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Stall Street
Fall 2014
The Official Newsletter of the Alamo Dressage Association
The Stall Street Journal is published monthly by, and for, the members of the Alamo Dressage Association.
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ADA End of year schooling
show Championship information
Region 9 Championship
Annual Membership meeting
Ride for The Cure News…
And More…….
Hello ADA members…..
Fall is here…
In August, the end of summer schooling show (real HOT) at
In the Irons was a full day under Judge Pam Fowler Grace
“L”. Special thanks to Karen Peacock for acting as day of
show manager and scorer and to Vicki Krebsbach for scribing all day in the heat. The results of the show are posted on
the horse shows page on the website.
The Alamo Dressage Fall show on September 6th and 7th was a success with 80 horses
competing over the two days with a waiting list. In addition, 7 teams competed and raised
money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Thank you to all of our volunteers who continue to donate their time and are integral to the success of our shows!
Many ADA members attended the Region IX Championships on October 9th-12th. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful
time with many of our members placing well and planning their trips to Kentucky. We wish all of those who will be heading to Kentucky safe travels and Good luck to all!
The San Antonio Rose Palace will again be the venue for our schooling show championships on November 22 nd and 23rd.
There is also an open schooling so both days, so come out and show with an “S” judge at a nice facility for schooling show
prices! The annual membership meeting will be held at the conclusion of the show on Saturday. As always, we will be
looking for gatekeepers, ring stewards and scribes for the weekend –last chance to earn volunteer hours for the 2014
awards year!
Please welcome Tracy Augustine as our newest board member. Tracy and her daughter Patricia have been active volunteers for the association. Amanda Snyder-Budnik has resigned due to awaiting the arrival of her bundle of joy in November. Thank you, Amanda, for all of your hard work during the past several years.
Enjoy the nice fall weather,
Alamo Dressage Association is a Group Member Organization of the U.S. Dressage Federation. ADA’s members are automatically USDF group members. For USDF Participating Membership, members must apply directly to USDF. Submissions close the 10th of the month prior to publication. Please send submissions to Arlene Gaitan at [email protected] or [email protected]. ADA can be found at www.alamodressage.org
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Summer 2014—Page 1
As a volunteer run organization we cannot exist without YOU!!!! No experience required!!! Just a simple 2 or 3 hours of your time makes a huge
difference in being able for the ADA to have these events for our members.
Volunteers needed:
Gate Keepers, Score Runners, Arena Set Up and Take Down, Ribbon
Room and more.
Alamo Dressage Schooling Show Championships
November 22-23 at The San Antonio Rose Palace
Contact Arlene at [email protected]
or 830-751-2151
Have you recently joined the ADA via Paypal? We have noticed a few of the membership emails through Paypal are not active or are getting return notices. Please check to
make sure your Paypal address is your current email. If you change your account,
please email Kathy with the update. Unless we have this information, we can not send
updated ADA information as needed. Kathy email—[email protected]
ADA Member Wins Region 9 GMO Volunteer of the Year
Congratulations to Arlene Gaitan (right), ADA pastpresident and current Vice President, who won the USDF
Region 9 GMO Volunteer of the Year Award. Arlene also
volunteers as Schooling Show Chair, was editor of the SSJ
newsletter for over 10 years and volunteers as the Region’s Omnibus Editor this year. Her award will be presented at the USDF Board of Governor's Meeting at the
USDF Convention in December.
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 2
The positions of Secretary and Member-at-large are up for election this year.
Nominations closed on October 15th. Karen Silvers has been nominated to be reelected as Secretary and Vicki Krebsbach has been nominated as Member-at-Large.
No other nominations were received. Voting can be done by email or regular mail.
Send your vote to Member-at-Large, Karen Peacock at [email protected].
_____ Karen Silvers
Member at Large
_____ Vicki Krebsbach
Copy and paste your vote in an email or detach and send via regular mail by (in hand)
November 19th to: Member-at-Large, Karen Peacock at [email protected] or
14510 Tioga Bend, Helotes, TX 78023.
Is an ADA Officer in Your Future? Do you have a Finance Background?
In the fall of 2015, the positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer are up for election. Our treasurer,
Kathy Lubianski, will not be able to run again due to
term limitations in our by-laws. Kathy has done an outstanding job over the last 4 plus years. Her job will be difficult to fill so that is why we are starting a search now! A
job description is in the ADA policies and procedures. If
you have a finance background, or are a CPA, we need
you! Contact any board member if you are interested!
Kathy Lubianski and Vikki Krebsbach enjoying time at the Region 9 HDS
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 3
Amanda Snyder has recently stepped down from her position as Jr. Chair as she is due
to give birth in a few months. We thank her for her hard work over the years
but realize she will be focusing her time on her new bundle of joy and wish her luck!
The ADA has recently appointed Tracy Augustine as JR/YR
Chair. Tracy’s first act as Chair was having a Junior/YR educational event and meet and greet at her home on Oct 18th at
1pm in Bulverde, Texas. Lisa Tannehill, of Lisa Tannehill
Photography, graciously agreed to join the ADA JR/YRs to
help teach our Juniors how to take better photographs of their
horses. Ms. Tannehill is ALSO an "r" judge and USDF Silver
medalist. ADA will provided hamburgers and hot dogs. Pictures and a full report in our next issue!
Tracy (right) and Arlene….it was Arlene birthday, don’t make fun of the hats!
When: 12/03/14 - 12/06/14
Where: Hyatt Regency, 575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, 617-492-1234
For more information and registration visit: www.usdf.org/convention
If you have thoughts and options, we would love to hear about them. We are open to
any suggestions that you think may improve the way the ADA runs. All BOD members are available via email or phone which can be found on the contact page of the
Alamo Dressage Website.
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2013 —Page 4
American Warmblood Society
Sport Horse Performance Registry
A non-profit Corporation
Sport Horse Seminar & Inspection
An Inspection/Branding will be held in a Sport Horse Breeding Seminar Format at
Rebecca Creek Farms in Spring Branch, TX on Saturday, Nov 1, 2014.
The American Warmblood Society's Inspections are offered in an educational format. Come learn
about good Sport Horse qualities for performance and/or breeding through open discussion. ALL
The top three scoring registered horses (regardless of age) will receive the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
All designations receive a ribbon. The AWS Designations are:
80% or Higher
75% - 79-99%
-Blue Preferred
67% - 74.99%
-Red Preferred
62% - 66.99%
All American Warmbloods are required to satisfy registration performance requirements. This inspection is one of the seven ways to satisfy the requirement with a 62% or Higher. The performance requirement can also be satisfied through Dressage, Eventing, Combined Driving, Show Jumping,
Sport Horse In-Hand classes, Materiale classes or through AWS registered off-spring performance records.
Be informed and educated about the process go to www.americanwarmblood.org, top of the page for inspection information. All forms are available under quick links select registration forms and inspection form.
For more information PLEASE CONTACT:
AWS National Office
Cheryl Jackley
Rebecca Creek Farms
P.O. Box 1561
Pierene Farms
10321 Rebecca Creek Farms Rd
Higley, AZ 85236-1561
Kempner, TX
Spring Branch, TX 78070-4603
[email protected] [email protected]
[email protected]
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 5
November 2014
December 2014
10/30-11/1 Volker Brommann Clinic. Boerne, TX. Contact
Amy Allen at (210) 215-7896.
American Warmblood Sport Horse Seminar and
Inspection. Rebecca Creek Farms, Spring Branch,
TX. (830) 885-7302. [email protected]. Click here
for more information and links to registration
2014 US Dressage Finals in Lexington, KY.
Dolly Hannon Clinic, Marcos Stables. Kirstin Shine
(210) 838-5462 or [email protected].
Liberty Hill Farm Schooling Show. San Antonio, TX.
ADA Board Meeting, NEW LOCATION! Luby's,
8511 Tesoro Dr., San Antonio, TX, north of 410
between Nacogdoches & Broadway. 6:30pm
ADA Board Meeting, Location TBA. 6:30pm
13-14 Dolly Hannon Clinic, location TBA. Kirstin Shine
(210) 838-5462 or [email protected].
January 2015
Houston Dressage Society Deep in the Heart of
Texas Shows I & II, Katy, TX
USDF Annual Convention, Boston, MA.
ADA Board Meeting. Location TBA. 6:30pm.
ADA Annual Awards Banquet. Petroleum Club.
San Antonio, TX.
23-24 Dolly Hannon Clinic, Location TBA. Kirstin Shine (
210) 838-5462 or [email protected].
31-2/1 UDSF Region 9 jr/YR Clinic featuring George
Williams. North Texas Equestrian Center, Wylie, TX.
Rider Application (Deadline 12/19/14).
Auditor Application (Online regis. Deadline
1/16/15). Walk-ins may register on day of clinic.
14-16 Heather Blitz at Silver Oaks Farm, Kerrville, TX.
Contact Cindy DIx Weathersbee, (830) 792-3414
15-16 ADU Continuing Education Dressage Judges on
Musical Freestyle. Joan Darnell "S".
ADA Annual Membership Meeting, Rose Palace
Located above concession stand following Satur
day show (meeting starts around 6pm).
22-23 ADA Schooling Show Championships & Holiday
Schooling Show. San Antonio Rose Palace. Prize
List on-line at www.alamodressage.org.
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 6
ADA Board of Director Minutes
ADA BOD minutes are now available on the Newsletter page of the ADA website!
Inside Scenes from ADA members at the Region 9 USDF Championships
And a few of our ADA members…….
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 7
ADA is here to listen….
The ADA recently sent out a survey to have members give their personal
feedback on things you would like to see in our local area. As we go over
these results, we want you to know that we are here at all times to listen. If
you have any ideas, thoughts or concerns we would love to hear from you.
Send your thoughts to our Communications Chair, LaNet Hester at [email protected] or call her at 210-784-7823. If you feel more comfortable talking to another ADA officer, the list below offers all the contact
information needed. We look forward to working with everyone and making the ADA a successful, helpful and friendly organization for all involved.
2014 ADA Officers
Voting Members
Jennifer Delmer, 210-828-0361,
[email protected]
Non-Voting Members
Vice President/Schooling Shows:
Year-End Awards Program:
Arlene Gaitan, 830-751-2151, [email protected]
Susan Hancock 830-779-2899, [email protected]
Recognized Shows:
Karen Silvers, 2104086354, [email protected]
Carolyn Vandenberg, 210-215-2423, [email protected]
Kathryn Lubianski, 830-303-4198 , [email protected]
Renee Snyder— 210-216-8942,[email protected]
Karen Peacock, 210-872-8628, [email protected]
LaNet Hester, 210-784-7823, [email protected]
Vicki Krebsbach, 210-698-0479, [email protected]
Junior/ Young Riders:
Tracy Augustine, 830-388-0451, [email protected]
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 8
Remember to keep your scores together for end of year
Remember that the Alamo Dressage Association offers an extensive awards program at the end of the year.
We recognize the rated as well as local schooling show levels to encourage everyone to participate. Please
note, you must be an active member of the ADA at the times the scores are received. Please make sure you
membership is up to date.
ADA has a wonderful awards program that includes:
Qualified rider awards at each level
п‚· Year End Schooling Show High Point Awards
п‚· Year End Recognized Show High Point Awards
п‚· Recognition of USDF Medalists
п‚· Volunteer Awards (adults and juniors!)
Sponsor Awards
ADA/USDF/USEF Recognized shows- Champion, Reserve and overall placing at Introductory through FEI Grand
Prix; Adult Amateur, Junior/Young Rider and Open divisions.
Recognized Competition Awards are based on a horse and rider’s top three scores under three different USEF judges at each level; two scores must be from ADA Shows and one score must be from the highest test of each level.
ADA Sanctioned Schooling Shows- Champion, Reserve and overall placing at USDF Introductory, USEF Training
Level and above; Junior, Adult Amateur and Open.
Schooling Competition Awards are based on rider and horses’ top three scores under three different L or higher
judges at each level.
Rider Achievement Awards are earned by horse and rider combinations that have received five scores of 60%
or higher per level from three different judges at USDF/USEF Recognized and/ or ADA Sanctioned Schooling
Shows during the 2013 competition season. Outstanding Rider Awards are earned by horse and rider combinations that have received three scores of 70% or higher per level from three different judges. These awards
may only be earned once per rider/horse
combination per level.
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 9
Stall Street Journal Advertising Information
Classifieds: Members: 8 lines free/2 issues; nonmembers: $5/1-5 lines; $10/6-10 lines for 2 issues.
Commercial Advertisements (per issue)
Full page:
Quarter page::
Half page:
Business card:
Quarter page: $10
Schooling show prize list: $10 per page
Make checks payable to ADA and mail to:
Arlene Gaitan, 8417 FM 1283, Lakehills, TX 78063
Year-End Awards: 6 (six) hour
requirement to be completed by
the awards deadline!
Cash Back: 3 (three) hour requirement.
How can you earn volunteer
Scribe for a judge
Scribe for an “L” candidate
Upcoming ADA Events
Run tests
Steward (gatekeep) an arena
November 12:
ADA Board Meeting, NEW LOCATION!!!
Luby's, 8511 Tesoro Dr. San Antonio,
TX, north of 410 between Nacogdoches
and Broadway. 6:30pm
November 22:
ADA Annual Membership Meeting, San Antonio Rose Palace above concession stand
following Saturday show (meeting starts
around 6pm).
November 22-23:
ADA Schooling Show Championships &
Holiday Schooling Show. San Antonio Rose
Palace. Prize list on-line at
Transport and/or feed a judge
Set up or tear down an arena
Solicit advertising and sponsors
$50 sponsorship/ad = 1 volunteer
Karen Peacock at 210-872-8628
[email protected]
Board Meetings are generally held on
the second Wednesday of the month.
Dates and times can be confirmed on the
Calendar of Events page of
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 10
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 11
For the complete prize list visit www.alamodressage.org!
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 12
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 13
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 14
ADA junior member Kyra Shine has been bringing rated USDF Judge, Dolly Hannon to the local area for clinics. Her mom, Kirsten wrote the following to share
with ADA members.
Dolly Hannon began coming to the area last
November, after helping Kyra Shine at the
Dressage Seat Finals in Colorado. Kyra borrowed a horse from Dolly’s barn and received
invaluable information while there. We began
bringing Dolly in every couple of months last
year. Dolly has committed to joining us
monthly. Dates through January are November 8-9, December 13-14, and January 23-24th.
The February through June dates will be released soon.
Dolly Hannon is a USEF “S” judge and heads
the USDF Freestyle committee. Dolly’s over
40 years of judging (don’t think that she is in the least old, she has more energy and stamina than anyone I have
ever met) gives her a keen eye, a calm disposition and so many tools to
assist in many training dilemmas. This past weekend, we had two
horses whose owners mentioned having issues with head tilts. Dolly
gave them different exercises to work on. Each horse showed improvement during the course of the lesson. When I asked her about the different approaches, she said, “There is no magic one size fits all, different horses respond to different approaches best.” One example of this
flexibility in training is she asks Kyra to give up her left outside rein
occasionally and pet her mare with that hand at times. Dolly notes that
she has seen this approach work in “thoroughbred-minded” horses. It
This past
weekend was
one of my favorites, the
variety of
“issues” were amazing. Dolly stays positive and gently,
yet effectively changes behavior in both horses and riders.
She explains the difference between a 5 and an 8 or 9 and
the subtle changes that will pop scores up while staying
firm, but fair to your horse.
We are honored and so appreciative of Dolly’s commitment to us in agreeing to monthly visits through next
June. She keeps her fees fair so we can bring her in at a
reasonable cost to all. (Usually about $150 per lesson)
We never charge an auditing fee to juniors. If you are
interested in riding with Dolly, please contact me at 210838-5462 or email [email protected] Auditors always
Please note this is a privately held clinic that is not ADA insured or sanctioned. Please contact Kristen at the above email for any information
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 15
Membership Renewal Time is Just Around the Corner!
Spoiler Alert! Your ADA membership will expire on November 30, 2014. Join or renew on or before
November 23rd and you will be entered in a drawing for one of two Wheeler’s $50 gift
cards! Please mail your membership form with a check or you can pay on-line with Paypal. If
you pay with Paypal, PLEASE reference the members that are being paid for in the transaction details.
You must still send in your membership form if you pay on-line as we need a signed copy on file.
Membership forms will also be available at the Schooling Show Championships to be held at the
San Antonio Rose Palace the weekend of November 22nd and 23rd and always on our website.
Brittany Silvers attends the Christine Traurig Clinic at Shoofly Farm.
She was gracious enough send us a quick write up on
her experience.
In a lesson with Christine Traurig at Shoofly Farm
on August 2-3, the main focus for Lamington and
me was to work on getting a more noticeable and
true collection throughout the ride. The first day of
the clinic we did a lot of going forward and back.
We did this because in the collection Lamington’s
hind legs would begin to slow down and he had to
be reminded that he must go forward in every
movement. A main point that Christine made was
that collecting is not possible by slowing down the front end; it must be done by bringing the hind end under. Another main point of the first day was Christine’s “Holy
Rule”- the horse must be off of, around, and in front of your inside leg. This means
that the horse must be laterally responsive to your inside leg, they must always bend
around your inside leg, and they cannot be behind your inside leg in terms of impulsion.
The second day, Christine made a main point throughout several of the rides that it is
possible to have contact without having connection, but it is not possible to have connection without contact. This means that if you do not have contact with your horse’s
mouth, there is no way for you to have true connection, but at the same time just because you have contact with your horse’s mouth does not mean your horse is connected. Christine also focused a lot on the training scale, saying that it is very important to
know where your horse is within the training scale in relation to your horse’s age, conformation, and amount of training. By evaluating this, you can determine what exercises would be best for you to do with your horse in order to continue up the scale.
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 16
Alamo Dressage Association Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2014 - Page 17