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Weekly Notice 10 14 - Monadnock Waldorf School

Weekly Notice
Oct. 14,
Monadnock Waldorf School is dedicated to nurturing young human beings who will be capable of contributing fully to the tasks of
life with courage, compassion, and conviction. We strive to foster wholeness and lifelong well-being through awakening an abiding
love and interest in the world while cultivating the gifts and strengths that are unique to each individual student.
Important Dates
Thursday, October 16
7 PM-9 PM В В Monday, October 20
7:15 PM-8:30 PM В Addresses for
Grandparents and Special Friends
We are preparing to mail a fall newsletter full of school photos, annual
reports from our school leaders, and other news about Monadnock
Waldorf School. We would love to include your family’s grandparents,
god parents, and special friends so we can help them learn more
about MWS and keep them up-to-date about the great things that are
happening here at school. Simply send names and addresses to
[email protected] and I’ll do the rest!
Lisa Mahar
Wednesday, October 22
November 14 &15
Middle School Cross Country
Meet Today!
Our Cross Country Team has a meet right after school today, Tuesday, October 14 at The Well School, 36 Well School Road in Peterborough. Best of luck to all!
Lisa Mahar
Needed for the Lantern Walk
Our plastic luminarios are in need of some serious freshening. If your family drinks milk or water from
gallon plastic jugs, please save and share these with us. They can be dropped in the third grade
classroom at the elementary school, upstairs at the kindergarten, or left on the McGuigan's porch at
110 N. Lincoln Street. Thanks so much!
Betsi McGuigan
High School Sampler Thursday,
October 16: All Parents and Students Grade 8 and Up Invited
Is your child in the middle school, the elementary school or just beginning Nursery-Kindergarten?
No matter the age of your child, all parents (and students grades 8 and up) are warmly invited to learn more about Waldorf high school by experiencing mini-lessons taught by our faculty at Monadnock Waldorf High School.
On Thursday, October 16, from 7 pm to 9 pm, teachers will give a brief overview of the high school program, and then
participants will sample classes in the arts, humanities, and math/science (please see attached).
Please register for this free program by noon on Wednesday, October 15.
98 South Lincoln Street, Keene, NH 03431, 603-357-4442, fax 603-357-2955
“Receive the Students in reverence, educate them in love, let them go forth in freedom” -Rudolf Steiner
Thank you for Your Support Last Tuesday
On behalf of our faculty and staff, I want to offer my personal thanks to all the parents who picked children up early from the elementary school last week (and those
who would have if they could have) in order for our faculty and staff to attend the
gathering honoring Hubie van Riel, a gathering full of celebration, mourning, tribute,
and a deep sense of community.
A special thank you to Jennifer Butler, our first grade teacher, and Micah Witri, our
outdoor education and woodworking teacher, who stayed at school to cover the early afternoon and to Margaret Foxweldon for covering the later part.
Thinking of sending a note to Hans and Hanneke? Their address: van Riel, P O Box 73, Marlow New Hampshire,
Students in the Elementary
Building After School
Just a reminder that once students are dismissed
for the day at the elementary school they should
not return to the elementary school building unless they have a music lesson, tutoring or some
other school related activity. The playground is
almost always open for playing but there is not
adequate after school adult supervision inside
the building for students to come and go for
drinks or visits. Thanks to parents for reinforcing
this with your children.
Lisa Mahar
Thank you to all who took our photo-sharing survey; We
had an impressive number of responses. We are currently creating a new photo-sharing policy that incorporates your feedback.
Courtney Fugere
Reminder to all of you paying tuition in three installments, please
be prepared to make your final payment for the 2014-15 school
year by the due date of November 1st to avoid a $50 late fee.
Thank you in advance for taking care of this.
Jo-Anne Yardley
Business Office
Renewal Magazine Project
As many of you know, MWS subscribes to Renewal magazine for each of our families. Renewal is a publication of the
Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) exploring current issues and questions about childhood, family, and Waldorf education in North America and around the world. It is an
informative and highly regarded publication.
As you also know, we are always searching for new and effective ways to get
the word out about Waldorf education. We would like to make copies of current Renewal magazines available in doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms in
the Monadnock Region. Our idea is to collect recent copies (after you have
had a chance to enjoy them, of course!), add a sticker to the cover with our
name and contact information, then deliver them twice a year to the waiting
You can support this project in two ways. Please drop 2013 or 2014 Renewals off at the office at any of our three campuses during the month of September. You could also help us attach the stickers and deliver the magazines.
Contact Pat Meissner ([email protected]) or Lisa Mahar ([email protected]) with offers to help, questions, or
Lisa Mahar
Basketball sign-ups!
Dear 6th, 7th and 8th grade parents, it's not too late to sign you child up for basketball! Please
submit your enrollment form into the office this week. Our first meeting will be held next
Monday, Oct. 20th, at 7:15 pm in the Assembly Room.
got wool?
We (6th Grade) are in need of earth-toned wool fabric. It
may be a garment that can be cut up. We especially need
gray, brown, golden/tawny, and white. Sixth graders have
pandas, squirrels, horses and wildcats waiting to emerge.
Bring wool fabric to the office at the Elementary school.
Thank you!
Margaret Foxweldon
Craft Group
With the Crafts Fair headed our way, it’s time to cut felt
and stitch! (No prior skill required) If you can use scissors and thread a needle, we could use your help. Let
me know you’re interested and we’ll choose a morning
that is convenient. You can also work on your own at
home. I’ll provide materials and instructions. Call 3551371.
Margaret Foxweldon
What's in a Lap Robe?
The quick answer to that is skeins of carefully chosen wool (85% wool, 15% mohair) plus
hours and hours of labor. But let me expand on that and tell you the lap robe story:
Each year for the past several (at least 10 years) we have had a wool "throw", which we
choose to call a "lap robe", as package #1 in the Craft Fair raffle. When we started the tradition
we were interested in making something that many, many hands would help to create. After buying the yarn in the fall I went to Monday morning assemblies and asked students, parents, and
friends to knit one or more 6" by 6" square from the yarn we provided. The "squares" (it was
amazing how different 6" x 6" can be depending on the knitter and the ruler I guess) were then
stitched together into a rectangle of many colors. That was a lot of stitching. (Extra squares have
been stitched together to make a blanket kept in the office for resting children).
One year, after choosing the colors in February, I began knitting squares during the February vacation. No one came to me with needles in hand begging to be allowed to join me on the
"big knit" and so, through the next months I kept on knitting until there were enough squares for
the throw. Lesley Arnold had pieced the squares together for several years, but told me this one
would be her last.
Carol Driscoll was next to "take up" the needles and, using her expertise, came up with
actual directions and pattern suggestions plus a new twist on the theme. She chose colors, rolled
balls, and handed out some of each of the five colors to willing knitters. Each adult then knit a
strip incorporating all the colors, one of which was the "accent" to be used sparingly. We could
cast on our own number of stitches within a range-no more than 40, and knit a strip changing colors after at least 3" creating patterns with the stitches we chose. Each strip was to be 48" long,
but leaving "live" stitches at the end in case everyone's 48" wasn't the same.
With the strips in hand, Carol blocked them and then stitched them together adding bits
when necessary to make them all even. After the many, many ends were tucked (each change in
color added 2 more ends), she put on a border by picking up stitches on one side at a time and
putting on 6 or 8 rows. Lastly, a final steaming gave it a finished look. Two years ago Carol
helped me through the process and wished me well as I began the "Iris Bloom" lap robe. It came
out beautifully.
Last May it was time to choose colors again. Have you ever tried to choose the color to
paint a room by looking at a 2" sample? It's very similar to trying to choose 5 coordinating colors
for the lap robe using 2" pieces of yarn. Hating to take all the responsibility myself, I went around
getting opinions from others. One person said, "I like the colors in your vest; how about those?" I
was wearing a vest I'd purchased while on vacation in Costa Rica, tropical colors. I tried to match
them from the yarn cards, but could find similar colors only in the heathered yarns. That's what
we agreed on, so perhaps we could consider these tropical colors...after the sun goes down.
Hence, "Tropical Twilight."
The yarn was purchased, the knitters recruited, the summer began. September came, the
strips were completed, and I began the assemblage. This weekend I finished the "even-ing of
strips" and the stitching together, although not all the scores of ends are tucked. I have now
picked up stitches along one end, over 200, and knit the first side of the border. I am ready to
begin a long side. During the school day I will ask children to knit, knit, knit some stitches just to
be part of the project. And I invite anyone else who would like to help to take it home over one
night and knit just one row (which will probably be over 300 stitches).
The Craft Fair is our biggest all-school outreach and fund raising event. Many families first
"met" us through this wonderful event. All parts are important. All classes, children and adults,
have responsibilities to help make the Fair a success. And if you knit, see me!
Margaret Foxweldon
The 8th Grade would greatly appreciate donations of WHITE clothing items or accessories for a special project. These could include child and baby t-shirts, little pants, cotton baby hats, child size
clothing and a few nice pieces of adult clothing. There will be a box outside the 8th grade classroom
for these items. Please call Dove at 835-6161 with questions. Thanks so much!
Weekly Food Fundraisers
“Sweet Nothings” Cookies $0.75/cookie (vegan and gluten-free)
Lunch: Pizza: $2.00/ slice of cheese; $2.75/slice of veggie or meat
After School: Orchard Hill Breadworks $1.25/cookie
$2.00—$2.50 breadsticks and there will be a variety of bread loaves.
Eighth Grade Bread and Cookie Order Form
Name: _______________________ Grade: __________
Orders due:
Monday, October 20, 2014
Please turn order in to the Main Office at the Elementary school.
MULTI GRAIN (sliced)
BREADSTICKS: Seeded onion
Total Price
Sweet corn, roasted onion & cheddar
SPECIAL: Harvest Multi-grain
COOKIES: Mint chocolate chip or
Oatmeal raisin
TOTAL $________________
6th Grade Fall Bulb Fundraiser
Spread the word! The 6th Grade is selling Dutch Mill Bulbs as one of this year’s fundraisers. It’s a great way to beautify our community and to raise funds for our school.
MWS will earn at least 50% profit on every package of bulbs sold! Economically
priced and guaranteed by Dutch Mill Bulbs to grow and bloom, it’s an easy choice.
We’d like to challenge each MWS family member to show their support for the school
by making a purchase. Remember MWS class fundraisers are now “paying it forward”
which means your generous purchase will not only be supporting our 6th grade class
trip but will also be contributing to the upper grades’ class trips as well.
Payment should be made at the time of sale. Customers paying by check should make them payable to MWS 6th
We’ll be distributing the colorful sales brochures shortly. Please be sure to turn your order in no later than October 17th.
You may preview the fall bulbs at Thanks in advance for your support and participation!
Jennifer Dolce for the 6th Grade
Bulletin Board
Please Note: We encourage you to
make a donation of $10 to place bulletin
board and community event listings that
are professional in nature. This donation
will cover the cost of running the ad for
three weeks. We ask that you make your
donation in advance. Thank you for your
House for Rent: Single family 2-3 bedroom home located on lower Main Street
in Keene. Home is two levels plus an
unfinished basement, first floor has living
room, dining room, kitchen, and a small
room off the living room which can be
used as a third bedroom. Second floor
has two bedrooms and a full bathroom.
Each bedroom has a closet and built in
drawers. Basement is full and unfinished
and is equipped with a washer, dryer,
and utility sink. Kitchen is equipped with
a stove and refrigerator. Off-street parking is located at rear of house. Rent is
$1250 per month which includes water/
sewer, yard maintenance, and on-site
parking. Tenant is responsible for utilities
such as fuel oil and electricity (and cable,
internet, phone, if desired). The address
is 659 Main Street and located 1/2 mile
south of the Route 12/Route 101 intersection, 2-1/2 miles from Antioch University, and 2 miles from the Monadnock
Waldorf School. N/P, N/S. Credit check,
references, security deposit required.
Available 10/15. Call Daryl Stutes at 603738-1034 for more information or email
at [email protected] .
For Rent: Sunny one bedroom 1st
floor apartment on the east side of
Keene in owner occupied home, within
walking distance of downtown and Robin
Hood park. Parking, heat, hot water and
trash removal are included in the rent.
Beautiful gardens and landscaping to
share. No pets/no smoking. $750/
month plus security deposit. Call 3527370.
Hettie Belle Farm Local Meat and
Poultry CSA! Thanksgiving Turkeys!
Our beef and lamb is 100% grassfed. Our pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese
and ducks are pastured and fed only certified organic grain, grown without
the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Our animals are 100% antibiotic and hormone
free. We believe it matters! Monthly distribution in Keene (Nov-Mar). Details
at We accept
SNAP benefits and are happy to take
monthly payments to make this sort of
direct farmer/consumer relationship
possible. We do hope you'll join us and
become one of our member families!
Jennifer, Olivier & Family Hettie Belle
Farm, 978.544.6241.
Free & Looking for a Good Home : 3
-piece child's kitchen set: sink, range
and refrigerator, all solid-wood construction. These were kindly donated to
us and have been lovingly used over
the past three years; still in wonderful
condition. Will also include various
kitchen items. Please contact Chris at
Room for rent in Marlborough: 15
minutes from MWS, country setting
with country chores as well as pleasures. View of Monadnock, garden
space, workshop for inspiration. Wood/
propane heat. Rent is reasonable but
we need to talk, negotiate fair amount.
Call Christopher at 603-876-3744 or
Handwork/Arts Program Wish list:
Looking for an old working electric frying pan for batik. Please call Janet
Gordon at 357-4442 ext. 615, if you
have one.
For Sale: Lightly-used, pink, size 4
KAMIK winter boots. Price $40. Contact Heather @ [email protected]
Need: Grls size 14-16 rain AND snow
pants. Contact Heather @
[email protected]
Wanted for the N-K: A small desk for
the teacher room. If someone has one
that they are no longer using that can
be donated - we would be most thankful!
Hooper Golf Course Gift Certificate
available for a donation to MWS. Foursome for 18 holes; expires Nov. 4,
2014. Call Carol 835-6939; gift certificate awarded to highest donor!
Child-size violin: Is your child interested in starting a string instrument?
We have a 1/4 size violin, bow and
case for sale for $100. Our daughter
played it from ages 4-8 and loved it,
but has grown into a full-sized instrument. It is a sweet little violin! Heather
Morrison 903-1361
tutoring youth ages 12-18+ and would
love to discuss your specific situation. Hours of availability are flexible.
Please call Michael Nadeau @ 9034979.
For Sale: Keen sandals, size 1, light
blue; size 3, fuchsia $15 each. Call
Michelle Gullage at 563-7414.
House for Sale: Lovely 3 BR house
adjacent to MWHS on Mayflower Drive.
Hardwood floors, new windows, garage, and studio space with separate
entrance. Spacious lot, with deck overlooking wetland for great birdwatching.
Very quiet street and lovely yard for
Students. Listed with ReMax for
House for Rent: Single family house
available for rent in early to mid September. 3 bedrooms, 1 ВЅ baths, hardwood floors, nice yard. On a quiet
street one block from MWS High
School. Rent is $1250 and includes
water and trash removal. If interested,
contact Kerry Ulrich or Sandy Hunt at
Dental Health: Do you put off going
to the dentist due to lack of dental insurance? This is your opportunity to get
your dental care back on track for just
$25! My name is Molly Mallet, former
Waldorf student, 8th grade class of '08,
and daughter of Michelle Brooks
(Nursery teacher). I am a second
year dental hygiene student at Mount
Ida College in Newton, M.A. and am
currently doing my externship at Tufts
University School of Dental Medicine.
I'm looking for, patients interested in
receiving a dental cleaning, periodontal
maintenance or periodontal debridment. I can also do x-rays , professional whiting trays, and athletic guards!
Gladly welcoming, and very ready to
care for patients of all ages! Please
contact me at [email protected]
or call 603-465-1865.
Private Tutoring Offered: Math, English/Writing and more. Individual and
group rates available, w/free initial
evaluation. I have 5 yrs+ experience
The 35th Annual Crafts Fair
November 14 & 15, 2014
Our Crafts Fair is most successful when everyone helps. Here’s what you need to know:
Class responsibilities/crafts
[The class crafts can change from year to year, so what is written here is only what has been done in the past.]
Grade 1:
Students: Knitting needles
Parents: Advent centerpieces, wooden dollhouse dishes, Forest Flyer swings and work a shift during the Fair
Grade 2:
Students: Cutting boards (we have cutting boards left from last year, too!)
Parents: Raffle/Silent Auction (secure items, create packages, print tickets, sell tickets…) and work a shift during the Fair
Grade 3:
Students: Apple Butter
Parents: Raffle/Silent Auction (see Grade 2) and work a shift during the Fair
Grade 4:
Students: Craft is teacher’s choice- crayons, cross-stitch. Work shifts bussing tables in Café on Saturday.
Parents: CafГ© prep (class rep. needs to work with Ash Sheehan) and work a shift during the Fair
Grade 5:
Students: Craft is teacher’s choice- swords, furniture.
Parents: Desserts: Secure special ones for Friday evening. Work with Mary Gannon (on set-up, and work a shift during the Fair
Grade 6:
Students: Craft is teacher’s choice. Also, herald entertainment activities Saturday during Fair.
Parents: Details (big signs, poster, price tags, kit assemblage, etc.) Parking, luminaries (Contact: Courtney Fugere)
Grade 7:
Students: Craft is teacher’s choice. Gather items for the Students' store, help in children's' store and child crafts on Saturday.
Parents: gather items for Students store, set-up, and prep craft materials. (Contact: Courtney Fugere or Meena Neva)
**Note: Nothing less than 50 cents in child’s store.
Grade 8:
Students: Make items for their booth
Parents: Help with booth. ALL 8th grade parents and students clean up after the Crafts Fair.
Grades 9-11: Gnome Forest- face painting
Parents: Help with Gnome Forest
Grade 12: Students: Booth
Parents: Help with booth, and work a shift.
Community Events
Iron Butterflies & Iron Caterpillars:
Mothers & Daughters Navigating Times of Transition
Wednesdays September 24-November 12
(No Session October 15, November 5)
5:00 – 7:00 pm
Guided by Dr. Birute Regine, developmental psychologist and local author
Session includes pot luck supper
Fee: $150 per mother/daughter pair. Advanced registration is required.
Call 924-6800 or email [email protected] to register.
Inspiration for Daily Living:
Using Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda to Create Optimal Health and Well-being
with Jennie Gryczka (Guru Sahai Kaur)
Sundays, 2pm-4pm / October 5th and 26th, November 2nd and 16th, December 7th and 14th
We will explore the concepts in Dr. Claudia Welch's book, Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, using the Three
Pillars of Health: * Diet, Lifestyle & Stress Management
Meeting twice per month, our time together will focus on reviewing and practicing techniques to create wellness in your
life, including: * Honoring Natural Rhythms (daily, seasonal and lifecycle), * Creating and Maintaining Daily Practices
that Promote Wellness, * Ayurvedic Approach to Food and Digestion (including an optional cleanse), * Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama
Cost: $108 for the series Appropriate for All-Levels Space will be limited to 10 participants
Pre-registration required: [email protected] 617-306-3511
Now is the time!
Work parties of 4 seniors for 4 hours are available this fall to do your projects: yard work, cleaning the
garage/attic, you name it, they are ready and willing and motivated to work hard. All proceeds ($200)
are used fully to fund their service trip next May. Contact Celine Gendron to set up a work party at
Class of 2015
Poster Reminders of Upcoming Events—
Please Share with Friends and Co-workers
Attached is a poster you may wish to print and hang on your refrigerator or home bulletin board as a
reminder of upcoming events at Monadnock Waldorf School. In addition, I encourage you to think of
how you might help us spread the word about our school by: Sharing the posters with friends and coworkers or posting at your church, place of business, the grocery store, your doctor’s office—any
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