can use feedburner to promote your
RSS feeds.
In internet marketing, he who has the best reputation wins. Of
course it is required that you be knowledgeable about your
niche. It is equally important that you look the part. Being an
expert would give credibility to your image and generate trust
from potential customers.
7 Psychological Triggers
1. Make your words as attractive as possible. Use words like
�ultimate’, �powerful’,�sizzling’, �hot’, etc. Your words
should relate to and highlight your total offer. You could also
use specific words. For example, you could say, "ClickHere
To Increase Your Traffic By 120%!"
2. Give a discount offer. People are always looking for good deals.
You could offer a percentage discount, dollar discount, buyone-get-one-free discount, etc. For example, you could say,
"Get 50% Off Our New Viral Marketing E-book! Click
Here Now!"
3. Tell people the major benefit of your product,web site or
service . It could be benefits like �make money’, �lose
weight’, �increase energy’, �save money’, �save time’,
etc. For example,you could say, "Lose 20 Pounds In One
Month!"Another example, "Make $200 In One Day!"
4. Offer free samples or trials of your product. This will let people
experience your product and attract people to your web site.
You could also allow other people to give away your
sample products. It would be like "viral pre-sell
5. Give people a deadline to order. Tell people if they order by
Sept.15, 2012, they will get a discount or free bonuses. This
will create an urgency so they don't put off buying. Another
example,"Order before 8:00 p.m. US/EST and get a
second product of your choice for free!"
6. Give your prospects extra confidence so they will order. Use
endorsements, testimonials, a strong guarantee or warranty,
etc. For example,you could say, "I'm going to allow you
to try out our product for a full 30 days without billing
your card!"
7. Put yourself in your 'visitors’ shoes. Design your site for
them, not for yourself. Create your product around your
visitors, not because you would buy it.For example, if you
were selling to people who were thinking of going
bankrupt, think about how they feel. They would likely
want to avoid bankruptcy,they would feel tired of not be
able to afford anything, they would be fed up with
creditors calling,etc.
I hope that you found this report useful. I
wish you the very best of luck.
To Your Success,
Shahbaz Khan