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October 2013
PE 30 students hike it out for a fun time in Kananaskis
By Lucy Garrett
In the late-afternoon on Wednesday, September 25, PE 30 students shouldered their hiking packs and travelled to
their campsite in Kananaskis country. After
a short hike out, students set up tents and began cooking at what would be their home for
the next two-and-a- half days.
After the groups consumed their
first wilderness meal, which consisted of a
pre-made meal wrapped in tinfoil, students
enjoyed warm cups of tea and hot chocolate to keep them warm as the temperature
dropped. The meals varied from spaghetti and meat sauce to pizza to turkey and
mashed potatoes.
A group campfire was next as the
teachers led various camp activities, such as
singing, games, and stories. Lights out was
at 11:00 pm, but before that students participated in a game of star-tipping, a game in
which people look up at the stars in the dark
and spin around as fast at they can and then
someone shines a flashlight onto the face.
This causes an effect similar to being dizzy.
The world seems to be sideways and it is not
uncommon for people to fall over. Students
also chose to sit around the fire and overall
had a great time. Students went to sleep under the stars while trying to stay warm in the
freezing cold.
Thursday, September 26 started
off with a 7:00 am wake-up call. Teachers
threatened to drag any students who did not
get up right away outside the tent in their
sleeping bags. The breezy, morning air made
getting up a challenge, but students eventually arose to have their photo taken with
their team banner. A breakfast of bagels and
oatmeal were eaten to give the students energy for the hike that day.
At around 10:30, students piled
into the buses for a short ride to the Cox
Hill hiking trail, and then a twelve-kilometer
hike to the top of the Cox Hill Mountain.
Students started the hike with enthusiasm
as they crossed a creek on a log. The hike
got progressively steeper and rockier as they
climbed the trail to the top; a few injured students had to turn around. It was good exercise and the students chatted happily as they
made their way through the forests that were
lightly-covered in snow. The sun was shin- campers gathered around the fire to watch students took the easy way home and did not
ing which made the hike more enjoyable, their classmates present the activities that have to hike back out. Instead, they jumped
and the views climbing up the mountain they had created. These activities included onto the buses, waved good-bye to their
were absolutely gorgeous.
games of questions, a skit about a bear, and campsites and made their way home to CalOnce students reached the top, singing songs. Teachers and students alike gary. By mid-day on Friday, September 27,
they sat down
students returned to the school smelland enjoyed a
ing like campfire smoke and smiling
packed lunch
despite their lack of sleep. Their
while admiring
camping adventure was over, but the
the surroundmemories made will last a lifetime.
ing view of
Rebecca Schmidt, Grade
12, a camper on the trip, described
mountains. Althe trip as a “…great experience to
though there
bond with your peers and experience
was a slight
camping.” Even though it was much
stuwork, Schmidt claims that “…it was
dents had fun
all worth it for the experience.” Her
taking pictures
favourite memories of the trip inand chatting.
cluded star-tipping, stargazing, the
After a group
campfire, and the animal game. She
also enjoyed the campfire activity
group turned
where the students were split into
teams and given a topic for a song,
started makand the team as a whole would have
ing their way
to come up with songs that contained
the word on the spot. Songs could
not be repeated and teams could not
The trip down
hesitate or the team was disqualified.
was just as
She also had many laughs watchmuch work,
ing people fall over after they starPhoto by Lucy Garrett
as the constant
tipped, including herself.
Erin Bracko and Brooklyn Sylvester, Grade 12, enjoy the gorgeous mountain view from
downhill put the top of Cox Creek hill after a pleasant hike through beautiful snow-covered trees
Schmidt, however, was
dragged out of the tent in her sleeppeople’s knees and ankles. Students also had enjoyed the evening. Luckily, bedtime was ing bag by a teacher and threatened with the
to watch out for the loose rocks and bumpy extended because the students had been squirrel tail; she did not enjoy claiming that
tree roots. Energy was still high as the main well-behaved. Some students chose to sit it was her least favourite part of the experigroup reunited with those who had been un- around the campfire, some went to bed, ence, although Schmidt admits that it must
able to hike the whole way.
while others lay on the ground and admired have been “funny to watch me try and get
Once back at camp, the adventur- the great number of stars that crowded the away.” Her other least favourite part was the
ers had a little bit of time to relax and re- cloudless sky.
fact that she injured her knee the first night.
juvenate before they piled back onto the
The night was cold so getting up This hindered her activities for the rest of the
buses and drove down the road to an empty was not easy for the campers the next morn- trip.
campsite to play a long, fun rendition of the ing. Like Thursday morning, some students
Schmidt states that if she were to
animal game. They spent the next hour and were dragged out of their tents in their sleep- participate in the trip again she “…would
a half running away from cougars and try- ing bags if they were not up in time. One bring less food because [she] really did
ing to find water and food stations. After- group even had a dead squirrel tail thrown not need the amount that [she] brought.”
wards, students returned to their campsites in their tent in an attempt to rouse the sleepy Schmidt recommends to anyone going in the
where they cooked themselves dinner using teenagers. Once everyone had eaten their future to “…not injure yourself the first day
gas campstoves. Kraft dinner was a popular breakfast and had a warm cup of tea, camp- and bring warm clothes! It was freezing at
choice. They were also given some free time ers packed up their tents, tarps, and stoves night so come prepared for that!”
to organize an activity for the class to partici- into their hiking packs before cleaning the
Overall, the trip was a success with
pate in or watch at the campfire that evening. campsite until it was spotless.
many memorable experiences and plenty of
Late that evening, the exhausted
Because they had behaved well, the group bonding time.
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-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
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October 2013
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“O’ Canada” lyrics are in need of
more gender-neutral language
By Maggie Corwin
mentioned previously, this change
would reflect the meaning of the
original lyrics better than the current version; Weir’s poem had no
trace of the prejudice against women that would later be written into
in the now-antiquated wording of
the poem.
In the past, “O’ Canada”
has been modified merely to improve the wording, yet the weighty
reasons provided for this change
A group of Canadian
women, including such wellknown names as Margaret Atwood
and former Prime Minister Kim
Campbell, have suggested
changing one line in the Canadian anthem to be more
gender-inclusive, and it is
clear that the revision, which
would better reflect Canadian
society today, can only benefit Canadians.
The line in question
– “True patriot love in all thy
sons command” is proposed
to be changed to, “True patriot love in all of us command.” Although it seems a
simple change, it has sparked
debate across the country.
Although few people know it today, the Canadian anthem in its current
form is not how it was originally written. In 1908, Robert Stanley Weir first wrote
the poem that would later be
turned into Canada’s national
anthem – yet it used the line
“True patriot love thou dost
in us command.”
In fact, “O’ Canada”
was changed in 1913 to the
now-used “True patriot love
Photo by Maggie Corwin
in all thy sons command.”
Therefore, traditionalists who The Canadian flag, like “O’ Canada,” has represented Canada for years
want to keep the anthem as it
are still not enough to convince
is today so it is as close to the origi- his work.
There are also those who people of the necessity of the
nal poem as possible may wish to reconsider; the proposed change believe the national anthem to be change.
The group of Canadian
would actually bring the anthem a historical document, however, unchanged throughout the genera- women has suggested that restornearer to its first version.
Updating the anthem to tions. Unfortunately, “O’ Canada” ing the anthem’s wording to reflect
reflect the patriotism of not only has only been the national an- Weir’s original intent would not
Canadian men, but Canadian wom- them since 1980 – a full seventy- only ensure that women are includen as well is necessary if Canada’s two years since it was originally ed in the anthem, better describing
anthem is to represent Canada as it penned.
Canada’s inclusive society today,
The poem itself should but also update the anthem’s wordis today. Commanding patriotism from only sons invalidates the ef- remain unchanged as writing from ing to modern English.
The sacredness of the anforts that Canadian women have another time, yet there is no reason put into defending their country; to not change the anthem, a living them as a historical document has
Sally Goddard, the mother of the document, into something more in not stopped it from being changed
first female Canadian to be killed tune with Canada’s modern soci- in the past; the anthem is a living
in combat, and one of the women ety. The change would also update document, and carrying out this
proposing this change, would that part of the anthem to newer change would only benefit Canasurely agree. Additionally, as English, something sorely needed dian society.
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 3
Freeman faction: flawed and folly or completely fair?
By Cassandra Betts
Completely gutting a
landlady’s kitchen and bathroom,
filling a rented home with dozens
of computers and work chairs,
changing the locks on the property and declaring it an embassy all
seem like the actions of a first class
whacko. Andreas Pirelli, 48, however, (also known as Mario Anonacci) the man who committed these
peculiarities has a reasonable explanation: he is a Freeman-on-theLand, a member of the worldwide
organization that believes that statue law is simply contractual and
under the right circumstances can
therefore be ignored.
Despite serving Pirelli an
eviction notice during the first few
months of his tenancy, it took landlady Rebekah Caverhill almost two
years to force the self-proclaimed
Freeman to depart her property.
The senior citizen first became
aware of problems when she traveled from her home in Sylvan Lake
to her Calgary duplex, in order to
look over some minor renovations
that Pirelli had been supposedly
completing in exchange for three
months of free rent. When she arrived, she discovered that the home
had definitely been renovated, but
in an upsetting and unrequested
fashion; all the indoor doors had
been removed from the house, the
kitchen and bathrooms had been
torn apart and the master bedroom
had been painted a deep black.
When she expressed her
concern, Pirelli apparently aggressively walked her to the door, informed her that he was a Freemanon-the-Land, that her duplex was
now “an embassy house” and the
she “ha[d] no rights.” When Caverhill tried to re-enter her property,
she discovered that the locks had
been changed. Apart from having
her home taken over, Caverhill was
also charged with $26 000 worth of
“renovation bills” and a $17 000
sought help, governments seemed
unsure of what to do with the Freeman, let alone the problem of the
embassy. As ludicrous as it appears,
some of the Freemen’s actions
may actually have legal grounds, up all over the country. A woman
which is why they are so difficult in Fort St. John was charged with
to deal with. The issue concern- contempt of court on October 11,
ing the embassy was shuttled from after insisting that the judge call
government agency to government her “My Lady” and objecting by
agency; the police said that is was shouting, “I do not understand the
a civil matter and should be taken nature of these proceedings. I do
up with civil courts, while the not consent to proceedings,” whencivil courts were also reluctant to ever she was addressed. A group
respond. “I am an army of one,” of squatters in Grand Prairie who
stated Caverhill in regards to the have also identified themselves as
lack of aide she received from the Freeman-on-the-Land were arrestgovernment.
In fact, had
it not been
Pirelli had two
warrants for
his arrest in
Québec, one
for pushing
previous landlady
down a flight
of stairs, he
would probably still be
property today.
Police say
that part of
the difficulty
and lethargic response
was because
Photo by Cassandra Betts
of the Free- Enmanuel Posada, Grade 11, rips up his birth certificate to
man/embas- sever ties with the government and begin life as a Freeman
sy issue, but the majority of it was ed on October 8 and charged with
because Caverhill did not actually uttering threats, using a firearm in
have a written rental agreement the commission of an offence and
with Pirelli, only a verbal contract. possession of a firearm while proAlbeit the fact that Pirelli has now hibited. In the United States, the
been returned to Québec to await Freeman-on-the-Land are listed as
trial on assault, this case gathered a domestic terrorist group, and are
a plethora of media attention, put believed to have taken part in the
a spotlight on the Freeman-on-the- 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
The true Freeman, howLand movement, and has brought some of Canada’s fundamental le- ever, do not seem to be those who
make ludicrous claims, trash peogal infrastructure into question.
Since September 27, the ple’s houses, and organize terrorist
official day of Pirelli’s arrest, sto- attacks. In fact, the true Freeman
ries of Freemen have been popping do not even seem to identify as
Freeman at all. When asked about
the Freeman organization, Dean
Clifford, the Manitoban who has
been labeled as the “guru of the
Freeman,” stated “it’s not really
an organization. The powers that
be, [be it] the government [or] the
media…really needed a name for
this movement, so that one was adopted and attached to anybody who
seems interested in studying rights
and freedoms.”
Therein lies the trouble
with the Freeman organization.
They are not a cohesive group, but
are instead obscure and individualized, which makes them difficult to
define and understand. They do not
have a leader, or a standard code by
which to abide. There is not a fixed
set of rules that they can follow, or
an easy way to suddenly become a
Freeman-on-the-Land and conveniently obtain all the benefits without any of the drawbacks.
Many people are so enchanted by this notion that a man
can be their own person, take control of their own destiny, and reclaim their “god given” rights and
freedoms that they act recklessly
and expect the simple fact that
they are calling themselves a Freeman to solve all their problems. All
sorts of kooks and loonies spew
nonsense in court and rely on ludicrous gimmicks, like refusing to
answer to their own name, to protect them, without going into depth
or researching what taking on the
title of a Freeman really entails.
According to Freeman
beliefs, statue laws only apply
to those who have entered into a
specific contract with the government that allegedly limits their
rights and freedoms. The fact that
Canadians would willingly enter
into such a contract seems absurd,
however the Freeman theorize that
most people are not aware of the
restrictions that they have passively allowed to be placed upon them.
Most of the Freeman will
agree that they know this to be
true. After this first, solid, foundation, however, things begin to get
muddy. In accordance with some
Freeman views, one’s mother
gives up her child’s rights when
she signs their birth certificate with
her maiden name, automatically
making the child an employee of
the government. They then say that
the scam continues throughout the
child’s entire life, when they obtain
things such a driver’s licenses and
a social insurance number, and that
these legal documents further ensnare them in the complex contract
that has been thrust upon them
since birth. By doing things like
answering to the name that is on a
birth certificate, people are giving
the government consent to do as
they please and are agreeing to this
contract. In order to escape from
the contract the Freeman-on-theLand use various tactics, such as
writing “of the family of” between
their first and last name, refusing
to be addressed as anything other
than “man,” or “woman,” or stating that they are “not a person.”
Others believe that the
birth certificate acts as a bond
within the government, and that
these birth certificate bonds can
be traded over seas. Just as bank
notes were initially created with
the concept that they could be traded in for the same amount of gold
at anytime, according to Freeman
views birth certificates work the
same way, with the value of a person replacing the gold. Some of the
Freeman have expressed that they
would like to be paid for the worth
of their birth certificate, and by
using these birth certificate bonds
that the government is exploiting
them and their freedoms.
The Freeman like Clifford, however, have taken a more
methodical approach to the whole
Freeman business, an approach
that requires an extensive understanding of legal matters and could
arguably work. Clifford has severed all ties with the government
in exchange for what he considers
true freedom. He does not posses a
driver’s license or a Social Insurance Number and when he grows
old he will not receive an old age
pension, nor will he benefit from
unemployment insurance or old
age security if the need arises.
continued on page 4
Page 4
continued from page 3
Clifford began his life as
a Freeman after a spat with revenue Canada when he was in his
twenties. He started cobbling together his non-traditional views
by researching, pouring through
resources such a Black’s Law
dictionary, and taking everything
in them word-for-word, in a very
literal manner. He, and other Freeman such as Robert Menard, the
director of the World Freeman Society, have come to the conclusion
that a human being and a person are
not the same thing, which is the basis of all Freeman arguments. The
term “human being,” encompasses
everybody, their body, mind, and
soul, whereas, as gathered from
Black’s Law dictionary, a “person
is that legal subject or substance
[to] which the rights and duties are
attributed.” Clifford seems to think
that he has separated his legal person from his human self, which
exempts him from all contractual
statues. He believes that statues are
only a presumption of law, and that
if he takes away those presumptions by asking questions, he can
distance himself from governmental control.
this concept sounds like it was
derived in a nut house, something
must be working for Clifford. He
has not paid income tax for seventeen years, and when he was arrested on nine different charges he
managed to walk away from court
three days later with only a fiftydollar fine (which, staying true to
his ideology, he never paid). He
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
drives without a license and only a
homemade plate, relying solely on
his right to travel and opting out of
all the other formalities, considering them to be contracts that he has
Clifford has made hourlong videos and posted them on
YouTube, Menard has his own
website with instructions on how
to become part of the Freeman
movement, the World Freeman
Society has pages upon pages of
Freeman related resources, yet it
seems like anyone else who tries
to take part gets thrown into jail on
contempt of court, ultimately landing flat on their face and in a worse
position than they initially began.
The Freeman failure stories greatly
outnumber the accounts of their
successes, and the media is leading folks to believe that it is simply
some crackpot organization with
no foundation or value. Cases such
as that of Pirelli, the lady in Fort
St. John, and the trappers in Grand
Prairie all support this conception,
yet the few idols such as Clifford
continue to contradict these messages and battle the odds. A Freeman in British Columbia has stated
that Pirelli was not a “true Freeman,” yet it still remains unclear as
to what a true Freeman actually is.
Obviously Menard and
Clifford know what they are doing. The latter has not paid taxes
in almost two decades, is flaunting
his crimes on radio and television
shows across the country, and yet
the longest amount of time he has
spent in jail was eighteen days,
for obstruction of a peace officer,
charges which, like all the oth-
ers he has come up against, were
dropped. The government could
have easily found him and placed
him permanently behind bars, unless of course the Freeman philosophy is true and they can truly do
nothing to stop him.
If the lifestyle is so easy
and perfect, however, the rest
of the nation should still not be
stumbling around in a dark mass
of confusion, heads spinning with
phrases such as “human being versus person,” “presumption of law,”
and “contractual statue.” Despite
all their attempts to help others obtain the same rights and freedoms
that they now enjoy, Clifford and
Menard have ultimately failed
on that front. The World Freeman Society Webpage is littered
with comments such as “Gahhh!
What… am I supposed to do exactly? Things would change if only
the people who understand how
to change these things help others
actually do it” and “I would really
appreciate it if someone would
translate this into a clear, concise
and logical explanation.” There
seems to be a lack of response from
the successful, informed Freeman,
or at least a lack of response that
does not plunge the interested into
a deeper confusion and leave them
even more frustrated than before.
The reason for this unhelpfulness, however, may not be
attributed to the fact that the Freeman do not know what they are
doing, but that they stand to lose
everything if that fact that they
are actually informed and cunning
becomes apparent. Right now, the
government may be content to let
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
the few people who know how to
scam the system continue to do so,
as long as they stay under the radar
and keep their mouths shut.
If everyone became a
Freeman, however, and lived like
Clifford, things would inevitably change, and the world as it is
known could crumble and fall.
Imagine a society where no one
was governed by statue laws. Anyone could drive on the roads, travel
where they wanted, no one would
pay taxes to supply crucial infrastructure, and society would essentially become lawless. The Freeman state that when they are not
governed by statues, they become
governed by themselves and their
moral compasses, which guarantees them a heightened sense of responsibility. It is evident, however,
that not every human possesses
that same moral compass, and this
utopia of personal responsibility
and self-governance would erupt
into a chaos and discord and eventualy total anarchy.
The Freeman’s entire argument is merely based on words
and definitions that they have
played with in Black’s dictionary
and uncomplying phrases that they
have picked out of various statues
and acts. The government has myriad ways that they could do to crush
the Freeman’s arguments, namely
rewording the acts more tightly so
that they removed all the fun loopholes that the Freeman like to exploit. This action, although highly
possible, would also be very time
consuming and expensive. As long
as the Freeman are simply a microscopic cloud of gnats that give the
government a minimal amount of
trouble, they seem content to let
them be. If, however, this movement grows and a large enough
group of people begin to follow the
true Freeman practice, something
must inevitably be done to save
society, which will inescapably
ruin the lifestyle of those who have
been working the system, such as
Clifford and Menard.
The Freeman movement
is mostly compiled of crazies like
Pirelli who will soon as destroy
their rented houses, yell outrageous things during their trials,
and be charged with contempt of
court instead of being accepted
as a Freeman. Yet there do seem
to be the educated few that have
discovered the loopholes within
the legal system, and are exercising their newfound freedom with
the utmost caution. It requires a
certain amount of resourcefulness
and creativity to be able to pull
off such a large-scale stunt as not
paying taxes for seventeen years,
and the real Freeman will use their
intelligence to fade into the background and stop drawing attention
to themselves.
As things stand, given a
bit of time, the Freeman will simply be remembered as a group of
nuts such as Pirelli, and the media
will forget them and move on to
highlight another cause. Observant
people, however, will not forget
the stories of Clifford and Menard,
and the question will remain as to
whether there is really a way to
sever all contracts with the government and become to truly become
a free man.
Apple is able to communicate this aesthetic appeal of their
products in the language of their
audience. Take a look at any Apple
product page. You will find very
limited technical jargon like gigahertz, RAM, and processing power
that customers do not understand
and simply do not care about. Instead of display resolution, Apple
uses phrases like “edge to edge
glass” and “retina display.” This
way, Apple can hide their perfectly
average technology behind these
sayings. Like any good businessman, they emphasize the positives
and avoid fully educating their customers at all costs.
Most importantly, Ap
ple’s branding strategy focuses on
emotions. It has created an “Apple
personality” that is all about lifestyle, imagination, passion, hopes,
aspirations, and power-to-thepeople through technology. This
has built Apple one of the larg-
est and most hard-core fan bases
any company has ever had. These
“fanboys” are far from tech savvy,
but do possess the fickle crowd
mentality. Many will criticize the
company for their gullible fans, but
Apple does not care. They know
they cater to an oblivious but nonetheless elite audience. Rather than
hiding away from that fact, they
embrace it and take full advantage.
This community of followers gave Apple the ability to
become “The Name”. You do not
buy tissues; you buy Kleenex. You
do not buy ibuprofen; you buy Advil. You do not buy mp3 players;
you buy iPods. The iPhone was
not the smartphone, but it was so
unique people believe it to be. The
iMac is not the first all-in-one computer, but Apple made it the only
one worth talking about. Apple is
not content being a leader within
the market. They want to own it.
Clearly they have done just that.
Apple uses their elusive marketing scheme to dominate
By Yuwei Xia
What Apple created in
2007 can only be described as a
revolution. With the first ever iPod
came a music player with Wi-Fi, a
web browser, applications, a Multitouch interface, and much more.
With so many new and exciting
features, the iPod became much
more than just an mp3 player. Not
only replacing some of the capabilities of a computer, its groundbreaking touch screen technology
created the basis for future progress in portable consumer technology.
After this initial spark
however, Apple has let its innovation and creative ideas become out
of date. Every new iPhone, iPad,
Macbook, etc. is virtually the same.
The most radical changes do not
exceed a bigger screen, better camera, or more expensive hardware.
Yet millions of people still flock
to Apple stores around the world
to be the first recipient of a new advanced technology. Apple did
iPhone almost identical to their not conform. They pioneered not
M a n y
how Apple
has managed to do
this. The
answer is
With slogans like
Photo by Yuwei Xia
“small is
Apple truly turns the ordinary into only the features of standard opersomething beautiful. Realistically, ating systems but simultaneously
most of Apple’s technology has recreated design standards. As a
not been anything new. For a long result, there is the stunning iMac,
time PC fans have enjoyed buying beautiful Macbook Air, and of
individual parts, building their own course, the iPhone. Whereas other
tower systems and building stan- corporations focus on separate
dard hardware for standard appli- components, Apple concentrates
cations with the same, if not more on the product as a whole.
October 2013
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
North American union: no way
By Emily Thomas
and Morgan Falk
There are very few
Canadians who would even be
vaguely interested in joining with
America anyway. Only 7% of Canadians stating in a 2000 poll that
they might consider a merge with
the US, and with their declining
economy and their unstable government, it is not hard to imagine
that number has declined signifi-
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School bullying: a
challenge to stop
that former Canadians would receive free healthcare cards, and
America: land of the
former Americans would not.
free, the brave, and the bankrupt.
Think about that for a second:
The idea of merging with our
that would mean former Canadineighbours may seem appalling,
ans would be paying higher taxes
and it is, but not everyone agrees.
to pay for these healthcare cards,
Diane Francis, a journalist and
so it would be like two countries
author with dual citizenship, is
anyways. Americans would not
suggesting merging with the US.
be too keen on it anyways, due
It is difficult to unto the conderstand the reasontempt that
ing behind it, when
everything from debt
to gun laws would
health care
suddenly be up in the
with; heavair. There are so many
questions to answer.
they should
Everything from the
have to pay
currency system, to
higher taxes,
the government sysespecially
tem, to our relation to
for the gain
the monarchy would
of someone
be in jeopardy with a
other than
deal like this. Canada
has everything to lose
The majormerging with Ameriity of America, and so do the citicans view
Horrifyhealth care
ingly enough, Canada
as too exwould probably just
pensive and
become part of a largnot individer America. America
ual enough
Photo by Morgan Falk
would likely be ex- Scarlett studetns refuse to allow a merge between Canada and the US for their own
tremely unwilling to
want to change its name, or even cantly.
It should not be a surprise
Usually, there would be to anyone that Quebec would not
reach a compromise on this. There would be no such thing as a Ca- nothing to fear about a Canada/ be too pleased with a merger einadian anymore. There is also the US merger, no basis for this night- ther. They are already interested
problem of what to do with Can- mare, but headlines are popping in being independent from Canaada’s official languages, French up due to the proposal of Francis, da. They probably would not be
and English. America will not be and her idea is just as silly as it interested in being part of an even
as keen on bilingualism as Can- sounds. Francis in the past has larger country. Not only that, but
ada. The same goes for Canada’s raised some interesting points— they could even lose their official
currency; say goodbye to toonies on overpopulation for example— language, an important part of Caand loonies, and hello to one nice, but this nation- merger seems to nadian culture and history.
go a little too far. She proposes continued on page 10
humongous merged debt.
Society can and must do
whatever it can do to bring the terror of bullying to an end and work
together to address a problem that
in the cyber-age now extends far
beyond the schoolyard fence.
These days, the victims
of bullying have nowhere to hide
and they need help now more than
ever. The Australian Human Rights
Commission says that bullying is
local and that tackling the problem must be an arrangement by the
people of the community.
One of every eight calls
on the bullying hotline relates to
cyber-bullying in the world. Bullying was also the number one topic
of 245 000 views on the website
www.stopAbully.ca. The latest
research from university studies
shows that 30% of students encounter bullying and up to one in
five have engaged to it.
Australian Catholic University psychology professor Sheryl Hemphill, who tracked 3 000
students in 2002, says that the results show that bullying perpetration at the age of seven is associated with increased violent behavior
and younger drinking.
The problem can be measured in more other tragic ways,
like calculating the number of children who commit suicide likely
due to bullying. Society can stop
this problem that has been happening for seemingly forever. Professor Hemphill says that the key is
prevention and showing children
that the right way to interact with
each other is really important, she
says also schools must have clear
bullying policies.
Parents also have essential roles to play. They can identify
the symptoms of bullying and help
their children overcome it.
The Bullying No Way!
website, which is backed by the
American and Commonwealth
education systems, offers advice
on how to identify signs of being
bullied which can range from a
child not wanting to go to school
to changes in sleeping habits.
It also provides guidance in the
form of steps to take if one is concerned about his/her child being
bullied. Chief among those steps
is to remain calm and positive.
Even more challenging for parents might be realising
that their own children are bullying others. Signs to look for are
whether they appear to dominate
or control others or are showing no
compassion for someone who has
been bullied.
The first big step to addressing the bullying problem is
confronting it head on and making
it something children are willing to
talk about, which is why programs
that encourage saying no to bullying are being delivered to students.
Civoniveva which is also
a program has been visiting many
schools and junior clubs in his role
as One Community Ambassador
to talk about bullying. The aim, he
says, is to encourage children to be
positive to each other and to report
bullying it if happens.
It is always worth reassuring children that being bullied
at school does not stop one from
achieving his/her very best. A child
needs to know that they can still
power over a child to hurt them
far more than skin deep. As A.H.
Maslow pointed out in his Theory
of the Human Motivation, “parental outbursts of rage or threats
of punishment directed at a child,
calling him names, speaking to him
harshly, shaking him, handling him
roughly, or actual physical punishment sometimes elicit such total
panic and terror in the child that we
must assume more is involved than
the physical pain alone.”
All actions around or towards a child seem to affect the
child far beyond just physical pain,
even if a child does not seem to
have an overly obvious reaction
at the moment. Name calling and
quency, adult criminality, and violent criminal behaviour.” Here, the
impact is tremendous on a child’s
development; irresponsible or unknowing parents can condemn
their child at a young age to a life
of struggle and violence.
Furthermore, lack of relationships with parents can cause
damage to the development of a
child. The amount of time spent
with children decreased by an
average of ten hours in the years
from 1960-1986 worldwide and
the number of women holding two
or more jobs has increased significantly since 1970.
This massive gap in parenting leads to unstable home lives
many times and can give children
substantially fewer opportunities
to witness family interactions. On
top of those staggering figures, is
the fact that divorce rates have tripled in the last fifteen years, which
puts even more strain on family relations and a child’s life.
The effect parents have on
their children definitely can have
deep and long-lasting impacts on
the development of the child emotionally and physically. From birth,
a parent’s words and actions shape
who a child may become and what
they may do. Parents form their
children’s self-image to a large extent and define the boundaries of
right and wrong.
By Firdowse Charanek
The role parental involvement plays on a child’s esteem
By Labeeba Mahmood
From the moment children are born, their lives are being
shaped by those around them. Often the most impact is, of course,
given by the parents who shape
the people children may become,
teaching those interpersonal skills
and forming their children’s mental processes to a great extent. It is
undoubtedly a reality that parents
have a significant impact on the
physical and emotional development of a child.
Not only do parents have
the ability to shape their child, but
they can harm a child physically
and emotionally; they have the
puts down hurt more than just for
the moment to a child – they begin to take a lifelong toll on his/her
In addition to affecting the child’s
thoughts and feelings at the moment, parents are shaping who
their child becomes.
The National Institute of
Mental Health (NIMH) points out
that if a child’s home life is full
of aggressive, violent behaviour it
puts children at risk for becoming
violent later in life. It also states,
“Research examining the mental
health outcomes of child abuse
and neglect has demonstrated that
childhood victimization places
children at increased risk for delin-
Page 6
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Family Channel fans not so smiley about the new Miley
By Rachel Esser
You are wanting to make history.”
the change, many making assumptions
Even after her engagement to that the whole thing has broken his “Achy
Liam Hemsworth ended, and the backlash Breaky Heart.” Cyrus’ father and co-star on
A few short years ago, if one heard
for Miley’s new videos and appearances on the show Hannah Montana, Billy Ray Cyrus,
the name ‘Miley Cyrus,’ chances are good
stage and TV has become evident, the singer spoke about how the star has “never been
the first thing that would come to mind
stays strong in her happier” and seems to be doing well. “All
would be Hannah Montana, teen pop star
new self, taking a I know for sure is I heard my daughter say
adored by young girls and their parents as a
“Wrecking Ball” to today she’s the happiest she’s ever been in
family-friendly celebrity role model.
much of the respect her life immediately following (the break
A person would think of
from her old fans up),” he said. “That’s when I saw Miley
cute, age appropriate outfits, a charming
for her old image. being so happy.” He continued to support his
Family Channel TV show, a blonde wig,
Despite the fact that daughter, saying “Everything happens for a
and pop songs about young love, life, and
Hemsworth had been reason and the main thing for me, as Miley’s
staying true to oneself. No one may have
allegedly courting daddy, is she’s happy.”
guessed that that sweet innocent girl would
actress January Jones Although members of the Cyrus
eventually be known for skimpy outfits,
spoken on the topic, and many
risque performances, and a dance move no
to Miley, and that displays of raunchy performance style have
one knew about in 2006, commonly known
many have been been shown, there is still an ongoing debate
now as “Twerking.” Yes, Miley Cyrus’s
openly expressing between fans and other viewers about how
career and image took quite the drastic turn
their hate towards the her music should be interpreted. Despite
in the past year especially, shocking many
pop star, the twenty- what has been said, it needs to be recognized
fans and blowing up the media with news
Photo by Rachel Esser
about new unexpected appearances and Allyse Oland, Grade 10, does a Miley Cyrus face to mock her expression year-old singer has that almost all of the people that debate and
been staying positive, talk and insult in regards to the singer, do not
performances by the old Disney star.
not judge her actually know her.
Taking a look back now, it can be
Whether the singer is too risqué, or
hard for many people to see the old Miley, Miley made the drastic change, and why, based on her performance style. “The most and remember the days back when she was after seeing how badly many fans have important thing is being a really good if her music is artistic, is irrelevant to who
taken to it, she “Can’t Stop” making things person,” she tells the press, “that doesn’t she is as a person. One cannot judge her as
depend on what you do on stage- that good or bad without knowing her personally.
Her career just started to take off at worse for herself.
The pop star boldly faces the people depends on how you treat people off the Until someone knows her personally, they
age fourteen. Miley Cyrus quickly became a
cannot pass any legitimate judgement, and
great role model for young girls everywhere that criticize her, stating things like “Only stage, and I know how to treat people.”
Miley will just keep on having herself a
by starring in her own television show about
“Party in the USA.”
her alter ego “Hannah Montana,” bringing
joy to all different people she taught many seems, however, her actions are still stirring
lessons in being oneself and really showed up more trouble than she can talk herself out
America that she had nerve. Even after the of. Her recent performance on the VMA’s
television series ended, Miley maintained where she danced in a skimpy outfit with
Robin Thicke, a married man has gotten
her good-girl image,
at least for a little “Her career just start- many people upset and talking.
while. However, as ed to take off at age If it was popularity and attention
the beloved pop star fourteen. Miley Cyrus that Miley wanted, she definitely
grew older, she began quickly became a role recieved it.
The hate tweets
to show the world that model for young girls
were being
she really “Can’t Be
centre after
Tamed” and began
the performance were quite a
with more grown-up content, but nothing too sight, as viewers lashed out saying things
like, “She can stop, and she should stop” and
extreme for fans to take.
After being in the movie The “Put your tongue back in your mouth and
Last Song, and meeting her fiance Liam your clothes on your body, Miley,” tweeted
Hemsworth, Miley made a drastic change to anonymously.
People took to a performance that
her appearance.
to be fun and entertaining very
Some people think it is “The Climb”
horribly for
to fame that changes people, and some think
“With a few risque the most part,
it is the need to feel more grown-up in their
career, but whatever the reason, celebrities performances, ques- a l t h o u g h
do change, and Cyrus changed plenty in
the past year, arguably for the worst. It has eos, and catchy pop cut
Contact: [email protected]
songs, Cyrus has some slack
been considered by some that Miley, being
the innocent child celebrity for so long, just quickly qorked her
wanted “The Best Of Both Worlds” and way to the top of the performance 3 BEDROOMS, 1 King Bed, 1 Queen, 2 Twin, 3 BATHROOMS (SLEEPS 8) 1798
decided to change to take on a more adultmusic industry...” “ a r t i s t i c ” SQ. FT. IN THE 700 BUILDING INCLUDES: SECURE UNDERGROUND PARKING,
“selflike career.
With a few risque performances,
questionable music videos, and catchy pop
songs, Cyrus has quickly worked her way Perfect” and she could be just trying POOL AND HOT-TUB, 1/8 SHARE OFFERS 6 WEEKS OF VACATION TIME THAT
to the top of the music industry, becoming something new.
Cyrus justified her actions stating, BE RENTED OUT, USED OR EXCHANGED FOR RESORT LOCATIONS WORLDone of the most searched people on Youtube,
and one of the most talked-about celebrities,
not necessarily in the best way. Miley Every VMA performance. Anyone that http://www.bighornmeadows.ca/
has received plenty of flack over her new performs, that’s what you’re looking for.
image, gaining many “haters” in a short
time. Comments on her videos display an
incredible amount of people using harsh
words to describe the celebrity, deeming
her “talentless” and “sleazy” for her highly-
October 2013
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 7
Minority representation in young adult books is lacking
By Jessica Chen
when the race was more open than major ones. Less than 17% of
most young adult book series.
young adult books published
In many young adult
People of colour are feature a person of colour as more
book series most of the main usually the sidekicks, if not only than a minor character.
characters tend to represent minor characters that do not
There are many novels
what people consider to be the matter much. In Harry Potter Ron, that focus around LGBTQ+
white, Hermione, and Harry are all white. characters and the issues they face,
and able-bodied and able-minded Most of the supporting characters but these characters have stories
characters. Even secondary and are white. Cho Chang is the only because they are not straight. Most
minor characters are also often person of colour mentioned. This LGBTQ+ characters have stories
heterosexual and white, which is goes with other series as well: that focus mainly around their
a problem. In Harry Potter, there The Hunger Games, Divergent, sexuality, without giving them
are very few people
many chances
of colour who feature
in a larger role,
plotlines. The
mentioned in an
interview with J.K.
in fiction is
Rowling and not in
the books at all.
When Rue
than 1% of
from The Hunger
young adult
Games was cast for
books feature
the first film, many
that is not
anger and disbelief
over the fact that
the actress playing
Rue was Africanyoung adult
authors that
the character in the
Photo by Jessica Chen r e p r e s e n t s
books being described Young adult books should contain diverse and interesting characters m i n o r i t i e s
well is Rick
Moreover, Katniss was described CHERUB, The Mortal Instruments, Riordan. Percy Jackson and the
as olive-skinned, and the casting Beautiful Creatures. People of Olympians features characters
call for the character only allowed colour are rarely main characters, with learning disabilities who do
white actresses to even audition and it is lucky if they feature as badly in school but have many
talents that were not academicallyoriented. He showcases characters
trying to get good grades and
pushing through to barely succeed.
In other series, such as Harry
Potter, characters who receive bad
grades are genuinely lazy. Percy
Jackson genuinely tries hard to
succeed. Inclusion of learningdisabled characters is important,
because many people face learning
Riordan’s latest two
series, The Kane Chronicles
and The Heroes of Olympus,
feature people of colour as main
characters. One of The Kane
Chronicles’ two protagonists was
African American. Of the five
new main characters introduced
in The Heroes of Olympus, only
one was white, and there are four
people of colour between the seven
characters narrating the series, and
many more minor characters that
are people of colour.
With the release of the
latest novel in the Heroes of
Olympus series, fan favorite Nico
di Angelo was revealed to have
a crush on Percy Jackson. There
was an immediate and strong
reaction—a negative one, with fans
saying that it was a “platonic crush”
or outright denying it. The House
of Hades made it clear, though, that
the crush was romantic, as Cupid
himself visited the character.
For fans of Percy Jackson
who identify in the LGBTQ+
spectrum, this was a monumental
occasion. Nico di Angelo is one of
the most powerful characters, but
one of the most relatable and liked
as well. Moreover, The Heroes of
Olympus is a children’s series, and
LGBTQ+ characters are almost
unheard of in books aimed at an
audience younger than teenagers.
Other book series that
represent different races and
sexualities well are the Adaptation
series by Malinda Lo, The Mortal
Instruments and The Infernal
Devices by Cassandra Clare, the
GONE series by Michael Grant and
CHERUB by Robert Muchamore.
minorities is important, especially
in novels geared to younger
readers. Like the real word, fiction
cannot be all the same, and the
fact that people protest against the
portrayals the author wrote simply
because they are not part of the
majority is a pervasive problem
in society that needs to be fixed.
More authors need to create more
diverse worlds. Characters do not
need a reason to not be white or
not be straight, like some editors
seem to think, because the fact is
that the general population is not
all the same, and characters cannot
be either.
Fruit-flavoured cancer rolls in a new smoking generation
By Emily Thomas
Great taste is not usually
the first thing that comes to most
minds when thinking about smoking, but it would appear that is not
always the case, not with flavoured
cigarettes. Most smokers become
dependent on nicotine before the
age of 18, and those who become
addicted at this time are more
likely to be loyal to a given brand.
The companies selling the product,
apparently without remorse, therefore target a young audience.
A smoker’s first experience cannot be very pleasant, the
harsh taste and sting of the smoke
is anything but; however, with the
better taste included in flavoured
cigarettes, youth are more likely
to try smoking again. Menthol is
another way to usher in the youth,
as it soothes the throat and makes
the entire experience less painful. These destructive products
do nothing except for destroying
lungs and make the people behind
them richer.
Not smoking may seem
like common sense, just something
everyone knows is best, but unfortunately this is not the case. There
is still an alarming number of
young smokers still out there and
cigarette companies will do almost
anything to keep it this way from
flavouring, menthol, and even ecigarettes.
E-cigarettes contain nicotine, but lacks the tobacco of typical cigarettes. Theoretically they
should be safer, but the evidence
is tentative at best. Throw in some
flavouring, and of course menthol,
and they have created the perfect
tool to bring in a new generation of
And flavoured cigarettes
are not completely illegal. This is
due to a loophole that specifies the
amount of tobacco in the cigarettes.
All the companies have to do is follow the limits and they have a legal
product. The difference may not
seem great, but to the law they are
different enough to be considered
The loophole could be
closed if the government would
only pass a new law, one that casts
Teenagers are not in the encourages teenagers making una broader net. It might take some effort, but it would surely be worth best position to be making choices informed choices. It would only
any effort it takes. The loophole about things such as smoking, with take a swift movement from the
puts teenagers at risk to become pressures coming from all around government towards a ban to help
addicted to tobacco at a young age, them. With the option of flavour- teenagers in the future. For many,
and the longer they
it could be too late, besmoke, the harder it
cause even with a later
gets to quit. Banning
ban on flavouring in
the flavoured cigacigarettes they might
rettes would only be
switch to normal cigathe first step to stoprettes. This will be the
ping teenagers from
product of not doing
smoking before they
something sooner, but
are mature enough to
it does not mean that
make their own insomething cannot still
formed decisions, but
be done.
it would be a start, and
If a ban could
Canada has to start
just save a handful of
teenagers, that would
Canabe a handful of lives
dian Cancer Society is
that could be so much
Photo by Emily Thomas
calling for a complete Yoshi Gallant, Grade 10, agrees that fruit is meant
better. This should be
to be eaten as
ban of flavoured cigaenough reason for anynature intended as opposed to being smoked in a cigarette
rettes, noting the way
one to support a ban.
they are specifically targeted at ing open to them, it becomes only If flavoured cigarettes are allowed
youth with brightly-coloured pack- harder to resist. This is one choice to continue to be sold, who knows
aging. They agree that the more that will stay with them for a good what will come next. The next big
widely-available flavoured ciga- portion of their lives, especially if idea to roll in the next generation,
rettes could lead youth to become they never have a bad experience one would suppose.
addicted, and this is a big concern. with smoking. Flavouring only
Page 8
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Trick-or-treating: the teen- CBE test results may not be
age Halloween dilemna
fair measure of the exams
By Lucy Cheon
Now that Halloween is here, the
curse of age brings the question up in many
high school students’ minds on whether or
not to go trick-or-treating. As high school
students, Lancers must be wondering what
age is too old to go trick-or-treating. No
Lancer has forgotten the joys of going doorto-door dressed head-to-toe in a myriad of
different costumes – from fairies to witches, or kittens to pumpkins. Halloween is a
tradition celebrated among many. Students
feel that it is not worth it to stop just as high
school approaches.
Trick-or-treating has caused controversy among many and this issue has
generated huge discussion around the world.
There are many who are against it, saying
that it is dangerous for teens to go out and
“intimidate” younger children. There are
however, many who support trick or treating
to remain available to youth, not letting them
to leave childhood traditions behind and go-
reason to get the government involved.
Lancers are not to worry though;
Calgary makes it legal for youth of any age
to go trick-or-treating. (Teens might get a
massive lecture for being too old though).
Many say that age is not what really bothers neighbours, but attitude. Many teenagers
are known to come door-to-door without a
costume and just “expect” candy. Of course,
there will still be the occasional house egging or TPing, but with the right amount of
candy, teenagers will not be an issue.
Buying cheap candy could be another option instead of going door-to-door
though, but it just would not be the same as
going trick-or-treating. For that who have
not been trick-or-treating, freezing in the
cold for a bag of cheap candy easily bought
is not worth it, but for the students who hold
a deep attachment to all things Halloween,
no amount of candy can replace the joys of
Although the question of whether
to go or not remains an issue, many still go
By Wenonah North Peigan
The Calgary Board of Education
has once again, for the ninth year in a row,
had students demonstrate strong academic
results in the provincial achievement tests
and the Grade 12 diploma exam results that
were written the previous school year
The diploma exams demonstrat-
who chose to take the diploma exams compared to the number of Grade 12 students
actually enrolled and able to take the exams.
With fewer students taking the
exams this past school year, this leaves the
public with an inaccurate assessment about
how well CBE students performed. The
Photo by Wenonah North Peigan
Robert Penner, Grade 12, studies hard in anticipation of upcoming pre-calculus exams
Photo by Lucy Cheon
Naomi Nearing , Grade 12, debates on the moral ambiguity of trick-or-treating in high school
ing to simply have fun.
Those who are against it are even
going as far as banning it for teenagers, making it illegal for high school students to go
trick-or-treating. Certain cities in the US are
even banning it. One city, Belleville, Illinois,
made age 12 the cut-off age to get free candy. Mayor Mark Eckert tells the Associated
Press, “When I was a kid my father said to
me, ‘You’re too damn big to be going trickor-treating. You’re done.’ When that doesn’t
happen, then that’s reason for the city governments to intervene.” Many people think
creating laws about restricting the age of
trick-or-treating youth is not worth it. Going
door- to-door for nothing short of a couple of
candy bars does not seem like a large enough
for the laughs, friendship, and of course the
candy. Lancer Jessica Hoey, Grade 10, told
the FEVER “I think that age doesn’t matter
when it comes to trick-or-treating, as long as
you go to have fun. I say go for it!” That is
the answer most students give, but it could
be just a simple excuse to keep going trickor-treating for another year (or maybe two).
Some students prefer to go door-todoor. Others prefer to stay in and have a cozy
evening at home. There are many options
available for those who want to celebrate
Halloween but trick-or-treating will always
remain a childhood memory. With all the
controversy around this issue, the only decision in many students’ minds is planning for
next year’s trick-or- treating adventure.
ed significant improvements with CBE
students in twelve out of the thirteen subjects scoring above the provincial results
(eleven out of thirteen diplomas). Notable
improvements were made in Social Studies 30-1, Mathematics 30-1, and Chemistry
30, where the percentage of CBE students
achieving the standard of excellence was
above that of the province as a whole by between 6.8 percentage points (Social Studies
30-1), 9.4 percentage points (Chemistry 30)
and 12.2 percentage points (Mathematics
30-1). All of these exams took place either
before or during the flooding in southern
The majority of June exams occurred during the flood, giving Grade 12
CBE students the opportunity to choose
whether they wanted to take their diplomas
or not in different designated locations.
Students that opted not to write the exams
received their teacher-awarded mark.
The only diploma exams completed before the flooding were Social Studies
30-1 and 30-2, Biology 30, English Language Arts 30-1 and 30-2, and French Language Arts 30-1.
One of the results of the flooding
was fewer number of Grade 12 students
fewer students taking the test, the less accurate the overall results will be.
This means that had all the CBE
students who were originally required to
do the exams and were not affected by the
floods had in fact done them, that the overall CBE testing results would not have been
the same and maybe not as high.
All six exams taken before the
flooding did achieve a greater average of
standard of excellence than the provincial
average. It does appear to be mainly a coincidence that the exams taking place during the floods was in the same year that the
diploma marks largely increased.
One may not be able to stop and
wonder what would have happened had
the exams resumed and every student were
required to complete their diploma exams,
and what would have come of the CBE testing results, and whether they would have
remained high.
Although one may never find out
what might have happened, students and
teachers alike no longer have to think about
past exams as it is in the past, and may now
look ahead to the future, what is coming
ahead, and what they can do to make the
most of it.
October 2013
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 9
The CBE teaches a lesson Writers block can easily be
on financial management overcome with some effort
wealthy executives’ fancy dinners. When the
Lauren Hunter
board was asked why they thought spending
Calgary Board of Education teach- large amounts of money on these events was
ers are being cut left and right, and with class a good idea, they defended their actions by
sizes growing to nearly forty students in a saying the dinners were for employee recroom, it has become very rare for a student ognition and acknowledgment. While there
to be allotted the ideal amount of individual is no question that the employees that atteacher time. The only reasonable explana- tended these events felt both recognized and
acknowltion as to why this is a
reality is budget cuts.
m a n y
If the CBE is
other jobunable to provide the
less teachfunds to fix the probers are not
lems with the current
feeling eieducation
there is not much to
ask of them. However,
Probit is assumed that the
lems with
money they do have
the CBE’s
will be used well.
moral st
However, this is simandards
ply not the case.
keep pil
Dinners for
ing higher
CBE executives and
and higher.
select retirees are beNot only
ing held periodically,
Photo by Lauren Hunter did
and each time a very Aidan Lee, future Lancer, hopes class sizes will decrease spend
hefty amount of taxpayers’ money is spent. considerable amount of money, but they also
For example, last spring a dinner was held at felt that it was not necessary to inform taxthe Earl Grey Golf Club for 100 CBE senior payers of their spending.
The CBE says that the events fall
executives, the final bill added up to over $3 300. A second event was held at a restaurant under the category of corporate events and
in Bridgeland not long after. With only six- therefore, disclosure to the public was not
teen people in attendance, the bill still came required. While the CBE did eventually release the expenses to the media, their moral
out to around $1 500.
Rick Lundy, a school trustee candi- indiscretion raises an important concern as
date in Wards 3 and 4 spoke out against the to what else they are hiding. Derek Fildebunnecessary spending: “We have to make randt, the Alberta Director of the Canadian
sure the
Ta x p a y e r s
CBE is
ing our
the CBE’s
p r o p e r“This
ly. What
one thing
else are
they dobeen caught
ing? It
on,” he said.
does add
“When you
up and
w h e n
thread out
y o u
of a govhave edernment,
many, many
that it’s
Photo by Lauren Hunter
in, when Sylvie Monfette, principal, wonders what future funding will look like W h i l e
the board
y o u
have classrooms ballooning where they are, has stated that they will review how the rethat’s where we want the money going.” tirement of “long-term senior employees”
Lundy says that the timing of the dinners will be acknowledged, there is only a slim
was highly inappropriate, as they were held chance that anything will actually change.
Their recent spending is likely only
after the board learned of provincial funding cuts to education.
the tip of the iceberg, and the unfortunate
With so many teachers being fired, truth is that rich executives will most likely
and class sizes swelling like they are, any continue to wine and dine on taxpayers’ tabs
extra money the CBE has should be put to- while class sizes grow and more teachers are
wards that situation - not towards treating let go.
Libby Kizer
All of us have beenthrough writers block, whether it was for an essay, a
song, a greeting card, or even an article.
Writer’s block is possibly the worst situation one can get stuck in: feeling like there
is so much to say, but not enough words to
say it in. Whether it is not having any ideas
or having a hard time expressing one is a
frustrating experience for a stuck writer.
We have all questioned ourselves, wondering if our ideas are even worthwhile to a
reader, or if the ideas should even be ex-
One can write from end to beginning or from middle to end, one is always
in control and can shift the direction of the
story at any given point if it makes it easier
to write. If one has an idea for a twisted
end, then start there. This might even lead
to a more interesting story, one that starts
form the last word and ends with the first.
As much as we think writer’s block causes
stress and frustration, it may in fact help one
when writing, and give an extra challenge.
No great work of art was written from front
to back in sequence. In the end, it all leads
Photo by Libby Kizer
Crumpled pieces of paper and emptiness is all that is produced in the midst of writer’s block
pressed. The truth is, the hardest thoughts
to express are the unique ones.
If one is a writer, one is limitless.
One could write anything from a review of
a jewelry store that caught her eye on the
street, to a dancer that expresses all the lyrics in a song. One must realize that writer’s
block is not real, but rather an excuse. Thus,
one should not fall for it and procrastinate
on writing. When one is open-minded, all
the rooms of ideas are unlocked and just
calling to be explored.
When any idea approaches, do not
push it away. Even if it is the silliest, write
it down. Thoughts are rivers and streams,
they lead into one another, and one thought
might lead to something the world has not
yet heard of. When in “writer’s block” one
must write freely, without any distractions
or ongoing ideas; it does not matter if the
sentences do not rhyme or if they do not
have a significant meaning behind them
because when one is in writer’s block any
ideas that start leaking out are to be valued.
to a beautiful spider web of ideas.
Writer’s block is not what is in
one’s way of writing, but rather insecurity
is. One might be insecure due to several
reasons. One might want to keep a good
reputation. A writer, therefore, is being
pressured to write a certain way, or one
might simply fear what others will think
about the piece. And here’s the thing, one
must not let any of that nonsense get to him/
her. When one is to write, one lets oneself
be silently drawn to the story because the
result will be much greater than the worry
one had at the start.
Lastly, it is important to know that
ideas come for a reason and leave for a reason, and if no idea appears at the exact moment, there is something that needs to be
seen, something that needs to be heard, or
something that needs to be felt in the future
in order to write a masterpiece. Do not abandon words, do not let
writers block captivate one, and never be
afraid to do what one does best. To write.
Page 10
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
whole event took place on October 9, 2013
in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania.
Other examples include the suicides that are committed all around the United States and Canada due to the hatred on
LGBTQ people. LGBTQ people, according
to a U.S. Government study are more likely to commit suicide than ordinary people.
Even worse, LGBT people are more likely
to say that they do not feel safe at school,
and despite GSAs (Gay Straight Alliances),
they are still discriminated because of their
sexual orientation. Even worse still, Republicans have not supported gays and lesbians,
or said sexual orientation. Even worse still,
Republicans have not supported gay marriage. Former Alaska Governor and then
vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin said
back in 2008 that she does not support gay
Well, I have had it. I have had
enough of the discrimination against gays
and lesbians. Enough of the harsh anti-gay
laws. Enough of the ignorant people who
just want LGBTQ eradicated from the surface of the earth, and enough of the people
who keep on discriminating based on people’s sexual orientation when they obviously
have a free will to say no to discrimination
and to start tolerating people for once. I have
had enough, and few want to stand up with
allies of LGBTQ and send a similar message
stating what I have said.
And now, I conclude this rant by
saying that society can either start a revolution of tolerance and acceptance or just
sit there and let the status quo of hatred be
echoed. The choice is yours, not mine.
continued from page 5
Francis also explains that America
would pay a large amount to Canada for
their vast resources. Just how much she says
they would pay is enough to jar anyone out
of this daydream: $17 trillion. America is already drowning in debt, and this would not
help the cause. Francis even has a proposal
to pay off this debt bond to Canada, by using
gas taxes to gain more money to pay it off.
It might be wise to mention that both Republicans and Democrats have shied away from
such tax proposals in the past. The fact that
she thinks this would change is evidence of
how personal and childish this dream is.
It is not unknown that American
gun regulation is a controversial topic, and
that keeping a gun in an American household is a normal thing. It can be assumed
that Americans would be given the right to
traverse the newly-merged country from
one end to another with guns in tow. This
is not something that all Canadians would
be quite as comfortable with and something
that could lead to more and more gun crimes
where Canada used to be. No one would be
happy with that.
Basically, Francis has proposed the
impossible, a silly approach to an equallysilly concept. She treats her idea like a business proposal, which is not the best way to go
about it because a business is constructed to
make money. A country is something much
different, concerned with the well-being and
safety of its citizens. Money is always important for a government to have, but not in
the same way that a business strives to be in
the green.
Francis is convinced that deep
down Canada and America are the same, and
that this merger is possible, but though the
argument of sameness is not uncommon, it is
not correct in the least. Canada and America
are two completely different countries will
remain so, for now.
October 2013
Quebec’s condonement of
beauty pageants is a shock
By Morghan Boakye
For far too long people who are
gay, lesbian, and/or transgendered have been
discriminated by ignorant human beings
who simply cannot tolerate people who they
deem to be unnatural. More recently, Russia
passed a law prohibiting “homosexual propaganda,” which even prohibits the rainbow
flag from being flown, or the rainbow being
shown to children. Basically, Russia is censoring the rainbow because it is used so predominately by LGBTQ activists and people.
The law also facilitates putting people who
are allied with the LGBTQ cause and gays
and lesbians in jail, simply for promoting
“homosexual propaganda.”
Just because people are different
does not mean that they can be discriminated against. The discrimination by the
right-winged Republican Party of the United States, highlighted by Rick Santorum’s
comments stating that “gays should stop being gay,” highlights the problem due to their
so-called “traditional family values.” Even
worse, the party is not doing anything about
the hate crimes the discrimination seems to
spawn. In Colorado, for example, 21-year
old Matthew Wayne Shepard was attacked
on October 7, 1998. He later died on October
12 from severe head injuries. The Westboro
Baptist Church picketed the funeral bearing
homophobic signs.
Fifteen years and two days after
Matthew Shepard was attacked, three men
yelled homophobic slurs at a gay couple.
The three suspects approached Ben Stoviak
and one punched him in the face. As of a result of the hit, he fell to the ground. Then,
the suspect then proceeded to kick him. The
Scarlett FEVER
Beauty pageants can be a harmless competition but also a chance to exploit young girls. It seems the province of
Quebec believes that they are innocuous
contests being that they recently condoned
them in their cities.
Throughout the years beauty pageants have been portrayed badly whether
it is through television or the radio. There
are many reality TV shows that have been
made to show just how rotten beauty pageants are such as Here Comes Honey BooBoo and Toddlers and Tiaras. Toddlers and
Tiaras truly
shows how
children get
These children cannot
go outside
without piling on an
amount of
makeup or
hair until it
is the size of
a pumpkin.
This can be
an accurate Beauty Pageant Winners often
depiction of what beauty pageants are like
because of the number of girls that it happens to. Every episode focuses around a
new young girl and each episode shows her
devolve into a ruder and more spoiled individual. There are 103 episodes already of
the show which is 103 girls shown through
their struggles and hardships of beauty pageants.
Although beauty pageants for older women may be different and less controversial, child beauty pageants are awful and
should be eliminated for good.
Here come Honey Boo-Boo shows
beauty pageants from a different point of
view. The show centers around a young
girl who longs to win a beauty pageant.
Her family is less fortunate and hunts wild
animals for its food. The family portrayed
is quirky and strange. Viewers around the
world make fun of the family and the young
girl constantly. CherryD69 from an online
chat website says, “I always thought to be
one of the little [pageant] girls you had to
be pretty and in a certain weight group....
so how [did] this [little] girl [make] it?”
Individuals around the world make fun of
the young girl’s weight and do not think
she belongs in beauty pageants. This shows
how beauty pageants are portrayed. Girls
are being critiqued on their weight and the
way they look just to walk a stage. Alana
Thompson also known as “Honey BooBoo” cannot win a pageant because she
is“different.” This show reveals to viewers
how biased and judgmental beauty pageant
judges are. Sheila Moeschen from the Huffington Post says“Pageants are a sanitized
and sanctioned outgrowth of nineteenthcentury carnival sideshows. In the context
of this popular, antebellum entertainment,
individuals with physical or racial differences were theatrically exploited to seem
exotic, dangerous or supernatural.”
Because beauty pageants are
so many individuals
around the
overlooking of them
by Quebec
att e n t i o n
Citizens are
and true nature of beauty pageants.
Photo by Morghan Boakye The fact that
recieve a crown as their prize Quebec has
not banned them has caused anger amongst
individuals. People are beginning to speak
out their opinions through the media about
the province’s decisions. There are many
websites such as ca.news.yahoo.com that
allow frustrated and unhappy people to
get out their true feelings about Quebec
condoning these pageants. The majority of
the responses on this website are negative
towards the province. People are unhappy
that Quebec would overlook such “disgusting competitions.”
Quebec has not made citizens of
the province happy due to the decision to
condone beauty pageants. From an outsider’s point of view their choice was unintelligent and thoughtless. They upset more
individuals then they could have made
happy. They could have banned beauty
pageants and pleased many more people
than they have already upset. Their decision was careless and the province did not
think of their citizens when making it. They
could have easily done a poll to see what
their country wanted, but instead Quebec
took the problem into their own hands and
upset millions. The province must now deal
with the dislike they are getting worldwide
through social media, Google, and the television. Quebec has dug themselves a hole
that they must now try and climb out of.
October 2013
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
Page 11
Fall Academic Awards showcase student achievements
By Emily Conacher
Each year, Dr. E.P.
Scarlett holds a Celebration of
Academic Honours in the fall to
recognize students who achieved
exceptional averages in the
previous school year. All current
Grade 11 and 12 students who
achieved Honours or Honours with
Distinction are invited to attend the
awards along with their families.
For the 2012-2013 school
year, the Fall Awards Ceremony
was on Friday, September 27, at
2:00 p.m. in the library. The event
was presided over by various
students and teachers. Breanne
Beatty, Grade 11, Julia Hay,
Grade 12, and Sabrina Yu, Grade
11, emceed the event, providing
opening and closing remarks and
announcing each award that was to
be presented.
Scarlett staff members
Claire Patterson and Jennifer
Grade 10 awards while Darren
Colquhoun and assistant principal
Tom Bishop announced the Grade
11 awards. Finally, the award for
the highest academic average at
each grade level was awarded
by Scarlett’s principal, Sylvie
Monfette, and assistant principal
Steve Nimmock. Monfette also
provided a principal’s message
at the commencement of the
ceremony, in which she expressed
her pride in Scarlett as a school and
the academic accomplishments
of last year’s Grade 10 and 11
Academic Honours recognizes
two main student achievements.
The Honours award is given to
students who had an academic
average of 80% or higher with a
credit load of 38 in Grade 10 and
40 in Grade 11. To be awarded
Honours with Distinction, students
require the same credit load
needed for Honours
as well as a mark
average of 90% or
greater. Invitations
to the awards were
given to all students
these standards of
excellence in the
2012-2013 school
Honours in Grade
10 were also given
a bronze pin, which
signifies one year of
Honours standing,
while students who
achieved Honours
in both Grade 10
and Grade 11 were
awarded a silver pin,
which signifies two.
Photo by Ayesha Shaikh
Gold pins will be Nikki Chopra, Grade 11, and Carmen Soltys, Grade 12, proudly display their
awarded to members Academic Achievement awards for the highest grade average in the previous school year
Photo by Ayesha Shaikh
Tom Bishop presents the Grade 11 Honours awards in front of an onlooking crowd of supportive parents
of Scarlett’s 2013 graduating
class with three years of Honours
standing at a separate ceremony
later in the year. Additionally,
they will receive Academic
Academy recognition, a special
acknowledgment of their threeyear Honours standing.
The final award presented
at the Fall Awards Ceremony
was the Outstanding Academic
Achievement Award, which was
presented to the students who
respectively received the highest
academic average for Grade
10 and the highest academic
average for Grade 11. The
Grade 10 Outstanding Academic
Achievement went to Nikki
Chopra, Grade 11, while the one
for Grade 11 went to Carmen
Soltys, Grade 12. These students
were awarded with a plaque to
signify their educational feats.
The ceremony lasted until
after 4:00 p.m. The lists of students
who received each award were
extensive, proving that Scarlett
displays a high standard of student
achievement in academics. Many
parents and family members came
to support their students at the
awards as well.
Overall, the 2013 Scarlett
Celebration of Academic Honours
was a recognition of not only
the individual achievements of
Scarlett’s multi-talented students,
but also of Scarlett’s success
as a whole. Scarlett is clearly a
school with high standards and
comparatively high achievements,
and this reflects on everyone
involved at Scarlett – students,
staff, and parents. Congratulations
to students who received awards
at this year’s ceremony, and good
luck to all Scarlett students at
continuing to succeed in their
Page 12
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
BlackBerry’s disappointing downfall shocks all
By Najat Omer
This may be the end of Blackberry
as a phone distributor. In their last quarterly report BlackBerry lost $934 million
along with $72 million in charges related
mostly to layoffs. They had a write-down,
a reduced value of an asset because it is
overvalued compared to the market value,
of $934 million with unsold Z10s alone,
which they had hoped would recover their
fortunes and compete with the touch screen
handsets sold by Apple and Samsung.
“This write-off is very real,”
said Morningstar’s Brian Colello, an analyst with investment research firm. “They
bought a lot of inventory hoping to sell
it. The auditors were not convinced that
BlackBerry can sell it or sell it at prices
that the company was hoping for. We see
no reason to be more optimistic than them.”
Aside from the Z10 write-down
and restructuring costs, BlackBerry has also
lost $248 million, making only $1.6 billion
in revenue during the three-month period
that ended August 31. This was way below
the $3 billion analysts had expected,
showing a 49% drop from the first quarter.
BlackBerry also reported selling
phones during
to carriers and
in an earlier
quarter. In this
quarter BlackBerry had only
million phones,
most of them
the company
to phase out:
an embarrassing
Photo by Najat Omer
One of Blackberry’s older phones, the BlackBerry Curve 8520
to the 9 mil-
lion iPhones 5c and 5s Apple had sold
in only three days after their launch.
In June the BlackBerry subscriber numbers fell to 72 million from
76 million. They did not update the
number this quarter, saying the figures
do not capture all BlackBerry users.
With plans to cut 4 500 of its workers and pull out of the consumer market,
BlackBerry’s future is definitely uncertain.
Many analysts expect BlackBerry to get out
of the business of making phones altogether,
instead focusing their remaining resources
on software and services for corporations.
Fairfax Financial Holdings has offered BlackBerry $9 a share for their company, valuing them at only $4.7 billion: a staggeringly low amount compared to Apple’s
Cap at almost $500 billion. Despite the depressing number, BlackBerry sends a reassuring message, “You trust your BlackBerry
to deliver your most important messages,
so trust us when we deliver one of our own:
You can continue to count on us.”
Though, with all the commotion
surrounding them, it’s doubtful this promise
can be maintained.
Continued to be a well-known name due video game developer Red Storm Entertainto his many
successes including more
novels, film
video game
spinoffs like
and fighting
famous character “Jack
been played
actors such
as Alec Baldwin, Harrison
Photo by Rachel Esser
Ben Affleck
A photo of Tom Clancy’s 1993 prequel novel Without Remorse in the library
in the film adaptations of his novels Patriot Games, Clear ment and ever since he has had his name
and Present Danger , and Sum of All Fears. on several of Red Storm’s most successful
Arguably Clancy’s second most famous games like Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six.
character “John Clark” has been played by Red Storm was later bought by publisher
Willem Defoe and Live Schrieber in Clear Ubisoft Entertainment, which continued
and Present Danger and Sum of All Fears. to use the Clancy name, though the extent
These two characters are so frequent in of Clancy’s actual involvement with the
Clancy’s novels that only two of Clancy’s creation of the games and development of
eighteen novels do not contain “Jack Ryan” intellectual properties, if any, was unclear.
Clancy’s name is displayed on eighteen
or “John Clark.”
In 1996, Clancy co-founded the Rainbow Six games, thirteen Ghost Recon
games, seven Splinter Cell games, two Endwar games, and two H.A.W.X games. This
is along with several stand-alone games
based directly off of his work.
Clancy also openly shared his conservative and Republican views and even
went as far as to suggest that left-wing
politicians in the United States were partly
responsible for the 9/11 attacks because of
the “gutting” of the Central Intelligence
Agency. Clancy was also a member of the
National Rifle Association since 1978.
Clancy married his first wife Wanda Thomas King in 1969. She at the time
was a nurse but later became an eye surgeon. They briefly separated in 1995 and
permanently separated in December 1996.
Clancy filed for divorce in November, 1997
and it became final in 1999/they had four
children. On June 26, 1999 Clancy married freelance journalist Alexandra Marie
Llewellyn and they remained together until
Clancy’s death. They had one child. Clancy
also bought an eighty-acre estate; his mansion contains a shooting range and had a
World War II eras M4 Sherman tank (a
Christmas present to his first wife).
Sadly, Clancy died on October
1, 2013, of an undisclosed illness at Johns
Hopkins Hospital, near his Baltimore home.
John Grisham, a co-author and researcher
with Clancy on several novels attributed
Clancy’s death to heart problems: “Five
or six years ago Tom suffered a heart attack and he went through bypass surgery. It
wasn’t that he had another heart attack, [his
heart] just wore out.”
Clancy was an author husband, father and friend, and will be sorely missed
though his legacy will surely live on.
Tom Clancy’s long literary life comes to an early end
By Ben Foster
Sadly on October 1 bestselling author Tom Clancy best known for his realistic spy thrillers passed away. Thomas Leo
(Tom) Clancy Jr. was born on April 12, 1947
at the Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore,
Maryland. Tom was the second of three
children to Thomas and Catherine Clancy.
Clancy’s father, Thomas, worked for the
United States Postal Service and his mother
Catherine worked hard in the credit department of a store in order to send Tom to the
private Catholic Loyola Blakefield School
in Towson, Maryland which he graduated
from in 1965. Clancy then went on to attend
Loyola College in Baltimore graduating
with an English literature degree in 1969.
While attending the college he
joined the army reserve officers’ training
corps but he was ineligible to serve due to
his near-sightedness, which required him to
wear thick glasses.
After graduating Clancy worked at
the Hartford Connecticut Insurance Company. In 1973 he joined the O.F. Bowen Insurance Agency which his grandmother founded. In 1980 he bought the company from his
grandmother and started to write novels in
his spare time.
His literary career started when he
started writing Hunt for Red October in 1982
which he sold for $5 000 to The Naval Institute Press in 1985. After the novel received
praise from President Ronald Reagan, it
became an immediate bestseller and gave
Clancy the chance to meet several highranking officers in the U.S. military. With
the surprise success of Hunt for Red October
Clancy became known worldwide. Clancy
October 2013
Scarlett FEVER
Miss Universe and
her scandalous heels
Morghan Boakye
and advertising is illegal in these
known to the world as Miss Universe, is facing possible jail time
and significant fines for posing in
her high heels at the Taj Mahal in
Culpo was in India to
help promote AIDS awareness
across the country. While she
was there, her agency organized a
photoshoot in front of the famous
circumstances to preserve the culture of India’s monuments. They
believe that by exposing brands
in front of their memorials, their
country is being exploited. Ali’s
complaint found Culpo and her
agency guilty of violating this
Culpo, who is dating
Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers, knows that she was acting
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 13
Great escape at Calgary Zoo
By Isabel Fernandez
and Ben Foster
Late afternoon on September 29, four gorillas escaped
from their enclosure at the Calgary
Zoo. This is not the first time the
gorillas have gone on an adventure
through the kitchens, the Calgary
Zoo has had several “breakouts” in
recent years, including animals like
hippos or giant hognose snakes.
Not unlike some situations in Madagascar’s spin-off, Penguins of
Madagascar, the four gorillas left
their enclosure to visit the nearby
keeper kitchen, which houses food
for most animals.
In their statement, the
zoo says that no employees, visitors, or animals were injured in this
particular instance; although just
seven months ago, the same thing
happened and at that time, a staff
member was injured.
In the event seven months
ago, four gorillas escaped to the
kitchens, but when a staff member found them and tried to herd
one out, the 450-pound silverback
male gorilla Kikinga, pinned him
to the ground, nibbled on him and
dragged him six feet before running back to his enclosure. In that
incident, the reason for the escape
was that the latch was left open by
Garth Irvine, a zoo keeper.
After the event, Irvine
was fired for this and two other
mistakes, and for failure to protect the visitors, staff, and animals.
The first error made by Irvine was
that he wrongfully left a knife in
the gorillas pen in 2009. Then one
year later, late in 2010, Irvine left
a drain open, allowing two giant
hognose snakes to slither down
them and be temporarily lost.
The cases of the escaping
gorillas, though similar, were not
identical. Though four huge gorillas did escape both times, this time
they were four females, instead of
the time before involving three females and only one male.
The termination of Irvine
demonstrates just how honourable
the zoo is to its principles. The zoo
will be conducting a full security
review on all enclosures, and potentially be installing a completely
new security system that will hopefully prevent this situation from repeating itself again.
“There could have been terribly
tragic consequences,” zoo curator
Dr. Malu Celli said in March, after the first escape. Regarding the
most recent event Celli stated, “It’s
a very difficult decision for the
team and we just have to take the
safety of our animals, our staff and
the public very seriously.”
Many people have their
opinions about what the zoo should
do, including installing new security alerts, and maybe even going
back to investigate who was responsible for letting these escapes
happen. Many people do not believe this is a very serious matter
but animals such as gorillas and
pythons can be extremely dangerous and it can easily become a long
complicated and risky process to
get the creatures back in their enclosure safely and securely.
is great news for anyone suffering
On Monday, September with critical diseases that require
30, Canada’s first national public stem cells. The cord blood will
umbilical cord blood bank, located provide a more flexible source of
in the Ottawa started taking do- stem cells for those people who are
nations. The bank’s purpose is to matches, rather than having to take
allow people from all around the the cells from bone marrow.
country to donate, rather than
“Canadian Blood
discard, umbilical cords which Services says that at T h i s
are a rich source of stem cells. least 1 000 Canadians is the
Canadian Blood Serare currently waiting fn i ra s -t
vices says that at least 1 000
for stem cells.”
Canadians are currently waittional
ing for life-saving stem cell trans- bank but there are three other loplants to treat diseases such as cal public banks in Canada; Heleukemia, lymphoma, or aplastic ma-Quebec located in Montreal,
anemia. Aplastic Anemia is a dis- the Alberta Cord Blood Bank in
ease where the bone marrow and Edmonton, and the Victoria Anthe blood cells that reside there are gel Registry of Hope in Toronto.
damaged; there is also no ability By as early as next year, hospitals
to create new cells. Many people in Brampton, Ontario; Edmonton,
can die from the diseases that re- Alberta; and Vancouver, British
quire stem cells, making it crucial Columbia will also have the abilto have as much umbilical blood as ity to collect cord blood donations
possible at any given time.
for the public bank in Ottawa. The
Up until this point, Cana- eventual goal for the clinic is to
da was the only G8 nation that did collect about 18 000 units of cord
not have a national public umbili- blood within six years of opening
cal cord blood bank. Political ex- collection sites in cities other than
perts say this was one of the mo- Ottawa.
Umbilical cord blood is
tivations to start the clinic. Robert Klassen, a hematologist and oncol- contained in the cord that attaches
ogist at the Children’s Hospital of a newborn infant to the placenta.
Eastern Ontario, has said the new The stem cells that come from
cord blood bank is long overdue. the blood have the ability to make
He also mentioned that having many other types of cells includCanada’s own national bank will ing: bone marrow, red or white
shorten wait times and increase blood cells, and immune cells. The
possible stem cell matches, which cord blood has to be extracted min-
utes after birth. All doctors need to
do is insert a needle into the umbilical cord and extract about forty
to fifty millilitres. The blood is
then sent to clinics to be tested for
any diseases or abnormalities, and
when cleared it is stored until it is
Even though the clinic is
now open to the public, it is still
possible for patients and donors
to use private clinics as they were
using before. It is just important to
note that there will still be fess associated with the private process.
There is always a one-time fee
for donating the cord blood and
an annual storage fee when using
private clinics. Blood stored in private clinics can only be used by the
child from which the blood came
from, or a family member. It is
not available to the public like the
national bank. There is a very low
probability that a child would ever
need to use their own umbilical
cord blood, which is why medical
experts would prefer to see parents
donate the valuable medical tool.
This national program is
very beneficial for patients dealing with severe diseases. All hospitals around the country will be
able to use any samples they may
need from the clinic. It also gives
expectant mothers the opportunity to decide for themselves what
they would like to do with the umbilical cord from their own child.
Public umbilical blood bank opens
By Kyra Bird
Photo by Morghan Boakye
High heels are a fashion essential that Lancers can wear freely to school
Taj Mahal. In a few of the photo
Culpo showed off her 6-inch heels
while setting her foot on the marble bench also known as “Diana’s
seat” in front of the monument. It
is known as Diana’s seat because
this is where a famous photo of
Princess Diana was taken in 1992.
When the monument’s
caretaker saw this photo being
taken, he immediately filed in a
complaint. He believes that Culpo should be fined for such an
inappropriate act. The caretaker,
Munazzar Ali, tells the Mid-Day
Mumbai tabloidthat “The sandals
from a bag she carried were taken and placed on the Diana Seat
for shooting pictures, which is
not permitted by the ASI. It also
amounts to disrespect and insult.”
The ASI, or The Archaeological
Survey of India is a governmental organization whose job is to
preserve the culture of India’s
monuments. They were made to
protect, conserve, and preserve all
the sights and monuments in the
In India, any publicity
anywhere around the Taj Mahal
is against the law. Branding is
also illegal according to the Supreme Court of India. Branding
inappropriately. She claims that
she knew it was inappropriate to
be modeling the shoes in front
of the historic site and on Diana’s seat. “Honestly I did at one
point say out loud, ‘Isn’t this a
little inappropriate?’” she told the
Providence Journal.“You know, I
didn’t want to do it,” Culpo said
The consequences for this kind of
illegal act is two years in prison
and a $1 600 fine. Miss Universe
must now wait patiently to find
out if she will be sent to stand
trial. Although she claims that she
did not want to take part in this
photoshoot, she did and must now
face the consequences for her actions.
Citizens of India are angry and await the news of what
Culpo will have to face in order
to pay for her wrong doing and
It will be a disappointment to Ali and other residents of
India if Culpo does not get punished for her ill-chosen acts. It
will be surprising if another Miss
Universe contestant travels to India and begins publicizing their
shoes in front of the Taj Mahal
ever again.
Page 14
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
US government shutdown
shocks global onlookers
By Maggie Corwin
down had led to the closure of national parks
On October 1, 2013, the US gov- and memorials. On October 12, plans had
ernment went into a partial shutdown
been announced to
when Congress failed to reach an agree- “In the early days let national parks
ment about the budget for the new fis- of the shutdown, its open on a state-bycal year. The disagreement was mainly immediate conse- state basis, the redue to Obamacare; the Republican quences were seri- sult of negotiations
Party remained opposed to it, and did
between the federal
ous and clear”
not want to allocate funding towards it,
and state governwhile the Democrat Party has always
been a staunch supporter. As the mainly- National parks like Grand Canyon
Republican House of Representatives pro- and Mount Rushmore had been opened in
posed bills which would decrease funding to the last couple of days of the shutdown; it
Obamacare, the mainly-Democratic Senate had been decided that, due to the plenty of
would reject them. This pattern, however, revenue they bring in every day that the US
came to an end on October 16, 2013, when could not afford to lose, the US had to open
a compromise was fi- “The first ever federal them.
nally reached.
The shutdown
default in the US would When a coudid not have a major impact
ple of weeks of the have had a disastrous on education. In the US, the
effect on the global
shutdown had passed,
school systems remained open.
the US Treasury anHowever, the Head Start pronounced a deadline
gram, due to lack of funding,
that Congress would have to meet by Oc- had been closed in five states by the time the
tober 17; unless Congress could raise the shutdown ended.
Despite the lack of success experidebt ceiling by then, the government would enter a federal default. Basically, the Trea- enced by both sides during most of the shutsury would have lost the authority to borrow down as they tried to make a compromise,
money, hitting the debt limit. As a result, the Republicans and Democrats were eventually able to pass
US would have had approximately $30 billion to run the government on; a sum that “Many
agencies a bill which
would not have lasted very long if it had had been closed both ended the
to be used to keep an entire country run- due to lack of fund- g o v e r n m e n t
ning. The first ever federal default in the US ing...NASA, had to shutdown and
would have had a disastrous effect on the force 97% of its prevented
federal default
global economy.
employees to go from occurring.
In the early days of the shutdown,
its immediate consequences were serious on unpaid leave” Initially, Demand clear. More than a third of federal ciocrats and Revilian non-essential employees had been fur- publicans found themselves disagreeing too
loughed; the approximate number of people much on certain topics. Most notably, the
on unpaid leave had been around 800 000 Republicans wanted to stop funding Obamdollars. However, essential employees, like acare, while the Democrats were unwilling
air traffic controllers, border patrol guards, to remove an already-passed law. The bill,
and other similar services still had to work.
passed on October 16, introduced a tempo
In the subsequent weeks, some of rary budget that will last until January 15,
the employees were allowed to return back as well as an extension of the debt limit –
to work on a regular pay schedule. By Oc- the US can continue to borrow money until
tober 10, 350 000 employees returned to the February 7. Additionally, the bill did not
Pentagon, and October 17 saw the return of include any major changes to Obamacare.
the rest of the employees. Additionally, they The US government shutdown has
resulted in many conreceived compensation for their
forced absence from the workplace. “Republicans and sequences throughout
Democrats were
Many agencies had been
the US. From thousands
closed due to lack of funding. eventually able to of furloughed workers
pass a bill which to the closure of many
One of the most notable agencies,
NASA, had to force 97% of its em- ended the govern- agencies and national
ployees to go on unpaid leave. It
ment shutdown” parks, the shutdown
had to keep some people working
had affected nearly evto ensure that the government shutery aspect of life in the
down did not have lasting consequences; US. If it had not been for Congress’s sucfor example, there was still a skeleton crew cess in meeting the October 17 deadline,
working in order to protect the safety of the the country would have been forced into a
International Space Station and the astro- federal default. As it is, the US is resuming
nauts aboard it during the shutdown.
normal functions as the shutdown of 2013,
Due to the decrease in available which lasted from October 1 to October 16,
funds to pay the staff, the government shut- finally ends.
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
The very deserving Nobel
Prize winners of 2013
By Emma Ohirko
at Stanford University. The trio received
October is an exciting month for their Nobel Prize “for their discoveries of
scholars worldwide as the Nobel Prizes are machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a mapresented in six categories: physics, chem- jor transport system in our cells.”
istry, physiology or medicine, literature, Alice Munro, Canadian short stopeace, and economic sciences. Each award ry writer was given the Nobel Prize for Litrecognizes individuals or organizations erature. She was presented the award for
that have made notable advances in their being “master of the contemporary short
category. The prizes were first awarded in story.” The 82-year-old is the first Cana1901, after Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inven- dian woman to have received the prize and
tor, left a large amount of his fortune to the is one of only thirteen women ever to have
creation of these prizes in 1895. The peo- won the award. Munro writes fictional
ple or organizations receiving the prizes are stories about life in southwestern Ontario
decided upon by various academic com- and has been called by many, the Canadimittees in Sweden and Norway. All prizes an Chekhov (a Russian author, considered
are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, except to be one of the best short story writers in
the Nobel Peace Prize which is awarded in history). Munro claims to be “terribly surOslo, Norway.
prised” to have won the award.
The first
award to be prePeace Prize was desented is the Nobel
creed to the OrganiPrize in Physics.
zation for the ProhiThis year the prize
bition of Chemical
was given jointly
Weapons. The orgato Francois Ennization, which startglert and Peter W.
ed in 1997, aims to
Higgs. Englert is
promote and support
a Belgian theoretithe Chemical Weapcal physicist, and
ons Convention. The
a professor at the
organization also suUniversité libre de
pervises the eliminaBruxelles. He has
tion of all chemical
made several sigweapons. The organificant impacts in
nization was awardsupergravity, cosed the prize “for its
mology, and string
extensive efforts to
Photo by Emma Ohirko eliminate
theory. Higgs, a
British physicist, is Cleo Williams, 10, dreams of a Nobel Prize. weapons.”
The final Nobel
a professor at the
University of Edinburgh and is best known Prize awarded is The Sveriges Riksbank
for his predictions of new particles and his Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of
extensive work in theoretical physics. The Alfred Nobel. This year the winners for
two men received the award for the theo- Economic Sciences are Eugene F. Fama,
retical discovery of the so-called “God par- Lars Peter Hansen and Robert J. Shiller.
ticle”, the final piece of the Standard Model Fama is an expert in portfolio theory and is
of particle physics, which helps create a a professor of finance at the University of
better understanding of how the world is Chicago Booth School of Business. Hansen
is a macroeconomist and professor at the
Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt, University of Chicago. Shiller is a bestand Arieh Warshel, were awarded the No- selling author and professor of Economics
bel Prize for Chemistry. All three men are at Yale University. The men were jointly
highly esteemed scientists and professors awarded the prize “for their empirical analat American Ivy League universities. Kar- ysis of asset prices.”
Although there are only six Nobel
plus, Levitt and Warshel, were bestowed the prize due to their “development of mul- Prizes presented, many others receive the
tiscale models for complex chemical sys- honour of being nominated for the award.
This year there were a record number of
The Noble Prize for Physiology candidates who applied for the Nobel Peace
or Medicine was awarded on October 9, to Prize, at 259, a number which surpasses the
James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman, previous record set in 2011, at 241 appliand Thomas C. Südhof. Rothman is a phys- cants. The only information released by the
icist, biological chemist, and professor and Nobel Prize committee is the number of aphas received several other awards for his plicants. All other information on selection
advances in the medical and science world. and nomination of laureates is kept secret
Schekman is a cell biologist and a member for fifty years. The information is then reof the National Academy of Sciences. Süd- leased to the public via the Nobel Prize’s
hof is a German biochemist and professor website.
October 2013
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 15
A giant hornet infestation wreaks havoc in China
pheromone that calls the rest of the
By Mady York
hive to the victim. It is possible for
and Najat Omer
day, with a body length of five and
half centimetres and a wing span
of seven-and-a-half centimeters.
low insects are most common in
the Shaanxi Province of China. A
someone to die from an allergic
Vespa mandarinia can travel up to
Giant hornets in central reaction to the venom. The
40 kilomeAsia (Vespa mandarinia) have venom can also be lethal to
tres an hour,
caused over forty deaths since last who are not allergic if the
covering up
July and at least 1 600 other in- dose of venom is sufficient
to 80 kilomejuries. The giant hornet problem enough. The venom contres per day.
has intensified as they caused only tains a neurotoxin called
thirty-six deaths between the years mandaratoxin
2002 and 2005. Scientists believe Mandaratoxin is a single–
feed on other
this increase is due to an increase chain polypeptide with a
insects such
in warm weather because the high- molecular weight of about
as wasps and
er temperature help the hornets 20 kD. The venom also
bees. It only
live through the winter, when they contains a cytolytic peptide
takes a relawould normally die off.
tively small
which can damage tissue
The venomous sting of and cause an anaphylactic
the Vespa mandarinia releases shock. In China, the adhornets (uneight different chemicals into the vice is that a person stung
der 50) to
human body and can cause swell- more than ten times will
kill up to 30
ing, severe tissue damage, and need medical attention, and
000 bees in
Photo by Najat Omer
organ failure. It will also destroy emergency treatment for
an hour, sevA Scarlett student flees from the giant hornets that are attacking ering
red blood cells. The giant hornet more than thirty stings.
This species is the larg- The stingers can be as long as 0.6 wings, and legs before bringing
will relentlessly stalk its prey, and once stung, the venom releases a est known hornet in existence to- centimetres. The black and yel- them back for their young. Hornet
Human heat-powered flash light
By Emily Zeng
kosinski determined that Peltier
tiles, which she bought on eBay,
would be able to produce more
than the 0.5 mW needed to light
an LED. The Peltier devices, however, only generated 50 mV, so in
to cool the other side of the Peltier
Fifteen year old Ann Matiles, Makosinski was able to crekosinski from Victoria, BC won a
ate a working flashlight, powered
yellow Lego trophy in the Google
only by human body heat.
science fair this year with her
When asked about what
project, the hollow flashlight. Her
she wants to do later on in her future, Makosinski claims
aim was to create a flashlight
to be still as yet undecidthat runs solely on the thered in her career path, as
mal energy coming from the
human hand. She was able to
she is “only in Grade 11.”
accomplish this using PelA company did, however,
tier tiles, which will generate
express their interest in
electricity if heated on one
the flashlight, though not
side and cooled on the other.
much was said about it
Makosinski was the only Cadue to a confidentiality
nadian out of the four winagreement.
ners, who were chosen out
Makosinski’s prize is a
of thousands of competitors.
$25 000 scholarship and
Makosinski attends
an “once-in-a-lifetime exSt. Michaels University
perience” from either the
School, and has been comEuropean Organization
peting in the Vancouver Isfor Nuclear Research,
land Regional Science Fair
Lego, or Google itself.
The three other winners
since she was eleven. The
were Viney Kumar (Ausinspiration for this years
tralia), from the 13-14 age
project came from a friend of
category who created a
hers who lives in the Philipwarning system for when
pines and failed a class due to
emergency vehicles are
a lack of electricity and light
approaching; Eric Chen
to study with when it became
(USA), both grand prize
dark, and a wish to make a
winner and winner of the
more eco-friendly flashlight,
17-18 age category, with
as well as Last year, she went
Photo by Emily Zeng
his creation of a new type
to the Canada-Wide Science
Fair with her project “The Adrian Cheng, Grade 10, wishes that his flashlight of anti-flu; as well as Elif
could be illuminated using just the heat of his hands
Bilgin (Turkey), the winPiezoelectric Flashlight”, another eco friendly flashlight, and order to get a brighter light, she ner of the “Scientific American”
did a little research and designed Science in Action Award and
won a bronze medal.
After realizing that the a four-component AC-DC con- the winner of the Voter’s Choice
human hand radiates about 5.7 verter that increased the output to award, who won due to her revomW/cm2 and the palm has about 5V. With a hollow aluminum inte- lutionary project of making plastic
10 cm2 of usable surface area, Ma- rior designed to allow airflow and from banana peels.
season usually lasts from May to
November, with their breeding period being during September and
October. 1 000 – 2 000 offspring
are produced per breeding season.
The giant hornet nests
in tree stumps or underground for
protection and a nest will typically
hold 1 000 hornets. As the hornets
have become a large issue, extermination teams have destroyed
over 4 500 nests across the region,
burning and gassing them away.
Since the effort to get rid of nests
has been applied, official attack reports have dropped from eighty per
day to only a handful. While it is
obvious that authorities are doing
their best to get it under control the
problem is far from over. The species has already spread to France
and the public is afraid that due to
the global temperatures rising that
they will also spread to England
and the USA.
Great moose abuse
Rachel Esser
The Moose: a mighty
symbol often associated with
Canada. A proud looking animal,
admired and respected greatly by
many Canadians and people alike,
and that are usually treated fairly
well by the humans living alongside them. However, this past July
29, a poor cow moose received
treatment quite to the contrary.
Two men, Andrew Weiers of
Dryden Ontario, and Matthew
Weiers of Fort Saskatchewan, were
fined 2 500 dollars for harassing a
swimming moose while boating on
Eagle Lake in Dryden.
The two men reportedly
pleaded guilty in an Ontario Court
of Justice, and the boat, owned and
operated by Andrew Weiers has
been seized until the fine has been
The moose had been swimming in
Eagle Lake peacefully when the
boat carrying Michael and Andrew
Weiers showed up and began to
circle it. They circled for a while
before leaving and heading back to
shore, where they then picked up
three more adult passengers. The
boat and three new passengers then
proceeded to head back out on the
lake to where the moose was still
swimming. The boat circled the
moose in tight circles, preventing
it from going to shore. Ontario’s
Ministry of Natural Resources said
that complaints started coming in
related to the incident.
Conservation officers responded to
the scene occurring in Outlet Bay,
Eagle Lake, to resolve the issue.
They told the court that they saw
a videotape of the boat circling the
swimming moose upon arriving at
the scene.
The court was also informed that one of the passengers,
Matthew Weiers, jumped on the
back of the moose at one point during the incident. Weiers was on the
back of the moose for “a couple
of seconds,” according to Michael
Prepp, an enforcement manager
with the Ministry. “There was
no indication that the moose was
hurt,” said Prepp in a phone interview from Dryden on October 1.
“We think that it got away and that
it was fine.”
“Moose related infractions are
rare,” stated Prepp. “When we
were doing a search through our
offence database looking for similar offences for comparable penalties, there were very few.”
The Ministry states that
Moose populations are very carefully managed and maintained
in the province, and some across
many parts of northwestern Ontario are under a great deal of pressure. Moose, being hunted animals,
have instincts to avoid predators,
such as humans. They will try to
escape from such predators, and
when Matthew and Andrew Weiers
did not let the cow moose escape,
they were preventing it from following its instincts to find safety.
When a moose cannot escape an
attack from predators, it can suffer
extreme physical exhaustion and
much stress, resulting in death for
Page 16
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Calgary looks for flood solutions at U of C conference
One of these solutions is amphibious houses – buildings that can rise and
According to experts who spoke at
fall with the level of groundwater. Dallesa University of Calgary flood conference,
sio also plans to bring researchers together
city planners should
with emergency
learn from disasters
management persuch as hurricane Kasonnel, fire chiefs
trina along with Alberand police to
ta’s own floods to betreach a common
ter prepare for natural
conclusion more
disasters and extreme
weather events.
The event was
Donald Watson,
organized by the U of
an urban planC’s Faculty of Enviner and author of
ronmental Design and
Design for Floodthe Institute of Public
ing: Resilience to
Health which featured
Climate Change,
international represenflooding can actutatives and keynote
ally benefit areas
speakers with expertise
where appropriin architecture, psycholate safeguards are
ogy, and disaster recovtaken. This is why
many cities are
Thomas Dalexploring a varilessio, director of the
ety of mitigation
Center for Resilient Destrategies
sign at the New Jersey
as using porous
Photo by Yuwei Xia asphalt that can
Institue of Technology,
Water levels continued to be at critical highs several days after the initial flooding
spent that last year adstore rainwater.
vising the New Jersey state government on “Calgary, much like US coastal A great example of this is in Japan, where
recovery strategies after the tragic effects cities, needs to become smarter than the “super levees” are being put into place to
of Hurricane Sandy. Last year on October storm by exploring a range of solutions,” create flood basins where excess water can
29, the deadly storm destroyed transit sys- said Dallessio.
be stored. “Flood mitigation is not just the
By Yuwei Xia
tems, electrical infrastructure, and washed
out homes and businesses, making it the
second-most destructive hurricane in US
dream of the future but the action plan of
today,” added Watson.
Besides the economic and obvious physical impacts of flooding, there are also many
emotional effects on people. Dr. Michael
Trew, the province’s recently- appointed
chief mental health officer, spoke on some
of the issues displaced flood victims must
cope with.
“It’s one thing to rebuild bridges
and roads, but the emotional well-being of
those under stress from the worst flooding in
provincial history is of equal importance,”
he said. Without help, many people can turn
to dangerous habits in order to cope.
In addition, scientists have noticed
the long-term toll disasters have on human
health. Dr. David Plante, a developmental
psychologist at McGill University studied
the impacts of maternal stress on fetuses
during the Quebec ice storm. He found an
unexpected consequence to the winter disaster in 1998. Along with twenty-seven
deaths and millions of people without electricity, children who were born during that
time were more prone to obesity and diabetes due to their mothers’ high stress levels
during pregnancy.
With the support and knowledge
from experts around the world, Calgary will
be continuing to work on flood recovery solutions. More importantly, the city is learning to become “smarter than the storm.”
Four children beheaded by former Calgary taxi driver
During Hassan’s last
By Isabel Fernandez
“The community is
visit in 2009, a close friend
Calgary and its Somali community and co-worker of Hassan’s, very sad about it. It’s
unheard of... mosthave been left in shock as a former cab driv- Mohammoud Fidow, claims
of our community is
er from the city admitted to beheading his that he seemed not his usual
four children in Beledweyne, Somalia. Omar self, “And that time he was watching and waiting
Shire Hassan, 60, recently returned to his not OK,” he said, adding on for details to come forhome country after living in Toronto, north- later in the interview that
ern Alberta, and Yukon
Hassan told him he
before residing in Calgary “She had no rea- was under quite a bit of stress and dia Hassan
and then leaving to return son to believe that suffered from depression and lack is in custody.
to Somalia ten months ago. Hassan was men- of sleep.
Hassans ex-wife tally ill and that he When Hassan chose to detectives in
and the kids’ mother, Qa- had a good per- move back to Somalia after three charge of the
dro Addawe, has spoken
decades in Canada, he chose to case are not
to authorities, saying that
live in Beledweyne. The children sure that he
while they were married,
themselves were 6, 7, 9, and 11 is mentally
she had no reason to believe that Hassan was years, old and although they were born in stable, they
mentally ill and that he had a good personal- Kenya, they each had Canadian citizenship are
treatity. Addawe now lives in Mogadishu while through their father. A regional officer of ing him the
the incident took in Beledweyne north of the the country’s police force informed the me- same as any
country’s capital.
dia that the chil- other
Hassan visited his family for “A former cab driver dren’s
bodies until
from Calgary conthree months every year while they were
were found bur- can be taken
married, and even after the split, usually fesses to the horrific ied in a forest and
to spend quality time with his kids. A beheading of his four near the village.
can be read.
close friend of Hassan’s, though, says children, aged 6, 7, 9, T h e Meanwhile,
found the close-knit
that during his last few visits before and 11 years, in Beled- bodies,
permanently relocating to the country,
heads C a n a d i a n weyne, Somalia”
left Somali comhe did not spend any time at all with his
family, choosing to stay at hotels near the police puzzled until Hassan turned himself munity
in. The police had no idea how to solve the crushed. “The
case, and had no leads.
Hassan opened the doors
to the investigation, and
provided the police with
the big answer of who did
The police force
has also informed me-
community is very sad about it. It’s unheard
of,” said Mohamed Jama, president of the
Somali Canadian Society in Calgary. “Most
of our community is watching and waiting
for details to come forward.” With the tragedy in the news, the community has come
together to mourn and grieve to overcome
this horrible time.
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Apple’s Touch ID infiltrated by German
tech-hacking team
By Emily Zeng
cy scanning, meaning the finger
Apple’s new iPhone, the has to be alive. The Touch ID is
most notable
for its fingerprint sensor
was hacked
a mere two
days after it
went on sale
worldwide by
the famous
G e r m a n
hacking team,
Photo by Emily Zeng
Club (CCC).
The CCC logo displayed proudly on a laptop screen
The team was
able to fool the supposedly “seam- also capable of authorizing purless way to use your fingerprint as chases from the App Store, iTunes,
a passcode” using just a 2 400 dpi and the iBooks store, allowing any
photograph of the fingerprint, then hackers to access one’s credit card
printing the photo on a transparent information. It is also interesting to
sheet to create a mould for a fake note that the technology CCC used
to hack the Touch ID is not very
The CCC, founded in difficult to purchase.
1981, is amongst the largest, oldest, Many say that while not
and most influential organizations foolproof, the touch ID is still
dealing with privacy and security very useful. It is found that most
in technology in Europe. Previous people use only the simple, fournotable accomplishments include: digit passwords for their security.
the cyber espionage case in 1989, Among those, there is a substantial
when they hacked into govern- amount that only use extremely
ment computers in the US and sold easy to guess passwords such as
the source code to the KGB (the 0000, 1111, or 2580 (straight down
main security agency for the So- the middle). There is the option of
viet Union); their protests against setting a longer, more complicated
French nuclear testing; and, the password, but few choose to do so
one act that gained the CCC world- due to the longer password taking
wide notoriety, when they hacked too long to type. The average user
into the German Bildschirmtext needs to unlock their iPhone once
computer network and took out every half hour or so, and typing a
134 000 Deutsch Marks from a twelve-letter password every time
Hamburg bank. They returned the could become rather annoying.
Many people do not use
money the next day in front of the media, having proven the flaws passwords at all, such as the CEO
in the system. Now, CCC has ap- of Yahoo, Marissa mayor, due to
peared once again in the media, inconvenience. The Touch ID,
having hacked Apple’s touch ID. however, offers substantial secu“This demonstrates – again – that rity, while still being extremely
fingerprint biometrics is unsuitable convenient. The user only needs
as an access control method and to press a finger onto the home
should be avoided,” said the Chaos button, something they will have
Club’s blogpost author, “Starbug”. to do anyways, in order to access
The touch ID is capable of the iPhone. If the security offered
recognizing up to five fingerprints is still not enough for the user, the
not necessarily from the same user has the option of adding anperson, and is created through other password on top of the Touch
technology gained from Authen- ID.
All in all, the iPhone 5s is
Tech which Apple bought in 2012. Apple says the Touch ID works by still very much the best iPhone on
reading the sub-epidermal layer the market to date, despite being
under the skin using radio frequen- not as foolproof as one might hope.
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 17
Mars One: aiming to make life
on planet Mars a living reality
By Karlee Selent
will prepare to assemble the land- per capita GDP of the applicants’
As of October 10th, the ing of six separate units, another home country. For Canadians, the
Mars One organization welcomed supply unit, and a third rover by fee is $33 US. Next, the individual
Doctor Robert Zubrin, founder 2021. By 2022, the first Mars One needs to provide general inforand president of the Mars Society team will be launched, where they mation about themselves and to
to the advisory board. “Mars is the will become the first expected write a letter about why they are
new world,” said Zubrin. “Its set- residents by 2023, followed by a applying. Finally, a one-minute
tlement presents the challenge that new four-person crew will be sent video needs to be submitted anwill determine whether we remain in 2025. Mars One estimates that swering some standard questions
confined on Earth, or can become it will cost around $6 billion US to and explaining why the individual
a multiplanet spacefaring species, put the first four people on Mars. should be among the first humans
with a future made unbounded by They plan to raise money through to set foot on the Red Planet. Mars
our courage and creativity.” Mars broadcasting rights and sponsor- One exerts decide which applications will pass on to Round Two,
One has accepted that challenge, ships.
though it is a daunting one. The The program is look- when candidates will have to pass
odd may be against them, but if no ing for applicants eighteen years a health evaluation and an interview.
one tried, no one will
Rounds Three and Four
Mars One is
will be reality-type shows
a not-for-profit founbroadcast on TV and the
dation that will esInternet. In Round Three,
tablish a permanent
Twenty to forty individuals
human settlement on
will take part in “challenges”
Mars in 2023. Their
to demonstrate their suitabilplan is to build a reity for the mission and the
liable surface habitat
audience will chose a victhat will be set up
tor. Mars One team members
before the first crew
will decide who else prolands; more settlers
ceeds to the next round. Durand cargo will foling Round Four, candidates
low every two years.
will be split into internaThe first footprint
tional groups and will begin
will fascinate and
their training in a mock Mars
inspire generations.
outpost. Depending on their
This public interest
performance, some will be
is expected to help
removed from the program
financing this human
individually or in groups unmission.
til six groups of four remain.
The private
Approximately 202 586 inspaceflight project is
dividuals applied for the first
led by Dutch entrepreround, 24% of them form the
neur Bas Lansdorp,
United States and 4% from
Photo by Karlee Selent
who announced the
Lamess Kharfan, Grade 12, aspires to be one of the
official plans for Mars
As far as funding goes,
lucky individuals who will be sent to the red planet
One in May 2012. In
Lansdorp has declined ques2022, four carefully selected ap- and older who are both mature tions regarding the cost estimate
plicants will then be launched in and interesting, however there is because he believes “it would be
a Mars-bound flight to become the no requirement for any particular very stupid for us to give the pricfirst residents on the famous Red academ+ic or professional back- es that have been quoted per comPlanet. Every step of the crew’s ground, as astronauts will spend ponent.” For comparison, a rigid
journey will be documented for seven years learning all the skills manned Mar mission (including a
a reality television program that they need. Norbert Kraft, Mars temporary stay followed by a rewill broadcast on television and One’s chief medical officer, said turn of the astronauts) proposed
because the mission involves a by NASA in 2009 had a projected
the Internet 24/7/365.
The organization has mapped out permanent settlement, the orga- cost of $100 billion USD after
the next several years in order nization is more concerned with an eighteen year program. The
to highlight the major plans and “how well each astronaut lives not-for-profit the not-for-profit
goals. January 2016 will mark and works with others and their foundation, is the controlling
the start of the colonization effort ability to deal with a lifetime of stockholder of the for-profit Interwhen a supply mission, carrying challenges“ then whether they planetary Media Group. A global
5 500 pounds in spare parts, so- have traditional astronaut quali- reality-TV media event is intendlar panels, and other necessities, ties such as bravery or experience ed to provide most of the funds to
will be launched and scheduled to with piloting a supersonic jet.
finance the expedition. It should
land in October 2016. In 2018, a The first round of appli- begin with the astronaut selection
settlement rover will explore the cations opened August 31st. In process, with some public particiterrain in search of ideal locations order to apply, a registration fee is pation, and continue on through
for humans to reside. The rovers needed to be paid, depending on the first years of living on Mars.
Page 18
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Studies show that Oreos are more addictive than drugs
By Yuwei Xia
Joseph Schroeder, a professor of
neuroscience, and a group of his students at
Connecticut College recently conducted research on the addictiveness of high fat and
high sugar foods and how these qualities
may be contributing to health issues such as
the obesity epidemic.
One former student of Professor
Schroeder participating in the experiment,
Jamie Honohan, was interested in human
motivation for food and how the prevalence
of high-fat, high-sugar foods raises obesity
rates in low income neighborhoods. With
this in mind, it was her idea to choose Oreos,
a popular American snack. “We chose Oreos
not only because they are America’s favorite
cookie, and highly palatable to rats, but also
because products containing high amounts
of fat and sugar are heavily marketed in
communities with lower socioeconomic statuses,” she explains.
For the study researchers placed
rats in a maze with Oreo cookies on one side,
and rice cakes on the other, measuring the
amount of time the rats spent on each side.
“Just like humans, rats don’t seem to get
much pleasure out of eating [rice cakes],”
said Dr. Schroeder.
They then replaced Oreos and rice
cakes with injections of cocaine or morphine
on one side and saline injections on the other.
periment. “Our research supports the theory
that high-fat/high-sugar foods stimulate the
brain in the same way that drugs do,” Schro-
Photo by Yuwei Xia
Oreos are a favourite snack for many people worldwide, including Scarlett students
In the end, the rats spent as much time on the eder said. “It may explain why some people
Oreo side of the maze in the first experiment can’t resist these foods despite the fact that
as they did on the drug side in the second ex- they know they are bad for them.”
Drugs are thought to work by stimulating the pleasure center in the brain, a collection of neural structures. Recent research
points to evidence that sugars, fats, and salts
activate this pleasure center in a similar way,
causing behavior similar to drug addicts.
In fact, when Professor Schroeder and the
students performed further research to determine the number of cells turned on in the
brain in response to Oreos or drugs, the results were more surprising. They found that
Oreos stimulated more neurons than cocaine
or morphine, therefore proving the addictiveness of high fat and sugar foods.
Rats and their behaviors, however, are still far from human beings. Even
with the contribution of Yale University’s
research on food addiction and substance
dependence in 2011, there is no substantial
proof that humans have the same addictive
reaction to fats and sugars as rats do.
One last interesting observation: the
rats, just like humans, use the twist and lick
method of eating Oreos. “They would break
it open and eat the middle first,” said Ms.
The group will be presenting their
research at the Society for Neuroscience
conference taking place early November in
San Diego, California.
Historic Kingston Penitentiary officially closes its doors
By Wenonah North Peigan
ful. Most notably, Ty Conn, convicted of within the walls of the prison, with at least
For 178 years the Kings- bank robbery, was sent to the prison in 1999 three major ones breaking out. Most recentton Penitentiary has been home to over 1 and was the first prisoner to have escaped ly, in 1971 a four-day riot occurred where
700 inmates, including some of Canada’s from the facility in forty-one years, using six guards were held hostage by the prisonmost notorious convicts, and on September cayenne pepper to ward off dogs, and a self- ers, and two inmates were beaten to death
30, 2013, they will
by fellow
shut their doors
for the final time.
Openthe central
ing on June 1,
block was
1835, the Kingsdestroyed
ton Penitentiary, a
during the
maximum security
prison located in
Kingston, Ontario,
have sincehas been home to
been transsome of the counferred
try’s most notable
other faciliinmates including
ties, most
Mohammad Shathe
Millfia, a man conhaven Instivicted along with
his second wife
for killing his first
The queswife and two steption
reBernardo, a serial
killer and rapist
By Wenonah North Peigan what to do
committed Some prisoners spent up to 25 years or more behind bars in custody at the historical Kingston Penintiary with
crimes alongside
one of the
country’s most infamous landmarks, which
his wife; and Russ Williams, a former colo- made grappling hook to climb the wall.
nel in the Canadian forces who is a convict- Conn later died, two weeks after his escape. in 1990 was designated a National Historic
He was believed to have shot himself upon Site of Canada.
ed rapist and murderer.
Over the many years the prison had hearing the approaching police rather than Last year the federal government
been in operation there were many break- having to return to the prison.
announced plans to close Canada’s most
out attempts, but only a few were success- Riots were not too uncommon well-known jail, originally known as the
Provincial Penitentiary of the Province of
Upper Canada, and was later changed after
Confederation to the Kingston Penitentiary
Reactions to the facility closing
have been divided.
Some of the public agree that it is a
good thing Kingston Penitentiary is closing,
due to its crumbling infrastructure over the
years and its overcapacity.
The prison, originally designed to
house 550 inmates had been housing 620,
with the jail eventually getting so crowded
that prisoners were forced to sleep in makeshift beds in the gym or sleeping three to a
room that was originally designated for one
Others are sad to see this historic
landmark closing as they insist that the
prison, as sad and scary as the stories may
seem, is a part of Canada’s identity and our
nation’s history, and deserves tobe treated
as such.
Over the past few weeks the
Kingston Penitentiary has been open to the
general public for the first time in years.
For $20 a person Canadians will
now get the chance to tour the historic landmark, and learn more about the history of
Canada’s most notorious prison and the
people that were inside of it.
Not only will Canada get an opportunity to showcase one of the country’s
most famous landmarks, but also to learn
a part of the country’s history that helped
Canada become the country that it is today.
October 2013
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 19
Scarlett students are hungry for the Foods program
Lucy Garrett
students are encouraged to start
While walking down the Another module that the 20s work trying more difficult and complihall, students often find delicious through is vegetarianism where cated recipes in preparation for
smells wafting from the Foods
kitchen. This is due to the wonderful creations that students
make while participating in the
Foods study programs at Scarlett.
Starting in Foods 10,
students learn the basic skills
and techniques that are needed
and used in the kitchen, including safety procedures. From
cookies to pasta, students learn
how to make all kinds of different doughs.. With an eightdollar budget, students can get
creative and cook themselves
appetizing meals.
Students are encouraged to try recipes with different cooking techniques to help
them improve their knowledge,
and they are told to look at the
Canadian Food Guide to help
keep meals as balanced and
nutritious as possible. Everything is made from scratch, so
if students desire to make pasta
Photo by Lucy Garrett
or pizza, a class favourite, they
whipped cream
have to make the dough from
scratch. This provides a healthier option to processed food. Stu- those that are not vegetarian can Foods 30.
The next and highest step
dents also learn to work together as learn how to balance a meal with a team while in the kitchen.
In Foods 20, students expand their knowledge of doughs and get a
taste of the world by cooking ethnic foods. The teen
chefs also expand their
knowledge of different
cooking techniques, and
their module books help
them to learn by showing
easy-to-follow instructions
on how to do things. Foods
20 students also get to make
Photo by Lucy Garrett
their own recipe books con- A teams delicious, chocolatey creation as a result of the wonderful Foods program
taining meals from a country of their choice. This is a great vegetables. Foods 20 chefs are ex- is Foods 30. Foods 30 is more inway to expand their understanding pected to be more skilled than the tense than Foods 20, as the students
of different foods from around the students at the Foods 10 level, and are expected to challenge their
skills and try new techniques as the students, so that they can imwell as strengthen those that they prove any mistakes. Also, the stuhave developed over the past two dents are graded on their recipes.
years. The requirements increase It is this feedback that helps the
and students are
to meet
At this
results of
u s i n g
yeast, an
important ingredient
that allows for
to rise.
They also
a project
on international
that involves
connecPhoto by Lucy Garrett
tions of Adam Fishleigh, Grade 12, chops and peels some chorizo sausagthe coun- es for a scrumptious South American dish for him and his team
try’s culstudents become better cooks.
ture with their food.
The way that a chef pres- For those students who
ents his/her meal is an important cannot fit Foods into their schedpart of the cooking process and ule and who love to cook, there
in Foods 30, students spend more is an after-school club that is run
time and effort on this part of by Caroline Hendry called the Cacooking. Nutrition and digestion tering Club. This club meets after
are topics that the chefs-in-making school on Thursdays in the kitchexplore. Both these topics are im- en. Each week students follow difportant in the cooking world, and ferent recipes and create delicious
so it is important for the students to snacks, such as muffins or cookies.
know some of the effects that food There are limited spots in this club,
has on the body.
and if one is interested in partici
The Food instructors, Al- pating, check the bulletin outside
phonse Botros and Shaun Doiron, the kitchen for dates and the signmake a conscious effort to try all up list or talk to Hendry for more
the food and provide feedback for information.
Page 20
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Embrace the new season
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
By Amanda Seyler
braids. A fun trend that is worth trying out
and Libby Kizer
in the fall is definitely big curls with tons of
Fall brings in the warmest of col- volume. For this look, the more volume, the
ors including copper, gold, and maroon. A better. As for hair accessories, a thick knit
new season brings new opportunities to ex- headband that doubles as an ear warmer for
press each unique personality. Whether it is cold days is great to throw over any hair
nude or berry stained lips with dewy skin, style to immediately add a unique touch
and keep
fall is all about
one’s head
getting back to
to high volume
to beloved
hairstyles, fall
red leaves
brings the wakeas
up-and-go look.
Tousled waves
begins to
and loose braids
get nippy
can send out a
is always
laid-back vibe
tough, but
that will help evthe neweryone out when
Photo by Amanda Seyler
found temMichella
running low on
When it comes to fall, boyfriend brings exciting new ways to accessorize
shoes are where it is at. Oxfords and red outfits. Cooler weather means warmer
velvet boots are beautiful and right on shoes; combat boots and Doc Martens keep
trend. Knee high socks peeking out of boots the feet nice and toasty but are also really
are the cutest and spice up the regular com- fashion forward. Oxford style shoes are
bat boot or Ugg. This fall, fall in love with also a great way to pull together any outfit
and they still fit in perfectly with fall trends
colours. Make this fall your cup of tea.
It is time to start considering how to change and weather.
One must consider the smaller dea summer makeup routine into something tails
pull an outfit together. Autumn is
that reflects the feel of the season and will
things create the big picture.
match the color of the leaves. Bronze and
eyeing the
shadow dusted
and toes
the eyelid can
warm is
be a great way to
nice but
make eyes pop
ing head
to a fall-inspired
warm is
look. Remember
to keep in mind
that fall makeup
a n d
is all about lookbeaning natural, less
ies are
is more. To add a
a mustlittle more colour
h a v e
to the face, lipPhoto by Amanda Seyler when
stain is the way Michella Thai, Grade 10, spices it up with a milkmaid braid
comes to
to go. Although
the fall,
dewy skin and a natural complexion is imthey
bad hair
portant in the fall, bold and berry lips are
a huge trend this season. If one chooses to
play up the lips, keep the rest of the face on, the extra pop of colour; either infinity
ethereal and light. Here is a tip, instead of or winter woolen, scarves keep the neck
throwing summer makeup away, transform warm, and give the simplest of sweaters an
the bronzer into an eyeshadow, which al- extra kick.
Fall is all about being oneself,
lows one to get a bronzed glow on the eyes, and
chic without trying too hard. It
and no makeup goes to waste.
be an effortless season, to get
Hair in the fall is incredibly laid
and focus on the more imback which is great for the common high
school student. Loose untextured waves portant things. It is a high school students
and sock buns are the way to go. If short on best friend.
Hopefully, these tips can help
time, simply throw it into a messy braid and one
less time in the morning getting
head out the door for a cute autumn trend.
If one is feeling extra daring and has time, ready and more time catching up on some
a really darling look to rock are milkmaid much needed sleep. Good luck Lancers,
stay stylish.
In 1970, the Calgary Board of Edu- would choose to study medicine instead.
cation honoured Dr. Earle Parkhill Scarlett, It seemed that medicine was the
physician, author and educator by naming a preferred field of choice and with such
school in his name in recognition of all the ef- knowledge in hand, Scarlett enrolled in the
forts and contributions he made for Calgary. University of Toronto to study this specific
Scarlett was born at High Bluff, field. Notably, while a student at UniverManitoba (approximately eighty one kilo- sity of Toronto, Scarlett also served as the
meters northwest of Winnipeg) on June 27, first editor of the schools’ publication, the
1896. He was born to parents Robert Arthur University of Toronto Medical Journal.
Scarlett (a Methodist minister) and Alma Graduating in 1924, Scarlett found related
Edith Parkhill in 1896. The young boy was work in Detroit, Lowe City, Michigan, and
always surrounded by books; there were al- finally Calgary. He moved to Calgary to
ways stocked bookshelves in the home, and begin his work with the Calgary Associate
Scarlett quickly came to value the power of Clinic in 1930. Scarlett settled in Calgary
the written word. Although he and his family for many years to follow, becoming a spewould move quite often, the books always cialist in internal medicine with the clinic as
travelled with them. Scarlett continued to ap- well as the Senior Consultant in Medicine at
preciate both reading and writing throughout Colonel Belcher Military Hospital and thus
his life. It is said he was often known to relax ending his previously nomadic lifestyle.
in a leather armchair
Scarlett may have had
with the company of
a stethoscope in one hand and a
pen in the other, but he still felt
a good book and his
the urge to read and write. He
pipe in his later years.
studied the work of poet John Ke“One of the greatest
ats, and joined and spearheaded
joys of my life is the
the Calgary Associate Clinic.
fact that from the time
News of the then promiI was able to crawl,
nent Canadian filtered north, and
books have been one
Scarlett was nominated to become
of the great stimuli of
University of Alberta Chancellor.
my life. I do not think
Being selected over Dr. Milton Ezra
I would have lived in
Lazerte (a former university dean)
the world if there were
and Lawrence Yeomans Cairns (an
no books,” says Scarlett of his childhood.
Edmonton barrister), Scarlett suc
A long-time
ceeded Dr. Fred G. McNally and restudent, Scarlett began
mained at this post from 1952-1958.
During his time with the
studies in both Latin
and Greek at the age Dr. Earle Parkhill Scarlett is University of Alberta, Scarlett also
of 10. Scarlett was a the proud namesake of Dr. E.P. served as Chairman of the SelecScarlett High School
tion Committee of the Univerquick study as remarkably just five years later he was prepared to sity’s National Award Letters. He always
go to university. His parents could not pro- remained a writer though; upon his death
vide much financial support, so he was re- on June 14, 1982 at 86 years, Scarlett had
quired to earn his own way. Scarlett worked written approximately 450 articles and paat whatever he could find; the jobs generated pers. Until his final days, Scarlett also remuch-needed income and he did not turn mained a lifetime member of the Calgary
down any offers. His experiences at work in- YMCA, thereby demonstrating a strong
clude being a store clerk, a train sleeping-car support of community causes. Scarlett was
conductor, and a construction camp labourer. survived by three children (two daugh
While collecting train tickets from ters and a son) and eight grandchildren.
passengers was anything but dangerous, It seems impossible to sum
there was far more risky work waiting. up Scarlett’s life in just a few paraMilitary service called for Scarlett in 1915, graphs; however, Dr. Fred McNally dewhen he enlisted as a gunner with the Sec- livered a moving tribute as he presented
ond Machine Gun Battalion in France dur- him the Degree of the Doctor of Laws.
McNally respected Scarlett iming World War I. Perilous work indeed, and three years later, Scarlett was injured in mensely, as proven by his speech where he
action. Following seven months receiving referred to Scarlett as “a brilliant scholar, a
hospital care, Scarlett recovered and recon- doctor of medicine, a doctor of laws and vetsidered his career options. While research- eran of the World War I who bears in his body
ing, he spoke to many of his father’s friends the devotion of his devotion to his country,
and learned that many of these individuals champion of humanities, inspiring teacher,
were completely unsatisfied with their work, able administrator, a citizen who is the pride
and wished to live life over again. Many of of his community and a great Canadian.” For
these same individuals explained that they a lover of words, these are fine words indeed.
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
School stress solutions
By Jessica Morris
from teachers or just to work alone. MakStress runs rampant in society to- ing a schedule that plans out all activities
day. Many scurry about trying to finish one makes managing time easier. By maintaintask only to start another. With an abun- ing a steady work ethic, being proactive,
dance of responsibilities, today’s teenager and using a schedule, students can accomcannot possibly have time for it all. Grade plish everything they have to handle.
Applying for scholarships often
twelves feel pressured to volunteer, participate in school activities and extracur- seems like a herculean task. There are so
riculars, achieve excellent grades, find and many scholarships available, but there
apply for scholarships, and have plenty of are many steps in the application progwork experience in order for universities to ress. Finding scholarships is the first step;
even glance at their applications. The pres- through websites such as studentawards.
sure put on these sixteen, seventeen, and com, students can find scholarships that
eighteen year olds would crush most grown are tailor-made for them and be notified
when new ones
are available.
LuckOnce the
ily, there is a
right scholarship
way to reduce
is found the next
this stress. The
step is applying
ways to diminfor it. Depending
ish stress are
almost as endon the scholarship
one might have to
less as the stress
do something as
itself. Stop the
easy as filling out
cycle of stress
a questionnaire or
today by being
perhaps writing
an essay. Writing
an essay is often
difficult for many
minipeople, especially
mal volunteer
since they often
hours, but they
require the apare mandatory
plicants to write
for students to
Photo by Jessica Morris about themselves.
graduate. These
required hours Krista Johnston, Grade 12, slowly succumbs to stress Oftentimes appliare not enough to stand out on job resumes cations are evaluated based on the applior post-secondary applications. Also, many cants ability to write, use proper grammar,
people like volunteering so they can help and spell. Simply by asking a friend, parothers. Unfortunately finding the time and ent, or teacher to proofread their essay the
the places to volunteer is difficult and can chances of receiving a scholarship increase.
be stressful. Ask a school guidance coun- By utilizing those around who can help,
selor, search online, or check volunteer such as parents and teachers, the whole
websites like http://www.propellus.org/vol- scholarship process becomes easier.
Successfully obtaining a job is an
unteering for more opportunities to volunteer and help others.
arduous process, even more so when one
Activities and extracurriculars are has no previous work experience. Like
in abundance at high schools. Whether one scholarships, finding a job is difficult since
wants to cook, take care of the environ- it is hard to know where to look. Websites
ment, act, photograph, debate, or anything like jobboard.nextsteps.ca help make jobs
else, extracurriculars and clubs are a fantas- easily available for Calgary’s youth. Unfortic way to impress universities. While these tunately, with little previous work experiactivities may be fun and enjoyable, they ence students will not be able to have the
require time. Being an editor or leader of most desirable jobs. Often students only
a group takes up more time. Trying to bal- meet the requirements for jobs such as caance extracurriculars with school and other shiers, busboys, and sales associates. The
tasks is often daunting. Attempting to be a keys to achieving a job is to apply to strapart of all clubs is often difficult. Narrow tegic locations and use one’s connections.
down the number of clubs one is in to be Ask friends and family if they know employers who are hiring. The more jobs one
less overwhelmed.
Good grades are difficult for stu- applies for and the more people they know,
dents to achieve, especially when they are the higher chance that they will actually retrying to balance volunteering, jobs, and ceive a job.
school activities. Because of this overload,
While the stress on Grade twelve
many students procrastinate completing students is enormous, it does not have to be
their homework and fall behind in their overwhelming. By making a master plan,
studies. To avoid this impediment, students utilizing parents and teachers, being aware,
need to become more proactive with their and using helpful websites students can
schoolwork. Try coming in early, at lunch, manage the colossal stress and responsibilduring a spare, or after school to get help ity with confidence.
Page 21
By Michelle Hudson
Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
Halloween has finally come around. You
are busy making exciting plans for the evening with your friends. Be careful what you
choose to do that night because things are
likely to get out of control quickly, especially when you have school the next day.
Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
Baby, it is cold outside! This month, though,
you can expect to keep warm with someone
special. This season you have won the jackpot on love and you can expect quite a sizzling winter that will help you through these
long, cold months.
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
With Saturn’s new rotation you may find
yourself drowning in school work. To avoid
the treacherous hours of homework each
night, try to use your class time more efficiently. Time management will help you
conquer your assignments and allow you
time to participate in the extracurricular activities that interest you.
Aries (March 21-April 19)
You have already seen your first report card
this year and it was probably not as bad as
you imagined. Keep working hard in and
outside of school and you will continue to do
well. Think about attending a couple of the
early morning help sessions in order to boost
your average a little. Also, although you are
often the shy type, try not to be afraid of asking questions. There is no such thing as a
dumb question.
Taurus (April 20-May 20)
This is the month to change things up a little.
Whether it is an extremely different haircut, or a new clothing style, be sure to make
some small modifications to your life in order to keep out of a rut.
Gemini (May 21-June 21)
With fall coming to an end, and winter rapidly on its way, make sure to stay warm and
healthy. Do not allow the nippy morning
air to get to you. Dress warm when you are
walking to and from school. If you are worried about not looking stylish, do not worry.
You can buy fashionable coats, scarves, mittens and boots that you can rock this winter.
Cancer (June 22-July 22)
This month will inspire your creativity.
When the snow starts to fall, you may find
yourself allured by the elegant beauty of our
city. Do not set strict guidelines for your art
work; it will only confine your abilities. Instead, let your imagination run wild: try a
new style or a new technique. Experiment.
In the end, you will come up with a beautiful piece.
Leo (July 23-August 22)
You will do something absolutely extraordinary this month. Be prepared to soak in fame
for a couple of days. Of course you can be
proud of what you have done, but make sure
you do not become the cocky type. Nobody
likes a gloater.
Virgo (August 23-Semptember 22)
‘Tis the season of cold and flu. One way
to keep your body healthy is to keep your
room clean. Try not to turn your floor into
your closet when you change. Try to wash
your bed sheets once every three weeks, and
make sure to dust and vacuum periodically.
Working to keep your room in good shape
for a hang-out environment can keep you
healthy, and in a better mood.
Libra (September 23-October 22)
If you are not a writer, maybe this month is
the time to start! You, like Cancer, will be inspired by the fall and winter season. Writer’s
block will not affect your writing style this
month, for you will be lucky to have a waterfall of ideas flowing through your mind.
Investigate some new styles of writing you
do not usually use, and try out some new
literary techniques. Who knows where they
will take you.
Scorpio (October 23- November 21)
Love is in the air this chilly month. But so
is the flu. So make sure you choose wisely
what you inhale. Dress warm, wash your
hands, sanitize, and eat healthy!
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Do not worry that it is already Halloween.
Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone,
now is the time to get in the Halloween spirit
and decorate for the holiday, even if you start
today. Although the official Thanksgiving
weekend is over, it does not mean you can
stop being thankful. In fact, your thankful attitude should last the entire year, every year.
Make it who you are.
If your birthday is this month you
will have many positive things happen to
you but they may be at the expense of other
people. Be sure that you appreciate the little
gestures and be thankful for everything that
you have.
Page 22
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Man eats a diet of nothing but raw meat for five years
By Helen Trang
his digestion is that it does not have enough has tried Nance’s diet before and enjoyed getting very emotional about it. “My father
Derek Nance a man from Lexhas a master’s in biology and
ington, Kentucky has been on a diet of
tells me that if I eat raw meat,
raw meat for the past five years. Five
I’ll get some sort of pathogen,”
years ago Nance caught a mystery illness
Nance says. that killed his appetite and forced him
Derek’s favourite type of
to throw up everything he ate. Doctors
meat is lamb because he can
speculated that it was an allergy-related
usually get it at a good price,
illness, so Nance began to change his
and beef takes up too much
diet. He started his diet change by cutting
room in the car. He does not eat
out wheat and dairy, but he continued
pig because they shoot them up
to lose weight. He then tried a Mediterwith hormones and raise them
ranean diet, all fish and vegetables, beon grains that promote bacterial
fore eventually becoming a vegan; it did
growth. He butchers the meat
not seem to work. Finally someone with
in his basement and stores the
the same symptoms as him suggested a
rest in his fridge; nothing goes
diet consisting only of raw meat. Nance
to waste, and he even drinks the
even brushes his teeth with animal fat
clotted blood.
now. Derek Nance is a fantas
He says that the diet comes from
tic example of how far people
the research of a dentist, Weston Price,
will go to preserve their health,
who in the 1930s studied the health beneven if it gets to the point
efits of eating more raw foods, including
where he is driving his family
meats. Nance started his raw meat diet
to worry about him. Nance is
with a few goats he had in the backyard
definitely not the only one on
that he was tired of milking. “I ate both
this raw meat diet, and he does
of those goats, all raw, and just switched
not hesitate to promote the diet
over like that,” he says in an interview
to others around him. He has
with VICE.
stressed the fact that he has
Photo by Helen Trang
Derek avoids getting scurvy by
never felt better, and he will
Michaela Foley, Grade 11, eats a healthy, well rounded diet that includes fruits and vegetables instead of just raw meat
eating the organ meat of the animals, benot go back to a regular diet because animal organ meat contains vitamin C. enzymes to properly digest starchy foods, so it; however, she is a vegetarian for compas- cause this is what works for him. Nance has
He even brings his own food when he goes the probiotic bacterium in the rotten meat sionate reasons. Not everyone in Nance’s even switched his occupation from being an
to a friend’s place for dinner, or even when helps him to digest his food.
life is as accepting as Joanne about his diet; electrician to a butcher, which is very fitting
Nance’s girlfriend, Joanne, happens his family thinks he is insane and has “gone for his diet; he even gets to take home scraps
he goes out for dinner. Nance even goes as far as to eat rotten meat, because according to be a vegetarian, or as she likes to put it, off the deep end.” Joanne cannot even men- from work.
to him it is probiotic. The main problem with “omnivore with vegan tendencies.” Joanne tion Nance’s diet around them without them
100 days after the flood: Calgary’s long road to recovery
By Emily Conacher
fast enough. Red Cross has so far spent $12
million of the $32 million raised, and the
It has been over 100 days since Calgary Foundation has spent $600 thousand
floodwaters swept through low-lying areas – only five percent of the $6 million raised –
of Calgary and surrounding communities claiming that their goal is long-term relief.
this June, causing an estimated $6 billion in
government of Alberta has
damages and evacuating
around 100 000 Albertans “Over $38 million have allocated a portion of its
been raised for flood budget towards helping in
from their homes. Calgary
is starting to get back on its relief. However, some of the flood relief effort. The
feet, but there is still much those who were hardest- initial fund, approved by
hit by the disaster fear the government on June
work to be done.
Many businesses that the money is not 24, allocated $1 billion to
in the highly affected flowing fast enough.” cover preliminary clean-up
and repairs. As the effects
downtown core remain
closed due to interior damage and may not be of the flood have been fully realized, the
open for several more months. Meanwhile, spending scheme has evolved.
So far, $148 million has been spent
many Calgarians are still out of their homes,
as many homes were severely damaged by the government. Another $556 million
enough by the water that they are now have been allocated for the coming months,
uninhabitable. Several schools in affected and the final costs are estimated to exceed
$5 billion. Of this, insurance companies are
areas remain closed as well.
There is good news amongst the expected to cover around $1.7 billion. The
ongoing problems. Flood relief efforts are rest will be up to the government. Premier
still going strong. Through the Alberta Alison Redford cautions that it may take up
Red Cross, the Calgary Foundation, and to ten years to fully recover from the floods.
On a federal level, Prime Minister
other disaster relief funds, over $38 million
have been raised for flood relief. However, Stephen Harper, who also represents the
some of those who were hardest-hit by the Calgary Southwest riding, has also expressed
disaster fear that the money is not flowing his support for the plight of Southern Alberta.
He has toured the stricken area and promised most affected by the flooding, volunteers
federal support in Alberta’s flood recovery. were brought in by bus. Average Calgarian
Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and his citizens have been instrumental in Calgary’s
wife, Kate Middleton, have sent messages of recovery from the flood, from the earliest
days when they helped get information
The irreversible impact of the 2013 circulating through social media and later
floods is felt strongly in Calgary. Flooding through volunteering and donations.
has become a hot-button political issue that
Recently, Dr. E.P. Scarlett has also
will surely be a key aspect of many platforms pitched in to raise money for the flooding.
in upcoming elections. Plans to prevent On Thursday, October 10, Scarlett for Global
reoccurrences of this spring’s floods are Aid organized a luncheon, which took place
already being made and instated. As well, during lunch hour in the cafeteria foyer. For
many people
five dollars, or two dollars and a
are hesitant “Average Calgarian citizens donation of two food bank items,
have been instrumental in students could enjoy a buffetto get into
Calgary’s recovery from
style lunch. All proceeds from
h o u s i n g the flood, from the earliest the luncheon went to flood relief
m a r k e t ,
days when they helped
e s p e c i a l l y get information circulating
From the amount of
in high-risk
through social media and progress that has happened
later through volunteering in only 100 days, it is clear
w h e r e
that Albertans are resilient,
and donations.”
hardworking, and adaptable.
could strike again.
Calgary is on its way to recovering from the
immediately June disaster, but there is still a long way to
following the flood, when evacuation orders go and many ongoing concerns to address
on affected communities began to be lifted, before the city will truly be back to normal.
thousands of civilian volunteers descended Hopefully the coming months will see even
on the hardest-hit areas to help clean up. more progress made, businesses reopened,
In High River, which was among the areas and people returning to their homes.
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 23
For all of the Lancers who are look- mouth open, it makes me want to pick them FEVER: What song best describes your for them to make me ridiculously rich while
ing for someone to warm them up during the up and throw them outside.
love life?
subsequently ensuring me the best interncold winter months, meet this months’ Bach- FEVER: If you had the day off school, what Hastie: Raining men by the Weather Girls.
ship ever. Then I’d design and build a maselors and Bachelorettes. This month features would you do? Vesuna: I would
Greenfield: Not just sive dream home and invest lots of money
Emma Hastie and Minocher Vesuna, Grade sleep for half the day, I am reromance wise but Furr in the space program, therefore getting me
10, Devin Greenfield and Lucas Campo, ally tired.
by Blitzen Trapper de- my rocket. Grade 11, and Adele Macdonald and Ryan Hastie: Sleeping mostly. I
scribes the whole high Macdonald: I would get all of my favourite
Stelter, Grade 12. There is sure to be a match would hang out with friends too.
school/ falling in love bands to play an exclusive concert, plus a
for everyone.
thing everybody hopes meet and greet.
Stelter: I would buy a plane ticket, and head
for in general. ing time outside with
what movie are you
Macdonald: Every- straight to New York City. Then Japan. Then
embarrassed to adwhere I Go by Holly- Australia. Basically travel around the world.
Campo : I am probmit that you cry?
wood Undead.
ably dead.
Vesuna: I cried at
Stelter: Hello,
animal would you
Macdonald: Sleeping,
the end of E.T. when
by Lionel Richbe. Why?
or working.
E.T. went home.
Vesuna: I would
Stelter: Sleeping all Adele Macdonald, Grade 12, is sav- ie. That one song
Hastie: Every Disbe a lion because
day. Any day that isn’t ing all of her love for Spiderman accurately deney movie, espeif I disliked someat school day is meant for relaxing, scribes every aspect of my love life.
All photos by Cassandra and that’s exactly how I use them.
cially Lady and the
FEVER: What is the best advice you
one, I could claw
Betts and Lauren Hunter
them to death.
Emma Hastie, Grade 10, is a posi- FEVER: What fictional character have ever received?
tive person and loves to read
Greenfield: I’m not
Vesuna: The best advice I have gotten
Hastie: Unicorn,
would be your ideal match?
a big crier but I got pretty upset when Mu- Hastie: Percy Jackson.
from my friends was “don’t screw up!”
because why not?
fasa died in The Lion King.
Greenfield: It would be awesome to date Hastie: Be yourself!
Campo : Black Dynamite.
Moose. Wait no
any super hero (or wizard) because basically Greenfield: The best advice I can reMacdonald: I am not embarrassed to admit if someone tries to take over the world you’re member getting is to never stop trying
panther. Hmmm...
that I cry everytime I watch The Amazing pretty much set. That
to be awesome, because
My spirit animal
being said I would
most of the time you Minocher Vesuna, Grade 10, is is a moose as there
Stelter: When the girl at the end of Bridge want to fight too so
don’t need to try, but it’s looking forward to band trips are cool, indepenas long as he’s good
To Teribithia died, I bawled.
the times that you do that re- dent, very Canadian and also I just think they
FEVER: What is your most annoying habit? with that it would be
ally make the difference. are pretty hardcore creatures. But I think it
Vesuna: I tap my fingers on desks and walls. perfect. Macdonald: Do not swear, it would be nice to be a panther as well because
is unbecoming of you.
Hastie: I am too humble.
Campo : Hermione
it comes with a greater overall quality of life,
Stelter: Watch your thoughts, not to mention stealth and intelligence. Greenfield: I get pretty giddy, and conse- Granger.
quently babble, which even I find annoying. Macdonald: Spiderthey become your words, Campo : A black panther because it symbolman. Enough said.
watch your words, they be- izes the freedom and struggle of my people.
Campo : I do not know, I am perfect.
Stelter: Hands down,
come your actions, watch your Also because I am fierce.
Macdonald: Playing my music too loud.
actions, they become your hab- Macdonald: My cat Gus, because he does
Stelter: Procrastination. If I have something Black Mamba (Uma
its, watch your habits, become not care about anything.
that needs to get done, it probably won’t Thurman) from Kill
Bill. Even though
charStelter: A cat. Imagine a
until next
she’s a deadly assasacter, watch
world where all you do is
sin, she’s attractive,
charsleep, eat, and play with
intelligent, cultured,
acter, it bestring, you can’t go wrong.
What anand exotic.
FEVER: What are you
Ryan Stelter, Grade 12, hates when comes your
FEVER: How would people chew with their mouth open destiny.
most looking forward to
habit can
this school year?
you let someone know you were interested FEVER: If you won one
Vesuna: I am looking forin him/her as more than a friend?
million dollars, what is the
ward to the band trips that
Vesuna: I would invite her to a movie and first thing you would buy?
I would tell her that I like her as more than Vesuna: If I won a milare going to happen this
Ve s u n a :
a friend.
lion dollars, the first thing
W h e n
Hastie: Stalking them.
I would buy would be a
Hastie: Art class!
people bite
Greenfield: Well I think it’s important to Camaro.
Greenfield: I am looking
the end of
forward to going camping
their pen- Lucas Campo, Grade 11, is fierce be comfortable with a person before getting Hastie: I would go to
for Bio 20/30.
into a relationship, but to get out of that zone Chapters and buy a bunch
Campo : The end.
I’d probably flirt in a direct way. However of books.
Hastie: Negative people.
Macdonald: Graduating,
Greenfield: I cannot stand when people crit- when that fails bluntness is always an option. Greenfield: Ok well at first
I said rocket ship, but then I Devin Greenfield, Grade 11, thinks of course!
icize a situation without knowing what they Campo : [Mess] them up.
Macdonald: Make a milkshake; they al- realized that a million dol- it would be fun to date a super hero Stelter: Grad night! It’s
are talking about.
lars really isn’t that much
the last celebration of the
Campo : Public Display of Affection. I am ways come when I do that.
Stelter: I try and be direct about it and just money, so instead I would start a design/ year, and a huge milestone for the rest of our
bitter about being single.
ask her out. It’s better than beating around architecture firm and use the million to hire lives. Besides, I’ve always wanted to ride in
Macdonald: PDA from my friends.
the best of the best. I’d wait a year or two a limo; grad night just gives me an excuse!
Stelter: When someone chews with their the bush.
Page 24
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Together Canadians
remember fallen soldiers
By Vince Thai
Every year leading up to November 11, people are seen with red poppies
over their hearts to show the ones who protected the free that they care and remember their efforts. Along with this poppy, at
11:11 am people in Australia, Barbados,
Today, they are mainly used
in the UK and Canada to commemorate
their servicemen and women who have
been killed since 1914. Poppy wreaths
are also often laid at war memorials.
Almost all public schools hold an
assembly for this moment when students
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Queer and proud of it: the
Scarlett QSA has arrived
By Lauren Hunter
and personal learning retreat for sexual
The Scarlett Queer-Straight Alli- and gender minority and allied youth” and
ance (QSA) is now officially up and running. showcases many of the goals that the ScarMore popularly known as a Gay-Straight Al- lett QSA stands for. Members of the group
liance (GSA), this club provides a safe and will also be attending the city-wide showwelcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bi- ing of the Laramie Project (which our drama
sexual, transgender, queer/questioning (LG- students are co-facilitating with actors from
BTQ) students and their straight allies.
other Calgary high schools), the second an
There have been small, mostly un- nual GSA conference on November 23, and
derground QSA’s at Scarlett for the past four many more events.
years.In contrast, this years QSA is hoping One question the QSA has been
to be more “loud and proud”. The student- faced with was why they chose the word
driven club is sponsored by CALM teacher, “queer” to be labeled by. Historically this
Angela Barclay, in Room 111 and is still has been known as a negative word, used
working on deciding on
to describe someone “strange,
an official name. The club “QSA has two main unusual, or diseased”. Recentmeets on Mondays during
goals: to create a ly this term has been reclaimed
lunch hour and promises to safe, accepting, and by the LGBTQ community as
be a safe place for anyone
work to take the negative
fun space is first on they
to go. The first rule of the
connotations out of it. “Queer”
QSA is confidentiality. It the list. The second is a phrase that is now being
is made clear that nothing is raising conscious- commonly used as an umbrelsaid in QSA is to be re- ness (educating) and la term to describe all people
peated, and nobody in the
that are part of the LGBTQ
club will ever be asked to
community. A common catchdeclare their sexual preference or share any phrase is, “We are queer, and we are proud!”
When asked their opinion on peopersonal stories unless they wish to do so.
QSA has two main goals: to create ple that might oppose their club, members
a safe accepting and fun space is first on the of the QSA stated that: “We do not want to
list. The second is raising consciousness (ed- force our beliefs on anyone; you either like
ucating) and fundraising. Through the club’s us or you do not. We will not judge you on
actions, they want to promote tolerance and your opinion” They also stated that they reacceptance at Scarlett, and bring the school spect everyone’s opinion, and that they are
Photo by Vince Thai
These boxes of poppies can be found around the city, and the donation jar supports vetrans
Bermuda, Canada, India, Kenya, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, United
Kingdom, Northern Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and the
United States take a moment of silence
for those who have fallen for their safety.
On this day people around Canada hold many ceremonies, play memorial
songs, sing “O Canada,” and reflect during the minute of silence upon those who
retained Canada’s safety. These ceremonies are how most Canadians show their
thanks for all that the veterans have done to
maintain peace in Canada. The most common way Canadians show respect is when
they donate a few dollars for the poppy.
The remembrance poppy (Papaver rhoeas) has been used since 1920 to
commemorate soldiers who have died in
war. Inspired by the World War I poem
“In Flanders Fields,” by John McCrae,
they were first used by the American Legion to commemorate American soldiers
who died in that war (1914–1918). The
poppies were then adopted by military
veterans’ groups in some Commonwealth
states, including the United Kingdom,
Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
pay their respect for those who have fallen.
Many events are recalled to help students
remember what these soldiers did for the
people of their countries, and why people
of these nations have this day. Music is also
played including bagpipes and the trumpet
to remember the fallen soldiers. T h e
federal department of Veterans Affairs Canada states that the date is of “remembrance
for the men and women who have served,
and continue to serve our country during
times of war, conflict and peace,” such as
wars Canadian men and women participated in for the greater good. During this day
the Canadian flag is flown at half-mast to
show the people they care and remember.
Canada celebrates those who have
sacrificed themselves for the better of the
country, not aiming to gain fame, or money,
but to keep their family and friends as well
as their nation safe from harm. Citizens give
them the recognition they deserve though,
an entire day dedicated to their actions, a
whole day to show they care about how
they helped. These soldiers stand strong
for people, and the people stand strong supporting them with a day of celebration of
thanks for them. Any citizen wanting to
support just needs a poppy, nothing more.
Photo by Lauren Hunter
Members of the Scarlett Queer-Straight Alliance show their pride by holding an equality banner
community closer. The club acts as a sort of
friendship circle or family. They promise to
welcome all students with open arms, regardless of gender, race, sexual preference,
or any other factors. The group works with
the motto ‘fun and fellowship’ in mind.
They want to activate social change while
still being a relaxed and fun place to be.
The club also plans to fundraise
for a variety of causes. Their main charity,
Camp Fyrefly, is “an educational, social,
just a group of like-minded people fighting
for the right and freedom to be who they
are. The Scarlett QSA is a steadilygrowing group of open-minded activists
who are willing to combat outdated views of
human sexuality in order to promote gender
and sexual diversity (GSD). For anyone who
wants to create social change and have fun
doing it, head over to Room 111 any Monday at lunch.
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Prepare to scream at Calgary’s annual Screamfest
By Gwyneth Manlangit
For many, the very last day of
October is all about getting into the Halloween spirit, carving pumpkins into jacko’-lanterns, dressing up into costumes,
knocking on doors trick-or-treating, but
most of all, getting a good scare and hearing those terrifying screams under a pitchblack sky. Throughout the entire month,
Canada’s largest and scariest Halloween
event, Screamfest, returns to Stampede
Screamfest’s entertainment area where the
real fun begins. In this section, people can
witness a variety of horrific performances
including one from Ryan Stock and Amber
Lynn who will prove that it is possible to
eat a sharp, long sword.
Guests who dare to present
themselves as courageous may also wish
to participate at the Madhouse, where
they are locked up to endure a quagmire that will not soon be forgotten.
Carnival games will as well be a
Photo by Vince Thai
James Creelman, grade 12, preparing his frightened face for the scariest festival of the year
Park to hear Calgarians scream with horror.
This terrifying, yet fun-filled and
exciting festival is based on celebrating Halloween and is a month-long special event
that occurs every Friday and Saturday night
in October and on Halloween. For people
ages twelve and up who are ready to experience a thrilling adventure, Screamfest offers its spooky haunted houses, creepy carnival games, dreading entertainment, and
fearful contests. Guests can enter the gates
of the grandstand with the admission price
of $25– that is, if they are brave enough.
Screamfest is the place to be in
the evening from seven o’clock to midnight to embrace the spirit of all Hallow’s
eve– more specifically, the haunted houses. The event provides admission to six
houses: Terror Under the Big Top, Reapers and Grimm, What Lies Beneath, Bates
Motel, What Lurks in the Dark, and the
Asylum. By the names of these haunted
houses first impressions aim to terrify and
those are the impressions to follow. Hidden (until they come and capture guests) in
these buildings are a variety of many objects and creatures dead or alive, to aim for
goosebumps all over visitors’ bodies. From
themes of creepy carnivals to eerie graveyards, guests should be prepared for what
is in front of them...and behind, when visiting Screamfest’s exclusive haunted houses.
If walking through strange houses
is not enough, Calgarians can partake in
stopover at this stimulating event where
prizes that cannot be found anywhere else
can be won. If four tokens of killer cash are
saved, one can spend it by feeding Scary
Gary delicious brains or fish dead bodies
from the river. Participants of carnival games
will be able to test their skill, and their luck.
This year, the annual event added a
new component to its event, Zombie Paintball. By driving around in a bus pegging
off the walking dead one by one, paintball
fans are able to live out their zombie apocalypse fantasies. Many more events also
are held such as being buried alive, where
guests experience the creepy crawlies
the earth holds beneath, going deeper
and deeper, or watching “The Screamer”
once it attacks. As all of these events take
place, the horror and enjoyment increases.
Of course, the event would not be
complete without contests that will definitely make participants, and even viewers
scream. Only the toughest can join and compete, filling their mouths with bugs and even
more challenges that are difficult to imagine.
With all the thrilling events at
Screamfest, it is a night to embrace Halloween spirit with friends and/or family
who are ready for surprises, having fun, and
of course, screaming. Once inside the gates,
the suspense builds and there is no turning
back – the doors are locked, inside the scariest event of the year, something that should
not be missed.
Page 25
Flashback to the ‘80s
By Libby Kizer
and Emma Ohirko
and totally tubular music videos were introduced; the perfect example of this is Cyndi
Lauper’s iconic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
MTV in the ‘80s was really all about the
The 1980s, a decade of loud music, music. Long before the Cribs’ reruns and
neon clothes and movies directed by Jersey Shore, MTV played music videos all
John Hughes, many enjoyed partying, and the time and had the most up-to-date news of
many people were quirkier than ever. Things the music realm along with the now virtually
like cellphones did not exist; instead kids unheard of video jockeys. Although video
listened to Madonna and watched the totally jockeys still exist, the term is rarely used and
radical MTV. Kids hung out on the streets, their popularity has tanked.
neighbours gossiped, people were not rely- Besides MTV, there were other TV
ing on Wikipedia to do their homework, and shows that were mega-hits, like Family Ties,
Facebook was nowhere near invention.
Full House, and Dynasty, all of which still
Perhaps the best part of the ‘80s replay on our TVs today. 21 Jumpstreet was
was the movies. There were movies for possibly one of the biggest TV shows back
every age and every genre; movies were then, and has been recently remade into a
almost always entertaining. It seems that wildly popular, totally tubular movie feamost people’s favourite movies were made turing some of today’s greatest stars. Back
in the ‘80s. Out of all the movies from that then there were streets to dance on, haircuts
decade, the teen movies seem to stand out to get, and music to work out to, people were
the most. Footloose, for example, is one that not stuck at home watching TV with nothing
has remained popular over the years. There better to do. This might be why TV shows
has even been a remake released that did back then were not given much thought.
quite well in the box office. Movies like The Neon clothes were the fad and
Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing and Risky side ponytails were the truth of the matter.
Business, have become household names. Whether it was Michael Jordan wannabes
More so, movies today have made tribute to or cool surfer dudes, everyone was rocking
the ‘80s. For example, Easy A honoured the to their own tune. The ‘80s fashion was all
great teen movies, by featuring short glimps- about standing out, and being will. They
es and songs from their famous soundtracks. wore crazy, mix-matched patterns and the
Soundtracks then were not about having the bigger the hair the better. Every clique had
latest greatest artist singing but more about their own style; the Preppies wore polos,
the bodacious beat.
the Rebels wore trench coats and the Punks
The ‘80s produced some of the wore spikes. Needless to say style was a vibiggest names in music to date. Names like tal part of everyone’s personality.
Metallica, Madonna and Michael Jackson Overall, the ‘80s was a decade of
Photo by Libby Kizer
Michella Thai, 10, wears a tribute to the tublar decade by rocking ‘80s inspired hair and clothes
are still recognized in most homes. From
Tina Turner to The Rolling Stones music
was popular in all groovy genres. Bands and
singers like Queen and Ozzy Osborne created anthems for sport leagues, movies and
everything in-between. The dawn of the
music video was in the ‘80s. Ultra popular
fun-loving people on the verge of discovering great things. It is a decade remembered
for its relatable movies, great dancingg music and ridiculous fashion crazes. Although
technology and fashion has evolved since
the 1980s, the lifestyle has not changed immensely. Stay radical, dudes.
Page 26
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Youtube becomes viable
career option for some
By Jessica Chen
YouTube is only ten years old, but
it is already one of the largest forms of media
available. This is because YouTube contains
nearly everything: cat videos, makeup tutorials, video game commentaries,
educational YouTube channels, comedy
shows, and many other clips. Over six billion
hours of videos on YouTube are watched
per month, and over 100 hours are uploaded
to YouTube per minute. YouTube reaches
more teenagers than even TV does.
People making content for their
subscribers would only be doing this for
a hobby had there not been the option
of partnering with YouTube. To have a
pastimes are video game commentaries,
commonly called “Let’s Plays.” Because
they are recordings of video games, it could
be debated that they violate copyright, even
though commentary is added over the sound
of the game. The violation of copyright
to these videos vary on a case-by-case
basis. For example, Nintendo considers
commentaries of their games to violate
copyright and request a share of the money
earned from people watching these videos,
while Ubisoft and Mojang encourage videos
of their games. Other companies will allow
commentaries with permission, and some do
not allow their games to be commented on
at all.
Photo by Jessica Chen
Popular Youtubers can easily make money using the video website and uploading perodically
The monetization of videos allow
YouTube partnership, a YouTuber must
have a few subscribers and be willing to creators on YouTube to provide popular and
have advertisements on at least one of their entertaining content completely free, which
videos. In return, YouTube offers some is what everyone wants: free entertainment.
features and the ability to earn revenue from Educational material is also on YouTube
these ads. For many aspiring YouTubers the for no charge, and sometimes the content
is just as entertaining as it
partnership will only produce
is educational. John and
a few dollars of spending
money, but if someone’s “It is possible to make Hank Green’s channel Crash
a living off of You- Course provides videos
content is good enough, it is
videos alone.” that give a crash course on
entirely possible to make a
several areas of study, which
living out of it.
can be incredibly helpful.
Being popular on YouTube takes
earns from the advertisements varies, but with
100 000 subscribers, someone can earn as much more work than being a popular actor
much as working a minimum wage part-time does, because while films involve hundreds
job, which is not much but it would certainly of people, YouTube content is almost
help. If someone has 500 000 subscribers, it entirely independent. Toby Turner, Jenna
is possible to make a living off of YouTube Marbles, John and Hank Green, and other
videos alone. Popular YouTubers that have popular YouTubers work incredibly hard to
several million subscribers such as Toby produce entertaining content. The fact that
Turner or Pewdiepie can use YouTube as YouTube provides the option for partnership
their only source of income and live rather encourages creativity, and who knows—
YouTube might be a viable career choice in
One of the many popular YouTube the future.
-- Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
By Emily Thomas
and Reanna Varga
Candace Allan attended Scarlett if we’d allow her, at only sixteen to do a
between 1974 and 1977, thirty-six years high school exchange to spend five months
ago. If those dates seem familiar, that is in Travestere, Italy.” She is in the process
because these are the same years Michael of finishing her non-fiction novel, which the
McCachen, featured in September’s FE- blog is based upon, so keep an eye open for
VER attended
her name.
Scarlett. That
Not surprisis no coinciingly,
Aldence. Allan
is his wife.
subject durShe particiing
pated in many
school was
of the same
such as the
was lucky
school plays
get an amazclub, although
ing teacher
she once lost
a role in a
every moplay because
ment worththe
while. Bioldid not think
ogy on the
other hand
was not her
-some lovely
truly enjoyed
irony there.
high school,
A l lan
having met
from being a
her husband
waitress afthere,
her grades
her degree in
were good
creative writenough not
Photo by Emily Thomas to cause her
ing to become
writer Allan smiles for the camera in her 1977 graduation photo any trouble;
and stay-athowever, in
home mom. Both her work-in-progress her words they did not need to be amazing.
non-fiction piece and blog go by the same “You are going to spend three years there”
name Text me, Love Mom, and are about she explains. She says to make them count,
her kids leaving
catching up after high school is
home and the ad- “A journey to the day I not as fun. Allan still keeps in
ventures and sto- found myself still pin- contact with about six people
ries it brings.
high school, and strives to
ing over the firstborn’s from
maintain old friendships.
swift departure, and
writes, “A jour
Her fondest memories
only starting to see
ney to the day I
were naturally of the drama
found myself still the humour in the sec- club, which brought her to many
pining over the ond’s being held at the social events, much like a band.
firstborn’s swift Canada/U.S border with The club met once a month and
all his belongings in a made it fun to stay involved in
only starting to plastic garbage bag...” school. Her least favourite part
see the humour in
was “trying to find your place
the second’s bein the social scheme of things,“
ing held at the Canada/United States bor- she explains. “That’s not the easiest part of
der with all his belongings in a plastic gar- high school.”
Allan was valedictorian in 1977.
bage bag, at the same time confused about whether it would be a positive or negative She was chosen because of the speech she
for our third child to enter an ashram, when wrote, which was judged against other
our youngest, a sensitive homebody, asked speeches and ultimately chosen.
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 27
New school nurse, Mercy Robertson, is ready to begin
supporting Scarlett with valuable nursing knowledge
Partem nurses, and those are the nurses that for them my advice would be to make a list
By Cassandra Betts
go and visit moms after they have their ba- of what you like to do and I guarantee you
Although Mercy Robertson has bies, we have Well Child nurses, and those will be able to find something in nursing that
been a nurse for eight years, her original ca- are the nurses that do the immunization for would definitely match up with those skills.
reer choice was that of a chef. She found that babies and for children, and then there’s the FEVER: What do you think is the most imafter her cooking training and involvement school nurses. The school nurses are out in portant thing that students can do to maintain
in the food industry, her skills transferred the community, we’re at the schools and their health?
we do do vaccination programs but I would Robertson: Is it [just] one thing or can I list
very nicely into nursing.
Things like good organizational think t my area of expertise is really the one three things? (Laughs) I think the first thing
skills and a strong emphasis on service par- on one teaching that I can do with parents. I is healthy eating and being very conscience
allel both jobs, and she is able to utilize her like that one-on-one interaction with people of what we’re putting in our bodies. Shying
experiences in big restaurants and fast paced because it creates an opportunity to have a away from processed foods and just eating
environments to aid her in her current career. rapport, build trust and to be able to share grassroots; eating off the land. If it grows in
nature eat it, if it comes from a factory you
Robertson feels like her background as a knowledge.
chef fits in very nicely with nursing, since FEVER: Detail the best and worst parts of should hesitate.
The second thing is exercise, getting outside
she is still taking care of people, just on a your job.
deeper and more personal level. Even while Robertson: The best part is being able to and keeping fit because it impacts our physishe was still a chef, Robertson always enter- help someone and know that you have made cal health, it impacts our emotional health
tained the possibility of going into nursing, a difference. The worst part is when you and it impacts our mental health. Exercise
because it seemed like a good career that of- have to still support people’s decisions even does all those things for us. I think the third
though you don’t believe in them. I think thing would just be positive mental health;
fered many opportunities.
The native Saskatchewanian now that’s good and bad, you know like [I don’t making sure that you’re aware of yourself,
takes care of eight different schools in Cal- agree with] people who don’t want to vacci- your limitations and [that you] have copgary, six elementary, one junior high and nate their kids but it is what it is. It’s always ing strategies to manage your stress. I think
Scarlett. All of her schools feed into Scar- a challenge to always make sure that you’re those are the three things that I would advise
lett, so she has the chance to see some fa- being professional and still being supportive students on, [but I have to start with] healthy
miliar faces throughout the years, and keep and making sure that they still have all the eating because it always comes up at the top
of the list.
providing that intimate service. The FEVER information to guide their decisions.
reached Robertson at the guidance office, FEVER: What advice do you have for stu- FEVER: What simple, easy things that lead
and settled down to talk about her role at the dents who are interested in going into nurs- to good health do people often neglect?
Robertson: Healthy eating! Healthy eating
school, her interests and nursing in general.
FEVER: What are your duties as school Robertson: Do it, do it, DO IT! It’s a very would be the first one and sleep would be the
PerRobertson: As a school nurse my role is to
sonally, what do
support the teachers and the students [and]
you do to remain
to [help them maintain] a healthy environhealthy?
Probment. That can look at nutrition, it can look
ably healthy eatat positive mental health, sexual reproducing?
tive health, active lifestyle, getting out and
Robertson: Well,
getting exercise and [it even deals with]
I was a chef so
connect[ing] with resources in the commuI think I eat exnity. My job is also to support the teachers
tremely well. I
while they integrate health into the curricuexercise, I do
yoga, and I do
For example, one of the high
schools is looking at hydration in their scimake sure I have
ence classes. They have a hydration system
time for myself
that tracks how many times students fill up
too, because life
their water bottles and then they look at the
is busy.
population, so they’re able to transcribe
FEVER: What is
those numbers and tell if everyone getting
the most common
the amount of hydration in the day that they
reason students
need. It seems complicated but it is part of
come to see you?
health and it makes it interesting. So that’s
Photo by Cassandra Betts
part of my job.
Although Mercy Robertson started out her career as a chef, she now applies Robertson: Usuthe skills she learned to nursing and taking care of Scarlett students
ally it’s sexual reI also support the teachers with resources
productive health.
that they can access for students [regarding]…sexual health, mental health, and dis- diverse career choice. I think people see That would be at the top of the list because
plays on topics such as tobacco reduction, nursing as either being in a hospital or even students feel that they can ask me questions
healthy eating, the importance of sleep, and being at a school, and [really] it’s so much that they wouldn’t want to ask anyone else.
more than that, there are so many layers.
The second thing I would say is mental
all those types of things.
FEVER: What would you consider to be If you’re interested in math you could be a health and addiction.
nurse and do research. If you’re interested FEVER: If you were not a school nurse
your “area of expertise?”
Robertson: Before I got into school nurs- in policies and the political aspects of it you what would you be doing?
ing I worked in the Well Child program. could be a nurse and look at the policy de- Robertson: If I were not a school nurse I’d
In our office there are many types of pub- velopment that guides the health of many be home playing with my babies! I have
twins that are four years old, so they keep
lic health services, so I’m going to explain people. There’s so many different areas.
that because it’s important. We’ve got Post If anyone thinks that nursing is not a career me busy.
FEVER: As a nurse, what is one of the scariest situations you have witnessed?
Robertson: The first time I had a patient
code (when somebody goes into cardiac arrest) when I was working in the hospital.
I just graduated and that was a very scary
experience, but I had the feeling that it was
going to happen, right at the beginning of the
shift. Nurses have this intuition and you can
just kind of tell that “oh yeah, this is going
to be a not so good day.” That’s exactly what
happened. My patient coded and he ended
up in the ICU. He did recover, but months
and months later, and that was one of the
scariest [moments].
FEVER: What is one of your unexpected
Robertson: A few years ago I took a wood
turning class. I learned how to use a lathe
and I made some bowls, some candle sticks
and some spindles on a lathe. It was a threeday course and [now] it’s something that I
actually quite like. Not often enough, but
occasionally I will turn a few things on the
I think the other thing I could add too is ice
carving. When you take cooking you get to
spend an entire term on sculptures, [learning]
how to sculpt food, and how to sculpt ice. I
actually won second place in an ice carving
competition where you carve ice with chisels and chain saws. So I can actually carve
ice with a chain saw. That’s something that a
lot of people don’t know about me.
FEVER: What is your best memory as a
high school student?
Robertson: Taking a field trip to an art gallery in another city. I got to go from Regina
to Saskatoon and visit this amazing art gallery. Getting to spend the day there taking
pictures and just being immersed in culture
and art [was fantastic].
FEVER: Do you remember there ever being
a school nurse when you were in school?
Robertson: When I was a kid in elementary
school we had the best school nurse and she
was amazing. I think she inspired me, because that’s one of the reasons that I chose
public health because I thought it was the
coolest thing in the world because she was
like a mom at school. That’s what she did,
she mothered us. If you didn’t feel good
she was there to make you feel better and I
thought “that is a really cool job.” So that’s
what inspired me because that’s always
stuck with me.
Robertson is a warm and profound
lady with an abundance of knowledge to
share with students on a number on different
topics. She can be found at Scarlett on Tuesdays until two-thirty, for people who would
like to drop in and chat. Any students wishing to make an appointment with her can
contact Terri Jackson in the guidance office,
and she will see to it that things are set up.
A big thank you to Mercy Robertson for the
work she does at our school and for chatting
with the FEVER.
Page 28
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
A 2000-year-old tradition
still celebrated in Canada
By Vince Thai
Around the world on October 31,
children will be found knocking on doors,
yelling out the phrase, “trick-or-treat”
and receiving candy. Most children know
that this is a day to wear costumes and go
around asking for candy, but the traditions
did not start out this way.
About two thousand years ago,
the Celts had a different meaning for Halloween. It was not even named Halloween,
it was named after the lord of death, Samhain. The Halloween we know originated
from their definition of Halloween. Back
passing of the dead. The following day was
to admire Pomona, the goddess of fruit and
trees. The symbol identifying Pomona is an
apple and the combination of this celebration into Samhain probably explains the
tradition of “bobbing” for apples today on
Christianity spread throughout the
Celtic lands by 800 AD. Near this time, the
Celtic festival for the passing of the dead
was replaced by a church-sanctioned holiday. The pope at this time, Pope Boniface
IV designated the day November 1 as All
Saints’ Day, a day to honour saints and
Photo by Vince Thai
The original symbolism of death is still present in many commercialized Halloween decorations
then, winter was the time of year associated
with human death. The Celts believed that
on this night it marked the end of summer
and the beginning of winter, the boundary between the worlds of the living and
the dead blurred around this time allowing ghosts from the dead to return to earth. Celts thought that the presence of these
ghosts made it easier for the Druids, the
Celts’ priests, to predict the future. These
predictions were a very important source of
comfort and direction for the Celts during
their long, dark, frightening winters days. To celebrate their god, Samhain,
the Celts built huge, sacred bonfires around
which the Celts gathered to burn crops and
animals as sacrifices to their ancient gods. During the celebration, the Celts dressed up
in costumes consisting of animal heads and
skins and tried to tell each other’s fortunes. The Celts eventually were con
quered by the Romans, and by about the
year 43 AD two Roman festivals were combined with the Celtic Samhain festival. The
first Roman festival was Feralia, this was
an event celebrated late in October for the
martyrs. Both of these events combined to
be named All-hallows or All-hallowmas.
The night before it, the night of Samhain,
started being named All-hallows Eve, and
then soon Halloween.
Somehow a ceremony held to keep
a culture safe turned into a celebrated event
which most kids in some countries partake
in because they get an enormous amount
of free candy. Western culture has turned
dressing up in animal skins into dressing up
as anything to gain candy. What was originally meant for devotion has now turn into
a celebration of fun.
The Celts probably never would
have thought their celebration being celebrated by hundreds of millions of people
in Scotland, Ireland, South America, Australia, New Zealand, (most) continental Europe, Japan, and other parts of East Asia.
Most children participate in this event
because it is fun to dress up, and receive
free candy. People misunderstood the real
intention of Halloween these couple of
thousand years. This adds to the mystery of
Scarlett FEVER
For those interested in scoping out
a brand new establishment, Red’s Diner
recently opened a location in Ramsay. The
diner’s first day of business was Thursday,
October 10, and the spiffy new decorations
boast it; the gleaming, brand new, and
stylishly modern, yet rustic décor making
Red’s the perfect spot to spend a sociable
Sunday afternoon with friends or family. Not
only this, but Red’s is also a pleasant stroll
October 2013
slow arriving for an order of breakfast dishes
during off-hours, about fifteen to twenty
minutes, even with the restaurant half full,
and only three orders ahead. Also, dishes
that were prepared sat on the service counter
while the rest of the food was brought out,
and until a server was available to take the
order out, making for a less than ideal warm
While the food was somewhat
slow to arrive,
considering it
was mid-after
during peak
times) it is still
that one visit
and 3 pm is
during peak
hours the wait
is be much
longer due to
crowds. That
being said, as
Photo By Lauren Morris
the restaurant
Red’s recently opened location has a trendy atomosphere and decor, which
newlyleans itself perfectly to a relaxing Sunday brunch experience with family
opened, there
away from Inglewood’s main street, and the is a good chance that Red’s will better
many shopping
Upon arrival
the staff was
both friendly
quick to seat
patrons, and to
bring glasses
of ice water
to the table.
When ordered,
the drinks also
described how
many orders
Photo by Lauren Morris
were already The Eggs Benedict at Red’s Diner’s, which unfortunately was slightly cold
in the kitchen,
giving an idea of how long the wait might be. streamline their dining experience in the
However, it was evident that Red’s still has near future.
continued on page 33
some kinks to work out of their system after October’s grand opening. Food was fairly
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 29
How to stay fit during
the winter season
By Michelle Hudson and jump rope. A short period of skipBrooke Sherwin
ping can be just as effective and
October’s teacher of the the students and claims that this is Studies. After achieving this demonth is Rob Brown. His enthu- his favourite part of his job. The gree, Brown received a Bachelor
siasm and his passion for what he course content does not change, of Arts in Education. If he had not
does makes him a great candidate but the personalities do and they decided to go into teaching, he
for Teacher of the Month. Brown make Brown’s days interesting and would have liked to go into architeaches social studies at Scarlett full of laughs. “No two days are tecture or medicine. According to
and is currently teaching Social ever the same…” he claims and him, this is “...funny because they
20-1 and Social 30-1.
are pretty different
He decided to
from what [he] is doteach social studies as his
ing now.”
“passion, interests and
If his life was
backgrounds” led him
made into a movie,
there. He has always been
he would want Bruce
strong in the social sciences
Willis to play him
and liberal arts, so it seemed
as Willis shares the
a perfect fit. As well, he “...
same hairline, and
could not think of anything
he also plays some
worse than doing math all
interesting characters
day, every day...”
with a twist. A sec
Brown knows a
ond option would be
great deal about his subject
Hank from Breaking
which helps him to proBad. Brown claims
vide students with relatable
that he “…gets comanalogies and easy-to-unpared to him a lot.”
Also, if he was
derstand lessons for his stustranded on an island
dents. He also shows videos
and could bring three
to help students understand
things, he would
difficult concepts. He is a
bring his iPad loaded
helpful teacher and students
with music, books
know that they can go to
and survival apps;
him if they are having proband with this, he
lems with anything whether
would bring speakers
it is Keynesian economics
and a solar charger.
or the causes of the Great
His second obDepression, Brown will be
ject would be his
there to help .
Brown started at
ten-person tent. And
Photo by Lucy Garret
Scarlett in 1999 and be- Brown demonstrates his enthusiasm for social studies thirdly, he would
cause this is his fifteenth
bring a survival kit
year at Scarlett, he knows the that is what he loves most. He is with a tarp, rope, hatchet, and flint.
school and the students well. This looking forward to spending the And if it is not too much to ask for,
also shows how much he likes next couple of months with his he would like to bring a satellite
the school. His favourite part of classes as he has some “…pretty phone with never-ending batteries.
Scarlett are the teachers and the cool personalities this semester.”
He also requested a vending maWhen Brown is not at chine that never runs out of food
students who according to him are talented and passionate, all with school, he likes to hang out with and drinks.
his family and “watch his kids Some would argue that
different, unique personalities.
Brown states, “I have grow up.” He also really likes to he is asking to bring too much and
worked with some amazing people travel and is looking forward to the that this answer may be regarded as
who are really good at what they school’s Europe trip in the spring cheating, but it is perfectly allowed
do and are fun to be around. Many that he is planning and leading. “It as all the objects are one item that
of them have become almost like a is a big and interesting world,” he contain multiple other things.
Brown can be found in
second family and I look forward says. He also likes to watch and to seeing them, learning from them play sports, particularly hockey. If the social hallway, most likely jokand sharing laughs with them.”
one was to talk with his wife, she ing around or helping students un
He appreciates working at would probably say that he watch- derstand the Great Depression or
Scarlett, and although some days es hockey too much.
teaching students about the French
are better than others, he has a good Brown attended the Uni- Revolution. Thank you, Brown,
laugh at least once a day. Brown versity of Calgary where he re- for all the hard work and time you
loves the interactions he has with ceived a Bachelor of Arts in Urban spend helping your students.
It is that time of year.
The snow begins to fall and many
have to fight the temptation to
hibernate inside rather than exercise and stay fit. When Calgary’s
temperatures begin to plummet
dramatically it is especially difficult to maintain motivation to
work out. It is definitely a struggle to stay motivated when it is
below freezing outside, but it is
important to keep up healthy habits throughout the winter season.
It may feel like extra work when
one would rather be lying in bed
with a book and a cup of hot cocoa, but it will be worth it when
spring comes. Here are several
tips that will help one meet fitness
goals starting now.
When working out at
home, it is important to balance
cardio and muscle strengthening.
There are a variety of exercises
one can do to accomplish these
objectives using inexpensive
equivalent to a steady-paced run.
Jumping rope for a few minutes
each day can do wonders to advance cardio and leg strength. Try
Googling some different skipping
techniques, like jumping on one
The winter in Calgary
can be long and seem to go on forever, so one may want to change
up the usual workout routine. It is
important to keep workouts interesting so that they are enjoyable
and able to get one through the
laziness that winter brings. Community centres such as Southland
Leisure Centre, Westside Recreation, and the Jewish Community Centre offer a variety of
classes that range from beginner
to advanced workouts. Zumba
and Spin classes (cycling) are
great ways to have fun while exercising. An individual can never
know if they may like a new activity and chose to keep going.
Photo by Michelle Hudson
Taylor McCreary, Grade 11, stretches in her sports performance class
equipment that professional trainers recommend. A BOSU ball, a
half workout ball used for balance training, is an easy way to
improve full body strength and
equilibrium. Once comfortable
with the ball, one will be able to
develop core and leg strength in
a short period of time. A simple
jumping exercise on top of the
ball can help increase full body
stabilization and cardio strength;
keep abs contracted and try focusing on a stationary object to avoid
losing balance.
As well as exercising on the BOSU ball, one can
focus on progressing in cardio
and stamina abilities with an extremely straightforward activity:
To maintain important flexibility,
one could even try a new yoga
studio; hot yoga is a popular and
great way to shake up an individual’s yoga routine, especially in
the cold weather.
Although it may be difficult to bundle up in warm clothes
just to drive over to a new workout studio, it will definitely pay
off and when spring comes. One
will be satisfied with the sweat
and struggles he/she endured.
Whether changing up a workout
routine this winter, or continuing
to play Wii Fit in the living room,
one is guaranteed to reap the benefit all season long. Besides, all
hard work will be worth it when
the holiday season arrives.
Page 30
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
-- Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Do-it-yourself: creepy yet cute Halloween cupcakes
By Lauren Morris
m a k ing sure
For the perfect
to leave
touch for a Halloween
party this year, try makroom for
ing Halloween cupcakes.
the canIn decorating designs for
the most basic beginner
to those for more expePlace a
rienced bakers, Hallowfang on
een cupcakes are sure to
either end
spook-up any Halloween
dessert ensemble.
In this article, a
basic chocolate cupcake
recipe was used, with
F o r
cream cheese icing.
a creepy
For the simplest
All photos by Lauren Morris cupcake,
cupcake; the pumpkin
creepy-crawler spider cupcake calls for only a few key decorating ingredients and is a try
cupcake, the decorating This delicious
way to make a cupcake halloween-themed and 3-D, not to mention tasty
supplies required include:
food colouring, mini donuts, and green jelly
cupcake. The
beans. Simply ice the cupcake using a knife
or spatula, then cut the donut in half and
in“paste” the donut onto the top of the cupclude: chococake.
late sprinkles,
Make orange icing following the
instructions on the food dye package, and
ice the donut to the very edge of the cupcake
and licorice
with the orange icing. Then, stick the jellystrips. Start with an
bean into the top of the donut to resemble a
iced cupcake,
The next cupcake is the vampire
then coat the
cupcake, for which food colouring, parchcupcake
ment paper, chocolate sprinkles, smarties,
the chocolate
licorice, and candy corn is needed. Startsprinkles, then
ing with an iced cupcake, cut two strips of
cut the licoparchment or wax paper, lay the strips in a
rice strips into
wide v on one side of the cupcake.
Sprinkle some of the chocolate
sections, about This witch’s hat is made with an icecream cone: fill it with
icing for a sweet and spooky Halloween treat
sprinkles over the exposed area to create
one and a half
Even when following these instructhe hairline. Shake off the excess and then
inch in length
tee, there are some common probremove the parchment. Place two smarties
each. Stick half a toothlems
may encounter. Luckily, all these
a little lower down from the V symmetripick into each leg, then
cally across from each other to create eyes
arrange four legs on each problems have simple solutions. If the icing
(red is preferred, although any colour can be The pumpkin cupcake has half of a donut hidden inside it to make side, four in opposition is too runny when decorating, put it in the
of another four. To finish, fridge for ten minutes or so, so that it firms
it the perfect rotund shape, mimicking the popular gourd
stick two smarties next to up. Conversely, if the icing is too hard, leave
used). Then,
using tweezers each other on one side of the cupcakes be- it on the counter for ten minutes to warm
it up to room temperature. If when dying
sure tween the pairs of legs for eyes.
The final cupcake is the witch hat the icing the desired colour is not being
to wash them well) place a cupcake. For this cupcake food dye, melting achieved, separate some of the icing from
larger choco- chocolate or chocolate sauce, a round, plain the rest and experiment finding the right colate sprinkle cracker or cookie, an icecream cone, and a lour. This way, if the icing turns out an icky
each smartie or other small candy is needed. Dye brown, not all of the icing will be ruined.
If having difficulties applying fine
“eye,” slant- the cream cheese frosting either orange or ing each in- purple, whichever is preferred, then, using details to the cupcakes, try using tweezers to
ward towards a piping bag, pipe a swirl of icing onto the apply decorations, or move placed candies
into the desired position using a toothpick.
the eye for cupcake.
No matter the decorating and bakTaking either the melted chocolate
brows. Cut a small piece of or the chocolate sauce and using a pastry ing skills one has, decorating Halloween
licorice, about brush, coat the top half of the cookie/crack- cupcakes are always a fun way to celebrate
two centime- er. Then, coat the outside of the icecream the year’s spookiest holiday.
Make them for parties, decorate
tres in width, cone, and paste the two together. Refrigerate and place this the “hat” for ten to twenty minutes, until the them with friends or younger relatives, or
about halfway chocolate solidifies. Using the piping bag, even make them just to eat! So liven (or
the put a spot of icing on the back of the smartie deaden) up this Halloween with some creepeyes and the and stick it to the front of the hat. Place the tacular cupcakes that will be sure to amuse
bottom of the hat onto the cupcake, pressing down to se- friends and family, and make for a tasty
cupcake for a cure it to the icing.
This “scary” vampire will make guests’ stomachs turn in terror and fright
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 31
Discovering the joys, pleasures and benefits of reading
By Lucy Javorcikova
as well. The brain, just like any muscle in and the words one reads as “brain food.”
Everyone has had that one teacher, one’s body, needs exercise and blood flows So, the more one feeds the brain, the more it
parent, friend, or family member who is con- to one’s brain when one engages it in read- develops. The visual cortex works as one’s
stantly telling us to read. Not just once
in a while, but all the time. The number
of times students get told to read ranges
in the hundreds. Often, as soon as one is
born they are being read to, but as always,
there is a truth to the reading phenomena.
The proof that the claim is correct was made when a group of Stanford
neurobiologists, led by literary scholar
Natalie Phillips, examined blood flow
in the brains of students who were given passages to read from Jane Austen’s,
“Mansfield Park” while inside MRI machines. The results were surprising. The
students were asked to read leisurely at
first, and then change to critical reading.
Philips noticed in both cases an increase
in blood flow. The whole point of this
exercise was to see if leisure reading had
the same effect as critical reading. The
Photo by Lucy Javorcikova
results were quite exciting: both types of
The benefits of reading can be just as creative as the ideas and novels that inspire their authors
reading can benefit one neurologically
in significant ways, just in case expand- ing. When reading, blood flows to regions of eyes track the words and look at the picture.
ing one’s cultural knowledge is not reason the brain beyond the areas responsible for In turn, the memory will make connection to
basic functions. Instead, it flows to areas that what one is reading, what one already knows
Reading increases one’s general associate with close concentration and fo- about the topic, and what the person is taking
knowledge, the things one reads in books are cus. This drastically helps one’s aptitude in in. Reading is literally one of the best comnot always taught in school, so it can be like science, mathematics, social studies, and of plex brain activities to perform.
a mini-lesson. It is important to not think of course English; one will even notice concen- If one is finding that listening skills
reading as a chore, it is not. Language skills tration and focus improves drastically when need improvement, reading is the cure for
are also improved with reading. One absorbs doing schoolwork.
that as well. Through reading one learns to
the material and one’s vocabulary improves Think of the brain as a stomach, recognize phonemes (sound building blocks
of language), new words for one’s oral vocabulary, and as previously mentioned, the
ability to focus for longer periods of times.
Now, here is the best part. The
reading does not have to be long, boring articles or informational books. Any piece of
literature, even if it a blog online, is reading.
Studies also show that certain types of mindtesting video games can also challenge one’s
With this compelling research one
should definitely consider reading a minimum of thirty minutes a day. If this is a challenge, break up the time. Consider reading a
book on that ten-minute bus ride to school
and then again on the way home. It is actually been proven to be calming to read before
bed as well. Make time for it and one’s brain
will be thankful.
Reading is wonderful, and when
becomes immersed in a story it gets even
better. Here are a couple of books to give a
try; The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
has received rave reviews and is perfect if
one is looking for a heartwarmer; just remember tissues for this one. If one loves romantic, historical fiction then The Lost Wife
by Alyson Richman is perfect. The novel
tells a story of two Czechoslovakian Jews,
and is told from each of the lovers’ perspectives.
In total reading is enjoyable and
beneficial, but do not make it a chore. Reading takes one to wonderful places, and is a
good use of time. Happy reading Lancers!
The unknown perilous danger of Internet copyright laws
By Labeeba Mahmood
Internet copyright laws have become a major issue for musicians, writers,
and artists as a result of people using the Internet to pirate their work.
Copyright laws ensure that someone cannot steal someone else’s work to
make a profit, or call it their own. On the Internet one has access to many products they
want for free including pictures, movies, music, essays, information, and so much more.
Even though the Internet has copyright laws,
and it is illegal if one copies something from
the Internet without permission, unlawful
copying in rampant.
Stealing a CD from a store is obviously wrong, but downloading music for
free from the Internet is also unlawful. Music is something that one might have to pay
for, but on the radios and web pages like
YouTube, individuals are allowed to listen
to music for free. People know that illegally downloading music from the Internet is
against the law, but they do it anyways. It
seems as if there is no true purpose for the
Internet copyright laws for music or anything else if no one is obeying them.
Internet copyright laws for music
however exists because it is against the law
to copy someone’s creative work, but is also
difficult to declare anyone guilty because so
many people do it. There are serious conse-
quences for music piracy, but only if it has nounced the reintroduction of the Govern- Plagiarising anything from the Inbeen reported that one has been making prof- ment of Canada’s Copyright Modernization ternet comes under civil law, and the perAct under the new designation of Bill C-11. petrator can be heavily punished. In high
it from it.
school, if one is caught plagiarising
Numerfrom the Internet to hand in an assignous myths
ment or a project, one will receive a
cause peozero or will have to rewrite an essay or
ple to think
research paper. Ones’ parents will also
that there
be notified of the incident and it will be
To use information and ideas found
on the Internet, one must cite it so that
the Internet
the author is credited for his/ her work,
but in fact
and they can never directly copy what
the author has written without identifycopyright
ing it as a quotation. Just because somelaws do exthing on the Internet is available for free
ist and are
does not mean that it can be copied.
in effect on
Copyright laws on the Internet have
t o d a y .
sparked debates ever since the Internet
was created. Copyright laws for printed
materials are clear cut, but because the
Internet is still young, copyright laws
laws apply
are developing slowly. The owner or
to any crewriter should be able to control how the
ative work,
Photo by Labeeba Mahmood
work is used but it is very difficult to
i n f o r m a - Pirating music and burning it to DVDs is no longer the only way to illegally obtain music restrict that on the Internet.
At some point, Internet copyright
tion that one would find while researching This bill was passed and would criminalize the act of circumventing, or making avail- laws may disappear, but for now Internet
on any topic.
On September 29, 2011, Minis- able to the public the ability to circumvent, copyright laws are in effect and should be
ter of Canadian Heritage James Moore and digital rights management and software considered when using something from the
Minister of Industry Christian Paradis an- locks.
Page 32
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Cancun surrogacy clinics make headlines in Canada
By Kyra Bird
They will find any way legal or otherwise, to
make sure conditions are either improved or
Though having children for most
these places are shut down to prevent more
couples is very easy, it can be extremely
people from getting hurt. The reason these
difficult for others. There are many options
Canadian experts have brought this topic
available including in-vitro fertilization,
to the minds of the public is for the sake
adoption and something less common but
of allowing Canadians to make the correct
equally effective called surrogacy.
choice when it comes to starting their own
Surrogacy is the process of a third
party woman entering into a
Despite the criticism,
legal agreement to carry and
of places like Cancun and
give birth to a baby that is for
surrounding areas, being an
another couple. The couple
international surrogate is one
receiving the child from the
of the safest jobs available to
surrogate mother are called the
women. Again, the experts
social parents. The process of
argue that the girls may even
surrogacy is ideal for people
be brainwashed to believe
in homosexual relationships as
this is the best job for them.
well as men and women who
Undoubtedly though, there is
have fertility issues who want
no denying that this particular
to have children.
job pays well, and the girls are
Typically, women who
completely consensual when
are unable to have kids have a
they come into the program.
medical condition that makes it
There are rules when it comes
difficult to conceive, they have
to who can be a surrogate. Girls
been told full pregnancy may
must be between the ages of 18be detrimental to their health
40 (Canada’s age regulation is
as well as the unborn child’s,
21-45), they must be a single
or they have a genetic disease
mother, they must pass medical
that they may pass on to any
and psychological testing,
biological children. Women are
and they must fully agree to
not the only ones that can be
all of the guidelines set out by
affected by fertility problems,
as men may not be able to
Even though there
biologically reproduce either.
has been a huge battle brewing
It is estimated that about 650
regarding the surrogacy issue,
000 Canadians (one in six) are
it seems as though experts in
affected with some form of
Cancun who agree with their
infertility and that there is only
laws and procedures have
one surrogate mother for every
stepped back, only choosing to
twenty people who need one.
comment when they believe it
There are many types
is totally necessary. This is a
of surrogacy, including the
way of proving that the benefit
most traditional method when
of their service speaks for itself.
Some of the highly-educated doctors and nurses who work at one of Cancun’s most controversial surrogacy clinics
a male from the social parent
The only notable contribution
donates his own sperm so
they have made to the discussion is to say
parents are informed about how to get their communal house with other surrogates.
that the child will be related to one of the
Other reports suggest that if a that one hidden benefit they offer is that
child into their home country.
social parents and the surrogate mother.
The most desirable quality of woman is carrying a baby from social it is legal in Mexico to take two different
Traditional surrogacy can also happen when
Cancun surrogacy is that even though parents who have HIV, they are paid extra surrogates and implant two different
a sperm donor is used from a clinic and the
couples pay a direct fee to the surrogate, because of the obvious danger that situation embryos so parents increase their chance of
surrogate mother is related to the child but
the cost savings can still be up to 75% off presents. This is an obvious attempt to prove having a baby and maybe even have two to
neither of the social parents are. Gestational
what one would pay in North America. the idea that women are forced into less than really expand their family. This process has
surrogacy occurs when the intended mother
The average cost of surrogacy programs ideal circumstances for the sake of financial never been seen in Canada.
from the social parents cannot carry a child
As if the criticism already facing
in North America (which includes both compensation. Not long after those reports
for medical reasons but has eggs that can be
the United States and Canada) can range came out, many new stories and studies them was not enough, the Cancun clinic has
fertilized. The social mother donates her egg
from about $100 000 to $150 000. Social surfaced highlighting the idea that there was agreed to be on a network television show
and the social father donates sperm to create
parents can save $75 000 or more with a very low chance of any mother getting ill coming soon called Babies Inc. which will
an embryo which is then placed within the
affordable surrogacy in Mexico. Even with even if the baby they were carrying already follow the journeys of couples choosing
surrogate mother because she is capable of
surrogacy overseas and their ups and downs
the lower prices, social parents do not suffer had the disease.
carrying a full-term pregnancy. There are
The controversy does not end there. as they attempt to start a family. There has
when it comes to the services they get for
many variations of gestational surrogacy
their money. It is presented on the website Since reports have started surfacing about yet to be any information regarding when the
that can include third-party sperm donors
that they offer many services in a typical the supposed conditions in clinics like ones show will air or which channel has chosen to
and third-party egg donors.
surrogacy contract including: appropriate in Cancun and other areas, there has been pick it up.
Cancun is located in the
The debate about surrogacy and
medical and psychological testing for the a huge battle brewing between overseas
southeastern part of Mexico. Surrogacy
mother, appropriate testing for sexually clinics and fertility and surrogate experts in the laws surrounding the controversial idea
laws there are more liberal than the ones
transmitted infections, legal fees for Canada. Canadian doctors insist that they still continues. For now, hopeful parents will
here in Canada. There are many clinics in
preparing the surrogacy contract, surrogate understand that surrogacy is more difficult have to make the choice that is right for them
Cancun and the surrounding areas in Mexico
mother compensation, and many more to obtain in our country but it is for a very as it does not seem there will be a helpful
causing controversy due to beliefs right here
essential services. They also have alternative good cause, for the sake of human rights, resolution anytime in the near future.
in North America that state the practices
options if a couple requires a certain need to they will do whatever it takes to play it safe.
there are morally wrong. When visiting
the website www.surrogacycancun.com, it
seems as though the clinic is very reliable
and provides much information about
surrogacy, their programs, and they even
include testimonials from couples who have
already used the service to have children.
They also include the citizenship rules of
each country that people may be coming
from to have children, so that the social
be met.
Along with the benefits of these
programs, there have been some major
complaints regarding reports coming out
of Cancun involving the living conditions
these surrogate women are faced with. It has
been reported that women who are preparing
to get pregnant or are already pregnant
surrogate mothers are forced to live in a
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
change for the better
small donations but as time progressed, the program expanded
successfully. Known as one of
Halloween night may the most popular charity projects,
be about collecting goodies and UNICEF had 3.5 million Amerisweet treats, but it would be a can children, and even adults,
good change to give back on trick-or-treating for donations to
that night as well. On October support the campaign in 1969.
31, 1950, Mary Emma Allison With the power they possessed,
from Philadelphia had the in- more than $170 million has
tention to help others by being been collected ever since 1950.
charitable. When Allison saw a The charity has brought
UNICEF (United Nations Chil- together social media companies
dren’s Fund) booth collecting such as Facebook and Myspace to
funds to send powdered milk to promote the program with mobile
undernourished children around phone text message donations in
the world, she thought of get- 2008 by the U.S. Committee for
ting children to collect donations UNICEF. Schools in the United
for UNICEF instead of candy. States also presented the program
With the inspiration of to children. Trick-or-treat for
UNICEF, Allison gathered her UNICEF became even more popchildren and the
with the
“UNICEF had 3.5 million ular
many ways the
go door-to-door American children, and campaign was
collecting nick- even adults, trick-or- advertised and
els and dimes treating for donations to with its ways
decorated support the campaign of
cartons in 1969. With the power money by usto aid children they possessed, more ing the support
post-World than $170 million has of social media
War II Europe.
been collected ever
With their helpsince 1950.”
achieveing hands and
hard work, they earned a total ments in the US, Trick-or-Treat
of seventeen dollars and do- for UNICEF has also develnated to the worthy charity oped internationally in countries
and on that day, Trick-Or-Treat such as Canada which started in
for UNICEF was established. 1955. The charity program had
After three years, UNI- earned more than $96 million in
CEF appreciated the deed Al- Canada; however, in 2006, UNIlison had done and The United CEF Canada discontinued the
States Committee for UNICEF idea of the collecting boxes due
started actively promoting the to safety and administrative conprogram, but instead of using cerns. Fortunately, Trick-or-Treat
decorated milk cartons, UNICEF for UNICEF in Canada continsuggested using orange-and- ues, and the 2008 program added
black foldable cardboard boxes many events including pumpkinto resemble Halloween colours. carving contests, pumpkin art
By the 1960s, Trick-Or- tours, and reading marathons for
Treat for UNICEF had grown children. UNICEF also expanded
throughout the nation. UNICEF the Halloween-based program
started receiving recognition for in Hong Kong in 2001, and colthe concept the charity intro- lected more than HK $6 million.
More than fifty years
duced, and even won The Nobel Peace Prize in 1965 awarded by ago, Allison created a worthy
U.S. president, Lyndon B. John- program that helps give back to
son. The congratulatory letter others, and today the program is
from Johnson had stated, “Your still as purposeful as it was when
UNICEF Trick or Treat Day has it began. Collecting seventeen
helped turn a holiday too often dollars when it began, increasing
marred by youthful vandalism to hundreds of millions of dollars
into a program of basic train- is a profound contrast. Collecting
ing in world citizenship” and on candy on Halloween night may
Halloween of 1967, Johnson de- bring a smile to a face, but colclared it to be the official “UNI- lecting donations to help others
CEF day” in the United States. around the world puts a smile on
The program began with thousands of faces.
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Gwyneth Manlangit By
and Vince Thai
Page 33
By Marivi Amesty
DIY: Make your own toque
this purpose, resulting in lighter, leg warmers can be made from the
As shown by the cold sheer toques, or heavyweight, cozy sleeves.
temperatures and the arrival of toques, depending on what one Cut along one seam. You
Halloween, winter is already here. desires. Fabric scissors and fabric should now have one long piece of
In Calgary, winter always comes glue are also needed. Fabric glue fabric resembling a rectangle. Proearlier, and the student
ceed to wrap it around your
body has shown their prehead, making sure it is snug
paredness against the cold
around the head. Mark the
weather. The Lancer comspot the two ends of fabric
munity is wearing fall and
winter gear, showing off
Cut off the excess. Fold
new coats.
the sweater in thirds like a
brochure, and cut along the
though, it is hard to top in a rounded shape.
make a statement when one
Stretch out the rectangle.
is bundled up in an unsightGlue one edge of the sweater
ly, puffy jacket. People can
to the other, making sure that
counter this by accessorizthe edges line up, and that
Photo by Brooke Sherwin the tags, or the inside of what
ing. Items such as scarves
and mitts can really dress up Khezar Rehman , Grade 11, shows his winter gear used to be the sweater, is on
an outfit, and also serve for
the outside (for now). You
can be bought at many different should have a cylinder of fabric,
everyday wear as well.
Toques are extremely stores, such as Michael’s, and Fab- with three rounded edges at the
versatile and can be worn in a va- ricland.
top. Glue the rounded tops togethriety of fashions. There is no need When getting ready to er.
Turn the toque inside out
to panic if you one is not sporting start, make sure you have a spa- a toque quite yet. Making one is a cious workplace. Lay out all mate- and proudly showcase it.
As one can tell, toques are
fun way to spend an afternoon, and rials, making sure they are easy to simple and easy to make. When one
it is simple and free.
Only a few things are Proceed to cut the sweater is bored and has an extra sweater
needed to make this masterpiece. A horizontally at the armpits. Do not around, try this new technique to
variety of sweaters can be used for throw the other part out, because be unique, and stylish.
continued from page 28
While the decor and
design of the restaurant gave
it a trendy, upscale look, the
atmosphere of the restaurant was
not as ambient as its design. The
music played consisted mostly of
‘80s punk and new wave, including
bands such as Eurythmics and The
Clash, and fit-in well with the
booth-and-counter style diner. The
funky feel of the diner, however,
was disrupted by an excess of
background noise, from both the
kitchen and from the loud chatter
of various customers, which would
make for a drowning procession of
noise during the busiest hours.
As for the diner’s
restroom facilities, they were clean
and new, although those wishing to
use them had to go to the building’s
basement for access, and the
bathrooms themselves were quite
small, with only two stalls.
Reviewers on restaurant
review sites, such as Urbanspoon,
were polarized in their views of
Red’s, with many of the reviewing
patrons loving or hating the
restaurant. Complaints about the
restaurant included that the portions
and quality were not adequate for
the pricing, and that staff service
was marginal at best. However,
other reviewers loved Red’s, many
dubbing it their favourite breakfast
destination, with delicious meals
and a stylish ambiance.
One dish in particular
that seemed quite popular among
reviewers was the Eggs Benedict
($14), a dish consisting of two
poached eggs on an english muffin,
with back bacon and hollandaise
sauce; an emulsion of liquid butter
and egg yoke usually seasoned
with lemon juice, salt, and pepper.
The dish is then served with a
selection of fresh fruit and hash
dish seemed to be sitting out
“waiting” for the other dishes to
be fully prepared as upon arrival
the hashbrowns and eggs were
lukewarm, with areas of the
hashbrowns almost completely
chilled. On the whole, this dish
was very sub-average, with the
Eggs Benedict being not much
better than standard fare similar
to what one might get at a hotel
with a breakfast menu. While the
hollandaise was very rich and
creamy, it was just a little bit too
buttery, and the butter taste was
overpowering compared to the
dish’s other flavours.
All in all, the food itself
was of a mediocre standard, while
the aesthetic appeal of the diner and
the attentive, friendly dedication
of the staff was admirable. As the
restaurant recently opened, it is
suggested to give it a try in about
a month, as by then all of the startup mistakes should be worked
out, and Red’s should be up and
running to their full potential. The cool atmosphere and
friendly staff is enough to merit a
visit to their new location at least
once, so check it out!
Red’s in Ramsay is
located at 1101 8th Street SE. For
more information their website is
www.redsdiner.com or they can be
phoned at 587-353-1188.
Page 34
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Teen overcomes autism and becomes the youngest
astrophysicist in the world despite grim predictions
By Helen Trang
The program included a speech, from teaching Jacob anything but
Jacob Barnett, a 15-year- development, and an occupational the bare basics; however, Kristine
old boy from Indiana that doctors therapist. Jacob was then put in started to notice that when Jacob
thought would never learn to a special education system that was not in therapy he was doing
read or write is now
pursuing his PhD in
was diagnosed with
moderate to severe
autism, and lost his
ability to speak when
he was two. Despite the
doctors’ grim outlook,
his mom Kristine
Barnett set out to help
him overcome the
limitations the doctors
had put on Jacob.
According to Kristine
the key was to let Jacob
be himself, she helped
him study the world
instead of focusing on
the list of things he
could not do. Photo by Helen Trang
After Jacob
was diagnosed, he was James Li, Grade 11, has missed his chance to become the world’s youngest astrophysicist
visited frequently by a
number of psychologists under an did not suit Jacob’s needs. The remarkable things on his own. Kristine told BBC that,
Indiana program called First Steps. teacher would dissuade Kristine “He would create maps all over
our floor using Q-tips. They would
be maps of places we’ve visited
and he would memorize every
street.” Jacob also took a bundle
of crayons, and arranged them
according to the colour spectrum,
which he had distinguished from
the light coming through the living
room window and hitting the
glasses on the table. Once Kristine noticed all
of these things, she decided to pull
Jacob out of the schooling system
and prepare him for mainstream
kindergarten herself. Kristine let
Jacob explore all of the subjects that
he wanted to; he studied patterns,
shadows, and stars. One night
Kristine took Jacob out, turned on
the fog lights of her car, played
Louis Armstrong, and laid on the
hood of the car with Jacob just
looking at stars. “Little did I know
it would be those stars that would
bring him back into our world.
They were what we had. It was
what we had to hold onto. It was
the beginning with a relationship
with my child,” Kristine said in a
later interview.
When Jacob was elevenyears-old he was ready for
university. He started to study at
University in Indianapolis. At the
age of eleven he was studying
condensed matter physics. When
he was fourteen-years-old he was
declared to have an IQ higher
than Einstein’s, and many people
thought he was well on his way to
winning a Nobel Prize. Today Jacob is a student
at the Perimeter Institute for
Theoretical Physics in Waterloo,
Ontario, and he is working towards
his Master’s degree. Kristine
Barnett is a wonderful example
of a parent who refused to give up
on their child, even with doctors
telling her how unlikely it would
be for her child to prosper. She
refused to focus on the negatives,
and instead spent her time helping
Jacob grow and develop his
own interests. Jacob Barnett, at
the young age of 15 is now the
youngest astrophysicist in the
This time of the morning has people’s willpower is spent, leav- tory and set the tone for a happier,
turned into some people’s places of ing them feeling depleted towards more productive day.
To transform a habitual
productive peace. Hungarian psy- the end of their day. Mornings chology professor Mihaly Csik- also give individuals the opportu- night owl into an early bird, there
szentmihalyi links
are four steps
his theory of flow,
that can be taka mental state of
en. First, keep
operation in which
a time journal.
a person preforming
One of the reaan activity is fully
sons people say
immersed in a feelthey do not like
ing of energized fomornings is because they stay
cus, to those waking
up too late. By
up before anyone
keeping a time
else in the morning.
journal for at
During flow, people
least a week, an
typically experience
individual can
creativity, and a
see they are ustotal involvement
ing their time
in life. Thus, flow
efficiently, or
tends to occur more
commonly in the
mornings. Making
Photo by Karlee Selent self-professed
breakfast or coffee, Shane Figol, Grade 12, stays productive when she wakes up early while night owls look
playing guitar, and Shylo Drennan, Grade 12, sleeps in longer and does not remain productive at their journals, they ofgetting exercise all
nity to set a more positive tone for ten find that they are not spending
feel like optimal experiences.
Earlier in the day, indi- their day. Starting off the day with their evening hours productively or
viduals are most likely to have a failure, be it sleeping in or for- doing anything particularly enjoymore willpower, even if they are getting to make a lunch, can bring able.
The second step is to crenot morning people. During the down someone’s mood, affecting course of the day as people are how productive one is during the ate an image of the ideal morning.
dealing with difficult people, mak- day. Waking up earlier allows indi- Getting up earlier is not a punishing decisions, and battling traffic, a viduals to start the day with a vic- ment. Individuals will not get out
of bed if they do not have a good
reason to do so. Imagine what
could be done if there was an extra
hour in the day.
Third, plan out that perfect morning. Decide what needs
to be done in that extra hour, plan
how to execute it, and set up as
much time as possible the night before. For example, if an individual
wishes to exercise in the morning,
they should lay out their clothes the
night before, or lay out breakfast
ingredients. Last, build this habit
slowly. A person is most likely to
hit the snooze button and sleep in
if they try to switch habits drastically. Instead of setting an alarm
for 5:00 am instead of 7:30 am, set
it for ten minutes earlier each day.
To make sure sleep is not lost, go
to bed ten minutes earlier as well.
In a competitive landscape where being relentlessly
proactive and creative each day
are minimum standards, the largest
threat to an individual’s day is taking the time to stop and smell the
roses, so to say. Whether waking
up before dawn or truly enjoying a
day to its fullest, building a schedule that protects an individual’s
love and appreciation for life is
critical to optimizing their quality
of life.
Why productive people get up extra early in the morning
By Karlee Selent
It may seem like there are
never enough hours in a day. Tapping into the power of mornings, a
time of day when there are fewer
demands, may be the key to increasing an individual’s productivity. If an individual waits until the
afternoon or evening to do something meaningful, such as exercising or reading, they are most likely
to push it off their to-do list altogether.
For fifteen years, Starbucks President Michelle Gaas
has set her alarm for 4:30 am to go
running. Gretchen Ruben, author
of The Happiness Project wakes up
at 6:00 am and works for an hour
before her family rises. Time-management expert Laura Vanderkam
highlights what makes mornings
special and how people can use
them efficiently in her book, What
The Most Successful People Do
Before Breakfast. A person’s day
fills up fast. “There are going to be
reasons why you can’t tackle a personal priority at 4am – things that
have a lot less likelihood of coming up at 6 am,” says Vanderkam.
People are less likely to
be distracted in the morning. There
is no pressure and there are no expectations at the crack of dawn.
October 2013
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 35
Oh so Coco: Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha shines
Amanda Seyler
racing with the visions of model
Coco Rocha, the famous
Canadian supermodel that has
taken the world by storm, was born
in Toronto, Ontario in 1988, and
raised in Richmond, British Columbia. Before her fame and success she went by her original name
of Mikhaila. As a young girl Rocha
spent her time and energy participating and competing as an Irish
dancer. Although unknown at the
time, this leisurely pastime would
help spark her future success and
cast her into the glamorous world
of supermodels and fashion.
In 2002, a local Vancouver modelling agent named
Charles Stuart attended an Irish
dance competition with his daughter Fabienne. None other than a
young Coco Rocha, Mikhaila at
this time, was dancing that day
and happened to catch Stuart’s attention. An average reaction to being asked to model may not be the
most enthusiastic and, as one can
imagine, Rocha’s was not either.
Still at the tender age of fourteen,
Rocha’s parents were just as skeptical. The Rocha family responded
with uncertainty, not a yes or no
guarantee to Stuart’s offer. As
time passed, Rocha’s mind started
ling, which had never crossed her
mind before. She started pressing
faced with. With no success and
high hopes, Rocha decided to try
her luck in a different market. This
Photo by Amanda Seyler
Rocha poses for a quick picture with a fan at a successful modelling event
her mom to look into not only Stuart but the idea of her modelling as
Rocha’s very first photo
shoot was done by Stuart. These
pictures were used to get her to
New York. Being so young and
relatively inexperienced made it
almost impossible for Rocha to
get any work though. Many new
models may think that they are doing great but then get zero results;
this is the problem that Rocha was
brought her to Taipei and Singapore. Rocha has explained Taipei
as a model boot camp and this is
where she learned to pose. Rocha
happens to be known as the queen
of posing.
Although she honed
her talent in Taipei, she says she
owes her skills to her background
in dance and the fact that she is a
dramatic person with an equally
dramatic personality. After being
successful in Asia, Rocha trav-
elled back to New York where she
encountered the biggest turning
point of her career, a photo-shoot
with iconic photographer, Steven
Meisel, who is incredibly influential in the fashion market.
Rocha has since skyrocketed into Canadian model stardom.
She is arguably one of the most
acclaimed supermodels to ever
come from Canada. She has scored
contracts with well-known makeup companies such as Yves Saint
Laurent and Rimmel. Some campaigns she is known for include
Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana,
Balenciaga, DeBeers, and that
is just to name a few. She is also
credited for her work on the runway. Rocha has walked for Marc
Jacobs, Versace, Prada, Miu Miu,
Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana,
Chanel, and Balenciaga. Her Irish
dancing skills came in handy when
she opened and closed the Jean
Paul Gaultier Fall 2007 Show with
an Irish dance down the runway.
Rocha is a role model
and not just because of her success,
but because she has kept admirable
morals for someone that inevitably
faces the pressures of the highfashion model lifestyle. Models
that refuse to do what clients want
because of their perspectives and
religious views are usually sent
packing, but Rocha has managed
to hold on and make something
of herself despite the long list of
things she will not do. Rocha does
not pose nude, do lingerie or bathing suit shoots, smoke, promote
sex, or pose with male models in
inappropriate attire.
Canada should also be
proud of this beauty for the way
she has handled herself in the media. She has spoken out against
the prevalence of eating disorders
and done a campaign Photoshopfree with the clothing store Jacob.
Overall, this superstar model is a
great role model and inspiration for
young aspiring models.
Rocha is now twentyfive years old, married, with a
solid career, a TV show called The
Face, and an accomplished life she
should be proud of. “Every sweet,
humble young model is only one
campaign away from becoming a
fashion monster.” So take chances,
as the result could alter ones’ life
in unimaginable ways. Life has so
many turns one never knows where
she is headed. Never undermine or
weaken ones’ self and take risks.
use they can pay off in the end.
ered the faces of many, happy to see
endless Lancers show up and pay
for a good cause. Teachers also got
V.I.P. access as they were allowed
to cut the line and help themselves
to the food before the students;
now that is something that could
cheer any grumpy teacher up.
The luncheon is a reoccurring event for Scarlett for Global Aid. Considering all the positive
year. Let us hope they do, in order
to feast once more. Teacher supervisor Allyson Maclean told the
FEVER that this was “Yet another
successful event for Scarlett for
Global Aid.” Most Lancers would
agree whole-heartedly. The luncheon was filled with everything a
good luncheon should have – great
prices, cheerful volunteers, charitable customers, delicious food,
Scarlett for Global Aid luncheon is a delicious success
es to appeal to anyone’s food cravings, as well as different courses.
Appealing appetizers like pasta
Thanks to the Scarlett
salad, bread and spinach dip were
waiting to be eaten.
Luncheon anyEntrées included abone
for delicious
dishes such as pulled
food for a great
pork sandwiches, percause was satogies, meatballs, and
isfied on Octomac ‘n cheese. One
could never forget the
ber 10. Tables
and plates were
and incredible cinnapiled high with
mon sticks along with
many other desserts
that were sure to satscrumptious
food as people
isfy anyone’s sweet
lined the halls
tooth, as plates were
for a taste of
filled to the brim.
Drinks were also
charity. Supprovided, in order
to quench the hunlocal Alberta
Flood Relief,
gry Lancer’s thirsts.
Photo by Lucy Cheon Lancers
the luncheon’s
goal of rais- Sarah Barnes (left), and Farah Assad (right), both Grade 10, pose with a not the only ones ecplate stacked high of delicious food that was made by S4GA members.
static for the luncheon
ing awareness
as well as money was met with proud to fill their plates with piles though. Club members seemed to
great response as the luncheon of delicious food made for Lanc- have enjoyed themselves as well.
received much positive feedback. ers by Lancers. The luncheons was Standing dutifully behind the large
The luncheon raised served “buffet-style” as students spread of food, they supervised the
a whopping $617 as well as a paid for their plates and were al- luncheon, ensuring that it proceedbox full of non-perishable food lowed to choose whatever they ed smoothly. Meanwhile, students
items. All this went for flood re- would like to eat to fill their plates. were ecstatic to receive plenty of
lief for the Alberta Floods Fund There were enough dish- food for a fair price. Smiles cov-
By Lucy Cheon
and Morgan Falk through the Canadian Red Cross.
The amount of positive feedback from students was
astounding. Many Lancers were
Photo by Morgan Falk
Tables were piled high with platters of scrumptious homemade food
feedback, the club is hoping to plan
another triumphant luncheon this
and most importantly, it was for a
great cause.
Page 36
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
We Day: a day of change
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Morgan Falk
heartbreaking story of bullies and being
On October 24, the Scotiabank blind. Burke was diagnosed with a retinal
Saddledome will be teeming with youth disease at age 4, causing her to grow up
dedicated to making a change. Led by Marc waiting to lose her sight. She became blind
and Craig Kielburger, We Day is once when she was 14, which meant she could
again sweeping across Canada, featuring not see the girls who mercilessly left her in
performers like Down with Webster and a forest near her school. Burke had injured
the Kenyan Boys Choir, and motivational her foot and was on crutches at the time.
The girls, who used to be Burke’s closest
speakers such as Spencer West.
We Day is held by Me to We, cre- friends, took her crutches, broke them, and
ated by Free the Children, an international proceeded to leave Burke stranded. Burke
charity, founded by Craig Kielburger when now is a motivational speaker for Me to
he was 12. Kielburger had just learned of We, and is a source of hope for those being
child labour, and with the help of eleven bullied, and also for bullies themselves to
to make
a change.
A f t e r
by adults
w h o m
they had
help, the
to take
into their
o w n
– they
Photo by Morgan Falk
w o u l d Shylo Drennan, Grade 12, does the We Day pose, the big day is approaching
change.” They succeeded in freeing chil- change for the better.
Other motivational speakers that
dren from labour, and proved that one is never too young to make a change. In the came to the Alberta We Day last year insame year, Kielburger was able to visit clude Liz Murray, author of Homeless
South Asia for firsthand experience, and to Harvard, her real-life story. Sydney
Brouillard-Coyle, age 13, also attended all
even appeared on Oprah in 1999.
We Day has grown across Canada. 2012 Canadian We Days, and has not only
The first We Day was held in Toronto in shown that one is never too young to make
2007, with around 8 000 youth attending. a change, but also has announced her goal
Two years later, Vancouver held We Day to become Prime Minister.
This year, We Day Alberta has
as well with 16 000 students at GM Place. Over the next two years, Montreal, the Wa- performances like Down with Webster,
terloo Region, and Winnipeg all began to The Kenyan Boys Choir, and Karl Wolf,
host We Days. Alberta held their first We who won a MTV Europe music award. MoDay last year, in the Calgary Saddledome, tivational speakers like NBA legend Magic
while Halifax and Saskatchewan are join- Johnson, and the Ghana and Kenya Free
ing the movement this year.
The Children Director Robin Wiszowaty
A key component of this amazing will each share their own tale. Also joining
day is the motivational speakers. Spencer in, naturally, will be the Kielburger brothWest spoke at We day in Alberta last year, ers with their incredible story of creating
and will grace the stage again this year. such an amazing organization.
Now, many wonder about how
West lost both of his legs when he was five, but he never let this slow him down. In his they would get a ticket to We Day, and how
lifetime, West has done what many people much it would cost. The answer is that a
with legs could not. He has climbed Mount ticket to We Day cannot be bought. One has
Kilimanjaro on his hands, and has walked to earn their ticket by volunteering and givon his hands/pushed his wheelchair from ing service to their communities.
Calgary to Edmonton, a distance of 300 ki- We Day will not be ending anylometers.
time soon. It is just beginning; the countless
Molly Burke has also amazed the volunteers and supporters can promise that
thousands of students at We Day with her We Day will be helping for years to come.
As deadlines for applying to uni- Before students apply, they should
versity approach quickly, grade twelves double check that they have the prerequisite
begin to stress out and worry about things courses and the mandatory grades to enter
like if post-secondary education is the right into the university. This is a smart idea beoption for them. If so, they then begin ques- cause merely applying to Mount Royal is a
tioning if they have the appropriate grades to whopping $100. This does not include all the
be accepted and last but certainly not least other fees once one gets accepted like luxuwhat program they wish to enter into. Once ries, entertainment, books, and other living
they pass this point of uncertainty, students expenses. At MRU each course has differneed to begin looking into colleges and uni- ent admission requirements and a student
versities that best fit their needs.
should look into their personal programs for
Mount Royal University was once a col- the grades they need to obtain admission.
lege but in 2009 became a university. For It is important for students to keep
students in Calgary, Mount Royal is a good in mind that MRU is a competitive univeroption. It offers a variety of programs and sity meaning that they will accept a student
because of its university status, it now offers with higher grades over a student with lower
degrees for four-year programs.
grades. For example, if a student with an
Once students overcome the con- 85% average and a student with a 70% averfusing part, which institution they wish to age apply for the same program on the same
apply to, it
day, the univeris time to
sity will accept
with the 85% avwhen to aperage first. Now,
ply. MRU
it is also imporbegan actant to realize
cepting apthat the earlier
one applies, the
on October
better chance he
1, 2013 and
or she has to get
will contininto the univerue to accept
sity, so get on it
them until
grade twelves.
August 31,
For students that attend
2014. It is
Dr. E.P Scarlett
to be proacthere is a very
tive and apPhoto by Morghan Boakye
minimal chance
ply as soon
These MRU pamplets are filled with information for Lancers
that living in resas possible
because spots for programs fill up quickly. A idence is an option. The university considers
student is more likely to be accepted if they students from out of town before those living
apply in November than they would if they in Calgary.
Although students from Scarlett
were to apply in March.
MRU also has a winter intake for those stu- would be saving a decent amount of money
dents who wish to start their semester later in by not living on campus, there will still be
the year. The university will begin accepting substantial fees for those who wish to attend
applications for the winter intake in January. post-secondary. Tuition and fees for certifiAlthough this may interest many students, it cates and degrees is $6 400 and $1 300 for
is important to keep in mind that only a few books and school supplies for a student who
programs are offered in the winter semester is taking five courses in their first year of
and these courses have not yet been released university. Students who plan to live at home
while attending university will be looking at
to the public.
Figuring out how to apply can be around $3 500 for their basic needs and luxconfusing. The website, applyalberta.ca, is uries such as food, clothing, and entertainthe fastest and easiest way to do so. It allows ment. Finally, students who will be living
soon-to-be graduates to go online and look on their own or with a roommate while atthrough different universities and programs tending MRU are looking at approximately
and apply within minutes. It is directly $10 100-$12 100 a year for their basic living
linked to the MRU website and is easy to expenses and luxuries.
access for students with computers. Without For more information about MRU,
a computer, an individual can simply go di- students can go online to www.mtroyal.ca
rectly to the university of their choice and and find out more about their programs and
apply there.
campus life. Start applying now Lancers.
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Discover beautiful Saturna Island
Page 37
nual Lamb Barbeque, has one of
the easiest walks on Saturna. It
is surrounded by an abundance
On Wednesdays and Saturdays
Saturna’s Free Store in the recycling complex is also open. As the
With endless whalename imwatching, beachcombing, swimplies, evming, wildlife, hiking, boating,
and countless other adventures,
Saturna, the most southern and
store is
least populated Gulf Island in
free and
British Columbia, is a great yearhas been
round destination. The island of
only 300 full-time residents has
an ideal climate with some rain
i s l a n d ’s
in the spring, long hot summers,
and mild winters with the occaAll photos by Emma Ohirko
sional snowfall. Saturna is two East Point at low-tide, encourages hours of interesting exploration Anything
f r o m
ferry trips outside of Vancouver,
or a quick 15-minute ride in a sea- of blackberry bushes, which are clothes, to small appliances, to
plane. Depending on one’s loca- well-picked-over by September. board games can be found at the
tion, Saturna has views of South The half-way point of the hike is Free Store. Additional activities
Pender Island, Mount Baker, the Boat’s Pass, a whirlpool between on the island include photography
Java Islets, and the San Juan Is- Saturna and neighbouring Samuel contests and Sea Talks, discusIsland. From Boat’s Pass one can sions lead by scientists on the dilands.
With little to no cell- also see a mysterious shipwrecked verse ecosystems in the surroundphone service and nearly impos- sailboat. The sunken ship is not ing Salish Sea, to raise awareness
the only of the environment.
remnants Shopping and dining on
of disas- Saturna is hard to come by and ofter on the ten requires rearranging schedules
i s l a n d . to adjust to the short hours. There
Remains is one grocery store on the island,
of an old which has its own café, and there
p l a n e are only two places to dine out.
c r a s h Food shipments are received only
can also once a week at the General Store
be found making Friday its busiest shopon
a ping day. The ferry terminal also
Brown Ridge has some of the most beautiful views on the island long and has one store and a bookstore,
sible to find Wi-Fi, Saturna is the somewhat treacherous hike at Fid- with a pub downstairs. Saturna
perfect place to escape from the dler’s Cove, located on Saturna’s has a family-owned winery and
outside world, as most activities aboriginal land.
bistro, which is open only in the
on the island take place outdoors. In addition to beach- summertime, on the west side of
With an area of thirty-two square combing and hiking, Saturna also the island.
kilometres, Saturna has well over offers several community activi- Calgarians looking for
a dozen beaches, the most popu- ties, such as weekly yoga classes, a new getaway spot may be inlar being East Point. East Point is taught by the only full-time resi- terested in the unique and quiet
home to the best land-based whale dent on the island that works for scenery of Saturna Island. The
watching in the country. Three Canada National Parks. The last drive from Calgary to Vancouver
pods of resident killer whales fre- Tuesday of every month is movie takes at most twelve hours; the
quent the area, consisting of close night on the island. Around ten ferries from Vancouver to Saturna
make the entire
to ninety killer whales in total,
trip close to
as well as the occasional traneighteen hours.
sient pod and minke whale. AnAn alternative
other commonly visited beach is
to the eighSaturna Beach and adjoining
Thompson Park; Saturna Beach
teen-hour trek
is sandy, contrary to East Point’s
would a short
unique shell—covered beach,
one-hour flight
home to the best beachcombing
from Calgary
on the island. Thompson Park
followed by a
has two ropes swings, a picnic
shortened ferry
area and ruins of pre-existing fire
Orcas pass the south side of East Point during the year
pits and tennis courts.
Many island residents, members of the Cinema Club that trip only three hours. Rehowever, prefer to hike. Mount choose a film and organize the gardless of the length, once on
Warburton Pike, the highest point showing at the community hall, Saturna the trip is well worth it.
on the island, is a much- loved along with popcorn for sale.
Its friendly residents and many
hiking destination. It has almost There is also a Satur- creatures include sea lions, killer
guaranteed sightings of the is- day morning market, which takes whales, deer, racoons, and fish,
land’s cherished goats and many place in front of the island’s Gen- make the gorgeous and secluded
bald eagles and vultures. Win- eral Store and features items from island a must-see for people of all
ter Cove, site of the famous an- many of the island’s local artists. interests.
By Emma Ohirko
A new month is here and
it is time for some new trivia. The
trivia topic for this month is geared
towards Canadian sports fans.
Test your knowledge on fourteen
Canadian sports questions from
hockey to football to the Olympics.
1. In what year did the last Canadian
National Hockey League team win
a Stanley Cup?
A) 1993
B) 2006
C) 2004
D) 1984
2. In what year was the first Grey
Cup played?
A) 2006
B) 1994
C) 1909
D) 1913
3. What three current Canadian
NHL teams have not won a Stanley
A) Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton
B) Vancouver, Montréal, Toronto
C) Winnipeg, Carolina, Boston
D) Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg
4. How many times has Canada
qualified for the World Cup of
A) Zero
B) One
C) Four
D) Five
5. How many Canadian teams are
there in Major League Baseball?
A) One
B) Three
C) Zero
D) Two
6. How many Canadian teams are
in Major League Soccer?
A) Four
B) One
C) Three
D) Zero
7. How many Canadian teams are
there in the National Basketball
A) One
B) Zero
C) Two
D) Three
8. Who won the first gold medal for
Canada on home soil in the 2010
Winter Olympics in Vancouver?
A) Sidney Crosby
B) Alexandre Bilodeau
C) Wayne Gretzky
D) Hayley Wickenheiser
9. In what sport did Canada win
their first gold medal in the 2010
Vancouver Winter Olympics?
A) Ice Hockey
B) Bobsled
C) Moguls
D) Luge
10. Witch six Canadian cities will
host the 2015 Women’s World Cup
of soccer?
A) Calgary, Toronto, Victoria, Regina, Hamilton, and Halifax
B) Ottawa, Montréal, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Halifax
C) Winnipeg, Edmonton, Regina, Victoria, Hamilton, and Moncton
D) Winnipeg, Edmonton,
Vancouver, Ottawa,
Moncton, and Montréal
11. How many medals did Canada
win at the 2010 Vancouver Winter
A) Twenty
B) Twenty-five
C) Twenty-six
D) Twenty-one
12. How many medals did Canada
win in the 2012 London Summer
A) Two
B) Seven
C) Fifteen
D) Eighteen
13. Which current Canadian
Football League team has won
the same amount of Grey Cups
as Queen’s University when they
played for the Grey Cup?
A) BC Lions (6 Grey Cups)
B) Edmonton Eskimos (13 Grey Cups)
C) Saskatchewan Roughriders (3 Grey Cups)
D) Montréal Alouettes (7 Grey Cups)
14. How many times have the
Toronto Blue Jays won the World
A) Three
B) Two
C) Zero
D) Six
1. A) 1993, 2. C) 1909, 3. D)
Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg, 4.
B) One time, 5. A) One team, 6. C)
Three teams, 7. A) One team, 8. B)
Alexandre Bilodeau, 9. C) Moguls
, 10. D) Winnipeg, Edmonton,
Vancouver, Ottawa, Moncton, and
Montréal, 11. C) Twenty-six, 12.
D) Eighteen, 13. C) Saskatchewan
Roughriders (Three Grey Cups), 14.
B) Two times.
October 2013
Page 38
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Estados Unidos expulso tres diplomáticos de Venezuela
Por Isabel Fernandez
El presidente de Venezuela, Nico
lás Maduro, expulsó en la tarde del lunes
a tres funcionarios de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en Caracas. Los empleados
públicos, identificados inicialmente por
distintos medios como Kelly Kenterline,
Elizabeth Hoffman y David Mutt, tienen
48 horas para abandonar el país. Kenterline era la encargada de Negocios, la
diplomática de más alto rango en el país,
donde Washington no tiene embajador
Maduro dijo que asumía “toda la responsabilidad” de esta medida, así como de
las que vendrían “para proteger al país”.
Según el mandatario venezolano, los
diplomáticos norteamericanos habrían
participado en el financiamiento de grupos de sabotaje, “especialmente activos
en el estado Bolívar”, provincia al sureste
del país donde se aloja el grueso de la industria pesada venezolana, en particular,
el sector siderúrgico, que en la actualidad
enfrenta una larga huelga de sus obreros.
“No le tenemos miedo a lo que
vaya a hacer el gobierno de Barack
En los últimos días, en Venezuela corren todo tipo de rumores. Además de
las ya crónicas dificultades de abastecimiento y la virtual quiebra de las arcas públicas, las versiones de inquietud
en los cuarteles son la comidilla del día. sección de vigilancia del sistema eléctrico.
Durante la intervención en la que Maduro Desde hace semanas, Maduro viene depidió a su canciller, Elías Jaua, tramitar la ex- nunciando que Venezuela es objeto de una
pulsión de los funcionarios estadounidenses, guerra de nueva generación, de la que serían
la escasez, la
creinflación, los
ación de
repetidos corun nuevo
tes en el serviCentro
cio eléctrico y
Estratégidiversas intenco de Setonas, siempre
frustradas, de
y Protecmagnicidio.
ción de la
“Ellos buscan
Patria engenerar
punto de quiede, según
bre”, aseguró
d i j o ,
durante el acto
de conmemoy derrotar
ración del bia tiempo
centenario del
los planes
Infantería Atah a g a n
Photo por Isabel Fernandez
quieren que se
Emma Eastwood y Logan Costello, Grado 10, actuaron como EUS
p a í s ” .
precipiten otros
El presidente puso a la cabeza de la nueva puntos de quiebre”, fue la imagen utilizada
dependencia al general del Ejército Gus- por Maduro, quien ha señalado este mes de
tavo González López, quien hasta ahora octubre como decisivo para la continuidad
se desempeñaba como comandante de la de su gestión, en vista de un supuesto plan
denominado “Colapso Total” que fuerzas
de la oposición venezolana y de potencias
extranjeras –presumiblemente, de Estados
Unidos- habrían convenido ejecutar ese mes.
Las palabras del presidente venezolano
no sirvieron, sin embargo, para disipar los
rumores de malestar entre las filas castrenses, resquemores que tendrían origen
en la renuencia del Gobierno de Maduro a
reclamar a la vecina Guyana sus recientes
concesiones petroleras en el Territorio Esequibo –una región que Georgetown controla pero que Caracas reclama desde hace
un siglo-, y las informaciones, nebulosas y
nunca confirmadas, sobre la nacionalidad
del propio mandatario, de quien voceros
opositores sostienen nació en Colombia.
“Nuestras Fuerzas Armadas no serán nunca más cancerbero del imperialismo y de
la burguesía”, proclamó Maduro frente a
un auditorio predominantemente militar.
Evocó los casos de los oficiales que participaron en la asonada de abril de 2002
contra Hugo Chávez en la represión contra
los motines populares de febrero de 1989,
quienes habrían sido “desechados por la
burguesía después de usarlos”. Hizo un
llamado a reforzar la unidad cívico. Militar, columna vertebral del chavismo en el
poder desde 1999, y juró que “no permitiremos que nadie desestabilice a Venezuela”
de arena negra, cenar al aire libre, y bastantes actividades de turismo, tal vez debes visitar la Isla Grande.
Otro lugar digno de visitar este invierno es un resort todo incluido, de México. ClubMed Cancún es un lugar fantástico
si planeas traer a los niños y adolescentes.
Hay un club de adolescencia y las actividades para los jóvenes incluyen un trapecio,
espectáculos de baile, juegos, deportes en la
playa, y diversión de natación. Además, este
maravilloso resort tiene actividades para los
adultos también, tal como, yoga en la playa,
aerobic en el océano, cenas elegantes, vela
deportiva, parapente, motoaquatico, lecciones de tenis, y espectáculos de la tarde.
No hay nada mejor que una relajante vacación dedicada a las orillas de
las Bahamas. Si lo que quieres es un ‘relajarse bajo el sol’ tipo de viaje, entonces
las Bahamas son el camino a seguir. Con
aguas tranquilas, turquesas, y arena rosada
y sedosa, las playas de las Bahamas son el
más. Roma, la capital de Italia, es un lugar
encantador para visitar. Puedes hacer viajes
al Coliseo, ciudad del Vaticano, la Capilla
Sixtina, y la Fuente de Trevi. Todos estos
lugares están llenos de información histórica que soplará tu mente y paisaje glorioso
que nunca dejará tu memoria. Si te interesa, Venecia también es un destino turístico
único. Esta ciudad es como nada que hayas
visto antes. La ciudad de agua, rayado con
alojamiento colorido, y rodeado por islas
casi contiguas, Murano (la isla de cristal) y
Burano (la isla de creaciones de tela) es indudablemente uno de los lugares más interesantes del mundo. Puedes tomar la góndola
a través de las vías de agua y quedarte en
una acomodación situada directamente en el
canal. Tu experiencia será inolvidable.
No importa si complementas tu invierno con un viaje a Hawaii, Mexico, Las
Bahamas, o Europa va a valer la pena el costo y el tiempo, y volverás a casa renovado y
revitalizado, listo para el año nuevo.
Lugares para visitar para escapar del frio este invierno
Por Michelle Hudson
La temporada de vacaciones está
sobre nosotros en Calgary, y hay mucha
gente esperando escapar del frio durante un
par de semanas. Probablemente no importa
donde la gente viaja, siempre y cuando el
clima sea agradable, hay un océano cerca,
y ¡no hay nieve! Aquí están algunas ideas
de donde planear unas vacaciones descansos
esta Navidad.
Hawaii es un buen lugar para viajar porque ofrece una gran variedad de islas, que presentan una diversa variedad de
cosas que hacer. Por ejemplo, la isla Oahu
es tipo ciudad. Si estás interesado en compras y cenar en todas clases de restaurantes,
bueno, Oahu es el lugar para ti. En el contrario, si estás interesado en playas magnificas, vistas y paisajes impresionantes, salidas
de sol asombrosas, y luaus, entonces Maui
es el lugar que corresponderá a aquellos estándares. A continuación, si buscas algo de
música Hawaiana, largos paseos por playas
lugar perfecto para hundir los dedos de tu
pie en las millas de arena pura y bañarse en
las aguas claras y cálidas. Por otro lado, si
deseas agregar un poco turismo a tus vacaciones relajantes, entonces también hay una
abundancia de cosas para hacer en estas islas. Tiendas boutique, exploración de cuevas
submarinas, y aventuras de pesca, son unos
de las amplias cosas que puedes disfrutar durante tu tiempo allí.
Si a tu familia le gustan más las vacaciones llenas de turismo, tal vez hay lugares en Europa en el que le atrae. Algunos que
recomiendo son Grecia e Italia. Grecia se
conoce como lo más popular en el mundo
de destinos. Uno de sus islas, Santorini, es el
lugar más colorido, húmedo, y el que tiene
el más color, que verás en tu vida. Las vistas
de la isla son absolutamente impresionantes,
y la comida es igual de espectacular. Si decides visitar, asegúrate de hacer un viaje en
un burro tradicional.
Italia, es igualmente hermosa, si no
October 2013
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Il y a plusieurs chanteurs franco- coup de succès dès leur forma- Bus d’Acier, un titre qui récomphones impressionnants et dyna- tion. Originalement, Nicola Sirkis pense les artistes remarquables de
miques, mais parfois les groupes et Dominique Nicolas, le premier la scène rock.
Ses nombreux succès à
sont aussi doués et divertissants guitariste, ont répondu à une publi- que les gens qui chantent en solo. cité pour joindre un groupe appe- leur début ont seulement été la
Il y a un son particulier qui peut lé Les Espions. Ils se sont bientôt pointe du iceberg pour ce groupe
être créé avec plusieurs personnes rendu compte que la musique était dynamique. Même si pour leurs
et instruments qui travaillent en- « trop complexe » pour eux, mais premiers singles comme « Dizzisemble qu’un artiste solitaire ne les deux gars ont déjà formé un lien dence politik » et « L’aventurier »,
peut atteindre. La diversité de plu- solide, et ils sont partis ensemble l’inspiration du titre de l’album
manquait de sophistication
qu’il ont ultérieurement
voix qui
atteint avec les singles
se mécomme « J’ai demandé à
la lune », on peut toujours
a v e c
compter sur ce groupe
pour nous amuser et nous
compaimpressionner. En trentegnons
deux ans ils ont enregise s t
tré vingt-et-un albums, et
Indochine ne démontre
qui est
signe de
particuralentislier aux
K a et
rwka, est
une des
beaupour lac o u p
p l u s
ils sont
si popuqu’Inlaires.
Et bien
mais non
sûr, c’est
Ils ont
eu leur
plus de
c o m gens à
m e n admirer.
Indole festichine,
val muu
Photo par Cassandra Betts
f r a n - Taylor Goldbeck, 11 ième année, veut être un chanteur comme Nicola Sirkis Francouvert, qui
çais, est
très proéminente dans la scène pour former leur propre groupe. a lieu à Montréal
de musique. Formé en 1981, le Cinq mois plus tard, Indochine chaque année.
groupe a connu dix-huit différents est né. Le frère jumeau de Nicola Après avoir atmembres en trente-deux ans. Ils Sirkis s’est joint au groupe, et le teint les stages fiont leur propre style particulier de groupe a connu beaucoup de suc- nals du concours,
ils ont rapidemusique qui a été classifié comme, cès souvent après ça.
Immédiatement après leur ment commencé
pop, rock, synthopop et new wave. Même si les membres du groupe premier concert ils ont signé avec à assembler leur
ont changé beaucoup au cours des une maison de disques et leur pre- premier album,
années, leur musique est demeu- mier album, « L’aventurier », a été « Le Pensionrée constante et a gardé leur son enregistré peu après ça. « L’Aven- nat des établis »,
unique, parce que leur chanteur, turier » a été très bien reçu, en ga- qui est sorti en
gnant un Double Disque D’Or, et 2001. La plupart
Nicola Sirkis est resté pareille.
Le groupe a connu beau- Indochine a été reconnu comme le des
Page 39
sur l’album, comme leur single tout autour du monde. L’album a
« Poisson cru » qui a atteint la plu- été enregistré à Paris, et cette fois
part des palmarès au Québec, sont si a gagné le prix de musique Polabruyants et abrasifs. Le groupe se ris, et un Juno pour meilleur album
spécialise en créant une cacopho- francophone de l’année. L’évolunie de diverses voix et instruments, tion et le raffinement de ce groupe
qui sont incroyablement plaisants peut être clairement entendu. Au
d’une façon choquante. Le chan- lieu de chanter à propos de sujets
teur, Louis-Jean Cormier possède choisis au hasard, comme dans
une voix âpre et rêche, mais ça « Poisson Cru », ils couvrent mainfonctionne avec leur style de mu- tenant des sujets qui ont beaucoup
sique et donne de l’originalité et un plus de signification et d’émotion.
son distinct à Ka« Le pyrorwka. Le Pension- «Le groupe se spécialise mane », ranat des établis a en créant une cacophonie conte l’hisgagné le prix pour de diverses voix et instru- toire
le meilleur album ments, qui sont incroya- homme qui
de l’année par les blement plaisants d’une a du difficritiques du journal
culté à vivre
façon choquante.»
passer tra
Le succès
de Karkwa a continué à un taux comment les événements d’autrestupéfiant. Leur deuxième album, fois le hante encore. Leur autres
« Les tremblements s’immobi- nouveau chansons comme « Oulisent » a gagné trois prix Félix, blie pas » et « Marie tu pleures »
et leur troisième, « Le volume du démontrent cette même profonvent », a été reconnu avec une no- deur et cœur, et en écoutant « Les
mination pour le prix de musique chemins de verre, » c’est évident
que les groupes apportent quelque
Par la sortie de leur qua- chose de spécial à l’industrie de la
trième album, « Les Chemins de musique, et qu’ils devraient être
verre », le groupe a non seulement reconnsu, par les francophones et
été une sensation au Québec mais anglophones indifféremment.
Happy Holidays From
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15% in store discount
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Offer valid until December 7th, 2013,
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Store Location: 1316 9 Avenue SE Calgary, AB
Page 40
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER --
October 2013
Bullet for My Valentine fans experience pleasure, not pain
By: Marivi Amesty
pletely rocked out. They sang “Every Last remarked that “I can honestly say that this well as singing. This tune was everything
The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Thing” and slowed down, with a slow gui- is one of our favourite shows of the tour so everyone was waiting for, as most concertbrought Bullet for My Valentine, with guest tar riff for “The Broken.” Lastly, they sang far. You guys have been fantastic to us.” goers were there for the band.
stars Black Veil Brides, Stars in Stereo, and “Dealing Secrets.” Bec Hollcraft, the female The band finished strong with “Wretched Strobe lights flashed throughout
Throw the Fight, for the first time to Calgary lead singer, thanked the crowd and intro- and Divine,” “Perfect Weapon,” and “Fallen the entire performance, likely giving some
on October
Angels,” two of their people headaches or worse. The band con5, 2013. The
singles from previous tinued to play “Your Betrayal,” “Waking the
concert went
albums. “In the End” Demon,” “Riot,” and “4 Words (To Choke
from 6 pm
was the final song, and Upon).” Next came “Temper Temper,” the
to 10:30 pm,
was the strongest perfor- namesake of the new album. The crowd
on Saturday,
mance. Likely the band screamed and sang along to this single, enat MacEwan
was encouraged by the couraging Bullet For My Valentine to perHall at the
screams and headbang- form with even more intensity. University
ing of the fans.
This momentum carried on to
of Calgary.
To many fans’ “P.O.W.” and the remaining songs, which
dismay, Black Veil were “The Last Fight,” “Intro,” and “Scream
Brides did not perform Aim Fire.” Bullet for my Valentine left the
and while the
an encore; however, crowd dissatisfied, however, seeing as they
crowd was
much was still in store had not played enough songs. A chant rose
not the bigfor this crowd. After up, and the crowd emptied their lungs out,
gest, concertwaiting for what seemed begging for an encore. When they had algoers showed
like an eternity, with most lost hope, BFMV came back onstage,
true Calgary
much pushing and shov- and rocked out some more. Instead of the
ing, Bullet for my Val- one song fans wanted, they went beyond
entine appeared onstage. that and performed two songs, “Pleasure and
Photo by Marivi Amesty
People began Matthew Tuck, lead singer of Bullet for My Valentine, belts out “Your Betrayal” with energizing vocals The cheers were deafen- Pain” and “Tears Don’t Fall.” “Tears Don’t
ing. Matt Tuck took the Fall” was the best song of the night. Many
line as early as 3 pm to ensure they secured duced Black Veil Brides.
realized the night
good spots close to the front. One did not As the lights dimmed,
was almost over,
need to wait in line that long; however, if anticipation built. The stage crew
and relished Matt
they were willing to push, shove, elbow and took their time setting everything
Tuck’s vocals.
squeeze past everyone else to the front.
up, seemingly purpose, while the
Throw the Fight wowed the audi- crowd scrambled forward to get
bands were signence. Most people had not previously heard better spots closer to the front. After
ing autographs and
of this alternative rock band from Minnesota, much pushing and shoving and endoffering pictures,
but they have been in the music scene since less waiting, the lights shut off, and
outside the venue,
2003. Surprisingly, they pumped up the Black Veil Brides came onstage. while outside the
crowd with their original songs and unique The crowd went crazy, and many
tour bus, memvocals, performing “Lights out for Sum- fangirls were screaming and yellbers of Black Veil
mer,” “Lifesaver,” and wrapping things up ing, wanting the lead singer, Andy
Brides and Bullet
with their new single “Not So Hollywood.” Biersack, to notice them. The band
for my Valentine
While the crowd, was not quite headbanging hit it off with the first song off their
were as well. Most
yet, James Clark, the lead singer, thanked new album, “Nobody’s Hero,” and
of the crowd left
the crowd and his charisma drove people to then proceeded to play “Shadows
satisfied, and purcheer louder. He introduced the next band, Die,” “I Am Bulletproof,” and covmerchanPhoto by Marivi Amesty chased
ered “Fiend Club” by the Misfits. Singer Andy Biersack and bass quitarist Ashley Purdy thanking the concert-goers dise along the way.
Stars in Stereo.
Stars in Stereo features a female They also previewed a new song
Overall, the concert
lead, who is sensual and fun. She took to called “Let You Down.”
microphone and belted out the band’s first was an extreme success and many will look
the stage like it was her birthright and com- In-between songs, Andy Biersack single “Breaking Point,” playing uitar as back on this night with fond memories.
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 41
Gone Girl – marriage November’s National Novel Writcan be a real killer ing Month: no plot is no problem
By Helen Trang
New York Times bestseller list
for over seventy weeks. Although
not at the top anyone, Gone Girl
was number one on the New York
Times bestseller list for eight
weeks before being dethroned. It
was also on the National Public
Radio’s hardcover fiction list for
twenty-six weeks. By the end of
its first year in publication it had
already sold over two million digital and print copies, according to
Flynn is a former writer
for Entertainment Weekly, and has
written two popular novels prior to
Gone Girl: Sharp Object and Dark
Places. She admits to putting some
of herself into the character of Nick
Dunne. Like Nick she was a popular culture writer, and she was also
laid off after many years at the same
The characters in Gone Girl are so
fantastically developed that it is
easy to imagine them as real living and breathing people. Through
the novel Flynn causes the reader
to become attached to the ever lovable Amy, but there is much more
to her character than anyone could
imagine. Amy is definitely not the
damsel in distress in this novel; as
it continues to progress, more of
Amy’s real personality begins to
shine through, and leaves the readers in jaw-dropping shock because
of how absolutely unexpected it is.
G o n e
Girl is
definitely an invigorating read,
and is a
d a y ,
or any
weeke n d .
E v e n
Photo by Helen Trang
the readGillian Flynn’s New York Times bestselling novel Gone Girl
ers cannot hope
ing and trapping them with this for a sequel to the thriller, there is
extremely well-written piece of a film being made for the book at
fiction. Gone Girl is a novel that present. It will be directed by David
one simply cannot put down until Fincher who has cast actors such as
the story is over. Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, and
The novel was published Neil Patrick Harris. The film is set
in June of 2012, and soon hit the to release sometime in 2014, so be
New York Times bestseller list. sure to pick up a copy of Gillian
Gone Girl has been sitting on the Flynn’s Gone Girl before then.
Gillian Flynn’s bestseller Gone Girl has taken the
literary world by storm. Gone
Girl is an almost unpleasantlygripping psychological thriller
that revolves around a story
about a marriage gone completely
wrong. Gone Girl takes readers through the story of Amy and
Nick Dunne’s rather difficult marriage. Nick, a former journalist,
loses his job due to downsizing.
During his state of desperation he
relocates both he and his wife from
New York City to his hometown in
Missouri, which Amy is very displeased about. Using the last of his
wife’s trust fund, he opens a bar and
runs it with his twin sister Margo.
The story begins to darken when
Amy goes missing on their fifth
wedding anniversary. Nick comes
home and finds that the house is
trashed, and Amy is nowhere in
sight; however, the cat has been
fed and the kitchen is clean.
The novel grips read
ers as they try to discern whether
Nick has murdered his wife, as he
does not act as one would expect
a distressed spouse to. The chapters switch from Nick’s point of
view in the present to Amy’s diary entries from the past. Flynn
does an excellent job of keeping
her readers on their feet, captivat-
By Emily Conacher
organizing writing events in their
area over the course of November.
Such events include the midnight
kickoff on the evening of October
31, weekly write-ins where all the
writers in an area gather together
to write, and the TGIO (Thank
God It’s Over) party at the end of
For writers who do not
live in an area with organized
events or cannot make it to in-
for each day.
For quite a few writers
supplement the NaNoWriMo
across the world, the beginning
experience as well. Published
of November marks the start of
authors write pep-talks to
National Novel Writing Month, or
NaNoWriMo. In short, this means
participants in their high-speed
that they will attempt to write
an entire novel–50 000 words
have provided pep-talks for
minimum in length–in the thirty
NaNoWriMo in the past include
days of November.
Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman,
NaNoWriMo was started
John Green, and Tamora Pierce,
in July 1999 by Chris
to name a few. These
Baty as a challenge
talks are emailed out
between him and a few
to all participants
friends. As Baty says on
in an effort to boost
the NaNoWriMo site,
“we wanted to write
At the end of the
novels for the same
month, if participants
dumb reasons twentyhave
reached the 50 000
somethings start bands.”
Only twenty-one writers
they can submit their
from the San Francisco
manuscript for site
Bay Area participated in
NaNoWriMo’s first year.
declared a winner.
Winners gain the
ability to print off
a winner certificate
and buy a winner
over 340 000 writers
t-shirt. In addition,
participated in the event,
they are given some
and 36 843 crossed the
50 000 word finish line.
from NaNoWriMo’s
sponsors, including
the opportunity to
November’s noveling
have a few copies of
madness presents an
their NaNoWriMo
opportunity that they
novel printed in
might not get otherwise.
Many people have had
the thought to write a
novel, but make excuses
Photo by Emily Conacher NaNoWriMo is a fun,
to get around actually Meredith Cobb, Grade 12, shows off her 2011 NaNoWriMo s e a t - o f - t h e - p a n t s
doing it–they do not have novel, The Remarkable Adventures of the Ravishing Robbie Ghiz approach to writing
that lets prospective
the time, the motivation,
the ideas, the dedication. By person events, there is also novelists stop worrying and just
cramming the writing process into a large online community write. The NaNoWriMo motto is
one short month, NaNoWriMo is surrounding NaNoWriMo. On the “No plot? No problem”, after all.
NaNoWriMo forums, writers can While the initial draft that comes
able to remove these inhibitions.
At a rate of approximately swap plot ideas, challenge each out of November might be riddled
1 667 words per day, writers other, participate in word wars to with plot holes and grammar
do not have time to edit or see who can up their word count errors, a little polishing can go a
worry about extensive plotting the most in a given time period, long way. Sara Gruen’s Water for
beforehand. The goal is not to and generally discuss their novels- Elephants and Erin Morgenstern’s
create a finalized novel, but rather in-progress.
The Night Circus are two popular
each novels that started their lives as
to complete a first draft, which is In
often the hardest part. This initial NaNoWriMo participant has a NaNoWriMo drafts.
For anyone who has ever
draft can then be refined with profile on the site. Here, they can upload a profile of themselves as wanted to write a novel but find
further edits after November.
As NaNoWriMo grew, so well as information about their themselves lacking the time,
did the community surrounding novel, such as a title, genre, and November’s NaNoWriMo is the
it. In places with large numbers plot summary. Over the course of perfect opportunity to finally
are November, writers are also able commit to writing. Anyone who
Municipal Liaisons, who work for to update their word count and is interested can sign up and get
NaNoWriMo and are in charge of compare it to the word count goal started at www.nanowrimo.org.
Page 42
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Disney bids adieu to the magical Canadian Pixar studio
By Gwyneth Manlangit
sources under one roof in Emeryville. Pixar ers who had been laid off can choose to stay
Canada will cease operations immediately.” in the country to apply their knowledge in
Since the closure of Pixar Canada animation, but the studio said they would
was the result of transferring the work done move the jobs to its California operation.
in Van
Dennis Chenard,
director of industry
to the
relations at the Cenc o m tre for Digital Media,
stated that Pixar workm a i n
ers have the best and
s i t e ,
most highly advanced
in knowledge in Vanl o s t
pool. “They are gojobs.
ing to be scooped up
in a heartbeat by a lot
of other companies
that are hiring,” he
said in an interview.
As this comPhoto by Gwyneth Manlangit pany closes in the
here in
V a n - Two of Disney’s successful animated films by Pixar Studios city, other Vancouver
c o u animation and effects
ver, there are now 100 people who could associations are prospering. Among other
step into any office that needs an anima- successful operations are Sony’s Canadian
tor,” Ryan Nadel of digital film Zeros of animation facility, which had a key role in
Heroes Media Inc., said in an interview recent films that include Hotel Transylvawith CBC news. “The question is, will they nia, The Smurfs 2, Oz the Great and Powkeep their talents here in Canada?” Work- erful. Many other animation studios are
located in Canada, which the laid off workers could take advantage of transferring to.
The laid-off employees are not the
only disappointed people at the outcome of
the Vancouver Pixar departure. Provincial
Jobs Minister Shirley Bond said, in a statement, that it is “disappointing” that Pixar is
leaving the province, but that she saw the decision as tied to the company’s overall business strategy. “It’s my hope that we will see
Pixar return when they get new productions
in pipeline – and we’d be happy to welcome
them back,” Bond also concluded.
Raymond Louie, the chair of the
city’s finance committee, is sad to see
Pixar close up, but is not concerned about
the loss. “I believe it is part of the regular
business cycle of companies making decisions that better suit their needs,” he said.
“There have been a number of companies
that have relocated into Vancouver over
the past number of years because they
see the city as a fine location for technology and incubation of their companies.”
Companies only do what is best
for the overall corporation as a whole, and
Pixar, as an animation industry of entertainment, decided it was best to say goodbye to
the Vancouver facility.
bers of the band were all part of several local Award ceremony .
Metal core and death core bands are and defunct bands, this included Sykes him- The first debut album released was
not tricky to find, but the good ones require self as the vocalist, lead guitarist Lee Malia, in October 2006. Count Your Blessings was
knowledge in what sounds good. Bring Me Matt Kean on bass, drummer Matt Nicholls, the album that came with their first tour
The Horizon is one of those unforgettable and Jordan Fish on keyboard. They are cur- during late November and December 2006.
bands. Having recently released an album
They joined Loshentitled Sempiternal in April, they have reprophets and The
ceived rave reviews from very pleased fans.
Blackout in a U.K.
It is no wonder why, one can state that this is
their best album yet. The maker behind the
Suicide Season
magic is none other than Oliver Sykes.
came out shortly af
Hailing from Ashford, Kent, Engter in 2008. To proland the 27 year old moved to Australia with
mote the album, the
his parents when he was young. Bouncing
band went on their
between Perth and Adelaide over the course
first solo tour, and
of five years, the family moved backed to
made an appearance
the U.K. when Sykes was eight. As a teenin the famous 2008
ager, he attended Stockbridge High School.
Warped Tour. This
This was the same school where the Arcalbum was said to
tic Monkey’s band members Alex Turner,
be a rollercoaster for
Andy Nicholson, Matt Helders, and Nick
the ears, going from
O’Malley attended. As the saying goes
the relentless “Chelthough, “great minds think alike.” Sykes
sea Smile” to the
stated he always was more into English and Band members of Bring Me The Horizon, including vocalist Oliver Sykes stop-start riff-feast
art than the sciences and math.
“Football Season is
This makes sense now considering rently signed to RCA Records globally, and Over.” The closing track also takes unexhis songs are known worldwide, as crazed Epitaph Records exclusively in the U.S.
pected turns over the course of eight thrillfans scream the words he so beautifully puts Bring Me the Horizon’s earlier filled minutes. Pure bliss to the deathcore
together. In 2003 the young English cutie recordings stared as a deathcore genre, but ears.
There is a Hell, Believe Me Ive
kick-started his career crafting together com- have shifted towards a more electric metalc- Seen it, There Is A Heaven Lets Keep It A
pilation CDs and short tracks with the label, ore style.
Quakebeat. With his musical talents he was The very first EP to be released was entitled Secret, Bring Me The Horizon’s third album
a member of a metal band Purple Curto as a This is What the Edge of Your Seat Was was released on October, 4 2010. It Debuted
drummer/vocalist with the name “Olisaurus” Made For. Released on October, 2, 2004, it at 17 on the Billboard 200 in the US, 13 on
which he later used for his solo material.
was re-released under the indie label Visible the UK Album Chart, and 1 on th Australian
Then the day came when Sykes Noise. This EP gave the band tremendous Albums Charts. The meaning behind the alformed Bring Me The Horizon. The British recognition, and they were later awarded bum title takes a look back at the last album.
metal core band formed in 2004. The mem- Best British Newcomer at the 2006 Kerrang! There is a Hell is described as “repercus-
sions of everything we were singing about
on our last CD (Suicide Season) describing
the music and lyrics as being a lot moodier
and darker” stated Matt Nicholls. Five songs
were released with music videos, including,
“Blessed with a Curse,” “Visions,” “It Never
Ends,” “Anthem,” and “Alligator Blood.”
The album is definitely a cursed one; Sykes
poured his heart into the lyrics “Don’t Go,”
was a song about past experiences and the
recording he did of it brought tears to many
as Sykes’ voice cracked during an emotional
part. He even stated this album was the most
difficult to record, because of all the truth behind it.
This brings us to the present. On
January 4, 2013, Bring Me The Horizon
released the first single from Sempiternal
“Shadow Moses.” Since the public enjoyed
it so much, Epitaph was forced to release the
music video for the song early. The video
brings justice to the song, the shaky graphics,
and flashing images bring out the meaning of
Sempiternal. The word means everlasting, as
a line so clearly states “This is Sempiternal,
over and over and over again”. After the
long wait, Sempiternal was released April
29 along with their appearance in the 2013
Warped Tour.
The next concert they are planning
is on October 16 in Glasgow, UK. Unfortunately they are not coming to North America
anytime soon but there is always Warped
So there you have it, the biography,
the band, the beautiful music, and the further
success they will receive. Rock on Bring Me
The Horizon!
One hundred employees of Pixar’s
were released on October 8, due to Disney
shutting down the Pixar Canada animation
studio in Vancouver. Most teens today have
experienced a childhood featuring a variety
of Disney Pixar films that include the Toy
Story series, Up, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo. These productions were animated
by the animation studio Pixar, which has
released plenty of successful animation motion pictures that are still favourites today.
The animation facility in Vancouver opened in April 2010, and produced
short films and TV specials (such as “Air
Mater”, “Small Fry”, and “Partysaurus
Rex”) based on characters from Pixar’s
feature films. Even though Pixar headquarters is in Emeryville, California, the Canadian studio was one of the many studios
across the world to create several productions that receive astounding recognition.
“The team at Pixar Canada is incredibly talented, and we are so proud of
the excellent work we have produced there,”
Barb Matheson, a Disney spokesman stated.
“However, was we look at the creative and
business needs of our studio, we’ve made
the decision to refocus our efforts and re-
The prolific career of Bring Me the Horizon’s Oliver Sykes
By Lucy Javorcikova
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
If a person has grown
up with Roald Dahl’s books, then
Matilda: The Musical is definitely
a fantastic show, and even if
someone has not read the book,
then the musical is still one of the
best shows in current theatre, both
on Broadway and London’s West
Matilda: The Musical is
the story of Matilda Wormwood,
a girl who enjoys reading and
finds herself against her parents
and a despicable teacher, Mrs.
Trunchbull. The role of Matilda
is taken on by four different girls
on different nights, and all of them
bring different parts of the character
to life while keeping Matilda the
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
under thirteen years of age yet
ridiculously talented. From the girls
playing Matilda to the ensemble
of schoolchildren, all of them are
phenomenal to be on Broadway at
such a young age. While the adults
have their moments, the children
are the stars of the show. The cast
album had to split up the songs
between the four Matildas, and all
of them are great at what they do.
The music, composed
by Tim Minchin, is catchy and
charming yet utterly powerful. The
largest group number and the best
in the show, “Revolting Children,”
is a high-energy number that
comes at the end of the two-anda-half-hour-long show, and it
Page 43
Looking forward to a new year
of television starting again
By Wenonah North Peigan NBC this year include Ironside,
a remake of the television series of
With the new school year the same name; The Blacklist
picking up, and many students starring James Spader, which has
getting busier with schoolwork thus far received mixed to posiand assignments, there may be tive reviews; and many other new
little to no time left to relax.
If a student can find time Over at Fox on the comto relax and sit back, then there is edy side, returning shows include
no reason why they cannot watch New Girl, entering its third seatelevision for a bit and forget the son, Raising Hope, in its fourth
everyday stresses of life.
season; and the animated show,
The Simpsons,
year at NBC, “If a student can find time in its twentythe network to relax and sit back, then fifth season.
will continue there is no reason why they N e w
with its regu- cannot watch television for comedies at
lar program- a bit and forget the every- Fox this year
ming of cominclude Brookday stresses of life.”
edies, such as
lyn Nine-Nine
Parks and Recreation entering its about a laid-back police officer
sixth season, and Community be- (Andy Samberg), that has so far
ginning its fourth season.
been received well, and Dads,
They will also broadcast new created by Family Guy visioncomedies such as The Michael ary, Seth MacFarlene, that has not
J. Fox Show which has received been received as well, with some
mixed reviews thus far, about a even calling it “reprehensible”
man (Fox) recovering from Par- and “morally wrong.”
kinson’s disease and the choices On the drama side at Fox
he makes. Another new com- returning shows include Bones
edy making its debut is Welcome now on its ninth season, 24, and
To The Family starring Mike the musical dramedy, Glee, comO’Malley, about a culture clash ing to its fifth season after the
between two blended families.
death of one of its stars, Cory
The dramas at NBC re- Monteith this past summer.
ington Irving’s classic Ichabod
Finally at ABC this
year, the comedies and returning
sitcoms include the Emmy juggernaut, Modern Family, starting
their fifth season; the largely underrated sitcom, The Middle, also
in its fifth season; and many more.
Incoming freshmen comedies this year are comprised of
Back in the Game starring James
Caan, as the father of a former allstar softball player (Maggie Lawson); Super Fun Night, starring
Rebel Wilson, about three single
women who decide to step it up
and make the most of each night
in their young lives, along with
many more.
Dramas on ABC have
never been better. Returning to
ABC this fall is Grey’s Anatomy
now in its tenth season, Castle, in
its sixth season are among others
returning this year, also including
Revenge, and Nashville.
The new dramas on ABC
this year include an Avengers
spin-off, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,
Once Upon a Time In Wonderland, a Once Upon a Time spinoff, that is thus far not doing as
well as its predecessor, but is still
establishing itself among the net-
Photo by Jessica Chen
Matilda’s music is sung by the most talented kids on Broadway
same. All the children in the cast
rotate as well, but since the role of
Matilda is more intensive, there are
more actors for her than any other
child in the cast.
premiered in Stratford-on-Avon
in 2010. It opened on London’s
West End in 2011. In London, it
was nominated for nine Olivier
awards (the West End version of
the Tonys) and won seven of them,
including Best Actress for all four
Matilda girls. In 2012 Matilda
opened on Broadway, with a few
of the same actors from the West
End production, even the kids, who
relocated across the world just for
their Broadway debut—and for
good reason, because some of the
kids are as young as eight years old.
Broadway’s Matilda girls received
Tony Honors for Excellence in
One of the things that
makes Matilda so amazing are
the actors, many of whom are
features all of the kids and some of
the adults. “School Song” cleverly
incorporates the alphabet into its
lyrics, something that is not easy
to notice. “When I Grow Up” is a
more calming number, yet just as
catchy and powerful as the other
songs are. The kids do more than
just hold their own in these songs;
they are the actors who make the
show as great as it is.
The songs that Matilda
sings are also among the best in
the show. “Naughty” is a powerful
song about being able to change
one’s situation, however little
influence they think they have,
and all of the Matilda girls are
fantastic at singing it. The best part
of the song “Quiet” is the music—
the shift from the first half to the
second half of the song.
Matilda is definitely one
of the best musicals on Broadway
and the West End at the moment
and one of the best showcases of
talent by kids for a long while.
Photo by Wenonah North Peigan
Sarah Barnes and Sarah Sohal, Grade 10, eagerly anticipate the return of their favourite show, Pretty Little Liars
turning this year include: Law and
Order: Special Victims Unit going
into its fifteenth season and
Parenthood beginning its fourth
New dramas coming to
The new dramas at Fox
this year include The Following
starring Kevin Bacon, about an
FBI agent (Bacon) trying to catch
a serial killer, and Sleepy Hollow,
a modern-day twist on Wash-
works other new dramas.
With a new viewing year
many can now look ahead to a
new season of favourite television
shows and find out what to expect
on the small screens this year.
Page 44
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
CBS Sitcom How I Met Your
Mother comes to an end
By Brooke Sherwin
Recently, the camera of pop culture fully-composed album, Pure Heroine. The
has been sharply focused on singer/song- release date was September 27, 2013 and it
writer Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, includes the most-listened-to songs “Roymost commonly known as Lorde. O’Connor als” and “Tennis Court.” This album came
has been stirring the gossip pot in a new di- out six weeks before Lorde’s seventeenth
rection. While her voice is purely hypnotic, birthday under the label Universal Music.
The music within the album incorporates
her age is even more entrancing.
T h e
16-yearand synthold beaupop styles.
tie was
born in
l a n d ,
N e w
teenage life,
turbed suband Irish
urbia” and
ancesthe “crazytry. From
fast years.”
birth she
“Tenl o v e d
s i n g is
ing. The
first time
a detached
she truly
as slightly
her voice
woozy, and
w o r l d New Zealander Lorde looks fierce and ready to take on the world being slow.
Whereas the
bliss to the
her talent show at age 12. It is no surprise
that she won. After that it was all uphill. An percussionist’s ears. The popping drums and
A&R scout Scott Maclachlan saw a video of deep bass make the song edgy paired with
the performance and later signed her to Uni- her voice. “Buzzcut Season” has a tropical
versal at the age of 14, talk about starting at kind of style; Lorde describes this song as
being “in blissful ignorance to the cruman early age.
Officially released digitally in bling world trying to penetrate through news
March 2013 and on CD in May 2013, The broadcasts.” The rest of the songs bring out
Love Club EP features five songs, and in- her restless spirit and her passion for the art
cludes the number one hit “Royals.” The of music.
Upon the release of Pure Heroine,
song debuted not only as the single at num- the
received worldwide acclaim from
ber one on the New Zealand Top 40, but it
praising Lorde’s vocals, and
also peaked number one in the US on the
Billboard Hot 100. This made Lorde the first the production. Critics also noticed the simifemale in seventeen years to top the US Bill- larities to the alternative rock, pop singer
board Alternative Songs chart since Tracy Lana Del Ray. Lorde even exclaimed that
Bonham. She also became the youngest art- “Royals” was influenced by the Del Ray
ist to hold the US number one spot in more style. The album debuted number one in
New Zealand was certified as platinum in its
than twenty-five years.
“Royals” received rave reviews opening week, and also topped the Austraand rightly so. The song sparks an odd feel lian charts. It came at number three on the
about royalty and riches. The slow melody US billboard 200 and sold 129 000 copies
and snappy back beat sets a perfect set- within the first week of release.
It is plain to see that Lorde has
ting for Lorde’s smooth-as silk voice. The jump-started
a great career in the music insingle “Tennis Court” was released in New
Zealand on June 8, 2013. The Tennis Court dustry. She is a young, talented, and beautiful
EP was then digitally released in the UK on woman who also has a mysterious and quirky
June 7, and in hard copy on June 22. The EP side. 2013 was a great year for her, and the
includes the famous “Tennis Court,” “ Swin- ride was a wild one. Listeners alike are eager
for her upcoming songs, albums, and EPs.
gin Party,” “Biting Down,” and “Bravado.”
Then came the finale: the beauti
when you become an actor, part of it, the se
After eight successful seasons, cret part of it, is that you don’t want to work a
the CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother regular nine-to-five job. And the secret part
is airing its last season. The show follows of a TV show is that it’s a nine-to-five job.
the main character, Ted Mosby, played by And eight years is longer than any relationJosh Radnor, as he tries to find the love of ship I’ve ever been in, it’s longer than any
his life. The show began taking place in school I went to. I think after eight years, I’ll
the year 2030, where Ted begins to tell his feel like I honorably did my commitment.”
The actors have a variety of
kids the story of how he met their mother in the great city of New York. How I Met experience from Segel who starred on
Your Mother is a laugh-out-loud sitcom, Freaks and Geeks from 1999-2000 and
with lovable and relatable characters. also starred in blockbusters such as For
The critical response to How I getting Sarah Marshall and The Muppets,
Met Your Mother has varied throughout its to Neil Patrick Harris as the legendary
eight-going-on-nine seasons. Some critics Doogie Howser and more recently feaon Internet review websites claim that “the turing in The Smurfs. Differences in excast is less and less funny, and that the last perience aside, the actors have all come
season was not suspenseful and they are not together to make a great show which has
sure how the cast could surprise them in the about nine million viewers each week.
Throughout the seasons the show
last season.” On the other hand, fans of the has
for providing laughs, many
show say “How I Met Your Mother really
stands out as a bold, quality product. Good from the character Barney Stinson played by
writing, good actors, good production val- Patrick-Harris. Patrick-Harris is famous for
ues and guest stars. The jokes are seldom his quick-witted sense of humour, winning
forced and everything just flows right.” him numerous Teen Choice, Golden Globe,
The eighth season ended on a and Emmy Awards. One might recognize
suspenseful note, with Randor’s character Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin Scherfinding “the mother” whom he searches for batsky, from Marvel’s The Avengers, a popas the
of the
T h e
by Cristin Milioti, but
little is
h e r
yet and
f a n s
l o o k
f o r ward to
knowi n g
Photo by Brooke Sherwin
her and Linzee Aston, Grade 10 is unhappy about the end of How I Met Your Mother
h o w
she blends into the tight group friends that ular action film in 2012. This star-quality is
the characters and the actors have become. perhaps why the cast of the show makes on
Although the show has been wide- average$ 90 000 to $120 000 per episode.
The show has been nominated for
ly appreciated and enjoyed, there is a rea- and
numerous TV awards, has several
son it has to come to an end. The actors all
have renewed contracts that expire after the million live viewers each week and conninth season and they feel it is time to move tinues to be in the popular section on the
on and pursue new endeavours. In a recent television provider Netflix. Now that Ted
interview with GQ magazine Jason Segel Mosby has found “the one”, and the show
commented “It’s an amazing place to be. But is ending, viewers can look still forward
to seeing how the last season wraps up.
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 45
iTunes Festival has its most popular year in London
By Karlee Selent
The night of September
30 marked the spectacular finale
of the annual month-long iTunes
festival, which once again
took place at Camden’s iconic
Roundhouse stage in the UK.
The festival began in 2007 with
a lineup of predominantly semicommercial alternative artists.
Every year since, the festival has
continued to evolve, with 2013
boasting what was undeniably its
most impressive lineup. Tickets
are given away free to iTunes users
and fans in the UK through prizedraw competitions. Applications
for tickets can be submitted both in
the iTunes Store and official app.
Being one of the most
diverse music festivals of the year,
the variety of music had something
to please even the snobbiest
of music fans. There were, in
traditional iTunes Festival style,
the current alternative rock festival
crowd pleasers, such as Queens of
The Stone Age, Paramore, Arctic
Monkeys, and Kings of Leon. But
this year they were joined by not
only current global hit-machines
Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Justin
Timberlake, but by timeless heroes
such as Pixies and Elton John.
The festival kicked off
on Sunday the September 1 with
none other than mother-monster,
Lady Gaga. Recieving somewhat
mixed reviews for her iTunes
“#Swinefest,” Lady Gaga made the
bold move of focusing exclusively
on the new, using her iTunes slot
to premier of eight new songs from
the highly anticipated ARTPOP,
sidelining her many hits. Though
many may have yearned to dance to
“Poker Face” or “Bad Romance,”
Gaga still did as she always does
and put on what was a committed,
unique, and impressive spectacle.
Showing just how diverse
the 2013 iTunes Festival was, the
second night was headlined by
Icelandic post-rock favourites,
Sigur Rós, who put on a beautiful
show, with a setlist that was twice
as long as Gaga’s. The chilled and
melodic nature of the band and its
audience meant that fans could get
up-close and personal with lead
singer Jónsi Birgisson without
getting hassled from gaggles of
fifteen-year-old ‘little monsters.’
As the weeks continued,
the festival went on with
powerhouse performance from
Paramore and continued with
British indie breakouts, Bastille.
Ellie is the venue, the Roundhouse. unpredictable bunch and varied subdued audience. Uninterested
Goulding headlined the festival’s With a capacity of approximately from night to night, given that couples were witnessed a few rows
penultimate Sunday before the 3 000, there were enough people the festival is a free-ticket lottery. from the front of Justin Timberlake
final week saw performances from to create a buzz, while the venue Even the greatest, most well- mouthing that they were bored
Jessie J as well as Tinie Tempah still appeared small enough to feel respected artists were often left at each other during “Rock Your
and Dizzee Rascal, finishing with intimate with the artist preforming, with a frustratingly ungrateful and Body.”
Smaller acts like Italian
pianist supreme Ludovico
Justin Timberlake
Einaudi struggled with the often
on the Sunday and
ungrateful iTunes winners.
Katy Perry roaring
Headlining on September 17,
to the stage on the
despite putting on what was an
final Monday of
unmistakably stunning show,
there were reports of a rude
and uninterested audience,
who were more engaged in the
unique brand of
bar than anything else, leaving
high-energy popa half-empty Roundhouse
rock as the fourth
for Einaudi to return to for
headline act to
his encore. If individuals are
hit the stage on
not interested in the artists
preforming, they should not
Highlights included
apply for tickets, plain and
the rockers’ debut
Business” which
For those that did not
had the whole
attend and citizens outside of
venue fist pumping
the UK, all performances by all
and throwing the
of the artists can be viewed on
horns up; “The
iTunes, or the official app for
Only Exception”
iPod, iPhone, and iPad, as well
where the crowd
as those with Apple TV. These
sang loud and
performances, however, can
proud as one, and
Photo by Karlee Selent only be streamed for free for a
of course their The 2013 iTunes Festival can be viewed free of charge through the official app on all Apple devices limited time. latest smash, “Still
Into You.” Working a cover of a rare opportunity
Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” for a great deal of
into “In The Mourning” was also the artists involved.
S o m e
a nice touch. Frontwoman Hayley
Williams carried the show in terms artists who played
of the band’s interaction with the would have been
fans, with bassist Jeremy Davis used to playing in
and guitarist Taylor York staying arenas or in some
mum for the full ninety minutes. cases, stadiums –
Williams more than made up for it where an individual
though, hooking in the crowd with would have either
some call and response during the the
songs and thanking the fans for camping outside
the venue for hours
making it so special.
One of the many highlights prior to the doors
of the Festival however, was the opening or to
three LA sisters, HAIM, who watch fleas jump
certainly had no issue getting their around on a distant
audience to use their feet. Taking to stage.
the stage on September 21, almost just outside Chalk
exactly one year from their stint Farm underground
supporting Ellie Goulding at last station, with its
year’s iTunes Festival, HAIM took beautiful interior
their headlining spot. After a year and a crisp sound
of growing success, from winning system, impressive
the critics’ “BBC Sound of...” poll lighting
in early 2013, to finally cracking exciting
the top twenty last weekend with effects,
their latest single “The Wire,” Roundhouse
HAIM have grown into a worthy one of the iTunes
Festival’s biggest
headlining act.
Those who were fortunate assets.
T h e
enough to get tickets to this year’s
music spectacle will know that one c r o w d s ,
of iTunes Festival’s unsung heroes however, were an
Page 46
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Calgary Wordfest brings
literature lovers together
By Yuwei Xia
Bookmarks at noon at the EPCOR Centre.
For the past seventeen years, There were also several workshops includWordfest has hosted an annual festival at- ing Writing Mystery with Peter Robinson
tracting an audience of over 14 000 people. and Writing Fiction with Michael Winter.
The goal of this non-profit organization is For a more festive night scene, there were
to support vibrant communities and bring Night Showcases also at the Calgary Public
readers and writers together by providing Library and the Wordfest Late Night speaccessible programs that share the power of cial event at the Westin Hotel. For those
who speak other languages there were
This year from October 14 to 20, many multilanguage programs including
the literary festival featured over seventy Spanish Voices, French Voices, and Italian
the annual Wordfest
was a great success
this year gathering an
audience from youth
to seniors and unique
ethnic backgrounds.
This event has been
so successful that it
has gained the support
of the federal government including MP
Joan Crockatt. “Wordfest introduces us to
writers from across
Canada and beyond
whose creativity and
talent inspire audiences and celebrate the
love of reading,” said
Crockatt. “In addition
to bringing writers and
readers closer together,
this festival contributes to the cultural and
economic vitality of
Calgary and Banff.”
Crockatt announced
on behalf of the Minister of Canadian
Heritage and Official
Languages the government’s multi-year
funding plan for WordPhoto by Yuwei Xia
Wordfest has helped Calgarians celebrate local and global literature fest. This funding will
provide the necessary
writers from the local, national, and inter- financial aid for the 2014-2015 and 2015national stage at approximately sixty sepa- 2016 festivals along with the development
rate events across Calgary and Banff. These of long-term plans to promote literacy in
events included special programming like southern Alberta.
Festival des Mots for French speakers and “Our Government is pleased to
the First Calgary Financial Book Rapport provide Wordfest: Banff-Calgary Interfor youth and students.
national Writers Festival with funding for
Among these artists included its annual festival,” said Minister Glover.
well-known writers and Wordfest alumni “Our support will enable WordFest to plan
Margaret Atwood, Chuck Palaniuk, Joseph its activities over a longer term, with conBoydon and also many new faces includ- tinued emphasis on developing interest in
ing David Ward, Xiaolu Guo, and Anakana the literary arts among diverse audiences,
including youth, Aboriginal people, and the
The Festival opened with the Francophone community.”
Margaret Atwood reception at the Calgary Although the Festival is over, it
Public Library followed by a feature on is not too late to get involved in Wordfest
Geronimo Stilton for elementary school through volunteering and book clubs. For
students Tuesday morning and the Tuesday more information visit www.wordfest.com.
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Upcoming films movie buffs
can look forward to in 2014
Misha Mustaqeem
a special mind who finds her life threatened
Each year directors seek to entertain the public by using their power to create with the help of technology. One goes to
movies to enjoy the entire movie (Rain Man)
but sometimes end up bored for obvious reasons (Battlefield Earth). Sometimes, the best
part is watching the trailers to find out which
films will be coming soon to a theatre near
them. Luckily, the FEVER had some researchers look into the movies that are coming out in 2014.
The long awaited sequel to Mad
Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985), Mad
Max: Fury Road is set for release next year.
Mel Gibson (Braveheart, The Patriot) will
play a part in the film, but it is not Max
when an authoritarian leader decides that her
kind have to die. That is because she is a divergent, and therefore the government cannot assign a certain mindset to a human. The
film stars Shaliene Woodley (The Descendants) and Kate Winslet (Titanic, Eternal
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). The film is
slated for release on 21 March, 2014.
X-Men: Days of Future Past is the
seventh film in a franchise kick-started by
The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer’s
X-Men, which was released in 2000 to positive reviews (82% positive on Rotten Tomatoes). Days of Future Past is a sequel to
X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: First
Class. This film is about the X-Men ensem-
Photo by Douglas Brandt
Fans are eagerly awaiting the second film of The Hobbit while companion materials abound
Rockatansky. Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight ble fighting a war for the survival of the muRises) will replace Gibson as Max. Gibson, tants across two time periods. Ian McKellen
however, will play the drifter in Mad Max: (LOTR Trilogy, Gods and Monsters), Patrick
Fury Road, which is slated to open some- Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation),
time next year.
Hugh Jackman (Prisoners, The Wolverine),
Jupiter Ascending, a film by the di- and Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games
rectors of The Matrix trilogy and Cloud At- Quadrilogy, Silver Linings Playbook) star in
las, Andy and Lana Wachkowski is set in a the film set to open on 23 May, 2014.
universe where humans are the near bottom Finally, the best for last. The Hobof the evolutionary ladder. A young woman bit: There and Back Again is slated to be reis targeted for assassination by the Queen of leased in December 2014. The film will be a
the Universe because her existence threatens conclusion to the very incredible The Hobbit
to end her reign. The film stars Mila Kunis trilogy. If one has read the series, it is clear
(Black Swan, Friends With Benefits) and what the film is going to be about.
Channing Tatum
(21 Jump Street).
The film is set to
open on 25 July,
Divergent, an adaptation of the teenFor All Real Estate Needs
age best-seller by
Veronica Roth is
another film that Cell: 403 399 3942
will be released
next year. If one Fax: 403 592 9368
has not read the Email: [email protected]
novel, the film is
about Beatrice Prior, a teenager with G 464 Woodbine Blvd (S.W) Calgary AB T2W 5H5
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
From child fame to insane – the
downhill spiral of known child stars
-- Page 47
By Lucy Cheon
The Amanda Show and later went she came up with the concept for
These days, former child on to appear in many other fun her recent music album “Bangerz.”
stars are often in the news for so- family comedies like She’s the Although nothing she has
cial media blow outs, DUIs, and Man, Sydney White, and Hair- done has resulted in her arrest, her
other scandalous events that make spray. She was even named one of highly-controversial moves in the
one lose respect for a former child Teen People’s “25 Hottest Under entertainment industry have awardhero.
ed Cyrus plenty of criticism. With
25” in 2006.
This has been the case for Within the past two years, her hit single “We Can’t Stop,”
many celebrities.
they are
into trouble
because of
the previous pressure
being in
the spotlight or attempting
to seize
a chance
to be the
most talked-about
celebrity once
The FEPhoto by Lucy Cheon
V E R Melody Cheung, Rosita Lui, and Damon Leong, Grade 12, are shocked by child stars’ drastic changes
look at some celebrities who were Bynes had been charged with a she introduced a new provocative
former childhood icons, who have DUI, possession of marijuana, dance to the mainstream audience
now taken a turn to become polar tampering with evidence, and reck- known as “twerking.” Cyrus even
opposites from what they were pre- less endangerment. Bynes’ social made a new single “Twerk,” with
viously portrayed as.
media status also blew up as she fellow child star Justin Bieber
Macaulay Culkin, a name instigated Twitter celebrity feuds (who himself has gotten in trouble
Lancers may know, is better known with many celebrities including abiding by traffic laws) based on
as “Kevin,” the cute lead character singer Rihanna. Her troubles have the dance. in the classic family movie, Home been so extreme that they have When Cyrus performed
Alone or perhaps the star of fam- even led to psychiatric treatment.
her single with fellow singer Robin
ily flick Richie Rich. After Culkin’s Lindsay Lohan was once Thicke, Cyrus made many inaptremendous success after starring the envy of many teen girls for propriate gestures which left the
in Home Alone, he sued his di- starring in classic family mov- crowd outraged. Cyrus has also advorced parents in their custody bat- ies such as The Parent Trap and mitted to experimenting with drugs
tle centred on who would control Freaky Friday. Lohan even man- in an interview with Rolling Stones
Culkin’s fortune.
aged to become the star of many magazine. Although, maybe she is
This became known in- girls’ go-to movie, Mean Girls. just “Being Miley.”
Being famous is not exfamously as “The Culkin Case.” Lohan is rarely mentioned with the The actor disappeared from the title of those films however.
actly what everyone makes it out
spotlight and claimed to retire at Now Lohan is the star of to be. More often than one might
age 14. Currently at 33 years old, tabloids, always managing to make think, being put in the spotlight
he has become known for battling a headline with the many outra- at such a young age does not give
his drug addiction. Culkin was re- geous, illegal activities that she stars a chance to enjoy their childcently arrested in Oklahoma for is associated with. Lohan has had hood to the fullest and many end
possession of marijuana as well as countless DUIs, been in and out of up in trouble with the law.
Although many stars
other controlled substances.
rehab (as well as court) numerous Amanda Bynes has re- times and has posed for Playboy. manage to escape the stereotype of
cently sprung into the spotlight Lohan is certainly far from being a spiralling downhill, the ones who
of the media – but not for good Disney moviestar.
make the headlines really show the
reasons. Formerly a wholesome, Best known for being possible consequences of being a
American sweetheart, Bynes cap- “Hannah Montana,” Miley Cyrus child star.
tured the hearts of many through gave her fans quite a shock when
John Green is not new to thor unlike many authors. Green
writing a successful novel. He has is not afraid to have his readers
been a New York Times bestsell- disappointed or sad. He will not
ing author many times, and recip- always give readers the fairy tale
ient of other awards such as the ending that most desire. Green
Michael L. Printz Award in 2006 portrays life as it often is, sad and
and the Edgar Award in 2009. He disappointing. Unfortunately for
has also been a finalist for the Los optimists, life does not always
Angeles Times Book Prize twice turn out perfectly. This is the
and his novels have been printed world where Green’s novels are
in over a dozen languages.
created and thrive. Green artistiThe Fault in Our Stars, cally articulates the accurate, yet
his number one New York Times disconsolate, picture he creates
best seller, has received excellent of humanity and life. He does not
reviews. The New York Times avoid difficult and sensitive topics
b o o k
such as cancer and death.
r e v i e w “Green portrays life as Instead he approaches
calls it it often is, sad and dis- them head on dealing with
“a blend appointing... this is the them in a way that makes
of mel- world where Green’s them both real and relatancholy, novels are created and able.
s w e e t , thrive... Green artistiThe Fault in Our
p h i l o - cally articulates the ac- Stars deals in-depth with
s o p h i - curate, yet disconso- cancer and death, words
cal, and late, picture he creates that strike fear into many
f u n n y . of humanity and life” people’s hearts. Despite
this fear, the characters in
shows us true love…and it is far the novel face it with a rare bravmore romantic than any sunset ery that can only emerge in such
on the beach.” The novel itself circumstances. Many wonder
has also been number one on the how a novel can touch on such
Wall Street Journal bestseller list complex and intricate issues, but
and the magazine Indiebound, has The Fault in Our Stars manages
made it to number nine on The to relate the topics of death, life,
Bookseller (UK) bestseller list.
cancer, and love in a simple, yet
2007 marked the begin- eloquently accurate and heartning of VlogBrothers, a video breaking way.
blog on YouTube created and
This novel is a once-inhosted by John Green and his a-lifetime book. It is one of those
brother Hank. After deciding to books that gives readers mixed
cease all textual communication, emotions. The complicated and
they used these blogs to commu- sophisticated diction utilized in
nicate with their fans. The first the novel challenges the ability
online broadcast was
of the
the “Brotherhood 2.0” “The complicated and m o s t
project. Since then, the sophisticated diction a v i d
utilized in the novel
fanbase and vlog have
readgrown. The channel has challenges the ability of ers. The
over one million sub- the most avid readers. t o p i c ,
scribers who make up The topic, however, and howevthe fan community called the eloquently written er, and
nerdfighters. Nerdfight- prose breaks through the eloers, as the name implies,
the vocabulary barfight for intellectualism
rier into the soul of the written
while trying to decrease
the worldwide level of
suck. The level of suck can be through the vocabulary barrier
decreased through projects such into the soul of the reader. Green
as raising money to fight poverty creates a heart-shattering and
and planting trees.
beautiful novel that will have a
While Green may be a lasting impact on all those who
host and blogger, he is also an au- read it.
Page 48
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Scarlett choir retreat hits all the right notes once again
the songs they had been practicing, as well
as learn new songs, and skills from special
guests during clinics. The trip was intended
swing, so does the excitement among Scar- for extra practice time, and the time spent relett students for another year of choir, start- hearsing at Camp Kindle was the “equivalent
ing with the much anticipated choir retreat to of six or seven weeks of after school rehearsCamp Kindle. On Tuesday October 15, bags al.” Students practiced their parts for songs
into multiple different groups,
alto and
as well as
boys and
girls, and
then all together as a
T h e
C a m p
kindle was
hard work
and practice however. The
Photo by Rachel Esser choir stuJonathan Bell, choir teacher extraordinaire, enlightens many excited choir stu- dents also
dents on the details of the upcoming choir trip at Camp Kindle
took part
in a varipacked and smiles on their faces, the choir ety of activities like low ropes and archery,
students of Dr. E.P. Scarlett headed out for developing a sense of togetherness and team
a three-day trip to Camp Kindle, a camp that work. They did a variety of team building acwas established for kids battling cancer, but tivities, playing games that exercised teamduring the year hosts all different kinds of work and cooperation that required them to
do things like having to communicate with
musical camps for students.
After orientation and getting fa- their groups without using words. Choir stumiliar with their lodgings, the choir kids got dents’ days at camp were very busy, with
right into the first activities of what was to loads of activities planned to squeeze into
be a busy, productive retreat, starting with just three days, including a nightly campfire
a group rehearsal. During the camp, the and campfire songs, regular clinics, watch
students had the opportunity to work on
By Rachel Esser
As the school year gets into full
ing singing-related movies, and a talent
show, showcasing individual voices and talents. Even in their down-time students busied themselves with activities like a grand
ukulele wedding and a student-led jam session, continuing to get to know each other
better. As Scarlett student Sarah Halliwell,
grade ten, states, “We achieved a lot during
our time there, both through our music and
through our bonding as a group.”
The retreat to camp Kindle allowed
for students to detach themselves from the
hustle and bustle of everyday life and the
stresses of school work, and really focus on
the concept of being away in a group, being
together and having fun. “It was just such a
great escape” says Halliwell.
The idea for this trip was that the
students in the choir would become closer
during the trip, learning to work together
as a group. They were trying to learn to
build off of each other’s enthusiasm, support each other in their musical and abilities,
and create an energy between them that can
be brought to performances and strengthen
them as a group.
Choir camp behind them now, the
choir students are looking forward to the
upcoming performances and choir practices,
with newfound friendships and good memories to accompany them along the way.
Many people look forward to seeing their progress through the year, and encourage them in their love of singing and
combined talents that make up the Dr. EP
Scarlett Choir.
Photo by Edith Yung
Brianne Godsman, Grade 11, and Lindsey Bellman, Grade 11, attempt to sleep on the bus
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 49
Page 50
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Girls Soccer falls short of City Championship title
By Brooke Sherwin
the team remained undefeated in the regular
Since the beginning of the school season, winning games against Lord Beaveryear, the Girls Soccer team, coached by Garth brook, Centennial, Central Memorial, and
Teminsky and Duncan McMillan, has been Henry Wisewood. The team was also ranked
second in the
trainsouth Calgary
ing hard
adw i t h
great efthe
played valianttheir ully and unfortimate
tunately lost in
goal of
the semi-final
match to Bishto City
ChampiHigh School.
On OcPractices
tober 16, the
h a v e
team was sucbeen takcessful winning
ing place
against William
Aberhart, with
day after
a final score
of 4-0 for the
as well
Lancers. The
as club
team had anothpractices
All photos by Brooke Sherwin
er great game
for many
The Lancers struggle to gain control of the ball in the semiof
final winning
girls on
the team. Eryn Libert-Scott, Grade 10, had 5-4 against Lord Beaver Brook High School
very high thoughts about the end of this sea- in an intense match, the girls had to use all of
son. She thought they
were working together
tremendously as a
team, and have been
Overall, she thought
they did great.
was undefeated this
season up until the
final match, scoring
over fourteen more
goals than the next
team in the standings.
“We played some really good games because we can finish
each match strong,”
says Sydney Little,
The team huddles just before the end of the first half
Grade 10.
their skill set to advance them to the finals.
Unfortunatly the team didn’t quite conquer
everything that they could. Fortunatly its not
the end of the soccer season for many of the
girls, indoor soccer in
clubs is just getting
started and many will
be involved in that
this winter.
Coach McMillan from the Girls
soccer team, said that
this season was an excellent one, and that
they could not ask for
anything better, even
though finals did not
go they way they had
hoped for. McMillan
is very proud of the
way the girls from different clubs around
the city have come
together. But with
their success, there
were still challenges.
“Picking the team was
really hard; we had to
cut some players that
Lancers play offence hoping to score a needed goal we didn’t want to. Another obstacle was trythe season , falling short of the city cham- ing to challenge the girls when the teams that
pion title with a final score of 1-0 for Ernest we were playing weren’t challenging the
M a n girls
n i n g
The coaches like
h i g h
to focus on the
mental aspect of
The girls
the game, lookw e r e
ing for resiliency,
d i s tenacity and a
strong work ethbut also
It has been and
excellent season
for the Girl Socthey had
cer team, and it
accomwas great to see
the girls workthis seaing to together
son. It
to represent our
was an
school so well in
the city finals.
What an exceland the
g i r l s Lancer goalie kicks the ball to start play again lent season for
the team.
gave it
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 51
Scarlett’s Cross-country team races into second place
at Canada Olympic Park’s City Championship meet
By Lauren Morris
if the school gets the top points in
the city during that particular race.
On Wednesday, October Overall, Scarlett’s team
9, cross-country came to its grand raced well, with many runners
finale, City Championships, which placing in the top twenty, and the
were held at COP. Spectators stood team as a whole placing second in
along the course and cheered on the city. In Junior Girls, Michelle
the runners as they ran through Hudson, Grade 10, placed fourth,
and in Senior Girls
Lindsey Karmen,
Grade 12, came in
thirteenth. Tyler
Kiyonaga, Grade
10, placed third
in Junior Boys;
Daryl Ross, Grade
11, came sixth;
and Alex Mogan,
Grade Ten, placed
the Intermediate
Boys race Jake
11, placed ninth;
Senior Boys
Photo by Lauren Morris in
Daryl Ross, Grade 11, runs into sixth during the JuniorJames Faul, Grade
Boys race before going on to run in Provincials
10, came third;
this season’s hilliest and most Brant Lauwerysse, Grade 10, came
challenging course.
seventh, and Jeff Hudson, Grade
This year, Scarlett’s 12, came in twentieth.
team placed second Citywide, and This year Scarlett had ten
claimed the title of City Champions runners competing in the Provincial
in both Intermediate and Senior Championships: Michelle Hudson,
Boys. A team is “City Champion” James Faul, Brant Lauwerysse,
Daryl Ross, Ryan
place on Saturday,
October 19, in
which is located
almost two hours
south of Edmonton.
In order to attend
runners would have
had to place within
the top twenty.
After provincials,
CrossPhoto by David Morris
the The racers in the Intermediate Girls division get off to a racing start after the pistol is fired
Scarlett came in first, and Aberhart Scarlett’s runners.” This year’s
came in second. This long-standing cross-country had an excellent
with a wrap-up pizza party.
While Scarlett claimed competition between the teams team and season, and our team’s
City Champions in Intermediate will make for an exciting season impressive results show it.
Congratulations Lancers
and Senior Boys, both titles were next fall, full of fun and friendly
on the outstanding cross-country
shared, Senior Boys with William competition.
The team’s coach, Marc season! We had a fantastic team
Aberhart, and Intermediate Boys with St. Martin de Porres in Wyton, is really proud of the this year, and the hard work of the
runners, and feels that Scarlett had coaches, as well as the diligent
Aberhart, a great season which was really training of the runners, paid off. We
Scarlett’s biggest rival, came in successful overall. While the team hope that next year both runners
first at Cities. Last year, Aberhart placed second, Scarlett did not from this year and new faces will
was also first, with Scarlett coming have the second largest team, and sign up for another thrilling crossin a close second. Two years ago “this really shows the strength of country season.
asm toward the sport.
Participants were shy at first, and a
bit uncomfortable at the first practice, but those feelings were soon
forgotten as everyone was in the
water. Skills were demonstrated,
laps were swum, and the coaches
were impressed.
friends, but it greatly helps endur- wide range of abilities provides held during the first week of Deance, cardio vascular health, and Berry and Domstad with the op- cember. Participants can sign up
portunity to help students improve. for free, medley relay, backstroke,
To add to the swimming, The main focus of swim butterfly, breast stroke, or any
the coaches also added a dive is not about the winning, Berry ex- stroke of their choice. The meet
team that meets evwill be fun, full
ery Thursday and
of swimming,
already the students
and hopefully
dives look fantastic.
result in a vicDomstad
tory for Scarlett.
and Berry both enWith roughly
joy teaching the
ninety participroper
pants, the large
and strokes required
groups are willfor success. Following to expand if
ing the first practice,
more students
there was a drastic
are interested.
bePlease talk to
tween the groups.
Berry or DomsThe coaches also
tad if one would
cater to a wide vaPhoto by Lucy Javorcikova still like to join;
riety of levels, and As one student swims the other participants eagerly await their turns the more the
strengths. The Red and white lev- presses wholeheartedly. It is about merrier.
els consist of students who are cur- personal improvement, pushing So that is that, the 2013
rently, or have previously been in a the limits, and not getting gold but, Scarlett Swim team will take on
swim club/team outside of school. reaching one’s personal best. This challenges, have victories, losses,
The blue category is made up of is what Domstad and Berry are re- but the most important is that everyone has fun. Happy swimming
first-time swimmers, or swimmers ally trying to push.
who have not been on a team. The To end the season a meet will be Lancers.
Scarlett Swim Team kicks off on a spectacular stroke
By: Lucy Javorcikova
The 2013 Lancer swimmers look eager and excited for the
upcoming season. For anyone who
has not heard, the first practice took
place on October 8. Coaches Mike
Berry and Helen Domstad are eager to take on another team. Berry
started coaching
ten years ago after competing on
his high school
swim team and
thoroughly enjoying it. He moved
on to being a part
of a semi-competitive Master
Swim Club at the
Photo by Lucy Javorcikova
University of Cal- Swimmers work to their potential every single practice
gary for three to four years.
The Scarlett Swim team
Both coaches see the value in has had a steady streak of second
swimming. The willingness to and third place finishes. First place
wake up and jump into a slightly was awarded to the hardworking
chilled pool at 7 am can be a tough swimmers twice however, 2012
commitment, but the early bird being the most recent. Not only is
participants express great enthusi- the swim team a great way to meet
Page 52
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Junior Boys tackle the waning football season head-on
By: Marivi Amesty
and Amanda Seyler
vantage as the Scarlett team consists only of scored another touchdown in the second pened again and holding was called once
Grade 10 students. Finally, on October 8, the half, bringing the score up to 12-20.
During the last quarter of the game, The season has not ended for the
daily team practices paid off. The team won The Junior Boys Football season the fourth game against Central Memorial, excitement peaked. One of Scarlett’s run- Junior team, the Lancers will now be taking
had its ups and downs. The team kicked it scoring 26 points to 6.
ning backs, Daniel Jovanovic, Grade 10, ran part in Division Three play-offs. The quarter
off on a high note, but did not quite meet ex- The last game of the regular season sixty yards to score a touchdown. To the dis- finals took place October 28. The Scarlett
pectations at the last game before playoffs took place at Dr. E.P. Scarlett on October may of the Lancer community, this run was team will take on the winners on November
on October 15. The team is now playing in 15. Playing the game at home brought the
1 for the
Division Three in
most fan turn out
semithe city playoffs.
the Lancers had
f i n a l
To recap
seen and spirits
the season, the
were high beand the
boys won their
fore the game.
first game against
The boys felt
on NoLord
Beaverthey could keep
brook, on Sepa winning streak
8. The
tember 18. Feelbut whether it
ing too confident
was confidence
team is
going into the
or nerves from
next game against
the large audigeneralWilliam Aberhart,
ence, the boys
ly conon
were disappointfident
25, was probably
ed as the final
Photo by Amanda Seyler score was 12-20.
into the
their biggest fault,
as they lost 57-6. Daniel Jovanovic, Grade 10, doing what he does best The game had
Unfortunately, it only got worse from there. many highlights with plenty of action.
During the afternoon of October 1, the junior Touchdowns and intercepted passes kept
so ScarLancers played Robert Thirske and lost 0-69. the crowd on their toes. Scarlett scored
lett can
by Amanda Seyler
The opposing team, however, consisted the first touchdown, and this was quickly Daniel Jovanovic, Grade 10, runs down the field to score a touchdownPhoto
for the Lancers c r o s s
their finmostly of Grade 11 students, as there were countered by Western. Western proceeded
not enough Grade 10 students who tried out. to score more for a total of 20 points. The not counted, as the referees called holding gers and hope that they end the season. Go
This gave the Robert Thirske team an ad- junior boys however, did not give up. They on another member of the team. This hap- Lancers!
Junior Boys Volleyball team still remains undefeated
FEVER: How does this team differ from
any other teams you’ve coached so far?
Prince: They’re male, for one. I haven’t
On Thursday, October 10,
coached a lot of guy teams in the past. I’ve
the Junior Boys Volleyball
coached more female teams, so I would say
team won against Lord Beathat’s the biggest difference.
verbrook’s Junior Boys team,
FEVER: And do you think that’s more chalallowing them to keep their
undefeated record intact. So
Prince: I would say females and males both
far, they have played against
have their differences. Coaching boys has
St. Mary’s, Robert Thirsk, and
kept me on my toes has challenged me to
Centennial, all matches that
grow in dealing with different situations perthe Lancers won. This is espetaining to boys volleyball.
cially significant, considering
FEVER: Why did you choose to teach and
Scarlett’s rivalry with Centencoach at this school?
nial that Mrs. Prince briefly
Prince: Because I was asked. My sister and
mentioned in the following inbrother actually went here,
so it’s a familiar place for
The FEVER interme. Unfortunately, you don’t
FEVER: Is there
viewed their coach, Raynell
get to pick and choose, but
Photo By Emily Zeng
Prince after the game on
anything you refortunately, I got to come to
Ethan Bromley, Grade 10,
Thursday, October 10, and
ally liked about
a really great school and I’ve
the volleyball at the game
she was very complimentary serves
loved every minute of it.
on Thursday, October 10
about the team’s performance:
Prince: I loved
FEVER: Why did you
“I think we’ve earned it, and the boys played how we were all firing; everybody
choose to start coaching at
awesome.” She added that the boys worked was doing their individual jobs,
very well as a team, and that in her opinion, which in turn allowed everybody
Prince: I’ve played for a
their Thursday, October 10 game was their to experience the team atmosphere.
number of years, and I really
best so far.
FEVER: What do you think of bePhoto By Maggie Corwin wanted to stay connected in
Prince thought that part of what ing a coach so far? Are there any Raynell Prince, the proud the volleyball community,
coach for the Junior Boys and be able to transfer and
made this game so excellent was how the challenges?
Volleyball team
team did the little things, like running the Prince: I love it! It’s obviously
give the young, upcoming
middle, free-ball passes, and having every- busy being both a teacher and a coach, but athletes the knowledge and experience that
one involved with covering. She also ap- very rewarding at the end of the day when I had the opportunity to have throughout my
preciated how everyone was doing their you come to practice, and just hang out and playing career.
individual jobs, which allowed the team make these guys better.
FEVER: Did you play volleyball as well in
By Maggie Corwin
and Emily Zeng
members to really “experience the team at
When asked to comment
on the team, Prince revealed
that eight of the players
are new. “And they’re all
promising,” added Prince.
However, she also believes that the matches are
only going to get tougher.
“The guys will obviously
become more tired as the
season progresses, and
we’ll also have some harder matches coming up here
in the next week or so, so
it will be more
high school?
Prince: Yes, I played in high school, and I
went on to play in my university career at
U of C, and played some time on the Junior
National team.
FEVER: How do you think this team could
Prince: Just making sure we’re focused and
executing the little things daily, so not taking
those things for granted, make sure we’re
putting our serves in, and putting pressure
on the other team.
FEVER: Are you planning on coaching any
other teams for the school?
Prince: As of yet, no, but I would always be
open to that.
FEVER: Will you be coaching at the school
next year?
Prince: I’m not sure, but I hope so. That’s
not my decision to be made, but if I got to
choose, you bet.
Based on their success so far, the
Junior Boys Volleyball team is going to
have a great rest of the season. At the time of
the interview, Prince believed that the most
challenging opponents for the Lancer team
would be against Centennial and Aberhart.
After the game against Centennial, the FEVER once again got into contact with Prince
and asked her to comment on the game. She
was very happy with the win and told the
FEVER that “That was a huge win for our
guys because that will put us ahead of Centennial in the standings and they were probably our toughest opponents in the southern
division this year.”
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 53
Senior Girls Volleyball sets sights on City Championship
By Jessica Morris
Their first match in the consolation
round was against Carlton Com-
The Senior Girls Volleyball team is having a fantastic
season. So far they have won six
league games and lost one. The
team has played and beaten St.
Mary’s, Bowness, Central Memorial, Bishop O’Byrne, Lord Beaverbrook, and Western Canada.
Since they have only lost one
game, against Centennial, they
are currently ranked first in the
South and are one of the top three
teams in their league with William Aberhart and Ernest Manning from the North.
On October 11 and 12,
the team participated in the 2013
Panther International Volleyball
Tournament in Spruce Grove,
Alberta. They played four games
on Friday, the first of which they
won 25-12 and 25-10 against Memorial Composite High School
from Stony Plain. The second
game Scarlett played was against
the Grande Prairie team. Scarlett
won the first set 25-19, lost the
second 23-25, and in a close tiebreaker they lost the match in the
third set 14-16. Next, they put up
a strong fight against Westwood
Collegiate from Winnipeg, who
went undefeated in the pool play,
and lost 19-25 in both sets.
In their final match of
the day, the female Lancers went
up against St. Albert Catholic. After winning the first set 25-10, they
lost the second 13-25, winning the
match with a 15-12 third set.
On the second day of
the tournament, they finished the
pool play with a brutal loss against
Strathcona, from Edmonton, in the
third set. Overall, Scarlett won two
games in their pool placing them in
a three-way tie for third. Abby Gibb, Grade 12,
and the setter
for the team,
values unity
and a team’s
bonds as it
is crucial to
success. She
believes the
Spruce Grove
t o u r n a ment helped
and helped
stronger as a
unit through
time together.
Away tournaments are
a great opportunity for
the team to
play tougher
teams which
helps the girls
as a whole
and compete
Photo by Emily Conacher
Abby Gibb, Grade 12, gives a perfect quick set to Alanna
Johnson, Grade 11, for a kill against Bishop O’Byrne
says “the seaprehensive, from Prince Albert, son has gone great and our team
whom they beat. The girls won the is really clicking as a unit since
match, with the support of the Se- we are constantly finding out new
nior Boys team cheering them on. information about each other. We
Unfortunately, in their last game are practicing hard which will help
of the tournament, the semifinals us play our game to the best of our
for the consolation draw, they lost ability.”
against Lord Selkirk from Selkirk,
To keep up this success,
Manitoba, the team that ended up the girls need to continue to stay
winning the consolation draw. positive with themselves and each
Overall they placed eleventh in other and live in the moment of evthe tournament out of twenty-four ery point. A team cannot succeed
without diligence, hard work, posi- Churchill was close with Scarlett
tive attitudes, commitment, team- giving everything they had. In the
work, and staying engaged.
end the Lancers lost to the BullOn October 25 and 26 dogs despite their efforts to block
the team played in the Lindsey and dig the six foot four rightside.
Thurber 40th Annual Varsity Vol- They placed sixth overall in the
leyball Tournament in Red Deer. tournament.
Their first pool game they played
The girls played a game
the home team, losing in a third set. on October 29 at Henry WiseCatholic
Central High School
from Red Deer
was their next
game which they
lost. Due to their
losses they were
ranked third in
their pool and
into the white
Saturday, their
first game was
against Okotoks
Composite High
School, and after
an unfortunate
loss in the first
set they won the
second set with
a 11-0 lead. The
third set had
Okotoks trying
harder but Scarlett still won the
Photo by Yuwei Xia
game 15-8. In Sabrina Balisky, Grade 12, starts the game by serving
their next game
up a killer ace against Central Memorial
they played Bev
Facey, and beat the Sherwood Park wood and on October 31 at Scarlett
team in two sets. Their wins placed played against Bishop O’Byrne.
them first in their reseated pool, While they have finished their
but due to their loss the previous scheduled league games, they hope
day they had to play the first place with continued great effort they
team in the second pool, Sir Win- will make it to provincials, so keep
ston Churchill.
an eye out for their upcoming playThe
against off games.
By Cole Fortner
of a database for the player. The
coaches and trainers can look at the
database and see if a player is fit to
participate in the game or not.
When asked what inspired the team to get the sensors,
Bymoen, coach of the Junior Boys
Football team at Ernest Manning
replied, “Having coached football
and seeing if players were getting
concussions or not, and players
saying that they are ok after a big
hit, getting the sensors has been
helpful to pull players off the field
and send them to the doctors when
we wouldn’t have known to do that
without the sensors.” When asked
how helpful the sensors have been,
Mr. Bymoen replied with “The sen-
been able to play the rest of the use the program next year.” Finally
when asked if he thought every
Four other players have school in Calgary should use the
also gone to the athletic therapist sensors in their football helmets,
on hits that they did not feel were he responded with, “I would hope
so, to identify when
sound after. “The sensors are devices to pull the kids out of
So, as of in the helmets that mea- the games or practicnow, eight sure the impact of the hit es and so that players
p l a y e r s the player has received... don’t do more damhave been the data it collects goes age than what has
pulled. The to an iPad so the trainers already been done.”
sensors and can take players off after Ernest Manning
the athletic
is using a grant they
a crushing hit”
received from the
have been very helpful.” When University of Alberta to help pay
asked if the school is going to use for the program. Calgary also hapthe sensors next year he said, “Ab- pens to be the only city in Canada
solutely. Right now, yes, we will to be using the program as well.
Ernest Manning Football team using concussion sensors
Ernest Manning Griffins
Junior Boys Football team is using
sensors in their football helmets to
see if the players get concussions
in practices and in games.
The sensors are devices
in the helmets that measure the
impact of the hit the player has received, and then the data it collects
it goes to an iPad so the trainers
can take players off the field after
crushing hits.
Each player on the team
was given a concussion test at the
start of the season as a base. Every hit the player takes in games
or practices gets recorded by the
helmet sensor and becomes a part
Photo by Cole Fortner
This Ernest Manning football helmet
will record the impact of a hit
sors have saved four of our players
that we wouldn’t have caught (noticed) from the sidelines… then we
pulled the players off the field, they
failed the test, and they haven’t
Page 54
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Senior Boys Volleyball
setting up for a strong finish
Jacob Reid
Scarlett volleyball is off to a very
fast start; the Senior Boys have already
participated in a couple tournaments and
a handful of league games. The boys have
had their hands full with good competition, which has led to long and hard-fought
to the finals against the Jasper Place Rebels.
The final was a very heated game,
both teams battling for every point against
each other. In the end, Scarlett’s final serve
scored, and they became the U of C Tournament Champions. Jacob Reid took home
the team All-star Award, while Quinn
Bromley was announced tournament MVP.
Photo by Jacob Reid
Will Robinson, Grade 12, and Jack Drybrough, Grade 11, go up for a block against the spike
games. If the season goes as it has been Scarlett has also been participating in league
already, this will be a very exciting one. games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They
The Senior Boys participated in have played extremely strong in these games.
the annual
They have won a total of five
U of C
games. Scarlett first played
St. Mary’s on October 1,
which only took Scarlett
held at the
three sets to win the match.
The second match was
of Calgary.
against Bowness on October
11. Though Bowness played
their best, they were no
showed up
match for the Lancers who
to play at
also won in three sets. Scarthis tourlett’s third game was also a
three-set sweep versus Cenwinning all
tral Memorial on October 15.
Cententheir games
nial Coyotes was Scarlett’s
on the first
toughest competition yet,
day withalmost taking one set away
Photo by Jacob Reid from the Lancers, but The
They faced Kevin Kerr, Grade 11, serves against O’Byrne Lancers came back to win
26-24. After building all
off against
the Foothills Composite High School this momentum the Scarlett Boys were able
Falcons in their quarterfinal match, to win the next two sets with no issues.
Scarlett has plenty of volwhich the Lancers swept in two sets. A tougher challenge was waiting leyball coming up, every Tuesday and
for the Senior Boys, the Calgary Christian Thursday. Also, on the weekend OctoSchool Cougars. Scarlett played well all set, ber 25-26 the Senior Boys played in a
but in the end the Cougars won set number tournament up in Red Deer Alberta. Scarone. Battling back, the Lancers were able to lett next plays on November 5 and 7.
send the game to three sets by winning the Playoffs are coming up soon and
second. In the third set Scarlett dominated the Scarlett Senior Boys would love Lancthe game emerging victorious and heading ers’ support.
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Junior Girls Volleyball
fulfilling all expectations
By Allisa Dandenault
Centennial here at Scarlett and won in three
straight sets. In the first set, Scarlett and Centennial were closely matched but as the set
went on, the Lancers started to pull ahead.
In the second set Scarlett was in the clear,
but then Centennial started rolling with one
of the strongest servers and caught up to tie
the game. Scarlett managed to bounce back
and win the second set 25-17. Continuing
on with their momentum, Scarlett won the
third set 2518.
T h e
team has a
month left
to prepare
for playoffs.
The Lancers are more
than ready
to battle for
they want
deserve, first.
All the girls
are enjoyPhoto by Cheryl Aston ing the seaMckenna Howard, Grade 10, approaches the net for an attack against the block son so far
The Junior Lancers are undefeated and are committed to putting in the work to
in league play and are hoping to keep their reach the goal. Scarlett is known as one of
perfect record intact. So far the Lancers the strongest teams in the city. City Chamhave played
Central Memorial, Robert
Thirsk, Bishop
O’Bryne, St.
Mary’s, and
Lord Beaverbrook.
team has a
tournament in
Red deer at the
end of October and many
more league
maintain their
impressive record.
Photo by Cheryl Aston
season is look- Linzee Aston, Grade 10, serving against Western Canada on October 17
ing very promising and these Lancers have all dedicated pionships will be held at William Aberhert,
plenty of hard work and dedication to reach and that final will be very competitive and
their goal. The team is still striving to finish intense no matter which teams are in it.
The Lancers next home game is
first in their division and head into playoffs with the hope of making it to City Finals. October 31 at 6:30 pm against Bishop Car
Two of the strong competitors roll. Scarlett played them in the beginning
in the city are William Aberhert and Sir of the season at the U of C tournament and
Winston Churchill. Scarlett has beaten Sir beat them in two sets. Bishop Carroll is a
Winston Churchill both at the U of C tour- strong team and the Lancers enjoy playing
nament and the Beaverbrook tournaments. them.
These games are always fast-paced with a Make sure to come out and cheer
very high level of play.
on the Junior Girls Volleyball team as they
On October 15 the Lancers played surge towards the playoffs!
At the beginning of the year the
expectations for the Junior Girls Volleyball
team were high, and they have not lowered
at all. These Lancers finished second in the
U of C tournament in a hard loss to William Aberhert in the final. In the next tournament at Lord Beaverbrook, Scarlett finished tied for third after losing a three-set
game to Aberhert in the semi-finals.
October 2013 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
The Senior Boys Football team lost their fourth football
game of the season on October 11
to Ernest Manning. The final score
of the game was Ernest Manning
Griffins 57, Dr. EP. Scarlett Lancsented a $5 000 cheque to the local children’s hospitals and clinics
of Minnesota. The wives and girlfriends of the Wild also collected
new sets of children’s pyjamas that
they will eventually give to the
children’s hospital for kids who
are in long-term care with cancer. Locally, the Calgary
Flames held their cancer awareness night on October 11 when
“To date, excluding this
October’s earnings,
through US and Canadian hockey markets
more than $12.8 million
has been raised.”
they faced the New Jersey Devils.
The Flames gave their proceeds of
the 50/50 draw to Hockey Fights
Cancer and also had a pre-game
ceremonial puck drop with a young
patient who is battling cancer.
EA Sports, a video game
company who creates the annual
NHL game, will feature Hockey
Fights Cancer in their game for
each team. They have also agreed
to donate $10 000 to the cause.
Hockey players around
the league wore Hockey Fights
Cancer decals on the back of their
helmets for the entire month. They
were also given the opportunity to
use lavender tape on their hockey
sticks. Lavender represents awareness for all forms of cancer. Sticks
from select players who have used
the lavender tape were auctioned
online following the games with
all proceeds going to the charity.
The players wore themed
gear, and so did the coaches.
Coaches and team personnel wore
special lavender ties throughout
the month of October. They also
wore special cancer-related pins
and other items if they support a
specific cancer-related cause.
Fans who were interested
in showing their support for the
campaign had many ways in which
they could do so. Fans bought
tickets to their team’s awareness
night which gave them a chance
to participate in the night’s fes-
Page 55
Senior Boys Football
fails to get in gear
By Cole Fortner
This October is an exciting anniversary for the NHL. One
of the most popular charity initiatives within the league is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. Hockey Fights Cancer was founded in
December 1998. The project was
a partnership between the National
Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) with the intention to raise money and awareness
to the fight against cancer.
All of their efforts towards the cause are a part of the
“Biggest Assist Happens off the
Ice” program. The point of this initiative is to recognize social issues
and use the sport of hockey to bring
as much help as possible to these
issues. To celebrate its birthday,
Hockey Fights Cancer once again
held its awareness month during
T h r o u g h - teams decided
to come up
out the entire month, with their own
every team promotions for
a r o u n d their night.”
the NHL
had the chance to host their own
Hockey Fights Cancer awareness
night. To get fans involved and to
raise money, teams hosted a series
of fundraising promotions such as
on-ice presentations, 50/50 raffle
tickets with profits going to cancer
charities, promotional give-aways,
contests, discount ticket offers,
ticket donations (primarily to pediatric hospitals with sick children),
and online auctions that included
signed and game-used memorabilia.
Particular teams decided
to come up with their own promotions for their night. The Carolina Hurricanes gave out decorated
white cards on which people could
write down who they fight for,
honouring the people they know
who have cancer and still inspire
them. During a stoppage in play,
everyone who had one held up
their cards, it was a powerful moment.
The Minnesota Wild pre-
tivities with other fans. There was
also special Hockey Fights Cancer
merchandise available on the online NHL store as well as in a local
team’s merchandise store within
their arena. Items available for purchase included ties (which are the
same ties that NHL coaches wore),
t-shirts, bracelets, wristbands, hats
and scarves. From $2.15 to $7.26
of each purchase was donated to
the charities. They could also purchase 50/50 tickets and even participate in the online auctions after
the game.
The organizations that
will benefit from the funds were
collected this month are: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,
Prostate Cancer Canada, ZEROThe End of Prostate Cancer, The
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and Movember which is
a charity initiative that begins in
November and donates money to
organizations helping with men’s
health issues. Teams could also
have chosen to donate part of their
fourteen points and Scarlett failed
to score at all making the score
57-0 for Ernest Manning. In the
fourth quarter Scarlett managed
to keep Ernest Manning off the
scoreboard, but just like the other
three quarters Ernest Manning did
Photo by Cole Fortner
Lancers #9, Tyler Ryder, Grade 12, running his route to catching the ball
ers 0.
Unlike Scarlett, Ernest
Manning managed to get the ball
the same.
The following week the
Lancers lost 24-21 against Sir.
“Fans who were interested in showing
their support for the
campaign had many
ways in which
they could do so.”
profits to local charities that they
feel are worthy of the help.
To date, excluding this
October’s earnings, through US
and Canadian hockey markets
more than $12.8 million has been
raised. In the Canadian Hockey
League (CHL), which includes the
Western Hockey League (WHL),
Quebec Major Junior Hockey
League (QMJHL) and the Ontario
Hockey League (OHL), they are
doing a shadow project as they
raise money for cancer charities
that are important to their local
Charities like these ones
also occur in minor hockey depending on the district. So this
October and for many more to
come, there were many easy ways
in which hockey fans can help the
fight against cancer.
Photo by Cole Fortner
Lancers offence leaving huddle after calling the next play against Manning
moving early in the game by taking a 33-0 lead in the first quarter. In the second quarter it
was starting to look like Ernest
Manning was letting up or the
Scarlett defense arrived as Ernest Manning only managed to
score ten points, but the offence
for Scarlett looked like it was
still having trouble against the
Griffins defence and they did not
score a point.
In the third quarter Ernest Manning managed to score
Winston Churchill. The team fell
in the standings after the game to
thirteenth place and had one win
and five losses going into their final game against John G. Diefenbaker.
Going into the game the
Lancers entered a do-or-die situation, needing to win the game to
play in the playoffs. If the Lancers
lost they were out.
The game was played
on October 25 and it was the final
game of the regular season for the
football team.
Page 56
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
October 2013
Photospread by Emily Conacher
and Jessica Morris