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Issue 11 : November 2014
Secretary’s Note
The new Indian Kitchen aptly named
'RASOI' was inaugurated by Maj Gen AK
Singh, VSM, GOC K&K Sub Area & Patron
RSI, Bangalore, on 19 Oct 14. The 'RASOI' is
now functioning, resplendent with all Stainless
Steel Equipment and modern gadgets. This
was followed by Veterans' Lunch where the
`Past` mixed with `Present` amidst a lot of
bonhomie and back slapping. The heavy
downpour was like God's Blessing on the old
and the young and did not dampen the
Cameraderie. The Veterans, one and all
lauded the spirit of the get- together and were
full of appreciation for the arrangements made
to honour them. The occasion attained greater
significance with the attendance of Lt Gen
Jagbir Singh, SM, VSM, GOC ATNK&K Area
who graced the event and spoke to the
Veterans, thanking them for their contributions
and yeoman service to the Army.
Diwali Eve Function was celebrated on
22 Oct evening amidst glittering lights and
intermittent rain. The rain not withstanding, all
the events planned ie Bumper Tombola, Gazal
Sufiana, Fire Works & DJ Music were held as
scheduled and enjoyed by all the members.
The highlight of the evening was of course the
dazzling array of fire works which lit up the
skies above RSI which brought dazzling
smiles on everybody's faces. The DJ music
warmed up the spirits of the young and old and
they could not have enough even when it
ended at midnight.
Every morning between 7 and 8 am, my seven year-old
daughter, my wife, and I browse through newspapers. My
daughter, unable to make sense of the entire article,
manages to understand a few news stories by reading
headlines and looking at the pictures. During this session
we often discuss current topics ranging from sports, arts,
entertainment, social etc. My daughter always attentively
listens to my conversations with my wife. Being inquisitive
as children her age are, she always has questions on the
news items she reads.
Once she seemed confused about the racism
controversy in Australia, and then about the ill-treatment of
people of African origin in India. In her little seven-year-old
mind, she has become conscious of her not-so-fair
complexion, which may have led to a bit of an inferiority
complex at school. The jury is still out on whether white
Australians are racist, but why criticize them when our own
society, made up largely of people with brown complexion,
prefers people of a lighter shade of brown? Most South
Indians are darker than their northern countrymen, so it
makes the scene ridiculous when some of us pass racist
comments based on colour against people of African origin.
Some time ago, I read in a newspaper article that by the
end of the millennium, there will be just one race of beige
complexioned people in the entire world, due to the mixing of
races. I wonder how people would behave in such a world;
would some people with a darker shade of beige still hold
onto their inferiority complex? Our generation or several
generations down the line will not see this. Probably the
hardy Lichens plant sprouted now might see the change by
3000 AD!
Do we not like black people? If so, why? Is it because
we're a lighter shade of black? Then why do we complain
when the whites treat us that way? It just doesn't make
sense; it's a bit like the ragging phenomena in colleges. A
batch of students get ragged by their seniors, they scream
and shout and complain and weep. Then when they become
seniors, they themselves treat their juniors just as badly.
Listening to all these arguments my little daughter asked
my wife why she was dark while some of her friends were
fair? My wife said, “You're dark because I'm dark”. Snap
came the solution from my daughter, “Mama, ninu fair and
lovely hachago, andre nanu bellage agtini” meaning,
“Mama, please apply Fair and Lovely cream. When you
become fair, so will I.” As I was present on the scene, my filial
love brimmed my eyes.
Lt Col DK Havanoor (Retd)
Membership No. 642
Armed Forces Retired Offrs Guild
The following members are the Managing Committee
of AFROG :-Lt Gen A Natarajan
- President
-Air Mrshl Philip Rajkumar - Vice President
-Sqn Ldr K Ramakrishnan - Secretary
-Wg Cdr KK Rao
- Treasurer
-Wg Cdr GI Vasudevan
- Treasurer- Designate
-Lt Col BN Kakde
-Lt Col WE Sathyanarayana
-Gp Capt SV Ashok
-Wg Cdr K Ramchand
AFROG Get- together
The newly elected Managing Committee of
AFROG will be organizing the next get-together
and Lunch meeting of members and their families
at 1100 hrs on 22 Nov 14(Sat). The venue will be
RSI, Cariappa Hall. Air Marshl Ramesh Rai, VM,
AOC-in-C, HQs Trg Command, IAF is expected to
be the Chief Guest on the occasion. Members are
requested to join the function without fail. Your
confirmation may please be mailed to
[email protected] latest by 1700 hrs on 20 Nov
14. Your confirmation also could be conveyed on
M o b N o . 9 6 11 7 7 7 6 7 6 S q n L d r ( D r ) K
Ramakrishnan latest by 20 Nov 14.
RSI Tree of the month:Cannonball tree
(Nagalinga or Kailaspathi or Shiv
This month I am making an exception, by writing about a tree which does not grow in the RSI but
elsewhere in Bangalore. It is such a special tree of such religious significance that it is worth knowing a
bit more about it- the Cannonball tree !! For those aficionados who would really like to see some
magnificent specimens at various stages of growth, do come to Jal Vayu Vihar, and I would be happy to
show them to you !!
The Cannonball tree though native to North Eastern South America, has been growing in India
for at least 3000 years.The tree was named Couroupitaguianensis by the French botanist Jean
Baptiste ChristophoreFusГ©eAublet in 1755. Common names in other languages include many
translations of the English cannonball tree. In India they include nagkeshar (Bengali), Nagalingam
or Lingam (Tamil), In Hindi it is better known as Shiv Kamal and also Kailaspati. The tree is
considered sacred to Hindus, who believe its hooded flowers look like the nДЃga, and it is grown at Shiva
Naga Lingam grows up to 35 m (meters) in height. The clustered leaves vary in length, generally
from 8 to 31 cms, but reaching up to 57. The flowers are born in large bunches up to 80 m(meters) long.
Some trees flower profusely, until the entire trunk is buried in flowers. One tree can bear 1000 flowers
per day!! They are strongly scented, especially at night, and in the early morning. The blooms are large,
up to 6 cms wide, and often brightly coloured, the six petals in shades of pink and red near the bases
and yellowish toward the tips. There is a ring of stamens at the centre, and an arrangement to stamens
that have been modified into a hood, loosely resembling a cobra.
The large fruit, which is woody and very spherical, measuring up to 25 cms wide and upto 3kgs in
weight, gives the species the common name "cannonball tree". A smaller fruit contains perhaps 65
seeds, while a large one can have 550. One tree can bear 150 fruits. The fruit takes up to a year to
mature in most areas, sometimes as long as 18 months.
Cmde Ray D`Souza (Retd)
Membership No. 10064
Annual Subscription : 2015
Food & Beverages
The undermentioned categories of members are Breakfast
r e q u e s t e d t o p a y t h e i r A n n u a l - Service : 8.00 am onwards Last Order : 10.30 am
Subscription(through Card/Cheque) for the year Lunch
2015, in advance as per the rates mentioned
Chinese & Tandoor
against each:- Service and Take-Away orders: 12.30 pm onwards
- Associate Members (Retd Offrs)
- Rs. 270/- Per Month
Indian Kitchen & Buffet
- Sr Citizen I (M/Ship No. SC-1
- Rs. 80/- Per Month
- Service and take away order:1.00 pm onwards
- Sr Citizen II(M/Ship No. SC-148
- Rs. 170/- Per Month - Last order for A-la-Carte and take away : 2.30 pm
- Last order for Buffet : 2.45 pm.
- Lady Members (Widows)
- Rs. 220/- Per Month Dinner
- Gallantry Award Winners
- Rs. 80/- Per Month Chinese & Tandoor
(Only Chakra Series)
- Service and Take-Away : 7.30 pm onwards
- Serving/Mess/Indl/Out Stn & CGOs - Rs. 270/- Per Month Indian Kitchen & Buffet
Subscription received after 01 Feb 2015, will - Service and take away : 8 pm onwards
attract penalty as under :- Last order for Dinner and take away : 10.30 pm
Rs. 300/- 01 Feb 15 to 28 Feb 15
- 01 Mar 15 to 31 Mar 15
Rs. 600/Non Payment of Annual Subscription for 2015,
after 31 Mar 2015 will invite termination of
membership. No representation will be accepted
Note : The above Subscriptions are under
review. Members will be intimated about
enhanced subscription in subsequent Tidings
and through SMS/E Mail.
Food Festival
23rd Nov 2014
(Since issue regarding increase of
subscription has not been decided upon, we
should publish this later, once the issue is
Card Top Up
Topping up cards can be done at the RSI Main
Reception and the RSI Old Building by cash
payment or credit/debit cards. Internet transactions
for top ups will be reflected only after 48 hours on your
membership card. Please note : NEFT transactions
are not possible.
RSI Holiday
06 Nov 14 - Only office will remain closed on
account of Guru Nanak's Birthday.
RSI Petrol Bunk Timings
From 9.30 am to 7.30 pm
- Lunch break -12.30 PM to 2.00 PM
- Tuesday - Weekly Off
RSI Contact details
Contact: 25320557, Mobile : 9900232500,
Military Tele : 6920
E-mail : [email protected]
Wed & Sat
- 0930 h to 1230 h
- Weekly Off
- 1000 h to 1245 h
1430 h to 1815 h
Thu, Fri & Sun - 0930 h to 1230 h
1400 h to 1630 h
Stock Taking
- 26 & 27 Nov 14
RSI CSD Contact No - 25559894
Doctor to patient: "What is your problem?"
Patient: "You are a Doctor. Can't you find out
without, me giving you a hint?"
Doctor: "You came to a wrong place. The
Veterinary doctor is down the lane. He won't talk
to his patients before prescription."
Kitchen Tips
Keep a good selection of hot pads and oven mitts
at hand. It's especially important to use these
items you are pulling out of the microwave oven.
Even microwave-safe bowls can get quite hot, and
it's easy to burn yourself. And if a hot pad or oven
mitt gets wet, don't use it until it dries. A wet pad or
cloth will easily transmit heat.
Health Tips
Don't give anything to your body before you drink a
glass of water. A small fruit or even a non-sugary
biscuit before that coffee would do wonders in
protecting your digestive system.
Do You Know
Q. Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is
known as ?
Q. In which year and who was awarded Magsaysay
Award for Govt service ?
Answer to the last month's Quiz
Q What is the Capital of Armenia ?
A Yerevan
Q Who is the author of Sea of Poppies ?
A Mr Amitav Ghosh
Winner. Col Prakash Kumar MP
Membership No ID 104