How to Get Your Website/Business Visible in Search Engines

Online Strategies for Offline Businesses
John Gontowicz
Hainesport, NJ
[email protected]
• John Gontowicz has been selling on the Internet
since 1997
• In 2008 he sold over $24,000 on ebay in less than
3 months
• Three businesses:
пѓ�Computer virus removal and repairs
пѓ�Computer application training
пѓ�Helping businesses get on Google Places, Google
Local, Mobile, Website development, Search engine
optimization, email marketing, social media
management, blogs, and analytics that track how a
customer finds you (free report, phone, email,
website and more).
Top ten trends for 2011
Location-based Marketing
Instant Search
Social Media Monitoring
Social Media Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Online Advertising
Email Marketing
Social Shopping
– Blippy is a community of people helping each other discover
interesting things by reviewing & discussing almost
everything we buy... Link an account and start reviewing the
awesome things you buy.
• Instant Messaging/chat on your site
• Online Television
Top Ten Websites
1. Facebook
2. Google
3. Youtube
4. Yahoo
5. Live
6. Wikipedia
7. MSN
8. Microsoft
9. Baidu
Steps needed to Succeed Online
• Obtain web hosting –
• Register a domain name
• Create a main web page where you can get visitor’s
first name and email address
• You Need to build a list -
• Develop a relationship with subscribers on your list
• Determine the exact needs of the subscribers on your
• Create products that exactly meet the needs of your
Steps to Take to Put Your Business
• Create an interactive website
– Direct Response works best
– Your website should answer – What’s in it for Me?
– Post Card/Brochure sites do not do as well as
WIIFM sites.
– Newsletters are important
– Consumer Awareness Guides
• My Hosting company:
Capture website visitors
• Have a way to capture at least a person’s first
name and email address
– This is for “opt-in” email, where you can keep in
constant contact with your potential customers or
• Email Marketing Tips and Video on aweber
• You can create an account on the link above
for $1.00 for the first month as well.
Create a Google Places Page
• You can link to your site
• You can advertise locally and create a mobile
webpage for the smartphones
• You can offer coupons and generate a QR Code
• Google as of 2/17, includes social marketing results
in with the local results.
One Secret
• Find something that works and do it again and
• When you focus you get more efficient
– You will find great shortcuts
– You get smarter
– You become the master of that one simple method.
• This then becomes your method, your
– Once you see the profits you will focus everything
on that method.
Survey your potential customers
Who they are
What problems they have
How you can provide solutions to their problems
You can promote affiliate products while you are
learning how to do this
– Will the product serve your audience.
– Promote a like product
You have to Give Value
• Audience is looking for the answer to a
• Offer free resources
• Video you want to share
• Can you make their like easier you have a
• Allowing people know who you are
• More value you give, the more you will get in
• What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)
Generating Web Traffic
To Make a Sale
• You need the right message
• You Need the right product
• You need the right time
• You need a way to communicate with your
• You need a way to accept payment.
• You need a way to deliver the product.
The Importance of Over-Delivering
• The Internet is a level playing field for every
Internet marketer and merchant out there.
– – This is precisely why you should over-deliver
• You can start over-delivering by providing
superb support for your customers
• When you provide excellent customer support,
you're already ahead of most of your
competitors give your customers a pleasant
surprise when they make a purchase from you.
• The final way is to build a long-lasting
relationship with your customers.
Your sites online presence
Does the site link out to many other sites?
Has the site got good inbound links?
Is the site well established?
Does the site perform well on keyword
– Other than typing in your company name.
Your site
• Is it easy for a potential customer to contact
– Company name, address, phone, opt-in, and email
should be visible on every page, before the “fold”
• Do you publish resources or reviews?
• Do you invite articles or gest posts?
• Do you interview people for opinions,
evaluations, or case studies?
• Do you get their email address and first name
for free report, newsletter, contest, …
Why Do Online Businesses Fail?
• Well, many of the same reasons that offline
businesses fail as it turns out.
– Lack of knowledge about a particular market,
– lack of budget,
– no traffic,
– dull ideas,
– and no technical skills
4 main ways to make money online
• Create your own product or service to sell
directly to your customers
• Sell someone else's product (Affiliate
• Create a site that gets lots of visitors and sell
Advertising space; or
• Any combination thereof
Some ways of Marketing On-Line
Ezines – Targeted Traffic
Classified Ads
Off-Line Promotions to get traffic
Social Marketing
Email Signature File
Specials that are only available on-line
Referral / Affiliate Marketing Programs
More Ways
Traffic Exchanges
Article Directories
Viral Marketing – Free Report
Resell Rights
Opt-in Marketing
Banner Ads
Ebay, Amazon, and other sites to sell online
Press Releases
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Video – Youtube
Local Business Sites
Signs for your car, decals
Offline Traffic Tips
• Include Your URL on Stationery, Cards, and
• Promote using traditional media
– View your website as an information adjunct to the ad.
• Use a two-step approach:
– (1) capture readers' attention with the ad,
– (2) then refer them to a URL where they can obtain
more information and perhaps place an order.
• Develop a Free Service
– It's boring to invite people, "Come to our site and learn
about our business." It's quite another to say "Use the
free kitchen remodeling calculator available exclusively
on our site."
The Sale Cycle - WIIFM
• Getting the potential customer to your web site
• Offering the visitor something to get their first
name and email address
• Through an autoresponder follow-up with your
customer giving them advice, tips, stories.
– Do not try to push your product
• Develop a method for turning prospects into
• What do you do if they do not buy your
product today?
What is the goal of the website?
On-line Brochure
Content, Articles
Get visitor information
A Call for Action
Ways to drive traffic to your website
Pay Per Click ads on Google and Facebook
Article Marketing, Ezine directories, Social Bookmarks
Blogging, Squidoo,
Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare
Coupon and deals sites, QR Codes
Backlinks from Popular Sites
Forum & Discussions websites
Video, including YouTube / Itunes (Podcasting)
Flickr and other photo sharing sites
Affiliates, Referrals, Printed Media, CDs, DVDs
On-Line Directories, Joint Ventures
Review Sites, Google Places, Google Maps, Mobile Phones
Opt-In Lists (Autoresponders), Email Marketing
Search Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo (Keyword Search)
Most People Find What They are
Looking for On-Line
•They Use:
•Social Networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, FourSquare
•Yelp, SuperPages, Yellowpages, Where, Digg, YouTube,
Groupon, Google Places and more…
Keyword Research
• Probably the most difficult step involved in
building and growing a business on the Internet
– Vital to your success online
– They show you what people are searching for
– You can cater your website to what they want
• Think of keywords as Jellybeans
– Organize them according to flavor
• If you optimize on the wrong keywords you will
never get noticed or see any results.
Research – The Key to Success
• You have to see if others are buying your
– Is there a lot of competition?
– Little competition?
– Is there a need for you product?
– How many searches Worldwide, Nationally, Locally
Intention of a Searcher
• Three different keywords, but three different
– How to Grow Organic vegetables
– Where to buy Organic vegetables
– Where to buy Organic vegetable seeds
• Three different keywords, but with same
– How to build a birdcage
– Bird cage building tips
– Ho do I make a birdcage for my bird?
Find Problem Statements
• If you are interested in cars, type in “how car”
–You will see:
• How does a hybrid car work
• How do I sell my car
• How do I paint my car
• How do I become a used car dealer
• How do I buy a car
• And many more…
Focus on a Specific Problem Area
• It cannot be general
– How to buy a car will show 167 million websites
• Find synonyms or alternate spellings of words
– Car: cars, vehicle, vehicles, automobiles,
automobile, auto, autos, sedan, sedans, limo, etc..
– Buy: buy, purchase, acquire, get, obtain, barter
Cluster Your Keywords
• Do this and you can
– Figure out how to organize them better on your
– You now can make copy that supports the
– Identify new products to offer to your audience
– Find new sales by identifying specific problems
that your product or service can solve.
What are keyword matching options?
The four keyword matching options determine which Google searches can
trigger your ads to appear. These options can help you control who sees
your ads.
You can set each search-targeted keyword to have one of those four settings.
To use a keyword matching option, just add the appropriate punctuation to
your keyword:
• Broad match: keyword
Allows your ad to show on similar phrases and relevant variations
Phrase match: "keyword"
Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase
Exact match: [keyword]
Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively
Negative match: -keyword
Ensures your ad doesn't show for any search that includes that term
Keywords – Most Important Item in
• Choosing the Right Keywords to Optimize for
– when you start optimization, the first thing you
need to consider is the keywords that describe the
content of your site best and that are most likely
to be used by users to find you.
• Keyword Density of keywords on your site
– The recommended density is 3-7% for the major 2
or 3 keywords and 1-2% for minor keywords.
• Keywords in Special Places
– Keywords are very important not only as
quantity but as quality as well – i.e. if you have
more keywords in the page title, the headings,
the first paragraphs – this counts more that if
you have many keywords at the bottom of the
– Keywords in URLs and File Names
– Keywords in Page Titles
– Keywords in Headings
The Key to Getting Found is to Find Out
What Ordinary People are Looking For
Advertise your business on Google
• Traffic Estimator
• Get quick traffic estimates for new keywords
without adding them to an account or using
the AdWords sign-up wizard.
Search Engine Optimization - 5 Tips
• Add or Claim Your Local Listing
– First, you will want to add or claim your local
business listing in the major search engines:
Google Maps, Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and
Bing Local.
– Many other sites will automatically find and list
information about your business. Usually, this
means that your website is left unclaimed,
hanging out there in directory limbo.
– You can use
Location, Location, Location
• Use Geographic-Specific Keywords in Your
Pages and Title Tags
Make certain your website is found when local
searchers add a city, town, county, or zip code,
to your important keywords and phrases. If you
are a plumber, for example, use phrases like
"plumber burlington county" or “burlington
county plumber", or "search engine
optimization burlington county" so that you
will rank higher for these types of searches.
Be Accurate and Consistent
• Make Sure Your Local Business Information is
Accurate and Consistent
This is crucial. This is about trust. Make sure
that your business information is both
accurate and consistent wherever it is made
available on the Internet. Use the exact same
business name, address, phone numbers,
website and email addresses, etc., whenever
Search Engine Strategies
Write a Keyword-Rich Page Title
Write a Description META Tag
Include Your Keywords in Headers
Position Your Keywords in the First Paragraph
of Your Body Text
Use Keywords in Hyperlinks
Create a Site Map
Develop Web Pages Focused on Each Your
Target Keywords
Fine-tune with Search Engine Optimization
More Search Engine Strategies
9. Promote Your Local Business on the Internet
1. create a free listing for your local business on Google
10.Maps Local Business Center
Yahoo! Local (
11.Promote Your Video, Images, and Audio Content
9 SEO Tools
• Make Sure Your Sitemap is up-to-date
– Place pages into Categories (products or services)
– My hosting Provider Creates one automatically.
Click here for more information about hosting a
• Beef Up Your Product Descriptions
– Do not copy from another site. Search Engines
frown upon it
– Use unique product descriptions using unique
keywords. Use an on-line Thesaurus
9 SEO Tools
• Beef Up Your “read more” links
– Do not use click here, read more, continued
– Use: “for more information on the premium 100%
cotton Philadelphia Phillies cap…”
• Do not forget the plural version of your
– Search engines rank plural and singular
– Trend
• When someone starts to look for products they use
• When they narrow down what they want they search
9 SEO Tools
• Use simple URLs
– How many times have you seen:
– Instead use:
• Create Unique Title Tags
– My site:
• Computer Repair | Computer Training | Best Computer
Service in Hainesport NJ 08036
9 SEO Tools
• Create enticing Description Tags
– When you show up in the search engines make
sure you have an ad there and tell people what to
do next. A Good heading, phone number and
location will make you stand out
• Take Advantage of Product Reviews
– This has become a huge marketing tool
– Boosts keyword density without getting penalized
9 SEO Tools
• Optimize your product images
– Use <ALT> tags behind the picture with keywords.
– Use <TITLE> tags on the pictures with keywords
describing the picture
SEO Free Tools
Use meta tags
• Meta tags provide information about a Web page.
• The most important meta tag is the title tag.
– This tells search sites and visitors what the page is about.
– It should include your keyword phrase near the
• Meta descriptions are also important.
– Provide keywords and a clear, accurate description.
– Think of the description as a marketing tool enticing
visitors to your site.
• Put in most popular keywords in the Meta Tag area
Create a different Meta Tag description
for each page
– We help people feel less frustrated with their
computer. PC-U, located at 69 Easton Way, Hainesport,
NJ 08036, 609-668-0695, [email protected]
• Computer Training | Your PC Guide
– Call John at 609-668-0695 or email:
[email protected] ... - Cached
• Seminars | Your PC Guide
– Call John at 609-668-0695 or email:
[email protected] ... Cached
• Free Software to Keep Your Computer Running Smooth | Your PC
– Call John at 609-668-0695 or email: [email protected] Request an
Appointment В· Tell Us What Kind Of Problem You Are Having ... Cached
• Your Computer Connection | Your PC Guide
– Call John at 609-668-0695 or email: [email protected] Request an
Appointment ... Top 10 tips asked by customers – ... Cached
• Your Computer Connection: You Love Your PC, right?
– Feb 14, 2009 ... Please visit my website - If you
want to receive a computer tips newsletter, visit
On Your Web Site
Need to create multiple headlines
Ask others to critique your headlines
Create multiple headlines and test them
Google search puts emphasis on Headlines
Place Audio and/or video
Offer them something free
Give the prospect direction
Content is King
• Search engines (and your readers) love fresh
content and providing them with regularly
updated, relevant content is a recipe for
success. Generally, when a site is frequently
updated, this increases the probability that
the spider will revisit the site sooner.
Focus on content
• Without useful content, your site will never get a good
• So, your content should provide value to readers.
• Search sites prefer frequently updated content.
– This can be done by blogging and articles.
• You need to use your keyword phrase within your
• Keyword density
That's how often the phrase appears on the page.
It should appear several times.
Use it near the opening of the first paragraph.
Also, make sure it appears in bold or in a heading on the
Theme or Relevant Content
• One of the intricacies of optimizing a company
site is that it has to be serious. Also, if your
content smells like advertising and has no
practical value for your visitors, this content is
not that valuable.
Bold and Italic
• When you have lots of text, the next question is
how to make the important items stand out from
the crowd –
– for both humans and search engines.
• While search engines (and their spiders – the
programs that crawl the Web and index pages)
cannot read text the way humans do, they do have
ways of getting the meaning of a piece of text.
• Headings are one possibility, bold and italic are
another way to emphasize a word or a couple of
words that are important.
Duplicate Content
• Duplicate content can be a serious problem.
But it is not an obstacle that cannot be
overcome. First, you need to periodically check
the Web for pages that are similar to yours. You
can use
• Only 30% can be similar
Promoting Your Site
• Submit Your Site to Search Engines, Directories,
– Google
– Bing
– Yahoo
• Search directories are usually maintained by
humans and the sites in them are reviewed for
relevancy after they have been submitted.
• DMOZ and Yahoo!.
Web Analytics Unifies Online Data
Across Channels
• In 2010, web analytics will focus on integrating
consumer data from the web, search, mobile
and social measurement
• 88% of marketers are already using or
planning to use web analytics this year
Compare Sites
• Shows top search terms
• See how you compare to your competitors
How do you get your site to the top of
the search engine rankings?
• Here's what Google has to say:
• "Webmasters can improve the rank of their
sites by increasing the number of high-quality
sites that link to their pages".
– Source: Google Webmaster Central
• To see how many links your site has, in the
search box on Google type in:
– Links:
Links – Another Important SEO
• Why Links are Important
– Probably the word that associates best with Web
is “links”.
– That is what hypertext is all about – you link to
pages you like and get linked by pages that like
your site.
– The Web is woven out of interconnected pages
and spiders follow the links, when indexing the
– If not many sites link to you, then it might take
ages for search engines to find your site
• Inbound (Backlink) and Outbound Links
– Backlinks are very important because they are
supposed to be a measure of the popularity of your
site among the Web audience.
• Anchor Text
– Anchor text is the word(s) that you click on to open
the hyperlink
• Do not buy links in bulk
A Couple of Linking Strategies
• Submit Your Site to Key Directories
• Submit Your Site to Trade Organization Sites
• Specialized Directories
• Request Reciprocal Links
• Write Articles for Others to Use in Websites
and Newsletters
• Issue News/Press Releases:
Pay attention to Links
– Search engines see incoming links as votes for your
• Your rank will go up.
– So, it is important to have other sites link to yours.
Network with other Webmasters. Notify related sites
when you post new content. And, use a service
like Ping-O-Matic to notify blog aggregators of new
– With links, reputation is important.
• Links from link farms or other shady sites can harm your
search rank. Search sites also frown on link exchange
– Likewise, be careful about linking to other sites.
Linking to a bad one can also harm your rank.
• Don't Reinvent the Wheel
Yahoo! Site Explorer
offers and easy method of comparing the
number and kind of your competitors' inbound
links. Are there popular sites, with content
similar to yours, that are linking to your
competitor? If so, do your best to get a link from
those sites, or ones that are at least as popular
and relevant.
NOTE: Do not copy content directly from another
site. Create lots of original, and engaging content
for the pages that you want to rank high. As well,
never post the same content twice on your site.
If you believe it is necessary to do so, consult
with an SEO expert before posting the duplicate
content as this could negatively affect your
Summary - What woks online
Write Fresh and Catchy Content
Listen to Your Community
Engage in Forums and Discussions
Monitor How Your Site is Used
Take Part in the Online Community
Submit to Directories and Galleries
• Use Email Signatures
• Have Business Cards at Hand . . . Always
Google Tools to Help You Along
• Google Webmaster Central:
• Pay for Advertising
• Write Articles
• Create a Blog
• Get on Twitter
• Record Podcasts and Videocasts
To Build Traffic to your site, or
Offer Newsletters and RSS feeds
Send Seasonal Cards and E-Cards
Hold a contest
Run an event
Get free publicity by doing a charity event
Sponsor a community event – free shredding in
parking lot
• Advertise on mobile
Do not limit your information to
just your site
• Place Your Content Elsewhere
• Create Tutorials and put them online
• Give Away Free Stuff
– Reports, newsletters, free e-books, audio books
• Local Communities -
Other Tools
• Release Press Releases
• Free Sitemap:
• Website Speed Test:
• Add Video to Your Website to Improve Your
Search Engine Ranking
• Solicit Consultation Services - Skype
• Create an Affiliate Program
• Give out Vouchers and Special Offers
• Create an QR code for Mobile smartphones
Google Places and Bing & Yahoo Local
• Make Sure Your Local Business Information is
Accurate and Consistent
This is crucial. This is about trust. Make sure
that your business information is both
accurate and consistent wherever it is made
available on the Internet. Use the exact same
business name, address, phone numbers,
website and email addresses, etc., whenever
Are you #1?
• 1. Sign up for your competitor’s newsletters and whatever
other free goodies they may have. Be sure to use an alias —
because there is nothing more annoying than when I see that
a competitor has signed up for my info with no intentions of
ever doing business with me. Blaah! You can do this easily
with a free gmail account. I created one specifically for
competitor newsletters.
• 2. Take a look at your competitor’s info in Alexa. While this
isn’t necessarily an accurate look at stats (only computers
with the alexa browser toolbar installed are tracked), it does
give you a gage of your competition’s traffic and importance.
• 3. Google their name and any variations of it. Or better yet,
add their name as one of your “google alerts”, and you will be
able to see on a daily basis what blogs, sites, etc. have picked
up their content and/or have written something about them.
This gives you a great idea of just how “good” and
“respected” and popular the site owner’s content is.
Review Sites
More review sites
Specialty Review sites:
– Auto repair
– Cars
– Electronics
– And more…
Coupon sites
Groupon -
Comparison Shopping -
Living Social -
Mamapedia -
KGB Deals -
Plum district -
• Eversave -
• Zulily -
• -
• Register with
• Have you menu as a pdf file so potential
customers can view it.
• List your specials
• Pictures of restaurant, menu items, some of
the staff
• Have a page on your site that you “blog” on.
– Website content changes
– Keep the content new.
– Ask for comments and feedback
• This will get your potential customers involved.
• You can have a separate blog and link it to
your site and social media links
Social Marketing
• At a minimum:
• Or on Facebook search for South Jersey Mobile Local
• Have links to your social sites and vice versa
Some Examples
• Texas Roadhouse has experienced a 40% increase in
Web site traffic directly from online listings found on
local search, mobile and social platforms such as
Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook.
• When in a store, you can multitask by keeping one eye
on the shelves and one on your smart phone, You can
scan bar codes, compare prices, read product reviews
and even make purchases.
• For example, say you want a book at Borders, you can
immediately look up the title on his phone. If you find
a cheaper price on Amazon or another website, you
can buy it through your phone while still standing
inside the bookstore.
• You can literally shop online wherever you are
Mobile Stats
• Currently, about 28 percent of all cell phone users have
smart phones, according to Nielsen, but that's expected
to jump to more than 50 percent by the end of this
year. And some analysts predict Web traffic on mobile
phones will overtake that on desktop computers within
five years.
• In a December survey conducted for the NRF, about 11
percent of shoppers said they had used a smart phone
for holiday shopping. Of those who did, 26 percent
made a purchase, 34 percent read product reviews and
60 percent browsed for gifts on their phones.
• 60 million iPhones on the market, and 160,000 Android
phones being activated everyday
Offline advertising
• Tent cards on counter with Facebook, Twitter,
Foursquare addresses
• Phone # that mobile phone users send a text message
– This puts the customer on your mailing list
• QR code at the entrance
– Ideally a window so when someone walks by they can scan it
to get information.
• You can send them to your site, your menu, offers, mailing list and
• Business cards (have a unique email address so that
you can track how many people contact you using your
business card), stationary, promo items
• Referral Program
Email advertising
• Create a signature that has:
– Name, company name, address, phone #, website,
more info email (make the email different so you
can track how many contact you via email)
• Create an email using your website name.
– Having an email like comcast, aol, hotmail, and
other “free” addresses do not promote your
If you are looking for what to sell on-line
If you want Success Online
• Helping people is your #1 focus!
• Clear understanding of what they want and
how you can help them get it will drive all of
– Traffic generation
– Product creation
– Newsletter and Blog content
– Website creation and more!
• Everything starts with and revolves around the
people in your chosen niche
– …So go out there and help a specific group of
people get what they want (that’s the key)!
• How to find topics people are emotional about
• The easiest way online is to hang out at the
same forums they hang out on.
– Go to Google and type in, niche +forum
Becoming An Expert in Your Field
• A good, solid sales page will bring you orders.
Add some personality to your sales message,
however... and sales go through the roof.
• Be the one marketer who says something
worthwhile and exciting... and your customers
will reward you handsomely.
• This gives you the opportunity to become the
"go to" guy in your niche -- the dude who
knows what he's talking about, and talks about
it in interesting ways.
Trust & Personality
• Trust is a hard thing to manufacture -- but it's a
heck of a lot easier when you allow your
prospect to see that he's dealing with someone
who shares his passions, understands his
situation, and communicates without
• People like to deal with people.
• Especially people who have a little personality.
• Think of the emails you get each day -- there
are surely some people in your world whose
emails you open immediately, happy to see
them in your inbox.
• Would you rather be
– (a) Just one of TWENTY people selling Peanuts at a
Baseball Game, or
– (b) One of only TWO people selling Lemonade at that
Baseball Game?
• The answer is obvious, of'll do much
better as one of the TWO people selling Lemonade.
• Knowing what your Product Market looks like
before you try to sell Products in it is a very
important concept for your Home-based Internet
Search Forums and Communities
Blog Commenting
Finding Related Blogs Quickly
– – social niche networking sites
– Forums
– Blogs
– Groups
– Interact with other people interested in your
Four Questions
• If you want to succeed at Niche Marketing, you
need to be able to answer the following four
questions about the people who are in any
#1: Who They Are
• Is you niche based on:
– Age, Sex, Marital Status
– Profession, Job, or lack of job
– Interests or Hobbies (new or existing)
– Physical, emotional issues, characteristics
– Current situation (Temporary or Permanent)
#2: What They Want?
• What are their 7 biggest fears?
• What are their 7 biggest problems?
• What’s their #1 “secret desire” they may not
even share with a spouse?
• What do virtually all of them buy or spend
money on sooner or later?
#3: How Can You Help Them?
• Get better results?
• Get the same or better results faster?
• Once you know that, then ask:
– How can You help everyone already selling to the
niche market to get more of what they want in the
process without being viewed as a competitor?
• Seen as complementary, not competitive.
5 Reasons Why People Buy On-Line
Make money
Save money
Save time
Avoid effort
Escape pain
– Who is out there with a problem that I can help?
#4: How can you provide high value at
a price you both feel is fair?
• Wallace Wattles in “The Science of Getting
Rich” calls it “Use Value”
• In the above picture, if you were an Eskimo,
which has more “use value”
Niche Marketing
• Selling Niches are how most successful homebased online retailers keep their business
making money.
• Why compete in mainstream, expensive
product markets, when you can make a better,
reliable income selling an affordable product
• Examples:
– Guys that want to date more.
– Pregnant Women ( Do you think they think about their
baby more than once a day?)
– People Behind On Their Bills (Every time the phone
– People About To Get Married Couples About to Divorce
– First Time Home Buyers
– Parents With Children
• See how all of those people will think about their
situations and problems once or more per day?
When you think about something often…it is
important to you.
Niche Can be Anything that a Hungry
Crowd Needs Answers to
Some More Niches
People interested in origami
People that want recipes
People with weeds in the yard
People interested in hypnosis
People with poor vocabularies
People with poor memory
• See how those are things that people might think
about occasionally? If your selling a book on how
to improve your memory…you will want to find a
crowd that is affected by this problem EVERY DAY!
Perhaps a college student or a grad student…or a
professional salesperson that just can’t remember
E-Mail Marketing
• Email marketing is one of the most targeted
and cost-effective ways of communicating
with customers today.
• It’s quick, easy to set up, measurable, and
more environmentally friendly than traditional
direct marketing.
• It is used to Build Relationships.
• It characterizes you as the Expert.
Bribe – Free Stuff
• Your product is worth what you convince your
customer to perceive it’s worth.
• People respond to free stuff.
• They love getting things they would never
otherwise be able to find like informationbased freebies best. You can pile them on like
crazy... and it will cost just pennies to create.
Offer five different free reports on something
closely related to your product.
– Create a opt-in form for each one so that you can
track what people are interested in
Free Report Examples
• Selling garden equipment?
– Add reports on growing prize winning roses, getting
rid of gophers, designing decks and fountains and
weed-free lawns.
• Selling a diet?
– Add info on finding cheap-but-expensive-looking
clothes for your new figure... tips on getting free
airfare to the Bahamas (because you can now wear
bathing suits again)... and maybe a list of littleknown places to meet your future soul-mate.
Insurance Free Reports
• Selling insurance?
– Add free reports on how to organize your
important papers in a simple but easy-to-navigate
home-made system.
– What to do when you can’t find crucial phone
– How to get the best mortgage rate in the country
using the Internet.
– What to put in an emergency kit is your garage to
fix plumbing, electrical and structural problems
until the contractor shows up.
– A thousand and one ways to use duct tape.
Email Strategies
• Install a "Signature" in
your E-Mail Program
• Publish an E-Mail
• Autoresponders:
– Aweber
– Sendfree
– Icontact
• Ask for E-Mail Sign-ups
• Send Transactional and
Reminder E-Mails
• Send Offers to Your
Visitors and Customers
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I found the greatest marketing idea of all time in a FREE book
• Whether it’s a campaign for a new product, or
a monthly newsletter, a well-crafted e-mail
marketing program can help your business in
the following ways:
– Attract new customers
– Build customer relationships
– Up-sell and cross-sell products and services
– Collect valuable customer feedback
– Generate high ROI.
Return On Investment
• According to research conducted by the Direct
Marketing Association, e-mail marketing
generated $51.58 for every $1 spent.
• As such, it outperforms all other direct marketing
• In fact, e-mail marketing is 20 times more costeffective than direct mail, and can cost less than a
penny per e-mail.
• Better yet, your ROI can be immediate when the
Call to Action (CTA) is time-sensitive.
• CTAs such as “Click here to take advantage of this
offer” typically yield responses within 48 hours of
the campaign.
Newsletters Tips
• Design It Well and They Will Click
– Develop a simple layout
– Create a look that promotes your brand
– Use images
– Drive action
– Get to the point
– Watch the file size
– Consider getting help
Many people are afraid of technology
• Tell your message that will empower the
customer, you have to overcome your fear of
• Have to integrate these 4 technologies
– Blog – Main thing to express ideas. Focal Point and
establish relationships.
– Facebook – Continuation of your blog. Find and
invite leaders.
– Twitter – specials, tips, and conversation place.
Identify who you want to follow.
• Video – Need Camera, talk like a friend. Cam
Studio software - free
Some Other Strategies
Announce a Contest
Devise Viral Marketing Promotion Techniques
Paid Advertising Strategies
Advertise in an E-Mail Newsletter
Begin an Affiliate Program
Purchase Pay Per Click (PPC) ads
List Your Products with Shopping Comparison Bots and Auction
• Shopping sites that include comparison features include:
– Amazon
– ebay
• Rent targeted, commercial e-mail lists
• –
An alternative to selling your own products
Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Success
Affiliate Mistakes
• NOT Dedicating Yourself to One Before
Starting Another
• NOT Concentrating on the Pre-Sell
• NOT Using the Product
• NOT Understanding Pay Per Click
• NOT Having Clutter Free Web Pages
• NOT Writing Your Own Copy
NOT Choosing the Right Products for You
NOT Capturing Incoming Email Addresses
NOT Believing in Yourself!
NOT Committing Yourself to Your Affiliate
• NOT Having the Right Tools
How to Find Complimentary Niche
• In Google or Bing Search:
– niche +”affiliate program”
– niche +affiliate
– niche +associate
This is my best method for generating traffic
Article Marketing
• Offer a Free ecourse, Free tips newsletter, Free report
• Article Directories:
• Write a review of a product. Use your very own experience
to craft a real story. People love stories.
• Find a related article on your topic and try to find fault with
several points being made. Put on your "Devil's Advocate"
hat and see the other side of the topic. Now, write about it.
• Do a Google search on your topic and then take notes on all
of the results that you see. The headlines alone will spark
interesting ideas, and you'll have a unique article when it's
all combined, using your own special sauce to cook it up.
• Go to and look for books on your topic. Look
for customer reviews or editor comments.
• These are a valuable source of quotes but also unique ideas.
Summarize in your own words.
• Ask a friend a few questions about the topic at hand. Use
their words and their point of view to craft a story about the
• RSS Feeds "Really Simply Syndication“
– Allows others to get your information and the
content has links to your site
– Notify and to notify blog updates
Google Webmaster Tools
Additional Helpful Sites
RSS Tutorial
EBay & Craigslist
Writing Reviews
Competition Analysis -
Free Traffic
• Forum Marketing
– Go to and type in (your niche
• Article Marketing
• Blog Search Engine –
• Web Site Stats -
Advertise on Web Radio
• Make Money Online with an Internet Radio
• BlogTalkRadio - Create a Radio Show and Reach
Millions. Free for 30 days. Start now.
Use Ebay and Amazon
Proliferation and Adoption of Other
Online Channels Persist
• New Channels Include:
– Mobile (messaging, websites, applications)
– Rich Media (video, podcasting, gaming)
– Social Media (Social Networks, User Generated
• 84% plans to use emerging marketing
channels over the next year
Mobile Continues Its March Toward
Greater Significance
• 36% of Marketers are already conducting
mobile marketing
• 40% plan to incorporate mobile marketing this
• The combination of new devices, faster
networks, and new location-aware technology
will fuel this steady march.
Marketers Continue to Nurture Social
• Marketers fins themselves thrust into a world
where they have to share control over their
brand with consumers.
• Blogs, product reviews, and other social media
are mixed with marketing messages to shape
consumers’ perception of company brands
• 47% are already using social media
• 23% plan to use it this year