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The new app gains significance given
that more than 80% of road traffic
accidents in Qatar have been caused by
distracted driving, with mobile phone
usage being the main cause
Peter Alagos
Business Reporter
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad a-Thani with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing yesterday. HH the Emir is
on an official two-day visit to China.
Qatar, China agree on
�strategic partnership’
atar and China yesterday
agreed to establish a “strategic partnership” that will
“focus on the common interest of
the two countries and the two people and serve their development
and prosperity”.
The agreement came during the
official talks held between HH the
Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad
al-Thani and Chinese President Xi
Jinping at the People’s Palace in
Beijing yesterday.
HH the Emir is on a state visit to
During the talks, attended by
senior ministers and officials from
both sides, views on bilateral relations and co-operation in various
п¬Ѓelds as well as on international
and regional issues of mutual concern were exchanged.
A joint communique, issued after the talks, said the two countries’
leaderships had agreed that since
the establishment of diplomatic
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ARAB WORLD | Conflict
Peshmerga, rebels
battle IS militants
Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters
and moderate Syrian rebels
bombarded Islamic State (IS)
positions in Kobane yesterday,
but it was unclear if their arrival
would turn the tide in the battle for
the besieged Syrian border town.
Kobane has become a symbolic
test of the US-led coalition’s ability
to halt the advance of Islamic State,
which has poured weapons and
fighters into its assault of the town
that has lasted more than a month.
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HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani receiving a bouquet on
arrival in Beijing yesterday.
relations between the two countries on July 9, 1988, “co-operation
in economic, trade, energy, human and cultural exchanges have
achieved fruitful results”.
“In line with the realistic needs
for developing the Qatari-Chinese
relations and the common desire
of both sides to further develop
bilateral relations to a new level,
the two sides decided to establish
a strategic partnership which will
focus on the common interest of
the two countries and their people
and serve their development and
prosperity,” the official Qatar News
Agency (QNA) quoted the joint
communique as saying.
President Xi welcomed Qatar to
participate in the building of the
Silk Road economic belt and the
21st-century maritime Silk Road.
“China is willing to establish a
long-term stable energy partnership
with Qatar and boost co-operation
and investment in infrastructure,
telecommunication and п¬Ѓnance
as well as joint investment in third
countries,” President Xi said.
Qatar and China signed a raft of
agreements later yesterday.
zHH the Emir has donated a grant
of $10mn for setting up a Qatar
Chair for Middle East studies at
the Peking University. This was announced during a meeting between
Qatar University president Dr
Sheikha Abdullah al-Misnad and
Peking University president Enge
Wang yesterday. Page 31
Central banks sign $6bn currency swap deal
hina’s central bank has
signed a 35bn yuan ($5.7bn)
currency swap deal with its
Qatari counterpart, in a step towards expanding use of the Chinese
yuan in a region long dominated by
the US dollar.
The deal is expected to allow the
two central banks to swap currencies if needed to ease trade and investment. Qatari investment institutions will now also get the right
to invest up to 30bn yuan in main-
Vodafone Qatar, which made a
“distributable profit” of QR120mn
and reduced its net loss to QR81mn
in six months up to September,
expects to turn profitable in 2015,
a senior company official has said.
“We expect to make a profit at
some point next year,” Vodafone
Qatar chief financial officer Steve
Walters said yesterday. He said
the company achieved an EBITDA
(earnings before interest, tax,
depreciation and amortisation)
of QR295mn for the period under
review, up 41% year-on-year. Giving
highlights of Vodafone Qatar’s six
months financial performance at
the Four Seasons yesterday, CEO
Kyle Whitehill said the company
made total revenue of QR1.14bn, up
24% on the same period last year.
Two die and 11
hurt in crashes
Vodafone Qatar to
turn profitable in 2015
is A R 8
AT 19
Q since
QATAR | Accidents
BUSINESS | Results
Vol. XXXV No. 9531
November 4, 2014
Moharram 11, 1436 AH
www. 2 Riyals
Safety app
to prevent
In brief
Two persons died and 11 others
injured in three road accidents
in Doha on Sunday, Arabic daily
Arrayah reported yesterday.
The two deaths occurred when
a Land Cruiser strayed from the
Salwa Road and rammed into a
workshop. In the accident that
happened around 6.30am, the
driver of the SUV, which was being
driven towards Abu Samra, hit two
workers who were in the workshop,
killing one of them and grievously
injuring the other. The Land
Cruiser’s driver was also killed.
The nationalities of the deceased
and injured were not known. In
another accident, four people were
injured when two cars collided in Al
Mamourah. The accident took place
at 8.30pm near the Central market.
The injured persons in the two cars
were Palestinians and Pakistanis. In
a third accident, six persons were
injured when their vehicle fell into a
pit off the D Ring Road in the Nuaija
area. According to Arrayah, the
driver lost control of the vehicle,
causing it to stray to the right side
and end up in a deep pit, excavated
for a building’s foundation.
Winter switch for
the 2022 World Cup
draws nearer
Qatar eyes
Asia, Africa
land Chinese securities, including
stocks, bonds and bills, the People’s
Bank of China said in a statement
The investment scheme, known
as the Renminbi Qualified Foreign
Institutional Investor (RQFII), was
created in 2011 to let п¬Ѓnancial investors place some of their yuan
holdings in China.
The United Arab Emirates signed
a three-year currency swap arrangement with China in 2012 that
was similar in size to Qatar’s.
Bankers see it is a step towards
long-term change. Beijing has been
promoting its currency to interna-
tional investors, aiming eventually
to turn the “redback” into a global
reserve currency in line with the
country’s rising political and economic power.
Gulf Arab countries have lagged
many other parts of Asia in using the yuan because their energy
exports to China are mainly denominated in dollars and most of
their currencies are pegged to the
HSBC estimated last year that
while 10% of China’s international
trade was conducted in yuan, the
share was under 4% for Chinese
trade with the UAE. The huge for-
eign reserves of the Gulf states are
mostly kept in dollars.
However, economists believe
there is room for that pattern to
shift slowly in coming years as Gulf
states gradually orient a greater
share of their trade towards Asia.
Qatar, which has some $43bn in net
foreign currency reserves and an
estimated $170bn in its sovereign
wealth fund, is the biggest supplier
of liquefied natural gas to China.
In April this year, China’s central bank signed an agreement to
help its Qatari counterpart invest
in the Chinese interbank bond
n an initiative to reduce traffic accidents, the Qatar Mobility Innovations Centre (QMIC) yesterday announced a mobile app called
Salamtek, which means “your safety” in
The app, expected to be available via
Google app store this month or the next,
enables motorists to lock their mobile
phones at a certain set speed so as to eliminate distractions while driving.
The app gains significance given that
“more than 80% of road traffic accidents in
Qatar have been caused by distracted driving, with mobile phone usage being the
main cause”, as revealed by Traffic Department director Brig Mohamed Saad al-Kharji
on the sidelines of the announcement.
The event was also highlighted by the
announcement of Salamtek Consortium,
composed of representatives from the
Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (MMUP), Traffic Directorate of the
Ministry of Interior, Ooredoo, Qatar Insurance Company (QIC), and Road Safety
Studies Centre (RSSC) of Qatar University.
“The app focuses on developing, de-
ploying and promoting innovative solutions and applications that tackle incidents
involving distracted driving as caused primarily by the use of mobile phones,” QMIC
executive director Dr Adnan Abu-Dayya
told Gulf Times.
QMIC chairman Abdulla al-Talib observed that as mobile phones had become
smartphones, the solutions should also be
“We really need to introduce technology
that is smart enough to help lessen road accidents and limit the danger that is coming
from it,” he said.
This was echoed by QMIC chief commercial officer Abdulaziz al-Khal who explained that Salamtek solutions and applications were focused on managing driver
distraction using “a user-friendly interface
that seamlessly changes a driver’s mobile
phone behaviour”.
Al-Khal said that the app was available in three segments: Salamtek Personal,
Salamtek Enterprise and Salamtek Family.
Salamtek Personal will be a free app.
The app will automatically log all notifications and user activity while the phone
is deactivated. Also, callers will receive
an auto reply message after dialling the
number of a Salamtek-activated mobile or
Companies and government entities
can opt to use the Salamtek Enterprise
which is available via mobile or web application to allow companies to enforce
phone usage policies on their drivers.
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Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4 , 2014
Al-Marri meets Swiss president
education ties
HE the Minister of Education
and Higher Education and
Secretary General of the
Supreme Education Council Dr
Mohamed bin Abdul Wahed Ali
al-Hammadi met the Moldovan
Undersecretary of the Ministry
of Education Igor Grosso, in
Doha yesterday. They discussed
co-operation between the two
countries in the education sector.
HE the Attorney General Dr Ali bin Fetais al-Marri meeting the President of the
Swiss Confederation and UN Special Advocate for Stolen Assets Recovery Didier
Burkhalter in Geneva yesterday. Dr al-Marri thanked the Swiss Confederation
President for hosting of the 3rd Arab Forum on Asset Recovery (AFAR) and the
support provided by Switzerland to this initiative. During the meeting, the two
sides exchanged views on issues of mutual concern, particularly matters related
to stolen assets.
Chief of Staff meets
Kuwaiti diplomat
HE the Chief of Staff of the Qatari
Armed Forces Major General
Ghanim bin Shaheen al-Ghanim
yesterday met the new military
attache at the Kuwaiti embassy Lt
Col Nasser Abdulaziz al-Samhan.
Ashghal to take up 14 new
road projects next year
shghal will take up
14 new road projects,
worth approximately
QR20.31bn next year as
part of the Expressway
programme, according to a
statement in the authority’s
annual report (2013-2014),
released yesterday.
A total of 12 projects
worth QR18.21bn have been
taken up so far. This year
also saw the completion of
four major roads.
A total of 11 Expressway
projects are currently under different phases of construction across Qatar. In a
message, Ashghal president
and senior engineer Nasser
Ali al-Mawlawi, said there
has been a steady progress
on the Public Work Authority’s ongoing nationwide
infrastructure programme
and the remarkable hike in
the allocation of funds this
п¬Ѓnancial year compared to
the previous year has accelerated the works.
While the authority
awarded works worth approximately QR12.9bn in
2012-13, the п¬Ѓgure tripled to
QR38.4bn in this п¬Ѓnancial
year, said the president in
his message.
achievements on the authority’s local roads and
drainage programme, the
president has singled out for
praise the completion of the
conversion into signalled
intersections of 10 critical
`roundabouts’ on the Corniche road.
The ministry of п¬Ѓnance
said Ashghal president
has approved a budget
of QR16bn for Ashghal’s
buildings, drainage and
roads projects this year.
Ashghal, he said, had spent
nearly 84% of the allocated
budget to support the delivery of world-class public
infrastructure and buildings.
Of the QR38.4bn contract
awards for 2013-14, 33.8bn
is for road projects and
QR4.2bn is for buildings,
the report said.
There has
been a
QR276.5mn funding for
drainage projects as well.
The report also says that
the work on the ambitious
multi-billion Sharq Crossing project, which will have
a length of over 10km across
Doha Sea, is expected to
start next year and completed hopefully in 2021.
The project will link the Hamad International Airport
(HIA) with Katara Cultural
District through three iconic bridges.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Officials from Texas A&M University.
Texas A&M sets up new
energy research centre
he Texas A&M University has
established a new home for innovation, research, learning and
collaboration on its Qatar campus.
Arching over two continents and
several disciplines, the Qatar campus’s new Gas & Fuels Research Centre
(GFRC) has the potential to become the
definitive depository of knowledge as
well as the leading cradle of new technologies related to the production,
transport and processing of natural
gas worldwide, the university said in a
statement yesterday.
The GFRC’s main objectives are
to train highly-skilled engineers and
technical staff and to provide both research and service to industry and
government agencies seeking to learn
about the potential and use of natural
gas as a fast-rising source of cleaner
energy. It is part of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, the engineering research agency of the state
of Texas and a member of the Texas
A&M University System.
“The Gas & Fuels Research Centre has
a unique opportunity to lead multidisciplinary innovative research activities
in natural gas exploration, production,
treatment and processing to support
Qatar - the world capital of natural gas and the state of Texas - the world energy
leader,” said Dr Nimir Elbashir, the centre’s director and associate professor in
the chemical engineering programme.
The GFRC will establish strong links
with research institutions and industry
and government agencies both in Qatar
and the US.
It will focus on several research areas
immediately, including new gas exploration and production techniques, novel catalysts and materials for natural
gas conversions, new processes related
to hydrocarbon treatment and new materials and mathematical models for
property prediction and process design, explained Dr Ioannis Economou,
the centre’s co-director.
“I am very confident that my colleagues involved in each of these areas
and their research will have a tremendous impact in the local, regional and
global oil and gas industrial community,” Dr Economou added.
The centre will not have its own
building but will use existing facilities
in the Texas A&M engineering building
in Doha and the chemical engineering,
mechanical engineering and petroleum
engineering buildings in College Station, Texas.
The aim in the initial phase is to bring
together stakeholders from across the
energy universe to work on projects of
mutual interest and make use of existing
infrastructure. In the п¬Ѓrst stage, funding
will be used to support researchers and
upgrade research equipment.
“Faculties on both campuses have
been very supportive,” Economou said.
The direct participation of 22 faculty members based on both the Col-
lege Station and Qatar campuses will
allow students to work alongside new
colleagues and benefit from the infrastructure found on both campuses.
The GFRC’s launch was envisioned
during Texas A&M at Qatar’s Gas and
Fuels Research Initiative and a two-day
workshop on natural gas monetisation
that took place in Montgomery, Texas,
in March.
The workshop was sponsored by the
United States National Science Foundation, Texas A&M University at Qatar
and global energy corporations Qatar
Shell and Sasol.
“Growth in the shale gas industry in
the US will lead to investments exceeding $100bn over the next decade,” said
Dr Mahmoud El-Halwagi, the centre’s
managing director and McFerrin Professor in the department of chemical
engineering at Texas A&M in College
Station. “So, there is great advantage to
have Texas A&M University both in Qatar and College Station provide leadership, research, education and outreach
for the oil and gas industry at such a
critical time.”
Professor Peter Valko from the petroleum engineering department in
College Station and a faculty member
of the GFRC added, “The GFRC has
the potential to become the definitive
depository of knowledge and cradle of
new technologies related to the production, transport and processing of
natural gas.”
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
President of Gabon arrives
President of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba being received on arrival at Hamad International Airport by HE the Minister
of Youth and Sports Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser al-Ali and Gabon’s non-resident Ambassador to the State of Qatar
Ismail Tama yesterday.
PHCC breast cancer awareness
drive stresses early detection
rimary Health Care
Corporation (PHCC)
has concluded the activities of the Breast Cancer
Awareness Month, observed
during the month of October.
The campaign is based on
the importance of early detection of the disease to save
included several activities
on breast cancer awareness
where risks and symptoms
were explained and tips to
prevent this type of cancer
were provided.
PHCC held awareness
lectures at Umm Ayman
School for Girls, where Dr
Seham Abdel Hamid, Family Medicine consultant
from the Al Rayyan health
centre (HC), advised on how
to prevent breast cancer.
“Early detection tests for
breast cancer save thousands of lives each year and
many more lives could be
saved if more women and
doctors as healthcare providers take advantage of the
In addition, Dr Lena Abdullah, Family Medicine
consultant from the Al
Muntazah HC, delivered
a lecture at Community
College of Qatar (for girls)
about what is breast cancer and the possible ways of
Dr Abdullah said: “The
techniques and methods of
treatment vary depending
on the age, health condition,
time of detection and the
tumour range. Treatment
does not always require
mastectomy, but lumpectomy surgery might be done.
Also, radiation and chemotherapy can be applied to
finish off the cancer cells.”
As part of the breast cancer awareness campaign,
PHCC organised a lecture
for employees of Grand Hy-
att Doha where the symptoms, risks factors and
prevention of this type of
cancer were explained. Dr
Hanan Mohamed al-Awad,
Family Medicine, Airport
HC, highlighted the importance of early detection of
this disease to save lives.
are also aspects to consider when we talk about
breast cancer. For example, breastfeeding for at
least 16 months, having
oophorectomy before the
age of 35 and doing exercises reduce the risk of
this type of cancer,” Dr alAwad explained.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Ecuador delegation at Lulu
Wise summit set
to begin today
By Joseph Varghese
Staff Reporter
Members of a business delegation from Ecuador, who were in Qatar recently to explore the possibilities of business
co-operation in connection with Qatar’s food security programme, are seen with Mohamed Althaf, director of Lulu
Group International.
lmost 50% of the
participants of the
Summit for Education 2014
(Wise) are from Qatar as
Wise has had a significant
impact on the education
community in the country, the CEO of Wise said
The three-day Wise
summit takes place at the
Qatar National Convention Centre from today
as more than 1,500 educators, opinion makers
and thought leaders will
take part in the deliberations which will come up
with valuable recommendations for the global
education community.
Stavros N Yiannouk,
CEO, Wise, said that
Wise has significantly and
positively influenced the
education community in
Yiannouk explained that
the effort was to embed
Wise in the local education community. “Under
the guidance of HH Sheikha
Moza bint Nasser, chairperson of Qatar Foundation,
Wise has become a resource
and inspiration for the local
education community. Wise
has launched a number
of programmes such as
Learner’s Voice Programme
which has ensured the involvement of local talents.
The Wise annual learning
festival is done in collaboration with local institutions and organisations and
promotes collaboration and
“Wise, in collaboration
with the Supreme Educa-
tion Council (SEC) hosts a
two-day pre-Wise workshop for local principals
and head teachers where we
try to expose them to some
of the best practices from
around the world through
the Wise programmes.
Similarly there are collaborations with organisations
such as Teach For Qatar,
Qatar Museums among
He added that discussions are on to organise a
leadership programme in
collaboration with SEC.
The CEO also stated that
the programmes of the
summit are themed on creativity with Wise’s theme:
“Imagine - Create - Learn:
Creativity at the Heart of
He remarked: “Prevailing model of education is
one that we had inherited
from the Industrial Revo-
lution era. Many of the
thought leaders feel that
the model is outdated and
unable to produce learners with critical thinking
collaborative skills and determination. Wise is trying to promote these skills
and looks for a creative
Yiannouk pointed out
that Education Above All
(EAA), a global initiative
of HH Sheikha Moza bint
Nasser has become an integral part of the Wise programme.
“The plenary session on
the second day of the summit will be held by EAA and
will discuss the post-2015
agenda for the Millennium
Development Goals (MDG)
which are due to culminate in 2015. The plenary
will discuss and deliberate
the scenario after 2015 in
education,” he added.
EAA Village to host sessions on key issues
ducation Above All
will open its second
EAA Village edition at the
World Innovation Summit
for Education (Wise) today.
The EAA Village at Wise
will see a number of sessions and events which will
bring to the fore key issues
in the education п¬Ѓeld as well
as showcase EAA’s work
around the world.
The events will include a
session moderated by EAA’s
Al Fakhoora programme on
the п¬Ѓrst day during which
the importance of reconstruction of educational
facilities in Gaza will be discussed. Nasser Faqih, from
UNDP Palestine, Muneeb
Abu-Ghazaleh from Islamic
Relief Worldwide will be
among the speakers.
A session dedicated to the
important role of education
in the lives of explorers,
athletes and adventurers
will take place on the second day of the summit at
the EAA Village. Qatari athletes will participate in this
multi-generational panel,
where the importance of
volunteerism and social responsibility as tools to п¬Ѓght
poverty will be emphasised.
Other sessions will include discussions on the
impact of armed conflict on
education in sub-Saharian
Africa, and in the Mena region, during which Dr Maryan Qasim, former minister
of human development and
public services, Somalia; Dr
Tariq Cheema, president,
World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists; and Dr
Abla Amawi, country director, UNWOMEN Egypt; will
Films and documentaries
will also be screened at the
EAA Village.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Ikea launches �soft toys’
campaign to raise funds
kea Qatar yesterday announced
the launch of its annual Soft
Toys for Education campaign
in the country in association with
local partner Qatar Charity and
Unicef, the global partner.
“Beginning November 6 until
January 3, 2015, for every soft toy
sold in the Doha Festival City store,
Ikea Foundation will donate QR5
to help support Unicef’s education
programmes around the world,”
James McGowan, regional brand
communication manager, Ikea UAE,
Qatar, Egypt and Oman, said.
At a press conference at Qatar
Charity headquarters, he said customers could also donate the soft
toys they purchase from the Ikea
Doha store by depositing them in
a drop box kept after the checkout
“All donated soft toys are to be
distributed to the under-privileged
children in Qatar, in association
with Qatar Charity, with whom we
are partnering for the second consecutive year,” McGowan said.
Ibrahim bin Abdullah al-Mohannadi, executive director for local
development, Qatar Charity, described the campaign as a remarkable one “that has touched the
lives of millions of underprivileged
children around the world including our own. We urge the community to think of the many children
who need their support and to give
Dr Ibrahim El-Ziq, Gulf Area
Representative, Unicef, recalled
that in the past, the campaign has
helped improve the lives of millions
of children in 46 Unicef supported
“Ikea continues to be the largest corporate cash donor to Unicef,
committing more than $180mn in
both cash and in-kind donations,”
he said while recalling that Ikea has
been a key supporter of Unicef’s
work for more than 10 years now.
Ooredoo offer now
permanent for
Smart Pack users
Officials of Ikea, Qatar Charity and Unicef announcing the campaign yesterday in Doha. PICTURE: Thajudheen.
The Unicef official said that Qatar, a regional as well as global player in education, has been instrumental in supporting Unesco over
the years.
“Under the stewardship of HH
Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Qatar
has helped Unicef bring down the
number of children, who are yet to
receive education across the world,
from 77mn to 66mn.”
In a message, John Kersten, managing director, Ikea Qatar, UAE,
Egypt and Oman said: “Ikea believes that education is one of the
most effective ways to help children
escape poverty and shape a better future for themselves. It has a
direct impact on wellbeing, from
better health to increased opportu-
nities. The Soft Toys for Education
campaign is therefore an extremely
important initiative for Ikea, which
continues to join hands with global
partner Unicef to help underprivileged children across the world. I
would like to urge our customers to
help make this campaign a success.”
Kersten said that the Ikea Foundation, based in the Netherlands,
works tirelessly to help improve opportunities for children and young
adults in some of the world’s less
privileged communities.
For more than 12 years, the Ikea
Foundation has been a key partner
and supporter of Unicef’s work to
provide quality education to millions of children worldwide.
Launched in 2003, the Soft Toys
for Education campaign has so far
benefited over 11mn children globally. It has supported over 99
projects in 46 countries worldwide.
The campaign raised €67mn in total
over the last 10 years and €10.1mn
in 2013 alone.
Funds raised during Ikea’s Soft
Toys for Education campaign will
support global efforts including
improving school infrastructure,
access to water and sanitation facilities, training teachers, and providing school benches, desks and educational supplies like books, pencils
and writing pads for children and
Ruhsen Gelgor, store manager,
Ikea Qatar, was also present at the
press conference
Bank offers
rewards for
use of app
Barwa Bank is offering
customers the opportunity
to win rewards by using the
bank’s recently-released,
revamped mobile banking
application, the bank said.
The rewards are divided
into guaranteed prizes
for all customers upon
registration on the Barwa
Bank mobile banking
application and monthly
prizes for the top 30
customers having the
highest number of
cumulative local and
international fund transfers.
Registration prizes include
Barwa Bank loyalty points,
which are redeemable for
Qmiles, Nojoom points, or
gift vouchers and can be
used at any participating
outlet while monthly
prizes include the latest
tablets and smartphones.
The campaign runs until
December 31.
Hussain al-Abdullah, Barwa
Bank general manager,
Personal Banking & Wealth
Management, said: “Barwa
Bank launched its enhanced
digital service earlier in
July this year as part of our
commitment to improve
the banking experience for
our customer base allowing
them to manage important
account information
anytime, anywhere.”
The state-of-the-art mobile
banking application was
designed by a digital
banking team to provide
customers with seamless
connectivity to their
accounts. The application
allows customers to check
their account balance, view
transactions, transact credit
card and utility payments,
and transfer funds, among
Barwa Banks mobile
banking application process
is straightforward and quick:
Customers may download
the application through
the Apple Store, Google
Play, Windows Phone, or
Blackberry App World on
their mobile devices.
Embassy holiday
The Indian embassy
will remain closed on
Thursday on the occasion
of Guru Nanak Jayanti, the
mission said yesterday.
oredoo has announced that it
would keep the price of Ooredooto-Ooredoo calls at 10 dirhams per
minute permanently for Hala International
Saver Key and Hala Smart Pack customers.
The new pricing was originally a special
offer, but its popularity has prompted Ooredoo to make it a permanent upgrade on Hala,
the company said in a statement yesterday.
According to its most recent п¬Ѓnancial
results, Ooredoo now has more than 3mn
customers in Qatar - an all-time record and Hala is the most popular service in the
country, the statement said.
Fatima Sultan al-Kuwari, director of
Community & Public Relations at Ooredoo,
said: “This has been one of Ooredoo’s best
years ever in Qatar, driven by the support
of our customers and a new range of datafocused services and incredible call offers.
We’re continuing to offer new benefits with
Hala to ensure that it remains Qatar’s most
popular choice for communication and
continues to offer the very best value on the
Since the launch of Smart Packs at
the start of this year, the service has won
new customers because of the choice
in call minutes and data the packs provide, and continues to win back customers
to other services, the statement added.
The call rate to any Ooredoo mobile or
landline number is now QR0.10 per minute
on Hala International Saver Key and Hala
Smart Packs.
Hala customers can subscribe to the
Hala International Saver Key by sending
the SMS �ISK’ to 121. With Hala International Saver Key, customers wishing to
connect overseas can also benefit from the
best international call rates to 121 countries. At QR1 per week, the Hala International Saver Key offers international call
rates of QR0.45 per minute as well as the
value price of QR0.10 per minute for local
calls to Ooredoo mobile or landline.
Hala Smart Pack customers receive a
competitive weekly local calling and SMS
allowance, as well as generous mobile Internet data bundle, depending on their
chosen pack denomination (QR10, QR15,
QR25 and QR40). With the new 10 dirhams
per minute pricing, Hala Smart customers
can talk for 50% less to Ooredoo numbers,
according to the statement.
Hala Smart Packs are automatically renewed and customers need to simply ensure that they have sufficient credit to continue receiving the benefits of the weekly
packs. To activate the Hala Smart Pack, a
customer needs to dial *121#.
Sharp fall in temperature likely
Temperatures are expected to fall significantly
in Qatar from today, the weather office said
yesterday. There are also chances of dust
blowing across the country for the next 72
hours. The temperatures may fall between 4
and 7 degrees and the average minimum is
expected to be between 18 and 22 degrees.
The country is expected to be affected by
the formation of a ridge of high pressure
which according to the weather office will be
extended from the northwest of the Saudi
Arabian peninsula. The maximum temperature
will be in the region of 27 to 30 degrees. The
southern areas are expected to be cooler.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Empower Declaration signed to
promote health among youth
E Sheikha al-Mayassa bint Hamad al-Thani, chairperson of
Reach Out to Asia (Rota), has
signed the Empower Declaration 2014
to promote health and development
among the youth.
The proclamation comes as part of
the sixth annual Youth Conference,
Empower, organised by Rota, which
is a member of Qatar Foundation for
Education, Science and Community
Development (QF).
Titled “Sports for Youth Empowerment”, the declaration was launched by
young Rota volunteers from Qatar and
the Gulf region. They include Generation Amazing youth ambassadors from
the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee
for Delivery and Legacy.
In an attempt to impart the values
needed for society today and in the
future, the declaration highlights the
importance of sport for youth development, promoting health, education
and professional growth as well as
peace locally and internationally.
The initiative also calls for a variety
of private and public organisations to
come together to support the declaration through joint co-operation to
achieve its goals, including youth and
sport organisations, local and international development organisations, UN
entities and government departments,
and comprising schools, sports media
and athletes alike.
HE Sheikha al-Mayassa expressed
delight at the signing, saying: “Today,
we are reaping the rewards of п¬Ѓve years
of continued efforts to develop youth
capacity in Qatar and the Gulf region
through Reach Out to Asia activities.
We celebrate this declaration launched
by Empower volunteers themselves.
“Through their own determination and sense of responsibility, they
drafted its content with the intention
of investing in younger generations.
They are using sports as a platform to
inspire the values that build a healthy
and thoughtful society. Today, I am
very happy to see our dreams come true
at the hands of young volunteers.”
Essa al-Mannai, executive director
of Rota, added: “We have dedicated
our work during the past п¬Ѓve years
through Empower to equip the young
volunteers with the concepts of leadership, learning and global citizenship.
Today, we see the translation of these
concepts through this declaration,
which is a guideline gift from today’s
youth for tomorrow’s youth to pave the
way for their future. It takes inspiring
young people from a local to a global
level in a way that reflects the basic
concepts of Empower.”
The declaration has been a prominent topic of admiration within UN
organisations, conferences, NGOs,
sports groups and government ministries, which have all recognised the
impact sport has as a starting point towards positive change.
Rota supports QF’s mission to provide world-class education and foster
a progressive society by addressing immediate social needs.
Members of the Rota Youth Advisory Board and youth ambassadors from the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy’s Generation Amazing programme meet with
HE Sheikha al-Mayassa (centre).
�Confluence: Photographic-based
Work from the Contemporary Middle
East’ show by VCUQatar Gallery
safety app
From Page 1
It manages phone usage while
the drivers are on the road,
eliminating driver distraction.
Managers can have access to an
online web application where
they can monitor how their drivers are complying with the company’s set phone usage policies.
The Salamtek Family, on the
other hand, is optimised for
parents. It is also a combination
of mobile and web applications
giving parents piece of mind
once their children leave the
house, by managing their phone
usage while driving.
The app is also useful for families with domestic drivers and
can help eliminate any form of
phone distraction while driving.
In addition to Android-based
solutions for all these segments,
innovative iOS-based solutions
will be introduced late in 2014 or
early in 2015, QMIC said.
Abu-Dayya said QMIC was
now in discussions with research
institutes and other ministries.
He added that the next phase
would be collaborations with
companies for the conduct of
“significant” pilot programmes
using Salamtek technology.
Members of the Salamtek Consortium, formed during the launching of a mobile app that will help curb road accidents. PICTURE: Jayan Orma
Driven to distraction: mobile phone
use causes over 80% of accidents
ore than 80% of road accidents
in Qatar have been caused by
distracted driving, with mobile phone usage being the main cause, a
senior official of the Ministry of Interior
(MoI) revealed yesterday.
Brig Mohamed Saad al-Kharji, MoI’s
director of Traffic Department, was
speaking on the sidelines of the event in
which Qatar Mobility Innovations Centre
announced Salamtek, a new mobile app
as well as a national consortium that addresses issues of distracted driving.
Reacting to inquiries on how the MoI
plans to lessen the percentage of road accidents, Brig al-Kharji said it is planned
to deploy more personnel and highway
patrols on major thoroughfares.
The increased visibility of MoI personnel in the streets will help prevent and
lessen road accidents, al-Kharji said.
“Some of our personnel are still in
training but they will be deployed soon.
By enforcement, MoI could reduce the
number of traffic accidents,” al-Kharji
said, adding that the public can do its
share by reporting reckless drivers or
parking violations via Metrash 2.
Winners of Commercial Bank’s corporate Internet banking receive their iPad Air prizes during an awarding ceremony.
Commercial Bank Enterprise customers
receive rewards for online banking
nterprise Banking, Commercial Bank’s dedicated unit for
small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), has announced the
winners of its latest campaign that
encourages customers to use corporate Internet banking for all payment
transactions at a prize-giving ceremony last week.
Five lucky Enterprise Banking cus-
tomers received an iPad Air at the
ceremony following an independently-adjudicated prize draw. The participants had qualified to enter the
competition by performing at least
two local or international online transactions per month between May 15 and
August 15, 2014.
Dean Proctor, Commercial Bank’s
EGM of Retail and Consumer Banking,
said: “Commercial Bank is continually
encouraging SME customers to switch
their banking activities from branches
to online. Corporate Internet banking
offers many advantages compared to
visiting a branch in person, including
lower fees for local and international
transfers, convenient 24/7 accessibility, and up-to-date security features
for peace of mind.”
Accident rate drops
The percentage of road accident victims admitted
to hospital has declined to 45%, Qatar’s traffic
police chief said, citing hospital data. Qatar Traffic
Department Director Brigadier Mohamed Saad
al-Kharji said: “Hamad Medical Corp has informed us
that the accident rate has dropped to 45%.”
The Gallery at Virginia
Commonwealth University in
Qatar (VCUQatar) is presenting
an exhibition, “Confluence:
Photographic-based Work from
the Contemporary Middle East”,
from tomorrow until December
The exhibition brings together,
for the first time in Qatar, the
work of Atfal Ahdath, George
Awde and Ali Cherri.
An opening reception and
panel discussion will be held at
6pm tomorrow at the Gallery,
VCUQatar. The event is open to
the public.
The photograph is part of
everyday life around the world
and is used as a medium to
preserve fleeting moments
of the mundane, the personal
and the intimate, as well as the
monumental, the global and
the public. This exhibition of
contemporary photography and
video installation from across
the Middle East demonstrates
this thematic diversity.
Beyond this, it explores the
medium itself – the richness
of possibilities, directions and
journeys that are open to the
artist who uses photography in
its broadest sense as a starting
point or confluence in his/her
“�Confluence’ has been a hugely
exciting show to curate,” said
Caitlin Doherty, exhibitions
and speaker curator. “Each of
the artists uses the medium
in new and dynamic ways
and explores themes that are
relevant to them personally
but also to society in a broader
sense. In this way, they invite us
to participate in conversations
and prompt us to challenge
previously held notions of what
photography is and what it can
Awde, featured artist and
assistant professor of
photography at VCUQatar,
said: “It’s an exciting time
for photography in Doha and across the region. This
exhibition is a great opportunity
to challenge notions of the
medium here at VCUQatar.
It’s also about bringing the
broader community into this
conversation of the possibilities
of photo-based practices across
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Saudi seeks to counter lure of Syria militancy
larmed by how militant
veterans back home
from Afghanistan and
Iraq joined an Al Qaeda uprising a decade ago, Riyadh is now
trying to halt recruitment of
Saudis to the militant cause,
even as it funds and arms rebels
fighting the Bashar al-Assad
regime in Syria.
The government and clerics are pushing their message in both the media and the
mosque: Saudis who join radical groups such as Islamic State
will get sucked into a militant
experience that is ugly and futile.
Local media have highlighted the case of Fahd al-Zaidi, a
Saudi who said he was duped
into joining a war against fellow Sunni Muslims instead of
fighting for their freedom.
“Anyone who dared to ques-
tion the Islamic State would be
put in isolation and prevented
from contacting others,” he said
in comments reported in the local Arab News and carried widely
by other Saudi media. “We spent
days and nights wondering how
we allowed ourselves to be fooled
by a bunch of conmen.”
With the rebel groups often
fighting each other rather than
Assad’s forces, Riyadh believes
the Syrian war should be left to
Informed by its previous experience, the kingdom is using
an array of tools against militant recruitment apart from
the media.
A royal decree in February
ordered long jail terms for people who went to fight overseas
or helped others do so, or for
those giving moral or material
aid to groups including Islamic
State and Al Qaeda’s official
offshoot in Syria, Al Nusra
Front. Several people have already been convicted.
Top clerics including the
Grand Mufti and members of
the Senior Council of Scholars have repeatedly denounced
militant groups in sermons
and fatwas. While some senior
government-appointed clerics
have described the Syrian war
as a jihad, they have made clear
it is one that should be fought
by Syrians, not by Saudis.
of young men appear to have
slipped through the net and
joined Islamic State and other
groups. The authorities say
they are aware of 2,500 Saudis
fighting overseas, but admit
there may be more.
Unlike in previous conflicts
before militants learnt to use
social media networks as recruitment tools, would-be militants no longer need extensive
contact with facilitators inside
Saudi Arabia. Some have simply flown to Turkey and headed
for the Syrian or Iraqi border.
Others used online contacts
to get a mobile phone number
for somebody who would help
them once they arrived.
Salman, whose brother followed the route via Turkey to
п¬Ѓght alongside Islamic State
and Al Nusra Front in Syria, said
his sibling had been recruited
online. But the brother, who is
now on a government deradicalisation programme, found the
promises of a pure jihad did not
match a far messier reality.
“His situation was very bad.
He saw a lot of blood... there
was a very big change in him
when he came back. He blamed
himself very much,” Salman
said in a phone interview arranged by a psychologist working with the programme and
conducted on condition of anonymity.
Based in a secure facility in
Riyadh, the programme uses
clerics to argue against militancy, and provides art and sports
classes where psychologists
monitor inmates’ behaviour.
It encourages family visits
and has helped inmates - or
“beneficiaries” as the authorities call them - to find jobs and
even marriage partners to help
reintegrate them into society. It
has a recidivism rate of around
one in 10, officials say.
The US-led invasion of Iraq,
which deposed the Sunni leadership of Saddam Hussain in
2003 and brought a Shia-led
government to power, deepened a belief among many
young Sunnis, including Saudis, that their branch of Islam
faced persecution.
“I saw on the television news
that my brother Muslims needed help, so I thought I’d go and
join them,” said Ayad al-Onazi,
who spent four years fighting
alongside Iraqi insurgents before his group fell apart after a
battle with Al Qaeda.
When he told his family he
had arrived in Iraq in 2005,
they begged him to return but,
sure he was doing the right
thing, he stayed until 2009.
In August people in the small
desert town of Tumair, about
160km north of Riyadh, tipped
off the authorities that two
mosque imams were recruiting
The clerics, identified in local media as Ali al-Salloum and
Hamad al-Rais, were detained
with six others in Tumair on
suspicion of working to send
people to Islamic State, the interior ministry later said without confirming their names.
Ali al-Afnan, the psychologist working with the deradicalisation programme, said
family ties were at the centre of
its strategy to stop people going
to war or entice back those who
had already done so.
What authorities now fear
most, he said, is the ease
with which militants can use
YouTube and Twitter to encourage young men to go to
Syria or Iraq.
Riyadh has helped mothers of
in Yemen
�shun HIV
Iraq on �high
alert’ amid
IS attacks
Authorities have deployed
thousands of security
personnel and allied
militiamen to protect
pilgrims, in a major test for
the new government
raq boosted security yesterday amid fears of the Islamic State group launching
major attacks on Shia pilgrims
flocking to the shrine city of
Karbala as further reports
emerged of mass killings.
The pilgrims are prime targets for the IS militants, who
have carried out a series of
mass executions in recent days,
killing scores of members of a
tribe in Iraq’s western Anbar
The militants are reported
to have slaughtered dozens of
members of the Sunni Albu
Nimr tribe, which took up arms
against them in Anbar.
Yesterday, tribal leader Naim
al-Kuoud al-Nimrawi said that
IS “executed 36 people, including four women and three children” on Sunday alone.
Accounts have varied as to
the number and timings of the
executions, but sources have
spoken of more than 200 people murdered in recent days.
A police officer and an official gave figures of more than
200 to 258 people killed, while
Iraq’s human rights ministry
put the toll at 322 and a tribal
leader said 381 were executed.
The mass killings appear
aimed at discouraging resistance from powerful local tribes
in Anbar, where IS overran large
areas in June as pro-government forces suffered a string of
Hundreds of thousands of
pilgrims are expected in Karbala for today’s peak of Ashura
marking the death of Imam
At least 19 people were killed
in bomb blasts targeting Shias
in Baghdad on Sunday claimed
by IS, and security forces were
on alert for further attacks.
Karbala deputy governor Jassem al-Fatlawi said “hundreds
of thousands of Iraqi pilgrims”
and 65,000 others from 20 different countries have thronged
Pilgrims have been targeted
during Ashura before, but this
year they face even greater
danger after the IS lightning
offensive in June.
Authorities have deployed
thousands of security personnel and allied militiamen to
protect the pilgrims, in a major test for the new government headed by Prime Minister
Haidar al-Abadi.
“The security plan is fully in
effect and the security forces
are on a state of high alert,” an
Iraqi police colonel said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
throughout Shia districts of
Baghdad and security forces
are guarding the 100km route
from the capital to Karbala.
More than 26,000 members
of the security forces were deployed in Karbala itself, backed
by helicopters providing air
support and monitoring desert
areas, army Staff Lieutenant
General Othman al-Ghanimi
told reporters.
Police used X-ray trucks to
scan vehicles as sniffer dogs
monitored arrivals and some
1,500 policewomen checked
female pilgrims.
The IS group has declared a
“caliphate” in parts of Iraq and
neighbouring Syria under its
control, imposing its harsh interpretation of Islamic law and
committing widespread atrocities.
There are fears that Anbar
province, stretching from Iraq’s
borders with Jordan and Saudi
Arabia to the western approach
to Baghdad, could fall entirely.
A US-led coalition of Western and Arab nations has carried out a wave of air strikes
on IS positions in Iraq and
Syria, with Canadian CF-18s
conducting their first raids on
Sunday around the Iraqi city of
Singapore said yesterday it
would provide military support
including a Boeing KC-135R
Stratotanker for air-to-air refuelling.
A soldier stands guard in Karbala yesterday.
Peshmerga, Syria rebels pound IS targets
Mursitpinar, Turkey
raqi Kurdish peshmerga
п¬Ѓghters and moderate Syrian rebels bombarded Islamic State positions in Kobane
yesterday, but it remained unclear if their arrival would definitively turn the tide in the
battle for the besieged Syrian
border town.
Kobane has become a symbolic
test of the US-led coalition’s
ability to halt the advance of Islamic State, which has poured
weapons and п¬Ѓghters into its bid
to take the town in an assault that
has lasted more than a month.
The battle has also deflected
attention from significant gains
elsewhere in Syria by Islamic
State, which has seized two gas
fields within a week from President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in
the centre of the country.
The arrival in Kobane of the
peshmerga and additional Free
Syrian Army (FSA) п¬Ѓghters in
recent days marks an escalation
in efforts to defend the town af-
Syrian refugees wait to cross the border to Turkey during fighting between Islamic State militants and
Kurdish fighters near Kobane yesterday.
ter weeks of US-led air strikes
slowed but did not reverse the
Islamists’ advance.
White smoke billowed into the
sky as peshmerga and FSA п¬Ѓghters appeared to combine forces,
raining cannon and mortar п¬Ѓre
down on Islamic State positions
to the west of Kobane, a Reuters
witness said.
An estimated 150 Iraqi Kurdish
п¬Ѓghters crossed into Kobane with
arms and ammunition from Turkey late on Friday, the п¬Ѓrst time
Ankara has allowed reinforcements to reach the town.
“(Their) heavy weapons have
been a key reinforcement for us.
At the moment they’re mostly
п¬Ѓghting on the western front,
п¬Ѓghters in Syria to share their
pain on television. In February a woman who called herself
“Umm Mohamed” or “mother of
Mohamed” appeared on a popular television show to castigate
п¬Ѓrebrand preachers for luring
her 17-year-old son to Syria.
The show’s host, Dawood alShirian, told Reuters that the
government had been very receptive to his efforts to speak to
such people and the son, Misfer,
had eventually returned home
after seeing his mother’s appeal.
Misfer later appeared on the
programme himself and said on
it that he had decided to join the
jihad after listening to sermons
online by an influential Syrian
preacher, the Saudi-controlled
Al Arabiya news channel reported at the time.
He travelled to Turkey alone
and paid a smuggler to help him
cross the border, but he grew
disillusioned because some of
the rebels in his group drank alcohol, he said.
there’s also FSA there too,” said
Meryem Kobane, a commander
with the YPG, the main Syrian Kurdish armed group in
She said п¬Ѓerce п¬Ѓghting was
also continuing in the eastern and
southern parts of the city.
The peshmerga - formally part
of the Iraqi army - have deployed
behind Syrian Kurdish forces and
are supporting them with artillery and mortar п¬Ѓre, according to
Ersin Caksu, a journalist inside
Kobane. The п¬Ѓercest п¬Ѓghting was
taking place in the south and east,
areas where the newly arrived reinforcements were not deployed,
he said.
Despite weeks of air strikes,
Islamic State has continued to
inflict heavy losses on Kobane’s
The п¬Ѓght for Kobane within
sight of the Turkish frontier
has heaped pressure on Ankara,
which has been reluctant to intervene, accusing the town’s defenders of links with Kurdistan
Workers’ Party (PKK) militants,
who have fought a decades-long
insurgency against the Turkish
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday decried what he
called the “psychological war”
being waged by the international
media against Ankara, rebuffing
criticism of its Syria policy.
“Turkey is not a country that
will bow either to domestic treason networks or to perception
operations abroad,” the Hurryiet
Daily News reported Erdogan as
saying during a speech at an Istanbul university.
A survey by pollster Metropoll appeared to show sympathy for Erdogan’s stance, with
a majority of respondents saying the PKK, listed as a terrorist
organisation by Europe and the
United States, posed a greater
threat to Turkey than Islamic
A peace process aimed at disarming the PKK has appeared
increasingly troubled in recent
weeks, rocked by deadly Kurdish pro-Kobane protests, Turkish air strikes on PKK positions
in northern Iraq and attacks on
Turkish security forces.
With the world’s attention
on Kobane, Islamist forces have
continued to gain ground elsewhere in Syria.
The Islamic State seized a gas
п¬Ѓeld in the central province of
Homs, according to the SITE
militant website monitoring
service, the second gas п¬Ѓeld reported captured in a week from
Assad’s forces.
eople living with HIV are
routinely denied treatment in Yemen’s healthcare system, Human Rights
Watch said yesterday.
The New York-based organisation detailed the ordeal
of HIV patients who had been
refused treatment in both government and private hospitals.
Among them was a pregnant
woman denied a caesarean delivery once doctors realised
that she was HIV-positive.
In another case, an unconscious stroke victim suffering
seizures was thrown out of a
hospital emergency department, health professionals told
Her husband was then detained by the hospital’s security staff for 45 minutes before
being released with a warning
that he should “not cause any
trouble in the future”.
Other HIV patients reported
being overcharged for health
services in private facilities as
medical staff took advantage of
their inability to get treatment
in public hospitals, the rights
group said.
HRW said a letter to Yemen’s
health minister detailing the
cases had received no response.
“Kicking sick people out of
the hospital because they have
HIV is not just discriminatory,
it’s cruel,” said Nadim Houry,
HRW’s deputy Middle East director.
“The health ministry should
enforce Yemen’s law barring
discrimination against people who are HIV-positive,” he
According to the United Nations, there were some 6,000
people living with HIV in Yemen in 2013.
Saudi-French arms
deal for Lebanon
�to be signed today’
Saudi Arabia and France are to
finalise today a deal to provide
Lebanon’s army with $3bn worth
of French weapons, with Riyadh
footing the bill, a Saudi daily and
a French source said.
A signing ceremony for the deal
would be held this morning in
Riyadh, the French source told
AFP on condition of anonymity.
The contract, which has gone
through months of negotiations
over the list of weapons to be
supplied, would now “be rapidly
implemented”, the French source
Al Hayat, a Saudi-owned panArab daily, said the first arms
shipment under the deal would
be delivered to Lebanon “within
a month”.
The newspaper, quoting sources
in Paris, said the arms deal would
be signed by Saudi Finance
Minister Ibrahim al-Assad and
Edouard Guillaud, the head of
the ODAS organisation set up by
France for the export of defence
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Hezbollah chief makes rare public appearance
ezbollah chief Hassan
Nasrallah made a rare public appearance yesterday
in the Lebanese capital’s southern
suburbs, addressing thousands of
his supporters ahead of the Shia
Ashura commemorations.
As he appeared on stage wearing a black robe and turban, the
crowd seen in a live broadcast on
Hezbollah’s Al Manar television
began cheering wildly, as they
apparently had not expected to
see him.
The head of the Shia militant
group, whose forces are п¬Ѓghting in Syria alongside the troops
of President Bashar al-Assad,
usually addresses supporters via
video link for fear of assassination by Israel.
Nasrallah had not been seen
in public since July, when he attended a rally to show support for
the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip.
But yesterday’s appearance in
the southern suburbs of Beirut,
a Hezbollah stronghold, was his
sixth since his group fought Is-
rael in a devastating and deadly
war in 2006.
Nasrallah has topped Israel’s
most wanted list since even before that 34-day war, and his
group has also made enemies
with Sunni militants from Syria
since its involvement in that
country’s conflict.
Hezbollah’s fighters clashed
with militants in eastern Leba-
non in October, and its strongholds have come under repeated
bomb attacks over its involvement in the Syrian conflict.
The Hezbollah leader called for
a large turnout today, which sees
the peak of Ashura.
“Tomorrow we will prove that
we are above any threat, any danger, any challenge,” Nasrallah
Lebanese police were to close
off the Shia-majority southern suburbs of Beirut for Ashura
from midnight until the end of
the commemorations.
Hezbollah is planning to hold
a massive rally in the southern
suburbs of Beirut today, and
Nasrallah is due to address the
crowds again.
The Hezbollah chief said his
movement would back its main
Christian ally, Michel Aoun, in
Lebanon’s long-delayed presidential vote.
The Lebanese parliament is
tasked by the constitution to
select a president, a decision
that has already been put off 14
times as the war in Syria continues to divide rival political
US Supreme
Court split
on Jerusalem
passport case
he US Supreme Court appeared closely divided
yesterday as it considered
whether Congress overstepped
its authority in passing a law
designed to allow American citizens born in Jerusalem to have
Israel listed as their birthplace on
Congress passed the law in
2002 but the government has
never enforced it. Seeking to
remain neutral on the hotly
contested issue of sovereignty
over a city holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians, the State
Department allows passports
to name Jerusalem as a place
of birth, with no country name
The parents of a Jerusalemborn 12-year-old boy, US citizen Menachem Zivotofsky, have
waged a long court battle to have
his passport state he was born in
At issue is the long-standing
US policy that the president, not
Congress, has sole authority to
provide American recognition of
who controls Jerusalem, a city
claimed both by Israelis and Palestinians.
During a one-hour argument,
the liberal justices on the ninemember court signalled support
for the government. Conservative justices were more sympathetic to the parents, Ari and
Naomi Zivotofsky.
Justice Anthony Kennedy, often the court’s swing vote in close
decisions, is likely to again п¬Ѓnd
himself in that role.
Kennedy signalled some support for the government, saying
if the case rests on the determination that the law indicates recognition of Israel’s sovereignty
over Jerusalem, the State Department “should be given deference”.
However, he also indicated a
possible compromise in which
the law is enforced but the government adds disclaimers in
passports saying the place of
birth is not intended to recognise
Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem.
The State Department maintains the law violates the US
Constitution’s separation of
executive and legislative powers. It says a loss for the government in the case would be seen
around the world as a reversal of
US policy that could cause “irreversible damage” to America’s
ability to influence the region’s
peace process.
That argument appeared to
gain traction with the liberal justices, including the court’s three
Jewish members: Ruth Bader
Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and
Elena Kagan. Kagan said Jerusalem’s status is so contentious
that any development, no matter
how minor, “is a big deal” in the
Middle East.
Kagan likened the statute to
a “very selective vanity plate
law”, referring to customised car
licence plates. She noted that
Jerusalem-born US citizens of
Palestinian heritage cannot ask
for a passport stating they were
born in Palestine.
Of the conservative justices,
Antonin Scalia seemed most
supportive of the family, saying
foreign policy concerns should
not be taken into account when
deciding whether Congress had
authority to pass the law.
“If it is within Congress’s
power, what difference does it
make whether it antagonises foreign countries?” Scalia said.
While Israel calls Jerusalem
its capital, few other countries
accept that. Most, including the
United States, maintain embassies in Tel Aviv. Palestinians
want East Jerusalem, captured
by Israel in a 1967 war, as capital
of the state they aim to establish
alongside Israel in the West Bank
and Gaza Strip.
A ruling is due by the end of
Palestinian Bedouins stand yesterday near furniture scattered on the ground after the Israeli army demolished a structure housing a family in the West Bank village of Khirbet Tana, located in the
so-called Area C, a closed military zone where Israel exercises full control. Residents need permits to live in the area but these are often refused.
Israel advances plans
for 500 settler homes
Peace Now, an Israeli antisettlement movement, has
warned that moving forward
with the plans could further
inflame tensions in East
n Israeli government
committee yesterday advanced plans for 500 settler homes in East Jerusalem, an
official said, in the face of disapproval from the United States at
construction on occupied Palestinian land.
The interior ministry panel’s
preliminary approval of the
new homes for Ramat Shlomo,
a neighbourhood built on West
Bank territory captured in the
1967 war and annexed to Jerusalem in a move not recognised
abroad, was kept low profile in
an apparent bid to avoid friction
with Washington.
A week ago, Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu ordered
plans for some 600 housing units
for Ramat Shlomo and another
400 for Har Homa, another East
Jerusalem neighbourhood, to be
Palestinian officials have
voiced alarm - echoed in the international community - over
the settlements, viewing them
as a main obstacle to founding
the independent state they seek
in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
with East Jerusalem as its capital.
An interior ministry spokeswoman did not immediately
confirm yesterday’s committee
decision, details of which were
relayed to Reuters by an Israeli
official on condition of anonymity.
The official said Israel hoped
to avoid publicity around the
move, one in a series of logisti-
cal and legal stages before construction begins. The number of
new homes planned for Ramat
Shlomo had been reduced, the
official said, due to environmental concerns.
The United States said last
week such construction is not
conducive to “peace in the region
and a two-state solution”. The
European Union asked Israel for
clarifications about Netanyahu’s
promotion of the Har Homa and
Ramat Shlomo projects.
Netanyahu, whose relations
with US President Barack Obama
have long been strained, also
drew criticism from the White
House last month after some
two dozen Jewish families moved
into homes purchased in an Arab
neighborhood of East Jerusalem
where about 500 settlers already
Peace Now, an Israeli anti-settlement movement, has warned
that moving forward with the
Rival PM calls for
new polls in Libya
he head of Libya’s selfdeclared
Omar al-Hassi, has called
in an interview with AFP for new
elections to pull the violencewracked nation back from chaos.
Three years after veteran dictator Muammar Gaddafi was
toppled and killed in a Natobacked uprising, the oil-rich
country has two rival governments and a host of armed militias sparring for influence.
Hassi’s administration is jostling for power with the internationally backed government
of Prime Minister Abdullah alThinni, formed after a parliamentary election in June.
That government and parliament have taken refuge in the
far eastern city of Tobruk since
Islamist militias led by the powerful Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn)
coalition overran the capital in
“We need new elections,” Has-
si said, charging that the Tobrukbased parliament has “lost its legitimacy”.
“This parliament is no longer
accepted in Libya. It has lost its
legitimacy. We need new elections,” the 55-year-old academic
“The poll must take place under the supervision of (elected)
local councils.”
Hassi, who presents himself as
an independent, says the unrest in
Libya pitted “enemies of the revolution” against “revolutionaries”.
“The revolution has been stolen. We are in the process of getting it back again,” he said.
Hassi insisted that his administration can restore stability.
“We have managed this in
Tripoli. Since Fajr Libya took
control of the capital, we have
ended power cuts and fuel shortages and arrested dozens of
criminals,” he said.
“If we can do this in a city of
over 2mn people, we can succeed
in the whole country.
“We urge the support of the
international community in re-
storing stability. We are reaching
out to them and trying to establish contacts with several countries,” Hassi said.
He also called for foreign companies and diplomats evacuated
in the summer because of the
violence in Tripoli to return.
“Westerners are waiting to
see who is victorious in the п¬Ѓeld,
even in defiance of democratic
choices, to build relationships
with him, as happened in Egypt,”
where then army chief and now
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
toppled Islamist president Mohamed Mursi in July 2013, Hassi
Libyan authorities have struggled to impose their will across a
country awash with weapons and
powerful militias who ousted and
killed Gaddafi in October 2011.
Militias now control large
parts of the country.
Hassi’s rivals say the conflict is
purely political and that the Fajr
Libya takeover of Tripoli was led
by Islamists frustrated that they
lost control of parliament in the
Har Homa and Ramat Shlomo
plans could further inflame tensions in East Jerusalem, the scene
of daily confrontations between
stone-throwing Palestinians and
police in riot gear.
Israel regards all of Jerusalem
as its “indivisible and eternal”
capital, a claim not recognised
internationally, and says Jews
have the right to live anywhere in
the city.
Some 500,000 Israelis have
settled in the West Bank and East
Jerusalem, among 2.4mn Palestinians. The World Court says
settlements Israel has built there
are illegal.
Palestinians arrested in East Jerusalem
Israeli police arrested at least 23
Palestinians in East Jerusalem
overnight and yesterday, Palestinian officials said, in the latest
crackdown after months of
violent clashes in the Holy City.
But a police spokeswoman confirmed only four arrests, without
accounting for the number of
people who might have been
arrested by other security
Those arrested were from
Issawiya and Wadi Joz—Arab
neighbourhoods in Israeliannexed East Jerusalem—as well
as the Old City, the Palestinian
Prisoners Club said in a statement.
On Thursday, police shot dead a
suspect in the attempted murder
of a right-wing Jewish rabbi, sparking a day of clashes between
stone-throwing Palestinians and
security forces who responded
with teargas and rubber bullets.
Ship hit in heavy
Benghazi п¬Ѓghting
Hassi speaks during the interview in Tripoli on Sunday.
Libyan navy ship was
hit during heavy fighting with aircraft and
tanks yesterday between the
army and Islamist militants
near the port of Benghazi,
residents of the major city on
Libya’s eastern Mediterranean
coast said.
The battle was part of a wider
conflict in the North African
state where former rebels who
helped oust dictator Muammar
Gaddafi in 2011 are fighting for
power and a share of Libya’s large
oil revenues.
Army special forces, backed
by troops of an ex-general,
launched an offensive in the
Benghazi area two weeks ago
blamed by Washington for a
2012 assault on the former
US consulate which killed the
American ambassador.
A hospital next to Benghazi’s port appealed to the
Red Crescent to evacuate sick
people trapped inside by the
fighting while the army moved
more tanks and artillery into
the city.
A Reuters reporter could see
smoke rising from the port, an
important conduit for food,
wheat and fuel supplies to eastern Libya. A security source said
the unidentified navy ship was
sinking but this could not immediately be confirmed.
Warplanes could be heard п¬Ѓring into the port area.
Dozens of residents were
leaving Benghazi, heeding a
call by the army to evacuate
the port area and main commercial district where military
officials said Islamists were
holed up.
At least 238 people have been
killed, eight of them yesterday,
since the army started the offensive, medics said.
The army took a Reuters multi-media team to its Benghazi
headquarters after wresting it
back last week from Islamists.
Many buildings in the vast complex were destroyed or burned
The situation in Benghazi and
other parts of Libya has been
fluid with government forces unable to control militias.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Burkinabe army pledges
�consensus’ government
he head of Burkina Faso’s
promised a “consensus”
leader in talks for a unity government in the west African nation after a violent crackdown on
The army has stepped into
a power vacuum left by Blaise
Compaore, who was forced to
resign the presidency last week
in the wake of violent demonstrations at his attempt to extend his 27-year-rule.
Having named LieutenantColonel Isaac Zida as interim
head of state, the military has
said that “power does not interest us”. But its takeover has
sparked angry protests.
The United Nations, the US
and EU have joined African
leaders in pressing the country’s
military top brass to hand power
back to civilians.
Zida was locked in negotiations from 10am (1000 GMT)
with diplomats at the foreign
ministry, while senior opposition п¬Ѓgures were to meet later
with their parliamentary leader
Zephirin Diabre.
“The executive branch will be
led by a transitional body within
a constitutional framework ...
this transitional body will be
headed by a person appointed
by the consensus of all actors in
public life,” Zida told diplomats.
Diplomat says no
to Zimbabwe post
He gave no timetable for the
transition but said he wanted a
new regime in place within the
“shortest possible” period.
“We’re not here to steal power,” he told reporters after the
The talks built on meetings
late on Sunday between Zida
and the ambassadors of France,
the US and the European Union.
Traffic flowed normally in the
streets of the capital Ouagadougou after the latest protests
on Sunday, with the largest market ending a six-day shutdown
and banks open, according to an
AFP journalist.
Troops on Sunday had
cracked down sharply on several
thousand protesters gathered at
a rally against the military takeover in the city’s central square.
Some protesters had headed
to the national television station
headquarters where two opposition leaders made separate
attempts to go on air to declare
themselves interim chief.
Former defence minister Kouame Lougue – whose name
was chanted by thousands in the
streets following Compaore’s
downfall – told AFP: “The people have nominated me. I came
to answer their call.”
But the TV technicians walked
out, also foiling a bid by Saran
Sereme, a former member of the
ruling party, to make her claim
as leader of the transition.
One person was killed close
to the television headquarters
AU gives Burkinabe military two-week deadline
A man looks at a newspaper bearing headlines on the situation in
Burkina Faso and reading �Compaore out!’ yesterday in Abidjan.
Compaore fled to Ivory Coast after he was ousted.
when soldiers п¬Ѓred shots in the
air to disperse protesters. The
army said the victim was likely
struck by a stray bullet.
If the army refuses to hand
power back, “the consequences
are pretty clear”, said UN envoy
for west Africa Mohamed Ibn
Chambas. “We want to avoid
having to impose sanctions on
Burkina Faso.”
Hundreds of thousands of
protesters, furious at plans to
prolong Compaore’s rule in
the poor, landlocked country,
massed on the streets of Ouagadougou on Thursday, some
going on a rampage and setting
the parliament and other public
buildings ablaze.
Under Burkina Faso’s constitution, the speaker of parliament was supposed to step
in as interim head of state. But
the army instead named Zida,
the second-in-command of the
presidential guard.
Zida, 49, beat an earlier claim
to the job by army chief Nabere
Honore Traore, winning the
military’s endorsement on Saturday.
He said that he was appointed
to ensure a “smooth democratic
transition” and promised to
consult with the opposition and
civil leaders.
Around 30 people were killed
in the week of violent protests
that forced Compaore out, op-
The African Union (AU) has given Burkina Faso military authorities two
weeks to return power to a civilian government or face sanctions, the
head of the organisation’s Peace and Security Council said yesterday.
The West African nation’s military took power after long-time president
Blaise Compaore stepped down on Friday following two days of mass
protests over his bid to extend his rule through a constitutional amendment.
Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida was named the interim head of state.
“The African Union is convinced the change has been against democracy. However, popular pressure led to the resignation of the president,”
Simeon Oyono Esono told journalists via a translator in Addis Ababa. “So
we have taken note of the origin of the popular revolt which led to the
military getting power, so we determined the period of two weeks and
after that period we are going apply sanctions.”
The United Nations, the US and EU have also called for the country’s
military top brass to hand power back to civilians.
After the two week period, the AU will appoint a special envoy to the
country and meet again “to examine the situation and see the steps to
be followed”.
position п¬Ѓgures said.
Hospital sources told AFP
that there had been at least six
deaths, including two by gunshot wounds.
Burkina Faso is a former
French colony that was known
as Upper Volta before changing
its name in 1984.
Compaore was only 36 when
he seized power in a 1987 coup in
which his former friend and one
of Africa’s most loved leaders,
Thomas Sankara, was ousted
and assassinated.
He and his wife have taken refuge in neighbouring Ivory Coast
where they are being put up in a
luxury government mansion in
the capital Yamoussoukro.
Events in Ouagadougou are
being keenly followed across
sub-Saharan African, where
several leaders are trying to
tinker with constitutions in bids
to cling to power.
In deeply divided Mauritania,
the opposition National Forum
for Democracy and Unity called
for President Mohamed Ould
Abdel Aziz to “learn the lessons
of the very serious events taking
place in Burkina Faso”.
The 12-member coalition invited Abdel Aziz to seek “a consensual and peaceful solution”
to the country’s own political
crisis, with opposition groups
frequently protesting against
“despotic military rule”.
Halting the fire
A Malawian diplomat who
once reportedly described
Zimbabwean President Robert
Mugabe as an “idiot” said
yesterday that he had turned
down a posting as his country’s
top envoy to Harare.
“I am sure there are other
Malawians more amenable to
serving at that particular post
at this particular time,” Thoko
Banda said in a statement.
Banda’s scathing insult to
neighbouring Zimbabwe’s
long-serving head of state was
recalled by social media last
week, shortly after he was named
as Malawi’s high commissioner
(ambassador) to Zimbabwe.
Banda was widely quoted as
telling Germany’s The Foreigner
magazine in 2006 that
“Zimbabwe has an idiot – I am
sorry, I know you are recording
– but they have an idiot for
“This guy Robert Mugabe, I hope
that he lives a long time, so that
one day he can go before an
international tribunal. He is a
horrible man.”
Malawi’s Foreign Affairs Minister
George Chaponda refused to
comment, telling AFP: “Ask Mr
Banda himself.”
A teddy bear lies on the ground under a fire hose during a fire that devastated parts of
Masiphumelele informal shack settlement in Cape Town. Several shacks were destroyed in the fire
which quickly spread in the overpopulated and dense shack settlement. Residents complain of poor
access roads for emergency personnel, who have difficulty getting fire and rescue support to the
areas quickly. Inadequate housing and the growing number of informal settlements is one of the
major issues facing the South African government.
(Above, left) A Masiphumelele resident sprays water onto his burning shack, while another resident
(left) flees the fire at the informal shack settlement in Cape Town.
WHO says
Mali has
no Ebola
cases so far
hirty-nine people who
travelled on buses with
a toddler who died from
Ebola in Mali are still being
sought for checks, although the
country is believed to be free of
the disease, the World Health
Organisation (WHO) said yesterday.
A WHO spokeswoman said
108 contacts were being followed up, including 33 health
workers, but epidemiologists
believe those who have not been
traced are at low risk, as they
are unlikely to have had physical
contact with the two-year-old.
The girl’s five-year-old sister had a fever but was suffering
from malaria, not Ebola, tests
showed. Other family members
are under observation in the
same hospital and doing well,
with no fever or other symptoms, the WHO said.
Last week an epidemiological presentation showed Mali
had two suspected cases of the
disease, which has killed at least
4,951 people, mostly in Liberia,
Sierra Leone and Guinea in the
worst outbreak of the virus since
it was identified in 1976.
WHO experts say that the best
way to tackle the disease is to
stop it in its tracks before it can
spread, and п¬Ѓnding contacts of
the initial patient is crucial.
Ebola is contagious when a
patient has symptoms, meaning
the girl who died may have been
infectious throughout her long
and broken journey from Guinea, where controls are supposed
to be in place to screen people
for Ebola symptoms before they
cross the border.
If other travellers caught the
disease, their onward journeys
risk spreading it in the capital
Bamako or deeper into Mali,
which borders Niger, Algeria,
Senegal, Mauritania, Burkina
Faso and Ivory Coast. None of
them currently have Ebola cases.
The toddler’s family – including her grandmother, uncle,
great aunt and sister, will remain in quarantine for one more
week before reaching the 21 days
which is the maximum incubation period of the virus.
Meanwhile, a Sierra Leone
doctor died yesterday from Ebola, making him the п¬Ѓfth local
doctor in the West African state
to have succumbed to the haemorrhagic fever that has taken a
heavy toll on the country’s medical personnel.
Dr Godffrey George, a medical superintendent at the Kambia Government Hospital in the
north of the country, died after
he tested positive for Ebola on
Saturday, according to Sierra
Leone’s chief medical officer
Brima Kargbo.
Some 120 health workers – including nurses and other medical staff – have tested positive
for the disease in Sierra Leone,
with about 100 dead.
Boko Haram suspected after suicide blast, prison break in Nigeria
suicide bomber killed at
least 23 people in a procession of Shia Muslims
marking the ritual of Ashura in
northeast Nigeria’s Yobe state
yesterday, witnesses said.
In a separate incident overnight in central Kogi state, gunmen using explosives blew their
way into a prison in the city of
Lokoja, killing one person and
freeing 144 inmates, Adams
Omale, prisons co-ordinator for
the state, told Reuters.
In the suicide bombing in
Potiskum in Yobe state, a territory at the heart of an insurgency
by Sunni Muslim Boko Haram
rebels, the attacker joined the
line of Shias before setting off his
device as they marched through a
market in the town, resident Yusuf Abdullahi said.
“I heard a very heavy explosion
as if it happened in my room. It
took place just 200 metres from
my house,” he said.
Another person carrying an
explosive that did not go off was
arrested, he said.
Mohammed Gana, whose
brother was killed in the attack,
said he counted 23 bodies at the
Another Potiskum resident,
Abubakar Saliu, said soldiers
started shooting immediately after the explosion, but it was not
clear who they fired at or if anyone was hit by the gunfire.
“We lost 15 of our members in
a suicide blast at the end of our
Ashura procession,” the head of
the city’s Shia community, Mustapha Lawan Nasidi, told AFP.
Fifty people were also injured,
he said, adding that several others died when troops who deployed to the scene opened п¬Ѓre.
There was no immediate response from the military.
Potiskum has seen repeated
violence, including attacks on
the Shia community who are
hugely outnumbered by Sunnis in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim
Ashura marks the death in
battle more than 1,300 years ago
of the Prophet Muhammad’s
grandson Imam Hussein.
Boko Haram’s five-year-old
campaign for an Islamic state,
which has killed thousands, is
seen as the main security threat
to Nigeria, Africa’s biggest econ-
omy and leading oil producer.
State prisons co-ordinator
Omale said 26 of the Lokoja prison inmates freed in the Kogi raid
had been recaptured.
He did not comment on
whether any of the escaped prisoners were Boko Haram members.
Kogi is far south of Boko Haram’s main area of operations but
the Islamists claimed a prison
raid at the same facility in 2012
that freed more than 100 inmates.
Many of the group’s fighters
were thought to have been held at
the targeted Koton Karfi prison.
National police spokesman
Emmanuel Ojukwu said the raid
was not linked to the п¬Ѓve-year
Islamist uprising, blaming it instead on “criminal activity”.
Nevertheless, Boko Haram has
been tied to several high-profile
prison breaks since 2010 and listed a prisoner swap as a condition
for the release of the schoolgirls
who were seized from the northeast town of Chibok on April 14.
Meanwhile in Adamawa state,
also in northeast Nigeria, tens
of thousands of people fled their
homes to refugee camps after the
militants seized control of the
commercial hub of Mubi, the latest among more than two dozen
towns and villages to have fallen
into extremist hands.
Former vice-president Atiku
Abubakar, who is running to
be the opposition flag bearer in
February polls and is from the
northeast, voiced disbelief that
“a handful of terrorists” had
been able to capture such a huge
stretch of land.
“How is it possible that a great
nation like Nigeria should п¬Ѓnd
itself in a situation where a handful of terrorists can invade a town
as large as Mubi?” Abubakar told
He said that despite a reported
increase in security spending, the
military in Africa’s most populous country has proved “unable
to cope and unable to defend”
against a formerly small-scale
The three incidents underscored the worsening security
crisis in Nigeria, and cast further
doubt on government claims that
a ceasefire was in place to end five
years of Boko Haram violence.
Nigeria’s government announced last month that a ceasefire had been agreed with Boko
Haram and that talks were un-
Jonathan: has faced rising criticism at home and abroad for failing to
halt the Boko Haram insurgency.
derway in neighbouring Chad
for the release of more than 200
Nigerian schoolgirls abducted in
April by the Islamist rebels.
But although mediator Chad
has said the negotiations are
still on, a spate of recent attacks
across Nigeria’s northeast by
suspected Boko Haram п¬Ѓghters
has raised serious doubts about
whether a lasting peace pact can
be achieved.
Prospects for this took another
hit at the end of last week when
a man claiming to be Boko Haram
leader Abubakar Shekau said in
a video recording the kidnapped
girls were “married off ” to his
п¬Ѓghters, contradicting Nigerian
government statements that they
would soon be freed.
Nigeria’s military says it killed
Shekau a year ago, and authorities said in September they had
killed an impostor posing as him
in videos.
In Adamawa, the National
Emergency Management Agency
(NEMA) said that they had recorded at least 10,496 internally
displaced people in п¬Ѓve camps in
the state capital, Yola, after violence in Mubi.
Thousands of residents from
Mubi, which is Adamawa’s second-largest town, have fled in
the past week after Boko Haram’s
take-over last Wednesday.
Mubi, which is 200km from
Yola and has a population of
150,000, had been a safe haven
for people fleeing Boko Haram
offensives in surrounding areas.
Nigerian soldiers reportedly
fled to the town of Hong, 100km
from Yola, according to residents
who saw them en route.
Some residents are trapped in
Mubi, including Saleh Abdullahi, said Boko Haram “came with
their women and children and are
now in firm control”.
“They move about in vehicles
and on foot patrolling the streets
and keep telling people we are
now under the authority of an Islamic state,” Abdullahi said.
President Goodluck Jonathan,
who is seeking a second term in
elections in February, has faced
rising criticism at home and
abroad for failing to halt the Boko
Haram insurgency and obtain the
release of the abducted schoolgirls.
In a statement yesterday, Nigeria’s opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) accused
Jonathan’s government of misleading the public over the reported peace deal.
“The president has failed in his
most sacred duty, protecting the
safety and well-being of Nigeria’s citizens,” the APC party said.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Key function of crashed
spacecraft deployed early
Ebola nurse and Maine
settle quarantine suit
Fashion world bids
farewell to de la Renta
Original Apple computer
could fetch $600,000
Snowstorm hits eastern
Canada, parts of Maine
An investigation into the deadly crash of a Virgin
Galactic spaceship has found that a function
to help the craft descend into the atmosphere
was deployed early, according to federal safety
officials, adding pilot error could not be ruled out.
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
is leading the investigation into what caused the
spacecraft to crash in California’s Mojave Desert
during a test flight on Friday, killing one pilot and
badly injuring the other. SpaceShipTwo’s rotating
tail boom, a key safety feature for re-entering
the atmosphere, rotated early, Christopher Hart,
acting chairman of the NTSB, said late on Sunday,
though he said it was too early to say whether
this had caused the crash.
The state of Maine and a nurse who had
treated victims of the Ebola virus in West
Africa reached a settlement deal yesterday,
allowing her to travel freely in public but
requiring her to monitor her health closely
and report any symptoms. The settlement,
filed in nurse Kaci Hickox’s home town of Fort
Kent, in Maine’s far north, where she returned
after being briefly quarantined in New Jersey,
keeps in effect through Nov. 10 the terms of
an order issued by a Maine judge on Friday.
Hickox returned to the US last month after
treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone and was
quarantined in a tent outside a hospital for
four days despite showing no symptoms.
The fashion world mourned the loss of one of
its greatest designers yesterday at the private
funeral of Oscar de la Renta, who died of cancer
last month at 82. The tall Dominican-born de la
Renta dressed New York socialites, Hollywood
stars and American first ladies during a career
that spanned five decades. Young women in black
dresses checked in guests at the Church of St.
Ignatius Loyola on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
Designers Valentino and Diane von Furstenberg
were among the first to arrive, followed by
director Mike Nichols and his journalist wife Diane
Sawyer, designers Tommy Hilfiger and Donna
Karan, Chelsea Clinton, journalist Barbara Walters
and actor Hugh Jackman.
A fully operational Apple computer that company
co-founder Steve Jobs sold out of his parents’
garage in 1976 for $600 will hit the auction
block in December, where it is expected to fetch
$600,000, Christie’s said yesterday. The so-called
Ricketts Apple-1 Personal Computer, named after
its original owner Charles Ricketts and being sold
on Dec. 11, is the only known surviving Apple-1
documented as having been sold directly by
Jobs, then just 21, to an individual from the Los
Altos, California family home, Christie’s said. “It all
started with the Apple-1 and with this particular
machine,” said Andrew McVinish, Christie’s
director of decorative arts. The computer is being
sold by Robert Luther, a Virginia collector.
The first major snowstorm of the season hit
easternmost Canada yesterday, knocking out
power lines and forcing school closures along the
Atlantic seaboard. Nearly 20in (50cm) of snow fell
on parts of New Brunswick and Quebec provinces,
accompanied by howling winds, and Environment
Canada forecast up to another 9in (25cm)
throughout the day. In New Brunswick, all schools in
the northern part of the province were closed, while
12,000 homes were without electricity. About 2,500
residences in Quebec also lost power. Meanwhile, a
rare early season snowstorm brought 50-mph (80kph) winds and record-breaking snowfall to parts
of Maine overnight, leaving more than 140,000
homes and businesses without power yesterday.
One World
Trade Center
welcomes its
п¬Ѓrst tenants
New York
ne World Trade Center,
America’s tallest building, yesterday welcomed
its п¬Ѓrst tenants, publishing
group Conde Nast, in a symbolic
moment 13 years after the 9/11
attacks that brought down the
original Twin Towers.
About 175 executives of the
group that publishes magazines
like The New Yorker and Vanity
Fair, п¬Ѓled through the doors of
the building on Vesey Street, just
steps from the memorial and museums erected at the site where
the Twin Towers once stood.
The iconic Manhattan landmark collapsed in п¬Ѓre and smoke
on September 11, 2001 after being hit by hijacked airliners flown
by Al Qaeda militants. Nearly
3,000 people were killed in the
attacks, which also targeted the
The new tower is the centrepiece of a п¬Ѓve tower complex. It
stands 104 storeys and 1,776ft
(540m) tall, a height representing the year the US declared its
independence from Britain.
“Some people are nervous,
some people are just excited
to move downtown and start a
transformation for the company,
to help revitalise lower Manhattan,” said John Duffy, director of
policies and controls at Conde
Duffy, who worked in the old
World Trade Center in the 1980s,
acknowledged that “some people are gonna be nervous, feeling
they could be potential targets
But he said authorities have
worked hard to make a new
building that is “probably indestructible.” Conde Nast is expected to have a total of 3,400
employees in January spread
across floors 20 to 44 of the
Charles Townsend, CEO of publishing giant Conde Nast, arrives at
One World Trade Center with Patricia Rockenwagner, senior vice
president of Corporate Branding and Communications in New York,
yesterday. The 104-storey skyscraper welcomed Conde Nast as its
first tenant.
One World Trade Center, designed by architect David Childs,
has become a Big Apple landmark of its own, with simple
lines, a needle-like spire and
mirrored windows that shimmer
brightly in the sunlight.
Operated by the Durst Organisation, the building is owned by
the Port Authority of New York
and New Jersey, a governmental
Its other tenants include the
China Center New York, Legends
Hospital Group and the General
Services Administration, which
supports the basic functions of
federal agencies.
Durst Organisation spokesman Jordan Barowitz told AFP
that 60% of the office space is
already rented. For Vanity Fair
publisher Chris Mitchell, the
site’s reopening marked “a great
day for New York and a great day
for Conde Nast, an amazing experience for the company.”
He spoke to reporters at a
corner of the tower, with police
keeping close watch on the area.
The public will be able to access an observation deck on
floors 100 to 102, which is to
open in the spring.
The new WTC complex includes п¬Ѓve towers, a memorial and museum that opened in
May, a center for the performing arts and about 55,000sq ft
(5,100sq m) of retail space that
connect to an extensive transportation network.
Calling itself a “shining beacon for New York’s downtown,”
the One World Trade Center
has a sustainable design at its
core that integrates renewable
energy, interior daylighting, the
reuse of rainwater and recycled
construction materials.
High-wire performer Nik Wallenda walks blindfolded on a wire between the Marina City towers apartment buildings in Chicago on Sunday.
Daredevil completes Chicago
skyscraper tightrope walk
S daredevil Nik Wallenda
broke two world records
on Sunday when he
crossed the Chicago skyline on
a tightrope suspended between
three skyscrapers, without a
safety harness.
Wallenda, already the п¬Ѓrst
person to cross the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls on a high
wire, set records for the steepest tightrope incline and highest
blindfolded walk as he stepped
gingerly across the Windy City
in mid-air.
In the п¬Ѓrst half of the stunt
Wallenda, 35, walked more than
two city blocks and crossed
the Chicago River with a tightrope set at an incline of 19 degrees, between the Marina City
west tower and the Leo Burnett
Upon descending from the
tightrope, Wallenda returned to
Marina City west via the ground
to complete his second and more
dangerous feat: a tightrope walk
to the east tower at more than
500ft (152m), blindfolded.
He completed the п¬Ѓrst walk
in just under seven minutes and
the second in slightly more than
a minute, despite gusts of wind.
“It’s all about pushing myself to become better at what I
do and hoping to inspire others
to become better at what they
do,” Wallenda told the Discovery
Channel, which broadcast the
stunt in more than 220 countries.
“You guys watching think
I’m crazy, but this is what I’m
made for,” Wallenda was quoted
as saying just after he began his
п¬Ѓrst walk.
The event was televised live,
but with a delay of several seconds in case Wallenda fell.
The Chicago Tribune said
police estimated some 50,000
people turned out to watch
Wallenda, a seventh generation
member of the Flying Wallendas
circus family.
great-grandfather, Karl, fell to
his death in 1978 during a tightrope performance between two
buildings in Puerto Rico.
Cancer patient who fought
for right to die kills herself
Los Angeles
young American woman
with terminal cancer has
committed suicide, following promises to do so that
had triggered shock and controversy over the right to die.
Brittany Maynard, a 29-yearold brain cancer sufferer, made
headlines earlier this month
when a video of her making her
suicide threat went viral and
was seen by millions of web users.
“Goodbye to all my dear
friends and family that I love.
Today is the day I have chosen to
pass away with dignity in the face
of my terminal illness, this terrible brain cancer that has taken so
much from me... but would have
taken so much more,” she wrote
in a message circulated widely
on social media.
“The world is a beautiful
place, travel has been my greatest teacher, my close friends
and folks are the greatest giv-
ers. I even have a ring of support
around my bed as I type... Goodbye world. Spread good energy.
Pay it forward!”
Sean Crowley, spokesman for
Compassion & Choices, an endof-life activist group that supported Maynard, said she died
peacefully in her home on November 1.
“Brittany has died, but her
love of life and nature, her passion and spirit endure,” the organisation’s president, Barbara
Coombs Lee, added.
“In Brittany’s memory, do
what matters most. And tell
those you love how much they
matter to you. We will work to
carry on her legacy of bringing
end-of-life choice to all Americans.”
In January, Maynard was given
six months to live and told her
death would be painful because
of the aggressive nature of her
She had been trying for a п¬Ѓrst
child with her husband Dan Diaz
at the time, but gave up due to
her disease.
Maynard and her husband,
who had just married when she
began having severe headaches,
moved from their home in California to Oregon, one of a handful of US states with a “right-todie” law.
A doctor could therefore prescribe her the medication she
needs to end her own life, surrounded by her family in the
bedroom she shares with her
On Thursday, she had released
a new video in which she said
she might temporarily delay her
appointment with a self-administered cocktail of potentially
deadly drugs.
But the delay was a short one.
Her story has made headlines
around the world, and she was
featured on the cover of last
week’s People magazine in the
Maynard has in recent weeks
and months been working to tick
off items on a “bucket list” of
what she wants to do before she
dies - including travelling to the
Grand Canyon last week.
Nik Wallenda celebrates after successfully completing a
tightrope walk between the two Marina Towers buildings while
blindfolded on Sunday in Chicago.
Democrats will keep
Senate, predicts Biden
This 2013 photo shows Brittany Maynard and her Great Dane puppy
Charlie. The US woman with terminal cancer has committed suicide,
following promises to do so.
S Vice President Joe
Biden predicted Democrats would retain
control of the US Senate in today’s congressional elections
but said that whatever happens, Republicans would have
to work harder to make sure
things get done in Washington.
In an interview with CNN,
Biden said he did not agree with
forecasters who say Republicans
are poised to capture the six
seats they need to take over the
Senate. They are also expected
to expand their majority in the
US House of Representatives.
“I don’t agree with the
odds-makers,” Biden said in
the interview broadcast yesterday. “I predict we’re going
to keep the Senate.”
Biden denied the White
House would have to change
how it works to accommodate full Republican control of
“Well, I don’t think it would
change anything, in terms of
what we’re about,” Biden said.
“And, quite frankly, going into
2016, the Republicans have to
make a decision whether they’re
in control or not in control.
“Are they going to begin to
allow things to happen? Or are
they going to continue to be
obstructionists? And I think
they’re going to choose to get
things done.”
Because, he added, “the
message from the people,
and I’m getting it all over the
country, is they’re tired of
Washington not being able to
do anything.”
Republicans have made US
President Barack Obama’s unpopularity a top issue in the
elections, and Obama has stayed
out of the campaign spotlight in
states that lean Republican.
Biden said there was nothing
unusual about that because for
many of the Senate and governors’ races, the campaigns revolve around local issues, and
each candidate has to determine whether the president’s
involvement will help.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Thai PM orders media to stop �presenting news’ on Thaksin
hailand’s junta leader
yesterday threatened to
tighten controls of the
media unless they stop “presenting news” about former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, after
photographs of the billionaire
cuddling a panda went viral.
Thaksin, who was ousted in
a 2006 coup as prime minister
and lives abroad to avoid jail for
a corruption conviction, sits at
the epicentre of Thailand’s near
decade-long political rupture.
His sister Yingluck was also
booted out of office as premier
by a controversial court ruling
just before the military again
seized power in May.
Thaksin is loathed by the
Bangkok elite and their royalist
supporters in the army and judiciary. But the family are adored
in their northern heartlands,
who have elected Shinawatraled or aligned governments to
power in every poll since 2001.
“Do not present news (about
Thaskin) as everyone knows that
he has violated the law,” Prime
Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha,
who also heads the military
council in charge of Thailand,
told reporters yesterday.
“Please do not make us have to
use laws, power or force,” added
Prayut, who has already imposed
martial law across the kingdom
and sweeping curbs on political
discussions in the media and society at large.
His comments came after
photographs emerged of Thaksin
in China cuddling a baby panda,
accompanied by his sister.
Thai media widely used the
images over the weekend and
by yesterday they had garnered
more than 280,000 “likes” on
Yingluck’s Facebook page.
After months retreating from
the limelight, Yingluck — and
Thaksin — have started to creep
back into public life, with Thailand’s first female premier making appearances at high-profile
funerals of key Shinawatra supporters, much to the consternation of the junta.
Prayut has overseen the appointment of a military-stacked
National Legislative Assembly
and will this week rubber-stamp
the membership of a panel
tasked with crafting a new constitution which is meant carve a
pathway to elections in late 2015.
He says the army needed to
take power to restore order after months of deadly protests
against Yingluck’s government
and is now trying to expunge
the kingdom of corruption and
money politics.
But critics say the purpose of
the coup and the new charter is
to п¬Ѓnd legal ways to checkmate
the Shinawatras and dull the
political voice of their northern
voter bloc.
Supporters of
Anwar accuser
protest near court
Kuala Lumpur
upporters of the man who
accused Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy were protesting yesterday outside the court
where he was appealing against
his conviction on the charge.
About 50 supporters of Saiful
Bukhari Azlan protested in front
of the Federal Court compound
in the administrative capital of
Putrajaya and chanted: “Punish
Arrest the sodomiser.” On the
п¬Ѓfth day of the appeal, a п¬Ѓvemember panel heard lead prosecutor Mohamed Shafee Abdullah counter earlier claims by
Anwar’s lawyers that DNA sam-
Supporters of Saiful Bukhari Azlan, a former male personal aide to Malaysian Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim gather to show their support to Saiful outside the Palace of Justice in
Putrajaya yesterday.
Myanmar orders body of
slain journo to be exhumed
olice in Myanmar have
been ordered to exhume
the body of a journalist
who was shot dead by the Army
last month, the victim’s wife
said yesterday.
The incident comes at a sensitive time for Myanmar as the
government prepares to host US
President Barack Obama at a regional summit later this month.
The US State Department has
called for a transparent investigation into the death of the
journalist, Par Gyi, a former
democracy activist who once
worked as a bodyguard for Aung
San Suu Kyi.
His wife, Than Dar, said
police had told her to go on
Wednesday to her husband’s
burial place at Shwewarchaung
Village, in Mon state, but gave
her no other details. She said
she was unsure if she would be
able to arrange for an independent autopsy.
“I don’t know anything yet,”
she said. “But I don’t think they
will let me do that.”
The police have said military
representatives, the Myanmar
National Human Rights Commission, and legal and medical
personnel would witness the
exhumation, along with police
President Thein Sein last
week ordered Myanmar’s National Human Rights Commission to investigate the
death, the government said in
a statement published in state
Par Gyi was detained by the
Army on Sept 30 after photographing clashes between the
military and the rebel Democratic Karen Benevolent Army
(DKBA) and was killed on Oct
4, the Myanmar-based Assistance Association for Political
Prisoners (AAPP) said.
The AAPP has disputed
a statement by the military
that Par Gyi was shot when
he tried to steal a gun from a
soldier and escape after being detained because he was
a member of an ethnic Karen
rebel organisation. Than Dar,
a prominent women’s activist, denies her husband was a
member of any military organisation. She says she suspects
he died while being tortured,
leading the military to bury his
body in secret.
She urged the government
to return the body to the family. “I sent a request letter to
bring my husband’s body back
to Yangon for a proper cremation,” she said. “But I don’t
know yet when or if they’ll allow me to do this.”
ples presented in the court were
contaminated. The Court of Appeal had found Anwar guilty of
sodomising Saiful in an upscale
condominium on the outskirts
of Kuala Lumpur in 2008, and
sentenced him to п¬Ѓve years in
If the ruling goes against Anwar, the 67-year-old opposition
legislator will go to prison and
lose his seat in parliament.
He will also be barred from running for any political position for
п¬Ѓve years after п¬Ѓnishing his prison
term, possibly putting an end to
his attempts to become the leader
of the South-East Asian country.
Local and international human rights group believe that the
case against Anwar was fabricated in a bid to silence him and
weaken the opposition.
Malaysian plane makes
emergency landing
Kuala Lumpur
Malindo Air flight diverted
to Thailand and made an
emergency landing yesterday
after the cabin started to depressurise, the airline said, adding that none of the 129 people
aboard was hurt.
The Malaysia-based carrier’s flight OD206 from Delhi
had been due to arrive in Kuala
Lumpur early yesterday but instead re-routed to Bangkok after
the incident, which caused oxygen masks to deploy inside the
“A slow decompression was
detected by the pilot,” said a Malindo spokesman, who suggested
it may have been caused by oxygen leaking from the fuselage.
“In our case, oxygen masks
were deployed as a precautionary measure according to SOP
(standard operating procedure).”
The Boeing 737-900ER had
121 passengers and eight crew
The incident was still being
Alleged rapist cop freed after paying off family
A Cambodian police officer has been released from custody after paying off the family of a teenager he allegedly raped, a media report said
yesterday. A 36-year-old border police officer called Leng Sarann was
charged in July after he allegedly locked his victim in a jail cell, raped
and beat her, according to The Cambodia Daily. A court in the northern
province of Oddar Meanchey ordered his release and he walked free on
Friday, it quoted local police chief Ket Sothea as saying.
Singapore to join
coalition against IS
ingapore said yesterday
it would provide military
support to the US-led
coalition п¬Ѓghting the Islamic
State (IS) group but would not
take part in combat operations.
Defence Minister Ng Eng
Hen told parliament the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)
would deploy officers to the
US Central Command and
the Combined Joint Task
Force Headquarters spearheading the campaign in Iraq
and Syria.
The SAF will also deploy a
Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker
for air-to-air refuelling as
well as an imagery analysis
“There will be no combat troops in Iraq and Syria,
instead SAF soldiers will
operate from surrounding countries together with
other coalition forces,” Ng
said without providing the
number being deployed.
Singapore, which has one
of Asia’s best-equipped
armed forces, has long considered itself a prime target
for militants, particularly
those operating in Southeast
Asia. The US military operates a post in the city-state
that helps in logistics and
exercises for its forces in
Southeast Asia.
Ng said that by joining the
international coalition, “we
are contributing directly to
our own security”.
He recalled that Al Qaedalinked militants from the
Jemaah Islamiyah network
had plotted to bomb the US
embassy and other foreign
targets in Singapore in 2002.
The plot was foiled after police arrested several suspects.
Singapore, a tiny islandnation of 5.5mn, is one of
Asia’s leading financial and
transportation hubs. It is
host to thousands of multinational Corps and a large
expatriate community.
Ng said local authorities
are concerned about the potential formation of a Southeast Asian branch of IS, with
jihadists from the region returning home after fighting
in Iraq and Syria.
Govt promises peace �within a
year’ in insurgency-hit south
hailand’s military government vowed yesterday to bring peace to
the Muslim-dominated south
within a year, despite stalled
peace talks aimed at ending an
insurgency that has cost thousands of lives in the past decade.
Sporadic violence has killed
more than 5,700 people in
provinces bordering Malaysia,
where resistance to Buddhist
rule has existed for decades and
resurfaced violently in January
In the latest violence last Friday, one woman was killed and
at least two injured in separate
bomb attacks launched by suspected militants at three restaurants in Pattani province,
police said.
“We are doing all that we
can. We will try to bring peace
within a year,” Defence Minister
Prawit Wongsuwan told reporters.
He blamed the attacks on in-
A soldier speaks with students at a school in Pattani province, south
of Bangkok yesterday.
surgents retaliating for recent
arrests by the authorities.
“The attacks happened because we managed to catch
many people, including leaders, of groups involved in instigating acts of violence,” Prawit
The violence comes as Prime
Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha
seeks to present an image of
greater effectiveness in containing the insurgency, based
in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat
provinces in Thailand’s socalled “Deep South”.
It has occasionally spilled
into nearby Songkhla province, thronged by tourists from
neighbouring Malaysia. The
provinces were once part of a
Malay Muslim sultanate until
being annexed by Thailand in
have tried, with little success,
to stem the violence. Responses
to the insurgency have drawn
criticism, including accusations of widespread rights violations against suspected militants and their supporters.
The government of ousted Prime Minister Yingluck
Shinawatra formally agreed to
start peace talks with a militant
group operating in the southern
provinces in 2013.
The talks were lauded by
some rights groups and academics but stalled months before Yingluck’s government became embroiled late last year in
a political crisis that climaxed
with a court ordering Yingluck
to step down on May 7.
The army seized power weeks
later in a coup on May 22.
Prayuth, who took power after the coup, has promised investigations into allegations of
rights abuses by some troops.
Rights groups say he has failed
to act on that promise.
In August, a 14-year-old
Muslim boy was shot dead by
an army-trained volunteer unit
in Narathiwat. A police investigation found a member of the
unit planted a pistol in the boy’s
hand after the shooting to make
him appear to be an insurgent.
Thailand mulls
police conscription
Thailand is mulling the re-introduction of police conscription, a
spokesman said yesterday, as the
much-maligned and poorly paid
force looks to boost its ranks by
several thousand each year.
The kingdom’s police have come
under intense scrutiny since a
May army coup, with the military
purging dozens of top officers seen
as cosy with the elected former
government of Yingluck Shinawatra,
whose billionaire brother Thaksin
is an ex-policeman. The police are
unpopular with Thais who bemoan
bribe-taking, while the recent murder of two British backpackers on a
holiday island has opened the force
to criticism that it is poorly trained in
investigating crime.
The cabinet has already agreed “in
principle” to conscript 5-10,000 men
— aged 21 — annually across the
country, a National Police spokesman said. “Currently we are lacking
police officers. (If approved) Police
conscripts will work in areas across
the country where there are high
crime rates,” said Police Lieutenant
General Prawut Thavornsiri, adding
the order still needs full cabinet
approval. If rubber-stamped by
cabinet, the military will oversee the
police draft, he said, adding recruits
were likely to be paid $245-275 a
month, slightly higher than the
minimum wage of around $220.
Thailand ended police conscription a decade ago and has around
230,000 officers across the country.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
China Ebola doctors face
quarantine on return
North Korea denies role in
South smartphone hacking
Xinhua pours cold water
on idea of Xi-Abe talks
These officials dead serious
about cremation quota
China will quarantine medical staff who work
with Ebola patients in West Africa for 21 days
after they return from duty, a senior health
official said yesterday. Doctors returning to
China will be subjected to a battery of tests
before they enter the observation period, said
He Qinghua, deputy director of the Ministry
of Health’s Bureau for Disease Control and
Prevention. “As these doctors are responsible
for the testing of the virus, on their return
to China they will be put under a 21 day
quarantine period to be supervised by local
community service centres,” He said at a press
briefing in Beijing yesterday.
North Korea’s state media yesterday blasted South
Korea’s spy agency for alleging that Pyongyang
hacked tens of thousands of smartphones in the
South using malware disguised in mobile gaming
apps. The South’s National Intelligence Service (NIS)
said last week that the North attempted to hack
more than 20,000 South Korean smartphones
between May and September. Pyongyang accused
the NIS of fabricating the report to distract attention
from a standoff over South Korean activists who
send leaflets across the border by balloon. “It’s (the)
usual tactic used by South Korean authorities to
fan anti-Pyongyang sentiment whenever they
face a political crisis,” it said.
China’s official Xinhua news agency yesterday
poured cold water on the idea that Japan Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi
Jinping could have formal talks on the sidelines
of next week’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
(Apec) summit. Abe had “spared no efforts” in
seeking to meet with Xi, Xinhua said in an Englishlanguage commentary. “His wish will be fulfilled,
since Beijing, the host of this forum, will undoubtedly
receive the Japanese leader with etiquette and
hospitality, despite chronic territorial rows and a
historical feud with Tokyo,” it said. “However, that
does not necessarily mean Abe’s long-sought formal
talks with Xi during Apec would come true.”
Two Chinese officials bought corpses from
grave robbers to meet government cremation
quotas, local media reported. The officials from
Guangdong province bought the bodies from a
man who stole more than 20 in night-time raids on
graveyards, the official news agency Xinhua said,
citing Chinese media. “Both were local officials
in charge of funeral management reform,” said
Xinhua, naming them He and Dong. Dong had
paid 3,000 yuan ($484) each for 10 bodies, while
He’s cost half the price for an unspecified number.
“Pushed to meet their quota, the two officials
sought to purchase the corpses and send them to
funeral parlour for cremation,” Xinhua said.
Anti-Occupy demo
A group of women pose for a �selfie’ beneath the
yellow leaves of autumnal trees inside grounds
of the Gyeongbokgung Palace in central Seoul.
China stresses
party control
over military
Hong Kong chefs chant slogans as they take part in an anti-Occupy Central protest against the civil disobedience movement that has affected their livelihood. Thousands
of protesters remain camped out in a sea of tents on a major highway close to government headquarters in Admiralty and in lesser numbers in the shopping and densely
populated districts of Causeway Bay and Mong Kok. Chinese characters on the placard read �Give me back the road. Give me back my livelihood’.
Banker charged over
HK double murder
Hong Kong
British banker appeared yesterday
in a Hong Kong court charged with
the grisly murder of two women
whose bodies were found in his upmarket
apartment, one of them decomposing in
a suitcase.
Rurik Jutting, a 29-year-old securities
trader who until recently worked at Bank of
America Merrill Lynch, had called police to
his home in Wanchai district on Saturday.
Investigators found a naked woman
with knife wounds to her neck and buttocks in the living room of the flat, on
the 31st floor of a plush residential block.
The corpse of the other woman was discovered decaying inside a suitcase on the
Police reportedly believe the victims
were sex workers.
Court documents named one of the
victims as Sumarti Ningsih, listing the
other as an unknown female. At least one
of the women was Indonesian, the government in Jakarta said.
Jutting, a Cambridge graduate, showed no
emotion as he listened to the charges against
him at a magistrate’s court in Wanchai.
He was taken to jail to await his next
hearing on November 10.
Heavily-built and bearded, he wore a
black T-shirt and dark-rimmed glasses
in court. He spoke only twice to confirm
he understood the charges before police
escorted him from the packed courtroom.
Jutting was a pupil at the exclusive
English boarding school Winchester College before studying history and law at
Cambridge University, with former classmates saying he excelled academically.
“He seemed like a normal guy, although
he kept pretty much to himself,” said one
former Cambridge acquaintance.
“The thing that stood out about him
was that he was academically extremely
talented,” she added, describing him as
“very, very ambitious”.
Classmates also remembered him as
intensely athletic, having been a member
of the prestigious rowing club at Cambridge.
“He was a tough guy. He had a rower
mentality of pushing himself,” said one
former Winchester pupil. “A classic
banker, I guess.”
Another Winchester classmate described him as “clever but socially awkward”.
Police were scouring thousands of
photographs stored on Jutting’s mobile
phone, including some showing one of
the corpses wrapped in a carpet inside a
suitcase on the balcony, the South China
Morning Post reported.
Jutting recently left his job at Bank of
America Merrill Lynch.
“We had an employee by that name but he
recently left the firm,” a company spokesman told AFP, declining to say whether Jutting resigned or had been sacked.
The banker posted on his Facebook
page last week that he was embarking on
a “new journey”.
“Stepping down from the ledge. Burden lifted; new journey begins. Scared
and anxious but also excited. The п¬Ѓrst
step is always the hardest,” he wrote last
“There’s a possibility that both victims are Indonesian,” Indonesia’s consulgeneral in Hong Kong, Chalief Akbar, told
AFP. “We are still waiting for confirmation from the police.”
Consulate officials said Ningsih, 25,
had come to Hong Kong on September 1
and overstayed her one-month tourist
Wanchai is known for its late-night
drinking holes popular with expatriate
revellers, and is home to a thriving red
Marathon dad!
A man pushes a stroller
carrying his 13-month-old
twin babies as he runs in
the Hangzhou International
Marathon on Sunday. The
father finished a 7km
section while pushing
the stroller, local media
reported yesterday.
light district where sex workers, many of
them from Southeast Asia, ply their trade.
The second victim, who has not been
formally named, was known in local bars.
“She used to come here as a customer, for
drinks, for lunch,” said one waitress at
Wanchai’s Queen Victoria pub. “She was
a very nice girl.”
Officers said earlier that maggots were
found in the corpse hidden in a suitcase,
which appeared to have been there for
several days.
“This body belonged to a person who
has passed away for quite some time,”
police assistant district commander Wan
Siu-hung told reporters.
A resident said a “disgusting” smell
had been emanating from the building.
“It was the smell of a dead body,” said
the man, who lived on the 11th floor and
refused to give his name.
At yesterday’s brief 15-minute hearing, Jutting’s lawyer Martyn Richmond
complained that his client was denied
contact with British consular officials for
36 hours, as well as access to his preferred
defence attorney. Jutting did not seek
Hong Kong, a city of 7mn, has low
crime rates and only 14 cases of homicide
were reported in the п¬Ѓrst half of the year.
nyone calling for China’s
People’s Liberation Army
to be loyal to the state
rather than the Communist party
has a “very black heart”, military
media said yesterday, after President Xi Jinping stressed: “The
party commands the gun”.
Xi vowed to maintain his anticorruption drive, days after military prosecutors said Xu Caihou,
formerly the second-highest
ranking officer in 2.3mn strong
PLA, had confessed to bribery.
Questions over whether the
PLA should become an army of
the country rather than an army
of the party - so-called “nationalisation” - have mounted in recent years but Xi made clear the
change was off the agenda.
“We must face up to the outstanding issues which face us in
building up the military, especially on our political thinking,”
the official Xinhua news agency
quoted him saying at a two-day
meeting in a former revolutionary base in the southern province
of Fujian.
Xi urged troops to prioritise
the Communist party, saying
there were problems with party
principles, revolutionary spirits
and ideology in the PLA.
“We must profoundly recognise the important role of political work in the army building
and pass on to the following generations all the great traditions
which were forged in blood by
our ancestors,” Xi said, according to the Xinhua report.
State-run media yesterday decried the concept of a state-controlled army, with an editorial
in the official PLA Daily saying:
“Those who spread the call for
nationalisation of the military
can be described as having a very
black heart.”
Other publications blamed the
suggestion on foreigners intent
on weakening the ruling party,
with an editorial in the Global
Times saying its backers had
“obviously been influenced by
the West”.
The involvement of foreign
forces in the argument “directly
advocates depriving the Party’s
leadership of the military and
shaking the foundation of the
Party’s power”, added the paper,
which is close to the ruling party.
Xi vowed to continue the п¬Ѓght
against corruption in the military, part of his much-publicised
wider campaign to root out the
scourge that threatens to weaken
the party’s 65-year grip on power.
The PLA has come under intense scrutiny as part of the
crackdown and Xu, formerly a
vice chairman of the Central
Military Commission, is being
prosecuted for taking bribes in
exchange for granting promotions.
A lack of discipline and faith
still plague the military, Xi said
according to Xinhua, adding that
oversight of officers was “too
lax”. The system that supervises
senior military officials still had
flaws, he said.
Man parks plane at local pub
A man who taxied his light plane
down a street in Australia, and
parked it at a pub while he went
inside for a beer, was being questioned yesterday by police, who
were not amused.
Locals in Newman, Western
Australia, were stunned when
they saw the wingless Beechcraft
two-seater aircraft chugging
down the main drag of the mining
town in the Pilbara region, before
pulling up at the local watering
“On the way back through
town... here’s a plane parked
outside the Purple Pub,” Newman
resident Beau Woolcock told ABC
“Even more special was seeing
one of the local coppers poking
his head in the door of the plane
looking like he was asking for a
While the incident quickly became the talk of the town, police
did not see the funny side.
“It was a pretty stupid thing
to do,” Newman police sergeant
Mark McKenzie told reporters,
saying the propeller was running
and it needed to be steered by
foot pedals. It was not clear why it
had no wings.
“Kids were coming home from
school. It could have been very
ugly. All he needed was one gust
of wind ... because without the
wings, it’s not stable.
“People think it was a bit of a
laugh but it was very dangerous
and we’re not very happy with it.”
The West Australian newspaper said staff at the pub had
dubbed the man a “legend” for his
casual arrival.
Police said they were investigating whether he had committed an offence, given the plane
did not leave the ground or cause
any traffic accidents and the man
passed a breath-test at the scene.
“I need to look at what the
appropriate offence would be as
it’s a bit of an unusual one,” said
police officer Mark Garner.
Australian sorry for �surfing’ on dead whale
n Australian who climbed onto a
dead whale as it floated offshore,
attracting the attention of large
sharks, apologised yesterday for his “idiot” act.
The man dived off a boat and climbed
on the humpback, which appeared to have
already been ravaged by sharks, south of
Perth in Western Australia on Saturday.
“(I was) out on the boat with the boys
and one of my mates said it would be pretty funny if you go out surf the whale, so I
did it,” the 26-year-old, who wanted to be
known only by his п¬Ѓrst name of Harrison,
told Channel 7.
After hauling himself onto the floating
carcass, Harrison could see it was being
circled by sharks, as his friends realised
the danger and called for him to come
“They were too busy chomping on the
whale so it wasn’t too bad,” he said of the
sharks which included a great white.
But he said he would definitely not
perform such a stunt again, admitting he
could have lost his life.
“I’ve done it, I don’t need to do it again.
Definitely it was a stupid act, didn’t mean
to disrespect anyone,” he said. “Mum
thinks I’m an idiot: dad’s not too proud
The whale has now washed up at Scarborough Beach, which has been closed because lifesavers spotted four large sharks
in the area.
Experts said the man’s behaviour could
have had dire consequences for him and
anyone who had gone to his assistance.
“It is very risky to enter the water
around that type of large food source because even if you can’t see sharks, it’s
highly likely the carcass is attracting them
from a long way away,” Tony Cappelluti
from the Fisheries Department told The
West Australian.
“Irrespective of some type of adrenalin
rush, or whatever you’re trying to get out
of performing that type of act, it’s highly
Experts say attacks by sharks, which are
common in Australian waters, are increasing as water sports become more popular.
Last month a young surfer lost parts of
both arms in an attack off the south coast
of Western Australia.
The most recent fatality was in September when a man was killed in front of his
wife while swimming at Byron Bay on the
east coast.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
William worked as an
odd-job man: memoir
London leads the way in
ВЈ1mn gifts to good causes
Cheryl’s husband sues
magazine over story
Two people test
negative for Ebola
E-cigarettes linked to
100 fires, figures reveal
The duke of Cambridge learned what it was like
to take orders as well as give them during a work
experience stint as an odd-job man in an English
stately home, news reports said yesterday. “He
spent a week working around the estate and
made sausage rolls and mince pies,” Chatsworth
House head housekeeper Christine Robinson
revealed in her memoir. “Then he spent a week
at the house, dressed in overalls, drinking tea
and eating fish and chips with the rest of the
housemen and joiners.” It was intended that
Prince William go incognito for his two weeks at
the north of England mansion in 2005. But he
did not deny his real identity when visitors did a
double-take and approached him.
A record 292 philanthropic donations of ВЈ1mn or
more were made to British good causes last year,
a new report revealed. The gifts from wealthy
individuals, foundations and companies totalled
ВЈ1.36bn. The record of ВЈ1.65bn was set in 200607. More than four out of 10 of the donations
went to universities to fund research projects
or scholarships, according to the Coutts Million
Pound Donors Report. In total 33 universities
received seven-figure donations. Oxford
received 12 such gifts and Cambridge was given
seven. London kept its status as the centre of
UK philanthropy, producing the vast majority of
million-pound donors, with 169 donations and
69% of the total.
The husband of X Factor judge Cheryl FernandezVersini is demanding up to ВЈ100,000 in damages
from a magazine over an article about the
couple’s wedding. It is the second time Jean
Bernard Fernandez-Versini has gone to court in
as many months. According to papers filed at
the High Court, he is suing Heat magazine for the
alleged misuse of private information in a story
headlined “Cheryl: Two wedding parties and a
watertight marriage contract”. He is seeking
damages and an account of all profits obtained
by publisher Bauer from the article. He is taking
action under the Data Protection Act, seeking
court orders for Heat to destroy any private
information it holds about him.
Two people in England and Wales have tested
negative for Ebola after fears they may have
caught the deadly virus. A woman, who had a
history of travel to West Africa, was admitted to
St George’s Hospital in Tooting on Sunday after
complaining of a fever. She was kept in isolation
and closely monitored overnight, a spokesman
for St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust said. Her
test results for Ebola came back as negative
yesterday. Meanwhile, a man who visited
West Africa was also tested for the disease
after he was admitted to Glangwili Hospital in
Carmarthen. Public Health Wales said it was
investigating a “febrile illness” in a member of
the public.
Call for
time in
Autumn colours
Teen jailed
for 20 years
over teacher
hildren should spend a
“peaceful” hour in school
each day reading a book, a
headteachers’ leader is suggesting.
Spending time reading a novel
would help youngsters to enjoy
reading, and do more to improve
their skills than “frantic coaching to the test”, according to Russell Hobby, general secretary of
the National Association of Head
Teachers (NAHT).
In a new blog, he says there is
no complete answer to what children should read, and argues for
primary schools to publish their
own lists of the books pupils will
read by the time they leave at age
This would be more useful
than lists of activities designed to
promote British values.
Hobby says that there is nothing more important than being
able to read well, but adds that
successive policies designed to
teach children to read - such as
the current promotion of phonics - which focuses on using
sounds rather than recognising
whole words - and the last government’s Literacy Hour - tend to
drive towards learning the technical side of reading, and away
from stories.
There is evidence that phonics works for teaching the largest amount of children to decode
words, he acknowledges, but it
does not work for every child and
decoding is not the only part of
“The official advocation of
phonics has at times appeared to
risk caricature when it neglects
the development of vocabulary
and the habits of storytelling,”
Hobby argues.
In the early years, when children are in nursery and infants
school, there need to be a focus on
speaking and listening, he says.
“In the older years of primary
school, I think the trouble is that
children just don’t read enough.
We should strip back the social
engineering and the constant initiatives forced on schools and just
spend time reading.”
Guardian News and Media
Guardsmen ride past autumn colours during the daily Changing of the Guard ceremony at
Horseguard’s Parade in central London yesterday.
London living wage rises
4% to ВЈ9.15 an hour
London Evening Standard
housands of workers earning the living wage in
London will receive a four
percent pay rise, Boris Johnson
announced yesterday. The mayor
said the London living wage would
increase from ВЈ8.80 an hour to
ВЈ9.15. He also revealed that the
number of companies paying the
voluntary rate had doubled over 12
months to exceed 400.
But critics called for the wage
to be mandatory, claiming nine
out of 10 big businesses in London
failed to pay it. A study yesterday
also showed that the number of
workers paid less than the living
wage nationwide is increasing.
Johnson said: “In excess of 400
businesses have made the commitment (in London), but we need
even more converts, particularly
in the retail and hospitality sectors. I hope that even more organisations this year will decide to do
the right thing.”
By law all п¬Ѓrms must pay the
national minimum wage of ВЈ6.50
an hour, but they are urged to give
employees the living wage, set at
a level supposed to allow a more
comfortable life. As well as the
rise in London’s living wage, the
rate outside the capital will increase from ВЈ7.65 to ВЈ7.85.
Companies such as ITV, Nationwide and Google have all become accredited as London living
wage employers over the last year.
But Johnson admitted that more
than one in п¬Ѓve employed Londoners earned less than the new
rate in 2013.
Figures obtained by London
Assembly Green member Jenny
Jones from the GLA suggested
that despite improvements, just
one in 10 of London’s biggest
п¬Ѓrms was paying the rate. Out
of almost 1,400 п¬Ѓrms employing more than 250 workers in the
capital, only 110 were signed up to
the living wage.
Baroness Jones said: “It’s horrible to think that nine in 10 big
businesses are holding out and
paying poverty wages, while
many pay their top executives
multi-million pound bonuses.”
Research published by Queen
Mary University estimates that
moving London’s low paid workers onto the LLW would save the
Treasury £823mn a year in tax revenue and reduced benefits. It also
found people earning the living
wage were more likely to feel loyal
towards their employer.
Yesterday was the start of Living Wage Week with campaigners
pushing for more companies to
take up the rate.
Labour’s shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna said: “It
is welcome that more businesses
have signed up to become Living
Wage employers this week, but we
need to see faster progress.”
A study from KPMG suggested
that the number paid less than
the living wage had increased by
147,000 in the past year with a
“worrying trend” of rises among
part-time, female and young
workers. Federation of Small
Businesses chair John Allan said
the living wage should “remain an
important aspirational goal” for
п¬Ѓrms to strive for.
Electronic cigarettes have been linked to
more than 100 fires, new figures reveal.
Fire services in the UK are now attending
at least one blaze involving the devices
each week, statistics obtained by the
Press Association suggest. They have
attended dozens of incidents suspected
to have been sparked by e-cigarettes or
related equipment including chargers
in less than three years. Data from 43
fire services show that since 2012 they
have attended 113 calls to fires related to
e-cigarettes. Several took place after users
connected the devices to incompatible
16-year-old boy has been
sentenced to 20 years in
prison for the murder of a
teacher who was stabbed to death
in front of her class in Leeds.
The boy had previously admitted murdering Ann Maguire, 61,
in her classroom at Corpus Christi Catholic college on April 28.
Her family were in Leeds crown
court to hear his plea of guilty.
The youngster was 15 and studying for his GCSEs at the time of
the attack, court had heard. The
minimum sentence for the crime
is usually 12 years but the judge
said he was increasing that because of seven aggravating features including the fact that it was
premeditated, committed in public, in front of children and witnesses who were “traumatised,
and that Maguire had died in “extreme pain”.
He said the boy showed “a
chilling lack of remorse”.
Maguire’s daughter Emma had
previously told the court: “Every
morning I wake up hoping it’s all a
bad dream. There’s a split second
before reality sets in.”
Maguire’s husband, Don, said:
“There will be no closure. Balance
will never return. There will be no
level scales.”
The court heard that Maguire
was the boy’s Spanish teacher.
The boy, whose parents had sat
with him in the dock at Leeds
crown court as he admitted the
killing, was a model pupil in year
7, was “amicable, enthusiastic
and conscientious” but changed
after being diagnosed with diabetes.
Edward in Australia
The diabetes had a major impact on his mood and personality.
His mother noticed evidence of
self-harming. He was upset that
his diabetes would prevent him
from joining the army. He started to harbour a hatred for Ann
Maguire, the court heard.
The boy told other pupils he
had been carrying a knife and
wanted Maguire dead: on his mobile police discovered many images of knives.
The attack took place
at Maguire’s desk. The
boy was in her Spanish
lesson. He told a pupil of
his plan and winked as he
left to kill her.
On Christmas eve 2013 the
boy told a friend on Facebook he
wanted to “brutally kill” Maguire
and spend the rest of his life in jail.
The boy told one friend he planned
to kill two other teachers as well
as Maguire – one was young and
pregnant. On the day of the murder the boy took knives to school
and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whisky
in order to “celebrate afterwards”.
The attack took place at
Maguire’s desk. The boy was
in her Spanish lesson. He told a
pupil of his plan and winked as
he left to kill her.
He attacked Maguire from behind, the court heard. She was
5ft 2in: a foot shorter than her
killer. He was expressionless as he
stabbed her in the neck and back.
Better HS2 payout
for Londoners urged
London Evening Standard
Britain’s Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is welcomed by
New South Wales (NSW) Premier Mike Baird as he arrives
at NSW Parliament, in Sydney, Australia, yesterday. The Earl
of Wessex was a guest at a reception at NSW parliament to
commemorate over 50 years of the Duke of Edinburgh’s
International Award in Australia.
After stabbing Maguire and chasing her out of the classroom the
boy calmly returned to his desk
and, according to witnesses, said:
“Pity she didn’t die.”
The court then heard harrowing video testimony from pupils
who witnessed the attack. “I was
in absolute panic,” said one classmate. Susan Francis, a colleague
of Maguire’s, heard screaming.
She rushed into the corridor and
was confronted by pupils running,
screaming. Maguire was holding
her neck and said “he’s stabbed me
in the neck”. The boy followed her.
The teacher pushed Maguire
into another classroom. The other
teacher held her foot against the
door to stop the boy entering. She
could see his “emotionless” face
through the door window.
Francis sat with Maguire comforting her and telling her she was
loved. The boy returned to his seat
after the murder and said “good
times”, according to witnesses.
He spoke of an adrenalin rush.
One pupil said it appeared that he
was pleased with what he had done.
Two teachers entered the room and
the boy put his hands in the air as if
in surrender. He told them of “other
naughty stuff” in his bag.
When police arrived they were
struck by his “calmness and air of
normality”. He chatted with officers about their hobbies, the court
The boy told a psychiatrist that
he had planned a triple homicide.
He said he did not regret his actions and was pleased to have
killed Maguire but “it didn’t live
up to” his expectations. He later
said: “I know the victim’s family
will be upset but I don’t care. In
my eyes, everything I’ve done is
fine and dandy.”
cross-party group of MPs
and councils yesterday
called on the government
to deliver a “fair deal for London”
on compensation for the HS2 rail
They claim that people living in
urban areas are not being treated
as fairly as those in rural areas,
where payouts are being offered
to residents living up to 300 metres from the tracks.
Camden council has said that
215 homes face demolition to allow Euston station to be rebuilt,
while 250 properties are at risk of
being uninhabitable.
Owners of properties in “safeguarding areas” that are demolished will be paid the market rate
and a bonus of up to ВЈ47,000, but
the council said many people affected were tenants who wouldn’t
qualify for pay-outs.
Camden has been joined by
Ealing and Hillingdon councils
and six MPs - including Tories
Nick Hurd and Angie Bray — in
writing to Transport Secretary
Patrick McLoughlin for a “fair
and tailored” compensation
package for London.
Camden council leader Sarah
Hayward said the capital faced a
“decade of disruption” and the
Fair Deal for London Alliance
wants replacement housing for
those in homes rendered uninhabitable during construction.
Hayward said: “Hundreds of
residents and businesses are set
to be left out of pocket due to the
inadequate compensation package proposed. We urge the government to recognise that unique
circumstances exist in London
and bring forward a tailored compensation package for the capital’s residents and businesses.”
The HS2 Bill is making its way
through Parliament, with construction unlikely to begin until 2017. The п¬Ѓrst trains between
London and Birmingham are due
to start running in 2026. A department for transport spokeswoman
said: “Some of the compensation
and assistance measures are directed at rural areas only… However… we have gone beyond what
is required by law in order to assist urban owner-occupiers.”
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
New tax statements to be
sent out from this week
May apologises over
abuse probe job
Training college
plan suffers blow
Sir Alex backs lung
cancer campaign
London �needs powers
to remain a super-city’
Millions of people will this week begin receiving their first annual tax statements setting out
exactly how much they pay in to the exchequer and how their money is spent. Chancellor
George Osborne - who first announced the
scheme in his 2012 Budget - said that it was
designed to make the tax system more transparent and easier to understand. The 16mn
Paye taxpayers will receive their personalised
summaries in the post over the course of the
next seven weeks, while the 8mn who complete
self-assessment returns will be able to access
their statement online.
Theresa May has apologised following the resignation last week of the second chairwoman of the
inquiry into historical allegations of child sex abuse.
The home secretary said the first meeting of the
panel would be held next Wednesday but told MPs
it was “very disappointing” the probe still does not
have someone in the top job four months after
being created. In a Commons statement following
the dramatic resignation on Friday of Fiona Woolf,
May told MPs that a report by NSPCC chief Peter
Wanless, into the way the Home Office dealt with an
investigation into child abuse allegations between
1979 and 1999, will be published next week.
A proposed ВЈ157mn state-of-the-art police, fire and
prison service training college should not proceed
in the current constrained financial climate, the
group behind the project has said. The assessment
of the steering group, which is made up of Stormont
officials and representatives of the emergency
services, comes after it undertook a review of the
envisaged development in Desertcreat, Co Tyrone.
The Stormont Executive will make any final decision
on the fate of the troubled Northern Ireland Community Safety College (NICSC) project. The planned
new build has already been beset with years of
delay and setbacks.
Sir Alex Ferguson has urged Scots with a persistent
cough to see their GP sooner rather than later as
part of a bid to increase early detection rates for
lung cancer. Sir Alex, who lost both his parents to
the disease, stressed the importance of not ignoring
a persistent cough which has not cleared after three
weeks. A campaign featuring the former Manchester United manager has already resulted in more
people saying they would be less likely to delay a
visit to the GP if they were concerned about lung
cancer. Health Secretary Alex Neil stressed: “ Lung
cancer is much more treatable than it used to be,
but early detection is key”
London’s political and business elite yesterday warned
the capital must have more control over its future to
retain “city superpower” status. More than 30 leading
figures, including academics and charity directors,
called on the government to give London a full range
of property tax powers. They also demanded the capital have control over health, childcare, schooling and
the criminal justice system. Their request was made in
an open letter published in the Standard on the eve of
a major conference which will explore London’s future.
The letter sets out the challenges faced by the capital
including a housing shortage, growing congestion and
high levels of worklessness and poverty.
MPs wanted
to make an
example of
me: MacShane
London Evening Standard
isgraced former MP
Denis MacShane has
launched a stunning attack on the judge who sent him
to serve his sentence in a highsecurity prison. The former
Labour MP claimed that justice Sweeney made mistakes
in his case and only jailed him
because “he was in love with
prison sentences”.
MacShane, one of several MPs
jailed over the Commons expenses scandal, also attacked the
top CPS lawyer-turned-Labourcandidate who led the CPS when
he was prosecuted.
While admitting that the
expense claims he made were
wrong, he lashed out at the prison service and “friends” in Parliament whom he claims pushed
for him to be prosecuted just “to
make an example” of him.
“The judge, everybody,
said I made no personal
gain. But the way I did it
was wrong and I’m not
complaining about it”
In an exclusive interview
with Chris Blackhurst for London Live, to be screened today,
he also spoke about his time
in HMP Belmarsh. The former
MP was jailed after pleading guilty to false accounting
and claiming for “research and
translation” services of nearly
On being asked why he was
sent to the high-security Belmarsh, he said: “There was a
judge who was notorious for being in love with prison sentences,
who had already sent down political people. It was great publicity for him. I was number three
or four on the news items that
He said his expenses were for
legitimate work, but because the
system would not allow costs
incurred outside the UK to be
reimbursed, he orchestrated a
“short cut” to get the money
back. While he admitted it was
“dumb, stupid (and) wrong”, he
claimed he had made no personal
He attacked MPs from “a mixture” of parties, whom he said
had pushed for him to be prosecuted despite the CPS having
already taken a decision not to
follow up his case.
MacShane said: “The judge,
everybody, said I made no personal gain. But the way I did it
was wrong and I’m not complaining about it. The police investigated me for 20 months, the
CPS investigated me, they decided no prosecution, it wasn’t
serious enough. Then it got back
into the Commons, and political
�friends’, shall we say, decided
they would make an example of
He then suggested that Keir
Starmer, the former director
of public prosecutions, who
is standing as a Labour candidate for Parliament, was
wrong to prosecute him, calling him “very political, very
celebrity-focused”. Both the
judiciary and Starmer declined to comment.
The former MP also told how
he spent Christmas behind bars,
had his possessions taken from
him on his п¬Ѓrst day and was
strip-searched, but survived after being taken under the wing of
a “serious criminal”.
In a bizarre anecdote, he said
he was wrongly registered as
“Ian MacShane”, similar to the
actor’s name, leading to visitors being told that there was no
Denis MacShane at the prison.
He also lashed out at the prison system, claiming it was “preposterous” that taxpayers had to
spend ВЈ1,000 a week to lock him
The Headline Interview with
Denis MacShane is on London
Live today at 1pm. Watch it on
Freeview channel 8, stream it
live, or catch up on londonlive.
Film sparks Paddington Bear revival
British actor Hugh Bonneville poses for a photograph with his “Journey of Marmalade” Paddington Bear statue displayed in front of Tower Bridge during a photo call
ahead of the release of The Paddington Trail film in London yesterday. The movie Paddington has sparked a resurgence of interest in the bear from darkest Peru, with
exhibitions, statues and a new book of his adventures coming out before the New Year. Fifty statues of the bear will be dotted out around London - each with a different
celebrity-designed paint job.
Govt shrugs off Merkel’s
migration policy �disquiet’
ritain’s finance minister
yesterday shrugged off a
report which said German
Chancellor Angela Merkel would
abandon her attempts to keep
Britain inside the European Union if it pressed ahead with plans
to curb immigration from other
EU states.
“I think it’s a little bit thin,”
George Osborne said of the report in Der Spiegel, saying his
own contacts with the German
government had shown Berlin
MPs’ expenses
records �destroyed’
Ps accused of abusing
their parliamentary expenses under the old,
unreformed system may escape
investigation after Commons
officials destroyed records relating to their claims, it has been
The Daily Telegraph reported
that Commons Speaker John
Bercow has been accused of
presiding over a new cover-up
following the destruction of paperwork relating to claims made
before 2010 when a new system
was introduced in the wake of the
expenses scandal.
The move came to light after members of the public wrote
to the parliamentary standards
watchdog Kathryn Hudson asking her to investigate claims
made by their MP dating back to
It means “cold case” investigations - like that which led to
the resignation of culture secretary Maria Miller after she was
found to have wrongly claimed
tens of thousands of pounds in
mortgage payments between
2005 and 2009 - may be far more
difficult in future.
The Telegraph said Hudson
was contacted by three Tory activists in the Isle of Wight, asking
her to investigate claims made by
their local Conservative MP Andrew Turner between 2004 and
Turner told the paper his
claims had been audited and
found to be in compliance with
the rules at the time.
But in a letter to one of the
complainants, David Pugh, seen
by the Telegraph, Hudson wrote:
“All records relating to expenses
claims before 2010 have now
been destroyed. No unredacted
information is now available
here nor any notes of conversations or advice given to Turner
which might establish the facts.”
She added that half the period
covered by their complaint fell
outside the seven-year limit for
A Commons spokesman told
the Telegraph that under the
House’s authorised records disposal practice (ARDP), records of
MPs’ expenses claims were destroyed after three years in order
to comply with data protection
“The retention period for
general п¬Ѓnancial data, of which
members’ expenses is a sub-set,
is three years after the current
п¬Ѓnancial year п¬Ѓnishes. The longstanding policy on retention of
MPs’ expenses records was originally agreed by the Members Estimate Committee (MEC),” the
spokesman said.
“In accordance with the ARDP,
the disposal of records relating to
members’ expenses claims pre2010 was carried out on a routine
basis at various times each year
up to 2014, four years after the
House of Commons’ oversight of
the MPs’ expenses arrangements
Labour MP John Mann, expressed concern about the move
and said he would be tabling a
question asking Bercow to explain what had happened.
“It sounds like MPs trying to
protect MPs again. It will make
the public very suspicious of what
the motive is. The old gentlemen’s
club is resurrecting itself,” he said.
understood British public disquiet about unemployed EU migrants claiming welfare benefits.
“The British public want this
addressed. We are going to do
this in a calm, rational way,”
Osborne told BBC TV, referring
to a promise by Prime Minister
David Cameron to set out new
ideas about how to tackle the issue before the end of the year.
Under growing pressure from
the anti-EU UK Independence
Party (Ukip) ahead of a May 2015
national election and from many
of his own lawmakers, Cameron
has said he’d like to try to curb
EU immigration if re-elected
- a move Brussels says would
infringe the right to free movement.
German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel reported on
Sunday that Merkel had warned
Cameron that such a policy
would be a “point of no return”
that could sharply increase the
risk of Britain leaving the EU.
If re-elected, Cameron has
pledged to renegotiate Britain’s
EU ties before giving Britons a
membership referendum in 2017
amid public disenchantment
about the government’s failure
to curb immigration because of
the country’s EU membership.
Royal visit
A spokesman for Merkel said
yesterday Germany wants Britain to remain an “active and
engaged” member of the EU
but will not cede on Cameron’s
plans to curb immigration from
other EU countries.
Cameron has not yet set out
what those plans are, but has
made it clear he wants to п¬Ѓnd
a way of respecting the EU’s
rules which guarantee freedom
of movement to work, while
clamping down on what he has
called “freedom to claim benefits.”
Germany has expressed sympathy with such a position in the
Jazz clarinettist Acker
Bilk dies aged 85
Guardian News and Media
Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are
shown a photo album as they visit the Pasty Museum in
Real del Monte in Hidalgo, Mexico. The royal couple are
on a four-day visit to Mexico as part of a Royal tour to
Colombia and Mexico.
past and Merkel’s spokesman
said there was “strong interest”
in co-operating with Britain to
tackle any abuse of the freedom
of movement regime.
Osborne said concerns about
EU immigration were running so
high in Britain that Cameron’s
Conservatives were obliged to
explain how they would address
them if re-elected. “It was never
envisaged that you would have
such large numbers of people
coming, who don’t have job offers, people who move on to our
benefit system,” said Osborne.
“And that causes a lot of public unhappiness.”
he celebrated jazz clarinettist Acker Bilk has died
aged 85. Bilk was perhaps
best known for his 1961 song
Stranger on the Shore and was
one of the most important п¬Ѓgures during the revival of traditional jazz in the middle of the
last century.
“He was vastly important to
the jazz movement, he could play
the clarinet like nobody else, he
had a special tone and vibrato –
other musicians would tell you
that,” his manager Pamela Sutton said.
Sutton, who worked with
Bilk for 45 years, said that “his
life was music and performing”. “He only gave it up because his age caught up with
him and he couldn’t perform
any more.
“His last performance was
in August 2013 at the Brecon
Jazz festival in Wales. He was a
charming person to be with and
he was famous worldwide, especially in Australia.
“He was a brilliant musician.
He had a great sense of humour
in every way. He just loved life.”
She said that he died around
2pm with his wife Jean by his
side. “I am very happy that so
many people have called (since
news of his death broke). As he
was 85, age had just caught up
with him. He was in some pain
from different things that were
going wrong.”
Sutton said that Bilk also
leaves two children Peter and
Bilk, who was made an MBE
in the New Year honours list of
2001, had previously overcome
throat cancer. Poet Ian McMillan
tweeted: “Goodbye Acker Bilk,
creator of one of the great earworms. That shore was strange,
but memorable.”
He was born Bernard Stanley
Bilk and raised in Somerset and
soon took the name Acker – a local expression meaning “friend”
or “mate”. Bilk’s uniform of garish waistcoat and bowler hat set
the tone for onstage outfits for
anyone performing in that genre.
He was 18 when he took up the
clarinet while in the Royal Engineers during his national service. Posted to Egypt, he found
himself with plenty of spare
time in the desert and borrowed
a marching clarinet, copying
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Ukraine crisis deepens
after separatist votes
ro-Russian separatists in
Ukraine named a leader
of a breakaway republic
yesterday after weekend elections which were denounced by
Kiev and the West and further
deepened a stand-off with Russia over the future of the former
Soviet state.
Organisers of the vote said
that Alexander Zakharchenko,
a 38-year-old former mining
electrician, had easily won election as head of the “Donetsk
People’s Republic”, an entity
proclaimed by armed rebels in
the days after they seized key
buildings in cities of Ukraine’s
Russian-speaking east last
A rebel representative said
Igor Plotnisky had won a majority in a similar election in Luhansk, a smaller self-proclaimed
pro-Russian entity further east.
The rogue votes, which Kiev
says Russia encouraged, could
create a new “frozen conflict” in
post-Soviet Europe and further
threaten the territorial unity of
Ukraine, which lost control of
its Crimean peninsula in March
when it was annexed by Russia.
Kiev and the West will now be
looking to see if Russian President Vladimir Putin will formally recognise the validity of the
vote, despite their entreaties to
him not to do so.
A Russian deputy foreign
minister, Grigory Karasin, made
no mention of formal recognition but said the newly elected
leadership in eastern Ukraine
now had a mandate to negotiate
with Kiev.
Up to now, Kiev’s leaders have
refused to hold direct talks with
the separatists, whom they refer
to as “terrorists” and “bandits”.
If Moscow were to recognise
the votes, it would narrow options too for Ukrainian President
Petro Poroshenko.
He has ruled out trying to take
back the region by force after big
battlefield losses in August. But
after a parliamentary election
on October 26, he is now supported by a pro-Western power
structure, determined to stop
the break-up of Ukraine, and he
could come under pressure to
take a п¬Ѓrmer line.
Putin’s first word on the
weekend election could come
today when he is due to appear at
a Red Square ceremony in Moscow marking National Unity day.
“The central election commission deems Alexander Zakharchenko to be the elected
head of the Donetsk People’s
Republic,” an election official,
Roman Lyagin, told journalists in Donetsk, the separatists’
Numbers of ballots cast for
him appeared to show he had
won 79% of the vote.
“Plotnitsky got the majority of the votes in the Luhansk
People’s Republic elections,” a
spokesman said.
The elections were the latest
twist in a geopolitical crisis that
began with the popular overthrow of Ukraine’s Moscowbacked leader, Viktor Yanukovych last February.
Russia denounced Yanukovych’s ousting as a coup by a
“fascist junta” and the following month annexed Crimea and
subsequently backed the separatist rebellions that sprang up
in the east.
Kiev says that only direct intervention by Russian troops
stopped Ukrainian government
forces routing the separatists,
though Russia, despite what
the West says is incontrovertible proof, denies sending troops
across the border.
More than 4,000 people have
been killed in the conflict, which
has led to US and European Union sanctions against Russia.
Kiev and Western governments, including the United
States, say the election violated
a bedrock agreement reached on
September 5 in the Belarussian
capital, Minsk, which was also
been signed by Russia.
Kiev says this provided for
elections to be held under
An elderly woman pulls a cart with firewood yesterday near the ruins of what was the Donetsk airport. EU foreign policy chiefs have blasted
Moscow’s backing of separatist elections in Ukraine, saying that the polls, which sought to put a legal veneer on the bloody pro-Russian
rebellion, violated a peace agreement.
Ukrainian law which would appoint purely local officials. The
rebels’ vote to elect leaders and
institutions in a breakaway territory violated the agreement, it
Speaking on Sunday, Poroshenko reiterated Kiev’s view and
denounced the ballot as a “farce
(conducted) under the barrels of
tanks and machine guns”.
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s
spokesman said yesterday that
Germany found it incomprehensible that “official Russian
voices” were talking of recognising the election in eastern
Current developments in east
Ukraine ruled out any premature
lifting of EU economic sanctions
against Russia and if the situation worsened, further sanctions may be necessary, spokesman Steffen Seibert said.
Italy does not recognise the
voting, Foreign Minister Paolo
Gentiloni said, adding: “There is
no alternative to a political solution to the crisis.”
The September 5 ceasefire
has brought an end to full-scale
clashes between government
forces and the Russian-backed
separatists, though sporadic
shelling particularly in the airport area of Donetsk, continues
to exert pressure on the truce.
Though the city was generally quiet early yesterday, artil-
lery п¬Ѓre from the direction of the
airport began to pick up later in
the day.
The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) said that one of its
four drones which are operating
on observation missions in the
southeast had been п¬Ѓred on by
separatists using an anti-aircraft
gun near the port of Mariupol on
Sunday. It was not hit and returned to base intact.
The OSCE also said the GPS
system of a second drone was
electronically jammed by separatists operating from the
ground in roughly the same area
near Mariupol.
Zakharchenko, the current
rebel prime minister whose
campaign advertisements are
plastered across Donetsk, was
always certain to win the vote in
his region.
In electioneering, he has
compared the Donbass region’s
coal deposits to the oil reserves
in the United Arab Emirates and
has promised pensioners a stipend that will allow them to go
on safari in Australia.
His and Plotnitsky’s election
though will mean little by way
of change for the region, which
is increasingly dependent on
Russia for support п¬Ѓnancially
and politically as it faces a humanitarian crisis which will only
worsen in winter.
PM Ponta wins п¬Ѓrst round of presidential poll
rime Minister Victor Ponta
won the first round of Romania’s presidential election, a step towards a victory
that would consolidate his leftist
party’s hold on power but would
also raise questions about judicial independence.
With nearly all ballots counted, Ponta, leader of the Social
Democrats and a former prosecutor and amateur rally driver
who became prime minister two
years ago, had won 40.3% of the
vote in Sunday’s election.
That compared with 30.4%
for his nearest challenger, Klaus
Iohannis, an ethnic German
mayor backed by two centreright parties.
The results make Ponta, who
has consistently led opinion
polls over Iohannis, favourite to
win a run-off vote on November
A Ponta presidency could
bring more stability to the Black
Sea country of 20mn, which endured a painful recession and
spending cuts during the global
slowdown and has made mixed
progress in implementing reforms under an International
Monetary Fund (IMF)-led aid
As prime minister, Ponta often feuded with his bitter rival,
outgoing President Traian Basescu – who served as president
for a decade – often slowing
However, without the check
on power hitherto provided by
Basescu, Ponta’s rise has raised
concerns that he might tighten
political control over the judiciary and anti-corruption prosecutors.
Ponta rebuffed European Union criticism in 2012 that he did
not appear to respect the rule
of law and democratic institutions, denying allegations that
Ponta gestures during a news conference at the foreign ministry
in Bucharest. Ponta led the first round of Romania’s presidential
election, a step towards a victory that would consolidate his leftist
party’s hold on power but would also raise questions about judicial
A woman holds a notice reading �We don’t leave until they vote’ during a protest in front of the
foreign ministry headquarters in Bucharest. Hundreds gathered to protest against Foreign Minister
Titus Corlatean and Ponta as Romanians from abroad were unable to vote due to poor organisation of
the election process.
he had put pressure on judges.
Ponta promised after his win
on Sunday that if he secures
the presidency his government
would stick to the economic
programme he set as prime minister, which includes easing austerity measures and a pledge to
increase the state pension next
“We will make sure that the
governing programme that Romanians voted for in 2012 will be
enforced until the end of 2016,”
Ponta told reporters late on Sunday.
A senior official in the ruling Social Democrat party said,
on condition of anonymity, that
potential candidates to become
prime minister in a Ponta presidency include the head of Ro-
More rail
loom in
after talks
mania’s secret service, George
Maior, who is also Ponta’s
godfather and a former Social
Democrat lawmaker, and former
prime minister Calin Tariceanu
of the Liberal Reforming Party.
Tariceanu, a Harley Davidson-riding businessman, is a
Ponta ally who also ran for president but came third in Sunday’s
п¬Ѓrst round.
As premier from 2004-2008,
Tariceanu oversaw sharp increases in pensions and ran
double-digit current account
deficits, despite warnings from
the IMF and ratings agencies to
maintain п¬Ѓscal discipline.
As well as loosening п¬Ѓscal policy, a new Ponta-appointed government could end the deal with
the IMF when the current €4bn
agreement expires next year.
The deal has bolstered Romania’s credibility with investors
and nudged successive governments to reform.
“After the IMF agreement expires there will be two questions.
Will it be further extended?”
Greg Konieczny, the manager of
Romanian investment fund Fondul Proprietatea, said in a recent
interview. “But that will be a decision for the new government.
And second, if it is not extended,
then will the government keep
behaving in a responsible way?”
Flagging Tariceanu as a possible prime minister could help
Ponta scoop up votes in the runoff that Tariceanu received in the
п¬Ѓrst round. Choosing someone
from outside his own party could
also head off any possible infighting in the Social Democrats.
Run-off opponent Iohannis,
who is credited with transforming the Transylvanian city of
Sibiu, has the support of opposition Liberals and DemocratLiberals.
He has pledged to support anti-corruption prosecutors, boost
EU fund absorption and raise the
healthcare budget, while supporting the IMF deal and aiming
to eventually lower value-added
Romania joined the EU in
2007 but remains its second
poorest and also one of its most
corrupt states, driving millions
abroad in search of better pay
and living standards.
It has struggled to absorb EU
development funds. Tax evasion is rife and nearly half of all
households lack an indoor bathroom.
“I am fed up with politicians and their corruption,” said
Marin Tudose, a 48-year-old
tool maker. “When will we start
to live better? Because so far it
hasn’t happened for me.”
The Social Democrats, heirs to
the Communists whose singleparty rule was toppled in a 1989
revolution, have courted voters
by increasing pensions and wages for state workers cut under
Ponta’s predecessor.
Ponta has also cut an employment tax. Economic growth
however is set to slow to 2.2%
this year, from 3.5% in 2013, analysts forecast.
Analysts said his election
campaign was also helped by
a government ordinance approved in August that allowed
local mayors to join a party other
than the one from which they
were elected in office without
losing their seat. That prompted
around 400 mayors to switch to
the ruling leftists.
But Ponta’s campaign faced
setbacks as well.
Basescu accused him of spying for the foreign intelligence
service in the 1990s, a charge
Ponta’s camp rejected as a political smear.
Ponta’s father-in-law and
other ruling party politicians
were also hit by graft allegations
in the last weeks of the campaign.
alks between German rail
operator Deutsche Bahn
and the GDL train drivers’ union on pay and negotiation rights collapsed in acrimony
yesterday, raising the threat of
further strikes that could damage Europe’s biggest economy.
Ulrich Weber, head of personnel at Deutsche Bahn, criticised
the union for being an “unreliable negotiating partner” after it
unexpectedly broke off talks just
when it appeared that an agreement was within reach.
The GDL union, which represents just 20,000 of the railways’ 196,000 workers, said that
state-owned Deutsche Bahn
provoked the crisis by refusing to
grant it the right to negotiate on
behalf of 17,000 train stewards.
It said more strikes were likely
but did not say when, adding notice would be given in advance.
Earlier yesterday, Bild newspaper reported that GDL, which
seeks a 5% pay rise for its train
drivers and a shortened work
week of 37 hours instead of 39, is
considering going out on a strike
that would last for nearly four
days – the longest stoppage on
record to hit Deutsche Bahn.
The Cologne Institute for
Economic Research (IW) estimates that a train strike longer
than three days could damage
the economy by up to €100mn
per day if companies were forced
to halt their assembly lines.
In mid-October the union
went out on a 60-hour strike
over a weekend, halting two
thirds of long-distance trains.
Nearly one-fifth of Germany’s
freight traffic is transported by
rail, with roughly two-thirds of
that handled by Deutsche Bahn.
Strikes in Germany are rare
with employers and the mostly
larger unions both eager to resolve their differences at the negotiating table before it comes to
actual work stoppages.
Activists steal
Berlin Wall crosses
Pro-refugee activists in Germany
have stolen seven memorial
crosses for people killed at the
Berlin Wall and moved them to
spots on the EU’s borders, they
and police said yesterday.
The action was meant to protest
the “murderous exterior walls”
of the EU which had claimed
many thousands of lives, said a
spokesman for the activist art
collective “Centre for Political
The white, cross-shaped signs
bore the names and death dates
of people killed while trying to
flee communist East Germany, a
regime which collapsed after the
fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago
on Sunday.
The seven signs were unscrewed
from their frames set in a metal
fence on the south bank of
Berlin’s Spree River near the site
of the Reichstag building housing
the lower house of parliament.
“We have moved the crosses to
safety,” said the group’s Philipp
Ruch, adding that some had been
taken to EU borders in Bulgaria
and others to the Spanish exclave
of Melilla in North Africa.
Three shot dead in
family tragedy
Three people were found dead
yesterday after a shooting
incident involving a family in the
Swiss town of Wilderswil, police
While investigators did not
provide further details, Swiss
media reported that a man shot
dead his ex-wife and her new
partner at the couple’s home in
rural central Switzerland.
The suspect killed himself,
according to the reports.
The alleged killer and the woman
had three children aged between
seven and 18 years.
One daughter managed to
close the front door of the
home, avoiding possible further
bloodshed, the daily newspaper
Tages-Anzeiger reported.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Erdogan �has man fined’ for smoking
hen he became Turkey’s
head of state in August after over a decade as prime
minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan
promised to be an active president.
But few could have imagined this
would extend to personally policing
Turkey’s anti-smoking legislation on
a busy Istanbul street.
Erdogan noticed a man smoking a
cigarette on the balcony of a cafe as
he visited a pedestrian street in Istanbul’s working-class Esenler district after a speech on Sunday.
All seemed to be going well as Erdogan waved to well-wishers and
chatted with his entourage. But then
he spotted the man smoking on a covered balcony on the second floor of a
cafe, footage posted online showed.
Erdogan stopped and from the
street wagged his п¬Ѓnger at the man,
telling the offender that he was violating the law.
“There is a penalty for that,” Erdogan told the smoker, who was not
shown in the footage.
Erdogan beckoned over the mayor
of Esenler, asking: “Where are the
The mayor smiled, before realising
the president was deeply serious.
“You know it, but this is wrong,”
Erdogan said. “He blatantly behaved
rudely. This shameless guy is sitting
there and keeps smoking even after
the president tells him not to do so.”
“It’s the month of Muharram, for
21 killed as
boat sinks
off Istanbul
t least 21 people were
killed after a boat carrying migrants capsized off
the coast of northern Istanbul
yesterday, the Coast Guard reported.
The small boat was overcrowded and had an estimated
40 people on board, Transportation Minister Lutfi Elvan revealed.
He added that six people were
Many children were on board
and operations continue to try
to п¬Ѓnd the remaining passen-
gers, the Dogan news agency reported.
The Coast Guard had initially
confirmed 24 people dead, but
later revised the п¬Ѓgure downwards without explanation.
The boat sank three nautical
miles north of the northern entrance to the Bosphorus, one of
the busiest shipping thoroughfares in the world.
They had set off earlier from
Bakirkoy, an Istanbul suburb on
the Sea of Marmara side of the
Turkish media said at least
one of those who died could have
been a crew member or a smuggler guiding them.
Some reports said Syrians and
Turkmen could also have been
on board as well as Afghans.
Television pictures showed
survivors draped in blankets and
sobbing as rescue workers offered them soup.
The official Anatolia news
agency said that rescuers, who
had been alerted to the accident
by п¬Ѓshermen, found the vessel
was already semi-submerged on
It was not immediately clear
what had caused the boat to sink
with media citing overloading,
bad weather conditions or even
a collision with another vessel
in the busy shipping lane as possibilities.
Anatolia said prosecutors be-
God’s sake!” he said, referring to an
Islamic holy month.
Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas
sought to ease tensions by suggesting that the man could promise not to
smoke again, but Erdogan refused to
calm down and ordered the police to
п¬Ѓne the man on the spot.
Police п¬Ѓned the man 90 Turkish
liras ($40 or €30) after Erdogan left.
In 2009, the Islamic-rooted government introduced a law imposing
a smoking ban in all public buildings,
cafes, bars and restaurants, including
some covered outdoor spaces.
Erdogan has long been under п¬Ѓre
for what critics say are efforts to interfere in people’s lifestyles and imposing a creeping Islamisation on the
officially secular country.
He once declared that the threat
smoking poses is “even greater than
the threat of terrorism”.
In a similar episode in July, Erdogan berated a Turkish national team
youth footballer for having a tattoo
on his arm, warning it could have
health risks.
Erdogan: refused to calm down and ordered the
police to fine the smoker on the spot.
offices for
A Turkish Coastal Safety boat tries to reach the wreckage of the capsized boat off Rumeli Feneri, in the
Black Sea coast of Istanbul. At least 21 people were killed after the boat carrying migrants capsized.
lieved the vessel could have had
leaks. Istanbul prosecutors have
opened an investigation into the
“There were many children on
board. The wind is having a bad
effect on the rescue efforts. The
boat was very, very small, not
enough for 40 people,” a captain
involved in the rescue efforts, Ali
Saruhan, told CNN-Turk television.
Emre Can Kolcu, a member
of a п¬Ѓshing crew, told NTV that
after the accident “bags, shoes,
coats and discarded life jackets
covered the sea”.
He said it was likely that the
children on board had been given adult life jackets that were too
big and they had simply slipped
out of them once in the water.
The stricken boat “was not a
п¬Ѓshing boat, it was a tour boat
for seven to eight people, not for
40”, he added.
Turkey has become a hub for
illegal immigrants who aspire to
reach Europe in the search for a
better life.
NTV television said that the
migrants had paid people smugglers €7,000 ($8,750) each to
transport them towards Romania and then onwards to wealthier western European countries.
But the journey is perilous,
and hundreds of immigrants
have drowned en route to Europe
in recent years.
The accident has come amid
strong debate within the EU
about whether to continue migrant rescue missions, on the
grounds that such operations
encourage the migrants to make
the hazardous voyages in the
п¬Ѓrst place.
Britain said last week it will
not support planned EU search
and rescue operations to save
migrants from drowning in the
Mediterranean Sea as they try to
reach Europe.
Meanwhile, Italy on Friday
confirmed the end of its search
and rescue operation “Mare
Nostrum”, which has saved the
lives of tens of thousands of boat
migrants in the Mediterranean.
Costa Concordia’s last missing victim found
In this 2012 file picture, Kevin Rebello shows a picture of his brother
Russel Rebello.
he remains of Russel Rebello, the last missing
victim of the Costa Concordia shipwreck, have been
found, his brother said yesterday.
Thirty-two of the 4,229 people who were on board died in
the January 13, 2012 accident off
the Italian island of Giglio.
“The body of my younger
brother Russel Rebello has п¬Ѓnally been found inside a cabin
on dock 8 of the Concordia
wreck, which kept it for more
than 1,025 days,” Kevin Rebello,
an Indian national, wrote on his
Facebook page.
He said he was informed of
the discovery by Italy’s civil
protection agency and by Costa
Crociere, an Italian subsidiary
Retired army generals say
they knew of no coup plot
wo retired generals who
led Turkey’s armed forces
at the time of an alleged
2003 coup plot told a retrial of
hundreds of officers yesterday
that they knew of no plans to
topple then-prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
The officers were convicted in
2012 for plotting a coup against
Erdogan, now president. The
constitutional court quashed
their convictions in June, ruling
the case against them flawed.
The 2010-2012 “Sledgehammer” trial was a high point in
Erdogan’s drive to tame an army
that for decades had dominated
Critics accused him at the
time of using the courts to pursue a “witchhunt” against the
In sending senior officers to
jail, the case eroded the authority and power of Nato’s second
biggest army at a time of tensions on the borders with Syria
and Iraq. The retrial is seen as an
opportunity for the military to
repair its image.
General Hilmi Ozkok, head of
the armed forces in 2002-2006,
told the courtroom that he had
heard coup plot rumours during
his term in office from the media and anonymous letters, but
Gulen: denies any involvement
in the investigations.
these were not substantiated.
“I did not receive information that a coup plan was made.
There were some rumours but
they were not serious enough
for a case to be opened or investigation launched against anyone,” said Ozkok, 74, wearing a
dark suit and glasses.
Erdogan, long viewed with
suspicion by the army for his
roots in political Islam, pressed
reforms safeguarding democracy against military interference
in the years after his AK Party’s
election in 2002.
More recently he has been ac-
cused by opponents of authoritarian tendencies and intolerance of dissent.
The two retired generals were
giving evidence for the п¬Ѓrst
time. The failure of the initial
trial to hear their testimonies
was among the reasons cited for
overturning the convictions.
Aytac Yalman, also 64,
ground forces commander at
the time of a 2003 military
seminar which was central to
the prosecution case, told the
court: “I have neither heard of
nor tried to prevent, as claimed,
such a coup plan. The seminar
was held under my orders, but I
could not attend.”
Yalman said he and most other high-ranking commanders at
the time were busy dealing with
plans regarding involvement in
the war in Iraq in 2003, when
Turkey’s parliament ultimately
rejected a US request to use
Turkish territory to invade Iraq.
Turkey’s armed forces were
long seen as ultimate guardians
of the secular republic established by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, carrying out three coups
between 1960 and 1980 and
pushing an Islamist-led government from power in 1997.
The alleged plot dates back
to months after Erdogan п¬Ѓrst
came to power, and was said to
include plans to bomb mosques
and trigger a conflict with
Greece by shooting down one of
Turkey’s own warplanes to trigger a military takeover.
Among the 236 defendants at
the hearing were chief suspect
Cetin Dogan, former head of
the prestigious First Army, two
retired force commanders and
a former general who is now a
member of parliament with a
nationalist party.
Families of the accused and
their lawyers were packed into
the 500-seat capacity courthouse with the defendants on
the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city.
The constitutional court has
ruled unanimously that the
mishandling of digital evidence
had also violated the convicted
officers’ rights.
Erdogan, his primacy over the
army established, said early this
year that he was open to the idea
of a retrial.
Officials had suggested evidence had been manipulated by
an Islamic cleric who had been
using his influence in the police
and judiciary to help Erdogan
break the army’s power.
Cleric Fethullah Gulen, a
former ally of Erdogan turned
bitter rival, denies any involvement in Sledgehammer investigations.
In March, a court ordered the
release of a former military chief
and other defendants accused of
a separate “Ergenekon” plot to
topple the government.
of the US-based Carnival Group
which owned the Concordia.
Rebello said the remains of
his brother would be submitted
to DNA testing for final confirmation of his identity before being repatriated to India.
The victim worked on the
Concordia as a waiter.
The cruise ship is currently
being dismantled in the port of
Genoa, in northwest Italy.
The ANSA news agency re-
ported that Rebello’s remains
were in a part of the ship that
was crushed in the shipwreck
and had been inaccessible until
The Concordia was towed
from Giglio to Genoa in July, after complicated and dangerous
operations to refloat the wreck.
In February, a Spanish diver
working on the salvage died
during an underwater inspection.
erman engineering giant Siemens said yesterday that it had offered
its empty offices in Munich to
accommodate refugees, as the
country grapples with a rise in
asylum-seekers, especially from
“We’ve proposed to the city
authorities ... to make our former
branch in Munich available for
refugees,” a Siemens spokesman
told AFP, confirming an article
in Spiegel news weekly.
Siemens makes products
ranging from power stations to
high-speed trains and medical
imaging equipment.
The roughly 30,000sq m
premises in the Bavarian city had
until now housed Siemens commercial department for southern
Germany which recently moved
to new offices.
City and local authority officials visited the site last Friday,
the spokesman said.
A decision was expected in
coming days on when and how
many refugees can be accommodated there, he added.
Germany this year expects
some 200,000 asylum seekers to cross its borders – nearly
60% more than in 2013 when
numbers had already soared by
almost two-thirds.
The leading country of origin
is Syria, mostly to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.
Across Germany, former
army barracks have been requisitioned, and tents and mobile
homes set up in order to house
�Arbeit macht frei’ gate stolen
hieves have stolen the iron
gate to Dachau concentration camp bearing the
Nazi slogan “Arbeit macht frei”
(work sets you free), the director
of the memorial site in southern
Germany and local police said
The cast iron gate measures
190cm by 95cm and police said
the thieves probably used a vehicle to flee with it on Saturday
“It is the central symbol of the
prisoners’ suffering at Dachau
concentration camp and therefore has hit the memorial at its
heart,” said Gabriele Hammermann, director of the memorial.
Prisoners passed it everyday, she
The Nazis set up the camp in
Dachau, near Munich, in 1933,
only weeks after Adolf Hitler
took power.
Initially meant to detain political rivals, it became the prototype for a network of concentration camps where 6mn Jews were
killed, as well as Roma, Russians,
A man walks through the gate, part of which, bearing the Nazi slogan
�Arbeit macht frei’, was stolen from the former concentration camp in
Poles and homosexuals.
More than 200,000 people
had been detained in the camp by
the time US troops liberated it in
1945. Television images showing
piles of bodies and starved inmates of the camp were among
the п¬Ѓrst scenes the world saw of
the Holocaust.
In December 2009 the “Arbeit
macht frei” sign was stolen from
the entry gate of the former Nazi
death camp of Auschwitz in Poland, by a Swedish man with farright ties.
He was sentenced a year later
by a Polish court to nearly three
years for masterminding the
theft, while two Poles were jailed
for up to 2-1/2 years for snatching it and cutting it into pieces to
п¬Ѓt into their car.
German cities to remember victims of neo-Nazi group
Ten German cities plan to remember the victims of
a neo-Nazi cell, three years after its deadly shooting
spree ended with the murder-suicide of its leaders.
Events are planned for today in Berlin, Bremen,
Goettingen, Kassel, Wuppertal, Frankfurt,
Nuremberg, Munich, Jena und Cologne, including
the symbolic renaming of streets for the victims of
the National Socialist Underground (NSU), the group
organising the initiative said.
Street signs are to be covered temporarily with
the victims’ names on the day in 2011 when Uwe
Boehnhardt and Uwe Mundlos took their own lives
after a botched bank heist, the group Keupstrasse Is
Everywhere said.
The group is named after a street in Cologne where
a bombing blamed on the NSU occurred in 2004
outside a Turkish hairdresser’s shop.
Eight Turkish shopkeepers, a Greek and a
policewoman were killed in attacks blamed on the
NSU in multiple cities from 2000 to 2007.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Not scared, will speak
for BJP, Modi: Hussain
Govt to establish centre
for zoo sciences
Expelled legislators
challenge decision
NRK global meet
to be held in Kerala
Soldier commits
suicide in Hyderabad
Bharatiya Janata Party leader Shahnawaz
Hussain yesterday said he was not scared
after getting death threats for praising Prime
Minister Narendra Modi. “I don’t care for the
threat and am hardly bothered about it. I will
continue to speak for BJP and Modi,” Hussain
said in response to threat calls from
a phone number from Dubai asking him to
stop praising Modi. The BJP spokesman said
the person who threatened him was antinational and a coward. “I never get tense
over such threats because I have to work for
the party and the country,” he said. Hussain
received two calls on his mobile phone on
Saturday night.
The government plans to set up a centre for
zoo sciences to streamline the functioning
of zoos in the country, Environment Minister
Prakash Javadekar said yesterday. The purpose
of establishing such an institution would also
be to infuse scientific and technical culture in
the present system and make the zoos more
visitor friendly, Javadekar said. The proposed
institution would act as a technical adviser
to the Central Zoo Authority and provide
expert help to states and Union Territories in
conservation breeding of endangered species,
and organise training courses for in-service
zoo personnel and stakeholders in India and
South Asian countries.
Two days after they were expelled from the state
assembly, four rebel legislators of the Janata Dal
(United) yesterday filed a petition in the Patna
High Court challenging the decision of Speaker
Uday Narayan Choudhary. “We have filed a
petition,” Gayanendra Singh Gayanu, one of
the four legislators, said. Ravinder Rai, another
legislator, said: “In our petition, we have sought
court intervention against the speaker’s decision.”
The other two legislators are Rahul Sharma
and Neeraj Bablu. A day after their assembly
membership termination, they were expelled
from the party too. It was the first such action
taken against rebel legislators who have been
challenging the party leadership since April-May.
The Kerala government will organise a NonResident Keralites (NRK) Global Meet in Kochi on
January 16 and 17, an official said yesterday. The
event will be held at Le-Meridian Hotel. The last
such event was held after the Oommen Chandy
government assumed office in 2011. A state
government official said over 1,000 delegates
from home and abroad are expected to attend
the event. “The online registration will begin soon
and the focus is to get maximum participants
from the European countries. There will be
separate registration fees for participants from
India and abroad,” the official said. The Centre For
Development Studies last month said the number
of Kerala emigrants was 2.3mn in 2014.
A soldier suspected to be involved in burning
alive an 11-year-old boy allegedly committed
suicide in Hyderabad early yesterday, police
said. Appala Raju shot himself with his service
rifle in Army Garrison in Mehdipatnam area in
the heart of the city. Police said no suicide note
was found. Army authorities are investigating.
The soldier was reportedly grilled by a Special
Investigating Team (SIT) in connection with
the October 9 incident in which a boy was
burnt alive allegedly by armymen. The boy
was found with serious burn injuries near the
main gate of the garrison. He told a magistrate
in his dying declaration that some armymen
poured kerosene and set him ablaze.
Bhopal gas
leak survivors
demand more
epresentatives of the Bhopal gas victims yesterday
said they would launch an
indefinite hunger strike in New
Delhi from November 10 demanding compensation.
Leaders of п¬Ѓve organisations
of survivors of the 1984 disaster
said the fast would be held near
the Jantar Mantar monument.
They said п¬Ѓve women survivors who will take part in the
protest will not even drink water, demanding additional compensation for all survivors of the
Toxic gas leaked from the pesticide plant in Bhopal of Union
Carbide on the night of Dec 2,
1984, killing more than 3,000
people instantly and thousands
more over the years.
The world’s worst industrial
disaster is again in focus following
the death last week of then Carbide chief, Warren Anderson, who
was declared a fugitive by an Indian court following the disaster.
The protesters said they want
the п¬Ѓgures of dead and survivors
corrected in the curative petition
п¬Ѓled in the Supreme Court by the
central government.
Rashida Bi, president of a
group of women survivors, said
the ex-gratia compensation of
Rs100,000 was given to only
33,672 survivors from among the
569,081 people exposed to the
toxic gas.
“There is no scientific or legal
basis to deny additional compensation to 93% of the victims,”
she said.
“Our protest at Jantar Mantar
is for additional compensation
of Rs1 lakh for all gas victims,”
Bi said.
“The figures of dead and the
extent of injury caused by Union
Carbide in the curative petition
are far lower than the п¬Ѓndings
of the Indian Council of Medical Research and other scientific
agencies,” she added.
“The government is downplaying the damage caused by
Union Carbide even when it is
seeking additional compensation,” said Nawab Khan, president of the Bhopal Gas Peedit
Said Balkrishna Namdeo, who
heads another group: “The government is seeking only $1.2bn
as additional compensation in
the curative petition whereas
it should be asking for at least
Rachna Dhingra of the Bhopal
Group for Information and Action said: “The denial of proper
compensation to the victims
is a direct result of successive
governments in New Delhi so
far siding with Union Carbide.
We will see whose side our new
prime minister is on.”
Union Carbide came to a
settlement in 1989 by paying
$470mn to the Indian government. Critics have maintained
that the amount is too low, and
must be hiked.
Indian authorities blamed the
leak on design and maintenance
problems but Union Carbide
attributed it to employee sabotage.
Tarun Thomas, a manager
with Chingari Trust which helps
Bhopal children disabled by the
disaster, said that three generations had been affected by the
“Even three decades after the
disaster, children are coming to
us with disabilities that are a result of that one event,” he said.
Japan to honour former PM
The Japanese government
yesterday announced that
former Indian prime minister
Manmohan Singh would
be conferred the Imperial
Decoration for his “significant
contribution” towards boosting
bilateral ties. Singh is among
the 57 foreign recipients
who will be honoured with
the 2014 Autumn Imperial
Decorations. The former prime
minister is the first Indian to be
conferred the “Grand Cordon
of the Order of the Paulownia
Flowers”, the Japanese embassy
said in a statement. It said
Singh will be conferred the
honour “in recognition of his
significant contributions to the
enhancement of relations and
the promotion of friendship
between Japan and India for
about 35 years.”
Former federal minister Vasan gestures as he addresses a press conference to announce his split from Congress, in Chennai yesterday.
TN Congress splits,
Vasan forms new party
The former minister says
the new party’s name and
flag will be made public at
a conference in Trichy later
this month
he Congress Party in
Tamil Nadu split yesterday with senior leader G
K Vasan announcing his decision to float a new party.
The split comes barely six
months after the party was
routed in the Lok Sabha election.
“The people are looking for
an alternative. We want to give
an alternative in Tamil Nadu,”
Vasan said, ending his long association with the Congress.
The son of the late G K Moopanar, a veteran Congress leader, Vasan said the new party’s
name and flag would be made
public at a conference in Trichy
later this month.
“Steps will be taken to register the party with the Election
Commission,” he said.
Several leaders of the Congress in Tamil Nadu, including
Peter Alphonse and B S Gnanadesikan, have joined Vasan, a
former federal minister.
Vasan said the Congress leadership did not act as per “our
expectations” and so a Congress government could not be
formed in the state.
The Congress has been out
of power in Tamil Nadu since
1967. For years, it allied with
either the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam or the
Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
but is now widely seen as an also
ran in the state.
“We will give preference
to the problems faced by the
state,” Vasan said, indicating
his party would have a regional
The new party would follow
the path laid down by Moopanar and the late Congress leader K Kamaraj, a former Tamil
Nadu chief minister whose
name is synonymous with good
governance in the southern
The Congress said Vasan’s
departure was of no consequence.
Tamil Nadu Congress chief
E V K S Elangovan told reporters that the party will not be affected by Vasan’s exit.
His departure was being
speculated about even prior to
the Lok Sabha polls in May.
Vasan reportedly became disenchanted after his supporters
were sidelined in the party.
The former shipping minister’s decision not to contest
the Lok Sabha election was not
taken kindly by the party leadership.
The Congress was routed in
all 39 Lok Sabha constituencies
in Tamil Nadu - and in the lone
Puducherry seat.
The break-up was п¬Ѓrmed
up after another party leader,
Gnanadesikan, resigned his
post on October 30 after accusing the high command of not
consulting the state unit on key
that former п¬Ѓnance minister
P Chidambaram had not vis-
Mom turns �traffic
cop’ after losing
daughter in crash
Veteran Bollywood actor
Sadashiv Amrapurkar dies
ollywood actor Sadashiv
Amrapurkar, who won
two Filmfare awards for
his captivating performances in
Ardh Satya and Sadak, died early
yesterday following a lung infection, his daughter said.
Amrapurkar died at at the
Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani
Hospital in Mumbai.
“He passed away at 2.45 (am),”
Rima Amrapurkar said.
“His cremation will take place
in his hometown Ahmednagar
tomorrow. Today his body will
be kept at the Bhaidas Auditorium for people to pay their last
respect,” his daughter said.
Amrapurkar, 64, is survived by
his wife and three daughters.
Prime Minister Narendra
Modi expressed condolences on
the actor’s death.
“We will remember Sadashiv
Amrapurkar as a versatile actor,
popular across generations. RIP.
My deepest condolences to his
family,” Modi tweeted.
Amrapurkar won the п¬Ѓrst
Filmfare award in 1984 for the
best supporting actor in Ardh
Satya. The second award came in
1991 for his portrayal of a ruthless eunuch in Sadak.
The actor is also known for
his scintillating performances in
Mr India, Aankhen, Ishq, Coolie
No1 and Gupt: The Hidden Truth
among others.
Bollywood celebrities said his
role in Sadak and his genuine
personality are trademarks that
Amrapurkar will always be remembered for.
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan,
п¬Ѓlmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar
and veteran actor Anupam Kher
were among the popular personalities to express grief over death
of the versatile talent.
“Waking up in Kolkata to the
sad news of the passing away
of Sadasiv Amrapurkar...a colleague and a gifted talent...
prayers! When a colleague suddenly passes away there is a
sudden vacuum, of times spent
together, of acknowledgement of
their work,” Bachchan tweeted.
Kher described Amrapurkar as
a п¬Ѓne human being and a wonderful actor.
ited the party office for three
months and had held meetings
with some party colleagues on
his own.
Vasan expressed his support
for Gnanadesikan.
Moopanar broke away from
the Congress in 1996 to form
the Tamil Maanila Congress
(TMC). The party merged with
the Congress in 2002 after
Vasan had taken over its leadership.
The Congress was considered
an untouchable in the state by
all other parties during the Lok
Sabha battle over the Congressled federal government’s refusal
to halt the military campaign in
Sri Lanka against the Tamil Tigers.
The situation is not expected
to change even in the 2016 assembly polls.
Friends and relatives pay their last respects to veteran actor Sadashiv Amarpurkar, who died in
Mumbai yesterday.
A woman who lost her daughter
in a road crash has taken to
regulating traffic at the accident
site to prevent further loss
of life, a newspaper reported
Dorris Francis controls traffic
at the accident-prone junction
in Ghaziabad near New Delhi
where her 17-year-old daughter
Niki was killed six years ago
after a speeding car hit their
autorickshaw, the Times of India
reported. The grieving mother
took up her “post” several
years ago to ensure no one else
suffered Niki’s fate.
She is not working for the traffic
police and has no powers to
penalise violations but manages
traffic every morning, wielding
a wooden stick and stern
demeanour. She says there has
only been one fatal accident
since she took charge.
“Till I have life within me, I will
continue with the work,” she said.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
leader says
sorry over
Party leaders
meet Jung,
Delhi heads
for election
Fresh poll likely by February
next year
New Delhi
elhi was set for a fresh
electoral battle after
leaders of the Bharatiya
Janata Party, the Congress and
the Aam Aadmi Party yesterday
told Lt Governor Najeeb Jung
that they wanted elections to
end months of political uncertainty.
Leaders of the three political
parties told Jung that fresh balloting was needed as no party
was in a position to form a government in the hung 70-member assembly.
A Raj Bhavan statement said
Jung would write to President
Pranab Mukherjee giving his recommendations. He is most likely
to suggest fresh election - the second since December last year.
That election threw up a fractured mandate, with the BJP refusing to form the government
despite winning 31 seats.
The AAP came a close second
with 28 seats, an electoral performance that stunned the nation, and formed a minority gov-
ernment with Congress backing.
But the government collapsed
after 49 days as chief minister
and AAP founder leader Arvind
Kejriwal resigned after failing to
pass a Jan Lokpal Bill.
Kejriwal, who later lost the
Lok Sabha election in Varanasi to
Prime Minister Narendra Modi,
said at the time that he erred by
A BJP delegation led by its
Delhi president Satish Upadhyay
was the п¬Ѓrst to meet Jung yesterday.
The BJP made no public statement after the meeting. But
party sources said the BJP told
Jung it wanted a fresh election
in Delhi, which has been under
President’s rule since February.
The sources said they expect
the election by February next year.
Congress legislator Haroon
Yusuf also told Jung that his
party wanted the Delhi assembly dissolved, followed by fresh
“We will contest the election
under the guidance of (party
president) Sonia Gandhi and
(vice president) Rahul Gandhi,
and development will be our
main agenda,” he said.
The AAP, which has repeatedly accused the BJP of trying to
poach its legislators to form the
government in Delhi, reiterated
that it wanted a new election.
AAP leader Manish Sisodia
said after meeting Jung along
with Kejriwal: “Our stand is
what it was eight months ago.
We want the Delhi assembly to
be dissolved.”
Sisodia also took a dig at the
“If they wanted fresh elections, why did they create all this
suspense for all these months?”
he asked.
The December 2013 election,
for the п¬Ѓrst time, led to a threeway battle in Delhi, with the
Congress - which had ruled the
capital for 15 long years – getting
mauled and left with just eight of
the 70 seats.
The BJP won all the seven Lok
Sabha seats in May this year but
the AAP overcame great odds
to п¬Ѓnish second everywhere,
relegating the Congress to the
third spot in six places and to the
fourth in one constituency.
The Lok Sabha election, however, brought down the BJP’s
strength in the assembly from
31 to 28 as three legislators were
elected to parliament. The AAP
now has 27 legislators after one
revolted early on.
Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal arrives to meet Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung in New
Delhi yesterday.
Google launches Hindi website,
aims to add 300mn new users
New Delhi
earch giant Google announced
yesterday the creation of a new
Hindi-language website in an
ambitious bid to add 300mn Indian
Internet users by 2017 and bridge the
country’s linguistic digital divide.
The website,,
new Hindi-language voice-search
and Hindi keyboard are part of Google’s push to incorporate more Indian
languages into content in the next few
Google said nearly all of India’s
198mn English speakers are already
Now Google is targeting the around
1bn people who do not speak English,
starting with Hindi, listed by 41% of
the 1.2bn population as their mother
tongue, according to census data.
“To reach our goal of 500mn Internet users by 2017 (from 200mn currently), we need to make the Internet
accessible to those who don’t speak
English,” Google India managing director Rajan Anandan told reporters.
The announcement chimes with
the goal of the new government of
Narendra Modi which has embarked
on what it calls a “digital revolution”
to bring more Indians online to access
government, education and health
services and transact more business.
“The web holds great potential to
empower many Indians economically
and socially, and thanks to the smartphone revolution, many millions of
Indians will be coming online for the
first time in the next few years,” Anandan said.
The Internet initially was mainly
the preserve of India’s affluent, urban,
English-speaking middle-class.
Tens of millions of increasingly affordable smartphones are being sold
each year in India, and are becoming the new route for Indians to get
online, but they lack content in their
own languages.
“We must build content in people’s
own languages - otherwise we’ll miss
the boat,” Anandan said.
“The net will not be very useful for
them,” he said.
Offering local languages would
boost India’s already exponentially
growing online shopping market, for
instance, as well as advertising markets, Google executives said.
Hindi and English are both offi-
cial languages for federal government
business while India’s constitution
recognises 22 official languages.
The government sees greater use
of Internet technology as a means to
spur growth in Asia’s third-largesteconomy where more than 700mn
people live on less than $2 a day, according to the World Bank.
Google said it was setting up an
Indian Language Internet Alliance
- made up of newspaper, television,
web content companies and other
players - to promote growth of locallanguage content.
Google said it aimed to offer web
services in at least eight major Indian
languages, including Bengali, Telegu,
Marathi and Tamil, but declined to
give a timeline.
The company’s Indian-born search
architect Amit Singhal, who is based
at its California headquarters, said the
Hindi website would make the Internet “more accessible for people like
my mom.”
Singhal, who has steered development of Google’s global search engine,
said his mother understands English
but would be much more comfortable
using her native Hindi to access the
Sena yet to decide on joining govt
he Shiv Sena yesterday remained undecided on joining
the Maharashtra administration four days after a new Bharatiya
Janata Party government, headed by
Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis,
was sworn in.
The Sena said talks were on with the
BJP but a п¬Ѓnal decision may be taken
only before the assembly’s inaugural
three-day special session opens on
November 10.
Shiv Sena’s Rajya Sabha member
Anil Desai said: “Talks with the BJP
are underway and moving in the right
direction. We shall take a final decision before the vote of confidence.
(Party chief) Uddhav Thackeray will
be the deciding authority.”
The mood in the BJP appears veering towards accepting the Sena participation in the new government as
Fadnavis did not assign the key home
portfolio to any of his cabinet colleagues.
In the past two decades of four al-
liance governments in the state, the
home ministry and some other major
ministries have usually been given to
the second partner.
“I am in no hurry to join the
government, nor are the Shiv
Sainiks... Give us a few days to
In the Shiv Sena-BJP coalition in
1995-1999, the late Gopinath Munde,
who was the BJP’s deputy chief minister held the portfolio. In the subsequent three Congress-Nationalist
Congress Party (NCP) governments
between 1999 and 2014, it was with
the NCP.
However, Thackeray indicated in
Kolhapur yesterday that neither the
Sena nor its workers were in any “hur-
ry” to join the government.
“We have yet to work out the power-sharing formula... I only hope everything works out in the best interests
of the common man. I am in no hurry
to join the government, nor are the
Shiv Sainiks... Give us a few days to
decide,” Thackeray said.
In a last-minute turnaround from
his hard position on October 31,
Thackeray attended the swearing-in
ceremony of Fadnavis, and sparked
speculation about the revival of a possible coalition between the two erstwhile allies of 25 years.
Meanwhile, preparations are on for
the assembly session starting on November 10 in which the п¬Ѓrst two days
will be devoted to swearing in of the
287 new legislators in the 288-member house, as one BJP legislator from
Nanded died last week.
The minority government headed
by Fadnavis will seek a vote of confidence on November 12.
The BJP now has an effective
strength of 121, plus one pre-poll ally.
The NCP with 41 legislators has said it
will abstain during the vote, thus ensuring smooth sailing for Fadnavis.
Congress leader from Goa
has offered apologies on
“behalf” of his party after
party chief Sonia Gandhi’s son-inlaw snapped at a TV reporter for
being questioned over land deals.
Congress organising secretary
Durgadas Kamat said on Sunday
night that since no party leader
has apologised for Robert Vadra’s
angry reaction to a TV reporter he
had taken to Twitter to say sorry.
Vadra also ordered his Special
Protection Group guards to delete the footage of the incident.
“I apologise for whatever has
happened. Let’s put the matter to
rest. Cannot see the party’s image
going for a toss,” Kamat said, even
as other Congress leaders have
defended Vadra’s reaction and
criticised the media for encroaching on his personal space.
A couple of weeks back, Kamat
was replaced as a Goa Congress
spokesman by newly appointed
state president Luizinho Faleiro.
Kamat has also been issued a
show cause notice subsequently
by the Goa unit of the Congress
for making public comments after the party’s rout in Maharashtra and Haryana assembly polls
and denouncing family raj.
On Saturday, Vadra snapped
at a TV reporter when he was
asked about his controversial
land deals in Haryana.
Vadra thrice asked the reporter “Are you serious?” and once
“Are you nuts?” before pushing away the journalist’s microphone and calling him an “idiot”.
He then walked away followed
by his guards.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Argentina’s president
admitted to hospital
P&G accused of fraud
by tax authority
10 hospitalised after
killer bee attack
Haiti’s Lahens scoops
French literary award
Vance becomes
category two hurricane
Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner was
admitted to hospital late Sunday suffering from
fever, her office said. The 61-year-old president
began feeling unwell in the afternoon. She
was admitted for tests and monitoring at the
Otamendi Clinic in Buenos Aires, the statement
signed by doctors Marcelo Ballesteros and
Ricardo Solla said. She had resumed her normal
work schedule on October 21 after resting for 48
hours on doctors’ orders due to pharyngitis. In
July, Kirchner also had to rest for two days due to
sore throat and laryngitis. Her recovery time then
had to be extended to a week and she cancelled
her work schedule and a trip to Paraguay.
Argentina’s tax office has stripped US multinational
company Procter & Gamble of its registration, for
alleged fraud, the office announced. The federal
tax collection office, known as AFIP, has alleged
P&G evaded paying duties on imports from Brazil,
billing through a Swiss subsidiary, in what it
called potentially “aggravated contraband.” P&G
did not immediately respond to requests for
comment. The company will be able to resume
operations in Argentina once it has paid its tax
bill and fines. “We have got to put an end to
multinationals using harmfully plotted out tax
manoeuvres” that hurt national governments,
said tax office chief Ricardo Echegaray.
Ten people were hospitalised in Nicaragua
after being attacked by a swarm of killer bees
disturbed during cemetery cleaning ahead
of the Day of the Dead festival, firefighters
said on Sunday. Officials said the 10 people
were treated for allergic reactions after
the aggressive Africanized bees attacked
when people sprucing up tombstones at a
cemetery in Esteli on Saturday attempted to
destroy their nests. Africanized honey bees,
or killer bees, are a highly aggressive hybrid
bee which have taken root throughout the
Americas since being introduced in Brazil
during the 1950s.
An all-woman jury awarded France’s prestigious
Femina Prize to Haiti’s Yanick Lahens yesterday
for Bain de lune, a family epic interwoven with
the challenges facing her home country. Israel’s
Zeruya Shalev scooped the best foreign-language
novel section of the prize for The Remains of
Love. “I’m really happy,” Lahens said. “This book
and this prize are proof that Haitian culture is
very strong and the novel shows how much we
in Haiti can always recover from ordeals.” Lahens
was born in Port-au-Prince in 1953 and has since
become a prominent figure in Haitian literature
who is also actively engaged in the social and
cultural development of the country.
Hurricane Vance strengthened to a category
two storm as it swirled in the eastern Pacific
but remained far from land, US forecasters said.
Vance was packing maximum sustained winds
of 165kms per hour early yesterday after it
strengthened to a category two storm overnight,
the Miami-based National Hurricane Centre said.
The storm was located some 505 miles southwest
of Manzanillo, Mexico, and was headed northwest
at 14 miles per hour. Vance is the 20th named
storm in the Pacific of the season which ends in
November. In September, Hurricane Odile killed
six people and caused $1bn in damage when it hit
Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.
sees �better
possibility’ of
debt deal in ’15
Buenos Aires
hances of a deal to end
Argentina’s feud with
holdout bond investors
will improve in January when
current restructuring rules expire, the economy minister said
in comments published yesterday, raising some hopes for the
country’s stagnant economy.
The government is in a legal
tussle with holders of defaulted debt who spurned two debt
swaps and sued for full repayment.
The dispute, along with heavy
trade controls and high inflation,
has hammered business confidence in Latin America’s No. 3
economy as it staggers toward
“At the end of this year,
when the instruments that
the vulture funds have used
for extortion disappear,
there will be a better
possibility of dialogue with
When it swapped 93% of its
global bonds for new paper offering about 30 cents on the dollar in 2005 and 2010, Argentina
included a clause saying no one
would be offered a better restructuring deal.
The clause expires in January.
“At the end of this year, when
the instruments that the vulture
funds have used for extortion
disappear, there will be a better possibility of dialogue with
creditors who opted to stay out
of the restructurings,” Economy
Minister Axel Kicillof said in an
interview with Mexico’s leftleaning La Jornada newspaper.
Kicillof, one of President
Cristina Fernandez’s closest advisors, often calls the holdouts
“vultures” and accuses them of
trying to damage Argentina’s
economy in their pursuit of astronomical profits.
The debt saga started in 2002
when the country defaulted on
about $100bn in bonds, part of
a п¬Ѓnancial crisis that threw millions of middle class Argentines
into poverty.
The holdout hedge funds won
US court rulings saying Argentina
must pay them at the same time it
makes payments to the holders of
its restructured bonds.
Argentina refused, so the US
federal judge hearing the case
blocked its payments to restructured bondholders. This led to a
default on one bond series in July
and another last month.
The US has jurisdiction because many of Argentina’s original bond contracts were drawn
up under US law.
The holdout creditors, led by
NML Capital. and Aurelius Capital Management, are suing for
100% of face value plus interest
even though they had purchased
most of their bonds for pennies
on the dollar after the 2002 default.
Analysts from investment
bank Credit Suisse recently met
with government and opposition
figures. “We found generalised
optimism that the government is
likely to negotiate with holdout
creditors in early 2015,” the bank
said in a note to clients.
A deal would help Argentina
regain access to much-needed
global bond п¬Ѓnancing, lack of
which has helped pound central
bank reserves 17% lower over the
last 12 month to a scant $28bn
while inflation zooms at an estimated 40%.
Farmers in the grain powerhouse nation have taken to
hoarding soybean and corn as a
hedge against the wobbly peso
Floods in Argentina
A man pushes his vehicle through a flooded street after heavy rains in Valentin Alsina, south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, yesterday. At least one person died in the
heavy rains. Nearly 1,000 people were evacuated during the last two days due to heavy rains and strong winds said the mayor of San Fernando Luis Andreotti.
Santos hails �important
step’ by Farc rebels
olombian President Jose
Manuel Santos yesterday hailed the decision
by the Farc rebel group to acknowledge for the п¬Ѓrst time that
it had hurt civilians, calling it
“an important step”.
During peace talks in Cuba
with the Colombian government on Thursday, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia said it had never targeted
civilians but admitted they had
been harmed through the excessive use of force or mistakes
during 50 years of insurgency.
“We explicitly recognise that
our actions have affected civil-
Police flounder in search
for missing students
Mexico City
exican authorities have
found no trace of 43
college students since
their disappearance more than a
month ago, laying bare a series of
missteps in a case that has infuriated the country.
In the п¬Ѓrst days after the students vanished following a police attack in the town of Iguala
on September 26, Guerrero state
authorities initially said the students were maybe just hiding.
Meanwhile, Iguala’s mayor Jose
Luis Abarca had ample time to escape, skipping town two days after
the assault along with his wife and
the municipal police chief.
The mayor is now accused of
ordering the gang-linked local
police force to round up the students out of fear they would interrupt a speech by his wife.
Authorities say the corrupt officers handed the 43 students to
their allies in the Guerreros Unidos drug gang. It took nine days
after the attack for the attorney
general’s office to take over the
case from state prosecutors.
The mass disappearance has
belied President Enrique Pena
Nieto’s assurances that violence
was down in Mexico thanks to
better co-ordination between
police agencies.
“There was a delay, an initial
negligence by the federal government,” Alejandro Hope, a security expert and former Mexican
intelligence officer, said. “In a
scientific investigation, anybody
knows that the п¬Ѓrst 48 hours after
a disappearance are crucial.”
In the п¬Ѓrst week after the disappearance, relatives conducted
their own searches with troops
accompanying them for security. Since then, federal authorities have ramped up the search,
deploying more than 2,000 soldiers and police around Iguala to
find the young men, all teacher’s
college students.
Helicopters, horse-mounted
police and rescue dogs have
combed the hills. Divers have
searched the depths for lakes
and rivers. A dozen unmarked
graves with 38 bodies have been
unearthed, but so far authorities
say they have not found the students among the remains.
“They’re playing detective,
searching anywhere, without any
sort of clarity about what happened. The search is turning into
a problem for the government
because it is creating a perception
of incompetence,” Hope said.
Authorities have detained 56
suspects, including 36 officers
from Iguala and the neighbouring town of Cocula along with
several Guerreros Unidos members. Their testimony has been
Two gang hitmen said they had
killed 17 of the 43 students and
dumped their bodies in a hillside
pit, according to state prosecutors. But attorney general Jesus
Murillo Karam declared on October 14 that the п¬Ѓrst 28 bodies that
were found did not match DNA of
any of the students. Murillo, however, later backtracked, saying the
results have yet to be confirmed
by independent forensic experts
from Argentina who were called
in at the request of relatives, who
distrust the authorities.
ians at different times and circumstances during the war,” the
Farc said.
The admission from the
8,000-strong Farc comes as
both sides discuss victim reparations following two years of
peace talks in Cuba with Santos’s centre-right government.
“It seems to me to be an important step and gesture. When
the sides begin to assume responsibility that means that the
talks are serious,” Santos told
Spanish news radio Cadena Ser
in Madrid, where he is on an official visit.
Colombia’s internal conflict
has left 220,000 dead and displaced 5.3mn people, according
to official п¬Ѓgures.
The Colombian government
has for a long time demanded
Farc explicitly acknowledge
their impact on civilians and
has sought their commitment
to provide reparations for the
Santos is in Spain as part of a
lightning tour of Europe where
he will lobby for the creation of
a European fund for the postconflict period should his government clinch a historic deal
with the Farc.
He heads to Belgium today
and will hold talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin tomorrow. He will
visit Portugal on Thursday and
wrap up his European tour on
Friday with stops in Paris and
Meanwhile Colombia’s chief
Havana fair
negotiator to the talks, Humberto de la Calle, disclosed
that the rebels are willing to lay
down, but not surrender their
arms. De la Calle has, however,
insisted the rebels cannot keep
their weapons.
De la Calle, a former vice
president, was speaking to
press at the end of the 30th
round of talks that began in
November 2012 and has so far
resulted in preliminary agreements on rural reform, political
participation and drug trafficking.
“The basic premise of this
whole process is that once we
sign a п¬Ѓnal agreement, the Farc
will have to initiate the process
of ceasing to have weapons in its
power,” De la Calle said.
Dutch killer stabbed
in jail, claims lawyer
European cars are displayed at the 32nd Havana
International Fair (FIHAV). About 2,000 businessmen from
60 countries are participating in this edition of the major
commercial fair of the island, which will ends on November 8.
“Colombians can be sure that
the Farc won’t keep their weapons if we arrive at an agreement. The laying down of arms
is an imperative that must lead
to a peace that is not armed,”
the government peace negotiator added.
De la Calle also responded to
the Farc statements that suggested that they would expect
the state to lay down its weapons in “doing politics.” “Government forces, by constitutional mandate, is instituted to
protect the Colombian population and holds the legal monopoly on arms and the legitimate
use of force. That is why it will
not lay down its arms as a result
of the transition,” the negotiator said.
he lawyer of convicted
killer Joran van der
Sloot yesterday said
that the Dutch citizen had
been stabbed repeatedly in
a Peruvian prison in recent
days, but local penitentiary
authorities deny the attacks
took place.
Van der Sloot, the main suspect in the 2005 disappearance
of US teenager Natalee Holloway, was stabbed three times
on October 27 and then again
in his kidney on Sunday in the
Challapalca prison, his lawyer
Maximo Altez told Reuters by
telephone, without giving further details.
But the head of Peru’s penitentiary system, INPE, dismissed the charge as false and
said the prisoner’s wife, who
made the allegations, fabricated the story, according to local
“Absolutely nothing has
happened to him, that woman
is lying,” INPE head Jose Luis
Perez was quoted as saying in
the local newspaper, La Republica.
A spokeswoman for INPE
confirmed to Reuters that
authorities are denying the
Van der Sloot was given a
28-year sentence after he confessed to strangling, beating
and suffocating 21-year-old
Peruvian business student
Stephany Flores after meeting
her in a casino in 2010. He was
sentenced in early 2012.
He is also suspected of killing Holloway, who vanished
during a high school graduation trip to Aruba in 2005 and
was last seen with him and another man.
The body of the Alabama
student, who was aged 18 at
the time of her disappearance,
has never been found. Van der
Sloot has denied involvement.
Peru has said it will extradite van der Sloot to the US for
questioning about the Holloway case, but only after he
п¬Ѓnishes his jail term.
Van der Sloot married Peruvian citizen Leidy Figueroa,
with whom he has a child, at a
prison in July.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
for Sikh
A Pakistan Rangers soldier and an Indian Border Security Force soldier shakes hand at the start of the flag-lowering ceremony at the
Indo-Pakistan checkpost at Attari-Wagah border yesterday. Above: Pakistani spectators attend the flag-lowering ceremony yesterday, a day
after the suicide bombing. A Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up on 2 November near the venue of the flag-hoisting ceremony at the
Pakistani border with India, killing 55 people and injuring more than 100 in the worse attack in months, police said.
Wagah border ceremony goes
ahead despite bomb carnage
One day after a suicide bomb
attack at Wagah border in
Lahore, Pakistan Rangers and
Indian Border Security Force
performed the flag-lowering
ceremony at the post
Wagah, Pakistan
akistan and India went
ahead yesterday with a
colourful military ceremony at a major border post, defying a suicide attack on the event
a day earlier that killed 55 people.
The bomber struck at the
Wagah border crossing near the
eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on Sunday, causing carnage among crowds leaving the
daily “flag-lowering” event that
marks the closing of the frontier
for the day.
The explosion, which wounded more than 120, was the deadliest to hit Pakistan in more than
a year, but an official claimed
there was no security lapse —
despite admitting having received warning of an attack.
The strike came with Pakistan
on high alert for the mourning
days of Ashura, a flashpoint for
sectarian violence in recent years.
A security source told AFP two
alerts had been issued to Punjab
provincial officials, including
one about a possible attack at
However, a spokesman for
the Rangers paramilitary force,
which guards the border post,
said the attack took place some
distance from the parade.
“We had received an alert
but the incident occurred in the
commercial area, where people were gathered around food
shops, the parade lane is quite a
distance from the location of the
blast,” he told said.
“It’s not a security lapse.”
At least two different factions
of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed the attack, the
п¬Ѓrst major strike since the army
launched an offensive against
militant strongholds in the tribal
northwest in June.
Despite the bloodshed, the
ceremony went ahead yesterday,
complete with Pakistani spectators in the stands.
The Punjab army corps commander Lieutenant General
Naveed Zaman said the turnout
“proved that terrorists can’t
break the morale and zeal of the
Indian forces also took part on
their side of the frontier but Indian spectators were barred.
India’s home ministry had earlier said the daily flag-lowering
ceremony would be suspended
as a mark of respect for the dead
- the п¬Ѓrst time the parade would
have been called off since the two
countries went to war in 1971.
But later Pakistani officials
changed their mind, deciding to
go ahead with the ritual to send a
message to the militants.
Just before dusk, at least 2,000
women, men and children gathered at the parade ground on the
border crossing, some chanting
“Death to terrorists” and “Long
Pakistani Rangers (in black) and Indian Border Security Force
soldiers (in khaki) perform the flag-lowering ceremony, a day after
the suicide bombing at the Pakistan-India border crossing at Wagah.
live Pakistan”. On the Indian
side, there were only a handful of
The colourful show, where
border guards in elaborate uniforms goose-step, shake hands
brusquely across the borderline
and scowl aggressively at each
other, proceeded as usual amid
heightened security.
Like many Pakistanis who attend the event, eyewitness Nawaz
Khan had gone on Sunday with
family members, visiting from the
northwestern city of Peshawar.
“There were 14 of us. After the
parade I came out of the gate and
my brother told me to go back
and bring the children,” Khan
As he returned with the children, he said, he saw a “young
boy” running towards the gate,
who was stopped by a Ranger.
“Then there was a huge bang
and I saw my brother flying in
the air. There were screams all
around and the place was п¬Ѓlled
with the smell of burnt human
flesh and blood,” he said.
“I had lost the children and
I was screaming for them and
then I saw the body of my brother lying on the ground with other
bodies,” said Khan, whose children were found unhurt.
A senior officer with India’s
Border Security Force, Ashok
Kumar, told AFP security would
be strengthened as a result of
the attack, but said he expected
hundreds of Sikhs to go ahead
with a planned pilgrimage to Lahore this week.
Security forces across Pakistan were on high alert yesterday
for possible attacks as Shia mark
Ashura, with mourning processions.
Around 10,000 police and
paramilitary Rangers have been
deployed in Islamabad and its
twin city Rawalpindi, officials
Security analyst Hasan Askari
said the security forces’ focus
on the Ashura threat may have
made them take their eye off the
ball at Wagah.
“There was a lot of security
for the Muharram processions so
this place was the easiest target,”
he said.
“Security forces have taken a
lot of precautions: they (militants) are now looking for soft
An editorial in Dawn newspaper speculated about a possible
link to the ongoing anti-militant army operation in North
People watching the ceremony may have been “deliberately
targeted because of their per-
ceived support for the security
forces”, Dawn said.
The attack so close to the Indian border comes at a delicate
point in relations.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the
“shocking” attack, describing it
as a “dastardly act of terrorism”.
But, given Pakistan’s frosty
relations with India, with which
it has fought three wars, some
commentators suggested the attack might have been plotted by
elements trying to sabotage relations between the arch-rivals or
hurt India.
The flag-lowering ceremony
is extremely popular on both
sides, with crowds every day
packing out bleachers set up on
either side of the gates adorned
with large, facing portraits of
their founding fathers, Mahatma
Gandhi on the Indian side and
Mohamed Ali Jinnah on the Pakistani side.
The attack rattled people’s
nerves in a region already beset
by violence and insurgencies
but despite reports that police
had found more explosives in
the area many people came with
their families to see the first flaglowering since the attack.
Anwar Shaikh, 45, a Lahore
resident, came with his wife and
two children.
“I came here yesterday after
the tragedy,” he said. “Today, I
came with my family to express
solidarity with my country and
the martyrs. We can give our
lives to our country but would
not surrender to terrorists.”
Trust Property Board
(ETPB) Chairman Siddiqul Farooq has said he will
personally ensure safety and
security of over 2,000 Sikh
pilgrims, who are scheduled to arrive in the city via
Wagah Railway Station today for the three-day birth
anniversary celebrations of
Guru Nanak.
“[The suicide attack at
Wagah] looks like a security lapse and I will ensure
this does not happen again,
2,000 Sikh pilgrims arrive at Wagah Railway Station. I have also telephoned
Railways Minister Khawaja
Saad Rafique to get the trains
checked, which will bring all
the pilgrims here,” he told
reporters at the border.
While expressing grief
over the incident and condemning it, Farooq said it
was possible that the target was the main ceremony
area where a large crowd had
“The suicide bomber was
stopped at the second of
two checkposts leading to
the ceremony area where
he blew himself up,” he explained.
He said the incident could
be a reaction to the army’s
Operation Zarb-i-Azb in
North Waziristan.
The ETPB chairman said
he would soon talk to Indian
authorities regarding security arrangements for the Sikh
pilgrims arriving today.
“I don’t believe that the
incident may result in cancellation of the Sikh celebrations. I would contact Indian
authorities and assure them
of best security and logistic
arrangements for the pilgrims during their stay in
Pakistan,” he added.
He further said the pilgrims would visit Nankana
Sahib, Hassan Abdal and
other cities to pay visits to
temples of their religious
and spiritual leaders.
cracks down on
�immoral’ ads
Afghanistan yesterday
launched a drive against
female models being used
“as decoration” in advertising
campaigns, saying some commercials spread immorality
among young people in the
conservative Muslim nation.
Billboards and television
advertisements selling
everything from mobile
phones to insurance have
sprung up since the fall of
the Taliban regime in 2001
as the country opened up
to international trade and
modern marketing.
Pakistani, Indian spy agencies averted more deaths
Wagah, India/Lahore, Pakistan
ndian and Pakistani intelligence agencies both picked
up plans for an imminent
strike on their Wagah land border ahead of a suicide blast that
killed 57 people on Sunday, and
heightened security possibly
averted a more devastating attack.
Pakistani police yesterday
said they had recovered a “huge”
cache of weapons and explosives
near the border, where thousands of Indians and Pakistanis gather at dusk every day to
watch a flamboyant ritual parade
by their security forces.
Pakistani police spokeswoman Nabeela Ghazanfar said the
latest death toll was 57 after the
bomber detonated explosives in
a car park 500 metres from the
border gates and parade ground,
just as hundreds of spectators
were returning from the ceremony.
Pakistani and Indian agents,
who are arch-rivals and do not
share intelligence, gave con-
flicting accounts of whether the
bomber’s true intention was to
cause casualties on the Indian
side of the border and stir up
tensions between the nucleararmed nations.
“It appears the bomber wanted to target ground zero where
Pakistan and India border officials stand together to perform
the flag ceremony but he could
not enter due to tight security on
the last gate,” a Pakistani intelligence official said.
“Had he managed to reach the
place, there would have been the
worst scenario at both sides.”
If successful, such an attack
would likely have severely tested
ties between India and Pakistan,
already frayed after weeks of
shelling further along the border
killed 17 people in October.
Another source said a second
suicide vest had been found in
a п¬Ѓeld near the explosion site,
suggesting there might have
been another bomber.
“The target - the border facility that symbolises trade
and interaction between India
and Pakistan - is a tempting
one for extremist Pakistani
groups that want conflict with
India and oppose any detente
or co-operation with New
Delhi,” said Bruce Riedel of
the Brookings Institution, a
former adviser on South Asia
to US presidents.
An official from India’s foreign intelligence service, the
Research and Analysis Wing,
said the blast at the border was
squarely aimed at Pakistan’s security forces, a version in line
with several Pakistani Taliban
splinter groups that claimed the
attack as revenge for an army offensive against militants near the
Afghanistan border.
“It is reprisal attacks against
the establishment there. It’s
been a long time coming, ever
since the TTP (the Pakistan Taliban) has been under pressure,”
he said.
He said the attack may have
been an attempt by Al Qaeda’s
new Indian Subcontinent wing
to demonstrate its potential at
a time when the network has
been overshadowed by Islamic
State, which anecdotal evidence
suggests is gathering support in
South Asia.
“They have tried to focus on
large casualties and a sensational
incident,” he said.
An Indian official said the
home ministry received two intelligence warnings in mid-October of possible attacks along
the border or at the Golden
Temple in the nearby city of Amritsar, the most sacred site for
“Based on these reports the
BSF was ordered to upgrade security and a red alert was also
issued,” said a senior home ministry official, who declined to be
named because he was not authorised to speak to media.
“Warnings from intelligence
departments are a regular feature but this time we had a clear
input that the retreat and Golden
Temple could be prime targets.
This message was conveyed to
the local police.”
Jagdeep Singh, a superintendent of police in Amritsar who is
involved with security around
the Wagah border, told Reuters
he had installed checkpoints at
two spots 3km away from the
flag ceremony venue after the
warnings in October.
A Pakistani paramilitary soldier searches a passenger bus at Wagah border yesterday.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
US Navy
port calls
amid anger
Foreign Department
spokesman Charles Jose
has said the visits of three
US ships to Subic this month
had been cancelled
he US Navy has cancelled
visits to the Philippine
port of Subic amid public anger over accusations that
a US Marine killed a Filipino on
the city’s outskirts, officials said
Foreign Department spokesman Charles Jose said the visits
of three US ships to Subic this
month had been cancelled, while
the head of the Subic freeport
said nine such visits scheduled
for this year had been called off.
“The DFA (Department of
Foreign Affairs) was informed
through normal diplomatic
channels of the cancellation of
the visits to Subic of three ships
for operational reasons,” he said.
Jose told reporters he did not
believe the cancellations were
linked to anger stirred by the
investigation of a US Marine for
the killing of a Filipino transgender in Olongapo City last month.
Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority chairman Robert Garcia
said nine US ships due to dock
at Subic this year had cancelled
their visits.
He said that two US Navy ships
were still scheduled to make port
calls in Subic for “emergency repairs” but their crews would not
be allowed to disembark.
Normally, two or three US
Navy ships make routine port
calls every month for resupply
in Subic, a former US naval base
about an hour’s drive from Manila, said Garcia.
He said the authority had been
informed of the cancellations by
the Subic chamber of commerce,
which includes the company
that services US ships.
However Garcia could not say
why the visits were cancelled.
US embassy officials declined to
Jennifer Laude, a 26-yearold transgender Filipina, was
found dead on October 12 in
a cheap hotel near Subic with
marks of strangulation on her
US Marine Private First Class
Joseph Scott Pemberton, who
had just finished taking part in
US-Philippine military exercises in Subic, had checked into
the hotel with Laude and was
the last person seen with her,
police said.
Pemberton is now detained
at Philippine military headquarters while prosecutors
consider charging him.
Activist groups have seized
on the incident to attack the
defence ties between the US
and its former colony.
have been staged against the
US forces.
President Benigno Aquino tours the Coca-Cola Femsa Philippines Canlubang Plant during the inauguration ceremony at the Silangan Industrial Estate in Calamba City yesterday.
Aquino hopes to п¬Ѓnd love at end of term
By Catherine S Valente
Manila Times
he country’s bachelor
president is still loveless
but is hopeful that he will
п¬Ѓnd a partner when he steps
down in 2016.
During the inauguration of
a Coca-Cola plant expansion
project in Calamba City, Laguna, President Benigno Aquino,
54, once again compared his
love life to
sugar-free cola, saying it is
“still zero.”
“I will pre-empt the question
and say, for the record: Yes, my
love life is still like Coke Zero,”
President says Binay free to leave government
By Fernan Marasign
& Catherine S Valente
Manila Times
pparently stung by criticisms made by the country’s second highest official, President Benigno Aquino
yesterday said Vice President
Jejomar Binay is free to leave the
Cabinet if he is unhappy with
the administration’s policies.
Binay, however, was quick to
say he is not quitting and will
continue to be part of the president’s team.
When asked by reporters if he
feels that “it’s time for the vice
president to leave (his) Cabinet,” Aquino cited reports that
Binay has been critical of his
“If the vice president did say
those things, then there are
two things we need to remember: Number one, if he thinks
we aren’t doing enough, he is
a member of the Cabinet, then
he should advice us, how can
we improve the system?,” the
president said.
“That’s not a choice, that’s
his obligation, he is a member
of the Cabinet. And if he thinks
our direction is wrong, then he
is also free to no longer join our
movement,” he added.
Aquino noted that during
Cabinet meetings, he has not
heard Binay offer solutions to
the problems he cited.
“At the minimum, he is the
vice president of the land. He
has criticism… to be constructive he has to have solutions and
if he has some, I have not heard
these solutions in these Cabinet
meetings. So if he has solutions,
he should have shared them.
The question is: Why has he not
shared them?” he asked.
“Let me just reiterate: If you
think the government is doing something wrong, you’re a
member of the government, you
are the second highest official in
the land, you have an obligation
to share your knowledge on sustainable solutions if you feel you
have any,” he added.
When also asked if he still
had trust and confidence in
the vice president, Aquino said
that Binay’s “questionable
wealth” was acquired before he
was elected to his position at
he said in his speech.
“I hope that when I step
down from the presidency, it
will at least go back to being like
Coke Light,” he added.
In 2011, the president compared his love life to soda variants, saying it has gone from
Coke regular to zero.
Since taking office last year,
Aquino has broken up with
several women, often blaming
journalists’ prying eyes for his
ruined romantic life.
His last reported love interest
was a lawyer from the Department of Interior and Local Government.
The president’s high profile dates have also included
South Korean TV personality
Grace Lee, celebrity stylist Liz
Uy, stockbroker Len Lopez and
Valenzuela City (Metro Manila)
councillor Shalani Soledad.
Soledad has since married
Pasig City (Metro Manila) Rep.
Roman Romulo, son of former
Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo.
Army urged to crush rebels
By Joel M Sy Egco
Manila Times
resident Benigno Aquino
wants the Armed Forces of
the Philippines (AFP) and
other law enforcement agencies
to continue operations against the
Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) until it is
wiped out.
The president yesterday said
the government has “sufficient
forces” to do the job.
“My instruction to those concerned is to continue their operations without let-up until they
(ASG) are all crushed, meaning
arrested and brought to court,
all members of the Abu Sayyaf,”
Aquino said in an interview.
He was reacting to Autonomous
Region in Muslim Mindanao
(ARMM) Gov. Mujiv Hataman’s
recommendation for an all-out
military offensive against the ASG
after the killing of six soldiers in
an ambush staged by the group in
Basilan province over the weekend.
“Just picture this imagery, you
confine them in one camp because
of your relentless pursuit until
they all get tired of running and
get caught,” Aquino said.
He added that the AFP and the
Philippine National Police leaderships had assured him that their
forces are sufficient to “wipe out
these criminal elements.”
The president said there are
only about 200 ASG members and
the group has at least 200 sympathisers. “So you’re talking about
400,” he noted.
According to him, military operations include “depriving” the
ASG of its “safe havens” by sending out a number of battalions of
troops in areas where the ASG is
known to keep bases.
Typhoon widow grateful for cruel consolation
San Agustin
tiny store selling lollies,
coffee and shampoo may
seem a cruel consolation
for Philippine typhoon widow
Jennifer Pulga, but it keeps her
with her children and for that
she is deeply grateful.
Jennifer’s husband, Richard,
was among the more than 7,350
people who perished when super typhoon Haiyan, one of the
strongest storms on record,
razed dozens of farming and
п¬Ѓshing communities in the central Philippines.
The couple lived in an isolated
farming village and Richard, 27,
was badly injured after winds
exceeding 300 kilometres an
hour tore down a coconut tree,
crashing it into their bamboo
house and on top of him.
Jennifer took six days to get
him to a hospital but the facility
was badly damaged and had no
electricity, so medics could only
amputate a damaged leg and give
her a hand pump to manually inflate his collapsed lungs.
Jennifer pumped Richard’s
lungs for six hours, hoping for a
Then he died, leaving her with
a baby daughter and six-yearold son but no way to support
Jennifer did not want to return
to the farm and could not have
Philippine typhoon widow Jennifer Pulga sweeps in front of her small store in San Agustin, Leyte. Right: Jennifer shops for items to be sold at her small store.
done so if she did, with their
home and all the coconut trees
that had given them a meagre income destroyed in the storm.
Three months after the disaster, Jennifer was living with her
elderly mother-in-law, herself a
widow, in a tiny mountain village
close to where she had lived with
The mother-in-law’s house
was made of solid concrete
bricks, but the roof was badly
damaged in the typhoon and still
in need of repair.
With no income, the four of
them survived on aid from local and international charity
But the aid in such a remote
village was much less than in
more heavily populated areas
impacted by the typhoon, and it
was about to run out.
“I was going to have to leave
my children and work as a maid
somewhere,” Jennifer, 28, said on
a recent visit.
“But I needed to stay with
my children. I needed to protect
them. There is just the three of
us now, so they mean so much
to me.” She had grown up poor
in the countryside and her only
previous work experience outside of the farm was a short stint
as a maid in the nations’ capital,
Finally, with that prospect looming, Jennifer’s luck
A Filipino living in the US read
an article about Jennifer and sent
her 21,000 pesos ($470) to set up
a small store outside her mother-in-law’s home.
“I prayed to God that somebody would give us help,” said
Jennifer, who like most Filipinos
is a devout Catholic.
“If we didn’t have any help,
we wouldn’t have anything.
So this is really an answered
The store is barely bigger
than a dog kennel, with the roof
just a tarpaulin sheet donated
nearly a year ago from an international aid group.
The products on offer are
fewer and with less variety than
others in the village.
But Jennifer earns an average
of about 50 pesos ($1.2) a day
from the store, selling lollies to
children and sachets of coffee,
shampoo and other household
items to her neighbours.
“This means so much to me
because I can support my children, we are earning enough for
our daily expenses,” Jennifer
The store has not been a panacea for grief.
“Every night I dream of Richard, and I am so sad. I lie
in bed and cry,” Jennifer said,
with tears in her eyes and her
14-month-old daughter, Irish,
on her knee. “Sometimes I feel
I am going crazy.”
The tragedy has also tested
her faith, with gratitude for the
stall occasionally turning to
anger and pity.
“Sometimes I talk to God. I
tell Him: �Maybe you don’t love
me, because you took Richard
away from us’,” she said.
“And sometimes I ask myself
why it has happened to us. We
who are already so poor. But
it is not only me who has suffered. There are so many others.” Yet looking after the store
helps to distract her from these
dark moments, particularly the
half-hour weekly trek to the
nearest town to buy supplies.
“I’m enjoying being a businesswoman,” Jennifer said, a rare
smile emerging.
More good news arrived last
month when a French aid group,
which similarly read about Jennifer’s story on the Internet, sent
the equivalent of $1,000 (45,000
pesos) to fix her mother-inlaw’s house.
The combined donations are
extraordinary in a region where
hundreds of thousands of typhoon survivors are enduring
similar poverty without any п¬Ѓnancial aid.
Still the money offers no longterm п¬Ѓnancial miracles and her
shop is the most fragile of lifelines.
“I don’t know what we would
do without it,” she said.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Court upholds Bangladesh
leader’s death sentence
iolence broke out in
after the country’s highest court upheld the death sentence of an Islamist party leader
convicted of committing war
crimes, including mass murder,
during the 1971 independence
The Supreme Court’s rejection of Mohammad Kamaruzzaman’s appeal means that
he will now be hanged within
months, unless the case is reviewed again or he is granted
clemency by the country’s
The 62-year-old assistant
secretary general of the Jamaate-Islami will be the second
senior Islamist to hang for
crimes committed during the
war which saw the former East
Islamist protesters set off
more than a dozen crude improvised bombs, torched and
damaged cars and pelted police with rocks, who responded
by п¬Ѓring rubber bullets and
tear gas.
Jamaat called a nationwide
48-hour strike from tomorrow
morning to protest against the
court’s decision.
The ruling came after another senior Jamaat official, Abdul
Quader Molla, was executed in
December after being convicted
on similar charges.
In the last week, Bangladesh’s International Crimes
Tribunal — a domestic court
— has sentenced Jamaat’s supreme leader Motiur Rahman
Nizami and key п¬Ѓnancier Mir
Quasem Ali to death.
The convictions of some of
Nizami’s top lieutenants last
year triggered the country’s
deadliest political violence
since independence. Tens of
thousands of Jaamat activists
clashed with police in protests
that left some 500 people dead.
Critics say the latest flurry of
judgements are designed to intimidate the opposition, which
has been stepping up protests
against Prime Minister Sheikh
Hasina’s government.
In recent weeks Jamaat and
the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party have
held a series of giant rallies to
demand fresh polls after Hasina
was controversially re-elected
in January in a contest boycotted by the opposition.
Rights groups have said the
trials have fallen short of international standards and lack any
foreign oversight.
Hasina’s government maintains the trials are needed to
heal the wounds of the conflict,
which it says left 3mn people
Independent researchers estimate that between 300,000
and 500,000 people died in the
1971 war.
Kamaruzzaman was found
guilty in May 2013 of mass murder, torture and abductions.
The prosecution was centred
around a mass killing at the
border town of Sohagpur, which
has become known as the “Village of Widows”, after at least
120 unarmed farmers were lined
up and slaughtered in paddy
Three of the widows testified
Jamaat-e-Islami leader Mohammad Kamaruzzaman, right, sitting next to a police officer as he leaves court in Dhaka.
against him during his trial.
“My mother did not live to
see this day. I am sure this verdict would have lessened her
pain,” said Jalal Uddin, whose
father, a brother and п¬Ѓve other
relatives were shot dead in the
“Thirty-one widows are still
alive. They are happy,” said Uddin who heads the Sohagpur
widows’ welfare committee.
Prosecutors said Kamaruz-
Chinese submarine
docks at Lanka port
ri Lanka has allowed a
Chinese submarine and
a warship to dock at its
port in the capital Colombo,
officials said, despite concerns
raised by India about China’s
warming relations with the
Indian Ocean island nation.
Submarine Changzheng-2
and warship Chang Xing Dao
arrived at the port on Friday,
seven weeks after another Chinese submarine, a long-range
deployment patrol, had called
at the same port ahead of a
visit to South Asia by Chinese
President Xi Jinping.
“A submarine and a warship have docked at Colombo harbour. They called on
October 31 and will be here
for п¬Ѓve days for refuelling
and crew refreshment,” Sri
Lankan navy spokesman Ko-
sala Warnakulasuriya said.
“This is nothing unusual.
Since 2010, 230 warships have
called at Colombo port from
various countries on goodwill
visits and for refuelling and
crew refreshment.”
However, the frequency of
Chinese visits has become a
concern for New Delhi, Indian
officials have told Reuters.
“India has raised concerns
over this but not aggressively,” an Indian official familiar
with diplomatic discussions
between the neighbours told
China has invested heavily in
Sri Lanka in recent years, funding airports, roads, railways
and ports, a development that
has unsettled India, traditionally the closest economic partner of the island nation of 21mn
India has already raised concerns over an aircraft maintenance facility following
speculation it could be built in
the eastern port city of Trincomalee, which India considers
a strategic location in national
security terms.
R Hariharan, a retired colonel from the Indian army and
an associate at the Chennai
Centre for China Studies, said
India was concerned about the
latest docking of a Chinese
submarine at a Sri Lankan port
for many reasons.
“For the first time, Chinese
submarines are being made
part of the PLA (the People’s
Liberation Army) in the Indian
Ocean region fleet operation
in the Gulf of Aden on antipiracy, which is not a common
practice,” he said.
A 1987 accord between India
and Sri Lanka provides that respective territories - including
Trincomalee - will not be used
for activities prejudicial to each
other’s unity, integrity and
zaman was also an organiser of
the notorious Al Badr militia accused of killing top professors,
writers and doctors in one of
the most brutal chapters of the
nine-month conflict.
Defence lawyers rejected the
charges as “baseless”.
“We are extremely disappointed,” defence lawyer Tajul Islam
said after yesterday’s judgement,
adding they would seek a review
as the death sentence was upheld
n a bid to boost people-topeople contact and tourism in the region, Nepal
and India have п¬Ѓnalised a new
agreement that envisages bus
services from Kathmandu
and Pokhara to New Delhi and
The Motor Vehicle Agreement will be signed during
the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the
Himalayan nation to attend
the Saarc summit slated for
November 26-27.
The agreement proposes
regular bus services on three
routes - Kathmandu to New
Delhi via Gorakhpur and Lucknow; Kathmandu to Varanasi
via Azamgarh; and Pokhara to
New Delhi via Gorakhpur and
Lucknow, the Indian embassy
in Kathmandu said.
“The governments of
Nepal and India held talks
in Kathmandu on October
30 to finalise the Motor
Vehicle Agreement and
other matters related
to road transport and
The agreement also intends
to simplify the movement of
private vehicles across the
The proposed India-Nepal
Friendship Car Rally on the
route Puri-Kathmandu-Delhi
will also get assistance from
both governments.
“The governments of Nepal
and India held talks in Kathmandu on October 30 to п¬Ѓnalise
the Motor Vehicle Agreement
and other matters related to
road transport and infrastructure,” the Indian embassy
statement said.
A Nepali official said that
the new bus services will
be launched on November
25, the day Modi arrives in
The Nepal delegation was led
by Tulasi Prasad Situala, secretary in the physical infrastructure and transport ministry,
while the Indian side was led by
Vijay Chibber, secretary in In-
by a majority decision.
However, Attorney General
Mahbubey Alam said a review
was unlikely and Kamaruzzaman could be hanged as soon
as the verdict reached the jail
Security was tight in the capital ahead of the verdict, with
heavily-armed police and paramilitary border guards patrolling the streets.
“We are alert against any bid
to create anarchy,” Dhaka police
officer Saifur Rahman said.
A three-day strike called by
Jamaat to protest against Nizami’s sentencing was to conclude
yesterday after forcing schools,
businesses and bus services to
shut down and triggering sporadic violence.
Five small bombs exploded in
the capital late on Sunday, but
no one was injured, Rahman
guide died and two Swiss
climbers were injured
when an avalanche hit a Himalayan peak in eastern Nepal yesterday, police said.
They were attempting a summit of the 6,812m (22,349ft) Ama
Dablam peak in the Everest region when the avalanche struck
early yesterday, less than a fortnight after a German and a US
climber died on the same mountain in separate incidents.
“A helicopter was deployed to
rescue the two climbers and they
have been brought to Kathmandu,” said police official Khagendra Bahadur Khadka.
The 42-year-old man broke
his back while the 35-year-old
woman suffered minor injuries,
Khadka said.
Last week, a German climber lost
consciousness and died after summiting the peak, while a US climber
fell to his death a week earlier.
Rescuers also brought back
Monday the body of a 59-yearold Italian climber who died of
altitude sickness the previous
day while climbing the 6,186m
(20,295ft) Kyajo Ri mountain in
the Everest region.
In April, 16 guides were killed
on Mount Everest in the deadliest avalanche to hit the 8,848m
mountain, sparking an unprecedented shutdown of the world’s
highest peak and highlighting
the risks taken by local guides on
behalf of foreign clients.
Yesterday’s avalanche comes
less than three weeks after a
snowstorm in central Nepal
killed 43 hikers, porters and
guides during the peak trekking
Performing traditional dance
Artists in traditional attire performing during the Kartik Naach festival in the ancient courtyard of Patan Durbar Square in Lalitpur, near
Kathmandu. The festival is held annually as storytelling through dance believed to be introduced in 17th century.
Nepal, India п¬Ѓnalise road
transport agreement
kills guide,
injures two
dia’s road transport and highways ministry.
The Nepali side appreciated
the offer from India to impart
technical training to Nepal’s
highway engineers at the Indian Academy of Highway Engineers.
India also shared its experience in construction of roads
through the public private partnership (PPP) and engineering
procurement and construction
(EPC) models.
Both sides also decided to
prepare a feasibility report for
three motorable bridges on the
Mahakali river at Mahendra
Nagar, Jhulaghat and Darchula
and a suspension bridge at
Shirsha in Dadeldhura district
of Nepal.
Kofi Annan urges Hasina not
to lower marriage age of girls
By Mizan Rahman
ormer UN secretary general Kofi Annan has urged the
Bangladesh prime minister
to maintain the minimum age of
marriage for girls at 18 years.
Kofi Annan, currently chair of
The Elders, a group of independent leaders working together for
peace and human rights across
the globe, made the call in an
open letter sent to Sheikh Hasina,
the Prime Minister’s Office said.
On behalf of The Elders, Annan said they were concerned
to learn that the cabinet has recently approved language in the
draft Child Marriage Restraint
Act 2014 to lower the minimum
age of marriage from 18 to 16
years for girls.
Kofi Annan
Warning of the dangers of lowering the age, he said: “Such a
change in legislation would undermine efforts to reduce poverty
and improve the welfare of girls
and women across Bangladesh.
“We urge you to maintain the
minimum age of marriage for girls
at 18 years of age,” the letter said.
Annan praised Hasina’s government for committing to end
child marriage.
However, he warned that lowering the age of marriage for girls
would be “a step in the wrong direction” that would “undermine
efforts to reduce poverty and
improve the welfare of girls and
women across Bangladesh”, with
particularly harmful effects for
maternal and child health.
“Girls who are married and out
of school do not contribute to
Bangladesh’s economic development and prosperity, perpetuating cycles of poverty,” he added.
Bangladesh has made impressive progress in improving
maternal and child health over
the past decade, however this
progress will be hindered if the
proposal to reduce the age of
marriage goes forward, he said.
Kofi Annan termed child
marriage a major violation of
human rights.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
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Misbah critics have
no place to hide
after UAE heroics
Pakistani cricket fans can’t thank Misbah-ulHaq enough after the 40-year-old led his country
to its п¬Ѓrst Test series win over Australia in 20 years
A 2-0 sweep over the mighty Aussies is a result any
team would accept with both hands, but what stood
out was the manner in which victory was achieved
– Pakistan winning the second Test by 356 runs, the
biggest in its history.
Seldom has Australia suffered so much at the hands
of any opposition, with Misbah hitting the fastest
half-century in Tests and equalling the one and only
Vivian Richards’ 56-ball ton mark set in 1986 – both
in a matter of one innings. And mind you, he also
hit a century in Pakistan’s first innings, which was
overshadowed by the heroics of Younis Khan, who
scored a double ton, thereby laying the foundations for
Pakistan’s historic triumph.
Even the most ardent admirer of the Pakistani
captain wouldn’t have dared dreaming about Misbah’s
and Richards’ names
being mentioned in
the same breath one
day. Misbah, after all,
is known more for
wearing down rival
bowlers with patience
and application rather
than for going ballistic
after them like, say, a
Virender Sehwag or Shahid Afridi.
But on Sunday a new aspect of his personality
emerged that would give his detractors in the Pakistani
establishment – not to mention a whole lot of past
players who spare no chance to berate him publicly
over issues of age, fitness and adaptability – plenty to
chew over.
It’s no secret that Misbah was never a favourite
with certain powerful individuals in his country,
but the fact also cannot be disputed that it was this
unassuming Pathan who was responsible for keeping
Pakistani cricket alive and kicking throughout the
turbulent past few years.
Ever since the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan
team in 2008, Pakistan has been a no-go area as far
as international cricket is concerned, with the team
forced to play their �home’ matches in the United Arab
Emirates in front of a few dozen spectators.
With his unflappable temperament and tremendous
capacity to ignore demoralising barbs, Misbah has
stood like a rock and in the process become one of
Pakistan’s most successful captains.
“It has been an incredible series for me and a big
turnaround,” Misbah told reporters after the match in
Abu Dhabi yesterday. “The series win for me is of more
value than my hundreds.”
It was typical Misbah – modest to a fault,
phlegmatic and somewhat atypical for a Pakistan
captain. Pakistani cricket would be better served if it
can unearth more characters like him.
Gaza closure leaves patients
and foreigners stranded
More than two months
after Gaza’s truce with
Israel, the impoverished
coastal enclave has once
again been closed off to
the outside world
By Ofira Koopmans, Saud Abu
Ramadan and Alexandra Rojkov
Gaza City/DPA
fter October’s donors
conference in Cairo, in
which the international
community pledged $5.4bn
in reconstruction aid following the
50-day war with Israel, the 1.8mn
people living in the Gaza Strip had
reason for optimism.
Israel and Egypt had both started to
ease their crippling blockade of Gaza,
with a п¬Ѓrst shipment of much-needed
construction material entering Gaza
on October 14.
It has taken just a few days for
pessimism to return.
Egypt has closed the Rafah crossing
following an October 24 suicide attack
in the Sinai peninsula that killed some
30 Egyptian policemen, while Israel
did the same with its two main border
crossings at the weekend after an
anonymous group launched a mortar
shell at Israel on Friday - the second
since the August 27 truce.
The result is that the Gaza Strip
has now been sealed off again, leaving
residents, foreigners and sick people
According to the Gaza interior
ministry, a total of 18,000 people among them Gazan patients in need of
medical care and Palestinian students
and businessmen who study abroad
- are currently stranded inside the
360-square-kilometre strip.
“We’re sitting here on packed
suitcases, but we can’t get out.
“Gaza had turned into
a big prison and now
it will turn into a huge
“I have no idea when we can leave,”
says Nabel El Shorafa, a 46-year-old
visitor from Germany.
Following up on a promise he had
made during the Gaza war to visit his
ageing parents and four siblings as
soon as possible, he arrived in the strip
on October 17 with his two teenage
But with Rafah closed he missed his
flight back to Germany from Cairo.
The Erez crossing with Israel was then
closed as well, meaning he cannot
leave by boarding a flight in Tel Aviv
“Yes, there is a travel warning for
Gaza. But if I had not gone to Gaza,
I wouldn’t have been able to see my
family at all,” says El Shorafa, who has
been living in Germany since the age
of 17.
“My smaller son is happy that he
doesn’t have to go to school,” but
“the oldest has to prepare for his final
exams. That is important. He cannot
afford to miss anything”.
Mohamed Darweesh, a 54-year-old
Palestinian now living and working in
Oman, is in a similar situation.
“I’m afraid that if the Rafah crossing
remains closed for a long time, I won’t
be able to renew my work permit in
Oman on time and I will lose my job,”
he says.
Gazans, meanwhile, fear a return
to the old pattern of Israel and Egypt
closing their borders with Gaza after
each security incident.
Adding to their concerns, Egypt
has put its mediation efforts
between Israel and the Palestinians
on hold.
Fatima Hassan, a 56-year-old
breast cancer patient who lives in the
southern Gaza Strip town of Khan
Younis, is particularly worried, not
just about herself, but also about
scores of others requiring medical
“The situation is getting worse and
worse. There are hundreds of patients
who need to travel to Egypt, to Israel
or to the West Bank for medical
When it closes its crossings with
Gaza, Israel usually allows patients
to travel to its hospitals. But those
permits only apply to “urgent cases”
in need of immediate treatment.
And Hassan may need ongoing
treatment, but she is not on the urgent
“Gaza had turned into a big prison
and now it will turn into a huge
graveyard,” she argues.
Meanwhile, the п¬Ѓrst heavy rains
have started to fall in Gaza. Winter is
fast approaching and, with the next
shipments of cement still not in,
large-scale reconstruction has yet to
Tens of thousands of Palestinians
remain homeless, staying with
relatives, in subsidised rented
apartments or in UN schools. Only
some have been able to partially fix
their damaged homes, for example
by using nylon to cover broken
“Right after the war people had
high hopes that after the ceasefire
agreement, crossings would be
opened,” says a Gaza City resident.
But Egypt’s decision to close
Rafah following the Sinai attack and
Israel’s decision to close its crossings
following Friday’s mortar shell have
“dramatically brought people’s moods
down”, he says.
Asked when things might change,
the official in charge of the Israeli
border crossings, Hadar Horen, can
only answer with a shrug.
“It depends on the security
situation,” she says.
Seldom has
suffered so
much at the
hands of any
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A Palestinian man walking in the rain next to the rubble of buildings destroyed during the 50 days of conflict between Israel and Hamas last summer, in the Shejaiya
neighbourhood of Gaza City yesterday.
Ukraine has options left – all bad
By Sebastian Smith
kraine’s government
still has options after
separatist elections showed
its helplessness against
a Russian-backed rebellion. The
problem: they’re all bad.
Analysts and officials paint a grim
scenario facing Ukraine’s pro-Western
government as it ponders how to
respond to the separatists’ tightening
grip on the industrial south-eastern
Donbass region.
Sunday’s leadership elections approved by Moscow despite intense
Western pressure - were only the
latest addition to a growing sense
that rebel areas have slipped near
permanently from Kiev’s control.
Recapturing rebel-held cities in
Donbass like Donetsk and Lugansk
is widely accepted to be beyond the
small Ukrainian military’s capabilities.
The rebels are no rag-tag force,
boasting units that resemble a heavily
armed, regular army - even if Moscow
denies Western allegations that those
units are in fact Russian soldiers.
Another region, Crimea, was
annexed by Russia in March and is
home to large contingents of Russian
troops, making it even harder to
recover for Ukraine.
Not many Ukrainians are ready
for all-out war, says Glib Vyshlinsky,
deputy director of GfK Ukraine
marketing company in Kiev.
“If you’re talking about fighting,
with thousands of casualties being
lost in order to win back these regions,
then there is not support,” he said.
The opposite, radical approach
would be for Ukraine to wash its
hands entirely of the pro-Russian
It’s an option heard in private and
aired online, such as on political
analyst Yuriy Romanenko’s Facebook
page under a hashtag that translates as
“stop feeding Donbass”.
“We cannot give up
The idea would be that the
communist-leaning eastern region
should be allowed to join Russia, as
the rebels say they want to eventually.
Ukraine would then be freed from the
huge costs associated with the warravaged region and be left to pursue
its other main challenge of instituting
pro-Western economic and legal
“No worries,” comments Tatyana
Filatova under Romanenko’s latest
post about the separatist elections.
“Now we can go to Europe.”
Only a “narrow segment of society”
favours simply turning its back on the
problem, Vyshlinksy said.
A GfK poll in September showed
that 31% support a “bad peace”,
including giving up some territory to
Russia, and 54% were for п¬Ѓghting on.
One concrete sign that Ukraine’s
government is preparing to sever at
least some ties with the east is the
suggestion from top ranking officials
in recent days that gas supplies may
be ended to rebel territories - which
would turn to Russia for help.
“Those announcements are
trial balloons to test Russia,” said
Taras Berezovets, head of Berta
Communications in Kiev.
“Russia doesn’t want to have to pay
for Donbass.”
“We cannot give up Donbass,” a
top security official, who asked to
remain anonymous, told AFP. “We will
do everything we can to restore our
sovereignty on this territory, but for
now we can’t do it.”
Put like that, it appears that Ukraine
could be looking at another of the socalled “frozen conflicts” plaguing this
geopolitical neighbourhood.
Russian-supported rebels control
Abkhazia and South Ossetia in
Georgia, while other Moscow-backed
separatists rule Moldova’s territory of
Those countries’ experience shows
that the only positive side of freezing a
conflict is that fighting dies down to a
But in both cases, the conflicts have
become drags on attempts to enact
reforms required for getting into the
European Union and other Western
institutions. And even after more than
a decade, there is no sign of the rebel
territories returning to their original
“Kiev has lost control over
Donbass for a minimum of five years,”
Berezovets, the analyst, said.
“The authorities have long
ago realised this. They have no
illusions. But to admit this de
jure would be political suicide.
Everyone understands what a
painful subject this is for people,”
he said.
Ukrainians’ worst fear, though, is
that the separatists and their Russian
backers may want a hot, not frozen
Rebel leaders talk openly of
planning to extend their territory
to the Black Sea port of Mariupol.
Ukrainian security officials and
soldiers believe Russia - or its proxies
- could ultimately seize control of the
whole coastline in order to establish
a land link with its newly conquered
region of Crimea.
Without that land link, Crimeans
face a long, cold winter relying on
sea routes from Russia for supplies,
unless, that is, the estranged
government in Ukraine comes to their
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Bats may be heroes as well as villains
The danger of
contracting Ebola lies in
exposure to infected blood in
the killing and preparation
of animals
By Ben Hirschler
ats are living up to their
frightening reputation in the
world’s worst Ebola outbreak
as prime suspects for
spreading the deadly virus to humans,
but scientists believe they may
also shed valuable light on п¬Ѓghting
Bats can carry more than 100
different viruses, including Ebola,
rabies and severe acute respiratory
syndrome (Sars), without becoming
sick themselves.
While that makes them a fearsome
reservoir of disease, especially in the
forests of Africa where they migrate
vast distances, it also opens the
intriguing possibility that scientists
might learn their trick in keeping
killers like Ebola at bay.
“If we can understand how they do
it then that could lead to better ways
to treat infections that are highly
lethal in people and other mammals,”
said Olivier Restif, a researcher at the
University of Cambridge in Britain.
Clues are starting to emerge
following gene analysis, which suggest
bats’ capacity to evade Ebola could
be linked with their other stand-out
ability - the power of flight.
Flying requires the bat metabolism
to run at a very high rate, causing
stress and potential cell damage, and
experts think bats may have developed
a mechanism to limit this damage by
having parts of their immune system
permanently switched on.
The threat to humans from bats
Fruit bats for sale at a food market in Brazzavile, Republic of Congo. Bats are living up to their frightening reputation in the world’s worst Ebola outbreak as prime
suspects for spreading the deadly virus to humans, but scientists believe they may also shed valuable light on fighting infection.
comes en route to the dinner plate.
Bushmeat - from bats to antelopes,
squirrels, porcupines and monkeys
- has long held pride of place on
menus in West and Central Africa.
The danger of contracting Ebola lies
in exposure to infected blood in the
killing and preparation of animals.
Scientists studying Ebola since
its discovery in 1976 in Democratic
Republic of Congo, then Zaire, have
long suspected fruit bats as being
the natural hosts, though the link to
humans is sometimes indirect as fruit
dropped by infected bats can easily be
picked up by other species, spreading
the virus to animals such as monkeys.
This nexus of infection in wildlife
leads to sporadic Ebola outbreaks
following human contact with blood
or other infected animal fluids.
This no doubt happened in the
current outbreak, although the scale
of the crisis now gripping Liberia,
Sierra Leone and Guinea, which has
killed around 5,000 people, reflects
subsequent public health failures.
“What is happening now is a public
health disaster rather than a problem
of wildlife management,” said Marcus
Rowcliffe at the Zoological Society
of London (ZSL), which runs London
Bats’ role in spreading Ebola is
probably a function both of their huge
numbers, where they rank second
only to rodents among mammals in
the world, as well as their unusual
immune system, according to Michelle
Baker of the Commonwealth Scientific
and Industrial Research Organisation,
Australia’s national science agency.
Baker, who is intrigued by bats’
ability to live in “equilibrium” with
viruses, published a paper with
colleagues in the journal Science last
year looking at bat genomes. They
found an unexpected concentration
of genes for repairing DNA damage,
hinting at a link between flying and
Weather report
The best of
Way beyond
my expectations
Dear Sir,
Dear Sir,
In reference to the letter, “Diagnosis
shock” (Gulf Times, November 2),
I would like to point out that I have
had only excellent experience both at
children’s and women’s Emergency
centres of the Hamad Medical
I thank the Qatar government
and its magnificent leaders for the
attention they pay to the state’s
healthcare sector. They show the same
concern to all other expatriate issues.
I am a father of three children; one
of them was born in Qatar. We have
been living in Qatar for the last seven
years, enjoying the peaceful life here.
My wife received the best of
treatment at the hospital during her
pregnancy and childbirth.
Whenever we visited the children’s
emergency, we never faced any
problem at all. But I would like to
remind all parents that doctors are also
humans and if they are not entirely
happy with the diagnosis of their sick
children, they should always take a
second opinion.
The healthcare service provided
by Qatar to expatriates is highly
I had to undergo a medical
procedure at the Hamad Hospital
recently and the treatment and the
care I received were way beyond my
I would like to use this opportunity
to thank Dr Muneera al-Mohannadi
and her highly-efficient and kind staff
at Hamad Hospital’s Gastroentology
Department. Their service was
Syed Aslam
(e-mail address supplied)
“(This) raises the interesting
possibility that flight-induced
adaptations have had inadvertent
effects on bat immune function and
possibly also life expectancy,” they
As well as tolerating viruses, bats
are also amazingly long-lived. The
tiny Brandt’s bat, a resident of Europe
and Asia, has been recorded living for
more than 40 years, even though it is
barely the size of a mouse. Bats also
rarely get cancer.
“We are just at the beginning,”
Baker said in an interview. “But if we
can understand how bats are dealing
with these viruses and if we can
redirect the immune system of other
species to react in the same way, then
that could be a potential therapeutic
It won’t be easy. Turning on
components of the immune system
can bring its own health problems, but
the idea - which has yet to get beyond
the basic research stage - is to turn up
certain elements to achieve a better
One reason why Ebola is so deadly
to people is that the virus attacks the
immune system and when the system
п¬Ѓnally comes back it goes into overdrive, causing extra damage.
Ebola works in part by blocking
interferon, an anti-virus molecule,
which Baker has found to be “upregulated”, meaning it is found in
higher levels, in bats.
The bat immune system may or
may not lead to new drugs one day.
Still, experts argue there are plenty of
other reasons to cherish bats, which
also play a vital role in pollination and
controlling insect pests.
They are also a traditional source of
protein in West Africa, often served
in a spicy stew, and restrictions on
bushmeat consumption are now
contributing to food shortages in
parts of West Africa, according to the
International Food Policy Research
Hunting and butchering bats may
be risky but cooking is thought to
make them safe. The World Health
Organization advises animals should
be handled with “gloves and other
appropriate protective clothing” and
meat should be “thoroughly cooked”.
“In the long run it would be sensible
to see people moving away from
hunting bats but in the short term they
provide an important source of food,”
said Rowcliffe of ZSL.
“Essentially, wild meat is a good,
healthy product. People in Britain eat
venison and rabbit, and in many ways
it’s no different to that.”
(Full name and address supplied)
Staff must show
Dear Sir,
Further to the letters in Gulf Times
on the service at public health centres,
I would like to narrate my experience.
I have been visiting the Al Wakrah
Health Centre for last three years.
And I strongly feel that the attitude
of doctors and other staff in this
clinic towards non-Arabic speaking
patients needs to be improved. Some
doctors, it seems, are not very keen
to physically examine patients. The
doctors prescribe medicines based
on the patients’ comments and visual
observation. This is not a good
practice always.
Qatar’s benevolent government
has set up the clinic with highlysophisticated equipment and pay
handsome salaries and huge benefits
to the staff for the benefit of both
citizens and residents. So it is expected
that all the staff working their show
dedication and honesty and be polite
to patients irrespective of their
Last month I visited a dentist at
the Al Wakrah clinic after suffering
from toothache. He told me to come
on another day for tooth extraction.
When I asked him if there was any
possibility to save my tooth, he told
me to go to a private clinic for second
But now without any medication
and treatment, my toothache is gone.
Thus I have saved my tooth from a
doctor who apparently didn’t like to
take X-ray to check its real condition.
Everyone highly appreciates the
Qatar government for the great service
it provides to all people living in the
state. I would like to request the
Three-day forecast
Ministry of Health to monitor the dayto-day operations of each and every
health centre in the state to facilitate
good medical services not only to
Arabic-speaking people but also to
non-Arabic speaking ones.
High: 36 C
Low: 24 C
Strong wind and high seas by night
High: 31 C
Low : 22 C
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your letters
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Or Post
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Live issues
How to parent a 20-something couch potato
By Cheryl Stritzel Mccarthy
Chicago Tribune/MCT
ot a high school or college
kid who zones out with
video games or TV instead
of tackling his schoolwork or
pursuing a career?
You might be unwittingly
contributing to the problem, says Adam
Price, a psychologist with offices in New
York and New Jersey whose practice is
tailored to young adults.
“We can de-motivate our kids when
we rescue them from consequences,”
says Price, the father of two collegestudent children, ages 19 and 21. “We
learn when we make choices and face
consequences. When parents soften the
blow, we’re not helping our kids learn.”
Examples include typing their
student’s homework, or calling their
child in sick at school because he
played in a big game over the weekend.
Failing to enforce parental decisions
doesn’t help, either. Parents might
tell their young adult, if you fail any
classes, you won’t play soccer. The kid
fails a class but parents let her play,
rationalising their failure by telling
themselves the sport is better for their
child. Plus, maybe parents don’t want
to sacrifice their own time.
“Parents have told me, �I grounded
my son on Friday night, but we had to
go out, and then he snuck out’. No. The
parent has to stay home!” Price says.
Here are more suggestions on
what parents can (and can’t) do,
from Price and research psychologist
Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, co-author of
Getting to 30: A Parent’s Guide to the
20-Something Years (Workman):
“We learn when we
make choices and
face consequences”
Set reasonable limits and hold kids
accountable. For high-schoolers, that
means expecting B’s. If the student wants
A’s, that’s his choice, not the parent’s. If
your high-schooler isn’t earning B’s, Price
says, cut down his digital and social life
until grades improve.
Manage your expectations.
Understand your child’s limits. With
college-age kids, if consequences
continually aren’t working, look at
their history. Your child may have
a learning disability, be suffering
from substance abuse, or simply has
average academic abilities. With highschoolers, Price notes, keep in mind
neurocognitive development.
“Adolescent brains are going
through reorganisation,” Price says,
referring to the prefrontal cortex that
manages foresight and judgment.
“Some kids just aren’t there yet. No
matter how much we push or prod, the
teen brain needs time to grow.”
Open lines of communication.
Engage in productive dialogue so they
know you’re on their side. With high
school and college-age kids, “be an
asker, not a talker”, Price says. “Listen
for answers, long before you give
opinions. The more they say, and the less
you lecture, the better. You don’t have to
agree for them to know you hear them.”
Be patient. Young adults today
take longer than their parents did to
п¬Ѓnd their life partner and settle into a
career, says Arnett, of Clark University
in Worcester, Massachusetts.
“Give your children time to find out
what they want to do,” Arnett says. “It’s
not something you can give them. If you
substitute something you want, it won’t
work because they won’t be motivated.”
Money matters: The idea that
this age group wants to sponge off
parents as long as possible isn’t based
in reality, says Arnett, who researched
a broad cross-section of emerging
adults in the USfor the book, not just
the troubled or college-educated.
Arnett’s research shows 74% of 18to 29-year-olds in the US prefer to live
independently of their parents even
if it means living on a tight budget.
Among 18- to 21-year-olds, 28%
receive regular support toward living
expenses. Among 26- to 29-year-olds,
6% receive support toward expenses.
Also, consider the reasons they
need money. A young adult who needs
п¬Ѓnancial support due to substance abuse
is managed differently than a young
adult who needs support because he’s
doing an unpaid internship, or going to
school full-time.
Accept your limits: Even if your
emerging adult isn’t making progress,
there may not be much you can do.
“Accept that your power as a parent is
limited,” Arnett says. “You don’t have
the authority you did when they were 3
or 13. At ages 19 or 23 or 28, it’s a mistake
to try to take over their decisions.
“You can decide whether to support
them п¬Ѓnancially, and whether to let
them live in your household while they
figure things out.”
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Cape Town
Hong Kong
New Delhi
New York
Sao Paulo
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Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Duration of hospital
stay for stroke patients
declining: director
he Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has been
actively working to improve the care for stroke patients
in Qatar. The opening of a Stroke
Ward at Hamad General Hospital has played a key role in these
A multi-disciplinary team
consisting of stroke neurologists, rehabilitation physicians,
stroke nurses, allied health professionals, stroke co-ordinators
and clinical nurse specialists has
also been formed to provide specialist care, said Hanan al-Kuwari, managing director, HMC.
HMC’s stroke team organised
a symposium to mark World
Stroke Day on October 29. More
than 300 delegates attended the
Speakers at the forum explained that stroke is one of the
leading causes of mortality and
the number one cause of chronic
disability in the world. The incidence of stroke is high in Qatar
due to the high prevalence of risk
factors for stroke including diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol,
hypertension and inactivity.
“Fast and specialised medical
intervention is the key to successful treatment for stroke patients. The sooner treatment is
given to the patient, the better
the chance that brain cells can be
protected. We have worked hard
as a team to develop the specialist Stroke Ward and to ensure
patients are treated as quickly
and effectively as possible. The
processes we have implemented
to date have already led to significant improvements in the
care of stroke patients,” said Dr
Naveed Akhtar, director, Stroke
The average length of stay
(LOS) for stroke patients has
been continuously declining
this year. In January the average LOS was 12 days, a п¬Ѓgure
that has fallen to just eight days.
The shorter LOS demonstrates
the effective nature of the care
being given. Patients benefit
greatly from being discharged
as early as possible, when clinically appropriate, to continue
their recovery at home with
ongoing support from the care
The percentage of patients receiving Thrombolysis treatment
has doubled since 2013. Thrombolysis is a very effective treatment that can greatly increase a
stroke patient’s chances of making a full recovery, but this must
be given within the 4.5 hour
Prof Ashfaq Shuaib, director,
Neurosciences Institute, said:
“HMC’s Ambulance Service has
played a vital role in delivering
pre-hospital care to patients and
ensuring they arrive as quickly
as possible at the hospital. For
stroke patients �time is brain’,
meaning the faster treatment
can be given following a stroke,
the better the chances of a full
“Our radiology teams utilise
state-of-the-art imaging technology to capture high qual-
ity scans, ensuring advanced
diagnosis, while our specialised
nursing and allied healthcare
services provide high standards
of care to maximise patient outcomes. Additionally, our rehabilitation teams provide specialist care for stroke patients while
they recover.”
Prof Ashfaq highlighted the
need for stroke patients to get
to hospital as quickly as possible. “If you suspect that you,
or someone around you, have
suffered a stroke, call 999 immediately so our care teams can
respond. The sooner you act
from the onset of symptoms, the
better the chance that medical
intervention can protect you.”
HE Dr Abdullah Saleh Mubarak al-Khulaifi with Abdul Aziz Hashim,
Qatar Steel representative.
Organ Donation
Centre honours Qatar
Steel for support
atar Steel, among other
sponsors, has been honoured by the Organ Donation Centre (Hiba) of Hamad
Medical Corporation (HMC) in
recognition of and appreciation
for their support and contributions to the organ donation
programme in Qatar.
About 56 living organ donors and their families were also
awarded for their contribution
to the health of the nation and
the organ donation programme.
The honouring ceremony was
held recently in Doha under the
patronage of HE the Minister
of Public Health Abdullah bin
Khalid al-Qahtani.
The event was organised under the theme “Celebration of
life” and attended by HE the
Minister of Labour and Social
Affairs Dr Abdullah Saleh Mubarak al-Khulaifi and HMC
managing director Dr Hanan
al-Kuwari. Other officials from
Prof Ashfaq Shuaib speaking at the event.
HMC also attended the event,
in addition to high-ranking
dignitaries from the public and
private sectors.
The organ donation programme has seen remarkable
success in the past few years and
through awareness initiatives,
especially the Ramadan awareness campaign, has managed
to bring about a large shift in
public understanding and perspective of this important topic,
according to a statement.
This has resulted in a steady
increase of registered organ donors and, since the launch of
the donor registry in 2012, more
than 43,000 people have signed
as organ donors.
On behalf of HMC, Dr Riadh
Fadhil, director of the Qatar Organ Donation Centre, thanked
Qatar Steel for its continued
support to the organ donation
campaign, which contributed to
its progress and success.
HMC hosts emergency medicine symposium
he evolving role of emergency medicine in Qatar
was emphasised during
the second annual Emergency
Medicine Symposium, hosted
by Hamad Medical Corporation
(HMC) recently.
The daylong symposium, built
around lectures, oral presentations and focused panels, served
as a dynamic setting for healthcare professionals to share their
experiences and discuss emerging ideas and technologies in the
п¬Ѓeld of emergency medicine.
With more than 300 participants, comprising emergency
physicians, paramedics, nurses,
residents, fellows, researchers
and other allied healthcare professionals, this year’s symposium
highlighted the transformation of
emergency services in Qatar.
The event also presented in-
creased educational and research opportunities for healthcare professionals in the area of
emergency medicine.
Professor Peter Cameron, chairman of the Emergency Department
at Hamad General Hospital (HGH),
said: “Emergency medicine is the
gateway to the hospital as well as
the organisation. It plays a significant role in ensuring that we provide the best possible care to those
who seek our services in times of
He said HMC is developing
a well-integrated emergency
system in the country to ensure
that people are able to access
the right service at the right
time and as quickly as possible.
“In recent years, to address the
rising emergency needs in the
country, HMC has established
emergency departments in Al
Khor, Al Wakrah and at the Cuban Hospital in Dukhan. In addition, we now offer specialist
emergency care at the National
Centre for Cancer Care and Research, Heart Hospital and also
in the Ambulance Service.”
healthcare professionals gained
insights on topics such as management of patients with extreme cardiac arrest, incidence
of snake bites and scorpion
stings, existence of poisonous
plants and toxins in the region
and leading causes of trauma admission as well as occupational
injuries from falling objects.
The competence and high reliability of HMC’s Ambulance
Service, and the role and management of heat-related emergencies in Saudi Arabia, were
also highlighted. Young physi-
Infiniti becomes �fastest growing
premium car brand in Middle East’
nfiniti has become the fastest
growing premium car brand
in the Middle East, the company has said in a statement.
For the п¬Ѓrst half of п¬Ѓscal
year 2014 (April-September),
sales grew by 30%, culminating in a 6.25% market share in
Sales have been boosted with
the arrival of the all-new Q50,
substantial gains in some GCC
countries and Infiniti’s popular and strong SUV line-up, it is
The statement points out
that the all-new Q50 has made
a strong contribution, demand
for the QX60, QX70 and QX80
has remained buoyant and the
QX70S Elite Sport has brought
fresh appeal to the QX70 range.
It also notes that Infiniti sales
are up by 30% in a market that is
growing by 14.6%.
“Infiniti recognises the
Middle East as a key strategic
market and we are demonstrating our commitment to
the region through expansion
of the network and product
range,” said Juergen Schmitz,
managing director, Infiniti
Middle East.
In the next five years, Infiniti’s expansion plan is set to
increase its global model range
by 60% and more than double
the number of its powertrains
Prof Cameron speaking at the
Some of the participants and organisers at the symposium held in HMC.
cians and nurses at the symposium also had the opportunity
to present original research and
receive feedback from senior
emergency practitioners.
Dr Saleem Farook, vice-chairman for Emergency Education at
HMC, said: “We are not only fo-
cused on providing ongoing professional learning to the senior
consultants but are also dedicated to creating quality educational and research opportunities for
our young physicians.
“This is evident from the initial accreditation of the Emer-
Training Programme by the prestigious Accreditation Council for
Graduate Medical Education International as well as the launch
of the Emergency Medicine Fellowship programme, which is already in its second year.
“These programmes aim to
foster a new generation of experts in emergency care, who
will specialise in a number of
areas such as trauma and clinical care, paediatric emergency
and emergency ultrasound,
among others. These are being
developed in conjunction with
new clinical services such as the
toxicology service. Moreover,
nursing education has also been
one of our top priorities and, as
part of the symposium, nurses
will receive training in emergency care by educators from
Australia’s Monash University.”
ibq wins �Best Loyalty
Programme’ award
Juergen Schmitz, managing director, Infiniti Middle East.
with the promise to cater to a
wider audience of discerning
The arrival of the Infiniti Q50
2.0L turbocharged engine and
QX70S Elite Sport this year has
generated substantial interest,
the statement adds.
nternational Bank of Qatar (ibq) has won the “Best
Loyalty Programme in the
Middle East and Africa” award
for its innovative rewards programme “thanq” at the MasterCard Innovation Forum 2014
held recently in Singapore.
thanq is a rewarding and innovative rewards programme
offered by ibq where customers
get the chance to accumulate
points by using the bank’s wide
range of products. These points
can be redeemed for holiday
destinations or business travels with more than 800 airlines,
160,000 hotels, and car rental
services worldwide.
Andrew Ball, head of retail
banking, ibq, said: “thanq is a
real example of an immensely
successful, customer-centric,
and market-defining product
innovation in Qatar. This recognition from MasterCard at a
high-profile and internationally-renowned industry forum
reflects and underlines at the
highest level ibq’s ability to
be at the forefront of creating
value for our customers and the
Raghav Prasad, general manager for Gulf Countries at MasterCard, said: “Our innovation
ibq officials receiving the award at a ceremony held recently in Singapore.
awards are intended to recognise our partners, who have
demonstrated a profound understanding of consumer needs
in our industry and delivered
meaningful payment solutions
across the region.”
He added: “As Qatar’s leading loyalty programme, ibq’s
�thanq’ is an example of how
consumer-centric programmes
play an integral role in chang-
ing the landscape of reward
The MasterCard Innovation
Forum brought together more
than 350 card issuers, acquirers,
and MasterCard partners from
Southeast Asia, Middle East,
and Africa to share and experience the future of payment
solutions, as well as to network
and discuss innovations in the
п¬Ѓeld of payments industry.
The Innovation Awards are
intended to highlight the best
examples of partners who have
demonstrated a deep understanding of consumer needs
and delivered highly-impactful
and innovative payment solutions, which have driven
business results. A total of
41 awards were presented to
winners across 16 different
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Qatar, China sign wide-ranging pacts
atar and China signed a
raft of agreements here
yesterday with a view to
further strengthening bilateral
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim
bin Hamad al-Thani and Chinese
President Xi Jinping witnessed
the signing of the following
agreements and memorandums
of understanding:
1. A memorandum of understanding on promoting the
Qatari-Chinese co-operation in
the construction of the Silk Road
Economic Belt and the Maritime
Silk Road.
The MoU was signed between
the Qatari Foreign Ministry
and China’s National Development and Reform Commission
(NDRC). The project aims to link
Asia and Europe.
2. The п¬Ѓrst executive programme in the education п¬Ѓeld
for the Educational and Cultural
Co-operation Agreement between governments of Qatar and
China was also signed.
3. A memorandum of understanding was signed between
Qatar Central Bank and the People’s Bank of China on the promotion of co-operation in the
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Chinese President Xi Jinping witness the signing of agreements and memorandums of understanding between Qatar and China in Beijing yesterday.
п¬Ѓnancial service between Qatar
and China in order to set up the
necessary action framework for
establishing a special centre for
clearing and settlement of the
Chinese yuan in Doha.
4. An agreement between
Qatar Central Bank and the People’s Bank of China on the swap
of the Chinese currency to create
a two-way line of currency swap
worth 35bn Chinese yuan over
three years was also signed. The
two-way line of currency swap
will facilitate trade and investment activities in yuan and will
provide the necessary liquidity
and support for п¬Ѓnancial stability.
5. The two sides signed a
memorandum of understanding between Qatar Central Bank
and the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) aiming at facilitating the upgrading the representative offices of
Emir grants $10mn for Qatar Chair at Peking University
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani
has donated a grant of $10mn for setting up
Qatar Chair for Middle East Studies at the Peking
This was announced during a meeting between
Qatari delegation headed by Dr Sheikha Abdullah
al-Misnad, president of Qatar University, and
president of Peking University Enge Wang
The Qatar University delegation included Dr
Iman mustafawi, Dean Faculty of Arts, Dr Fatima
al-Suwaidi, assistance Dean Faculty of Arts, and
Abdullah Ba’aboud, head of the Gulf Studies
The Qatar Chair for Middle East Studies at the
University of Peking will focus on language,
literature, culture, religion, history, politics,
economy and international relations disciplines, in
addition to regional issues.
The Chair, under the supervision of the Faculty of
Arts and Sciences at the University of Qatar, aims
to promote joint research between international
research centres on Middle East studies.
The Chair supports all scientific research for the
Middle East and the specialised literature.
The meeting also discussed aspects of cooperation and exchange of expertise in the field of
higher education and ways of developing them.
Qatari banks in China into full
6. A memorandum of understanding in the п¬Ѓeld of sports
between the Ministry of Youth
and Sports in the State of Qatar
and the State General Administration of Sports in the People’s
Republic of China.
Earlier on arrival at Beijing
International Airport on a twoday official visit, HH the Emir
was accorded an official reception by a Chinese delegation
headed by China’s Vice-Foreign
Minister Xie Hangsheng and a
number of ranking Chinese officials.
Qatar’s ambassador to China
Sultan bin Salmeen Almansouri
and a number of Arab ambassadors accredited by China were
also present at the reception.
HH the Emir gave the following statement upon his arrival:
“At the start of my visit to the
People’s Republic of China, I
have the pleasure to extend on
behalf of the people of the State
of Qatar and my own behalf, our
warm greetings to His Excellency President Xi Jinping, and
His Excellency the Prime Minister Li Keqiang and to their esteemed government and people,
coupled with our best wishes
of continued prosperity and
progress to their friendly country.
“I take this opportunity to
commend the strong ties of
friendship and co-operation
between Qatar and the People’s
Republic of China, and reiterate
our concern to further develop
and strengthen them in various
“While I am looking forward
to meeting His Excellency the
President, and His Excellency
the Prime Minister and other
high ranking officials to exchange views on issues of common interest, I am confident that
this visit would contribute to
expanding the scope of cooperation between our two countries
for the good and benefit of our
two peoples.”
Strategic partnership marks new
chapter in Sino-Qatari relations
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, accompanied by Chinese President Xi Jinping, inspects a
guard of honour in Beijing yesterday.
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Chinese President Xi Jinping are greeted by children.
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani meeting Chinese officials yesterday.
H the Emir Sheikh
Tamim bin Hamad alThani and Chinese President Xi Jinping presided over a
session of official talks held at the
People’s Palace here yesterday.
During the session the two
sides exchanged views on bilateral relations and co-operation
in various п¬Ѓelds as well as international and regional issues of
mutual concern.
The two sides reached a wide
ranging agreement. They agreed
to issue a joint communique on
the establishment of strategic
partnership relations between
the two countries.
The communique said the two
countries’ leaderships unanimously agreed that, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries
on 9 July 1988, relations have
made good progress as mutual
political trust has been enhanced
continuously and co-operation
in economic, trade, energy, human and cultural exchanges has
achieved fruitful results.
In line with the realistic needs
for developing the Qatari-Chinese relations and the common
desire of both sides to further
develop bilateral relations to a
new level, the two sides decided
to establish a strategic partnership relations, which will focus
on common interests of the two
countries and the two peoples,
and serve their development and
Within this framework, both
sides feel the need to give priority to co-operation in the following areas:
1. Enhancement of the ongoing
high-level consultation between
the leaderships of the two countries to maintain contacts on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common
concern, in order to continue the
expansion of the common denominators and strengthen and
deepen mutual political trust.
2. Provision of support to the
other side on issues concerning
independence, sovereignty and
territorial integrity of the two
countries. The State of Qatar reiterates its п¬Ѓrm commitment to
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Chinese President Xi Jinping presiding over a session
of official talks held at the People’s Palace in Beijing yesterday.
the One-China policy, while the
People’s Republic of China supports the sovereignty of Qatar.
The two sides stress the need
for commitment to the principle
of non-intervention in internal
affairs, and express high appreciation of the position of the
other side.
3. The full exploitation of the
advantages of economic and
trade integration between the
two countries in order to develop
economic and trade relations,
boost mutual investments and
expand co-operation in the п¬Ѓelds
of basic infrastructure, industries and advanced technology,
foremost of which being transport, roads and bridges, railways, communications, national
companies and facilitation of the
transfer of advanced technology.
4. Establishment of a longterm and comprehensive strategic co-operation relations in
the п¬Ѓeld of energy and alternative energy and the promotion
of co-operation between the two
countries in the п¬Ѓeld of production and processing of oil and
natural gas, including the liquefied natural gas and petrochemicals sector and encouragement of
competent government bodies
and concerned institutions in the
two countries to sign and implement co-operation agreements
in the area of energy supplies and
investment in relevant projects.
5. Expansion of co-operation
between the two countries in
the areas of п¬Ѓnance, foremost of
which being banks and п¬Ѓnancial
markets, encouraging the two
countries’ banks to open branches in the other side, strengthening of co-ordination and co-operation on regulating the banking
and п¬Ѓnancial markets sectors and
contacts among personnel in this
п¬Ѓeld and their training.
6. Strengthening of contacts
and co-operation between the
two countries in the п¬Ѓelds of law
enforcement, security and п¬Ѓght
against terrorism, establishment
of a long-term security co-operation mechanism to strengthen
the exchange of intelligence and
information, technical co-operation and personnel training.
Both sides condemn and reject
terrorism in all its forms, reject
double standards and the linking
of terrorism to a certain country,
race or religion.
7.Continuation of the strengthening of military co-operation in
the п¬Ѓelds of defence industry and
trade, technology, equipment,
training, as well as maintaining
contacts between military institutes and colleges of the two sides.
8. Work on human and cultural contacts in a variety of forms
and promotion of co-operation
between the two countries in
the п¬Ѓelds of culture, education,
health, scientific research, tourism, media, youth, sport, and
social development to promote
understanding and friendship
between the two peoples.
The two sides support activities
and events under the cultural year
Qatar – China 2016. The State of
Qatar also supports China’s hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics .
9. The two sides stressed the
importance of strengthening
collective co-operation, emphasising that the rapid establishment of a free trade zone between
China and the Gulf Co-operation
Council under the current circumstances benefits the common
interests of the two sides, and the
two sides are willing to make joint
efforts to resume negotiations
on a free trade zone and reach
an agreement to achieve mutual
gains as soon as possible so as to
enhance relations between China
and GCC states.
10. The two sides stress the
importance of the establishment
of the Silk Road Economic Belt
and the Maritime Silk Road in
the 21st century.
The Chinese side welcomes
the effective participation of the
State of Qatar in building the
Belt with the Road for mutual
benefit and common gains.
11. The two sides support the
establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.
The State of Qatar, as a founding
member, will participate effectively in the Bank’s establishment.
The two sides pledge to intensify co-operation and make
joint efforts with other parties
concerned to establish the Asian
Infrastructure Investment Bank.
12. Strengthening of consultation and co-ordination on the
situation in West Asia and North
Africa, and support of the States
and peoples of the region to explore developmental ways that
suit their national conditions on
their own free will and to resolve
issues in the region through dialogue, negotiations and peaceful
The State of Qatar values China’s positions and its important
role in the region’s affairs. The
Chinese side supports the positive role played by the State of
Qatar in the region’s affairs.
The session was attended by
members of the official delegation accompanying HH the Emir.
On the Chinese side, the session was attended by ministers
and ranking officials.
Earlier, HH the Emir was accorded an official welcome ceremony upon arrival at the People’s Palace.
Buffett right as
60% of IPOs
lose money
Banks set aside
up to $7bn as
UK deal looms
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Moharram 11, 1436 AH
Vodafone Qatar
expects to ring
in profit in 2015
Qatar eyes SE Asia, Africa
downstream investments
By Santhosh V Perumal
Business Reporter
atar, which is fast expanding its refineries and seeks to reach 23mn tonnes
per annum of chemical and petrochemical production by 2020, is keen to enter South East Asian and African downstream
Despite falling oil prices, Qatar Petroleum
International (QPI) is actively pursuing opportunities that will help it enhance portfolio diversification, leverage partnership with
international oil companies and enter foreign
“Qatar’s upcoming expansions in the oil
and gas sector include the startup of the Barzan Gas Project in early 2015, which will play a
significant role in meeting the country’s rising domestic gas demand,” HE the Minister of
Energy and Industry Dr Mohamed bin Saleh
al-Sada told an international conference in a
speech read out by QPI vice chairman Nasser
al-Jaidah at the 18th Condensate and Naphtha Forum, organised by Tasweeq.
The $10.3bn Barzan project will produce
around 1.4bn standard cu ft a day of sales gas.
It will also produce about 22,000 bpd of п¬Ѓeld
condensate, 6,000 bpd of plant condensate,
34,000 bpd of ethane, 10,500 bpd of propane
and 7,500 bpd of butane.
Additionally, Qatar struck recently a new
offshore discovery, the Al-Radeef п¬Ѓeld, in the
Block 4 North; where as much as 2.5tn cu ft
of natural gas has been discovered after four
years of intensive exploration activities. This
is Qatar’s first new discovery in 42 years, alSada said.
The Laffan Refinery expansion, which will
process an additional 146,000 bpd of condensate, is expected to be completed in 2016,
he said, adding some of this demand is driven
by Qatar’s large-scale expansion of the petro-
chemicals sector, which supports the diversification and growth of the Qatari economy.
It is estimated that Qatar will raise its annual chemical and petrochemical output to
23mn tonnes by 2020.
Al-Karaana, in addition to Qatar Petrochemical Company’s ethylene production
expansion project, will increase the installed
ethylene production capacity from the existing 800,000 MTPA to approximately 1.2mn
tonnes per annum by 2016.
On QPI - which has upstream presence in
Canada, Congo and Brazil - al-Sada said it is
continuously studying South East Asia and
recently Africa.
QPI is involved in three important terminals South Hook (UK), Adriatic (Italy) and
Golden Pass (USA). This is in addition to
QPI being actively pursuing the Golden Pass
Project in USA, which will deem to be one of
the biggest projects QPI has ever participated
in to date.
Al-Jaidah: Actively pursuing opportunities.
Tasweeq plans to renew UAE
condensate deal for 2015: CEO
Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Co
(Tasweeq) plans to renew its contract to supply
condensate to the UAE for 2015, the company’s
chief executive said yesterday.
Under the current 2014 contact, Tasweeq supplies
three cargoes a month to the UAE, two to Dhabi’s
Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) and one
to Abu Dhabi’s National Oil company (Adnoc),
Saad al-Kuwari told reporters on the sidelines
of an industry event in Doha. Each cargo has
500,000 tonnes of condensate, he said.
“The ENOC contract expires soon and we plan
to renew it. We will supply (ENOC) with same
volumes and any extra demand will depend on
availability,” said al-Kuwari.
Last year, ENOC said it had started importing
condensate from Qatar to replace sanctioned
Iranian oil.
ENOC was the biggest buyer of Iranian condensate in 2012 when its imports rose to an
average of 127,000 bpd, up from 106,000 bpd
in 2011, despite US pressure to stop the trade.
Asked if Qatar would discount its condensate to
compete with Iran, al-Kuwari said there were no
plans to do so. “The price is market driven and
the outlook for demand is positive for next year.
We have no plans to discount because we have
a different quality of products and long-term
contracts,” he said.
Qatar expects a drop in its condensate exports
to 350,000 tonnes per annum in 2017, compared with the current half a million tonnes a
year, as the phase two of the Ras Laffan refinery
will come online by the end of 2016. - Reuters
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Nigeria phone tower firm IHS raises $2.6bn
Nigerian phone tower group IHS has
raised $2bn in equity and $600mn in
debt in what it says is the biggest equity
fund raising by an African company this
IHS, the continent’s largest tower company, will use the money to finance infrastructure spending and recently agreed
acquisitions, according to a company
statement yesterday.
It said the equity funding was from new
and existing shareholders, but did not
provide further details.
The loan facility is split into two parts: a
seven-year tranche of $500mn denominated in US dollars and an eight-year
tranche of $100mn in Nigerian naira.
Ecobank, Standard Chartered, Standard
Bank, Investec and the World Bank’s International Finance Corp (IFC) participated
in the loan, IHS chief executive Issam
Darwish told Reuters.
“This is the largest equity raising by a
private entity for the past 7-8 years in
Africa—you’ve had mining, banks and
now telecom infrastructure as a standalone sector is commanding this much
interest from the international markets,”
said Darwish. “This sends the right signal,
it’s saying the international investor
community believes in Africa and they’re
putting a substantial amount of money
behind that.”
Building and maintaining mobile communications towers in Africa is typically
more expensive than in other regions
because of security costs and electricity
shortages, while revenue per user is often
That has prompted many mobile opera-
tors to sell or lease towers to specialist companies such as IHS, which can
reduce building and maintenance costs
by hosting multiple tenants—mobile
operators and Internet providers—on
the same towers. In September, South
Africa’s MTN agreed to sell 9,151 mobile
towers in Nigeria to a new joint venture
with IHS in a deal MTN said would cut its
costs and boost its call and data capacity
in Africa’s most populous country. That
was MTN’s fifth tie-up with IHS following
deals in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Rwanda
and Zambia.
IHS in August agreed to buy and lease
back 2,136 towers from Etisalat Nigeria, a
unit of Abu Dhabi’s Etisalat. Darwish said
a “substantial part” of the money IHS has
raised would go towards paying for its
recent acquisitions, with the remainder
spent on boosting its infrastructure in the
five countries it operates in.
Daman planning
Dubai listing in Q1
aman Investments, a UAE-based investment management п¬Ѓrm, said yesterday it planned to list on the
Dubai Financial Market during the п¬Ѓrst quarter of
2015 to expand its business and fund new opportunities at
home and the wider region.
The company is the latest in the Gulf Arab state to announce plans to go public, joining a wave of п¬Ѓrms eyeing a
stock market listing after a long fallow period for flotations.
Dubai-based Daman will sell new shares equivalent to
55% of the п¬Ѓrm to the public, a statement said.
Chairman Shehab Gargash told Reuters Daman had a
number of potential plans for the cash, including launching a fund, investing in a private equity venture and upgrading its internal infrastructure. The price at which
shares would be sold was being discussed with the regulator and figures on the company’s recent revenue and
profit would be published once the talks concluded, Gargash said.
Daman - founded in 1998 - is backed by investors from
the UAE and the wider Gulf region. Existing shareholders
will be diluted to 45%, although they could boost their holdings by investing in the offering.
Retail-focused investment п¬Ѓrm Marka and Emaar Malls
Group listed within a week of each other after hugely oversubscribed initial public offerings, while Amanat Holdings’
flotation is already covered by investor orders ahead of its
closing today.
The listing has been a long-stated goal of the company,
having announced as early as 2009 that it hoped to go public
on either the Dubai or Abu Dhabi stock market - at the time
identifying by 2012 as its target window.
However, like many firms, Daman’s plans were put on
hold by the steep slump in regional equity markets following
the global п¬Ѓnancial crisis, which saw stock markets slump
and investor confidence in new issues drain - to the extent
that there were no flotations on the Dubai bourse for around
п¬Ѓve years until Marka listed earlier this year.
Daman sold a 22.7% stake to private investors via a place-
Dubai repays
$1.93bn sukuk
Dubai said yesterday it has
repaid $1.93bn raised from
Islamic bonds known as
“sukuk” and renewed its
commitment to pay back
billions of dollars worth of
debt on time.
Dubai repaid 2.5bn
dirhams ($68mn) in
dirham sukuks and $1.25bn
in dollar sukuks, the official WAM news agency
reported, citing a government statement.
It said both sukuks matured yesterday.
Dubai has repaid or
restructured billions of
dollars of debt, as the
emirate’s economy recovers from its 2009 debt
emergency in the midst of
the global financial crisis.
In August, the emirate’s
real estate giant Nakheel
repaid all of its $2.15bn
bank debt almost four
years ahead of schedule.
Dubai in March managed
to delay for another five
years the repayment of
$20bn worth of debt it received from neighbouring
Abu Dhabi that was due to
mature this year.
The International Monetary Fund estimates that
Dubai and its governmentlinked entities face a total
maturing debt of around
Abdulrahman al-Saleh,
director general of its
finance department, said
the Nakheel repayment
demonstrated Dubai’s
commitment to honour
its financial obligations
on time.
The emirate sent shockwaves through markets
worldwide in 2009 when
it encountered problems
servicing its debt mountain.
Dubai had by then piled up
some $113bn worth of debt.
The economy contracted
2.4% in 2009, but it grew
3.4% in 2011 and exceeded
4% growth last year.
A view of the Burj Khalifa
from downtown Dubai.
Dubai-based Daman will sell new shares equivalent to 55%
of the firm to the public and list on the Dubai Financial
Market during the first quarter of 2015, a statement said.
ment of shares in June 2012, which valued the company at
440mn dirhams ($119.8mn), although a previous fundraising round had valued Daman at around double that п¬Ѓgure
- showing the impact of the global п¬Ѓnancial crisis on UAE
investment п¬Ѓrms.
Emirates Investment Bank has been appointed п¬Ѓnancial
adviser and lead manager of the offer, with law п¬Ѓrm White &
Case acting as legal adviser, the statement added.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Qatar shares extend
gains, eye 13,800 level
By Santhosh V Perumal
Business Reporter
he Qatar Stock Exchange yesterday inched near the
13,800 level, gaining for the second straight session,
aided by foreign institutions’ substantial buying interests.
Increased net buying pressure from local retail and institutions notwithstanding, the 20-stock Qatar Index (based
on price data) gained 1.15% to 13,780.59 points.
Non-Qatari individual investors were also strongly into
profit-booking in the market, which is up 32.77% year-todate.
The index that tracks Shariah-principled stock was seen
gaining slower than the other indices in the bourse, where
trading volume was largely skewed towards realty, banking
and telecom stocks.
The Total Return Index rose 1.15% to 20,553.62 points, the
All Share Index by 0.94% to 3,475.37 points and the Al Rayan
Islamic Index by 0.45% to 4,584.69 points.
Market capitalisation expanded 1.15%, or more than
QR8bn, to QR743.04bn.
Industrials stocks surged 2.45%, followed by banks and
п¬Ѓnancial services (0.98%), transport (0.58%), telecom
(0.22%) and consumer goods (0.12%), whereas insurance
and realty fell 0.6% and 0.56% respectively.
Major movers included Industries Qatar, QNB, Gulf International Services, Qatari Investors Group, Commercial
Bank, Masraf Al Rayan, Vodafone Qatar and Milaha.
However, Barwa, Untied Development Company and Gulf
Warehousing were seen bucking the trend.
Foreign institutions’ net buying strengthened to
QR125.57mn against QR11.84mn on Sunday.
Domestic institutions’ net profit-booking rose to
QR19.1mn compared to QR12.73mn on November 2.
Qatari retail investors’ net selling surged to QR56.52mn
against QR15.42mn the previous day.
Non-Qatari individual investors turned net sellers to
the extent of QR49.95mn compared with net buyers of
QR16.31mn on Sunday.
Total trade volume shrank 17% to 12.12mn shares and
value by 4% to QR663.36mn; while transactions rose 4% to
The insurance sector’s trade volume plummeted 68% to
0.51mn equities, value by 63% to QR27.59mn and deals by
50% to 263.
The market witnessed a 35% plunge in the real estate
sector’s trade volume to 3.5mn stocks, 48% in value to
QR87.3mn and 34% in transactions to 1,074.
The transport sector’s trade volume tanked 18% to 0.84mn
shares, value by 29% to QR39.71mn and deals by 15% to 420.
The consumer goods sector saw its trade volume lose 2%
to 1.22mn equities, value by 53% to QR35.52mn and transactions by 38% to 382.
The telecom sector’s trade volume was down less than 1%
to 2.06mn stocks but value rose 22% to QR62.7mn and deals
by 48% to 625.
However, the industrials sector’s trade volume surged
52% to 1.46mn stocks and value more than doubled to
QR174.74mn on 67% expansion in transactions to 1,664.
The banks and п¬Ѓnancial services sector reported a 7%
rise in trade volume to 2.53mn equities, 30% in value to
QR235.79mn and 32% in deals to 1,986.
In the debt market, there was no trading of treasury bills
and government bonds.
Gulf stocks
as IPO boosts
Saudi bourse
The 20-stock Qatar Index yesterday gained 1.15% to close at 13,780.59 points. PICTURE: Noushad Thekkayil
ost Middle Eastern
stock markets rose
outperforming weak Asian and European bourses, as hopes for
a bigger weighting in MSCI’s
indexes buoyed Qatar and a
successful initial public offer
supported Saudi Arabia.
MSCI is to announce the results of the review on Thursday evening and some analysts think Qatar’s weighting is
likely to be raised, which could
attract some $200mn of fresh,
passive funds to the market. As
a leading blue chip, Industries
Qatar would be a major beneficiary.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s
index gained 0.4% after news
that the retail portion of the
22.5bn riyal ($6bn) initial share
sale by National Commercial
Bank was 16 times subscribed
late on the п¬Ѓnal day of the offer.
As of eight o’clock on Sunday evening Saudi time,
1.17mn subscribers had put up
a total of 215.8bn riyals for the
300mn shares offered to retail
investors, which were priced at
45 riyals each.
The fact that the market did
not drop too steeply over the
past week despite this huge
drain of funds was positive,
and as excess money is returned to IPO subscribers later
this week, the rest of the market may benefit.
The market may be dampened today, however, by news
that Saudi Arabia’s second
biggest telecommunications
operator Mobily had restated a
year and a half of earnings due
to accounting errors and posted a shock plunge in profit; the
market regulator has begun
an investigation to determine
whether the company violated
bourse rules.
The stock was suspended
yesterday and is to resume
trading today.
In Dubai, the main index fell
0.8% on profit-taking in property-related and construction
stocks, after it outperformed
the Gulf on Sunday with a 1.6%
Egypt’s market climbed
1.4% as two stocks continued
to lead it up.
Palm Hills Development,
which jumped 6.9% on Sunday, added a further 2.9%
while Upper Egypt Construction, which rose 3.5% on Sunday as it declared a dividend
of 0.1 Egyptian pound a share,
gained an additional 3.0%.
Bisco Misr, one of Egypt’s
main producers of cakes and
biscuits, tumbled 9.8% to
72Egyptian pounds after the
market regulator said Abraaj
Investment Management had
made a formal offer of 850mn
pounds ($118.9mn) for the
company, at a price of 73.91
pounds per share.
Tunisia’s stock index rose
1.3% to 4,969 points on optimism over the political situation, after the secular party
Nidaa Tounes won 85 seats in
the new 217-member parliament in the October 26 election.
With no outright majority, Nidaa Tounes still needs to
form a coalition with partners
in difficult negotiations that
could last weeks before a new
government is set up; the Islamist Ennahda has called for a
national unity government.
The index has gained about
8% in the last six trading days,
breaking major technical resistance on its February and
August peaks as well as its June
2012 low of 4,947 points. That
points up in the medium term
to the July 2012 peak of 5,292
Elsewhere in the Gulf, Abu
Dhabi’s index rose 0.5% to
4,950 points; Kuwait’s index fell 0.6% to 7,319 points;
Oman’s measure edged up
0.05% to 7,031 points, while
Bahrain’s index rose 0.2% to
1,446 points.
Qafco, Belgian university sign deal to
study urea as poultry feed additive
Yousef: Strong financial support.
Mannai HED, QNB
join hands to п¬Ѓnance
heavy equipment buys
annai HED and QNB
have partnered to provide п¬Ѓnance solutions
to heavy equipment customers.
Support is available for companies seeking to bolster their
existing operations with new
heavy equipment across a range
of sectors. Customers benefit
from the full breadth of brands
available through Mannai HED.
“Our clients are often building
their heavy equipment portfolio to meet specific contractual
needs. Strong п¬Ѓnancial support
is an important aspect of being
able to deliver to the satisfaction
of their partners,” Khalid Yousef,
general manager, Mannai HED
Financing requires a 20%
down payment with repayment
over one to three years through
monthly instalments. Competitive п¬Ѓnancing rates are available with minimal conditions
imposed relating to third party
insurance and a service package
that is provided by Mannai HED.
“QNB supports the equipment
sector through strategic partnerships. We launched our support for this sector with Mannai
HED who, as an exclusive agent
for premium brands such as
JCB, serve the needs of the earth
moving industry,” according to
Hamad al-Jamali, acting AGM,
SME (small and medium enterprises), QNB.
atar Fertiliser Company (Qafco)
and the Belgian University of
Liege signed an agreement for a
“joint co-operation on a research programme” to use urea as poultry feed additive to prevent use of antibiotics in agriculture and livestock. The research will
also look at the use of urea to improve
nutrient capacities of cassava root – one
of the largest food carbohydrates source
in Africa and Asia.
The agreement was signed by Qafco
chairman and CEO Khalifa Abdulla alSowaidi and Professor Pascal Leory,
dean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Liege University.
The signing ceremony was attended
by Paul Magnette, president, Belgian
Walloon Government. The signing ceremony, which took place at the Head Office of Walloonia Government in Belgium
recently was attended by officials from
both sides.
Magnette highlighted the “great importance” of the co-operation between
Qafco and the University of Liege for the
development of natural solutions to daily
diet-especially for baby food-free from
residue of food additives or antibiotics
that weaken their resistance to diseases.
He also pointed out to the depth and
unique relationship between Belgium
and Qatar and noted the role of Qatar in
the international stage.
Magnette said Belgium, a chemical
industry major in Europe, is seeking an
even stronger partnership with Qatar.
Al-Sowaidi expressed his delight at
signing the agreement, which he said
was in line with Qafco’s desire to “build
bridges of co-operation” with universities and scientific research institutions.
“This agreement is part of our global
role as a supporter of efforts at alleviation
of global hunger and to provide an alternative to the harmful yet prevalent global
food production processes,” he said.
Speaking on industry-academia cooperation, he said, “We have always be-
Al-Sowaidi and Professor Leory among others at the agreement signing for a research programme on using urea as poultry feed
additive to prevent use of antibiotics in agriculture and livestock.
lieved that the future of business lies in
research labs, as the ideas of today are
the industries of tomorrow.”
Al-Sowaidi expressed deep gratitude
to HH the Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani for his continued support
and encouragement to the development
of Qatar’s relations with the European
countries and that the agreement with
Liege University was a practical translation of this.
Leroy said, “The co-operation be-
tween researchers of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Liege University and
Qafco aims to use urea as a feedstock
through bacterial fermentation district
will produce natural ingredients added
to foods that promote animal health.”
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Zain Q3 profit falls
on Iraq, forex losses
Mobily’s surprise move - it cut its 2013 profit by 740mn riyals ($197.28mn) and profit for the first-half of 2014 by 688mn riyals due to what it said were accounting errors - may give potential foreign
investors pause for thought and rile existing shareholders.
Saudi regulator investigates
Mobily after earnings errors
Firm restates 2013 profit as
5.94bn riyals; this is down from
6.68bn riyals previously; Mobily
also restates Q1 and Q2 2014
profits; due to error in booking
revenue from promotional
campaign; Q3 net profit 472mn
riyals vs 1.63bn a year earlier
audi Arabia’s bourse regulator
launched an investigation into
Mobily yesterday after the
telecoms п¬Ѓrm restated a year and a
half of its earnings, months before
the kingdom is due to open its stock
market to direct foreign investment.
The No 2 operator, also called Etihad Etisalat, and 28% owned by the
UAE’ Etisalat, had been expected
to report its third-quarter earnings
last week, but asked for its shares to
be suspended on Thursday, seeking more time to review unspeci-
fied “significant matters” in its accounts.
“The regulator has started investigations to determine any violations by the company towards the
bourse rules,” the Capital Market
Authority (CMA) said in a statement, adding that trading in Mobily’s shares would resume today.
Saudi Arabia ranked highest
among the п¬Ѓve main Middle East
exchanges for full and accurate disclosure of corporate information,
according to a Reuters survey of a
dozen international fund managers
early this year and second highest
for enforcement of rules against illicit trade.
Mobily’s surprise move - it cut
its 2013 profit by 740mn riyals
($197.28mn) and profit for the firsthalf of 2014 by 688mn riyals due to
what it said were accounting errors
- may give potential foreign investors pause for thought as well as riling existing shareholders.
“This may be a temporary glitch
as Mobily has actively engaged analysts and the investor community in
the past,” said Asim Bukhtiar, head
of research at Riyad Capital. “It
might take a couple of quarters to
shake off this misstep and the company may need to do some damage
control. Foreign investor sentiment may be affected depending on
the root cause for restatement and
emergence of more details on the
quarterly results.”
Mobily had reported surging
profit after it ended Saudi Telecom
Co’s (STC) monopoly in 2005.
A record annual profit last year
- now amended to be below that of
2012 - helped Mobily’s shares reach
an eight-year high of 98.25 riyals in
May, but investors became jittery
last week after the company failed
to report its third-quarter earnings.
Its shares fell 8% in three days to a
16-month low of 79.95 riyals before
the company asked for the trading
Mobily yesterday reported a net
profit of 472mn riyals in the three
months to September 30, down
from 1.63bn riyals in the prior-year
Analysts polled by Reuters had
on average forecast Mobily, which
competes with STC and Zain Saudi,
would make a quarterly profit of
1.67bn riyals.
Mobily said the profit drop was
because its third-quarter earnings
in 2013 were boosted by non-recurring wholesale revenue that was not
repeated in the same period of 2014.
Also, depreciation, sales, marketing and general expenses rose yearon-year. These included extra provisions of 207mn riyals for bad debts,
slow-moving inventory and goodwill impairments on its investments.
Mobily restated its 2013 net profit
as 5.94bn riyals, down from 6.68bn
riyals previously, due to an error in
the timing of booking revenue from
a promotional campaign.
This mistake also required Mobily to restate its net profits for the
п¬Ѓrst two quarters of 2014. It raised
its first-quarter profit to 1.61bn riyals from 1.4bn riyals previously, but
second-quarter profit fell to 412mn
riyals from 1.31bn riyals.
Riyad Capital’s Bukhtiar said Mobily had hired third-party wholesalers to distribute its mobile top-up
cards and would book the revenue
from these cards on delivery to the
wholesaler even though these had
not necessarily yet been bought by
“Investors were wondering when
Mobily’s growth would slow down
but quarter after quarter the numbers remained very good,” he added.
The CMA said in July it would
open the kingdom’s market, the
biggest in the Arab world, in the п¬Ѓrst
half of 2015, sparking a stock surge.
Currently, foreigners other than
residents of Saudi Arabia and citizens of neighbouring Gulf states can
only invest in the market in indirect
ways, such as through swaps and
exchange-traded funds.
Zain, Kuwait’s No 1 telecoms firm by subscribers,
posted a 13% fall in third-quarter profit yesterday, missing analysts’ estimates due to foreign
exchange losses and Iraq’s civil war disrupting its
operations in the country.
The former monopoly, which operates in eight
countries in the Middle East and Africa, made a
net profit of 46mn dinars ($158mn) in the three
months to September 30 versus 53mn dinars in
the prior-year period, it said in a statement.
Analysts polled by Reuters on average forecast
Zain would make a quarterly profit of 60.1mn
The firm had posted falling profits in six of the
preceding eight quarters as tougher competition
at home, service interruptions in war-torn Iraq
and a steep drop in the value of Sudan’s currency
weighed on the bottom line.
Zain suffered foreign exchange losses of $52.4mn
in the third quarter versus foreign exchange
losses of $21.4mn in the prior-year period.
The company’s nine-month net profit fell 2% to
161mn dinars, while revenue was flat at 921mn
Iraq is Zain’s most important unit, accounting
for 30% of the company’s customers and 38% of
revenue in the first nine months of 2014.
The Iraqi unit’s nine-month net profit fell 14%
to $224mn, outpacing a 4% drop in revenue to
$1.24bn, as it suffered from temporary network
shutdowns and higher network operating costs
due to the civil war engulfing much of the country. Zain’s nine-month domestic profit rose 4% to
$289mn as data income climbed 14% year-on-year
to account for nearly a third of revenue, which
totalled $935mn.
In Kuwait, Zain competes with Wataniya, a unit
of Qatar’s Ooredoo, and Viva, an affiliate of Saudi
Telecom Co (STC).
Third-quarter revenue was 294mn dinars. This
compares with 313mn dinars a year ago.
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, the emirate’s largest
Shariah-compliant bank, posted a 20.6% increase
in its third-quarter net profit yesterday, ahead
of analyst expectations, as its earnings were
boosted by higher lending.
The profit growth is in line with other banks in
the UAE, who have posted strong results for the
reporting period as they benefit from a positive
domestic economic backdrop and improving
asset quality since a downturn at the start of the
ADIB, which completed in September the
purchase of Barclays’ retail banking assets in
the UAE, made a net profit of 476.8mn dirhams
($129.8mn) in the three months to September 30,
up from 395.5mn dirhams in the prior-year period,
it said in a statement.
The earnings were ahead of forecasts by analysts
at Beltone Financial and EFG Hermes, who expected net profit for the period of 471mn dirhams and
459mn dirhams respectively.
Net customer financing, how loans are described
by Islamic banks, totalled 71.6bn dirhams at the
end of September, up 16% from the start of the
year. The growth experienced in the third quarter
of the year was mainly attributed to its wholesale
banking division, the bank said.
Net revenue for funding, equivalent to net interest
income, for the third quarter was boosted as a
result, jumping 19.7% year on year.
Income from fees and commission, which grew
24.1% year on year in the third quarter, helped to
offset declines in income from investments and
foreign exchange.
Foreign businesses NCB’s $6bn IPO lures $58bn
in Thailand scared bids despite controversy
by investment
restriction plans
By Arno Maierbrugger
Gulf Times Correspondent
n a move that has been met with astonishment
by foreign businesses and investors in Thailand,
the Thai government is seemingly planning new
restrictions on foreign ownership of Thai companies. Citing an internal document that has been circulating among foreign embassies, there are massive
concerns in the foreign business community about
planned amendments to the Foreign Business Act
that would “close loopholes” for foreigners controlling more than 49% of a company incorporated in
Thailand, the Bangkok Post reported on Sunday.
While, technically, the current regulation in fact
says that Thai nationals must hold more than 50% of
a local company, there has been no prohibition that
foreigners hold the majority of the board members
or effectively control the company through shares
with stronger voting rights. Many foreign investors
are making use of these rights to run their company,
with Thai shareholders appearing just on paper.
However, the amendment of the Foreign Business Act could limit this de-facto control of foreign
investors in their businesses in which they mostly
are the sole investors. The proposed changes also
come at a time where the Association of Southeast
Asian Nations (Asean) is moving towards a more
open and liberalised economy with the Asean Economic Community set to be launched by end-2015.
It is understood that the amended law is meant
to benefit local Thai companies by reducing foreign
The foreign business community commented on
the possible amendments in harsh words.
If foreign ownership and control of Thai п¬Ѓrms
would be limited that way, it “will scare the hell out
of both existing investors and those contemplating investing in this country”, said David Lyman,
founder of the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand. “It is contrasting the statement
of the Thai government to rebuild confidence in the
country,” he added.
The law could be passed as early as next year, according to the document. The Commerce Ministry
seems to be aware of a possible negative impact on
foreign investment and stated that it would have to
offer special incentives such as tax breaks to keep
investors happy.
Interestingly, just a few months ago the militarybacked government in Thailand said it is eager to
establish an “open economy” to strengthen investor confidence in the country, and that it welcomes
foreign investors “with open arms.”
The proposed amendment to the Foreign Business Act comes at a time when the World Bank says
that Thailand will be the slowest growing economy
in Southeast Asia at least until 2016. The country’s
Finance Ministry just had to cut its forecast for this
year’s economic growth rate from 2% to 1.4%. Exports growth is flat, foreign as well as domestic investments have been weak since the military coup
took place in May this year, and tourism numbers
were continuously dropping. Adding to this, regional peers such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia
and Indonesia are increasing competition in core
economic sectors such as rice and garment exports,
electronics and car manufacturing. Economists
doubt the Thai Finance Ministry’s forecast of a
“back-to-normal” growth rate of above 4% in 2015
as long as the current government keeps lacking
policies to bolster economic expansion.
fatwa against National Commercial
Bank’s initial public offering could
not derail the biggest-ever share sale
in the Middle East.
Saudi Arabia’s largest bank said in a
statement on Sunday it attracted 215.8bn
riyals ($58bn) of bids from about 1.2mn
investors as of 8pm in Riyadh. While that
pales by comparison with the almost 9mn
who subscribed for Alinma Bank’s IPO in
2008, NCB’s offering to sell 300mn shares
was almost 16-times oversubscribed, signalling investors pitched for larger blocs of
Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh said on television last
month the IPO is un-Islamic, as criticism
deepened over the bank’s non Shariahcompliant assets. To mitigate the controversy, NCB pledged to divest about $38bn of
assets to become fully Shariah-compliant
in five years. The bank’s IPO is this year’s
biggest globally after Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s September offering.
“It’s an attractive IPO and it was bound
to get covered,” Mohammed Alsuwayed, a
Riyadh-based п¬Ѓnancial analyst and partner at SPT Investors, a market-analytics
company, said by telephone on Saturday.
The fatwa has had an impact on the average
Saudi, “but major investors are usually the
ones that take on such a big IPO,” he said.
NCB sold 500mn shares, or a 25% stake,
at 45 riyals apiece, raising $6bn and valuing the lender at about $24bn. The bank
allocated 200mn shares to the kingdom’s
Public Pension Fund. The sale, only open to
Saudi nationals, overtakes the $5bn raised
by Dubai’s DP World Ltd in 2007. Prior to
NCB’s share sale, Alinma’s was the kingdom’s largest banking IPO.
Saudi Arabia is removing barriers to one
of the world’s most restricted financial
NCB sold 500mn shares, or a 25% stake, at 45 riyals apiece, raising $6bn and
valuing the lender at about $24bn
markets next year, where foreigners are
barred from directly buying and selling domestic assets. The kingdom’s benchmark
index has climbed 19% this year to close at
10,141.67 today.
“If NCB was an Islamic IPO, the number
of subscribers would have definitely been
very high,” Alsuwayed said. “Clients in the
region prefer Islamic services. It’s a big deal
for the region, especially Saudis.”
NCB’s Shariah committee said on October 16 that 67% of the bank’s assets complied with the Shariah ban on interest as of
the end of June.
NCB’s shares are currently valued at as
much as 65 riyals, Mohammed al-Omran, a
п¬Ѓnancial analyst and president of the Gulf
Center for Financial Consultancy in Riyadh, said by phone on Sunday.
“If the market breaks 11,000 points and
optimism is high, there might be a chance it
goes over 100 riyals,” he said.
Orders sputtered for the п¬Ѓrst 11 days of
the subscription period, with bids covering 50% of the IPO. They jumped to 210%
at the end of the following day.
“The IPO is very attractive to high-networth individuals,” Alsuwayed said. “The
reason why investors waited until the last
minute to subscribe is that they had to
take on loans and I believe most of them
are planning to liquidate once the stock is
The sale offers an investment opportunity irrespective of restrictions and the
controversy over Shariah compliance, according to Al Masah Capital Ltd.
“The valuation for NCB is quite attractive when compared to the Saudi banking
sector,” Shailesh Dash, chief executive officer of the Dubai-based company, said by
e-mail on Sunday. There was “a good turnout considering the size of the IPO, the participation restrictions in Saudi IPOs by foreigners and the recent selloff in the market
due to the oil-price decline,” he said.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Deserted by China, Taiwanese solar cell makers eye new markets
aught in a trade war between China and the United States, Taiwan’s
solar companies are scrambling to
п¬Ѓnd new customers in a sharp reversal of
fortunes for an industry flooded with orders just a year ago.
Solar cell makers such as Neo Solar
Power Corp, Motech Industries Inc and
Gintech Energy Corp are chasing contracts in Japan, Europe and emerging
solar markets to offset a steep decline in
sales to China.
“We’re all quite panicked and look-
ing to international markets for growth,”
Gordon Chen, president of the Taiwan
Photovoltaic Industry Association, told
Reuters. Taiwanese solar cells were in
high demand as a means for Chinese
panel makers to sidestep US anti-dumping tariffs. Since Washington extended
the duties to Taiwan in July, however,
Chinese buyers have shifted back to
cheaper, home-made cells for use in the
panels they ship to the United States.
This has left Taiwanese solar cell makers with a 1 gigawatt-sized hole in their
order books at a time when they have
added extra capacity to meet Chinese demand that is no longer there.
And while Taiwanese companies could
skirt US tariffs by moving production
overseas, their margins would take a hit
as they would have to price cells cheaper
to compete with China.
“Taiwanese solar companies will have
to be cost-competitive to survive,” said
Edward Guinness, co-portfolio manager
at Guinness Atkinson Asset Management, which owns Chinese solar stocks
including Trina Solar Ltd and JA Solar
Holdings Co.
Taiwanese domestic demand for solar
cells is about 200 megawatts, a fraction
of the nearly 10 gigawatts of production
capacity that the country is expected to
have by the end of year, according to renewable energy consultancy п¬Ѓrm GTM
Research. This is also 24% more than
capacity at the end of 2013. The loss of
Chinese business is already evident in
monthly sales п¬Ѓgures.
Neo Solar reported September sales of
TWD1.96bn ($64.4mn), 13% lower than
a year ago, while Gintech Energy’s sales
for the same period dropped by nearly a
Neo Solar’s shares have fallen about
18% since July 25, when the United States
set anti-dumping duties on Taiwan.
Shares of Motech and Gintech Energy
shares have each fallen more than 20%
over the same period.
In October, Taiwanese cells were
priced at about 33 cents per watt, mar-
ginally more expensive than Chinese cells
at 32 cents, but Taiwanese п¬Ѓrms have little room to cut prices, said GTM Research
analyst Jade Jones. Solar cell prices depend both on the price of the wafers that
go into them and the panels in which they
are used, making it difficult for cell makers to alter rates.
While moving production or contract
manufacturing to countries such as Turkey and India is an option, some Taiwanese companies are concerned that U.S.
sanctions could follow them to new production centres, industry executives said.
The United States has set preliminary
anti-dumping duties of 26% to 165% on
imports of Chinese and Taiwanese solar
products. A п¬Ѓnal decision is due in December, which may prompt Taiwanese
companies to п¬Ѓrm up their plans. A foolproof way to avoid new tariffs would, of
course, be to move to the United States,
but the high cost of production would
make such a move unsustainable, executives said.
“We are evaluating moving manufacturing overseas ... looking in particular
at Thailand, Mexico and Malaysia,” Gintech Energy Chief Financial Officer Lay
Lay Pan told Reuters. Similarly, Solartech
Energy Corp is in talks with a Malaysian
п¬Ѓrm to begin cell production there. Another company, Tainergy Tech Co, started making panels in Vietnam in October.
edges up as
fuel price
hike looms
Daimler opens R&D centre
for Mercedes-Benz in China
ndonesia’s inflation accelerated faster than expected in
October, official data showed
yesterday, as prices of some
goods were hiked in anticipation
of the new government raising
the fuel price.
Inflation rose to 4.83% onyear in October from 4.53% the
previous month as the cost of
everyday items such as cigarettes and cooking gas increased,
the statistics agency said.
It was slightly higher than
economists had forecast.
“Prices have gone up now because the market has anticipated
the fuel price hike,” said Destry
Damayanti, chief economist
from Indonesia’s Bank Mandiri.
A hike pushes up the price of
everyday goods due to increased
transportation costs.
New President Joko Widodo,
known as Jokowi, is expected
to announce a large increase in
the price of petrol and diesel in
the coming weeks to cut government subsidies that are a
drain on Southeast Asia’s biggest economy. Economists say
Widodo has no choice but to reduce the crippling payouts that
eat up around a п¬Ѓfth of the annual budget, and are blamed for
a large current account deficit
that has spooked investors.
However, hiking the price is
unpopular and has in the past
sparked violent protests.
The central bank governor
has warned that if fuel prices
are increased by nearly half, as
expected, inflation could reach
more than nine per cent this
September’s trade deficit narrowed slightly to $270mn from
around $320mn the previous
month, official data showed. It
was still larger than economists
had forecast, however, with exports to Indonesia’s top trade
partner China slowing.
Manufacturing activity contracted in October, with HSBC’s
purchasing managers index dipping to 49.2 following a modest
rebound in September. A reading
above 50 indicates expansion,
while below signals contraction.
aimler AG has opened a research
and development (R&D) centre in
Beijing tasked with further tuning
its Mercedes-Benz brand to wealthy Chinese tastes and closing the sales gap with
Audi AG and BMW.
The German auto maker’s move demonstrates a desire to “embed us more
deeply in China, to make cars best suited
to China,” Hubertus Troska, Daimler’s
China head, told Reuters.
Daimler is expanding its MercedesBenz brand in China at a time when an
investigation into anti-competitive practices in the auto industry is prompting car
makers to lower prices. Mercedes-Benz
itself has previously said it was co-operating with an investigation into unspecified matters.
The new R&D centre nevertheless signals commitment to a market Troska said
would become Mercedes-Benz’s largest
in as early as one or two years. With that
in mind, the automaker plans to raise the
number of Mercedes-Benz engineers and
other specialists in Beijing to 500 by the
end of next year from 350.
“It is a logical step to better understand the market and make sure Chinese
requirements are properly regarded early
in the process when we develop a next
generation of cars,” Troska said in an interview last week.
The R&D centre caps a series of moves
Troska has made since becoming China
head in 2012, including reforming marketing and sales and raising dealer numbers. Its focus on Chinese tastes should
help Mercedes-Benz catch up in the local luxury car segment with Volkswagen
AG’s Audi and BMW, he said.
Researcher LMC Automotive projects
Mercedes-Benz to sell 291,000 vehicles in China this year, compared with
581,000 for luxury market-leader Audi
and 448,000 for second-placed BMW.
Troska said new models such as the
GLA compact SUV should help Mercedes-Benz sell “significantly more than
300,000 units next year.” LMC Automotive puts Mercedes-Benz’s 2015 sales at
386,000 vehicles.
Daimler has invested about €110mn
($138.30mn) over recent months in the
new R&D centre and in another centre
it recently opened in Beijing with local
partner BAIC Motor Corp.
Such investments are more than appropriate, Troska said, given the “growth
potential in China is unique.”
Automobile sales growth in China has
Employees work at Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz research and development centre in Beijing.
slowed in recent months in tandem with a
slowdown in the overall economy. But automakers estimate overall annual demand
will be as many as 35mn vehicles by 2020,
from 22mn vehicles last year.
Among the R&D centre’s more immediate tasks is better tuning MercedesBenz in with its Chinese customer base.
The average age of the brand’s customers
in China is 38 compared with Germany
where the age is about 20 years older, a
company spokesman said. High on the
wish list of these younger buyers is in-car
Internet access, Troska said.
Other features popular with wealthy
Chinese include spacious back seats,
advanced entertainment systems and
climate control, because many customers have chauffeurs and drive themselves
only at weekends. Also as part of the
China focus, Troska said Mercedes-Benz
is considering a new super premium car
built particularly with the Chinese consumer in mind.
“The (flagship) S-class is uniquely positioned and has a tradition also in China
as being a top-of-the-line boss’ car. Is
there an opportunity to position even
the S-class slightly higher? I think there
is,” Troska said. “You will very soon hear
about it,” he added, declining to elaborate.
Daimler has also moved MercedesBenz’s Beijing design studio to within the
new R&D centre and expanded it with
staff from a studio the automaker closed
near Tokyo - reflecting a general industry
shift towards making more design decisions in China.
Roughly 40 designers will work on the
shapes of cars destined for market in 10
to 15 years’ time under the studio’s new
design chief Hubert Lee, formerly head of
Mercedes-Benz’s Advanced Design Studio in Carlsbad, California.
Promise of �Captain America’ fading for Asia’s LNG buyers
North American liquefied natural
gas projects, once believed to be the
panacea that would save Asia from
paying top dollar for the super chilled
fuel, are proving to be less of a game
changer than originally expected.
High costs, gruelling regulatory
processes and mounting social
opposition have slowed the
development of new capacity in
Canada and the United States,
tempering early hopes that a flood of
cheap western gas would drive down
A sudden rise in demand for LNG
after the Fukushima nuclear disaster
in March 2011 created a tight market
for the commodity, pushing Asian
prices to new highs and sending
buyers scrambling to make deals with
fledgling producers in North America.
Three years later, the majority of
projected US and Canadian volumes
are still as much as a decade from first
shipment, making it difficult for them
to spare Asia from LNG prices that
have been up to twice as expensive as
natural gas in European markets this
“A few years ago, there was a kind
of enthusiasm that US LNG would
solve everything, that is the �Captain
America’ story,” Ken Koyama, chief
economist at Japan’s Institute of
Energy Economics, told Reuters on the
sidelines of the Singapore International
Energy Week conference.
“As we gain a better understanding of
the US’s possible role in LNG in Asia, we
are still very much interested in it, but
we are not so excited.”
North America’s first LNG export
terminal, Cheniere Energy Inc’s Sabine
Pass, is currently under construction,
with initial LNG cargoes expected by
late 2015.
Shovels hit the ground last month on a
second US Gulf Coast terminal, Sempra
Energy’s Cameron LNG project, with
two further projects approved by US
regulators for non-free trade exports,
and numerous more under review.
In Canada, Malaysia’s Petronas is
expected to make a final investment
decision on its Pacific NorthWest
LNG project by mid-December and
could potentially start building the
US neighbour’s first ever LNG export
terminal in 2015.
But last month state-owned Petronas
threatened to delay that project by up
to 15 years unless a favourable tax deal
was reached, and last week BG Group
pushed back an investment decision on
its Canadian project by a year to 2017.
While the promise of North American
LNG exports has had an effect on
Asian markets, helping drive a shift
to new hybrid price contracts and
flexible delivery models, the slow rate
of development has muted the overall
“There’s a lot of gas reserves in Canada
and the US,” said Hoe-Wai Cheong,
Executive Vice President at Black &
Veatch Corp. “But if you look at the
pace by which that’s coming out and
the amount of gas that will ultimately
be exported, I don’t believe it will have
a significant impact on the global LNG
Demand for LNG is expected to
increase by 40% through 2025 to
roughly 350mn tonnes per annum,
according to data from GDF Suez.
Driving that growth are new markets in
China, India and Southeast Asia.
At the same time, dozens of projects
have been proposed for Canada and
the United States, as energy companies
look to tap into cheap North American
gas to feed rising Asian demand.
But experts say the vast majority of
those export terminals will never be
built, with just a handful expected to
proceed on either side of the border.
And while initial volumes from the Gulf
Coast of the United States are expected
next year, there are questions around
how much will actually end up in Asian
“It’s probably a misconception that
US LNG is all going to Asia,” said
Nicholas Browne, an analyst with
Wood Mackenzie. “If you look at
the companies involved in certain
projects, such as Corpus Christi, it’s
predominantly European utilities.”
Cheniere has signed sales contracts
with Asian buyers like Indonesia’s
Pertamina and South Korea’s Kogas,
but concerns remain on the ultimate
cost of shipping that gas through the
Panama Canal, especially as the spot
prices for LNG deliveries into Asia have
fluctuated in a broad range this year.
LNG spot prices dropped from a
multi-year peak at $20.50/mmBtu in
February to a post-Fukushima low at
$10.60/mmBtu in August, as demand
growth slowed and as a run-off in
global oil benchmarks pulled energy
values lower.
Canada, on the other hand, benefits
from far shorter shipping distances to
Asia, though the cost of building new
pipeline and liquefaction infrastructure
is high, making it hard to justify the
initial investment if prices stay low.
Adding to that risk is a slow regulatory
process, difficult negotiations with
Aboriginal communities and new
taxes. In some cases, sales margins are
proving to be razor thin, putting the
ultimate feasibility of projects at risk.
“If the fundamental economics do not
work, these projects will not happen,”
Aaron Engen, Managing Director at
BMO Capital Markets, told an industry
audience at the conference.
Despite the challenges, Canada
is attractive to integrated trading
companies who want exposure to
more of the value chain, said Nick
Kouvaritakis, a lawyer with Herbert
Smith Freehills.
By taking stakes in both upstream
developments and export terminals,
proponents can hedge themselves
against fluctuations in the North
American gas price.
“I think that’s really the fundamental
advantage of the Canadian projects,”
he said, adding that if risks are
managed, there is potential for a
significant upside.
With much of the new capacity in North
America now expected to come online
in the 2020s, that supply could prove
to be attractive to emerging buyers like
China and India, rather than traditional
markets in Japan, South Korea and
Still, competition from other emerging
regions like East Africa will be fierce
– particularly from frontier fields in
Mozambique – and North American
projects could be hindered by political
and regulatory constraints.
“Gas exports in U.S. are still in a
grey zone. Not forbidden, but not
encouraged,” said Chen Wei Dong,
Senior Economist with CNOOC Energy
Economics Institute. “In Canada, there’s
a lot of waiting ... it’s slow, no hurry like
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Yen’s worst yet to come in options after Kuroda shocks
The worst is yet to come for the yen
after Japan’s two-pronged attack on
deflation sent the currency tumbling to
its weakest level in almost seven years.
Option prices show traders see a 65
percent chance the yen, which has
already slumped 6.8% this year, will
drop an additional 1.8% to 115 per dollar
in the next three months, according to
data compiled by Bloomberg. That’s
up from 18% on October 30, the day
before authorities surprised investors
by saying the government pension
fund will invest more of its money
overseas and Bank of Japan Governor
Sensex flat;
benchmark index of Indian equities markets ended
yesterday’s trade flat –
marginally down by 5.45 points
or 0.02% – after touching a
record high of 27,969.82 points in
the early morning trade session.
In the early morning trade session the benchmark index had
surpassed its previous high of
27,894.32 points it hit on Friday.
This was the third consecutive
time that the Sensex hit a record
high. Subsequently it lost the
early gains and traded in the red.
Healthy buying was observed
in banks, realty, healthcare and
capital goods. While selling
pressure was sustained in auto,
consumer durables and oil and
gas stocks. The 30-scrip Sensitive Index (Sensex) of the S&P
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE),
which opened at 27,943.04
points, closed trade at 27,860.38
points, down 5.45 points or
0.02% from the previous day’s
close at 27,865.83 points.
The Sensex touched a high
of 27,969.82 points and a low of
27,785.40 points in the intratrade.
The S&P bank index gained
90.18 points, realty index was
up 56.02 points, followed by
the healthcare sector which was
higher by 53 points and capital
goods index which increased by
46.05 points.
However, auto index dropped
by 163.65 points, followed by consumer durables index which was
down 146.43 points and oil and
gas index which lost 23.37 points.
The wider 50-scrip Nifty of the
National Stock Exchange (NSE)
closed trade in the positive territory. It gained 1.95 points or
0.02% up at 8,324.15 points.
Meanwhile, the Indian rupee
yesterday depreciated by four
paise to close at 61.40 against
the Greenback on moderate
dollar demand from importers,
amid some hesitancy in equities.
A better dollar overseas also
weighed on the rupee while sustained capital inflows restricted
the rupee fall. At the Interbank
Foreign Exchange ( Forex) market, the rupee commenced lower
at 61.50 a dollar from its previous close of 61.36. It moved in a
range of 61.3750 and 61.5550 before concluding at 61.40, a fall of
4 paise or 0.07%.
Haruhiko Kuroda will expand currency
depreciating stimulus.
“The BoJ has dropped another stimulus
bombshell,” Daisaku Ueno, the chief
currency strategist at Mitsubishi UFJ
Morgan Stanley Securities Co. in Tokyo,
said by phone on October 31.
“It’s quite possible the yen will drop to
112 or 113 per dollar by the end of the
year, or even 115.”
That level – last reached in November
2007 – is already starting to become
the consensus. Companies from
Nomura Holdings Inc., Japan’s biggest
brokerage, to JPMorgan Chase & Co. cut
their year-end forecast to 115 per dollar
on Friday, while Goldman Sachs Group
Inc. said the day’s announcements
made its estimate for the yen to reach
that level in 12 months suddenly seem
The yen tumbled to 112.99 per dollar
today, the weakest level since December
2007, before trading at 112.98 at 10:11 am
in London. The currency has slumped
3.9% in the past three months against
a basket of its major peers tracked
by Bloomberg Correlation-Weighted
Indexes, the biggest decline of the 10
currencies in the group.
While a weaker currency would help the
BoJ combat persistent deflation and aid
exporters, it risks squeezing companies
and consumers by raising costs for fuel
and energy that are largely imported.
Bankruptcies due to the weak yen more
than doubled to 214 in the first nine
months of 2014 compared with the year-
ago period, Shoko Research Ltd. said.
A survey released by the Osaka
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
in September showed the majority of
respondents viewed an exchange rate
of 95-105 yen per dollar to be ideal.
Japan Chamber of Commerce and
Industry Chairman Akio Mimura said
last month a “pleasing” level for the
yen would be 100 per dollar, Kyodo
Kuroda said last month a lower
exchange rate can depress the nonmanufacturing sector and real incomes,
though three days before the new
stimulus was announced he said the
yen’s decline was positive overall for
the economy. Traders were rocked by
Friday’s surprise announcements. The
ВҐ127.3tn ($1.1tn) Government Pension
Investment Fund set allocation targets
of 25% each for Japanese and overseas
equities, up from 12% each. It will reduce
domestic bonds to 35% of assets from
60%. Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg
anticipated levels of 24% for local
stocks, 15% for global shares and 40%
for Japanese bonds. On the same day,
the BoJ said it was increasing its annual
target for enlarging the monetary base,
achieved mostly by buying assets
including bonds, to ВҐ80tn yen, from
ВҐ60tn-ВҐ70tn previously. Kuroda said
policy makers are determined to end
Japan’s “deflationary mindset.”
“It is quite a coordinated action,
whether consciously or unconsciously,”
Takatoshi Ito, who led a government
pension advisory panel last year, said in
a phone interview from Bangkok. “It was
beautifully timed.”
The chances of the yen sliding to 115
by the end of the first quarter of next
year rose to 72%, from 29% on October
30, according to Bloomberg’s currency
probability calculator, which is based on
options prices. The currency has an 81%
probability of reaching that level in 12
months, up from 50% before the BoJ’s
“The timing was a surprise to us, and
the market,” Robin Brooks, Goldman
Sachs’s chief currency strategist, said by
phone from New York on October 31. “If
additional easing is needed, they’ll do it.
There’s probably scope for dollar-yen to
move higher.”
Buffett is right again as 60% of
Asian airline IPOs lose money
arren Buffett said a decade
ago he’s sworn off putting
money in airline stocks
since his $358mn “mistake” in US
Airways Group Inc. Investors in Asian
carriers would do well to heed his advice. Six of the 10 initial public offerings by airlines in Asia during the past
five years are trading below their sale
prices, according to data compiled by
Today, Bangkok Airways, which
raised $494mn last month in Asia’s
latest airline IPO, fell 12% on its trading debut to join the list.
Asia’s airlines have failed to capitalise on a surge in passenger numbers
as the start of a dozen new carriers in
the past decade has pushed the industry toward overcapacity. The 10 airlines have fallen an average 12% from
their offer levels even as the region’s
publicly traded carriers racked up a
combined $1.8bn in losses last year.
“There’s too much competition in the
airline industry,” said Alan Richardson, an investment manager at Samsung Asset Management Co in Hong
Kong who previously lost money buying shares in Thailand’s Nok Airlines
Pcl. He didn’t invest in the Bangkok
Air IPO.
“Until you get a shift in the demandsupply, you won’t get any meaningful
leverage in these asset-heavy companies.” Asia’s increasing urbanization
and growing middle class are fuelling
a surge in travel demand. New airlines
have popped up all over the continent,
from Vanilla Air Inc and Peach Aviation
Ltd in Japan to budget carriers in India
started by a property tycoon, cookie
maker and owner of a travel agency.
That contrasts with the mature
markets of the US and Europe, where
overcapacity has led to consolidation and fewer carriers for planemakers to sell to. Close to half the world’s
air-traffic growth will involve Asian
routes over the next 20 years, according to Boeing Co marketing chief Randy Tinseth. Carriers from the region
will require 12,820 more aircraft, or
36% of the global total, Tinseth said
in February. Competitor Airbus Group
NV puts the figure at 11,000 planes.
“Airlines are not good investments,” said Shukor Yusof, founder
of industry consultant Endau Analytics. “It never was even at the best of
times. That’s why Warren Buffett has
stayed away from it. It’s a very cyclical
industry.” Trying to take advantage of
the upcycle in traffic is Bangkok Air,
Ground staff walk beside a Bangkok Airways Airbus SAS A319 aircraft at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline, which raised $494mn last month in Asia’s latest
airline IPO, fell 12% on its trading debut yesterday.
Thailand’s oldest private carrier. The
company received orders for more
than 1.5 times the amount of stock it
offered in its IPO. The airline set the
sale price at 25 baht, the midpoint of
the marketed range of 23 to 27 baht per
The stock fell to 22 baht at the close
of trading in Bangkok today, the worst
debut performance in the country this
year, with over 114mn shares changing
hands, according to data compiled by
Bloomberg. The country’s benchmark
index declined 0.3%. Bangkok Air
plans to use the money to buy 18 new
planes, mounting competition for regional rivals like Thai Airways International Pcl and Singapore Airlines Ltd.
Competition is also hurting Qantas
Airways Ltd, Australia’s biggest carrier, which is taking measures such
as cutting its planes’ weight to return
to profit. The last airline share sale in
Thailand lost money for investors.
Nok Air, a budget carrier controlled
by Thai Airways, is trading 45% lower
than its offer price of 26 baht last year.
“There’s always risks investing in airlines,” said Richardson of Samsung
Asset. He bought the carrier’s shares,
which he said ended up being “a value trap” and “a mistake.” Richardson
didn’t participate in the Bangkok Air
IPO as “I can probably buy cheaper
six months later when all the euphoria
would have faded,” he said.
Buffett, the billionaire chairman of
Berkshire Hathaway Inc, said in March
2001 that he’s off investing in airline
stocks after the “mistake” in US Airways. “Now if I get the urge to invest
in airlines, I call an 800 number, and
I say: �Hello, my name is Warren, and
I’m an air-o-holic,’” he said then.
“Sometimes, it takes them 10 minutes
to talk me out of it, sometimes more.”
Buffett: Staying away from investing in airline stocks.
Asian bourses take breather after last week’s surge
Traders monitor stock transactions at the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing. The bourse yesterday
ended 82.09 points lower at 23,915.97.
sian markets were mixed yesterday as
traders took a breather after last week’s
rally, but Shanghai hit a 21-month high
on hopes of Chinese stimulus measures after a
weak manufacturing report.
Wall Street on Friday had provided a healthy
lead, with the Dow and S&P 500 reaching new
highs after Japan’s central bank said it would
ramp up its own stimulus programme to kickstart growth.
The dollar held on to Friday’s gains against
the yen, sitting at seven-year highs. Friday’s
news came days after the US Federal Reserve
ended its own stimulus.
Sydney eased 0.36%, or 19.7 points, to
5,506.9, while Seoul dropped 0.58%, or 11.46
points, to close at 1,952.97.
Hong Kong ended 0.34% lower, dipping 82.09
points to 23,915.97. But Shanghai closed 0.41%
higher, adding 9.85 points to 2,430.03, its highest since February last year. Tokyo was shut for
a public holiday. Global markets and the dollar
surged on Friday after the Bank of Japan said it
would widen its asset-purchasing scheme to
boost lending and try to avoid a recession.
After a jump in Asian shares, including a
near-п¬Ѓve per cent rise in Tokyo, Wall Street
powered ahead.
China at the weekend released an index of
manufacturing activity that showed growth
slowed in October, the latest data indicating the
world’s second-largest economy slowing down.
The official purchasing managers’ index
(PMI) came in at 50.8 last month, the National Bureau of Statistics said, lower than 51.1 in
September. Readings above 50 indicate growth
while anything below points to contraction.
PMI tracks activity in China’s factories and
workshops and is a closely-watched indicator of
the health of the economy.
Yesterday a separate report by HSBC came in
a 50.4, the strongest result since July.
“Overall, the manufacturing sector continued to stabilise in October, however the sequential momentum likely weakened,” said HSBC.
“The economy still shows clear signs of insufficient effective demand.”
The п¬Ѓgures have raised hopes that Beijing will
introduce new economy-boosting measures,
with some analysts suggesting officials will cut
the amount of cash banks must keep in reserve
in order to boosting lending.
“More new infrastructure projects and continuous monetary easing might improve manufacturing for the coming months,” Haitong Securities said, according to Dow Jones Newswires.
On currency markets the dollar bought 112.76
yen – its highest since December 2007 – against
112.25 yen Friday in New York.
The euro was at $1.2489 and 140.85 yen compared with $1.2525 and 140.71 yen.
Oil prices were mixed. US benchmark West
Texas Intermediate for December delivery fell
39 cents to $80.15, while Brent crude was down
53 cents at $85.33.
The price of gold fell to $1,172.85 an ounce
from $1,173.87 late Friday.
In other markets, Taipei rose 0.34%, or 30.10
points, to 9,004.86; Wellington climbed 0.56
percent, or 30.39 points, to 5,418.22; Manila
ended 1.35 percent higher, adding 97.12 points
to 7,312.85; Jakarta closed flat, edging down
4.04 points to 5085.51; Kuala Lumpur ended flat
at 1,853.34; Singapore closed 0.51%, or 16.59
points, higher at 3,290.84 and Bangkok closed
down 0.31 percent, or 4.98 points, to 1,579.18.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
wait for
gold price
to drop
ven with gold prices dropping to near 4-year lows,
buyers in China – the
world’s leading market – aren’t
tempted, suggesting prices have
further to fall.
When gold prices are in a
slump, Chinese buyers, eyeing a
bargain, traditionally move in and
stop the rot. But that doesn’t seem
to be happening this time around.
The current market decline has
seen the price of gold lose more
than a third of its value in two
years, to around $1,173 an ounce.
Unusually, prices on the
Shanghai Gold Exchange, the
world’s biggest platform for
physical trade, are at a discount
of around $1 an ounce to the global benchmark, slipping from
premiums of $1-$2 an ounce
last week. Since all physical gold
trade in China goes through the
exchange, it is seen as a reliable
barometer of Chinese demand.
World gold prices are at their
lowest since 2010 and slid $25
an ounce on Friday as the dollar
strengthened, but Chinese buyers still aren’t biting, predicting prices have further to drop.
There is little sign of increased
demand, dealers at importing
banks in China and traders told
Reuters yesterday, recalling how
China led a rush to buy jewellery
and gold bars and coins when
prices slumped about $200 an
ounce in two days last year.
“We’ve not seen any significant physical demand on the
back of this (price drop),” said
Victor Thianpiriya, an analyst
at ANZ in Singapore. “That’s a
worrying sign for prices as Chinese buying was really the only
thing supporting the market on
self-offs last year.”
China overtook India as the
biggest gold buyer last year, with
consumers and investors buying
record amounts of the precious
metal as prices tumbled 28% after a 12-year rally. That splurge,
along with uncertainty over gold
prices and a crackdown on corruption, have dented China’s
appetite this year. Demand has
dropped by more than a п¬Ѓfth in
the п¬Ѓrst nine months of the year,
according to the China Gold
Hyundai, Kia п¬Ѓned $300mn
for overstating fuel efficiency
Under the civil accord, which
involved the sale of 1.2mn cars
and SUVs, the companies will
also spend around $50mn
to prevent future violations,
and forfeit emissions credits
estimated to be worth more
than $200mn
Dow Jones
orean auto makers Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors agreed to pay a
combined penalty of $300mn for
overstating fuel-economy claims, the
largest such punishment ever, in a settlement that could create a pricey precedent for other car companies.
Hyundai and Kia, affiliates of Hyundai Motor Group, will pay a combined
$100mn in civil п¬Ѓnes and forfeit regulatory credits valued at $200mn to settle a
two-year long probe by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Justice Department, the agencies said.
Ford Motor is among other auto makers facing potential п¬Ѓnes for similar
In November 2012, Hyundai admitted after an audit of its mileage claims
by the EPA that it had overstated the fuel
efficiency for about 1.2mn vehicles, or
about a quarter of its 2011-2013 model
vehicles sold in the US. The vehicles involved included popular models such as
the Accent and Elantra compact cars,
the sporty Veloster coupe and the Santa
Fe sport utility. Kia admitted overstating mileage claims for its Rio and Soul
The EPA said the overstatements
ranged from between 1 and 6 miles per
During fuel-economy tests, Hyundai
and Kia engineers “allegedly chose favourable results rather than average results from a large number of tests,” the
EPA said in a statement.
At the time, Hyundai and Kia said
the overstatements were the result of
mistakes by engineers running mileage
tests; the companies then lowered the
mileage claims and offered compensation to owners of the affected cars. The
actions undermined claims that several
of its best-selling models were rated at
40 miles per gallon in highway driving, a
cornerstone of Hyundai’s US marketing
efforts at the time.
“Hyundai has acted transparently, reimbursed affected customers and fully
co-operated with the EPA throughout
the course of its investigation, “ David
Zuchowski, chief executive of the Hyundai brand in the US, said in a statement. “We are pleased to put this behind
us, and gratified that even with our adjusted fuel economy ratings, Hyundai
From left: Cynthia Giles, Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Attorney General Eric
Holder, and Sam Hirsch, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division, speak at a press conference to announce the settlement
between the US government and Hyundai and Kia, at the Justice Department headquarters in Washington yesterday.
continues to lead the automotive industry in fuel efficiency and environmental
Under the agreement with US regulators, Hyundai and Kia will surrender
4.75mn of the greenhouse gas credits
they built up under the US corporate average fuel-economy system for 2012 and
2013 models. These are effectively bonus
points that allow the companies to sell
larger, less efficient but usually more
profitable models such as sport-utility
vehicles or luxury cars. The EPA valued
these credits at more than $200 million.
Hyundai-Kia also agreed to set up
an independent certification group to
oversee fuel-economy testing and audit
their 2015 and 2016 fleet mileage claims
as part of a $50mn commitment to avoid
future violations. The EPA and Justice
Department pursuit of Hyundai п¬Ѓts into
a broader push by the Obama administration to show toughness toward corporations that flout federal laws. The
administration is under п¬Ѓre from both
Republicans and Democrats on Capitol
Hill for moving too slowly to force auto
makers to launch safety recalls.
In March, the Justice Department
and the Transportation Department got
a $1.2bn payment from Toyota Motor to
settle a criminal investigation related to
delayed recalls. The Transportation Department п¬Ѓned General Motors $35mn
in May for failing to properly disclose its
knowledge of defective ignition switches. GM still faces a criminal investigation by Justice Department.
“Businesses that play by the rules
shouldn’t have to compete with those
breaking the law,” EPA administrator
Gina McCarthy said in a statement.
The settlement is subject to a court
review. The California Air Resources
Board joined the federal agencies as a
plaintiff in the civil action and will get
$6.3mn of the п¬Ѓnes, the EPA and Justice
Department said.
The settlement with Hyundai could
set a template for other enforcement
actions involving overstatement of fuel
economy claims. Following Hyundai’s
2012 restatement, the EPA stepped up
audits of auto makers’ mileage claims.
Ford Motor, Daimler AG’s MercedesBenz unit and BMW AG’s Mini brand
have subsequently reduced mileage
claims for various models after EPA
audits. Ford in June admitted to overstating mileage claims for six 2013 and
2014 models, and agreed to pay owners of those vehicles as much as $1,050
to repay them for the gap between the
claimed fuel savings and the actual
Ford had previously admitted that it
had overstated the mileage claim for its
C-Max hybrid, which was advertised
with a combined fuel efficiency rating
of 47 miles per gallon at the time of its
launch in 2013. After two revisions, the
C-Max is now advertised at 40 miles per
gallon. Ford officials said the overstatements were the result of mistakes, not a
deliberate effort to gain a marketing edge.
The Hyundai case also exposed
weaknesses in the US system for regulating fuel economy and greenhouse
gas emissions. While the EPA tests
some vehicles at its own laboratory in
Ann Arbor, Mich., most of the mileage
claims consumers rely on when choosing a vehicle are derived from tests run
by the manufacturers.
Mileage claims for new vehicles are
certified through a complex series of
laboratory tests designed to mimic
city and highway driving. The EPA in
2008 and in 2011 overhauled the test
procedures in an effort to bring adver-
BoJ’s Kuroda walking on tightrope
Dow Jones
The Bank of Japan’s surprise move to
flood the economy with more money
boosted stock prices and gave a lift to its
fight against deflation, but a rare split vote
over the decision means further action
will be difficult for governor Haruhiko
Those with knowledge of the
manoeuverings behind Friday’s 5-4
decision point to growing skepticism
among the BoJ’s nine policy board
members toward the radical policy rolled
out by Kuroda a year-and-a-half ago.
Some sceptics of easing say it is a
mistake to drive down the yen, as Friday’s
actions did, because they hurt Japanese
companies that rely on imported fuel or
materials. Others more broadly question
Kuroda’s fundamental goal of achieving
2% inflation, saying it would be better
to focus on deregulation and structural
changes to Japan’s economy such as
making it easier to hire and fire workers.
“Opposition within the BoJ looks likely to
continue,” said a former board member
who has close ties to some present
members. Another person familiar with
the board’s views said the gap between
Kuroda and other members was growing
and represented the “biggest problem”
for the central-bank chief.
The BoJ said it would aim to purchase
€80tn ($712bn) in Japanese government
bonds annually, up from ВҐ60tn to ВҐ70tn
currently. It also said it would triple its
purchases of stock funds to ВҐ3tn annually,
among other steps.
Kuroda’s trouble in winning over his
own board contrasts with the exuberant
reaction of global markets. After the
Nikkei Stock Average rose nearly 5% to
a seven-year high on the news, the Dow
Jones Industrial Average followed suit by
reaching a record high.
In effect, the markets endorsed Kuroda’s
view that extraordinary steps were
needed to lift inflation expectations. He
Kuroda: Facing tough times.
has said Japan needs steady price rises
to drive down real interest rates, the
rates borrowers pay after accounting
for inflation, and encourage investing in
riskier assets. That, he says, will produce a
virtuous cycle of higher spending, wages
and growth.
Failure to take additional easing steps
“could cause a significant delay in our
attempts to change the deflationary
mind-set, despite the progress we have
made,” Kuroda said on Friday.
He took a gamble that his proposal
could get the required majority of the
BoJ’s policy board and barely made it,
presiding over the first split vote on his
main policy framework since he took the
helm of the central bank in April 2013. It
was only the second time that so many
board members cast no votes since 1998,
when a revision in the law governing
the bank gave it independence from the
Of the four dissenters, two are former
private-sector economists and the other
two are former business executives. The
economists have been sceptical about
Kuroda’s inflation target, and one of them,
Takahide Kiuchi, has regularly proposed
at board meetings to water it down.
According to minutes of a BoJ board
meeting in September, one member
said “additional measures to stimulate
demand carry the risk of growing
financial imbalances or weakening the
public’s recognition of the need for
structural reform.” The member wasn’t
identified. Critics have said the BoJ’s
dominant role buying government debt
has distorted financial markets, pointing
to negative interest rates on some shortterm debt.
What came as a surprise were the no
votes cast by the two members from
the business community. Both Yoshihisa
Morimoto, a former power-company
executive, and former Sumitomo Bank
executive Koji Ishida have generally voted
with the majority, and BoJ officials have
said Kuroda respects their hands-on
The two didn’t explain their votes,
but Japan’s leading business lobby,
Keidanren, has warned recently
against an overly weak yen. Business
leaders have said a weak currency may
discourage consumption because people
have to pay more for imported goods.
Although economic theory says a falling
yen should make Japanese goods more
competitive overseas and boost exports,
that didn’t happen after the sharp drop
of the yen triggered by Kuroda’s initial
monetary “bazooka” last year.
On Saturday, the head of the opposition
Democratic Party of Japan said the
BoJ’s latest action would hurt average
Japanese. “It should not do things that
hurt the value of the yen,” Banri Kaieda
told a gathering.
The road ahead for Kuroda could get
rockier because one of his backers on the
board, academic Ryuzo Miyao, finishes his
term in March. Advisers to Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe, who picked Kuroda for the
top post, already are discussing Miyao’s
replacement, government officials said.
The dynamics on the board could prove
crucial next year if Kuroda still appears
to be falling short of achieving his 2%
inflation goal. The BoJ’s official median
forecast, released Friday, calls for 1.7%
inflation in the year that ends March 2016,
tised fuel-efficiency п¬Ѓgures closer to
the mileage consumers were getting in
real-world driving. In the wake of the
2008 spike in oil prices, vehicle mileage
became a top concern for many consumers. Auto makers touted claims of
superior mileage, particularly for gaselectric hybrids, in an effort to persuade
consumers that savings at the pump
would pay back the extra cost of new
technology under the hood.
That challenge has gotten tougher as
fuel prices in the US have eased below
$3 a gallon in many parts of the country, and more consumers have opted
for sport-utility vehicles and pickup
The EPA’s latest survey of industry
fuel-economy trends found that the average fuel efficiency of 2013 models had
improved to a record 24.1 miles per gallon, but that the pace of improvement
would likely slow in the coming year.
Hyundai also has faced accusations
in its home country of exaggerating
mileage claims and in August agreed to
pay the equivalent of $54.3mn to settle
a lawsuit brought by a consumer group
seeking compensation for overstated
fuel efficiency.
Japan minister
calls for п¬Ѓscal
stimulus if Q3
GDP data weak
apanese Economy Minister Akira Amari said yesterday that the
government should deploy fresh п¬Ѓscal stimulus to prop up the
economy if third-quarter preliminary gross domestic data due on
November 17 turns out weak, public broadcaster NHK reported.
Amari also said the stimulus steps should be taken regardless of
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s decision by year-end on whether to proceed with a second sales tax increase planned for next year aimed at
reining in massive public debt.
The comments came days after a shock move by the Bank of Japan
to expand its massive monetary stimulus raised speculation that Abe
would go ahead with the next tax hike in October, if it were followed by
promises of added п¬Ѓscal steps to offset a tax pain.
Amari said additional п¬Ѓscal stimulus should be aimed at stimulating
private consumption, particularly low-income groups and families
with children, hit hard by April’s tax hike to 8% from 5%.
The government plans to raise the levy to 10% in October next year.
But April’s tax hike triggered the deepest economic slump since the
2009 global п¬Ѓnancial crisis, when the economy contracted an annualised 7.1% in the second quarter, and a weak recovery in the following
quarter cast doubt about the next tax hike.
Amari, speaking at a seminar, noted some private-sector economic
forecasts for July-September are said to be short of an annualised 2%,
compared with an initial projection of above 4% growth, according to
NHK. Analysts polled by Reuters expect an annualised 2.9% bounce
in July-September.
“If figures turn out to be bad, (government) support would be
needed. Consumption has fallen a lot among low-income groups and
child-rearing generations, and it would likely be that steps should be
taken by pinpointing” the target, Amari said.
Speaking to reporters after the seminar, Amari added: “It should not
be mistaken that “support” (for the economy) means support for the
sales tax hike. I think the prime minister will think of the two as separate matters.”
Abe is expected to make a п¬Ѓnal decision on the tax hike after revised
July-September GDP data is published on December 8.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Company Name
Company Name
Zad Holding Co
Widam Food Co
Vodafone Qatar
United Development Co
Salam International Investme
Qatar & Oman Investment Co
Qatar Navigation
Qatar National Cement Co
Qatar National Bank
Qatar Islamic Insurance
Qatar Industrial Manufactur
Qatar International Islamic
Qatari Investors Group
Qatar Islamic Bank
Qatar Gas Transport(Nakilat)
Qatar General Insurance & Re
Qatar German Co For Medical
Qatar Fuel Co
Qatar Electricity & Water Co
Qatar Cinema & Film Distrib
Qatar Insurance Co
Ooredoo Qsc
National Leasing
Mazaya Qatar Real Estate Dev
Mesaieed Petrochemical Holdi
Al Meera Consumer Goods Co
Medicare Group
Mannai Corporation Qsc
Masraf Al Rayan
Al Khalij Commercial Bank
Industries Qatar
Islamic Holding Group
Gulf Warehousing Company
Gulf International Services
Ezdan Holding Group
Doha Insurance Co
Doha Bank Qsc
Dlala Holding
Commercial Bank Of Qatar Qsc
Barwa Real Estate Co
Al Khaleej Takaful Group
Aamal Co
Lt Price
% Chg
Company Name
Saudi Hollandi Bank
Al-Ahsa Development Co.
Al-Baha Development & Invest
Ace Arabia Cooperative Insur
Allied Cooperative Insurance
Arriyadh Development Company
Fitaihi Holding Group
Arabia Insurance Cooperative
Al Abdullatif Industrial Inv
Al-Ahlia Cooperative Insuran
Al Alamiya Cooperative Insur
Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Dev
Al Babtain Power & Telecommu
Bank Albilad
Alujain Corporation (Alco)
Aldrees Petroleum And Transp
Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair & C
Alinma Bank
Alinma Tokio Marine
Al Khaleej Training And Educ
Abdullah A.M. Al-Khodari Son
Allianz Saudi Fransi Coopera
Almarai Co
Saudi Integrated Telecom Co
Alsorayai Group
Al Tayyar
Amana Cooperative Insurance
Anaam International Holding
Abdullah Al Othaim Markets
Arabian Pipes Co
Advanced Petrochemicals Co
Al Rajhi Co For Co-Operative
Arabian Cement
Arab National Bank
Ash-Sharqiyah Development Co
United Wire Factories Compan
Astra Industrial Group
Alahli Takaful Co
Axa Cooperative Insurance
Basic Chemical Industries
Bishah Agriculture
Bank Al-Jazira
Banque Saudi Fransi
United International Transpo
Bupa Arabia For Cooperative
Buruj Cooperative Insurance
Saudi Airlines Catering Co
Methanol Chemicals Co
City Cement Co
Eastern Cement
Etihad Atheeb Telecommunicat
Etihad Etisalat Co
Emaar Economic City
Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insu
United Electronics Co
Falcom Saudi Equity Etf
Filing & Packing Materials M
Wafrah For Industry And Deve
Falcom Petrochemical Etf
Gulf General Cooperative Ins
Jazan Development Co
Gulf Union Cooperative Insur
Halwani Bros Co
Hail Cement
Herfy Food Services Co
Al Jouf Agriculture Developm
Jarir Marketing Co
Jabal Omar Development Co
Al Jouf Cement
Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Co
Knowledge Economic City
Kingdom Holding Co
Saudi Arabian Mining Co
Malath Cooperative & Reinsur
Makkah Construction & Devepl
Mediterranean & Gulf Insuran
Middle East Specialized Cabl
Mohammad Al Mojil Group Co
Al Mouwasat Medical Services
The National Agriculture Dev
Najran Cement Co
Nama Chemicals Co
National Gypsum
National Gas & Industrializa
National Industrialization C
National Shipping Co Of/The
National Petrochemical Co
Rabigh Refining And Petroche
Al Qassim Agricultural Co
Qassim Cement/The
Red Sea Housing Services Co
Saudi Research And Marketing
Riyad Bank
Al Rajhi Bank
Saudi Arabian Amiantit Co
Lt Price
% Chg
Saudi British Bank
Sabb Takaful
Saudi Basic Industries Corp
Saudi Cement
Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Co
Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Co
Al Sagr Co-Operative Insuran
Saudi Advanced Industries
Saudi Arabian Coop Ins Co
Salama Cooperative Insurance
Samba Financial Group
Sanad Cooperative Insurance
Saudi Public Transport Co
Saudi Arabia Refineries Co
Hsbc Amanah Saudi 20 Etf
Saudi Re For Cooperative Rei
Saudi Cable Co
Saudi Chemical Company
Saudi Ceramic
Saudi Electricity Co
Saudi Fisheries
Al-Hassan G.I. Shaker Co
Saudi Hotels & Resort
Arabian Shield Cooperative
Saudi Investment Bank/The
Saudi Industrial Development
Saudi Industrial Export Co
Lt Price
% Chg
Company Name
Securities Group Co
Sultan Center Food Products
Kuwait Foundry Co
Kuwait Financial Centre
Ajial Real Estate Entmt
Gulf Glass Manuf Co -Kscc
Kuwait Finance & Investment
National Industries Co
Kuwait Real Estate Holding C
Securities House/The
Boubyan Petrochemicals Co
Al Ahli Bank Of Kuwait
Ahli United Bank (Almutahed)
National Bank Of Kuwait
Commercial Bank Of Kuwait
Kuwait International Bank
Gulf Bank
Al-Massaleh Real Estate Co
Al Arabiya Real Estate Co
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City Group
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National Slaughter House
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Arkan Al Kuwait Real Estate
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Energy House Holding Co Kscc
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Kuwait Co For Process Plant
Al Maidan Dental Clinic Co K
National Ranges Company
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Al Mowasat Health Care Co
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United Real Estate Company
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Livestock Transport & Tradng
International Resorts Co
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Educational Holding Group
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Advanced Technology Co
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Real Estate Trade Centers Co
Acico Industries Co Kscc
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National Petroleum Services
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% Chg
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Voltamp Energy Saog
United Finance Co
United Power Co
United Power/Energy Co- Pref
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Sohar Poultry
Shell Oman Marketing
Shell Oman Marketing - Pref
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Salalah Mills Co
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Port Service Corporation
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Oman & Emirates Inv(Emir)50%
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National Pharmaceutical
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% Chg
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Financial Corp/The
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Computer Stationery Inds
Construction Materials Ind
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Marine Bander Al-Rowdha
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Bankmuscat Saog
Bank Dhofar Saog
Al Batinah Hotels
Majan College
Areej Vegetable Oils
Al Jazeera Steel Products Co
Al Sallan Food Industry
Acwa Power Barka Saog
Al-Omaniya Financial Service
Taghleef Industries Saog
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Al-Batinah Intl Saog
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% Chg
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National Takaful Company
Waha Capital Pjsc
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United Insurance Company
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Sorouh Real Estate Company
Sharjah Insurance Company
Sharjah Cement & Indus Devel
Ras Al Khaima Poultry
Ras Al Khaimah Co
Rak Properties
Ras Al-Khaimah National Insu
Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics
Ras Al Khaimah Cement Co
National Bank Of Ras Al-Khai
Ooredoo Qsc
Umm Al Qaiwain Cement Indust
Oman & Emirates Inv(Emir)50%
National Marine Dredging Co
National Corp Tourism & Hote
Sharjah Islamic Bank
National Bank Of Umm Al Qaiw
National Bank Of Fujairah
National Bank Of Abu Dhabi
Methaq Takaful Insurance
#N/A Invalid Security
Gulf Pharmaceutical Ind-Julp
Insurance House
Gulf Medical Projects
Gulf Livestock Co
Green Crescent Insurance Co
Gulf Cement Co
Foodco Holding
Finance House
First Gulf Bank
Fujairah Cement Industries
Fujairah Building Industries
Emirates Telecom Corporation
Eshraq Properties Co Pjsc
Emirates Insurance Co. (Psc)
Emirates Driving Company
Al Dhafra Insurance Co. P.S.
Dana Gas
Commercial Bank Internationa
Bank Of Sharjah
Abu Dhabi Natl Co For Buildi
Al Wathba National Insurance
Intl Fish Farming Co-Asmak
Arkan Building Materials Co
Aldar Properties Pjsc
Al Ain Ahlia Ins. Co.
Al Khazna Insurance Co
Agthia Group Pjsc
Al Fujairah National Insuran
Abu Dhabi Ship Building Co
Abu Dhabi National Insurance
Abu Dhabi National Hotels
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Abu Dhabi Aviation
Lt Price
% Chg
Company Name
United Paper Industries Bsc
United Gulf Investment Corp
United Gulf Bank
United Finance Co
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Securities & Investment Co
Seef Properties
Sudan Telecommunications Co$
Al-Salam Bank
Delmon Poultry Co
National Hotels Co
National Bank Of Bahrain
Nass Corp Bsc
Khaleeji Commercial Bank
Ithmaar Bank Bsc
Investcorp Bank -$Us
Inovest Co Bsc
Intl Investment Group-Kuwait
Gulf Monetary Group
Global Investment House Kscc
Gulf Finance House Ec
Bahrain Family Leisure Co
Esterad Investment Co B.S.C.
Bahrain Duty Free Complex
Bahrain Car Park Co
Bahrain Cinema Co
Bahrain Tourism Co
Bahraini Saudi Bank/The
Bahrain National Holding
Bankmuscat Saog
Bmmi Bsc
Bmb Investment Bank
Bahrain Kuwait Insurance
Bahrain Islamic Bank
Gulf Hotel Group B.S.C
Bahrain Flour Mills Co
Bahrain Commercial Facilitie
Bbk Bsc
Bahrain Telecom Co
Bahrain Ship Repair & Engin
Albaraka Banking Group
Banader Hotels Co
Ahli United Bank B.S.C
Lt Price
% Chg
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
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Exxon Mobil Corp
Microsoft Corp
Johnson & Johnson
General Electric Co
Wal-Mart Stores Inc
Procter & Gamble Co/The
Chevron Corp
Jpmorgan Chase & Co
Verizon Communications Inc
Pfizer Inc
Coca-Cola Co/The
At&T Inc
Merck & Co. Inc.
Intel Corp
Intl Business Machines Corp
Walt Disney Co/The
Visa Inc-Class A Shares
Home Depot Inc
Cisco Systems Inc
3M Co
United Technologies Corp
American Express Co
Unitedhealth Group Inc
Mcdonald’s Corp
Boeing Co/The
Goldman Sachs Group Inc
Nike Inc -Cl B
Du Pont (E.I.) De Nemours
Caterpillar Inc
Travelers Cos Inc/The
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% Chg
FTSE 100
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Wpp Plc
Wolseley Plc
Wm Morrison Supermarkets
Whitbread Plc
Weir Group Plc/The
Vodafone Group Plc
United Utilities Group Plc
Unilever Plc
Tullow Oil Plc
Tui Travel Plc
Travis Perkins Plc
Tesco Plc
Standard Life Plc
Standard Chartered Plc
St James’s Place Plc
Sse Plc
Sports Direct International
Smiths Group Plc
Smith & Nephew Plc
Shire Plc
Severn Trent Plc
Schroders Plc
Sainsbury (J) Plc
Sage Group Plc/The
Sabmiller Plc
Rsa Insurance Group Plc
Royal Mail Plc
Royal Dutch Shell Plc-B Shs
Royal Dutch Shell Plc-A Shs
Royal Bank Of Scotland Group
Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc
Rio Tinto Plc
Reed Elsevier Plc
Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc
Randgold Resources Ltd
Prudential Plc
Petrofac Ltd
Persimmon Plc
Pearson Plc
Old Mutual Plc
Next Plc
National Grid Plc
Mondi Plc
Meggitt Plc
Marks & Spencer Group Plc
London Stock Exchange Group
Lloyds Banking Group Plc
Legal & General Group Plc
Land Securities Group Plc
Kingfisher Plc
Johnson Matthey Plc
Itv Plc
Intu Properties Plc
Intl Consolidated Airline-Di
Intertek Group Plc
Intercontinental Hotels Grou
Imperial Tobacco Group Plc
Imi Plc
Hsbc Holdings Plc
Hargreaves Lansdown Plc
Hammerson Plc
Glencore Plc
Glaxosmithkline Plc
Gkn Plc
G4s Plc
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Experian Plc
Easyjet Plc
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Coca-Cola Hbc Ag-Cdi
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Capita Plc
Burberry Group Plc
Bunzl Plc
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British Sky Broadcasting Gro
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British American Tobacco Plc
Bp Plc
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Aviva Plc
Astrazeneca Plc
Associated British Foods Plc
Ashtead Group Plc
Arm Holdings Plc
Antofagasta Plc
Anglo American Plc
Aggreko Plc
Admiral Group Plc
Aberdeen Asset Mgmt Plc
3I Group Plc
#N/A Invalid Security
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Inpex Corp
Daiwa House Industry Co Ltd
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Japan Tobacco Inc
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Toray Industries Inc
Asahi Kasei Corp
Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
Kao Corp
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Astellas Pharma Inc
Eisai Co Ltd
Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd
Fujifilm Holdings Corp
Shiseido Co Ltd
Jx Holdings Inc
Lt Price
% Chg
Lt Price
Dow Jones Indus. Avg
S&P 500 Index
Nasdaq Composite Index
S&P/Tsx Composite Index
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Brazil Bovespa Stock Idx
Ftse 100 Index
Cac 40 Index
Dax Index
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Nikkei 225
Japan Topix
Hang Seng Index
All Ordinaries Indx
Nzx All Index
Bse Sensex 30 Index
Nse S&P Cnx Nifty Index
Straits Times Index
Karachi All Share Index
Jakarta Composite Index
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Bridgestone Corp
Asahi Glass Co Ltd
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Meta
Sumitomo Metal Industries
Kobe Steel Ltd
Jfe Holdings Inc
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd
Sumitomo Electric Industries
Smc Corp
Komatsu Ltd
Kubota Corp
Daikin Industries Ltd
Hitachi Ltd
Toshiba Corp
Mitsubishi Electric Corp
Nidec Corp
Nec Corp
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Panasonic Corp
Sharp Corp
Sony Corp
Tdk Corp
Keyence Corp
Denso Corp
Fanuc Corp
Rohm Co Ltd
Kyocera Corp
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd
Nitto Denko Corp
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Nissan Motor Co Ltd
Toyota Motor Corp
Honda Motor Co Ltd
Suzuki Motor Corp
Nikon Corp
Hoya Corp
Canon Inc
Ricoh Co Ltd
Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd
Nintendo Co Ltd
Itochu Corp
Marubeni Corp
Mitsui & Co Ltd
Tokyo Electron Ltd
Sumitomo Corp
Mitsubishi Corp
Aeon Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Gro
Resona Holdings Inc
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Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Gr
Bank Of Yokohama Ltd/The
Mizuho Financial Group Inc
Orix Corp
Daiwa Securities Group Inc
Nomura Holdings Inc
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdin
Ms&Ad Insurance Group Holdin
Dai-Ichi Life Insurance
Tokio Marine Holdings Inc
T&D Holdings Inc
Mitsui Fudosan Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Estate Co Ltd
Sumitomo Realty & Developmen
East Japan Railway Co
West Japan Railway Co
Central Japan Railway Co
Ana Holdings Inc
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone
Kddi Corp
Ntt Docomo Inc
Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc
Chubu Electric Power Co Inc
Kansai Electric Power Co Inc
Tohoku Electric Power Co Inc
Kyushu Electric Power Co Inc
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Yamada Denki Co Ltd
Fast Retailing Co Ltd
Softbank Corp
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% Chg
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Zee Entertainment Enterprise
Wipro Ltd
Ultratech Cement Ltd
Tech Mahindra Ltd
Tata Steel Ltd
Tata Power Co Ltd
Tata Motors Ltd
Tata Consultancy Svcs Ltd
Sun Pharmaceutical Indus
State Bank Of India
Sesa Sterlite Ltd
Reliance Industries Ltd
Punjab National Bank
Power Grid Corp Of India Ltd
Oil & Natural Gas Corp Ltd
Ntpc Ltd
Nmdc Ltd
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
Lupin Ltd
Larsen & Toubro Ltd
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd
Itc Ltd
Infosys Ltd
Indusind Bank Ltd
Idfc Ltd
Icici Bank Ltd
Housing Development Finance
Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Hindalco Industries Ltd
Hero Motocorp Ltd
Hdfc Bank Limited
Hcl Technologies Ltd
Grasim Industries Ltd
Gail India Ltd
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Dlf Ltd
Coal India Ltd
Cipla Ltd
Cairn India Ltd
Bharti Airtel Ltd
Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd
Bharat Heavy Electricals
Bank Of Baroda
Bajaj Auto Ltd
Axis Bank Ltd
Asian Paints Ltd
Ambuja Cements Ltd
Acc Ltd
Lt Price
% Chg
The euro yesterday tumbled to $1.2440 in Asian deals, touching the lowest level since August 2012 on expectations of rising
US interest rates.
Europe stocks rally
runs out of steam
uropean equities pulled back
yesterday, shedding some of last
week’s bumper gains as investors took profits and digested weakerthan-expected data, dealers said.
The euro also tumbled to $1.2440 in
Asian deals, touching the lowest level
since August 2012 on expectations of
rising US interest rates.
London’s benchmark FTSE 100 index gave up 0.89% to end the day at
6,487.97 points, while in Paris the CAC
40 fell 0.92% to 4,194.03 points and
in Frankfurt the DAX 30 index shed
0.81% to 9,251.70 points.
Milan tumbled 2.1% after shares in
Italy’s third-largest bank, Banca Monte
dei Paschi di Siena, had to be suspended for excessive losses after announcing it was considering a capital hike.
“Stocks traded lower in Europe
thanks to disappointing manufacturing data that reminded investors that
despite global central bank stimulus,
the European economy is still struggling to recover from the eurozone crisis,” said analyst Jasper Lawler at CMC
Markets UK.
Activity in the eurozone’s manufacturing sector nudged higher in
October as businesses cut prices,
data showed yesterday, but the gain
was less than originally estimated.
The headline measure from data п¬Ѓrm
Markit’s monthly survey of purchasing managers at manufacturers rose to
50.6 from 50.3 in September.
However, the п¬Ѓnal measure was
slightly below the preliminary estimate of 50.7 released in October.
A reading above 50.0 for the Purchasing Managers Index indicates an
expansion in activity, while a reading
below that level signals a contraction.
Over the weekend, China’s official PMI came in at 50.8 in October
compared with 51.1 in September, the
government said on Saturday, raising
concerns about slowing growth in the
world’s second-largest economy and
top energy consumer.
“Sentiment has taken a knock from
the weaker PMI п¬Ѓgures out of China
and the eurozone,” analyst
Fawad Razaqzada said Monday.
Global equities had surged on Friday
as the Bank of Japan’s surprise stimulus sent investors on a buying spree.
Markets from Asia to Europe ended
last week on a positive note, as the
BoJ’s decision countered the gloom
caused by the end of the Federal Reserve’s massive monetary easing programme.
However, Asian markets diverged
yesterday as traders took a breather
after last week’s rally, but Shanghai hit
a 21-month high on hopes of Chinese
Company Name
Aluminum Corp Of China Ltd-H
Bank Of East Asia
Bank Of China Ltd-H
Bank Of Communications Co-H
Belle International Holdings
Boc Hong Kong Holdings Ltd
Cathay Pacific Airways
Cheung Kong Holdings Ltd
China Coal Energy Co-H
China Construction Bank-H
China Life Insurance Co-H
China Merchants Hldgs Intl
China Mobile Ltd
China Overseas Land & Invest
China Petroleum & Chemical-H
China Resources Enterprise
China Resources Land Ltd
China Resources Power Holdin
China Shenhua Energy Co-H
China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd
Citic Ltd
Clp Holdings Ltd
Cnooc Ltd
Cosco Pacific Ltd
Esprit Holdings Ltd
Fih Mobile Ltd
Hang Lung Properties Ltd
Hang Seng Bank Ltd
Henderson Land Development
stimulus measures after weak manufacturing data.
US stocks were hesitant, with even a
rebound in the US manufacturing sector last month failing to give a positive
direction to trading.
In midday trading the Dow Jones
Industrial Average was down 0.17% at
17,360.93 points.
The broad-based S&P 500 added
0.10% to 2,020.06, while the techrich Nasdaq Composite rose 0.35% to
In company news, Publicis shares
sank 2.3% to €54.02 in Paris, after the
French advertising agency snapped up
US digital marketing specialists Sapient in a $3.7bn deal.
In London, HSBC shares sank 1.8%
to 627.90 pence after the bank set aside
$378mn for a potential п¬Ѓne in Britain to
settle allegations of foreign exchange
market rigging.
In foreign exchange deals, the euro
later stood at $1.2491, down from
$1.2525 in New York late on Friday.
The euro fell to 78.19 British pence
from 78.29 pence. The British pound
eased to $1.5973 from $1.5997 on Friday.
On the London Bullion Market, gold
prices rose to $1,167.75 an ounce, from
$1,164.25 an ounce on Friday.
The precious metal had slumped on
Friday to a four-year low of $1,661.16 the lowest level since July 2010 - on the
back of the weak dollar.
Lt Price
% Chg
Company Name
Hong Kong & China Gas
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clear
Hsbc Holdings Plc
Hutchison Whampoa Ltd
Ind & Comm Bk Of China-H
Li & Fung Ltd
Mtr Corp
New World Development
Petrochina Co Ltd-H
Ping An Insurance Group Co-H
Power Assets Holdings Ltd
Sino Land Co
Sun Hung Kai Properties
Swire Pacific Ltd-A
Tencent Holdings Ltd
Wharf Holdings Ltd
Lt Price
% Chg
Doha Securities Market
Saudi Tadawul
Kuwait Stocks Exchange
Bahrain Stock Exchage
Oman Stock Market
Abudhabi Stock Market
Dubai Financial Market
Lt Price
“Information contained herein is believed to be reliable and had been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. The
accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. This publication is for providing information only and is not intended
as an offer or solicitation for a purchase or sale of any of the financial instruments mentioned. Gulf Times and Doha Bank
or any of their employees shall not be held accountable and will not accept any losses or liabilities for actions based on
this data.”
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Publicis to buy US digital
ad п¬Ѓrm Sapient for $3.7bn
ublicis, the world’s third-largest
advertising agency, is to buy USbased digital ad specialist Sapient
for $3.7bn in cash as it seeks to accelerate growth after a botched merger earlier this year.
The French group is hoping rapid
growth in both North American and
Internet advertising, which are far
outpacing European and traditional ad
formats, will help it catch up with sales
gains at rivals such as WPP and Interpublic.
Chief executive Maurice Levy has
blamed Publicis’ recent poor performance on a failed merger with world No 2
ad agency Omnicom, announced in August 2013 and abandoned in May over
control and cultural clashes.
But some analysts said Publicis’ offer of $25 per share, a 44% premium
to Sapient’s closing price on Friday,
was a hefty price for a company whose
growth may have peaked, and that the
deal could also dash hopes among the
French company’s shareholders that
cash might be distributed to them.
Publicis shares fell as much as 5%
in early yesterday’s trade. They were
down 2.6% at 1128 GMT, the biggest fall
on France’s blue-chip CAC 40 index.
“A good asset at a steep price,” said
Exane BNP Paribas analyst Charles
Bedouelle of the deal, adding it would
“likely push back (Publicis’) cash return story by two years.”
UBS analyst Tamsin Garrity said
Publicis had been under pressure from
investors to return cash, and was expected to announced share buybacks at
a strategy day on Friday.
“The acquisition of Sapient makes
such returns unlikely,” she added. Garrity has a neutral rating on Publicis
Maurice Levy, chairman and chief executive officer of Publicis Groupe, attends the company’s 2013 annual results
presentation in Paris on February 13 this year. Levy has blamed Publicis’ recent poor performance on a failed merger with
world No 2 ad agency Omnicom, announced in August 2013 and abandoned in May over control and cultural clashes.
Levy defended the decision, saying
the company would generate more value in the long term by buying Sapient
rather than buying back its own shares.
He pledged to update investors on his
approach to dividends and buybacks
sometime in November.
“This operation is extremely important for securing the future of Publi-
cis,” Levy said. “It is far better to invest
and deliver a higher growth and higher
profits ... which will lead to a re-rating,
rather than simply buy back our own
“The deal will create a foundation for
accelerated growth” by giving Publicis
access to new markets and revenues, he
Publicis said the deal would be п¬Ѓnanced through existing cash and new
debt, and would not affect Publicis’
credit rating. It did not say when it
would add to group profits but forecast
€50mn ($63mn) in annual cost savings.
Sapient’s sales grew 14.1% to €1.1bn
last year, far outstripping Publicis’ sales
growth of 1.2%, though the French
company had a higher operating profit
margin. The US-based group earned
63% of its 2013 sales in North America
and has 13,000 employees, 8,500 of
which are in India.
“The risk that growth slows at Sapient is one of the transaction’s more
important considerations,” said Pivotal
Research Group analyst Brian Wieser.
He noted the deal gave Sapient an enterprise value (equity plus debt) of around
12 times its forecast earnings before interest tax, depreciation and amortisation
(EBITDA) for 2015, far above Publicis’
current multiple of about 8 times.
Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of
Publicis’ rival WPP, was even harsher,
telling п¬Ѓnancial blog Business Insider
that Publicis had rushed into the Sapient deal to compensate for its botched
marriage with Omnicom.
“It looks like the behaviour of a jilted
lover,” he said.
Buying Sapient will speed Publicis’
roughly seven year-old effort to earn
more revenue from digital advertising,
which includes everything from online
marketing to brand building on social
networks and automatic ad buying for
major customers.
Last year, 38.4% of Publicis’ sales
came from digital, and it had been aiming to reach 50% by 2018, something
that the Sapient deal will make happen
According to Zenith Optimedia, the
digital ad market is expected to grow
17.1% this year, driving total ad market
growth of 5.3%.
Sapient’s main SapientNitro unit is
a digital agency on a par with Publicis’
Razorfish and WPP’s AKQA with customers including carmaker Fiat, retailer
Marks & Spencer, and consumer goods
group Unilever. Sapient also has a technology consulting business serving
government and banks, which brings in
a third of revenues but is less profitable
than the ad business.
Chrysler US
sales up 22%
on pickup
truck demand
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US
October sales rose 22% on
strong pickup truck demand,
the company said yesterday.
The Ram pickup truck brand,
anchored by the Ram 1500,
reported sales of 39,834
vehicles, a 36% increase from
a year ago. Chrysler Group and
its Ram brand took advantage
as Ford Motor Co has lowered
production of its top-selling
F-150 pickup truck in recent
months. Ford is transitioning
to a new aluminum-bodied
version that will begin sales
late this year.
Major automakers in the US
market are expected to show
a rise of about 6% from a year
earlier. A poll by Thomson Reuters of 29 economists forecast a
seasonally adjusted annualised
sales rate of 16.5mn vehicles.
Each month, auto sales are an
early snapshot of US consumer
spending. It was the best October for Chrysler sales since
2001, and the company’s 55th
consecutive month of yearover-year sales gains.
Chrysler’s 22% sales gain
matched expectations of analysts polled by Reuters.
Nissan Motor Co and Honda
Motor Co each reported strong
crossover model sales and
record October US sales for
their core brands.
Nissan Motor sales rose 13.3%
to 103,117 vehicles, beating
expectations of an 11% rise. Nissan brand sales rose 15%, while
the Infiniti luxury brand’s sales
fell 1.2%.
Sales of the Nissan Rogue crossover increased 14% to nearly
14,700 vehicles. Sales of the
Sentra small car jumped 56% to
13,129. Honda Motor sales rose
5.8%, missing expectations of
an 8% rise.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
ECB skips celebration for day one of new role as supervisor
The European Central Bank is about to
achieve its biggest expansion of powers
since the start of the euro.
No celebrations are planned.
As the Single Supervisory Mechanism
takes charge of the euro area’s 120 biggest institutions today, officials aren’t in
the mood for fanfare.
Instead, staff at the ECB’s new overseer
are preparing to monitor capital issuance
by banks, and processing the results of
a year-long asset review that revealed
a stash of soured loans in the bloc now
amounts to almost €900bn ($1.1tn).
Led by France’s Daniele Nouy, the
SSM in Frankfurt will immediately set
about trying to blend 18 sets of national
supervisory habits into pan-European
consistency, and prod banks to take more
precautions against crises.
While the ECB will have the status of a
new heavyweight among global regulators, that role carries with it the burden
of restoring confidence in a battered
banking system vulnerable to renewed
economic shocks.
“They have an awful lot on their plate
from day one,” said Guntram Wolff, Director of the Bruegel institute in Brussels.
“There’s a very big pile of bad loans,
profitability in this environment is going
to be difficult, and the banking system
itself probably needs to be restructured.
The question is how the new supervisor
can address that.”
Nouy, chair of the SSM, may face such
queries as soon as today when she speaks
in the European Parliament at 3pm in Brussels, her first such testimony since the ECB
published its Comprehensive Assessment
of lenders on October 26.
Twenty-five banks failed stress tests
in that health check, based on end-2013
balance sheets. While most have made
enough progress on capital-raising plans
to satisfy the ECB, markets are punishing
the rest.
Italy’s Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
was up 3% at 1:14pm in Milan yesterday,
paring losses since the ECB published its
test results to 37.3%. Monte Paschi plans
to raise capital to plug its entire €2.1bn
shortfall identified during the review.
The firm, bailed out twice since 2009,
isn’t considering seeking further state
aid or converting the securities already
sold to the government into stock, Monte
Paschi said on Sunday.
In addition to selling new shares to
investors, it also may dispose of financial
assets to boost capital buffers.
By November 10, banks including
Monte Paschi must have submitted plans
for raising more funds.
Restructuring Plans An ECB spokesman declined to specify how many banks
have yet to submit capital-raising plans.
While the ECB found an overall shortfall of €9.47bn, that becomes €6.35bn
when discounting five failing lenders
that have agreed restructuring plans or
are in resolution. The outstanding sum
“doesn’t seem insurmountable,” Mathias
Dewatripont, a Belgian member of the
new SSM board, said last week in Berlin.
“I would still be happier if we had
more capital in the system.” Soon to be
in charge of that system is a new corps
of almost 1,000 bank supervisors drawn
from all over Europe, including existing
authorities and the private sector.
Notables among senior management
include Stefan Walter, a former official of
the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
who will lead oversight of the biggest
lenders including Deutsche Bank, and
Finland’s Jukka Vesala, who oversaw the
Comprehensive Assessment.
Unpaid Debt They inherit a banking
industry loaded with unpaid debt. While the
ECB says credit standards eased for a second quarter in the three months through
September, an extra €136bn in bad loans
identified by the Comprehensive Assessment could hamper a return to growth.
The path towards managing that
legacy will be trodden by both the ECB’s
new cadres and 5,000 national supervisors who remain in charge of the thousands of smaller banks in the euro region.
The Frankfurt hub will make its presence
felt by having its say on everything from
bank licensing to merger approval, imposing fines and influencing international
regulation. “Slightly fewer than 900 staff
have been recruited and have joined
the ECB out of the approximate total of
1,000 positions budgeted for in the five
SSM business areas as well as the related
shared services,” the ECB said today in its
quarterly report on the implementation
of the Supervisory Mechanism Regulation. One of the ECB’s first tasks will be to
address the complexity of the financial
system, according to Elke Koenig, head of
Germany’s regulator and a member of the
SSM board.
Even in the definition of what constitutes capital, Europe’s interpretation
of rules known as Basel III allows for
significant national variation. That flexibility benefited banks by about €126bn in
the Comprehensive Assessment, with the
biggest leeway allowed in Germany, Spain
and Italy.
Officials will have “a lot of supervisory
discretion” to address that, Koenig said
at an October 30 event in Berlin. Much of
the power to do so will be in the hands
of what the ECB calls Joint Supervisory
Teams: Multinational groups overseeing
Banks set aside up to $7bn as
UK currency settlement looms
Central bank
largesse buoys
govt bonds
ajor banks have set aside almost $7bn for potential settlements with regulators
investigating allegations of collusion
and manipulation in foreign exchange
markets, the п¬Ѓrst of which could come
in Britain later this month.
Europe’s largest bank HSBC yesterday was the latest bank to make
provisions in its most recent earnings
report, putting aside $378mn specifically for a potential settlement with
Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority
HSBC is the last of six banks in talks
with the FCA over a group FX settlement to report their results. The other
п¬Ѓve also set aside substantial sums for
litigation provisions.
British banks Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays last week set aside
$640mn and $800mn, respectively,
specifically for settlements related to
the global FX probe which has been
running for a year.
This means the three British banks
have made almost $1.8bn provisions
in their latest earnings reports specifically for FX-related issues.
The near $7bn from eight banks, also
including Deutsche Bank and Credit
Suisse, isn’t entirely for currency-related issues, although that’s where the
lion’s share of the total is likely to be
spent, analysts say.
Banks’ provisions are cash earmarked to pay for costs or losses that
are anticipated to occur in the future
and the п¬Ѓnal amount may be more or
less than the sum set aside.
However, with potential settlements
still to come with the US Department
of Justice (DoJ) — which has shown it
has the power and willingness to levy
multi-billion dollar п¬Ѓnes on banks for
financial misconduct — the final bill
could be much higher.
Around ten other regulators around
the world are also investigating.
The FCA’s talks with six banks are
at an advanced stage and a settlement
for between 1.5 and ВЈ2bn ($2.4-$3.2bn)
could come later this month.
The six are RBS, Barclays, HSBC,
Switzerland’s UBS, and US titans JP
Morgan and Citi. Despite its position
as the second biggest currency market
bank in the world, Deutsche isn’t part
of these collective talks.
This settlement is likely to be based
a single institution or a group of smaller
“The Joint Supervisory Teams (JSTs)
are operational and ready to start the
day-to-day supervision of significant
banks,” the ECB said. The ECB has promised that each JST co-ordinator will
come from a different country to the
bank they oversee, to ensure national
protectionism no longer plays a role in
Still, the ECB won’t publish the names
of those supervisors. Their first task will
be to approve banks’ capital-raising plans
and supervise the process. Lenders that
displayed gaps after the stress test have
up to nine months to raise the funds.
“The JSTs and the national supervisors,
which will be from different backgrounds
and supervisory cultures, have to somehow work together, to bring the thing to
life,” said Dirk Jaeger, managing director
for banking supervision at the Association of German Banks in Berlin.
“They have to do that in such a way as
they can understand what it is the banks
are doing. That won’t happen overnight.”
The UK headquarters of HSBC at Canary Wharf in London. HSBC yesterday was the latest bank to make provisions in its most recent earnings report, putting aside
$378mn specifically for a potential settlement with Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority.
on banks acknowledging lax internal compliance, oversight failures and
market conduct breaches by individual
employees, but not deliberate manipulation of the $5tn-a-day market.
On Monday, HSBC said its “detailed”
talks with the FCA centre on systems
and controls relating to one part of its
spot FX trading business in London.
UBS ring-fenced the most of any
single bank in the third quarter, its
$1.9bn almost double the provisions
made by the next in line Deutsche
Bank with $1.1bn and JP Morgan with
All three declined to reveal in their
recent earnings reports how much of
these provisions were specifically for
foreign exchange.
Citi added a further $600mn for
legal costs, while Credit Suisse said
$400mn would be kept back for future
litigation. No bank has been accused of
wrongdoing, but several are cooperating with UK, US and other authorities
around the world in their investigations into the allegations of collusion
and price manipulation.
Settlements with US regulators are
expected to be much more costly.
Earlier this year, French bank BNP
Paribas paid the DoJ a record $8.9bn
п¬Ѓne for violating US sanctions on Su-
dan, Libya and Cuba between 2002 and
Estimates on how much banks will
be п¬Ѓned in total for FX vary wildly.
Earlier this year, banking research п¬Ѓrm
Autonomous put the worldwide total at
around $35bn.
This would dwarf the $6bn paid so
far by 10 п¬Ѓnancial п¬Ѓrms to settle the international investigation into the manipulation of Libor interest rates.
ost eurozone government bond yields edged
lower yesterday, buoyed by the Bank of Japan’s latest
stimulus measures and hopes for
further monetary easing from
the European Central Bank.
Japan’s Central Bank on Friday
announced an expansion of its
massive stimulus programme,
a bold move that has raised
hopes the ECB — which meets
on Thursday — will eventually
expand its asset-purchase programme into government bonds.
Disappointing economic data
and the threat of imported deflation from a weakening yen
has raised expectations that
ECB President Mario Draghi
will strike a very dovish tone
this week even if he doesn’t announce any new measures.
German 10-year bond yields
— the eurozone benchmark —
dipped 2 bps to 0.83%, while
Greece and Spain were the only
two member states to see yields
Since the BoJ announced its
new measures, the euro has risen
to a six-month high versus the
yen, a move that strategists say
could import deflation into an
already weak eurozone economy.
“You’ve seen the BoJ act, and
at the margins that increases the
chances that the ECB will have
to act,” said Lyn Graham Taylor,
rates strategist at Rabobank.
“I wouldn’t say we have been
in a currency war situation, but I
guess we have been implicitly over
the last few years and the ECB are
always behind the curve on it.”
The weak global growth outlook is also upping the ante for
ECB action.
An unexpected dip in China’s
factory activity underlined the
uncertain outlook for the world’s
second-biggest economy, while a
п¬Ѓnal reading of the health of the
eurozone manufacturing sector
in October was also revised lower.
Italy, the largest economy in
the bloc’s southern periphery,
is expected to record its third
straight year of recession in
2014, national statistics office
ISTAT forecast yesterday, with
a tentative return to growth expected in 2015.
Altice offers to buy Portugal Telecom’s home business for $8.8bn
elecoms group Altice has
made a bid worth €7.03bn
($8.8bn) for the Portuguese
operations of Brazil’s Oi as Oi unwinds its troubled merger with Portugal Telecom.
Altice, controlled by Franco-Israeli billionaire telecoms entrepreneur Patrick Drahi, already owns two
small cable companies in Portugal
and buying the former state-owned
monopoly would vault it into prime
position to compete with Vodafone
and Optimus.
Drahi said in September that Altice was looking at acquisition targets in countries where it was already present, such as Portugal and
Belgium, even though its majoritycontrolled French cable п¬Ѓrm Numericable Group is still in the throes
of completing its landmark purchase
from Vivendi of France’s second
largest mobile operator, SFR.
Oi’s new interim chief executive,
Bayard Gontijo, said last month that
the company could sell Portuguese
assets acquired with its takeover of
Portugal Telecom (PT) in order to
pay down mounting debts of over
Oi’s merger with PT soured this
summer after the Rioforte holding company of the Espirito Santo
banking family, ultimately a shareholder in PT, defaulted on nearly
€900mn ($1.14bn) of debt owed to
PT, a debt which Oi said it had not
been aware of before their merger
As a result PT’s shareholding in
Oi was sharply reduced in a revision of the merger terms, leaving PT
with only 25.6% of Oi instead of the
38% previously agreed. It also led to
the resignation last month of Zeinal
Bava, the chief executive of the new
company and former chief executive
of PT.
Altice said the bid for the PT assets was for “the existing business
of Portugal Telecom outside of Africa and excludes Portugal Telecom’s
Rio Forte debt securities, Oi treasury
shares and Portugal Telecom financing vehicles.”
The offer, it said, values the assets
at an enterprise value of €7.025bn on
a cash and debt-free basis and includes a €400mn earn-out related
to the future revenue generation of
Portugal Telecom and a €400mn
earn-out related to future operating
free cash flow.
Altice said it would п¬Ѓnance the acquisition with a mix of new debt and
existing cash.
Meanwhile Oi needs the sale to
strengthen its position in the consolidation of the Brazilian telecoms
Local rivals Oi, America Movil and
Telefonica Brasil have just agreed to
place a joint bid worth around 32bn
reais ($13bn) for TIM Participações,
the second-biggest of Brazil’s four
mobile network operators and majority-owned by Telecom Italia,
sources told Reuters on Friday.
“In the face of intense press speculation over the last few weeks, this
bid was expected and fits Oi’s goal of
selling assets to participate in Brazilian mobile consolidation, which is
the company’s ultimate goal at this
stage,” said analysts at BES Investimento in a research report.
Analyst Giles Thorne at Jefferies
also said the sale made sense for Oi.
“In our view, the primary driver
for the Portuguese investment is to
improve financial flexibility in advance of launching an Oi-led bid
for TIM Brazil,” Thorne said in a research report.
Shares in Portugal Telecom rose
5.36% to €1.3770 a share yesterday
after hitting a record low of 0.8700
in mid-October. They are down 58%
Analysts say Altice could face
competition for the Portugal Telecom assets and the Financial
Times said last month private equity
groups including Apax Partners and
Bain Capital could be interested.
Drahi: Looking at acquisition targets.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
World factory activity expands
slowly; stimulus still needed
China official manufacturing
PMI at 5-month low;
Eurozone factory growth
sluggish as prices fall; US
manufacturing PMI readings
London/Sydney/New York
activity increased last
month at the same modest pace as in September, suggesting the need for continued
economic policy stimulus, especially in Europe.
JPMorgan’s Global Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index, produced with Markit, held
steady at 52.2 in October. But it
was one of the lowest readings
this year, suggesting factory activity is expanding slowly.
“The global PMI continues to
signal 3-4% annualised gains
in manufacturing output as we
head toward year-end,” said
David Hensley, a director at JPMorgan.
The index combines survey
data from countries including
the US, Japan, Germany, France,
Britain, China and Russia.
Regional manufacturing surveys from Asia were littered with
unwelcome landmarks, including a п¬Ѓve-month low for activity
in China, a four-month trough
for South Korea and a 14-month
low for Indonesia.
Chinese factory activity unexpectedly fell to a п¬Ѓve-month low
in October, reinforcing views
that the country’s economic
growth is slowing.
The official Chinese Purchasing Managers’ Index eased to
50.8 in October from Septem-
ber’s 51.1, the National Bureau of
Statistics said on Saturday.
A private Chinese factory
survey by HSBC/Markit yesterday showed its manufacturing
PMI edged up to 50.4 in October, from September’s reading
of 50.2. Though overall growth
picked up slightly, growth in new
orders and new export orders,
proxies for domestic and foreign
demand, fell to their lowest in
four to п¬Ѓve months.
“There remains downward
pressure on the economy, and
monetary policy will remain
easy,” economists at China International Capital Corp said in
a note to clients after the data.
It has been a tough year for
China’s economy. Growth fell
to 7.3% in the third quarter,
its lowest level since the 2008
global п¬Ѓnancial crisis, as the
housing market sagged and
domestic demand and investment flagged. The cooldown is
expected to be China’s worst in
24 years this year, according to a
Reuters poll.
To encourage more growth,
China has cut taxes, quickened
some investment projects, lent
short-term loans to banks, instructed local governments to
spend their budgets and reduced the level of deposits some
banks hold as reserves to spur
“Sentiment has slightly deteriorated on the back of the Chinese PMI. Overall, the data is
disappointing,” Credit Agricole
economists said in a note to clients.
A rare bright spot was India,
where the HSBC PMI rose to 51.6
in October, from 51.0 in September, extending its run above 50 to
a full year.
Readings on Japanese activity were delayed by a holiday
but will likely be overshadowed
by the Bank of Japan’s decision
on Friday to further expand its
massive bond buying program to
stimulate the economy.
Eurozone manufacturing activity expanded at a slightly
faster pace in October, but only
tepid expansion in Germany and
contractions in France and Italy
will be disconcerting for the Eu-
ropean Central Bank as it battles
to prevent deflation.
Some form of quantitative
easing, or buying of government
or corporate bonds, is one of the
last policy options the ECB has
left to fight deflation risks and
rekindle economic growth in the
monetary union.
Markit’s final October manufacturing PMI for the eurozone
was 50.6, beating September’s
50.3 but shy of an earlier flash
estimate of 50.7. “The performance of eurozone manufacturing remained broadly flat at the
start of the final quarter,” said
Rob Dobson, senior economist
at Markit. “Manufacturing is
therefore unlikely to provide
any meaningful boost to the
currency union’s anemic GDP
industry returned to modest growth last month but new
business fell slightly for a second
month as Russian sanctions and
a general economic slowdown
weighed on demand.
Adding to the gloom, the surveys showed French factory activity contracted more quickly
than in September, while Italian
manufacturing slowed at the
sharpest rate in 17 months.
Outside the eurozone, British factories reported activity
expanded at the fastest rate in
three months in October. But
weak demand from the eurozone, its main trading partner,
sent export orders tumbling at
the fastest pace since January
Across the Atlantic, the
manufacturing picture was
also mixed in October, with US
factory activity slowing in the
Markit PMI survey but expanding at its fastest growth rate in
three and a half years, according
to the Institute for Supply Management.
Private data vendor Markit
said its п¬Ѓnal US October PMI fell
to 55.9 from 57.5 in September.
“The latest figures indicate
that the recovery has lost some
intensity at the start of the fourth
quarter, reflecting subdued export demand from the euro area
and key emerging markets,” said
Tim Moore, senior economist at
However, ISM said its index of
US factory activity rose to 59 in
October from 56.6 in September,
bringing the index back to the
same level it recorded in August,
which was the highest since
March 2011.
“The overall growth outlook
remains very resilient as the underlying strength in domestic
demand clearly outweighs po-
tential external headwinds,” said
Harm Bandholz, chief US economist at UniCredit Research.
Manufacturing sectors in
Canada and Mexico, whose
economies are linked to the US
market, both did well in October.
The RBC/Markit Canadian
PMI rose to a seasonally adjusted
55.3 last month from 53.5 in September, the highest reading since
November 2013.
“We saw a strong uptick in
Canada’s manufacturing business conditions in October
driven by new order growth,”
said Craig Wright, senior vicepresident and chief economist
at RBC.
Mexico’s HSBC/Markit PMI
rose to 53.3 in October, after adjusting for seasonal variation,
from 52.6 in September, a ninemonth high.
Mexico exports mostly manufactured goods and sends nearly
80% of its exports to the US.
Analysts expect the economy to
expand by about 2.5% this year,
with growth picking up after a
weak start to the year. However,
activity in Brazil’s manufacturing sector declined for a second
straight month in October.
The HSBC/Markit Purchasing Managers’ Index for Brazil’s
manufacturing sector dropped
to 49.1 in October from 49.3 in
September in seasonally adjusted terms. It was the sixth decline
in the past seven months.
Brazilian manufacturers have
struggled for years with high
interest rates, scarce labor and
burdensome taxes. Ahead of
the re-election of President
Dilma Rousseff in October, the
country endured a mild economic recession in the first half
of the year.
HSBC sets aside $1.8bn for forex probe, misconduct
HSBC’s profits fell short of expectations in the third
quarter after the bank set aside $1.8bn for misconduct settlements and compensation for customers, including a potential fine for rigging currency
The provision and a jump in HSBC’s everyday
compliance costs show the impact of regulators’
increasing efforts to clamp down on bad behaviour
in the global banking industry that contributed to
the financial crisis.
HSBC said yesterday it had spent $700mn more
this year on compliance and risk than a year ago,
and that level of expense looked set to stay, meaning it would miss one of its main cost targets.
“The cost base of a global bank like ourselves is
higher than it was before, because ... it includes a
significantly higher compliance and regulatory cost
than historically the banks had invested in,” chief
executive Stuart Gulliver said.
“It reflects the fact that standards, foreign policy
etc, all evolve in a world that is a lot less certain
than it was 10, 15 years ago.”
HSBC’s third-quarter underlying earnings fell 12%
from a year ago to $4.4bn, after operating expenses
jumped 15% on the year.
That included a $378mn provision for the forex
investigation, $589mn to compensate British
customers who were mis-sold payment protection
insurance products and a $550mn settlement in the
US for mis-selling mortgage-backed securities.
Gulliver said the bank was likely to miss a target set
out 18 months ago to get costs down to about 55%
of revenues by 2016. He said it was more likely to
be in the high 50s or near 60%. It was 62.5% so far
this year.
HSBC added 1,400 more compliance staff in the
third quarter and now had 24,800 staff in risk and
compliance, or one in 10 of its employees.
HSBC said its forex investigation provision covered
“detailed” talks with Britain’s financial regulator
about alleged manipulation in the $5.3tn-a-day
forex market.
The talks were in relation to systems and controls
in one part of its spot forex business in London, it
said. Last month HSBC fired two traders in London,
sources said.
It is one of six banks in talks with the regulator to
pay about ВЈ1.5bn ($2.4bn) in a coordinated settlement, sources have said.
HSBC said the increase in its provision to compensate British customers for payment protection
insurance mis-selling — which takes its bill for this
to almost $4bn — was due to a “very significant
step up” in claims made by claims management
companies in August and September.
The bank’s adjusted third-quarter revenues were
flat at $15.6bn, aided by a rise in income at its
investment bank, corporate bank and an increase
in lending, notably in corporate loans in Hong Kong
and Britain, its two “home” markets.
Gulliver said protests in Hong Kong did not change
HSBC’s view on its business there. “This does not
for us represent any moment of reconsideration of
our commitment to Hong Kong.”
Unlike Asian-focused rival Standard Chartered,
which reported a surge in its bad debts in the third
quarter, largely due to weak commodity markets,
HSBC’s loan impairment charges more than halved
to $760mn compared to the same period a year
Audi’s profitability slipped during the third quarter
as spending on plants and models outweighed
gains from record sales of luxury car sales. Q3
operating profit was up 5.5% to €1.16bn.
Audi, part of the Volkswagen group, is spending
over €1bn ($1.3bn) on new plants in Mexico and
Brazil, and may for the first time build more cars
outside Germany than within its home country in
Volkswagen’s flagship division and source of about
40% of its profits, Audi overtook Mercedes-Benz
in 2011 to become the world’s second biggest
premium automaker behind BMW.
Profit as a proportion of sales at Audi eased to 9.2%
in the third quarter, from 9.4% a year ago, the car
maker said yesterday.
Audi also raised its revenue guidance, predicting
a “moderate” increase in revenue which totalled
€49.9bn last year. The brand had previously forecast a “slight” gain in 2014 revenue.
Europe’s luxury car makers avoided the worst
of the downturn in their home region, thanks in
part to strong demand from the US and emerging
Still, some €22bn of planned spending on models,
plants and technology through 2018 means Audi’s
operating margin may return to its 8-10% target
range from 10.1% in 2013 and 11% in 2012, Audi
While quarterly sales were up 7.2% to 429,295 cars
on demand for sport utility vehicles (SUV) such as
the Q5 and higher-priced models including the A6
saloon, Audi has seen its overall 2014 sales lead
over Mercedes shrink to 103,494 cars after nine
months, from 118,110 a year ago.
Some of Audi’s models have peaked and the brand
has pushed planned overhauls of its top-selling A4
model and the Q7 SUV into 2015.
After running over 90 extra shifts at its two main
Germany-based assembly plants this year, Audi in
September raised its delivery target to over 1.7mn
autos from a record 1.58mn in 2013, relying on
demand from China and Europe where it leads the
premium segment.
Ryanair raised its annual profit forecast almost 20%
yesterday thanks to a surge in winter bookings as
the budget airline pioneer said improvements to its
much criticised customer service were paying off.
The Irish airline built its business on the back of low
fares combined with austere service but shifted
strategy when it became apparent that its growth
had stalled as customers were tiring of its charmless approach.
Since a pledge last year by outspoken chief executive Michael O’Leary to stop “unnecessarily pissing
people off,” Ryanair has slashed penalty charges,
overhauled its web site, tripled its marketing
budget and launched business class fares.
That has helped the airline to boost ticket fares by
5% in the six months to September and is set to
help it sell 2mn more seats than originally planned
in the six months to March, O’Leary said.
Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline by passenger
numbers, forecast its profit after tax would be
between €750mn and €770mn in the year to
March 2015.
That was up from a previous forecast of €620mn to
€650mn and well ahead of an average forecast of
€694mn ($867mn) in a company poll of analysts.
In addition to improved service, Ryanair plans to
use its sheer scale to gain market share during the
traditionally weak winter season.
The airline bumped up its forecast for winter passenger growth by 2.2mn, to increase its full-year
passenger numbers to 89mn, up 8.5% on last year.
It will cut fares by up to 5% in the last three months
of the year and by up to 10% in the three months to
March to build momentum on new routes.
A new business class fare unveiled over the summer, which gives passengers a number of perks
for an extra €50, should help boost winter demand
and make the business less dependent on summer
holidaymakers, O’Leary said.
Fleet expansion is focused on high frequency
flights to primary airports used by business travellers rather than the cheaper regional airports that
dominated Ryanair’s network in the past.
Profit after tax for the six months to September, the
first half of Ryanair’s financial year, was up 32% to
€795mn, just below an average forecast of €799mn
in a company poll.
A significant factor in the improvement was a
change of policy to sell more tickets earlier, a policy
which has reduced the number of empty seats on
planes and increased last minute fares, O’Leary
The airline said it had attempted to lock in recent
falls in the price of oil, hedging 90% of its fuel
needs for the year to March 2016 at around $93 per
barrel and would try to extend that further in the
coming months.
Switzerland’s Holcim has received more than
60 bids for assets it must sell to win regulatory
approval for a merger with Lafarge, the cement
company said as it reported third-quarter results
that missed expectations.
Sales and profit were hurt by a weaker than expected recovery in Europe, illustrating the need for
the planned merger with Lafarge to increase their
pair’s access to faster-growing emerging markets
where infrastructure spending is on the rise.
The mooted merger will create the world’s top cement group with $44bn in annual sales, helping to
reduce costs and better cope with the overcapacity
and sluggish demand that have dogged the sector
since the 2008 economic crisis.
To steer the deal past antitrust regulators, the pair
have drawn up a list of assets they plan to sell,
representing about 12% of combined sales.
Holcim’s chief financial officer Thomas Aebischer
told reporters that the company had received
more than 60 bids by the October 20th deadline to
submit non-binding offers.
He said the two groups want to finish the due diligence process by the end of November or the start
of December, with the aim of reaching agreement
with the winning bidder or bidders by the end of
this year or the start of next year.
“We prefer only one bidder, the one with the
highest bid,” Aebischer told reporters, adding that
offers had come from a mixture of sector rivals
and private equity players, without identifying any
interested parties.
German rival HeidelbergCement said yesterday
that it does not intend to bid, preferring to concentrate on cutting debt and advancing its own
growth projects. Mexico’s Cemex has also ruled
out a bid.
Several private equity groupings have been formed
to pursue a deal for the assets, which could be valued at anywhere between €4bn ($5bn) and €7bn,
according to sources familiar with the matter.
Holcim was giving details on the progress of the
sales process as it reported a 2.1% fall in third-quarter revenue to 5.18bn Swiss francs ($5.4bn), falling
short of the average forecast of 5.27bn francs in a
Reuters poll.
Adverse foreign-exchange moves, including a fall
in emerging market currencies against the Swiss
franc, have also weighed on results this year and
wiped 1.05bn francs off revenue in the first nine
Net income attributable to shareholders fell 4.7%
to 447mn francs in the third quarter, also shy of the
poll estimate for 459mn francs.
Sky Deutschland
German pay-TV company Sky Deutschland reported its first quarterly net profit since 2007 yesterday
as it prepares to be absorbed into a European
media giant being formed by Britain’s BSkyB.
Sky Deutschland, currently controlled by Rupert
Murdoch’s entertainment group 21st Century Fox,
booked a net profit of €12.3mn ($15.4mn) in the
three months to September 30, the first quarter of
its fiscal year.
Chief executive Brian Sullivan warned that Sky
Deutschland will have some loss-making quarters
before posting annual net profit. “The reality is that
we will go in and out of net income for the next
quarters before posting annual net profit,” Sullivan
told reporters in a conference call.
Sky Deutschland is in the process of being combined with other parts of Murdoch’s European
pay-TV empire in Britain and Italy.
BSkyB, itself 39% owned by Fox, agreed in June to
pay $9bn for Rupert Murdoch’s 57% stake in Sky
Deutschland and all of Sky Italia to create a media
powerhouse with 20mn customers.
BSkyB has made a €6.75-offer for Sky Deutschland
which is to expire at midnight German time (2300
GMT) yesterday.
BSkyB has said it will acquire at least 68.8% of Sky
Deutschland shares based on the 21st Century Fox
stake and other commitments it has received.
Sky Deutschland’s net subscriber numbers
increased by 96,000 during the first quarter of the
2014/15 fiscal year.
Like its British counterpart, Sky Deutschland has
been using sports rights to help build its business.
The broadcaster said it set a new record for live
viewing of domestic Bundesliga soccer after the
German national team won the World Cup. In the
first weekend of matches, played in August, more
than 4mn viewers tuned in to the live matches,
which Sky said was its best season opening ever.
Westpac Bank
Australian banking giant Westpac yesterday posted
a 12% jump in full-year net profit to A$7.56bn
(US$6.60bn), driven by growth in lending volumes
and customer deposits.
The result in the 12 months to September 30
compared to A$6.82bn the previous year, with chief
executive Gail Kelly hailing it as “high quality” at a
time of slower global growth.
Cash earnings — the measure more closely watched
by analysts, which strips out volatile items — were
up eight% at A$7.63bn, slightly above expectations.
The result follows a bumper annual net profit last
week for ANZ Bank, up 15% to A$7.3bn, although
National Australia Bank’s yearly profit shrunk 1.1% to
A$5.3bn due to hefty UK write-downs.
With the nation’s biggest lender, Commonwealth
Bank, posting a 13% jump in full-year net profit to a
record A$8.63bn in August, their collective profits
soared to some A$28bn for 2014, despite a slowing
Revenue jumped 7% on the previous year to
The company announced a final dividend of 92Вў,
taking its annual payout to shareholders to A$1.82
per share, joining the other big banks in boosting
rewards for investors.
Investors though were disappointed, with the share
price sliding 0.66% to close at A$34.55.
Westpac, the country’s oldest bank and second
largest by market capitalisation, said all divisions
performed well over the year.
Dutch mail company PostNL reported increased
profit and revenue in the third quarter as price
hikes, cost cutting and growth in its parcels business compensated for falling volume in its core
Dutch mail business.
PostNL said underlying cash operating income
doubled to €34mn ($42.5mn) from the year before,
on revenue of €988mn, up from €969mn a year
earlier. It stuck to its second-quarter guidance that
it would earn full-year profit of between €260mn
and €290mn.
“Our addressed mail volumes in Mail in the Netherlands declined by 11.1%. Reduction of our cost level
remains necessary to compensate for the ongoing
volume decline in Mail in the Netherlands,” said
PostNL chief executive Hema Verhagen in a statement yesterday.
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Sheikh Dr Khalid: Success in postpaid services. Right: Kyle Whitehill (left) and Steve Walters giving details of Vodafone Qatar’s six months performance until September at a press conference in Doha yesterday. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam
Vodafone Qatar expects
to turn profitable in 2015
By Pratap John
Chief Business Reporter
odafone Qatar, which made
a “distributable profit” of
QR120mn and reduced its net
loss to QR81mn in six months up to
September, expects to turn profitable in
2015, a senior company official has said.
“We expect to make a profit at some
point next year,” Vodafone Qatar chief
п¬Ѓnancial officer Steve Walters said yesterday. He said the company achieved
an EBITDA (earnings before interest,
tax, depreciation and amortisation) of
QR295mn for the period under review,
up 41% year-on-year.
Giving highlights of Vodafone Qatar’s six months financial performance
at the Four Seasons yesterday, CEO Kyle
Whitehill said the company made total
revenue of QR1.14bn, up 24% on the
same period last year.
He said the company’s customer base
jumped 16% to 1.372mn in September
this year. This shows an addition of
184,000 customers.
The mobile average revenue per user
(ARPU) increased to QR128 in September, which shows a 3% year-on-year
growth. “We have achieved strong results in a competitive environment. I see
good signs for future,” Whitehill said.
The CEO said by the net loss of only
QR81mn in the six month period meant
there was an “underlying improvement” of 49% compared to the same
period last year.
The net loss has dropped to QR81mn
in September this year from QR312mn in
September 2010.
Vodafone Qatar achieved
an EBITDA (earnings before
interest, tax, depreciation and
amortisation) of QR295mn for
the period under review, up 41%
The loss per share was Dh10 in September compared with Dh19 in the same
period last year, Vodafone Qatar said.
Vodafone Qatar chairman Sheikh Dr
Khalid bin Thani al-Thani said, “Voda-
fone Qatar’s revenue for the half-year
grew by 24%, driven by a combination of continued customer growth and
ARPU performance, which resulted in
a 41% EBITDA improvement over the
same period last year.”
“During the first half of the year we
launched a number of new products into
the market, which have been positively
received, particularly amongst our Qatari customers. We continue to see success in our postpaid services, which contributed to a 3% ARPU improvement.
“We continue to invest heavily in
our network, building new indoor and
outdoor sites and upgrading sites in
key locations. In areas that are densely
populated, we are increasing network
capacity to ensure we deliver a great experience to our customers.
“4G coverage expansion is ongoing;
we have introduced 4G in Wakrah, Hamad International Airport and also increased our coverage in the desert area
— so customers can enjoy Vodafone 4G
services whilst they are camping. We
have also launched 4G roaming so our
customers can enjoy their 4G services
when they travel abroad to Saudi Arabia,
Spain, Romania and Netherlands.”
Sheikh Dr Khalid said, “We are now
focused on our ability to lay a state of
the art п¬Ѓbre optic infrastructure in Qatar which is a key enabler to the Qatar
National Vision 2030 and the drive for
Qatar to become a knowledge-based
economy. Vodafone’s commitment to
build a world class converged network
in Qatar underpins our desire to offer
customers greater choice, greater product innovation and meet the burgeoning
demand for data services.”
Capex to reach nearly
QR500mn by year-end
Vodafone’s capital expenditure (Capex) will reach nearly
QR500mn by the year-end, the
company said yesterday.
In the second half of the year,
the focus would be on increasing the “network footprint”,
long term evolution (LTE) and
improving the overall customer
experience, said CEO Kyle
On the proposed Vodafone
deal to buy the Qatar National
Broadband Network (Qnbn)
Whitehill said, “It is still in the
early stages.”
Vodafone Qatar earlier said
it did not presently own any
shares in Qnbn and on successful completion of the deal it
would own 100%.
The combination of Vodafone
Qatar and Qnbn will enable
Vodafone Qatar to deliver the
benefits of choice to customers
in the fixed line market in Qatar.
Vodafone Qatar said it believes
that the transaction will be
a major contributor towards
the achievement of the policy
objectives laid down in the
National Broadband Plan and
underlines its commitment to
delivering world class telecommunications services to Qatar.
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Pakistan crush
sorry Australia
for 2-0
series win
Miami Heat beat
Toronto Raptors
for 16th
straight time
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Moharram 11, 1436 AH
Djokovic ready
for London
year-end test
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Winter switch for Qatar World Cup draws nearer
he prospect of switching the dates for
the 2022 World Cup in Qatar so that it is
played in winter is increasing, a leading
FIFA official said yesterday.
“We are getting closer to narrowing the dates
to two options - January and February 2022 or
November and December 2022,” said FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke (pictured). “But
FIFA has also been asked to consider May 2022.”
Valcke was speaking after a FIFA meeting in
Zurich in which the European Clubs Association
(ECA) had proposed the tournament be held
from late April to May.
“We believe it is the best option,” ECA president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chairman of
Bayern Munich, said last week.
The World Cup being played in April and May
would mean less disruption to domestic seasons
than it taking place in November and December.
However, some leagues would then have to stage
domestic cup п¬Ѓnals in June.
And Valcke pointed out the month-long period of Ramadan would begin April 2, 2022, which
could have an impact on the preparation of some
The EPFL body, representing the European
football leagues, proposed a May-June tournament, only slightly earlier than the usual slot of
A January-February timeframe for the competition could be problematic due to a potential
clash with the 2022 Winter Olympics which are
traditionally held in February.
Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
(SC) secretary general Hassan al-Thawadi insisted that his country could deliver a summer
World Cup, as promised in its winning bid, if desired, but that a winter solution was preferred.
“The objective of today’s meeting was to receive
feedback from all parties and to work on narrowing the options,” said Asian Football Confederation (AFC) president Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim
al-Khalifa, who chaired the meeting.
“We are pleased with the level of detail provided by the participants and with the productive discussions that took place today.
“We now have a greater understanding of
where each of the stakeholders is coming from
and we will carefully consider these opinions as
we move forward towards defining the international match calendar.”
The next meeting discussing the dates of the
2022 World Cup will be in early 2015.
�Even Parkinson’s will find
it difficult to lay Ali down’
Former world heavyweight champion Foreman still remembers �Rumble in the Jungle’ vividly
By Satya Rath
orty years ago, almost on this day, in a
little-known city in Africa, was staged
what’s perhaps the greatest bout ever in
the history of professional boxing.
The �Rumble in the Jungle’, as that big fight
was christened, was between an underdog and
an all-conquering phenomenon. Punches flew
thick and fast, mostly from one end, with the
challenger taking most of the blows on his body
while leaning back on the ropes.
The trend continued till the seventh round,
before the hunted turned the hunter in the
eighth, one thunderous blow on the jaw ending
the reign of George Edward Foreman. It was the
American’s only defeat by knockout in his professional career.
No prizes for guessing the name of his conqueror on that fateful October 30, 1974, night
in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo. Yes, the great
Mohamed Ali.
Foreman, currently in the Qatari capital as
one of the keynote speakers in the third edition
of Doha GOALS Forum, still has vivid memories
of that п¬Ѓght.
“It may sound surprising, but I always felt
afraid going into any bout. The only time I
wasn’t afraid was when I faced Ali. I was not
just confident, I was overconfident. I was told
most of Ali’s knockout wins happened within
four rounds. I wanted to knock him out in three
“But that night he was really focused, he was
really dedicated to stand on his feet. He was
ready for my punishment, he was ready for my
blows, he was ready to bear the pain, and he was
ready to wait. I kept hitting, he kept ducking. He
was more experienced, he judged me out,” Foreman recalls.
Standing at 6 feet 3.5 inches, Foreman was
always a fearsome presence in the ring. His raw
power took him through his п¬Ѓrst 37 professional
п¬Ѓghts undefeated that helped him earn a shot at
Joe Frazier in 1973, the reigning world heavyweight champion. Foreman was, like Ali in their
п¬Ѓght, considered the underdog against Frazier,
but he knocked him down six times to claim
the heavyweight crown that January 22 night in
Kingston, Jamaica.
Next was the legendary �Rumble in the Jungle’
bout. Ali employed what is now become known
as �rope-a-dope’ technique --leaning back
against the ropes to deflect Foreman’s thunderous punches, before turning aggressor when his
opponent tired.
“I have no qualms admitting that Ali just
beat me fair and square that night,” Foreman
adds. “I was always the aggressor. I was always considered a genuine puncher; I believed
whenever I lay my hands on someone, I would
knock him out. Till that night, no one ever
stood up to me like that. He was prepared. He
was ready to play the waiting game. He was
Former world heavyweight champion George Foreman at Doha GOALS Forum 2014 yesterday;
(right) HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani
speaks after inaugurating the Doha GOALS Forum yesterday.
the rope that night, I became the dope.”
Despite the on-ring rivalry, Foreman and Ali
were great friends off it. “He’s the most fun guy
I have ever met. He loves life. He’s not in the best
of shape now, but even Parkinson’s will find it
difficult to lay him down. He’s a fighter, and he’ll
He tried a shot at another title three years later,
but suffered a shock loss at the hands of a littleknown boxer called Jimmy Young. He retired soon
after, became a non-denominational Christian
minister and founded the George Foreman Youth
and Community Center in Houston.
But community service and philanthropy
soon exhausted his earnings, and 10 years later, at the age of 38, Foreman decided to make a
comeback. “I suddenly realized I had no money.
I was almost broke. Boxing was the only thing I
knew, so it was only natural that was where I had
to return,” he says.
The return was not as memorable. He lost
more bouts than he won, but kept trudg-
ing along. Then, on November 5, 1994, clad in
the same red trunks he wore during his bout
against Ali, a 45-year-old Foreman knocked out
Michael Moorer to become the oldest heavyweight champ in history. He retired a second
and п¬Ѓnal time in 1997, with a professional record
of 76 wins (68 knockouts) and п¬Ѓve losses.
Despite being considered as one of the hardest punchers of all time, Foreman thinks it was
John Henry Lewis who owned the best punches
ever. “His was the best. He was lightening quick,
he had the hardest punch,” he says.
For the participants and delegates at Doha
GOALS, Foreman has a simple message: “I don’t
want to be known as someone who left behind a
big fortune, I would rather be known as someone who believed in sharing his fortune. That’s
my philosophy in life. You don’t need to be rich
or famous. Just look next door, be responsible to
the person next to you. That will do.”
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Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
German giants, Real
close to qualification
Real Madrid, on a club record of 11 straight wins in all competitions, host Liverpool
he three teams with 100 percent
records in this season’s Champions League can secure their places
in the knockout stage this week
with two games to spare.
German heavyweights Bayern Munich
and Borussia Dortmund—who contested
the 2013 final—plus holders Real Madrid
have all been in imperious form in the
competition and will be confident of making it four wins from four games as they
take on opponents they beat away from
home a fortnight ago.
Real Madrid, now top of La Liga, are
on a club record of 11 straight wins in all
competitions as they host п¬Ѓve-times European champions Liverpool in Group
B, having beaten them 3-0 at Anfield on
matchday three.
The main interest in that group appears to
be who п¬Ѓnishes second, with three teams all
on three points. Basle and Ludogorets play
their return game in Switzerland today after
the Bulgarians won 1-0 at home.
“We’re still very much in the group to
qualify, which is the objective,” Liverpool
manager Brendan Rodgers said ahead of a
daunting trip to the Spanish capital. “It’s
a big ask playing against arguably the best
team in the world at the moment. But we’ll
go into it with confidence.”
Bayern host AS Roma in Group E tomorrow after an astonishing 7-1 away
victory against them in Italy, and will be
confident of taking another three points.
Roma’s defeat offered new hope to winless Manchester City, who let a 2-0 lead
slip away to CSKA Moscow and now need
to win the return in England and hope the
Italians lose again.
Dortmund are having a strange season in which they struggle domestically
while brushing aside all opposition in
Group D. Beaten by Bayern in the Bundesliga on Saturday, they have dropped into
the relegation places, but play at home to
Galatasaray today looking for a repeat of
their 4-0 success in Turkey.
If Juergen Klopp’s team and Arsenal,
who are at home to Anderlecht, both win,
they will each have qualified with two
games to spare. The four German repre-
Juventus v Olympiakos, Malmö v
Atletico Madrid, FC Basel v Ludo
Razgd, Real Madrid v Liverpool, Zenit
St Pietersburg v Bayer Leverkusen,
Benfica v Monaco, Arsenal v Anderlecht,
Borussia Dortmund v Galatasaray
sentatives have lost only one game out of
12 between them so far, which was Bayer
Leverkusen’s 1-0 defeat to Monaco on
matchday one.
They still top Group C, but a second
loss, away to Zenit St Petersburg on Tuesday, would put the Russians ahead of
them. Second-placed Monaco, away to
Benfica, have yet to concede a goal and are
also very much in contention.
The fourth German and English
teams, Chelsea and Schalke, hold the
top two spots in Group G ahead of tomorrow’s matches. Chelsea visit Slovenia to play Maribor, who they thrashed
6-0 in London, while second-placed
Schalke know Sporting Lisbon have a
poor record against German opposition,
Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo (right) heads the ball next to Gareth Bale during a training session at Valdebebas sports ground in Madrid yesterday. (Reuters)
Bale back for Real
for Liverpool visit,
says Ancelotti
despite only having beaten them 4-3 in
Gelsenkirchen with the help of a lastminute penalty.
Barcelona will want to bounce back
from Saturday’s shock defeat at home to
Celta Vigo when they visit Ajax in Group
F, in which they trail Paris St Germain by
a point. Four points ahead of Ajax, they
would be well-placed to qualify with another win, as would PSG if they win as expected at home to APOEL.
Manager Laurent Blanc has said they
must do that without talismanic striker
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who suffered a heel
injury in September and has not played
since. He is due to return in the middle of
this month.
Group A remains the closest, so much
so that two home wins on Tuesday would
bring all four teams level on six points. Juventus and Malmo are those home teams,
facing Olympiakos and last season’s finalists Atletico Madrid respectively.
In tomorrow’s other matches Group H
leaders Porto travel to Athletic Bilbao and
Shakhtar Donetsk host BATE Borisov, who
they humiliated 7-0 in Belarus when Luiz
Adriano scored п¬Ѓve times.
eal Madrid’s Wales
winger Gareth Bale
has recovered from
a muscle injury and
should be available for today’s
Champions League Group B
match at home to Liverpool,
coach Carlo Ancelotti said
Bale, who scored one goal in
nine appearances against Liverpool when he was at Tottenham Hotspur, last played for
Real in the 5-0 La Liga win over
Athletic Bilbao on Oct. 5 but
Ancelotti said he was “fine”.
“The question is whether to
deploy a player who is coming back from injury from the
start,” Ancelotti told a news
conference previewing the
match at the Bernabeu. “I will
decide tomorrow.”
Holders Real top the group
with nine points from three
matches and will secure a place
in the knockout round with
another victory over Liverpool, whom they outclassed
3-0 at Anfield last month.
Saturday’s 4-0 romp at Granada in La Liga was Real’s 11th
consecutive win in all competitions and lifted them to the
top of the standings after 10
Cristiano Ronaldo netted his
17th La Liga goal of the campaign and will have another
chance today to equal or surpass Raul’s Champions League
scoring record of 71 goals.
Portugal forward Ronaldo,
who set a scoring record for a
single season of Europe’s elite
club competition of 17 goals in
2013-14, is currently one behind his former Real team mate
on 70.
“He (Ronaldo) is not thinking about Raul’s record, he is
thinking about the team,” Ancelotti said.
“He could beat it tomorrow
Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti (left) and midfielder
James Rodriguez share a laugh during a training session. (AFP)
Pirlo peaking as Juve eye Olympiakos victory
talian midfield star Andrea Pirlo
appears to be hitting peak form in
time for a crucial clash against Olympiakos today that could prove
decisive for Juventus’s hopes of qualifying from Group A in the Champions
The Turin giants’ last-16 chances are
hanging in the balance after dropping
to third in the group, three points adrift
of Atletico Madrid and Olympiakos,
following respective away defeats to
the pair in the past month.
With a tricky away trip to Swedish
champions Malmo and a home clash
against Atletico still to come, Massimiliano Allegri’s men realistically need
a win in Turin today if they are to keep
their knockout phase hopes alive.
But if Pirlo’s form is any indicator,
Juventus fans could be forgiven for believing they are about to п¬Ѓnally turn the
corner following a nightmare month of
October that saw them held by Sassuolo and lose to Genoa in Serie A.
The 35-year-old has been steadily
rebuilding form since returning from
a long injury lay-off in time for a badtempered 3-2 win over Roma on October 5, and broke his league drought with
the opener in a a 2-0 win over Empoli
on Saturday.
“I’m improving, doing well during
Juventus’ midfielder Andrea Pirlo’s form has been steadily rebuilding since returning from a long injury lay-off. (AFP)
the week and I feel better with every
game I play. I hope to be back in peak
condition as soon as possible,” said
But the joy of restoring a three-point
lead over Roma, who lost 2-0 to Napoli
earlier in the day, has been eclipsed by
the more pressing matter of beating
Michel’s Greek champions.
“Every match is a final for us, not just
this one, but Olympiakos will be a crucial encounter,” Juve midfielder Arturo
Vidal, who underlined the need or an
early goal today, told Sky Sport Italia.
Olympiakos’s 1-0 win in Piraeus
a fortnight ago was down to Pajtim
Kasami’s clinical 36th-minute finish, although much of the credit after
the game went to Spanish goalkeeper
Roberto for repelling a second-half onslaught from the visitors.
but it won’t be his last Champions League appearance,”
added the Italian.
“I always have to talk about
Cristiano and I already said
that it’s tough to find new
words. He is a fantastic player.”
end Real’s 12-year wait for
European crown last season
in his п¬Ѓrst term in charge, was
asked about reports in Spain
that he is poised to agree an
extension to his contract,
which expires at the end of the
2015-16 campaign. “If the club
is happy with me I want to carry on,” he said.
Ancelotti also felt the criticism of underfire Liverpool
striker Mario Balotelli following their poor start to the season has been over the top. Balotelli is yet to score a Premier
League goal for the Reds since
making a ВЈ16 million ($25.6
million, 20.4 million euros)
move from AC Milan in August
and was widely lambasted for
swapping shirts with Madrid
defender Pepe with his side
trailing 3-0 at half-time two
weeks ago before being substituted at the break.
However, Ancelotti insisted
Liverpool’s problems were
not solely down to his Italian
compatriot and that he had
no problems with his players
swapping shirts at half-time.
“There is a lot of talk about
Balotelli, maybe too much,”
said Ancelotti.
“He has quality, but he has
come to a team going through a
difficult time after losing some
important players like (Luis)
Suarez. The manager needs
to п¬Ѓnd another solution, but
it is the same with all the new
players. I don’t think all of Liverpool’s problems are down to
“The exchanging of shirts at
half-time is very common. If
one of my players did it tomorrow I wouldn’t take them off.”
The Chilean international added:
“They played their game in our first
meeting, scoring from one of the two
moves they strung together. This time
we need to score quickly and put in a really good performance.”
Pirlo said Juve’s weekend win was
“an important sign - mainly for ourselves - that enables us to prepare as
best we can for Tuesday’s game”.
He added: “It’s like a final for us. We
have to play well because only one result will do.”
The victory came at little cost. Allegri’s usual strike pair of Carlos Tevez,
who made a cameo appearance after 68
minutes, and Fernando Llorente were
both rested as Alvaro Morata partnered
Sebastian Giovinco for the п¬Ѓrst time.
Paul Pogba also spent the entire
match on the bench, underlining the
French midfielder’s importance to Allegri for a match that Juve are desperate
to win. “Now we need to think about
the next game, which is a must-win for
us,” said Morata, who saw several attempts saved by Roberto in their away
trip to Olympiakos but who hit his second goal of the season on Saturday.
While Juve moved three points clear
at the top of Italy’s top flight, Olympiakos struggled to a scoreless draw
away to 10-man Asteras Tripolis at
the weekend. The result saw the Greek
champions close the gap on leaders
PAOK Salonika to two points although
they have played a game more.
death was
�gone wrong’
Johannesburg: The murder
of a South African football
captain last week was a “robbery gone horribly wrong”,
investigators said yesterday,
adding they were searching
for other suspects involved in
the crime.
Thirteen people have been
questioned and one person
has been arrested for the
killing of Senzo Meyiwa, a
27-year-old goalkeeper who
played for Bafana Bafana
and top flight team Orlando
Lieutenant-General Vineshkumar Moonoo told journalists they were confident that
“the person we have charged
was involved in the incident.”
Zenokuhle Mbatha was arrested in Vosloorus, south
of Johannesburg, the same
township where Meyiwa was
gunned down by intruders
while visiting his pop-star
girlfriend. Mbatha will make a
second court appearance on
November 11.
Moonoo added that there
were “two people who were
directly involved in the accident.” The suspects made off
with a cell phone.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
stunned by
Van Gaal says beaten
United getting closer
�I have seen the willpower of team, but we have only 13 points out of 10 games and that is not much’
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal signs autographs for Manchester City fans before the English Premier League match on Sunday. City won 1-0. (EPA)
anchester United manager
Louis van Gaal feels his side
are getting closer to the
Premier League’s leading
teams despite having made their worst
start to a season since 1986.
After drawing 1-1 with league leaders
Chelsea the previous weekend, United
lost 1-0 at derby rivals Manchester City
on Sunday, with Sergio Aguero scoring
the winning goal after United defender
Chris Smalling was sent off.
United also lost Argentine centreback Marcos Rojo to a dislocated
shoulder, but although the result left
the 20-time champions 13 points
adrift of Chelsea, Van Gaal believes
they are making progress.
“In spite of all the injuries, we were
very close with Chelsea last week and
also this week we were very close, but
not close enough, and we have to make
steps still to improve,” he said.
Aguero struck in the 63rd minute
after Smalling was shown two yellow
cards in the п¬Ѓrst half for attempting to
block a clearance by Joe Hart and then
sliding in on James Milner, but United
п¬Ѓnished the match strongly.
“Of course as a coach or as a manager
you can be proud of the last 20 minutes
because they showed unbelievable will
power and we could have scored at that
moment,” said Van Gaal, who described
Smalling’s dismissal as “stupid”.
“I have seen the willpower of this
team that I said to the players is fantastic, but we have still only 13 points out
Italy’s Cannavaro to replace
Lippi in China: reports
Beijing: Italy’s World Cup
winning captain Fabio Cannavaro was being hotly tipped
yesterday to replace his former
national coach Marcello Lippi
as boss of Guangzhou Evergrande after the 66-year-old announced he was stepping aside.
Lippi announced his move
after Guangzhou clinched their
fourth successive Chinese Super League title on the final day
of the season Sunday with a 1-1
draw at Shandong Luneng.
“It is my last match as a head
coach for the club,” said Lippi,
who led the Guangdong club to
AFC Champions League glory
in 2013. “I will be 67 years old
in the near future, and I do not
want to be the head coach any
more,” he added, according to
Xinhua news agency.
Lippi will become the team’s
chief technical officer, Xinhua
said, possibly the last stop in an
incredible career in which he
won five Italian Serie A titles, a
UEFA Champions League and
the World Cup with the Italian
national team in 2006.
Cannavaro, his talismanic
captain during the Azzurris’
fourth World Cup victory, will
be unveiled as Guangzhou’s
new coach next week, according to Chinese media reports.
“It is understood that, if all
goes smoothly, Cannavaro will
arrive in Guangzhou next week
when the club will hold a press
conference to formally launch
the new coach to the outside
world,” the
website said.
Meanwhile, the U Sports
news portal said Liu Zhuo, vice
president of Evergrande Real
Estate Group, which owns the
club, had confirmed Cannavaro’s appointment.
The former centre-back is
currently being investigated
by authorities in his home
city of Naples on suspicion of
illegally sidestepping one million euros ($1.27 million) in tax.
The 41-year-old had a glittering career at Parma, Juventus
and Real Madrid and won the
world player of the year award
in 2006. He is currently on the
coaching staff at Al-Ahli in UAE.
Guangzhou lost four games
over the 30-game season, three
more than last year.
The club, widely regarded as
Asia’s richest, has former Italian internationals Alessandro
Diamanti and Alberto Gilardino
on its books. It also has a large
proportion of the Chinese national team and star Brazilians
Muriqui and Elkeson, the latter
scoring 28 goals in 28 league
games. Lippi is one of the
world’s highest-paid managers,
earning an estimated $11 million
in the 2012-13 season, France
Football magazine said.
of 10 games and that is not so much.”
Van Gaal’s assessment of United’s
display was echoed by his captain
Wayne Rooney, who played as a deeplying number 10 on his return to the
team after a three-match suspension.
“We have to focus on ourselves. You can
see every week we are getting better,”
the England striker told Sky Sports.
“We are not far away from being back
up there and being a very good side. We
came here for a result and leave with no
points, so we are disappointed.”
City’s victory brought them four consecutive league successes over United
for the п¬Ѓrst time since 1970 and ended a
damaging run of three matches without
a win in all competitions.
The English champions face a key
Champions League п¬Ѓxture at home to
CSKA Moscow tomorrow and City cap-
tain Vincent Kompany said the victory
over United would allow his team to approach the game with confidence.
“The derby win is massive. For a
minute, the league doesn’t matter,” said
the Belgium centre-back. “It is a boost
for us and we will do our job again in the
Champions League on Wednesday.”
City manager Manuel Pellegrini
said that French centre-back Eliaquim
Mangala should be п¬Ѓt to face CSKA
Moscow after sitting out Sunday’s game
with a thigh problem, but Aleksandar
Kolarov is unlikely to play after injuring
his calf in the warm-up. City had three
strong penalty appeals waved away before Aguero turned in Gael Clichy’s cutback to claim his 10th goal of the season,
but Pellegrini refused to criticise match
official Michael Oliver, saying: “It is
very difficult to be a referee.”
United finished the game with midfielder Michael Carrick and 19-year-old
Paddy McNair at centre-back, while
an injury to Rafael da Silva meant that
winger Antonio Valencia started the
game at right-back.
With Phil Jones and Jonny Evans currently sidelined, Van Gaal has a defensive headache ahead of United’s next
game at home to Crystal Palace, but he
believes there is sufficient depth in his
squad to compensate.
“We have a lot of injuries in defence,
as you know, but you have also seen how
Michael Carrick has come in and Paddy
McNair has come in,” said the Dutchman. “We have still 11 players to play
and also very good players, so I don’t
cry for that. It is sometimes difficult to
select the best team, but I think I can
manage that.”
C Milan’s six-match
unbeaten run in Serie
A came to an end in
spectacular fashion as
promoted Palermo ran out deserved 2-0 winners at a stunned
San Siro on Sunday.
Following two consecutive
draws, Filippo Inzaghi’s men
had been looking for the win
that would have hoisted them
up to joint third place alongside
But they were stunned by two
goals in the space of three п¬Ѓrsthalf minutes and, despite battling for the equaliser, were left
with a second defeat of the season which kept them in seventh
Milan are nine points behind
leaders Juventus but only three
points off the last Champions
League qualifying spot now occupied by Sinisa Mihajlovic’s
high-flying Samp. “Hats off
to Palermo,” Inzaghi told Sky
“I take full responsibility for
the defeat. We’re still growing and so there can always be
bumps along the way but maybe
we deceived ourselves.”
Milan welcomed �keeper Diego Lopez back to the starting
line-up following several weeks
on the sidelines and midfielder
Riccardo Saponara returned after a six-month injury absence.
But Lopez found himself beaten when defender Cristian Zapata, who replaced Alex due to an
injury after just three minutes,
turned the ball into his own net
from a corner on 23 minutes.
An already enterprising Palermo grew in confidence and
moments later Lopez did well to
stop a shot from striker Paolo
Dybala with a trailing leg.
However the �keeper was left
clutching at thin air when the
diminutive Argentinian muscled his way past Zapata on the
left and п¬Ѓred a п¬Ѓne left-footed
strike inside the far post on 26
Milan saw several chances
go amiss, notably when Andrea Poli’s attempted chip trailed
wide of the target after Stefano
Sorrentino came rushing out of
goal, while Fernando Torres saw
a glancing header skim the post.
The Spaniard also saw a diving header go wide but the hosts
quickly ran out of ideas as Palermo hung on to record a famous
win that had coach Giuseppe Iachini purring.
“Tonight we played a great
game against a great side. We
played with personality and aggression and deserved the win,”
said Iachini.
Earlier, Sampdoria reclaimed
third spot thanks to a 3-1 home
win over Fiorentina, while city
rivals Genoa fought back to
claim a precious 4-2 away win at
Wenger impressed by Arsenal improvement
rsene Wenger believes Arsenal
are п¬Ѓnally showing signs of developing the killer instinct required to succeed in the Champions League.
Wenger’s side will aim to stay in the
race to п¬Ѓnish top of Group D when they
host Anderlecht today and the Gunners boss knows it will be a night when
patience and predatory п¬Ѓnishing will
be essential qualities. Arsenal are three
points behind group leaders Borussia
Dortmund in second place and a win over
Anderlecht, combined with a victory for
the Germans against Galatasaray, would
guarantee the north Londoners a place
in the last 16, while keeping them in with
a chance of п¬Ѓnishing in п¬Ѓrst place and
potentially earning an easier draw in the
knockout stages.
The Gunners snatched a 2-1 win
against Anderlecht in the reverse п¬Ѓxture
two weeks ago despite being outplayed
for long periods, but Wenger doesn’t expect the Belgian side to be so adventurous at the Emirates Stadium.
With that in mind, Wenger has told
his players to display the kind of patient
approach that eventually broke down
Burnley after 70 minutes of their 3-0
Premier League victory on Saturday.
Chile forward Alexis Sanchez took his
tally to 10 goals with a double strike to
end Burnley’s stubborn resistence and
Wenger believes the way his team con-
Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger (third right) talks to his team during a training session at the London Colney, North London. (AFP)
tinued to stay positive despite the frustrations of seeing Burnley goalkeeper
Tom Heaton pull off a string of saves has
them moving in the right direction.
“In the recent games at home we were
not patient and we have learned. We look
a bit more balanced between offence and
defence,” Wenger said.
Key to Arsenal’s resurgence has been
the impressive form of Sanchez, a preseason buy from Barcelona, who Wenger
has deployed in a more central attacking
role following injury to Germany playmaker Mesut Ozil.
Wenger is confident Sanchez can handle the additional responsibility, having compared him and the Uruguayan
former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez to
tough South American “street footballers” in the build-up to Saturday’s match.
“I was ready to give him time if he
needed it, but he has settled in much
quicker than expected,” Wenger said.
“Now I play him through the middle
and he has shown he can п¬Ѓnd the ball, he
can dribble and he can go at you.
“There are similarities with (Luis)
Suarez a little bit by going at you, by being where you do not expect him to be in
the box, and by having that huge desire to
be at the end of things.”
With the return of England winger
Theo Walcott, who made a late cameo
appearance against Burnley after 10
months out with a serious knee injury,
Wenger will soon have increased attacking options.
France forward Olivier Giroud is also
set to be in contention following the next
international break after recovering earlier than expected from a broken foot.
“For Theo it must be great as well to
see that everybody wants him to come
on,” said Wenger, who could also have
England midfielder Jack Wilshere available today after a minor knee problem
forced him to miss the Burnley match.
Anderlecht have taken only one point
from their п¬Ѓrst three group matches and
a defeat would eliminate them from the
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Marseille on track
ahead of PSG clash
Thauvin secures the points against Lens with his third league goal of the season
Paris SG
Olympique Marseille’s Florian Thauvin celebrates after scoring against RC Lens during their French Ligue 1 match at the
Velodrome stadium in Marseille on Sunday. (Reuters)
divisions in the squad.
“Am I worried before the �Clasico’? The
match against Lyon was the best we have
played this season, and tonight was not
good,” said Bielsa. “I know what mistakes
we made but I also know perfectly well the
qualities of my team and what we are capable of doing.”
Bielsa, who handed rare starts to Rod
Fanni and Mario Lemina, saw his side
strike early, as they have done on numerous occasions already this season.
The game was only 10 minutes old when
a corner from the right was inadvertently
helped on at the near post by Lens captain
Jerome Le Moigne for Nkoulou to dive and
head in.
Marseille had won every Ligue 1 game
this season in which they had opened the
scoring and few at that point anticipated a
Lens comeback.
However, Antoine Kombouare’s side,
featuring six players aged 22 or under, including four teenagers, were not cowed
and Benjamin Bourigeaud missed a chance
to equalise before Guillaume did restore
parity with a strike from inside the area
after good work by Pablo Chavarria.
Indeed, Lens could have gone in front
early in the second period, with Wylan
Cyprien blazing over and Chavarria having an effort disallowed for offside.
But Marseille regained the initiative
when a superb Dimitri Payet pass found
Gignac, and Ligue 1’s leading scorer turned
provider as he cut the ball back for Thauvin
to side-foot a shot into the roof of the net.
The dismissal of Romao left OM to play
out the п¬Ѓnal 14 minutes of the game with
10 men and meant that Bielsa will have to
do without him as well as Andre Ayew and
Jeremy Morel against PSG.
But at least they held on to win the
match, with goalkeeper Steve Mandan-
da making a crucial save to deny Yoann
Touzghar in the п¬Ѓfth minute of added time.
Despite the defeat, Lens coach Kombouare said: “I never had any doubts about
the quality of my players, about what they
were capable of doing. “We are disappointed, frustrated, but we have to congratulate Marseille for holding on.”
Champions PSG came from behind to
win 2-1 at Lorient on Saturday to maintain
their unbeaten start to the campaign while
Lyon went clear in third with a 3-1 victory
at Nice.
Elsewhere on Sunday, Bordeaux moved
back up to fourth by beating local rivals
Toulouse 2-1 for their п¬Ѓrst win in four
league outings, Marc Planus and Diego
Rolan scoring for Willy Sagnol’s side.
Meanwhile, Nantes made it seven league
games unbeaten as they came from behind to draw 1-1 with Rennes in the Breton
been given until the weekend to
they want to host next year’s
African Nations Cup п¬Ѓnals
after the Confederation of
African Football refused to
consider a postponement of
its showpiece tournament over
Ebola virus fears.
Morocco must make clear its
position by Saturday, said African football’s governing body
(CAF) after a meeting in Rabat
yesterday between prime minister Abdelilah Benkirane and
a delegation led by CAF president Issa Hayatou.
Morocco want the tournament postponed to June next
year or January 2016 because
of fears of the possible spread
of the Ebola virus, which has
caused almost 5,000 deaths in
West Africa.
But CAF stood п¬Ѓrm on its
determination not to change
the schedule dates of Jan. 17Feb. 8 despite the fact it now
runs the risk of having no host
for the 2015 п¬Ѓnals.
But it did open the door for
any other country interested
in stepping in as emergency
hosts, saying they also had until Saturday to decide.
There have been no public
expressions of interest from
the small handful of African
countries with the requisite
infra- structure and organisational ability to step in at the
last minute.
CAF set out its argument
against a change of dates, effectively accusing Morocco
of alarmism following last
month’s request from its sports
ministry for a postponement
on the back of advice from its
health ministry that there was
a risk the tournament could
bring the deadly virus into the
north African kingdom.
CAF rejected the notion in a
lengthy statement yesterday,
setting out reasons why it felt
the tournament could go ahead
in Morocco as planned.
“Of the three countries
where the epidemic is prevalent, only Guinea retains a
chance of qualifying for the п¬Ѓnal tournament.
“In addition, Guinea hosts
its home games in Casablanca
Morocco want the
tournament postponed to
June next year or January
2016 because of fears of
the possible spread of
the Ebola virus, which
has caused almost 5,000
deaths in West Africa.
But CAF stood firm on
its determination not to
change the schedule
dates of Jan. 17-Feb. 8
despite the fact it now
runs the risk of having no
host for the 2015 finals
and has adhered to a strict
health protocol implemented
by Morocco that has so far
showed no flaws,” CAF pointed
“Morocco, a country where
no cases of Ebola have been
identified, welcomes in the
coming weeks and a few days
before the (Nations Cup), the
Club World Cup where there
will be participants from a
country where a case of the
Ebola virus has been identified
“The number of foreign fans
expected in the stadiums for
the Club World Cup 2014 is
much higher than the ones expected for the Nations Cup.
“Indeed, almost all of the
fans attending the Nations Cup
are residents of Morocco, and
considering the average purchasing power in most African
countries, it is unrealistic to expect more than 1,000 supporters from the rest of continent
to attend the (tournament), except for those who benefit from
a geographic proximity within
the Maghreb region.
“CAF considers that the
current health system in place
in Morocco, and whose effectiveness has been proven, is
more than able to cope with the
very limited flow of people for
the Nations Cup,” its statement
CAF also said it had strictly
adhered to World Health Organization directives, banning
three countries from hosting preliminary matches, and
that no transmission of the
Ebola virus had been reported
“in connection with a football
It also said an expansive
schedule did not permit it to
change dates. Morocco last
held the tournament in 1988
and won it in 1976 when it was
staged in Ethiopia.
Rise of the Wanderers makes
coach Popovic a prime target
he ascent of Western
Sydney Wanderers to
the very pinnacle of
Asian football means
they may now struggle to hold
on to coach Tony Popovic,
whose inspirational leadership
has been the driving force behind the young club’s success.
Just 900 days after the
former Socceroos defender
took over an expansion club
with no strip, no playing staff
and no facilities, he led Wanderers to the Asian Champions League (ACL) triumph in
Riyadh at the weekend.
The 0-0 draw against twice
Asian champions Al-Hilal in
front of 65,000 fans in the
Saudi capital on Saturday was
enough to secure the coveted
prize after a 1-0 п¬Ѓrst leg victory at home in Parramatta.
It was also a microcosm of
Wanderers’ entire maiden ACL
campaign, defying huge odds
in hostile environments to
overcome Asian powerhouses
with budgets far in excess of
their own. The 2012 Asian
champions Ulsan Hyundai, JLeague champions Sanfrecce
Honda, China’s defending
champions Guangzhou Evergrande and last year’s los-
Cape Town
arseille restored their fourpoint lead at the top of Ligue 1
yesterday, beating Lens 2-1 at
the Stade Velodrome despite a
less than convincing display against their
struggling visitors.
Nicolas Nkoulou headed Marcelo Bielsa’s side into an early lead, but Lens drew
level courtesy of Baptiste Guillaume and
had chances to go in front themselves.
However, Florian Thauvin secured the
points with his third league goal of the
season on the hour-mark as Marseille got
back to winning ways after suffering consecutive defeats in league and cup, holding
on despite the late sending-off of Alaixys
With 28 points, OM are four clear of
second-placed Paris Saint-Germain before they face their great rivals at the Parc
des Princes in the biggest п¬Ѓxture in French
football next Sunday.
A positive result in the capital against
the defending champions would set them
up for a sustained title challenge, but Bielsa will accept that his side need to play far
better than they did against Lens if they
are to take anything from PSG.
Nevertheless, the win meant it was
a good п¬Ѓnish to a difficult week for the
south-coast club, who fell short of a club
record ninth consecutive league win by
losing at Lyon last weekend and were
then eliminated from the League Cup at
Rennes before a reported bust-up between
Andre-Pierre Gignac and Brice Dja Djedje
at the club’s training ground hinted at
Read as: Played, won, drawn, lost, goals
for, goals against, points
CAF rejects
Nations date
change, warns
Western Sydney Wanderers captain Nikolai Topor-Stanley (left)
and coach Tony Popovic on their arrival in Sydney. (Reuters)
ing п¬Ѓnalists FC Seoul all succumbed to the Australians on
their path to the п¬Ѓnal.
“We don’t have the resources or the funds that some of
these other teams have,” Popovic told reporters in the flush
of the triumph on Saturday.
“But we have something
that money can’t buy, the desire to win, the resilience to
play for each other and do anything they can to win.
“No money can buy that
and that’s what these players
have in abundance.”
It was a typical Popovic
comment. Like all good leaders, he is quick to deflect any
praise onto his players when
the team is winning, while
doing his utmost to take the
flak in defeat. Undoubtedly an
important man-management
tool, it has perhaps served to
distract from his own achievement in masterminding the
rise of the Wanderers.
Getting the club to the ALeague championship п¬Ѓnal in
their п¬Ѓrst two seasons of existence was extraordinary, even if
they lost both.
Winning the biggest club
prize in Asia at the first attempt almost defies superlatives, even before considering
it was done mostly while the
club was in pre-season training having turned over about a
third of the squad in May.
Being able to foster such
belief and resilience in a side
is sure to make Popovic attractive to clubs with a lot
more cash than Wanderers,
who were sold to their current owners for A$12 million
($10.46 million) earlier this
year. A coaching assistant at
Crystal Palace before he took
the job with the Wanderers,
Popovic has experience of
playing at the top club level in
England and Japan as well as
on the international level in 58
matches for Australia.
The 41-year-old has already
turned down offers from other
clubs, however, and the attachment to the club he helped
create in the same western
Sydney suburbs where he was
born, raised and started his career is clearly strong.
“You always strive to get
better. You’re always looking
to improve and I want to be the
best I can be and I’m very ambitious,” he said.
Makelele sacked by Bastia
ormer France midfielder Claude Makelele’s
п¬Ѓrst coaching stint was
brought to a premature
end yesterday when he was sacked
by Ligue 1 strugglers SC Bastia.
“The board of directors of
SCB inform their supporters and
partners that as of today Claude
Makelele is no longer the coach
of Sporting Club of Bastia,” read
a statement on the club’s website.
Makelele, 41, was appointed in the
summer but lasted just 12 Ligue 1
games in charge of the Corsicans,
winning two.
The final straw was Saturday’s
1-0 defeat away to Guingamp
which left Bastia second from
bottom in the top flight. One of
the best players in his position
in the last decade during a career
that notably took in Real Madrid
and Chelsea, Makelele was the
captain of Paris Saint-Germain
before moving into a role as assistant coach at the club. He left
his position as number two to
Laurent Blanc in the summer to
join Bastia and oversaw a massive
overhaul of the playing staff.
La Liga strugglers Real Sociedad
have sacked coach Jagoba Arrasate after a disappointing start to
the campaign which has left the
Basque side in the relegation zone.
Former Manchester United
Claude Makelele speaks after being sacked by Bastia. (AFP)
boss David Moyes and Alejandro
Sabella, who led Argentina to the
World Cup п¬Ѓnal, are reported to be
among the candidates to replace
the 36-year-old.
Arrasate was handed his п¬Ѓrst
senior coaching post at the start
of last season, but after a promising start as they qualified for the
Champions League group stage
he failed to live up to expectations
as they crashed out of Europe and
п¬Ѓnished seventh in La Liga.
An embarrassing early Europa
League exit to Russian side FK
Krasnodar followed in August and
the final straw for the came in Saturday’s 1-0 home defeat by Malaga which left them with just one
win from their 10 league games.
African Nations Cup champions
Nigeria have escaped suspension
from international football for the
second time in two months.
Football’s governing body FIFA
said yesterday the threat was
lifted after a court case against the
Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)
elections held on Sept. 30 was
The dropping of the case paved
the way for FIFA-backed NFF
president Amaju Pinnick and his
executive to resume their duties after they were ousted by an
interim ruling last Thursday by
Justice Ambrose Allagoa who
placed Chris Giwa in charge.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Pakistan crush
sorry Australia for
2-0 series win
�We were not good enough against the very good and experienced Pakistan team’
Tamim and
resist Zimbabwe
in second Test
Khulna, Bangladesh
amim Iqbal and Mohamed Mahmudullah hit
sedate half-centuries to
take Bangladesh to 193-3
on the opening day of the second
Test against Zimbabwe in Khulna
Left-hander Tamim was unbeaten on 74 after Mahmudullah made 56. Bangladesh skipper
Mushfiqur Rahim had won the
toss and elected to bat.
At stumps, Shakib Al Hasan
was keeping Tamim company on
The usually aggressive Tamim
played a dour innings and took
169 deliveries to reach 50, the
slowest of his 17 Test half-centuries.
He has so far hit six boundaries
during his 250-ball knock, which
was marked by a 95-run stand
for the third wicket with Mahmudullah.
Mahmudullah was equally
cautious, reaching his 50 off 140
balls before he was trapped leg-
before by Tinashe Panyangara.
Panyangara, who had earlier
taken a return catch to dismiss
Mominul Haque (35), ended
the day with two for 29 from 19
Tamim and Mominul put on
72 for the second wicket after Zimbabwe removed opener
Shamsur Rahman, leg-before to
Elton Chigumbura, for two in the
eighth over.
Shamsur was initially declared
not out, but Zimbabwe used the
Decision Review System to get
the verdict in their favour.
Bangladesh lead the threematch series after a three-wicket
victory in the п¬Ѓrst Test in Dhaka
last week.
The hosts recalled seamer Rubel
Hossain in place of Al-Amin Hossain, who opted out of the game to
take his university exams.
Zimbabwe handed Test caps
to batsman Brian Chari and legspinner Natsai M’shangwe.
The third Test will be played
in Chittagong from November
Zimbabwe’s tour will also feature five one-day internationals.
Pakistan’s Zulfiqar Babar (centre) took five wickets in the second innings to help his team win against Australia in the second Test in Abu Dhabi. (AFP)
Abu Dhabi
defiant Steve Smith tried to
delay the inevitable before Pakistan crushed Australia by 356
runs in the second and п¬Ѓnal Test
to complete a 2-0 series victory in Abu
Dhabi yesterday.
Having set the visitors an improbable
603-run victory target, Pakistan claimed
the remaining six wickets in a little over
a session on the п¬Ѓnal day to secure their
п¬Ѓrst Test series victory against Australia
in 20 years.
The win also saw them leapfrog England, Sri Lanka and India to rise to
number three in Test rankings, behind
South Africa and Australia.
Smith (97) added 107 runs with Mitchell Marsh in a rare display of Australian
resistance in the two-match series before
his post-lunch dismissal triggered a collapse with the visitors losing their last
п¬Ѓve wickets for only eight runs to be all
out for 246.
“I think Misbah-ul-Haq and his team
played some outstanding cricket in both
Test matches and we’ve certainly been
outplayed,” Australia captain Michael
Clarke said at the presentation ceremony.
“In all three facets—batting, bowling and
fielding—we probably let ourselves down.
We were not good enough against the very
good and experienced Pakistan team.”
Zulfiqar Babar (5-120) and Yasir Shah
(3-44) once again laid bare Australia’s
spin frailties even though Pakistan were
without their main spinner Saeed Ajmal
who has been banned for an illegal action.
Pakistan captain Misbah was adjudged
man-of-the-match for his twin centuries in the match, the second of which
equalled Viv Richards’ record for the
fastest Test century in 56 balls.
Run-machine Younus Khan, who hit
two centuries and a double hundred in his
four innings, was the obvious choice for
the man-of-the-series award.
Resuming on 143-4, Smith and Marsh
(47) frustrated the Pakistani bowlers with
a century stand, showing the stomach for
п¬Ѓght which was missing in their teammates.
Marsh, playing only his second Test,
proved the perfect foil for Smith, whose
decisive footwork against the spinners
and positive intent stood out in an otherwise Australian batting capitulation.
Marsh was looking set for his second
п¬Ѓfty of the match when the 23-year-old
walked into a leg-slip trap, flicking offspinner Mohammad Hafeez straight into
the hands of Asad Shafiq.
Smith hit Babar for successive boundaries to bring up his eighth Test half-century and meted out the same treatment to
the spinner in the п¬Ѓnal over before lunch
to cruise into the 90s.
Yasir denied the 25-year-old Smith his
п¬Ѓfth Test century, trapping him leg before with the second delivery after lunch,
which opened the flood gates and Australia collapsed in a heap.
“It’s a really special series for me, because every individual performed,” said
Misbah. “That’s a sign of a good team and
I’m really happy.”
Smith hit 12 fours in his 204-ball knock
that proved there were no real demons in
the dry and dusty pitch at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium.
Comprehensively beaten in the п¬Ѓrst
Test in Dubai, nothing went right for
Australia in the second Test either.
Not a single Australian managed a century in the Test while Misbah and Azhar
Ali got hundreds in both innings and Younus struck 213 in the п¬Ѓrst innings.
Australia’s bowling limitations were
also exposed as they could not bowl out
their opponents even once, managing nine
wickets in the match bleeding 863 runs.
Pakistan 1st innings
570-6 dec
Australia 1st innings
Pakistan 2nd innings
293-3 dec
Australia 2nd innings
C. Rogers c Shafiq b Babar
D. Warner c Shah b Hafeez
G. Maxwell lbw b Babar
M. Clarke b Babar
S. Smith b Shah
M. Marsh c Shafiq b Hafeez
B. Haddin b Babar
M. Johnson b Shah
P. Siddle not out
M. Starc b Shah
N. Lyon c Ali b Shah
(b5, lb1, nb3, pen5) 14
(all out; 88.3 overs) 246
Fall of wickets: 1-19 (Rogers), 2-31
(Maxwell), 3-43 (Clarke), 4-101 (Warner), 5-208 (Marsh), 6-238 (Smith),
7-238 (Haddin), 8-238 (Johnson),
9-245 (Starc)
Bowling: Rahat 8-6-3-0, Khan 8-129-0, Hafeez 17-4-38-2, Babar 32.32-120-5 (1nb), Shah 22-4-44-3 (1nb),
Ali 1-0-1-0
Tendulkar hits out at �ringmaster’ Chappell
achin Tendulkar has launched a
scathing criticism of Greg Chappell’s conduct as India’s cricket
coach, saying the former Australian great tried to disrupt the team by having senior players thrown out.
In his autobiography �Playing It My
Way’ which is to be released on Thursday, Tendulkar describes Chappell as a
“ringmaster who imposed his ideas on
the players without showing any signs of
being concerned about whether they felt
comfortable or not”.
During Chappell’s controversial tenure as coach from 2005 to 2007, Sourav
Ganguly was sacked as captain before the
coach was himself shown the door after
India’s shock first-round exit from the
2007 World Cup.
In extracts from the book released by
the Press Trust of India yesterday, Tendulkar says Chappell offered him the captaincy a few months before the showpiece
tournament in the Caribbean to replace
the incumbent Rahul Dravid.
“Just months before the (2007) World
Cup, Chappell had come to see me at
Tendulkar said that he had suggested to the Board of Control for Cricket in India to not
send the then coach Greg Chappell with the team to the 2007 World Cup.
home and, to my dismay, suggested that
I should take over the captaincy from Rahul Dravid,” Tendulkar writes.
“Anjali (Tendulkar’s wife), who was
sitting with me was equally shocked to
hear him say that �together, we could
control Indian cricket for years’, and that
he would help me in taking over the reins
of the side.
“I was surprised to hear the coach not
showing the slightest amount of respect
for the captain, with cricket’s biggest
IPL probe panel
submits report to
India court
New Delhi
Bangladesh’s Tamim Iqbal in action against Zimbabwe on day one of
the second Test in Khulna, Bangladesh, yesterday. (AFP)
tournament just months away. He stayed
for a couple of hours, trying to convince
me, before finally leaving.”
Tendulkar says that he then suggested
to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that Chappell should not be
sent with the team to the World Cup, but
it was turned down.
“I don’t think I would be far off the
mark if I said that most of us felt that
Indian cricket was going nowhere under
Chappell,” he wrote.
Tendulkar said several senior players
were relieved to see Chappell go, “which
was hardly surprising because, for reasons hard to comprehend, he had not
treated them fairly”.
Tendulkar, who retired last year as the
world’s leading run-getter in both Test
and one-day cricket, said that after getting Ganguly sacked as captain in 2005,
Chappell wanted other senior players also
to go.
“Chappell seemed intent on dropping
all the older players and in the process
damaged the harmony of the side,” the
master batsman wrote.
“I later found out that Greg had spoken
to the BCCI about the need to remove the
senior players, no doubt hoping to refresh
the team.”
he Mudgal committee
investigating spot-п¬Ѓxing
allegations in the Indian
Premier League cricket
tournament submitted its п¬Ѓnal
report to the Supreme Court yesterday, lawyers said.
The top court will deliberate
on the п¬Ѓndings on November 10
that could determine if world
cricket chief N Srinivasan
(pictured) can seek re-election
as president of the Indian board.
“We have submitted the report
in a sealed envelope to the court,”
Raju Ramachandran, lawyer for
the panel, told AFP, without
The panel, headed by former
judge Mukul Mudgal and including ex-India captain Sourav
Ganguly, in February presented
a sealed envelope to the court
containing names of 13 individuals who needed to be investigated
“We have submitted our report... I am absolutely sure that
the honourable Supreme Court
will do full justice to all parties,”
Mudgal told NDTV news network, while refusing to reveal
details of the panel report.
The court disclosed that Srinivasan was one of the names on
the list and ordered the panel to
investigate him and the 12 other
unidentified people.
The panel’s preliminary report
had concluded that Srinivasan’s
son-in-law Gurunath Meiyap-
pan—who was the team principal
of the Chennai Super Kings franchise—might be guilty of illegal
betting on IPL games.
The Super Kings are owned by
India Cements, whose managing
director is Srinivasan. The team
are captained by India skipper
Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
The court barred Srinivasan
from carrying out his duties as
president of the Board of Control
for Cricket in India (BCCI) until
it delivered its п¬Ѓnal verdict, but
did not stop him from heading
the International Cricket Council.
The sixth IPL season last year
was mired in controversy after
police launched legal proceedings against several IPL officials
and cricketers, including former
Test fast bowler Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, for illegal betting
and spot-п¬Ѓxing.
The IPL, which began in 2008,
features the world’s top players
signed up for huge fees by companies and high-profile individuals in a glitzy mix of sport and
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Brady outshines
Manning in chilly
Brady throws four touchdowns in rout of Broncos; Romo a late withdrawal
Heat beat
for 16th
Los Angeles
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) throws over the outstretched arm of Denver Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe (95) during their NFL game on Sunday.
New York
om Brady continued his success against Peyton Manning by
throwing four touchdowns to
lead New England to a 43-21 win
over the Denver Broncos in chilly conditions in Massachusetts on Sunday.
The Patriots jumped out to a 27-7 halftime lead and went on to seize the top
spot in the AFC from the Broncos.
Brady had 333 yards passing and improved his head to head record to 11-5
against Manning, who threw for 438
yards and had two TDs and two interceptions.
In San Francisco, Colin Kaepernick
fumbled the ball at the St. Louis one-yard
line to give the Rams a 13-10 victory.
The 49ers were in position to win the
game in the п¬Ѓnal seconds, but Kaepernick lost the ball lunging at the goal line
to end their hopes and drop San Francisco
to 4-4.
In Seattle, running back Marshawn
Lynch shrugged off trade rumors to score
two touchdowns and spark the Seahawks
in a 30-24 triumph over Oakland.
Lynch was mentioned as a possible
trade target amid talk of locker room dysfunction prior to last week’s deadline,
but he instead produced 143 total yards
in the win.
The Raiders fell to 0-8.
In earlier games, the Arizona Cardinals
stayed atop the NFC, Robert Griffin III’s
return to the Washington Redskins lineup was spoiled by a Minnesota rally and
the Philadelphia Eagles overcame starter
Nick Foles’ injury.With quarterback Tony
Romo scratched from the Dallas lineup
due to a back injury suffered last week,
the Cardinals scored 28 consecutive
points to erase a 10-point, п¬Ѓrst-quarter
deficit en route to their fourth consecutive win. Carson Palmer tossed three
touchdowns and the Cardinals had a pair
of interceptions off Dallas backup Brandon Weeden, who threw for just 183 yards
in place of Romo.
In Houston, Philadelphia survived the
loss of quarterback Foles and rallied past
the Texans for a 31-21 victory.
Foles left the game in the п¬Ѓrst quarter with an apparent shoulder injury after enduring his second sack of the day
with the game 7-7. Backup Mark Sanchez
threw for 202 yards and a pair of touch-
Arizona ...................... 28
Kansas City ............24
Minnesota .............. 29
Cleveland .................22
Cincinnati .................33
Miami ...........................37
Dallas ..................................... 17
Houston.............................. 21
N.Y. Jets............................... 10
Washington .................. 26
Tampa Bay ...................... 17
Jacksonville ...................23
San Diego .......................... 0
downs as the Eagles (6-2) remained atop
the NFC East.
Philadelphia’s LeSean McCoy rushed
for game-high 117 yards while Jeremy
Maclin had 158 receiving yards and two
In Minnesota, Redskins signal caller
Griffin had his return to action spoiled as
rookie Teddy Bridgewater led the Vikings
to a 29-26 victory.
Griffin led the Redskins on a fourthquarter drive that put his team ahead
26-21 with nine minutes to play but
Bridgewater engineered a 73-yard drive
to set up the winning score with about
three minutes left.Griffin, who had been
out since suffering an ankle injury in the
second week, threw for 251 yards and one
touchdown but his п¬Ѓnal drive stalled at
Washington 43-yard line.
In Miami, the Dolphins blasted San
Diego in a surprising 37-0 rout of the the
Chargers.San Diego’s Philip Rivers, who
has been mentioned as an MVP candidate
this season, managed just 138 yards and
had three interceptions as the Chargers
(5-4) lost their third straight.
Ryan Tannehill п¬Ѓred three touchdowns
for Miami (5-3).
In Kansas City, Alex Smith tossed two
touchdowns and the Chiefs enjoyed a
routine 24-10 win over the spiraling New
York Jets for their third straight victory.
Jets quarterback Michael Vick got the
start instead of Geno Smith but could
not keep the Jets from losing an eighth
straight game. The Chiefs improved to
5-3. In Cincinnati, wide receiver A.J.
Green returned to the п¬Ѓeld with a touchdown catch to help the Bengals take care
of the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars 33-23.
Green was out the previous three
games because of a toe injury and caught
three passes.
Cincinnati (5-2) running back Jeremy
Hill п¬Ѓlled in for injured starter Giovani
Bernard with 154 rushing yards and two
he Miami Heat has
the Toronto Raptors’
Chris Bosh had
21 points with 11 rebounds,
Dwyane Wade netted 19 along
with 11 boards and seven assists, and the unbeaten Heat
continued its mastery over the
visiting Raptors with a 107102 victory on Sunday.
The defending Eastern
Conference champions improved to 3-0 for just the п¬Ѓfth
time in its 27-year existence,
with its 16th consecutive victory over Toronto since March
2010, matching the NBA’s
longest active streak against a
single opponent.
“This is a very good team we
beat,” Wade said. “They’ve got
a lot of weapons.”
The Heat has relied on its
stellar defence in the past but
it’s taken a backseat to the offence and sharing the ball to
start the season.
“We’re three games into
this so it could quickly go the
other way if guys start to feel
comfortable and try to do it on
their own and that’s not the
makeup of this group,” Heat
coach Erik Spoelstra said.
“That’s not at all a referendum
on our personnel.
“It’s the power of working together that will make us
more successful.”
Luol Deng and Shawne Williams netted 18 and 16 points,
respectively for Miami, the
only unbeaten team left in the
“It’s very early and you try
to win every game but there
are 79 games left,” said Deng,
an off-season pickup. “We
have to keep focused on what
we have to do and keep trying
to get better.”
DeMar DeRozan had 30
points, while Kyle Lowry п¬Ѓnished with 22 for the Raptors (21) who left American Airlines
Arena with its 10 straight loss in
the series after missing 15 free
throws and getting dominated
on the boards, 43-28.
“At the defensive end, it’s
from start to finish,” Toronto
coach Dwane Casey said.
“You don’t just guard for 23
seconds. You guard for 24 and
then come up with the rebound. We’re not doing that
right now.”
Miami extended a 10-point
halftime lead to 83-67 after
Wade banked in rare 3-pointer at the 4 minute 53 second
mark of the third quarter but
carried an 87-77 advantage
into the п¬Ѓnal frame.
Toronto pulled to within
106-102 on two free throws
and a layup by Lowry around
a free throw by Bosh at the
other end with 21 seconds left.
But Deng made 1-of-2 from
the stripe to seal the win.
“We had a chance to put
them away but we got stagnant,” Bosh said. “Hopefully,
we can learn from our mistakes. But the most important
thing is we got the win and
contributions from a lot of
z Klay Thompson hit the
go-ahead runner across the
lane with 8.7 seconds left to
cap a 29-point effort, and
the visiting Warriors moved
to 3-0 after edging the Trail
Stephen Curry added 21
points, including four free
throws in the п¬Ѓnal seconds,
to give Golden State and new
coach Steve Kerr its best start
since opening the 1994-95
season at 5-0.
z DeMarcus Cousins powered for 34 points with 17
rebounds, Rudy Gay netted
25 points, including the goahead layup midway through
the п¬Ѓnal frame, and the visiting Kings (2-1) sent the Clippers to their п¬Ѓrst loss of the
Blake Griffin and Spencer
Hawes scored 17 points apiece
while Chris Paul had 16 with
11 assists to pace the Clippers
(2-1), outscored 28-18 in the
fourth quarter.
z Carmelo Anthony celebrated an NBA milestone by
becoming the 40th member
of the 20,000-point club with
28, including the go-ahead
jumper late in the game, and
the Knicks escaped the visiting Hornets.
Anthony’s 15-footer put the
Knicks ahead for good, 95-93
with one minute 23 seconds.
Kemba Walker (16 points)
had a shot to tie the game
three seconds left but missed
a jumper and Anthony’s free
throw sealed it.
Amar’e Stoudemire scored
17 points off the bench for the
Knicks, (2-1) who led by 15 in
the second quarter.
Al Jefferson topped Charlotte (1-2) with 21 points, Gary
Neal added 17, while Lance
Stephenson п¬Ѓnished with
14, nine boards and eight assists. Hornets’ Michael KiddGilchrist left the game in the
opening quarter with a rib
contusion and is listed as dayto-day.
Sabres edge Wings in shootout
New York
enter Zemgus Girgensons scored the deciding
goal in the shootout to
lead the Buffalo Sabres
to a 3-2 win over the Detroit Red
Wings on Sunday.
Girgensons beat Detroit goalie
Jimmy Howard with a quick wrist
shot high to the blocker side.
Center Tyler Ennis also scored
in the shootout for Buffalo. After Detroit right winger Gustav
Nyquist evened the shootout at
1-1, left winger Henrik Zetterberg
came up short with his forehand
Center Brian Flynn and right
winger Chris Stewart scored in
regulation for the Sabres while
goalie Michal Neuvirth made 36
saves.Center Pavel Datsyuk and
left winger Thomas Tatar scored
in regulation for the Red Wings.
Howard made 19 saves in defeat.
Center Victor Rask’s first
NHL goal set the tone and goalie
Cam Ward helped back it up with
another strong game as Carolina
defeated Los Angeles.
Left winger Chris Terry and
center Elias Lindholm also scored
for Carolina.Center Mike Richards and defenseman Alec Martinez scored the Los Angeles
Rookie right winger Josh
Jooris scored twice to lead Calgary
to a decisive win over Montreal at
the Bell Centre.
Center Markus Granlund, left
wingers Curtis Glencross and
Lance Bouma and defenseman
Mark Giordano also scored for
Calgary while goaltender Jonas
Hiller made 18 saves.
Left wingers Max Pacioretty
and Rene Bourque scored for
Montreal while goalie Carey Price
stopped 29 shots.
Arizona earned a comefrom-behind victory over Washington at the Verizon Center. After
falling behind 3-1, Arizona scored
five unanswered goals—two by
right winger Shane Doan and
one each by defenseman Michael
Stone, center Sam Gagner, and
rookie center Tobias Rieder.
Center Antoine Vermette also
scored a goal and picked up two
Washington’s goals came
from right winger Tom Wilson,
defenseman John Carlson, left
winger Alex Ovechkin and right
wingers Joel Ward and Troy Brouwer.
Jason LaBarbera made 16
saves while defensemen Hampus
Lindholm and Cam Fowler scored
less than two minutes apart as
Anaheim beat Colorado.
Right winger Corey Perry also
had a goal and center Ryan Getzlaf
had two assists for Anaheim.
Center Nathan MacKinnon had
his fourth goal in the last three
games and right winger Dennis
Everberg also scored for Colorado
while goaltender Semyon Varlamov made 30 saves.
New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (7) works against
Charlotte Hornets guard Lance Stephenson (1) during the first
half of their game at Madison Square Garden on Sunday.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Top nations look
to lay down World
Cup marker
All Blacks
have injury
Both the All Blacks and the Wallabies have already had a hit-out
ngland and New Zealand head into their
showdown at Twickenham next Saturday having
to reshuffle their plans with
both sides ruling players out of
the match with injuries.
England’s lock Joe Launchbury, considered a first choice
under coach Stuart Lancaster, will miss all his side’s November tests, while All Blacks
winger Cory Jane and hooker
Nathan Harris are being sent
home from the United States.
Launchbury, who has started England’s last 20 tests, has
been told to rest a nagging
nerve problem in his neck
and not to play again for eight
weeks, the RFU said in a statement on Sunday.
“It’s obviously disappointing
but it’s important for Joe ... that
he has the appropriate rest and
recovery period and we are confident that he will be back in the
New Year,” Lancaster said.
Uncapped Leicester lock
Graham Kitchener has replaced Launchbury in the
England squad, who have already had Luther Burrell and
Stephen Myler ruled out of the
game that many are considering to be a pointer to a potential World Cup п¬Ѓnal showdown
in less than 12 months.
All Blacks coach Steve
Hansen has also had to rejig his
squad with Jane and Harris being sent on a flight back to New
Zealand rather than to London
after they suffered injuries in
their side’s 74-6 demolition of
the U.S. in Chicago.
Veteran winger Jane limped
off with a hamstring strain
against the Eagles, while rookie Harris twisted his ankle.
Hansen told reporters in
Chicago Jane’s injury would
keep him out for just two
weeks but there was a high
possibility he could re-injure
the hamstring if he played
against Wales in the п¬Ѓnal
match of the team’s northern
hemisphere tour.
“If we look after him right
then it will settle down and
it will be fine,” Hansen added
of their approach to ensuring
Jane was п¬Ѓt again for Super
Rugby next year.
“We know he’s a world class
player and he’s shown us that
through the season at times.
“It is just a matter of him
coming back and playing a
good Super season and he will
be a pretty hard man to leave
out of the squad.
“Nathan Harris has also
woken up sore and it looks
like he may have torn the medial off his ankle which is a six
week injury as well so he’s going home.”
Replacements would not be
named until the team arrived
in London, he added.
Harris’ injury creates greater problems for Hansen, who
does not have much depth
at hooker behind Dane Coles
and Keven Mealamu with
Harris considered a development project all season before
he made his test debut off the
bench against Argentina.
Singapore seals IRB Sevens hosting rights
France’s rugby union national team players take part in an indoor training session in Marcoussis, south of Paris, yesterday. They are preparing for the November Test matches
against Fiji, Australia and Argentina.
urope will again become the centre
of attention for international rugby
union as top southern hemisphere
countries arrive for this month’s
end-of-year Tests.
This latest round of November internationals has additional significance as the
matches will take place less than a year
before the start of the 2015 World Cup in
England.Reigning world champions New
Zealand, South Africa, Samoa and Australia will all face England at Twickenham,
the venue for next year’s World Cup final.
Meanwhile the �big three’ of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia will also
play Wales in Cardiff this month.
Both the All Blacks and the Wallabies
have already had a hit-out, with New
Zealand thrashing the United States 74-6
in Chicago on Saturday, hours after Australia were pushed all the way before seeing off the invitational Barbarians 40-36 at
One benefit of the match in Chicago
was that it allowed All Blacks fly-half Dan
Carter to make a return from his latest leg
“Absolutely stoked to get back on the
field,” Carter said after starring at Soldier
“It was important for us. We have an important game against England next week.
We worked on a couple things for that
England produced one of their greatest
performances of all time to beat New Zealand 38-21 at Twickenham two years ago.
However, since then they’ve lost their
last four Tests against the All Blacks and
another reverse this coming Saturday
would raise questions about whether they
can win a second World Cup title to set
alongside their 2003 triumph.
But England fly-half Owen Farrell, who
played in the team that beat New Zealand
in 2012, dismissed all talk of �scarring’
should New Zealand win on November 8.
“I can’t imagine walking onto a pitch
not believing England were going to win,”
the 23-year-old Saracens star told Britain’s
Sunday Times.
“When it comes to the 2015 World Cup,
we will have unbelievable belief.”
Injuries to key personnel, the latest seeing powerful second row Joe Launchbury
ruled out of the whole November campaign with a neck problem on Sunday,
while—with the possible exceptions of
full-back Mike Brown and Farrell—it appears England coach Stuart Lancaster has
still to decide on his п¬Ѓrst-choice back division.
The furore surrounding the fall-out
from the Kurtley Beale text pic scandal that
led to the resignation of former Australia
coach Ewen McKenzie has overshadowed
the fact they lost by just one point to New
Zealand in their previous Test last month.
Australia have a back-line the envy of
many a country, although both England
and Wales—two of the Wallabies’ opponents in the World Cup will look to exploit
any hint of the scrum weakness that has
been a feature of the green-and-golds recent World Cup campaigns.
Michael Cheika’s reign as Australia
coach began with a win over the Barbarians but he expects a much sterner contest
in Cardiff on Saturday.
“Wales will lift the physicality and aggression side of things considerably,” he
said. “That’s when the real physical business will start in earnest.”
And yet Wales, for all they have won
three Six Nations titles and reached a
World Cup semi-final during coach Warren Gatland’s six years at the helm, have a
dire recent record against the �Big Three’.
Singapore has clinched a
four-year deal to host a leg
of the IRB Sevens World
Series at its state-of-the-art
new National Stadium starting next year, a media report
said Monday.
The Straits Times said the
Singapore Rugby Union
(SRU) signed a Host Union
Agreement with the International Rugby Board last
It will join Vancouver and
Paris as new entrants to the
nine-nation, eight-month
global campaign, with Tokyo, Las Vegas and Glasgow
making way, the report said,
without naming a source.
A source told AFP an official
announcement was expected later this week. SRU
officials declined comment.
The deal is a shot in the arm
for the SRU, after the citystate in October lost out to
Japan as the preferred host
nation for Super Rugby’s
18th team.
The tournament will be
held at the 55,000-seater
National Stadium, which
opened in June this year.
With a domed roof, retractable roof and innovative
cooling system, the arena
is the centrepiece of a $1
billion Singapore Sports Hub
complex which also includes
a new aquatic centre and
an existing 13,000-capacity
indoor stadium.The complex
already has the rights to
host tennis’s season-ending
WTA World Tour Finals
for the next four years.
The 2014/15 World Seven
Series began in Australia’s
Gold Coast last month and
will see the 16 participating teams travel to Dubai,
South Africa, New Zealand,
the United States, Hong
Kong, Japan, Scotland and
�Honey badger’ Cummins
hoping for a crack at World Cup
Australian winger Nick
�Honey badger’
Cummins is still
hoping for a shot at playing
in the World Cup next year
after scoring a try against
the Wallabies for the Barbarians at the weekend.
The rangy 27-year-old,
who has cult status back
home for his creative use of
Australian slang and shaggy blond hair, left Australia
for Japanese club CocaCola West Red Sparks at the
end of the last Super Rugby
season.Released early from
his contract at the Western
Force on “compassionate
grounds” so he could make
more money for his family,
his departure put an end to
his international career after 15 tests.
Scoring a try—or �bagging a meat pie’ in his own
parlance—during a fine
performance in the Barbarians’ 40-36 loss to Australia at Twickenham on Saturday clearly whetted his
appetite for more top class
rugby, however.
Under Australian Rugby
Union (ARU) rules, Cummins would have to play in
Super Rugby next season
to feature for the Wallabies
at the World Cup in England and he is hoping a deal
might be struck with his
Japanese club for a temporary release.
“Just have a yarn to the
Japanese and get me on the
burst, I’m in,” Cummins
told the Sydney Morning
Herald in London.
“There was one point
in the lineout where it
was (Australia’s) ball and I
moved forward, I was looking at the jersey.
“That sort of feeling
holds pretty deep with you
and I would have loved to be
back in the mix there. You
can’t change what’s going
to happen, I’ve signed for
two years with the Japanese
club and I’m a man of my
word, I’ll go through with
“But if there’s a chance
we can work something
out, I’ll be stoked.”
Cummins made the decision to sign a lucrative
deal with the Japanese club
after his father—who was
named Queensland’s Father of the Year in 2012 for
raising eight children, two
with cystic fibrosis—was
diagnosed with prostate
Former Bok Linee
succumbs to motor
neuron disease
Cape Town
ormer South Africa
and Western Province
centre Tinus Linee
has died after losing
his battle with motor neuron
disease (MND) yesterday, his
union have confirmed.
Linee, 45, played 112
matches for Western Province
between 1992 and 2001 and
made his Springbok debut
in 1993 at the age of 23, going on to feature in nine tour
matches in Australia, Wales,
Scotland and Ireland without
ever playing a test.
Former Bok scrumhalf Joost
van der Westhuizen, now confined to a wheelchair because
of incurable MND, tweeted his
“Sad day for rugby in SA.
Just received news of the passing of a rugby legend and MND
Warrior Tinus Linee. RIP my
friend,” he said.
The Western Province Rugby Union also confirmed that
Linee, who was diagnosed with
MND last year, had died in a
statement on Monday.
He is survived by his wife Diana, her two sons and a daughter from his п¬Ѓrst marriage.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Wozniacki beats goal to complete NYC Marathon
New York
aroline Wozniacki says
she’s pleased she beat
her goal in the New York
City Marathon, especially since her training routine
included late nights and attending a sporting event on the eve of
the run.
“I’ve done everything you
are not supposed to do before a
marathon,” said the 24-year old
Wozniacki. “I had a Halloween
party three days ago and came
back at like 4:00 in the morning.
“I’ve been really busy. Last
night, I actually didn’t have
much of a dinner because I went
four billion
Asian hopes
on modest
His mere presence causes
hysteria and pandemonium
in the Land of the Rising Sun
and he has no tennis equal
in a continent heaving with
4.427bn inhabitants, yet selfeffacing Kei Nishikori thinks
he is simply “one” of the best
players in Japan.
One of the best? More like
�the best’.
For a continent that has failed
to produce a single male
grand slam champion in decades of trying, Nishikori now
finds himself as the torch
bearer of Asian tennis.
A debut appearance for an
Asian man in a grand slam
final—at the US Open in
September—has only served
to whet his appetite for glory
rather than satisfy it.
Following his remarkable
run to the Flushing Meadows
showpiece, he is the first
Asian to make it into the elite
eight-man season finale that
will be staged on the banks of
London’s River Thames.
“I might get nervous first time
but I’ll try to play my best
tennis and try not to think
too much of it being the Tour
Finals,” Nishikori told Reuters
in an interview in the run up
to the O2 spectacular.
“Beating Novak (Djokovic) at
the US Open, it was a great
experience and gave me a lot
of confidence. So for sure I
know I have a chance to beat
the top players, so if I can play
good, I have some chance to
win some matches.”
While tennis has produced
some brash and loud characters over the years, Nishikori
prefers to create a racket with
his racquet.
Never had the hullabaloo
been louder than at the US
Open when he beat fifth seed
Milos Raonic in a five-set
stamina-busting thriller.
Surely he would have nothing
left to give in his quarterfinal against Australian Open
champion Stan Wawrinka?
Five lung-burning sets later,
Wawrinka was the one left
out of puff.
Surely Djokovic would swiftly
bring him back down to earth
in the semi-finals?
Nishikori was floating on
cloud nine after four gripping sets against the world
number one.
While Marin Cilic finally
silenced Nishikori in the title
match, it was not long before
the man tagged as �Project 45’
at the start of his career had
now turned his focus on completing �Project Grand Slam’.
“I was really disappointed I
couldn’t play good tennis in
the final because I was playing really well for two weeks
and then in the last match I
couldn’t,” said Nishikori, who
had been given the goal of
surpassing Japan’s previous high of 46 in the men’s
rankings when he moved to
the Nick Bolletieri academy in
Florida as a teenager.
“But I got a little bit tight in
the final.
“To win a slam I need a little
bit more of everything. I need
a little bit more experience,
you have to be ready mentally
to play seven best-of-five-set
matches, that’s not easy. My
body has to be a little more
stronger to try and play couple of five sets in two weeks.”
to the (New York) Rangers game.
You are supposed to load up on
carbs, but I didn’t have too much
time for that.”
The WTA Tour tennis star
п¬Ѓnished her п¬Ѓrst marathon Sunday in just under three hours,
27 minutes, saying she even had
enough left in the tank to sprint
the п¬Ѓnal few metres to the п¬Ѓnish
“It was incredible,” said Wozniacki, who set a goal of three
hours, 30 minutes.
“I’m so happy to have done
this. I’m so proud. Now I have
this medal. I can say that I’ve
done the New York City Marathon. I’ve even done it at a cool
time. So I’m really, really happy.
“I’ve never tried anything this
hard. This is like toughest physi-
Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, of Denmark, celebrates at the finish line after completing the 2014 New
York City Marathon in New York, USA, on Sunday.
cal test ever. It was so hard. You
have to keep going.”
The former world number
one from Denmark said she
would wait a few years before
attempting a second marathon.
She qualified for the Boston
Marathon with her time Sunday.
“Right now I don’t think I’m
going to do one for a few years,
but probably at some point I’m
going to do another one.”
Asked to compare running a
marathon to a п¬Ѓve-hour tennis
match, Wozniacki said running
26.2 miles (42.2 kilometers) is
much more difficult.
“This is completely different,”
she said. “I had no idea what to
expect when I went out there.
“Every time I go on the ten-
nis court, I know exactly what
to expect. I know what to do out
there. Here I just knew I had to
put one foot in front of the other
until you see something saying
Wozniacki was met at the finish line by fellow women’s tennis
star Serena Williams. Williams
tweeted about the experience.
“Is it normal to cry when
someone п¬Ѓnishes a marathon?
So proud of you caro @CaroWozniacki #nymarathon,” said
$80,000 for Team for Kids,
which provides money for youth
running programmes. She said
Williams donated “a lot” to the
charity but declined to say how
Djokovic ready for
London year-end test
�I’ll try to stay determined to what I need to do and play well in London’
Djokovic to face Cilic,
Murray to meet Federer
ovak Djokovic can see
the п¬Ѓnishing line of
a long and successful season as the Serb
prepares to defend his world
number one status against an
expected surge from Roger Federer when the World Tour Finals
begin on Sunday in London.
Djokovic solidified his position at the top of the ATP ranking with his 6-2, 6-3 defeat of
Milos Raonic at the weekend
to win a third title at the Paris
The victory capped a comeback week for Djokovic, who
was competing for the п¬Ѓrst time
since the birth of his son last
With Federer losing in the
quarter-п¬Ѓnals in the French
capital, Djokovic increased his
lead over his main rival this season, with the top ranking still in
play but with odds of keeping it
leaning in Djokovic’s favour.
“It helps that I won the title
in Bercy, that I’m playing well,
and that I’m feeling good about
myself on the court playing indoors,” said Djokovic, who has
now won п¬Ѓve different Masters
1000 events at least three times
each: Paris, Indian Wells, Miami, Canada and Rome.
“I’m encouraged, but I cannot affect (Federer’s London)
matches, I can affect only what I
can do in my own matches.
“I’ll try to stay determined to
what I need to do and play well
in London. Every match that I
play and win, gets me closer to
holding number one at the end
of the year.”
Serbia’s Novak Djokovic celebrates after his victory against Canada’s Milos Raonic during the final match at the ATP World Tour Masters
1000 indoor tennis tournament on Sunday at the Bercy Palais-Omnisport (POPB) in Paris.
Djokovic has won the last two
editions of the elite eight-man
year end event and goes into the
weekend round-robin start of
play as a title tip.
“It definitely encourages me
orld and Olympic
cross country ski
champion Petter
Northug of Norway is set to race in the World
Cup as part of preparations for
next year’s world championships, his coach said yesterday.
Northug’s season opener
is due November 21 at Beitostolen, Norway, when he is
entered for the 15-kilometre
classic event.
“Races are the best training.
Petter has trained hundreds of
hours to race,” coach Stig Rune
Kveen told public broadcaster
Kveen’s remarks were made
in the wake of the weekend an-
fortable playing, returning,
serving in these conditions.”
Djokovic takes the confidence
edge into the O2 arena as the long
ATP season п¬Ѓnally wraps up.
“Two successive titles in
London gives me reason to believe that I can do well. I have
(this) week off to recharge my
batteries, recover a little bit,
spend some time with family,
and get on the court.”
Northug agrees deal
to compete at world
that I have played so well this
week. Outdoor hard court was
my most successful, most preferable surface, and now I guess
it’s an indoor court,” said the
27-year-old. “I feel very com-
Three-times champion and
world number one Novak Djokovic has been drawn in a group
with US Open champion Marin
Cilic in next week’s seasonending ATP World Tour Finals
in London.
Defending champion Djokovic, who retained his Paris
Masters title on Sunday after
beating Milos Raonic, will also
face Australian Open champion
Stanislas Wawrinka and hardhitting Czech Tomas Berdych in
Group A of the elite event staged
at London’s o2 Arena.
Cilic is making his debut at
the eight-man event.
Second seed Roger Federer,
who has won the year-ending
tournament six times and who
still has hopes of replacing
Djokovic on top of the rankings
before the end of the year, faces
a clash in Group B with home favourite Andy Murray.
Debutants Raonic and Japan’s
Kei Nishikori, the п¬Ѓrst Asianborn man to qualify for the
showpiece event, complete the
Former Wimbledon champion Murray, who won three titles
in the past six weeks to secure
a place at the tournament after slipping down the rankings,
missed last year’s tournament
because of back surgery.
Draw: Group A: Novak
Djokovic (Serbia), Stanislas
Wawrinka (Switzerland), Tomas
Berdych (Czech Rep), Marin
Cilic (Croatia)
Group B: Roger Federer
(Switzerland), Kei Nishikori
(Japan), Andy Murray (Britain),
Milos Raonic (Canada)
nouncement that the 28-yearold skier and the Norwegian
Ski Federation signed a representation deal, allowing him to
compete at the world championships in Falun, Sweden.
The agreement - signed just
minutes before a deadline expired at midnight Saturday,
after months of negotiations was a pre-requisite for Northug to be allowed to compete at
the worlds in February.
The terms mean that Northug is not allowed to advertise
his own sponsor from November 24 to April l7.
Northug, his coach and the
ski federation welcomed the
fact the skier could now focus
on his training and skiing.
Organizers in Falun also welcomed the deal as Northug is expected to be one of the big draws.
IOC hails UN resolution
on sport autonomy
he International Olympic Committee has
hailed a UN resolution
recognising the autonomy of sport as an important
tool that will help foster political neutrality as well as lead to
less boycotts and discrimination.
The resolution adopted by
the UN General Assembly states
it supported the independence and autonomy of sport as
well as the mission of the IOC
in leading the Olympic Movement.
“We highly welcome this resolution as a historic milestone
in the relations between sport
IOC President Thomas Bach
and politics,” IOC President
Thomas Bach said in a statement yesterday.
“We must form partner-
ships with political organisations based on this recognition
of the autonomy of sport,” said
Bach, who has spent a considerable amount of his 13 months
in charge forging stronger ties
with global politicians.
“The excellent relations between the UN and the IOC can
in this respect serve as an example for relations on the national
level between National Olympic Committees and national
governments. This relationship
with governments requires that
sport always remains politically
neutral,” he added.
The IOC is eager to have selfgovernance reinforced to avoid
any interference with national
Olympic bodies over which
the authority has and wants to
maintain sole control.
Past political disputes have
spilled over into the Olympics,
most famously leading to the
US and then Soviet Union boycotts at Moscow in 1980 and
Los Angeles four years later.
The IOC has also banned nations from competing at the Olympics over what it saw as government interference in those
countries’ sports system.
The UN resolution also said
any form of discrimination was
incompatible with belonging to
the Olympic Movement.
The IOC, which came under п¬Ѓre over a Russian anti-gay
propaganda law in the run-up
to this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics, has also included an
anti-discrimination clause in
its host contract for future candidate cities.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Dunlop, Godolphin seek elusive Melbourne Cup win
nglish trainer Ed Dunlop
and the wealthy global
Godolphin stable have
diverging backgrounds
but have the same target heading
into Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup
at Flemington.
Both Dunlop and Godolphin
are searching for their п¬Ѓrst win
in Australia’s famous two-mile
(3200m) race after multiple attempts.
Newmarket trainer Dunlop is
saddling up nine-year-old Red
Cadeaux for a fourth crack at the
Hamilton set
for title but
spectre of
double points
haunts F1
Lewis Hamilton’s US Grand
Prix victory means the Briton
can now secure his second
Formula One title without
having to win again but there
could still be a sting in the tail.
The spectre of double points,
a novelty introduced for the
first time for the final race
in Abu Dhabi, hangs over
the championship and is
causing some trepidation at
Whatever happens in Brazil
next weekend, Sunday’s
result means the championship cannot now be decided
until the race at Yas Marina
on Nov. 23.
“I don’t have a fear, but I think
the last race with the double
points has the potential to
overshadow the season,” said
Mercedes motorsport head
Toto Wolff after Hamilton
chalked up his 10th win of the
season and fifth in succession.
Mercedes are sure of both
titles now with Hamilton and
team mate Nico Rosberg the
only drivers still in championship contention with
two races remaining, but a
controversial finish could
take the gloss off the team’s
It would be a travesty if
Hamilton did not prevail, with
Rosberg only winning four
of the 17 races so far, but the
two are only 24 points apart.
That means Hamilton could
triumph in Brazil next weekend and still ultimately lose
out, even if Rosberg draws
a blank at Interlagos, if he
suffers a retirement in Abu
Dhabi and the German wins.
On a more positive note for
the Briton, two second places
would be ample to secure the
title even with double points.
“We know why the double
points came, and it made
sense in the world to make it
spectacular for the audience,
the fans and the viewers,”
said Wolff. “But now we are
in a situation where it could
change the outcome.”
The rule change, championed by commercial
supremo Bernie Ecclestone,
was designed primarily to
ensure after four years of
domination by Red Bull and
Sebastian Vettel the title battle went to the wire.
In that it has succeeded,
even if there is now the risk
of leaving fans—many of
whom dislike what they see
as a gimmick—facing an
unprecedented situation and
feeling cheated of a deserving winner.
Melbourne Cup after п¬Ѓnishing
runner-up twice.
Godolphin Racing, owned
by United Arab Emirates Prime
Minister Sheikh Mohammed
bin Rashid al-Maktoum and
with training establishments in
Dubai, Newmarket and Sydney,
has been coming to Melbourne
without luck since 1998.
Trainer Saeed bin Suroor has
prepared 19 runners in the Cup
for Godolphin over 16 years, п¬Ѓnishing second twice and third
three times.
Godolphin’s chances in this
year’s Aus$6.2mn ($5.4mn) race
rest with Cavalryman and Willing Foe.
Red Cadeaux is the sentimental favourite with punters as he
attempts to breakthrough at the
fourth attempt.
The English galloper came
within what was described as a
“pixel margin” when beaten by
a nose by French stayer Dunaden
three years ago.
“It made me laugh, but that’s
racing isn’t it, they don’t want a
dead-heat,” Dunlop said of the
exactness of modern technology.
Dunlop points out that bringing a horse to the other side of
the world and back home again
is expensive—in the order of
Aus$120,000 to Aus$150,000
($105,000 to $130,000) - and
beyond the means of many owners.
“It means a huge amount to
Ron Arculli,” Dunlop said of the
former chairman of the Hong
Kong Jockey Club, who п¬Ѓrst had
a runner in the Melbourne Cup
20 years ago.
“It was his (Arculli’s) dream to
win the Melbourne Cup with Red
Cadeaux, and he’s kindly paid
and done it four times.
“We just hope he gets a good
passage, and that it’s a truly run
race, not a trot and a sprint.”
Win, lose or draw, Red
Cadeaux will become the most
prolific international Cup runner—Shadow King ran in six
Cups in the 1930s.
Cavalryman, a French Group
One winner, will be making his
second appearance at the Melbourne Cup after п¬Ѓnishing 12th
in 2012, returning in tremendous
form following a superb campaign in Britain and Dubai.
He п¬Ѓnished a close fourth on
his latest start in the Group Two
Lonsdale Cup over two miles at
York in England on August 22.
“He travelled out here well
and he has been doing some very
good work and I am happy with
him,” Bin Suroor said.
“Two miles is no problem for
him and he has won on both п¬Ѓrm
and soft ground. Everything has
been good so far. I think he has
improved with age—he is doing
very well for an eight-year-old.”
Godolphin’s other runner,
Willing Foe, was fourth on his
Group One debut in the Irish St
Leger over a mile and three quarters (2800m) at the Curragh, Ireland, on September 14.
“Willing Foe has been a different horse since he has arrived in
Australia,” Bin Suroor said.
“I really like him a lot and he
is doing really well. We have had
to be very patient with him in the
past because he has had a few
“We have finished second in
the Melbourne Cup three times
before. It is a great race and we
have been trying to win it for
years. We hope that we have a
better chance this time.”
Topweight Admire Rakti is favourite as he bids to become only
the second Japanese stayer to
win the Melbourne Cup.
The seven-year-old stallion is
the pre-post 4-1 bookies’ choice
after his storming to victory in
the lead-up Caulfield Cup a fortnight ago.
Umedatrained galloper will be trying
to emulate Delta Blues’ win over
Pop Rock in an historic Japanese
one-two п¬Ѓnish in the 2006 Melbourne Cup.
Five-in-row Hamilton
eyes title after US victory
�I have an incredible team and an incredible car and I had a great opponent today’
Austin, Texas
ewis Hamilton increased
his lead in the drivers
to 24 points on Sunday
when he swept to his п¬Ѓfth consecutive victory and 10th of the
season by winning the US Grand
The 29-year-old Briton, who
started second behind his pole
sitting Mercedes team-mate
and nearest rival Nico Rosberg,
took the lead with a bold move
after 24 laps on his way to a perfectly-measured triumph ahead
of the German by 4.314 seconds.
It was the 32nd win of Hamilton’s career, a landmark statistic
that lifted him one victory clear
of Nigel Mansell as the British
driver with most career successes in Formula One.
Hamilton now has 316 points
to Rosberg’s 292 following the
Englishman’s dominant success earned by clever tyre preservation tactics with two races
remaining, including the п¬Ѓnal
race in Abu Dhabi where double
points are scored.
After thanking his team on
the radio, Hamilton was equally
generous and effusive from the
victors’ podium.
“I have an incredible team
and an incredible car and I had
a great opponent today,” he said.
“It is such a privilege to represent my country and to be top
of the drivers’ standings. The
car was great today.”
The result left the two Mercedes men as the only drivers
now capable of winning the title
contest which will go down to
the wire in Abu Dhabi on November 23, no matter the result
in Brazil next weekend.
Sunday’s triumph was also
the Mercedes team’s 10th onetwo triumph of the year.
“It kind of sucks for me today,” said Rosberg. “It took too
long for me to п¬Ѓnd my rhythm.
Once Hamilton got by I found
my rhythm, but it was too late.”
Australian Daniel Ricciardo
п¬Ѓnished third to deliver his
eighth podium for Red Bull this
Mercedes AMG Petronas driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain (second from right) celebrates on the podium with second place Nico Rosberg of Germany (left) and third place Infiniti
Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo of Australia after winning the United States Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas on Sunday.
year ahead of the two Williams
of fourth-placed Felipe Massa
and Valtteri Bottas.
“We are doing what we can,”
said Ricciardo. “I’m really happy with third place. You can
overtake here. I got Magnussen
and then Alonso on the restart
so it wasn’t too boring out there
for me.”
Two time champion Fernando Alonso of Ferrari was sixth
for Ferrari after a series of battles to п¬Ѓnish ahead of four-time
champion Sebastian Vettel of
Red Bull, Kevin Magnussen of
McLaren and Jean-Eric Vergne
of Toro Rosso.
Pastor Maldonado came
home 10th for Lotus to score his
п¬Ѓrst points of the season.
Pass under braking
On another clear day of blue
skies and an air temperature of
24 degrees Celsius, with a track
temperature of 33 degrees, Rosberg’s start was as flawless as
the weather.
As the lights went out, he
pulled clear with Hamilton behind him while a slow start from
Bottas allowed Massa through
to third.
The п¬Ѓrst lap was interrupted,
however, when Sergio Perez
crashed his Force India into the
Sauber of luckless Adrian Sutil
and a Safety Car was deployed.
“So disappointing and so unnecessary,” said Sutil, who had
qualified in the top ten for the
п¬Ѓrst time this year.
To compound his team’s misery, Nico Hulkenberg retired
with an engine failure after 18
After a rash of early pit-stops,
racing resumed on lap four with
Hamilton sticking close to Rosberg’s car as they pulled away
from the pack, but never close
enough to consider an attacking
Rosberg was the п¬Ѓrst to pit
after 15 laps, switching to the
harder medium compound
Rosberg, however, was less
dominant on his second set of
tyres and was unable to open
a clear gap ahead of Hamilton
who closed steadily before seizing his chance to pass him on lap
Hamilton had sized him up
for several laps before moving
into Rosberg’s slipstream on
the back straight and, with the
aid of DRS, drew alongside before passing on the inside under
braking at turn 12.
Rosberg glanced askance and
considered defending, but was
too late to stop the move as he was
eased slightly off line, and circuit,
by Hamilton’s act of decision.
Within a lap, the Briton led by
1.3 seconds.
Behind the leaders, there was
a notable battle between Alonso
and Button before, in response
to Ricciardo’s rapid Red Bull, he
made a second pit stop.
That gave Rosberg the lead for
a lap again, before they resumed
with Hamilton ahead again after
35 laps.
Rosberg cut the advantage to
2.6 seconds with a fastest lap on
lap 36, setting up a 20-lap dash
for glory that saw Hamilton respond with his own fastest lap
as he kept his lead at 2.3sec or
better to the delight of the Texan crowd.
Qatar Al-Anabi advance to Las Vegas quarters
Las Vegas, Nevada
here was a glimmer of
Championship hope in
Las Vegas for the Qatar
Al-Anabi Racing Top
Fuel Team, the three-time and
defending World Championship
team owned by HE Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani.
After the п¬Ѓrst round of elimination, reigning World Champion Shawn Langdon had an
opportunity to climb back into
championship contention at
Sunday’s 14th annual Toyota
NHRA Nationals, the 23rd of 24
races that make up America’s
2014 NHRA Mello Yello Drag
Racing season and the п¬Ѓfth of six
races that comprise the Countdown to the Championship
NHRA Playoffs.
Langdon defeated Steve Torrence in the first round of eliminations, but prior to Langdon’s
win, points leader Tony Schumacher and second-place Doug
Kalitta both lost in the п¬Ѓrst
round. So if Langdon could win
the Toyota NHRA Nationals, he
would move to within 74 markers
of Schumacher’s points lead with
one race remaining in the season.
Reigning World Champion Shawn Langdon races to his first-round victory
over Steve Torrence in front of a packed grandstand at Sunday’s Toyota
NHRA Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada. PICTURE: Ron Lewis
In the second round, Langdon
faced Schumacher’s teammate,
Spencer Massey. The Al-Anabi
driver needed a round win to
keep his slim championship
hopes alive, but it was not to be.
Massey marched to the п¬Ѓnish
line and advanced to the semifinals ending Langdon’s hopes of
repeating as World Champion –
it is still mathematically possible
but extremely unlikely.
“We had a chance,” Langdon
said. “It was a great feeling to
know that with Tony and Doug
going out in the п¬Ѓrst round, we
had a chance to make up a lot of
ground in the point standings,
but we couldn’t capitalize on
the opportunity. We’ve had one
of those years. It’s been tough
п¬Ѓghting through the tune-up
bugs this season, but we continue to just try to get our car running well again.”
Langdon remains fourth in
the NHRA Mello Yello Top Fuel
point standings. He trails thirdplace J.R. Todd by 22 points and
leads п¬Ѓfth-place Doug Kalitta by
one point. The second through
sixth place positions in the point
standings are separated by just
26 points with one race remaining in the season.
Khalid al-Balooshi and his gold
Al-Anabi team made six excellent runs in Las Vegas – the team
made four excellent qualifying
runs improving each time, and on
race day, al-Balooshi opened the
day with the team’s best run of the
weekend. His 3.775-second effort moved him past Larry Dixon
and into a second-round matchup
with J.R. Todd. Al-Balooshi ran a
brilliant 3.781-second pass in the
quarterfinals, but Todd was a tick
better at 3.777, and al-Balooshi
was eliminated.
“We have been taking it step
by step by step, and our Al-Anabi team is doing a good job,” alBalooshi said.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Goalkeeping is all about the
anticipation, says King Kahn
�It’s difficult to compare Manuel Neur with goalkeepers of the past because it’s difficult
to compare different generations, but at the moment he is the best in the world’
President of the Qatar Football Association Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin
Ahmed al-Thani (right) was present yesterday.
German goalkeeping legend, Oliver Kahn (left) during the Doha GOALS 2014 forum yesterday.
By Yash Mudgal
liver Kahn believes anticipation is the key to success for a
goalkeeper and in his opinion
German goalkeeper Manuel
Neuer is the best in the world right now.
“I think anticipation comes with experience. It comes automatically to you
and without it you cannot become a good
goalkeeper,” Kahn said while speaking at
the Doha GOALS 2014 forum yesterday.
“One of the characteristics of great
goalkeepers is that they never appear
hurried but you have to rely on your anticipation. The game has become faster
and faster with the improvement in technology and as a goalkeeper you can’t rely
on the waiting game.
“It is really difficult to wait for the reaction of the opponent. You have to anticipate the different situations to save a
goal,” the 45-year-old German said.
Kahn who is familiar with the travails
of being a goal-keeper said, “A goalkeeper’s plight is that there is a tendency to
remember the occasional mistake at the
expense of a brilliant work earlier.
Kahn’s performances in goal for Die
Mannschaft at the 2002 World Cup п¬Ѓnals
HE Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, Secretary General of the Qatar Olympic
Committee (centre) was present at the Doha GOALS 2014 forum yesterday.
in South Korea-Japan virtually dragged
his country single-handedly into the п¬Ѓnal, where they lost to Brazil.
“I played six games without any fault in the
World Cup, but normally in a World Cup you
have to play seven games without any fault
and I made a small mistake in the seventh
games and it proved costly in the end. That’s
the destiny of a goalkeeper,” he said.
Although Kahn made history, as he
became the п¬Ѓrst and only keeper to be
named player of the tournament when he
won the Golden Ball.
Kahn has no hesitation in naming his
fellow German Neuer as by far the best
goalkeeper in the world right now.
“I think Neuer changed the game of
goalkeeping in the World Cup,” said
Kahn, who won 86 caps for Germany between 1994 and 2006.
“It’s difficult to compare him with
goalkeepers of the past because it’s difficult to compare different generations,
but at the moment he is the best goalkeeper in the world.
“He has all the range of a goalkeeper
and is the best in everything he does. He’s
not a goalkeeper, more of a п¬Ѓeld player,
and that’s the most difference to the other goalkeepers,” he said.
The 28-year-old German has played a
key part in Germany’s successful run at
the FIFA World Cup in Brazil by dominating his penalty area and pulling off a
string of key saves.
Kahn, who was an absolute colossus between the sticks for both Bayern
Munich and Germany and probably
the best keeper when confronted with
a one-on-one situation with an opposition player, feels the France’s Zidane
is the best player against whom he had
played. “In my time Zidane was the
best. I rate him as one of the best field
player,” he said,
Talking about all-time best player in
his opinion, the former German captain
has no second though as he named Diego
“He was simply the best, but it was
my luck that I didn’t have to play against
him,” he said.
Khalifa Mohamed al-Mahmoud and Mohamed
Abdulla al-Mohannadi win boys’ doubles title
Doha GOALS Forum 2014 kicks
off with a grand inauguration
nder the patronage of
HH the Emir Sheikh
Tamim bin Hamad alThani, HE the Prime
Minister and Interior Minister
Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin
Khalifa al-Thani inaugurated
yesterday evening the Doha
GOALS Forum 2014.
The opening ceremony was
attended by President of Gabon
Ali Bongo Ondimba, a number
of their excellencies Sheikhs and
Ministers, members of diplomatic corps accredited to Qatar
and guests.
HE the Prime Minister delivered a speech in which he
welcomed the attendees of the
forum to Doha, capital of sports
and athletes, and conveyed the
greetings of HH the Emir Sheikh
Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and
His Highness’s wishes of successful efforts for the forum’s
In his opening remarks, HE the
Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser
bin Khalifa al-Thani commended
the efforts of Aspire Academy,
and its recent achievement when
the youth team, who graduated
from this Academy, won AFC
U-19 Championship.
“The Academy is now hosting this diverse crowd of global
leaders and decision-makers
who believe in sports as a tool
to achieve social progress and,
economic development,” His
Excellency added.
“Over a short period of time,
the Doha GOALS Foundation
succeeded in becoming a global
organization, and this makes us
proud of our strategic national
vision, which sport is one of its
pillars,” HE the Prime Minister
said, pointing to investment undertaken by Qatar in all that can
ensure a suitable environment
for fair competitions, safe and
healthy living and unique hospitality.
HE the Prime Minister and
Interior Minister pointed out
that remarkable participation
by their excellencies leaders in
this forum reflected the importance attached by countries of
the world to initiatives put forward by sport and to successful
stories by sport legends, hoping
that Qatar succeeds in choosing
sport as a tool for the convergence of the views of political
opponents and racial-ethnic adversaries.
Concluding his remarks, HE
the Prime Minister wished the
participants good stay in Qatar
and appreciated their valuable efforts to make the forum a success.
The opening set was a curtain
raiser to what was in store in
the next one hour of breathtaking tennis. After a wonderful
tournament so far, that the final
would be nerve-racking was a
given, but what was unleashed
was an unbelievable game of
tennis at this level.
The pair of Khalifa Mohamed
al-Mahmoud and Mohamed
Abdulla al-Mohannadi engaged
in a keen contest against an
equally motivated team of
Joud Alazmeh and Siddharth
Ramesh but were able to the
claim the first set 7-6. The second set saw the pair of Alazmeh
and Ramesh up their ante, take
the set 3-6 and level the match.
That probably was the shot
in the arm that al-Mahmoud
and al-Mohannadi wanted
when they fought tooth nail
to provide the spectators with
an exciting brand of tennis.
They rallied, the spectators
applauded, they missed, the
crowd sighed and after all that
the scoreboard read 10-8 in
favour of al-Mahmoud and alMohannadi. They had just won
the probably the best game of
the tournament so far.
In other matches, Cesarito Du-
madaug Diong will play Robert
El Hayek in the finals of Men’s
veterans qualifying.
Meanwhile, last year’s finalist
Amir El Bayoumy played a close
game to beat Anass Lamrani in
the Men’s singles main (semis).
He will now meet Eleftherios
Christou in the final, who overcame a stiff resistance from
Reynaldo Amazona.
In the men’s double’s qualifying
(semifinals) Simon Kusmartono
& Zulmuchlis Wahidin beat
Rawad Mouneer Ajib & Alfred
Paul S Casareo while George
Raymundo & Jasper Gappi defeated Obay Elsettawy & Waeil
Elsadig. The 25th QAFCO Open
will come to a close on November 7 with the men’s doubles
finals being scheduled then.
Gulf Times
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Qatar sprinter | Four-time Asian Games gold medallist and Asian record holder in 100 and 200m |
Threat to Usain Bolt
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
QREC all set to host
WAHO Conference
Cape Verde and
ICSS embark on
new journey to
safeguard sport
�It is unique for WAHO to have two successive conferences in the same country
and it is due to unavoidable cancellation of Brazil 2013 that QREC has stepped in’
Mohammed Hanzab,
ICSS President
By Our Correspondent
Cape Verde
QREC general manager Sami Jassim al-Boenain (second from right), QREC deputy general manager Tariq Abdulhameed al-Siddiqie (right), QREC Finance Manager Latifa Ahmed
al-Amri (second from left) and WAHO Conference Co-ordinator Hannie Maasdijk address the media at the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club yesterday. PICTURES: Juhaim
By Sports Reporter
atar Racing and Equestrian
Club is all set to host the conference of the World Arabian
Horse Organisation (WAHO)
for a second time following a successful WAHO conference in 2011. Over 250
delegates are expected to take part in the
10-day event which will commence on
November 8 and conclude on November
18 at the Ritz-Carlton.
Staged under the patronage of HH
Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa al-Thani,
special adviser to HH the Emir Sheikh
Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, the conference will feature top class guest speakers
dwelling on interesting topics. The registered members and guests have a full
programme of supplementary activities
celebrating the cultural heritage of the
Arabian horse which includes visits to
some of Qatar’s major stud farms.
WAHO has held a conference every two
years since 1970, but the 2013 meeting in
SГЈo Paulo, Brazil was cancelled due to
unavoidable circumstances. Qatar which
is in the forefront in the development of
the Pure Arabian breed was glad to step
in and host the event for the second time.
QREC chairman HE Sheikh Mohamed
bin Faleh al-Thani said, “It is a unique
event for WAHO to have two successive
Conferences in the same country and it is
due to the unavoidable cancellation of Brazil 2013 that QREC has stepped in again.”
“Arabian horses are a very important
part of the cultural heritage of Qatar,
WAHO Conference Co-ordinators Hannie Maasdijk (right) and Elise Yue
where their history is intertwined with
that of the Qatari people for centuries
and we are delighted once again to have
the opportunity to invite delegates from
all over the world to celebrate this rich
Qatar became a full member of WAHO
in 1990, and since then there has been
spectacular progress in the development
of the Arabian horse in Qatar, home to
some 2,000 Arabians from all bloodlines and with approximately 250 new
foals born each year.
Qatar also offers many and varied activities for Arabian horses and their owners, including world class racing, endurance and international horse shows.
The Conference Registration desk will
be opened on November 8 at the Ritz-Carlton, which will be followed by the official
opening of the “Champions of the Sand”
an exhibition by the Qatar Photographic
Society at Katara on November 9 at 7pm.
The WAHO Conference will be officially opened on November 12 by QREC
chairman HE Sheikh Mohammed bin
Faleh al-Thani. This will be followed by
various meetings and presentations by
renowned speakers.
The Qatar Foundation and the Qatar
National Research Fund are supporting two presentations to be delivered by
Prof Tadeusz Majda and Dr Doug Antczak
attending from Poland and the USA respectively, who will be joined by speakers
from France and the United Kingdom.
The ten-day event will incorporate
racing at Al Rayyan Racecourse, where
the race programme on November 12 will
feature the WAHO Conference Qatar
Cup, a 1800 metres contest for Purebred
Arabian Maidens, and the inaugural running of the Jay Stream Cup, a memorial
race named in tribute to the п¬Ѓrst WAHO
President widely acknowledged as the
most influential figure, regarding the de-
velopment of worldwide agreement on
the registration and record keeping of the
Arabian Purebred horse.
Speaking at the press conference
QREC general manager Sami Jassim
al-Boenain said. “It is with great pleasure that we will be hosting the WAHO
Conference once again in Qatar. We
are keen to maintain the integrity of
the Pure Arabian breed and WAHO has
been in the forefront in doing that. The
2011 Conference was the best ever and
we will ensure that this edition will
be better than the previous one. We
are looking forward to welcoming our
guests and WAHO members for this
conference which I am sure will be a
huge success.”
The creation of WAHO aroused a resurgence of international interest in the
Arabian breed. WAHO now holds the
responsibility of ensuring that standards
acceptable to all its Registering Authority
Members are established and maintained
in the matters of registration and production of Stud Books.
Since 1997, WAHO has grown to a total of 64 Members and Applying Member
Nations with 14 additional countries.
Among the Member countries are the
all important original homelands of the
Arabian horse, where there has been a
huge resurgence of interest in the traditional breed of the region. WAHO is
proud to count these countries among
the Membership.
To this day, more than 2,000 people who
share an interest in Arabian horses have
joined as individual Associate Members at
conferences held around the world.
ollowing on from the support received from leading Community of Portuguese Language Countries
(CPLP) Sport Ministers earlier
this year, the International Centre
for Sport Security (ICSS) has just
signed a wide-ranging partnership agreement with the Government of Cape Verde.
As part of the ICSS’s commitment to drive awareness at a government level about the importance of safeguarding sport, the
agreement will see both parties
work together to enhance sport
safety, security and integrity, as
well as youth sports development throughout Cape Verde,
CPLP members and other Lusophone countries.
The ICSS and Cape Verde’s
General Directorate for Sport
(DGD) will also implement a
range of programmes that will
contribute to international efforts to protect sport, including
the development and enhancing
of a National Plan of Sports Ethics (PNED) which will draw upon
the ICSS’s global programmes
on good governance, sporting
and п¬Ѓnancial integrity, as well
as consider the overall strategy
developed by the Government
of Cape Verde to protect the integrity of its sporting events and
their young athletes.
Recognising the growing trend
of integrity cases involving young
athletes, the ICSS and DGD will
also jointly organise a range of
events, including conferences,
seminars and workshops that
will focus on protecting young
athletes in sport, which will be
supported by the ICSS’s forthcoming Charter on Sports Youth
Development, a pioneering initiative aimed at promoting and
implementation throughout the
world best practice in terms of
recruitment, training, education
and protection of young athletes.
Speaking on the agreement,
Mohammed Hanzab, ICSS President, said: “This partnership
with the General-Directorate of
Sports (DGD) of Cape Verde is
a historic moment for the ICSS
and marks the п¬Ѓrst time that the
ICSS has joined forces with African country to safeguard sport.
“Here at the ICSS, we believe
that governments must take a
lead and be at the forefront of the
п¬Ѓght to protect sport and we are
committed to developing a more
international approach to tack-
ling issues that affect its safety,
security and integrity.
“I would like to thank Cape
Verde for being the п¬Ѓrst African
country to partner with the ICSS
and look forward to building a
safer future for young athletes
and fans around the world.”
Dr Gerson Sena de Melo, Director-General of Sports of Cape
Verde, said: “This partnership that
we proudly establish with the ICSS
will enable us to develop a common agenda on sports governance
and strengthen our capacity to
safeguard the future generations
in our country. This will be carried out through the implementation of the best practice and key
recommendations contained in
the ICSS Charter on Recruitment,
Training, Education and Protection of Young Athletes.
“Thanks to the ICSS, we will
be better equipped to deal with
the critical challenges facing
sport in our country and preserve its ethics and п¬Ѓnancial
integrity, as well as to promote
the most adequate youth development policies, involving the
Olympic Committee, the sports
federations, clubs athletes and of
course the youngsters.
“This memorandum of understanding, signed during the
opening session of our second
National Sports Conference,
happens in a decisive time and
represents an important and ambitious landmark for Cape Verde
and our sport.”
Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, Chief Executive of the ICSS
Europe, said: “The ICSS and
the Government of Cape Verde
are both passionate about safeguarding sport for a new generation of young fans and athletes,
and I am proud to be leading this
initiative on behalf of the ICSS.
“As an important member of
the CPLP, the Minister of Education and Sport of Cape Verde and
the DGD will play an important
role in promoting the importance
of sport security and integrity
within the vast community of
countries, as well as introducing crucial measures that will protect
young athletes and fans, not just
in Cape Verde, but across wider
CPLP and Lusophone countries”
“With many threats now facing
the sporting and п¬Ѓnancial integrity of sport, as part of my role as
CEO of ICSS Europe, I am committed to supporting the ICSS’s
work in the area around the globe
and engaging with key countries
and partners across Europe, Latin
America and beyond.”
One month to go: World’s best swimmers get
ready for glorious return to Doha in December
By Sports Reporter
ith just one month to go
until swimming’s showpiece event athletes are
chance to compete in Qatar again – this
time for World Championship glory.
Having started the season in Doha in
August at the FINA Mastbank Swimming World Cup, the world’s best
swimmers have now completed their
World Cup campaigns at the п¬Ѓnal meet
of the seven-part series in Singapore.
They will return to Qatar once again
to battle it out at the 12th FINA World
Swimming Championships (25m) from
December 3-7.
Topping the World Cup points table this year and retaining their titles
in the process are South Africa’s Chad
Le Clos and Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu,
who powered away with big leads early
on in Doha; Hosszu taking seven golds
Le Clos, three. Rounding out the overall
women’s winners table are Inge Dekker
(Netherlands) in second and Alia Atkinson (Jamaica) in third place and in
the men’s competition, Le Clos was
followed by Daniel Gyurta (Hungary) in
second place and Tom Shields (USA) in
third overall. Sports fans in Doha were
treated to thrilling performances from
all six of those swimmers at the August
World Cup and they are already looking forward to a return to the water in
Jamaica’s two-time Olympian, Alia
Atkinson, has had a stunning racing
season so far clinching gold in the 50m
Breaststroke in Doha and п¬Ѓnishing
third overall in the World Cup series.
She commented:
“I’m really looking forward to being
back in Doha for the World Championships in December. I’m hoping to go
even faster than I did at the World Cup.”
Trinidad and Tobago’s Olympic medalist and former World Record holder,
George Bovell said:
Alia Atinkson, FINA World Cup Doha 2014.
“It’s great to have already raced in
Doha earlier on in the year at the World
Cup. I feel really prepared going to
the World Championships back in the
same pool.”
This year marks the п¬Ѓrst in FINA history that the same city will host both
a World Cup and a World Champion-
ships, showcasing the country’s growing
commitment to swimming and further
cementing Qatar’s reputation as host to
major international sporting events.
Commenting on preparations for
the upcoming FINA Swimming World
Championships after the п¬Ѓnals Khaleel
al-Jabir, Qatar Swimming Association
President said:
“With one month to go until the
championships, people in our community are already showing their excitement and counting down until their
swimming heroes return to the region.
After such a successful event in August, we know these elite athletes are
expecting great things not only from
themselves but from our city as we
prepare to deliver another world class
Directly ahead of the World Championships, Doha will host the 3rd FINA
Aquatics Convention putting itself at
the centre of the sport’s development.
The convention will run from November 29 – December 1 and provides a
platform for industry leaders and decision makers to facilitate and support
sustainable growth of aquatic sports
throughout the world.
Doha is also showing its commitment to the future of swimming
through the Youth Programme, a п¬Ѓve
day event where 400 elite young swimmers and their coaches will be given the
opportunity to experience the FINA
Swimming World Championships п¬Ѓrst
hand. Organised by Qatar Olympic
Committee and FINA, the Youth Programme will bring together the swimmers of tomorrow with the talent and
coaches of today.
The 12th FINA World Swimming
Championships will be held over п¬Ѓve
days with morning heats starting at
9:30am and the fast-action п¬Ѓnals takings place at 6:00pm. Fans can purchase their tickets at Virgin Megastores
or online at tickets.virginmegastores.
me starting at QR10. Find out more at and follow us
@FINA2014Doha on Twitter.
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