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Weekly Notice
February 6,
Issue 21
Morning Tour:
February 12
Our Elementary Morning Tour in February
will include a visit to our first grade and
grades four, six, and eight. A Morning Tour is
a great way to sample our elementary curriculum and to get a glimpse of life in the classroom! Our tour will begin in the library at the
elementary school at 8:15 am. The tour will
end at 10:45 am.
Please call 357-4442 or e-mail Suzanne at
[email protected] to register. Hope to see you there!
Lisa Mahar & Pat Meissner
School Store
The Elementary School store is now offering
Valentine goodies—please come and see!
Soup Day on Fridays
For $3.50 you will get a large bowl of soup and bread with butter. Sign-up is Friday morning as the
students arrive outside of your child’s classroom. Send in a bowl and spoon if your student would like
soup. This Friday, February 7, will be pasta with carrots and broccoli and cheese–contains gluten and
dairy. You can request a non-dairy version. If you have questions about preparation or delivery,
please call Carla Folkert at 762-3337.
Respectfully, The Soup Ladies
98 South Lincoln Street, Keene, NH 03431, 603-357-4442, fax 603-357-2955
Waldorf School is
dedicated to nurturing
young human beings
who will be capable of
contributing fully to the
tasks of life with
courage, compassion,
and conviction. We
strive to foster
wholeness and life long
well being through
awakening an abiding
love and interest in the
world while cultivating
the gifts and strengths
that are unique to each
“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, let them go forth in freedom” -Rudolf Steiner
Calendar of
School Events
Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Parent/Child Classes, 9:00 to 11:30 am
at the Nursery-Kindergarten
February 8
Valentine Making Morning
9:00 am to Noon
at the Elementary School
February 10
No Nursery-Kindergarten classes
Tuition Assistance
Applications Due
It is time for continuing families to begin the tuition assistance process for
2014-2015. Tuition assistance applications are completed by you through
FACTS on-line at and are due by February 21 for
continuing families.
If you are enrolling as a new student to our High School, your tuition assistance application is due by February 15.
Tuition assistance applications require a copy of your 2013 income tax return. You will want to arrange to have your tax return completed in sufficient
time to meet the Tuition Assistance application deadline.
Kim Cassin
February 12
Elementary Morning Tour, 8:15 am
Thank You
February 14
High School Senior Dance
(by invitation)
at the Elementary School
7:00 pm
Following earthquakes in New Zealand, Monadnock Waldorf School learned
about Motueka Rudolf Steiner School, a rural Waldorf school in New Zealand.
We directed donations from parents and students in our school community to
Motueka and the school has added this donation to its building fund.
We recently heard from Peter Garlick, Manager at MRSS, thanking us
for the contribution. Here is an excerpt
from the letter:
“Thank you Monadnock Waldorf
School for your very kind and generous
donation…I have asked our gardeners
to plant a tree for MWS. We will tend
these seedlings until we can plant a
Supporters Forest at our new campus…
I hope families from your school will
one day get to visit our new school and
see your special tree.”
February 15
Model UN at High Mowing School
February 19
Boarding meeting, 6:00 pm
Week of February 23
No school—winter vacation
Hannaford Gift
Card Program –
Community Update
With the support of the school community, the Parent Council has raised almost
$600 this school year through the Hannaford Gift Card Program! Thank you to all
who are participating! There is still time to
help us earn $1,000 by the end of the school
year. We will place a new order on February 12th, so please bring your checks, made
out to �MWS’, to the office at one of the
three campuses by noon on the 12th. You
can place an order for a new card or have
existing cards reloaded. If you reload an
existing card, please write the number of
the card in the memo section of your
check. Orders can be placed in $100 increments and each card is limited to
$500. Funds on reloaded cards will be
available by the evening of February 12th,
while new cards will be available the following week. Please call or email Julie
[email protected]) with questions. Thank
you for your support!
Enrollment Packets for
2014-2015 in the Mail
Parents of currently enrolled MWS students should watch the mail for your
packet of information and forms to complete the enrollment process for continuing students. Please remember that enrollment forms, including applications
for tuition assistance, and deposits are due on February 21, 2104.
You are welcome to contact me: 603-357-4442 Extension 105 or [email protected] with any questions about the continuing
enrollment process.
Pat Meissner
Director of Outreach and Enrollment
Welcome Leila Alemi
We are pleased to welcome Leila Alemi as an intern in our first grade with
Miss Marshall. Ms. Alemi is in the Waldorf teacher education program at Antioch University/ New England and comes all the way from Iran. Welcome!
Kosh amadid!
Page 2
Valentine’s Day
is Right Around the
The Seventh Grade will be selling Nicole's
delicious handmade toffee, wrapped up for
your special someone.
Watch for order forms coming soon.
Martha Temple for the Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Coffee Fundraiser
The Eighth Grade has developed a new
fundraiser: working with Dean’s Beans
Coffee Company to provide high quality
organic, fair trade coffee. The fundraiser
supports not only this year’s Eighth Grade
trip to Nantucket, but also small farmers and
small farm cooperatives worldwide.
Dean’s Beans is part of a “fully integrated
progressive coffee trade system,” which
promotes socially just and environmentally
responsible trade. Dean’s is a founding
member of Cooperative Coffees, Inc., and
an active member in the Fair Trade Federation. They roast only organic, shade-grown
coffee that contributes to the health of farm
communities and the local environment.
The Eighth Grade will offer Dean’s Dark
or Medium Blend (in whole beans or
ground) for $10/pound, or Decaf Dark or
Medium (whole or ground) for $11/pound.
Dean’s has also agreed to offer, at a special
fundraiser price, their single-origin Timor
Atsabe, medium roast, for $10.25/pound
(whole bean) or $10.50/pound (ground).
Also available for this fundraiser: organic
hot chocolate mix ($7/8 oz.), chocolate java
drops (chocolate-covered, dark roasted coffee beans, $10/pound), and Putumayo’s CD
Music from the Coffee Lands ($12).
Note: Coffee can be purchased several
pounds at a time and stored in the freezer
until use.
The deadline for our first order is Wednesday, February 19. Coffee will be distributed
just after vacation.
To order, see an Eighth Grader, or fill out
the attached order form and drop it at the
Elementary School’s Main Office.
Thank you,
The Eighth Grade
Parent Skills and
Interests Survey
Monadnock Waldorf School has been
lucky enough to have a devoted group
of parents and friends working tirelessly on behalf of our students for over 35
years. Parents provide hundreds of
volunteer hours supporting class activities, staffing special events, guiding
fundraising activities, serving the Parent Council, acting as class parents,
participating on committees, contributing to the work of the Board of Trustees, chaperoning class trips, driving for
the ski program, caring for our buildings and grounds, introducing new families to our school, and in countless
other ways. Sometimes, even an hour
of focused expertise can add a lot of
These volunteer efforts build up our
vibrant school community. They show
our children a compelling example of
what happens when people work together. Volunteer expertise saves the
school money, allowing us to direct
resources to our students and their educational program. We thank you for all
you do!
Knowing you better will allow us to
make informed matches between the
needs of our school and your skills and
interests. Would you please complete
the form attached to this W eekly Notice
and return it to the Elementary School
Main Office at your convenience during
([email protected]) ?
Lisa Mahar
Ordering Pizza,
Tacos & Soup
at the
Database for
MWHS Built by
Former Parent
On a regular basis, the office at Monadnock Waldorf High School enjoys
the warmth, good will, and skills of
several parent volunteers: Theresa
Majoy, Erik Bell, and Caddie Gregory,
who volunteer regularly to cover the
front desk and carry out office support
work. Thank you, dear parents, for
your cheerful competence and generous offering of yourselves.
Recently, MWHS printed and distributed fall trimester reports from a
user-friendly, custom-built database
program ably and elegantly constructed by former MWS parent Nathan
Lyczak. This phase of the database
program was built over a period of
several months and specially meets the
needs of MWHS’s report style and
format. The database is also built to
handle enrollment and attendance records, and the next phase of the database Nathan is building will allow HS
transcripts to be generated efficiently
and accurately.
MWHS extends deep gratitude and
appreciation to Nathan for the countless hours of work he has so patiently
and willingly devoted (and continues
to devote), volunteering to carry out
this project. Its positive impact on the
systems, efficiency, and professionalism of the MWHS office is invaluable.
Carol Renzelman, for MWHS faculty,
students, and parents
If your child will be late arriving at
school, please be sure to call the Elementary School Main Office by 8:00
am if you are ordering pizza, tacos, or
soup. The orders are collected and put
together first thing in the morning, so
it’s important to order by 8:00 am.
Orders after 8:00 am cannot always be
Page 3
One of Our High School Teachers, Karl Schurman to Speak
at Keene Public Library
Karl Schurman will be doing a series of talks and programs this Spring at the Keene Public Library. Please join us!
Walking the Same Land - Monday, February 10 – 6:30 pm: documentar y about young indigenous men (New Yor k State
Mohawk and Australian Aborigine) who've overcome cultural destruction and resulting substance abuse issues through reconnecting
with their traditions. A tremendously life-affirming film. Recommended viewing for any adolescents struggling with substance issues or for anyone interested in Native issues and history. Presented by the director/cameraman. (Appropriate for 9th grade-adult.)
The World of Mother Teresa – Saturday, March 8 – 2:00 pm: documentar y shot in Calcutta, India and pr oduced for PBS
in 1980, just after Mother Teresa won the Noble Peace Prize. Presented by the cameraman of the film.
The Language of Cinema: a Film History course – eight Monday afternoons beginning March 3, March 10, March 17,
March 24, March 31, April 14, April 28, May 5th - 4-5:30 pm. (pr esented by Kar l Schur man, who wor ked over thir ty year s
in the film business in New York and around the world, and who is now teaches at Monadnock Waldorf High School.) (A ppropriate
for 9th grade-adult.)
Middle School
As many are aware, last spring the
faculty proposed a new approach to
fundraising for eighth grade class trips.
The goal was to add a cooperative element to fundraising, with sixth and seventh graders having the experience of
raising money to support their schoolmates in eighth grade. Going forward, it
was imagined that each year the eighth
grade trip would be funded by the efforts
of all three middle school classes. Along
with this new, cooperative approach, the
faculty recommended guidelines for the
cost of eighth grade class trips, and discussed the kind of fundraising in which
students should be involved.
Last summer, when Julia Kerr, Tim
Price and I met to plan for the school
year, we had a number of questions to
bring back to our colleagues. We were
supportive of this new cooperative gesture, and needed to clarify details related
to pooling our resources. While all three
classes have been actively fundraising
this fall, the faculty has taken up these
questions, considering ways to refine the
fundraising model that meets the needs
of students, parents, and teachers.
A faculty committee of teachers
(Kevin McGuigan, Maggie Myers, and
myself) was assigned to meet, collect
input, and propose a final working policy
for the current year. As part of our work,
Maggie, Kevin and I asked my fellow
middle school teachers to join us in a
meeting with parents who have been
particularly active in fundraising thus far
in the year. We wanted to hear from
those most directly affected, in many
respects, by a change in policy. Many
thanks to the sixth, seventh and eighth
grade parents who took time on a Saturday morning in December to meet with
us. Their input was invaluable and
touched on a wide range of issues that
we will be taking back to College of
Teachers and Faculty meetings.
I am pleased to say that all parents and
teachers present at our December meeting were supportive of the revisions that
Kevin, Maggie and I have proposed for
this year: in keeping with the cooperative gesture adopted last spring, the sixth
and seventh grades will each pledge a
generous amount toward the cost of the
eighth grade class trip, totaling as much
as $4,000. Funds raised by sixth and
seventh grade classes above and beyond
the pledged amount will be kept by each
grade, respectively, to be used toward
their own trips. There was a general
sense that this modification represents
the best of both approaches, allowing
students to experience both the satisfaction of a generous gift and the excitement of working towards one’s own trip.
It goes without saying that the faculty
will be returning to this policy at the end
of the year to see whether it has proved
to be a positive change. Middle School
parents can expect further information
directly from their child’s class teacher
about fundraising goals and ways to support our collective and individual efforts.
Kevin, Maggie and I are also happy to
field questions about the process and the
modifications adopted for this school
year. We welcome your input.
Alison Henry
The Keene Community Kitchen continues to serve meals and make food
boxes available to those in need in our
community. Your contributions make
the Kitchen able to fulfill its mission.
We recently delivered five shopping
bags full of nonperishable food and
personal care items. Thank you!
Now is a great time to help the Community Kitchen with a specific need:
the need for personal care items. The
Kitchen can use soap, deodorant,
toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo,
shaving cream, body lotion, combs,
brushes, etc. Please drop these items
in the collection box inside the front
door at the elementary school or at the
front desk at nursery-kindergarten or
high school.
Food items continue to be welcome.
And thanks to all for supporting our
neighbors in need!
Lisa Mahar
Page 4
High School News
This Week at the High School
Eleventh Grade: The Rise of the West, MWHS 2014: Ar ound 1500, what we call
“the West” began to diverge radically from the rest of the world, which it eventually grew
to dominate politically and economically. Even if some of that power has waned in the
21st century, the western mindset still dominates the cultural tone of the modern era. This
is our culture—we are products of its worldview and totally immersed in its way of thinking. By examining how “the West” came about, can students begin to better understand
Continuing where their Medieval History morning lesson left off, the 11th grade will
broadly survey the development of the West from the 14th c. Black Plague to the 19th c.
Industrial Revolution. They will step back in order to perceive the bigger themes running
through specific events and individuals. We follow four main threads—Philosophy &
Individuality, Science & Exploration, the Arts, Nation & the Common Man—through
overlapping periods of the Reformation, Renaissance, Age of Exploration and Enlightenment. Through many readings from original texts, the students will consider questions the
West posed in its rise to prominence: W here do I stand? W ho is my neighbor? W hat is a
nation? How can we make sense out of the world? What is progress? To better grasp at
the outset what we might mean by “the West,” the block begins with a case study of the
late 20th c. rapid westernization of Ladakh, a remote region of Himalayan India. For final
projects, students create an artistic presentation of one of the many extraordinary individuals they will encounter (from Henry V & Joan of Arc to Mary Wollstonecraft & William
Blake) during the course of this nearly 500 years of history that led to the modern world.
Karl Schurman
Elementary News
Spring Will be
Before You
Know it!
We’re excited to once again offer 25
varieties of organic seeds from Fedco
Seed Company. Start planning your
summer garden and place your order
before February break.
The order
forms are included with the newsletter. Feel free to print copies for friends
and neighbors. Completed forms and
checks can be returned to envelopes in
the Elementary and High School Main
Thank you, The Eighth Grade
Sixth Grade News:
Sweet Nothings Have Moved to
Friendship Bracelets and Hot Cocoa
Also For Sale!
The Sixth Grade is offering beautiful, handmade friendship bracelets. Come admire the
selection at our dismissal bench on Mondays and Tuesdays. You may also drop by our
classroom at snack or lunch time to pick one out. Prices range from 50 cents to 5 dollars.
Watch for Hot Cocoa at the Sixth Grade bench on Mondays and Tuesdays. 75 cents
will buy you a piping hot cup of cocoa in one of our reusable cups, a disposable cup for
the road, or a cup of your own. Mini marshmallows are 5 cents extra, unless you bring
your own cup -- then they're free. Keep warm and support the Middle School trip fund.
Thank you, The Sixth Grade
Page 5
This Week at the
Nursery-Kindergarten and
Elementary School
Here’s a little glimpse into the Nursery-Kindergarten and Elementary
School at MWS:
Thanks to second grade parent Christy Bonneau for taking the notes at our
Monday morning assembly at the elementary school.
Lily of the Valley: Betsi’s childr en will hear the Gr imm’s stor y T he Poor
Miller’s Boy’s Cat about a simple boy whose faithful action make him rich all
the days of his life. The children will enjoy a Valentine themed circle full of
songs and verses. They will be working on special projects, too!
First Grade: The alphabet song is getting lots of play time in Miss Mar shall’s class. The groundhog saw his shadow so the students are preparing for
six more weeks of winter by making candles for their Candlemas Celebration.
Third Grade: Mr s. Tur ner ’s students ar e consider ing Noah’s ar k, both its
dimensions and its inhabitants. They are busy drawing animals. During the
month of February the students will explore how people exchange the goods
they have grown and made.
Fifth Grade: Mr s. Myer s’ students ar e lear ning about ancient civilizations, hearing about the three forms of the first known alphabets, Sanskrit, cuneiform, and hieroglyphics. The students are also learning to write fractions in
a new way called decimals.
Seventh Grade: Mr . Pr ice’s students ar e in a Physics Block studying the
properties of movement. Mr. van Riel is working with the class to build a seesaw apparatus.
Eighth Grade: Eighth gr ader s ar e continuing in their chemistr y block,
examining the different forms sugar can take as it is stored as starch or transformed into cellulose. Where is sugar found in the world? In a plant? Or on the
dinner table? Later in the week, we will look for amino acids and see where
proteins come in to the picture. Our days are filled out with new fundraising
activities and memorizing lines for our play, which will be performed in
Page 6
Bulletin Board
Weekly Notice
In an effort to offset the expense of publishing the W eekly Notice, which costs
approximately $5,000 per year, we are
encouraging you to make a suggested donation of $10 to place bulletin board and
community event listings that are professional in nature. This donation will cover
the cost of running the ad for three weeks.
We ask that you make your donation in
advance. Thank you for your support!
Toddler/Preschool art desk with sturdy
chair for sale. Both by Tag. Desk has a
place for a large paper roll, and a little
shelf to keep art supplies. Structurally solid, excellent condition. Top of desk is well
loved with signs of past artists. $25. [email protected] or 762-7301. 24-14
W.S. Badger Company looking for Fulfillment Supervisor. W.S. Badger Company is looking for a Fulfillment Supervisor! The Fulfillment Supervisor will work
independently and in a team concept with a
primary goal of ensuring that our customer’s receive complete and accurate orders
in a timely manner. Our ideal candidate
for this position will have demonstrated
leadership skills, as well as excellent verbal and written communications skills. The
candidate will have the ability to represent
the Fulfillment department and Badger
business, in general, with confidence and
accuracy. Please send/email your resume
and a cover letter telling us a little about
yourself to: [email protected] OR
Human Resources, W.S. Badger Co., PO
Box 58, Gilsum, NH 03448. No W alk-ins
Applications Accepted. 1-28-14
For rent: $1250, 3 bedroom, 1200 square
ft. apartment downtown Keene. Quiet
neighborhood, clean and nice apt. in downtown Keene. Well managed/maintained
building has been updated inside and out.
Plenty of parking with a private porch and
hardwood floors. All new windows, new
bathroom, etc. Large yard. Available immediately. 1250 month plus utilities. If
interested in seeing, please call Josh at
603-209-1588; pictures available on
apa/4298177681.html Thank you, Ditteke Ederveen 1-28-14
LL Bean ski bag for sale. Very good
condition, fully padded excursion nordic ski bag, double size carries up to 4
pairs of skis, length 81 in. New bag
sells for $79, asking $25. Please call
Mike Nadeau at 903-4979. 1-22-14
For sale: Kids Tr ainer made by
Lucky Bums. Train your little ones to
ski, stress free! I used this to teach my
son, and it took all of the stress out of
the transition from the learning hill to
the chair lift. Not only did it help me to
maintain control of his speed on steeper
slopes, but the easy to grab handle on
the back of this pack ensured that I
could safely and easily hold onto him
as we got on the lift that first season,
which was a BIG deal for
me. Absolutely loved this item, and
highly recommend it. Sells new for
$49, asking $25. Call Mike Nadeau at
903-4979. 1-22-14
Attention workout ladies! Anyone
interested in joining Downtown Fitness
(formally Lady of America) for only
$20 a month for 2014? Call Jennifer
Butler at 313-7121 for more details. 122-14
Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough,
NH seeks a part-time (15-20 hours/
week) Registrar & Administrative
Assistant to manage registration for all
programs and assist the Camp staff
with outreach and fundraising; internal
and external communications; human
resource record keeping; and other administrative tasks. An ability to multitask cheerfully, great phone/customer
service skills and competence with
Microsoft Office and computer programs a must. Experience with Camp
Brain, Adobe Illustrator and Quickbooks a plus. Please send cover letter
and resume to: Shelley Goguen Hulbert at [email protected] 1-2214
rumors that it has found the MWS
neighborhood quite welcoming, and
though I trust that it is having wonderful
artistic expressions and experiences, it is
truly missed. If you have found yourself
the caretaker of a transient, large (5x3/
6X4ish) chalkboard, please contact me. I
am willing to reimburse you for the
room and board it has consumed. Truly,
[email protected] 1-22-14
Design, home repairs, carpentry,
painting, organizing. Please call
Markus Wetterhorn at 603-363-8268. 122-14
Studio apartment for rent in beautiful
Harrisville, 25 minutes from MWS.
Lovely wood floors, built-ins, view of
the apple orchard and tons of natural
light. Walk to the General Store, town
beach and library. Call the Falconbridges at 603-762-8339 for more details. 122-14
West Keene homestead for sale: lar ge
property with handyman special house is
seeking “homesteaders” to make this
place their home. Almost a full flat and
sunny acre of land has potential to raise
a large percentage of a family’s foodveggies, fruit, chickens, bee’s and lots
more. This site was part of a Sustainable Suburban Design competition in
2013 and several backyard homestead
designs (mostly permaculture based) are
also available to accompany your own
ideas. The house is gutted with no
working utilities (though it is on the city
water/sewer system)– it has good bones
but needs major renovation. A bank
loan may be challenging. Owner very
open to discuss ideas to make this work
for the right buyers- serious homesteaders/growers/locavores - (if house does
not sell in the next 5-8 months to someone committed to utilizing the land for
growing food, it will go on the open
market.) Asking price, as is $95,000.
Please call/email Catherine Skove at
499-0154 or [email protected] 1-2214
Missing beloved teacher’s chalkboard. One year ago, Pumpkin Fest,
my beloved teacher sized chalkboard
went on a walk-about. I have heard
Page 7
Community Events
Yoga Mondays: 3:30-5:00 p.m. at MWHS
Hatha Yoga for Teens and Adults, Level I/II
Think: precise alignment, flowing breath, and a huge inner smile!
The next 8-week series begins February 3 and follows the school calendar.
$48/adults, $40/teen for 8 Monday classes
Call yoga teacher Liza Dupuis at 357-1360 for more information.
Almost Maine by John Cariani produced by The Edge Ensemble Theater Company
Feb. 14th, 15th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.
Molly McMillan will be performing. The Edge Ensemble Theatre Company is excited to present John Cariani's charming romantic
comedy, "A lmost, Maine," opening on Valentine's Day - February 14. Opening night will feature a romantic dinner theatre opportunity: Join The Edge Ensemble at "The Moose Paddy" - in reality, Heberton Hall at 76 Winter Street in Keene, N.H. ...but reality is
relative in the world of Almost, Maine, and The Edge will transform Heberton Hall into a favorite hangout of the play's characters. There are only 10 dinner theatre tickets left, and they cost $50 each. Doors open at 6 p.m., and dinner will be served at 6:30
p.m. Six performances of "Almost, Maine" will follow the February 14 dinner theatre: Saturday, February 15, and Wednesday, February 19, through Saturday, February 22, all beginning at 7:30 p.m.; and a special matinee performance on Sunday, February 23,
beginning at 2 p.m. Tickets for each of these performances are $15, or $12 for students and seniors. For tickets or more information,
visit our website or email [email protected]; or call 603-352-5657.
Spirited Nutrition Winter Reboot starts February 16
A 21-day diet and lifestyle cleanse you can do while living a full life. Interested in cleaning up your diet and focusing on your health
and well-being? Feeling like you could use a mid-winter Reboot? Check out the details at: Contact [email protected] with questions. Registration closes February 9th.
Daily Devotion—A Women’s Retreat for Self-Care
Yoga • Ayurveda • Daily Rituals
Immerse yourself in an afternoon of simple practices designed to support, nourish, and enhance your well-being. You will take home
simple practices to support your health along with a lovely self-care gift bag. Join us for one or both retreats:
Winter Retreat, Saturday, February 15th, 1:00-5:30 pm, cost: $95 ($90 if registered before 1/1/14).
Spring Retreat, Saturday, March 29th, 1:00 – 5:30 pm, cost: $95 ($90 if registered before 2/22/14).
Workshop Presenters: Ashleigh Boivin, Gretchen Carmel, Michelle Davis, Kelly Giard, and Jennie Gryczka
The Yoga Space • 82 Washington St. Keene, NH, 603-209-YOGA, • • [email protected]
Pre-registration required.
Farm Appreciation Night
Friday, March 14, 2014, 5:30pm-10:30pm
Heberton Hall, 60 Winter St., next to Keene Public Library
Join the Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition for a night of merriment and tribute to the farmers who enable us to eat local,
farm-fresh foods throughout the season, contribute to our community, and help preserve the rural feel and agricultural heritage of the
beautiful Monadnock Region. This volunteer-run event brings farmers and the broader public together to kick back, eat, drink, and
be merry together. Music provided by The Bump Road Band, the Cold River Ranters, and a contradance called by Don Primrose.
Farmers and children under 12 eat for free! $10/suggested donation, per person. To RSVP (PLEASE!) email: [email protected]; website: and click on "Farm Appreciation Night"; or call Roe-Ann Tasoulas, 8523198.
Page 8
School Fundraisers
Eighth Grade Bread and Cookie Order Form
Name: _______________________ Grade: __________
Orders due: Monday, February 10, 2014
Pick-up date: Thursday, February 13, 2014
FARMHOUSE WHITE (formerly CHALLAH) Loaf (sliced)
MULTI GRAIN (sliced)
BREADSTICKS: Seeded onion
Harvest breadstick with caramelized
Onion, sweet corn and cheddar
SANDWICH ROLLS, Challah-type, 4-pack
SPECIAL: Harvest multi-grain
WHEAT-FREE: Whole spelt
Total Price
TOTAL $________________
Please turn order in to the Main Office at the
Elementary school.
Please make checks payable to MWS - Class of 2018.
Soft Taco Order Form
*$2 per taco*
Grade (please circle):
Please fill in the # of tacos being ordered next to your preference from list below:
# of tacos:____ el supremo (all of the fillings from below)
# of tacos:____ especial (please circle fillings of your choice)
organic black beans
organic lettuce
Cabot cheese
organic mild salsa
Cabot sour cream
*All tacos served in Maria & Ricardo’s gluten-free, dairy-free corn tortillas.*
Page 9
Support MWHS Senior Class Service Trip!
Save the date! February 19th between 4:00 and 8:00 pm
Bring a copy of this flyer (one per person) to Panera to help support the MWHS Senior Class Service Trip
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В В В В В В Parent Skills and Interests
В WinterВ 2014В MonadnockВ WaldorfВ SchoolВ hasВ beenВ luckyВ enoughВ toВ haveВ aВ devotedВ groupВ ofВ parentsВ andВ friendsВ workingВ relesslyВ onВ behalfВ ofВ ourВ studentsВ forВ overВ 35В years.В В ParentsВ provideВ hundredsВ ofВ volunteerВ hoursВ suppor ngВ classВ ac vies,В staп¬ѓngВ specialВ events,В guidingВ fundraisingВ ac vi es,В servingВ theВ ParentВ Council,В ac ngВ asВ classВ parents,В par cipa ngВ onВ commi ees,В contribu ngВ toВ theВ workВ ofВ theВ BoardВ ofВ Trustees,В chaperoningВ classВ trips,В drivingВ forВ theВ skiВ program,В caringВ forВ ourВ buildingsВ andВ grounds,В introducingВ newВ familiesВ toВ ourВ school,В andВ inВ countlessВ otherВ ways.В В Some mes,В evenВ anВ hourВ ofВ focusedВ exper seВ canВ addВ aВ lotВ ofВ value.В В TheseВ volunteerВ eп¬ЂortsВ buildВ upВ ourВ vibrantВ schoolВ community.В В TheyВ showВ ourВ childrenВ aВ compellingВ exampleВ ofВ whatВ happensВ whenВ peopleВ workВ together.В В VolunteerВ exper seВ savesВ theВ schoolВ money,В allowingВ usВ toВ directВ resourcesВ toВ ourВ studentsВ andВ theirВ educa onalВ program.В WeВ thankВ youВ forВ allВ youВ do!В В KnowingВ youВ be erВ willВ allowВ usВ toВ makeВ informedВ matchesВ betweenВ theВ needsВ ofВ ourВ schoolВ andВ yourВ skillsВ andВ interests.В В WouldВ youВ pleaseВ completeВ thisВ formВ andВ returnВ itВ toВ theВ ElementaryВ SchoolВ MainВ Oп¬ѓceВ ([email protected])В atВ yourВ convenienceВ duringВ theВ monthВ ofВ February?В В Name:________________________________________________________________________В В Name(s)В andВ Grade(s)В ofВ yourВ child(ren):_____________________________________________В В My areas of experЖџse include (check all that apply):
В __FinancialВ ManagementВ __Accoun ngВ __LawВ __BuildingВ Trades/CarpentryВ __Architecture/BuildingВ SystemsВ __ProjectВ ManagementВ __Health/HealthВ CareВ __Non-profitВ ManagementВ __BusinessВ ManagementВ __HumanВ ResourcesВ __InvestmentВ ManagementВ __Marke ngВ __Design/GraphicВ ArtsВ __Edi ng/PublishingВ __Copywri ngВ __FundraisingВ __Music/Drama/ArtsВ __OutdoorВ Educa onВ __IT/TechnologyВ __SocialВ Media/NewВ MediaВ __Educa on/HigherВ Educa onВ Page 11
__EventВ PlanningВ __Farming/GardeningВ __DayВ Care/ChildcareВ __RealВ EstateВ ________________________________________В ________________________________________В ________________________________________В В I am interested in service to the school in the following areas (check all that apply):
 ___Buildings and Grounds  ___Chaperoning ___Helping with the Ski/Snowboard Program ___Serving on the Parent Council ___Being an ad hoc member of, or resource for, a Commi ee of the Board of Trustees: ___Finance Commi ee ___Marke ng and Enrollment Commi ee ___Human Resources Commi ee ___Development Commi ee ___Cra s Fair Commi ee ___Fundraising ___Classroom Support ___Talking with prospec ve families ___Being a “buddy” to a new family ___Staffing events and special programs ___Hanging posters and event fliers ____________________________________________
В MyВ educa onalВ background/training:В _____________________________________________________________В В MyВ EmployerВ andВ Posi on,В and/orВ EmploymentВ History:В ______________________________________________В В ExperienceВ servingВ onВ aВ non-profitВ Board?В В ___yesВ В ___noВ В AnyВ addi onalВ thoughts:В ________________________________________________________________________В В BestВ waysВ toВ contactВ me:_________________________________________________________В В BestВ mes/daysВ forВ meВ toВ volunteer:________________________________________________В В AmountВ ofВ meВ IВ canВ volunteer:В В ____В hoursВ perВ weekВ ____В hoursВ perВ monthВ ____В hoursВ perВ yearВ Page 12
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