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20 November 2014
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From The Headmaster/CEO
In 2013 Head of English Mr John Acutt
wrote the lyrics of a song to celebrate our
sesquicentenary. �Voices in the Halls’ tells the
stories of young men whom have graced the
hallways and classrooms of Ipswich Grammar
School. Those historic voices would have been
very proud of our young men and the manner
in which they presented and spoke at recent
important end of year functions.
School Captain Jacob Teevan certainly led the
way and spoke passionately about his time at
Ipswich Grammar School and his love of the
school. We are immensely proud of Jacob and
the 2014 cohort for their contributions to the
school and for the grace and dignity with which
they conducted themselves in their final week.
I was thrilled to report at Speech Night that
the 2014 Queensland Core Skills’ test results
are very positive. I look forward to providing
further information on other important results
as they become available. Jacob’s public
speaking always focussed on the collective �we’
and �our’ rather than �I’ or �me’. That tradition
will be continued by the class of 2015 in their
leadership role. Next year’s School Captain
Oliver Pye set the standard with this delightful
story at Speech Night, adapted from �Tobruk’
by Peter Fitzsimmons:
�The Australians were digging trenches in
preparation for an attack and everyone was
chipping in. A British captain was sent to the
front to report the progress of the Australians.
Upon arriving to the front, he found the men
shirtless and sweating in the desert as they dug.
So focused were they at digging that none of
the men saluted the captain. When the captain
could bear it no longer he went up to one of the
Aussie diggers and cleared his throat. Still no
response. Finally he spoke.
“I know you Australians are an undisciplined
lot but surely you know to stop and salute a
superior officer.” The Aussie then looked the
impeccably dressed captain up and down
before turning his back to him and putting his
dusty shirt on. Upon turning around the rank
on his shirt showed that he was a Major. It had
never being known that major would be doing
something as lowly as digging in the front line.
The Major said: “Surely you know to salute in
the presence of a superior officer”.
Like the Major in Tobruk, even though we may
wear a badge, we will lead by example. We
will be competing alongside you; we will be in
the classrooms and we will be on the sidelines
supporting the young men of IGS throughout
their schooling endeavours.’
I congratulate our young men on their efforts
throughout the year. I wish our community
well for the holiday period and look forward to
seeing our young men in the New Year. I wish
Enrolments Officer Kathryn Searle well as she
moves to a new school much closer to home
Kathryn added professionalism and enthusiasm
to our marketing and enrolments department.
I would also like to thank the following
teaching staff for their contributions to Ipswich
Grammar School as their contractual periods
come to an end:
• Gary Neaves, Ashley Beruldsen, Steven
Hill, Greg Thompson, Alyson Starky, Geoff
Faulkner, Lissa Sullivan-Ward and Leearne
Yours sincerely
Mr Robert Henderson
- Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community -
The Ipswich Grammar School Board of Trustees
seeks expressions of interest from members
of our school community. With a rich history
spanning 151 years, the school is keen to
establish a list of possible Board members for
consideration when vacancies occur. Due to our
Grammar School status all Board appointments
are required to be endorsed by the State
Minister for Education.
The Board of Trustees governs the management
of IGS and primarily establishes, monitors and
reviews the strategic direction of the school.
Those interested in considering a position on
the Board are requested to complete and submit
their expressions of interest to Board Chair Mr
Jon Kent. Ideally, those interested in a position
on the Board would have the following skills
and experience:
• Current or previous association with Ipswich
Grammar School.
• Current or recent Management or Director
• Understanding of the obligations and
responsibilities of a Director.
• Strategic planning and management
• Prospective Board members would be invited
to meet with Mr Kent and Headmaster/CEO
Robert Henderson to discuss the expression
of interest. We look forward to meeting with
interested members of the Ipswich Grammar
School community in due course.
Mr Jon Kent
Board Chair
- Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community -
At Ipswich Grammar School we believe learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom,
so as we move closer to BYOt in 2015 (for Years 7 to 11) to allow students to make the most
of their educational experience at anytime, anywhere and on any device, we wanted to
provide a summary of our experience in talking to students, parents staff and our suppliers
since the transition was announced on 8th August 2014.
A guide for choosing your (or your son's) next educational technology 'learning' device
Modified with approval from (Original source 25/11/2014)
While some tablets don't pack the power of a fully-fledged laptop or Ultrabook, they are
capable of an impressive range of jobs in a super-portable package which may be just the
right solution for your son's (or your) learning needs. Here is a quick guide to choosing the
right technology.
1. Operating System, CPU and Battery Life
The way you use your technology will depend in part on which operating system you choose.
It makes sense to think about compatibility with other computers in your home and school.
Windows-based tablets will allow you to install any application available to that operating
system, making them ideal for syncing with other Windows PCs. iPads on the other hand will
generally provide better compatibility with Macs. Microsoft Office 365 for Education (being
provided by Ipswich Grammar School) is available for Mac, Windows, IOS and Android which
means you can run popular applications such as Word and Excel on almost any new device.
Be sure to consider how much power you will need to perform multiple tasks. Some tablets
now come with the IntelВ® Coreв„ў processor range which gives you similar processing power
to an Ultrabook or Laptop, whereas other tablets come with significantly slower processors
(e.g. IntelВ® Atomв„ў or Apple A7 chip) that might slow you down.
The battery life of technology is an important consideration, with the aim being to choice a
device for educational use for the duration of the school day.
2. Connectivity
One of the best features of tablets style technology is their portability so think about what
type of connectivity is optimal for you and how you learn. Wi-fi will allow you to connect
wherever there is a signal available, be it at school or at home. If you intend to regularly
connect your technology to a separate screen or projector then make sure you have an
appropriate port for sending display signals. Converting mini-HDMI to VGA requires an
adapter that for some tablets can be expensive, so make sure you factor the cost of the
external adaptors into your total technology budget.
Consider USB port availability (and cost of the external adaptor). Education grade technology
typically come with one or more USB ports and if you think you won’t ever need a USB port,
then think again.
3. Screen size and keyboard
If you are someone who types a lot then you may find smaller screens hold you back. 10”+ is
typical for a business/education grade technology. Also consider a technology that can snap
into a detachable keyboard, or a tablet with a USB port or Bluetooth that can connect to any
type of keyboard on the market today.
- Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community -
4. Taking notes
Tablets make great meeting companions, whether you are taking notes by hand, pressing
the record button or you prefer to handwrite. For writing things down, consider that some
devices support varying stylus (or finger) capabilities so that learners can distinguish
between varying levels of accuracy, pressure or functionality. Microsoft Office 365 for
Education (being provided by Ipswich Grammar School) includes OneNote for Mac,
Windows, IOS and Android.
5. Storage
Storage is a big factor for an education technology so be sure not to underestimate your
storage requirements. Some tablets lack removable storage meaning there is an upper limit
to how much you can store on the device itself. While files such as documents and
spreadsheets don't tend to take up much space, music and video files are much hungrier. If
you'll be storing large files then you may want to purchase a tablet with a lot of capacity
(128GB+) or one with a Micro SDHC card slot.
More information about BYOT and School provided infrastructure and software, start at the
school website and then move onto the
Information Services portal.
Mr Peter Yeates
Information Services Manager & eLearning Coordinator
- Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community -
2015 CSTP Scholarship Exam
- Locked Bag 6000, North Ipswich QLD 4305 - - (07) 3813 9600 - CRICOS # 00499A The annual Co-operative Scholarship Testing Program (CSTP) examination will be held at Ipswich
Grammar School on Saturday, 28 February 2015. Please note, this will be the only scholarship
testing held in 2015. If you live a long distance from the school some country centres are available
for students who wish to sit the exam.
Scholarships will be awarded to students who obtain outstanding results in the exam.
Scholarships cover varying amounts depending on results. Bursaries may also be awarded to the
families of students who show they have reached required standard and whose parents would
like them to attend Ipswich Grammar School but can demonstrate limited financial means.
Students going into Year 7 in 2016 will sit for Level 1, and students going into Year 11 in 2016 will
sit for Level 3. Applications for the Co-operative Scholarship Testing Program are to be lodged
online through the Ipswich Grammar School website at:
Links: Co-operative Scholarship Testing Program
Important dates, details and costs are as follows:
Online registration facility closes:
Registration fee:
Overseas registration fee:
Candidate results available to parents:
* All costs include GST
Monday, 9 February 2015 at midnight AEST
Monday, 13 April 2015
For more information please contact:
Enrolments & Marketing Office
Ipswich Grammar School
P: 07 3813 9604
E: [email protected]
- Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community -
Registration Form
I wish to attend the following Junior Coaching clinic
15th December -17th December 2014
Venue: Akuna Oval
( Rego & Money Paid by 10th December 2014)
12th January -14th January 2015
Venue: Limestone Park Ipswich
(Rego & Money Paid by 8th January 2015)
First Name: ___________________________
Surname: _____________________________
Date of Birth: _____________ M / F _____
Address: __________________________
Suburb: _____________Post code: ____
Phone: __________________
Email: ____________________________
Have you been playing cricket?
Haven’t played before
1-2 years
Greater than 2 years
ABN- 67 872 706 131
Junior Cricket
Coaching Clinics
What to Bring
Collared shirt, cricket pants/shorts
Cricket equipment (preferable but not
Sunscreen and hat
Drink bottle
Are you registered with a club?
Yes, Club Name : ____________
Medical History
Do you suffer from any medical condition/s or have
any dietary requirements staff should be aware of?
Yes, Please attach details
December & January
The game of cricket is potentially dangerous and
although injuries can occur, these are not common
events. First Aid will be present at all times to provide
medical attention if required.
For more information
Contact Peter Blanchfield
E:[email protected]
Contact in case of emergency:
Open to all boys and girls
Aged 6 - 15 years
0478 787 104
Name: ___________________
Phone : __________________
Both Clinics Times are:
9:00am-2:00pm all days.
The clinic will be run by Peter Blanchfield, a Cricket Australia
accredited Level 3 coach.
Peter has 28 years of coaching experience.
He worked for QLD cricket for 13 years as a regional cricket
manager. (Mackay and Metro areas)
Peter has coaching experience from working with in2CRICKET
(5-8 years) to QLD sides both male and female.
The program will be run in a similar fashion to the QLD Junior
Bulls and Junior Heat clinics.
Your child will be in a group of up to 12 according to age,
experience and skill level to suit his/her needs.
Over the 3 days your child will develop both skills of cricket and
life from the coaches.
Skills will be conducted the same way QLD cricket develop
cricketers and will involve games for both skill as well as
The Coaches
The clinics will be run by Cricket Australia accredited
coaches who hold a level 1.2 or 3 coaching accreditation
certificate. Some of the coaches have represented
Queensland and Australian youth sides in the past and
are currently playing First Grade cricket in Brisbane. This
is a guarantee of the best possible coaching available. As
required by the law, all coaches and support staff have
suitability cards.
Clinic1 (December) Akuna Oval
(Kenmore Cricket Grounds)
Clinic 2 (January) Limestone Park Ipswich
(Centrals Cricket Grounds)
What you receive
Parent Consent
Five (5) hours of quality coaching per day.
Gift bag full of goodies.
Morning tea and lunches each day.
Bucket Hat
I hereby authorize Blanchfield Cricket and its employees to
act on my behalf should my child need medical attention.
I acknowledge, agree and confirm the following:
$160 per person including GST
(Discounts applicable for additional family members)
Payment Details
Payment can be made via:
*Cheque * Bank Deposit
All payments must be
accompanied by a
completed registration form,
which is included on this
flyer. An Email will be
forwarded to you upon your
payment as confirmation of
your booking in this clinic. All
money must be received
prior to the nominated
payment dates. Should the
clinic fill prior your money
will be refunded in full.
Please indicate your method of payment (tick one box)
Cheque - Make payable to Peter Blanchfield
Bank Deposit- deposited to
BSB: 484-799
Account Number: 030499889
PB &MB Blanchfield
(Please make sure to include child’s name with payment)
That there are inherent risks associated with this program
that may result in my child being injured including in a
serious manner. I fully accept and agree to bear these
To the full extent permitted by the law I agree both on
behalf of my child and my own rights to indemnify, release
and discharge Blanchfield Cricket and its employees from
any and all liability for any injury, loss or damage to my
child however cause arising out of my child’s participation
in the program including without limitation as a result of
negligence by Blanchfield Cricket.
That photos taken of my child at the clinic/s may be used
by Blanchfield Cricket for marketing and publicity
Signed: ________________________________
Name: __________________________________
Date: ______________
(Please note applications cannot be accepted without
parental consent)
Once completed please forward this registration form with
payment to:
Email: [email protected]
Mail: To Blanchfield Cricket
9 Rhiannon Drive
Flinders View 4305
Ipswich Grammar School
Section 1: Your details
Title: в–Ў Dr в–Ў Mr в–ЎMrs в–ЎMiss в–ЎMs в–ЎOther - please specify:
First Name:
Family Name:
Street address:
Postal address:
Telephone: (Home)
Telephone: (Business)
Telephone: (Mobile)
Email address:
Current Employer:
Position held:
Page 1 of 4
Section 2: Your areas of expertise
1. Are you associated now, or have you been associated in the past, with any Independent Schools?
If so, please specify.
2. Have you any previous experience with Boards or Committees? If so, please specify.
3. Describe your interests, experience and expertise?
4. Any other relevant information (including any real or perceived conflict of interest)?
Page 2 of 4
Section 3: Referees (please nominate at least 2 referees)
Name of referee:
Relationship to nominee:
Name of referee:
Relationship to nominee:
Name of referee:
Relationship to nominee:
Name of referee:
Relationship to nominee:
Page 3 of 4
Section 4: Certification
I, the undersigned, certify that:
I agree to the personal details on this form being recorded and used by Ipswich Grammar School to assist
in the nomination process for IGS Board membership;
I confirm that the details provided are correct to the best of my knowledge;
I have the approval of my nominated referees to offer their names and I have no objection to them
being contacted;
I confirm that to the best of my knowledge there is no impediment to my nomination for
membership of a School Board;
Name in Full:
Board Chair
Mr Jon Kent
Locked Bag 6000
North Ipswich Qld 4305
(Please bring papers to the interview)
Thank you for your interest in membership of the Ipswich Grammar School Board of Trustees
Page 4 of 4