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2015 Open Enrollment Presentation- English -

Welcome to 2015 Benefits Open Enrollment Training.
Harland Clarke Holdings Corp. is committed to the health and wellness of our
associates. We invest in benefit plans and wellness programs that can help you and
your family get and stay healthy.
The 2015 Open Enrollment period is October 29th through November 12th .
It will be an “active” enrollment for Valassis & NCH which means these associates
MUST enroll for all of their 2015 benefits.
Most associates will enroll on-line via the myHRIS portal. If they need assistance
(language issues or no computer access), they can enroll telephonically through a
Benefit Communications Specialist or in-person with a Benefits Communications
Specialist on-site. Bi-lingual specialists will be available on-site and telephonically.
We are currently working with HR to finalize the on-site schedule.
ALL associates MUST:
•Indicate or update your spouse’s (or domestic partner’s) medical insurance status.
Regardless of whether your spouse is enrolled with their employer’s plan or not, you
need to indicate whether they have access to coverage through their employer.
•Tobacco Status: You must indicate your tobacco user status. If you select “tobacco
user participating” you will be able to access the Healthyroads telephonic tobacco
cessation program on January 1, 2015.
All elections made during annual enrollment are effective January 1, 2015 through
December 31, 2015.
This training provides information about all of your available benefits, including
medical, dental, vision, flexible spending and savings account options, and more.
This training provides only a summary. For more information review the Open
Enrollment brochure, “Growing Healthier Together” you received at home or at your
Do you have a benefits question and not sure who to ask? Start with an Benefit
Communication Specialist (BCS). A BCS is available year round to discuss your
healthcare options, voluntary benefit options, product costs and to answer benefit
questions. These trained benefits experts also offer 30-minute personal benefit
reviews or “checkups” where the BCS will explain your current benefits and benefit
options available to you. A BCS will contact associates about every 18-24 months to
conduct a review. If you would like to schedule a review on your own, you can
contact a BCS directly at 1-888-514-7225 or via email at Our BCS’s will also be scheduling Open Enrollment
webinars. Be on the look-out for a schedule coming soon!
BCS Call Center Hours:
Monday thru Friday, 8am – 5pm CST
Open Enrollment Hours October 29 – November 12, 2014:
Monday thru Friday, 7am – 7pm CST
Valassis and NCH associates can still contact the Valassis HR Solution Center. The
BCS is an additional option for you to obtain information about your benefits.
This overview provides information about the three medical plan options available to
you, which are intended to provide you with access to quality healthcare choices.
Please review the information carefully before making your elections.
You have 3 medical plan options to choose from:
• Preferred Provider Organization or (PPO). The PPO plans allows you the flexibility to see
providers outside the provider network by paying higher out of pocket costs.
• Exclusive Provider Organization or (EPO). If you rarely or never see out of network
providers you can save money on your monthly premiums and out of pocket costs by
choosing the EPO plan. The EPO covers in-network expenses only but it uses the same Blue
Choice PPO Network as the PPO Plan. Considering BCBS has such a large network you may
never need to see an out-of-network provider. If you see an out-of-network provider due to
an emergency, your benefits will be paid at the in-network level.
• High Deductible Health Plan or (HDHP) with Health Savings Account (HSA). If you rarely
visit medical providers other than routine wellness exams and tests the HDHP plan may be
for you. Though the HDHP plan has the highest deductible, it has lower monthly premiums
than most of the plans and still covers wellness exams and tests at 100% with your
deductible waived. Like the PPO/EPO plans, this plan uses the Blue Choice PPO network. The
HDHP also covers generic, preventative drugs (such as high blood pressure medicine,
cholesterol medicine and diabetic medicine at the copay BEFORE the deductible.
•With the HDHP Plan you can save money in a Health Savings account on a pre-tax basis for
out-of-pocket medical costs. In addition you can roll over these savings from year to year if
they are unused.
•All 3 plans allow you to choose your providers and go directly to them without a referral
from a primary care physician.
You have the ability to choose a plan that is right for you and your family. Ask
yourself these questions (read questions and answers). If you are still not sure what
to do, contact a BCS at the number on the screen for help.
You are eligible to enroll if you are regularly scheduled to work 30 or more hours per
You can enroll your Spouse or Domestic Partner. This includes same and opposite
sex spouses and domestic partners. An affidavit is required to prove domestic
partner status if you have not provided this previously. Contact a Benefit
Communications Specialist at the number on your screen for an affidavit form. The
form will also be available on the myHRIS system under MyReferences and the
Valassis Benefits website.
Spouse coverage refers to opposite and same sex spouses. For same sex marriages
it does not matter what state you were married in or what state you live in as long as
you were legally married in a state that recognized the same sex marriage.
Your Children, step-children, adopted children, children of your domestic partner, and
children you have legal guardianship over.
The company employs a third party to conduct dependent audits so proof of eligibility
may be required.
NOTE: Valassis PT associates will no longer be eligible for company provided
coverage effective 1/1/2015. They will receive information on enrolling in COBRA or
on the new Health Insurance Marketplace.
If your spouse or domestic partner (DP) has access to medical coverage through
their employer - regardless of whether they enroll in the employer plan or not - and
you still enroll them on the Harland Clarke plan, you will pay an extra surcharge of
$150 per month. If your spouse/DP does not have access to other health coverage
then the surcharge is waived.
You and your spouse/DP should carefully compare the coverage and cost of the plan
provided by your spouse/DP’s employer to the Harland Clarke plan coverage and cost
with the surcharge. It may be less expensive to have your spouse/DP enroll in their
employer’s plan. If you have children, together you can decide which plan provides
the best value and enroll your children accordingly.
During Open Enrollment you will be asked to attest to (or update, if there has been a
change since last year) whether or not your spouse/DP has other coverage available
through their employer. The surcharge, if applicable, will show on a separate line
item on your paycheck. Unlike tobacco premiums, the spouse surcharge will not be
reflected on the pre-tax medical premiums displayed in the enrollment system on
If you decide to drop your spouse/DP from coverage, check with their medical plan
rules to ensure they can enroll in their employer’s plan with a 1/1/2015 effective
Here is a comparison of your costs with or without the spouse surcharge (review). It
is important to do your own analysis to make the best choice for you and your family.
Be sure to compare both premiums AND plan design (benefits).
Tobacco users must pay a tobacco user premium of $50 per paycheck, unless you
elect to participate in the Healthyroads tobacco cessation program.
All associates must indicate their Tobacco User status when enrolling.
If you are not a Tobacco User indicate – Non-Tobacco User
If you are a Tobacco User but you are willing to enroll in the Healthyroads Telephonic
Tobacco Cessation program, indicate you are a Tobacco User “Participating” to avoid
the tobacco surcharge.
If you have no plans to quit or if you do not indicate your Tobacco User status, you
will be defaulted to Tobacco User – Not Participating, and incur the $50 surcharge.
On January 1, 2015, you will be able to contact Healthyroads at the web address or
number on your screen to enroll in telephonic health coaching for tobacco cessation.
You will be sent a reminder in January 2015 about enrolling.
We conduct an audit to ensure tobacco users who agree to participate actually enroll
in the tobacco cessation program.
The following additional benefits are available to you and your eligible family
- Prescription Drug Coverage through Express Scripts
- Dental Plan through Delta Dental Insurance Company
- Vision Plan through Vision Service Plan.
- More information on these plans is available in the “Growing Healthier Together”
Open Enrollment brochure you received at home or your location. The brochure is
also available on line or by calling a Benefit Communications specialist.
The following is a summary of your prescription drug co-pays through Express
We encourage the use of generic drugs when available to save you and the plan
money. In addition, we require mail order after the 2nd fill of a maintenance
prescription. Examples of maintenance prescriptions include blood pressure and
cholesterol medicine. On the 3rd fill at retail your copay will double if you have not
switched to mail order.
Some prescription medications require prior authorization from your physician and
have quantity limits. Some expensive medications may require “step therapy” where
you have the option to try a lower cost, but high quality, alternative first. Your
physician can always override step therapy if you need the drug that was originally
prescribed. More information is provided in the Open Enrollment brochure.
Contact Express Scripts if you have a question about your medication. Contact
information is in your Open Enrollment brochure, “Growing Healthier Together”.
Valassis Associates will receive new ID cards in late December.
The following is a summary of your dental benefits. You have a choice between two
plans through Delta Dental Insurance Company…a high plan which covers
orthodontia and a low plan which does not. The high plan also has a higher benefit
level – 80% for basic services vs. 70% on the low plan and a higher annual
maximum of $1,500 vs. $750 on the low plan.
Note: The DMO option will no longer be available after 1/1/2015.
Valassis Associates will receive new ID cards in late December. A dental card is not
required to receive benefits and you can also print one on-line at
The following is a summary of your vision benefits.
You can choose to see any eye care provider—a VSP network doctor, a retail affiliate
provider or any other provider. When you see a VSP network provider, you'll get the
most out of your benefit and have lower out-of-pocket costs. Notify the provider
when making an appointment that your new Vision plan is VSP. The provider can
verify coverage on the VSP website. Non-VSP providers may not file the claims for
you and out-of-pocket costs may be slightly higher with those providers. To search
for a provider, visit
No ID card is needed – simply tell your provider you are with VSP. If you still want
an ID card you can print one on-line at
Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to set aside money for health care or
dependent care (day care) expenses on a pre-tax basis. NOTE: Valassis
dependent care matching contributions will no longer be provided in 2015.
Claims Substantiation is required for certain debit card expenses. This is a process by
which PayFlex may request back up documentation to verify your debit card charge is
an eligible medical expense. Back-up documentation could include the doctor’s
invoice, prescription receipt or explanation of benefits from your insurance provider.
If you do not respond to PayFlex’s request to substantiate a claim, your debit card
could be suspended temporarily. PayFlex will notify you twice about the need for
substantiation before suspending your card.
Health Savings Accounts
Only for associates enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan
Pre-tax contributions into a savings account that can be used for medical, dental and
vision expenses.
You own the account – money goes with you and rolls over from year to year.
New provider: HSA Bank
If you elect to save in the HSA account in 2015, an HSA account will be opened for
you at HSA Bank. New payroll deductions will automatically be deposited into your
HSA Bank account.
You can keep your BNY Mellon account until you spend the remaining balance in the
account, or you can transfer your remaining balance to HSA Bank.
Contact HSA Bank for more information!
The company provides basic life and AD&D of 2 x your base salary up to $550,000.
You can also buy additional term supplemental Life and AD&D for yourself, spouse
and children. During Open Enrollment you can enroll, up to the guaranteed issue
amounts of $200,000 for you, $50,000 for spouses and $10,000 for children, without
health questions.
The Critical Illness and Accident Insurance plans through Unum are supplemental
plans that pay cash benefits directly to you. You can use this money for anything.
Unum also offers Whole Life Insurance which unlike term life insurance earns cash
NOTE: Valassis associates will be offered the opportunity to pay their
current providers, such as Trustmark, directly if they choose to remain with
their current plans.
Legal Shield provides associates and their families with pre-paid legal services for a
variety of issues for only $6.81 per paycheck.
Pre-Tax Commuter Reimbursement Accounts through PayFlex allow you to set aside
funds on a pre-tax basis to pay for eligible mass transit and parking expenses.
The Long-term Care Insurance plan offered by Unum is intended to provide benefits
for extended care resulting from long-term, chronic illnesses or injuries that medical
plans usually do not cover.
Information on enrolling in these plans is available in your “Growing Healthier
Together” brochure you received or you can contact a BCS or your HR
Solution Center.
You now have the option to defer money into the Harland Clarke 401(k) Retirement
Savings Plan through Merrill Lynch.
Current account balances at J.P. Morgan will be mapped to similar funds at Merrill
Lynch and transferred at the end of the year. In order for this to occur, there will be a
short “black out period” where you will not be able to make changes to your
investment options or deferral elections. The blackout period will occur at the end of
the year. You will be notified in November of the exact black out dates.
ROTH and Self Directed Brokerage accounts will not be available under the new plan.
Please go to your J.P. Morgan account and make changes to these deferral amounts
prior to the black out date in late December. A ROTH deferral option will be
implemented under the Merrill Lynch plan in 2015. In the meantime, your ROTH
deferrals will transfer to Merrill Lynch and categorized as “ROTH” 401(k) funds.
There are new matching contributions with new retirement plan. The company
matches 100% on the first 3% that you defer and 50% on the next 2% you defer for
a total of 4%. You must elect a deferral amount to receive matching contributions.
This is unlike the current profit-sharing contribution which is made regardless of
Under the new plan, your matching contributions will be immediately 100% vested
as well as any non-vested balances that are transferred from J.P. Morgan.
You will still receive a Profit-sharing contribution for 2014. This contribution will be
made into your new retirement plan account with Merrill Lynch in the first quarter of
2015 if you are eligible to receive the 2014 profit-sharing contribution.
Through company-sponsored wellness programs and your commitment to you and your
family’s health, we can each make a difference in the total cost of health care.
NOTE: Virgin Healthmiles will no longer be offered after 1/1/15.
We need everyone’s commitment to help control benefit costs. What can you do? Make
healthy choices, be a good consumer of health care, get your annual physical, call the nurse
hotline or use generic drugs if appropriate. Quit smoking, walk around the block….every
step you take to better health helps to increase your quality of life and helps control health
care costs for all of us.
The company invests in our associates program through our YOU.Healthier! Wellness
program campaign.
1. Harland Clarke has partnered with Weight Watchers over the last 5 years to help
associates lose thousands of pounds! We invite Valassis to join us on our weight loss
journey this spring! Look for more information early in 2015!
2. Look out for Health Challenges during the year!
3. Healthyroads is our wellness partner. Their website provides on-line personal health
assessments, on-line courses and trackers. They also provide telephonic health coaching.
Do you want to lose weight or stop smoking? Do you have a chronic condition like
diabetes or asthma you need help with? Call a Healthyroads health coach. Your
participation is CONFIDENTIAL and the service is FREE! Valassis and NCH associates will
be able to access Healthyroads on January 1, 2015! Healthyroads also tracks associate’s
progress towards earning a medical premium discount.
The company encourages participation in wellness programs by offering a medical
premium discount for participating.
Valassis & NCH associates will automatically receive the premium discount for 2015.
Information on how you can maintain the discount in 2016 will be provided later this
This grid reflects our medical plans’ 2015 bi-weekly Premiums for Associates
with an annual base pay rate less than $40,000 in 2015 (this is based on your
annual base pay rate as of 12/31/2014). If their rate changes during the year,
no changes are made to the premiums until the following plan year. We are
working on a “transition plan” for Associates moving to the higher tier. We
understand it is a significant increase in premium and are working on a plan
(for HC as well) to mitigate this as much as possible.
Take your time to review the grid.
These premiums are WITH the Wellness discount that Valassis associates will
automatically receive in 2015. You will be provided information later this year
on how to keep the discount in 2016.
This grid reflects our medical plans’ 2015 bi-weekly Premiums for Associates with an
annual base pay rate greater than $40,000 dollars in 2015. (this is based on your
annual base pay rate as of 12/31/2014).
This grid reflects the 2015 Bi-weekly Associate premiums for the dental & vision
plans. Take your time to review the grid.
Let’s review the 2015 Open Enrollment Timeline & process.
The 2015 Open Enrollment is October 29th through November 12th 2014. During this period of time,
you can view and change your current benefits or enroll in new benefits, through myHRIS: Employee
Self-Service Portal at, click on My Benefits, and you will see a link for Open
Enrollment. This link will be available until November 12, 2014.
Once you are satisfied with your elections, simply print a confirmation statement for your records.
Associates without computer access or who need help with enrollment can contact a Benefits
Communications Specialist to enroll telephonically.
For instructions on how to enroll via myHRIS go to:
- myHRIS, click on Employee Self Service, and on the Detailed Navigation menu on the left, click on
My References then click on My Benefits. You will see a MyBenefits Job Aid for Open Enrollment
- Resources and job aids are also available on-line at:
If you would rather talk to a person, any Associate of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp. can contact a
Benefit Communications Specialist, Monday thru Friday, 7am – 7pm CST.
In addition, you can contact your HR Solutions Center, Monday thru Thursday, 7am – 6pm CST,
Friday, 7am - 4 pm CST.
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