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Thursday Daily Newspaper - 2014 AGU Fall Meeting - American

San Francisco | 15-19 December 2014
Session & Page Numbering
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the section, or other sponsoring group, and
chronology of the presentation.
Example: A21A-01 = Atmospheric Sciences,
Tuesday, AM, concurrent session A, first paper in
that session.
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- 01
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1 = AM 0800–1000
2 = Tuesday
2 = AM 1020–1220
3 = Wednesday
3 = PM 1340–1540
4 = Thursday
4 = PM 1600–1800
5 = Friday
5 = PM 1830–1930
Session Information
Oral Sessions
Sessions are being held in the following venues:
Moscone West, Levels 2 and 3
Moscone South, Esplanade Level and
Lower Level (Gateway Ballroom)
Poster Sessions
Posters are on display in the following venues
throughout the week:
Moscone South, Lower Level, Poster Hall
Moscone West, Level 1, Poster Hall
Architecture of Deep-water Deposits Using a
Small Unmanned Aircraft: Neogene Thin-bedded
Turbidites, East Coast Basin, New Zealand: N
Nieminski, S A Graham
0945h U41A-08 Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
in coastal areas: lessons learned from applications in
Liguria, NW Mediterranean: A Rovere, E Casella,
A Pedroncini, L Mucerino, M Casella, L A Cusati,
M Vacchi, M Ferrari, M Firpo
Moscone South Poster Hall
Constraining Climate Model
Simulations and Predictions Using
Observations I Posters
0815h U41A-02 NOAA Utilization of the Global
Hawk Unmanned Aircraft for Atmospheric
Research and Forecast Improvement: G A Wick, R
E Hood, M L Black, J R Spackman, F M Ralph, J M
Intrieri, T F Hock, P J Neiman
0830h U41A-03 UAS-Based Radar Sounding of Ice:
R D Hale, S Keshmiri, C Leuschen, M Ewing, J B
Yan, F Rodriguez-Morales, S Gogineni
0845h U41A-04 Recent Advances in the Tempest
UAS for In-Situ Measurements in Highly-Dynamic
Environments: B M Argrow, E Frew, A L Houston,
C Weiss
0900h U41A-05 Greenhouse Gas Sensing Using
Small Unmanned Aerial Systems – Field Experiment
Results and Future Directions: A D Aubrey, L E
Christensen, R Brockers, D R Thompson
0915h U41A-06 Using Small Unmanned Aerial
Systems to Advance Hydrological Models in Coastal
Watersheds: R Moorhead, L Hathcock, J J Coffey,
R E Hood, S van Cooten, K Choate, H Rawson, A
0800h A41A-3018 POSTER Vertical Distributions
of Cloud Water Content Associated with Different
Cloud Types as Observed by A-Train Satellites:
L Huang, J H Jiang, Z Wang, H Su, M Deng, S T
0800h A41A-3019 POSTER Seasonal variations of
marine boundary layer clouds and climate warming
sensitivity: C Zhai, J H Jiang, H Su
Moscone South Poster Hall
0800h A41A-3002 POSTER Parameter Estimation
in CLM4.0 Using Surrogate Model Based Global
Optimization: J Mueller, C A Shoemaker, N M
Mahowald, R Paudel
0800h A41A-3003 POSTER Evaluation of
Interannual Variability of Cloud Liquid Water Path
in Climate Models Using a Multidecadal Record of
Passive Microwave Observations: A Manaster, G
Elsaesser, C O’Dell
0800h A41A-3006 POSTER Obs4MIPS: Satellite
Observations for CMIP6 Model Evaluation: R
Ferraro, D E Waliser, P J Gleckler, K E Taylor, V
0800h A41A-3007 POSTER An Analysis of
Precipitation Associated With the ITCZ in the
CMIP5 AMIP and Historical-Coupled GCM
Simulations: A Quantitative Assessment of
Magnitude and Position: R Stanfield, J H Jiang, X
Dong, B Xi, H Su
0800h A41A-3008 POSTER Quantifying the Lack
of Consistency between Climate Model Projections
and Observations of the Evolution of the Earth’s
Average Surface Temperature since the Mid-20th
Century: P J Michaels, P C Knappenberger
0800h A41A-3009 POSTER Decadal Variability
of Clouds and Comparison with Climate Model
Simulations: H Su, T J Shen, J H Jiang, Y L Yung
0800h A41A-3010 POSTER Creating “Intelligent”
Climate Model Ensemble Averages Using a ProcessBased Framework: N C Baker, P C Taylor
0800h A41A-3011 POSTER Atmospheric water
balance and trend over ocean estimated from
satellite, merged and reanalysis data: D B Shin, H
J Park
0800h A41A-3012 POSTER How does the difference
between low- and high-latitude climate sensitivity
affect climate feedback diagnosis?: J Park, Y S Choi,
H Cho
Improved Understanding of the
Surface Energy Balance and the
Spatiotemporal Variation of Its
Components II Posters (joint with GC)
Presiding: Arturo Sanchez-Lorenzo,
University of Girona; Martin Wild,
ETH Zurich; Paul Stackhouse, NASA
Langley Research Center; Nikos
Hatzianastassiou, Univ Ioannina
0800h A41B-3021 POSTER The NASA/GEWEX
Surface Radiation Budget: Next Generation Data
Product With Reprocessed ISCCP: S J Cox, P W
Stackhouse, S K Gupta, J C Mikovitz, T Zhang
0800h A41B-3022 POSTER Re-Evaluation of the
Earth’s Surface Energy Balance Using a New Method
of Heat Fluxes: S Y Huang, Y Deng, J Wang
0800h A41B-3024 POSTER Cloud-Dependent
Surface Energy Budgets over the Ocean:
Observation-Based and Reanalysis Estimates: S
Wong, T S L’Ecuyer, E J Fetzer
0800h A41B-3025 POSTER A new CM SAF Solar
Surface Radiation Climate Data Set derived from
Meteosat Satellite Observations: J Trentmann,
R W Müller, U Pfeifroth, C Träger-Chatterjee, R
0800h A41B-3026 POSTER Development and
Analysis of a Global, Terrestrial Sensible Heat Flux
Dataset: A Siemann, G Coccia, N Chaney, E F
0800h A41B-3027 POSTER Interannual Variations
and Recurrent Seasonal Discrepancies in Land
Surface Latent and Sensible Heat Fluxes from
Satellite Data and a Land Surface Model: A Lipton,
P Liang, C Jimenez, J L Moncet, F Aires, C Prigent,
R Lynch, R P d’Entremont
0800h A41B-3028 POSTER An Evaluation of
the Net Tropical Ocean Surface Heat Flux from
Atmospheric and Ocean Reanalysis: C Binkley, K
H Cook
0800h A41B-3029 POSTER Improving and validating
3D models for the leaf energy balance in canopyscale problems with complex geometry: B Bailey, R
Stoll II, N E Miller, E Pardyjak, W Mahaffee
0800h A41B-3030 POSTER Seasonal dynamics
of the land surface energy balance of a boreal
forest-peatland landscape affected by degrading
permafrost in the Taiga Plains, Canada: M Helbig,
K Wischnewski, L Chasmer, W L Quinton, N
Kljun, M Detto, O Sonnentag
0800h A41B-3031 POSTER Investigation of wind
turbine effects on Evapotranspiration using surface
energy balance model based on satellite-derived
data: E hassanpour Adeh, C W Higgins
0800h A41B-3032 POSTER Seasonal and interannual
variation of energy balance and partition over a
rain-fed cropland in the semi-arid area of Loess
Plateau, northwestern China: X Chen, Y Yu
0800h A41B-3023 POSTER Evaluations of Surface
Shortwave and Longwave Radiation from Earth
System Models of CMIP5: Q Ma, K Wang, M Wild
Union Agency Lecture
Secretary Sally Jewell
U.S. Department
of the Interior
Thursday, 18 December
12:30 P.M. – 1:30 P.M.
Moscone South, Gateway Ballroom
Rooms 103-104
0800h A41A-3013 POSTER Relationships Between
Ice Cloud Properties and Radiative Effects from
A-Train Observations and Global Climate Models:
B J Berry, G G Mace
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 1
0800h A41A-3017 POSTER Examining Model
Fidelity via Shadowing Time: H Du, L A Smith
0800h A41A-3001 POSTER Thermodynamic and
Dynamic Control of Upper Tropospheric Water
Vapor: H Takahashi, H Su, J H Jiang
0800h A41A-3005 POSTER An Assessment of Upper
Tropospheric and Lower Stratospheric Moisture
Simulations in Analysis and Reanalysis Models
Using 10-Year Aura MLS Observations: J H Jiang,
H Su
0800h U41A-01 Observations of the Summertime
Boundary Layer over the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Using SUMO UAVs: M A Nigro, J J Cassano, B
Jolly, A McDonald
A41A-3016 POSTER
Constraints of Humidity Climatology From GPS
Radio Occultation measurements: P Vergados, J H
Jiang, H Su, A J Mannucci
0800h A41A-3020 POSTER Revisiting Earth
Radiation Budget from ERBE Wide-Field-of-View
Nonscanner: A K Shrestha, S Kato, T Wong, P W
Stackhouse, G L Smith, F G Rose, W F Miller, K
Bush, D A Rutan, P Minnis, D Doelling
Presiding: Gijs de Boer, University of
Colorado at Boulder; John Cassano,
Univ Colorado; John Burkhart,
Organization Not Listed
0800h A41A-3015 POSTER A Scenario Is A
Projection Is A Forecast: And All Should Be
Verified: W M Briggs
Presiding: Hui Su, Jet Propulsion
Laboratory; Jonathan Jiang, Jet
Propulsion Lab; Leo Donner,
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
0800h A41A-3004 POSTER Convective Mixing,
Lower Tropospheric Stability and Low Cloud
Feedback: H Su, J H Jiang, C Zhai, T P J Shen
Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
(UAS) in Observing the Earth System
(Virtual Session)
The program is current as of 14 November 2014. An omitted abstract ID number in the presentation order indicates that the
abstract has been withdrawn by the presenter from the session. Please refer to the online program for updates:
Moscone West 2009
11/28/2014 11:06:14 AM
0800h A41B-3033 POSTER Estimating Turbulent
Surface Fluxes from Small Unmanned Aircraft:
Evaluation of Current Abilities: G de Boer,
D Lawrence, J Elston, J J Cassano, J Mack, N
Wildmann, M A Nigro, M Ivey, D E Wolfe, A
0800h A41B-3034 POSTER Simulation of Lake
Surface Heat Fluxes by the Canadian Small Lake
Model: Offline Performance Assessment for
Future Coupling with a Regional Climate Model: P
Pernica, J L Guerrero, M MacKay, H S Wheater
0800h A41B-3035 POSTER Understanding the
combined cloud-aerosol radiative effect for
heterogeneous scenes: S Song, S Schmidt, P
Pilewskie, S E Platnick, J W Hair, J Redemann, S
E LeBlanc, M Segal-Rosenhaimer, C J Flynn, B
0800h A41B-3036 POSTER Cloud Radiative Effect
to Downward Longwave Radiation in the Polar
Regions: K Yamada, T Hayasaka
0800h A41B-3037 POSTER Quantifying Cloud
Radiative Effects in the Tropical Western Pacific: C
D Burleyson, C N Long, J M Comstock
0800h A41B-3038 POSTER Transmission in Solar
UV and Total Radiation for Different conditions of
Cloud, Aerosol and Ozone at Seoul: H Lee
0800h A41B-3039 POSTER Long-Term Trends of
Observed and Simulated Total Cloud Cover over
the Mediterranean Region: A Sanchez-Lorenzo, J
Calbo Angrill, A Enriquez-Alonso, J A GonzГЎlez, M
Wild, D Folini, J R Norris
0800h A41B-3040 POSTER Downward shortwave
radiation trends in Europe since the 20th century:
what we know from direct measurements and
sunshine duration records: A Sanchez-Lorenzo,
M Wild, J Calbo Angrill, M Brunetti, E van den
Besselaar, J A Guijarro, A Sanchez-Romero, A Klein
Tank, V Manara, S M Vicente-Serrano, E Palle
Bago, K Wang, M Hakuba, J Trentmann
0800h A41B-3041 POSTER Stochastic Simulation of
Daily Solar Radiation from Sunshine Duration: N
Lockart, D Kavetski, S W Franks
0800h A41C-3053 POSTER Uncertainty in the
Identification of Indian Summer Monsoon Onset:
S A S, S Ghosh
0800h A41C-3054 POSTER Projections of Active
and Break Spells of the Indian Summer Monsoon
using Original and Statistical Downscaled CMIP5
GCMs: S Singh, K Salvi, S Ghosh, S Karmakar
0800h A41C-3056 POSTER Interannual Variability
in the Large-Scale Dynamics of the South Asian
Summer Monsoon: J M Walker, S Bordoni, T
Moscone South Poster Hall
Mineral Dust Aerosols: From
Small-Scale Insights to Large-Scale
Understanding I Posters
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with B, EP,
0800h A41E-3104 POSTER Characterization of longrange transported Saharan dust by means of groundbased Raman and depolarization lidar measurements
at Barbados: S Gross, V Freudenthaler, A Schäfler,
C Toledano, M Wiegner, B Weinzierl, G Ehret
Presiding: Jasper Kok, University of
California Los Angeles; Amato Evan,
Scripps Institute of Oceanography;
Kerstin Schepanski, Leibniz Institute
for Tropospheric Research; James King,
Indiana University Bloomington
0800h A41E-3105 POSTER Dust Storm over
the Middle East: Retrieval Approach, Source
Identification, and Trend Analysis: A Moridnejad,
N Karimi, P A Ariya
0800h A41C-3057 POSTER Monsoons and Their
Response to Climate Change in Idealized GCM
Experiments: A Laraia, S Bordoni
0800h A41C-3058 POSTER The Role of African
topography in the South Asian Monsoon: H H Wei,
S Bordoni
0800h A41C-3059 POSTER В­В­В­The Role of the Tibetan
Plateau in the South Asian Monsoon Atmospheric
Circulation: S Ortega Arango, P J Webster, V E
0800h A41C-3060 POSTER Impact of biennial
SST oscillation on the Southeast Asian summer
monsoon: J Kim, K Y Kim
0800h A41C-3061 POSTER The Impact of Boreal
Summer Intra-Seasonal Oscillation on the
development of extremely wet and dry condition in
South Asian Summer Monsoon: M Minamide, S
Ahmad, T Koike
Moscone South Poster Hall
Intraseasonal to Interannual
Variability of the Asian Monsoon
in a Changing Climate II Posters
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with GC)
0800h A41D-3063 POSTER Intraseasonal Variability
of the South Asian Summer Monsoon: Present-day
Simulations with the Regional Atmospheric Model
HIRHAM5: F S Hanf, A Rinke, K Dethloff
0800h A41C-3044 POSTER Investigating the
Systematic Biases on Intraseasonal Time-Scale
in NCEP CFSv2 Simulated Indian Summer
Monsoon – an Effort of Improvement through
Goswami, M S Deshpande, R P M M Krishna, P
Mukhopadhyay, S R Anguluri, R G Murtugudde, M
Khairoutdinov, B N Goswami
0800h A41C-3045 POSTER Evaluation of Boreal
Summer Monsoon Intraseasonal Variability in
the GASS-YOTC Multi-Model Physical Processes
Experiment: N J Mani, D E Waliser, X Jiang
0800h A41C-3046 POSTER Simulation of monsoon
intraseasonal oscillations in a coarse resolution
aquaplanet GCM: A M Ravindran, B Khouider, A
0800h A41C-3047 POSTER Inter-annual Variability
of Monsoon Low Pressure Systems in Reanalysis
and Climate model Simulation: V Praveen, S
Sandeep, A M Ravindran
0800h A41C-3048 POSTER Understanding the
regional anthropogenic signature in weakening of
the south Asian Summer Monsoon: S TP
0800h A41C-3049 POSTER A Spatio-Temporal
Approach To Evolution Of Spatial Homogeneity
Of Monsoon Extremes Over India: S Ghosh, B
Banerjee, S Sandeep, A M Ravindran
0800h A41C-3050 POSTER An Assessment of Real
Time Extended Range Forecast of 2013 Indian
Summer Monsoon: N Borah, A K Sahai, S Abhilash,
R Chattopadhyay, S Joseph, S S, A Kumar
0800h A41C-3052 POSTER Soil-Moisture and
Precipitation coupling in observations and GCM
over intra-seasonal timescales: S Agrawal
AGU2014News.indb 2
0800h A41E-3102 POSTER Impact of Dust Events
during 2003-2014 on the Ecological Changes in
Bohai Sea (China): A Chauhan, S Zheng, C Cao,
R P Singh
0800h A41E-3103 POSTER Electron Microanalysis
of Aerosols Collected at Mauna Loa Observatory
During an Asian Dust Storm Event: J M Conny, R
D Willis, D L Ortiz-Montalvo, A Colton
Moscone South Poster Hall
Oscillations of the Indian Monsoon Rainfall during
1901-2010: V Krishnamurthy
0800h A41E-3101 POSTER Asian Dust Particles
Identified with Microscopes: Aging, Mixing and
Subsequence: D Zhang, Y Iwasaka, G Y Shi
0800h A41D-3080 POSTER Zonal Oscillation of
Western Pacific Subtropical High and Subseasonal
SST Variations during Yangtze Persistent Heavy
Rainfall Events: X Ren, X Q Yang, X Sun
Presiding: Ajaya Mohan Ravindran,
New York University Abu Dhabi;
Simona Bordoni, California Institute of
Technology; Venkat Krishnamurthy,
George Mason University Fairfax
Presiding: Ajaya Mohan Ravindran,
New York University Abu Dhabi;
Simona Bordoni, California Institute of
Technology; Venkat Krishnamurthy,
George Mason University Fairfax
0800h A41D-3079 POSTER Coupling of Indian and
East Asian Monsoon Precipitation in July-August: J
A Day, I Y Fung, C M Risi
0800h A41E-3099 POSTER Light Absorption by Soil
Dust in Regional Haze over the United States: W H
White, K Trzepla, N P Hyslop
0800h A41C-3055 POSTER Characteristics of Lowpressure Systems associated with Intraseasonal
Oscillation of Rainfall over Bangladesh during
Boreal Summer : D Hatsuzuka, H Fujinami, T
0800h A41B-3042 POSTER Blue Hill Observatory
Sunshine – Assessment of Climate Signals in the
Longest Continuous Meteorological Record in
North America: N B Magee, P Finocchio, E K
Melaas, M J Iacono
Intraseasonal to Interannual
Variability of the Asian Monsoon
in a Changing Climate I Posters
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with GC)
0800h A41D-3078 POSTER The Relationship
Between Monsoon Onset and Synoptic Scale
Features of the Australian Monsoon: S Narsey, H
Zhang, C Jakob, A F Moise, S L Lavender
0800h A41D-3064 POSTER Subseasonal variability
of precipitation in China during boreal winter: Y
Yao, H Lin, Q Wu
0800h A41D-3065 POSTER Recent intensification
of the western Pacific subtropical high associated
with East Asian summer monsoon: S Matsumura,
S Sugimoto, T Sato
0800h A41D-3066 POSTER Two distinct
intraseasonal modes of summer rainfall variation
over the eastern Tibetan Plateau: J Yang, H He, Q
Bao, B Wang, R Mao, D Gong
A41D-3067 POSTER
Intraseasonal Characteristics in East Asian-western
North Pacific summer monsoon: H Oh, K J Ha, J E
Chu, H Moon, K S Yun
0800h A41D-3068 POSTER Decadal Changes of
Meiyu Rainfall Around 1991 and Its Relationship
with Two Types of ENSO: J Zhu, D Huang, Y
Zhang, A Huang, X Kuang, Y Huang
0800h A41D-3069 POSTER Future changes in
precipitation of the baiu season under RCP
scenarios: Y Okada, T Takemi, H Ishikawa
0800h A41D-3070 POSTER Effects of Tibetan
Plateau and Tropical Ocean on Autumn Rainfall
Variation in Southwest China: Y Liu
0800h A41D-3071 POSTER The Development of
Ensemble Statistical Prediction Model for Changma
(EASM) Rainfall : J Kim, K H Seo, J H Son
0800h A41D-3073 POSTER Moist Static Energy
as an Indicator of South Asian Summer Monsoon
Dynamics: A L D’Agostino, R L Miller
0800h A41D-3074 POSTER Possible Linkage
between Arctic Oscillation and Climate over South
China Sea during the Boreal Spring: J Qu, D Gong
0800h A41D-3075 POSTER Topology and Seasonal
Evolution of the Network of Extreme Precipitation
over the Indian Subcontinent and Sri Lanka: P
Martin, V Stolbova, B Bookhagen, N Marwan, J
0800h A41D-3076 POSTER Impact of East Asian
Summer Monsoon on the Interannual Variation of
South Asian High: P Zhang, Y Liu, J Lu
0800h A41D-3077 POSTER Response of Monsoons
to Extreme Climates Using an Idealized GCM: R
Payne, J E Lee
0800h A53D-3247 POSTER Convective clouds: From
aerosols filter to smoking machine: N BenMoshe, P
A Ginoux, S J Lin
0800h A41E-3082 POSTER The Role of Meteorology
and Surface Condition to Multi-Decadal Variations
of Dust Emission in Sahara and Sahel: D Kim, M
Chin, T L Diehl, H Bian, M E Brown, L A Remer,
W R Stockwell
0800h A41E-3083 POSTER Climatology and
variability of the Middle Eastern summer Shamal
wind : Implications to dust storm variability: Y Yu,
M Notaro
0800h A41E-3084 POSTER Dust and highway safety
in the Southern Plains of the US: J J Li
0800h A41E-3085 POSTER Relating Observations
of Natural Wind Erosion Events with Field Wind
Tunnel Measurements: T M Zobeck, R S Van Pelt
0800h A41E-3086 POSTER Dust transport from
glacierized rivers of southern Alaska to the Gulf of
Alaska: Interannual variability in magnitude and
sources: J Crusius, A W Schroth, R W Campbell,
J Resing, S Gasso
0800h A41E-3087 POSTER Internal boundary layer
devleopment over a salt pan: Measured and modelled
dust emissions: J King, G Wiggs, K Haustein, F D
Eckardt, D S G Thomas, R Washington
0800h A41E-3088 POSTER DO4Models: Testing the
Performance of Current Dust Emission Schemes
from a Box and Climate Model Perspective: K
Haustein, R Washington, J King, G Wiggs, D S G
Thomas, L Menut
0800h A41E-3089 POSTER Radiative Effects of
Saharan Mineral Dust Aerosols on the Structure
of African Easterly Waves: E Bercos-Hickey, T R
Nathan, S H Chen
0800h A41E-3090 POSTER Radiative Effect of
Saharan Mineral Dust on the Nonlinear Dynamics
of African Easterly Waves: D Grogan, T R Nathan,
S Chen
0800h A41E-3091 POSTER A Theory for the Effects
of Dust-Radiative Heating on the Linear and
Weakly Nonlinear Dynamics of African Easterly
Waves: T R Nathan, D Grogan, S H Chen
0800h A41E-3092 POSTER Dust Propagation and
Radiation In the Presence of a Low-level Jet in
Central China on March 17, 2010 : B K McDowell,
S Chen
0800h A41E-3093 POSTER Low-level Jest and Its
effects on Dust Emission over Taklimakan Desert :
J Ge, H Liu, Q Fu, J Huang
0800h A41E-3094 POSTER Response of mesoscale
convective system (MCS) and cold pool formation
to dust-radiative effects: M T Waylonis, S Chen
0800h A41E-3095 POSTER On the Role of Flash
Floods for Dust Emission over North Africa: Alluvial
Sediments acting as Dust Source: K Schepanski, L
Klueser, I Tegen
0800h A41E-3106 POSTER The Link Between
Mineral Dust and Wind Speed: Implications for
Wind Energy in the Maghreb: Z McGraw, T
Moscone South Poster Hall
Mineral Dust Aerosols: From
Small-Scale Insights to Large-Scale
Understanding II Posters
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with B, EP,
Presiding: Jasper Kok, University of
California Los Angeles; Amato Evan,
Scripps Institute of Oceanography;
Kerstin Schepanski, Leibniz Institute
for Tropospheric Research; James King,
Indiana University Bloomington
0800h A41F-3107 POSTER Modeling and Satellite
Observation of Dust Emission and Transport over
the Taklimakan Desert : J Su, C Xu, J Huang
0800h A41F-3108 POSTER Monitoring Airborne
Dust from Source to Sink Using the e-Deep Blue
Aerosol Products from VIIRS, MODIS, and Seawifs:
N Carletta, N Y C Hsu, C Bettenhausen, A M
Sayer, J Lee
0800h A41F-3109 POSTER Identification of Dust
and Ice Cloud Formation from A-Train Datasets: D
S Russell, K N Liou
0800h A41F-3110 POSTER Comparison of Dust
and Smoke over the Tropical Atlantic Ocean
from MODIS and CALIOP Remote Sensing
Observations: Y Zhang, H Yu, M Chin, L Ellison,
M Petrenko
0800h A41F-3113 POSTER Structure and Optical
Properties of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
over Dusty Hot Deserts: B Chalermthai, M Al
Marzooqi, G Basha, T Ouarda, P Armstrong, A
0800h A41F-3114 POSTER The Aerosol Coarse
Mode Initiative: W P Arnott, N Adhikari, D Air, E
Kassianov, J Barnard
0800h A41F-3115 POSTER The Size Distribution of
Desert Dust and Its Impact on the Earth System: N
M Mahowald, S Albani, J F Kok, S Engelstaedter,
R Scanza, D S Ward, M Flanner
0800h A41F-3116 POSTER African Dust Fertilizing
the Amazon Rainforest: An Assessment with Sevenyear Record of CALIOP Measurements: H Yu, M
Chin, T Yuan, H Bian, J M Prospero, A H Omar, L
A Remer, D M Winker, Y Yang, Y Zhang, Z Zhang
0800h A41F-3118 POSTER Aerosol Phosphorus
Composition: New Insights from Synchrotron
X-ray Spectroscopy: A Longo, E D Ingall, J M Diaz,
M M Oakes, L King, A Nenes, N Mihalopoulos, K
Violaki, A Avila, C R Benitez-Nelson, J A Brandes,
I McNulty, D Vine
0800h A41F-3119 POSTER How will dust variability
change the effect of dust as ice nuclei?: Y Yun, P A
Ginoux, Y Ming
0800h A41E-3096 POSTER Mineralogical, Chemical,
and Optical Interrelationships of Airborne Mineral
Dusts: J P Engelbrecht, H Moosmuller, S L
Pincock, R K M Jayanty, G Casuccio
0800h A41F-3120 POSTER Chemical Evolution of
Mineral Dust and Its Impact on Radiative Forcing
in East Asia during 2006-2010: J S Fu, X DONG,
K Huang
0800h A41E-3097 POSTER Characterizing Mineral
Dust from the Arabian Coast of the Red Sea: J
Puthan Purakkal, G L Stenchikov, J P Engelbrecht
0800h A41F-3121 POSTER Impact of Dust Aerosols
on the Sahel Climate: A GCM Investigation
Interactions: Y Gu, K N Liou, Y Xue, J H Jiang, H
Su, M Chin
0800h A41E-3098 POSTER Observation of Individual
Particle Morphology, Mineralogy in tandem with
Columnar Spectral Aerosol Optics: A Summertime
Study over North western India: S Mishra, N Saha,
S Singh, R Agnihotri, C Sharma, M V S N Prasad, B
C Arya, T Naaraayanan, S Gautam, J S Rathore, V K
Soni, J S Tawale
0800h A41F-3123 POSTER Amplification of the
ENSO Effects on Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall
by Absorbing Aerosols: M K Kim, W K M Lau, K
M Kim, J Sang, Y H Kim, W S Lee
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:15 AM
0800h A41F-3124 POSTER An Improved
Parameterization of Dust Dry Deposition Velocity
for Climate Models: M Chamecki, L Souza Freire
0800h A41G-3145 POSTER Understanding moisture
stress on light-use efficiency based on MODIS and
global flux tower data: Y Zhang, C Song, G Sun
0800h A41F-3125 POSTER Analyzing the Effects
of Dust on Atmospheric Composition over
Northwestern China in Spring 2008 Using WRFChem: J Wang, D J Allen, K E Pickering, Z Li
0800h A41G-3146 POSTER Response of High
Latitude Wetland Fluxes of Methane to Changes in
Temperature and Water: J Worden, A A Bloom,
K W Bowman, M Lee, C Frankenberg, D Schimel
0800h A41F-3126 POSTER Performance evaluation
of CESM in simulating the dust cycle: S P Parajuli,
Z L Yang, G Kocurek, D M Lawrence
0800h A41G-3147 POSTER Spring Hydrology
Determines Summer Net Carbon Uptake in
Northern Ecosystems: Y Yi, J S Kimball, R H
Reichle, M A Rawlins
0800h A41F-3127 POSTER Evaluation of a physicallybased dust emission scheme in the Community
Earth System Model (CESM): J F Kok, S Albani, N
M Mahowald, D S Ward
0800h A41F-3128 POSTER Semi-direct dynamical
and radiative effect of North African dust transport
on lower tropospheric clouds over the subtropical
North Atlantic in CESM 1.0: M J Deflorio, S J
Ghan, B Singh, A J Miller, D R Cayan, L M Russell,
R C J Somerville
0800h A41F-3130 POSTER The Spring 2014
Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction System “Dust
Offensive”: E D Hunt, R Adams-Selin, J Sartan, G
Creighton, E Kuchera, J Keane, S Jones
0800h A41F-3131 POSTER An analysis of aeolian
dust in climate models: A T Evan
0800h A41F-3132 POSTER Local Sources for the
“Megadust” Events at the WAIS Divide Ice Core: A
Borunda, G Winckler, S L Goldstein, M R Kaplan,
J R McConnell, N W Dunbar
Moscone South Poster Hall
Remote Sensing of the Carbon Cycle:
Exploiting New Measurements and
Linkages to the Water Cycle I Posters
Presiding: Christopher O’Dell, Colorado
State University; Annmarie Eldering,
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; John
Worden, JPL / Caltech; Charles Miller,
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
0800h A41G-3133 POSTER Assessment of Oco-2
Target Mode Vulnerability Against Horizontal
Variability of Surface Reflectivity Neglected in the
Operational Forward Model: A B Davis, Z Qu
0800h A41G-3134 POSTER Accelerating 3D radiative
transfer for realistic OCO-2 cloud-aerosol scenes: S
Schmidt, S T Massie, S E Platnick, S Song
0800h A41G-3135 POSTER OCO2 3D Radiative
Transfer Calculations: S T Massie, S Schmidt
0800h A41G-3136 POSTER Evaluating Orbiting
Carbon Observatory 2 (OCO-2) Nadir and Glint
Observing Sequences: R Nassar, F Deng, S
Polavarapu, M Neish, D B A Jones, C O’Dell
0800h A41G-3137 POSTER Quantifying the
Sampling Bias in OCO-2 Observation Modes: S M
Wuerth, I Y Fung, A Eldering, J Liu
0800h A41G-3138 POSTER Development of the
inverse model for estimation of the surface CO2
fluxes at grid scale and high resolution with GOSAT
data: S S Maksyutov, A Ito, T Oda, J W Kaiser, D
A Belikov, R Janardanan Achari, A Yaremchuk, R
Zhuravlev, A Ganshin, V Valsala
0800h A41G-3139 POSTER An Assessment of Biases
in Satellite CO2 Measurements Using Atmospheric
Inversion: D F Baker, C O’Dell
0800h A41G-3140 POSTER Differences in satellite
CO2 data coverage and their influence on regional
flux constraints: H Takagi, R J Andres, D A
Belikov, H Boesch, A Bril, A Butz, M Inoue, I
Morino, T Oda, C O’Dell, S Oshchepkov, R Parker,
M Saito, O Uchino, V Valsala, T Yokota, Y Yoshida,
S S Maksyutov
0800h A41G-3141 POSTER Quantifying Regional
Sources and Sinks of CO2 Using Data From GOSAT
and TES : F Deng, D B A Jones, N Bousserez, S S
Kulawik, D K Henze, K W Bowman, R Nassar
0800h A41G-3142 POSTER Pseudo-data Inversions
of California CO2 Fluxes Combining Tower
Measurements of CO2 and 14CO2 with OCO2
Column CO2 Retrievals: M L Fischer, S Jeong, J
Bagley, C Frankenberg, N Parazoo, R F Keeling, H
D Graven
0800h A41G-3143 POSTER Husbandry Trace Gas
Emissions from a Dairy Complex By Mobile in Situ
and Airborne and Spaceborne Remote Sensing: A
Comex Campaign Focus: I Leifer, D M Tratt, H
Bovensmann, K Buckland, J P Burrows, J Frash,
K Gerilowski, L T Iraci, P Johnson, R Koyler, S
Krautwurst, T Krings, J B Leen, C Hu, C Melton, S
A Vigil, E L Yates, M Zhang
0800h A41G-3144 POSTER Field Spectroradiometer
Characterization of Solar-Induced Fluorescence to
Monitor Plant Health, Estimate Carbon Flux, and
Application as Ground-Truth Data: T Merrick, R
Bennartz, J Rausch
0800h A41G-3148 POSTER Three Years of CARVEFTS Observations of CO2, CH4, and CO in the
Alaskan Arctic: Status Quo and Comparison with
Satellite Measurements: T P Kurosu, C E Miller, S
J Dinardo
0800h A41G-3149 POSTER Arctic Methane: the
View from Space : I Leifer, L Yurganov, X Xiong
Moscone South Poster Hall
Remote Sensing of the Carbon Cycle:
Exploiting New Measurements and
Linkages to the Water Cycle II Posters
Presiding: Christopher O’Dell, Colorado
State University; Charles Miller, Jet
Propulsion Lab; Annmarie Eldering,
JPL; John Worden, NASA Jet Propulsion
0800h A41H-3150 POSTER CO2 Observation from
Space from Two Complementary Spectrometers;
Oco-2 and Gosat: A Kuze, H Suto, K Shiomi,
S Kawakami, F M Schwandner, C J Bruegge, T
Taylor, D Crisp, L T Iraci, T Tanaka
0800h A41H-3151 POSTER The Contribution of
GOSAT to Understanding Global GHG Distribution
and Estimating Regional Carbon Fluxes Over Its
Five-year Operation Period and Future Prospect
for Community-wide Collaboration: T Yokota,
N Kikuchi, Y Yoshida, A Bril, S Oshchepkov, M
Inoue, I Morino, O Uchino, D A Belikov, H Takagi,
M Ishizawa, H S Kim, M Saito, S S Maksyutov, F
Kawazoe, M Ajiro
0800h A41H-3152 POSTER Radiometric trend
of lunar calibration compared with vicarious
calibration for GOSAT: K Shiomi, S Kawakami, A
Kuze, H Suto, T Hashiguchi, F Kataoka, R Higuchi,
C J Bruegge, F M Schwandner, L Chapsky
0800h A41H-3153 POSTER Correction of Spectral
Distortion on Oxygen a-Band Due to Non-Linear
Phase Delay Onboard Tanso-FTS/Gosat: H Suto, A
Butz, A Kuze
0800h A41H-3154 POSTER Recent Topics about
the GOSAT TANSO-FTS SWIR L2 Retrievals: Y
Yoshida, N Kikuchi, M Inoue, I Morino, O Uchino,
T Yokota
0800h A41H-3155 POSTER Performance test of
greenhouse gas retrieval algorithm over East Asia:
W V Kim, Y Jung, J Kim, H Lee, H Boesch, M L
Ou, T Y Goo
0800h A41H-3156 POSTER The sensitivity analysis
of aerosol properties to carbon dioxide retrieval
algorithm : Y Jung, J Kim, W V Kim, S Lee, H Lee,
H Boesch, T Y Goo, M L Ou
0800h A41H-3157 POSTER Analytical Jacobian
Calculation in RT Model Including Polarization
Effect: Y Okabayashi, Y Yoshida, Y Ota
0800h A41H-3158 POSTER Retrievals of atmospheric
columnar carbon dioxide and methane from
GOSAT observations with photon path-length
probability density function (PPDF) method: A
Bril, S Oshchepkov, T Yokota, Y Yoshida, I Morino,
O Uchino, D A Belikov, S S Maksyutov
0800h A41H-3159 POSTER High Resolution CO2
Simulation for Detecting Emission Hotspots Signal
in GOSAT XCO2 Data: R Janardanan Achari,
J W Kaiser, S S Maksyutov, A Ito, A Ganshin, R
Zhuravlev, Y Yoshida
0800h A41H-3160 POSTER Point source detection
and validation using GOSAT and OCO-2 data:
Volcanoes and Power Plants: F M Schwandner, S
A Carn, F Kataoka, V J Realmuto, A Kuze, K Shiomi
0800h A41H-3161 POSTER Comparison of airborne
measurements of greenhouse gases over Railroad
Valley, Nevada to satellite and model results: T
Tanaka, E L Yates, L T Iraci, M S Johnson, J
Lopez, M Loewenstein, W Gore, J Tadic, A Kuze,
S Kawakami
0800h A41H-3162 POSTER Validation of
Retrievals: E De Wachter, N Kumps, A C Vandaele,
S Robert, S Kochenova, M De Maziere
0800h A41H-3163 POSTER An Intercomparison
of XCO2 spatio-temporal variability from AIRS,
SCIAMACHY, GOSAT (ACOS) satellite datasets
and TCCON and GAW ground-base measurements
using spectral analysis: J Li, B E Carlson, A A Lacis
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 3
0800h A41H-3164 POSTER CO2 Annual and
Semiannual Cycles from Satellite Retrievals and
Models: X Jiang, D Crisp, E T Olsen, S S Kulawik,
C E Miller, T S Pagano, Y L Yung
0800h A41H-3165 POSTER Validation of
TANSO-FTS TIR V01.00 CO2 and CH4
N Saitoh, S Kimoto, R Sugimura, R
Kawakami, K Shiomi, T Machida, Y
Imasu, S
Sawa, H
0800h A41H-3166 POSTER Characterizing the errors
in AIRS mid-tropospheric CO2 retrievals: T Oda, D
F Baker, S R Kawa
0800h A41H-3167 POSTER Methane CrossValidation Between Spaceborne Solar Occultation
Observations from ACE-FTS, Spaceborne Nadir
Sounding from Gosat, and Ground-Based Solar
Absorption Measurements, at a High Arctic Site:
G Holl, K A Walker, S A Conway, N Saitoh, C D
Boone, K Strong, J R Drummond
0800h A41H-3168 POSTER Precision FT-IR
laboratory measurements of atmospheric molecule:
K Sung, L R Brown, T J Crawford
0800h A41H-3169 POSTER Retrieval of CO2 Mixing
Ratios from CLARS Measurements: Correcting
Aerosol Induced Biases: Q Zhang, V Natraj, R L
Shia, C M Roehl, Y L Yung, S P Sander
Moscone South Poster Hall
Remote Sensing of the Carbon Cycle:
Exploiting New Measurements
and Linkages to the Water Cycle III
Presiding: Christopher O’Dell, Colorado
State University; Charles Miller, Jet
Propulsion Lab; Annmarie Eldering,
JPL; John Worden, NASA Jet Propulsion
0800h A41I-3170 POSTER TCCON at Ten: C M
Roehl, D Wunch, P O Wennberg
0800h A41I-3171 POSTER The total column of
CO2 and CH4 measured with a compact Fourier
transform spectrometer at NASA Armstrong Flight
Research Center and Railroad Valley, Nevada, USA:
S Kawakami, K Shiomi, H Suto, A Kuze, P W
Hillyard, T Tanaka, J R Podolske, L T Iraci, R T
0800h A41I-3172 POSTER Aircraft Measurements
for Calibration of the NIES TCCON FTSs and
Comparison of the GOSAT Data Observed over
Tsukuba and Rikubetsu in Japan: M Inoue, I
Morino, O Uchino, K Nakamae, T Machida, K
Katsumata, T Yokota
0800h A41I-3173 POSTER Calibration of a TCCON
FTS at Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC)
Using Multiple Airborne Profiles: P W Hillyard,
L T Iraci, J R Podolske, T Tanaka, E L Yates, C M
Roehl, D Wunch, P O Wennberg, R T Albertson,
D R Blake, S Meinardi, J E Marrero, M M Yang, A
J Beyersdorf, S C Wofsy, J V Pittman, B C Daube
0800h A41I-3174 POSTER Compact Solar
Spectroscopic Column CO2, CH4, H2O and HOD
Observations: Performance Evaluation at TCCON
Sites: Z Butterfield, R Lindenmaier, M K Dubey, J
Hedelius, D Wunch, P O Wennberg, J R Podolske,
L T Iraci, P W Hillyard, F Hase
0800h A41I-3175 POSTER CO2 Total Column
Measurements Over Central Mexico: J L Baylon,
W Stremme, E Plaza, A Bezanilla, M Grutter, F
Hase, T Blumenstock
0800h A41I-3181 POSTER CO2 Virtual Science Data
Environment: Providing Streamlined Access to CO2
Data: H Nguyen, L Cinquini, S Davidoff, B Duran,
A Eldering, R A Granat, M R Gunson, J Hofman, B
Knosp, E Murphy, G B Osterman, P Zimdars
0800h A41I-3183 POSTER An Uncertainty
Quantification Framework for the Orbiting Carbon
Observatory-2 Mission: J Hobbs, A J Braverman,
M R Gunson, R A Granat, N Cressie
0800h A41I-3184 POSTER A Preliminary Validation
Analysis of Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2
(OCO-2) Measurements Using TCCON Data: G B
Osterman, B Fisher, C M Roehl, D Wunch, P O
Wennberg, A Eldering, B J Naylor, D Crisp, H R
Pollock, M R Gunson
0800h A41I-3185 POSTER A First Look at Target
Mode Retrievals of CO2 from the Orbiting Carbon
Observatory-2 (OCO-2): V Natraj, T Taylor, M
Smyth, B Fisher, C O’Dell, H R Pollock, D Crisp
0800h A41I-3186 POSTER Remote sensing of CO2
from the NASA OCO-2 satellite by RemoTeC: R
Raecke, P Hahne, O P Hasekamp, H Hu, J aan de
Brugh, J Landgraf, D Schepers, A Butz
0800h A41I-3187 POSTER A Comparison of Aerosol
Parameterizations in the ACOS XCO2 Retrieval
Algorithm: R R Nelson, C O’Dell, D Crisp, A
Eldering, C Frankenberg, M R Gunson, V Natraj,
D Fu
0800h A41I-3188 POSTER Lower Tropospheric CO2
from OCO-2: S S Kulawik, C O’Dell, F Deng, D B
A Jones, R R Nelson, V Payne
0800h A41I-3189 POSTER Evaluation of Cloud
and Aerosol Screening of Early Orbiting Carbon
Observatory-2 Observations with Collocated
MODIS Measurements: T Taylor, C O’Dell, H Q
Cronk, P Partain, C Frankenberg, A Eldering, H R
Pollock, D Crisp
Moscone South Poster Hall
The Southern Ocean: Precipitation,
Clouds, Aerosols, and the Air-Sea
Interface I Posters
Presiding: Roger Marchand, University
of Washington; Trish Quinn, NOAA
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
0800h A41J-3190 POSTER The Southern Ocean
Clouds, Radiation, Aerosol Transport Experimental
Study (SOCRATES): An Observational Campaign
for Determining Role of Clouds, Aerosols and
Radiation in Climate System: G M McFarquhar,
R Wood, C S Bretherton, S Alexander, C Jakob,
R Marchand, A Protat, P Quinn, S T Siems, R A
0800h A41J-3191 POSTER CCN Cloud Processing
Interhemispheric Comparisons: S S Tabor, S R
Noble Jr, J G Hudson
0800h A41J-3192 POSTER A Statistical Analysis
of Seasonality of Cloud Microphysics, Biogenic
Aerosols and Rainfall Over Ocean Using The
A-Train Satellites: S Zeng, C R Trepte, Y Hu, D M
Winker, J Riedi
0800h A41J-3193 POSTER Evidence for a Significant
Source of Sea Salt Aerosol from Blowing Snow
Above Sea Ice in the Southern Ocean: M M Frey,
I Brook, P A Anderson, K Nishimura, X Yang, A E
Jones, E W Wolff
0800h A41J-3194 POSTER Where and What Is
Pristine Marine Aerosol?: L M Russell, A A
Frossard, M S Long, S M Burrows, S Elliott, T S
Bates, P Quinn
0800h A41I-3176 POSTER Remote sensing of XCO2
and XCH4 above the Atlantic from aboard the
research vessel Polarstern: F Klappenbach, M
Bertleff, K Julian, F Hase, M Gisi, A Butz
0800h A41J-3195 POSTER Sources and Properties of
Cloud Condensation Nuclei in the Marine Boundary
Layer: P Quinn, T S Bates, D J Coffman, K Schulz,
L M Russell, P Massoli
0800h A41I-3177 POSTER Remote Sensing of CO2,
CH4, CO, and H2o from Geostationary Orbit: X Xi,
V Natraj, M Luo, Q Zhang, R L Shia, S P Sander,
Y L Yung
0800h A41J-3197 POSTER A hybrid approach to
identifying cloud regimes for model evaluation
applied to the Southern Ocean cloud and radiation
biases: S Mason, C Jakob, J M Haynes, C N Franklin
A41I-3178 POSTER
That Calibration of the Instrument Response
to Polarizations Parallel and Perpendicular to
the Object Space Projected Slit of an Imaging
Spectrometer Enable Measurement of the
Atmospheric Absorption Spectrum in Region
of the Weak CO2 Band for the Case of Arbitrary
Polarization: Implication for the Geocarb Mission: J
B Kumer, R L Rairden, I N Polonsky, D M O’Brien
0800h A41I-3179 POSTER Balloon Demonstrator
Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer for the
Measurement of Methane and Carbon Dioxide over
the Arctic: C T McElroy, K A Walker, Z Vaziri, O
Moeini, R Martin
0800h A41I-3180 POSTER Satellite Observations of
CO2 and CH4 Supported from NASA GSFC: T J
Hearty III, A K Savtchenko, J C Wei, A Albayrak,
B Vollmer
0800h A41J-3198 POSTER Marine biogeochemical
influence on primary sea spray aerosol composition
in the Southern Ocean: predictions from a
mechanistic model: D McCoy, S M Burrows, S
Elliott, A A Frossard, L M Russell, X Liu, O O
Ogunro, R C Easter, P J Rasch
0800h A41J-3199 POSTER Tying Biological
Activity to Changes in Sea Spray Aerosol Chemical
Composition via Single Particle Analyses: C M
Sultana, C Lee, D B Collins, J L Axson, O Laskina, J
R Grandquist, V H Grassian, K A Prather
0800h A41J-3200 POSTER The impact of marine
surface organic enrichment on the measured
hygroscopicity parameter of laboratory generated
sea-spray aerosols: S Schill, G Novak, K
Zimmermann, T H Bertram
11/28/2014 11:06:15 AM
Correlations of Horizontally Oriented Ice and
Precipitation in North and South Pacific Maritime
Clouds Using Collocated CloudSat, CALIOP,
and MODIS Observations: A Ross, R Holz, S A
0800h A41J-3202 POSTER Evolution of aerosol and
CCN properties on the Antarctic Peninsula and
Southern Ocean during the spring and summer
seasons: C Corrigan, G Roberts, G Grant
0800h A41K-3223 POSTER Effects of CloudProcessed CCN on Warm Clouds: S R Noble Jr, J
G Hudson
0800h A41K-3224 POSTER Modulation of the Wind
Speed Response of Marine Stratocumulus Clouds: J
Kazil, G Feingold
0800h A41K-3225 POSTER Aerosol-stratocumulusradiation Interactions over Southeast Pacific and
Their Implications to SST: G Chen, W C Wang
0800h A41J-3203 POSTER The Impact of
Dimethyl Sulfide Emissions on the Earth System:
P J Cameron-Smith, S Elliott, S J Ghan, M B
Shrivastava, D D Lucas, M E Maltrud
0800h A41K-3226 POSTER Cloud microphysical
relationships and their implication on the mixing
processes in the stratocumulus clouds measured
during the VOCALS-REx: S S Yum, J Wang, Y Liu,
G Senum, S R Springston, R L McGraw, J Yeom
Moscone South Poster Hall
0800h A41K-3227 POSTER Subseasonal Vertical
Correlations with MBL Cloud Top Heights over
the Southeastern Pacific and Cloud Top Height/
Vertical Velocity Relationships in a Baroclinic
Atmosphere Using Satellite and Re-Analysis Data:
T L Kubar, V E Larson, G L Stephens, R Wood,
M D Lebsock
Warm Boundary Layer Clouds and
Climate Change from the Cloud to the
Global Scale I Posters (cosponsored by
AMS) (joint with GC, OS)
Presiding: Jan Kazil, NOAA/CIRES; Armin
Sorooshian, University of Arizona
0800h A41K-3204 POSTER Three Key Processes
Drive Marine Low-Cloud Cover Feedback: X Qu,
A D Hall, S A Klein
0800h A41K-3205 POSTER The highs and lows of
cloud radiative feedback: Comparing observational
data and CMIP5 models: A Jenney, D A Randall
0800h A41K-3206 POSTER Using the Annual Cycle
to Understand Climate Model Biases in Trade-wind
Clouds: B Medeiros, L Nuijens
0800h A41K-3207 POSTER Regional Biases in
Droplet Activation Parameterizations: Strong
Influence on Aerosol Second Indirect Effect in the
Community Atmosphere Model v5: R Morales, A
0800h A41K-3208 POSTER Understanding
subtropical cloud feedbacks in anthropogenic
climate change simulations of CMIP5 models: T A
Myers, J R Norris
0800h A41K-3209 POSTER Is a Low Cloud Signal in
Response to CO2 Forcing Potentially Observable in
the Satellite Record?: M R Olheiser, J R Norris
0800h A41K-3210 POSTER Subtropical Low Cloud
Responses to Central and Eastern Pacific El Nino
Events: A D Rapp, R Bennartz, J H Jiang, S Kato,
W S Olson, R T Pinker, H Su, P C Taylor
0800h A41K-3211 POSTER Speeding up CRMs for
cloud-climate interaction studies by acceleration of
mean state tendencies: C R Jones, C S Bretherton
0800h A41K-3212 POSTER Modelling Volcanic
Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Warm Cumulus
Cloud Using the High Resolution Nested Suite of
the UK Met Office Unified Model: A K Hodgson,
P Field, K S Carslaw, A A Hill, B J Shipway, D P
Grosvenor, J H Marsham
0800h A41K-3213 POSTER Signatures of semidirect radiative forcing by absorbing aerosols in
satellite observations and models: E M Wilcox, F
Hosseinpour, P R Colarco
0800h A41K-3214 POSTER Emulation of CloudAerosol Indirect Radiative Effects (ECLAIRE):
E M Dunne, H Korhonen, H Kokkola, L Lee, S
0800h A41K-3215 POSTER A Framework for
Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Monitoring: H W J
Russchenberg, K Sarna
0800h A41K-3216 POSTER An Improved Method
for Detectingand Separating Cloud from Drizzle
Radar Signatures Using a Time Domain Parametric
Technique: C Nguyen, C V Chandra
0800h A41K-3217 POSTER Statistical Analysis of
Turbulence-Induced Fluctuations In In-Cloud
Saturation Ratio and Rates of Cloud Droplet
Growth: R L McGraw, E P Luke, P Kollias
0800h A41K-3218 POSTER Verification of difference
of ion-induced nucleation rate for kinds of ionizing
radiation: A Suzuki, K Masuda, Y Takeuchi, Y
Itow, T Sako, Y Matsumi, T Nakayama, S Ueda, K
Miura, K Kusano
0800h A41K-3219 POSTER Investigation of the
Relationship Between Turbulence and Drizzle
Onset and Development in Continental and
Marine Stratiform Low-level Clouds Using ARM
Observations: E P Luke, P Borque, J Y C Chiu, P
0800h A41K-3220 POSTER How individual clouds
contrbute to the cloud overlap of fields of shallow
cumuli: T Heus, D TГјns, R Neggers
0800h A41K-3221 POSTER Role of Spatial
Distribution of Rain in Formation of Open Cellular
Circulation: T Yamaguchi, G Feingold
Moscone West 3012
Advances in Weather and Climate
Science Enabled by Atmospheric
Profilers and Ground-Based GNSS/GPS
Techniques II (cosponsored by AMS)
(joint with G)
Presiding: David Adams, Universidad
Nacional AutГіnoma de MГ©xico;
Yolande Serra, Univ Arizona; Bjorn
Lambrigtsen, NASA Jet Propulsion
Laboratory; Eric Fetzer, NASA Jet
Propulsion Laboratory
0800h A41L-01 Using GPS Water Vapor
Measurements to Validate, Calibrate, and Improve
Microwave Satellite Water Vapor Retrievals: C A
Mears, J Wang, H Huelsing, D K Smith, F J Wentz
0815h A41L-02 GNSS observations as a numerical
weather prediction data source, a way forward
to enhanced forecast quality; aims, challenges
and plans for 2014-2017: W Rohm, M Kryza, K
Wilgan, J Kaplon, M Stanek
0830h A41L-03 The North American Monsoon
GPS TRANSECT Experiment 2013: D K Adams,
R A Bennett, O R Perez, C Minjarez, Y L Serra, A
Quintanar, L Alatorre, A Granados, G E Vazquez
0845h A41L-04 The Relationship between Sea
Surface Temperature and Total Column Precipitable
Water Vapor Across the Broader Caribbean: J
Braun, T Vanhove
0900h A41L-05 Cloud-Climate Interactions: Using
Satellite Observations to Probe the Atmospheric
Boundary Layer: J Teixeira
0915h A41L-06 New Insights into Convective
Dynamics and Convective Cloud Vertical Structures
from Synergistic Measurements by CloudSat,
CALIPSO and MODIS: Z J Luo, H Takahashi, S
Iwasaki, G L Stephens
0930h A41L-07 Thermodynamics in the Suppressed
Phase of the Madden-Julian Oscillation Using
a Multiplatform Strategy: J B Roberts, F R
Robertson, C A Clayson, P C Taylor
0945h A41L-08 Cloud Radiative Effect by Cloud
Types Based on Radiative Transfer Model
Calculations and Collocated A-Train Data: Q Yue,
E J Fetzer, M M Schreier, B H Kahn, X Huang
Moscone West 3002
Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Processes and Turbulence I
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with B, H,
Presiding: Pierre Gentine, Columbia
University; Marcelo Chamecki,
Pennsylvania State University; Marcelo
Chamecki, Pennsylvania State
0800h A41M-01 The impact of variable building
height on drag, flow and turbulence over a realistic
suburban surface: M G Giometto, A Christen, M
Calaf, M B Parlange
0815h A41M-02 Formation of nocturnal low-level
jets and structure of the nocturnal boundary layer in
the Southern Great Plains: P M Klein, T A Bonin, J
F Newman, C E Wainwright, W G Blumberg, D D
Turner, P B Chilson, S Wharton
0830h A41M-03 Atmospheric Surface Layer Flow
over Distributions of Cubes and Evaluation of
Transient Dynamics: W Anderson, Q Li, E BouZeid
0800h A41K-3222 POSTER Cloud Processing of
CCN Spectra: J G Hudson, S R Noble Jr
0845h A41M-04 A closer look at boundary layer
inversion in large-eddy simulations and bulk
models: P Gentine, G Bellon, C Van Heerwaarden
AGU2014News.indb 4
0900h A41M-05 Application of Stable Isotope
Tracers to Determine Latent Heat Exchange in
Stable and Condensing Boundary Layers: D C
Noone, A Raudzens Bailey, M B Berkelhammer, C
Cox, A Kaushik
0915h A41M-06 A Unified Theory for the Great
Plains Nocturnal Low-Level Jet: A Shapiro, E
Fedorovich, S Rahimi
0930h A41M-07 Scaling Properties of Turbulent
Mixing for Scalars Measured at Arctic Terrestrial
Sites: A A Grachev, T Uttal, O P G Persson, S
Crepinsek, C W Fairall, R Albee, A Makshtas, V Y
Kustov, I Repina, A Y Artamonov
0945h A41M-08 Horizontal Divergence and Vertical
Velocity Adjacent to the Pyrenees Measured During
the Boundary Layer Late Afternoon & Sunset
Turbulence (BLLAST) Experiment: I C Faloona,
M Lothon
Moscone West 3014
Improving Emissions Through
Observations VI (joint with B, GC)
Presiding: Gregory Frost, NOAA;
Monika Kopacz, NOAA; Ray Bambha,
Sandia National Labs; Hope Michelsen,
Sandia Natl Lab
0800h A41N-01 Methane emissions in the US and
Canada: contributions of various source sectors and
evolution of emissions over time: S M Miller, A M
Michalak, S C Wofsy, A E Andrews, S Biraud, E J
Dlugokencky, M L Fischer, G Janssens-Maenhout,
E A Kort, B R Miller, J B Miller, S A Montzka, D
E J Worthy
0815h A41N-02 Seasonal Variation of Methane
Emissions in California’s Urban and Rural Regions
Using Multi-site Observations: S Jeong, Y Hsu, A
E Andrews, L Bianco, S Newman, X Cui, J Bagley,
H D Graven, P Salameh, C Sloop, B LaFranchi, H
A Michelsen, R Bambha, R F Weiss, R F Keeling,
M L Fischer
0830h A41N-03 Atmosphere-based estimates
of non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions for the
U.S. derived from 14CO2 during 2009-2012: S A
Montzka, J B Miller, S Lehman, B Miller, L Hu, A E
Andrews, C Sweeney, E J Dlugokencky, J R Southon,
C Wolak, J W Elkins, P P Tans, J C Turnbull, B W
LaFranchi, T P Guilderson, M L Fischer
0845h A41N-04 Verification of non-CO2 greenhouse
gas emissions of Europe; capabilities of the current
and future surface network: A T Vermeulen, M
Schmidt, S Hammer, P M Bergamaschi, L Hazan, U
0900h A41N-05 High-resolution methane emission
estimates using the InTEM inversion system: S
Connors, A Manning, A D Robinson, S N Riddick,
G Forster, D Oram, S O’Doherty, N R P Harris
0915h A41N-06 Comparison of Emissions
Inventories of Anthropogenic Air Pollutants in
Asia: E Saikawa, C L Young, H Kim, J I Kurokawa,
Y Zhao, G G A Janssens-Maenhout, Q Zhang, T
A41N-07 Optimizing
concentrations and emissions based on DART/
CAM-CHEM: B Gaubert, A F Arellano, J Barre,
H M Worden, L K Emmons, C Wiedinmyer, J L
Anderson, M N Deeter, A P Mizzi, D P Edwards
0945h A41N-08 Recent global methane trends: an
investigation using hierarchical Bayesian methods:
M L Rigby, A Stavert, A Ganesan, M F Lunt
Moscone West 3006
0845h A41O-04 Age Spectra and Transport Rates in
the UTLS over the Tropics and the North American
Monsoon Region: J V Pittman, S C Wofsy, B
C Daube, J Budney, R Commane, J Lindaas, K
McKain, J Samra, G Santoni, M R Sargent, J B
Smith, J G Anderson, R S Gao, A W Rollins, T D
Thornberry, L A Watts, E J Hintsa, F L Moore, J
W Elkins, A E Andrews, E L Atlas, M A Navarro, T
Wang, A E Dessler
0900h A41O-05 Impact of Deep Convection on
UTLS Composition -New Observations from
Recent Airborne Field Studies: L Pan
0915h A41O-06 Determination of stratospheric
and anthropogenic contributions to enhanced midtropospheric O3 in the tropical western Pacific:
D C Anderson, J M Nicely, R J Salawitch, R R
Dickerson, T P Canty, T F Hanisco, G M Wolfe Jr,
E C Apel, E L Atlas, T L Campos, R S Hornbrook,
D E Kinnison, L Pan, W J Randel, D D Riemer, A
J Weinheimer
0930h A41O-07 Using Long-Term Observations of
VOCs from the CARIBIC Observatory to Refine
Understanding of Transport and Chemistry in the
UT/LS: A K Baker, U R Thorenz, C Sauvage, H
Riede, T Umezawa, J Williams, A Zahn, C A M
0945h A41O-08 Fast Transport from Southeast Asia
Boundary Layer Sources to Northern Europe: Rapid
Uplift in Typhoons and Eastward Eddy Shedding
of the Asian Monsoon Anticyclone: R Mueller,
B Vogel, G Guenther, J U Grooss, P M Hoor, M
Kraemer, S Mueller, A Zahn, M Riese
Moscone West 3008
Toward Reducing Systematic Errors
in Weather and Climate Models:
Evaluation, Understanding, and
Improvement I
Presiding: Shaocheng Xie, Lawrence
Livermore Nat’’l Lab; Jui-Lin Li, JPL;
Brian Medeiros, NCAR/CGD; Fanglin
0800h A41P-01 Thirty Years of Improving the
NCEP Global Forecast System: G H White, G
Manikin, F Yang
0815h A41P-02 Sensitivity of NCEP GFS Forecast
of Hurricane Sandy to Model Biases: F Yang
0830h A41P-03 Ensemble Forecasting – Reducing
Systematic Error and Identifying Forecast Errors: H
Guan, Y Zhu, B Cui
0845h A41P-04 Development of the Atmospheric
Component of the Next Generation Gfdl Climate
Model: J C Golaz, M Zhao
0900h A41P-05 Assessing air-sea interaction in the
evolving NASA GEOS model: C A Clayson, J B
0915h A41P-06 The Impacts of Cloud Snow
Radiative Effects on Pacific Oceans Surface
Heat Fluxes, Surface Wind Stress, and Ocean
Temperatures in Coupled GCM Simulations: J L F
Li, W L Lee, T Lee, E J Fetzer, J Y Yu
0930h A41P-07 The Mean State and Inter-annual
Variability of East Asian Summer Monsoon in
CMIP5 Coupled Models: Does Air-Sea Coupling
Improve the Simulations? : T Zhou, F Song
0945h A41P-08 Westerly wind biases over the
equatorial Atlantic and their link to South American
convection: I Richter, B Taguchi, T Doi, S K
Processes Controlling Upper
Troposphere / Lower Stratosphere
Composition and Structure IV
Moscone West Poster Hall
Presiding: Ross Salawitch, University
of Maryland; Troy Thornberry,
NOAA ESRL; Neil Harris, University of
0800h A41O-01 Transport of Air to the Stratosphere:
Perspectives From the Aura Microwave Limb
Sounder (MLS) Instrument: N J Livesey, M L
Santee, G L Manney, M J Schwartz, W G Read, A
Lambert, J L Neu, L Froidevaux
0815h A41O-02 The Flushing of the Northern
Lower Stratosphere and the Influence of the
Monsoon: Results from Tacts/Esmval 2012: P M
Hoor, S Mueller, H Bozem, H Fischer, E Gute, A
Engel, H Boenisch, T Keber, A Zahn, M Kraemer, H
Schlager, H Wernli, B Vogel
0830h A41O-03 Rossby-wave driven stirring
of the UTLS - a detailed view on the intricately
layered structure by the 3-D imaging limb-sounder
GLORIA: J Ungermann, F Friedl-Vallon, M
Hoepfner, H Oelhaf, P Preusse, M Riese
Biochar Research: Advances in
Production and Application I Posters
(joint with GC)
Presiding: Jehangir Bhadha, Univeristy
of Florida - Everglades Research and
Education Center; Timothy Lang,
Univeristy of Florida - Everglades
Research and Education Center
0800h B41A-0001 POSTER Metal Sequestration Is
Influenced By Biochar Properties and Changes in
pH: J Clemente, S Beauchemin, T MacKinnon, J
Martin, B Joern, C T Johnston
0800h B41A-0002 POSTER Sustainable biochar
effects for low carbon crop production: A 5-crop
season field experiment on a low fertility soil from
Central China: X Liu
0800h B41A-0003 POSTER Organic Amendment
Effects on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from LongTerm Stockpiled Soils: F Zvomuya, J Laskosky
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:15 AM
0800h B41A-0004 POSTER Chemical Composition
of Fresh and Aged Biochars: W T Cooper, R
Hamdan, A Mukherjee, A R Zimmerman
0800h B41A-0005 POSTER Characteristics and
phytotoxicity assay of biochars derived from a Znrich antibiotic residue: R Li, R Xiao, J J Wang, Z
0800h B41A-0006 POSTER Effect of almond shell
biochar addition on the hydro-physical properties
of an arable Central Valley soil: V Lopez, T A
0800h B41A-0007 POSTER Grain-Size Effects on
Field Capacity of Soil-Biochar Mixtures: Z Liu, B
Dugan, C A Masiello, H M Gonnermann
0800h B41A-0008 POSTER Chemical and Isotopic
Thresholds in Charring: Implications for the
Interpretation of Charcoal Mass and Isotopic
Data: L Pyle, W C Hockaday, T W Boutton, K
Zygourakis, T Kinney, C A Masiello
0800h B41A-0009 POSTER Influence of biochar
amendments on marine sediment trace metal
bioavailability: G E Gehrke, H Hsu-Kim
Moscone West Poster Hall
Biogenic Carbonates: From
Biocalcification to Geochemical
Proxies III Posters (joint with GC, OS, PP)
Presiding: Weifu Guo, Woods Hole
Oceanographic Inst.; Alexander
Gagnon, University of Washington
Seattle Campus; Glenn Gaetani,
WHOI; Anne Cohen, Woods Hole
Oceanographic Inst
IN FORAMINIFERA: L D Nooijer, T Toyofuku, J
Bijma, G J Reichart
0800h B41B-0011 POSTER Microscopic visualization
approach of foraminiferal calcification environment:
T Toyofuku, K Fujita, M Yamamoto, L J de
Nooijer, H Nomaki, M Tsuchiya, H Kitazato
0800h B41B-0012 POSTER Controls on shell
thickness in modern planktonic foraminifera: K H
Salmon, P Anand, P F Sexton, M H Conte, J Bijma
0800h B41B-0013 POSTER Determinants of
Seasonality of Planktonic Foraminifera Shell Flux:
Consequences for Paleoproxies: L Jonkers, M
B41B-0014 POSTER
Morphotypes of Foraminifera Orbulina Universa
Using Shell Morphometrics: B J Marshall, R
0800h B41B-0015 POSTER Survival of the 1%:
Consequences of a Two-Phase Dynamic of
Aragonitic Shell Loss and Stabilization for the
Temporal Resolution of Proxy Data: S M Kidwell,
A Tomasovych, C R Alexander Jr, D S Kaufman, J
Coccolithophorid Biology in the Sedimentary
Laboratory: H L O McClelland, N Barbarin, L
Beaufort, M Hermoso, R E M Rickaby
0800h B41B-0017 POSTER Influence of Cd, Co, and
Zn on inorganic carbon acquisition and carbon
metabolism in Emiliania huxleyi: J N Sutton, M
Boye, D De La Broise, I Probert
0800h B41B-0018 POSTER Can Species Interaction
Provide New Insight into Biomineralization
Processes?: A L H Oppelt, C S Rocha
0800h B41B-0019 POSTER Deep-Sea Carbonate
Lithification Influenced By Bioturbation on the
Southwest India Ridge: H Xu, X Peng, J Li, S Chen
0800h B41B-0020 POSTER Insights into Carbonate
Formation through the Incorporation of Trace
Metals into Ooids: V E Fairbank, L F Robinson, I J
Parkinson, T Elliott
0800h B41B-0021 POSTER Quantification of
Dynamic Water-Rock-Microbe Interactions in a
Travertine-Depositing Hot Spring, Mammoth Hot
Springs, Yellowstone National Park, USA: L M
DeMott, M Sivaguru, G Fried, R A Sanford, B W
0800h B41B-0022 POSTER Foram Farming
in the Mid-Continent: Culturing Low-Mg
Benthic Foraminifera to Calibrate the Mg/Ca
Paleothermometer: D Jennings, F Hasiuk, E
Thomas, J C Varekamp
0800h B41B-0023 POSTER Salinity proxy
comparison in four tropical biogenic carbonates
for suitability in paleohydrologic reconstruction: K
Broach, A Paytan, J H Street
0800h B41B-0024 POSTER Accurate climate
reconstruction from coral aragonite: The impact of
seawater pH on skeletal Sr/Ca: C S Cole, N Allison,
C Hintz, A Finch
0800h B41B-0025 POSTER High-Resolution
Synchrotron Radiation Imaging of Trace Metal
Elemental Concentrations in Porites Coral: M
Cirino, R B Dunbar, N Tangri, A Mehta
0800h B41B-0026 POSTER Elucidating the
Composition and Distribution of Trace Metals
in Corals: G Farfan, S M Webb, A Apprill, C M
0800h B41B-0027 POSTER Geochemical Proxy
Distribution at the Atomic-Scale: Atom Probe
Tomography of Foraminiferal Calcite: O Branson,
D E Perea, M A Winters, J S Fehrenbacher, A D
Russell, H J Spero, A C Gagnon
0800h B41C-0046 POSTER Ecosystem Greenhouse
Gas Fluxes Respond Directly to Weather Not
Climate: A Case Study on the Relationship of
Global Atmospheric Circulation, Foehn Frequency,
and Winter Weather to Northern Alps Regional
Grassland Phenology and Carbon Cycling: A R
Desai, G Wohlfahrt, M J Zeeman, G Katata, M
Mauder, H P E Schmid
0800h B41B-0028 POSTER Elemental relationships
in synthetic calcite at variable fluid chemistry and
crystallization rate: R I Gabitov, J M Weremeichik,
A Sadekov
0800h B41C-0047 POSTER Influence of cloud optical
thickness on surface diffuse light and carbon uptake
in forests and croplands: S J Cheng, A L Steiner, K
J Nadelhoffer
0800h B41B-0029 POSTER Measuring Carbon and
Oxygen Isotope Uptake into Inorganic Calcite
using Crystal Growth Experiments: E B Baker, J M
0800h B41C-0048 POSTER Influences of Terrain
Complexity on the Temporal Sensitivity of
Terrestrial Carbon Fluxes to Climate: W M Reyes,
R E Emanuel
0800h B41B-0030 POSTER Clumped Isotope (О”47)
Investigation of Kinetic Isotope Effects: Implications
for Biomineralizing Fluids: A S Colman, B He, G
0800h B41C-0049 POSTER Uncertainty Analysis
of Gross Primary Production Separated from Net
Ecosystem Exchange Measurement at Speulderbos
Forest, The Netherlands: R Raj, N A S Hamm, C V
D Tol, A Stein
0800h B41B-0031 POSTER Clumped isotope
paleothermometry of eggshells as an indicator of
vertebrate endothermy: R R Canavan, D J Field, F
Therrien, D Zelenitsky, H P Affek
0800h B41B-0032 POSTER Coastal CO2 climatology
of Oahu, Hawaii: Six years of high resolution timeseries data: G J Terlouw, P S Drupp, E H De Carlo,
M Tomlinson
0800h B41B-0033 POSTER Modeling pH Regulation
During Coral Calcification: Implications for
Predicting Coral Calcification Responses to Ocean
Acidification and for Interpreting Geochemical
Proxies: W Guo
0800h B41B-0034 POSTER Ocean Acidification
Model Predicts a 65% Reduction in Large Benthic
Foraminiferal Carbonate Sediment Production on
the West Florida Shelf By 2140: P O Knorr, L L
Robbins, P J Harries, P Hallock Muller, J G Wynn
0800h B41B-0035 POSTER Bryozoans as indicators
of global change: predictable shifts in morphology
and carbonate mineralogy in response to warming
and ocean acidification: D S Swezey, J R Bean, A T
Ninokawa, E Sanford
0800h B41B-0036 POSTER Exploring the utility
of high resolution “nano-” computed tomography
imaging to place quantitative constraints on shell
biometric changes in marine pteropods in response
to ocean acidification: R Eagle, E Howes, S Lischka,
R Rudolph, J BГјdenbender, J Bijma, J P Gattuso, U
0800h B41B-0037 POSTER CaCO3 Dissolution
Kinetics at the Sediment-Water Interface: C Lix,
A Mucci
0800h B41B-0038 POSTER Dissolution Kinetics of
Biogenic Magnesian Calcites: R Thompson, M
Guidry, F T Mackenzie, E H De Carlo
0800h B41B-0039 POSTER Mg-calcite dissolution in
carbonate sediments: role in ocean acidification: P S
Drupp, E H De Carlo, F T Mackenzie
0800h B41B-0040 POSTER Analysis of Anthraxolite
and Precambrian Carbonates of Kakabeka Falls,
Ontario, Canada: A M Rutter
Moscone West Poster Hall
Biosphere-Atmosphere Greenhouse
Gas Fluxes in Terrestrial Ecosystem IV
Posters (joint with A, H)
Presiding: Sebastian Wolf, Univ. of
California, Berkeley; Ankur Desai,
University of Wisconsin Madison;
Christopher Williams, Clark University
0800h B41C-0041 POSTER Theory Of Climate
Control On NEE Dynamics: C Yi, X Xu
0800h B41C-0042 POSTER Net ecosystem CO2
exchange of a primary tropical peat swamp forest
in Sarawak, Malaysia: A Tang Che Ing, P C Stoy,
L Melling
0800h B41C-0043 POSTER Estimating Carbon
Stocks and Atmospheric Exchange of Depressional
Marshes on the Central Florida Landscape: B
Benscoter, M D McClellan, V Benavides, D
Harshbarger, X Comas
0800h B41C-0044 POSTER Climate variability
and management impacts on carbon uptake in a
temperate pine forest in Eastern Canada using flux
data from 2003 to 2013: M A Arain, J J Brodeur, R
Thorne, M Peichl, S Huang, M Khomik
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 5
0800h B41C-0045 POSTER Ecological and
Environmental Controls over Fifteen-Year Forest
Net Ecosystem Production at the University of
Michigan Biological Station: C M Gough, S J
Cheng, B S Hardiman, P Curtis, G Bohrer, C S
Vogel, K J Nadelhoffer, T H Morin
0800h B41C-0050 POSTER Water Use Efficiency as
a Means for Up Scaling Carbon Fluxes from Leaf to
Stand : M L Linderson, L Tarvainen, G Wallin, J
Uddling, L Klemedtsson
0800h B41C-0051 POSTER Modelling Effects of
Water Table Depth Variations on Net Ecosystem
CO2 Exchange of a Western Canadian Peatland: S
Mezbahuddin, R F Grant, L B Flanagan
0800h B41C-0052 POSTER Inverse Estimation
of Parameters for a Coupled Photosynthesis
and Stomatal Conductance Model Using Eddy
Covariance Measurements at a Black Spruce Forest
in Alaska: M Ueyama, N Tahara, H Iwata, H
Nagano, Y Harazono
0800h B41C-0053 POSTER Robust increase of
seasonal amplitude in simulated terrestrial CO2
exchange in last decades: M I Inatomi, A Ito
0800h B41C-0054 POSTER A hierarchical modeling
approach to estimating soil trace gas fluxes from
static chambers: K Ogle, E Ryan, F A Dijkstra, E
0800h B41C-0055 POSTER Ecosystem Resiliency
Study under Extreme Droughts using MultiLand Surface Models: L Xu, C A Schlosser, D W
Kicklighter, K T Paw U, K Y Chang, B S Felzer, Z
0800h B41C-0056 POSTER Modeling the Impacts
of Long-Term Warming Trends on Gross
Primary Productivity Across North America: Z A
Mekonnen, R F Grant
0800h B41C-0057 POSTER Beyond the Big
Leaf: Quantifying Interactions between Canopy
Structure and Canopy Photosynthesis Using
Isotopic Partitioning of Net Ecosystem-Atmosphere
Exchange of CO2 in a Temperate Forest: J
Asirwatham, R A Wehr, S R Saleska
0800h B41C-0066 POSTER Effect of residual biomass
burning on CO2 flux at a paddy field in Japan: Y
Taniguchi, T Iwata, K Nakaya
0800h B41C-0067 POSTER The Dynamics of Energy
and CO2 Transport above a Subtropical Rice Paddy:
C I Hsieh
0800h B41C-0068 POSTER A direct human influence
on atmospheric CO2 seasonality from increased
cropland productivity: J M Gray, S E Frolking, E
A Kort, D K Ray, C J Kucharik, N Ramankutty, M
A Friedl
0800h B41C-0069 POSTER Sources of Respired
Carbon in a Northern Minnesota Ombrotrophic
Spruce Bog: Preliminary 14C Results from the
SPRUCE Site: T P Guilderson, G McNicol, A
Machin, P J Hanson, K J McFarlane, J L Osuna, J
Pett-Ridge, M J Singleton
0800h B41C-0070 POSTER Temporal Dynamics of
Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Soil and Canopy
CO2 Fluxes in a Temperate Deciduous Forest: E
Santos, C Wagner-Riddle, X Lee, J S Warland, S
Brown, P A Bartlett, R M Staebler, K Kim
Robinson, A J Midwood
0800h B41C-0072 POSTER Investigating landatmosphere exchange using observations of the
stable isotopes in water vapour during a short term
field campaign: S D Parkes, A Griffiths, L Wang,
M F McCabe, S D Chambers, A G Williams, A
Element, J Strauss
0800h B41C-0073 POSTER A high-altitude balloon
platform to measure regional carbon dioxide
exchange from agricultural systems: M J Potosnak,
M Pocs, A Bouche, K Roberts, C Goedde, B BeckWinchatz
0800h B41C-0074 POSTER Continuous In-situ
Measurements of Carbonyl Sulfide to Constrain
Ecosystem Carbon and Water Exchange: B Rastogi,
Y Kim, M B Berkelhammer, D C Noone, C T Lai,
D Y Hollinger, K Bible, J B Leen, M Gupta, C J Still
0800h B41C-0075 POSTER Soil-atmosphere
carbonyl sulfide (COS) exchange in a tropical
rainforest at La Selva, Costa Rica: W Sun, K S
Maseyk, S Juarez, C Lett, U H Seibt
0800h B41C-0076 POSTER Decadal Effects of
Elevated CO2 and O3 on Forest Soil Respiration and
Belowground Carbon Cycling at Aspen FACE: A F
Talhelm, K S Pregitzer, D R Zak, A J Burton
0800h B41C-0077 POSTER Partitioning Autotrophic
and Heterotrophic Respiration at Howland Forest:
M S Carbone, D Y Hollinger, E A Davidson, H
Hughes, K E Savage
0800h B41C-0078 POSTER Partitioning soil
respiration: examining the artifacts of the trenching
method. : K E Savage, E A Davidson, A Finzi, M A
Giasson, R A Wehr
0800h B41C-0079 POSTER Land-use and climate
effects on soil respiration quantified with a
landscape sensor network: S Crum, D Jenerette
0800h B41C-0058 POSTER Intermittent spring
flooding of agricultural fields will increase net
global-warming potential of greenhouse gas fluxes:
R F Paul, E M Smyth, C M Smith, I B Kantola, A
Krichels, W H Yang, E H DeLucia
0800h B41C-0080 POSTER Seasonal Variation
in Soil Microbial Biomass, Bacterial Community
Composition and Extracellular Enzyme Activity in
Relation to Soil Respiration in a Northern Great
Plains Grassland: E Wilton, L B Flanagan
0800h B41C-0059 POSTER Soil Greenhouse Gas
Emissions across a Riparian-Upland Transect:
How Will Soils Respond to Anticipated Changes in
Rainfall Magnitude and Frequency?: T Weiglein, D
Scott, B Strahm
0800h B41C-0081 POSTER Diel patterns of soil
respiration in a moist subtropical forest: key
drivers and future research needs: O GutiГ©rrez del
Arroyo, T E Wood
0800h B41C-0060 POSTER Seasonal Variability in
Atmospheric-Methane Oxidation in a Swiss Glacier
Forefield: M H Schroth, E Chiri, P A Nauer, E M
Rainer, J A Zeyer
0800h B41C-0061 POSTER A Modern Automatic
Chamber Technique as a Powerful Tool for CH4
and CO2 Flux Monitoring: M Mastepanov, T R
Christensen, M Lund, N Pirk
0800h B41C-0062 POSTER Seasonal CH4 and N2O
emissions and plant growth characteristics of
several cultivars in direct seeded rice systems : M
Simmonds, M M Anders, M A Adviento-Borbe, C
Van Kessel, A McClung, B Linquist
0800h B41C-0063 POSTER Carbon decomposition
process of the residual biomass in the paddy soil of a
single-crop rice field: K Okada, T Iwata
0800h B41C-0064 POSTER A study on characteristics
of Methane emission from a periodically irrigated
paddy field in Japan: N Wakikuromaru, T Iwata,
K Yagi
0800h B41C-0065 POSTER The variations of
Oxidation-Reduction Potential in paddy soil
and effects on the methane emission from a
periodically irrigated paddy field: K Yagi, T Iwata,
N Wakikuromaru
Moscone West Poster Hall
Carbon Sequestration and
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Fluxes from
Wetland Ecosystems: Implications
for Climate Change, Coastal
Management, and Adaptation II
(joint with A, GC, H)
Presiding: Omar I. Abdul-Aziz, Florida
International Univ.; Jianwu Tang, The
Ecosystems Center, MBL
0800h B41D-0082 POSTER Annual Greenhouse Gas
(CO2, CH4, and N2O) Fluxes Via Ebullition from
a Temperate Emergent Wetland: G Mcnicol, C S
Sturtevant, S H Knox, D D Baldocchi, W L Silver
0800h B41D-0083 POSTER Comparison of analytical
procedures to estimate CH4 and N2O fluxes from a
two-year ecosystem study in a constructed wetland
system: J Ramos Jr, E J Chapman, N Weller, P
Susanto, D L Childers
11/28/2014 11:06:15 AM
0800h B41D-0084 POSTER A Year in the Life:
Annual Patterns of CO2 and CH4 from a Northern
Finland Peatland, Including Anaerobic Methane
Oxidation and Summer Ebullition Rates: K Miller,
D Lipson, C Biasi, M Dorodnikov, M Männistö, C
T Lai
0800h B41D-0085 POSTER Controls of Carbon
Preservation in Coastal Wetlands of Texas:
Mangrove vs. Saltmarsh Ecosystems: A M E Sterne,
P Louchouarn, M J Norwood, K Kaiser
0800h B41D-0086 POSTER Ecosystem Carbon
Stocks of Intertidal Wetlands in Singapore: V X H
Phang, D Friess, L M Chou
0800h B41D-0087 POSTER Soil Greenhouse Gas
Emissions from a Subtropical Mangrove in Hong
Kong: D Y F Lai, J Xu
0800h B41D-0088 POSTER Estimating Carbon
Storage in Eelgrass Meadows in the Gulf of Maine:
J Simpson, B McDowell, M Sacarny, P Colarusso
0800h B41D-0089 POSTER Influence of hydroperiod
on aquatic primary productivity between short- and
long-hydroperiod Florida Everglades marshes: J
Cummings, P C Olivas, S F Oberbauer, S L Malone,
G Starr
0800h B41D-0090 POSTER Scaling for Robust
Empirical Modeling and Predictions of Net
Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) from Diverse Wetland
Ecosystems: K S Ishtiaq, O I Abdul-Aziz
0800h B41D-0091 POSTER Estimating Global
Natural Wetland Methane Emissions Using
Process Modeling: The Spatiotemporal Patterns
and the Contributions to Atmospheric Methane
Fluctuations: Q Zhu, C Peng, J Liu, X Fang, H Jiang
0800h B41D-0092 POSTER The geographic
concentration of blue carbon in the continental US:
R A Feagin, A Hinson
REDD+ MECHANISMS: M Bejarano, I AmezcuaTorrijos
0800h B41D-0094 POSTER Carbon distributions
in Spartina alterniflora dominated salt marshes in
Galveston, Texas: The role of elevation, relative
sea level history, and land cover conversions: R W
Kulawardhana, R A Feagin, S C Popescu
0800h B41D-0095 POSTER Measuring the Role
of Ecological Shift and Environmental Change
on Organic Carbon Stocks in Salt Marshes and
Mangrove Dominated Wetlands from the Texas
Gulf Coast: M J Norwood, P Louchouarn, A R
Armitage, W HighField, S Brody, N White
0800h B41D-0096 POSTER Effects of Experimental
Warming on Net Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from a
New England Salt Marsh: J Carey, K D Kroeger, K
Morkeski, X Chen, J Tang
0800h B41D-0097 POSTER Response of carbon
sequestration in salt marshes to changes in
nitrogen loading and sea level rise: K J Vadman,
M E Gonneea, K D Kroeger, J Tang, S MosemanValtierra
0800h B41D-0098 POSTER The response of soil
organic matter decomposition and greenhouse gases
emission to global warming and nitrogen addition:
H Oh, J H Choi
Mortazavi, B Wilson, R P Kiene
0800h B41D-0100 POSTER Long term (>100
years) Carbon Sequestration in California Coastal
Salt Marshes: L N Brown, G M MacDonald, J R
0800h B41D-0101 POSTER Spatial Variability of
Greenhouse Gas (CH4, N20, and CO2) Soil Fluxes
in Restored and Historic Marshes in California: K P
Sherrill, S C Anisfeld
0800h B41D-0102 POSTER Benthic Primary
Production in a Saltmarsh Pond: Insights from
Fluxes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon and Oxygen:
J S Karolewski, R H Stanley, E M Howard, A C
Moscone West Poster Hall
Changing Ecosystems of the Arctic
and Antarctic Posters II
(joint with C, GC, OS)
Presiding: Lauren Everett, National
Academy of Sciences; Eileen Hofmann,
Old Dominion U-Innov Res Bldg;
Jacqueline Grebmeier, Univ MD Center
Enviro Science; Gaius Shaver, Marine
Bio Lab
AGU2014News.indb 6
0800h B41E-0103 POSTER Changing Seasonality
of Tundra Vegetation and Associated Climatic
Variables: U S Bhatt, D A Walker, M K Raynolds,
P Bieniek, H E Epstein, J C Comiso, J Pinzon, C J
Tucker, M Steele, W S Ermold, J Zhang
0800h B31J-04 POSTER Response of Peat-forming
Ecosystems of the Western Antarctic Peninsula to
Recent Climate Change: M Tardona, D Beilman,
Z Yu, J Loisel
0800h B41E-0105 POSTER Diverging Plant and
Ecosystem Strategies in Response to Climate
Change in the High Arctic: K S Maseyk, J M
Welker, C I Czimczik, M Lupascu, C Lett, U H Seibt
0800h B41E-0106 POSTER A Greener Arctic:
Vascular Plant Litter Input in Subarctic Peat Bogs
Changes Soil Invertebrate Diets and Decomposition
Patterns: E J Krab, M P Berg, R Aerts, R S P van
Logtestijn, J H C Cornelissen
0800h B41E-0107 POSTER Developmental History
of an Intriguing Peat-Forming Community Along
the West Antarctic Peninsula: J Loisel, Z Yu, D
Beilman, K Kaiser
0800h B41E-0108 POSTER Modeling study of
phytoplankton and sea ice algal production and
phenology in the Antarctic Ocean: M Jin
0800h B41E-0109 POSTER A Shift to Melted Sea Ice
From Runoff as the Major Component of Chukchi
Shelf Open Water Freshwater Fractions, 19932013: L W Cooper, K E Frey, C L Logvinova, D M
Biasatti, J M Grebmeier
0800h B41E-0110 POSTER CO2 Flux From Antarctic
Dry Valley Soils: Determining the Source and
Environmental Controls: D A Risk, C M Macintyre,
F Shanhun, P C Almond, C Lee, C Cary
0800h B41E-0112 POSTER Variability in Canopy
Transpiration with Atmospheric Drivers and
Permafrost Thaw Depth in an Arctic Siberian Larch
Forest: M M Loranty, L T Berner, H D Alexander,
S P Davydov
0800h B41E-0113 POSTER An Inter-Disciplinary
Approach to Assess Adaptation Processes Resulting
From a Long-Term Drainage Disturbance of a
Permafrost Ecosystem: M Goeckede, M J Kwon, F
Kittler, I Burjack, M Heimann, N Zimov, S A Zimov
0800h B41E-0114 POSTER Effects of Winter Climate
Change on Plant and Soil Ecology of Cryoturbated
Non-Sorted Circles Tundra: S Monteux, E J Krab, J
Rönnefarth, M Becher, G Blume-Werry, J Kreyling,
F Keuper, J Klaminder, M Kobayashi, E J Lundin, A
Milbau, L M Teuber, J Weedon, E Dorrepaal
0800h B41E-0115 POSTER Experimental evidence
that microbial activity lowers the albedo of glacier
surfaces: the cryoconite casserole experiment: M
Musilova, M Tranter, N Takeuchi, A M Anesio
0800h B41E-0116 POSTER Future Biome Projections
in Alaska and East Russia: A Hendricks, K Saito, N
H Bigelow, J E Walsh
0800h B41E-0117 POSTER Distribution of dissolved
and particulate trace metals in Arctic sea ice: M
Taylor, I L Hendy, S Aciego, K Meyer
0800h B41E-0118 POSTER A Spatially-Explicit
Modeling Approach to Examine the Interaction of
Reproductive Traits and Landscape Characteristics
on Arctic Shrub Expansion: A T Naito, D M Cairns,
R M Feldman, W E Grant
0800h B41E-0120 POSTER Seasonal and interannual variability of dissolved inorganic nutrients
along the western Antarctic Peninsula: is the
Southern Annular Mode a potential driver? : H
Kim, D G Martinson, R A Iannuzzi, H W Ducklow
0800h B41E-0121 POSTER Chromophoric Dissolved
Organic Matter across a Marine Distributed
Biological Observatory in the Pacific Arctic Region:
S L Berman, K E Frey, K L Shake, L W Cooper, J
M Grebmeier
0800h B41E-0122 POSTER Evaluating Post-fire
Ecosystem Effects in Tussock Tundra of the Seward
Peninsula: Characterizing Above-ground Biomass
Accumulation, Soil Nutrient Pools, and Foliar
Nitrogen: T N Hollingsworth, M C Mack, A L
0800h B41F-0125 POSTER Photosynthetic Carbon
Isotope Discrimination Increases with Elevated
CO2 in a Grassland Ecosystem: T J Zelikova, E
Pendall, D G Williams, D R LeCain
0800h B41H-0144 POSTER Iron Mineral Catalyzed
C-H Activation As a Potential Pathway for
Halogenation Processes: C Tubbesing, H F
Schoeler, K Benzing, T Krause, S Lippe, M Rudloff
0800h B41F-0126 POSTER Winter wheat and
summer shade: S Artru, S Garre, L Lassois, C
0800h B41H-0145 POSTER Iron Catalyzed
Halogenation Processes in Saline Soils: C
Tubbesing, S Lippe, V Kullik, L Hauck, T Krause,
F Keppler, H F Schoeler
0800h B41F-0127 POSTER Are above and
belowground phenology in sync?: R Z Abramoff,
A Finzi
0800h B41F-0128 POSTER The Role of Soil
Biological Function in Regulating Agroecosystem
Services and Sustainability in the Quesungual
Agroforestry System: S Fonte, N Pauli, L Rousseau,
J W U A SIX, E Barrios
0800h B41F-0130 POSTER Imagining Future
Forests: What Models Can Learn from Field Data:
E J Ward, J C Domec, M A Laviner, T D Fox, G
Sun, S G McNulty, J King, A Noormets
0800h B41F-0131 POSTER Using large area imaging
to integrate biogeochemical data across spatial
scales: H M Sapers, A Laquerre, M W Phaneuf, G
R Osinski
0800h B41F-0132 POSTER Evaluation of the
biophysical limitations on photosynthesis of four
varietals of Brassica rapa : J R Pleban, D S Mackay,
T Aston, B Ewers, C Weinig
Moscone West Poster Hall
Intergrating Omics and Chemical
Knowledge for an Improved
Understanding for Soil Microbial
Community and Nutrient Dynamics II
(joint with GC)
Presiding: Vanessa Bailey, Pacific
Northwest National Lab; Lee Ann
McCue, Pacific Northwest National Lab;
Taniya Roy Chowdhury, Oak Ridge
National Lab; Neslihan Tas, Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory
Functional Gene Quantification into Traditional
Decomposition Models: K E Todd-Brown, J
Zhou, H Yin, L Wu, J M Tiedje, E A G Schuur, K
Konstantinidis, Y Luo
0800h B41G-0134 POSTER Coupled Metagenomic
and Chemical Analyses of Degrading Fungal
Necromass and Implications for Microbial
Contributions to Stable Soil OC: K M Schreiner,
B S T Morgan, J Schultz, N E Blair, L M EgertonWarburton
0800h B41H-0146 POSTER Diagenetic Iron Cycling
in Ancient Alkaline Saline Lacustrine Sedimentary
Rocks: A Case Study on the Jurassic Brushy Basin
Member of the Morrison Formation, Colorado
Plateau, USA: S L Potter-McIntyre, M A Chan, B
J O L McPherson
0800h B41H-0147 POSTER Formation of Biogenic
Fe-Oxyhydroxides in an Extreme Thermal
Environment: X Peng, S Chen, H Xu
0800h B41H-0148 POSTER The structure of ironoxyhydroxide mounds affected by iron-oxidizing
bacteria at shallow submarine hydrothermal vent
in Satsuma Iwo-Jima: T Kuratomi, S Kiyokawa, M
Ikehara, S Goto, T Hoshino, F Ikegami, Y Minowa
0800h B41H-0149 POSTER Microbial Fe(III)
Oxide Reduction in Chocolate Pots Hot Springs,
Yellowstone National Park: N W Fortney, E E
Roden, E S Boyd, B J Converse
0800h B41H-0150 POSTER Dissolved Oxygen and
Sulfide Define the Boundaries of Thermophilic
Microbial Iron Mats: B St Clair, E Shock
0800h B41H-0151 POSTER The glacial iron cycle
from source to export: J Hawkings, J L Wadham,
M Tranter, R Raiswell, L G Benning, P J Statham,
A J Tedstone, P W Nienow, J Telling, E Bagshaw,
S L Simmons
0800h B41H-0152 POSTER Structural and Chemical
Modification of Fe-Rich Smectite Associated with
Microbial Fe-Respiration By Psychrophilic Bacteria
in King George Island, West Antarctica: J Jung, J
Kim, H S Lim, H Yoon, Y K Lee, K Park, J Lee, J
W Kim
0800h B41H-0153 POSTER Implication for the
occurrence of low temperature smectite to illite
reaction in the Bering Sea slope sediments (IODP
Expedition 323): A Ijiri, S Wakaki, M Murayama,
F Inagaki
0800h B41H-0154 POSTER Potential application of
microbial iron redox cycles in nitrate removal and
their effects on clay mineral properties: L Zhao, H
Dong, R K Kukkadapu, B R Briggs, Q Zeng
0800h B41H-0155 POSTER Environmental Factors
Affecting Ammonium Oxidation Under Iron
Reducing Conditions: P R Jaffe, S Huang, M RuizUrigГјen
0800h B41G-0136 POSTER Impacts of elevated CO2
on plant-microbial interactions: S Shi, D Herman,
E E Nuccio, J Pett-Ridge, E Brodie, Z He, J Zhou,
M Firestone
0800h B41H-0156 POSTER A Description of an
Acidophilic, Iron Reducer, Geobacter sp. FeAm09
Isolated from Tropical Soils: O Healy, J Souchek, A
Heithoff, B LaMere, D Pan, G Hollis, W H Yang, W
L Silver, K A Weber
0800h B41G-0137 POSTER Microbial Decomposition
of Extracellular DNA in Clay Soils: E M Morrissey,
T A McHugh, E Schwartz, L Preteska, M Hayer, B
A Hungate
0800h B41H-0157 POSTER High Potential for Iron
Reduction in Upland Soils from Diverse Terrestrial
Ecosystems: W H Yang, D Liptzin
0800h B41G-0138 POSTER Frozen in Time?
Microbial strategies for survival and carbon
metabolism over geologic time in a Pleistocene
permafrost chronosequence: R Mackelprang, T A
Douglas, M P Waldrop
0800h B41G-0139 POSTER The influence of
salinity and restoration on wetland soil microbial
communities and carbon cycling in the San Francisco
Bay-Delta Region: S Theroux, W Hartman, S He, L
Windham-Myers, S G Tringe
0800h B41G-0140 POSTER Pyrogenic and
Fresh Organic Matter Effects on Soil Microbial
Communities: T Whitman, D H Buckley, J
0800h B41G-0142 POSTER Unraveling the Complex
Drivers of CO2 and CH4 Flux in Permafrost Soils:
J G Ernakovich, L M Lynch, F Calderon, P E
Brewer, M D Wallenstein
0800h B41H-0158 POSTER Role of Siderophores in
Dissimilatory Iron Reduction in Arctic Soils : Effect
of Direct Amendment of Siderophores to Arctic
Soil: A J Srinivas, E A Dinsdale, D Lipson
0800h B41H-0159 POSTER Soluble Iron as an In Situ
Indicator of the Redox State of Humic Substances in
Arctic Soil: Implications for Seasonal Regeneration
of Oxidized Terminal Electron Acceptors: D
Lipson, J E Zlamal, A J Srinivas, T K Raab
0800h B41H-0160 POSTER Lifting the Humic Veil:
A Novel Approach to Quantitating Occluded Iron
in Peat Porewater: T J Veverica, E S Kane, A M
Marcarelli, S A Green
0800h B41H-0161 POSTER The Redox Dynamics of
Iron in a Seasonally Waterlogged Forest Soil (Chaux
Forest, Eastern France) Traced with Rare Earth
Element Distribution Patterns: M Steinmann, A L
Floch, E Lucot, P M Badot
0800h B41E-0123 POSTER Compound-Specific
Amino Acid Isotopic Analysis of Benthic Food
Webs in the Chukchi Sea: M Zhang, L W Cooper,
D M Biasatti, J M Grebmeier
0800h B41G-0143 POSTER A Metagenomic
Perspective on Changes to Nutrient-cycling Genes
Following Forest-to-agriculture Conversion in
the Amazon Basin: K M Meyer, A M Womack, J
Rodrigues, K NГјsslein, B J M Bohannan
Moscone West Poster Hall
Moscone West Poster Hall
Moscone West Poster Hall
Ideas in Terrestrial Biogeochemistry:
Tell the Story II Posters (joint with EP,
GC, H)
Iron Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems
and Extreme Environments I Posters
Presiding: Santonu Goswami, Oak
Ridge National Laboratory; Daniel
Hayes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory;
Guido Grosse, Alfred Wegener Institute
Helmholtz-Center for Polar and Marine
Research Potsdam; Benjamin Jones,
U.S. Geological Survey
Presiding: Naama Raz Yaseef,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory;
Margaret Torn, Berkeley Lab/UC
Berkeley; Stan Wullschleger, Oak Ridge
National Laboratory
Presiding: Wendy Yang, University of
Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Daniel
Liptzin, University of Colorado; Sophie
Nixon, University of Edinburgh; Jemma
Wadham, School of Geographical
Sciences, University of Bristol
Remote Sensing of Northern HighLatitude Terrestrial and Aquatic
Ecosystems I Posters (joint with C)
0800h B41I-0162 POSTER Timing of Retrogressive
Thaw Slump Initiation in the Noatak Basin,
Northwest Alaska, USA: A Balser, J Jones, R Gens
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:15 AM
0800h B41I-0163 POSTER A Comparison of Satellite
and Aircraft-Mounted Thermal Observations of
Freeze/Thaw Cycling of the Alaska Tundra and
Boreal Forests during the Carbon in the Arctic
Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE): N Steiner, K
C McDonald, C E Miller, S J Dinardo
0800h B41I-0164 POSTER Thermokarst Lake Gyre
Flow Speed and Direction Derivation Using Image
Matching from Sequential Satellite Images: S Zhan,
S Wang, R A Beck, H Liu, K M Hinkel
0800h B41I-0165 POSTER Using Discriminant
Analysis to Examine Spectral Differences Among
Four Tundra Vegetation Communities at Ivotuk,
Alaska: S Bratsch, H E Epstein
0800h B41I-0166 POSTER Mapping plant functional
type distributions in Arctic ecosystems using
WorldView-2 satellite imagery and unsupervised
clustering: Z Langford, J Kumar, F M Hoffman, V
L Sloan, R J Norby, S D Wullschleger
0800h B41I-0167 POSTER Using geomorphology
to map plant community distribution in complex
polygonal tundra landscapes: V L Sloan, C
Gangodagamage, C M Iversen, R J Norby, S D
0800h B41J-0182 POSTER Modelling the Impact
from Combined Changes on Riverine Nutrients
Across Sweden: Y H Hirpa, R Capell, G Lindstrom,
J Strömqvist, B Arheimer
0800h B41J-0183 POSTER Identification and
characterization of anthropogenic nitrogen fluxes
using stable isotopes and reactive hydrologic
modeling: M T O’connell, S A Macko, Y Fu
0800h B41J-0184 POSTER Detection and
Attribution of Regional Land-Use and Climate
Change Signatures in River Nutrient Time-Series
Using Dynamic Factor Analysis: R Aguilera, R
MarcГ©, S Sabater
0800h B41J-0185 POSTER An Integrated Modeling
Approach for Describing Fate and Transport of
Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) in Estuarine
Reservoir: J Zhang, T Nguyen Viet, X Wang, H
Chen, K Y H Gin
0800h B41J-0186 POSTER Dissolved Oxygen
Dynamics in Coastal Pacific Northwest Rivers:
Biological Controls and Management Options: D J
Sobota, E Foster, R Michie, D Waltz
0800h B41I-0168 POSTER Estimating aboveground
biomass of low-stature Arctic shrubs with
terrestrial LiDAR: H Greaves, L A Vierling, J Eitel,
N Boelman, K L Griffin, T S Magney
0800h B41J-0187 POSTER Using Оґ15N of
Chironomidae as an index of nitrogen sources
and processing within watersheds as part of EPA’s
National Aquatic Resource Surveys: J R Brooks,
J Compton, A Herlihy, D J Sobota, J Stoddard, M
0800h B41I-0169 POSTER Wetland Maps of
Central Canada based on L-band SAR Imagery:
J Whitcomb, D Clewley, M Moghaddam, K C
0800h B41J-0188 POSTER Nitrate dynamics within
a stream-lake network through time and space: L C
Loken, J T Crawford, E S Childress, N J Casson, E
H Stanley
0800h B41I-0170 POSTER Retrieval of Understory
NDVI in Sparse Boreal Forests By MODIS Brdf
Data: W Yang, H Kobayashi, R Suzuki, K N
0800h B41J-0189 POSTER NEON: High Frequency
Monitoring Network for Watershed-Scale
Processes and Aquatic Ecology: J M Vance, M
Fitzgerald, S M Parker, C L Roehm, K J Goodman,
C Bohall, R Utz
0800h B41I-0172 POSTER Using Image Segmentation
to Identify Tundra Vegetation Variability in High
Resolution Satellite Images: Z Lazow, L Roemke,
M M Loranty
0800h B41I-0173 POSTER Systematic HighResolution (30 meter) Inventory of Global Lakes:
Pan-Arctic and Beyond: Y Sheng, J Wang, L C
Smith, E A Lyons, G Te, J Woods, D Garibay, B
0800h B41I-0174 POSTER Assessing Rates of
Biological and Morphological Change in Northern
Ecosystems Using Remote Sensing Time Series
Data, LiDAR, and Gridded Climate Records: L
Chasmer, C Hopkinson, R M Petrone
Interpretation of Arctic Tundra Attributes Using
Remote Sensing: Leveraging Field Data, Modernand Legacy Landsat Data, and Commercial Imagery
in Northern Alaska: G V Frost Jr, M J Macander,
P R Nelson
0800h B41I-0176 POSTER Calibration, Compositing,
and Classification of Landsat Datasets and
High-Resolution Imagery in Arctic Alaska: M J
Macander, G V Frost Jr
Moscone West Poster Hall
Variations in Aquatic Biogeochemical,
Hydrological, and Ecosystem
Functional Responses to
Anthropogenic Changes II Posters
Presiding: Hong-Yi Li, Pac NW National
Lab; Nandita Basu, University of
Waterloo; Heather Golden, US EPA,
ORD, NERL, EERD; Christopher
Physicochemical and Nutrient Dynamics Along
a Development Gradient in Maine Ephemeral
Wetlands: L Y Podzikowski, K A Capps, A
B41J-0191 POSTER
Anthropogenic Water Treatment: How Riverine
Ecosystem Services of Nitrogen Removal Interact
with Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure in the
Northeast U.S: R J Stewart, W M Wollheim, K A
Whittinghill, M Mineau, B Rosenzweig
0800h B41J-0192 POSTER Scaling of increased
dissolved organic carbon inputs by forest
clear-cutting in a boreal forest - What arrives
downstream?: H Laudon, J Schelker, K Г–hman, S
0800h B41K-0202 POSTER Tree species composition
influences dependence of climate forcing on spring
phenology across temperate deciduous broadleaf
forests in Eastern United States: E K Melaas, M A
Friedl, A D Richardson
0930h B41L-07 Forest age, channel morphology,
and biogeochemical processes in mountain rivers:
R O Hall Jr, N K Day, H L Madinger, E Wohl, B
Livers, S Carlson, M A Plemel, G C Poole, D M
Walters, M P Venarsky
0800h B41K-0203 POSTER New prognostic
phenology in the Yale Interactive Terrestrial
Biosphere Model: implications for plant volatile
emissions and surface air pollution in the temperate
zone between 1980s and 2010s: X Yue, N Unger
0945h B41L-08 Climate Change and the Fate of
Nitrogen on Northern Temperate Forests: I F
Creed, E M Enanga
0800h B41K-0204 POSTER Predicting Treatment
Windows for Invasive Buffelgrass in Southern
Arizona using MODIS and Climate Data: C
Wallace, J F Weltzin, S M Skirvin, C PatrickBirdwell, H Raichle
0800h B41K-0205 POSTER Incorporating Plant
Hydraulics Into Phenological Modeling: P Savoy,
D S Mackay
0800h B41K-0206 POSTER Assessing Phenological
Controls on Carbon and Water Fluxes Using a
Process-based Ecohydrological Model Incorporating
Field Observations and Remote Sensing Data: J
Kim, T Hwang, Z Wang, Y Yang, S F B B Rouhani,
C Schaaf
0800h B41K-0207 POSTER Evaluation of Growing
Season Milestones, Using Eddy Covariance TimeSeries of Net Ecosystem Exchange: G Pastorello, B
Faybishenko, C Poindexter, O Menzer, D Agarwal,
D Papale, D D Baldocchi
0800h B41K-0208 POSTER An Ecoinformatic
Analysis of the Effect of Seasonal and Annual
Variation in Temperature, Precipitation, and
Solar Irradiance on Pollen Productivity in Two
Neotropical Forests: D S Haselhorst, D K Tcheng,
J E Moreno, S W Punyasena
0800h B41K-0209 POSTER Greater deciduous shrub
abundance extends the annual period of maximum
tundra greenness and increases modeled net CO2
uptake: S K Sweet, K L Griffin, H Steltzer, L
Gough, N Boelman
0800h B41K-0210 POSTER Assessing NEE
and Carbon Dynamics Among European
Forestecosystems: Development and Validation of
a New Phenology and Soil Carbon Routines within
the Process Oriented 3D-Cmcc-Forest-Ecosystem
Model: S Marconi, A Collalti, M Santini, R
0800h B41K-0211 POSTER Dynamic Pulse-Driven
Flowering Phenology in a Semiarid Shrubland: N
Krell, S A Papuga, E L Kipnis, K Nelson
0800h B41K-0212 POSTER Characterizing Climate
Controls on Vegetation Seasonality in the North
American Southwest: M A Fish, B Cook, J E
Smerdon, R Seager, P Williams
0800h B41J-0193 POSTER Evaluating changes in
water quality with respect to nonpoint source
nutrient management strategies in the Chesapeake
Bay Watershed: J Keisman, A Sekellick, J
Blomquist, O H Devereux, W D Hively, M Johnston,
D Moyer, J Sweeney
0800h B41K-0213 POSTER Flowering phenology in
the subarctic shows earlier flowering species are less
variable: J Davies, M Lessard-Therrien
0800h B41J-0194 POSTER Estimating the Influence
of a Tributary on Primary Productivity in Delaware
Bay from Continuous Data: Biogeochemical and
Ecological Responses to Inputs from the Murderkill:
Y G Voynova, K C Lebaron, R T Barnes, W J
Coupled Physical and Biological
Processes Across Terrestrial and
Aquatic Ecosystems (joint with H)
Moscone West Poster Hall
Vegetation Phenology in Terrestrial
Ecosystems: Observations, Modeling,
and Implications on Climate Change I
Moscone West 2006
Presiding: Ed Hall, Colorado State
University; Stephanie Kampf, Colorado
State University; Marco Marani,
Duke University; Alexander Petroff,
Rockefeller University
0800h B41L-01 Marsh Equilibrium Theory: A Paleo
Perspective: J T Morris, A Kemp, D C Barber, S J
Culver, J Kegel, B Horton
0800h B41J-0177 POSTER Concrete-WaterInteraction and Ikaite (CaCO3.6H2O) Precipitation
in a Man-Made River Bed : R Boch, M Dietzel, P
Reichl, A Leis, P Pölt, A Baldermann
Presiding: Min Chen, Harvard
University; James Clark, Duke
University; Koen Hufkens, Harvard
University; David Moore, University of
0815h B41L-02 Hydrological and Biogeochemical
Controls on the Fate of Dissolved Organic Matter
in Large Drainage Networks: The Pulse-Shunt
Concept: J E Saiers, P A Raymond, W V Sobczak,
J Hoyle
0800h B41J-0178 POSTER Impacts of Climate and
Human-induced Changes on Stream Temperature
in Large River Systems: An Earth System Modeling
Perspective: H Y Li, L R Leung, T K Tesfa, N
Voisin, X Yang, J Rice
0800h B41K-0195 POSTER The importance
of phenological tracking to plant community
structure under stationary versus nonstationary
environments: E M Wolkovich, M J Donahue
0830h B41L-03 Comparative Biodynamics; The
Form and Function of Two Living Stromatolite
Assemblages: D M Paterson, D Gleeson, B Burns,
L Collins
0800h B41J-0179 POSTER Characteristics of
nitrogen retention along the river network of upper
Xin’anjiang catchment in China: A Wang, D Yang,
L Tang
0800h B41J-0180 POSTER Geochemical Controls
on the Partitioning and Hydrological Transport of
Metals in a Human Impacted, Non-Acidic, River
System: J Thorslund, J Jarsjo, T Wällstedt, C M
Morth, M Lychagin, S Chalov
B41J-0181 POSTER
Chemical, and Isotopic Constraints on the
Anthropogenic Influence on Chilika Lake, India: T
W Vennemann, L Decrouy, M Ecuyer, K Delavy,
P Lange, G Rastogi, A Pattnaik, M Suar
PhenoCam Image Processing and Data Products: T
E Milliman, A D Richardson, S Klosterman, J M
Gray, K Hufkens, D Aubrecht, M Chen, M A Friedl
0800h B41K-0198 POSTER Ecophysiological
Remote Sensing of Leaf-Canopy Photosynthetic
Characteristics in a Cool-Temperate Deciduous
Forest in Japan: H M Noda, H Muraoka
0800h B41K-0199 POSTER Integrating Visual
(Ground-Based) and Near-Surface Remote Sensing
Phenology in a Deciduous Urban Woodlot: M D
0800h B41K-0200 POSTER Space-Derived
Phenology, Retrieval and Use for Drought and Food
Security Monitoring: M Meroni, F Kayitakire, F
Rembold, F Urbano, A Schucknecht, O LEO
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 7
0845h B41L-04 Biogenic Cracks in Porous Rock: A
Hemmerle, J Hartung, O Hallatschek, L Goehring,
S Herminghaus
0900h B41L-05 Landscape and plant physiological
controls on water dynamics within a watershed: J
Hu, N T Looker, J T Martin, Z H Hoylman, K G
0915h B41L-06 Transport of Black Carbon Across
the Terrestrial-Aquatic Interface Following
Wildfire: Contributions of Short and Long-term
Controls: C M Boot, M F Cotrufo, M L Haddix, S
Schmeer, S K Kampf, D J Brogan, P A Nelson, C
Rhoades, S E Ryan, S L Rathburn, E Hall
Moscone West 2004
Managing Phosphorus Fate and
Transport at the Biogeochemical,
Hydrologic, and Food Production
Nexus I (joint with H)
Presiding: Josephine Archibald,
Cornell University; Sheila Saia, Cornell
University; Michael Walter, Cornell
0800h B41M-01 Spatial-Temporal Heterogeneity in
Regional Watershed Phosphorus Cycles Driven by
Changes in Human Activity over the Past Century:
R L Hale, N B Grimm, C J Vorosmarty
0815h B41M-02 Hydroclimatic Controls on
the Seasonal and Inter-Annual Variability of
Dissolved Phosphorus Concentration in a Lowland
Agricultural Catchment: R Dupas, C Gascuelodoux, C Grimaldi, G Gruau
0830h B41M-03 Estimating Phosphorus Loss at the
Whole-Farm Scale with User-Friendly Models: P
Vadas, M Powell, G Brink, D Busch, L Good
0845h B41M-04 Seasonal Dynamics in Runoff
Mobilization From Reduced-till Agricultural Fields
in Ontario, Canada: M L Macrae, C van Esbroeck,
R Brunke, K McKague
0900h B41M-05 The Role of Legacy Effects
and Reactive Amendments on Phosphorus
Retention Within Riparian Zones: B Surridge, R
Habibiandehkordi, J Quinton
0915h B41M-06 Legacy phosphorus accumulation
and management in the global context: insights
from long-term analysis of major river basins:
S M Powers, T P Burt, N I Chan, J J Elser, P M
Haygarth, N J K Howden, H P Jarvie, H M Peterson,
J Shen, F Worrall, A N Sharpley
0930h B41M-07 Managing for Phosphorus and
Other Resources in Globalized Agriculture: G K
MacDonald, N D Mueller, E M Bennett, K A
Brauman, J S Gerber, G S Metson, P C West
0945h Discussion
Moscone West 2002
Remote Sensing of Vegetation
Function and Traits II
Presiding: Rasmus Houborg, King
Abdullah University of Science and
Technology (KAUST); Joshua Fisher,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Andrew
Skidmore, University of Twente
0800h B41N-01 Towards a Handshake of GroundBased Measurements and Remote-Sensing of
Vegetation Traits at Global Scale?: J Kattge, S
DГ­az, S Lavorel, I C Prentice, P Leadley, P B Reich,
A Banerjee, F Fazayeli, F I Schrodt, J Joswig, M D
Mahecha, C Wirth
0815h B41N-02 Clustering of Leaf and Canopy
Spectra: How Do They Correspond to Functional
Traits and Types?: K L Roth, M Huesca, S
Mathews, ГЃ Casas Planes, M M Alsina, M GarciaAlonso, S Ustin
0830h B41N-03 Remote Sensing of Mycorrhizae?
Detection of Mycorrhizal Association from Canopy
Spectral Properties: J B Fisher, S Sweeney, E R
Brzostek, T P Evans, N A Bourg, R Phillips
0845h B41N-04 Linking Seasonal Foliar Chemistry
to VSWIR-TIR Spectroscopy Across California
Ecosystems: S Meerdink, D A Roberts, J Y King, K
L Roth, C H Amaral, S J Hook
0900h B41N-05 Mapping Amazonian Canopy Foliar
Traits with Imaging Spectroscopy: G P Asner, R
Martin, C B Anderson, D E Knapp
0915h B41N-06 Hyperspectral data for scaling
ecosystem traits from point to landscape: E
Tomelleri, S Asam, C Notarnicola
0945h B41N-08 Thermal Hyperspectral Remote
Sensing for Plant Species and Stress Detection:
M Schlerf, G Rock, S Ullah, M Gerhards, T
Udelhoven, A K Skidmore
11/28/2014 11:06:16 AM
Moscone West 2003
Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to
Climate Change II
(joint with C, GC)
Presiding: Christina Schaedel,
University of Florida; Anthony McGuire,
University of Alaska Fairbanks; David
Olefeldt, University of Alberta
0800h B41O-01 Climate Change and the Permafrost
Carbon Feedback: E A G Schuur, A D McGuire,
G Grosse, J W Harden, D J Hayes, G Hugelius,
C D Koven, P Kuhry, D M Lawrence, S Natali,
D Olefeldt, V E Romanovsky, C Schaedel, K M
Schaefer, M R Turetsky, C C Treat, J Vonk
0815h B41O-02 Carbon Pool of Permafrost in
Kolyma-Indigirka Lowland: D Shmelev, A
Veremeeva, G Kraev, A L Kholodov, E Rivkina
0800h C41A-0326 POSTER A grid-based Model for
Backwasting at supraglacial Ice Cliffs on a debriscovered Glacier: P Buri, J F Steiner, F Pellicciotti, E
S Miles, W Immerzeel
0800h C41A-0327 POSTER Energy-balance and
melt contributions of supraglacial lakes, Langtang
Khola, Nepal: E S Miles, I C Willis, F Pellicciotti, J
F Steiner, P Buri, N S Arnold
0800h C41B-0350 POSTER Modeling the Mass
Balance of Arctic-Asian Glaciers using the WRF
data: case study in the Altai Mountains: Y Zhang,
H Enomoto, T Ohata, H Kitabata, T Kadota, Y
0800h C41B-0351 POSTER Estimating the Bedrock
Topography of the Gangotri Glacier in India: P
Gantayat, A V Kulkarni, J Srinivasan
0800h C41A-0328 POSTER Quantifying the
uncertainty in surface energy fluxes of glacierised
environments: How does the lack of information
affect estimations of ablation amounts?: A Ayala, F
Pellicciotti, P Burlando
0800h C41B-0352 POSTER Impact of glaciomorphological parameters in the glacier change:
A case study of parts of Western Himalaya, India:
R Brahmbhatt, I Bahuguna, B Rathore, A V
Kulkarni, R Shah
0800h C41A-0329 POSTER Uncertainties in
Modelling Glacier Melt and Mass Balances: the Role
of Air Temperature Extrapolation and Type of Melt
Models: F Pellicciotti, S Ragettli, M Carenzo, A
Ayala, J P McPhee, M Stoffel
0800h C41B-0353 POSTER Ice Cliff Backwasting
over debris-covered Glaciers – Insights into
their Formation and Development based on
new Measurements and a point-scale Model: J F
Steiner, F Pellicciotti, P Buri, E S Miles, T D Reid,
W Immerzeel
0800h C41A-0330 POSTER Hydro-glaciological
modeling in the Upper Maipo River basin,
extratropical Andes Cordillera, with explicit
representation of debris-covered glaciers: J P
McPhee, Y Castillo, M Escobar, F Pellicciotti
0800h C41B-0354 POSTER Complex erosion
patterns produced by the Haizishan paleo-ice cap,
SE Tibetan Plateau: P Fu, A P Stroeven, J Harbor, J
Heyman, C Hättestrand, M W Caffee
0845h B41O-04 Age of Dissolved Organic Carbon
across an Arctic Landscap: K J McFarlane, H
Throckmorton, T P Guilderson
Temperature Forcing for Snow and Ice Melt Runoff
Models in High Mountain Regions: A P Barrett, R
L Armstrong, M J Brodzik, S J S Khalsa, B H Raup,
K Rittger
0800h C41B-0355 POSTER Climatic vs. Seismic
Controlled Rockglacier Advances in Northern
Tien Shan - Insights from Lichenometry:
S Rosenwinkel, O Korup, A Landgraf, A
0900h B41O-05 Carbon and Nutrient Limitation
of Microbial Decomposition of Organic Matter in
Permafrost Soils: A Richter, J Barta, P Capek, N
Gentsch, G Guggenberger, C Kaiser, R Mikutta, O
Shibistova, H Santruckova, J Schnecker, B Wild
0800h C41A-0333 POSTER Modeling Runoff from
Partially Glacierized Catchments in the Tropical
Andes with Different Glacier Coverage and Land
Cover Conditions: T Kinouchi, J Mendoza, J Luna,
Y Asaoka
0800h C41B-0356 POSTER Thermal State and
Characteristics of Permafrost in Qilian Mountains,
Northwest China: B Cao, T Zhang, X Zhang, X
Wan, L Zheng, X Peng, J Liu, B Wu, C Mu, L Cao,
H Guo
0915h B41O-06 Variations in the Horizontal and
Vertical Distributions of Organic Carbon Stocks
across Ice Wedge Polygons of Arctic Alaska: J D
Jastrow, C L Ping, R Matamala, T W Vugteveen, J
S Lederhouse, G J Michaelson
0800h C41A-0334 POSTER Combination of remote
sensing data products to derive spatial climatologies
of “degree days” and downscale meteorological
reanalyses: application to the Upper Indus Basin: N
D Forsythe, N Rutter, B W Brock, H J Fowler, S
0800h C41B-0357 POSTER Effect of Permafrost
Degradation on the Development of the Rainfallcontrolling Thermokarst Ponds on the QinghaiTibet Plateau: Q Yu, X Pan, Y You, L Guo, Y Li
0830h B41O-03 Ancient CO2 Emissions from the
High Arctic-Svalbard in Winter: Responses to
Deeper Winter Snow in a Permafrost Dominated
Landscape: J M Welker, M Lupascu, M Welker, E
Cooper, C I Czimczik
Experiments to Study Biogeochemical Process and
its Effects on Greenhouse Gas Release in Arctic Soil
Columns: Y Wu, T J Kneafsey, N Tas, M Bill, C
Ulrich, S S Hubbard
0945h B41O-08 In Situ Contribution of Old
Respired CO2 from Soils in Burnt and Collapsed
Permafrost in Canada: C Estop-Aragones, J P
Fisher, M Cooper, A Thierry, M D Williams, G K
Phoenix, J Murton, D Charman, I P Hartley
Moscone West Poster Hall
Advances in High-Altitude
Glaciohydrology II Posters (joint with H)
Presiding: Wouter Immerzeel,
University of Utrecht; Francesca
Pellicciotti, ETH Zurich; Joseph Shea,
International Center for Integrated
Mountain Development
0800h C41A-0316 POSTER Assessment of Regional
Climatic and Hydrological Changes in the Eastern
Himalayan Region: A Agrawal, S Tayal
0800h C41A-0317 POSTER Estimating Snow and
Glacier Melt in a Himalayan Watershed Using an
Energy Balance Snow and Glacier Melt Model: A
Sen Gupta, D G Tarboton, A Racoviteanu, M E
Brown, S Habib
0800h C41A-0318 POSTER Ensemble Predictions of
Future Snowfall Scenarios in the Karakorum and
Hindu-Kush Mountains Using Downscaled GCM
Data: T M Mosier, D F Hill, K V Sharp
0800h C41A-0335 POSTER Reaction path modelling
used to explore the relationship between secondary
mineral precipitation and low Si content in the
meltwaters of a polythermal surge-type glacier: J W
Crompton, G E Flowers, D M Kirste, B Hagedorn
0800h C41A-0336 POSTER Three decades of debriscovered area change for 94 glaciers in Northern
Pakistan: S Herreid, A Ayala, F Pellicciotti
Moscone West Poster Hall
Climate and the Changing Cryosphere
in High Asia I Posters (joint with EP, GC,
Presiding: Jeffrey Kargel, University of
Arizona; Umesh Haritashya, University
of Dayton; Michael Bishop, Texas A & M
0800h C41B-0337 POSTER Identifying and
Evaluating Possible Trigger Mechanisms for Glacial
Lake Outburst Floods in the Hindu Kush Himalayas
Using Remote Sensing Satellite Data: T G Hess, U
K Haritashya
0800h C41B-0338 POSTER Glacial Lake Expansion
in the Central Himalayas By Landsat Images, 19902010: Y Nie, Q Liu, S Liu
0800h C41B-0339 POSTER Hazards Associated
with High Altitude Rain-Fed Lakes (HARL) in the
Overdeepened Deglaciated Region of Hindu Kush
and Himalaya: U K Haritashya, T G Hess
0800h C41B-0340 POSTER Heterogeneous Status
of Glacial Terminal-Contacted Lakes in Himalayas
Due to Different Geomorphology and Glacier
Characters: Q Liu, Y Nie, S Liu
0800h C41B-0358 POSTER Response of Changes in
Soil Seasonal Freeze/Thaw to Climate Change from
1950 to 2010 in China: T Zhang, X Peng, D Yue, R
Jin, K Wang
Moscone West 2022-2024
Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers
and Ice Sheets II (Virtual Session)
Presiding: Mauro Werder, University
of Bristol; Sophie Nowicki, NASA
GSFC; Ian Hewitt, University of Oxford;
Christian Schoof, Univ British Columbia
0800h C41C-01 A Thin-Plate (Shallow Shelf)
Treatment of Viscoelastic Ice-Shelf Flexure with
Applications: D R MacAyeal, O V Sergienko, A F
Banwell, S H R Rosier, G H Gudmundsson
0815h C41C-02 Constraints on Subglacial
Conditions from Seismicity: B Lipovsky, D C
Olivo, E M Dunham
0830h C41C-03 An Improved Model for TidallyModulated Grounding Line Migration: V C Tsai, G
H Gudmundsson
0845h C41C-04 Investigating the Flow Dynamics of
Ice Shelves using Laboratory Experiments, Simple
Theoretical Models and Geophysical Data Analysis:
M Wearing, R C A Hindmarsh, G Worster
0915h C41C-06 Mass conservation in free-boundary
ice dynamics models: E Bueler
0930h C41C-07 Proposed Design of the Third
Marine Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Exercise:
S L Cornford, G H Gudmundsson, F Pattyn, G
Durand, D F Martin, A J Payne
0800h C41A-0319 POSTER Integrated simulation
of snow and glacier melt runoff in a distributed
biosphere hydrological modeling framework at
Upper Indus Basin, Karakoram region: M Shrestha,
T Koike, Y Xue, L Wang, Y Hirabayashi
0800h C41B-0342 POSTER Glacial lake monitoring
in the Karakoram Range using historical Landsat
Thematic Mapper archive (1982 – 2014): J Y H
Chan, R E J Kelly, S G Evans
0800h C41A-0320 POSTER Glaciological and
hydrological sensitivities to climate change in the
Hindu-Kush Himalayas: J M Shea, W Immerzeel
0800h C41B-0343 POSTER An estimate of glacier
melting contribution to inland lakes on Tibetan
Plateau: Q Ye, G Moholdt, T Yao, S Liu, Y Zhang
Moscone West 3004
0800h C41A-0321 POSTER Impact of Air
Temperature Distributed Calculation in Glacier
Mass Balance Modeling: G Dalla Fontana, L
Carturan, F Cazorzi
0800h C41B-0346 POSTER Analysis of Climate
Trends in the Altai Mountains Between 1988 and
2012: H Kitabata, K Sugiura, T Kadota
Snow Hydrology: Flooding, Modeling,
and Vegetation Interactions I (Virtual
C41B-0347 POSTER
Comparison between Clean-Ice and DebrisCovered Glaciers in the Eastern Himalaya: J M
Maurer, S Rupper
Presiding: John Pomeroy, University of
Saskatchewan; Mukesh Kumar, Duke
University; Timothy Link, University of
Idaho; Tobias Jonas, SLF / WSL
0800h C41A-0323 POSTER The suitability of
different surface melt models for long-term
simulations of glacier response to climate change
: J Gabbi, M Carenzo, F Pellicciotti, A Bauder, M
0800h C41A-0324 POSTER Energy Balance
Modeling of Interannual Snow and Ice Storage in
High Altitude Region by Dynamic Equilibrium
Concept: R J Johnson, N Ohara
0800h C41A-0325 POSTER Controls on diurnal
streamflow cycles in a high altitude catchment in
the Swiss Alps: R Mutzner, S V Weijs, P Tarolli, M
Calaf, H J Oldroyd, M B Parlange
AGU2014News.indb 8
0800h C41B-0348 POSTER Cosmogenic Be-10
Constraints of the “Little Ice Age” Glacial Advances
in the Eastern Tian Shan, China: Y Li, Y Li, G Liu,
Y Chen
0800h C41B-0349 POSTER Spatio-Temporal
Patterns of Surface Irradiance in the Himalaya: I D
Dobreva, M P Bishop
0945h C41C-08 Glacier response to climate
perturbations: an accurate linear geometric model:
G Roe, M B Baker
0800h C41D-01 Coupled atmospheric-hydrological
modelling of the Canadian Rockies rain-on-snow
flood of June 2013: A Pietroniro, B Davison, V
0830h C41D-03 How Important Is Snowmelt Input
for Runoff during Rain-on-Snow Floods over
the Western U.S. Mountains?: N E Wayand, J D
Lundquist, M P Clark
0845h C41D-04 Correcting Inadequate Model
Snow Process Descriptions Dramatically Improves
Mountain Hydrology Simulations: J W Pomeroy,
X Fang
0900h C41D-05 The Need for Modernized
Operational Snow Models: A Tale of Two Years: A
H Winstral, D G Marks
0915h C41D-06 Forests, Snow, and Change: How
Modeling History Is Shaping Our Predictions for
the Future: J D Lundquist, E D Gutmann, M P
0930h C41D-07 Ray Trace Modeling to Determine
Optimal Forest Canopy Gap Size for Reduced Solar
Irradiance During Snowmelt: Field Verification and
Continental Scale Application: K N Musselman, J
W Pomeroy, T E Link
0945h C41D-08 Long-wave emission from trees in
snow-covered Arctic boreal forests: measurement
and modelling: N Rutter, T D Reid, S Hancock, M
King, R Essery, R Baxter, B Huntley
Moscone South Poster Hall
Seeing Red: The Structure, Properties,
Origin, and Dynamics of LLSVPs II
(joint with GP, S, T, V)
Presiding: Maxwell Rudolph, Portland
State University; James Wookey,
University of Bristol; Abigail Bull,
University of Oslo
0800h DI41A-4313 POSTER New Insights into
ULVZs Using a Bayesian Inference: A Case Study for
ULVZs Beneath the East of Australia: S Pachhai, H
Tkalcic, J Dettmer
0800h DI41A-4314 POSTER Layer Stripping
Forward Tomography with S, ScS, and Sdiff phases
to sharpen images of deep mantle shear velocity
heterogeneity: H Lai, E Garnero, C Zhao
0800h DI41A-4315 POSTER Tidal Tomography:
Constraining Long-Wavelength Deep Mantle
Structure Using Earth’s Body Tide Signal: H C P
Lau, H Y Yang, J Tromp, J X Mitrovica, J L Davis,
K Latychev
0800h DI41A-4316 POSTER Multipathing Analysis
of Mid-Pacific Anomaly Using S and Secondary
S*Arrivals: A Chan, D Li, D Sun, D V Helmberger
0800h DI41A-4317 POSTER Seismic anisotropy
in the lowermost mantle near low shear velocity
provinces: A comparison of the Perm Anomaly and
the African LLSVP: M D Long, C Lynner
0800h DI41A-4318 POSTER Vertically deflected
mantle flow at the eastern edge of the African Large
Low Shear Velocity Province: H A Ford, M D Long,
X He, C Lynner
0800h DI41A-4319 POSTER First-Principles Study
of the Elastic Properties of Aluminous Phases at
High Temperature and Pressure: S Stackhouse, T
0800h DI41A-4320 POSTER Can Suspended IronAlloy Droplets Explain the Origin, Composition
and Properties of Large Low Shear Velocity
Provinces?: Z Zhang, S M Dorfman, J Labidi, S
Zhang, M Manga, L P Stixrude, W F McDonough,
Q C Williams
0800h DI41A-4321 POSTER On the Relationship
Between Volcanic Hotspot Locations, the
Reconstructed Eruption Sites of Large Igneous
Provinces and Deep Mantle Seismic Structure: R
Davies, S D B Goes, M Sambridge
0800h DI41A-4322 POSTER Iron-spin Transition
Controls the Structure of LLSVPs beneath Africa
and the Pacific Ocean: C Huang, W Leng, Z Wu
0800h DI41A-4323 POSTER The Effects of
Chemically Distinct LLSVPs on the Geoid: the
Results from Both 3-D Thermochemical Convection
and Seismically Constrained Instantaneous Flow
Models: X Liu, S Zhong
0800h DI41A-4324 POSTER The Dynamics and
Evolution of the African and Pacific LLSVPs: A L
Bull, C Thomas
0815h C41D-02 Impact of Increasing Rainfall and
Rain-on-Snow on Flood Generation in a Canadian
Prairie Catchment: S Dumanski, J W Pomeroy, C
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:16 AM
Moscone South Poster Hall
The Mantle Transition Zone: Its Role
in Earth’s Thermochemical Evolution
II Posters
(joint with MR, S, V)
Presiding: Nicholas Schmerr, University
of Maryland; Jiuhua Chen, Florida
International Univ.; Elizabeth Day,
University of Cambridge; Caroline
Beghein, UCLA - Earth and Space
0800h DI41B-4325 POSTER Imaging Upper
Mantle Discontinuities Using Stacking and FiniteFrequency Methods: J Gong, Z Ge
0800h DI41B-4326 POSTER Using Seismic
Discontinuities to Image Melt and Dynamics in the
Sub-Continental Upper Mantle: N C Schmerr, A
M Courtier, S Hier-Majumder, V Lekic
0800h DI41B-4327 POSTER Effects of topography
on upper mantle discontinuities for array detections
of PP precursors: C Thomas, S Lessing, S Rost, E A
Vanacore, N C Schmerr
Comprehensive Understanding of Transition Zone
Seismic Discontinuities: Part I. New Constraints
from Receiver Function Forward and Backward
Scattering Waves: X Shen, T R A Song, X Yuan
0800h DI41B-4329 POSTER Imaging Resolution of
the 410-km and 660-km Discontinuities: K Deng,
Y Zhou
0800h DI41B-4330 POSTER Heterogeneities within
natural enstatite and their role in phase relations,
rheology, and lattice-preferred orientation within
akimotoite: J Lockridge, T G Sharp
0800h DI41B-4331 POSTER In Situ Measurements of
the Post-Spinel and Post-Garnet Phase Boundaries
in Pyrolite at 17-32 GPa and 1500-2400 K: Y Ye, C
Gu, S H Shim, V Prakapenka, Y Meng
0800h DI41B-4332 POSTER Seismic Signature of a
Hydrous Mantle Transition Zone : L J Cobden, V
Thio, J Trampert
0800h DI41B-4333 POSTER Transition Zone
Anisotropy Beneath Deep Slabs and the Transport
of Water into the Lower Mantle: A Nowacki, J M
Kendall, J M Wookey, A Pemberton
0800h DI41B-4334 POSTER Mid-mantle Seismic
Anisotropy in the Southwestern Pacific Subduction
Systems : A Mohiuddin, M D Long
0800h DI41B-4335 POSTER Mid-mantle anisotropy
beneath Japan and South America from source-side
shear wave splitting: C Lynner, M D Long
0800h DI41B-4336 POSTER Evidence from
P-wave receiver functions for lower mantle
plumes and mantle transition zone water beneath
West Antarctica: A Nyblade, E Emry, J JuliГ , S
Anandakrishnan, R C Aster, D A Wiens, A D
Huerta, T J Wilson
0800h DI41B-4337 POSTER Transition Zone
Structures beneath Hawaii Imaged with SS
precursors: C Yu, R D van der Hilst, E A Day, M
V De Hoop
0800h DI41B-4338 POSTER Mantle transition zone
structure beneath the western Gulf of Mexico and
central southern US from triplicated P waveforms:
H Lim, Y Kim, J Rhie
0800h DI41B-4340 POSTER Upper-mantle seismic
structure beneath a region northeast of Japan based
on Hi-net array triplication data: S Park, A Okeler,
M Ishii
0800h DI41B-4341 POSTER Seismic Constraints
on the Japan Subduction Zone from Waveform
Inversions of SS precursors: R Dokht, Y J Gu, M
D Sacchi
0800h DI41B-4342 POSTER Can Mantle Transition
Zone beneath the Caroline Plate, Equatorial
Western Pacific Be Resolved Seismologically Using
Available Dataset?: H Kang, K Konishi, S M Lee
0800h DI41B-4343 POSTER A Receiver Function
Study of Mantle Transition Zone Discontinuities
beneath Egypt and Saudi Arabia: K H Liu, A A
Mohamed, S S Gao, A A Elsheikh, Y Yu, R E FatHelbary
0800h DI41B-4344 POSTER Investigating Transition
Zone Thickness Variation under the Arabian Plate:
Evidence Lacking for Deep Mantle Upwellings: J
JuliГ , Z Tang, P M Mai, H Zahran
0800h DI41B-4345 POSTER Hydrous upwelling
across the mantle transition zone beneath the Afar
Triple Junction: D A Thompson, J M Kendall, J O
S Hammond, G W Stuart, G R Helffrich, D Keir, A
Ayele, B Goitom
Moscone South Poster Hall
0800h ED41A-3429 POSTER Size Evolution and
Stochastic Models: Explaining Ostracod Size
through Probabilistic Distributions : M Krawczyk,
S Decker, N A Heim, J Payne
Bright STaRS: Bright Students Training
as Research Scientists Posters (joint
with GC, PA, SI)
0800h ED41A-3430 POSTER Ostracod Body Size:
Locality in Accordance with Cope’s and Bergmann’s
Rules: T Vo, R Tolosa, N A Heim, J Payne
Presiding: Jennifer Saltzman, Stanford
University; Pranoti Asher, American
Geophysical Union
0800h ED41A-3431 POSTER The Effect of Human
Impact on Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis prevalence
in Taricha torosa: V Deng, E Macario, C Tumey
Phytoplankton Classes In California Reservoirs
Using HPLC Pigment Analysis: S Siddiqui, M B
Peacock, R M Kudela, K Negrey
0800h ED41A-3407 POSTER DNA Analyses of
Phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean: Y Xu, M F
Gonzalez, S Bench
0800h ED41A-3408 POSTER Effects of Carbon in
Flooded Paddy Soils: Implications for Microbial
Activity and Arsenic Mobilization: S Avancha, K
0800h ED41A-3409 POSTER Increased Precipitation
over the Yucatan Peninsula Inferred from the
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Late Holocene
Foram Assemblages: M Rachmallu, K Broach, A
Paytan, J H Street
0800h ED41A-3410 POSTER Response of Benthic
Foraminiferal Size to Oxygen Concentration in
Antarctic Sediment Cores: D Guo, C KeatingBitonti, J Payne
0800h ED41A-3411 POSTER The Influence of
Oxygen, Temperature, and Salinity on Ostracod
Body Size in the Gulf of California and the Pacific
Coast of North America: N Wong, M Weber, N
Heim, J Payne
0800h ED41A-3412 POSTER Body Size Preference
of Marine Animals in Relation to Extinction
Selectivity: A Sriram, S Idgunji, N A Heim, J Payne
0800h ED41A-3413 POSTER Comparison of Genus
and Species-Level Compilations of Metabolic Rate
through Time: D Sundararajan, N A Heim, J Payne
0800h ED41A-3414 POSTER Investigation of
Glacial/Interglacial Periods Using IRD Flux Records
from Site U1340A in the Bering Sea: M R Chopra,
M K Drake, D Mendoza, A C Ravelo
0800h ED41A-3415 POSTER Dispersal and
Germination Patterns of Monterey Spineflower at
Fort Ord Natural Reserve: Z Chaudhry
0800h ED41A-3416 POSTER Plant Phenology
and Climate Change in the Santa Cruz County: S
Choudhary, J R Oshiro, L R Fox
0800h ED41A-3433 POSTER Sustainable Seas
Student Intertidal Monitoring Project at Duxbury
Reef in Bolinas, CA: A Rainsford, K Soave, F
Gerraty, G Jung, M Quirke-Shattuck, J Kudler, J
Hatfield, M Emunah, A F Dean
0800h ED41A-3434 POSTER Conservation Biology
of Xenopus Longipes : R Quock, D C Blackburn, S
systematics of the Indo-Pacific heart urchin Metalia
Gray, 1885: S Guevara-Plunkett, R Mooi
0800h ED41A-3436 POSTER The Ants of the
Arabuko Sokoke Forest: E Brandau
0800h ED41A-3437 POSTER Relationship Between
the Surface Area to Volume Ratio and Temperature
across Geologic Time in Ostracods: C Jackson, S
Zaroff, N A Heim, J Payne
0800h ED41A-3438 POSTER Testing for Bergmann’s
Rule in the Evolution of Ostracods: J Rascon, J
Gonzalez, N A Heim, J Payne
0800h ED41A-3439 POSTER Does the Heat Island
Effect Affect Lake Chabot: K A Singh, Y Mock, C
0800h ED41A-3440 POSTER Dissolved Oxygen
Levels in Lake Chabot: D Sharma, R Pica
0800h ED41A-3441 POSTER Suitability of
Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Monterey
Bay as a Nutrient Source to Phytoplankton: J Han,
A Lecher, A Paytan
0800h ED41A-3442 POSTER Water Quality of
Peralta and Courtland Creek Oakland, CA: A
Ahumada, K L Zhen, X Ponce, A Johnson, N
Varela, D Quintero, G Hernandez, E Oghogho
0800h ED41A-3443 POSTER A Relationship
Between Phosphate Levels in Lake Champlain
Tributaries and Soil Type and Particulate Size: R
Larose, S Lee, T Lane
0800h ED41A-3418 POSTER Fractal Landscape
Algorithms for Environmental Simulations: H
Mao, S Moran
0800h ED41A-3444 POSTER Monitoring Water
Quality at Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA Following
Improvements to the Tidal Channel to the San
Francisco Bay: H Bracho, J Martinez, M Johnson,
A Turrey, M Avila, S Medina, E Rubio, E Ahumada,
S Nguyen, Y Guzman
0800h ED41A-3419 POSTER Searsville Sediment
Experiment: What is the ideal agricultural soil?: J
Leal, D Lo, N Patel, S Gu
Investigation into the Water Usage from Fracking
in Drought Ridden California: S Lew, M Wu
0800h ED41A-3417 POSTER Bats in Agroecosytems
around California’s Central Coast: A Wayne
0800h ED41A-3420 POSTER Trace metal
enrichment in agricultural soils of Jianghan Plain: R
Zhao, S Ying, J N Daniel, J Bu, Y Gan, Y Wang, M
Schaefer, S E Fendorf
0800h ED41A-3421 POSTER Crop Uptake of Arsenic
from Flooded Paddy Fields in the Mekong Delta: K
Mohr, K Boye
0800h ED41A-3422 POSTER How Does Boiling in
the Earth’s Crust Influence Metal Speciation and
Transport?: K Kam, K Lemke
0800h ED41A-3423 POSTER Using Mobile App
Development Tools to Build a GIS Application: A
Mital, M Catchen, K Mital
0800h ED41A-3424 POSTER Comparison of
Capabilities of Quadcopters for Use in Cryospheric
Sciences: M U Herzfeld Mayer, U C Herzfeld
0800h ED41A-3425 POSTER Study of Motion of
the Auroral Oval During September 30 - October
4, 2012 Geomagnetic Storm. A Project of National
Secondary School Competition in Scientific
Research on Antarctica “Feria Antarctica Escolar
2014”, organized by Chilean Antarctic Institute
(INACH): M V Stepanova, J F Cabezas-Escares, T
C Letelier-Ulloa, P Ortega-Letelier
0800h ED41A-3426 POSTER Modeling Solar
Magnetic Fields Using Satellite Data: G Lee, A V
Malanushenko, M L DeRosa
0800h ED41A-3427 POSTER Efficient Analysis
of Simulations of the Sun’s Magnetic Field: C W
Scarborough, J MartГ­nez-Sykora
0800h ED41A-3428 POSTER Ostracod Body Size
Change Across Space and Time: L Nolen, L A
Llarena, J Saux, N A Heim, J Payne
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 9
0800h ED41A-3432 POSTER Correlations Between
Emerita analoga and Profilicollis spp. as Influenced
by Environmental Factors at Ocean Beach, San
Francisco CA: E Fang, A Le
0800h ED41A-3446 POSTER Testing Total
Ammonia Levels in the Sacramento- San Joaquin
Valley Delta: C Kaser, A Harris, K Miller
0800h ED41A-3447 POSTER Castro Valley High
School’s Solar Panels: A Lew, S Ham, Y Shin, W
Yang, J Lam
0800h ED41A-3448 POSTER Effectiveness of the
Solar Panels in the Castro Valley Unified School
District Based on Projected Amount of Energy to be
Produced: J R Sparks, T C Palmer, A P Siegel
0800h ED41A-3449 POSTER Global Warming
Impacts on Heating and Cooling Degree-Days in
the United States: Y Petri, K Caldeira
0800h ED41A-3450 POSTER The Use of Biofuel
for Sustainable Growth in Developing Countries:
J Tsang
Moscone South 307
Scientist Engagement in Education
and Public Outreach: Sharing
Effective Tools, Resources, and Stories
of Success I (joint with P, PA, SH)
Presiding: Sanlyn Buxner, Planetary
Science Institute; Nicholas Gross,
Boston University; Brooke Hsu, Lunar
and Planetary Institute; M Alexandra
Matiella Novak, Johns Hopkins
University APL
0800h ED41B-01 Surveying Space Scientists’
Attitudes, Involvement, and Needs in Education and
Public Outreach: J Grier, S Buxner, N M Schneider
0815h ED41B-02 Why do scientists do outreach,
what do we achieve, and how can we better learn
from each other, and from research in this field?: R
A Salmon, H A Roop
0830h ED41B-03 Successfully Engaging Scientists
in NASA Education and Public Outreach: Examples
from a Teacher Professional Development
Workshop Series and a Planetary Analog Festival:
A P Jones, B C Hsu, L Bleacher, A J Shaner
0845h ED41B-04 Sky Fest: A Model of Successful
Scientist Participation in E/PO: H Dalton, S S
Shipp, A J Shaner, K LaConte, C B Shupla
0900h ED41B-05 Outreach Opportunities for
Early Career Scientists at the Phoenix ComiCon: L
Horodyskyj, S I Walker, J H Forrester
0915h ED41B-06 Engaging Scientists in Meaningful
E/PO: The Universe Discovery Guides: B K
Meinke, B Lawton, S Gurton, D A Smith, J G
0930h ED41B-07 NASA and Earth Science Week:
a Model for Engaging Scientists and Engineers
in Education and Outreach: T G Schwerin, A
deCharon, E C Brown de Colstoun, L H Chambers,
M Woroner, J Taylor, S Callery, R Jackson, H
Riebeek, G J Butcher
0945h ED41B-08 Learning From Engineering and
Computer Science About Communicating The
Field To The Public: S L Moore, K Tucek
Moscone South 102
Transformative Innovations in Earth,
Oceans, and Atmospheric Science
Education for Undergraduates
Supported by the NSF Educational
Funding Programs, and New Needs
and Directions I
Presiding: Jeffrey Ryan, University of
South Florida; Jill Singer, SUNY-Buffalo
0800h ED41C-01 NSF-Sponsored Summit on
the Future of Undergraduate Geoscience Education:
outcomes: S Mosher
0815h ED41C-02 Transforming Indigenous
Geoscience Education and Research (TIGER): A R
0830h ED41C-03 On the Cutting Edge: Workshops,
Online Resources, and Community Development:
D W Mogk, H Macdonald, C A Manduca, B J
Tewksbury, S Fox, E A R Iverson, R J Beane, D A
Mcconnell, K Wiese, M E Wysession
0845h ED41C-04 Incorporating Cutting Edge
Scientific Results from the MARGINS-GeoPRISMS
Program into the Undergraduate Curriculum: An
Overview: J K Morgan, A Costa, A M Goodliffe, J
S Marshall, E A R Iverson
0900h ED41C-05 The use of high-frequency data
to engage students in quantitative reasoning and
scientific discourse: C O’Reilly, T Meixner, N
Bader, C Carey, D Castendyk, R Gougis-Darner, R
Fuller, C Gibson, J Klug, D Richardson, J Stomberg
0800h ED41A-3451 POSTER Errors When
Extracting Oil from Algae: E Murphy, R Treat, T
0915h ED41C-06 Creation and Assessment of an
Active E-Learning Introductory Geoscience Course:
S M Sit, M R Brudzinski
0800h ED41A-3452 POSTER An Investigation
of Cellulose Digesting Bacteria in the Panda Gut
Microbiome: M Lu, F C Leung
0930h ED41C-07 Using Systems Thinking to
Frame the Evaluation of a Complex Educational
Intervention: K A Kastens, C Baldassari, J DeLisi,
C A Manduca
0800h ED41A-3453 POSTER Installation and
Setup of Whole School Food Waste Composting
Program: A Zhang, S E Forder
0800h ED41A-3454 POSTER Local Economic
Development and Hydropower Along the
Brahmaputra River Basin in Northeast India: A
0800h ED41A-3455 POSTER Feasibility of Wave
Energy in Hong Kong: M Lu, P Hodgson
11/28/2014 11:06:16 AM
Moscone South Poster Hall
Advances in Understanding
Fluvial-Deltaic Processes and Their
Interactions with the Tectonic Setting
I Posters (joint with NH, T)
Presiding: John Shaw, University of
Arkansas; Jeffrey Nittrouer, Rice
University; Meredith Reitz, Lamont
-Doherty Earth Observatory; Carol
Wilson, Vanderbilt University
0800h EP41A-3495 POSTER Morphology, structures
and seismic characters of the Chimei Canyon-Fan
system offshore eastern Taiwan: Y H Hsieh, C S Liu
Investigation of the Morphodynamic Controls on
Delta-Lobe Formation and Shoreline Rugosity: A J
Chadwick, V Ganti, M P Lamb
0800h EP41A-3497 POSTER Abandoned Channel
Fill Sequences in Tidal Estuaries: A B Gray, G B
Pasternack, M A Goni, E B Watson
0800h EP41A-3498 POSTER Deciphering the
evolution and origin of the lower Colorado River
and uplift of the Colorado Plateau: Preliminary
U-Pb carbonate dating results and future directions:
R S Crow, K E Karlstrom, L J Crossey, V J Polyak,
Y Asmerom, K House
0800h EP41A-3499 POSTER Medium-Detail Delta
Morphodynamic Modeling: Initial Experiments
with Avulsion Behaviors, Sediment Delivery,
Artificial Leeves, and Relative Sea Level Rise
Rates: K M Ratliff, A B Murray, E W H Hutton, A
Piliouras, W Kim
0800h EP41A-3500 POSTER Fluvio-Deltaic
Response to Tectonic and Sea-Level Perturbations:
R L Caldwell, T Sun
0800h EP41A-3501 POSTER A reduced complexity
approach to morphodynamic modeling: Validation
of DeltaRCM and prediction of fluviodeltaic channel
dynamics: C Van Dyk, M Liang, P Passalacqua
0800h EP41A-3502 POSTER Spatial Trends in
Sediment Sorting and Stratigraphic Architecture
within Lowland Rivers: A M Fernandes, K M
Straub, T E Tornqvist, D C Mohrig
Deformation Due to Sediment Loading in the
Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta and in the Bay of Bengal:
M Karpytchev, V Ballu, P Valty, S Calmant, J Guo,
F Papa, M Becker, F Hossain, C K Shum
0800h EP41A-3504 POSTER Analysis on the
Criterion for Channel avulsions of the Costal Delta
in the Yellow River: Y Wang, X Fu
0800h EP41A-3505 POSTER Growth, Uplift and
Truncation of Indo-Burman Anticlines Paced By
Glacial-Interglacial Sea Level Change: J Gale, M S
Steckler, D Sousa, L Seeber, S L Goodbred Jr, E K
0800h EP41B-3511 POSTER Mapping Forest Edge
Using Aerial Lidar: M G MacLean
0800h EP41B-3512 POSTER Geomorphic Effects of
Engineered Log Jams in River Restoration, Middle
Fork John Day River: J Duffin, P F McDowell
0800h EP41B-3513 POSTER Practical Enhancement
of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Fluvial
Geomorphology Surveys: K Hwang, D G Chandler
0800h EP41B-3514 POSTER Lidar Investigation of
Infiltration Water Heterogeneity in the Tamala
Limestone, SW WA: K Mahmud, G Mariethoz, P
C Treble, A Baker
0800h EP41B-3515 POSTER Performance Evaluation
of Four DEM-Based Fluvial Terrace Mapping
Methods Across Variable Geomorphic Settings:
Application to the Sheepscot River Watershed,
Maine: A J Hopkins, N P Snyder
0800h EP41B-3516 POSTER Detection to the
DepositFan Occurring in the Sun Moon Lake Using
Geophysical Sonar Data: L Mimi
0800h EP41B-3517 POSTER LiDAR Analysis of
Hector Mine Fault Scarp Degradation: X Zhang,
K W Hudnut, C L Glennie, F Sousa, J M Stock, S
O Akciz
0800h EP41B-3518 POSTER On the surface
roughness of a braidplain in an Alpine proglacial
area: H Baewert, D Morche, C Culha
Geomorphic Change to a Point Bar in Response to
High Flow Events Using Terrestrial LiDAR, White
Clay Creek, Delaware: M J Orefice, M A O’Neal, J
E Pizzuto
0800h EP41B-3520 POSTER Controls of climate,
topography, vegetation and lithology on drainage
density extracted from high resolution topography:
H Sangireddy, R A Carothers, P Passalacqua, C P
0800h EP41B-3521 POSTER Estimating Small Scale
River Channel Roughness Using a Through-water
Photo-based technique: M R James, F Scarborough,
A M Folkard
0800h EP41B-3522 POSTER Using LiDAR to
Estimate Surface Erosion Volumes within the Poststorm 2012 Bagley Fire: R P Mikulovsky, J A De
La Fuente, Z J Mondry
0800h EP41B-3523 POSTER The Devil is in the
Details: Using X-Ray Computed Tomography to
Develop Accurate 3D Grain Characteristics and Bed
Structure Metrics for Gravel Bed Rivers: H Voepel,
R A Hodge, J Leyland, D A Sear, S I Ahmed
0800h EP41B-3524 POSTER 3D Mapping of
Glacially-Sculpted Bedrock in Central Park: L
Laderman, C P Stark, T T Creyts
0800h EP41B-3525 POSTER Uplift revealed by
LASER scanner surveys in Murono mud volcano,
Niigata Prefecture, Japan, and estimation of its
source: A Takahashi, Y Fukuda, S Kusumoto
0800h EP41B-3526 POSTER Anthropogenic Impacts
of Recreational Use on Sandbars in Hells Canyon on
the Snake River, Idaho: M D Morehead
0800h EP41A-3506 POSTER Modeling coupled
avulsion and earthquake timescale dynamics: M D
Reitz, M S Steckler, C Paola, L Seeber
0800h EP41B-3527 POSTER Asymmetric alluvial
fans along strike-slip faults: A potential slip-rate
record?: A E Morelan III, M E Oskin
0800h EP41A-3507 POSTER The role of vegetation
in the development and resiliency of the coastal
freshwater deltaic system of Wax Lake Delta: E A
Olliver, D A Edmonds, Z Jiang, A E Bevington, W
Nardin, R Twilley
0800h EP41B-3528 POSTER Changes in Bar
Morphology in an Aggrading Gravel Bed River: R
A Hodge
0800h EP41A-3508 POSTER Sediment transport
dynamics linked to morphological evolution of the
Selenga River delta, Lake Baikal, Russia: T Y Dong,
J Nittrouer, B J McElroy, M J Czapiga, E Il’icheva, M
Pavolv, G Parker
0800h EP41A-3509 POSTER What might rice piles
tell us about non-local sediment transport?: A
Longjas, V R Voller, C Paola, N Filipovitch
Moscone South Poster Hall
High-Resolution Topography and
Process Measurements for Analyzing
Earth-Surface Dynamics I Posters (joint
with H)
Presiding: Thad Wasklewicz, East
Carolina University; Julian Leyland,
University of Southampton; Paola
Passalacqua, University of Texas at
Austin; Christopher Crosby, UNAVCO
0800h EP41B-3510 POSTER Active Faulting,
Earthquakes and Geomorphological Changes
from Archaeoseismic Data and High-Resolution
Topography: Effects on the Urban Evolution of
the Roman Town of Sybaris, Ionian Sea (Southern
Italy): L Alfonsi, C A Brunori, F R Cinti
AGU2014News.indb 10
0800h EP41B-3529 POSTER Integration of
multitemporal and multisource data using point
cloud based methods to quantify landscape change
at the Mill Gulch earthflow, California: S B DeLong,
N N Avdievitch
0800h EP41B-3530 POSTER Field implementation
of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for studying
flow dynamics at river confluences: Q W Lewis, B
L Rhoads
0800h EP41B-3531 POSTER Predicting multi-scale
relationships between geomorphology and bedrock
geology of the rocky intertidal in Central and
Northern California: A Wheeler, I W Aiello
0800h EP41B-3532 POSTER Evaluating the
effectiveness of low cost UAV generated topography
for geomorphic change detection: K L Cook
0800h EP41B-3533 POSTER Detecting Blind Fault
with Fractal and Roughness Factors from High
Resolution LiDAR DEM at Taiwan: Y S Cheng, T
T Yu
0800h EP41B-3534 POSTER High-resolution
DEM Effects on Geophysical Flow Models: M R
Williams, M I Bursik, R E R Stefanescu, A K Patra
Dual-Wavelength Airborne Lidar: A L
Neuenschwander, B Bradford, L A Magruder
0800h EP41B-3536 POSTER Analyzing post-fire
topography at the hillslope-channel interface
with terrestrial LiDAR: contrasting geomorphic
responses from the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire of
Colorado and the 2013 Springs Fire of California:
R Storesund, A Chin, J L Florsheim, L O’Hirok, K
Williams, K E Austin
0800h EP41B-3537 POSTER Numerical Modeling of
an Active Salt System in Canyonlands, Utah: The
Role of Topography in Driving Plastic Flow and
Brittle Extension: K Kravitz, P Upton, K J Mueller
0800h EP41B-3538 POSTER Coupling the New
with the Old: High-resolution Elevation Data and
Radiocarbon Dating Yield Holocene Erosion Rates
for Steep Mountainous Catchments: M J Poulos, J
L Pierce
0800h EP41B-3539 POSTER Automated Probabilistic
LiDAR Swath Registration: A Jalobeanu, G R
0800h EP41B-3541 POSTER The Greenland Ice
Sheet, now in HD: I M Howat, M J Noh, C C
Porter, P J Morin, B Herried
Moscone West 2007
Advances in the Science and
Communication of Biophysical
Interactions in Riverine Landscapes I
(joint with H)
Presiding: Desiree Tullos, Oregon State
University; Timothy Beechie, Northwest
Fisheries Sci Ctr; John Buffington, US
Forest Service; Mathias Collins, NOAA
0800h EP41C-05 Managing riverine landscapes as
meta-ecosystems: K Tockner
0815h EP43A-3549 Defining and Identifying
Functional Habitat to Inform Species Recovery on
a Large Regulated River: S Erwin, R B Jacobson, C
M Elliott, T Gemeinhardt, T Welker, A J DeLonay,
K Chojnacki
0830h EP41C-06 Functional Flows in Modified
Opportunities: S M Yarnell, A A Whipple, E Beller,
C Dahm, C Enright, P Goodwin, G Petts, J H Viers
0845h EP41C-02 Reproductive Potential of Salmon
Spawning Substrates Inferred from Grain Size and
Fish Length: C S Riebe, L S Sklar, B T Overstreet, J
K Wooster, D G Bellugi
0900h EP41C-03 Interpretation of hydraulic
model outputs in supporting ecologially-led river
restoration: E Gillies, H J Moir
0915h EP41C-04 Co-evolving Physical and
Biological Organization in Step-pool Channels:
Experiments from a Restoration Reach on Wildcat
Creek, California: A Chin, A P O’Dowd, P K
Mendez, K Z Velasco, R D Leventhal, R Storesund,
L R Laurencio
0930h EP41C-07 Negotiating the question: using
science-manager communication to develop
management-relevant science products: T J
Beechie, A K Snover
0945h EP41C-08 The Paradox of Restoring Native
River Landscapes and Restoring Native Ecosystems
in the Colorado River System: J C Schmidt
Moscone West 2005
Complex Geophysical Flows and
Morphological Complexity Across
Scales I (joint with A, H)
Presiding: Gianluca Blois, University of
Illinois at Urbana Champaign; William
Anderson, University of Texas at
Dallas; Joe Calantoni, Naval Research
Laboratory; Kimberly Hill, University of
0800h EP41D-01 Measuring Hydrodynamics and
Sediment Transport in the Swash Zone: J A Puleo
0815h EP41D-02 Non-Equilibrium Erosion and
Suspenion By a Forced Impinging Jet: K T Kiger, K
Corfman, R Mulinti
0830h EP41D-03 Bedload Transport on Steep
Slopes with Coupled Modeling Based on the
Discrete Element Method: J Chauchat, R Maurin,
B Chareyre, P Frey
0845h EP41D-04 A Two-Phase Solid/Fluid Model
for Dense Granular Flows Including Dilatancy
Effects: A Mangeney, F Bouchut, E D FernГЎndezNieto, G Narbona-Reina, E H Kone
0900h EP41D-05 A New View of Dynamic River
Networks: J T Perron, S Willett, S W McCoy
0915h EP41D-06 Teasing out Simplicity from
Complexity: the Law of Constant Bankfull Velocity
in Alluvial Rivers: G Parker
0930h EP41D-07 The Impact of Unsteady
Reconfiguration on Turbulence Structure within
a Flexible Canopy: Experimental Study of a
Model Seagrass Meadow: H M Nepf, E Follett, M
Chamecki, Y Pan
0945h EP41D-08 The Impact of Unsteady
Reconfiguration on Turbulence Structure within
a Flexible Canopy: Large-Eddy Simulation Study
of a Cornfield: M Chamecki, Y Pan, H M Nepf, E
Moscone West Poster Hall
Geodetic Detection of Nontectonic
Crustal and Surface Movements I
Posters (joint with A, C, H, T)
Presiding: Shimon Wdowinski, Univ
Miami; Tonie van Dam, University of
0800h G41A-0458 POSTER An Investigation on the
Reliability of Deformation Analysis at Simulated
Network Depending on the Precise Point Position
Technique: U M Durdag, B Erdogan, S Hekimoglu
0800h G41A-0459 POSTER Compaction of Aquifer
at Different Depths: Observations from a Vertical
GPS Array in the Coastal Center of the University
of Houston, Texas: D Lee, T Kearns, L Yang, G
0800h G41A-0460 POSTER The Maximum
Compaction Depth of the Aquifers in the HoustonGalveston Area: a result from long-term GPS and
extensometer observations: J Yu, G Wang, T
Kearns, L Yang
0800h G41A-0461 POSTER Short-term, Seasonal,
and Long-term Deformation in the Central Range
of Taiwan Induced by Earthflows : Y J Hsu, R F
Chen, C W Lin, H Y Chen, S B Yu
0800h G41A-0462 POSTER Crustal Movements and
Gravity Variations in the Southeastern Po Plain,
Italy : S Zerbini, S Bruni, M Errico, E Santi, H
Wilmes, H Wziontek
0800h G41A-0463 POSTER Study of Typhoon
Morakot Loading Signal in Taiwan GPS Time
Series: M Mouyen, L Yuan, A MEMIN, B F Chao
0800h G41A-0464 POSTER GPS ensemble analysis
applied to Antarctic vertical velocities: E J Petrie, P
J Clarke, M A King, S D P Williams
0800h G41A-0465 POSTER Crustal deformation due
to fluid extraction and re-injection in the Hengill
geothermal area in Southwest Iceland: D Juncu, T
Arnadottir, K BudziЕ„ska, A J Hooper
0800h G41A-0466 POSTER First Results
of Continuous GPS Monitoring of Surface
Deformation at the Aquistore Underground
CO2 Storage Site: M R Craymer, R Ferland, M
Piraszewski, S V Samsonov, M Czarnogorska
0800h G41A-0467 POSTER Monitoring Ground
Deformation at the Aquistore CO2 Storage
Site with Radarsat-2 Radar: S V Samsonov, M
Czarnogorska, D J White, M R Craymer
0800h G54A-05 POSTER Sinkhole Precursors
and Formation Mechanism along the Dead Sea
Shorelines, Israel, Analyzed by InSAR, Field
Mapping, Water Analysis and Elastic Modeling: R
N Nof, G Baer, Y Avni, M Shviro, S Atzori
0800h G41A-0469 POSTER InSAR Measurements
of Non-Tectonic Deformation Patterns in the
Western Transverse Ranges, CA: J R Phillips III, S
T Marshall, G Funning
0800h G41A-0470 POSTER Inventory of
anthropogenic surface deformation measured by
InSAR in the western U.S./Mexico and possible
impacts on GPS measurements: A Semple, M E
Pritchard, H Taylor
0800h G41A-0471 POSTER Subsidence and
associated shallow faulting hazard assessment in
central Mexico using InSAR and GPS: E CabralCano, D E Solano Rojas, T Oliver-Cabrera, L
Salazar-Tlaczani, S Wdowinski, C DeMets, J
0800h G41A-0472 POSTER Measuring surface
deformation of Beijing and surrounding area using
X-band InSAR data: Q Lu, J Sun, Z Shen
0800h G41A-0473 POSTER Lake Urmia Shrinkage
and its Effect on the Settlement of the Surrounding
Areas Investigated Using Radar and Optical Satellite
Images: M Motagh, R Shamshiri, F Hosseini, M A
Sharifi, M Baes
Investigation of Catastrophic Cover-collapse
Sinkhole Formation: X Tao, D Wang, M Ye, X
Wang, J Zhao, R B Pacheco Castro
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:16 AM
Moscone West Poster Hall
Real-Time Earthquake Analysis for
Disaster Mitigation: Focus on Pacific
Rim I Posters (joint with NH, S, SA)
Presiding: Yehuda Bock, UCSD/
IGPP 0225; Attila Komjathy, NASA
Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Glen
Mattioli, University of Texas at
Arlington; Timothy Melbourne, Central
Washington Univ
0800h G41B-0475 POSTER Uncertainty of the GPSBased Tsunami Forecasting: A Case Study for the
April 2014 M8.0 Pisagua, Chile Earthquake: K
Chen, A Y Babeyko
0800h G41B-0476 POSTER The Mw6.6 Lushan
Earthquake Characteristic Analysis Based on HighRate GPS: T Gu
0800h G41B-0477 POSTER Improvement of the
Earthquake Early Warning System with Wavefield
Extrapolation with Apparent Velocity and
Direction: A Sato, K Yomogida
0800h G41B-0478 POSTER Preliminary Analysis
of the CASES GPS Receiver Performance during
Simulated Seismic Displacements: A De la RosaPerkins, A Reynolds, G Crowley, I Azeem
0800h G41B-0479 POSTER Real-Time GNSS
Positioning Along Canada’s Active Coastal Margin:
J A Henton, H Dragert, Y Lu
0800h G41B-0480 POSTER Synthetic testing of the
Pacific Northwest earthquake early warning system:
B W Crowell, D A Schmidt, P Bodin, J E Vidale, J S
Gomberg, D Jamison, S E Minson, J R Hartog, V C
Kress, S D Malone, M Usher
0800h G41B-0481 POSTER Real-Time Baseline
Error Estimation and Correction for GNSS/Strong
Motion Seismometer Integration: C Y N Li, P D
Groves, M K Ziebart
0800h G41B-0482 POSTER Merged Real Time GNSS
Solutions for the READI System: V M Santillan, J
0800h G41B-0483 POSTER Effectiveness of
Observation-Domain Sidereal Filtering for GPS
Precise Point Positioning: C Atkins, M K Ziebart
0800h G41B-0484 POSTER Combination of
High Rate, Real-Time GNSS and Accelerometer
Observations and Rapid Seismic Event Notification
for Earthquake Early Warning and Volcano
Monitoring with a Focus on the Pacific Rim: L G
Zimakov, P Passmore, J Raczka, M Alvarez, M
0800h G41B-0485 POSTER UNAVCO Real-Time
GNSS Positioning: High-Precision Static and
Kinematic Testing of the Next Generation GNSS
network: H T Berglund, K M Hodgkinson, F
Blume, D Mencin, D A Phillips, C M Meertens, G
S Mattioli
0800h G41B-0486 POSTER Fast Estimate of Rupture
Process of Large Earthquakes via Real Time Hi-net
Data: D Wang, H Kawakatsu, J J Mori
0800h G41B-0487 POSTER Atmosphere Mitigation
in Precise Point Positioning Ambiguity Resolution
for Earthquake Early Warning in the Western U.S:
J Geng, Y Bock, Y Reuveni
0800h G41B-0488 POSTER Plate Boundary
Operations, Expansion and Communications
Hardening: D Mann, C P Walls, A Basset, R
Turner, S Lawrence, K Feaux, G S Mattioli
Moscone West 3024
Recent Advances in InSAR and GNSS
Techniques and Their Applications for
Crustal Deformation III (joint with NG,
S, T, V)
Presiding: Manoochehr Shirzaei,
Arizona State University; Roland
Burgmann, Univ California Berkeley;
Andrew Hooper, University of Leeds;
David Bekaert, University of Leeds
0800h G41C-01 Recent Advances in Modeling
Earth Deformation from Monsoonal Flooding in
Bangladesh using Hydrographic, GPS and GRACE
Data: M S Steckler, S L Nooner, S V Bettadpur, S H
Akhter, S K Chowdhury, L Seeber
0815h G41C-02 Earth’s surface loading study using
InSAR: F Amelung, W Zhao, M P Doin
0830h G41C-03 Greenland’s Elastic and Viscoelastic
Adjustments to Ice Mass Changes: M G Bevis, S A
Khan, A Brown, M J Willis, I Sasgen
0845h G41C-04 Global Surface Mass Variations
From Multiple Geodetic Techniques – Comparison
and Assessment: X Wu, M B Heflin
0900h G41C-05 Visco-Elastic Response of the Earth
to Seasonal Loading: K Chanard, L Fleitout, E
Calais, G Ramillien
0800h GC41B-0536 POSTER Avoiding Drought
Risks and Social Conflict Under Climate Change: E
Towler, H Lazrus, D Paimazumder
0800h GC41B-0563 POSTER Geoengineering,
Climate Harm, and Business as Usual: F J Jankunis,
K Peacock
0915h G41C-06 InSAR Observations and Finite
Element Modeling of Crustal Deformation Around
a Surging Glacier, Iceland: K Spaans, A Auriac, F
Sigmundsson, A J Hooper, H Bjornsson, F PГЎlsson,
V Pinel, K L Feigl
0800h GC41B-0537 POSTER Solar Radiation
Management and Olivine Dissolution Methods in
Climate Engineering: S Kone
0800h GC41B-0564 POSTER From GCM Output
to Local Hydrologic and Ecological Impacts:
Integrating Climate Change Projections into
Conservation Lands: S B Weiss, L Micheli, L E
Flint, A L Flint, J H Thorne
0930h G41C-07 The Transient Behavior of Aseismic
Slip Along the Creeping Section of the North
Anatolian Fault, Turkey: R Jolivet, B Rousset, M
Simons, C Lasserre, B V Riel, P Milillo, Z Cakir
0945h G41C-08 Evidence for Significant Aseismic
Strike Slip During the 2007 Dike Intrusion Episode
in Tanzania: Y Himematsu, M Furuya
Moscone West Poster Hall
C4 Photosynthesis in the Earth System
II Posters (joint with A, B, H, PP)
Presiding: Stephanie Pau, Florida State
University; Christopher Still, Oregon
State University; David Fox, University
of Minnesota; Caroline Strömberg,
University of Washington
0800h GC41A-0523 POSTER Root biomass and soil
Оґ13C in C3 and C4 grasslands along a precipitation
gradient: S Pau, C L Angelo
0800h GC41A-0524 POSTER Using vegetation
model-to-data comparisons to test the role of abiotic
factors in the Neogene and Quaternary origins of
modern C4 grasslands: D L Fox, C Strömberg, S
Pau, L Taylor, C Lehmann, C Osborne, D J Beerling,
C J Still
0800h GC41A-0525 POSTER Timing and Nature of
Appearance of C4 Plants in the Indian Subcontinent:
Clue from Isotopic Ratios of Biomarker: P Sanyal
0800h GC41A-0526 POSTER Root functional
diversity in C3 and C4 grasslands in Hawaii: C L
Angelo, S Pau
0800h GC41A-0527 POSTER Elevation-induced
climate change as a dominant factor causing the
late Miocene C4 plant expansion in the Himalayan
foreland : H Wu, Z Guo, J Guiot, C Hatte, C Peng,
Y Yu, J Ge, Q Li, A Sun, D Zhao
0800h GC41A-0528 POSTER Spatiotemporal
variation in C4-grass abundance during the early to
middle Miocene in Spain: M A Urban, M Urban, D
M Nelson, G Jimenez-Moreno, F Hu
0800h GC41A-0529 POSTER Reconstructing
Vegetation and Hydrological Changes from
Biomarkers in Modern Soils and Late Neogene
Paleosols, Meade Basin, KS, USA: B FischerFemal, K T Uno, P J Polissar, K Fox-Dobbs, J M
Feinberg, D L Fox, K E Snell, R Martin
0800h GC41A-0530 POSTER Late Miocene Rise
of C4 Vegetation in NW Africa from Leaf Wax
Biomarkers: C A Rose, P B deMenocal, P J Polissar
0800h GC41A-0531 POSTER A Plio-Pleistocene
molecular isotopic record of Turkana Basin
vegetation: K T Uno, P J Polissar, R Bonnefille, C J
Lepre, P B deMenocal
Moscone West Poster Hall
Climate Change: Impacts, Resilience,
Vulnerability, Adaptation, and
Mitigation I Posters
(joint with ED, NH, PA)
Presiding: James Byrne, University of
Lethbridge; Simon Donner, University of
British Columbia; Brian O’Neill, National
Center for Atmospheric Research; Kent
Peacock, Univ of Lethbridge
0800h GC41B-0532 POSTER Quantifying the Benefit
of Early Climate Change Mitigation in Avoiding
Biodiversity Loss: R Warren, J Vanderwal, J Price,
J Welbergen, I M Atkinson, J Ramirez-Villegas, T
Osborn, L Shoo, A Jarvis, S Williams, J A Lowe
0800h GC41B-0533 POSTER Climate Change
Impacts on US Agriculture and the Benefits of
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: E Monier, I Sue
Wing, A Stern
0800h GC41B-0534 POSTER An analysis of avoided
impacts on climate extremes when comparing
RCP8.5 and RCP4.5, as part of the BRACE project:
C Tebaldi
0800h GC41B-0535 POSTER Population exposure
to heat-related extremes: Demographic change vs
climate change: B Jones, B C O’Neill, C Tebaldi, K
W Oleson
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 11
0800h GC41B-0538 POSTER Climate Change: Ethics
and Collective Responsibility: K Peacock, M B
Brown, M E Mann, S Lewandowsky
0800h U54A-05 POSTER Visualization of the chains
of risks under global climate change: T Yokohata,
K Nishina, K Takahashi, M Kiguchi, Y Iseri, T
Sueyoshi, M Yoshimori, K Iwase, A Yamamoto, M
Shigemitsu, Y Honda, N Hanasaki, Y Masaki, A Ito,
T Iizumi, G Sakurai, M Okada, S Emori, T Oki
0800h GC41B-0540 POSTER Assessment of Flood
Vulnerability to Climate Change Using Fuzzy
Operators in Seoul: M J Lee
Vulnerability and Resilience between Urban and
Rural Area in a Regional Water Resources System
under Climate Change: T M Liu, C P Tung, M H Li,
J H Tsao, C Y Lin
0800h GC41B-0542 POSTER Improvement of
Soil Carbon Determination using laser-induced
breakdown spectroscopy: S J Moon
Vulnerability Approach to Assess Climate Change
Impacts to Mixed Agro-Livestock Smallholders
Around the Gandaki River Basin of Nepal: J Panthi
0800h GC41B-0545 POSTER Avoided Impacts in
Ensembles of Tropical Cyclone Damage Potential: J
Done, D Paimazumder, G J Holland, E Towler
0800h GC41B-0546 POSTER Review
Mitigation Costs for Stabilizing Greenhouse Gas
Concentrations: B J van Ruijven, B C O’Neill
0800h GC41B-0547 POSTER CESM-simulated
21st Century Changes in Large Scale Crop Water
Requirements and Yields: S Levis, A Badger, B A
Drewniak, B C O’Neill, X Ren
0800h GC41B-0548 POSTER People as sensors:
mass media and local temperature influence climate
change discussion on Twitter: A Kirilenko, T
Molodtsova, S Stepchenkova
0800h GC41B-0549 POSTER Estimating the limits
of adaptation from historical behaviour: Insights
from the American Climate Prospectus: A Jina, S
M Hsiang, R E Kopp III, D Rasmussen, J Rising
0800h GC41B-0550 POSTER Defining Canadian
Perspectives on Climate Change Science and
Solutions: C Rieger, J M Byrne
M Byrne, R J MacDonald, D Lewis
0800h GC41B-0552 POSTER Green cities,
smart people and climate change: F Mansouri
Kouhestani, J M Byrne, P Hazendonk, M B Brown,
T Harrison
0800h GC41B-0553 POSTER High Resolution
Modelling of Crop Response to Climate Change: S S
Mirmasoudi, J M Byrne, R J MacDonald, D Lewis
0800h GC41B-0554 POSTER Global Squeeze:
Assessing Climate-Critical Resource Constraints
for Coastal Climate Adaptation: N T Chase, A
Becker, B Schwegler, M Fischer
0800h GC41B-0555 POSTER Development of
Climate Change Adaptation Platform using Spatial
Information: J Lee, K Y Oh, M J Lee, W J Han
0800h GC41B-0565 POSTER How CO2 Leakage
May Impact the Role of Geologic Carbon Storage
in Climate Mitigation: C A Peters, H Deng, J M
Bielicki, J P Fitts, M Oppenheimer
0800h GC41B-0566 POSTER America’s Water
Supply Challenge: Adaptation to Future Population
Growth and Climate Change: V Mahat, T C
Brown, J A Ramirez
0800h GC41B-0567 POSTER The Good, the Bad,
and the Ugly: Comparing the Climate Mitigation
Potential of Advanced Biofuels: E S Cassidy
Moscone West Poster Hall
Earth’s Future: Navigating the Science
of the Anthropocene I Posters (joint
with A, B, EP, SI)
Presiding: Ben Van der Pluijm,
University of Michigan; Guy Brasseur,
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology;
Michael Ellis, British Geological Survey;
Nancy Grimm, Arizona State University
0800h GC41C-0569 POSTER The Human Thirst for
Water Under Global Change: What and where are
the Future Risks?: C A Schlosser, C Fant, X Gao, K
Strzepek, J M Reilly
0800h GC41C-0570 POSTER Integrating Water,
Actors, and Structure to Study Socio-HydroEcological Systems: R L Hale, A Armstrong, M
A Baker, S Bedingfield, D Betts, C A Buahin, M
Buchert, T Crowl, R Dupont, J Endter-Wada, C
Flint, J Grant, S Hinners, D Horns, J S Horsburgh,
D Jackson-Smith, A S Jones, C Licon, S E Null, A
Odame, D E Pataki, D E Rosenberg, M Runburg, P
Stoker, C Strong
0800h GC41C-0571 POSTER Impact of Cumulated
CO2 Emission on Air Temperature: MillennialScale Prediction: T Sasai, D Sugiyama, K Murakami,
Y Setoyama, S Watanabe, R R Nemani
0800h GC41C-0572 POSTER Resilience Thinking
as a Framing Mechanism to Facilitate Collective
Community Response to Various Implications of
Global Environmental Change: Y Yamagata, A
0800h GC41C-0573 POSTER Long-term Terrestrial
Carbon and Water Cycle Responses to Projected
Climate Change Beyond 2100: F M Hoffman, J T
Randerson, W Fu, K T Lindsay, E Munoz, N M
Mahowald, G B Bonan
0800h GC41C-0574 POSTER Seasonal Trends and
Changes of Extreme Precipitation Events over
the Continental United States: E E Janssen, D J
Wuebbles, K Kunkel, S C Olsen
0800h GC41C-0576 POSTER Emerging Climate-data
Needs in the Air Transport Sector: T R Thompson
Managing Sediment in Regulated Rivers: Recent
Developments: G M Kondolf, Y Gao, G W
Annandale, G L Morris, T Sumi
0800h GC41C-0578 POSTER The Behavioural
Biogeosciences: Moving Beyond Evolutionary
Adaptation and Innate Reasoning: P D Glynn
0800h GC41B-0556 POSTER The effects of carbon
tax on the Oregon economy and state greenhouse
gas emissions: A L Rice, C L Butenhoff, J Renfro,
J Liu
0800h GC41C-0580 POSTER Multi-Decadal Global
Cooling and Unprecedented Ozone Loss Following
a Regional Nuclear Conflict: M J Mills, O B Toon,
J M Lee-Taylor, A Robock
0800h GC41B-0557 POSTER The Effect of
Natural Gas Supply on US Renewable Energy and
Greenhouse Gas Emissions: C Shearer, J Bistline,
M Inman, S J Davis
0800h GC41C-0581 POSTER Building an ocean
research coordination network for Future Earth:
an opportunity for innovative collaboration:
K Yarincik, R B Gagosian, K Cerveny, L
Zimmermann, J Hauser, M Morell
0800h U54A-06 POSTER Drought Effects on
Agricultural Yield: Comparison Across Regions and
Crop Types: S Daryanto, L Wang, P A Jacinthe
0800h GC41B-0559 POSTER National Energy with
Weather System Simultator (NEWS) Sets Bounds
on Cost Effective Wind and Solar PV Deployment
in the USA without the Use of Storage: C Clack, A
E MacDonald, A Alexander, A D Dunbar, Y Xie, J
M Wilczak
0800h GC41B-0560 POSTER Mitigating Climate
Change with Ocean Pipes: Influencing Land
Temperature and Hydrology and Termination
Overshoot Risk: L Kwiatkowski, K Caldeira, K
0800h GC41B-0561 POSTER Climate regulation
enhances the value of second generation biofuel
technology: T W Hertel, J Steinbuks, W Tyner
0800h GC41C-0582 POSTER Recent global
temperature “plateau” in the context of a new proxy
reconstruction: S Obrochta, T J Crowley, J Liu, G
C Hegerl
0800h GC41C-0583 POSTER Making Data Visible:
Satellite Observations of Arctic Change (SOAC):
J Beitler, S Tanner, A P Barrett, M H Savoie, H
Wilcox, T Hoyer, K Beam
0800h GC41C-0586 POSTER Dissemination of
Climate and Environmental Information: Successes
and Failures of Climate Services: G P Brasseur
0800h GC41C-0587 POSTER Climatic driven
variability of surface water energy potential and
implications for future hydroelectricity: A L E
Worman, G Lindstrom
11/28/2014 11:06:16 AM
0800h GC41C-0588 POSTER From the Cosmos
to the Geosphere: the quest of four European
Deep Underground Laboratories originally built
for Astroparticle Physics to understand Global
Environmental Change: I Agrafioti
0800h GC41C-0589 POSTER Flood Risk and Global
Change: Future Prospects: A Serra-Llobet
0800h GC41C-0590 POSTER Future Secretariat: an
innovation research coordination and governance
structure: D S Ojima, R Johan, W Cramer, K
Fukushi, S Allard
Moscone West Poster Hall
Extreme Events and Climate Change:
Impacts on Environment and
Resources IV Posters (joint with A, H)
Presiding: John Dawson, Florida
Department of Environmental
Protection; Michael Hiscock, United
States Environmental Protection
Agency; Dorothy Koch, United States
Department of Energy
0800h GC41D-0591 POSTER Effects of pH
Limitation on Population Growth,Nutrient Uptake
and Photosynthesis Physiological Processes of
Karenia mikimotoi: W Yue
0800h GC41D-0592 POSTER Historic and Future Ice
Storms: K Klima, M G Morgan
0800h GC41D-0593 POSTER Sensitivity of Global
Wildfire Occurrences to Various Factors in the
Context of Global Change: Y Huang, S Wu
0800h GC41D-0594 POSTER Developing ClimateInformed Ensemble Streamflow Forecasts over the
Colorado River Basin: W P Miller, J Lhotak, K
Werner, M Stokes
0800h GC41D-0595 POSTER Low Flows over the
Eastern United States: Variability, Trends, and
Attributions (1962-2011): J Kam, J Sheffield
0800h GC41D-0596 POSTER Modeling of Effects
of Climate and Land Cover Change on Thermal
Loading to Puget Sound: Q Cao, N Sun, J R Yearsley,
B Nijssen, D P Lettenmaier
0800h GC41D-0597 POSTER Dry Deposition
Estimates in Texas during Drought Years: L Huang,
Y Kimura, E McDonald-Buller, G McGaughey, D
0800h GC41D-0598 POSTER Future Ozone
Extremes: Clues from a Data Analysis: P
Phalitnonkiat, P G M Hess, G Samorodnitsky, M
D Grigoriu
0800h GC41D-0599 POSTER Changes in Terrestrial
Water Availability under Global Warming: C W
Lan, M H Lo, C Chou
0800h GC41D-0600 POSTER Analyses of Extreme
Weather Indices in the Mountain: A Case Study of
the Gandaki River Basin, Nepal: N S Shrestha, P
0800h GC41D-0601 POSTER Analysis of Coastal
Sediment Plume Dynamics in Puerto Rico using
MODIS/Terra 250-m Imagery: D B Otis, F E
Muller-Karger, P Mendez-Lazaro, M McCarthy, F
R Chen
0800h GC41D-0602 POSTER Modeling the Impacts
of Historic Climate Change and Extreme Droughts
on Water Yield and Productivity of National
Forests over the Conterminous U.S: S Sun, G Sun,
P V Caldwell, S G McNulty, Y Zhang
0800h GC41D-0603 POSTER Characterizing
Uncertainties in Hydrological Projections Under
Climate Change in the Amazon Basin: D A
Rodriguez, L G Lopez, J L Siqueira Junior, J
0800h GC41D-0609 POSTER Intercontinental
difference in extreme weather events for the
Northern Hemisphere over the past half century: A
Chen, J Tan, S Piao
0800h GC41E-0632 POSTER Investigation of
Climate Change Effect on Probable Maximum
Flood at a Northern Watershed: H Rouhani, R
0800h GC41D-0610 POSTER Meteorological
influences on extreme duration PM2.5 air pollution
episodes: J Matthys, D E Horton, N S Diffenbaugh
0800h GC41E-0633 POSTER Changes in the Extreme
Rainfall Events Trends and Variability in Kansas,
USA: V Rahmani, S L Hutchinson, J A Harrington
Jr, S Hutchinson
0800h GC41D-0612 POSTER Evaluation of Potential
Climate Change Impacts on Particle Movement in
Open Channel Flow: E Lin, C Tsai
0800h GC41D-0613 POSTER Soliciting Feedback
from Resource Managers to Inform Response to
Extreme Event Impact: L W Bedsworth
0800h GC41D-0614 POSTER Projecting PolicyRelevant Metrics to Characterize Changing Ozone
Extremes over the US: Variations by Region, Season
and Scenario: H E Rieder, A M Fiore, G J P Correa,
O Clifton, L W Horowitz, V Naik
0800h GC41D-0615 POSTER High Temperature
Extremes – Will They Transform Structure of
Avian Assemblages in the Desert Southwest?:
D Mutiibwa, T P Albright, B O Wolf, A E
Mckechnie, A R Gerson, W A Talbot, G Sadoti, J
O’Neill, E Smith
0800h GC41D-0616 POSTER Links between Plant
Invasion, Anthropogenic Nitrogen Enrichment, and
Wildfires: A Systematic Review: E Felker-Quinn,
M Gooding Lassiter, A Maxwell, R Housego, B
0800h GC41D-0617 POSTER The National Extreme
Events Data and Research Center (NEED): J
Gulledge, D P Kaiser, T J Wilbanks, T Boden, R
Moscone West Poster Hall
Extreme Events and Climate Change:
Impacts on Environment and
Resources V Posters (joint with A, H)
0800h GC41E-0622 POSTER Simulating the
Response of Urban Water Quality to Climate and
Land Use Change in Partially Urbanized Basins: N
Sun, J R Yearsley, B Nijssen, D P Lettenmaier
0800h GC41E-0623 POSTER Land Use Land
Cover Impact on Probable Maximum Flood and
Sedimentation for Artificial Reservoirs: A Case
Study in Western US: W Y Yigzaw, F Hossain
AGU2014News.indb 12
0800h GC41E-0638 POSTER Seasonal Precipitation
Variability Associated with Climate Change and
Impacts on Vermont Flood Risk: J Guilbert, A
Bomblies, D Rizzo
0800h GC41E-0639 POSTER Development of a
Simple Framework to Assess Hydrological Extremes
using Solely Climate Data: E Foulon, P Gagnon, A
N Rousseau
0800h GC41E-0640 POSTER Evaluation of Potential
Wetlands to Reduce Peak Flows in Future Climate
Scenarios in the Eagle Creek Watershed, IN: K M
Walters, M Babbar-Sebens
Quantifying Uncertainty in Climate,
Earth System, Integrated Assessment,
and Impact Models and Observations
I Posters (joint with A, B, H, SI)
0800h GC41F-0641 POSTER Shale Gas Boom or
Bust? Estimating US and Global Economically
Recoverable Resources: R J Brecha, J Hilaire, N
Determination of the Human Influence on Climate
Change: A P Hope, T P Canty, N R Mascioli, R J
0800h GC41F-0643 POSTER Sampling Biases in
Datasets of Historical Mean Air Temperature over
Land: K Wang
0800h GC41E-0624 POSTER The Tale of Flooding
over the Central United States: Not Bigger but
More Frequent: I Mallakpour, G Villarini
0800h GC41E-0625 POSTER Improved Simulation
of Peak Flows Under Climate Change: PostProcessing or Multi-Objective Calibration?: X
Zhang, M J Booij, Y P Xu
0800h GC41F-0645 POSTER Generating future
climate time series in semi-arid regions for
hydrologic modeling: C Chadwick, S Vicuna, J A
0800h GC41E-0626 POSTER Estimation of Future
Return Levels for Heavy Rainfall in the Iberian
Peninsula: Comparison of Methodologies: S Parey
0800h GC41F-0646 POSTER Objective Tuning
of Model Parameters in CAM5 Across Different
Spatial Resolutions: V Bulaevskaya, D D Lucas
0800h GC41E-0628 POSTER Inland Flooding
Damages in the United States: Historical Trends
and Climate Change Implications: C W Wobus, R
Streeter, R Jones, J Martinich
variability and the sugarcane climate demand in
Brazil: V R Pereira, A M H de Avila, G Blain, J
Zullo Jr
0800h GC41F-0657 POSTER Projecting global
tropical cyclone economic damages with validation
of tropical cyclone economic damage model: Y
Iseri, A Iwasaki, C Miyazaki, S Kanae
Quantification for Characterizing Spatial Tail
Dependence under Statistical Framework: S Jeon,
C J Paciorek, M Prabhat, S Byna, W Collins, M F
0800h GC41D-0605 POSTER Modeling the
Emission, Transport, and Dispersion of Postwildfire Dust from Western Sagebrush Landscapes
within a Regional Air Quality Framework: S H
Chung, N S Wagenbrenner, B K Lamb
0800h GC41F-0647 POSTER Complex Empiricism
and the Quantification of Uncertainty in
Paleoclimate Reconstructions: K C Brumble
0800h GC41F-0648 POSTER Maximum warming
occurs about one decade after carbon dioxide
emission: K Ricke, K Caldeira
0800h GC41E-0629 POSTER Assessment of Climate
Change Impacts on Flood Event Types in Two
Alpine Catchments: T Turkington, K Breinl, V
Jetten, J Ettema
0800h GC41F-0649 POSTER The Social Network
of Tracer Variations and O(100) Uncertain
Photochemical Parameters in the Community
Atmosphere Model: D D Lucas, M Labute, K
Chowdhary, B Debusschere, P J Cameron-Smith
0800h GC41E-0630 POSTER Observed low flow
trends in major US river basins: M Pournasiri
Poshtiri, I Pal
0800h GC41F-0650 POSTER Using Runoff Data to
Calibrate the Community Land Model: J Ray, Z
Hou, M Huang, L Swiler
0800h GC41E-0631 POSTER Study on the water
related disaster risks using the future socioeconomic scenario in Asia: M Kiguchi, M Hatono,
H Ikeuchi, S Nakamura, Y Hirabayashi, S Kanae, T
0800h GC41F-0651 POSTER Assessing the Problem
Formulation in an Integrated Assessment Model:
Implications for Climate Policy Decision-Support:
G G Garner, P M Reed, K Keller
0800h GC41F-0655 POSTER Estimates of climate
system properties based on recent climate records
up to 2012: A G Libardoni, C E Forest, A P Sokolov
0800h GC41E-0637 POSTER Climate-Driven
Trends in the Occurrence of Major Floods in North
America and Europe: B Renard, G A Hodgkins,
P Whitfield, D H Burn, J Hannaford, K Stahl, A
K Fleig, H Madsen, L Mediero, J Korhonen, C
Murphy, P Crochet, D Wilson
Presiding: Maoyi Huang, Pacific NW
Nat’l Lab-Atmos Sci; Katharine Hayhoe,
Texas Tech University; Linda Mearns,
NCAR; Elisabeth Lloyd, Indiana
University Bloomington
0800h GC41E-0620 POSTER Predicting Air-Water
Geysers and Their Implications on Reducing
Combined Sewer Overflows: Y Choi, A Leon, S
0800h GC41F-0654 POSTER Assessing the impacts of
using energy balance models to estimate probabililty
distributions of equilibrium climate sensitivity: C E
Forest, A Warner, K Keller, A P Sokolov
0800h GC41F-0656 POSTER Parameter Estimation
in High-Dimensional Climate Models: K Sargsyan,
C Safta, B Debusschere, H N Najm, D M Ricciuto,
P E Thornton
0800h GC41E-0618 POSTER Uncertainties in
Projected Runoff over the Central United States: I
Giuntoli, G Villarini, C Prudhomme, D M Hannah
0800h GC41E-0619 POSTER Climate Change
Impacts on U.S. Streamflow and Water Quality : X
Z Liang, Y He
0800h GC41F-0653 POSTER Using Impact-Relevant
Sensitivities to Efficiently Evaluate and Select
Climate Change Scenarios: J A Vano, J B Kim, D
E Rupp, P Mote
0800h GC41E-0636 POSTER High Resolution,
Consistent Online Estimation of Potential Flood
Damage in The Netherlands: O Hoes, R Hut, E van
Moscone West Poster Hall
0800h GC41E-0627 POSTER The unspoken link
between flooding and global warming – will future
storms and floods intensify?: C Wasko, A Sharma
0800h GC41D-0607 POSTER High ground-level
ozone events over the Eastern United States:
meteorology and source attribution: M Seto, O
Clifton, J Guo, L T Murray, L C Valin, A M Fiore
0800h GC41E-0635 POSTER Taking climate change
into estimation of long-term flood risks: A case of
Devils Lake of North Dakota, USA: G Kharel, A
Presiding: John Dawson, Florida
Department of Environmental
Protection; Michael Hiscock, United
States Environmental Protection
Agency; Dorothy Koch, United States
Department of Energy
0800h GC41D-0604 POSTER Long-term statistical
analysis on hot days and heat wave in Mongolia: E
Erdenebat, T Sato
0800h GC41D-0606 POSTER Effect of ocean
acidification on growth of the N2-fixational
cyanobacteria from the subtropical NW Pacific: H
C Lin
0800h GC41E-0634 POSTER Hydrological Model
Parameter (In)stability – Implications for the
Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on
Flood Seasonality: K Vormoor, D Lawrence, M
Heistermann, A Bronstert
0800h GC41F-0652 POSTER Exploring regional
patterns of uncertainty over precipitation change
among CMIP5 models using empirical mode
techniques, with a focus on the midlatitude Pacific
storm track region: B Langenbrunner, J D Neelin,
B R Lintner, B T Anderson
0800h GC41F-0658 POSTER Biogeophysical controls
on land-atmosphere fluxes in the Community Earth
System Model: D M Ricciuto, J Mao, X Shi
Uncertainties in Global and North American
Regional Climate Change Projections using the Multi-Thousand Member
Global Climate Model Perturbed Physics Ensemble:
D H Rosendahl, D J Karoly
0800h GC41F-0660 POSTER From Land Use to
Land Cover: Restoring the Afforestation Signal in
a Coupled Integrated Assessment - Earth System
Model and the Implications for CMIP5 RCP
Simulations: A V Di Vittorio, L P Chini, B P BondLamberty, J Mao, X Shi, J E Truesdale, A Craig, K
V Calvin, A D Jones, W Collins, J Edmonds, G C
Hurtt, P E Thornton, A M Thomson
0800h GC41F-0661 POSTER An Examination of
Sensitivities in Uncertainty Quantification for
Future Climate Projections over India: R Singh, K
M Achutarao
0800h GC41F-0662 POSTER Uncertainty Analysis
of Downscaled CMIP5 Precipitation Data for
Louisiana, USA: S J Sumi, M Tamanna, B Chivoiu,
E H Habib
0800h GC41F-0663 POSTER Applicability of
surrogate-based MCMC-Bayesian inversion of
CLM at flux tower sites with various climate and
soil conditions: Z Hou, J Ray, M Huang, L Swiler
0800h GC41F-0664 POSTER Uncertainty Analysis of
CMIP5 Future Projection in Global Water Cycle: S
Watanabe, H KIM, Y Hirabayashi, S Kanae
0800h GC41F-0665 POSTER Assessment of Climate
Projections Using Ensembles of CMIP5 GCMs
and Developing a Probable Future Scenario
for Evaluation of Possible Future Changes: A
Ahmadalipour, A Rana, H Moradkhani
0800h GC41F-0667 POSTER Assessing the
Assessment Methods: Climate Change and
Hydrologic Impacts: L D Brekke, M P Clark,
E D Gutmann, N Mizukami, P A Mendoza, R
Rasmussen, K Ikeda, T Pruitt, J R Arnold, B
0800h GC41F-0668 POSTER Environmental health
risk assessment and management for global climate
change: P Carter
0800h GC41F-0670 POSTER Uncertainty in
stormwater drainage adaptation: what matters and
how much is too much?: L J Stack, M H Simpson,
T Moore, J S Gulliver, R Roseen, L Eberhart, J B
Smith, J Gruber, L Yetka, R Wood, C Lawson
Moscone West 3005
Assessing the State of the Art in
Change Detection and Analysis for
Geophysical Time Series II (joint with
B, H)
Presiding: Kirsten de Beurs, University
of Oklahoma Norman Campus; Jan
Verbesselt, Wageningen University;
Geoffrey Henebry, South Dakota State
0800h GC41G-01 The Many Hazards of Trend
Evaluation: G M Henebry, K de Beurs, X Zhang, J
S Kimball, C Small
0815h GC41G-02 30 years of change in water-limited
ecosystems: S Horion, R Fensholt, J Verbesselt, T
Tagesson, K Grogan, A Ehammer, F Tian
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:17 AM
0845h GC41G-03 Measurement and Classification
of Long-Term Seasonal Trends: Procedures and
Results using a 30-Year Monthly Series of Global
NDVI: R Eastman
0915h GC41G-04 Identifying Optimal Spatial
Resolutions For Trend Detection: W Barnett, P
0930h GC41G-05 Evaluating Trends in Historical
PM2.5 Element Concentrations by Reanalyzing a
15-Year Sample Archive: N P Hyslop, W H White,
K Trzepla
0945h GC41G-06 A Reliable and Accurate Longterm Climate Record: Solar Irradiance: G J
Rottman, T N Woods, M A Snow
Moscone West 3001
Renewable Energy I (joint with A, H, OS)
Presiding: Elizabeth Weatherhead,
University of Colorado; Scott James,
Exponent, Inc.; Jessica Lundin,
Vaisala Inc.; Andrew Clifton, National
Renewable Energy Lab
0800h GC41H-01 Modelling and Optimization of
Nannochloropsis and Chlorella Growth for Various
Locations and Seasons: P E Gharagozloo
0815h GC41H-02 Modeling Heteroscedasticity
of Wind Speed Time Series in the United Arab
Emirates: H Y Kim, P R Marpu, T Ouarda
0845h GC41H-04 Wind Resource Assessment in
the Middle East: C M A Yip, U B Gunturu, G L
0800h GP41A-3602 POSTER The Effects of
Dislocations on the Verwey Transition as Observed
by Transmission Electron Microscopy and Low
Temperature Magnetic Measurements: A K
Lindquist, J M Feinberg, R J Harrison, J Loudon,
A J Newell
0800h GP41A-3603 POSTER Shock-Induced
Magnetic and Structural Changes in Magnetite:
New Insights Towards Strain Memory Mechanisms:
A M Kontny, B Reznik, P Lied, A Holzwarth, J
Göttlicher, A Boubnov
0800h GP41A-3604 POSTER Pressure Dependence
on the Remanent Magnetization of Fe-Ni Alloys: S
A Gilder, Q Wei, B Maier
Distributions from Deconvolved
Magnetic Susceptibility: K Fukuma
0800h GP41A-3606 POSTER Forculator: A
Micromagnetic Tool for Simulating First-Order
Reversal Curve Diagrams: R J Harrison, I Lascu
GP41A-3607 POSTER Predictability
of magnetic hysteresis and thermoremanent
magnetization using Preisach theory: A J Newell,
M Niemerg, D Bates
0800h GP41A-3608 POSTER Rock Magnetic Mineral
Assemblage in Mineral Separates from Xenoliths of
Continental Lithospheric Mantle: E Khakhalova, J
M Feinberg, D A Ionov, E C Ferre, S A Friedman, F
M Hernandez, C R Neal, J A Conder
0800h GP41A-3609 POSTER Paleomagnetism of
Cougar Point Tuff XII, Snake River Plane Idaho: E
D Brown, D R Finn, R S Coe, G H Rea-Downing,
M J Branney, T Knott, M K Reichow
0900h GC41H-05 Advances in Optimizing Weather
Driven Electric Power Systems: C Clack, A E
MacDonald, A Alexander, A D Dunbar, Y Xie, J M
0800h GP41A-3610 POSTER Partial Anhysteretic
Anisotropy Measured in the Greys Landing
Ignimbrite of the Central Snake River Plain: G H
Rea-Downing, D R Finn, R S Coe, E D Brown, M
K Reichow, T Knott, M J Branney
0915h GC41H-06 Could Crop Roughness Impact the
Wind Resource at Agriculturally Productive Wind
Farm Sites?: B J Vanderwende, J K Lundquist
0800h GP41A-3611 POSTER Change from inverse to
normal magnetic fabrics through thermal treatment:
H Kim, H Cho, J O Jeong, M Son, Y K Sohn
0930h GC41H-07 The impacts of land-use change
from grassland to bioenergy Short Rotation
Coppice (SRC) willow on the crop and ecosystem
greenhouse gas balance: Z M Harris, G Taylor, G
Alberti, M Dondini, P Smith
0945h GC41H-08 Toward Improved Off-Shore
Wind Predictions by Combining Observations with
Models through State Estimation – An Analysis
of Marine Boundary Layer Parameterizations: B
Kosovic, L Delle Monache, J Hacker, J A Lee, F
C Vandenberghe, Y Wu, A Clifton, S Hawkins, J
Nissen, D Rostkier-Edelstein
Moscone West 3003
The Third Pole Environment (TPE)
Under Global Changes I (joint with A, C,
Presiding: Tandong Yao, Inst of Tibetan
Plateau Res; Bernd Wuennemann,
Nanjing University; Lonnie Thompson,
Ohio State University Main Campus;
Volker Mosbrugger, Senckenberg
0800h GC41I-01 Climate, ENSO and �Black Swans’
over the Last Millennium: L G Thompson, E
Mosley-Thompson, M E Davis, D V Kenny, P N Lin
0830h GC41I-02 A Review of Climatic Controls
on Оґ18o in Precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau:
Observations and Simulations: T Yao, V MassonDelmotte, J Gao, C M Risi
0900h GC41I-03 A Longer–Term Perspective of
the Karakoram–Pamir Anomaly: Length, Area and
Mass Changes since the 1970s: T Bolch, N Holzer, S
Joshi, N Moelg, K Mukherjee, S B Maharjan, F Paul,
T Pieczonka, J M Shea, F Shrestha, A B Shrestha
0920h GC41I-04 Two Centuries of Trace Element
Deposition at the Top of the Himalaya: Natural
Background vs. Anthropogenic Pollution: A
Wegner, P Gabrielli, J D Barker, R Sierra
Hernandez, E Beaudon, L G Thompson
0940h GC41I-05 An Assessment of Glacial
Contributions to Lake Dynamics across the Tibetan
Plateau since the Late Pleistocene: Y Sheng
Moscone South Poster Hall
Fundamental Mineral and Rock
Magnetism II Posters (joint with DI, MR)
Presiding: Dario Bilardello, University of
Minnesota; Michael Jackson, University
of Minnesota; Bruce Moskowitz,
University of Minnesota
0800h GP41A-3612 POSTER Study of Anisotropy of
Magnetic Susceptibility on Central Chimei Fault,
Coastal Range of Eastern Taiwan: C Y Rong
0800h GP41A-3613 POSTER Magnetic Investigations
in the J-M Reef Section of the Stillwater Complex,
Montana: J D Wnukowski, E C Ferre, K C Butak
0800h H41A-0773 POSTER Improving Hydrologic
Data Assimilation by a Multivariate Particle FilterMarkov Chain Monte Carlo: H Yan, C M DeChant,
H Moradkhani
Characterization of Flood Magnitudes from
Hurricane Irene (2011) over Delaware River Basin:
P Lu, J A Smith, L Cunha, N Lin
0800h H41A-0775 POSTER Inflow forecasting
model construction with stochastic time series for
coordinated dam operation: T Kim, Y Jung, H Kim,
J H Heo
0800h H41A-0776 POSTER A New Approach in
Generating Meteorological Forecasts for Ensemble
Streamflow Forecasting using Multivariate
Functions: S Khajehei, S Madadgar, H Moradkhani
0800h H41A-0777 POSTER Generation of Daily
Rainfall Scenario Based on Nonstationary
Spatial-Temporal Downscaling Techniques with
Multimodel Ensemble of Different GCMs: T J
Kim, H H Kwon
0800h H41A-0778 POSTER Water Resource
Assessment in KRS Reservoir Using Remote
Sensing and GIS Modelling: M V H, K C Gouda, N
Bhat, A Reddy
0800h H41A-0779 POSTER The Potential of
Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration and Soil
Moisture Retrievals in Calibrating Land Surface
Models: D Ryu, A Kunnath Poovakka, L J Renzullo,
B George
0800h H41A-0780 POSTER Regionalization and
Prediction of Seasonal Precipitation in Ethiopia: Y
Zhang, P Block
0800h H41A-0781 POSTER Study of Seasonal
Forecasting of Typhoon in East Asia: X SUN, J
0800h H41A-0782 POSTER Can improved SSTA
prediction be translated into better seasonal rainfall
forecast?: M Z K Khan, A Sharma, R Mehrotra, A
Schepen, Q Wang
0800h H41A-0783 POSTER Skill of Global Climate
Models in Capturing Dependence of Great Basin
Precipitation on Pacific Modes of Variability: K
Smith, C Strong, S Y Wang
0800h H41A-0784 POSTER Effects of Climate
Change on Stormwater Capture Depths in the
U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region: I Khan, G E Moglen, K
0800h H41A-0785 POSTER Estimation of Design
Rainfall Based on Climate Change Scenario in Jeju
Island: S K Yang, J H Lee, W Y Jung
0800h H41A-0786 POSTER Historical Climate
Change Analysis over American River Watershed
by Means of 137-Year Long-Term Dynamic
Downscaling: K Ishida, M L Kavvas, Z R Chen, N
Ohara, S Jang
0800h H41A-0787 POSTER On the Predictability of
SSTA Indices Relevant for Rainfall Prediction from
CMIP5 Decadal Experiments: D Choudhury, A
Sharma, A Sen Gupta, R Mehrotra, B Sivakumar
0800h H41A-0788 POSTER Hourly Precipitation
Downscaling With Empirical Statistical Methods:
Case Study near the US Eastern Coast: Y Wang, G
0800h H41A-0789 POSTER Modeling climate
change impacts on hydrological variability using an
efficient multi-site GCM downscaling method: Z
0800h H41A-0790 POSTER Downscaling using
Probabilistic Gaussian Copula Regression model: M
A Ben Alaya, F Chebana, T Ouarda
0800h H41A-0791 POSTER Flood Frequency
Analysis of Future Climate Projections in the Cache
Creek Watershed: I Fischer, T Trihn, K Ishida, S
Jang, E Kavvas, M L Kavvas
0800h H41A-0792 POSTER A New Method for
Radar Rainfall Estimation Using Merged Radar and
Gauge Derived Fields: M M Hasan, A Sharma, F
Johnson, G Mariethoz, A Seed
0800h H41A-0793 POSTER Comparison of
Conceptual and Neural Network Rainfall-Runoff
Models: V K Vidyarthi, A Jain
0800h H41A-0794 POSTER Characterizing weather
and climate variability for precipitation: A databased stochastic modeling framework: D Gianotti,
B T Anderson, G Salvucci
0800h H41A-0795 POSTER Modeling transitions
in the hydrologic and thermal regimes of Earth’s
largest lake system: A Gronewold, E J Anderson, P
Blanken, B M Lofgren, J Wang, C Stow
0800h GP41A-3614 POSTER Separation of magnetic
susceptibility components from magnetization
curves: L Kosareva, D Nourgaliev, D Kuzina, S
Spassov, A Fattakhov
0800h GP41A-3615 POSTER Rotational Remanent
Magnetization (RRM) to Identify Pyrrhotite
in Natural Iron-Sulfide-Bearing Samples: S P
Slotznick, J L Kirschvink, W W Fischer, S M
Moscone West Poster Hall
Advances in Hydrometeorological
Predictions and Applications II
Posters (joint with A, NH)
Presiding: Hamid Moradkhani,
Portland State University; Nathalie
Voisin, PNNL; Andrew Wood, National
Center for Atmospheric Research
0800h H41A-0764 POSTER Joint System of the
National Hydrometeorology for disaster prevention:
J Lim, K Cho, Y S Lee, H S Jung, H D Yoo, D Ryu,
J Kwon
0800h H41A-0765 POSTER WRF Performance
Skills in Predicting Rainfall Over the Philippines: G
J P Perez, J S Combinido
C Kurian, U Natesan, D R K H V
0800h H41A-0767 POSTER Wind Velocity
Predictions over the Penghu Islands of Taiwan
during Tropical Cyclones: C C Wei
0800h H41A-0768 POSTER Estimation of Extreme
Rainfalls Using the DDF Curves for Han River
Basin in Korea: S Kim, H Ahn, T Kim, J H Heo
0800h H41A-0769 POSTER Regional Frequency
Analysis of extreme rainfall events, Tuscany (Italy):
E Caporali, V Chiarello, G Rossi
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by Friday, 19 December
6:00 P.M. PST
0800h H41A-0770 POSTER Threshold Frequency
Estimation for the Russian River, CA: A Pelle, G A
Tootle, L E Johnson, R Cifelli, C Hsu
0800h H41A-0771 POSTER A Markov track model
for simulating Typhoon Tracks in North-Western
Pacific Ocean: B Song, B Rajagopalan, G H Lim
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 13
0800h H41A-0772 POSTER Multivariate NonParametric Simulation of Daily Streamflows
Considering Climate Change: U Haberlandt
11/28/2014 11:06:17 AM
0800h H41A-0796 POSTER Improvements of
Physically-Based Hydrological Modelling using the
ACRU Agro-Hydrological Modelling System: C M
T Bonifacio, S W Kienzle, W Xu, J Zhang
0800h H41A-0797 POSTER Forecasting Urban
Water Demand via Machine Learning Methods
Coupled with a Bootstrap Rank-Ordered
Conditional Mutual Information Input Variable
Selection Method: J F Adamowski, J Quilty, B
Khalil, M Rathinasamy
Moscone West Poster Hall
Evapotranspiration, Evaporative
Demand, and Drought: Exploring
Dynamics and Linkages, and
Highlighting Emerging Applications
Posters (joint with A, GC)
Presiding: Mike Hobbins, National
Integrated Drought Information System;
Christopher Hain, University of
Maryland; Martha Anderson, USDA ARS
0800h H41B-0798 POSTER Estimating and
Validating Soil Evaporation and Crop Transpiration
during the HiWATER-MUSOEXE: L Song
0800h H41B-0799 POSTER The Evaporative
Demand Drought Index: The Physical Basis: M
Hobbins, D McEvoy, J L Huntington, A W Wood,
J P Verdin
0800h H41B-0800 POSTER Temporal Changes in
Drought Indices Provide Early Warning of Drought
Development over Sub-Seasonal Time Scales: J
Otkin, M C Anderson, C Hain, M Svoboda
0800h H41B-0801 POSTER Monitoring the Lower
Colorado River’s Arid Delta in Mexico by Measuring
the Response in Vegetation and Evapotranspiration
Resulting from the 2014 Spring Pulse Flood: P L
Nagler, E P Glenn, M Gomez-Sapiens, C Jarchow,
J Milliken
0800h H41B-0802 POSTER Evapotranspiration from
Airborne Simulators as a Proxy Datasets for NASA’s
ECOSTRESS mission – A new Thermal Infrared
Instrument on the International Space Station: P
C Guillevic, G C Hulley, S J Hook, A Olioso, J M
Sanchez, D Drewry, S W Running, J B Fisher
0800h H41B-0803 POSTER Fully-automated
estimation of actual to potential evapotranspiration
in the Everglades using Landsat and air temperature
data as inputs to the Vegetation Index-Temperature
Trapezoid method: A L Yagci, J W Jones
0800h H41B-0804 POSTER Multi-model drought
evaluation at regional and global scales: A Ershadi,
M F McCabe, J Sheffield
0800h H41B-0805 POSTER Local Contributors
and Predictability of Flash Drought at the Marena
Oklahoma In Situ Sensor Testbed (MOISST)
During 2012: J B Basara, J Otkin, H R Mahan, M C
Anderson, C Hain, P Wagle, X Xiao
0800h H41B-0806 POSTER Water Footprints
of Cellulosic Bioenergy Crops: Implications for
Production on Marginal Lands: S K Hamilton, M
Z Hussain, A K Bhardwaj, B Basso, M G Abraha, G
P Robertson
0800h H41B-0807 POSTER Terrestrial Water
Balances in the Face of Variable Climate over 49
years in Southern Michigan: S K Hamilton, M Z
0800h H41B-0808 POSTER Trends and Patterns of
Change in Temperature and Evaporation: E Ragno,
A AghaKouchak
0800h H54C-05 POSTER Utility of a Two-source
Energy Balance Approach for Daily Mapping of
Landsat-scale Fluxes Over Irrigated Agriculture in
a Desert Environment: R Houborg, M F McCabe, J
Rosas Aguilar, M C Anderson, C Hain
Moscone West Poster Hall
Global Floods: Forecasting,
Monitoring, Risk Assessment, and
Socioeconomic Response III Posters
(joint with A, IN, NH)
Presiding: Huan Wu, ESSIC/NASA GSFC;
Tara Troy, Lehigh University; Philip
Ward, IVM - VU University Amsterdam;
Robert Brakenridge, University of
0800h H41C-0810 POSTER The Effect of Long
Lasting Floods on the Thermal Regime of the
Pampas: E G Jobbagy, C M Di Bella, M D Nosetto,
J Houspanossian
0800h H41C-0812 POSTER Attenuation of Storm
Surge Flooding By Wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay:
An Integrated Geospatial Framework Evaluating
Impacts to Critical Infrastructure: A Khalid, J
Haddad, S Lawler, C Ferreira
0800h H41D-0834 POSTER Agent-based Modeling
to Simulate the Diffusion of Water-Efficient
Innovations and the Emergence of Urban Water
Sustainability: L Kanta, M Giacomoni, M E Shafiee,
E Berglund
0800h H41C-0813 POSTER Real-Time Correction of
TRMM Precipitation for Hydrological Monitoring
over China: X Zhang, Q Tang
0800h H41D-0835 POSTER Modeling the Effects of
Land Use and Climate Change on Streamflow in the
Delaware River Basin: P Y S Kwon, T A Endreny,
C N Kroll, T N Williamson
0800h H41C-0814 POSTER Ensemble Prediction
of Flood Maps Under Uncertain Conditions: A
Pedrozo-AcuГ±a, J P RodrГ­guez-RincГіn, J A A
0800h H41C-0815 POSTER A new approach for
deriving Flood hazard maps from SAR data
and global hydrodynamic models: P Matgen, R
Hostache, M Chini, L Giustarini, F Pappenberger,
P Bally
0800h H41C-0816 POSTER Utah Flooding Hazard:
Raising Public Awareness through the Creation of
Multidisciplinary Web-Based Maps: J Castleton, B
Erickson, S D Bowman, C D Unger
0800h H41C-0817 POSTER Prospects for Seasonahead Global Flood Forecasts: D Lee, P J Block, P
0800h H41C-0818 POSTER Evaluation of Outlier
Detection and Modification Methods Used in Flood
Frequency Analysis: S U S Senarath
0800h H41C-0819 POSTER Temporal changes in
extent and duration of flooding in the GangesBrahmaputra Delta, Bangladesh: M B Sciance, S L
0800h H41C-0820 POSTER A Short-Term Rainfall
Estimation using Motion Vectors based on COMS
Satellite Data: K Park, J Kim, S Yoon, I Jung
0800h H41C-0821 POSTER Where Are the Flashiest
Watersheds in the United States? Exploring the
Spatial Patterns of Frequent Flash Flooding Across
the Contiguous United States: B K Smith, J A
Smith, M L Baeck
0800h H41C-0822 POSTER Changes in Benefits of
Flood Protection Standard under Climate Change :
W H Lim, S Koirala, D Yamazaki, Y Hirabayashi,
S Kanae
0800h H41C-0823 POSTER Integrated flood risk
analysis during different SST conditions in a
changing climate: A case study of the Korean Han
River basin: S Yoon, J Kim, Y I Moon
0800h H41C-0824 POSTER Paleoflood Analysis
and Flood Areas Mapping of Saricay (Canakkale)
Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS): O
Karaca, M Tiryaki, M Bozcu
0800h H41C-0825 POSTER Implementing Extreme
Value Analysis in a Geospatial Workflow for Storm
Surge Hazard Assessment: J Catelli, S Nong
0800h H41C-0826 POSTER Calibrating a RainfallRunoff and Routing Model for the Continental
United States: S Jankowfsky, S Li, A Assteerawatt,
S Tillmanns, A Hilberts
0800h H41C-0827 POSTER Prediction of River
Flooding using Geospatial and Statistical Analysis
in New York, USA and Kent, UK: A Marsellos, K
Tsakiri, M Smith
0800h H41C-0828 POSTER Performing Multiple
Simulations for Multiple Watersheds in Flood
Forecasting Using the GSSHA Distributed
Hydrologic Models in Large Basins: F Perez, N
Jones, E J Nelson, S D Christensen
0800h H41C-0829 POSTER Modeling Flood Risk for
South Korea: Y Mei, S Li
0800h H41C-0830 POSTER A faster and economical
approach to floodplain mapping using the SSURGO
soil database: N Sangwan, V Merwade
0800h H41C-0831 POSTER Developing a Graphical
User Interface to Automate the Estimation and
Prediction of Risk Values for Flood Protective
Structures using Artificial Neural Network: M
Hasan, A Helal, M Gabr
0800h H41C-0833 POSTER Importance of
Integrating High-Resoultion 2D Flood Hazard Maps
in the Flood Disaster Management of Marikina
City, Philippines: B J M Tapales, J Mendoza,
C Uichanco, A M F A Lagmay, M A Moises, P
Delmendo, N E Tingin
Moscone West Poster Hall
Sociohydrology: Modeling Feedbacks
in Complex Coupled Natural
Human Water Systems (Panta Rhei
??Everything Flows) II Posters
0800h H41C-0811 POSTER Floods in the
Pampas: Insights from over a Decade of Satellite
Observations: S Kuppel, J Houspanossian, M D
Nosetto, E G Jobbagy
Presiding: John Murphy, Argonne
National Laboratory; Arne Bomblies,
University of Vermont; Charles Kroll,
SUNY College of Environmental Science
and Forestry; Tara Troy, Lehigh
AGU2014News.indb 14
0800h H41D-0836 POSTER Modeling Household
Water Consumption in a Hydro-Institutional
System – The Case of Jordan: C J A Klassert, E
Gawel, B Klauer, K Sigel
0800h H41D-0837 POSTER Modeling Feedbacks
Between Individual Human Decisions and
Hydrology Using Interconnected Physical and
Social Models: J Murphy, R B Lammers, A A
Proussevitch, J Ozik, M Altaweel, N T Collier, L
Alessa, A D Kliskey
0800h H41D-0838 POSTER A Smallholder Sociohydrological Modelling Framework: S Pande, H
Savenije, P Rathore
0800h H41D-0840 POSTER Understanding SocioHydrology System in the Kissimmee River Basin: X
Chen, D Wang, F Tian, M Sivapalan
0800h H41D-0841 POSTER A Coupled Modeling
Framework of the Co-evolution of Humans and
Water: Case Study of Tarim River Basin, Western
China: D Liu, F Tian, M Lin, M Sivapalan
0800h H41D-0842 POSTER Modeling RainfallRunoff Dynamics in Tropical, Urban SocioHydrological Systems: Green Infrastructure and
Variable Precipitation Interception: C J Nytch, E J
0800h H41D-0843 POSTER Participatory Water
Resources Modeling in a Water-Scarce Basin (Rio
Sonora, Mexico) Reveals Uncertainty in DecisionMaking: A S Mayer, E R Vivoni, K E Halvorsen,
D Kossak
0800h H41D-0844 POSTER Post-settlement drivers
of streamflow variability in the Canadian Prairies:
an analysis of the effects of the Anthropocene: A
Nazemi, H S Wheater, K P Chun, B R Bonsal
0800h H41D-0846 POSTER Building Adaptive
Capacity with the Delphi Method and Mediated
Modeling for Water Quality and Climate Change
Adaptation in Lake Champlain Basin: S Coleman,
S Hurley, C Koliba, A Zia, S Exler
0800h H41D-0847 POSTER Use of Participatory
Systems Dynamics Modelling to Generate UserFriendly Decision Support Systems for the Design
of Management Policies for Complex HumanEnvironmental Systems: A Case Study from
the Varied Socio-environmental Landscape of
Guatemala: J J Malard, A I Baig, J Carrera, L
Mellini, P Pineda, O Monterroso, H MelgarQuiГ±onez, J F Adamowski, J Halbe, H Monardes, J
0800h H41D-0848 POSTER A Hypothesis Test for
Hydrologic Alteration: C N Kroll, K E Metz, R M
0800h H41D-0849 POSTER Coupled Dynamic
Modeling to Assess Human Impact on Watershed
Hydrology: I N Mohammed, Y Tsai, S Turnbull, A
Bomblies, A Zia
0800h H41D-0850 POSTER Interactions of
Landowners? Land Use Decisions with Flood and
Water Quality: Y Tsai, I N Mohammed, S Turnbull,
A Zia, A Bomblies
0800h H41D-0851 POSTER Attribution of hydrologic
trends using integrated hydrologic and economic
models: M P Maneta, D R Brugger, N L Silverman
0800h H41D-0852 POSTER Understanding the
influence of watershed storage caused by human
interferences on ET variance: R Zeng, X Cai
0800h H41D-0853 POSTER Predictions of Flow
Duration Curve Shifts Due to Anthropogenic and
Climatic Changes: N F Henry, C N Kroll, T A
0800h H41D-0854 POSTER Evaporation Ponds or
Recharge Structures? The Role of Check Dams
in Arkavathy River Basin, India: K Jeremiah, V
Srinivasan, A R
0800h H41E-0856 POSTER Validation of SCS CN
Method for Runoff Estimation with Field Observed
Regression Analysis Results in Venna Basin, Central
India: Y B Katpatal, S V Paranjpe, M Kadu
0800h H41E-0857 POSTER Coupling an Inverse
Gaussian Model with Artificial Neural Networks to
Predict Soil Moisture from Hyperspectral Imagery:
W Zeng, C Xu, J Huang, J Wu, M Tuller
0800h H41E-0858 POSTER Drought-Induced
Vegetation Variation Across Land Biomes in
Northern Hemisphere from 2001 to 2012: J Chen,
L Sun
0800h H41E-0859 POSTER Estimating Groundwater
Quality Changes Using Remotely Sensed
Groundwater Storage and Multivariate Regression:
A Gibbons, B F Thomas, J S Famiglietti
0800h H41E-0860 POSTER Validating Flood
Mapping Products Using a Digital Elevation Model
Comparison Technique: J Fayne
0800h H41E-0861 POSTER Variability of Cloud
Cover and Its Relation to Snowmelt and Runoff
in the Mountainous Western United States: E
Sumargo, D R Cayan, S Iacobellis
0800h H41E-0862 POSTER Estimation of Actual
Crop ET of Paddy Using the Energy Balance
Model SMARET and Validation with Field Water
Balance Measurements and a Crop Growth Model
(ORYZA): N D Nallasamy, B V Muraleedharan, K
Kathirvel, B Narasimhan
0800h H41E-0863 POSTER Vegetation Response and
Streamflow Anomalies: Exploring the Modulating
Effect of Watershed Storage as Estimated by
a Regionalized Stream Recession Index: S C
Worland, R Bennartz, J Murphy, T Merrick, M
Bradley, G M Hornberger
0800h H41E-0864 POSTER Detecting Rainfall
Extreme Fields and Their Scaling Using Weather
Radar Data: A Hamidi, N Devineni, A Zahraei, R
0800h H41E-0865 POSTER Evaluating the Use of
In-situ and Remote Sensing Data to Answer Critical
Hydrological Questions: T R Petty
0800h H41E-0866 POSTER A Novel approach
for monitoring cyanobacterial blooms using an
ensemble based system from MODIS imagery
downscaled to 250 metres spatial resolution: A El
Alem, K Chokmani, I Laurion, S E El-Adlouni
0800h H41E-0867 POSTER Change in Total Water
in California’s Mountains and Groundwater in
Central Valley During the 2011–2014 Drought
From GPS, GRACE, and InSAR: D F Argus, Y Fu, F
W Landerer, T Farr, M M Watkins, J S Famiglietti
0800h H41E-0868 POSTER Calculator for Evaluation
of Crop Water Use Fractions in California: L
Johnson, F Cassel-Sharma, D Goorahoo, F S
0800h H41E-0869 POSTER Estimation of Spatially
Distributed Evapotranspiration Using Remote
Sensing and a Relevance Vector Machine: I
Maslova, R Bachour, W R Walker, A M Ticlavilca,
M McKee
Uncertainty and its Impacts on Hydrologic
Modelling and Flood Prediction: An Investigation
in IFloodS Focal Basins: H Wu, R F Adler, Y Tian,
G J Huffman
0800h H41E-0871 POSTER Identification of Suitable
Water Harvesting Zones Based on Geomorphic
Resources for Drought Areas: A Case Study of Una
District, Himachal Pradesh, India: D C Prakasam
Jr, B Zaman
0800h H41E-0873 POSTER Sructural Control
Of Groundwater Flow In The Sinai Peninsula:
Integrated Studies: L Mohamed, M Sultan, A Z A
0800h H41E-0874 POSTER Controls on Algal
Bloom Propagation in the Kuwait Bay Utilizing:
An Integrated Remote Sensing and Statistical
Approach: C J Manche, M Sultan, R Elkadiri, S
Uddin, A Al-Dousari, K Chouinard
0800h H41E-0875 POSTER Hydrology Applications
of the GRACE missions: M M Srinivasan, E R
Ivins, M F Jasinski
Hydrometeorological Signatures – Characterization
of Urban-Induced Streamflow and Rainfall
Variability: S Schnier, X Cai, M Sivapalan
0800h H41E-0876 POSTER An Integrated Lysimeter
and Satellite Imagery Approach for Estimating
Crop Evapotranspiration: D Goorahoo, F CasselSharma, L Johnson, F S Melton
Moscone West Poster Hall
0800h H41E-0877 POSTER Optimal Scaling of
Filtered GRACE dS/dt Anomalies over Sacramento
and San Joaquin River Basins, California: M
Ukasha, J A Ramirez
Remote Sensing Applications for
Water Resources Management III
Presiding: John Bolten, NASA GSFC;
Forrest Melton, California State
University Monterey Bay
0800h H41E-0878 POSTER Spatial Downscaling
of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture Using Support
Vector Machine in Northeast Asia : M Choi, H
Moon, D Kim
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:17 AM
0800h H41E-0879 POSTER Spatial Scaling
Assessment of Surface Soil Moisture Estimations
Using Remotely Sensed Data for Precision
Agriculture: L Hassan Esfahani, A F Torres-Rua,
A Jensen, M McKee
0800h H41E-0880 POSTER Hydrogeologic Aspects
of GRACE Modeling: A Case Study of the Upper
Mississippi Basin: A Skaskevych, J Lee, F S
Policelli, J D Bolten, J L David
0800h H34D-08 POSTER Monitoring Daily
Evapotranspiration in California Vineyards Using
Landsat 8: M C Anderson, K A Semmens, W P
Kustas, F Gao, J G Alfieri, L McKee, J H Prueger, C
Hain, C Cammalleri
0800h H41E-0882 POSTER Subpixel Mapping of
Wetland Inundation Using Time-Series Landsat
Data: An Assessment of Its Sensitivity to Climate
Change Indices: H Jin, I Y Yeo, C Huang, M W
0800h H41E-0883 POSTER Management of Egypt’s
Surface and Groundwater Resources: Present and
Future: M Sultan, M Ahmed, E Yan, A Milewski,
L Mohamed, A Z A Farag
0800h H41E-0884 POSTER Understanding the
paleohydrological setting of the Arabian Peninsula:
An integrated approach: M K Emil, M Sultan, N C
Sturchio, M Ahmed, K Chouinard
0800h H41E-0885 POSTER Improving Agricultural
Water Resources Management Using Groundbased Infrared Thermometry: S Taghvaeian
0800h H41E-0886 POSTER A Dynamic Model for
Rainfall-Triggered Landslides in Central America:
J M D Simmons
0800h H41E-0887 POSTER How Much Do We
Know about the Storage Changes in the Major
River Basins of the World? Analysis of Storage
Change from GRACE: N M Velpuri, G B Senay,
J P Verdin
Moscone West Poster Hall
Recent Advances in ContinuumScale Modeling of Flow and Reactive
Transport in Porous Media Posters
0800h H41F-0900 POSTER Full-scale Testing and
Numerical Modeling oF Axial and Lateral Soil Pipe
Interaction in Deepwater: M Sarraf Joshaghani,
A MRaheem
0800h H41F-0901 POSTER Mixed LagrangianEulerian and Eulerian Approach to Discretizing
Richards’ Equation : G T Yeh, C H Tsai
Moscone West Poster Hall
Recent Advances in Groundwater
Hydrology Posters
0800h H41G-0903 POSTER Spatio-temporal
Variations in Groundwater Levels in Northwest
India and Implications for Future Groundwater
Management: S K Joshi, S P Rai, R Sinha, S Gupta,
S Shekhar, Y S Rawat, M Kumar, P J Mason, A L
Densmore, A Singh, N Nayak, W M van Dijk
0800h H41G-0906 POSTER Integrating Predictive
Modeling with Control System Design for Managed
Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Applications: Z W
Drumheller, J Regnery, J H Lee, T H Illangasekare,
P K Kitanidis, K M Smits
0800h H41G-0907 POSTER Analytical Analyses of
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Infiltrated
Water for Managed Aquifer Recharge: V A
Zlotnik, G Ledder, A Kacimov
0800h H41G-0908 POSTER The Exit Gradient
As a Measure of Groundwater Dependency of
Watershed Ecosystem Services: B R Faulkner, T J
Canfield, G F Justin
0800h H41G-0910 POSTER Characterization of
Groundwater Flow Processes in the Cedar Creek
Watershed and the Cedarburg Bog in Southeastern
Wisconsin: J P Graham, W S Han, D Feinstein, D
J Hart
0800h H41F-0889 POSTER Modeling of the T
S D E Heater Test to Investigate Crushed Salt
Reconsolidation and Rock Salt Creep for the
Underground Disposal of High-Level Nuclear
Waste: L Blanco Martin, J Rutqvist, J T Birkholzer,
R Wolters, K H Lux
0800h H41G-0913 POSTER Modeling Changing
Morphology and Density Dependent Groundwater
Flow in a Dynamic Environment: case study: S
Huizer, M F Bierkens, G Oude Essink
0800h H41G-0915 POSTER A Numerical Simulation
for Movement of Contaminated Water through a
Wellbore: Z P Stanko, T Nishikawa, N F Teague,
J A Izbicki
0800h H41G-0916 POSTER Comprehensive set of
analytical solutions for two-dimensional advectivedispersive transport involving flexible boundary
inputs, initial distributions and zero-order
productions: Y L Tu, J S Chen, K H Lai
0800h H41G-0918 POSTER Impact of Boundary
Conditions on Pumping in a Fully Bounded Aquifer:
C Lu, P Xin, L Li, J Luo
0800h H41F-0893 POSTER A methodology to ensure
local mass conservation for porous media models
under finite element formulations based on convex
optimization: J Chang, K Nakshatrala
0800h H41G-0919 POSTER Impacts of Hydraulic
Variables on Groundwater Model Calibration
for Long Island, New York: E G Chesebrough, Y
0800h H41F-0894 POSTER Mixing Limited Reaction
Rates in Radial Groundwater Flow Upscaled by the
Lamella Approach at Continuum-Scales: A A M
Ali, T R Ginn, T Le Borgne, M Dentz
0800h H41G-0920 POSTER Comparison of reactive
transport model predictions for natural attenuation
processes occurring at chlorinated solvent
contaminated site: H M Chiu, C H Tsai, K H Lai,
J S Chen
0800h H41G-0921 POSTER Modeling Radionuclide
Decay Chain Migration Using HYDROGEOCHEM:
T C Lin, C H Tsai, K H Lai, J S Chen
0800h H41F-0896 POSTER Strain localization in
usnaturated soils with large deformation: X Song,
R I Borja
0800h H41G-0922 POSTER Fast analysis of
radionuclide decay chain migration: J S Chen, C P
Liang, C W Liu, L Li
0800h H41F-0897 POSTER Development of two
simplified geochemical models for permeability
evolution due to calcite dissolution in preferential
pathways in caprock: B Guo, J P Fitts, C A Peters
0800h H41G-0923 POSTER Canada’s Deep
Geological Repository For Used Nuclear Fuel –The
Geoscientific Site Evaluation Process: S Hirschorn,
M Ben Belfadhel, A Blyth, A J DesRoches, J R M
McKelvie, A Parmenter, M Sanchez-Rico Castejon,
A Urrutia-Bustos, A Vorauer
0800h H41F-0898 POSTER Gaining a Better
Understanding of Surface-Subsurface Reactive
Transport using a High-Order Advection Approach:
J J Beisman III, R M Maxwell, A Navarre-Sitchler,
C I Steefel
0800h H41F-0899 POSTER Decoupling instead
of grid coarsening: how to achieve reservoir
scale reactive transport simulations in highly
heterogeneous settings. Example from CO2 storage:
M De Lucia, T Kempka, M Kuehn
0800h H41G-0924 POSTER A Tree Diagram:
Compilation of Methods for Evaluating Host Rock
Suitability Taking Account of Uncertainties in
Hydrogeological Modeling: A Sawada, A Hayano,
J Goto, M Inagaki
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 15
0800h H41G-0927 POSTER First Tritium-Helium
Dating Results of Groundwater in Eastern Taiwan
and Further Implications: A T Chen, T F Yang, T K
Liu, Y Sano, N Takahata, K Y Chen, Y Wang
0800h H41G-0929 POSTER Identifying functional
zones of denitrification in heterogeneous aquifer
systems by numerical simulations – a case study: E
Jang, T Kalbacher, W He, H Shao, C Schueth, O
0800h H41F-0888 POSTER A Monolithic MultiTime-Step Computational Framework for
Transient Advective-Diffusive-Reactive Systems: S
Karimi, K B Nakshatrala
0800h H41F-0895 POSTER On the performance of
maximum-principle enforcing methods applied to
large-scale subsurface problems: S Karra, J Chang,
K Nakshatrala
0840h H41I-03 A New Concept for Geothermal
Energy Extraction: The Radiator – Enhanced
Geothermal System: M Hilpert, P Geiser, B D
Marsh, P E Malin, S Moore
0800h H41G-0902 POSTER Investigation of Climate
Change Impacts to the Coastal Aquifer of North
Germany: A 3D Modelling Study: T Ptak, J Yang,
T Graf
0800h H41G-0912 POSTER Groundwater Response
to Precipitation Variations and Increased
Abstraction Rates in the Nasia Sub-catchment,
Ghana: F M Oteng, C A Alo, S M Yidana
0800h H41F-0892 POSTER Importance of dynamic
mesh adaptivity for simulation of viscous fingering
in porous media: P Mostaghimi, M Jackson, C
Pain, G Gorman
0800h H41G-0926 POSTER Does Tritium Counts
Help Quantify Residence Time of Recharge Waters
Today?: A D Damtew, S Wohnlich
0800h H41G-0928 POSTER Interaction of chemical
dissolution fronts during transport in an anisotropic
porous medium with initial small non-uniformity:
K H Lai, J S Chen, C W Liu
0800h H41G-0911 POSTER GIS and SBF for
estimating groundwater recharge of a mountainous
basin in the Wu River watershed, Taiwan: H F Yeh,
H I Lin, C H Lee
0800h H41F-0891 POSTER Fingering, Fracturing
and Dissolution in Granular Media: R Juanes, L
Cueto-Felgueroso, M Trojer, B Zhao, X Fu
0820h H41I-02 Multi-Fluid Geo-Energy Systems for
Bulk and Thermal Energy Storage and Dispatchable
Renewable and Low-Carbon Electricity: T A
Buscheck, J Randolph, M O Saar, Y Hao, Y Sun,
J M Bielicki
Presiding: Geoffrey Bohling, Univ
Kansas; Kenneth Carroll, New Mexico
State University
Presiding: Satish Karra, Los Alamos
National Laboratory; Kalyana
Nakshatrala, University of Houston
0800h H41F-0890 POSTER Simulation of three
component two phase flow in porous media using
method of lines: S Goudarzi, S Mathias, J Gluyas
0800h H41G-0925 POSTER Noble Gas Signatures in
Antrim Shale Gas in the Michigan Basin - Assessing
Compositional Variability and Transport Processes:
T Wen, M C Castro, B R Ellis, C M Hall, K C
Lohmann, L Bouvier
0800h H41G-0930 POSTER Natural background
concentrations and threshold values of chemical
species for groundwater in Korea: Y Hyun, S Lee,
H Lee
0800h H41G-0931 POSTER Evaluating GroundWater Quality Using Artificial Adaptive Systems:
M J Friedel, M Buscema, C Daughney, R Litvak,
A Chambel
0800h H41G-0932 POSTER A New Windows-based
Program for Analyzing Groundwater Rebound in
Abandoned Mines: L S Jae, Y Choi, H Yi
Moscone West 3016
Characterizing Hydrological and
Linked Processes in Arid and SemiArid Regions I
Presiding: Raghavendra Jana, King
Abdullah University of Science and
Technology; Binayak Mohanty, Texas
A&M University; Matthew McCabe,
King Abdullah University of Science and
Technology; Bridget Scanlon, University
of Texas at Austin
0800h H41H-01 Multi-scale Hydrologic Modeling
of the White Sands Dune Field, New Mexico: S M
Bourret, B T Newton
0815h H41H-02 A Method for Partitioning Surface
and Subsurface Flow Using Rainfall Simulaton and
Two-Dimensional Surface Electrical Resistivity
Imaging: A M Carey, G B Paige, S N Miller, B J
Carr, W S Holbrook
0830h H41H-03 Hydrological responses and scaling
effects in vegetated semi-arid areas with surface
sealing: L Chen, S Sela, T Svoray, S Assouline
0900h H41I-04 Micro-earthquake Analysis for
Reservoir Properties at the Prati-32 Injection Test,
The Geysers, California : L J Hutchings, A K Singh
0920h H41I-05 Sensitivity Studies of 3D Reservoir
Simulation at the I-Lan Geothermal Area in Taiwan
Using TOUGH2: C W Kuo, S R Song
0940h H41I-06 Uplift Around the Geothermal
Power Plant of Landau (Germany) Observed from
InSAR Monitoring: C Heimlich, F Masson, N
Gourmelen, J Schmittbuhl, J Azzola, S W Kim
Moscone West 3022
Improving Computational Efficiency
in Modeling Complex Environmental
Systems (with Uncertainty) II (joint
with A, IN)
Presiding: Saman Razavi, University of
Saskatchewan; George Shu Heng Pau,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory;
Howard Wheater, University of
Saskatchewan; Ye Zhang, Univ of
0800h H41J-01 Dynamic emulation modelling
for the optimal operation of water systems: an
overview: A Castelletti, S Galelli, M Giuliani
0815h H41J-02 Simplifying and upscaling water
resources systems models that combine natural and
engineered components: N McIntyre, G Keir
0830h H41J-03 Does optimal complexity that is
required to model a basin depend on its hydrologic
characteristics?: S Pande, M Moayeri
0845h H41J-04 Implicit sampling for
assimilation: X Tu, A J Chorin, M Morzfeld
0900h H41J-05 Reduced-Order Models Based on
POD-Tpwl for Compositional Subsurface Flow
Simulation: L J Durlofsky, J He, L Z Jin
0915h H41J-06 Modeling CO2 Migration at Sleipner
Using Models of Varying Complexity: K Bandilla,
M A Celia, E Leister, B Guo
0930h H41J-07 Improving Computational
Efficiency of Model Predictive Control Genetic
Algorithms for Real-Time Decision Support: B S
Minsker, A L Zimmer, A Ostfeld, A Schmidt
0945h H41J-08 A New Selection Metric for MultiObjective Hydrologic Model Calibration: B Tolson,
M Asadzadeh, D H Burn
0845h H41H-04 Impact of Water Retention Curves
on Evaporation Under Diurnal Atmospheric
Forcing: F Ciocca, I Lunati, M B Parlange
Moscone West 3007
0900h H41H-05 Continental Tele-connections of
ET and Precipitation: Tractable Models, Viable
Management, and Potential Monitoring: J S
Selker, C W Higgins, L C M Tai
Multiscale Preferential Flow from
Soils to Fissured/Karst Systems:
Hydrologic, Geochemical, and
Biological Implications I
(joint with B, EP)
0915h H41H-06 A dynamical study on sodium
accumulation and soil reclamation in secondary
salinization: Y Mau, A M Porporato
0930h H41H-07 A two-layer soil moisture
conceptual framework for exploring land
surface-atmosphere interactions in water-limited
ecosystem: S A Papuga
0945h H41H-08 Understanding the Basin-Wide
Impact of Agricultural Irrigation on the Water
Cycle in Dry Inland Areas: An Integrated Modeling
Approach: Y Zheng, Y Tian, B Wu, X Wu, J Li, C
Zheng, J Liu
Moscone West 3018
Conventional and Enhanced
Geothermal Systems:
Characterization, Integration,
Stimulation, Simulation, and Induced
Seismicity I (Virtual Session) (joint with
MR, NG, S, V)
Presiding: Souheil Ezzedine, Univ
California LLNL; Azadeh Riahi, Itasca
Consulting Group; Alain Bonneville,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
0800h H41I-01 Effect of Reservoir-Caprock
Interface Dip and Circulation of Produced Fluid on
CO2-Based Geothermal Heat Extraction from Saline
Aquifers: N Garapati, J Randolph, M O Saar
Presiding: Nicolas Massei, University
of Rouen, UMR 6143; Andreas
Hartmann, University of Bristol; Ingrid
Padilla, University of Puerto Rico
Mayaguez; Joshua Larsen, University of
0800h H41K-01 Learning from models: Insights
into the behavior of water in unsaturated fracturedporous media: A M Ireson, A P Butler
0815h H41K-02 Occurrence and Relevance of
Vertical and Lateral Preferential Flow Pathways
across Land-uses and Landscapes: M Weiler
0830h H41K-03 Modeling Solute Reactivity in
a Phreatic Solution Conduit Penetrating a Karst
Aquifer: M Field
0845h H41K-04 Relationships Between Conduit
Properties and the Damping and Retardation of
Thermal Pulses in Karst Conduits: M D Covington,
A J Luhmann, J M Myre, M Perne, S W Jones, E C
Alexander Jr, M O Saar
0900h H41K-05 Conduit network structural controls
on groundwater flow and solute breakthrough in
karst aquifers: M J Ronayne
0915h H41K-06 How to Quantify the Quality of
Karst Network Models?: P Renard
0930h H41K-07 Rapid salinization of a karst aquifer
after a typhoon-generated storm surge: Hydraulics,
geochemistry, and community impact: P Bennett,
M B Cardenas, P B Zamora, K M Befus, R S Rodolfo,
H B Cabria, M R Lapus, M Muan
11/28/2014 11:06:18 AM
0945h H41K-08 Soil-water interactions in shrinkswell clays: measurements and models across scales:
R D Stewart, D E Rupp, M R Abou Najm, J S Selker
Moscone West 3020
Water Footprint Assessment I (joint
with GC, PA, SI)
Presiding: Saket Pande, Delft University
of Technology; Arjen Y. Hoekstra,
University of Twente; Megan Konar,
University of Illinois at Urbana
Champaign; Bridget Scanlon, Univ
Texas Austin
0800h H41L-01 Is the U.S. experience replicable?
A decomposition of U.S. water use since 1950 : P
0815h H41L-02 U.S. Biofuel Policies and Domestic
Shifts in Agricultural Land Use and Water Balances:
J Teter, S Yeh, G S Mishra
0830h H41L-03 An Economic Valuation Of The
Water Footprint: A Case Study Of The Citrus
Sector In The Lower Sundays River Valley, Eastern
Cape, South Africa: S A Munro, G C G Fraser, J D
0845h H41L-04 Projections of Virtual Water Trade
Under Agricultural Policy Scenarios in China:
C Dalin, N Hanasaki, H Qiu, D L Mauzerall, I
0900h H41L-05 Agricultural Virtual Water Flows in
the USA: M Konar, Q Dang, X Lin
0915h H41L-06 Water Footprint Assessment
and the Panta Rhei research initiative of the
International Association of Hydrological Sciences
(IAHS): H Savenije
0930h H41L-07 Methodologies for Analyzing
the Water Footprint of Cities: W Paterson, R
Rushforth, B L Ruddell, I C Ahams, J A Gironas, M
Konar, A Mijic, A Mejia
0945h H41L-08 Water Footprint Assessment
to support water resources management in the
regulatory context: a case study in the Thames River
Basin, UK: G Zhang, R E Mathews, G Frapporti, M
M Mekonnen, A Y Y Hoekstra
Moscone South Poster Hall
Cyberinfrastructure for Field
Work: Data Standards, Computer
Applications, Instrumentation, and
Best Practices I Posters (joint with A, B,
C, DI, EP, G, GP, H, NH, OS, PP, T, V)
Presiding: Xiaogang Ma, Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute; Matty Mookerjee,
Sonoma State University; Charuleka
Varadharajan, Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory; Deb Agarwal,
0800h IN41A-3639 POSTER Building Interactive
Visualizations for Geochronological Data: J
Zeringue, J F Bowring, N M McLean, F Pastor
0800h IN41A-3648 POSTER Integrated Tools for
Remote System Monitoring, Data Management
and Automated Data Processing: M Velgersdyk, K
Beaty, G Fratini, A Forgione, K Ediger, J Li, L Xu,
I G Begashaw, J C Kathilankal, D Johnson, E Price,
G G Burba
0800h IN41A-3649 POSTER The community-driven
BiG CZ software system for integration and analysis
of bio- and geoscience data in the critical zone: A
K Aufdenkampe, E Mayorga, J S Horsburgh,
K A Lehnert, I Zaslavsky, D W Valentine Jr, S M
Richard, R Cheetham, F Meyer, C Henry, G BergCross, A I Packman, E L Aronson
Moscone South Poster Hall
Dark Data: Rescuing Data from the
Edge of Oblivion I Posters
Presiding: David Gallaher, University
of Colorado Boulder; Kerstin Lehnert,
Columbia University; George Campbell,
University of Colorado Boulder
0800h IN41B-3650 POSTER The Lunar Data Project:
Recovery and Restoration of Apollo Data: D R
Williams, H K Hills, P T Taylor, E J Grayzeck, E
A Guinness
0800h IN41B-3651 POSTER The Alsep Data
Recovery Focus Group of NASA’s Solar System
Exploration Research Virtual Institute: S Nagihara,
L R Lewis, Y Nakamura, D R Williams, P T Taylor,
H K Hills, W S Kiefer, C R Neal, G K Schmidt
0800h IN41B-3652 POSTER Keeping Research Data
from the Continental Deep Drilling Programme
(KTB) Accessible and Taking First Steps Towards
Digital Preservation: J F Klump, D Ulbricht, R
AGU2014News.indb 16
0800h IN41C-3670 POSTER BAID: The Barrow
Area Information Database – an interactive
web mapping portal and cyberinfrastructure for
scientific activities in the vicinity of Barrow, Alaska:
R P Cody, A Kassin, K B Kofoed, W Copenhaver,
C M Laney, A G Gaylord, J A Collins, C E Tweedie
0800h IN41C-3673 POSTER Semantic-enabled
Spatiotemporal Web Portal for Polar Sciences: K
0800h IN41B-3656 POSTER The Future of GLOSS
Sea Level Data Archaeology: S Jevrejeva, E
Bradshaw, M E Tamisiea, T Aarup
0800h IN41B-3657 POSTER A New Database of
Digitized Regional Seismic Waveforms from
Nuclear Explosions in Eurasia: I N Sokolova, P G
Richards, W Y Kim, N N Mikhailova
0800h IN41B-3658 POSTER Heliophysics Legacy
Data Restoration: R M Candey, D Bilitza, R
Chimiak, J F Cooper, L N Garcia, B T Harris, H K
Hills, R C Johnson, T Kovalick, N Lal, H Leckner,
M Liu, R E McGuire, N E Papitashvili, S A Rhodes,
D A Roberts
Moscone South Poster Hall
Polar Cyberinfrastructure Posters
(joint with C, GC, H, OS)
0800h IN41C-3660 POSTER Updates on the Polar
Cyberinfrastructure Program at the National
Science Foundation: M Tedesco
0800h IN41C-3669 POSTER Antarctic Glaciological
Data Center: Evolution towards a web-integrated
data system for Antarctic Data: R Bauer, S Tressel,
T A Scambos
0800h IN41B-3655 POSTER National Archive of
Marine Seismic Surveys (NAMSS): A USGS-Boem
Partnership to Provide Free and Easy Access to
Previously Proprietary Seismic Reflection Data on
the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf: P J Triezenberg,
P E Hart, J R Childs
0800h IN41A-3642 POSTER Publication of sensor
data in the long-term environmental monitoring
infrastructure TERENO: V Stender, M Schroeder,
J F Klump
0800h IN41C-3668 POSTER Publishing Earth
Science Data with Python: A Case Study with
Regional Climate Model Output: G M Green, M
Tedesco, P M Alexander, X Fettweis, R Datta
0800h IN41C-3672 POSTER An Intelligent Polar
Cyberinfrastrucuture to Support Spatiotemporal
Decision Making: M Song, W Li, X Zhou
0800h IN41C-3659 POSTER A Solr Powered
Architecture for Scientific Metadata Search
Applications: S A Reed, B W Billingsley, D Harper,
J Kovarik, M Brandt
0800h IN41A-3647 POSTER Open-Source Data
Assimilation for Land Models and Multiscale
Observations: T J Hoar, A M Fox, Y Zhang, R
Rosolem, A M Toure, B J Evans, J L McCreight
0800h IN41C-3667 POSTER Arctic Research
Mapping Application (ARMAP) Showcases
discovery level metadata for US Funded Research
Projects: R Score, A G Gaylord, A Kassin, R P
Cody, W Copenhaver, W F Manley, M Dover, C
E Tweedie
0800h IN41B-3654 POSTER Traceds: An
Experimental Trace Element Partitioning Database:
R L Nielsen, M S Ghiorso
Geoscience, Field Data Collection Workflows
into Software Developed for Mobile Devices: D A
Vieira, M Mookerjee, S Matsa
0800h IN41A-3645 POSTER Implementation
of Cyberinfrastructure and Data Management
Workflow for a Large-Scale Sensor Network: A S
Jones, J S Horsburgh
0800h IN41C-3666 POSTER Lessons Learned from
the Deployment and Integration of a Microwave
Sounder Based Tropical Cyclone Intensity
and Surface Wind Estimation Algorithm into
NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Product Operations: S P
Longmore, J A Knaff, A Schumacher, J Dostalek,
R DeMaria, G Chirokova, M Demaria, D C Powell,
A Sigmund, W Yu
0800h IN41B-3653 POSTER Rocket Ozone Data
Recovery for Digital Archival: S H Hwang, A J
Krueger, E Hilsenrath, D P Haffner, P K Bhartia
Presiding: Chaowei Phil Yang, George
Mason Univ.; Wenwen Li, Arizona State
Univ; Paul Morin, Polar Geospatial
Center; Lynn Yarmey, National Snow
and Ice Data Center
0800h IN41A-3644 POSTER Linking Geobiology
Fieldwork and Data Curation Through Workflow
Documentation: A Thomer, K S Baker, J G Jett, S
Gordon, C L Palmer
0800h IN41C-3665 POSTER PolarHub: A Global
Hub for Polar Data Discovery: W Li
0800h IN41C-3671 POSTER The Evolution of NSF
Arctic Data Management: Challenges and Lessons
Learned after Two Decades of Support: J A Moore,
M C Serreze, S Williams, M K Ramamurthy, D
0800h IN41A-3640 POSTER Chroni - an Android
Application for Geochronologists to Access
Archived Sample Analyses from the NSF-Funded
Geochron.Org Data Repository: J J Nettles, J F
0800h IN41A-3643 POSTER Sharing Site-Based
Research Data: Standardizing and Packaging for
Reuse: S Gordon, T DiLauro, J G Jett, A Thomer
0800h IN41C-3664 POSTER The Arctic Observing
Viewer: A Web-mapping Application for U.S.
Arctic Observing Activities: A Kassin, A G Gaylord,
W F Manley, S Villarreal, C E Tweedie, R P Cody,
W Copenhaver, M Dover, R Score, T Habermann
0800h IN41C-3661 POSTER Data Curation in the
Long Tail of Science: Preparing Community Land
Model Validation Data for Reuse and Preservation:
M L Langseth, G Strand, W R Wieder
0800h IN41C-3662 POSTER NSF Antarctic and
Arctic Data Consortium; Scientific Research
Support & Data Services for the Polar Community:
P J Morin, J W Pundsack, S M Carbotte, C E
Tweedie, A Grunow, M A Lazzara, P Carpenter, C
M Sjunneskog, L Yarmey, R Bauer, B M Adrian, J
0800h IN41C-3663 POSTER Moball-Buoy Network:
A Near-Real-Time Ground-Truth Distributed
Monitoring System to Map Ice, Weather, Chemical
Species, and Radiations, in the Arctic: F Davoodi,
C Shahabi, J Burdick, M Rais-Zadeh, D Menemenlis
Moscone South Poster Hall
Physics and Chemistry of the Deep
Earth IV Posters (joint with DI, S, T, V)
Presiding: Tetsuya Komabayashi,
University of Edinburgh; Zhicheng
Jing, Case Western Reserve University;
Razvan Caracas, CNRS; Carole Nisr,
Arizona State University
0800h MR41A-4364 POSTER A Paris-Edinburgh
Cell for Liquid Silicate Structural Studies Using
Monochromatic Diffraction and Soller Slits: Y
Wang, T Yu, C Prescher, V Prakapenka, P J Eng, J
Stubbs, Y Kono, G Shen
0800h MR41A-4365 POSTER Structure study of
sodium disilicate glass in a Paris-Edinburgh cell
using monochromatic x-ray diffraction and a multichannel collimator: T Yu, C Prescher, Y Wang, V
Prakapenka, P J Eng, Y Kono, J Stubbs, G Shen
0800h MR41A-4366 POSTER Structure of Mg2SiO4
glass up to 140 GPa: C Prescher, V Prakapenka, Y
Wang, L B Skinner
0800h MR41A-4367 POSTER Equation of State of
Amorphous MgSiO3 and (MgFe)SiO3 to Lowermost
Mantle Pressures: R Sinmyo, S Petitgirard, W
Malfait, I Kupenko, D C Rubie
0800h MR41A-4368 POSTER High-Pressure, HighTemperature Equations of State Using Fabricated
Controlled-Geometry Ni/SiO2 Double Hot-Plate
Samples: J S Pigott, D A Ditmer, R A Fischer, D M
Reaman, R J Davis, W R Panero
0800h MR41A-4369 POSTER Iron Partitioning in
the Lower Mantle: New Experimental Data from
Al-Enriched Olivine: H Piet, F Nabiei, P Gillet, J
0800h MR41A-4370 POSTER The effect of
ferric iron concentration on lower mantle phase
assemblage: Implications for mantle convection: T
Gu, C A McCammon, K K M Lee
0800h MR41A-4371 POSTER High-Pressure
Melting of Pyroxenite: Implications for Deep
Mantle Melting: M Hirs, K K M Lee
Moscone West 2020
0800h MR41A-4372 POSTER Melting phase
relations in MgO-FeO-SiO2 ternary system at high
pressure : A Morishita, R Nomura, K Hirose
Near-Real-Time Data for Earth Science
and Space Weather Applications I
(joint with A, G, NH, OS)
C Pinilla, L P Stixrude
Presiding: H Michael Goodman,
NASA Marshall Space Flght Ctr; Gerald
Bawden, US Geological Survey; Kevin
0800h MR41A-4374 POSTER Metal-Silicate
Partitioning of Uranium at High Pressures and
Temperatures: B Chidester, K Righter, Z Rahman,
A J Campbell
0800h IN41D-01 USGS Provision of Near Real Time
Remotely Sensed Imagery for Emergency Response:
B K Jones
0815h IN41D-02 From Data to Knowledge —
Faster: GOES Early Fire Detection System to Inform
Operational Wildfire Response and Management:
A Koltunov, B Quayle, E M Prins, V G Ambrosia,
S Ustin
0830h IN41D-03 Asynchronous Processing of a
Constellation of Geostationary and Polar-Orbiting
Satellites for Fire Detection and Smoke Estimation:
E J Hyer, D A Peterson, C A Curtis, C C Schmidt, J
Hoffman, E M Prins
0845h IN41D-04 Global Near Real-Time MODIS
and Landsat Flood Mapping and Product Delivery:
D A Slayback, F S Policelli, M M Tokay, G R
0900h IN41D-05 Volcview: A Web-Based Platform
for Satellite Monitoring of Volcanic Activity and
Eruption Response: D J Schneider, M Randall, T
0915h IN41D-06 A Photo Storm Report Mobile
Application, Processing/Distribution System,
and AWIPS-II Display Concept: S P Longmore,
D Bikos, E Szoke, S D Miller, R Brummer, D T
Lindsey, D Hillger
0930h IN41D-07 A Deep-Ocean Observatory with
Near Real-time Telemetry: J Berger, J A Orcutt, G
0945h IN41D-08 Use of Real Time Satellite Infrared
and Ocean Color to Produce Ocean Products: M
A Roffer, F E Muller-Karger, D Westhaver, G
Gawlikowski, M Upton, C Hall
0800h MR41A-4375 POSTER Melting phase
relations in the system Fe-FeO to the inner core
boundary pressure: T Komabayashi
0800h MR41A-4376 POSTER Equation of State and
Spin Transition of (Mg,Fe)O at High Pressures: N V
Solomatova, J M Jackson, W Sturhahn, J Zhao, T
Toellner, B Kalkan, J K Wicks, W Steinhardt
0800h MR41A-4377 POSTER First Principles
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of molten (Mg,Fe)
O at Mantle Conditions: D B Ghosh, B B Karki, S
K Bajgain
0800h MR41A-4378 POSTER First-principles study
of the thermodynamical, structural, transport
properties of liquid CaO and CaSiO3 at high
pressure: S K Bajgain, B B Karki, D B Ghosh
0800h MR41A-4379 POSTER Thermodynamics,
Diffusion, and Structure of Liquid NaAlSi3O8 at
Elevated Temperature and Pressure from Molecular
Dynamics Simulations: R Neilson, F J Spera, M S
0800h MR41A-4380 POSTER Thermal Conductivity
of Lower Mantle Minerals and Heat Flux Across the
Core-Mantle Boundary: C Bennett, E Rainey, A
0800h MR41A-4381 POSTER The Equations of State
of Liquid Pure Fe and Fe-light Elements Alloys
by Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations: H
Ichikawa, T Tsuchiya, M Ohsumi
0800h MR41A-4382 POSTER Disruption of the PVPPV Phase Transition by a Dome-like Upwelling
Beneath Alaska: D Sun, D V Helmberger, M S
0800h MR41A-4383 POSTER Chemical diffusivity
of perovskite and post-perovskite from studies of
fluoride analogues. : D P Dobson, A Lindsay-Scott,
I G Wood, E Bailey, J P Brodholt, L Vocadlo
0800h MR41A-4384 POSTER The Perovskite to
Post-Perovskite Transition: Atomistic Simulations
of Compositions on the MgSiO3-FeSiO3 and
MgSiO3-FeAlO3 Joins : C Mohn, R G Tronnes
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:18 AM
0800h MR41A-4385 POSTER Deformation
and Transformation Textures in the NaMgF3
Perovskite→Post-Perovskite System: L M Miyagi,
M Jugle
0800h MR41A-4386 POSTER Equation of state of
MgSiO3 post-perovskite: T Sakai, H Dekura, N
0800h MR41A-4387 POSTER Atomistic Modeling
of Dislocations in MgSiO3 Post-Perovskite: A
Goryaeva, P Carrez, P Cordier
0800h MR41A-4388 POSTER Phase H: A new high
pressure phase of dense hydrous magnesium silicates
in the lower mantle: J Tsuchiya, T Tsuchiya, M
Nishi, M Mookherjee
Moscone West Poster Hall
The Role of Transition Elements in
the Geophysical and Geochemical
Processes in the Deep Earth II Posters
(joint with DI, V)
Presiding: Jung-Fu Lin, University of
Texas at Austin; Renata Wentzcovitch,
University of Minnesota Twin Cities;
Catherine McCammon, Universitaet
0800h MR41B-4389 POSTER The Jahn-Teller-Effect
of Cu2+ on the Spinel Structure at High Pressure: A
Kyono, Y Nakamoto, M Sakata, M Kato
0800h MR41B-4390 POSTER The Local Structural
State of Aluminosilicate Garnet Solid Solutions:
An Investigation of Grospydite Garnet from the
Roberts Victor Kimberlite Using Paramagnetically
Shifted 27Al and 29Si MAS NMR Resonances: C A
Geiger, A C Palke, J F Stebbins
0800h MR41B-4391 POSTER Application of
multigrain crystallography to mineralogy of the
deep Earth: L Zhang, Y Meng, D Popov, J Wang,
H K Mao
0800h MR41B-4392 POSTER Elasticity of SingleCrystal Phase D across the Spin Transitions of
Ferrous and Ferric Iron in the Lower Mantle: X
Wu, J F Lin, J Liu, Z Mao, X Guo, T Yoshino, C A
McCammon, Y Xiao, V Prakapenka
0800h MR41B-4393 POSTER Spin and Structural
Transitions of Ferromagnesite in the Earth’s Lower
Mantle: J F Lin, J Liu, V Prakapenka
0800h MR41B-4394 POSTER The High Pressure
Behavior of the FeOOH Polymorphs: M M Reagan,
A E Gleason, W L Mao
0800h MR41B-4395 POSTER Elasticity of
ferropericlase at lower mantle conditions: Z Wu, J
F Justo, R M Wentzcovitch
0800h MR41B-4396 POSTER Thermoelastic
properties of rock-salt NaCl at high pressures
and temperatures: M L M Santos, G Shukla, R M
Moscone South 301
Deformation, Constitutive Response,
and Failure of Sedimentary Rocks II
(joint with H, T)
Presiding: Mathew Ingraham, Sandia
National Laboratories; Kathleen Issen,
Clarkson University
0800h MR41C-01 Deformation of Aztec Sandstone
at Valley of Fire of Nevada: failure modes, sequence
of deformation, structural products and their
interplay with paleo fluids: A Aydin
0820h MR41C-02 Effect of Пѓ2 on All Aspects of
Failure in Rocks from Granite to Sandstone: B C
Haimson, X Ma
0840h MR41C-03 Mechanical Weakening during
Fluid Injection in Critically Stressed Sandstones
with Acoustic Monitoring: C David, J Dautriat, J
Sarout, R Macault, D Bertauld
0900h MR41C-04 Compaction and Permeability
Reduction of Castlegate Sandstone under Pore
Pressure Cycling: S J Bauer
0920h MR41C-05 Compaction bands in high
unconventional shale gas reservoirs: K RegenauerLieb, M Veveakis, T Poulet
0940h MR41C-06 Determination of Shear
Strength of Rocks from Scratch Tests: Theoretical
Justification: E Detournay
Moscone South Poster Hall
Scale and Scaling in the Atmosphere,
Ocean, Hydrosphere, Natural
Hazards, and Climate II Posters (joint
with A, B, OS, PP)
Presiding: Shaun Lovejoy, McGill Univ;
Daniel O’Malley, Los Alamos National
Laboratory; Sarah Tebbens, Wright
State Univ; Alin-Andrei Carsteanu, INP
National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico
0800h NG41A-3730 POSTER Scaling Properties of
Climate Variability as Reconstructed from Different
Paleo-Indicators : an Analysis of Holocene Time
Series Based on Haar Fluctuations: R HГ©bert, S
Lovejoy, A de Vernal
0800h NG41A-3732 POSTER Variability and Trends
in Long Term Time Series and Correlations with
Climate Factors: L J Pietrafesa, T Yan, S Bao, P
T Gayes
0800h NG41A-3733 POSTER Scaling and Variability
of Global Storms: R Esmaili, Y Tian, D A Vila
0800h MR41B-4397 POSTER Thermoelasticity of
Al3+- and Fe3+-bearing bridgemanite: G Shukla, R
M Wentzcovitch
0800h NG41A-3734 POSTER The transient
behavior of scaling in the atmosphere: stratiform/
convective transition and applications to sub-grid
scale statistics: M Nogueira, A P Barros
0800h MR41B-4398 POSTER Electronic Spin
and Valence States of Iron in the Lower-Mantle
Silicate Perovskite: Y Y Chang, Y Wu, J F Lin, C A
McCammon, T Okuchi, N Tomioka
0800h NG41A-3735 POSTER Hierarchical Tree
Model for Barotropic Turbulence Interaction with
Zonal Jets: K Ghantous, Г– GГјrcan
0800h MR41B-4399 POSTER Thermoelasticity of
(Mg,Fe)SiO3 perovskite: G Shukla, H Hsu, Z Wu,
M Cococcioni, R M Wentzcovitch
0800h MR41B-4400 POSTER Single Crystal
Elasticity of Iron Bearing Perovskite and Post
Perovskite Analog: A Yoneda, H Fukui, A Q R
0800h MR41B-4401 POSTER Post-Perovskite: The
Last Mantle Phase Transition? an Ab Initio Study on
Fe-Bearing MgSiO3: S Zhang, B Militzer
0800h MR41B-4402 POSTER (Fe, Al)-bearing postperovskite in the Earth’s lower mantle: H Bian, Z
Mao, J F Lin, J Yang, J Liu, H C Watson, J Chen, V
Prakapenka, Y Xiao, P Chow
0800h MR41B-4403 POSTER Pressure Induced Iron
Spin Crossover in MgGeO3 Perovskite and Postperovskite: R M Wentzcovitch, G Shukla, M
Firstprinciples study of rare-earth (RE) cobaltites
(RE=Nd,Sm,Gd,Dy,Er,Lu): M Topsakal, R M
0800h MR41B-4405 POSTER Searching for high
magnetization density in bulk Fe: a new metastable
Fe6 phase: M Cococcioni
0800h MR41B-4406 POSTER Properties of Silicate
Melts at High Pressure and Temperature from Ab
Initio Calculations: A C Seclaman, R Caracas
0800h NG41A-3747 POSTER Modelling of NW
Himalayan Seismicity: A R Bansal, V P Dimri
Moscone South 300
0800h NH41A-3778 POSTER Statistical Analyses of
Historical Rock Falls in Yosemite National Park: L J
Austin, G M Stock, B D Collins
Stochastic Modeling and Complex
System Approaches to Nonlinear
Geophysical Systems I (joint with A, GC,
Presiding: Adam Monahan, University
of Victoria; Cecile Penland, Physical
Sciences Division; Paul Williams,
University of Reading; Reik Donner,
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact
0800h NG41A-3741 POSTER Anomalous Transport
in Carbonate Rock – Predictions and Quantitative
Measures: B Bijeljic, M J Blunt
0800h NG41A-3742 POSTER Spatial scale invariance
of aggregated dynamics – Application to crops cycle
observed from space: S Mangiarotti, F Le Jean
0800h NG41A-3744 POSTER Spatial scaling and
Multi-Scale analysis of remote sensing reflectance,
Chlorophyll-a and Sea Surface Temperature: F G
Schmitt, R Pannimpullath Remanan, H Loisel
0800h NH41A-3780 POSTER 4D Analysis of Slope
Monitoring Data from Terrestrial Laser Scanning:
J Williams, N J Rosser, R J Hardy, A Afana
0800h NG41B-01 Arctic Sea Ice : Trends, Stability
and Variability: W Moon, J S Wettlaufer
0815h NG41B-02 Impact of a Stochastic
Parameterization of Cumulus Convection Using
Cellular Automata in a Meso-Scale Ensemble
Prediction System: L Bengtsson
0800h NH41A-3783 POSTER Random Blocks in the
Rock Mass Around the Underground Powerhouse
on the Right Bank of Wudongde Hydropower
Station : X Lu, X Wang, Q Yu
0830h NG41B-03 The Effects of Explicit
Atmospheric Convection at High CO2: E
Tziperman, N Arnold, M Branson, M A Burt, D S
Abbot, Z Kuang, D A Randall
0845h NG41B-04 Threshold Models for Rainfall
and Convection: Deterministic Versus Stochastic
Trigger: S Hottovy, S N Stechmann
0900h NG41B-05 A Data-based Low-dimensional
Stochastic Model of the NGRIP delta-O18 with
Built-in Delays: H Liu, D A Kondrashov, M
Chekroun, A Svensson, D D Rousseau, M Ghil
0915h NG41B-06 An Efficient Perturbed Parameter
Scheme in the Lorenz System for Quantifying Model
Uncertainty: G Chen, B P Kirtman, M Iskandarani
Moscone South Poster Hall
Landslide Vulnerability, Risk, and
Cost Assessment I Posters (joint with
Presiding: Dalia Bach Kirschbaum,
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center;
Paola Reichenbach, CNR-IRPI; Paola
Salvati, CNR-IRPI
0800h NH41B-3784 POSTER Automated Techniques
to Extract Shallow Landslide Data from LIDAR: A
McClure, J D Stock, J M Jones
0930h NG41B-07 Analyzing Global Climate System
Using Graph Based Anomaly Detection: K Das, S
Agrawal, G Atluri, S Liess, M Steinbach, V Kumar
0800h NH41B-3785 POSTER Evaluation of
Landslide Mapping Techniques and LiDAR-based
Conditioning Factors: R Mahalingam, M J Olsen
0945h NG41B-08 A novel method for the detection
of persistent and recurrent climatic regimes as
almost invariants of the transfer operator: A
Tantet, H A Dijkstra
0800h NH41B-3786 POSTER Automated Means of
Identifying Landslide Deposits using LiDAR Data
using the Contour Connection Method Algorithm:
M J Olsen, B A Leshchinsky, B F Tanyu
Moscone South Poster Hall
Advances in Analysis and Prediction
of Rock Falls, Rock Slides, and Rock
Avalanches I Posters (joint with EP, S)
Presiding: Greg Stock, Yosemite
National Park; Brian Collins, U.S.
Geological Survey; Jeffrey Moore,
University of Utah
0800h NH41A-3769 POSTER Resonant Frequency
Monitoring at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National
Park: A Dorsey, J R Moore, M S Thorne, J Culp
0800h NG41A-3740 POSTER Damping Effect of an
Unsaturated-Saturated System on Tempospatial
Variations of Pressure Head and Specific Flux: C
Yang, Y K Zhang, X Liang
0800h NH41A-3779 POSTER Spatial and Temporal
Variations in Rockfall Determined from Repeat
Lidar Measurements in a Deglaciated Valley,
Switzerland: T A Ehlers, J Strunden, D Brehm
0800h NH41A-3781 POSTER Helicopter, Unmanned
Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Ground Based
Photogrammetric Monitoring of Mass Movements
in Deglaciating Landscapes: S Dunning, M S Allan,
M Lim, N J Rosser
0800h NG41A-3737 POSTER Using Multiple
Stochastic Tools in Identification of Scaling
in Hydrometeorology: D Koutsoyiannis, P
Dimitriadis Sr
0800h NG41A-3739 POSTER Tsallis Entropy and
Anomalous Dispersion in Stochastic Hydrology: J
H Cushman, V V Vesselinov, D O’Malley
0800h NH41A-3776 POSTER The Sentinel
Rock Avalanche of Zion National Park, Utah: J
Castleton, J R Moore, S Ivy-Ochs
0800h NH41A-3777 POSTER Avalanche induced
Tsunamie June 21st 2014, in the Askja caldera lake
Iceland: A Hoskuldsson, P B Gans, D Burbank, A
Wiss, M G Jackson
0800h NH41A-3768 POSTER Modal Analysis of
Landscape and Double-O Arches: J R Moore, A
Dorsey, J R Wood, M S Thorne, E Bilderback
0800h NG41A-3738 POSTER Optimal Moment
Estimators and Their Application in Stochastic
Hydrometeorology: A A Carsteanu, A RendГіn, L
0800h NH41A-3775 POSTER Seeking a Credible
Cause of the Recent Increase in Rock-avalanche
Frequency in New Zealand’s Southern Alps: M J
McSaveney, S Cox, G T Hancox
Forecasting of Life and Economic Losses due to
Natural Disasters: C C Barton, S F Tebbens
0800h NG41A-3736 POSTER Recent Changes in
the Statistics of Extreme Daily Precipitation in
Mainland Portugal: I deLima, F Espirito Santo
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 17
0800h NG41A-3745 POSTER Study of the
dependence between the simultaneous wind speed
and the global solar radiation measurements using
the Time dependent Intrinsic Correlation method:
F G Schmitt, R Calif, Y Huang
0800h NH41A-3770 POSTER Broadband analysis
of landslides seismic signal : example of the OsoSteelhead landslide and other recent events: C
Hibert, C P Stark, G Ekstrom
0800h NH41A-3771 POSTER Characterization of
blocks impacts from seismic signal: insights from
laboratory experiments: M Farin, A Mangeney, R
Toussaint, J de Rosny, J Sainte-Marie, N Shapiro
0800h NH41A-3772 POSTER Application of Fuzzy
Logic GIS to Modelling Coseismic Landslide
Susceptibility in the Southern Alps, New Zealand,
from a Potential Alpine Fault Earthquake: T
Robinson, T R Davies, T M Wilson, C Orchiston,
T Kritikos
0800h NH41A-3773 POSTER Investigating Potential
Earthquake Triggers for the Exceptionally Large
Green Lake Rock Avalanche, New Zealand, through
Fuzzy Logic GIS Based Landslide Susceptibility
Modeling: L Hall, T Robinson, B G Duffy, S
Hampton, D M Gravley
0800h NH41A-3774 POSTER The Geometric
Characteristics and Initiation Mechanisms of the
Earthquake- Triggered Daguangbao Landslide: J J
Dong, C C Tsao, C M Yang, W J Wu, C T Lee, M L
Lin, W F Zhang, X J Pei, G H Wang, R Huang
0800h NH41B-3787 POSTER Landslide Investigation
by Repeat Airborne LiDAR and Ground Monitoring
in the Western Suburb of Sapporo, Japan: M Kasai,
T Marutani, H Yoshida
0800h NH41B-3788 POSTER The types of the
landslide by the heavy rain presumed from
geographical and geological features in Japan: S
0800h NH41B-3789 POSTER Shallow Landslide
Assessment using SINMAP in Laguna, Philippines:
A A B Bonus, M L Rabonza, M K B Alemania, I K
Alejandrino, R L Ybanez, A M A Lagmay
0800h NH41B-3790 POSTER Assessment of Debris
Flow Hazards, North Mountain, Phoenix, AZ: K J
Reavis, T A Wasklewicz
0800h NH41B-3791 POSTER Assessing landslide
susceptibility, hazards and sediment yield in the
RГ­o El Estado watershed, Pico de Orizaba volcano,
Mexico: G Legorreta Paulin, M I Bursik, J Lugo
Hubp, J F Aceves Quesada
0800h NH41B-3792 POSTER Analysis of Landslide
Hazard Impact Using the Landslide Database for
Germany: M Klose, B Damm
Moscone South 309
Landslides and Gravitational Slope
Deformation: Case Studies and Their
Mechanism I
(joint with EP, H, S)
Presiding: Hiroshi Fukuoka, Niigata
University; Federico Agliardi, University
of Milan - Bicocca; John Clague, Simon
Fraser University; Ning Lu, Colorado
School Mines
0800h NH41C-01 Topographic Controls on
Landslide and Debris-Flow Mobility: S W McCoy,
S Pettitt
0815h NH41C-02 Mechanics-Based Definition of
Safety Factors Against Flow Failure in Unsaturated
Shallow Slopes: G Buscarnera, J Lizarraga-Barrera
11/28/2014 11:06:18 AM
0830h NH43A-3798 Real-time monitoring of Deepseated gravitational slope deformation by TCPInSAR technology and GPS time series analysis in
the Taiwan mountain area: R F Chen, S H Liu, Y J
Hsu, H Y Chen, C W Lin, S B Yu
0800h NS41B-3834 POSTER Location Capability
and Site Characterization Installing a Borehole
VBB Seismometer: the OGS Experience in Ferrara
(Italy): D Pesaresi, C Barnaba
0845h NH41C-04 Large slope failures in the La Paz
basin, Bolivian Andes: N J Roberts, R L Hermanns,
B Rabus, M A GuzmГЎn, E Minaya, J J Clague
0800h NS41B-3835 POSTER Estimation for seismic
wave propagation property of soil structure based
on seismic interferometry: S Kuroda, S Masukawa,
H Tagashira
0900h NH41C-05 Modelling long term damage
in rock slopes and impact of deglaciation: D
Amitrano, P Lacroix
0800h NS41B-3836 POSTER Probing Near Surface
Shear Velocity Structure from Ambient Noise in
Hefei Urban Area: C Li, H Yao, H Fang
0915h NH41C-06 Deep fluids effects on rupture of
slow-moving giant landslides as a result of stress
transfer and weakening: Y Guglielmi, F Cappa, S
Viseur, C Baudement, S Garambois
0800h NS41B-3837 POSTER Case Study in the Santa
Susana Mountains: Observing Discontinuities
Using Non-invasive Surface Wave Methods: S L
C Morton, R D Miller, E T Vander Velde, M O
Bower, G P Tsoflias
0930h NH41C-07 Studying the Hydrology of
Landslides: Pore Water Pressure, Preferential Flow
and Feedbacks Between Slope Displacement and
Hillslope Hydrology: T Bogaard, R Greco
0945h NH41C-08 Estimation of Dynamic Friction
Process of the Akatani Landslide Based on the
Waveform Inversion and Numerical Simulation: M
Yamada, A Mangeney, L Moretti, Y Matsushi
Moscone South Poster Hall
Geophysical Methods for
Groundwater Evaluation and
Management I Posters (joint with H)
Presiding: Rosemary Knight, Stanford
Univ; John Lane, USGS
0800h NS41A-3823 POSTER Assessing recharge
using remotely sensed data in the Guarani Aquifer
System outcrop zone: M C Lucas, P T S Oliveira, D
D Melo, E Wendland
0800h NS41A-3824 POSTER Comparative Analysis
of Electrical Resistivity and Ground Penetrating
Radar For Subsurface Parameters in a Basaltic
Terrain, Nagpur: T A Ansari, A Vasudeo Sr
0800h NS41A-3825 POSTER Groundwater Surface
Trends at Van Norden Meadow, California, from
Ground Penetrating Radar Profiles: N I Tadrick, T
M Blacic, S M Yarnell
0800h NS41A-3826 POSTER Measurement of
Relative Permittivity in Controlled Soils using
Three Electromagnetic Sensors : HYMENET, TDR
and Resonant Cavity: B W Idris, X Chavanne, J P
0800h NS41A-3827 POSTER Multi-Faceted
Geophysical Analysis of a Mountain Watershed
in the Snowy Range, WY: from Airborne
Electromagnetics to NMR: R S Armstrong, W S
Holbrook, B A Flinchum, M Provart, B J Carr, E
Auken, J B Pedersen
0800h NS41A-3828 POSTER Hydrogeophysical
investigation of Logan, MT using electrical
techniques and diving wave refraction tomography:
T D Stipe
0800h NS41A-3829 POSTER Characterization of
Carbonate Hydrostratigraphy Using Ambient
Seismic Noise: A Pilot Study in the Floridan Aquifer
System, Ocala, FL, USA: S James, E Screaton, R M
Russo, M P Panning, P M Bremner, A C Stanciu, M
E Torpey, S Hongsresawat, M E Farrell
0800h NS41A-3830 POSTER Monitoring and
modeling very large, rapid infiltration using
geophysics during the 2014 Lower Colorado River
pulse flow experiment: J Kennedy, J P Macy, J B
Callegary, J R Lopez
0800h NS41A-3831 POSTER Impact of Internal
Magnetic Field Gradients on the NMR Relaxation
Time Distribution: D J Grombacher, E L Fay, R
J Knight
0800h NS41A-3832 POSTER A Combined Nearsurface Geophysical Approach to Delineate
Hydrostratographic Boundaries in a Fractured
Aquifer in the Laramie Range, Wyoming: B A
Flinchum, W S Holbrook, D Grana, J T St Clair,
B Carr
0800h NS41A-3833 POSTER Modeling the impact of
decay due to diffusion in internal gradients on NMR
data: E L Fay, R J Knight
Moscone South Poster Hall
Near-Surface Seismic Methods for
Geohazard Assessment I Posters (joint
with NH, S)
Presiding: Laura Socco, Politecnico di
Torino; Richard Miller, Univ Kansas;
Georgios Tsoflias, University of Kansas
AGU2014News.indb 18
0800h NS41B-3838 POSTER Application of
microtremor array measurements to delineate
S-wave velocity structures in Bangkok Basin, central
Thailand: K Hayashi, P Pananont, T Wongpanit, S
0800h NS41B-3839 POSTER Preliminary Results
of Near-Surface Shear-Wave Velocity Models and
Seismic Site Conditions in Gangneung, Korea Using
Rayleigh-Wave Dispersion Curves: A Ali, K Y Kim
0800h NS41B-3840 POSTER Determination
Strength of Concrete in-Situ by Seismic Ultrasonic
Method in Detecting Risky Structure: O Uyanik, S
Öziçer, N Sabbağ
0800h NS41B-3841 POSTER Shear Wave Velocity
Imaging over Quick Clays Using Multiple Seismic
Methods: C Comina, C M Krawczyk, U Polom, L
V Socco
0800h NS41B-3842 POSTER Shear Wave Reflection
Seismics Image Internal Structure of Quick-Clay
Landslides in Sweden: U Polom, C M Krawczyk, A
Geophysical Survey for Assessing the Geotechnical
Conditions and Geohazards at Huaca de La Luna,
Peru: G J Zavala, S Lopez, C J Ebinger, M A Pando,
C Lambert, R Morales, S Uceda, R Perucchio, B
Castaneda, R Aguilar
Ekinci, N Sabbağ, O Uyanik, M N Kök
0800h NS41B-3845 POSTER Multi-phase Temporal
Seismic Imaging of a Slope Stability Mitigation
Project at Newby Island Sanitary Landfill, San Jose,
California: B J Treece, R Catchings, D Reed, M
0800h NS41B-3846 POSTER Comparison of Shearwave Profiles for a Compacted Fill in a Geotechnical
Test Pit: M B Sylvain, M A Pando, M Whelan, D
Bents, C Park, V Ogunro
Moscone South 302
Use of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing
in the Study of Geophysical Processes
II (joint with A, C, H, S)
Presiding: Tom Read, University of
East Anglia; Nick Van De Giesen, Delft
University of Technology; John Selker,
Oregon State University; Scott Tyler,
University of Nevada
0800h NS41C-01 Advances in Using Fiber-Optic
Distributed Temperature Sensing to Identify the
Mixing of Waters: M A Briggs, F D Day-Lewis, D
O Rosenberry, J W Harvey, J W Lane Jr, D K Hare,
D F Boutt, E B Voytek, S Buckley
0815h NS41C-02 Fiber Optic Distributed
Temperature Sensing of Recharge Basin Percolation
Dynamics: M Becker, E M Allen, A Hutchinson
0830h NS41C-03 Monitoring seasonal basal
melting of ice shelves using fiber-optic distributed
temperature sensing: S Kobs, S W Tyler, D M
Holland, V Zagorodnov, A A Stern
0845h NS41C-04 Advances in the use of Distributed
Temperature Sensing for measuring soil moisture:
S C Steele-Dunne, J Dong, T E Ochsner, N Van De
0900h NS41C-05 Recent developments in the use of
DTS to monitor atmospheric flows: M J Zeeman,
C K Thomas, J S Selker, M Mauder
0915h NS41C-06 Quantification of Natural Gradient
Flow Using Active Fiber Optic DTS in Sealed
Boreholes: T I Coleman, B L Parker, J D Munn, A
Chalari, M Mondanos
0930h NS41C-07 Field Trial of Distributed Acoustic
Sensing Using Active Sources at Garner Valley,
California: H F Wang, N E Lord, A Chalari, C
Lancelle, J A Baldwin, E Castongia, D Fratta, R L
Nigbor, R Karaulanov
0945h NS41C-08 Development of a surface-wave
imaging system for geotechnical applications based
on distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and ambient
noise interferometry: J B Ajo Franklin, T M Daley,
B M Freifeld, D G Tang, R Zhang, A M Wagner, S
Dou, N Lindsey, K Bjella, R Pevzner
Moscone West Poster Hall
Airborne Systems in Support of
Oceanographic and Atmospheric
Research I Posters (joint with A)
Presiding: Philip McGillivary, US Coast
Guard Ice Breaker Operations; Luc
Lenain, University of California San
0800h OS41A-1175 POSTER Air-Sea Interaction
Measurements from the Controlled Towed Vehicle:
D Khelif, R T Bluth, H Jonsson, J Barge
0800h OS41A-1176 POSTER Bringing the Ocean into
Finer Focus through the NASA COAST, HyspIRI,
and OCEANIA Suborbital Missions: S L Palacios, L
S Guild, R M Kudela, S B Hooker, J H Morrow, P B
Russell, J M Livingston, K Negrey, J L Torres-Perez,
M S Kacenelenbogen
0800h OS41A-1177 POSTER An assessment of a
software simulation tool for lidar atmosphere and
ocean measurements: K A Powell, M Vaughan, S P
Burton, J W Hair, C A Hostetler, R S Kowch
0800h OS41A-1178 POSTER Fluid Lensing,
Applications to High-Resolution 3D Subaqueous
Imaging & Automated Remote Biosphere
Assessment from Airborne and Space-borne
Platforms: V Chirayath
0800h OS41A-1179 POSTER Remote sensing and
in situ payloads for atmosphere-ocean and earth
observations aboard a Manta Unmanned Aerial
System (UAS): C J Zappa, S Brown, T Dhakal, T S
Bates, R S Gao, D M Murphy, H Telg, S Stalin
0800h OS41A-1180 POSTER Quantifying the
Accuracy of a Quad-Rotor Unmanned Aerial
Vehicle as a Platform for Atmospheric Pressure,
Temperature and Humidity Measurements near the
Surface: P S Guest
0800h OS41A-1181 POSTER Building oceanographic
and atmospheric observation networks by
composition: unmanned vehicles, communication
networks, and planning and execution control
frameworks: J T Sousa, J Pinto, R Martins, M
Costa, F Ferreira, R Gomes
0800h OS41A-1182 POSTER Visible and thermal
imaging of sea ice and open water from Coast Guard
Arctic Domain Awareness flights: C C Chickadel,
R W Lindsay, D Clark
0800h OS41A-1183 POSTER Airborne Remote
Sensing of Sea Surface Temperature Using the
Ball Experimental Sea Surface Temperature
(BESST) Radiometer With A Discussion of the
2013 Marginal Ice Zone Observation Processes
EXperiment: M Tooth, W J Emery
0800h OS41A-1184 POSTER Remote Sensing of
Arctic Environmental Conditions and Critical
Infrastructure using Infra-Red (IR) Cameras and
Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs): M C Hatfield, P
Webley, E Saiet II
0800h OS41A-1185 POSTER Atmospheric Aerosol
Sampling with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
in Alaska: Instrument Development, Payload
Integration, and Measurement Campaigns : S R
Barberie, E Saiet II, M C Hatfield, C F Cahill
0800h OS41A-1186 POSTER Exploring Science
Applications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Aboard UNOLS Ships: R Bailey, T Lachenmeier,
M C Hatfield
0800h OS41A-1187 POSTER Access to the Sea: A
Roadmap for Expedition Planning: A M DeSilva,
P R Girguis
0800h OS41A-1188 POSTER Monitoring Coastal
Processes at Local and Regional Geographic Scales
with UAS: M J Starek, D Bridges, D Prouty, J
Berryhill, D Williams, G Jeffress
0800h OS41A-1189 POSTER Application of
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Techniques to
Evaluate Water Quality in Turbid Coastal Waters
of South Carolina: K A Ali, K Ryan
0800h OS41A-1191 POSTER Sensitivity of
Radar Wave Propagation Power to the Marine
Atmospheric Boundary Layer: N Lentini, E E
0800h OS41A-1192 POSTER Shipboard Video
Observations of Whitecaps: M Schwendeman, J
M Thomson
Moscone West Poster Hall
Modeling and Observing of Tides and
Waves in the Ocean I Posters (joint
with A)
Presiding: James Richman, Naval
Research Lab Stennis Space Center;
Edward Zaron, Portland State
University; Richard Ray, NASA; Patrick
Cummins, Institute of Ocean Sciences
0800h OS41B-1193 POSTER A Global Map of
Coherent M2 Internal Tide Surface Elevations: R D
Ray, E D Zaron
0800h OS41B-1194 POSTER Combined ExactRepeat and Geodetic Mission Altimetry for HighResolution Empirical Tide Mapping: E D Zaron
0800h OS41B-1195 POSTER Estuary Tides Using
Satellite Altimetry And SAR/InSAR Data: C K
Shum, Y Yi, J Kim, Y Jia, K S Tseng, K Shang, S
Calmant, V Ballu, L Testut, Z H Khan, X Wang
0800h OS41B-1196 POSTER A Practical Scheme to
Introduce Explicit Tidal Forcing into an Ogcm: K
Sakamoto, H Tsujino, H Nakano, G Yamanaka
0800h OS41B-1198 POSTER Methods for analysis of
internal-tide propagation variability: T F Duda, Y
T Lin
0800h OS41B-1199 POSTER Numerical Study for
Baroclinic Tides Modified By an Oblique Current:
C A Wang, S Jan
0800h OS41B-1200 POSTER Can Tidal Perturbations
Associated with Sea Level Variations in the Western
Pacific Ocean Be Used to Understand Future Effects
of Tidal Evolution?: A T Devlin, E D Zaron, D A
Jay, S A Talke
0800h OS41B-1204 POSTER Using airborne LIDAR
to measure tides and river slope: S A Talke, A
Hudson, C C Chickadel, G Farquharson, A T Jessup
0800h OS41B-1205 POSTER Analyzing the Modeled
Tidal Signal in the Bab El Mandeb Strait and
Adjacent Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Waters: R N
B Guillory
0800h OS41B-1206 POSTER Comprehensive
Prediction of Large-height Swell-like Waves in East
Coast of Korea: S J Kwon, C Lee, S J Ahn, H K Kim
0800h OS41B-1207 POSTER Variability of the
internal tide on the southern Monterey Bay
continental shelf and associated bottom boundary
layer sediment transport: K J Rosenberger, C D
Storlazzi, O M Cheriton, E E McPhee-Shaw
0800h OS41B-1208 POSTER Quantifying wavebreaking dissipation using nonlinear phase-resolved
wave-field simulations: Y Qi, W Xiao, D K P Yue
0800h OS41B-1209 POSTER Incomplete Similarity
of Internal Solitary Waves with Trapped Core: V
Maderych, K T Jung, K Terletska, I Brovchenko,
T Talipova
0800h OS41B-1210 POSTER Spatial Variation
in Storm Surge in the Strait of Georgia: N K
Soontiens, S E Allen, D Latornell, K Le Souef, I
0800h OS41B-1211 POSTER An Unstable Mode
Formed by Combination of Kelvin-Helmholtz
Waves and Tollmien-Schlichiting Waves in Jets on
the Bottom: S Abe, T Nakamura, H Mitsudera
0800h OS41B-1213 POSTER Studying Nearshore
Ocean Waves Using X-Band Radar: B Laughlin,
R W Bland
Moscone West Poster Hall
Ocean Salinity and Water Cycle
Variability and Change I Posters
Presiding: Paul Durack, Lawrence
Livermore Nat. Lab.; J. Thomas Farrar,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst;
Jacqueline Boutin, LOCEAN CNRS; Eric
Lindstrom, Nasa Headquarters
0800h OS41C-1214 POSTER Investigating the
Physical Basis of Aquarius/SAC-D Salinity
Retrievals’ Regional SST Bias: J P Scott, T
Meissner, F J Wentz
0800h OS41C-1215 POSTER Assimilation of Satellite
Sea Surface Salinity Fields: Validating Ocean
Analyses and Identifying Errors in Surface Buoyancy
Fluxes: A Mehra, S Nadiga, E J Bayler, D Behringer
0800h OS41C-1216 POSTER Sea Surface Salinity
Under Rain Cells: SMOS and in-Situ Observations:
J Boutin, N Martin, G P Reverdin, S Morisset, X
Yin, L Centurioni, N Reul
0800h OS41C-1217 POSTER Spatial and Temporal
Statistics for Validating Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity
Measurements with Argo in Situ Observations: E
Mannshardt, K Sucic, F Bingham, M Fuentes
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:18 AM
0800h OS41C-1218 POSTER Assessment of the
Aquarius Space-borne Sea Surface Salinity
Retrievals in Polar Ocean: E Dinnat, L Brucker, I
O Caraballo ГЃlvarez
0800h OS41C-1219 POSTER Improving Aquarius
Sea Surface Salinity Estimates in the Southern
Ocean: Response Surface Models Link Salinity and
Temperature: C Mueller, H Xie
0800h OS41C-1220 POSTER Lagrangian modeling
of Aquarius surface salinity in the Bay of Bengal: M
Freilich, A Mahadevan
0800h OS41C-1221 POSTER An Examination of the
Sea Surface Salinity - Fresh Water Flux Relationship
Using Satellite Observations: P Xie, A Kumar, Y
Xue, W T Liu
0800h OS41C-1222 POSTER Connections Between
a High-Resolution Model and Aquarius Salinity
Measurements: E Douglass, J G Richman
0800h OS41C-1223 POSTER Sea surface salinity
variability in the East China Sea observed by
the Aquarius instrument: S Kim, J H Lee, P de
Matthaeis, S H Yueh, C S Hong, I Pang, G S E
0800h OS41C-1224 POSTER Validation of SMOS
with Malaspina surface drifter data: J Ballabrera,
A Turiel, J Salvador, P FernГЎndez, J Font
0800h OS41C-1225 POSTER Salty Anomalies
Forced by Central American Gap Winds: Aquarius
Observations: S A Grodsky, J Carton, A Bentamy
0800h OS41C-1226 POSTER Global River Discharge
Variability Revealed by Aquarius and SMOS Sea
Surface Salinity: H A Chandanpurkar, J T Reager,
J S Famiglietti
0800h OS41C-1227 POSTER The Seasonal Water
Cycle over the India Subcontinent Indicated in the
Correlated Analysis of Aquarius, GRACE and River
Discharge Data : S H Yueh, W Tang, A Fore, A
Hayashi, R Bindlish, T Lee, T J Jackson
0800h OS41C-1228 POSTER Relating river
discharges to salinity changes: X Xie, W T Liu
0800h OS41C-1229 POSTER The time-variable
position of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
salinity fronts from Aquarius data: D Volkov, S
Dong, G J Goni
0800h OS41C-1230 POSTER Investigating the
Possible Mechanisms by Which the Salinity Fronts
Form and Grow Under the Pacific Intertropical
Convergence Zone: H Y Kao, G S E Lagerloef
0800h OS41C-1231 POSTER To What Extent
Aquarius’ Sampling Pattern Affects the Estimated
Amplitude of Tropical Instability Waves?: T Lee
0800h OS41D-1241 POSTER Formation Mechanism
of Barrier Layer in the Subtropical Pacific: S
Katsura, E Oka, K Sato
0800h OS41D-1242 POSTER The role of ocean
salinity in the water cycle associated with Indian
monsoon: W Tang, S H Yueh, W T Liu
0800h OS41D-1243 POSTER Salinity Exchange
through the Quasi-Stationary Jet from the
Subtropical to the Subpolar Pacific Ocean: T
Miyama, H Mitsudera
0800h OS41D-1244 POSTER Salinity Variation in the
Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean: L Ren, E J Bayler
0800h OS41D-1245 POSTER Changes in the Seasonal
Cycle of Sea Surface Salinity during the Argo-era
(2004-2013): J R Reagan, T Boyer, J Antonov, M
Moscone West 3010
Equatorial Dynamics of the
Atmosphere and Oceans I (Virtual
Session) (joint with A, GC)
Presiding: Dennis Moore, Pacific Marine
Environmental Laboratory; Julian
McCreary, Univ of Hawaii; Ted Durland,
Oregon State University; George Kiladis,
0800h OS41E-01 Mixed Layer Dynamics and the
Diurnal Cycle in the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean: J O
Wenegrat, M J McPhaden
0815h OS41E-02 Extratropical Influence on Tropical
Intraseasonal Variability: N M Hall
AsymptoticallyNondivergent Nonlinear Wave?: A Review: J I
0845h OS41E-04 Pca’s with Physics Iiustrating
ENSO Air Ocean Interactions: J J O’Brien, J P
0900h OS41E-05 Balanced and Transient Dynamics
of Deep and Shallow Hadley Circulations: A O
Gonzalez, G Mora Rojas, R Taft, W H Schubert
0915h OS41E-06 The Vortex Dynamics of Tropical
Instability Waves and their Impacts on Equatorial
Mixing in a Regional Ocean Model: R Holmes, L
N Thomas
0930h OS41E-07 Planetary Wave Signatures Across
Three Oceans: M K Youngs, G C Johnson
0945h OS41E-08 Who Killed the 2014 El NiГ±o (and
is it Really Dead?): M J McPhaden
Moscone West Poster Hall
Moscone West 3011
Ocean Salinity and Water Cycle
Variability and Change II Posters
Ocean Mesoscale Processes I (joint with
A, B, NG)
Presiding: Paul Durack, Lawrence
Livermore Nat. Lab.; J. Thomas Farrar,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst;
Jacqueline Boutin, LOCEAN CNRS; Eric
Lindstrom, Nasa Headquarters
Presiding: Ali Belmadani, University
of Concepcion; Ryo Furue, IPRC Univ
of Hawaii; Hidenori Aiki, JAMSTEC
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science
and Technology; Pedro VГ©lez-BelchГ­,
Spanish Institute of Oceanography
0800h OS41D-1232 POSTER Mean Structure
and Large-Scale Variability of the Subtropical
Underwater in the North Atlantic: T Qu, L Zhang
0800h OS41D-1233 POSTER The Export of Salty
Surface Water to Depth in the North Atlantic: J J
M Busecke, A L Gordon
0800h OS41D-1234 POSTER Estimating Absolute
Salinity (SA) in the World’s Oceans Using Density
and Composition: R J Woosley, F Huang, F J
Millero Jr
0800h OS41F-01 Structure and Surface Properties
of Eddies in the Southeast Pacific Ocean: J Holte, F
Straneo, C Moffat, R A Weller, J T Farrar
0815h OS41F-02 The quiet revolution: continuous
glider monitoring at ocean �choke’ points as a
key component of new cross-platform ocean
observation systems: E E Heslop, J Tintore, S Ruiz,
J Allen, J L LГіpez-Jurado
0800h OS41D-1235 POSTER The Role of Fresh
Water and Salt Fluxes in Southern Ocean DeepOcean Warming: V Young, S Bulusu, E S Nyadjro
0830h OS41F-03 Biogenic N2 and Оґ15 N-N2
As Proxies for N-Loss in the Eastern Tropical
North Pacific: A Lagrangian Float Experiment: A
Bourbonnais, M A Altabet, C L McNeil, J Larkum,
A C Reed, E A D’Asaro
0800h OS41D-1236 POSTER Freshening in the South
China Sea during 2012 Revealed By Aquarius and
in-Situ Data: L Zeng, W T Liu, H Xue, D Wang,
T Xing
0845h OS41F-04 The role of mesoscale kinetic
energy in natural occurring phytoplankton blooms
and export in Drake Passage: A R Davies, F Veron,
M J Oliver
0800h OS41D-1237 POSTER Distribution and
Seasonal Variation of Halocline in the World
Ocean: H Ueno, K Yasui
0900h OS41F-05 Western North Pacific Integrated
Experiment: Summary of the Intensive Observation
Around the Biogeochemical Mooring S1 (S1INBOX): T Suga, R Inoue, S Kouketsu, S Hosoda,
T Kobayashi, K Sato, H Nakajima, M C Honda, T
Fujiki, K Matsumoto, T Kawano, T Saino
0800h OS41D-1238 POSTER Modeling Skin-Layer
Salinity: Focus on Seasonal Variability and Global
Means: Y T Song, T Lee, J H Moon, T Qu, S H Yueh
0800h OS41D-1239 POSTER The Relative Influence
of Surface Sea Salinity and Temperature on Surface
Density Gradient in the Tropical Pacific Ocean: A E
A Hasson, T Lee
0800h OS41D-1240 POSTER Upper Water Structure
and Mixed Layer Depth in Sub-Tropical Waters:
The Seats Station in the Northern South China Sea:
G T F Wong, J H Tai
Moscone West 3009
The Atlantic Meridional Overturning
Circulation, Climate Variability, and
Change I (joint with A, GC, NG, PP)
Presiding: Alexey Fedorov, Yale Univ;
LuAnne Thompson, University of
Washington; Jerry McManus, Columbia
U. / LDEO; Eleanor Frajka-Williams,
National Oceanography Centre,
0800h OS41G-01 Observed MOC Variability
at 26.5В°N and 34.5В°S: Structure and Time Scale
Similarities and Differences in the North and South
Atlantic: C S Meinen, W E Johns, S Speich, D
Smeed, R C Perez, G McCarthy, S Dong, A R Piola,
S L Garzoli, E Frajka-Williams, M O Baringer, E J
0815h OS41G-02 New Direct Estimates of IcelandScotland Overflow Water Transport Through the
Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone: A S Bower, H H
Furey, X Xu
0830h OS41G-03 Attributing Variability in Atlantic
Meridional Overturning to Wind and Buoyancy
Forcing : D P Marshall, H R Pillar, P Heimbach,
H L Johnson
0845h OS41G-04 Impact of Gyre-Specific
Overturning Changes on North Atlantic Heat
Content: R G Williams, V Roussenov, M S Lozier,
D Smith
0900h OS41G-05 Simulated Response of the
Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and
Northern Hemisphere Climate to NAO Variations
on Interannual to Centennial Time Scales: T L
Delworth, F J Zeng
0915h OS41G-06 Indirect Wind-Forcing of the
Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: E
Frajka-Williams, R G Williams, A Duchez
0930h OS41G-07 How AMOC variations affect
climate: the Northern Hemisphere versus the
interhemispheric seesaw: L Muir, A V Fedorov
0800h P41A-3889 POSTER Stratigraphic Analysis of
Phyllosilicate and Hydrated Sulfate Deposits Across
the Margaritifer-Meridiani Boundary: J Adler, J F
Bell III
0800h P41A-3890 POSTER Variations in the
association of H2O with sulfur on Mars: S
Karunatillake, J J Wray, O Gasnault, S M
McLennan, D Rogers, W V Boynton, J R Skok, L
Ojha, N E Button
0800h P41A-3891 POSTER Jarosite Precipitation
from Acidic Saline Waters in Kachchh, Gujarat,
India: an Appropriate Martian Analogue?: S Mitra,
S Gupta, S Bhattacharya, S Banerjee, P Chauhan, G
0800h P41A-3892 POSTER Formation of Fe/Mg
Smectite under acidic conditions from synthetic
Adirondack Basaltic Glass: An Analog to Fe/
Mg Smectite Formation on Mars: B Sutter, T
Peretyazhko, R V Morris, D W Ming
0800h P41A-3893 POSTER Don Quixote Pond
Sediments: Surface and Subsurface Chemistry and
Mineralogy: P A J Englert, J L Bishop, S Patel, E K
Gibson, C Koeberl
0800h P41A-3894 POSTER Analysis of the
Paleoenvironment of Gale Crater on Mars: Using
Ephemeral Lakes in Western Australia as Analogs
to the Mineral Assemblages of Gale Crater: C
Cocks, A M Baldridge, B J Thomson
0800h P41A-3895 POSTER Spectral Variation Across
the Mono-Inyo Craters Chain, Weathering of a
Young Volcanic System. : N Pearson, W M Calvin
0800h P41A-3896 POSTER Changes In The
Characteristics of Basaltic Particles During Different
Transport Processes: R A Craddock, T R Rose
0800h P41A-3897 POSTER Log-Likelihood Method
of Reducing Noise in CRISM Along-Track
Oversampled Hyperspectral Images: C Kreisch, R
E Arvidson, J A O’Sullivan, A A Fraeman
Moscone South Poster Hall
Exploring the Igneous Evolution of
Mars with Observations and Analogs
II Posters
(joint with DI, EP, T, V)
0945h OS41G-08 Decadal Variations of the Atlantic
Meridional Overturning Circulation: M Visbeck, J
Fischer, J Karstensen, R Zantopp
Presiding: Suniti Karunatillake,
Louisiana State University; James Wray,
Georgia Institute of Tech.; John Skok,
Louisiana State University
0800h P41B-3898 POSTER The Implications of Flank
Vents on Olympus Mons: S Peters, P R Christensen
Moscone South Poster Hall
Alteration and Secondary Phases
on Mars: Indicators of Habitable
Environments II Posters
(joint with EP)
Presiding: Nina Lanza, Los Alamos
National Laboratory; Craig Hardgrove,
Arizona State University; Nina Lanza,
Los Alamos National Laboratory
0800h P41A-3881 POSTER Aqueous Alteration of
Endeavour Crater Rim Apron Rocks: D W Ming, D
W Mittlefehldt, R Gellert, B C Clark, R V Morris, A
S Yen, R E Arvidson, L S Crumpler, W H Farrand,
J A Grant III, B L Jolliff, T J Parker, T Peretyazhko
0800h P41A-3882 POSTER Smectites in the Rim of
Endeavour Crater, Mars, Detected Using AlongTrack Oversampled CRISM Observations: V K
Fox, R E Arvidson, S W Squyres, S L Murchie
0800h P41A-3883 POSTER ChemCam Depth Profiles
at Gale Crater to Assess Coating and Alteration
Distribution and Chemistry: D L Blaney, S M
Clegg, R C Wiens, S Maurice, N Lanza, N Bridges
0800h P41A-3884 POSTER Excavation of Stratified
Phyllosilicate-Bearing Rocks in the Northern Plains
of Mars: C Gross, J Carter, L L Tornabene, M Sowe,
J L Bishop
0800h P41A-3885 POSTER Acidic Alteration
Environments on Mars and Implications for
Habitability: J L Bishop, J Flahaut, C M Weitz, C
Gross, M Parente, B H N Horgan
0800h P41A-3886 POSTER The Record of Aqueous
Alteration at Iazu Crater, Mars: K Powell, R E
0915h OS41F-06 Inferring upper ocean dynamics
from horizontal wavenumber spectra: Insights from
Drake Passage: C B Rocha, T K Chereskin, S T
Gille, D Menemenlis
0800h P41A-3887 POSTER Modeling soluble salt
assemblages on Mars: past aqueous history and
present-day habitability: J D Toner, D C Catling,
B Light
0930h OS41F-07 Climatological Mean Features
and Interannual to Decadal Variability of Ring
Formations in the Kuroshio Extension Region: Y N
Sasaki, S Minobe
0800h P41A-3888 POSTER Hydrated sulfates on
Mars’s surface: water cycle and S isotope tracking: R
Caracas, E Bobocioiu
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 19
0945h OS41F-08 A Microscale View of Mixing and
Overturning Across the Antarctic Circumpolar
Current: A Naveira Garabato, K L Polzin, R M
Ferrari, J D Zika, A Forryan
0800h P41B-3899 POSTER The Unique Formation
of the Nili Patera Caldera on Mars: J R Skok, S
Karunatillake, P Fawdon
0800h P41B-3900 POSTER Using CRISM and
THEMIS to characterize high thermal inertia
terrains in the northern Hellas region of Mars: J
McBeck, K D Seelos, S E Ackiss, D Buczkowski
0800h P41B-3902 POSTER Seeking Signatures of
Martian Magmatic Evolution within the Greater
Thaumasia Plateau: T Judice, S Karunatillake, D
Rogers, J M Dohm, D A Susko
0800h P41B-3903 POSTER The Formation of
Widespread Volcanically Filled Crater Floors on
Mars: Insights from Modeling and Observations: C
S Edwards, P D Asimow, S T Stewart, B L Ehlmann
0800h P41B-3904 POSTER Chemical provinces
reveal Elysium Volcano’s compositional evolution:
D A Susko, S Karunatillake, J J Wray, J R Skok, J
Hurowitz, L Ojha, T Judice, R O J Bently
0800h P41B-3905 POSTER Investigating the role
of small vent volcanism during the development
of Tharsis Province, Mars: J A Richardson, J E
Bleacher, C Connor, L Connor, L S Glaze
0800h P41B-3906 POSTER Chronologic Studies of
Lava Flow Fields in the Southern Tharsis Region of
Mars: D A Crown, D C Berman, E Herrick
Moscone South Poster Hall
Rosetta 2014 IV Posters
(joint with SH)
Presiding: Matthew Taylor, ESA/ESTEC;
Claudia Alexander, JPL
0800h P41C-3907 POSTER Rosetta Mission Status
Update: M G Taylor, N Altobelli, C J Alexander, G
H Schwehm, F Jansen, M Küppers, L O’Rourke, M
Barthelemy, B Geiger, B Grieger, R Moissl, C Vallat
0800h P41C-3908 POSTER Philae - Landing on a
Comet: S Ulamec, J Biele, C Delmas, C Fantinati,
P Gaudon, K Geurts, E Jurado, M Maibaum, R Roll,
M Salatti, L Witte
11/28/2014 11:06:18 AM
0800h P41C-3909 POSTER Close-up multispectral
images of the surface of comet 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko by the ROLIS camera onboard the
Rosetta Philae lander: S Schroeder, S Mottola, G
Arnold, H G Grothues, R Jaumann, H Michaelis, G
Neukum, I Pelivan, J P Bibring
0800h P41C-3927 POSTER First insights on the
organic species from the high resolution mass
spectrometer ROSINA DFMS on-board the Rosetta
spacecraft: L Le Roy, K Altwegg, J J Berthelier,
U Calmonte, F Dhooghe, B Fiethe, S Fuselier, T I
Gombosi, M Rubin, C Y Tzou
0800h P41C-3910 POSTER Full-Waveform
Inversion Method for Data Measured by the
CONSERT Instrument aboard Rosetta: C Statz, D
Plettemeier, A Herique, W W Kofman
0800h P41C-3928 POSTER Multifluid MHD
Simulations of the Plasma Environment of Comet
Churyumov-Gerasimenko at Different Heliocentric
Distances: Z Huang, X Jia, M Rubin, N Fougere, T
I Gombosi, V Tenishev, M R Combi, A M Bieler, G
Toth, K C Hansen, Y Shou
0800h P41C-3911 POSTER Reconstructing the
Surface Permittivity Distribution from Data
Measured by the CONSERT Instrument aboard
Rosetta: Method and Simulations: D Plettemeier,
C Statz, S Hegler, A Herique, W W Kofman
0800h P41C-3912 POSTER Rosetta Consert Radio
Sounding Experiment: A Numerical Method for the
Inverse Problem: M Cardiet, A Herique, Y Rogez,
S DoutГ©, W W Kofman
0800h P41C-3913 POSTER First Results from
the RPC Magnetometer Experiment during the
Approach Phase to 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko:
I Richter, K H Glassmeier, C Koenders, C Carr, E
Cupido, C Vallat, U M Motschmann, B T Tsurutani,
M Volwerk
0800h P41C-3914 POSTER First Rosetta
Observations of the Cometary Plasma at
Churyumov–Gerasimenko with the Mutual
Impedance Probe (RPC-MIP): H Pierre, J P
Lebreton, C BГ©ghin, P DГ©crГ©au, A I Eriksson, J
Geiswiller, R Grard, M Hamelin, C X Mazelle, O
Randriamboarison, W Schmidt, J G Trotignon, G
Wattieaux, D Winterhalter, Y Aouad, D Lagoutte,
X ValliГЁres, C Carr, E Cupido
0800h P41C-3915 POSTER Recommended values
and correlations of thermophysical properties for
comet modelling: J Biele, I Pelivan, E Kuhrt, B
Davidsson, M Choukroun, C J Alexander
0800h P41C-3929 POSTER In Situ Space Gas
Dynamic Measurements by the ROSINA Comet
Pressure Sensor COPS on the Rosetta Spacecraft: C
Y Tzou, K Altwegg, B Fiethe, S Gasc, M Rubin
0800h P41C-3930 POSTER A 3D Description of the
Coma of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Constrained by Rosetta Observations: N Fougere,
V Tenishev, A M Bieler, M R Combi, T I Gombosi,
K C Hansen, X Jia, Y Shou, Z Huang, G Toth, K
Altwegg, P Wurz, H Balsiger, A Jäckel, L Le Roy, S
Gasc, U Calmonte, M Rubin, C Y Tzou, M Hässig,
S Fuselier, J De Keyser, J J Berthelier, U A Mall, H
RГЁme, B Fiethe
0800h P41C-3931 POSTER 3D Direct Simulation
Monte Carlo Modeling of the Spacecraft
Environment of Rosetta: A M Bieler, V Tenishev,
N Fougere, T I Gombosi, K C Hansen, M R Combi,
Z Huang, X Jia, G Toth, K Altwegg, P Wurz, A
Jäckel, L Le Roy, S Gasc, U Calmonte, M Rubin,
C Y Tzou, M Hässig, S Fuselier, J De Keyser, J J
Berthelier, U A Mall, H RГЁme, B Fiethe, H Balsiger
0800h P41C-3932 POSTER Measuring Oxygen
Isotopes with COSIMA: J A Paquette, C Engrand,
O Stenzel, M Hilchenbach
0800h P41C-3916 POSTER CONSERT Link Budget
Simulator for the Direct Path: D Plettemeier, R
Hahnel, C Statz, W W Kofman, A Herique, S Zine
0800h P41C-3933 POSTER Optical Detection and
Characterization of Cometary Grains Collected for
Analysis by the COSIMA Mass Spectrometer onboard ROSETTA: Y Langevin, K Hornung, M
Hilchenbach, J Kissel, J V Silen, C Briois, R Schulz,
D Baklouti, P Eng
0800h P41C-3917 POSTER First Results at
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko with the Ion
Composition Analyzer of the Rosetta Plasma
Consortium: H Nilsson, G Stenberg, E Behar,
R N A Lundin, S Barabash, C Carr, E Cupido, J L
Burch, A Fedorov, J A Sauvaud, H E J Koskinen, E J
Kallio, J P Lebreton, A I Eriksson, K H Glassmeier,
R Goldstein, H Pierre, C Koenders, P Mokashi, Z
Nemeth, I Richter, K Szego, C Vallat
0800h P41C-3934 POSTER On the Inorganic
Composition of Cometary Dust from Comet 67P/
Churyumov-Gerasimenko, as Seen by COSIMA
on Board ROSETTA: C Engrand, D Baklouti, C
Briois, H Cottin, H Fischer, N Fray, M Godard,
H Henkel, M Hilchenbach, K Hornung, J Kissel,
A Koch, Y Langevin, H Lehto, S Merouane, F R
Orthous-Daunay, J Rynö, R Schulz, J V Silen, S
Siljeström, T Stephan, L Thirkell, K Varmuza
0800h P41C-3918 POSTER The Rosetta Ion
and Electron Sensor (IES) Measurement of the
Development of Pickup Ions from Comet 67P/
Churyumov-Gerasimenko: R Goldstein, J L Burch,
P Mokashi, C J Pollock, T W Broiles, K Mandt,
T Cravens, M Samara, A I Eriksson, C Carr, J P
Lebreton, H Pierre, K H Glassmeier, H Nilsson, C
0800h P41C-3935 POSTER Morphological Forms of
Cometary Activity: H U Keller, M F A’Hearn, O
Groussin, S F Hviid, E Kuhrt, N Thomas, S Besse, S
Schroeder, J B Vincent
0800h P41C-3919 POSTER Early Observations with
the Rosetta Langmuir Probe Instrument at the
Target Comet: A I Eriksson, N J T Edberg, R Gill,
F Johansson, E Odelstad, J E Wahlund, E Vigren, T
Karlsson, P A Lindqvist, R Jarvinen, B Lybekk, W
Miloch, A Pedersen, J P Lebreton, C Carr, E Cupido
0800h P41C-3920 POSTER Ion and Electron
Sensor Observations on Photoelectrons and
Coma Development at Comet 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko: J L Burch, R Goldstein, P Mokashi,
C J Pollock, T W Broiles, K Mandt, T Cravens,
M Samara, A I Eriksson, C Carr, J P Lebreton, H
Pierre, K H Glassmeier, H Nilsson, C Koenders
0800h P41C-3921 POSTER Can Rosetta IES Measure
Charged Dust Grains at Comet 67P/C-G?: G B
Clark, C J Pollock, R Goldstein, M Samara, T W
Broiles, K Mandt, J L Burch, Z Sternovsky
0800h P41C-3922 POSTER Structure and Dynamics
of the Interaction Region at Comet 67P/
Churyumov-Gerasimenko: Comparing Numerical
Simulations and RPC Magnetic Field Observations:
C Koenders, K H Glassmeier, I Richter, C Goetz, C
Carr, E Cupido, C Vallat, U M Motschmann
0800h P41C-3923 POSTER Does 67P/C-G Have a
Dusty Plasma Environment?: T I Gombosi
0800h P41C-3924 POSTER A Multi-neutral-fluid
model of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: Y
Shou, M R Combi, T I Gombosi, X Jia, G Toth, K C
Hansen, V Tenishev, N Fougere
0800h P41C-3925 POSTER Giada improved
calibration of measurement subsystems: V Della
Corte, A Rotundi, R Sordini, M Accolla, M Ferrari,
S Ivanovski, F Lucarelli, E Mazzotta Epifani, P
0800h P41C-3926 POSTER A Computer-assisted
Method for the Calibration of Raw Data from the
DFMS sensor on Rosetta: R Maggiolo, F Dhooghe,
J De Keyser, K Altwegg, U Calmonte, S Fuselier,
M Hässig, J J Berthelier, U A Mall, T I Gombosi,
B Fiethe
AGU2014News.indb 20
0800h P41C-3936 POSTER Geomorphology of
Active Regions on Comet 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko from Osiris Observations: A T
Auger, O Groussin, L Jorda, S Bouley, P L Lamy, G
Cremonese, N Thomas, H Sierks
0800h P41C-3937 POSTER The Nucleus of Comet
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: a New Case of
Contact Binary?: P L Lamy, M F A’Hearn, O
Groussin, L Jorda, H U Keller, H Rickman
0800h P41C-3938 POSTER 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko Spectrophotometric Properties:
S Besse, S Fornasier, H Sierks, M A Barucci, C
Leyrat, S F Hviid, L Jorda, H U Keller, M KГјppers,
S Magrin, M Massironi, N Oklay, M Pajola, N
Thomas, C Tubiana, C Snodgrass, J B Vincent
0800h P41C-3939 POSTER Jets of 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko as Observed by Rosetta/OSIRIS : W
H Ip, Z Y Lin, L Lara, P GutiГ©rrez, R Rodrigo, M F
A’Hearn, J B Vincent, J Agarwal, I Bertini, S Lowry,
A Rozek, M Pajola, I Lai, Y Liao
0800h P41C-3940 POSTER The Geomorphology
of Comet Churymov-Gerasimenko As Revealed
By Rosetta/Osiris: Implicationsfor Past Collisional
Evolution: S Marchi, M F A’Hearn, C Barbieri,
M A Barucci, S Besse, G Cremonese, W H Ip, H U
Keller, D Koschny, E Kuhrt, P L Lamy, F Marzari,
M Massironi, M Pajola, H Rickman, R Rodrigo, H
Sierks, C Snodgrass, N Thomas, J B Vincent
0800h P41C-3941 POSTER Multi-Resolution
Stereophotoclinometry by Deformation, a New
3D Shape Reconstruction Method Applied to
ROSETTA/OSIRIS Images: C Capanna, L Jorda, G
GesquiГЁre, R W Gaskell, O Groussin, P GutiГ©rrez,
S F Hviid, P L Lamy, F Preusker, S Rodionov, F
Scholten, D Vibert
0800h P41C-3942 POSTER Color Variegation on
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: S F Hviid, K Joerg,
F Preusker, S Mottola, E Kuhrt, S Schroeder, L Jorda,
S Fornasier, J B Vincent, C Leyrat, N Thomas, A
Pommerol, M Pajola, S Besse, H U Keller, N Oklay,
P Hasselmann
0800h P41C-3943 POSTER The Shape of Comet
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from Rosetta/
Osiris Images: L Jorda, R W Gaskell, S F Hviid,
C Capanna, O Groussin, P GutiГ©rrez, L Philippe, F
Scholten, F Preusker, H U Keller, K Joerg, E Kuhrt,
S Mottola, H Sierks, C Snodgrass, N Thomas, J B
Vincent, S Marchi, M Massironi
0800h P41C-3944 POSTER Simulations of impact
features on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko,
as imaged by OSIRIS/ROSETTA: G Cremonese, A
Lucchetti, S Marchi, E Martellato, M Massironi, N
Oklay, H Sierks, J B Vincent
0800h P41C-3945 POSTER On the Spatial
Homogeneity of the H2O Coma of 67P/C.-G. at
3.9-3.5 AU as Seen from MIRO: C Jarchow, L
Rezac, P Hartogh, S Gulkis, M Allen, P A A Von
Allmen, G Beaudin, N Biver, D BockelГ©e-Morvan,
M Choukroun, J Crovisier, P Encrenaz, T Encrenaz,
M A Frerking, M D Hofstadter, W H Ip, M A
Janssen, S Lee, E Lellouch, C Leyrat, F P Schloerb,
T R Spilker
0800h P41C-3946 POSTER Inferring the Thermal
and Electrical Properties of Comet 67P/
Churyumov-Gerasimenko from the Continuum
Measurements of the Microwave Instrument on
the Rosetta Orbiter (MIRO) : S J Keihm, S Gulkis,
M D Hofstadter, P Von Allmen, F P Schloerb, M
Choukroun, S Lee, M A Janssen
0800h P41C-3947 POSTER Dust thermal properties
in the coma of comet 67P/CG as observed by from
Rosetta/VIRTIS: C Leyrat, D BockelГ©e-Morvan,
S Erard, F Capaccioni, G Filacchione, G P Tozzi, P
0800h P41C-3948 POSTER Photometric Properties
of Comet 67P/CG as Seen by VIRTIS-M Onboard
Rosetta: Light Curves and Disk-integrated Phase
Curves: M Ciarniello, F Capaccioni, G Filacchione,
S Erard, A Raponi, M C De Sanctis, F Tosi, M T
Capria, G Piccioni, C Leyrat, D BockelГ©e-Morvan,
E Palomba, A Longobardo, S Schroeder, P Drossart,
E Quirico, P Beck, B Schmitt
0800h P41C-3949 POSTER Rosetta/VIRTIS-M
spectral data: Comet 67P/CG compared to
other primitive small bodies: M C De Sanctis,
F Capaccioni, G Filacchione, S Erard, F Tosi, M
Ciarniello, A Raponi, G Piccioni, C Leyrat, D
BockelГ©e-Morvan, P Drossart, S Fornasier
0800h P41C-3950 POSTER Distant Coma
67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko as Observed from Rosetta/VIRTIS:
D BockelГ©e-Morvan, S Erard, C Leyrat, F
Capaccioni, G Filacchione, G Piccioni, P Drossart,
V Debout, J Crovisier, T Encrenaz
0800h P41C-3951 POSTER Thermal Properties of
the Surface of 67P/Chryumov-Gerasimenko: Initial
Results: M T Capria, F Tosi, E Kuhrt, A Raponi,
M Formisano, M C De Sanctis, F Capaccioni,
G Filacchione, E Palomba, A Longobardo, M
Ciarniello, D BockelГ©e-Morvan, S Erard, C Leyrat,
P Drossart, G Arnold
0800h P41C-3952 POSTER Looking for minor
spectral features on 67P: S Erard, F Capaccioni, G
Filacchione, C Leyrat, F Tosi, M C De Sanctis, D
BockelГ©e-Morvan, P Drossart
0800h P41C-3953 POSTER Comet 67P/C-G: Surface
Temperatures as Derived by Rosetta/VIRTIS in the
Mapping Phase: F Tosi, M T Capria, F Capaccioni,
G Filacchione, M C De Sanctis, S Erard, C Leyrat, D
BockelГ©e-Morvan, E Kuhrt
0800h P41C-3954 POSTER Modeling the
Churyumov-Gerasimenko as Seen by VIRTIS-M
Onboard Rosetta: A Raponi, F Capaccioni, G
Filacchione, M Ciarniello, M T Capria, S Erard, E
Palomba, A Longobardo, M C De Sanctis, F Tosi,
G Piccioni, C Leyrat, D BockelГ©e-Morvan, M A
Barucci, P Drossart, B Schmitt, P Beck
Moscone South Poster Hall
Topography in the Solar System II
Posters (joint with EP)
Presiding: Ross Beyer, NASA Ames
Research Center; Gerald Patterson,
Applied Physics Laboratory
0800h P41D-3955 POSTER Fusion and Visualization
of HiRISE Super-Resolution, Shape-from-Shading
DTM with MER Stereo 3D Reconstructions: S
Gupta, G Paar, J P Muller, Y Tao, L Tyler, C
Traxler, G Hesina, B Huber, B Nauschnegg
0800h P34C-03 POSTER A Topographic Analysis of
Lunar Pit Craters Using LOLA: P T Malinski, K
A Milam
0800h P41D-3957 POSTER Valles Marineris as a
Cryokarstic Structure Formed by a Giant Dyke
System: Support From New Analogue Experiments:
M S Ozeren, A M C Sengor, D Acar, S C Гњlgen, I
E Onsel
0800h P41D-3958 POSTER The Martian
geomorphology as mapped by the Mars Express
High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC):
Implications for Geological Processes and Climate
Conditions: T Roatsch, R Jaumann, G Neukum,
D Tirsch, E Hauber, H Hoffmann, K Gwinner, F
Scholten, G Di Achille, T C Duxbury, G Erkeling,
S vanGasselt, S Gupta, J W Head III, H Hiesinger,
W H Ip, H U Keller, M G Kleinhans, T Kneisl, T
B McCord, P Muller, J Murray, M Pondrelli, T
Platz, P C Pinet, D Reiss, A P Rossi, L Wendt, D A
Williams, N Mangold, T Spohn
P41D-3959 POSTER
Photoclinometry for the Mars InSight Landing Site
Selection Process: R A Beyer
0800h P41D-3960 POSTER Assessment of Systematic
Differences Between the SPC and SPG Vesta
Shape Models Derived from the Dawn Mission: A
Ermakov, M T Zuber, D E Smith, C A Raymond,
R W Gaskell, F Preusker
0800h P41D-3961 POSTER Uplifts on Venus and
Earth: A Principal Component Analysis: P R
Stoddard, D M Jurdy
0800h P41D-3962 POSTER A Laser Altimeter for a
Planetary Flyby Mission: D E Smith, M T Zuber,
X Sun, J Cavanaugh, G A Neumann, E Mazarico,
A Genova
0800h P41D-3963 POSTER The Effect of Incidence
Angle on Stereo DTM Quality: Simulations in
Support of Europa Clipper: R L Kirk, E HowingtonKraus, T M Hare, L Jorda
0800h P41D-3964 POSTER Toward comprehensive
Titan digital topography construction: A technical
demonstration with stereogrammetry and photo/
radarclinometry: J Kim, W Wan, S Lee, Y Choi
Moscone West 2011
Geophysics of Satellites and Small
Bodies I
Presiding: Ashley Davies, Jet Propulsion
Laboratory; Dennis Matson, Jet
Propulsion Laboratory; Thomas
McCord, Bear Fight Institute; Torrence
Johnson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
0800h P41E-01 Ceres: Dawn visits a Warm Wet
Planet: T B McCord, J P Combe
0815h P41E-02 A Brief History of Ceres: J C
0830h P41E-03 Large Impact Basins on Ceres:
Probing Beneath the Icy Mantle: T J Bowling, B C
Johnson, D M Blair, J Melosh IV
0845h P41E-04 Tides on Membrane Worlds:
Europa, Titan and Co: M Beuthe
0900h P43C-3999 Thermal Convection in HighPressure Ice Layers Beneath a Buried Ocean within
Titan and Ganymede: G Tobie, G Choblet, M
0915h P41E-06 Tidal Dissipation in the Oceans of
Icy Satellites: I Matsuyama
0930h P41E-07 Thermodynamic Equations of State
for Aqueous Solutions Applied to Deep Icy Satellite
and Exoplanet Oceans: S Vance, J M Brown, O
Bollengier, B Journaux, C Sotin, M Choukroun, R
0945h P41E-08 Convection and Melt Migration in
Io’s Mantle: C M Elder, P J Tackley, A P Showman
Moscone South Poster Hall
New Opportunities in Global Change
Collaboration: Utilizing Federal and
University Partnerships to Develop
Actionable and Needs-Driven Science
Agendas Posters (joint with ED, GC)
Presiding: Aranzazu Lascurain, North
Carolina State University; Josh Foster,
Oregon State University; Aparna
Bamzai, University of Oklahoma
Norman Campus; Stacy Lynn, Colorado
State University
Collaborations to Combat Climate Change: The
Climate Science Centers as Strategies for Climate
Adaptation: T L Morelli, R N Palmer
0800h PA41A-4021 POSTER Building nontraditional collaborations to innovatively address
climate-related scientific and management needs: A
Bamzai, R A Mcpherson
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:19 AM
0800h PA41A-4022 POSTER Great Lakes Integrated
Sciences + Assessments: Connecting Users and
Generators of Scientific Information to Inform
Climate Change Adaptation: W J Baule, L Briley,
D Brown, E Gibbons
riverine Оґ13C-DIC using Late Cretaceous and
Early Paleogene freshwater bivalve mollusks
(Unionoidea) form Montana: D P Gillikin, D H
Goodwin, M Davidson, J Hartman
0800h PA41A-4024 POSTER Data mining to predict
climate hotspots: an experiment in aligning federal
climate enterprises in the Northwest: P Mote, J G
Foster, S B Daley-Laursen
0800h PP41A-1342 POSTER The onset of the Early
Eocene Climatic Optimum, including the K/X
event, at Branch Stream, Clarence Valley, New
Zealand: B S Slotnick, G R Dickens, C J Hollis, J S
Crampton, P Strong, E Dallanave, A Philips
0800h PA41A-4025 POSTER Best Practices of
Collaboration in Arctic Research: How to Succeed,
or Fail, in Cross-Disciplinary Efforts: H V Wiggins
collaboration in the Rocky Mountains and Great
Plains: Federal-university climate service networks
for producing actionable information for climate
change adaptation: A J Ray, E McNie, K Averyt, J
T Morisette, J D Derner, D S Ojima, L Dilling, J J
0800h PA41A-4027 POSTER Climate in Context –
How partnerships evolve in regions: A S Parris
0800h PA41A-4028 POSTER Useful to Usable
(U2U): Transforming climate information into
usable tools to support Midwestern agricultural
production: L S Prokopy, M Widhalm
0800h PA41A-4029 POSTER Climate Science
Centers: An “Existence Theorem” for a Federal–
University Partnership to Develop Actionable and
Needs-Driven Science Agendas: B Moore III
0800h PA41A-4030 POSTER A Three-Legged Stool
or Race? Governance Models for NOAA RISAs,
DOI CSCs, and USDA Climate Hub: J G Foster
0800h PA41A-4031 POSTER Climate Science
Centers: Growing Federal and Academic Expertise
in the Nation’s Interests: S J Ryker
0800h PA41A-4033 POSTER
Discussion 10 am to 11 am:
Moscone West Poster Hall
Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopes:
Extracting the Signal from the Noise
to Improve Paleoclimate Applications
I Posters
Presiding: JoГЈo Trabucho-Alexandre,
Durham University; Christopher
Junium, Syracuse University; Aaron
Diefendorf, University of Cincinnati;
Erika Freimuth, University of Cincinnati
Main Campus
0800h PP41A-1332 POSTER Carbon isotopes of plant
biomarkers record past changes in the carbon cycle,
but separating signal from noise is key to reducing
uncertainties: A F Diefendorf, K H Freeman, S L
Wing, E D Currano
0800h PP41A-1333 POSTER From buds to litter:
seasonal changes in leaf wax concentrations and
carbon isotopes and implications for the geologic
past: Y J Suh, A F Diefendorf
0800h PP43E-02 POSTER Statistical signal analysis
of the Phanerozoic Г°13C curve: implications for
Earth system evolution: A Bachan, L R Kump, J
Payne, M Saltzman, E Thomas
0800h PP41A-1335 POSTER Furongian Stable
Carbon Isotope Excursions (SPICE and HERB)
in the Mixed Carbonate-Siliclastics on an Epeiric
Platform of the Taebaeksan Basin, Korea: G S
Chung, J N Lim, T Y Park, K S Lee, B S Lee, K S Seo
0800h PP41A-1336 POSTER Coupled Variation
of C and Mg Isotopes in the Middle to Late
Cambrian Carbonate Ramp Deposits of the Machari
Formation in the Yeongweol Area, Korea : S W
Lee, G S Chung, J S Ryu, K S Lee
0800h PP41A-1337 POSTER Coupling Organic
Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope with Carbonate
Carbon Isotope Excursion Across the Early
Mississippian Kinderhookian-Osagean Boundary
in Great Basin, Western USA: D K Maharjan, G
Jiang, Y Peng, S K Sahoo, R A Henry
0800h PP41A-1338 POSTER The Carboniferous
carbon isotope record from sedimentary organic
matter: can we disentangle the carbon cycle?: S
J Davies, C E Bennett, M J Leng, T Kearsey, J E
Marshall, D Millward, E J Reeves, A Snelling, J E
0800h PP41A-1339 POSTER Distribution of Iridium
in Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic Strata of the
Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria: L H Tanner, F
T Kyte, S Richoz
0800h PP41A-1340 POSTER Understanding
Intrabasinal Organic Carbon Records: A New
Carbon Isotope Record for the Early Cretaceous
Abu Dhabi, UAE: A H Al-Suwaidi
0800h PP41A-1343 POSTER Comparison between
organic and inorganic stable carbon isotope ratios
for understanding Pleistocene global and local
climates, results from IODP Exp. 317 offshore South
Island of New Zealand: K Hoyanagi, T Takeuchi, E
Ichinose, Y Kobayashi
0800h PP41C-1379 POSTER What Forced Holocene
Millennial-Scale Variability? A Tale from the
Western Tropical Pacific: D Khider, L D Stott, C
Jackson, G Huerta
0800h PP41B-1360 POSTER Multi-decadal forcing
of precipitation along the southeastern USA during
the late Holocene: C E Bernhardt, A Kemp, M
0800h PP41C-1380 POSTER X-ray fluorescence
spectroscopy (XRF) calibration and its application
as a tool to study the Oxygen Minimum Zone
variability during the Holocene: K G Mejia-Pina, O
Gonzalez-Yajimovich, M A Huerta-Diaz
0800h PP41B-1361 POSTER A new record of
provenance and hydroclimate in Santa Barbara
Basin, California spanning the last 250 years: T
Napier, I L Hendy
0800h PP41C-1381 POSTER Severe droughts in
the Philippines in AD 1700-1800: R Saban, F P
Siringan, C Villanoy
0800h PP41A-1344 POSTER Deciphering the
Paleochemistry and Holocene Environmental
Variability in Central New York: Different
Perspectives from the Stable Carbon Isotopes of
Organic Matter and Carbonates: D B Finkelstein,
D E Colcord, T Curtin
0800h PP41B-1362 POSTER A 26,600 yr record of
climate and vegetation from Rice Lake in the Eel
River drainage of the northern California Coast
Range: L E Heusser
0800h PP41C-1382 POSTER North Atlantic
Oscillation Dynamics Recorded in Central
Norwegian Fjord Sediments During the Past 2800
Years: J Faust, J Knies, K Fabian, J Giraudeau
0800h PP41B-1363 POSTER 1,500 YEAR
M Silver, J L Banner, M Musgrove
0800h PP41C-1383 POSTER Warm World Ocean
Thermohaline Circulation Model: N Zimov, S A
0800h PP41A-1345 POSTER Dissolved inorganic
carbon isotopic composition of the Gulf of Mexico
deep-water masses: J G Quintanilla-Terminel, J
C Herguera, V Ferreira-Bartrina, J M HernГЎndezAyГіn, V Camacho-Ibar
0800h PP41B-1364 POSTER Gulf of Alaska Holocene
paleoceanography and paleoclimatology from
diatom proxies in core EW0408-22JC, Crawfish
Inlet, Baranof Island, Alaska: C Loofbourrow, J A
Addison, E Hemphill-Haley
0800h PP41A-1346 POSTER Can Stress-Induced
Biochemical Differences drive Variation in the
Hydrogen Isotope Composition of Leaf Wax
n-Alkanes from Terrestrial Higher Plants?: Y Eley,
N Pedentchouk, L Dawson
0800h PP41B-1365 POSTER Initial sedimentology,
geocronology and oxygen isotope stratigraphy of
a new core from Pretty Lake, Indiana: Exploring
Midwestern hydroclimate during the last 2000
years: A Albert, B W Bird, W Gilhooly III, L G
Stamps, O M Rudloff, B A Steinman, T V Lowell
0800h PP41A-1347 POSTER From Leaf Synthesis
to Senescence: n-Alkyl Lipid Abundance and D/H
Composition Among Plant Species in a Temperate
Deciduous Forest at Brown’s Lake Bog, Ohio, USA:
E J Freimuth, A F Diefendorf, T V Lowell
0800h PP41A-1348 POSTER Leaf water and plant
wax hydrogen isotopes in a European sample
network: D B Nelson, A Kahmen
0800h PP41A-1349 POSTER Stomatal Density
Influences Leaf Water and Leaf Wax D/H Values in
Arabidopsis: H Lee, S J Feakins, L O Sternberg
0800h PP41A-1350 POSTER Increased Deuterium
Discrimination in Micronesian Mangroves
Growing at High Salinity: Insights from Leaf and
Xylem Water Isotopes: N Ladd, J P Sachs
0800h PP41A-1351 POSTER A biomarker isotope
record of hydrologic change in NE Spain from the
late Eocene to early Oligocene: K Patros, M T Hren
0800h PP41A-1352 POSTER Evaluating Changes
in Paleo-temperature Gradients using Hydrogen
Isotopic Compositions of Leaf-wax Biomarkers: S
Krishnan, M Huber, M Pagani
0800h PP41A-1353 POSTER Holocene n-Fatty
Acid О”d Records from Lake Hurleg, Northeastern
Tibetan Plateau: Y He, C Zhao, Z Liu, H Wang, W
Liu, Z Yu
Moscone West Poster Hall
North American Hydroclimates
over the Past 120 Ka BP: Terrestrial,
Marine, and Model Evidence for
Oceanic/Atmospheric Forcing II
Posters (joint with A, GC, H, OS)
Presiding: John Barron, USGS; Matthew
Kirby, Cal-State Fullerton; Jay Alder, U.S.
Geological Survey
0800h PP41B-1354 POSTER Constraining the Last
Glacial Maximum Westerly Storm Track over
Western North America through Model-Proxy
Comparison: J L Oster, D E Ibarra, M J Winnick,
K Maher
0800h PP41B-1355 POSTER Deglacial Record in the
Illinois River Valley Explains Asynchronous Phases
of Meltwater Pulses and Clay Mineral Excursions in
the Gulf of Mexico: H Wang
0800h PP41B-1356 POSTER Holocene Evolution
of Precipitation Patterns in the Southwestern
US, Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean:
Comparison with Tropical SST Records: J A
Barron, S E Metcalfe, S J Davies
0800h PP41B-1357 POSTER Changes in Holocene
Climate, Fire and Vegetation from the Northeastern
Great Basin: A 13,500 Year Sedimentary Record
from Swan Lake, ID: L Anderson, D Wahl, D M
Miller, J J Rosario, L Presnetsova
IDAHO: J J Rosario, D M Miller, D Wahl, L
Anderson, A Tripati, L Presnetsova, C G Oviatt, J P
McGeehin, J E Bright
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 21
0800h PP41B-1359 POSTER Interpreting the
seasonality of precipitation in northern Baja
California for the last ~45,000 cal yr BP: V Chavez,
A Brunelle, S Brewer
0800h PP41B-1366 POSTER A Laminated Carbonate
Record of Late Holocene Mid-Continental
Hydroclimate: Geochemical and Sedimentological
Results from Martin Lake, LaGrange County,
Indiana: L G Stamps, B W Bird, W Gilhooly III
0800h PP41B-1367 POSTER Late Quaternary seismic
stratigraphic framework and paleolimnology of
Walker Lake, Nevada: M Friday, C A Scholz, C K
Moscone West Poster Hall
Paleoceanography and
Paleoclimatology General
Contributions Posters
Presiding: Matthew Schmidt, other;
Petra Dekens, San Francisco State
0800h PP41C-1369 POSTER Analytical bias in
the oldest section of the Dome C CO2 record: S
Eggleston, B Bereiter, J Schmitt, C Nehrbass-Ahles,
T F Stocker, H Fischer, S Kipfstuhl, J A Chappellaz
0800h PP41C-1370 POSTER Carbon Isotopes in
Pinus elliotti cellulose from Big Pine Key, Florida:
Indicators of Seasonal Precipitation, ENSO and
Disturbance Events: C Rebenack, H E Willoughby,
W T Anderson Jr, P Cherubini
0800h PP41C-1371 POSTER ENSO-Type Signals
Recorded in the Late Cretaceous Laminated
Sediments of Songliao Basin, Northeast China: E
Yu, C Wang, L A Hinnov, H Wu
0800h PP41C-1372 POSTER 400+ Years of ENSOlike Climate Cyclicity from Tree Ring Width-Data,
Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA: D E Dahms,
D Richards, P Pease
0800h PP41C-1373 POSTER Climcor: Paleoclimatic
Coring: High Resolution and Innovations.Cnrs
Gathers the Present Coring Equipment , and
Coordinates the Different Efforts Provided By the
Concerned Communities (ocean, ice and continent):
M Calzas, D D Rousseau
0800h PP41C-1374 POSTER Distribution and
Geochemical Composition of Living Planktonic
Foraminifera in the Caribbean Sea: A Jentzen, J
Schönfeld, D Nuernberg
0800h PP41C-1375 POSTER From ecology to
geochemistry to DNA: New information about
Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi: A M Burkett, A E
Rathburn, R A Venturelli, M E Perez, L A Levin,
N Spendal
0800h PP41C-1376 POSTER A New Palaeoenvironmental Proxy from Roman Aqueducts:
What Can We Learn from Calcareous Sinter?: G
Surmelihindi, C W Passchier
0800h PP41C-1377 POSTER A time-transgressive
Holocene onset from Globorotalia menardii records
on Brazilian continental margin sediments: F S
Iwai, K B Costa, F A D L Toledo, A C A Santarosa,
C M Chiessi, E Camillo Jr, J P Quadros
0800h PP41C-1378 POSTER Holocene variations
in the southern westerly winds at centennial and
millennial timescales over the last 10,000 years: P I
Moreno, I Vilanova, R P Villa-Martinez, R De PolHolz
0800h PP41C-1384 POSTER A Glimpse at South
Atlantic Deep and Surface Water Evolution over the
Last 40 Ky: C Waelbroeck, N Vazquez Riveiros, H
W Arz, J Gottschalk, L C Skinner, T M Dokken
0800h PP41C-1385 POSTER Mineral and trace
element indicators of changes in sediment delivery
and deposition on a Western Boundary Upwelling
System (Cabo Frio, Brazil) since the Last Glacial
Maximum: A L Albuquerque, U Mendoza, P A
Meyers, A L Belem, A Sifeddine
0800h PP41C-1386 POSTER Glacial sea surface
and subsurface temperature reconstructions off
northern Chile (27.5В°S) from 970 ka to present: G
Martinez-Mendez, J Groeneveld, D Hebbeln, F
Lamy, M Mohtadi
0800h PP41C-1387 POSTER Sea surface temperature
variability of the Peru-Chile Current during
the previous ten interglacials: M Caniupan, G
Martinez-Mendez, F Lamy, D Hebbeln, M Mohtadi,
S Pantoja
0800h PP41C-1388 POSTER Weathering fluxes to
the Gulf of Mexico from the Pliocene to Holocene
based on radiogenic isotopes: A M Portier, E E
Martin, S R Hemming, M M Thierens, M E Raymo
0800h PP41C-1390 POSTER A Multistage Volcanic
and Tectonic Evolution History on the High Plateau,
Part of the Manihiki Plateau, Central Pacific: R
Pietsch, G Uenzelmann-Neben
0800h PP41C-1391 POSTER Long-range memory in
temperature reconstructions from ice cores; glacial
vs interglacial climate conditions : T Nilsen, K
Rypdal, H B Fredriksen
0800h PP41C-1392 POSTER Persistent link between
solar activity and Greenland climate during the Last
Glacial Maximum: F Adolphi, R Muscheler, A
Svensson, A Aldahan, G Possnert, J Beer, J Sjolte, S
Bjorck, K B Matthes, R ThiГ©blemont
0800h PP41C-1393 POSTER Eccentricity Forcing
and Preconditioning of the Super Interglacials: R
Roychowdhury, R M Deconto, J Brigham-Grette
0800h PP41C-1394 POSTER Sediment Mixing
in a Pockmark Field on the Chatham Rise, New
Zealand – Implications for Paleoceanographic
Reconstructions: P S Rose, J K Cochran, C Heilbrun,
I A Pecher, R B Coffin
0800h PP41C-1395 POSTER Global climate and
monsoons response to orbital forcing in the Late
Miocene: A Marzocchi, D J Lunt, R Flecker, A
Farnsworth, C Bradshaw
0800h PP41C-1396 POSTER A Quantitative
Assessment of the Sea Level Drop in the Messinian
Mediterranean: J Bartol, R P Topper
0800h PP41C-1397 POSTER Aridification of the
Sahara desert caused by Tethys Sea shrinkage during
Late Miocene: Z Zhang, G Ramstein, M Schuster,
C Li, C Contoux, Q Yan
0800h PP41C-1398 POSTER Neodymium isotope
records of pelagic sediment core from the Northeast
Pacific: implications for latitudinal position of
the Intertropical Convergence Zone in the early
Miocene: K Hyeong, I SEO, C M Yoo, S B Chi
0800h PP41C-1399 POSTER Exploring Sensitivity
of Carbon Dioxide and Aerosol Forcing When
Modelling the Mid-Miocene Climatic Optimum: A
P Goldner, N K Herold, M Huber, M Komurcu
0800h PP41C-1400 POSTER Orbital forcing and
climate response at the Oligocene-Miocene
boundary: stable isotope records from IODP site
U1334: H Beddow, A Harrison, A Sluijs, B Wade,
D Liebrand, L J Lourens
0800h PP41C-1401 POSTER Obliquity-Dominated
Climate, from the Coal-Bearing Junggar Basin,
(ГњrГјmqi, China): P E Olsen, J Sha, Y Pan, D Xu, X
Yao, Y Wang, X Zhang
11/28/2014 11:06:19 AM
0800h PP41C-1402 POSTER Cyclostratigraphy of
the Middle Triassic bedded chert sequence in the
Chichibu Belt, Southwest Japan: K Soda, T Onoue,
M Ikeda
0800h PP41C-1403 POSTER A Global Distribution
of Late Eocene Vegetation: A M Dulak, J O Sewall
0800h PP41C-1404 POSTER Impact Event and
Radiolarian Faunal Turnover across the Middle–
upper Norian Transition in the Upper Triassic of
Japan: T Onoue, H Sato, D Yamashita, K Uno
0800h PP41D-1422 POSTER Towards Better
Calibration of Modern Palynological Data against
Climate: A Case Study in Osaka Bay, Japan: I
Kitaba, T Nakagawa, E McClymont, D L Dettman,
K Yamada, K Takemura, M Hyodo
0800h PP41D-1423 POSTER Changes in daily
pollen concentration based on meteorological data
and days after seasonal initiation - a case study for
Japanese hop: H Choe, K R Kim, M Kim, M J Han,
C Cho, B C Choi
0800h PP41C-1405 POSTER Multiple States in the
Vegetation-Atmosphere System during the Early
Eocene: U Port, M Claussen
0800h PP41D-1424 POSTER Human Influence
As a Potential Source of Bias in Pollen-Based
Quantitative Climate Reconstructions: J Li, Y Zhao,
Q Xu, Z Zheng, H Lu, Y Luo, Y Li, C Li, H Seppä
0800h PP41C-1406 POSTER Global Ocean
Sedimentation Patterns: Plate Tectonic History
Versus Climate Change: A Goswami, E Reynolds,
P Olson, L A Hinnov, A Gnanadesikan
0800h PP41D-1425 POSTER Cscibox: A Software
System for Age-Model Construction and Evaluation:
E Bradley, K A Anderson, T M Marchitto Jr, L R de
Vesine, J W C White, D M Anderson
0800h PP41C-1407 POSTER Rethinking Controls on
the Long-Term Cenozoic Carbonate Compensation
Depth: Case Studies across Late Paleocene - Early
Eocene Warming and Late Eocene - Early Oligocene
Cooling: S E Greene, A J Ridgwell, D N Schmidt, S
Kirtland Turner, H Paelike, E Thomas
0800h PP41D-1426 POSTER Linking high resolution
14C records to ice core time scales by means
of Bayesian wiggle-matching: F Adolphi, R
Muscheler, M Friedrich, D GГјttler, L Wacker, B
0800h PP41C-1408 POSTER Mapping the
distribution of global carbonate cover from 0 to
100 Ma by modelling the carbonate compensation
depth: C R Lithgow-Bertelloni, J Davis
0800h PP41C-1409 POSTER Assessing the
dendrochronological and dendroclimatic potential
of Shasta red fir (Abies magnifica var. shastensis): M
C A Torbenson, S St George
Turcq, L S Moreira, R D A Rodrigues, F L SimГµes
Filho, G S Martins, A B Santos, M Barbosa, M C G
da Conceição, R D C Rodrigues, H Evangelista, P F
Moreira-Turcq, Y P Penido, A Sifeddine, J Seoane
0800h PP41C-1411 POSTER Climate and flow
variation revealed in tree rings of riparian
cottonwood, western North Dakota, USA: J
M Friedman, J R Edmondson, D M Meko, R
Touchan, E R Griffin, H Zhou
Moscone West Poster Hall
Understanding Uncertainties in
Paleoclimate and Paleoecology: Age
Models, Proxy Processes, and Beyond
I Posters (joint with B, GC, NG)
Presiding: Connor Nolan, University of
Arizona; John Williams, University of
Wisconsin; Lorraine Lisiecki, University
of California Santa Barbara; Deborah
Khider, University of California Santa
0800h PP41D-1412 POSTER A Comprehensive
Database for the Most Commonly Measured
Paleoceanographic Proxies: Evaluating Global
Carbon Burial Variations over the Last Deglaciation:
O Cartapanis, E D Galbraith, D Bianchi
0800h PP41D-1413 POSTER Dealing with
Uncertainties in Analyzing Holocene Northern
Peatland Carbon Dynamics: C Massa, Z Yu, M
Blaauw, J Loisel
0800h PP41D-1414 POSTER Accounting for Multiple
Sources of Uncertainty in the Statistical Analysis
of Holocene Sea Levels: N Cahill, A C Parnell, A
Kemp, B Horton
0800h PP41D-1415 POSTER Uncertainty in applied
tree-ring reconstructions: Klamath River basin
streamflow: S B Malevich, C A Woodhouse
0800h PP41D-1416 POSTER Finding a Needle in a
Climate Haystack: K L Verosub, R Medrano, M
0800h PP41D-1417 POSTER Are Your Paleoecological
Indicators Telling the Truth? Diatoms in Great
Lakes Sediment Cores As an Example: E D Reavie,
A J Heathcote
0800h PP41D-1418 POSTER Vegetation and
Mammuthus primigenius extinction history on St Paul
Island, Alaska: Y Wang, L Newsom, S Belmecheri,
B Culleton, J W Williams
0800h PP41D-1419 POSTER Uncertainties Associated
with Climatic Estimates from Plant Macrofossil
Assemblages in the Southwestern United States:
Evaluations Based on Comparisons of Modern
Observed and Estimated Values for Climatic
Variables, and Application to Late Quaternary
Assemblages: R S Thompson, K H Anderson, L E
Strickland, R T Pelltier
0800h PP41D-1428 POSTER A Comparison of
Rapid-Screen 14C Dates and U/Th Dates from
Fossil Corals: Implications for Paleoclimate
Reconstruction: P R Grothe, K M Cobb, S Bush, H
Cheng, G Santos, J R Southon, R L Edwards
0800h PP41D-1429 POSTER Paleotempestological
chronology developed from gas ion source AMS
analysis of carbonates determined through realtime Bayesian statistical approach: D J Wallace,
B E Rosenheim, M L Roberts, J R Burton, J P
Donnelly, J D Woodruff
0800h PP41D-1430 POSTER Dating Wood-Benthic
Foram-Planktic Foram Trios from the Panama
Basin to Better Constrain Antarctic Intermediate
Water Ventilation Age during the Last Deglaciation:
N Zhao, L D Keigwin
0800h PP41D-1431 POSTER Effects of Seafloor
Diagenesis on Planktic Foraminiferal Radiocarbon
Ages: J Wycech, D C Kelly
0800h PP41D-1432 POSTER Estimating Age Model
Uncertainties for the Last Interglaciation: J S
Hoffman, P U Clark, N G Pisias, S A Marcott, J D
0800h PP41D-1433 POSTER A Detailed Radiometric
Chronological Framework for Nordic Seas Ocean–
Ice Sheet Interactions Spanning 50-150 Ka BP: J
Brendryen, R L Edwards, H Haflidason, H Cheng,
K J Grasmo, H P Sejrup
0800h PP41D-1434 POSTER New Benthic Оґ18o
Stacks and Age Models for the Last Glacial Cycle (0150 kyr ago): L E Lisiecki, J V Stern
0800h PP41D-1435 POSTER Orbital tuning of deep
ice cores using O2/N2 of trapped air: K Kawamura,
S Aoki, T Nakazawa
0800h PP41D-1436 POSTER Statistical Constraints
on the Relative Link Between Eccentricity Forcing
and the 100,000-Year Glacial Cycle: D Khider, L E
0800h PP41D-1437 POSTER A Method to Separate
Proxy Climate Records into Relevant Temporal
and Individual Periodic Signals and Application to
the “LR04” Benthic Foraminifera δ18O Stack: G W
0800h PP41D-1438 POSTER Reconstructing
Changes in Deep Ocean Temperature and Global
Carbon Cycle during the Early Eocene Warming
Trend: High-Resolution Benthic Stable Isotope
Records from the SE Atlantic: V Lauretano, J C
Zachos, L J Lourens
0800h PP41D-1439 POSTER Constraints on the rate
of carbon injection across the PETM – towards
a theoretical framework for hyperthermals: S
Kirtland Turner, A J Ridgwell
Moscone West 2008
Advanced Understanding of Tropical
Hydroclimate Changes during the
Late Pleistocene I (joint with A, H, OS)
Presiding: Chuan-Chou Shen, Natl
Taiwan Univ; Xianfeng Wang, Earth
Observatory of Singapore
0800h PP41E-01 Linking hemispheric radiation
budgets, ITCZ shifts, and monsoons: D McGee, A
Donohoe, J Marshall, D Ferreira
0815h PP41E-02 Simulating the effect of glacial sea
level changes on Indo-Pacific climate: P N Di Nezio,
J E Tierney, A Timmermann, B L Otto-Bliesner, B
E Mapes
0800h PP41D-1421 POSTER Improving estimates
of regional vegetation: Using pre-settlement
vegetation data and variable wind speed to quantify
pollen dispersal and source area: K D Burke, S J
Goring, J W Williams, T Holloway
0830h PP41E-03 The eastern Tropical Pacific
hydroclimate over the last 120kyr: a perspective
from HadCM3: W H G Roberts, P J Valdes
AGU2014News.indb 22
0845h PP41E-04 Understanding the Effect of
Precession on South American Climate: X Liu, D
S Battisti
0800h S41A-4411 POSTER Dynamic Time Warping
for coda wave interferometry studies: D Mikesell,
A E Malcolm, M M Haney, D Yang
0900h PP41E-05 Precipitation Isotopes Reveal
Intensified Indonesian Monsoon Circulation During
the Dry Last Glacial Maximum: B L Konecky, J M
Russell, H Vogel, S Bijaksana, Y Huang
0800h S41A-4412 POSTER Reflection Response
from the Autocorrelation of Ambient Noise as
Recorded on the Transportable Array: A B Snyder,
B Bockholt, C A Langston
0915h PP41E-06 Interhemispheric Orbital-Scale
Asymmetry of the Intertropical Convergence Zone
Movement at the Asia-Pacific Realm over the Past
3 Glacial-Interglacial Cycles: L Yi, C C Shen, L Lo,
Z Shi, K Y Wei, C J Chou, C C WU, H S Mii, C K
Chuang, H Amakawa, G S Burr, Y C Chen
0800h S41A-4413 POSTER On the Limitations
of Interstation Distances in Ambient Noise
Tomography: Y Luo, Y Yang
0930h PP41E-07 A Southwest Pacific Coral
Perspective on ENSO Variability: Precessional
Forcing vs. Internal Variability: T M Quinn, J W
Partin, K Thirumalai, C R Maupin, M A Vara, C C
Shen, F W Taylor
0945h PP41E-08 Glacial to Holocene Hydroclimate
of the western Indo-Pacific Warm Pool: M
Moscone West 2010
Multiproxy Records for Climatic and
Oceanic Reconstructions I (joint with A,
B, GC, OS)
Presiding: Kristine DeLong, Louisiana
State University; Grant Harley,
University of Southern Mississippi;
Emilie Dassie, Lamont Doherty Earth
Observatory; Jason Polk, Western
Kentucky University
0800h PP41F-01 Reconstructing seasonal climate
from high-resolution carbon and oxygen isotope
measurements across tree rings: B Schubert, H
0815h PP41F-02 How the Surface Seawater of
the South China Sea Exchanged CO2 with the
Atmosphere over the Last Glacial Cycle?: T
WANG, Z Jian
0830h PP41F-03 A Global View of Deep Ocean
Carbonate Ion Concentration Over GlacialInterglacial Cycles and the Effects on Atmospheric
pCO2: J Kerr, H Elderfield, R E M Rickaby
0845h PP41F-04 An 800-kyr Record of Global
Surface Ocean Оґ18Osw and Implications for Ice
Volume-Temperature Coupling: J D Shakun, D
W Lea, L E Lisiecki, M E Raymo
0900h PP41F-05 Tropical Atlantic Temperature
Seasonality at the End of the Last Interglacial: T
Felis, C Giry, D Scholz, G Lohmann, M Pfeiffer, J
Pätzold, M Kölling, S R Scheffers
0915h PP41F-06 Reconstructing medieval climate
in the tropical North Atlantic with corals from
Anegada, British Virgin Islands: K H Kilbourne,
Y Y Xu
0930h PP41F-07 Eastern Tropical Pacific Mean
State and Variability During the Past 1000 Years:
G T Rustic, A Koutavas, T M Marchitto Jr, B K
0945h PP41F-08 The Climate Continuum in a
Global Multi-proxy Temperature Reconstruction
Spanning the Common Era: J Wang, J Emile-Geay,
D Guillot, A Vaccaro, B Rajaratnam
Moscone South Poster Hall
Ambient Seismic Investigations:
Oceans, Ice, Environment, and
Climate I Posters (joint with OS)
Presiding: Anya Reading, University
of Tasmania; Keith Koper, University
of Utah; Richard Aster, Colorado
State University; Victor Tsai, CaltechSeismological Lab
0800h S41A-4407 POSTER Detecting Seismic
Activity with a Covariance Matrix Analysis of
Data Recorded on Seismic Arrays: L Seydoux, N
Shapiro, J de Rosny, F Brenguier
0800h S41A-4408 POSTER Frequency Dependence
of Short Period Seismic Noise from Two Decades
of Observations at Warramunga Seismic Array
(WRA), Australia: M Gal, A M Reading, S P
Ellingsen, K D Koper, H Tkalcic, M A Hemer
0800h S41A-4409 POSTER On the Noise Level of
the Ambient Noise Cross-Correlation Function and
Its Application: Y N Chen, Y Gung, L Y Chiao
0800h S41A-4410 POSTER Toward Understanding
Crustal Body Wave Recovery with Ambient Noise
Seismic Interferometry Applied to USArray: C R
Labedz, D Mikesell, P Poli, G A Prieto
0800h S41A-4414 POSTER Exploration of the Body
Wave Phases Generated by Ambient Noise Crosscorrelation: S Li, G Jin, Y J Chen, J B Gaherty
0800h S41A-4415 POSTER Cross-correlations of
ambient noise recorded by accelerometers: S E
RГЎbade GarcГ­a, L Ramirez-Guzman
0800h S41A-4416 POSTER Surface wave attenuation
from ambient noise correlation: methods and
applications to 1D and 2D arrays: J Li, L Zhou, X
Song, R L Weaver
0800h S41A-4417 POSTER Impulse Response
from Seismic Interferometry and Earthquake
Simulations: A Juarez, L Ramirez-Guzman
0800h S41A-4418 POSTER Tracking Paths of Ocean
Source Ambient Seismic Noise into, and through,
the 3D Earth: A M Reading, M Gal, P E Morse, K
D Koper, M A Hemer, N Rawlinson, M Salmon, M
De Kool, B L N Kennett
0800h S41A-4419 POSTER Directionality of Ambient
Noise on the Juan de Fuca Plate: Implications for
Source Locations of the Primary and Secondary
Microseism: Y Tian, M H Ritzwoller
0800h S41A-4420 POSTER Microseism Source
Direction in Cascadia Using Cross-correlation
and Array Coherence: Z Chen, P Gerstoft, P D
Bromirski, R Menon
0800h S41A-4421 POSTER A broadband
investigation of microseisms and ocean surface
gravity waves at the Cascadia array: C Peureux, F
Ardhuin, J Berger, W E Farrell, A Rawat
0800h S41A-4422 POSTER The Ocean-Continent
Boundary Effect on Seismic Noise Recorded on
Land: E Stutzmann, L Gualtieri, Y Capdeville, V
Farra, A Mangeney
0800h S41A-4423 POSTER Modeling Seismic Noise
Body Waves: E Stutzmann, V Farra, L Gualtieri,
M Schimmel, F Ardhuin
0800h S41A-4424 POSTER Infragravity Wave
Generation and Reflection Off the Coast at Oregon,
USA: J F Neale, N Harmon, M A Srokosz
0800h S41A-4425 POSTER Natural Migration of
Scattered Surface Waves from Correlated Ambient
Noise: Applications on Long Beach Array and USArray: A AlTheyab, E J Workman, F C Lin, G T
0800h S41A-4426 POSTER Remote, real-time
monitoring of cyclones with microseisms: B G Jo,
W D Lee, F A Schwab
0800h S41A-4427 POSTER Tracking Cyclones in
the Southwest Indian Ocean with an Ocean-Bottom
Seismometer Network: C Davy, G Barruol, F R
Fontaine, K Sigloch, E Stutzmann
0800h S41A-4428 POSTER Microseismic sources in
North Atlantic Ocean: X Chen, L Wen
0800h S41A-4429 POSTER Secondary microseism
generation mechanisms and microseism derived
ocean wave parameters, NE Atlantic, West of
Ireland: S E Donne, C J Bean, I Lokmer, M Nicolau,
M O’Neill
0800h S41A-4430 POSTER Characteristics of body
wave microseism observed at northern continental
Asia: D H Sheen, S Jung
0800h S41A-4431 POSTER Array Analysis of
Microseism Sources in the NE Atlantic: D Craig, C
J Bean, A Moni, I Lokmer, S E Donne, M Möllhoff
0800h S41A-4432 POSTER Spatiotemporal variation
of ambient noise wavefield in Japan: R Takagi, K
0800h S41A-4433 POSTER Microseisms Generated
by the 2010 Typhoon Megi in the Western Pacific
Ocean: J Lin, J Lin
Cryoseismic and Oceanic Waves Associated with
Surface Environments at the LГјtzow-Holm Bay,
East Antarctica : M Kanao
0800h S41A-4435 POSTER Characteristic Surface
Processes Between Atmosphere, Cryosphere and
Oceanic Environment Inferred from Infrasound
Array Observations in LГјtzow-Holm Bay, East
Antarctica: Y Ishihara, M Kanao, M Y Yamamoto,
Y Kakinami, T Murayama, K Okada, S Toda, T
0800h S41A-4436 POSTER Automatic detection of
iceberg calving events using seismic observations:
M L Andersen, T Larsen, G S Hamilton, M Nettles
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:19 AM
0800h S41A-4437 POSTER Tidally modulated
seismicity at a major outlet glacier in Greenland: S
A Veitch, M Nettles
0800h S41B-4460 POSTER Hydrodynamic Modeling
of the Near-Source Environment at a Jointed Site: C
M Snelson, C R Bradley, D W Steedman, E Rougier
0800h S41B-4486 POSTER IDC Infrasound
technology development: P Mialle, D J Brown, R
Le Bras, M J C Charbit, J W Given
0800h S41A-4438 POSTER Seasonal changes in H/V
spectral ratio at high-latitude seismic stations: R F
Lee, R E Abbott, H A Knox, A Pancha
0800h S41B-4461 POSTER Large-N Over the Source
Physics Experiment (SPE) Phase I and Phase II Test
Beds: C M Snelson, J D Carmichael, R J Mellors, R
E Abbott
0800h S41B-4487 POSTER Seismo-acoustic Signals
Recorded at KSIAR, the Infrasound Array Installed
at PS31: T S Kim, I Y Che, J S Jeon, H C Chi, I B
0800h S41B-4462 POSTER Regional Attenuation of
Southern Nevada Using Multiphase Inversion: M L
Pyle, W R Walter, M Pasyanos
0800h S41B-4488 POSTER Observation and
Modeling of Infrasound Signals Generated By
Rocket Motor Tests and Rocket Motor Demolitions
in the Western US: J Park, C Hayward, B W Stump
0800h S41A-4439 POSTER Shear velocity of the
Rotokawa geothermal field using ambient noise: F
Civilini, M K Savage, J Townend
0800h S41A-4440 POSTER 4-D monitoring of
the Solfatara crater (Italy) by ambient noise
tomography: M Pilz, H Woith, S Parolai, G Festa
S41A-4441 POSTER
determined bedload flux during the typhoon season:
W A Chao, Y M Wu, L Zhao, C H Chen, V C Tsai
0800h S41A-4442 POSTER Seismic Energy From
Waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park: E J
Workman, K D Koper, R Burlacu, F C Lin
0800h S41A-4443 POSTER Weather-related Ground
Motions Recorded by Taiwan Broadband Seismic
Network Stations: C F Yang, W C Chi
0800h S41A-4444 POSTER Microseisms from
the Great Salt Lake: K J Goddard, K D Koper, V
0800h S41A-4445 POSTER Acoustic investigations
of lakes as justification for the optimal location of
core sampling: P Krylov, D Nourgaliev, P Yasonov,
D Kuzin
0800h S41A-4446 POSTER The Anthropogenic
Ambient Noise Field: Tracking Cars, Trains and
Planes Seismically: N Riahi, P Gerstoft
0800h S41A-4447 POSTER Seismic Interferometry
of Cultural Noise: Body Waves Extracted from Auto
and Train Traffic: D A Quiros, L D Brown, D Kim
0800h S41A-4448 POSTER P diving wave
tomography using ambient noise recorded at Long
Beach: N Nakata, J P Chang, J F Lawrence
0800h S41A-4449 POSTER Illumination of Geology
and Recent Tectonic History in Idaho and Oregon
from Persistent Scattering Extracted from Ambient
Noise: M P Panning, R M Russo, P M Bremner,
S Hongsresawat, V I Mocanu, A C Stanciu, M E
Torpey, J C VanDecar
0800h S41A-4450 POSTER Using Ambient
Noise Data from the ALBACORE OBS Array to
Determine a 3D Seismic Velocity Model Offshore
Southern California: M D Kohler, D C Bowden, V
C Tsai, D S Weeraratne
0800h S41A-4451 POSTER Variation of Crustal
Shear Velocity Structure Along the Eastern Lau
Back-Arc Spreading Center Constrained By
Seafloor Compliance: Y Zha, S C Webb, R A Dunn
0800h S41A-4452 POSTER Shear Velocity Structure
of the Crust and Uppermost Mantle across the
Mariana Trench from Ambient Seismic Noise: C
Cai, D A Wiens, D Lizarralde
0800h S41A-4453 POSTER Broadband ocean bottom
seismometer in the Gulf of Cadiz (offshore SW Iberia
and NW of Moroccan margin): Characterization of
ambient noise and tomographic model of the crustal
structure. : C J Corela, G M Silveira, L M Matias,
W H Geissler, M Schimmel
0800h S41A-4454 POSTER Temporal Changes
in S-Wave Velocity at Different Depths Near
Parkfield, CA: C Wu, A A Delorey, F Brenguier, R
A Guyer, J S Gomberg, P A Johnson
0800h S41A-4455 POSTER Ground Motion
Prediction of Subduction Earthquakes using the
Onshore-Offshore Ambient Seismic Field: L Viens,
H Miyake, K Koketsu
0800h S41A-4457 POSTER Martian Ambient Seismic
Noise: from the first modeling to the future data of
the InSight Seismic experiment: P H Lognonne,
W B Banerdt, D Mimoun, N Kobayashi, M P
Panning, W T Pike, D Giardini, U R Christensen,
Y Nishikawa, N Murdoch, T Kawamura, S Kedar,
A Spiga
Moscone South Poster Hall
Geophysics for National Security
Needs I Posters (joint with NS, T)
Presiding: Catherine Snelson, Los
Alamos National Laboratory; Jessie
Bonner, Weston Geophysical; Robert
Mellors, LLNL L-046
0800h S41B-4458 POSTER Locating the Origin of
Scattered Waves By Simulating Time Reversal
of the Seismic Wavefield: S C Myers, A Pitarka,
B Sjogreen, A Petersson, N A Simmons, G
0800h S41B-4459 POSTER On the Transportability
of Ms Versus Yield Relationships: H J Patton, G E
0800h S41B-4463 POSTER Comparative study of
large scale simulation of underground explosions
inalluvium and in fractured granite using stochastic
characterization: O Vorobiev, S M Ezzedine, T
Antoun, L Glenn
0830h S41D-03 Imaging Rayleigh Wave Attenuation
and Phase Velocity beneath North America with
USArray: X Bao, C A Dalton, G Jin, J B Gaherty
0845h S41D-04 Why Ignoring Anisotropy When
Imaging Subduction Zones Could be a Bad Idea: M
J Bezada, M Faccenda, D R Toomey, E Humphreys
0900h S41D-05 Constraints on the Thermal and
Compositional Nature of the Oceanic LithosphereAsthenosphere Boundary from Seismic Anisotropy:
C Beghein, K Yuan, N C Schmerr, Z Xing
0800h S41B-4464 POSTER Shallow Refraction
and Rg Analysis at the Source Physics Experiment
Site: C A Rowe, J D Carmichael, H J Patton, C M
Snelson, D D Coblentz, C S Larmat, X Yang
0800h S41B-4491 POSTER Imaging the Subsurface
with Upgoing Muons: N Bonal, L A Preston, D
Schwellenbach, W Dreesen, A Green
0915h S41D-06 Global Radially Anisotropic WholeMantle Structure from Multiple Datasets: A M
Ferreira, S J Chang, J Ritsema, H J van Heijst, J H
0800h S41B-4465 POSTER The Use of Signal
Dimensionality for Automatic QC of Seismic
Array Data: C A Rowe, R J Stead, M L Begnaud, D
Draganov, M Maceira, M Gomez
Moscone South Poster Hall
0930h S41D-07 Full Waveform Inverted Models
Are Homogenized Models: Y Capdeville, E
Stutzmann, J P Montagner
Science and Societal Lessons from
a Decade of Giant Megathrust
Earthquakes I Posters (joint with G, NH,
SI, T)
0945h S41D-08 Interpreting Radial Anisotropy
in Global and Regional Tomographic Models:
T Bodin, Y Capdeville, B A Romanowicz, J P
0800h S41B-4466 POSTER Small Arrays for
Seismic Intruder Detections: A Simulation Based
Experiment: A Pitarka
0800h S41B-4467 POSTER Modeling the Combined
Effects of Deterministic and Statistical Structure
for Optimization of Regional Monitoring: C J
Sanborn, M Fitzpatrick, S Walsh, V F Cormier, N
Presiding: Andrew Newman, Georgia
Tech; Lujia Feng, Earth Observatory
of Singapore; Jamie McCaughey,
Earth Observatory of Singapore;
Aron Meltzner, Earth Observatory of
0800h S41B-4468 POSTER Implementation and
Testing of an Improved Mathematical Framework
for the Bayesian Infrasonic Source Localization
Method: P S Blom, S Arrowsmith, O E Marcillo
0800h S41C-4492 POSTER Determination of source
process and the tsunami simulation of the 2013
Santa Cruz earthquake: S C Park, J W Lee, E Park,
S Kim
0800h S41B-4469 POSTER Blind Source Separation
in CTBTO Expert Technical Analysis Procedures:
M Rozhkov, I Kitov
0800h S41B-4470 POSTER Threshold Monitoring
Maps for Under-Water Explosions: N S Arora
0800h S41B-4471 POSTER Seismic Source
Characterization of Small-Scale Contained
Explosions Utilizing Near-Source Empirical Data:
M D MacPhail, B W Stump
0800h S41B-4472 POSTER Regional Moment Tensor
Source-Type Discrimination Sensitivity Analysis: A
Chiang, D S Dreger, S R Ford, A Pitarka
0800h S41B-4473 POSTER Explosion-Earthquake
Discrimination at Local Distances: C T O’Rourke,
G E Baker, A F Sheehan, S H Harder
0800h S41B-4474 POSTER Extending SALSA3D:
Adding Secondary Phases to a Global 3D P-Velocity
Model for Improved Seismic Event Location: M
L Begnaud, S Ballard, C J Young, J R Hipp, A V
Encarnacao, M Maceira, W S Phillips, E P Chael,
C A Rowe
0800h S41B-4475 POSTER Depth Estimation
of Earthquakes in Southwest Asia using Back
Projection of Multiple Seismic Phases: G G Euler,
H E Hartse, G E Randall
0800h S41B-4476 POSTER Region-Specific Pn
Geometric-Spreading Models for Eurasia: X Yang,
W S Phillips
0800h S41B-4477 POSTER Wenchuan Event
Detection And Localization Using Waveform
Correlation Coupled With Double Difference:
M Slinkard, S Heck, D P Schaff, C J Young, P G
0800h S41B-4478 POSTER Lg-Wave Cross
Correlation and Epicentral Double-Difference
Relative Locations in China: D P Schaff, P G
Richards, M Slinkard, S Heck, C J Young
0800h S41B-4479 POSTER Numerical Simulations of
Surface Topography Effects on Shallow Explosion
Ground Motions with Applications to S-Wave
Generation and North Korean Nuclear Tests: A J
Rodgers, T Lay
0800h S41B-4480 POSTER Upper mantle and crustal
P-wave attenuation beneath the North Korea
region: M Cleveland, G E Randall, H J Patton, W
S Phillips
0800h S41C-4493 POSTER Excitation of Tsunami
By Horizontal Motion in Subduction Zones and
Its Impact on Earthquake Source Inversions: Q
Bletery, L Matteo, A Sladen, B Delouis
0800h S41C-4494 POSTER Bayesian TsunamiWaveform Inversion and Tsunami-Source
Uncertainty Estimation for the 2011 Tohoku-Oki
Earthquake: J Dettmer, M J Hossen, P R Cummins
0800h S41C-4495 POSTER Advanced Real-time
Monitoring System and Simulation Researches
for Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan -Towards
Disaster Mitigation on Earthquakes and Tsunamis-:
M Hyodo, Y Kaneda, N Takahashi, T Baba, T Hori,
K Kawaguchi, E Araki, H Matsumoto, T Nakamura,
S Kamiya, K Ariyoshi, M Nakano, J K Choi, S
0800h S41C-4496 POSTER Imaging and
Understanding Foreshock and Aftershock
Behavior Around the 2014 Iquique, Northern
Chile, Earthquake: H Yang, X Meng, Z Peng, A V
Newman, S Hu, A Williamson
0800h S41C-4497 POSTER Outer-rise stress regime
post 2004 mega-thrust rupture: Constraints from
source process of selected Sumatra – Andaman
outer-rise earthquakes: A Earnest, S K
0800h S41C-4498 POSTER The 2008 MВ­w 7.2 North
Pagai Earthquake Sequence and its Relationship to
Ruptured and Unruptured Parts of the Mentawai
Patch: R Salman, E M Hill, S Barbot, L Feng, P
Banerjee, I Hermawan, D H Natawidjaja, B W
Suwargadi, K Sieh
0800h S41C-4499 POSTER Seismic Cycle
Observations of the Lesser Antilles Megathrust
Based on Coral Microatolls: B Philibosian, N
Feuillet, E Jacques, J Weil Accardo, A S B Meriaux,
A Guihou, A Anglade
0800h S41C-4500 POSTER A record of brittle wedge
internal deformation and its link to the subduction
earthquake cycle: A Dielforder, A Berger, M
0800h S41C-4501 POSTER A secondary zone of uplift
caused by megathrust earthquakes: Insights from
seismo-thermo-mechanical models and geodetic
data: L E Preiswerk, Y van Dinther, T Gerya
Moscone South 305
0800h S41B-4482 POSTER A Study of Regional
Wave Source Time Functions of Central Asian
Earthquakes: J Xie, M R Perry, F R Schult, J Wood
Imaging the Earth VII from Data to
Processes When Imaging Anisotropy
and Attenuation (joint with DI, T)
0800h S41B-4483 POSTER Investigation of
an unusually shallow earthquake sequence in
Mogul, NV from a discrimination perspective: I
M Tibuleac, J G Anderson, G P Biasi, D H von
Seggern, M D Ramos Jr
Presiding: Monica Maceira, Los Alamos
National Laboratory; Carene Larmat,
Los Alamos National Laboratory;
Andreas Fichtner, ETH Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology Zurich; Paula
Koelemeijer, University of Cambridge
0800h S41B-4484 POSTER Characterization of
S-waves Generated from Aboveground and
Underground Explosions in Alluvium: J L Bonner,
V Napoli, R Reinke
0800h S41B-4485 POSTER Effect of Velocity of
Detonation of Explosives on Seismic Radiation: A
F Stroujkova, M Leidig, J L Bonner
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 23
0800h S41B-4489 POSTER Determination and
Statistical Analysis of Infrasound Sources Near
Socorro, New Mexico: T Larson, J M Lees, D C
Bowman, K R Jones
0815h S41D-02 Attenuation and Velocity Structure
in Spain and Morocco: Distinguishing Between
Water, Temperature, and Partial Melt: M J Bezada,
E Humphreys
0800h S41D-01 Lg Attenuation of the Western
United States: A C Gallegos, N R Ranasinghe, J Ni,
E A Sandvol
Moscone South 303
Seismology Contributions:
Earthquake Ground Motions and
Engineering Seismology II
Presiding: Victor Tsai, CaltechSeismological Lab; Carl Tape, University
of Alaska Fairbanks
0800h S41E-01 Broadband Ground Motion
Simulation Recipe for Scenario Hazard Assessment
in Japan: K Koketsu, H Fujiwara, K Irikura
0815h S41E-02 Imaging Ground Motions in the
Tokyo Metropolitan Area Based on MeSO-net
Using Lasso: S Mizusako, H Nagao, M Kano, K
Hirose, M Hori
0830h S41E-03 Long-period Ground Motion
Simulation in the Osaka Basin during the 2011
Great Tohoku Earthquake: T Iwata, H Kubo, K
Asano, K Sato, S Aoi
0845h S41E-04 Ground Motion Prediction Atop
Geometrically Complex Sedimentary Basins - The
Dead Sea Basin: S Shani-Kadmiel, M Tsesarsky, J
N Louie, Z Gvirtzman
0900h S41E-05 The Effect of Topography on the
Seismic Wavefield: U Cahayani, C Tape
0915h S41E-06 Unique Amplification Patterns
Generated by Models of Small-scale Crustal
Heterogeneities: W H Savran, K B Olsen, B H
0930h S41E-07 GPS-seismograms reveal amplified
shaking in California’s San Joaquin Delta region: I
A Johanson
0945h S41E-08 Regional-specific Stochastic
Simulation of Spatially-distributed Ground-motion
Time Histories using Wavelet Packet Analysis: D
Huang, G Wang
Moscone South Poster Hall
Chemistry and Dynamics of the
Meosphere and Lower Thermosphere
of Earth and Other Planets II Posters
(joint with A, P, SH)
Presiding: Diego Janches, NASA/GSFC;
Richard Collins, University of Alaska
Fairbanks; Michael Taylor, Utah State
0800h SA41A-4042 POSTER Observations of
Thermospheric Na Layers up to 170 Km at Lijiang
(26.7 N, 100.0 E): Q Gao, X Chu, X Xue, X Dou
0800h SA41A-4043 POSTER Meteor Smoke
Particles in the D-Region Ionosphere - Implications
from the Sic Model on Ions and Other Neutrals: C
Baumann, M Rapp, P T Verronen, C F T Enell,
A Kero
0800h SA41A-4044 POSTER Development of
a Sodium Lidar for Space-Borne Missions: D
Janches, M A Krainak, A W Yu, S Jones, B
Blagojevic, J R Chen, X Chu
0800h SA41A-4045 POSTER The Overturning
Structure of Sodium Layer in Lower-thermospheric
Region and Its Relevance to Ionospheric Field Align
Irregularity (FAI) and Gravity Waves: X Xue, X
11/28/2014 11:06:19 AM
0800h SA41A-4046 POSTER Interferometric radar
observation of fast moving meteor trails in strong
electric field: Y Lee, S Kirkwood, Y S Kwak
0800h SA41B-4066 POSTER Supporting ITM
Missions by Observing System Simulation
Experiments: Initial Design, Challenges and
Perspectives: V A Yudin, S England, T Matsuo,
H Wang, T J Immel, R Eastes, R A Akmaev, L
P Goncharenko, T J Fuller-Rowell, H Liu, S C
Solomon, Q Wu
0820h SA41D-02 Meteor Trails in the Lower
Thermosphere: What Do Large Radars Really
Detect?: M M Oppenheim, Y S Dimant
0800h SA41B-4067 POSTER Study of Ionospheric
Storms Using Global Assimilative Ionospheric
Models: X Pi, M Butala, A J Mannucci, B D Wilson,
A Komjathy, C Wang, G Rosen, R W Schunk, L
Scherliess, V Eccles, L C Gardner, J J Sojka, L Zhu
0850h SA41D-04 The Relative Roles of Dynamics
and Energetic Particle Precipitation in Driving
Variability of High-Latitude Mesospheric NOx: D R
Marsh, M A Clilverd, D E Kinnison, C J Rodger, P
T Verronen
0800h SA41A-4049 POSTER Influence of Sporadic
E layers on Mesospheric Na and Fe Layers over
Arecibo: S Raizada, C A Tepley, Q Zhou, S Sarkhel,
J D Mathews, N Aponte, R Kerr
0800h SA41B-4068 POSTER A Maximum Likelihood
Ensemble Data Assimilation Method Tailored to
the Inner Radiation Belt: T B Guild, T P O’Brien
III, J E Mazur
0800h SA41A-4050 POSTER Observational
Evidence for Temporary Planetary-Wave Forcing
of the MLT during Fall Equinox: N H Stray, R de
Wit, P J Espy, R E Hibbins
0800h SA41B-4069 POSTER Kalman filtering and
smoothing of radiation belt observations on the basis
of model and measurement error identification: T
Podladchikova, Y Shprits, A C Kellerman, D A
0910h SA41D-05 Effects of Two Large Solar
Energetic Particle Events on Middle Atmosphere
Nighttime Odd Hydrogen and Ozone Content:
O P Verkhoglyadova, M Butala, S Wang, M G
Mlynczak, L A Hunt, G P Zank
0925h SA41D-06 Updated Chemical, Radiative,
and Transport Properties of Thermospheric Odd
Nitrogen: J D Yonker, K Venkataramani, S M
Bailey, W Wang, S C Solomon, C E Randall
0800h SA41B-4070 POSTER A novel data
assimilation model for the plasmasphere: R
Nikoukar, G S Bust, D Murr
0940h SA41D-07 Non-LTE Diagnostics of the
IR Observations of Planetary Atmospheres: A A
Kutepov, A Feofilov, L Rezac
Moscone South Poster Hall
0800h SA41A-4047 POSTER First Observation of
the Altitude Distribution of Atomic Potassium
Dayglow in the MLT: W F Evans, S Budzein, E J
0800h SA41A-4048 POSTER Recent Progress in
Understanding the Sodium Nightglow D2/D1 Ratio,
and Future Prospects for Measuring the Mesopause
[O]/[O2] Ratio: C Y She, J M C Plane, T Yuan
0800h SA41A-4051 POSTER Heat and Constituent
Flux due to Dissipating Gravity Waves and
Turbulence over the Andes Lidar Observatory: Y
Guo, A Z Liu, C S Gardner
0800h SA41A-4052 POSTER Sodium lidar observed
gravity wave breaking event and its associated
significant sodium sporadic layer: C Ban, T Li, X
Fang, X Dou, J Xiong, J M Russell III, Q Wu
0800h SA41A-4053 POSTER Roles played by electric
field, vertical wind and aurora in the source,
formation and evolution of thermospheric Fe/Fe+
layers at high latitudes: Z Yu, X Chu
0800h SA41A-4054 POSTER Observations of
mesospheric nitric oxide and ozone variability
above Halley station, Antarctica: D Newnham, M
A Clilverd, R B Horne, C J Rodger, A Seppälä, P T
Verronen, M E Andersson, D R Marsh, T Kovacs,
J M C Plane
0800h SA41A-4055 POSTER OASIS, Observatory
for Atmosphere Space Interaction Studies: G R
Swenson, J P Thayer, C S Gardner
0800h SA41A-4056 POSTER Direct measurements
of vertical heat flux and Na flux in the mesosphere
and lower thermosphere by lidar at Boulder (40В°N,
105В°W), Colorado: W Huang, X Chu, C S Gardner,
I F Barry, J A Smith, W Fong, Z Yu, C Chen
0800h SA41A-4057 POSTER Mountain Wave
Climatology at Cerro PachГіn, Chile, from All Sky
Imager Analysis: J Aguilar Guerrero, A Z Liu, F
Vargas, G R Swenson, A D Mangognia
0800h SA41A-4058 POSTER Contributions of
the Higher Vibrational Levels of Nitric Oxide to
the Radiative Cooling of the Thermosphere: K
Venkataramani, J D Yonker, S M Bailey
0800h SA41A-4059 POSTER The Energy Budget of
the Mesosphere Derived from SABER: L A Hunt,
M G Mlynczak, C J Mertens, B T Marshall, J M
Russell III
0800h SA41A-4060 POSTER Global Distribution
of Atomic Oxygen in the Mesopause Region as
Derived from SCIAMACHY O(1S) Green Line
Measurements: M Kaufmann, Y Zhu, M Ern, J
Ungermann, M Riese
Moscone South Poster Hall
Data Assimilation for Space Physics
and Aeronomy I Posters (joint with SH,
Presiding: W Kent Tobiska, Space
Environment Technologies; Tomoko
Matsuo, University of Colorado;
Humberto Godinez, Los Alamos
National Lab
0800h SA41B-4061 POSTER A Multimodel
Ensemble Data Assimilation Approach to Specify
Ionospheric Weather: L Scherliess, R W Schunk,
L C Gardner, L Zhu, V Eccles, J J Sojka, X Pi, M D
Butala, A J Mannucci, B D Wilson, A Komjathy, C
Wang, G Rosen
0800h SA41B-4062 POSTER Towards forecasting
IRTAM: patterns in foF2/hmF2 global assimilative
maps during storm events: A Vesnin, I A Galkin, D
Bilitza, B W Reinisch
0800h SA41B-4063 POSTER Global High-Latitude
Conductivity Modeling: New Data and Improved
Methods: R M McGranaghan, D J Knipp, T
Matsuo, H C Godinez
0800h SA41B-4064 POSTER Specification of
Using Ensemble Kalman Filter with Orthogonal
Transformations : H C Godinez, E C Lawrence,
D M Higdon, A C Walker, R Linares, A J Ridley, J
Koller, A V Klimenko
0800h SA41B-4065 POSTER Climatological Upper
Atmospheric Data Assimilation from Multiple
Missions and Instruments: D P Drob, D E Siskind
AGU2014News.indb 24
Upper Atmospheric Research
through Ground-Based Networked
Instrumentation II Posters (joint with
A, AE, SM)
Presiding: Asti Bhatt, SRI International;
Elizabeth Kendall, SRI International
0800h SA41C-4071 POSTER Ionospheric Response
to the 2009 Sudden Stratospheric Warming
over the Equatorial, Low- and Mid-Latitudes in
American Sector: P R Fagundes, L P Goncharenko,
A J de Abreu, M Gende, R de Jesus, M Pezzopane, V
Kavutarapu, A J Coster, V G Pillat
0800h SA41C-4072 POSTER New results on the
midnight temperature maximum with the NATION
Fabry-Perot network for the central eastern
continental US: R Mesquita, J W Meriwether,
S Sanders, J J Makela, D J Fisher, B J Harding, A
J Ridley, G D Earle, N A Frissell, M Ciocca, M
0800h SA41C-4073 POSTER Global Ionosphere
Radio Observatory: I A Galkin, B W Reinisch, X
A Huang
0800h SA41C-4074 POSTER Eastward Propagating
Auroral Vortices Observed in the Post-Midnight
Sector: Y Tanaka, Y Ogawa, A Kadokura,
B Gustavsson, N Partamies, D K Whiter, U
Brandstrom, C F T Enell, H Miyaoka, A Kozlovsky
0800h SA41C-4075 POSTER Characteristics of longterm variation in the amlitude of the geomagnetic
solar quiet (Sq) daily variation using the Interuniversity Upper atmosphere Gobal Observation
NETwork (IUGONET) data analysis system: A
Shinbori, Y Koyama, M Nose, T Hori, Y Otsuka,
A I Yatagai
0800h SA41C-4076 POSTER Convection Electric
Field Patterns for Quiet and Disturbed Periods: S G
Shepherd, E D P Cousins
0800h SA41C-4077 POSTER Results From A
Network of Optical Imagers in The Western United
States: A Bhatt, E A Kendall
0800h SA41C-4078 POSTER A Lidar for the Region
from the Stratosphere to the Thermosphere: V B
Wickwar, L Sox, D L Barton, J P Herron, M T
0800h SA41C-4079 POSTER Superposed Epoch
Analysis of GPS Total Electron Content Variations
Driven by Geomagnetic Storms: E G Thomas, J B H
Baker, J M Ruohoniemi, A J Coster
0800h SA41C-4080 POSTER Flare response to the
thermospheric diurnal neutral wind measured
by the OMTIs’ Fabry-Perot Interferometers: A I
Yatagai, K Shiokawa
Moscone West 2016
Chemistry and Dynamics of the
Meosphere and Lower Thermosphere
of Earth and Other Planets I (joint with
A, P, SH)
Presiding: Diego Janches, NASA/GSFC;
Richard Collins, University of Alaska
Fairbanks; Michael Taylor, Utah State
0800h SA41D-01 On the Size of the Cosmic Dust
Input to the Earth’s Atmosphere: J M C Plane, W
Feng, J D Carrillo-SГЎnchez, D Janches, D Nesvorny,
C S Gardner, D R Marsh
0835h SA41D-03 Laboratory Micrometeroid/Dust
Ablation Studies: E Thomas, M Horanyi, D Janches,
T L Munsat, J M C Plane, J Simolka, Z Sternovsky
Moscone South Poster Hall
Implications and Applications of
Kappa Distributions in Space Plasma
Physics I Posters (joint with NG, SA, SM)
0800h SH41A-4128 POSTER Numerical simulations
of self-consistently generated Оє distributions in
the solar wind and solar corona: B M Randol, E R
0800h SH41A-4129 POSTER On a few properties of
very dilute matter frozen in space magnetic fields: D
B Berdichevsky, K Schefers
Moscone South Poster Hall
Linking the Solar Interior with the
Corona: Observations, Models, and
Data Assimilation I Posters
Presiding: Junwei Zhao, Stanford
University; Nagi Mansour, NASA Ames
Research Center; Irina Kitiashvili,
NASA Ames Research Center; Mausumi
Dikpati, NCAR
Photospheric Processes Using a New Pixel Dynamics
Model: A Rasca, J Chen, A A Pevtsov
0800h SH41B-4131 POSTER Magnetic Flux
Concentrations in Stratified Turbulent Plasma Due
to Negative Effective Magnetic Pressure Instability:
S Jabbari, A Brandenburg
0800h SH41B-4132 POSTER Three Dimensional
Chromospheric Temperature Structure of Sunspot:
D P Choudhary, C Beck, R Rezaei
0800h SH41B-4133 POSTER Do New Solar Active
Regions Trigger Flares in Existing Regions?: Y Fu,
B T Welsch
Presiding: George Livadiotis, Southwest
Research Institute; Ioannis Kourakis,
Centre for Plasma Physics; Jacob
Heerikhuisen, U of AL/Huntsville-CSPAR
0800h SH41B-4134 POSTER Realistic Modeling
of Multi-Scale MHD Dynamics of the Solar
Atmosphere : I Kitiashvili, N N Mansour, A A
Wray, S Yoon, A G Kosovichev
0800h SH41A-4114 POSTER Foundations of
Statistical Mechanics in Space Plasmas: G Livadiotis
0800h SH41B-4135 POSTER Improving Synchronic
Maps with Far-Side Active Region Emergence: L
Upton, D H Hathaway
0800h SH41A-4115 POSTER Implication of Kappa
models in realistic parameterization of the kinetic
anisotropy and the resulting instabilities in space
plasmas: V Pierrard, S Poedts, M Lazar
0800h SH41A-4116 POSTER Modelling of
Electrostatic Solitary Waves and Shocks in NonMaxwellian Plasmas: A Review of Recent Results: I
Kourakis, G Williams, S Sultana, M Hellberg
0800h SH41A-4117 POSTER Whistler Cyclotron
Electromagnetic Fluctuations in a Maxwellian and
Tsallis-kappa-like Plasma : A F Vinas, P S Moya, R
Navarro, J A Araneda
0800h SH41A-4118 POSTER Whistler-cyclotron
spontaneous fluctuations as a proxy to identify
thermal and non-thermal electrons in the solar
wind: P S Moya, A F Vinas, R Navarro, J A Araneda
0800h SH41A-4119 POSTER Magnetic AlfvГ©nCyclotron Fluctuations of Anisotropic NonThermal Plasmas: R Navarro, V Munoz, J A
Araneda, A F Vinas, P S Moya, J A Valdivia
0800h SH43C-05 POSTER Tsallis Distributions
and the q-Triplet of the Magnetic Field in the
Heliosheath : L F Burlaga
0800h SH41A-4121 POSTER Electromagnetic Ion
Cyclotron Waves in the Inner Magnetosphere
with a Kappa-Maxwellian Proton Distribution: S
Singh, H Sugiyama, Y Omura, M Shoji, D Nunn,
D Summers
0800h SH41A-4122 POSTER Ion-Acoustic DoubleLayers in Plasmas with Nonthermal Electrons: L A
Rios, R M O GalvГЈo
0800h SH41A-4123 POSTER On the Ordinary
mode Instability for Non-Extensive Anisotropic
Distribution: M F Bashir, P H Yoon, G Murtaza
0800h SH41A-4124 POSTER Charging of Interstellar
Dust Grains in the Out-of-Equilibrium Plasma
of the Inner and Outer Heliosheath Regions: P
C Frisch, M A Dayeh, M I Desai, H O Funsten,
J Heerikhuisen, P H Janzen, D J McComas, G
Livadiotis, K Ogasawara, N V Pogorelov, D B
Reisenfeld, N Schwadron, J D Slavin, G P Zank
0800h SH41A-4125 POSTER How Do Оє-Distributed
Protons in the Heliosheath Affect Energetic Neutral
Atoms: J Heerikhuisen, E J Zirnstein, N V
Tails in the Solar Wind and at Interplanetary
Discontinuities: H Kucharek, M Popecki, C J
Farrugia, A B Galvin, B Klecker
Ion Acceleration in Multiple Contracting and
Reconnecting Inertial-scale Flux Ropes in the
Supersonic Solar Wind: J A le Roux, G P Zank, G
M Webb
0800h SH41B-4136 POSTER Morphological model
for quadrupolar Оґ sunspots: K Takizawa, R Kitai
0800h SH41B-4137 POSTER Current and Kinetic
Helicity of Long-Lived Activity Complexes: R
Komm, S Gosain
0800h SH41B-4138 POSTER Detection of FastMoving Waves Propagating from Penumbra to
Outside of Sunspots in the Photosphere: J Zhao, R
Chen, T Hartlep
0800h SH41B-4139 POSTER Temporal Evolution of
Solar Interior Meridional Flow: J Zhao, R S Bogart,
R Chen
0800h SH41B-4140 POSTER Measuring deep solar
meridional flow by a new strategy: R Chen, J Zhao
0800h SH41B-4142 POSTER Importance of Solar
Atmospheric Coupling on P-Mode Power within
Magnetic Elements: A Gascoyne, R Jain
0800h SH41B-4143 POSTER Measuring the
Solar Meridional Circulation Using Local
Helioseismology: B Greer, B Hindman, J Toomre
0800h SH41B-4144 POSTER Coronal Dynamics
at Recent Total Solar Eclipses: J M Pasachoff, M
Lu, A B Davis, M Demianski, V Rusin, M Saniga,
D B Seaton, R Lucas, B A Babcock, R Dantowitz, P
Gaintatzis, C H Seeger, C Malamut, A Steele
0800h SH41B-4145 POSTER Heartbeat Of the
Sun Derived With PCA From Solar Background
Magnetic Field And Its Use For Prediction Of the
Solar Activity: V V Zharkova, S Shepherd, H
Popova, S Zharkov
0800h SH41B-4146 POSTER Coupling and
Correlation-analysis Between the Northern and
Southern Hemispheres’ Solar Cycle Features based
on Sunspot Area Data: W N Wilson, M Dikpati
0800h SH41B-4147 POSTER Improving Solar Cycle
Prediction Using Variational Data Assimilation in
a Mean-Field Dynamo Model: A Fournier, C P
Hung, L Jouve, S Brun
0800h SH41B-4148 POSTER Extrapolating Solar
Dynamo Models Throughout the Heliosphere: B T
Cox, M S Miesch, K Augustson, N A Featherstone
0800h SH41B-4149 POSTER Reconstructing
meridional flow speed variation from synthetic
magnetic observations by using EnKF data
assimilation: M Dikpati, J L Anderson
0800h SH41B-4150 POSTER Large-scale flows
and magnetic fields in solar-like stars from
global simulation with and without tachocline: G
Guerrero, A G Kosovichev, P K Smolarkiewicz, E
M de Gouveia Dal Pino
0800h SH41B-4151 POSTER A Babcock-Leighton
solar dynamo model with multi-cellular meridional
circulation in advection- and diffusion-dominated
regimes: B Belucz, M Dikpati, E Forgacs-Dajka
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:19 AM
Moscone South Poster Hall
Solar Physics with Subarcsecond
Resolution II Posters
Presiding: Alexander Kosovichev,
Stanford Univ; Alexandra Tritschler,
National Solar Observatory; Valentin
Pillet, National Solar Observatory
0800h SH41C-4152 POSTER Dynamical behaviour
of photospheric bright points during merging: S
Criscuoli, M Stangalini, I Ermolli, F Zuccarello, A
Cristaldi, M Falco, S Guglielmino, F Giorgi
0800h SH41C-4153 POSTER Observation of 201102-15 X2.2 Flare in Hard X-Ray and Microwave: N
Kuroda, H Wang, D E Gary
0800h SH41C-4154 POSTER An Automatic Image
Reconstruction Procedure for the De-Saturation
of SDO/AIA Images: R A Schwartz, G Torre, M
Piana, F Benvenuto, A M Massone
0800h SH41C-4155 POSTER The VAULT2.0
Investigation of the Chromosphere-Corona
Interface at Sub-arcsecond scales: A Vourlidas, C
Korendyke, S D Tun-Beltran, I Ugarte-Urra, J S
Morrill, H P Warren, P Young, B De Pontieu, G
Gauzzi, K Reardon
Observations of the Optical Solar Limb Over a Full
Solar Cycle: M D Fivian, H S Hudson
0800h SH41C-4157 POSTER Microarsecond
Solar Limb Astrometry from Space: J R Kuhn, I
Cunnyngham, R I Bush, M Emilio, I F Scholl
0800h SH41C-4158 POSTER On Formation Of HXR,
Hydrogen, White Light Emission and Sunquakes
in Hydrodynamic Flaring Atmospheres Heated by
Particle Beams : R Dobranskis, V V Zharkova, S
Zharkov, M Druett
0800h SH41C-4159 POSTER Swirling motions,
fast plasma flows and small-scale chromospheric
eruptions in a sunspot light-bridge: S Vargas
DomГ­nguez, A G Kosovichev
0947h SH41D-09 Cycle-to-Cycle Variations in the
Properties of Solar Energetic Particle Events: R
A Mewaldt, C M Cohen, G M Mason, T T von
Rosenvinge, A Vourlidas
0800h SM41A-4236 POSTER Interaction Between
Oblique Whistlers and Reflected Ions in a
Supercritical Quasiperpendicular Shock: Evidences
from Themis: L Muschietti, A J Hull
0800h SM41A-4237 POSTER Microinstabilities from
the Ion Inertia Length to the Electron Gyroradius
Due to Reflected Ions in the Front of Supercritical
Perpendicular Shocks: L Muschietti, B Lembege
Moscone South Poster Hall
Bow Shock, Magnetosheath, and
Magnetopause Processes I Posters
(joint with P)
Presiding: Brian Walsh, University of
California Berkeley; Olga Gutynska,
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center;
Nojan Omidi, Solana Scientific Inc.;
Kyoung-Joo Hwang, NASA GSFC
0800h SM41A-4219 POSTER Identification of higher
frequency plasma waves inside a Kelvin-Helmholtz
vortex responsible for plasma heating and mixing: T
Moore, K Nykyri, A P Dimmock
0800h SM41A-4220 POSTER The role of KelvinHelmholtz waves in the dynamics of the dayside
magnetopause and the inner magnetosphere: K J
Hwang, D G Sibeck, M L Goldstein, T Nishimura,
E Donovan, E Spanswick
0800h SM41A-4221 POSTER Kelvin-Helmholtz
Instability at the Magnetopause under Different
Solar Wind Conditions: 3D Global MHD
Simulations and Statistical Study: C Wang, W Y Li,
D Lin, X C Guo
0800h SM41A-4222 POSTER Earth’s Magnetosphere
3D Simulation by Coupling Particle-In-Cell and
Magnetohydrodynamics Models: Parametric Study:
S M Baraka, L B Ben-Jaffel
0800h SM41A-4223 POSTER Microscale dynamics
within Kelvin-Helmholtz waves: A probe of
localized reconnection occurrence: A Varsani, C J
Owen, A N Fazakerley, J Rae, C Forsyth, A P Walsh,
M Andre, I Dandouras, C Carr
0800h SM41A-4238 POSTER Nonlinear Langmuir
Wave Interactions inside the Foreshock of Saturn
Observed By the Cassini Spacecraft: D Pisa, G B
Hospodarsky, W S Kurth, D A Gurnett, O Santolik,
J Soucek
0800h SM41A-4239 POSTER The Very High AlfvГ©n
Mach Number Bow Shock of Saturn: A Sulaiman,
A Masters, M K Dougherty
0800h SM41A-4240 POSTER Plasma clouds/jets
transport across transverse magnetic barriers
simulations: G Voitcu, M Echim, J F Lemaire
0800h SM41A-4241 POSTER Kinetic equilibrium for
an asymmetric tangential layer with rotation of the
magnetic fiel: N Dorville, G Belmont, N Aunai, L
0800h SM41A-4242 POSTER Analysis of Bow Shock
Oscillations Observed by the Cluster Spacecraft: O
Kruparova, M Maksimovic, V Krupar, O Santolik,
J Soucek, J Safrankova, Z Nemecek
0800h SM41A-4243 POSTER Comparison of Global
3D Bow Shock Models with Different Controlling
Parameters: J Merka, D G Sibeck
0800h SM41A-4246 POSTER Ubiquity of KelvinHelmholtz Waves at Earth’s Magnetopause: S
Kavosi, J Raeder
0800h SM41A-4225 POSTER Magnetopause
Standoff Position and Its Time-Dependent
Response to Solar Wind Conditions: Models and
Observations: Y M Collado-Vega, D G Sibeck
0800h SM41A-4248 POSTER Foreshock Significance
in Generation of ULF Waves: A Angelo, O
Gutynska, D G Sibeck, G J Fasel
0800h SH41C-4164 POSTER Analysis of HighResolution Observations of Sunspot Oscillations
and Waves: A G Kosovichev
0800h SM41A-4228 POSTER A Statistical Study of
FTE Orientations : A Lynnyk, D G Sibeck, M V
Dias Silveira
Moscone West 2012
0800h SM41A-4229 POSTER Nonlinear Evolution of
the Mirror Instability in the Magnetosheath Using
PIC Simulations: N Ahmadi, K Germaschewski, J
Connection of Solar Events with the
Variability of Space Environments I
(joint with SA, SM)
Presiding: Chin-Chun Wu, Naval
Research Lab DC; Kan Liou, JHU/Applied
Physics Lab
0800h SH41D-01 Origin of the Radial Interplanetary
Magnetic Field and Its Effects on the Magnetospheric
System: J H Shue
0812h SH41D-02 The Effect of Strong (Dst < -100)
Disturbances on Plasmasphere Composition: J
0826h SH41D-03 Space Weather Models - What
They Can and Cannot Do: P J MacNeice
0840h SH41D-04 Tracking Coronal Mass Ejections
through the Space Environment: D F Webb, T A
0854h SH41D-05 Investigating Plasma Motion
of Magnetic Clouds at 1 AU through a Velocitymodified Cylindrical Force-free Flux Rope Model:
Y Wang, C Shen, R Liu, Z Zhou
0907h SH41D-06 Extreme Space Weather Events
Observed Through the Decades: W F Denig
0921h SH41D-07 Factors Affecting the Occurrence
of Large Solar Energetic Particle Events: N
Gopalswamy, S Yashiro, S Akiyama, H Xie, P A
Makela, N Thakur
0845h SM41B-04 Assessment of GIC Risk Due
to Geomagnetic Sudden Commencements and
Identification of the Current Systems Responsible :
D M Gillies, R A Fiori, D H Boteler
0900h SM41B-05 Solar Wind and IMF Control of
Large-Scale Ionospheric Currents and Their Time
Variations: L Juusola, K Kauristie, E Tanskanen,
N Partamies, A Viljanen, K AndrГ©eovГЎ, M van
de Kamp, H Vanhamäki, S E Milan, M Lester, A
Grocott, S M Imber
0915h SM41B-06 Local Geomagnetic Indices and
the Prediction of Auroral Power: P T Newell, J W
0930h SM41B-07 Dependence of poleward auroral
and equatorward motion on substorm current
wedge: X Chu, R L McPherron, T S Hsu, V
Angelopoulos, Z Pu, Z Yao, H Zhang, M G Connors
0800h SH41C-4161 POSTER The DKIST
Operations Lifecycle: From Proposal Preparation
to Completion: A Tritschler, S J Berukoff, T R
0800h SM41A-4227 POSTER Magnetospheric
Multiscale Mission Precursor Studies of the
Magnetopause Current Layer: C Zhao, C T Russell,
R J Strangeway
SM41B-03 Mapping
Ionospheric Current System Based on Ground
Magnetometers and Other Data Sets: G Lu
0800h SM41A-4245 POSTER Geoeffectiveness of
Transient Ion Foreshock Phenomenon: D Murr, F
0800h SM41A-4247 POSTER Full-particle 2-D
Simulations of the Ion Foreshock associated
to a Supercritical Quasi-perpendicular Curved
Collisionless Shock : Origin of Backstreaming
Energetic Particles: P Savoini, B Lembege
0800h SH41C-4163 POSTER Flare Energy Release
in the Low Solar Atmosphere: Fine Structuring,
Electric Currents and Sunquakes: I Sharykin, A G
0815h SM41B-02 Contributions from Different
Current Systems to Sym and Asy Mid-Latitude
Indices: N Y Ganushkina, S Dubyagin
0945h SM41B-08 Field-Aligned and Ionospheric
Current Contributions to Ground Magnetic
Perturbations: M G Connors, R L McPherron, B J
Anderson, H Korth, C T Russell, X Chu
0800h SM41A-4224 POSTER First Simultaneous
Observations of Lower Hybrid, Whistler Mode,
Electrostatic Solitary, and Electron Cyclotron
Waves Near the Earth’s Magnetopause: X Tang, C
A Cattell, L B Wilson III, R J Alexander
0800h SM41A-4226 POSTER Analysis of the Alfven
transition layer in the cusp region by the use of
3D global particle-in-cell simulations: D S Cai, B
Lembege, A Esmaeili, K I Nishikawa
0800h SM41B-01 Recent developments from
Yoshikawa, K Yumoto, H Kawano, S Abe, T
Uozumi, C Cardinal, G Maeda
0800h SM41A-4244 POSTER Multi-Point Themis
Observations of Multiple Transient Ion Foreshock
Phenomena: Z Liu, D L Turner, V Angelopoulos,
N Omidi
0800h SH41C-4160 POSTER Study of a sunspot
umbra using spatially deconvolved Hinode
spectropolarometric data: A Sainz Dalda, C M M
0800h SH41C-4162 POSTER Next-generation Solar
Data and Data Services from the Daniel K. Inouye
Solar Telescope: S J Berukoff, K Reardon, T
Laboratory; Mervyn Freeman, British
Antarctic Survey; Shinichi Ohtani, JHU/
0800h SM41A-4249 POSTER ULF Waves in the
Foreshock and Their Effect on the Magnetosphere:
O Gutynska, D G Sibeck, A Angelo
OBSERVATIONS: N Andres, K Meziane, C X
Mazelle, D O Gomez, C Bertucci
Moscone West 2018
Causes of Large-Scale Geomagnetic
Disturbances I (joint with SA)
Moscone South Poster Hall
Earth Instabilities Across the Scales:
From Quantum Scales to Plate
Tectonics Posters (joint with EP, MR, NH,
Presiding: Manolis Veveakis, CSIRO
Earth Science and Resource Engineering
Perth; Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, CSIRO
Exploration & Mining; Thomas Poulet,
CSIRO Earth Science and Resource
Engineering Perth; Hans Muhlhaus,
University of Queensland
0800h T41A-4589 POSTER Welcoming Remarks:
0800h T41A-4591 POSTER Brittle, creep and melt
damage mechanics of the lithosphere: is slow creep
deformation a key to intraplate volcanic provinces?:
J Liu, K Regenauer-Lieb, A Karrech, G Rosenbaum,
V Lyakhovsky
0800h T41A-4592 POSTER Incorporating elastic and
plastic work rates into energy balance for long-term
tectonic modeling: M S Ahamed, E Choi
Presiding: Jesper Gjerloev, Johns
Hopkins University - Applied Physics
0800h SM41A-4230 POSTER Magnetosheath
Filamentary Structures: D I Rojas-Castillo, X
Blanco-Cano, N Omidi, P Kajdic
0800h SM41A-4231 POSTER Formation and
Evolution of Mirror Mode Type Fluctuations in
the Earth’s Magnetosheath in Global Hybrid-Vlasov
Simulations: S Hoilijoki, B Walsh, Y Kempf,
O Gutynska, L B Wilson III, S von Alfthan, O
Hannuksela, U Ganse, D G Sibeck, M Palmroth
0800h SM41A-4232 POSTER Current-Driven
Instabilities and Energy Dissipation Rates As a
Predictive Tool for Solar Probe Plus: L B Wilson III,
A W Breneman, D Malaspina, O Le Contel, C M
0800h SM41A-4233 POSTER Large-Amplitude
Electromagnetic Proton Cyclotron Waves
throughout the Earth’s Magnetosheath: Cassini and
Wind Observations: R Bhanu, B T Tsurutani, V
Reddy, G S Lakhina, B J Falkowski, E Echer, K H
0800h SM41A-4234 POSTER Multi-Spacecraft
Observations of Magnetosheath High Speed Jets: F
Plaschke, H Hietala, V Angelopoulos, R Nakamura
0800h SM41A-4235 POSTER Cluster Observations
of Energetic O+ Ions Correlated with Ulf Waves
in the Night-Side High-Latitude Magnetosheath
during a Storm Initial Phase: S Duan, C Wang, Z
Liu, A Lui, Z He, Y Zhang, H Reme, I Dandouras
Experts will be on hand to answer
questions and share best practices and advice
about science communication.
Stop by the AGU Marketplace to speak
with one of our experts!
16 - 18 December
10:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.
AGU Booth, Moscone South, Exhibit Hall
0934h SH41D-08 Forecasting Sep Events with Same
Active-Region Prior Flares: S W Kahler, A G Ling,
S M White
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 25
11/28/2014 11:06:20 AM
0800h T41A-4593 POSTER Extended friction to
flow laws and their applications to fault models
and earthquake modeling across the lithosphere: T
Shimamoto, H Noda
0800h T41A-4594 POSTER From nanoparticles to
plate tectonics : insights for laboratory experiments
using colloidal dispersions: A Davaille
0800h T41A-4595 POSTER Fractures Sets Associated
to Buckle Folds: X Liu, A Eckert, P T Connolly
0800h T41A-4596 POSTER Multiphysics Couplings
and Stability in Geomechanics: J Sulem, I Stefanou
0800h T41A-4597 POSTER Modeling episodic
tremor and slip events in the ductile carbonates
of the Glarus thrust: M Veveakis, T Poulet, K
0800h T41A-4598 POSTER Numerical Simulation of
Thermal Evolution of the Danba Anticline, Sichuan,
China: C J Huang, W H Wang, Y H Lee
0800h T41A-4599 POSTER Strain localization driven
by co-seismic pore fluid pressurization: J D Platt, N
Brantut, J R Rice, J W Rudnicki
0800h T41A-4600 POSTER Post failure localization
instabilities in chemically active creeping faults:
Steady-state bifurcation and transient analysis: S
Alevizos, T Poulet, M Veveakis
0800h T41A-4601 POSTER Folding and Boudinage
As the Same Fundamental Energy Bifurcation in
Elasto-Visco-Plastic Rocks: M Peters, M Paesold,
M Veveakis, T Poulet, M Herwegh, K RegenauerLieb
0800h T41A-4602 POSTER Generalization of the
slip line field theory for temperature sensitiveviscoplastic materials: M Paesold, M Veveakis, K
Regenauer-Lieb, A Bassom
0800h T41A-4603 POSTER Discussion
0800h T41A-4604 POSTER Concluding Remarks
Moscone South Poster Hall
Structure, Evolution, and Seismic
Behavior of Oceanic Strike-Slip Faults
Posters (joint with MR, S, V)
Presiding: Jochen Braunmiller,
University of South Florida Tampa;
Rachel Abercrombie, Boston University;
Kasey Aderhold, Boston University;
Monica Wolfson Schwehr, University of
New Hampshire Main Campus
0800h T41B-4606 POSTER Remote Imaging
of Earthquake Characteristics Along Oceanic
Transforms: M Cleveland, C J Ammon
0800h T41B-4607 POSTER Detecting Small
Earthquakes on Remote Oceanic Transform Faults:
R Vieceli, C J Ammon, M Cleveland
0800h T41B-4608 POSTER Spatial-temporal
clustering of large earthquakes on Oceanic
Transform Faults: M Wei
0800h T41B-4609 POSTER Finite fault modeling of
oceanic strike-slip earthquakes: K Aderhold, R E
0800h T41B-4610 POSTER Fault modeling of the
Mw 7.0 shallow intra-slab strike-slip earthquake
occurred on 2011 July 10th using near-field tsunami
record: T Kubota, R Hino, T Iinuma
0800h T41B-4611 POSTER The Nature of Intraplate Deformation in the Wharton Basin and Its
Consequence on the Subduction Processes: S C
Singh, Y Qin
0800h T41B-4612 POSTER Evidence for power-law
rheology of the Wharton Basin asthenosphere: S
Barbot, E M Hill, S S Masuti, Q Qiu
0800h T41B-4613 POSTER Delayed triggering of
the 2012 Mw 8.6 Wharton Basin earthquake: S S
Masuti, S Barbot
0800h T41B-4614 POSTER Tracking the IndiaArabia Transform Plate Boundary during Paleogene
Times. : M Rodriguez, P Huchon, N R A ChamotRooke, M Fournier, M Delescluse
0800h T41B-4615 POSTER Structural Evolution of
the India-Arabia Plate Boundary from Miocene to
Present-Day (NW Indian Ocean) and Comparison
with the Dead Sea Fault (Eastern Mediterranean
Sea). : M Rodriguez, P Huchon, N Chamot Rooke,
M Fournier, M Delescluse, Z Ben Avraham, U S
Ten Brink
0800h T41B-4616 POSTER Roles of the Mendocino
Transform, Vizcaino Block, and Onshore King
Range Terrane in Evolution of the Northern
San Andreas Fault System and Its Associated Slab
Windows: R J McLaughlin, G A Barth, D S
Scheirer, S M Hoover, A M Trehu, J Jencks
AGU2014News.indb 26
0800h T41B-4617 POSTER Formation and
Evolution of the San Cristobal Trough Transform
Fault Linking the Southern Solomon Islands and
Northern New Hebrides Trenches: K P Furlong, G
P Hayes, M W Herman, H Benz
0800h T41B-4619 POSTER The Relationship
Between Structural Variations and Earthquake
Rupture Properties Along the Gofar Transform
Fault, East Pacific Rise: H Guo, H Zhang, B Froment
0800h T41B-4620 POSTER Seismicity of the diffusive
Iberian/African plate boundary at the eastern
terminus of the Azores-Gibraltar Transform fault:
D Lange, I Grevemeyer, L M Matias
0800h T41B-4621 POSTER Investigation of
the Oceanic Crust and Mantle in the Eastern
Mid Atlantic Next to a Major Transform Fault
(Gloria Fault) By Receiver Function Analysis: K
Hannemann, F Krueger, T Dahm
0800h T41B-4622 POSTER The Intersection
between the Gloria Transform Fault and the ToreMadeira Rise in the NE Atlantic: New Tectonic
Insights from Analog Modeling Results: F M Rosas,
R Tomas, J C Duarte, W P Schellart, P Terrinha
0800h T41B-4623 POSTER Dilatancy Strengthening
As a Mechanism for Earthquake Rupture Barriers
and Aseismic Creep Transients on Oceanic
Transform Faults: Y Liu, J J McGuire, M D Behn
0800h T41B-4624 POSTER Ductile Faults Control
Seismogenic Movement on Oceanic Transforms: G
S Lister, H Tkalcic, M A Forster, S McClusky
0800h T41B-4625 POSTER Dynamic Weakening of
Serpentinite Gouges and Bare-Surfaces at Seismic
Slip Rates: B Proctor, T M Mitchell, G Hirth, D L
Goldsby, F Zorzi, J D Platt, G Di Toro
0800h T41B-4626 POSTER The Origin of Hydrous
Minerals in Peridotite Mylonites from an Oceanic
Transform Fault: N J Deems, J M Warren, F M
McCubbin, M Wolfson-Schwehr
0800h T41B-4627 POSTER What the rock record
tells us about ocean crustal faulting: N W Hayman
Moscone South Poster Hall
The Earthquake Cycle: Linking
Observations from Satellite Geodesy,
High-Resolution Topography, and
Paleoseismology IV Posters (joint with
G, NH, S)
Presiding: Ryan Gold, U.S. Geological
Survey; John Elliott, University of
Oxford; Michael Floyd, MIT; Edwin
Nissen, Colorado School of Mines
0800h T41C-4628 POSTER Paleoseismic trenching,
slip-rates and kinematics of a high-angle rifttransform junction, HГєsavГ­k, Iceland: J Harrington,
S Jonsson, U Avsar, Y Klinger
0800h T41C-4629 POSTER Postseismic Viscoelastic
Relaxation Following the L’Aquila 2009 Earthquake:
Implications for Lithospheric Rheology of the
Apennines : F Silverii, N D’Agostino, M Metois
0800h T41C-4630 POSTER A 665 year record of
Coulomb stress changes on active faults in the
central Apennines, Italy: L N J Wedmore, J
Faure Walker, G Roberts, K J W McCaffrey, P R
0800h T41C-4631 POSTER A Signal of Ice Loading
in Late Pleistocene Activity of the Sudetic
Marginal Fault (Central Europe): F Hartvich, P
Stepancikova, T K Rockwell, D NГЅvlt, J Stemberk,
D H Rood, J HГіk, M OrtuЕ€o, M Myers, K M
Luttrell, N Wechsler
0800h T41C-4632 POSTER Paleoseismologic data
and seismic tomographic images of the 1992
Erzincan Earthquake along the North Anatolian
Fault Zone, Turkey: A Caglayan, B Kaypak, V Isik,
R Saber, I Yasar
0800h T41C-4633 POSTER Paleoseismology of the
1966 Varto Earthquake (Ms 6.8) and Structure of
the Varto Fault Zone, Eastern Turkey: V Isik, A
Caglayan, R Saber, N Yesilyurt
Multidisciplinary Fault Observation in Marmara
Through MARSite: N Meral Ozel, O Necmioglu,
A O Ozel, S Ergintav, O Tan, L B Geli, P Favali, C
M Guralp, J Douglas, P P Mathieu, C Gurbuz, M
O Erdik
0800h T41C-4635 POSTER Preliminary Obtained
Data from Borehole Geodetic Measurements in
Marmara Region, Turkey: H Ozener, B Aktug,
H Karabulut, S Ergintav, A Dogru, O Yilmaz, B
Turgut, B Ahiska, D Mencin, G S Mattioli
0800h T41C-4636 POSTER Direct Inversion of
Postseismic Deformation for 3D Lithosphere
Viscosity Structure and Fault Slip: T Hines, E A
0800h T41C-4637 POSTER 20 years of SAR
measurements along the NAFS: interseismic
deformation: S Stramondo, T R Walter, S Ergintav,
F Diao, R Wang, M Polcari, E Serpelloni, R Devoti
0800h T41C-4638 POSTER The Relationship
Between Coseismic Slip and Postseismic Creep: E
Hussain, T J Wright, G A Houseman, R J Walters,
A J Hooper, D P Bekaert
0800h T41C-4639 POSTER Characteristics of the
Pambak-Sevan-Sunik Fault in the Lesser Caucasus
by SAR interferometry: W L Hu
0800h T41C-4640 POSTER Relocation of the 2008
and 2012 earthquake sequences on the Zagros
Foredeep fault (SE Iran/Iraq border): S E J
Nippress, R G Heyburn, R J Walters
0800h T41C-4641 POSTER Great Earthquakes
in Low-Strain-Rate Continental Interiors: An
Example from SE Kazakhstan: G Campbell, R T
Walker, K Abdrakhmatov, J A Jackson, J R Elliott,
D Mackenzie, T Middleton, J L Schwenninger
0800h T41C-4659 POSTER GPS Source Solution
of the 2004 Parkfield Earthquake: N Houlie, D S
Dreger, A Kim
0800h T41C-4660 POSTER Statistical Analysis of
GPS Vertical Uplift Rates in Southern California: S
M Howell, B R Smith-Konter, L N Frazer, X Tong,
D T Sandwell
0800h T41C-4661 POSTER How can tidally
modulated low-frequency earthquakes in the mid
crust along the San Andreas Fault be reconciled with
its shallow apparent locking depth?: E H Hearn
0800h T41C-4662 POSTER Holocene Geologic Slip
Rate for the Banning Strand of the Southern San
Andreas Fault near San Gorgonio Pass, Southern
California: P O Gold, W M Behr, D H Rood, K J
Kendrick, T K Rockwell, W D Sharp
0800h T41C-4663 POSTER New high-resolution
geomorphology at Wheeler Ridge, California: E
Kleber, R Arrowsmith
0800h T41C-4642 POSTER Slip rate gradients
along parallel strands of the eastern Altyn Tagh
fault confirm modeled rupture behavior at a
transpressional bend: A J Elliott, M E Oskin, J LiuZeng, Y Shao, Z Liu, B Duan
0800h T41C-4664 POSTER Paleoseismic Studies of
the Peninsula San Andreas Fault at the Filoli Estate,
Woodside, California: C S Prentice, K Clahan, R
R Sickler, A Salin, S B DeLong, R McDermott, A
Pickering, J N Baldwin
0800h T41C-4643 POSTER Different surface
ruptures and dynamics between the 2008 and 2014
Mw7.1 Yutian earthquakes in the western segment
of the Altyn Tagh fault, Western Tibet: H Li, J Pan,
Z Sun, D Liu, J Zhang, C Li, M L Chevalier, K Liu,
K Yun, Z Gong
0800h T41C-4665 POSTER Characterizing Recent
Slip on the Kuikui Fault, a Link Between the Green
Valley and Bartlett Springs Fault Zones, Wilson
Valley, Northern California: J J Lienkaemper, S B
DeLong, R C McPherson, J Mielke, N Avdievitch, A
Pickering, C Lloyd
0800h T41C-4644 POSTER Rapid Shortening at
the Eastern Margin of the Tibetan Plateau Prior
to the 2008 Mw=7.9 Wenchuan Earthquake: T B
Thompson, B J Meade
0800h T41C-4666 POSTER Multiple-Event
Deformation on the West Tahoe Fault from Lidar
and Trenching: Reconciling On and Offshore
Paleoseismology: G G Seitz, M Mareschal
0800h T41C-4645 POSTER Are we missing
earthquakes? A new insight into the M 8 1556
Huaxian earthquake: Y Zhou, J Ma, R T Walker, X
Feng, X Song, B Parsons
0800h T41C-4667 POSTER Using SLAM to Look
For the Dog Valley Fault, Truckee Area, California:
V S Cronin, J A Ashburn, K A Sverdrup
0800h T41C-4646 POSTER Re-Visiting the 1739
Earthquake Ruptures in the Yinchuan Graben,
Northern China: T Middleton, R T Walker, B
Parsons, Q Lei, Y Zhou, Z Ren, D H Rood
0800h T41C-4647 POSTER Micro-geomorphology
Surveying and Analysis of Xiadian Fault Scarp,
China: R Ding
0800h T41C-4648 POSTER Surface Processes Can
Influence the seismicity of Active Faults: P Steer, M
Simoes, R Cattin, J B H Shyu
0800h T41C-4649 POSTER Evidence of Late
Quaternary Fault Activity from Pollen Fossil
Assemblages and Estimate of the Coseismic Events,
Central Japan: H Takemoto-Shimomura, K
Okumura, T Azuma, H Kondo
Geomorphology of the Hanging Wall Blocks of the
Cimandiri Fault Zone, West Java, Indonesia: G I
Marliyani, R Arrowsmith
0800h T41C-4651 POSTER Paleoseismology of the
Mt. Narryer Fault Zone, West Central Western
Australia: a Multi-Segment Intraplate Fault System:
B B Whitney, D Clark, J Hengesh
0800h T41C-4652 POSTER Analysis of highresolution lidar digital topographic data along
the Marlborough Fault System: The Awatere and
Clarence faults, South Island, New Zealand: R W
Zinke, J F Dolan, E J Rhodes, R Van Dissen, R
Langridge, J Grenader, C P McGuire, A Nicol
0800h T41C-4653 POSTER Analysis of a New
Marlborough Fault System Lidar Dataset: The
Wairau and Hope faults, South Island, New Zealand:
J Grenader, J F Dolan, E J Rhodes, R Van Dissen, R
Langridge, R W Zinke, C P McGuire, A Nicol
0800h T41C-4654 POSTER GPS Measurements
of Interseismic,Coseismic, and Postseismic
Deformation in Puysegur Subduction Zone, New
Zealand: N Benz, L M Wallace, S Hreinsdottir, P H
Denys, C F Pearson
0800h T41C-4655 POSTER The Western Solomons
Forearc: Independent Inner and Outer Forearc
Paleo-Uplift Histories and Relationship to
Megathrust Rupture: F W Taylor, K Thirumalai,
L L Lavier, A K Papabatu, T Toba, C C Shen, B Cai
0800h T41C-4656 POSTER Quantifying Quaternary
Deformation in the Eastern Cordillera of the
Colombian Andes Using Cosmogenic Nuclide
Geochronology and Fluvial Geomorphology: E
Dalman, M H Taylor, G Veloza-fajardo, A Mora
0800h T41C-4657 POSTER Modeling Coseismic Slip
of the 2012 Nicoya Peninsula Earthquake, Costa
Rica: Roles of Megathrust Geometry and Surface
Displacement: P Burgi, J P Loveless, J S Marshall,
M Protti
0800h T41C-4658 POSTER An Objective
Mechanical Modelling Approach For Estimating
the Distribution of Fault Creep and Locking From
Geodetic Data: G Funning, R Burgmann
0800h T41C-4668 POSTER Lidar Mapping
Documents Post-glacial Faulting West of the
High Cascades Axis at Crater Lake National Park,
Oregon: C R Bacon, J E Robinson
0800h T41C-4669 POSTER Differential Uplift
and Incision of the Yakima River Terraces: A M
Bender, C B Amos, P R Bierman, D H Rood, S J
Sorsby, H M Kelsey, T C Ladinsky
0800h T41C-4670 POSTER Using LiDAR to
quantify uplift of shoreline angles during late
Holocene earthquakes in northwest Washington: B
L Sherrod
0800h T41C-4671 POSTER Estimating Earthquake
Magnitude from the Kentucky Bend Scarp in the
New Madrid Seismic Zone Using Field Geomorphic
Mapping and High-Resolution LiDAR Topography:
K I Kelson, W G Kirkendall
Moscone South 306
Density Structure of the Lithosphere
and Upper Mantle: A Key for
Tectonics I (joint with DI, G, MR, S)
Presiding: Mikhail Kaban, Helmholtz
Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research
Centre for Geosciences; Walter
Mooney, USGS MS977; Hans-Juergen
Goetze, Univ Kiel; Carla Braitenberg,
Univ Trieste
0800h T41D-01 Satellite Gravity Gradients
Complementing Seismology for Imaging of the
Lithosphere: J Ebbing
0815h T41D-02 Interpretation of Continental Scale
Gravity Signatures from GOCE at Smaller Scale
Mineral Hosting outcrops: C F Braitenberg
0830h T41D-03 Effective Elastic Thickness
of Planetary Lithospheres from Gravity and
Topography: P Audet
0845h T41D-04 Structure and Evolution of the
North American Upper Mantle: Insight from
Integrative Modeling of Gravity, Topography and
Seismic Tomography Data: W D Mooney, M K
Kaban, M Tesauro
0900h T41D-05 3-D Density Modeling of the
Combined EGM2008/Terrestrial Gravity Field over
the Mt. Paekdu (N Korea/China) Stratovolcano and
Its Evolution : H J Goetze, S Choi
0915h T41D-06 Compositional Density Structure of
the Upper Mantle from Constrained 3-D Inversion
of Gravity Anomaly: A Case Study of Southeast
Asia: Q Liang, C Chen, M K Kaban, M Thomas
0930h T41D-07 Mantle Heterogeneity Beneath
Europe Resolved from GOCE Satellite Gravity: M
Herceg, I M Artemieva, H Thybo
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:20 AM
0945h T41D-08 Joint Inversion of Geoid Anomaly
and Teleseismic P-Wave Delay Times: Modeling
Density and Velocity Perturbations Beneath the
Parana Magmatic Province: C A M Chaves, N
Ussami, J Ritsema
0800h V41A-4764 POSTER Analysis of H in Natural
and Experimental Nominally Anhydrous Minerals:
A Comparison of Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis,
Infrared and SIMS Measurements: A C Withers,
J L Mosenfelder, H Bureau, C Raepsaet, M M
Moscone South 304
Feldman, A Möller, J D Walker
Illuminating the Factors That
Determine Subduction Megathrust
Fault Slip Style I (joint with G, MR, NH, S)
Presiding: Ake Fagereng, University
of Cape Town; Matt Ikari, MARUM,
University of Bremen; Kohtaro Ujiie,
University of Tsukuba; Laura Wallace,
University of Texas at Austin
0800h T41E-01 Megathrust Properties and Large
Earthquake Rupture Processes: T Lay, L Ye, H
0815h T41E-02 Mechanics of Slip-to-the-Trench
and Frontal Prism Deformation for the 2011
Tohoku-oki Earthquake: F M Chester
0830h T41E-03 Laboratory-observed frictional
slip instabilities in samples of the Tohoku plate
boundary megathrust: M Ikari, Y Ito, K Ujiie, A
0845h T41E-04 Mechanisms Behind Aseismic Slip
Pulsing on the Northeast Japan Subduction Zone:
Insights from Time-Dependent Modelling of GPS
and Repeating Earthquakes: J M Weston, M
0900h T41E-05 Coupling, fluids and foreshocks –
preparing megathrust ruptures at the Chilean plate
boundary: O Oncken, M Moreno, B Schurr
0915h T41E-06 Aftershock mechanisms from the
2010 Mw 8.8 Maule, Chile earthquake: detailed
analysis using full waveform inversion: A
Rietbrock, S P Hicks, B Chagas, H A Detzel
0930h T41E-07 Imaging the Locked Zone of
the Cascadia Subduction Zone Using Receiver
Functions from the Cascadia Initiative: H A
Janiszewski, G A Abers, J B Gaherty, H D Carton
0945h T41E-08 Investigation of small earthquakes
and microseismicity at the down-dip end of the
seismogenic zone associated with slow slip events
and large subduction earthquakes: H Colella, M R
Moscone South Poster Hall
Advanced Techniques for
Determining Elemental Composition,
Isotopic Abundance, and
Radioisotopic Age Using Bulk and
Microanalysis III Posters (joint with P)
Presiding: Chuan-Chou Shen, NTU
National Taiwan University; Matthew
McKay, West Virginia University
0800h V41A-4754 POSTER TitaniQ in reverse:
backing out the equilibrium solubility of titanium in
quartz: J B Thomas
0800h V41A-4755 POSTER A new LA-ICPMS method for Ti-in-Quartz: Implications and
application to HP rutile-quartz veins from the
Czech Erzgebirge: A M Cruz-Uribe, R MertzKraus, T Zack, M D Feineman, G Woods
0800h V41A-4756 POSTER Application of the
TitaniQ Geothermobarometer to metamorphic
rocks of the Santa Rosa Mylonite Zone in southern
California: T Canada, W M Behr, L Stockli, D F
0800h V41A-4757 POSTER SIMS Investigations on
Growth and Sector Zoning in Natural Hydrothermal
Quartz: Isotopic and Trace Element Analyses:
E May, T W Vennemann, L P Baumgartner, N
0800h V41A-4758 POSTER Towards a magmatic
quartz database: tracing melt sources: N D Tailby,
M R Ackerson, E B Watson, J B Thomas
0800h V41A-4760 POSTER Raman investigation of
magma mingling experiments as a tool for tracking
the chemical and structural evolution of melt: D Di
Genova, D Morgavi, K U Hess, C J Pritchard, N
Borovkov, D Perugini, P B Larson, D B Dingwell
0800h V41A-4762 POSTER Ion Microprobe U-Pb
Dating and Sr Isotope Measurement of Conodont:
Y Sano, A Ishida, T Kagoshima, N Takahata
0800h V41A-4763 POSTER Matrix Effects in SIMS
Analysis of Hydrogen in Nominally Anhydrous
Minerals (NAMs): J L Mosenfelder, G R Rossman
0800h V41A-4766 POSTER New calibration
standard for LA-ICPMS analysis of sulphides: I
Belousov, L V Danyushevsky, P H Olin, S Gilbert,
J M Thompson
0800h V41A-4767 POSTER Assessing the Accuracy
and Precision of Inorganic Geochemical Data
Produced through Flux Fusion and Acid Digestions:
Multiple (60+) Comprehensive Analyses of BHVO2 and the Development of Improved “Accepted”
Values : T J Ireland, R Scudder, A G Dunlea, C H
Anderson, R W Murray
0800h V41A-4768 POSTER Unmixing 40Ar/39Ar
Muscovite Ages Using Powder X-ray Diffraction: R
J McAleer, M J Kunk, P M Valley, G J Walsh, D L
Bish, R P Wintsch
0800h V41A-4769 POSTER Unique Thermal
Histories from Whole-Rock 40Ar/39Ar Step-heating
Data: P Boehnke, M Harrison, M T Heizler, O M
Lovera, P H Warren
0800h V41A-4770 POSTER Modeling Argon
Isotopic Behavior in Polygenetic Impact Melt
Breccias: C M Mercer, K V Hodges
0800h V41A-4771 POSTER Isotopic Fractionation
of 20Ne, 21Ne, and 22Ne in a Simulated Thermal
Gradient: B Jester, G Dominguez
0800h V41A-4772 POSTER The Precise
Determination of Cd Isotope Ratio in Geological
Samples by MC-ICP-MS with Ion Exchange
Separation: C Du, S Hu, D Wang, L Jin, W Guo
0800h V41A-4773 POSTER High precision calcium
isotope analysis using 42Ca-48Ca double-spike TIMS
technique: L Feng, L Zhou, S Gao, S Y Tong, M L
0800h V41A-4774 POSTER Estimation of
palaeohydrochemical conditions using carbonate
minerals: H Amamiya, T Mizuno, T Iwatsuki, T
Yuguchi, H Murakami, Y Saito-Kokubu
0800h V41A-4775 POSTER Calcium Activities
During Different Ion Exchange Separation
Procedures: Z Zhang, H Zhu, Y Liu, F Liu, C
Zhang, W Sun
0800h V41A-4776 POSTER Boron and Lithium
Isotope Determinations in Minerals from
Subduction-Related Rocks by LA-MC-ICPMS: C
Martin, G E Harlow, E Ponzevera, H Marschall
0800h V41A-4778 POSTER Common-Lead
Corrected U-Pb Age Dating of Perovskite by LA–
0800h V41A-4779 POSTER High-Precision Th-Pb
Dating by Isotope-Dilution TIMS+MC-ICPMS –
Preliminary Results: R B Ickert, R Mundil, W D
0800h V41A-4780 POSTER Neodymium Isotope
Variability at the Grain Scale in the Sub-Continental
Lithospheric Mantle: NdO+ Analyses of Individual
Clinopyroxene Grains (<5 ng Nd aliquots) from a
Kilbourne Hole Harzburgitic Xenolith: J Harvey,
D Honn, E F Baxter, J M Warren, S Hammond, R
0800h V41B-4804 POSTER High Resolution
Satellite Remote Sensing of the 2013-2014 Eruption
of Sinabung Volcano, Sumatra, Indonesia: R L
Wessels, J P Griswold
0800h V41A-4788 POSTER Developing a Correction
to Remove Systematic Bias in U-Pb LA-ICP-MS
Zircon Ages Related to Zircon “Matrix Effects”: W
A Matthews, T V Angelo, B Guest
Data Hybridization to determine Pyroclastic Flow
cooling curves: K A Reath, R Wright, M S Ramsey
0800h V41A-4789 POSTER Speciation of
Phosphorus by coupled HPLC-ICPMS: Application
for quantification of reduced forms of phosphorus
in rocks and natural waters: Z D Atlas, M A Pasek,
J Sampson
0800h V41A-4790 POSTER Determination of
Оґ88/86Sr Using Matrix Correction by MC-ICP-MS:
B Zhu, T Yang, X P Bian, Z Y Zhu
0800h V41A-4791 POSTER High Precision Ti stable
Isotope Measurement of Terrestrial Rocks: M A
Millet, N Dauphas, H M Williams, K W Burton,
G M Nowell
Moscone South Poster Hall
Integrating Multiple Complementary
Data Streams to Better Understand
Volcanic Processes III Posters (joint
with G, NH, S)
Presiding: Jessica Johnson, University
of Bristol; Kyle Anderson, Hawaiian
Volcano Observatory; Katherine
Cashman, University of Bristol; Tamsin
Mather, University of Oxford
0800h V41B-4792 POSTER Study a Relation Between
the Lascar Volcano Microseimicity and Changes in
the Local System of Lineaments, Obtained Using
the Landsat 8 Images: A A Arellano-Baeza, C A
0800h V41B-4793 POSTER Observed inflationdeflation cycles at Popocatepetl volcano using
tiltmeters and its possible correlation with regional
seismic activity in Mexico: M G Contreras Ruiz
Esparza Sr, J C Jimenez Velazquez Sr, C M Valdes
Gonzalez Sr, T A Reyes Pimentel, S A Galaviz
0800h V41B-4794 POSTER Kinematic GPS Analysis
Gives New Insights on the Origin of the Very-LongPeriod Seismic Signals at Miyake-Jima Volcano
during the Caldera Formation: H Munekane, J
Oikawa, T Kobayashi
0800h V41B-4806 POSTER Monitoring volcanic
systems through cross-correlation of coincident
A-Train satellite data: V J B Flower, S A Carn, R
0800h V41B-4807 POSTER Deformation at Lava
Lake Volcanoes: Lessons from Karthala: J Biggs, A
Rust, C Owens
0800h V41B-4808 POSTER Circulation patterns in
active lava lakes: T C Redmond, E Lev
0800h V41B-4809 POSTER Laboratory and
numerical decompression experiments: an insight
into the nucleation and growth of bubbles: L Spina,
S Colucci, M De’ Michieli Vitturi, B Scheu, D B
0800h V41B-4810 POSTER A new method to
monitor water vapor cycles in active volcanoes: T
Girona, F Costa Rodriguez, B Taisne
0800h V41B-4811 POSTER Widespread Gravity
Changes and CO2 Degassing at Laguna Del Maule,
Chile, Accompanying Rapid Uplift: C A Miller, G
Williams-Jones, H Le Mevel, B Tikoff
0800h V41B-4812 POSTER Multiparametric
Experiment at Mt. Etna: Investigation on Both
Degassing and Eruptive Dynamics: A Cannata, E
0800h V41B-4813 POSTER The 2014 Broadband
Acquisition and Imaging Operation (BAcIO) at
Stromboli Volcano (Italy): P Scarlato, J Taddeucci,
E Del Bello, D Gaudin, T Ricci, D Andronico, L
Lodato, A Cannata, F Ferrari, T R Orr, J Sesterhenn,
R Plescher, Y Baumgärtel, A J L Harris, M Bombrun,
T D Barnie, B F Houghton, U Kueppers, A Capponi
0800h V41B-4814 POSTER Expert Systems for RealTime Volcano Monitoring: C Cassisi, F Cannavo,
P Montalto, P Motta, G Schembra, M A Aliotta, A
Cannata, D PatanГЁ, M Prestifilippo
0800h V41B-4815 POSTER Integration of Petrologic,
Geophysical, and Gas Monitoring Data at Kilauea
Volcano, Hawaii: C R Thornber, R L Lee, C A
Gansecki, T R Orr, A Miklius, A J Sutton, W A
0800h V41B-4795 POSTER Decaying Rate of
Volcanic Inflation near Three Sisters, Oregon,
Measured with GPS and InSAR: M Lisowski, R
McCaffrey, C W Wicks Jr, D Dzurisin
0800h V41B-4816 POSTER Real-time measurements
of CO2 and Оґ13C in volcanic gases emitted in
atmosphere from Mt. Etna (Italy): H J H Jost, A L
Rizzo, M A Ancellin, A Caracausi, M Martelli, M
0800h V41B-4796 POSTER Investigating Rapid
Uplift and Subsidence Near Norris, Yellowstone,
During 2013-2014: W K Stovall, P F Cervelli, D
R Shelly
0800h V41B-4817 POSTER Combining Geological
and Geophysical Data in Volcanic Hazard Estimation
for Dominica, Lesser Antilles: O George, J L
Latchman, C Connor, R Malservisi, L Connor
0800h V41B-4797 POSTER Renewed Inflation
of Long Valley Caldera (2011 – Present): E K
Montgomery-Brown, C W Wicks Jr, J O
Langbein, D P Hill, D R Shelly, J L Svarc, M Lisowski
0800h V41B-4818 POSTER A new approach to relate
kinetic parameters, composition and temperatures
of igneous minerals: the case of Villarrica Volcano
1971 eruption: C Contreras, M A Parada, E E
Morgado, A Castruccio
0800h V41B-4798 POSTER Time-dependent
deformation source model of Kilauea volcano
obtained via InSAR time series and inversion
modeling: G Zhai, M Shirzaei
0800h V41B-4819 POSTER Is there a recipe for
Plinian eruptions? Evidence from past events and
analogous volcanoes: A E G Winson, C G Newhall,
F Costa Rodriguez
0800h V41A-4781 POSTER Aluminum substitution
in quartz and its effect on dissolved H2O: V S Riggi
PERIOD 1998-2007: J J Ramirez-Ruiz
0800h V41A-4782 POSTER Determination of Rare
Earth Elements in Green River Shale By Inductively
Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Using a
Desolvating Nebulizer System: F Smith, D Clarke,
S Moody
0800h V41B-4800 POSTER Real-time source
deformation modeling through GNSS permanent
stations at Merapi volcano (Indonesia: F Beauducel,
A Nurnaning, M Iguchi, A A Fahmi, M A Nandaka,
S Sumarti, S Subandriyo, J P Metaxian
0800h V41B-4821 POSTER Testing Connections
between Campanian Ignimbrite Volcanism,
Climate, and the Final Decline of the Neanderthals:
B A Black, M Manga, R R Neely III
0800h V41A-4783 POSTER
Online Standard
Additions Technique for La-ICP-MS Using a
Desolvating Nebulizer System : J Roy, D Asogan,
S Moody, D Clarke
0800h V41B-4801 POSTER Long-Term Geodetic
Measurements at the Most Active Volcanoes in
Iceland: Role of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture
Radar and GPS in Hazard Monitoring at Hekla,
Katla, Eyjafjallajökull and Askja Volcanoes: M
Parks, S Dumont, V Drouin, F Sigmundsson, S
Hreinsdottir, K Michalczewska, S Hjaltadottir, B
Ofeigsson, T Arnadottir, E Sturkell, K Spaans, A
J Hooper, A R Hjartardottir, H Geirsson, P C La
Femina, E R Heimisson
Moscone South Poster Hall
0800h V41A-4784 POSTER Searching for
Superconductivity in Micrometeorites: M H
Thiemens, S Guenon, J G Ramirez, A C Basaran,
S Taylor, I Schuller
0800h V41A-4785 POSTER Combining fs LA-ICPMS, FIB and STXM-NEXAFS Methods for in-situ
High-Spatial-Resolution Rock Varnish Analyses at
the nm to Вµm Scale: D Macholdt, M O Andreae,
K P Jochum, M Kappl, A L D Kilcoyne, M MГјller,
C Pöhlker, B Stoll, B Weber, M Weigand, U Weis
0800h V41A-4786 POSTER Argon Intercalibration
Pipette System (APIS): Smoking from the Same
Pipe: B D Turrin, C C Swisher III, S R Hemming, P
R Renne, A L Deino, K V Hodges, M C Van Soest,
M T Heizler
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 27
0800h V41A-4787 POSTER Discrimination of the
Cigarettes Geographical Origin by DRC-ICP-MS
Measurements of Pb Isotope Compositions : W
Guo, S Hu, L Jin
0800h V41B-4802 POSTER The Interplay Between
Deformation and Volcanism on Santa Cruz Island,
GalГЎpagos: A Multidisciplinary Study Using
Structural, Geophysical, and Geochronological
Analyses of Faults and Lavas: D M Schwartz, K S
Harpp, E L Mittelstaedt
0800h V41B-4803 POSTER Spatial and temporal
patterns of dome extrusion during the 2004-2008
eruption of Mount St. Helens: J T Salzer, R P
Denlinger, A K Diefenbach, T R Walter
0800h V41B-4820 POSTER Constructing the
volcanic architecture of Kalkarindji, an ancient
flood basalt province, using a multidisciplinary
approach: P Marshall, M Widdowson, S P Kelley,
C Mac Niocaill, D T Murphy
Reducing Vulnerability from Latin
American Volcanoes through
Enhanced Monitoring Efforts Posters
(joint with NH, S)
Presiding: Charlotte Rowe, Los Alamos
National Laboratory - LANL; Francisco
Nunez-Cornu, Universidad de
Guadalajara; Randall White, USGS
0800h V41C-4822 POSTER Advances in volcano
monitoring and risk reduction in Latin America:
W A McCausland, R A White, A B Lockhart,
J N Marso, V D Assitance Program, L A Volcano
0800h V41C-4823 POSTER Unrest of Chiles – Cerro
Negro volcanic complex: A binational Ecuador –
Colombia effort: M C Ruiz, D Gomez, R Torres,
O Cadena, P A Mothes, J C Anzieta, D A Pacheco,
B Bernard, W Acero, S Hidalgo, W Enriquez, A
11/28/2014 11:06:20 AM
0800h V41C-4824 POSTER Volcano Monitoring in
Ecuador: Three Decades of Continuous Progress
of the Instituto Geofisico - Escuela Politecnica
Nacional: M C Ruiz, H A Yepes, M L Hall, P A
Mothes, P Ramon, S Hidalgo, D Andrade, S Vallejo
Vargas, A L Steele, J C Anzieta, H D Ortiz, P
Palacios, A P Alvarado, W Enriquez, F Vasconez, M
Vaca, S Arrais, G Viracucha, B Bernard
0800h V41C-4825 POSTER Analysis of the seismicity
activity of the volcano Ceboruco, Nayarit, Mexico:
N A Rodriguez-Ayala, F J Nunez-Cornu, C R
Escudero, A Zamora-Camacho, A Gomez
0800h V41C-4826 POSTER Characterization of
Seismicity at VolcГЎn Baru, Panama: May 2013
through April 2014: C J Hopp, G P Waite
0800h V41C-4827 POSTER A Reassessment of the
Seismicity Related to the 1998-1999 Eruption of
Colima Volcano, Western Mexico: A ZamoraCamacho, F J NuГ±ez-Cornu, J M Espindola
0830h V41D-03 Lava Discharge Rates at KД«lauea
Volcano, Hawai�I, during 2011-2013 Determined
from Tandem-X-Derived Topographic Data: M P
0845h V43A-4848 Insights on the 2010 Lava Flows
of Piton de la Fournaise Using Cosmo-SkyMed
and TanDEM-X Data: Lava Displacement Rates,
Thicknesses, and Volume Estimates: M G Bato, J L
Froger, A J L Harris, N Villeneuve
0900h V43A-4851 Repeat Terrestrial LiDAR
Scanning at Kilauea Volcano Reveals Basaltic Lava
Lake Surface Slope, Structure and Micro-pistoning:
S W Anderson, A L LeWinter, D C Finnegan, M
R Patrick, T R Orr
0915h V41D-06 Modeling Explosive Eruptions at
Kīlauea, Hawai�i: H M Gonnermann, D J Ferguson,
A P Blaser, B F Houghton, T A Plank, E H Hauri, D
A Swanson
0800h V41C-4828 POSTER Evolving Hazard
Monitoring and Communication at San Vicente
Volcano, El Salvador: L J Bowman, J S Gierke
0930h V41D-07 Modeling the Failure of Magmatic
Foams and Application to Infrasonic Signals
at Stromboli Volcano, Italy: D R Baker, C A
O’Shaughnessy, F Brun, L Mancini, J Fife
0800h V41C-4829 POSTER Some Recent USF
Studies at Volcanoes in Central America: S R
0945h V41D-08 Conduit speed limit promotes
formation of explosive `super slugs’: E W
Llewellin, M R Burton, H M Mader, M Polacci
0800h V41C-4830 POSTER Utility of regional
satellite volcano deformation monitoring in Latin
America: The CEOS pilot project: F Delgado, M E
Pritchard, J Biggs, D Arnold
Moscone South 310
0800h V41C-4831 POSTER Slope instability and postemplacement lava flow deformation revealed using
interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) at
Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala: L N Schaefer, Z Lu,
T Oommen
0800h V41C-4832 POSTER Monitoring Volcano
Deformation in the Northernmost Andes with
ALOS InSAR Time-Series: A M Morales Rivera,
F Amelung
0800h V41C-4833 POSTER Eruptive and magma
circulation patterns determined by satellite imagery:
The case of Lascar volcano, Northern Chile: M
Inostroza, C GonzГЎlez, F Aguilera
0800h V41C-4834 POSTER Variable Deformation
Rates at Sierra Negra Volcano: Geodetic
Observations from 2008 to Early 2014: N J Meier,
P C La Femina, H Geirsson, G Ruiz
0800h V41C-4835 POSTER Estimating Sulfur
Dioxide in Volcanic Plumes Using an Ultraviolet
Camera. First Results from Lascar, OllagГјe and
Irruputuncu Volcanoes: C A Geoffroy, A Amigo
0800h V41C-4836 POSTER Plume Imaging Using
an IR Camera to Estimate Sulphur Dioxide Flux on
Volcanoes of Northern Chile: F Rosas Sotomayor,
A Amigo
0800h V41C-4837 POSTER Change detection and
characterization of volcanic activity using ground
based low-light and near infrared cameras to
monitor incandescence and thermal signatures: M
Harrild, P Webley, J Dehn
0800h V41C-4838 POSTER Systematic observations
of VolcГЎn Turrialba, Costa Rica, with small
unmanned aircraft and aerostats (UAVs): the
Costa Rican Airborne Research and Technology
Applications (CARTA) missions: D C Pieri, J A
Diaz, G Bland, M M Fladeland, A Abtahi, A Alan
Jr, O Alegria, S Azofeifa, R Berthold, E Corrales,
S Fuerstenau, J Gerardi, D Herlth, G Hickman, G
Hunter, J Linick, Y Madrigal, D Makel, T Miles, V
J Realmuto, B Storms, A Vogel, R Kolyer, K Weber
The Making of a Continent I (joint with
DI, S, T)
Presiding: Richard Carlson, Carnegie
Inst Washington; Grant Michael Bybee,
University of the Witwatersrand; Oliver
Jagoutz, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology; Stephen Parman, Brown
0800h V41E-01 On craton thinning/destruction:
Insight from 2D thermal-mechanical numerical
modeling: J Liao
0815h V41E-02 The Making of Early Continents
and the Initiation of Plate Tectonics on Earth: P F
Rey, N Coltice, N E Flament
0830h V41E-03 Convergent Plate Boundary
Processes in the Archean: Evidence from Greenland:
A Polat
0845h V41E-04 Geologically Controlled IsotopeTime Patterns Reveal Early Differentiation and
Crust Formation Processes: V C Bennett, A P
0900h V41E-05 The petrogenesis of ultramafic
rocks in the >3.7 Ga Isua supracrustal belt, SW
Greenland: K Szilas, P B Kelemen, M T Rosing
0915h V41E-06 Support for a Uniformitarian Model
of Continental Mantle Lithosphere Formation from
the “Near-Cratonic” Composition of Proterozoic
Southern African Mantle Lithosphere: P E Janney
0930h V41E-07 The Building of the Archean
Superior Craton: Thermal Perspective: C P
Jaupart, J C Mareschal
0945h V41E-08 Temporal Evolution of the Upper
Continental Crust: Implications for the Mode
of Crustal Growth and the Evolution of the
Hydrosphere: R L Rudnick, R M Gaschnig, S Li,
M Tang, L Qiu, J W Valley, C Zurkowski, W F
0800h V41C-4839 POSTER Regular Characterisation
of Volcán de Colima’s Dome Through Photo-based
3D Topographic and Thermal Surveys: M R James,
H Moss-Davies, N R Varley
Moscone South 103-104
0800h V41C-4840 POSTER Expanding Geophysical
and Geochemical Investigation of Causes of
Extraordinary Unrest at the Laguna del Maule
(Rhyolitic) Volcanic Field, Southern Andes, Chile:
B S Singer
Presiding: Scott Werts, Winthrop
Moscone South 308
Magma Transport and Eruption at
Basaltic Volcanoes I (joint with DI, MR)
Presiding: Nicolas Villeneuve, Institut
de Physique du Globe de Paris; Marie
Edmonds, University of Cambridge;
Paul Okubo, U S Geological Survey;
Nicole Metrich, Institut de Physique du
Globe de Paris
0800h V41D-01 Time-Dependent Dike Propagation
from Joint Inversion of Seismicityand Deformation
Data: P Segall
0815h V41D-02 Linking the dynamics of the
2000 dike intrusion at Miyakejima to the focal
mechanisms and the statistics of the induced
seismicity : E Rivalta, L Passarelli, S Cesca, Y Aoki
AGU2014News.indb 28
Sagan Lecture (Virtual Session) (joint
with P)
0900h B41P-01 Microbial Communities: Tracing
Growth Processes from Antarctic Lakes to Early
Earth to Other Planets: D Y Sumner
Moscone West 3002
Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Processes and Turbulence II
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with B, H,
Presiding: Elie Bou-Zeid, Princeton
University; Marcelo Chamecki,
Pennsylvania State University; Pierre
Gentine, Columbia University
1020h A42A-01 The Modification of a Thermally
Induced Mesoscale Circulation By Deep Moist
Convection: M Rieck, C Hohenegger, P Gentine
1035h A42A-02 Wind Shear and Buoyancy Reversal
at the Stratocumulus Top: J P Mellado, B B Stevens
1050h A42A-03 Large-eddy simulations with a
dynamic explicit vegetation model: G Bohrer, K
Maurer, E Chatziefstratiou, D Medvigy
1105h A42A-04 Air Parcel Residence Times
within Tropical Forest Canopies and Implications
for Reactive Gases: T Gerken, M Chamecki, J D
1120h A42A-05 Observation of environmental
boundary layers at miltiple scales: C W Higgins, E
Pardyjak, H Holmes, D Blunck, Z Liu, M Calaf
1135h A42A-06 Co-spectrum and mean velocity
in turbulent boundary layers: G G Katul, A M
Porporato, C Manes, C V Meneveau
1150h A42A-07 The evolution of atmospheric
surface layer heat and momentum flux co-spectra
with increasing flux Richardson number: D Li, G G
Katul, E Bou-Zeid
1205h A42A-08 How well do we need to simulate
cloud radiative effects to simulate stratocumulus?:
G Bellon
Moscone West 3012
Greenhouse Gas Measurements Using
Active Optical Remote Sensing I (joint
with B)
Presiding: Edward Browell, NASA
Langley Research Ctr; James Abshire,
NASA Goddard Space Flight Ctr; Gerhard
Ehret, DLR; Chikao Nagasawa, Tokyo
Metropolitan Univ
1020h A42B-01 The Importance of the Spatial
Density of Satellite Measurements for the Retrieval
of Spatial Flux Patterns: J Marshall, T G NuГ±ez
Ramirez, C Kiemle, A Butz, O P Hasekamp, G
Ehret, M Heimann
1040h A42B-02 Validation Issues of a Space-based
Methane Lidar: C Kiemle, A Fix, G Ehret, P
1055h A42B-03 ASCENDS: Past, Present and
Future: B Moore III
1115h A42B-04 An overview of NASA’s ASCENDS
Mission’s Lidar Measurement Requirements: J B
Abshire, E V Browell, R T Menzies, B Lin, G D
Spiers, S Ismail
1130h A42B-05 Advancements for Active Remote
Sensing of Carbon Dioxide from Space using the
ASCENDS CarbonHawk Experiment Simulator:
First Results: M D Obland, A R Nehrir, B Lin, F
W Harrison, S A Kooi, Y Choi, J Plant, M M Yang,
C Antill, J F Campbell, S Ismail, E V Browell, B
Meadows, J T Dobler, T S Zaccheo, B Moore III,
S Crowell
1145h A42B-06 Passive and Active Remote Sensing
of Greenhouse Gases in the GOSAT Project: I
Morino, M Inoue, Y Yoshida, N Kikuchi, T Yokota,
T Matsunaga, O Uchino, T Tanaka, D Sakaizawa, S
Kawakami, S Ishii, K Mizutani, Y Shibata, M Abo,
C Nagasawa
1205h A42B-07 Lidar Observation of Ozone
Profiles in the Equatorial Tropopause Region: M
Abo, Y Shibata, C Nagasawa
Moscone West 3014
Improving Emissions Through
Observations V (joint with B, GC)
Presiding: Gregory Frost, NOAA;
Monika Kopacz, NOAA; Ray Bambha,
Sandia National Labs; Hope Michelsen,
Sandia Natl Lab
1020h A42C-01 Long-term Trends and Confidence
in Global Natural Gas Fugitive Emissions Rates
Based on Оґ13C-CH4: S Schwietzke, O Sherwood, P
P Tans, S E Michel, J B Miller, E J Dlugokencky, W
M Griffin, L Bruhwiler
1035h A42C-02 Isotopic constraints on the decadal
trends of global methane emissions favor increasing
fossil fuel emissions over recent decades: C L
Butenhoff, A L Rice, F H Roeger, D G Teama, A K
Khalil, R Rasmussen
1050h A42C-03 Contribution of Oil and Gas
Production to Atmospheric CH4 in the SouthCentral United States: Reconciling Bottom-up and
Top-down Estimates: Z Liu, J P Pinto, A J Turner,
L Bruhwiler, D K Henze, J F Brioude, N Bousserez,
K Sargsyan, C Safta, H N Najm, B W LaFranchi, R
Bambha, H A Michelsen
1105h A42C-04 Quantifying the Industrial FacilityLevel Emission Rate of Methane in Various
Segments of the Natural Gas Industry: S C Herndon,
J R Roscioli, T I Yacovitch, C R Floerchinger,
A Mitchell, D S Tkacik, R Subramanian, A L
Robinson, D M Martinez, T L Vaughn, L Williams,
D Zimmerle, A Marchese
1120h A42C-05 Global Emissions of Refrigerants
HCFC-22 and HFC-134a: Unforeseen Seasonal
Contributions: B Xiang, P K Patra, S A Montzka,
S M Miller, J W Elkins, F Moore, E L Atlas, B R
Miller, R G Prinn, S C Wofsy
1135h A42C-06 Are National HFC Inventory
Reports Accurate?: M F Lunt, M L Rigby, A
Ganesan, A Manning, S O’Doherty, R G Prinn, T
Saito, C M Harth, J Muhle, R F Weiss, P Salameh,
T Arnold, Y Yokouchi, P B Krummel, P Steele,
P J Fraser, S Li, S Park, J Kim, S Reimann, M K
Vollmer, C Lunder, O Hermansen, N Schmidbauer,
D Young, P G Simmonds
1150h A42C-07 Solving the carbon tetrachloride
(CCl4) budget mystery using surface observations:
Q Liang, P A Newman, J S Daniel, S Reimann, B D
Hall, G S Dutton, L J M Kuijpers
1205h A42C-08 Atmosphere-derived National
Emissions of Ozone Depleting Substances and
Substitutes for the United States: L Hu, S A
Montzka, J B Miller, A E Andrews, B R Miller, S
Lehman, D Godwin, K W Thoning, C Sweeney,
H Chen, M L Fischer, S Biraud, M S Torn, M E
Mountain, T Nehrkorn, J Eluszkiewicz, E Saikawa,
B D Hall, J W Elkins, P P Tans
Moscone West 3006
Processes Controlling Upper
Troposphere / Lower Stratosphere
Composition and Structure V
Presiding: Ross Salawitch, University
of Maryland; Troy Thornberry,
NOAA ESRL; Neil Harris, University of
1020h A42D-01 Airborne Tropical TRopopause
EXperiment (ATTREX) 2014 Western Pacific
Campaign: E J Jensen, L Pfister
1035h A42D-02 Relative Humidity Distributions in
the Tropical Tropopause Layer Measured During
NASA ATTREX: A W Rollins, T D Thornberry,
R S Gao, S Woods, T V Bui, D W Fahey
1050h A42D-03 How much ice is there in the
Tropical Tropopause Layer? Observations from the
ATTREX mission, from the Global Hawk and from
Space: M A Avery, T D Thornberry, S A Young, S
Woods, Q Mo, P Lawson, M J McGill, M Vaughan,
J E Yorks, J R Pelon, G S Diskin, E J Jensen, D L
Hlavka, D M Winker, D W Fahey, C R Trepte, B
Gandrud, A Garnier, A W Rollins
1105h A42D-04 Tropical Tropopause Layer
Cloud Formation, Convection and Stratospheric
Dehydration: M R Schoeberl, A E Dessler, T
Wang, M A Avery, E J Jensen
1120h A42D-05 Variability and trends in UTLS
temperatures and water vapor: K H Rosenlof, B
Hassler, R R Neely III, S M Davis, D F Hurst
1135h A42D-06 Processes Controlling Water
Vapor in the UT/LS: Eight Years of Monthly
Observatory: C A M Brenninkmeijer, A Zahn, E
Christner, P J F van Velthoven, A Rauthe-Schoech,
A K Baker
1150h A42D-07 A case-study analysis of convectively
sourced water vapor plumes in the overworld
stratosphere over the continental U.S. observed in
situ during the SEAC4RS mission: J B Smith, M R
Sargent, D M Wilmouth, J G Anderson, K M Bedka,
R L Herman, J V Pittman, E J Jensen
1205h A42D-08 Is There Evidence of Convectively
Injected Water Vapor in the Lowermost
Stratosphere Over Boulder, Colorado?: D F Hurst,
K H Rosenlof, S M Davis, E G Hall, A F Jordan
Moscone West 3008
Toward Reducing Systematic Errors
in Weather and Climate Models:
Evaluation, Understanding, and
Improvement II
Presiding: Shaocheng Xie, Lawrence
Livermore Nat’’l Lab; Jui-Lin Li, JPL;
Brian Medeiros, NCAR/CGD; Fanglin
1020h A42E-01 Exploiting Satellite Observations in
the Development of Global Models: R Pincus
1035h A42E-02 Upper Air Temperature and
Circulation Climatologies from GPS Radio
Occultation Measurements for Climate Process
Studies and Model Evaluation: C O Ao, O P
Verkhoglyadova, A J Mannucci, S S Leroy
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:21 AM
1050h A42E-03 Climate Model Evaluation Using a
Satellite Simulator for TRMM PR: T Spangehl, M
Schroeder, A Bodas-Salcedo
1105h A42E-04 On the Nature of Cloud Property
Errors in Contemporary Gcms: A Hindcast
Approach: M D Zelinka, H Y Ma
1120h A42E-05 CAUSES: Clouds Above the United
States and Errors at the Surface: H Y Ma, S A Klein,
S Xie, Y Zhang, Y Zhang, C Morcrette, K Van
Weverberg, J Petch, M H Lo
1135h A43F-3344 Excessive Cold-tongue and Weak
ENSO Asymmetry: Are These Two Common Biases
in Climate Models Linked?: D Z Sun
1150h A42E-07 Implication of observed cloud
variability for parameterizations of microphysical
and radiative transfer processes in climate models:
D Huang, Y Liu
1205h A42E-08 Far-Infrared Surface Emissivity
Impacts on Climate and the Potential for a Positive
Feedback: D Feldman, W Collins, X Huang, X
Chen, V P Walden
Moscone West 2004
Analysis of Land Cover Change in
Response to Climate Variability and
Change Using Remote Sensing II (joint
with A, GC, H, NH)
Presiding: George Xian, ARTS/USGS
EROS; James Vogelmann, USGS EROS
Center; Thomas Loveland, USGS EROS
Data Ctr
1020h Welcoming Remarks:
1021h Introductory Remarks
1022h B42A-01 A New Global LAI Product and Its
Use for Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Estimation: J M
Chen, R Liu, W Ju, Y Liu
1038h B42A-02 Using Time Series of Landsat
Data to Improve Understanding of Short- and
Long-Term Changes to Vegetation Phenology
in Response to Climate Change: M A Friedl, E K
Melaas, D J Sulla-menashe, J M Gray
1054h B42A-03 Land Cover / Climate Interaction at
Global and Regional Scales: Y Xue
1110h B42A-04 Effects of Land Use and Climate on
Ecosystem Carbon Balance from a Recent National
Assessment: Z Zhu, S Liu, D M Bachelet, B M
Sleeter, S M Stackpoole, T J Hawbaker, T Larson,
B Reed
1124h B42A-05 Evaluating Current and Future
Rangeland Health in the Great Basin Ecoregion
Using NASA Earth Observing Systems: K Wilson,
J Ely, E Essoudry, N Patadia, B Zajic, J L TorresPerez, C Schmidt
1138h B42A-06 Characterization of the Regional
Distribution Patterns of Shrubland Ecosystems
from Responses to Climatic Controls using Multiscale Remote Sensing Data in the Western United
States : G Z Xian, C Homer, J E Vogelmann
1152h B42A-07 Spatio-temporal Trends in
Seasonal Vegetation Photosynthetic Activity Across
Uttarakhand Himalayas, 2000-2014: N B Mishra, G
1206h B42A-08 The Vegetation Greenness Trend
in the Arctic and Subarctic of North America from
Landsat Data Record: J Ju, J Masek, M Carroll
Moscone West 2005
Biogeochemical and Isotopic
Characterization and Modeling of
Biologically Mediated Processes
Across Scales II (joint with EP, H)
Presiding: Yiwei Cheng, Lawrence
Berkeley National Lab; Mark Conrad,
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab;
Christopher Hubbard, Lawrence
Berkeley National Lab; Nicholas
Bouskill, Lawrence Berkeley National
1020h B42B-01 Microbial Colonization of Earth’s
Subsurface: A Thermodynamically Consistent
Perspective: C M Bethke, R A Sanford, Q Jin, M
F Kirk
1050h B42B-02 Evidence of a dynamic microbial
community structure and predation through
combined microbiological and stable isotope
characterization: J L Druhan, M Bill, H C Lim, C
Wu, M E Conrad, K H Williams, D J DePaolo, E
1105h B42B-03 Compound-specific stable isotope
analysis of pesticides: a combined monitoring
and modeling approach to assess pesticide fate
and degradation at catchment scale: B M van
Breukelen, S Lutz, Y Van der Velde, O F Elsayed,
M LeFrancq, S Payraudeau, G Imfeld
1120h B42B-04 Coupling Isotopic Fractionation to
Multiple-Continuum Reactive Transport Models
of Biogeochemical Systems: E L Sonnenthal, C
1135h B42B-05 Beyond The Blueprint:
Development Of Genome-Informed Trait-Based
Models For Prediction Of Microbial Dynamics And
Biogeochemical Rates: E Brodie, E King, S Molins,
U Karaoz, J N Johnson, N Bouskill, L A Hug, B C
Thomas, C J Castelle, H R Beller, J F Banfield, C I
1120h B31G-0112 Constraining Soil C Loss
upon Thaw: Comparing Soils with and without
Permafrost: J W Harden, C L Ping, J A O’Donnell,
C D Koven, G J Michaelson, H Genet, X Xu
1135h B42D-06 Correlating Permafrost Organic
Matter Composition and Characteristics with
Methane Production Potentials in a First
Generation Thermokarst Lake and Its Underlying
Permafrost Near Fairbanks, Alaska, USA: J Heslop,
K M Walter Anthony, A Sepulveda-Jauregui, K C
1150h B42B-06 Scaling Soil Microbe-Water
Interactions from Pores to Ecosystems: S Manzoni,
G G Katul
1150h B42D-07 Understanding Carbon Storage in
Permafrost Peatlands: Examples from Thermokarst
Landscapes in Interior Alaska: M Jones, J W
Harden, J A O’Donnell, K Manies, T Jorgenson
1205h B42B-07 An Evaluation of Processes Critical
to Predicting the Carbon Sink of Natural Tropical
Forests in a Demographic Vegetation Model: R
G Knox, J A Holm, J Q Chambers, M Longo, P R
Moorcroft, N Higuchi, W J Riley, A O Manzi, C D
1205h B42D-08 Climate impacts on Canadian
subarctic peatland C accumulation and storage
potentially mediated by moisture, peatland
development, and fire: P Camill, C E Umbanhowar
Jr, C Adams, A Westervelt, D Lesser, A Hall, C
Hamley, A Bourakovsky
Moscone West 2002
Remote Sensing of Vegetation
Function and Traits III
Moscone West 3007
Presiding: Rasmus Houborg, King
Abdullah University of Science and
Technology (KAUST); Joshua Fisher,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Andrew
Skidmore, University of Twente
Glacier Monitoring from In Situ and
Remotely Sensed Observations II (joint
with A, GC, H, NH)
1020h B42C-01 The NDVI: Back to Basics: C M
Steele, A M Smith, D M Browning
1035h B42C-02 Site-level Evaluation of Remote
Sensing Based Terrestrial Gross Primary Production
from New MODIS fAPARchl Product: T Yao, Q
Zhang, A Lyapustin, Y Wang
B42C-03 Measuring
Reflectance for Gross Primary Productivity with a
Constellation of SmallSats: S Nag, C K Gatebe, T
Hilker, F G Hall, O L de Weck
1105h B42C-04 Towards Using Radar to Detect
Water Stress: Observations of an Agricultural
Maize Canopy from the SnowScat Scatterometer: S
C Steele-Dunne, C L Werner, A Wiesmann, T H
M van Emmerik, N Van De Giesen
1120h B42C-05 On Variability in Satellite Terrestrial
Relationships with Phenology and EcosystemAtmosphere Carbon Exchange, Vegetation
Structure, Clouds, and Sun-Satellite Geometry:
J Joiner, Y Yoshida, L Guanter, Y Zhang, A
P Vasilkov, K M Schaefer, K F Huemmrich, E
Middleton, P Koehler, M Jung, C J Tucker, A
Lyapustin, Y Wang, C Frankenberg, J A Berry, R D
Koster, R H Reichle, J E Lee, S R Kawa, G J Collatz,
G K Walker, C Van der Tol
1150h B42C-07 Improving the monitoring of
crop productivity using spaceborne solar-induced
fluorescence: K Guan, D B Lobell, J A Berry, J
Joiner, L Guanter, Y Zhang, B Grayson
1205h B42C-08 Calculations for chlorophyll
fluorescence incorporated into the Community
Land Model: J E Lee, J A Berry, C Van der Tol, L
Guanter, A Damm, I T Baker, C Frankenberg
Moscone West 2003
Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to
Climate Change III
(joint with C, GC)
Presiding: Christina Schaedel,
University of Florida; Anthony McGuire,
University of Alaska Fairbanks; David
Olefeldt, University of Alberta
1020h B42D-01 Reducing Uncertainty in Methane
Emission Estimates from Permafrost Environments:
T R Christensen, M Mastepanov, M Lund, M
P Tamstorf, F J W Parmentier, S RysgГҐrd, A J
1035h B42D-02 Changes in long term CH4
fluxes from the Alaskan North Slope based on
a sector analysis of Barrow CH4 mole fraction
measurements: C Sweeney, E J Dlugokencky,
S C Wofsy, A Karion, C E Miller, S J Dinardo, L
Bruhwiler, J B Miller
1050h B42D-03 The Influence of Thermokarst on
Potential Decomposability of Soil Organic Matter in
a Taiga and Tundra setting in NE Russia: N Weiss,
P Kuhry, G Hugelius
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 29
1105h B42D-04 Impact of hydrology and vegetation
community structure on CO2 and CH4 flux patterns
in a permafrost ecosystem in Northeast Siberia: M J
Kwon, M Goeckede, M Wildner, M Heimann, N
Zimov, S A Zimov
Presiding: Bruce Raup, University
of Colorado at Boulder; Richard
Armstrong, Univ Colorado; Michael
Zemp, University of Zurich; Tobias
Bolch, University of Zurich
1020h C42A-01 On the benefits of a multi-level
monitoring strategy, some examples of the recent
advances within the French GLACIOCLIM
observatory: A Rabatel
1050h C42A-02 The Response of Alpine Glaciers
in Western Canada to Early 21st Century Climate
Change: B Menounos, M J Beedle, S Lueders
1105h C42A-03 Spatially Distributing a GRACE
Mascon Solution Across Gulf of Alaska Glaciers: J
C Young, A A Arendt, S B Luthcke
1150h C42B-07 Antarctic surface temperature and
sea ice biases in coupled climate models linked with
cloud and land surface properties: D P Schneider,
D B Reusch
1205h C42B-08 Spatio-temporal Variability
of Arctic Sea Ice from Days to Decades: J S
Wettlaufer, S Agarwal
Moscone South 307
Scientist Engagement in Education
and Public Outreach: Sharing
Effective Tools, Resources, and Stories
of Success II (joint with P, PA, SH)
Presiding: Sanlyn Buxner, Planetary
Science Institute; Nicholas Gross,
Boston University; Brooke Hsu, Lunar
and Planetary Institute; M Alexandra
Matiella Novak, Johns Hopkins
University APL
1020h ED42A-01 The Ocean 180 Video Challenge:
An Innovative Broader Impacts Strategy for
Helping Scientists Share Discoveries and Connect
with Classrooms : R A Tankersley, M Watson, J
G Windsor, M Buckley, L Diederick
1035h ED42A-02 Hess Deep Interactive Lab:
Exploring the Structure and Formation of the
Oceanic Crust through Hands-On Models and
Online Tools: N Kurtz, N Marks, S K Cooper
1050h ED42A-03 Scientific Resource EXplorer: Z
Xing, A Wormuth, A Smith, J Arca, Y Lu, E Sayfi
1105h ED42A-04 Using Digital Globes to Explore
the Deep Sea and Advance Public Literacy in Earth
System Science: S E Beaulieu, A Brickley, M Emery,
A Spargo, K Patterson, K Joyce, T Silva, K Madin
1120h ED42A-05 Project HEAT: Temperature as
an Organizing Theme for Inquiry-Based Learning
in the Environmental Sciences: T P Albright, K L
Howard, J Ewing-Taylor
Watersheds through Digital Interactive Maps, San
Francisco Bay Area, California: J M Sowers, M G
Ticci, P Mulvey
1150h ED42A-07 GeoBus: bringing experiential
Earth science learning to secondary schools in the
UK: C J Pike, R A J Robinson, K A Roper
1120h C42A-04 Glacier Change at Suntar-Khayata
Mountains in North-East Siberia: T Ohata, H
Enomoto, T Kadota, A N Fedorov
1205h ED42A-08 Public Participation, Education,
and Engagement in Drought Planning: D J Bathke,
N Wall, T Haigh, K H Smith, T Bernadt
1135h C42A-05 A novel multispectral glacier
mapping method and its performance in Greenland:
M Citterio, R S Fausto, A P Ahlstrom, S B Andersen
Moscone South 102
1150h C42A-06 A Novel Remote Sensing Approach
for Determining 20th Century Multi-Decadal Glacial
Change Across the Antarctic Peninsula: P E Miller,
J P Mills, A J Fox, L E Clarke, M A King
Moscone West 3005
Polar Climate: Processes and
Predictability I
(joint with A, GC, OS)
Presiding: Cecilia Bitz, Univ of
Washington; Sarah Gille, UCSD; Marilyn
Raphael, UCLA; Ed Hawkins, University
of Reading
1020h C42B-01 Arctic Sea Ice Predictability and
Prediction on Seasonal-to-Decadal Timescales:
V Guemas, E Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, M
Chevallier, M DГ©quГ©, F Doblas-Reyes, N S Fuckar,
D Volpi, D Salas y MГ©lia
1035h C42B-02 Will sea ice thickness initialisation
improve Arctic seasonal-to-interannual forecast
skill?: J J Day, E Hawkins, S Tietsche
1050h C42B-03 CMIP5 Projections of 21st Century
Westerly Wind Changes over the Amundsen Sea,
West Antarctica: Long-Term Predictability and
the Role of Tropical Linkages: T Bracegirdle, J
Turner, J S Hosking, T Phillips
1105h C42B-04 Internal Variability Limits the
Predictability of a Summer Ice-Free Arctic: A Jahn,
M M Holland, J E Kay
1120h C42B-05 Multi-Model Comparison of
Southern Ocean and Sea Ice Trends in CORE-II
and CMIP5 Model: S M Downes, S M Griffies, R
Farneti, S J Marsland, P Uotila, A Hogg
1135h C42B-06 The causes of the interannual
variability of the Atlantic water inflow to the Arctic
Ocean: T Kawasaki, H Hasumi
Transformative Innovations in Earth,
Oceans, and Atmospheric Science
Education for Undergraduates
Supported by the NSF Educational
Funding Programs, and New Needs
and Directions II
Presiding: Jeffrey Ryan, University of
South Florida; Jill Singer, Buffalo State
1020h ED42B-01 GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues
(GETSI): Undergraduate curricular modules that
feature geodetic data applied to critical social topics:
B J Douglas, B Pratt-Sitaula, B Walker, M S Miller,
D Charlevoix
1035h ED42B-02 GETSI Project: Using geodetic
data to each about changes in ice mass and sea level
in introductory courses: L A Stearns, B Walker, B
1050h ED42B-03 Designing Geoscience Educational
Innovations That Propagate: P Lea
1105h ED42B-04 Google Earth Grand Tour
Themes: D G De Paor, S J Whitmeyer, C Bentley,
M M Dordevic
1120h ED42B-05 Transforming Spatial Reasoning
Skills in the Upper-Level Undergraduate Geoscience
Classroom Through Curricular Materials Informed
by Cognitive Science Research: C J Ormand, T F
Shipley, B L Dutrow, L B Goodwin, T A Hickson, B
Tikoff, K Atit, K M Gagnier, I Resnick
1135h ED42B-06 Observations of Undergraduate
Geoscience Instruction in the US: Measuring
Student Centered Teaching: R Teasdale, C
A Manduca, D A Mcconnell, J K Bartley, M Z
Bruckner, D Farthing, E A R Iverson, K M Viskupic
1150h ED42B-07 NAGT-GER: A Community
of Practice to Support the Emerging Field of
Geoscience Education Research: L Lukes, N LaDue,
K Cheek, K Ryker
11/28/2014 11:06:21 AM
Moscone West 2022-2024
Sharp Lecture (Virtual Session)
Presiding: Alan Howard, University of
Virginia Main Campus; Andrew Wilcox,
University of Montana; Noah Finnegan,
University of California Santa Cruz
1020h EP42A-01 Living Landscapes: Present and
Past Interactions Between Coastal Sediments and
Biota: G Mariotti
Moscone West 3024
Recent Advances in InSAR and GNSS
Techniques and Their Applications for
Crustal Deformation IV (joint with NG,
S, T, V)
Presiding: Manoochehr Shirzaei,
Arizona State University; David Bekaert,
University of Leeds; Andrew Hooper,
University of Leeds; Yuning Fu, Jet
Propulsion Laboratory
1020h G42A-01 Measurement of Subsidence
Across the Sacramento Delta: Applying InSAR to a
Coherence-challenged Area: C E Jones, P Sharma
1035h G42A-02 Global Tropospheric Noise Maps
for InSAR Observations: S H Yun, S Hensley, P S
Agram, M Chaubell, E J Fielding, L Pan
measurement of interseimic motion on the eastern
Tibet border: M P Doin, C Lasserre, P He, J de
1105h G42A-04 Finding Small Transient
Deformations in Noisy InSAR Time Series: H A
Zebker, J Chen
1120h G42A-05 Mobile Laser Scanning Geodesy: a
Complement to Space-based Methods: B A Brooks,
C L Glennie
1135h G42A-06 The Sentinel-1 Constellation – A
new era of operational InSAR: T J Wright, A J
Hooper, P Marinkovic, P J GonzГЎlez, R Walters, J R
Elliott, S K Ebmeier, Y Larsen
1150h G42A-07 Estimating time-dependent magma
source properties at the Long Valley caldera using
InSAR and GPS time series: B V Riel, M Simons,
P S Agram
1205h G42A-08 Separation of continuous GPS
transients using independent component analysis
and low rank methods: G Ely, T Herring
Moscone West 3010
ENSO: Precursors and Expected
Change II (Virtual Session) (joint with
A, OS)
Presiding: JinHo Yoon, Pacific Northwest
National Lab; Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang,
Utah State University; Sang-Wook Yeh,
Hanyang University
1020h GC42A-01 Untangling ENSO Precursors: K
Pegion, M A Alexander
1030h GC42A-02 Does Recent Change in Tropical
Pacific Forecast Skill Represent Variation in ENSO
Predictability or Precursors?: M Newman
1045h GC42A-03 Study on the precursor of frequent
occurrence of central Pacific El Nino: S W Yeh, X
Wang, C Wang, B Dewitte
1055h GC42A-04 Understanding ENSO precursors
from a Linear Inverse Modeling Perspective: A
Capotondi, P D Sardeshmukh
1105h GC42A-05 Optimal Initial Conditions and
Stochastic Forcing for Central and East Pacific
ENSO Events: D Vimont, M Newman, M A
1200h GC42A-09 Intensified ENSO-Driven
Precipitation Teleconnections in the Future : C
Bonfils, B D Santer, T J Phillips, K Marvel, L R
Leung, C Doutriaux
1210h GC42A-10 ENSO and its Precursor simulated
by UNICON with CESM1: S Park, J H Yoon
Moscone West 3001
Renewable Energy II (joint with A, H, OS)
Presiding: Elizabeth Weatherhead,
University of Colorado; Scott James,
Exponent, Inc.; Jessica Lundin,
Vaisala Inc.; Andrew Clifton, National
Renewable Energy Lab
1020h GC42B-01 Modulation of the Global Wind
Resource by the El-Nino: U B Gunturu, C M A
Yip, G L Stenchikov
1035h GC42B-02 Characterization of Ambient
Offshore Turbulence Intensity from Analysis of
Nine Offshore Meteorological Masts in Northern
Europe: D A Pollak, N G Nygaard, M M JimГ©mez,
R Wagner, A Sathe
1050h GC42B-03 Establishing a Long-term 30
Year Global Solar Resource at 10 km Resolution:
Preliminary Results From Test Processing and
Continuing Plans: P W Stackhouse, J C Mikovitz,
S J Cox, T Zhang, R Perez, J Schlemmer, M
Sengupta, K Knapp
1105h GC42B-04 Operational Solar Forecasting
System for DNI and GHI for Horizons Covering 5
Minutes to 72 Hours: C F Coimbra
1120h GC42B-05 Advances in Solar Power
Forecasting: S E Haupt, B Kosovic, S Drobot
Paleogeography of Supercontinents,
Terrane Tectonics, and Geodynamo
History I (joint with DI, T)
Presiding: David Evans, Yale Univ;
Randolph Enkin, Geological Survey of
Canada; John Geissman, University of
Texas at Dallas
1020h GP42A-01 The Importance of Age Control
in Defining Apparent Polar Wander Paths of Fast
Moving Plates: The Jurassic Case Study: G Muttoni
1035h GP42A-02 The Kiaman its Beginning and
End: N D Opdyke
1050h GP42A-03 Ted Irving and the Precambrian
continental drift of (within?) the Canadian Shield:
P F Hoffman
1105h GP42A-04 Iberian and Welsh Variscan
Oroclines: A record of Permian subduction within
the heart of Pangea and the case against a long-lived
stable Pangea A: S T Johnston
1120h GP42A-05 Ted Irving and the Arc of APW
Paths: D V Kent
1135h GP42A-06 Ted Irving’s early contributions
to paleomagnetism: H R Frankel
1150h GP42A-07 Origin of Siletzia, an Accreted
Large Igneous Province in the Cascadia Forearc,
and the Early History of the Yellowstone Hotspot:
R E Wells, D Bukry, R M Friedman, D G Pyle, R A
Duncan, P J Haeussler, J Wooden
1150h GC42B-07 Developing the Next-Generation
National Solar Radiation Data Base (NSRDB): M
Sengupta, A Habte, P Gotseff, A Lopez, A Weekley
1205h GC42B-08 Temporal Variability of Surface
Solar Irradiance as a Function of Satellite-retrieved
Cloud: L M Hinkelman, M Sengupta, A Habte
Moscone West 3003
The Third Pole Environment (TPE)
Under Global Changes II (joint with A,
C, H)
Presiding: Tandong Yao, Inst of Tibetan
Plateau Res; Bernd Wuennemann,
Nanjing University; Lonnie Thompson,
Ohio State University Main Campus;
Volker Mosbrugger, Senckenberg
1020h GC42C-01 Lake sediment records of Indian
summer monsoon variability during the Medieval
Climate Anomaly and Little Ice: Support for a
late Holocene pluvial event on the southeastern
Tibetan Plateau: B W Bird, P J Polissar, Y Lei,
L G Thompson, T Yao, B Finney, D Bain, D P
Pompeani, B A Steinman
1040h GC42C-02 A Circulation Index for the
Himalayan Mountain Arc: Reconciling Conflicting
Signals of Climate Change Along the Third Pole”: H
J Fowler, N D Forsythe, S Blenkinsop
Moscone West 3022
Advances in Process-based, Very High
Resolution Hydrological Modeling
Across Scales II
Presiding: David Gochis, National
Center for Atmospheric Research;
Marc Bierkens, Deltares; Hoori Ajami,
University of New South Wales; Mark
Wigmosta, Pacific Northwest National
1020h H42A-01 P C R - В­G L O B W B version 2.0: A
High Resolution Integrated Global Hydrology and
Water Resources Model: E Sutanudjaja, L P Van
Beek, N Drost, I E M de Graaf, K de Jong, M W
Straatsma, Y Wada, D Wisser, M F Bierkens
1035h H42A-02 Example Applications of A
Physically-Based 3D Surface-Subsurface Hydrologic
Model Over Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales:
E A Sudicky, Y J Park, H T Hwang, S Berg, S Frey
1050h H42A-03 A new look at regional groundwater
flow using a high-resolution integrated hydrologic
model of the Continental U.S: L E Condon, R M
Maxwell, S J Kollet
1100h GC42C-03 Spatial and Temporal Variations
of the Firn Line Altitudes in the Asian High
Mountains over the Past Decade: N Wang, Z Guo,
H Wu
1120h GC42C-04 The Sand Seas of northern China:
Important sinks and sources of global sediment
fluxes and their changing roles during different
climate conditions of Late Quaternary: X Yang
1120h H42A-05 Groundwater processes in high
resolution large-scale water cycle simulations: G
Miguez-Macho, Y Fan, B Gomez, A MartГ­nez de
la Torre
1140h GC42C-05 Erosion and Sediment Transport
Across Pronounced Topographic and Climatic
Gradients in the Himalayan Orogen: M R Strecker,
B Bookhagen
H42A-06 Generalized
Scale Hydrologic Model Parameter Estimates:
Application to a VIC model implementation for the
Contiguous United States (CONUS): N Mizukami,
M P Clark, B Nijssen, K M Sampson, A J Newman,
L E Samaniego
1200h GC42C-06 Late Quaternary Lake-Catchment
Processes in Hala Lake, Northern Tibetan Plateau,
and Their Effects on Lake Evolution: D Yan, B
Wuennemann, G Stauch, Y Zhang, C E, K Chen,
G Cao, J Wang
Advancing Hydrologic Predictions in
Snow- and Glacier-Fed River Systems I
(Virtual Session) (joint with C)
Presiding: Yuqiong Liu, University of
Maryland College Park; Martyn Clark,
NCAR; Regine Hock, University of Alaska
Fairbanks; Charles Luce, USDA Forest
1020h H42B-01 Understanding How Snowmelt
Manifests in Streamflow: R A Woods, W Berghuijs,
M Hrachowitz
1035h H42B-02 Differential Effects of Wildfire and
Forest Harvest on Snow Hydrology in the Oregon
Cascades: A W Nolin, K E Gleason, T Roth, M G
1050h H42B-03 Simulating the spatial distribution
of snow pack and snow melt runoff with different
snow melt algorithms in a physics based watershed
model: M L Follum, C W Downer, J D Niemann
1105h H42B-04 Integration of Snow Data from
Remote Sensing into Operational Streamflow
Forecasting in the Western United States: S Bender,
T H Painter, W P Miller, K Andreadis
1120h H42B-05 A Variational Ensemble Streamflow
Prediction Assessment Approach for Quantifying
Streamflow Forecast Skill Elasticity: A W Wood, T
M Hopson, A J Newman, L D Brekke, J R Arnold,
M P Clark
1135h H42B-06 Increases in River Runoff Projected
for High Mountain Asia’s River Basins during the
21st Century: W Immerzeel, A Lutz, F Pellicciotti,
S Ragettli, A B Shrestha, M F Bierkens
1150h H42B-07 Peak water from glaciers: advances
and challenges in a global perspective: M Huss, R
1205h H42B-08 Society – Cryospheric Reservoirs –
Society: G Kaser, B Marzeion
Moscone South 302
1105h H42A-04 Recent Developments and
Applications of the WRF-Hydro Modeling System
for Continental Scale Water Cycle Predictions: D J
Gochis, W Yu, A L Dugger, J L McCreight, D N
Yates, M P Clark, A W Wood, K M Sampson, R
1150h H42A-07 Are Equivalent Cross Sections the
answer to the computational woes of Distributed
Hydrologic Modelling? : A Sharma, U Khan, N K
Tuteja, H Ajami
1205h H42A-08 Development and Implementation
of the DTOPLATS-MP land surface model over the
Continental US at 30 meters: N Chaney, E F Wood
Critical Zone in the Anthropocence I
(joint with B, EP, GC, NG)
Presiding: Praveen Kumar, University
of Illinois; Thanos Papanicolaou,
University of Tennessee; Amilcare
Porporato, Duke Univ; Daniel Richter,
Duke University
1020h H42C-01 Irrigation and Fertilization Controls
on Critical Zone Carbon and Nitrogen cycles in
Harvested Ecosystems: A Parolari, G G Katul, A M
1035h H42C-02 In-stream nitrate responses
integrate human and climate systems in an
intensively managed landscape: A S Ward, C A
Davis, A J Burgin, T Loecke, D A Riveros-Iregui,
D J Schnoebelen, C L Just, S A Thomas, L J Weber,
M A St Clair, S Spak, K E Dalrymple, Y Li, K Prior
1050h H42C-03 Assessing the Impact of Landscape
Evolution on Carbon Dynamics: A Coupled
Physically-Based Modelling Approach: Y G
Dialynas, S Bastola, S A Billings, R L Bras
1105h H42C-04 Potential Carbon Transport:
Linking Soil Aggregate Stability and Sediment
Enrichment for Updating the Soil Active Layer
within Intensely Managed Landscapes: K Wacha,
T Papanicolaou, B K Abban, C G Wilson
1120h H42C-05 The Cascade of Non-Stationarity:
P Belmont, K Kumarasamy, S A Kelly, K R
Schaffrath, T J Beach
1135h H42C-06 Recent advances towards a theory
of catchment hydrologic transport: age-ranked
storage and the О©-functions: C J Harman
1150h H42C-07 Tracing suspended sediment
sources in the Upper Sangamon River Basin using
fingerprinting techniques: M Yu, B L Rhoads, C
Neal, A M Anders
1205h H42C-08 Understanding the Variations
in Flood Responses to Tropical-Storms and
Hurricanes: M Kumar, X Chen, B L McGlynn
Moscone West 3016
Cryptic Wetlands and Incognito
Streams: Connectivity of Headwaters
to Downstream Receiving Waters
and Impacts on Water Quality and
Ecological Functions II (joint with B)
Presiding: Heather Gall, Pennsylvania
State University Main Campus; Kelsey
Jencso, University of Montana; Heather
Golden, US EPA, ORD, NERL, EERD; Jud
Harvey, USGS
1145h GC42A-08 El Nino Since the Early-1990s
Climate Shift in the Pacific: J Y Yu, H Paek, C Qian
AGU2014News.indb 30
Moscone South 300
1205h GP42A-08 Reversal Asymmetry after the end
of the Cretaceous Superchron: J L Kirschvink, R
N Mitchell, C Thissen, V Pietrasz, M E Rioux, A
Montanari, R Coccioni, P D Ward, T D Raub, D A
Evans, S A Bowring
1130h GC42A-07 Towards Understanding El NiГ±o
Complexity and Change: F F Jin
Moscone West 3004
1135h GC42B-06 Improvements in SatelliteDerived Short-Term Insolation Forecasting:
Statistical Comparisons, Challenges for AdvectionBased Forecasts, and New Techniques: M A Rogers,
S D Miller, J M Haynes, A K Heidinger, S E Haupt,
M Sengupta
1120h GC42A-06 Ocean-atmosphere mechanisms
explaining the heat buildup leading to El NiГ±o
events: J Ballester Claramunt, S Bordoni, D
Petrova, X Rodo
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:21 AM
1020h H42D-01 What are the Ingredients of a
Scientifically and Policy-Relevant Hydrologic
Connectivity Metric?: G Ali, C English, G
McCullough, M Stainton
1035h H42D-02 Sensitivity of intermittent streams
to climate variations in the western United States: K
Eng, D Wolock, M D Dettinger
1050h H42D-03 Controls on Flow Permanence
in Temporary Rivers: A Framework of
Hydrogeomorphic Processes Across Space and
Time: K H Costigan, K L Jaeger, C W Goss, K M
Fritz, P C Goebel
1105h H42D-04 A Hydraulic Nexus between
Geographically Isolated Wetlands and Downstream
Water Bodies: D L Mclaughlin, D A Kaplan, M J
1120h H42D-05 Geographically Isolated Wetlands
of the Coterminous United States: C Lane, E
1135h H42D-06 After the deluge: Establishing rates
of geographically isolated wetland loss within the
prairie pothole region: J Serran, I F Creed
1150h H42D-07 Assessing the cumulative effect
of the weather variability on wetlands and the
hydrological connection between wetlands and
downstream waters: I Y Yeo, M W Lang, S Lee, G
Mccarty, Y Peng, C Huang
1050h IN42A-03 Near-Real Time SatelliteRetrieved Cloud and Surface Properties for
Weather and Aviation Safety Applications: P
Minnis, W Smith Jr, K M Bedka, L Nguyen, R
Palikonda, G Hong, Q Trepte, T Chee, B R Scarino,
D Spangenberg, S Sun-Mack, C Fleeger, J K Ayers,
F L Chang, P W Heck
1105h IN42A-04 The Morphological Composite
Product of Cloud Properties for Alaska: A J
Wimmers, A K Heidinger
1120h NH42A-05 New Patterns in High-Speed
Granular Flows, or How Supported Regimes
Could Explain Frictional Velocity-Weakening in
Landslides: R Delannay, N Brodu, A Valance, P
1120h IN42A-05 GOES-R Rapid Refresh Imagery
Advancements for the Earth and Space Weather
Enterprise: S J Goodman, T J Schmit, D T Lindsey,
W F Denig
1135h NH42A-06 A generalized method for
calibration of parameters in numerical models for
landslide runout prediction: J Cepeda, S Lacasse, F
1135h IN42A-06 Near Real Time Data for
Operational Space Weather Forecasting: T E Berger
1150h NH42A-07 Analyzing Shallow Landslides
and Rainfall Conditions in Taiwan: An Application
of the Soil Water Index: C W Chen, H Saito, T
1150h IN42A-07 Using Citizen Science and
Crowdsourcing via Aurorasaurus as a Near Real
Time Data Source for Space Weather Applications:
E MacDonald, M Heavner, M Hall, A Tapia, N
Lalone, J Clayon, N Case
1205h IN42A-08 Development and transition of
The Radiation, Interplanetary Shocks, and Coronal
Sources (RISCS) Toolset: G P Zank, J F Spann
1205h H42D-08 A Continuum of Connectivity:
Geographically Isolated Wetlands and the
Conservation of Landscape Functions: M J Cohen,
I F Creed, N B Basu, J W Jawitz, D L Mclaughlin,
M C Rains
Moscone South 301
Moscone West 3020
Presiding: Wenlu Zhu, University of
Maryland College Park; Jessica Warren,
Stanford University; Heather Savage,
Lamont-Doherty; Margaret Boettcher,
University of New Hampshire
Water, Energy, and Society in Urban
Systems I (joint with A, B, GC, SI)
Presiding: Claire Welty, Center for
Urban Environmental Research; Anne
Jefferson, Kent State University Kent
Campus; Darrel Jenerette, University
of California Riverside; Alfonso Mejia,
Pennsylvania State University Main
1020h H42E-01 Water-energy links in cities: the
urban metabolism of London: A Mijic, J Ruiz
Cazorla, J Keirstead
1035h H42E-02 Water Use in Los Angeles,
California: Consumption Patterns, Ecosystem
Response and Impact on Regional Water Budgets:
T S Hogue
1050h H42E-03 Adaptive Urban Stormwater
Management Using a Two-stage Stochastic
Optimization Model: F Hung, B F Hobbs, A E
1105h H42E-04 Catchment Dispersion Mechanisms
in an Urban Context: J A Gironas, A Mejia, F
Rossel, A Rinaldo, F Rodriguez
1120h H42E-05 The Hydromorphology of an
Urbanizing Watershed Using Multivariate
Elasticity: M Allaire, R M Vogel, C N Kroll
1135h H42E-06 Statistical complexity in the
hydrological information from urbanizing basins: T
Jovanovic, A Mejia, R Siddique, J A Gironas
Physical Properties of Earth Materials
(PPEM): Evolving Rock Structure II
(joint with T)
1020h MR42A-01 Friction experiments on Alpine
Fault DFDP core samples: Implications for slip style
on plate boundary faults: M Ikari, S TrГјtner, V G
Toy, B M Carpenter, A Kopf
1020h IN42A-01 Cloud-Hosted Real-time Data
Services for the Geosciences (CHORDS): M D
Daniels, S J Graves, F Vernon, B Kerkez, C V
Chandra, K Keiser, C Martin
1035h IN42A-02 Near Real Time Integration
of Satellite and Radar Data for Probabilistic
Nearcasting of Severe Weather: M J Pavolonis, J
Cintineo, J Sieglaff, D T Lindsey
Presiding: Louise Pellerin, Green
Geophysics; Kennedy Doro, University
of TГјbingen; Darcy McPhee, USGS
1020h NS42A-01 The Precambrian Singo Igneous
Complex (SIC), Uganda Revealed As a Mineralized
Nested Ring Complex Using High Resolution
Airborne Radiometric and Magnetic Data: E A
Atekwana, A LePera, M G Abdelsalam, A B
Katumwehe, M Achang
1035h NS42A-02 Potential for a significant deep
basin geothermal system in Tintic Valley, Utah: C
Hardwick, S Kirby
1105h MR42A-04 Creep Events and Shear
Localization in a Polyphase Material: Insight into
the Brittle-Ductile Transition: J E Reber, N W
Hayman, L L Lavier, S Jammes
1120h NS42A-05 Kalman Filters in Improving
the Signal to Noise Ratio of Full Tensor Gravity
Gradiometry Data: M Sepehrmanesh, D Ravat
1120h MR42A-05 Evolution of Strain Partitioning
during Creep of Carrara Marble: A Quintanilla
Terminel, J B Evans, D Mainprice, R Lebensohn
1135h MR42A-06 Cyclic loading experiments to
measure material response over a broad frequency
range: from tickling of rocks to squeezing of moons:
C McCarthy, Y Takei, R F Cooper, H M Savage
1150h MR42A-07 Influence of Mineral Fraction on
the Rheological Properties of Forsterite + Enstatite
during Grain Size Sensitive Creep: M Tasaka, T
Moscone South 309
Landslides and Gravitational Slope
Deformation: Case Studies and Their
Mechanism II
(joint with EP, H, S)
Presiding: Hiroshi Fukuoka, Niigata
University; Ning Lu, Colorado School
Mines; Federico Agliardi, University
of Milan - Bicocca; John Clague, Simon
Fraser University
1020h NH42A-01 Geomorphological mapping and
geotechnical testing of the March 22, 2014, SR530
landslide near Oso, Washington: B D Collins, M E
Reid, J W Vallance, R M Iverson, K M Schmidt
1035h NH42A-02 Challenges in Modeling DebrisFlow Initiation during the Exceptional September
2013 Northern Colorado Front Range Rainstorm:
R L Baum, J A Coe, J Godt, J W Kean
1050h NH42A-03 Spatial Coupling Among
Landslides, Geological Structures, Cataclinal Slopes,
and Fluvial Knick Zones in Nepal Himalayas : T P
Ojha, P G DeCelles
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 31
Advances in Exploration Geophysics
III (Virtual Session) (joint with GP, H, NH,
1105h NS42A-04 Recent Advancements in
Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry for Resource
Exploration: A Case study from West Africa Birmian Greenstone Belt: J Mataragio, J Brewster
Presiding: Gerald Bawden, US
Geological Survey; Kevin Murphy, NASA
Moscone West 3018
1050h MR42A-03 Can grain size sensitive creep
lubricate faults during earthquake propagation?: N
De Paola, R Holdsworth, C Viti, C Collettini, R J
Bullock, I Faoro
1205h H42E-08 Sustainability in urban water
resources management – some notes from the field:
W Shuster, A Garmestani, O O Green
Near-Real-Time Data for Earth Science
and Space Weather Applications II
(joint with A, G, NH, OS)
1050h NS42A-03 A New Self-Constrained Inversion
Method of Potential Fields Based on Probability
Tomography: S Sun, C Chen, H WANG, Q Wang
1205h MR42A-08 Reactive Melt Migration and
Channelization in Partially Molten Rocks: M Pec, D
L Kohlstedt, M E Zimmerman, B K Holtzman
Moscone West 2020
1205h NH42A-08 Feasibility Study on the Satellite
Rainfall Data for Prediction of Sediment- Related
Disaster by the Japanese Prediction Methodology: Y
Shimizu, T Ishizuka, N Osanai, T Okazumi
1035h MR42A-02 The Frictional Behavior of San
Andreas Fault Materials Formed by Carbonation
of Serpentinite: F Klein, D L Goldsby, J Lin, M
1150h H42E-07 Ecohydrology frameworks for
green infrastructure design and ecosystem service
provision: M Pavao-Zuckerman, A Knerl, G
1105h NH42A-04 A rate- and state-dependent
friction model to describe the seasonal motion of
slow-moving earthflows and quantify their potential
for catastrophic failure: A L Handwerger, A W
Rempel, J J Roering, G E Hilley, R M Skarbek
1135h NS42A-06 A 3D homogenous locator
for magnetic anomalous sources: algorithm
development and testing: X Zhou
NS42A-07 Three
Magnetization Vector Inversion for Magnetic Data:
S Liu, X Hu, Y Xi, Y Zhao
1205h NS42A-08 Magnetic evidence for lightning
strikes on mountains: a case study from Lesotho: S J
Webb, J Knight, S W Grab
Moscone West 3011
Ocean Mesoscale Processes II (joint
with A, B, NG)
Presiding: Ali Belmadani, University
of Concepcion; Ryo Furue, IPRC Univ
of Hawaii; Hidenori Aiki, JAMSTEC
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science
and Technology; Pedro VГ©lez-BelchГ­,
Spanish Institute of Oceanography
1020h OS42A-01 Rossby Rip Currents : D P
Marshall, B Vogel, X Zhai
1035h OS42A-02 Eddy-Mediated Transport of
Circumpolar Deep Water Across the Antarctic
Shelf Break: A Stewart, A F Thompson
1050h OS42A-03 On the role of mesoscale
eddies in ventilation of the Southern Ocean: I V
Kamenkovich, R L Pennel, Z D Garraffo, R A Fine
1105h OS42A-04 Water Mass Transformation
by Near-Surface Mesoscale Eddy Stirring: R P
1120h OS42A-05 Potential utility of threedimensional temperature and salinity fields
estimated from satellite altimetry and Argo
data for improving mesoscale reproducibility in
regional ocean modeling: R Kanki, Y Uchiyama, D
Miyazaki, A Takano, Y Miyazawa, H Yamazaki
1135h OS42A-06 Various Regimes of Instability
and Formation of Coastal Eddies Along the Shelf
Bathymetry: L Cimoli, G Roullet, A Stegner
1150h OS42A-07 Tracer Stirring Around a Meddy
: The Formation of Layering: T Meunier, C
Menesguen, R Schopp, S Le Gentil
1205h OS42A-08 The Energetics of Centrifugal
Instability: W K Dewar, Y Jiao
Moscone West 3009
The Atlantic Meridional Overturning
Circulation, Climate Variability, and
Change II (joint with A, GC, NG, PP)
Presiding: Alexey Fedorov, Yale Univ;
LuAnne Thompson, University of
Washington; Jerry McManus, Columbia
U. / LDEO; Eleanor Frajka-Williams,
National Oceanography Centre,
1020h OS42B-01 Assessing AMOC over the Last
40,000 Years from Seawater Density Gradients: J
1035h OS42B-02 Reconstructing Modes of the
Amoc Back to the Penultimate Glacial Maximum: J
A Lippold, E Böhm, M Gutjahr, M Frank, P Blaser,
B Antz, J Fohlmeister, N Frank, M B Andersen, M
1050h OS42B-03 North Atlantic Meridional
Overturning Circulation (AMOC) and Abrupt
Climate Change through the Last Glaciation: G
Henry III, J F McManus, W B Curry, L D Keigwin,
L Giosan
1105h OS42B-04 Carbon Cycle Variability Due to
the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: G
A McKinley, M Breeden
1120h OS42B-05 Recurrence of Winter Convection
in the Warming Labrador Sea and Associated
Variability Downstream: I Yashayaev, J W Loder,
M A Morales Maqueda
1135h OS42B-06 Characteristics of the Sinking
Branch of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning
Circulation in a Global Ocean Model - the Impacts
of Model Resolution: C A Katsman, E Burrillon, S
S Drijfhout, H A Dijkstra, M A Spall
1150h OS42B-07 The Role of the AMOC in
Forecast Cooling of the Atlantic Subpolar Gyre and
Its Associated Impacts: R Eade, L Hermanson, N
Robinson, N Dunstone, M Andrews, J Knight, A A
Scaife, D Smith
1205h OS42B-08 Revisiting the role of atmosphereocean coupling in North Atlantic variability and
predictability: L Zanna
Moscone West 2011
Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) at
Mars I
(joint with NH)
Presiding: Petrus Jenniskens, SETI
Institute; Diana Wooden, NASA
Ames Research Center; Apostolos
Christou, Armagh Observatory; Padma
Yanamandra-Fisher, Space Science
1020h P42A-01 Hubble Space Telescope View of
Comet C/Siding Spring during its Close Encounter
with Mars: J Y Li, N H Samarasinha, M S P Kelley,
T L Farnham, D Bodewits, M F A’Hearn, C M Lisse,
W A Delamere, M J Mutchler
1035h P42A-02 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
observation of Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring):
L Tamppari, R W Zurek, B A Cantor, W A
Delamere, A Egan, D C Humm, D M Kass, A S
McEwen, A McGovern, R J Phillips, M Restano, R
1050h P42A-03 Mars Express Observations During
Comet Siding Spring Mars Encounter: H Svedhem,
O G Witasse, J L Bertaux, J P Bibring, M Giuranna,
D A Gurnett, M Holmstrom, R Jaumann, F
Montmessin, D D Morgan, R Orosei
1105h P42A-04 BOPPS Observations of Oort Cloud
Comets Siding and PanSTARRS: A F Cheng, C
Hibbitts, E F Young, P N Bernasconi, K Tibor
1135h P42A-06 MAVEN remote sensing
observations of Comet Siding Spring and its effects
on Mars: N M Schneider, B M Jakosky
1150h P42A-07 MAVEN In Situ Measurements of
Siding Spring and its Effect on Mars: R V Yelle, B
M Jakosky
1205h P42A-08 Imaging of comet C/2013 A1
(Siding Spring) from the Martian surface: M T
Lemmon, J F Bell III, M C Malin, M J Wolff, J
Maki, J Lasue, S Le Mouelic
1219h 1-minute oral summaries of posters:
11/28/2014 11:06:21 AM
Moscone West 2009
Evolutions, Interactions, and Origins
of Outer Planet Satellites I
(Virtual Session)
Presiding: Amanda Hendrix, Planetary
Science Institute Tucson; Krishan
Khurana, University of California at Los
1020h P42B-01 Maintenance of Surface Current
Balance by Field-Aligned Thermoelectric Currents
at Astronomical Bodies: Cassini at Rhea: B D Teolis
1035h P42B-02 Cassini ENA Observations of an
Asymmetric Europa Torus with Indications of
Dynamics: P C Brandt, J H Westlake, D G Mitchell,
B Mauk, H T Smith
1050h P42B-03 The State of the Plasma Sheet and
Atmosphere at Europa: D E Shemansky, Y L
Yung, X Liu, J Yoshii, C J Hansen, A Hendrix, L W
1105h P42B-04 Helene: A Plastic Model: O M
Umurhan, J M Moore, A D Howard, P Schenk, O
L White
1120h P42B-05 Analysis of very-high-resolution
Galileo images of Europa: Implications for smallscale structure and surface evolution: E J Leonard,
R T Pappalardo, A Yin, L M Prockter, D A Patthoff
1135h P42B-06 Specular Reflections from Titan’s
Equatorial Region: Solving the Decade Old Mystery:
J D Hofgartner, D B Campbell, A Hayes, J I Lunine
1150h P42B-07 Rheology and Thermal State of
Titan’s Crust: Potential Role of Methane Clathrates:
D Basu Sarkar, M Elwood Madden
1205h P42B-08 Magnetospheric Interaction at
Jupiter’s Galilean Moons Io, Europa, Ganymede,
Callisto: Galileo in-Situ Measurements Compared
with Simulation Results: N Krupp, X Jia, E
Roussos, M Fraenz
Moscone West 2010
Multiproxy Records for Climatic and
Oceanic Reconstructions II (joint with A,
B, GC, OS)
Presiding: Kristine DeLong, Louisiana
State University; Grant Harley,
University of Southern Mississippi;
Emilie Dassie, Lamont Doherty Earth
Observatory; Jason Polk, Western
Kentucky University
1020h PP42A-01 Robust Patterns and Process
Insight from Multi-Site, Multi-Proxy, MultiRegion Holocene Paleohydrologic Reconstructions:
B N Shuman, M Serravezza, J Marsicek
1035h PP42A-02 A Multiproxy Approach
Reconstructions using Modern Isotopic and
Remotely Sensed Data: J Polk, V Hall, G Ouellette
Jr, J Durkee, X Fan
1050h PP42A-03 The Change in Black Sea Water
Composition and Hydrology during Deglaciation
from Multiproxy Reconstructions: A Yanchilina,
W B F Ryan, J F McManus
1105h PP42A-04 Linking North Atlantic Climate
Dynamics with Shell Growth and Geochemistry in
Northern Norway: M Mette, A D Wanamaker, M
Carroll, W Ambrose, M Retelle
1120h PP42A-05 How Do Test Size and Dissolution
Modify Stable Isotope Ratios and Mg/Ca in
Planktonic Foraminifer Tests? a Quantitative
Analysis: F Mekik
1135h PP42A-06 Comparisons of multiple isotope
systems in the aragonitic shells of cultured Arctica
islandica clams: Y W Liu, S Aciego, A D Wanamaker
Moscone West 2007
1150h PP42A-07 A Modern Sr/Ca-Оґ18O-Sea
Surface Temperature Calibration for Isopora Corals
in the Great Barrier Reef: L D Brenner, B K
Linsley, D C Potts
Mars Science Laboratory’s Prime
Mission: An Exploration of Fluvial
and Lacustrine Environments on Gale
Crater’s Plains I
(joint with EP)
1205h PP42A-08 Toward a New Assessment of
the Environmental Impacts of the Younger Toba
Super Eruption : P N Ranasinghage, L Giosan, M
Mohtadi, C Ponton, S Steinke, N Samarasinghe, J
E Johnson
Presiding: Ashwin Vasavada, Jet
Propulsion Laboratory; Michael Meyer,
Moscone West 2006
1020h P42C-01 Geologic Framework for Aeolis
Palus Bedrock, and Its Relationship to Mt. Sharp,
Mars: J P Grotzinger, D F Blake, J A Crisp, K S
Edgett, R Gellert, S Gupta, K W Lewis, P R Mahaffy,
M C Malin, H E Newsom, T J Parker, M S Rice, D
M Rubin, K L Siebach, K Stack, D Y Sumner, R C
Wiens, R M E Williams
Presiding: Ian Fairchild, Univ
Birmingham; Huiming Bao, Louisiana
State Univ.; Francis Macdonald,
Harvard University
1035h P42C-02 Making sense of martian sediments
at the Kimberley, Gale crater: S Gupta, D M Rubin,
M S Rice, K W Lewis, K Stack, D Y Sumner, J P
Grotzinger, R M E Williams, L A Edgar, K S Edgett,
L C Kah, J P Muller
1050h P42C-03 Overview of the composition
of sedimentary rocks along the Curiosity rover
traverse: N Mangold
1105h P42C-04 Mineralogy of Fluvio-Lacustrine
Sediments Investigated by Curiosity during the
Prime Mission: Implications for Diagenesis: E
B Rampe, R V Morris, D L Bish, D T Vaniman,
T Bristow, S Chipera, D F Blake, D W Ming, J
Farmer, S M Morrison, A H Treiman, C Achilles, J
Crisp, D J Des Marais, R T Downs, J M Morookian,
P Sarrazin, N Spanovich, A Yen
1120h P42C-05 Reconstructing Ancient Fluvial
Environments at the Balmville and Dingo Gap
Outcrops, Gale Crater, Mars: L A Edgar, D M
Rubin, J Schieber, S Gupta, R M E Williams, K
Stack, M S Rice, J P Grotzinger, K W Lewis, M C
Malin, D Y Sumner, J F Bell III, K S Edgett
1135h P42C-06 Curiosity in Situ Observations
at Kylie, a Preview of the Kimberley Drill Site
Geology: L A Edgar, R M E Williams, M S Rice,
K Stack, J P Grotzinger, S Gupta, D M Rubin, D Y
Sumner, K W Lewis, L Le Deit, R C Wiens
1150h P42C-07 Sandstone Diagenesis at Gale Crater,
Mars, As Observed By Curiosity: K L Siebach, J P
Grotzinger, S M McLennan, J Hurowitz, L C Kah,
K S Edgett, R M E Williams, R C Wiens, J Schieber
Neoproterozoic Glaciation:
Interrogation of Data and Models I
(joint with A, C, EP, P)
1020h PP42B-01 Flood Basalts and Neoproterozoic
Glaciation: G P Halverson, G M Cox, M
Kunzmann, J V Strauss, F A Macdonald
1035h PP42B-02 How cloud radiative forcing could
allow Snowball Earth deglaciation: D S Abbot
1050h PP42B-03 Did photosynthetic organisms
take refuge in ice shadows during Snowball
Earth events?: A J Campbell, S G Warren, E D
1105h PP42B-04 Orbitally Forced Climatic
Fluctuations in Snowball Earth: Compelling
Evidence from a Data-Model Study: D Benn, I
J Fairchild, G Le Hir, E Fleming, G Ramstein, C
Stevenson, Y Donnadieu, H Bao, M Hambrey, M S
Petronis, P Wynn
1120h PP42B-05 Developing an Age Model for
the Cryogenian: the South China perspective : D J
Condon, M Zhu, F A Macdonald, S Tapster
1135h PP42B-06 Making up for Lost Time:
Stratigraphic and Geochemical Implications of a
Long-Lived Sturtian Glaciation: F A Macdonald,
M D Schmitz, D J Condon, M Zhu, A D Rooney,
A D Brandon
1150h PP42B-07 Sea-level change following
the Marinoan Snowball Earth deglaciation: J R
Creveling, J X Mitrovica
1205h PP42B-08 Cryogenian Snowball Earth: a
25th anniversary assessment of models and data: P
F Hoffman
1205h P42C-08 Fluids and Sulfate Vein Formation
in Gale Crater, Mars: S P Schwenzer, J Bridges,
R J Leveille, F Westall, R C Wiens, N Mangold,
A McAdam, P G Conrad, J MartГ­n-Torres, M P
Moscone West 2008
The East Asian Monsoon and Its
Impact on Marginal Seas: Marine and
Terrestrial Records, Modeling, and
Observations I (joint with A, GC, OS)
Presiding: Richard Murray, Boston
Univ; Ryuji Tada, University of Tokyo;
Hongbo Zheng, Nanjing Normal
1020h PP42C-01 Evolution of the South-East
Monsoon System – An Investigation of the
Dynamical Controls on the Monsoon System Over
Geologic Time Scales: A Farnsworth, D J Lunt
1035h PP42C-02 Long-Term Evolution of the
East Asian Monsoon and Impact on Erosion and
Weathering Around the South China Sea: P D Clift
1050h PP42C-03 Evidence for at Least Two
Different Sources of Asian Dust to the Northwest
Pacific Ocean Since the Eocene: R Scudder, R W
Murray, H Zheng, R Tada
1120h PP42C-05 Comparison of the timings
between abrupt climate changes in Greenland,
Antarctica, China and Japan based on robust
correlation using Lake Suigetsu as a template: T
1135h PP42C-06 Inter-linkages of SE Asian, Indian
and Indonesian-Australian monsoonal subsystems
on orbital and suborbital timescales: A E Holbourn,
W Kuhnt, R Tada, R W Murray, C A Alvarez
Zarikian, S C Clemens
1150h PP42C-07 Latitudinal Expansion of the
Holocene Optimum in the East Asian Monsoon
Region: X Zhou, L Sun, T Zhan, W Huang, X
Zhou, Q Hao, X He, C Zhao, J Zhang, Y Qiao, J Ge,
P Yan, D Shao, Z Chu, W Yang
1205h PP42C-08 Mid-Miocene to Pleistocene
Radiolarian fossil record from IODP Expedition
346: Faunal response to the global climatic changes
and local/regional tectonics: T Itaki, I Motoyama,
S Kamikuri, R Tada, R W Murray, C A Alvarez
1020h S42B-01 Exploring the Differences Between
the European (SHARE) and the Reference Italian
Seismic Hazard Models: F Visini, C Meletti, V
D’Amico, A Rovida, M Stucchi
1035h S42B-02 Normal Mode Analysis of AmbientNoise Induced Free Oscillations of a Slender
Medieval Masonry Tower in Bologna (Italy): A
Morelli, R M Azzara, A Cavaliere, L Zaccarelli
1050h S42B-03 Ground Motion Uncertainty and
Variability (single-station sigma): Insights from
Euroseistest, Greece: O J Ktenidou, Z Roumelioti,
N A Abrahamson, F Cotton, K Pitilakis
1105h S42B-04 Rupture Directivity Effect on the
Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Maps in the Marmara
Region, Turkey: E Spagnuolo, A Akinci, A
Herrero, S Pucci
1135h S42B-06 Accounting for Epistemic
Uncertainty in PSHA: Logic Tree and Ensemble
Model: M Taroni, W Marzocchi, J Selva
1150h S42B-07 Probabilistic Seismic Hazard
Assessment In the Upper Rhine Graben, Eastern
France: T Chartier, C Clement, D Baumont, O
Scotti, S Baize
1205h S42B-08 Earthquake Hazard and Risk in New
Zealand: E V Apel, M Nyst, D D Fitzenz, G Molas
Moscone West 2016
Data Assimilation for Space Physics
and Aeronomy II (joint with SH, SM)
Presiding: W Kent Tobiska, Space
Environment Technologies; Tomoko
Matsuo, University of Colorado;
Humberto Godinez, Los Alamos
National Lab
1020h SA42A-01 Multimodel Ensemble Prediction
System (MEPS) for the Ionosphere-ThermosphereElectrodynamics System: R W Schunk, L
Scherliess, V Eccles, L C Gardner, J J Sojka, L Zhu,
X Pi, A J Mannucci, M Butala, B D Wilson, A
Komjathy, C Wang, G Rosen
1035h SA42A-02 Principles and Problems of
Data Assimilation for High-Latitude Ionospheric
Electrodynamics: A D Richmond, T Matsuo, E D
P Cousins, D J Knipp, G Lu, S Marsal
Moscone South 305
Imaging the Earth VIII Theoretical
Developments (joint with DI, T)
Presiding: Monica Maceira, Los Alamos
National Laboratory; Carene Larmat,
Los Alamos National Laboratory;
Andreas Fichtner, ETH Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology Zurich; Paula
Koelemeijer, University of Cambridge
1020h S42A-01 Wavelet-based multiscale adjoint
waveform-difference tomography using body and
surface waves: Y O Yuan, F J Simons, E Bozdag
1035h S42A-02 Accelerated Source-Encoding FullWaveform Inversion with Additional Constraints:
C Boehm, A Fichtner, M Ulbrich
1050h S42A-03 Green’s Functions for Surface
Waves in a Generic Velocity Structure: V C Tsai,
S Atiganyanun
1105h S42A-04 Accounting for propagation outside
of the model boundaries in regional full waveform
inversion based on adjoint methods: Y Masson, C
Pierre, B A Romanowicz, S W French, H Yuan
1120h S42A-05 A Nonparametric Approach to
Automated S-Wave Picking: C Rawles, C H
1135h S42A-06 Does Accuracy Matter? the Role of
Approximations in Geophysical Inverse Theory: A
P Valentine, J Trampert
1150h S42A-07 Direct ambient noise tomography
for 3-D near surface shear velocity structure:
methodology and applications: H Yao, H Fang, C
Li, Y Liu, H Zhang, R D van der Hilst, Y C Huang
1205h S42A-08 Numerical Resolution of Seismic
Wavefield Simulations in Southern California: C
Tape, E Casarotti
Moscone South 303
1050h SA42A-03 Combining Radiation Belt Models
with Multiple Satellite Observations to Reconstruct
the Dynamics of the Radiation Belts Using the
3D VERB Code: Y Shprits, A C Kellerman, D A
Kondrashov, T Podladchikova, A Drozdov
1105h SA42A-04 Estimating the Global Solar
Magnetic Field Distribution Using ADAPT: C N
Arge, C J Henney, W A Toussaint, H C Godinez,
K S Hickmann
Moscone West 2012
Solar Sources and Heliospheric
Consequences of Coronal Mass
Ejections in Solar Cycle 24 I (joint with
Presiding: Ying Liu, NSSC National
Space Science Center, CAS; NoГ© Lugaz,
University of New Hampshire; Benoit
Lavraud, IRAP/CNRS; Neel Savani,
Naval Research Laboratory
1020h SH42A-01 Multi-Viewpoint Observations of
X-Class Flares and Associate CMEs 2010-2014: R
R Fisher
1035h SH42A-02 Solar Sources of Coronal Mass
Ejections: Y Li
1050h SH42A-03 Solar Proton Events during
Solar Cycle 24: A Multi-Spacecraft Perspective: I G
1105h SH42A-04 Anisotropies of Solar Energetic
Electron Events Observed By Multiple Spacecraft:
N Dresing, R Gomez-Herrero, A Klassen, B Heber,
O Malandraki, W Droege, Y Kartavykh
1120h SH42A-05 Propagation and Evolution of
Interplanetary Magnetic Clouds: Global Simulations
and Comparisons with Observations: P Riley, M
Ben-Nun, J Linker, T Torok, R Lionello, C Downs
Seismology Contributions:
Earthquake Ground Motions and
Engineering Seismology III
Presiding: Victor Tsai, CaltechSeismological Lab; Carl Tape, University
of Alaska Fairbanks
1135h SH42A-06 ICME Shock Accelerated Seps
Transport in 3-D Heliospheric Magnetic Fields:
Simulations and Multi Spacecraft Observations in
Solar Cycle 24: G Qin, Y Wang
1150h SH42A-07 Open Issues on CME Propagation
in the Inner Heliosphere: A Vourlidas
AGU2014News.indb 32
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:21 AM
1205h SH42A-08 Radio emission during the
interaction between two coronal mass ejections in
the interplanetary medium: T Niembro, A Lara
Moscone West 2018
Theory and Observation of
Magnetic Reconnection in Complex
Heliospheric and Magnetospheric
Conditions II (joint with SH)
Presiding: William Matthaeus,
University of Delaware; John Dorelli,
NASA/GSFC; Michael Shay, University of
Delaware; Marc Swisdak, University of
1020h SM42A-01 Generation of Alfvenic Waves
and Turbulence in Magnetic Reconnection Jets: M
1038h SM42A-02 Current Sheet Formation,
Equilibria and Heating in the Closed Corona: A F
1056h SM42A-03 Magnetic reconnection in 3D
magnetosphere models: magnetic separators and
open flux production: A Glocer, J Dorelli, G Toth,
C M Komar, P Cassak
1114h SM42A-04 Magnetic Reconnection
and Intermittent Turbulence: K Osman, W H
Matthaeus, K H Kiyani, J T Gosling, S C Chapman,
B Hnat, A Greco, S Servidio, T D Phan, Y V
1132h SM42A-05 Observations of Plasma Waves
in the Colliding Jet Region of a 3D Magnetic Flux
Rope Flanked by Two Active Reconnection X
Lines at the Subsolar Magnetopause: M Oieroset,
D J Sundkvist, C C Chaston, T D Phan, F Mozer,
J P McFadden, V Angelopoulos, L Andersson, J P
1144h SM42A-06 Magnetic Island Dynamics and
Energy Dissipation in Multiple X-line Reconnection
: M Zhou, Y Pang, X Deng, S Huang, X Lai
1156h SM42A-07 Asymmetric Reconnection at
the Magnetopause Under the Presence of LowEnergy Ions of Magnetospheric Origin: S Toledo
Redondo, A Vaivads, M Andre, Y V Khotyaintsev
Reconnection in Partially Ionized Chromospheric
Plasmas: N A Murphy, V S Lukin, J C Raymond
Moscone South 304
Illuminating the Factors That
Determine Subduction Megathrust
Fault Slip Style II (joint with G, MR, NH, S)
Presiding: Ake Fagereng, University
of Cape Town; Matt Ikari, MARUM,
University of Bremen; Kohtaro Ujiie,
University of Tsukuba; Laura Wallace,
University of Texas at Austin
1020h T42A-01 Subduction zone structures and slip
behavior in megathrust: S Kodaira, A Nakanishi, Y
1035h T42A-02 A New Model for the Seismogenic
Behavior of Subducted Seamounts Based on MultiChannel Seismic Reflection and GPS Data Collected
in Central Ecuador: J Y Collot, E Sanclemente, A
Ribodetti, M Chlieh, P Jarrin, J M Nocquet
1050h T42A-03 Identification of subducting
plate structure within seismogenic zones and
relationships with seismicity: D Bassett, A B Watts
1105h T42A-04 Tectonic controls on earthquake
size distribution and seismicity rate: slab buoyancy
and slab bending: T Nishikawa, S Ide
1120h T42A-05 Upper Plate Geology Controls the
Rupture Area Segmentation of Subduction Zone
Earthquake - A Case Study of the Nankai Trough: G
Kimura, Y Hashimoto, Y Kitamura, A Yamaguchi,
M Hamahashi, H Koge, S Morita
1135h T42A-06 The Role of Fault Heterogeneity
on the Diversity of Slip Styles in Megathrust
Earthquakes: J P Ampuero
1150h T42A-07 Can clay minerals account for the
non-asperity on the subducting plate interface?: I
Katayama, T Kubo, H Sakuma, K Kawai
1205h T42A-08 Possible coseismic laminar and
non-laminar flow along subduction megathrusts: K
Ujiie, K Noguchi, T Saito, A Tsutsumi
Moscone South 306
Linking Plate Tectonics and Mantle
Convection to Wilson Cycles:
Constraints from the Geological
Record and Surface Processes II
(joint with DI, EP, S)
Presiding: Nicolas Flament, University
of Sydney; Thorsten Becker, USC;
Rebecca Flowers, Univ of Colorado,
Boulder; Zheng-xiang Li, Curtin
1020h T42B-01 Supercontinent Reconstructions as
of 2014: Advances and Challenges: D A Evans
1035h T42B-02 Supercontinent Breakup and the
Deep Earth: T H Torsvik
1050h T42B-03 Supercontinent Pangea, Mantle
Dynamics, and Reference Frame of Global Plate
Motions: S Zhong, M L Rudolph, X Liu
1105h T42B-04 The Dispersal of East Gondwana
from Continental Breakup to the Start of the
Cretaceous Quiet Zone: J K Davis, L A Lawver, I O
Norton, L Gahagan
1120h T42B-05 Mid-Continent Rift: Rift, LIP, or
Both?: C A Stein, S A Stein, J Kley, D Hindle, G R
Keller Jr
1135h T42B-06 Global Age Distribution of Detrital
Zircons, the Supercontinent Cycle, and Subduction
Flux Through Time: D C Bradley
1150h T42B-07 The Role of Subduction and Mantle
Plumes in the Supercontinent Cycle: P J Heron, J P
Lowman, C Stein
1205h T42B-08 Slab Rollback Instability and SuperContinent Dispersal: D Bercovici, M D Long
Moscone South 308
Magma Transport and Eruption at
Basaltic Volcanoes II (joint with DI, MR)
Presiding: Nicolas Villeneuve, Institut
de Physique du Globe de Paris; Marie
Edmonds, University of Cambridge;
Nicole Metrich, Institut de Physique
du Globe de Paris; Paul Okubo, U S
Geological Survey
1020h V42B-01 The temporality of anorthosites and
insights into Earth evolution: L D Ashwal
1035h V42B-02 Sink or Swim? the Role of
Intracrustal Differentiation in the Generation of
Compositional Diversity and Crustal Delamination
in the Archean: J A VanTongeren, C T Herzberg,
B Kaus, T E Johnson, M Brown
1050h V42B-03 Proterozoic Stability of the
Kaapvaal Craton from Titanite (U-Th)/
He Thermochronology and Strong Influence
of Radiation Damage on this Underutilized
Thermochronometer: J S Baughman, R M
Flowers, T Dhansay
1105h V42B-04 On the Viability of Slab Melting: J
Van Hunen, P Bouilhol, V Magni, B L Maunder
V42B-05 Relamination
Differentiation of Continental Crust: B R Hacker,
P B Kelemen, M D Behn
1135h V42B-06 Eu Anomalies Constrain Recycling
of Lower Continental Crust: M Tang, R L Rudnick,
W F McDonough, R M Gaschnig, Y Huang
1150h V42B-07 The State of Subduction in
Southern Peru: R W Clayton
1205h V42B-08 Mantle Discontinuities and the
Origins of the U.S. Cratonic Lithosphere: K M
Fischer, E Hopper
Moscone West 2016
Interhemispheric Differences in HighLatitude Geospace I (joint with SA)
Presiding: Karl Laundal, University of
Bergen; Matthias Foerster, Helmholtz
Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research
Centre for Geosciences; Stephen Milan,
University of Leicester
1120h SM42B-01 Global response of M-I coulping
revealed by AMPERE: C L Waters, B J Anderson,
H Korth
1135h SM42B-02 Hemispheric differences in solar
wind – magnetosphere interactions: J P Reistad,
N Ostgaard, K Laundal, K Snekvik, P Tenfjord, K
1020h V42A-01 Magma storage under Iceland’s
Eastern Volcanic Zone: J Maclennan, D Neave, M
E Hartley, M Edmonds, T Thordarson, D J Morgan
1150h SM42B-03 Radar Observations of
Morphology Associated with Magnetotail
Dynamics: A Grocott
1035h V42A-02 Untangling a crystal storm through
time: how do 500 diffusion stopwatches inform our
view of Eyjafjallajökull 2010?: M J Pankhurst, D J
Morgan, T Thordarson, S Loughlin
1205h SM42B-04 North-South Differences in the
Polar Ionosphere and Thermosphere: The Role of
Magnetic Field Asymmetry, Seasonality, and Solar
Activity: I Cnossen, M Foerster
1050h V42A-03 Caldera collapse unloading
volcanoes: the textbook case of Fernandina,
Galapagos: F Corbi, E Rivalta, V Pinel, F Maccaferri,
V Acocella
1105h V42A-04 Long- and Short-Term Magmatic
Behavior of Piton De La Fournaise Volcano
Inferred from Noise-Based Seismic Monitoring:
F Brenguier, D N Rivet, P Kowalski, E F Larose,
T Lecocq, J A Chaput, S Rambaud, N Shapiro, M
Campillo, P Roux, V Ferrazzini, N Villeneuve
1120h V42A-05 Kīlauea’s Upper East Rift Zone: A
Rift Zone in Name Only: D A Swanson, R S Fiske
1135h V42A-06 Measuring the speed of magma
ascent during explosive eruptions of Kilauea,
Hawaii: D J Ferguson, P Ruprecht, T A Plank, E
H Hauri, H M Gonnermann, B F Houghton, D A
1150h V42A-07 Constraints on the nature
and evolution of the magma plumbing system
beneath Mt. Etna (1991 – 2008) from a combined
thermodynamic and kinetic modelling of the
compositional record of minerals: M Kahl, S
Chakraborty, M Pompilio, F Costa Rodriguez
1205h V42A-08 Building the Crust through Melt
Intrusions, Askja, Iceland: T S Greenfield, R S
Moscone South 310
Moscone West 2002
Challenges in Redefining Global
Geological Heritage and World
Heritage (joint with ED, SI, T, V)
Moscone West 2004
Planning for the Second International
Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2) (joint
with A, B, OS, SI)
Moscone West 2006
Better Living through Collaboration:
Science Hack Day Town Hall (joint with
Moscone West 2008
Water Science: Building Research
Networks in China (joint with H)
The Making of a Continent II (joint with
DI, S, T)
Moscone West 2003
Presiding: Richard Carlson, Carnegie
Inst Washington; Grant Michael Bybee,
University of the Witwatersrand; Oliver
The Deep Carbon Observatory
DECADE Initiative: First Results from
the Volcanic CO2 Monitoring Network
and Campaign Studies (joint with A, DI,
T, V)
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 33
Jagoutz, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology; Stephen Parman, Brown
Moscone West 2005
International Soil Carbon Network:
Data and Collaboration in Support of
Carbon Cycle Science (joint with B)
Moscone West 2007
Ethical Challenges in the Geosciences
Moscone West 2009
Challenges of Complexity and
Complex Systems in Geophysics (joint
with A, GC, H, NG)
Moscone West 2009
Long-Term In Situ Data Networks
(Virtual Session)
Presiding: David Huggins, USDAARS; Philip Robertson, Michigan
State University; Brian Wee, National
Ecological Observatory Network;
Michael Cosh, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
1340h U43A-01 The Long-Term Agro-Ecosystem
Research (LTAR) Network: A New In-Situ Data
Network For Agriculture: M R Walbridge
1410h U43A-03 Long Term Eddy Covariance
Networks – When Collaboration Works: An
Example from Ameriflux, ICOS and Fluxnet: D
Papale, D D Baldocchi, H W Loescher, M S Torn
1425h U43A-04 Insights and Challenges to
Integrating Data from Diverse Ecological Networks:
D P C Peters
1440h U43A-05 Building Capacity for a Long-Term,
in-Situ, National-Scale Phenology Monitoring
Network: Successes, Challenges and Lessons
Learned: J F Weltzin, D M Browning
1455h U43A-06 The USDA-ARS Experimental
Watershed Network – Evolution and Lessons
Learned: D C Goodrich, P Heilman, M Nichols, S
M Moran, J L Steiner, J Sadler, M R Walbridge
1510h U43A-07 Interfacing with in-Situ Data
Networks during the Arctic Boreal Vulnerability
Experiment (ABoVE): M McInerney, P C Griffith,
D Duffy, E Hoy, J L Schnase, S Sinno, J H Thompson
1525h U43A-08 What A Long Strange Trip It’s
Been: Lessons Learned From NASA EOS, LTER,
NEON, CZO And On To The Future With
Sustainable Research Networks: M W Williams
Moscone South Poster Hall
Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Processes and Turbulence III Posters
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with B, H,
Presiding: Elie Bou-Zeid, Princeton
University; Pierre Gentine, Columbia
University; Marcelo Chamecki,
Pennsylvania State University
1340h A43A-3228 POSTER The characteristic
averaging time for the surface-layer fluxes: M Calaf,
V Iungo, H J Oldroyd, M G Giometto, M B Parlange
1340h A43A-3229 POSTER The Ergodic Structure
of Passive Scalar Turbulence Statistics within Dense
Canopies: K Ghannam, D Poggi, A M Porporato,
G G Katul
1340h A43A-3230 POSTER A mass-spring-damper
model for unsteady Ekman boundary layers: E BouZeid, M Momen
1340h A43A-3231 POSTER A Clustering Method
to Characterize Intermittent Bursts of Turbulence
and Submeso Motions Interaction in the Stable
Boundary Layer: N Vercauteren, R Klein
1340h A43A-3232 POSTER Turbulent flow over an
interactive alternating land-water surface: C Van
Heerwaarden, J P Mellado
1340h A43A-3233 POSTER A Large Eddy
Simulation to determine the effect of trees on wind
and turbulence over a suburban surface: P E Egli, M
G Giometto, T R Tooke, S Krayenhoff, A Christen,
M B Parlange
11/28/2014 11:06:22 AM
1340h A43A-3234 POSTER Land-atmosphere
interaction effect on convective available potential
energy during the initiation of moist convection: J
Yin, A M Porporato, J Rigby, J D Albertson
1340h A43A-3235 POSTER A One-dimensional
Stochastic Model of Turbulence within Plant
Canopies: M Chamecki, L Souza Freire
1340h A43A-3236 POSTER A velocity-dissipation
stochastic trajectory model for dispersal of
heavy particles inside canopies: T Duman, A
Trakhtenbrot, D Poggi, M Cassiani, G G Katul
1340h A43A-3237 POSTER The effect of Rossby
number on the characteristics of superstructures
and their impact on interscale energy exchange in
the atmospheric boundary layer: M A Khan, R Stoll
1340h A43A-3238 POSTER A Comparison of
Explicit Algebraic Turbulence Models and the
Energy-Flux Budget (EFB) Closure in Gabls: W M
Lazeroms, E Bazile, G Brethouwer, S Wallin, A V
Johansson, G Svensson
1340h A43A-3239 POSTER A New Diagnostic
Representing Diurnal Variations of the Boundary
Layer Wind Speed PDF and Clouds in CANAM4
SCM: Y He, N McFarlane, A H Monahan
1340h A43A-3240 POSTER Characterization of
Mesoscale Variability in WRF - a Coastal LowLevel Jet Case Study: K Tay, J K Lundquist, M
Skote, T Y Koh
1340h A43A-3241 POSTER Catastrophic Equatorial
Icing Caused the Air France 447 and Malaysian 370
Crashes: Risks of More Such Disasters Are Increased
By Global Warming: C H Gibson
1340h A43A-3242 POSTER Sensitivity of PBL
Schemes of WRF-ARW Model in Simulating
Mesoscale Atmospheric Flow-Field Parameters
over a Complex Terrain: S Madala, A N V
Satyanarayana, C V Srinivas, R Boadh
1340h A43A-3243 POSTER Large-eddy simulation
of street canyons and urban microclimate using
Uintah:MPMICE: A Nemati Hayati, R Stoll II, T
Harman, E Pardyjak
1340h A43A-3244 POSTER Numerical Study on
urban parameterization using a CFD model : H Lee,
J Kim
1340h A43A-3245 POSTER A Numerical Study
on Characteristics of Flow and Reactive Pollutant
Dispersion in Step‒up Street Canyons: E R Kim, J
1340h A43A-3246 POSTER Numerical Study on
Sensitivity of Pollutant Dispersion on Turbulent
Schmidt Number in a Street Canyon : J WANG, J
1340h A43A-3247 POSTER A Semi-Analytical
Model for Short Range Dispersion From Ground
Sources: E Gavze, E Fattal, R Reichman
1340h A43A-3248 POSTER Lagrangian-stochastic
modeling of pollutant dispersion in the urban
boundary layer over complex terrain, and its
comparison to Haifa 2009 tracer campaign: E
Fattal, E Gavze
1340h A43A-3249 POSTER Dispersion Simulations
Using Inline WRF-HYSPLIT for Atmospheric
Studies in Complex Terrain (ASCOT) Experiment:
F Ngan, A F Stein, R R Draxler
Moscone South Poster Hall
Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Processes and Turbulence IV Posters
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with B, H,
Presiding: Elie Bou-Zeid, Princeton
University; Pierre Gentine, Columbia
University; Marcelo Chamecki,
Pennsylvania State University
1340h A43B-3250 POSTER Finite-difference largeeddy simulations of atmospheric turbulence using a
Lagrangian scale-dependent sub-grid scale model: C
L Archer, S Xie, N Ghaisas
1340h A43B-3251 POSTER Improved estimation of
sensible heat flux by a LAS using a Bowen ratio at
urban residential area : M S Park, J H Chae
1340h A43B-3253 POSTER A numerical study of
atmospheric KГ rmГ n vortex shedding from Jeju
Island: J Ito, H Niino
1340h A43B-3254 POSTER Turbulence and
pollutant transport in urban street canyons under
stable stratification: a large-eddy simulation: X Li
1340h A43B-3255 POSTER Sensitivity of WRF
Model to Planetary Boundary Layer Schemes in
Different Climate Zones over India: P Gunwani,
M Mohan
AGU2014News.indb 34
1340h A43B-3256 POSTER LES of large wind farm
during a diurnal cycle: Analysis of Energy and Scalar
flux budgets: V Sharma, M Calaf, M B Parlange
1340h A43B-3257 POSTER Influence of the
turbulence and convection parameterization on
convective initiation in kilometer-scale simulations:
C Schär, S Böing, J Schmidli, O Fuhrer
1340h A43B-3258 POSTER Experimental Evaluation
of Flux Footprint Models: K Heidbach, H P E
Schmid, M Mauder
1340h A43B-3260 POSTER Reconciling Remote
and In-Situ Measurements of CH4 Dispersion in a
Convective Boundary Layer with Multi-Model CFD
Simulations: J Sauer, K R Costigan, J Canfield, T A
Rahn, M K Dubey
1340h A43B-3261 POSTER Towards Improved
Turbulence Model Parameterizations of the Stably
Stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layer: J Wilson,
S K Venayagamoorthy
1340h A43B-3262 POSTER Land- and sea-surface
impacts on local coastal breezes : D E Veron, C
Hughes, J Gilchrist, J Lodise, W Goldman
1340h A43B-3263 POSTER Comparison of Thorpe
and Ozmidov Length Scales from Direct Numerical
Simulations: L Wang, D C Fritts
1340h A43B-3264 POSTER Relating the Bulk
Richardson Number (RiB) to Monin-Obukhov
Stability (z/L): W Pendergrass, R White
1340h A43B-3265 POSTER Modeling METREX
Tracer Releases Using High-Resolution WRF
Meteorology: J D Hegarty, R R Draxler, T
1340h A43B-3266 POSTER Eddy covariance flux of
sulfur dioxide to the sea surface: Air-side resistance
to deposition of a highly soluble gas: J Porter, W J
De Bruyn, S D Miller, E S Saltzman
1340h A43B-3267 POSTER Study of near surface
layers in Coastal Texas and their correlation with
PBL heights using LIDAR during the NASA 2013
Discover AQ Campaign: V Caicedo, B L Lefer, A J
Scarino, C A Hostetler, A Wisthaler, J D W Barrick
1340h A43B-3268 POSTER Canopy wake
measurements using multiple scanning wind
LiDARs: C D Markfort, F Carbajo Fuertes, V
Iungo, H G Stefan, F Porte-Agel
1340h A43B-3269 POSTER Urban atmospheric
boundary layer height by aerosol lidar and
ceilometer: M H Choi, M S Park, S H Park
1340h A43B-3270 POSTER Measuring turbulent
gust impressions in a forested canopy: A Hiscox,
K Ertell
1340h A43B-3271 POSTER Two-component vector
wind fields by scanning aerosol lidar: S D Mayor, P
Derian, M Hamada, C F Mauzey
1340h A43B-3272 POSTER Development of a 266
nm Raman lidar for profiling atmospheric water
vapor : T Uesugi, T Tsuda, M Yabuki, Y Liu
Moscone South Poster Hall
Greenhouse Gas Measurements Using
Active Optical Remote Sensing II
Posters (joint with B)
Presiding: Edward Browell, NASA
Langley Research Ctr; James Abshire,
NASA Goddard Space Flight Ctr; Gerhard
Ehret, DLR; Chikao Nagasawa, Tokyo
Metropolitan Univ
1340h A43C-3273 POSTER Investigating the
constraint imposed by column averaged PBL CO2
data within an atmospheric inversion framework: A
E Schuh, S R Kawa, A S Denning, D F Baker, A K
1340h A43C-3274 POSTER On the Ability of
Ascends to Constrain Fossil Fuel, Ocean and High
Latitude Emissions: Flux Estimation Experiments: S
Crowell, S R Kawa, D Hammerling, B Moore III,
P J Rayner
1340h A43C-3275 POSTER Impacts Of Atmospheric
State On Differential Absorption Spectroscopy
Retrievals Of Column XCO2 Mixing Ratios: T
Pernini, T S Zaccheo, C Botos, E V Browell, J
Henderson, M D Obland
1340h A43C-3276 POSTER Surface and Column
Variations of CO2 using Weighting Functions for
Future Active Remote CO2 sensors and Data from
DISCOVER-AQ Field Campaign: M M Yang, Y
Choi, S A Kooi, E V Browell
1340h A43C-3277 POSTER Impact of Using
Assimilated Data for Evaluating Performance of
Active CO2 Optical Depth Measurements: S A
Kooi, B Lin, S Ismail, E V Browell, F W Harrison,
M M Yang, Y Choi, S R Kawa
1340h A43C-3278 POSTER Boundary Layer CO2
mixing ratio measurements by an airborne pulsed
IPDA lidar: A K Ramanathan, J Mao, J B Abshire,
G R Allan
1340h A43C-3279 POSTER Retrieval of Atmospheric
CO2 Concentration above Clouds and Cloud Top
Pressure from Airborne Lidar Measurements
during ASCENDS Science Campaigns: J Mao,
A K Ramanathan, M Rodriguez, G R Allan, W E
Hasselbrack, J B Abshire, H Riris, S R Kawa
1340h A43C-3280 POSTER Atmospheric Airborne
Pressure Measurements using the Oxygen A Band
for the ASCENDS Mission: H Riris, M Rodriguez
Instrumentation for the Detection of Atmospheric
CO2 Concentration using an Airborne IPDA LIDAR
for 2014 NASA ASCENDS Science Campaign: G R
Allan, H Riris, W E Hasselbrack, M Rodriguez, A K
Ramanathan, X Sun, J Mao, J B Abshire
1340h A43C-3282 POSTER The 2014 ASCENDS
Field Campaign - a Carbon Dioxide Laser
Absorption Spectrometer Perspective: G D Spiers,
R T Menzies, J C Jacob, S Geier, S F Fregoso
1340h A43C-3283 POSTER Atmospheric CO2
Column Measurements Under Clear and Cloudy
Conditions Using an Airborne Intensity-Modulated
Continuous-Wave Lidar: B Lin, S Ismail, F W
Harrison, A R Nehrir, E V Browell, T F Fan, S A
Kooi, J T Dobler, B Meadows, M D Obland
1340h A43C-3284 POSTER Column CO2
Continuous-Wave Lidar System During the
ASCENDS 2014 Summer Field Experiment: B
Meadows, A R Nehrir, B Lin, F W Harrison, J T
Dobler, S A Kooi, J F Campbell, M D Obland, E V
Browell, M M Yang
1340h A43C-3285 POSTER Advancements in
Algorithms for the Retrieval of CO2 Column
Amount and Path Length Using an IntensityModulated Continuous-Wave Lidar: F W
Harrison, B Lin, S Ismail, A R Nehrir, J T Dobler,
E V Browell, S A Kooi, J F Campbell, M D Obland,
M M Yang, B Meadows
1340h A43C-3286 POSTER Advanced IntensityModulation Continuous-Wave Lidar Techniques
for Column CO2 Measurements: J F Campbell,
B Lin, A R Nehrir, F W Harrison, M D Obland, S
Ismail, B Meadows, E V Browell
1340h A43C-3287 POSTER Signal to Noise Ratio
Estimation for a Space-borne Swept-Frequency
Intensity-Modulated CO2 Laser Absorption
Spectrometer: S Chen, B Lin, L B Petway, S Ismail,
J F Campbell, Y Bai, F W Harrison, T F Refaat, M D
Obland, B Meadows, E V Browell
1340h A43C-3288 POSTER Development of
Compact 1.6 Ојm DIAL System for Measurement
of Lower-Atmospheric CO2 Concentration
Distribution: C Nagasawa, Y Shibata, M Abo
1340h A43C-3289 POSTER Wavelength Scanning
Employing the Return to Zero Modulation
Technique to Retrieve Atmospheric CO2 Profiles:
J Burris Jr
Flamant, O Chimi-Chiadjeu, F Gibert, R Armante,
C D Crevoisier, C Pierangelo, J Chinaud, B Millet,
G Ehret
1340h A43C-3291 POSTER High Power and
Frequency-Agile Optical Parametric Oscillators for
Airborne DIAL Measurements of CH4 and H2O: A
R Nehrir, T Shuman, T Chuang, J W Hair, T F
Refaat, S Ismail, S A Kooi, A Notari
1340h A43C-3292 POSTER An Open-Path Tunable
Diode Laser Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement
of Methane And Carbon Dioxide: D M Bailey, E M
Adkins, E L Wilson, J H H Miller
1340h A43C-3295 POSTER Design of an
Autonomous Polarized Raman Lidar for Arctic
Observations: R A Stillwell, R R Neely III, M
O’Neill, J P Thayer, M M Hayman
1340h A43C-3296 POSTER A New Lidar Data
Processing Algorithm Including Full Uncertainty
Budget and Standardized Vertical Resolution for
use Within the NDACC and GRUAN Networks: T
Leblanc, A Haefele, R J Sica, A van Gijsel
1340h A43C-3297 POSTER Radiometric InterComparison between Ozone Mapping Profiler
Suite and Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment-2
on METOp-A/B: J Zeng, X Wu, R Lang, R Munro,
L E Flynn, M Grotenhuis, C T Beck, S Pan
Moscone South Poster Hall
Multimodel and Initial-Condition
Ensemble Simulations for Climate
Research III Posters (joint with C, GC, H,
Presiding: Clara Deser, NCAR; Jennifer
Kay, NCAR; Jin Huang, NOAA; Ben
Kirtman, University of Miami - RSMAS
1340h A43D-3298 POSTER Uncertainties of
Precipitation Simulated By the CMIP5 Models and
Its Sensitivity to Model Resolution: D Huang, J
Zhu, Y Zhang, H Song, A Huang
1340h A43D-3299 POSTER Comparison of Dryland
Climate Change in Observations and CMIP5: M Ji,
J Huang, Y Xie
1340h A43D-3300 POSTER The Amplification of
Australian Heatwave Characteristics in a Large
Single-Model Ensemble: S E Perkins, S C Lewis, A
D King, L V Alexander, E M Fischer
1340h A43D-3302 POSTER Dynamical Adjustment
of Surface Air Temperature Fields from Large
Initial-Condition Ensemble Simulations: Ensemble
Spread and Multi-Decadal Trend Attribution: B V
Smoliak, C Deser, A Phillips
1340h A43D-3303 POSTER Investigating Climate
Responses to Large Volcanic Eruptions in an
Ensemble of Climate Model Simulations: A M
Varuolo-Clarke, B Medeiros
1340h A43D-3304 POSTER Using the CESM1CAM5 Large Ensemble to study the predictability
of midlatitude atmospheric dynamics: L M Polvani,
A L Solomon
1340h A43D-3305 POSTER Evaluating Lossy
Data Compression on Climate Simulation Data
within a Large Ensemble: A H Baker, J Dennis, D
Hammerling, S A Mickelson, D W Nychka, H Xu
representations of regional climate change in the
CESM Large Ensemble: N C Johnson, S P Xie
1340h A43D-3307 POSTER Quantifying decisionrelevant climate uncertainties in climate model
ensembles across multiple spatial and temporal
scales: R L Sriver, C E Forest, K Keller
1340h A43D-3308 POSTER Global Weirding? –
Using Very Large Ensembles and Extreme Value
Theory to assess Changes in Extreme Weather
Events Today: F E L Otto, D Mitchell, S Sippel, M
Black, A J Dittus, L J Harrington, N H Mohd Saleh
1340h A43D-3309 POSTER Irreducible uncertainty
in regional near-term climate projections: R S
Smith, R Sutton, E Hawkins, D A Stainforth, J M
1340h A43D-3310 POSTER Simulation of PresentClimate Precipitation: Parameter Perturbations
and Internal Variability with the GFDL Model: L
Zamboni, J D Neelin, R L Jacob, M Zhao, I Held,
T L Moore
1340h A43D-3311 POSTER Trends In Secular Mean
State And Variance Changes In Ocean Carbon
Uptake In RCP8.5 Large Ensemble Experiments
With Two Earth System Models: S Schlunegger,
K B Rodgers, J L Sarmiento, T L Froelicher
1340h A43D-3313 POSTER Estimating the
anthropogenic sea surface temperature response
using pattern scaling: A Bichet, P J Kushner, L
Mudryk, L Terray, J C Fyfe
1340h A43D-3314 POSTER Estimation of Regional
Inter-Annual Variability in a 40-Member Ensemble
of the CCSM3 and Three Observation Grids
over QuГ©bec: D Gampe, B Gauvin St-Denis, D
Chaumont, R Ludwig
1340h A43D-3315 POSTER Timescales and
Magnitude of Internal Variability in Surface Ocean
pCO2: 1975-2036: D Pilcher, G A McKinley, K T
Lindsay, M C Long, N S Lovenduski
1340h A43D-3316 POSTER Water under a Changing
and Uncertain Climate: Lessons from Climate
Model Ensembles: B B Boehlert, S Solomon, K M
Moscone South Poster Hall
Multimodel and Initial-Condition
Ensemble Simulations for Climate
Research IV Posters (joint with C, GC, H,
Presiding: Clara Deser, NCAR; Jennifer
Kay, NCAR; Jin Huang, NOAA; Ben
Kirtman, University of Miami - RSMAS
1340h A43E-3319 POSTER Diagnostic Evaluation
of Nmme Precipitation and Temperature Forecasts
for the Continental United States: G S Karlovits, G
Villarini, A Bradley, G A Vecchi
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:22 AM
1340h A43E-3320 POSTER NMME Monthly /
Seasonal Forecasts for NASA SERVIR Applications
Science: F R Robertson, J B Roberts
1340h A43E-3321 POSTER Seasonal Predictions
of African Rainfall and Their Verifications: W M
1340h A43E-3322 POSTER Variations in the
Predictability of Extremes in Subseasonal MultiModel Ensemble Forecasts: D C Collins
1340h A43E-3324 POSTER Multi-Model Ensemble
Prediction during Central and Eastern Pacific El
NiГ±o Events: J Infanti, B P Kirtman
1340h A43E-3325 POSTER Increasing Foresight
and Forecast Quality with Skillful Low-Cost
Empirical Models: H Du, L A Smith, E Suckling, E
L Thompson
1340h A43E-3326 POSTER Interdecadal change of
interannual variability and predictability of two
types of ENSO using a MME method: H I Jeong, J
B Ahn, J Y Lee, A Alessandri, H Hendon
1340h A43E-3327 POSTER Coupled Modes over
Indian Ocean at Sub-seasonal time Scales and its
Prediction: E Jung, B P Kirtman
1340h A42E-06 POSTER Impact of Land
Initialization on Short-Term Forecast Skill During
Episodes of Wet and Dry Land-Atmosphere
Coupling: H J Song, C R Ferguson
1340h A43F-3345 POSTER Errors in the Simulated
Heat Budget of CGCMs in the Eastern Part of
the Tropical Oceans: J Hazel, M T Masarik, C R
Mechoso, R J Small, E N Curchitser
1340h A43F-3346 POSTER Key Signatures in the
Barotropic Vorticity Budget within Ocean Western
Boundary Currents : Understanding the Gulf
Stream Pathway: J A Schoonover, W K Dewar, N
Wienders, J Gula, J C McWilliams, M J Molemaker,
S C Bates, G Danabasoglu
1340h A43F-3347 POSTER The role of sunshine
absorption on rainfall increase: B Fildier, W Collins
1340h A43F-3348 POSTER WRF EMS model High
resolution simulations over river-urban area in
Amazonia: J Tota, K Lima, R D Silva, P F Kuhn
1340h A43F-3349 POSTER A Multi-Model Analysis
of the Cloud Phase Transition in 16 GCMs Using
Satellite Observations (CALIPSO/GPCP) and
Reanalysis Data (ECMWF/MERRA): G Cesana, D
E Waliser, X Jiang, J L F Li
1340h A43E-3328 POSTER Enhancement of
seasonal prediction of East Asian summer rainfall
related to the western tropical Pacific convection :
D Y Lee, J B Ahn, J H Yoo
1340h A43F-3350 POSTER Developing sub-domain
verification methods based on GIS tools: J A Smith,
T A Foley, J W Raby
1340h A43E-3329 POSTER Ensemble Forecasts
with Useful Skill-Spread Relationships for African
meningitis and Asia Streamflow Forecasting: T M
Moscone South Poster Hall
Moscone South Poster Hall
Toward Reducing Systematic Errors
in Weather and Climate Models:
Evaluation, Understanding, and
Improvement III Posters
Presiding: Shaocheng Xie, Lawrence
Livermore Nat’’l Lab; Jui-Lin Li, JPL;
Brian Medeiros, NCAR/CGD; Fanglin
1340h A43F-3330 POSTER Extended-Range
High-Resolution Dynamical Downscaling over
a Continental-Scale Domain: S Z Husain, L
Separovic, W Yu, D Fernig
1340h A43F-3331 POSTER Climate Change
Response of Ocean Net Primary Production
(NPP) and Export Production (EP) Regulated by
Stratification Increases in The CMIP5 models: W
Fu, J T Randerson, J K Moore
1340h A43F-3332 POSTER Statistical Downscaling
of Wintertime Temperatures over South Korea: S
Y Lee, K Y Kim
1340h A43F-3333 POSTER Nonparametric
Stochastic Model for Uncertainty Quantification
of Short-term Wind Speed Forecasts: A M ALShehhi, M Chaouch, T Ouarda
1340h A43F-3334 POSTER Climate Model Biases in
the Width of the Tropical Belt: N Davis, T Birner
1340h A43F-3335 POSTER Systematic Dependence
of Projected Future Changes in the Arctic Oscillation
on the Stratospheric Wave Activity Among HighTop CMIP5 Models: J H Kim, J W Kim, B M Kim,
S J Kim
1340h A43F-3337 POSTER Temperature and
Humidity Profiles in the “TqJoint” Data Group of
AIRS Version 6 Product for the Climate Model
Evaluation: F Ding, F Fang, T J Hearty III, M
Theobald, B Vollmer, C Lynnes
1340h A43F-3338 POSTER Simulated Climate
Sensitivity Uncertainty: Control Bias, Perturbed
Physics and the Tuning of Models: D Dommenget
Characterization of Spurious Gibbs Waves in 45
CMIP5 Models: K L Geil, X Zeng
1340h A43F-3340 POSTER The impact of the
observation nudging and nesting on the simulated
meteorology and ozone concentrations from WRFSMOKE-CMAQ during DISCOVER-AQ 2013
Texas campaign: Y Choi, X Li, B Czader
1340h A43F-3341 POSTER Impact of soil
parameter and physical process on reproducibility
of hydrological processes by land surface model
in semiarid grassland: S Miyazaki, K Yorozu, J
Asanuma, M Kondo, K Saito
Toward Reducing Systematic Errors
in Weather and Climate Models:
Evaluation, Understanding, and
Improvement IV Posters
Presiding: Shaocheng Xie, Lawrence
Livermore Nat’’l Lab; Jui-Lin Li, JPL;
Brian Medeiros, NCAR/CGD; Fanglin
1340h A43G-3351 POSTER Improvement of
Systematic Biases of Climate Forecast System (CFS)
Model through Revised Convection-Microphysics
and Superparameterization: P Mukhopadhyay, B
Goswami, A Santra, M Ganai, R P M Krishna, M
Mahakur, M Khairoutdinov, B N Goswami
1340h A43G-3352 POSTER Regional Wind Speed
Comparison of Climate Models, Era-Interim
Reanalysis and Observations: S T Gebremariam,
B Demoz
A43G-3354 POSTER
Evaluation of Simulated Land-Atmosphere
Coupling on the U.S. Southern Great Plains: T J
Phillips, S A Klein
1340h A43G-3355 POSTER On the Sensitivity of
the Diurnal Cycle in the Amazon to Convective
Intensity: K F Itterly, P C Taylor
1340h A43G-3356 POSTER Using Ensemble ShortTerm Initialized Coupled NASA GEOS5 Climate
Model Integrations to Study Convective Bias
Growth: F R Robertson, C Cohen
1340h A43G-3357 POSTER Assessment of Two
Planetary Boundary Layer Schemes (ACM2 and
YSU) within the Weather Research and Forecasting
(WRF) Model: J Wolff, M Harrold, M Xu
1340h A43G-3358 POSTER Examining the
Vertical Structure of Clouds Systems in CAM5
Using Simulated Cloudsat Radar Reflectivities
with Estimated Uncertainties from Precipitation
Distribution: Y Zhang, S A Klein, H Y Ma
1340h A43G-3359 POSTER Diagnosing cloud
occurrence biases in the AM3 using atmospheric
classification: S M Evans, R Marchand, T P
1340h A43G-3367 POSTER Evaluation of simulated
vertical aerosol profiles from global climate models:
S Park, R J Allen
1340h A43G-3368 POSTER Impacts of atmospheric
and oceanic resolution on the tropical Pacific
climatology simulated by GFDL’s new climate
models: A T Wittenberg, G A Vecchi, T L
Delworth, A Rosati, W Anderson, F J Zeng
1340h A43G-3369 POSTER Developing a 3D
Constrained Variational Analysis Method to
Calculate Large Scale Forcing Data and the
Applications: S Tang, M H Zhang
1340h A43G-3370 POSTER Evaluation of the UK
Met Office’s HadGEM3-RA and HadRM3P regional
climate models within South America-CORDEX
simulations: ENSO related interannual precipitation
variability: D Bozkurt, M Rojas
1340h A43G-3371 POSTER Evaluation of A
Convective Cloud Microphysics Scheme in CAM5
under the CAPT Framework: S Xie, H Y Ma, S A
Klein, X Song, G J Zhang
Moscone South Poster Hall
1340h A43G-3361 POSTER Evaluating the
Representation of Low Clouds in CAM5 Based on
ARM Observations from the Azores: X Zheng, S
A Klein, H Y Ma
1340h A43H-3377 POSTER The role of climateecosystem interactions on summer time ground
level ozone pollution in North America: S
Kavassalis, J G Murphy
1340h A43H-3378 POSTER Dimethyl Sulfide
Emissions from Dairies and Agriculture as a
Potential Contributor to Sulfate Aerosols in the
California Central Valley: E Lebel, J E Marrero, T
H Bertram, D R Blake
Breider, L J Mickley, D J Jacob, M Payer Sulprizio,
B Croft, D A Ridley, C Ge, Q Yang, C M Bitz, J
McConnell, S Sharma, H Skov, K Eleftheriadis
1340h A43H-3380 POSTER Measurements of
Volatile Organic Compounds (Including Dimethyl
Sulfide), Aerosol Particles, and CCN in the
Canadian Arctic: Preliminary Results from the
Summer 2014 NETCARE Expedition Aboard the
CCGS Amundsen: E L Mungall, J Abbatt, A Lee,
L Ladino Moreno
1340h A43H-3381 POSTER Compilation of Global
Surface Ozone Observations for Earth System
Model Trend Evaluation: E D Sofen, M J Evans
1340h A43H-3382 POSTER The Impact of Urban
Emissions on Chemistry and Climate over Central
Europe: P Huszar, T Halenka, M Belda
1340h A43H-3383 POSTER Modeling of LightningRelated Plumes into the Chemistry and Transport
GEOS-Chem Global Model: Impact on the Upper
Tropospheric Chemistry: A Gressent
Tropospheric Chemistry-Climate
Interactions I Posters
1340h A43H-3384 POSTER The Co-Benefits of
Global and Regional Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
on US Air Quality at Fine Resolution: Y Zhang, J
H Bowden, Z Adelman, V Naik, L W Horowitz, S
Smith, J J West
Presiding: Lee Murray, NASA Goddard
Institute for Space Studies; Christopher
Holmes, UC Irvine; Timothy Bertram,
University of California San Diego;
James West, Univ. of North Carolina
1340h A43H-3372 POSTER Global Air Quality and
Climate Impacts of Mitigating Short-lived Climate
Pollution in China: K Harper, N Unger, C Heyes,
G Kiesewetter, Z Klimont, W Schoepp, F Wagner
1340h A43H-3373 POSTER Direct observations of
Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound (BVOC) AirSea Exchange in the remote North Atlantic from
the High-Wind Gas-Exchange Study (HiWinGS):
M Kim, M X Yang, B Blomquist, B J Huebert, T
H Bertram
1340h A43H-3374 POSTER Variations in
hygroscopic growth of sub- and super-micron sea
spray aerosols during a phytoplankton bloom: S
Forestieri, T S Jayarathne, E A Stone, O Laskina,
V H Grassian, C Lee, C M Sultana, K Moore, G
Cornwell, G Novak, T H Bertram, K A Prather, C
D Cappa
1340h A43H-3375 POSTER Natural Aerosol
Feedback Effects During Extreme Weather Events
For North East U.S: M Astitha, E N Anagnostou,
J Yang, X Zhang
1340h A43H-3376 POSTER Global Air Quality
Predictions of Particulate Matter in the Middle East
and Sensitivity to Future Emissions Scenarios: E A
Couzo, C D Holmes, S Paltsev, A Alawad, N E Selin
1340h A43H-3385 POSTER Benchmarking Climate
Model Top-of-Atmosphere Radiance in the 9.6
Micron Ozone Band Compared to TES and IASI
Observations: H M Worden, K W Bowman, A J
Conley, J F Lamarque, D T Shindell, C Clerbaux, P
F Coheur, S Doniki
1340h A43H-3386 POSTER Biogenic Contributions
to Summertime Arctic Aerosol: Observations
of Aerosol Composition from the Netcare 2014
Aircraft Campaign: M D Willis, J Burkart, F
Koellner, J Schneider, H Bozem, P M Hoor, R
Brauner, A B Herber, W R Leaitch, J Abbatt
1340h A43H-3387 POSTER Interannual variabilities
in tropospheric constituents during 2000-2013
simulated in a chemistry-aerosol coupled climate
model: K Sudo, A Ito
1340h A43H-3388 POSTER Impact of Mixing State
on Anthropogenic Aerosol Radiative Forcing and
Associated Climate Response: A Avramov, H J
Shin, C Wang
Moscone South Poster Hall
Tropospheric Chemistry-Climate
Interactions II Posters
Presiding: Lee Murray, NASA Goddard
Institute for Space Studies; Christopher
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1340h A43G-3360 POSTER The Role of Shallow
Convection in Tropical Climate via Impacts of the
Model Spatial Resolution: H X Bui, C Chou
1340h A43G-3362 POSTER Basic Evaluation of
Beijing Normal University Earth System Model
(BNU-ESM) Version 1: D Ji, L Wang, J Feng, Q
Wu, H Cheng
1340h A43G-3363 POSTER Evaluation of Cloud
and Precipitation Parameterization Using a SingleColumn Model: A TWP-ICE Case Study: J Y Han,
S Y Kim, I J Choi, S Y Bae
1340h A43F-3342 POSTER Impacts of Gravity Wave
Drag Parameterizations on the Middle Atmosphere
in Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction
Systems-Global Model : H J Choi, E K Jin
1340h A43G-3364 POSTER Numerical Weather
Predictions Evaluation Using Spatial Verification
Methods: I Tegoulias, I Pytharoulis, S Kotsopoulos,
S Kartsios, D Bampzelis, T Karacostas
1340h A43F-3343 POSTER A Study on Future
Changes in Precipitation Associated with the Baiu
Front Using CMIP5 Simulations: C Yokoyama, Y
N Takayabu, S Kanada
1340h A43G-3365 POSTER A comparison of global
reanalyses to satellite observations: quantifying
errors in Cloud Fraction and TOA cloud radiative
forcings: E K Dolinar, X Dong, B Xi
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 35
1340h A43G-3366 POSTER Assessment of
NASA GISS Post-CMIP5 Single Column Model
Simulated Cloud Fraction, Liquid Water Path, and
Precipitation Using Ground-based and Satellite
Observations: L Zhang, X Dong, B Xi, A D
Kennedy, Z Li
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presentations to your itinerary.
11/28/2014 11:06:32 AM
Holmes, UC Irvine; Timothy Bertram,
University of California San Diego;
James West, Univ. of North Carolina
1340h A43I-3389 POSTER Analysis of the Evolution
of the Chemical Composition of the Atmosphere
over the Past Three Decades: Comparisons of
Chemistry-Climate Model Simulations with In-situ
and Remote Sensing Observations: C Granier, E H
T Doumbia, K Sindelarova, S Tilmes, A Hilboll, A
Richter, A Colette
1340h A43I-3390 POSTER Evaluating the
Contribution of Natural Variability and Climate
Model Response to Uncertainty in Projections of
Climate Change Impacts on U.S. Air Quality: F
Garcia Menendez, E Monier, N E Selin
1340h A43I-3391 POSTER Impact of the 2011
Southern US Drought on Ground-Level Particulate
Matters (PM) in Summertime and Implication for
Drought-Driven PM Response in Future Climate: Y
Xie, Y Wang, W Dong, Q Zhang, L Chai, L Zhang
1340h A43I-3392 POSTER Mitigation of hurricane
potential intensity by the Montreal Protocol: S J
Camargo, L M Polvani, R R Garcia
1340h A43I-3393 POSTER Effect of NOx emissions
from lightning on the production of aviationinduced ozone: A Khodayari, D B Phoenix, D J
1340h A43I-3394 POSTER Coupled Impact of
Changing Emissions and Meteorology on Air
Quality Inferred from Remote Sensing Observations
and Model Simulations: X Liu, L C Valin, S E
Pusede, R C Cohen
1340h A43I-3395 POSTER Continuous Underway
Seawater Measurements of Biogenic Volatile
Organic Compounds in the Western Atlantic
Ocean: M Zoerb, M Kim, T H Bertram
1340h A43I-3396 POSTER Sensitivity of Organic
Aerosols to Meteorological Variables over North
America: Interannual Variability as a Diagnostic for
Climate-Air Quality Interactions: T M Fu, W Kang,
A Zhang
1340h A43I-3397 POSTER Pre-industrial ethane
levels inferred from polar ice cores: K R Verhulst,
M Aydin, M R Nicewonger, E S Saltzman
1340h A43I-3399 POSTER Measurements of
peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) and NO2 at the South
Pacific Ocean: J Yeon, D Song, J S Lee, T S Rhee,
K Park, G Lee
1340h A43I-3400 POSTER Measurements of
CFC Isotope Changes in Firn, Stratospheric and
Tropospheric Air: S Allin, J Laube, E Witrant,
J Kaiser, E McKenna, P Dennis, R Mulvaney, E
Capron, P Martinerie, T Blunier, J Schwander, P J
Fraser, W T Sturges
1340h A43I-3402 POSTER Formation of
water-soluble dicarboxylic acids, oxoacids and
a-dicarbonyls by ozone oxidation of isoprene: K
Kawamura, E Tachibana, Y Sakamoto, J Hirokawa
1340h A43I-3403 POSTER Shifts in Atmospheric
Oxidation Capacity Following Natural and
Anthropogenic Climate Change: W Walters, G M
1340h A43I-3404 POSTER Sensitivity of Tropical
Tropospheric Composition and radiative forcing to
Lightning NOx Production and ENSO: D J Allen, C
E Liaskos, K E Pickering, J X Warner
1340h A43I-3405 POSTER Impact of Cosmic Rays on
Global Aerosol, Clouds and Climate: E M Dunne, H
Gordon, K S Carslaw, J Almeida, K Sengupta
Moscone West 3010
Improving Emissions Through
Observations VI (joint with B, GC)
Presiding: Gregory Frost, NOAA;
Monika Kopacz, NOAA; Ray Bambha,
Sandia National Labs; Hope Michelsen,
Sandia Natl Lab
1340h A43J-01 Reconciling Long-Term Trends in
Air Quality with Bottom-up Emission Inventories
for Los Angeles: B C Mcdonald, S W Kim, G J
Frost, R Harley, M Trainer
1355h A43J-02 Airborne Measurements of the
Atmospheric Emissions from a Fuel Ethanol
Refinery: J A De Gouw, S A McKeen, K C Aikin,
C A Brock, S S Brown, J Gilman, M Graus, T F
Hanisco, J S Holloway, B M Lerner, J Kaiser, F N
Keutsch, J Liao, M Z Markovic, A M Middlebrook,
K E Min, J A Neuman, J B Nowak, J Peischl, I B
Pollack, J M Roberts, T B Ryerson, M Trainer, P R
Veres, C Warneke, A Welti, G M Wolfe Jr
1410h A43J-03 Local and Regional Scale Impacts
of Arctic Shipping Emissions Off the Coast of
Northern Norway: L Marelle, J L Thomas, K Law,
J C Raut, J P Jalkanen, L Johansson, A Roiger, H
Schlager, J Kim, A Reiter, B Weinzierl, M Rose
AGU2014News.indb 36
1425h A43J-04 Biomass Burning: Major
Uncertainties, Advances, and Opportunities: R
J Yokelson, C Stockwell, P R Veres, L E Hatch,
K C Barsanti, X Liu, G Huey, T B Ryerson, J E
Dibb, A Wisthaler, M MГјller, M J Alvarado, S M
Kreidenweis, A L Robinson, O B Toon, J Peischl,
I B Pollack
1450h A43L-05 Observation of Dust Aging
Processes During Transport from Africa into
the Caribbean – A Lagrangian Case Study: B
Weinzierl, D N Sauer, A Walser, M Dollner,
O Reitebuch, S Gross, F Chouza, A Ansmann, C
Toledano, V Freudenthaler, K Kandler, A Schäfler,
R Baumann, I Tegen, B Heinold
1440h A43J-05 Assessing the Parameterization of
Nitric Oxide Emissions By Lightning in a Chemical
Transport Model with Nitric Acid Columns from
the IASI Satellite Instrument: M Cooper, R Martin,
C Wespes, P F Coheur, C Clerbaux, L T Murray
1505h A43L-06 Identifying African dust sources that
contribute to the seasonal cycles of dust transport
to the Caribbean Basin and South America: J M
Prospero, P A Ginoux, J Molinie
1455h A43J-06 Evaluating CMAQ Simulations of
Ammonia Sources, Formation and Impacts using
Surface, Aircraft, and Satellite Data: C R Lonsdale,
M J Alvarado, K E Cady-Pereira, J D Hegarty,
D K Henze, J B Nowak, J G Murphy, R Ellis, T C
VandenBoer, M Z Markovic
1510h A43J-07 Ammonia and methane emissions
from cattle and dairy feedlots in Colorado: L
Golston, D Pan, L G Stanton, L Tao, K Sun, M A
1525h A43J-08 Development and Evaluation of the
Biogenic Emissions Inventory System (BEIS) Model
v3.5: J O Bash, K R Baker, G Pouliot
Moscone West 3008
Intraseasonal to Interannual
Variability of the Asian Monsoon in a
Changing Climate III (cosponsored by
AMS) (joint with GC)
Presiding: Ajaya Mohan Ravindran,
New York University Abu Dhabi;
Simona Bordoni, California Institute of
Technology; Venkat Krishnamurthy,
George Mason University Fairfax
1340h Introductory Remarks
1355h A43K-01 Understanding South Asian
Monsoon Variability in a Changing Climate: H
Annamalai, V Prasanna, T Mohan
A43K-02 Synoptic-scale
disturbances: a review and recent progress: W R
1425h A43K-03 Extended Range Prediction
of Indian Summer Monsoon: Current status:
A K Sahai, S Abhilash, N Borah, S Joseph, R
Chattopadhyay, S S, M Rajeevan, R Mandal, A Dey
1440h A43K-04 The Impact of Agricultural
Irrigation on the South Asian Monsoon Variability
and Moisture Transport: S P McDermid, B Cook,
M J Puma, L Nazarenko
1455h A43K-05 Understanding the Dynamic and
Thermodynamic Causes of Historical Trends in
the Intraseasonal Variability of the South Asian
Summer Monsoon: D Singh, D E Horton, N S
1510h A43K-06 Intraseasonal variability of the
Indian Monsoon: A test bed to study dynamical
conditions and the transition from shallow to deep
convection: T Wang, S Wong, E J Fetzer
1525h A43K-07 Changes in the Indian Summer
Monsoon Synoptic Activity in a Warming Scenario:
S Sandeep, V Praveen, A M Ravindran
Moscone West 3001
Mineral Dust Aerosols: From
Small-Scale Insights to Large-Scale
Understanding III
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with B, EP,
Presiding: Jasper Kok, University of
California Los Angeles; Amato Evan,
Scripps Institute of Oceanography;
Kerstin Schepanski, Leibniz Institute
for Tropospheric Research; James King,
Indiana University Bloomington
1340h A43L-01 The southern Kalahari as a dust
source: Results from the field: G S Okin, N Webb,
A Bhattachan, K Dintwe, P D’Odorico
1400h A43L-02 Dust emission thresholds from
sodic playas with varying geochemistry and
environmental conditions: J M Nield, C McKenna
Neuman, P O’Brien
1520h A41F-3111 CALIPSO Measurements of
Saharan Dust Properties near Source and Transport
Regions: A H Omar, Z Liu, J L Tackett, M Vaughan,
C R Trepte, D M Winker
Moscone West 3006
1440h A43N-05 Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Ship
Tracks Using Terra MODIS/MISR: Y C Chen, M
Christensen, D J Diner, M J Garay, D L Nelson
1455h A43N-06 Aircraft- and ground-based
assessment of the CCN-AOD relationship and
implications on model analysis of ACI and
underlying aerosol processes: Y Shinozuka, A
D Clarke, A Nenes, T L Lathem, J Redemann, A
Jefferson, R Wood
1510h A43N-07 Simulating Feedbacks Between
Stratocumulus Cloud Dynamics, Microphysics and
Aerosols Over Large Scales: D P Grosvenor, P
Field, A A Hill, B J Shipway
1525h A43N-08 The Subtropical Cloud Transition:
From the Turbulence Scale to Global Climate: J
Processes Controlling Upper
Troposphere / Lower Stratosphere
Composition and Structure VI
Presiding: Ross Salawitch, University
of Maryland; Troy Thornberry,
NOAA ESRL; Neil Harris, University of
1340h A43M-01 Low Ozone and High Mixing
Ratios of Long-Lived Trace Gases in the Tropical
Tropopause Layer over the Western Pacific: E
J Hintsa, F L Moore, G S Dutton, B D Hall, A
Haugstad, A McClure-Begley, J D Nance, J W
Elkins, R S Gao, A W Rollins, T D Thornberry, L
A Watts, B C Daube, J V Pittman, S C Wofsy, T L
Campos, C R Homeyer, S Honomichl, L Pan, A J
1355h A43M-02 Model analysis of the tropospheric
ozone trend over Reunion Island from 1992 to
2011: J Liu, J M Rodriguez, A M Thompson, A R
Douglass, M A Olsen, S D Steenrod, J A Logan
1410h A43M-03 Examining the Oxidative Capacity
of the Troposphere in the Remote Tropical Western
Pacific Using Measurements from CONTRAST: J
M Nicely, D C Anderson, T P Canty, R J Salawitch,
G M Wolfe Jr, E C Apel, E L Atlas, N J Blake, J F
Bresch, T L Campos, S R Hall, T F Hanisco, C R
Homeyer, S Honomichl, R S Hornbrook, J B Jensen,
D E Kinnison, J F Lamarque, L Pan, D D Riemer, K
Ullmann, A J Weinheimer
1425h A43M-04 Modeling the Formation of
Tropical Rings of Atomic Bromine and Iodine:
A Saiz-Lopez, R Fernandez, R J Salawitch, D E
Kinnison, J F Lamarque, C OrdoГ±ez, J C Gomez
Martin, S Tilmes
1440h A43M-05 Organic Halogen and Related
Trace Gases in the Tropical Atmosphere: Results
from Recent Airborne Campaigns Over the Pacific:
E L Atlas, M A Navarro, V Donets, S Schauffler,
R Lueb, R Hendershot, S Gabbard, R S Hornbrook,
E C Apel, D D Riemer, L Pan, R J Salawitch, J M
Nicely, S A Montzka, B Miller, F L Moore, J W
Elkins, E J Hintsa, T L Campos, B Quack, X Zhu,
L Pope
1455h A43M-06 Bromine Chemistry in the Tropical
UTLS during the 2011, 2013 and 2014 ATTREX
Experiments: J Stutz, M Spolaor, J Festa, J Y Tsai, S
F Colosimo, R Cheung, B Werner, T Deutschmann,
L Scalone, R Raecke, U Tricoli, K Pfeilsticker, M A
Navarro, E L Atlas
1510h A43M-07 IO in the Lower Stratosphere
and Vertical Profiles over the Tropical Eastern
and Western Pacific: T K Koenig, R M Volkamer,
S Baidar, B K Dix, M J Evans, L Carpenter, T
Sherwen, D E Kinnison, J F Lamarque, A SaizLopez, E C Apel, R S Hornbrook, E L Atlas, L Pan,
R J Salawitch
Sherwen, L Carpenter, M J Evans, R M Volkamer,
B K Dix, A Saiz-Lopez
Moscone West Poster Hall
Atmosphere-Surface Exchangeable
Pollutants: Emissions, Environmental
Processing, Governance, and
Perturbations Related to Global
Change I Posters (joint with A, GC)
Presiding: Judith Perlinger, Michigan
Tech Univ; Shiliang Wu, Michigan Tech;
Daniel Obrist, Desert Research Institute
1340h B43A-0214 POSTER Understanding the
Impacts of Land Uses on the Source Apportionment
of Atmospheric Contamination By Polycyclic
Aromatic Hydrocarbons throughout a Small State
in the Northeast United States: L A Schifman, T
B Boving
1340h B43A-0215 POSTER Use of Passive Sampling
Methods to Understand Sources of Mercury and
Other Pollutants to High Elevation Sites in the
Western United States: J Huang, M S Gustin
1340h B43A-0216 POSTER From Source to Sink of
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Sediments in
the East China Seas: Z Guo, T Lin, L Hu
1340h B43A-0217 POSTER Polychlorinated
Biphenyl (PCB) Bioaccumulation in Fish: A Look
at Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: E C Sokol, N R
Urban, J A Perlinger, T Khan, C L Friedman
1340h B43A-0218 POSTER Impacts of Land Cover
Change on Biomass Burning Emissions of Mercury:
A Kumar, S Wu, Y Huang
1340h B43A-0219 POSTER Real-time measurements
of Hg0 and H2S at La Solfatara Crater (Campi
Flegrei, Southern Italy) and Mt. Amiata volcano
(Siena, Central Italy): a new geochemical approach
to estimate the distribution of air contaminants:
J Cabassi, S Calabrese, F Tassi, S Venturi, F
Capecchiacci, C Di Lonardo, W D’Alessandro, O
1340h B43A-0220 POSTER Assessing New
Dry Deposition Parameterization Schemes for
Incorporation into Global Atmospheric Transport
Models: T Khan, J A Perlinger, S Wu, C W Fairall
EMISSIONS: C L Friedman, N E Selin
1340h B43A-0222 POSTER Concentration and Gasparticle Partitioning of Atmospheric Polycyclic
Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Relation to Monsoons:
F C Ko, J O Cheng, C L Lee
Moscone West 3012
1340h B43A-0223 POSTER Degradation Pathways
for Geogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
in Soil Gases from the Solfatara Crater (Campi
Flegrei, Southern Italy): F Tassi, S Venturi, J
Cabassi, F Capecchiacci, B Nisi Sr, O Vaselli
Warm Boundary Layer Clouds and
Climate Change From the Cloud- to
the Global Scale II (cosponsored by
AMS) (joint with GC, OS)
1340h B43A-0224 POSTER Impacts of the Minamata
Convention for Mercury Emissions from Coal-fired
Power Generation in Asia: A Giang, L C Stokes, D
G Streets, E S Corbitt, N E Selin
Presiding: Jan Kazil, NOAA/CIRES; Armin
Sorooshian, University of Arizona
1340h B43A-0225 POSTER Effects of Climate
Change and Land Cover Change on Atmospheric
Mercury: H Zhang, S Wu
1415h A43L-03 Differences in Fine- Coarse Aerosol
Ratios in Convective and Non-Convective Dust
Events in a Desert City: T E Gill, N I Rivera Rivera,
D J Novlan
1340h A43N-01 What controls drizzle initiation?
Insights from a comparison of large-eddy
simulations with observations: M Witte, P Y
Chuang, L P Wang, O Ayala
1430h A43L-04 Measurements of Saharan Dust
from the Fennec Aircraft Campaign: Giant Particles,
Optical Properties and Effects of Transport: C L
Ryder, P Rosenberg, H Sodemann, E Highwood, J
B McQuaid, J H Marsham, R Washington
1355h A43N-02 Observed Trends in Subtropical
Stratocumulus and Associated Meteorology: S
Chellappan, J R Norris, T A Myers
1425h A43N-04 Regional Fast Cloud Feedback
Assessment As Constraint on Global Climate
Sensitivity: J Quaas, P Kuehne, K Block, M
1410h A43N-03 Satellite Retrieval of Marine
Stratocumulus Surface Coupling State and its Effect
on the Clouds Cellular Organization: T Goren, D
1340h B43A-0226 POSTER Physicochemical
Characterization of Lake Spray Aerosol Generated
from Great Lakes Water Samples: A P Ault, J L
Axson, N May, K Pratt
1340h B43A-0227 POSTER Accumulation of
policyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in surface
litter and soils in four forests in the United States: D
Obrist, J A Perlinger, B Zielinska
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:34 AM
Moscone West Poster Hall
Biogeochemistry of Arctic
Atmosphere, Terrestrial, Freshwater,
and Coastal Systems III Posters
(joint with C, GC, H)
Presiding: Kimberly Wickland, US
Geological Survey; Marion Bret-Harte,
University of Alaska Fairbanks; Maria
Tzortziou, CUNY City College
1340h B43B-0228 POSTER A Survey of Submerged
Aquatic Vegetation in Three Sub-arctic Lakes
near Abisko, Sweden: J Sampson, K Stilson, R K
Varner, P M Crill, M Wik, M Crawford
1340h B43B-0230 POSTER Changes in tundra
vascular plant biomass over thirty years at Imnavait
Creek, Alaska: M S Bret-Harte, E S Euskirchen, C
Edgar, D C Huebner, K Okano, C Tucker, H Genet,
P M Ray, G R Shaver
1340h B43B-0231 POSTER Distinct temperature
sensitivity among taiga and tundra shrubs in Alaska:
L Andreu-Hayles, K J Anchukaitis, R D’Arrigo
1340h B43B-0232 POSTER Long-Term Perspectives
of Shrub Expansions and Peat Initiation in Arctic
Tundra on the North Slope of Alaska: K Cleary, Z
1340h B43B-0233 POSTER The effect of freezing
and drying on leaching of DOM from above ground
vascular plant material from the Alaskan Arctic: M
S Khosh, J W McClelland
1340h B43B-0234 POSTER Pathways and
transformations of dissolved methane and dissolved
inorganic carbon in Arctic tundra soils: Evidence
from analysis of stable isotopes: H Throckmorton,
G Perkins, J D Muss, L J Smith, M E Conrad, M S
Torn, J M Heikoop, B D Newman, C J Wilson, S D
1340h B43B-0235 POSTER Characterizing dissolved
organic carbon concentrations and export in a
boreal forest-peatland landscape under the influence
of rapidly degrading discontinuous permafrost: J
Hanisch, R Connon, M Templeton, W L Quinton,
D Olefeldt, T R Moore, N T Roulet, O Sonnentag
1340h B43B-0236 POSTER Hydrology and
biogeochemistry of zero-order channels draining
arctic hillslopes: T Harms, S Godsey, E Longano, S
Ludwig, R R Risser, C R Rushlow
1340h B43B-0237 POSTER Connections Among
Terrestrial Sources of Organic and Inorganic
Carbon and Surface Waters in a Permafrostand Wildfire-Impacted Headwater Catchment,
Alaska: K Wickland, J C Koch, J T Crawford, M
Dornblaser, K Kelsey, R G Striegl
1340h B43B-0238 POSTER Utilising conservative
tracers and spatial surveys to identify controls on
pathways and DOC exports in an Arctic catchment:
J S Lessels, D Tetzlaff, K J Dinsmore, L E Street, J
Dean, I J Washbourne, M F Billett, R Baxter, J A
Subke, P A Wookey
1340h B43B-0239 POSTER Aquatic carbon and
GHG export from a permafrost catchment;
identifying source areas and primary flow paths: J
S Lessels, K J Dinsmore, M F Billett, L E Street, P
A Wookey, D Tetzlaff, R Baxter, J A Subke, J Dean,
I J Washbourne
1340h B43B-0240 POSTER Seasonal Variability of
Riverine Geochemistry (87Sr/86Sr, Оґ13CDIC, Оґ44/40Ca,
and major ions) in Permafrost Watersheds on the
North Slope of Alaska: G O Lehn, A D Jacobson, T
A Douglas, J W McClelland, M S Khosh, A J Barker
1340h B43B-0242 POSTER Arctic-COLORS
(Coastal Land Ocean Interactions in the Arctic) –
a NASA field campaign scoping study to examine
land-ocean interactions in the Arctic: P Hernes, M
Tzortziou, J Salisbury, A Mannino, P Matrai, M A
Friedrichs, C E Del Castillo
1340h B43B-0243 POSTER Factors Contributing to
High CH4 and CO2 Efflux Rates from Thermokarst
Lakes in the Rapidly Warming Hudson Bay Region:
A Matveev, W F Vincent, I Laurion
1340h B43B-0244 POSTER The Application of
Methane Clumped Isotope Measurements to
Determine the Source of Large Methane Seeps in
Alaskan Lakes: P M Douglas, D A Stolper, J M
Eiler, A L Sessions, K M Walter Anthony
1340h B43B-0245 POSTER Life Under the Ice:
Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Rates of Water
Column and Sediment Respiration in 5 Alaskan
Arctic Lakes: S Sadro, S MacIntyre
1340h B43B-0246 POSTER Carbon Release from
Melting Arctic Permafrost on the North Slope,
AK: 12CO2 and 13CO2 Concentrations and Fluxes,
and Their Relationship to Methane and Methane
Isotope Concentrations Measured in August 2013:
J B Munster, D S Sayres, C E Healy, E J Dumas, R
Dobosy, J Kochendorfer, M Heuer, T P Meyers, B
Baker, J G Anderson
1340h B43B-0247 POSTER Flux Chamber
Measurements of Methane Emissions and Stable
Isotope Composition from an Arctic Wetland
Using Field-Deployed Real-Time CRDS Vs Lab
Measurements: H A Thompson, J C Stern, H V
Graham, L M Pratt, J R White
1340h B43B-0248 POSTER Boundary layer O3
dynamics and deposition to tundra during a summer
in the Alaskan Arctic: B A Van Dam, D Helmig, P V
Doskey, S J Oltmans, P Boylan
1340h B43B-0249 POSTER Assessment of bubbleborne methane emissions in the East Siberian Arctic
Shelf via interpretation of sonar data: D Chernykh,
I Leifer, N E Shakhova, I P Semiletov
1340h B43B-0250 POSTER New atmospheric
methane observations in the Kara, Laptev, and East
Siberian Seas during SWERUS-C3: B F Thornton,
P M Crill, I P Semiletov
1340h B43B-0251 POSTER Methane concentrations
and oxidation in nearshore waters of the Lena River
Delta: S B Joye, V Samarkin, N E Shakhova, I P
Moscone West Poster Hall
Cryptic Cross-Linkages Among
Biogeochemical Cycles: Novel Insights
from the Perspective of Reactive
Intermediates II Posters (joint with OS)
Presiding: Scott Wankel, Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution; Colleen
Hansel, Woods Hole Oceanographic
1340h B43C-0252 POSTER NOx and ammonium
isotopic fingerprints of anammox in natural and
engineered systems: Implications for N isotope
budgets and the use of NOx isotopes to diagnose
process stability in wastewater treatment: M F
Lehmann, N Stöcklin, B Brunner, C H Frame, A
Joss, M Kipf, T Kuhn, P Wunderlin
1340h B43C-0253 POSTER Nitrite isotope dynamics
in coastal sediments: An intricate link between
nitrogen and oxygen cycling: C Charoenpong, C
Buchwald, W Ziebis, S D Wankel
1340h B43C-0254 POSTER Stable Isotope
Systematics of Abiotic Nitrite Reduction Coupled
with Anaerobic Iron Oxidation: The Role of
Reduced Clays and Fe-bearing Minerals: K C
Grabb, C Buchwald, C M Hansel, S D Wankel
1340h B43C-0255 POSTER Sulfur reactions and
cryptic cross-linkages to oxygen, iron, and carbon
cyclin: G Druschel, F C A Kafantaris, D A Fike, P
Schmitt-Kopplin, S Dvorski, H Oduro
B43C-0256 POSTER
mechanisms of extracellular electron transport in
sulfur and iron-oxidizing electrochemically active
bacteria isolated from marine sediments: A R
Rowe, L J Bird, B R Lam, K H Nealson
1340h B43C-0257 POSTER Sulfur Speciation in Peat:
a Time-zero Signature for the “ Spruce and Peatland
Responses Under Climate and Environmental
Change” Experiment: O Furman, B M Toner, S D
Sebestyen, R K Kolka, E A Nater
1340h B43C-0258 POSTER Reactivity of elemental
sulfur nanoparticles and their role on the formation
of sulfur intermediates: F C A Kafantaris, G
1340h B43C-0266 POSTER Understanding
the Development and Stabilization of Mn(III)
Intermediates during Microbial Manganese
Reduction: J E Johnson, P Savalia, B D Kocar, S M
Webb, K H Nealson, W W Fischer
Moscone West Poster Hall
Forests Under a Changing Climate:
Uncertainties, Carbon Management,
and Adaptation II Posters (joint with
Presiding: Kathy Kelsey, University of
Colorado; Nancy Cavallaro, USDA/NIFA;
Connie Millar, USDA Forest Service;
Christopher Swanston, USDA Forest
1340h B43D-0267 POSTER Simulating Carbon
Dynamics and Species Composition Under
Projected Changes in Climate in the Puget Sound,
Washington, USA: D Laflower, M D Hurteau
1340h B43D-0268 POSTER Science-based Forest
Management in an Era of Climate Change: C
Swanston, M Janowiak, L Brandt, P Butler, S
Handler, D Shannon
1340h B43D-0269 POSTER Modeling Forest
Composition and Carbon Dynamics Under
Projected Climate-Fire Interactions in the Sierra
Nevada, California: S Liang, M D Hurteau, A L
1340h B43D-0270 POSTER Uncertainty Analysis
for Southwest Forest Biomass and Carbon Stocks
Using Active and Passive Remote Sensing: Z Wu,
B Middleton, J Vogel, D G Dye
1340h B43D-0271 POSTER Assessing Soil Organic
Carbon Stocks in Fire-Affected Pinus Palustris
Forests: J R Butnor, K H Johnsen, J A Jackson, P H
Anderson, L J Samuelson, K Lorenz
1340h B43D-0274 POSTER Simulating Pacific
Northwest Forest Response to Climate Change:
How We Made Model Results Useful for
Vulnerability Assessments: J B Kim, B K Kerns, J
1340h B43D-0275 POSTER Carbon of Woody
Debris in Plateau-type Karst Evergreen and
Deciduous Broad-leaved Mixed Forest of Central
Guizhou Province: Y Wu, J Ni, L Liu, C Guo
1340h B43D-0276 POSTER Biomass of Secondary
Evergreen and Deciduous Broadleaved Mixed
Forest in Plateau-type Karst Terrain of Guizhou
Province, SW China: L Liu
1340h B43D-0277 POSTER Enhancing Tools and
Geospatial Data to Support Operational Forest
Management and Regional Forest Planning in the
Face of Climate Change: M J Falkowski, P Fekety,
A T Hudak, N Kayastha, L M Nagel
1340h B43D-0278 POSTER Uncertainties in forest
soil carbon and nitrogen estimates related to soil
sampling methods in the Delaware River Basin: B
Xu, A F Plante, A H Johnson, Y Pan
1340h B43C-0259 POSTER Geochemical Evidence
of Cryptic Sulfur Cycling in Salt Marsh Sediments:
J V Mills, G Antler, A V Turchyn
Appropriate Sampling Design for Estimating
Above-Ground Biomass in Bruneian Lowland
Mixed Dipterocarp Forest: S Lee, D Lee, K Abu
Salim, H M Yun, S Han, W K Lee, S J Davies, Y Son
1340h B43C-0260 POSTER Shifts in Microbial
Community Structure with Changes in Cathodic
Potential in Marine Sediment Microcosms : B R
Lam, A R Rowe, K H Nealson
1340h B43D-0280 POSTER User-relevant Climate
Data for Climate Impact Assessment: The
Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts
Downscaled Climate Data: D Vimont, D J Lorenz
1340h B43C-0261 POSTER Occurrence, pathways
and implications of biological production of reactive
oxygen species in natural waters: T Zhang, C M
Hansel, B M Voelker, C H Lamborg
1340h B43D-0281 POSTER An inventory-based
approach for estimating the managed China’s forest
biomass carbon stock: M Huang, G Yu, X Yue, J
1340h B43C-0262 POSTER Temperature and Light
Effects on Extracellular Superoxide Production
by Algal and Bacterial Symbionts in Corals:
Implications for Coral Bleaching: C Brighi, J M
Diaz, A Apprill, C M Hansel
1340h B43D-0282 POSTER Estimates of carbon
allocation to ectomycorrhizal fungi in a temperate
forest: S J Tumber-Davila, A Ouimette
1340h B43C-0263 POSTER Hydrogen Peroxide
Cycling in Acidic Geothermal Environments and
Potential Implications for Oxidative Stress: M
Mesle, J Beam, Z Jay, B Bodle, E Bogenschutz, W
1340h B43C-0264 POSTER Dynamics of Superoxide
Production and Decay in Natural Trichodesmium
Colonies from the Sargasso Sea: Implications for
Cell Signaling: C M Hansel, C Buchwald, J M Diaz,
S Dyhrman, B A S Van Mooy
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 37
1340h B43C-0265 POSTER Role of Reactive
Intermediates in Manganese Oxide Formation By
Filamentous Ascomycete Fungi: C A Zeiner, C
Anderton, S Wu, S Purvine, E Zink, L Paša-Tolić,
C M Santelli, C M Hansel
1340h B43D-0283 POSTER Bayesian state-space
model estimation of canopy height with nextgeneration space-borne LiDAR: B Wallin, O
Makhnin, U C Herzfeld
1340h B43D-0284 POSTER PDF Weaving - Linking
Inventory Data and Monte Carlo Uncertainty
Analysis in the Study of how Disturbance Affects
Forest Carbon Storage: S P Healey, P Patterson, C
1340h B43D-0285 POSTER Uncertainty in
accounting for carbon accumulation following
forest harvesting: P Lilly, R D Yanai, M A Arthur,
K Bae, S Hamburg, C R Levine, M A Vadeboncoeur
Moscone West Poster Hall
Land-Use and Land-Cover Change:
Detecting, Modeling, and Its
Effects on Water, Energy, and
Biogeochemical Dynamics at Various
Temporal and Spatial Scales II Posters
(joint with GC)
Presiding: Xiaoliang Lu, Marine
biological lab; Yaling Liu, Purdue Univ;
Qing Zhu, Lawrence Berkeley National
1340h B43E-0286 POSTER Mapping Urban
Expansion Across North America Using MultiTemporal Landsat and Nighttime Lights Data: C
Milesi, C Small, U Kumar, K Raja, A Michaelis, G
Zhang, S Ganguly, P Votava, W Wang, F S Melton,
J L Dungan, S E Alexander, R R Nemani
1340h B43E-0287 POSTER Application of Object
Based Image Analysis (OBIA) in detecting and
quantifying forest loss caused by artisanal gold
mining activities in Upper Mazaruni River Basin,
Guyana: B S Mengisteab, L Blesius, L Hennessy
ASSESSMENTS – 2001 TO 2011: C E Soulard, W
Acevedo, K L Sayler, J L Taylor
1340h B43E-0289 POSTER Preliminary Analysis
of Historical Water Quality in the Tidal Christina
River, Delaware: M Christie, R Martin, J E Pizzuto
1340h B43E-0290 POSTER Land-use impacts on
water resources and protected areas: applications of
state-and-transition simulation modeling of future
scenarios: T S Wilson, B M Sleeter, J Sherba, D
1340h B43E-0291 POSTER Integrating Ecology
and Watershed Processes: Historical Rangeland
Change as a Driver of Sediment Yield and Impacts
on Reservoir Storage: M Berg, B P Wilcox, F
Marcantonio, S C Popescu
1340h B43E-0292 POSTER Modeling and mapping
regional land use/land cover change in South
Central Texas: T Ranatunga, D Messen
1340h B43E-0293 POSTER Spatial relationship
with the grazing pressure and alpine grassland
degradation base on the GPS tracing experiment: a
case study in the source region of Yellow River: L
Liu, Y Zhang
1340h B43E-0294 POSTER A biogeochemical and
isotopic view of Nitrogen and Carbon in rivers
of the Alto ParaГ­ba do Sul basin, SГЈo Paulo State,
Brazil: E D C Ravagnani, L D Coletta, S R M
Lins, J Antonio, E A Mazzi, A L M Rossete, T M B
Andrade, L A Martinelli
Moscone West Poster Hall
Mercury Pollution and Environmental
Change I Posters (joint with A, GC, SI)
Presiding: Michael Bank, University of
Massachusetts; James Shanley, USGS;
Heather Golden, US EPA, ORD, NERL,
1340h B43F-0295 POSTER Comparison of Mercury
Measurement Methods Using Two Active Filter
Measurement Methods and a Tekran Speciation
Unit: A Pierce, M S Gustin, J Huang, K Heidecorn
1340h B43F-0296 POSTER Comparison of the
Chemical Composition of Gaseous Oxidized
Mercury in the Atmosphere at Three Different
Locations in Nevada: K Heidecorn, J Huang, M S
1340h B43F-0298 POSTER NOMADSS Aircraft
Observations Suggest Rapid Oxidation of Elemental
Mercury in the Subtropical Free Troposphere: V
Shah, L Jaegle, L Gratz, J L Ambrose II, D A Jaffe
C Qualls, S G Lucas, G Lombari, O Appenzeller
1340h B43F-0300 POSTER Quantifying the effects
of China’s pollution control on atmospheric
mercury emissions: H Zhong
1340h B43F-0301 POSTER Elucidating effects of
atmospheric deposition and peat decomposition
processes on mercury accumulation rates in a
northern Minnesota peatland over last 10,000
cal years: E A Nater, O Furman, B M Toner, S D
Sebestyen, M M Tfaily, J Chanton, C Fissore, K J
McFarlane, P J Hanson, C M Iversen, R K Kolka
1340h B43F-0302 POSTER The Importance of
Measuring Mercury in Wood: Y Yang, R D Yanai,
C T Driscoll, M Montesdeoca
11/28/2014 11:06:34 AM
1340h B43F-0303 POSTER Naturally Elevated
Monomethylmercury and Mercury Concentrations
of Redwood Trees of Coastal California: J J Rytuba
1340h B43F-0304 POSTER Effects of Timber
Harvest on Mercury Cycling in the Pacific
Northwest, USA: C Eckley, C Eagles-Smith, M T
Tate, D P Krabbenhoft, B Kowalski, L Woodruff
1340h B43F-0305 POSTER Fate and Transport of
Mercury in a Watershed-Reservoir System Burned
During the 2012 Hewlett Gulch Fire, Ft. Collins,
Colorado: J Webster, J N Ryan, G Aiken
1340h B43F-0306 POSTER Mercury Speciation and
Trophic Magnification Slopes in Giant Salamander
Larvae from the Pacific Northwest, USA : M S
Bank, J Crocker, J Wachtl, P Kleeman, G Fellers, C
Currens, R Hothem, M A Madej
1340h B43F-0307 POSTER Historical and Present
Day Mercury Contamination From Gold Mining
in Three Feeding Guilds of Bats From the Peruvian
Amazon: A Kumar, T Divoll
Consequences: Gold Mining in Peru and Trace
Metal Mobilization: R Z Wang, P Pinedo-Gonzalez,
K E Clark, A J West
1340h B43F-0309 POSTER The adsorption behavior
of mercury on the hematite (1-102) surface from
coal-fired power plant emissions: J E Jung, A D
Jew, E Rupp, S Aboud, G E Brown, J Wilcox
1340h B43F-0310 POSTER The Behavior of Mercury
in Coal Combustion Residue-Contaminated
Sediments: T Gofstein, A Heyes
1340h B43F-0311 POSTER Geochemical evidence
of chemical and physical weathering of mine waste
downriver from the New Idria Mercury Mine,
San Benito County, California: R K Sharma, B
1525h B43G-08 Improving Timeliness of Winter
Wheat Production Forecast in United States of
America, Ukraine and China Using MODIS Data
and NCAR Growing Degree Day: E Vermote, B
Franch, I Becker-Reshef, M Claverie, J Huang, J
Zhang, J A Sobrino
Moscone West 2004
Ecosystem Structure: Remote Sensing
Observations and Modeling of Its
Influence on Radiation Regimes and
Gas Exchanges II (joint with GC)
Presiding: Martin Beland, University of
California, Berkeley; Hideki Kobayashi,
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science
and Technology; Brady Hardiman,
Boston University
1340h B43H-01 Prognostic land surface albedo from
a dynamic global vegetation model clumped canopy
radiative transfer scheme and satellite-derived
geographic forest heights: N Y Kiang, W Yang, W
Ni-Meister, I D Aleinov, J Jonas
1355h B43H-02 Canopy structure and compensating
biases in models of ecosystem function: T L Quaife
1410h B43H-03 First Near-Continental Leaf Area
Index (LAI) and Vertical Foliage Profile (VFP)
Product from the Geoscience Laser Altimeter
System (GLAS): H Tang, R Dubayah, S Ganguly, G
1425h B43H-04 Ground based remote sensing and
physiological measurements provide novel insights
into canopy photosynthetic optimization in arctic
shrubs: T S Magney, K L Griffin, N Boelman, J
Eitel, H Greaves, C Prager, B Logan, R Oliver, L
Fortin, L A Vierling
1340h B43F-0312 POSTER Evidence of Mercurial
Contamination and Denundation Downstream
of New Idria Mercury Mine, San Benito County,
California : H E Letsinger, R K Sharma, B Weinman
1440h B43H-05 Beyond Fapar: Modeling Light
Utilization in Tropical Forests: D C Morton, J
Rubio, B D Cook, J P Gastellu-Etchegorry, M M
1340h B43F-0313 POSTER Mercury and
methylmercury related to historical mercury mining
in three tributaries to Lake Berryessa, Putah Creek
Watershed, California: G C Sparks, T Horner, K
Cornwell, V Izzo, C N Alpers
B43H-06 Spatio-Temporal
Complexity and Leaf Acclimation to Variable
Canopy Microhabitats: A T Fotis
1340h B43F-0314 POSTER Mercury methylation
trends pre and post refilling in a Northern
Appalachian impoundment: K J Eklof, P J Drohan,
E W Boyer, L Iavorivska, J Harper, M Brown, C
Fink, J Gogno
1340h B43F-0315 POSTER Mercury in the mix:
An in situ mesocosm approach to assess relative
contributions of mercury sources to methylmercury
production and bioaccumulation in the SacramentoSan Joaquin Delta: J Fleck, D P Krabbenhoft, T E C
Kraus, J Ackerman, E B Stumpner, J DeWild, M C
Marvin-DiPasquale, M Tate, J Ogorek
Moscone West 2002
Earth Observations for National to
Global Agricultural and Rangeland
Monitoring (GEOGLAM) II
Presiding: Christopher Justice,
University of Maryland; Debra
Peters, USDA; Bradley Doorn, NASA
1340h B43G-01 Establishment of the Geoglam
Rangelands Acivity and Progress: A A Held, M
Grundy, R J Donohue
1355h B43G-02 Hierarchical Satellite-based
Approach to Global Monitoring of Crop Condition
and Food Production: B Wu, R Gommes, M Zhang,
N Zhang, H Zeng, W Zou, Y Zheng, N Yan
1410h B43G-03 Drought monitoring and warning
system of rice paddy field in Asia by MTSAT and
GSMaP: W Takeuchi, S Darmawan, K Oyoshi
1425h B43G-04 Scaling up Satellite-Based Crop
Yield Mapping at the Field Scale: Recent Progress
and Testing: D B Lobell, C Seifert
1440h B43G-05 Linking Fine-Scale Observations
and Model Output with Imagery at Multiple Scales:
C L Walthall
1455h B43G-06 Building Capacity for Production
of Gridded Precipitation Products in the East Africa
Community: G Galu, J P Verdin, T Magadzire, D
H Pedreros, C C Funk, M E Budde, G J Husak, P
Peterson, M F Landsfeld, L White
1510h B43H-07 Comparing Individual Tree
Segmentation Based on High Resolution
Multispectral Image and Lidar Data: P Xiao, M
Kelly, Q Guo
1525h B43H-08 Voxel-Based 3-D Tree Modeling
from Lidar Images for Extracting Tree Structual
Information: F Hosoi
Moscone West 2006
Variation in Dissolved Organic
Matter Composition and Transport as
Indicators of Ecological,Hydrological,
and Watershed Processes II (joint with
Presiding: George Aiken, USGS;
Brian Bergamaschi, USGS-Calif State
University; Yuehan Lu, University of
Alabama; Elizabeth Canuel, Virginia Inst
Marine Sciences
1340h B43I-01 Matching scale to processes in stream
DOM biogeochemistry: P Hernes, B A Pellerin, R G
Spencer, R Y Dyda, P A Bachand, B A Bergamaschi
1355h B43I-02 The Utility of CDOM for Improving
the Resolution of Riverine DOM Fluxes and
Biogeochemical Function: R G Spencer, G Aiken,
P J Mann, R M Holmes, J Niggemann, T Dittmar, P
Hernes, A Stubbins
1410h B43I-03 Assessing the Fate of Terrigenous
Dissolved Organic Carbon in River-influenced
Ocean Margins: C G Fichot, R H Benner
1425h B43I-04 Seasonal and Event Scale Forcings
on the Magnitude and Composition of Particulate
Organic Matter Fluxes Across a Small Mountainous
River Estuary: M A Goni, J A Lerczak, L Smith, E P
Lemagie, Y Alleau
1440h B43I-05 Hydrological exchanges and
Organic Matter dynamics in highly vulnerable tidal
wetland ecosystems at the land-ocean interface: M
Tzortziou, P Neale, P Megonigal, C Loughner
1455h B43I-06 Black Carbon in Marine Dissolved
Organic Carbon: Abundance and Radiocarbon
Measurements in the Global Ocean: A I Coppola, B
D Walker, E R M Druffel
1510h B43G-07 Development and testing of
crop monitoring methods to improve global
agricultural monitoring in support of GEOGLAM:
L Bydekerke, S J B Gilliams
1510h B43I-07 Molecular Characterization of
Dissolved Organic Matter from Subtropical
Wetlands: A Comparative Study Through the
Analysis of Optical Properties, NMR and FTICR/
MS: R Jaffe, N Hertkorn, M Harir, K Cawley, P
AGU2014News.indb 38
1525h B43I-08 Dissolved Organic Matter
Composition and Microbial Diversity In The
Lake Tahoe Basin, Sierra Nevada, California: L
Aluwihare, S J Goldberg, G I Ball, W G Mendoza,
A Simpson, J Kharbush, C E Nelson
Moscone West 2003
Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to
Climate Change IV
(joint with C, GC)
Presiding: Christina Schaedel,
University of Florida; Anthony McGuire,
University of Alaska Fairbanks; David
Olefeldt, University of Alberta
1340h B43J-01 Hydrologic controls on the
permafrost carbon-climate feedback: D M
Lawrence, C D Koven, S C Swenson, W J Riley,
A G Slater
1355h B43J-02 The Vulnerability of Permafrost
from 1960 to 2300 Based on Simulations of the
Process-Based Model GIPL2 Across the Permafrost
Region in the Northern Hemisphere: Implications
for Soil Carbon Vulnerability: S S Marchenko, D
Nicolsky, V E Romanovsky, A D McGuire
1410h B43J-03 Terrestrial ecosystem model
performance for net primary productivity and
its vulnerability to climate change in permafrost
regions: J Xia, A D McGuire, D M Lawrence,
E Burke, X Chen, C L Delire, C D Koven, A H
MacDougall, S Peng, A Rinke, K Saito, W Zhang, R
Alkama, T J Bohn, P Ciais, B Decharme, I Gouttevin,
T Hajima, D Ji, G Krinner, D P Lettenmaier, P A
Miller, J C Moore, B Smith, T Sueyoshi, Z Shi, L
Yan, J Liang, L Jiang, Y Luo
1425h B43J-04 The Influence
Horizons on Thermal Dynamics
Soils: Identifying Thresholds
State Change: J A ODonnell, J
of Organic-Soil
in High-Latitude
for Permafrost
W Harden, V E
1440h B43J-05 The Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs
Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE) Measurements
of Seasonal to Interannual Variability in Alaskan
CO2 and CH4 Fluxes: C E Miller, S J Dinardo
1455h B43J-06 Enhanced Methane Concentrations
over the East-Siberian Arctic Shelf: Explanation
Hypothesis Based on the Analysis of Data from
Land, Marine, and Satellite Observations: O A
Anisimov, V Kokorev
1510h B43J-07 Modeled changes in terrestrial C
storage on the Arctic coastal plain of Alaska suggest
a mid-century 21st shift from C sink to source: C
Tucker, E S Euskirchen, H Genet, A D McGuire,
S T Rupp, A L Breen, T A Kurkowski, A Bennett,
G Kofinas
1340h C43A-0366 POSTER A Simple Framework for
Quantifying Warming-based Snowpack Declines
at the Landscape Scale: C Tennant, B T Crosby, S
Godsey, R Van Kirk, D Derryberry
1340h C43A-0368 POSTER Comparison of
Microphysics Schemes for Simulation of Snow
Cover Fraction in the Sierra Nevada: M Wrzesien,
M T Durand, T Pavelsky, S B Kapnick, T H Painter
1340h C43A-0369 POSTER Validation of snow cover
simulated by the Weather Research and Forecasting
(WRF) model using in-situ snow survey data in the
Altai Mountains: K Sugiura, H Kitabata, T Kadota
1340h C43A-0370 POSTER Estimating Longwave
Atmospheric Emissivity in the Canadian Rocky
Mountains: S Ebrahimi, S J Marshall
1340h C43A-0371 POSTER Quantifying the change
in equilibrium-line altitude during the Last Glacial
Maximum in the Subtropical Andes using a massbalance model: L Vargo, J Galewsky
1340h C43A-0373 POSTER Modeling the surface
mass balance and firn evolution of glaciers around
Kongsfjorden, Svalbard: J Kohler, W J J van Pelt
1340h C43A-0374 POSTER Near-surface climate
of the Antarctic Peninsula as simulated by a highresolution regional atmospheric climate model: M
van Wessem, C Reijmer, M R van den Broeke
1340h C43A-0375 POSTER Changing SurfaceAtmosphere Energy Exchange and Refreezing
Capacity of the Lower Accumulation Area, West
Greenland: C Charalampidis, D van As, H
Machguth, P Smeets, M R van den Broeke, J E Box
1340h C43A-0376 POSTER Numerical model of
meltwater retention and firn aquifer formation in
Greenland Ice Sheet: X Liu, J N Bassis
1340h C43A-0377 POSTER Basal Melt Under the
Interior of the Greenland Ice Sheet: Comparison of
Models, Deep Ice Cores, and Radar Observations: S
Rezvanbehbahani, L A Stearns, C J van der Veen
Moscone West Poster Hall
Polar Climate: Processes and
Predictability II Posters
(joint with A, GC, OS)
Presiding: Cecilia Bitz, Univ of
Washington; Sarah Gille, UCSD; Marilyn
Raphael, UCLA; Ed Hawkins, University
of Reading
1340h C43B-0378 POSTER Recent Patterns of
Antarctic Surface Air Temperature Trends in the
Context of Natural Variability, as Simulated by the
CMIP5 Models: K L Smith, L M Polvani, A de O
1525h B43J-08 Spatially Resolved Projections of
Carbon Releases from Thawing Polygonal Tundra:
S L Painter, E Coon, A L Atchley, D R Harp, J D
Moulton, E Shelef, C Xu, C J Wilson
1340h C43B-0379 POSTER Links Between the
Amundsen Sea Low and the Sea Ice Variability
in the Ross Sea: M N Raphael, M M Holland, L
1340h C43B-0380 POSTER Variations of Antarctic
Oscillation during the past millennium and the
twenty first century: S Feng, Z Long, S J Kim, Y
Moscone West Poster Hall
Modeling of the Cryosphere II Posters
(joint with A, H)
Presiding: Noah Molotch, University of
Colorado at Boulder; Adam Winstral,
USDA-ARS; Michael Durand, Ohio St
Univ-Earth Sciences; Tobias Jonas, SLF
1340h C43A-0359 POSTER Ground Ice in the New
Crrel Permafrost Tunnel: M Z Kanevskiy, Y Shur,
J E Beget, N H Bigelow, K Bjella, M Cysewski, T
Jorgenson, M Sturm
1340h C43A-0360 POSTER Developing a
numerical model of ice wedge degradation and
trough formation: V Garayshin, D Nicolsky, V E
1340h C43A-0361 POSTER Sensitivity of rock slope
stability in relation to thermal regime – examples
from Norway: K S Myhra, B Etzelmuller, L H Blikra
1340h C43A-0362 POSTER Evaluation of Gridded
Snow Water Equivalent Products in British
Columbia, Canada: A M Snauffer, W W Hsieh, A
J Cannon
1340h C43A-0364 POSTER Assessment of
Hydrologic Impacts of Snowdrift in a Snow
Dominated Watershed: M Kumar, X Chen, B
Seyednasrollah, A H Winstral, M Reba, D G Marks
1340h C43A-0365 POSTER Snowmelt sensitivity
to warmer temperatures: a field-validated model
analysis, southern Sierra Nevada, California: K N
Musselman, N P Molotch, S A Margulis
1340h C43B-0381 POSTER A closer look at the
wintertime Antarctic sea ice trend with a focus on
the Ross Sea: C H Chang, N C Johnson
1340h C43B-0382 POSTER Characterizing dominant
climatic oscillations in Antarctic Surface mass
balance: K Pangaluru, I Velicogna, T C Sutterley,
M R van den Broeke
1340h C43B-0383 POSTER How Well Does
Natural Variability Explain the Difference Between
Observed and Modeled Sea Ice Trends in Both
Hemispheres?: E J Rosenblum, I Eisenman
1340h C43B-0384 POSTER Impact of Freshwater
Fluxes on Labrador Sea Dynamics in the Regional
Arctic System Model: S Hossainzadeh, W
Maslowski, R Osinski, S M Tulaczyk
1340h C43B-0386 POSTER Investigating the
atmospheric response to future sea ice loss in the
western Arctic using a fully coupled global climate
model: M Gervais, B Tremblay, J R Gyakum, E
1340h C43B-0387 POSTER The climate response
to sudden sea ice loss in CCSM4: P J Kushner, R
1340h C43B-0388 POSTER Sensitivity of Modeled
Far-IR Radiation Budgets in Polar Continents
to Treatments of Snow Surface and Ice Cloud
Radiative Properties: X Chen, X Huang, M Flanner
1340h C43B-0389 POSTER September Arctic sea ice
minimum predicted by spring melt pond fraction:
D L Feltham, D Schroeder, D Flocco, M Tsamados
1340h C43B-0390 POSTER A New Variable
Resolution Sea-ice Model: A K Turner, D Jacobsen,
E C Hunke
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:34 AM
1340h C43B-0391 POSTER Assessment of Sea Ice
Predictability in CMIP5 Decadal Hindcasts: J LIU,
C Y Yang
1340h C43B-0392 POSTER The Arctic in the
Anthropocene: a Report from the National Academy
of Sciences: L M Everett, H P Huntington, S L
1340h C43B-0393 POSTER Arctic Sea Ice
Predictability and the Sea Ice Prediction Network:
H V Wiggins, J C Stroeve
1340h C43B-0394 POSTER Seasonal Prediction of
Arctic Sea Ice by a Linear Markov Model: X Yuan,
D Chen, C Li
1340h C43B-0395 POSTER Development of
Stochastic Seasonal Prediction Model of Arctic Sea
Ice Concentration: H R Kim, Y S Choi, Y Kim
1340h C43B-0396 POSTER Arctic Sea Ice
Reemergence: The Role of Large-Scale Oceanic and
Atmospheric Variability: M Bushuk, D Giannakis,
A Majda
1340h C43B-0397 POSTER Estimation of Sea Ice
Thickness through Maximum Covariance Analysis:
A Dirkson, A H Monahan, W J Merryfield
1340h C43B-0398 POSTER Summer Arctic Sea Ice
Intra-Seasonal Predictability Using a Vector AutoRegressive Model: X Yuan, L Wang, M Ting
Moscone West Poster Hall
Quantifying Spatial and Temporal
Variability of Snow and Snow
Processes II Posters (joint with A, GC, H)
Presiding: Jeffrey Deems, University of
Colorado; Hans-Peter Marshall, Boise
State University; Ernesto Trujillo, Г‰cole
Polytechnique FГ©dГ©rale de Lausanne
1340h C43C-0399 POSTER Comparison of Snow
Depth Measurements and Snow Patterns at Scales
Ranging from 1 km2 to 210 km2: A M Wagner, M
Sturm, C A Hiemstra
1340h C43C-0400 POSTER Snow Pattern
Delineation, Scaling, Fidelity, and Landscape
Factors: C A Hiemstra, A M Wagner, E J Deeb, B F
Morriss, M Sturm
1340h C43C-0403 POSTER Snow modeling within a
multi-layer soil-vegetation-atmosphere model: L E
McGowan, K T Paw U, D R Pyles
1340h C43C-0404 POSTER Geomatics contributions
to key indicators for estimation and monitoring of
snow cover input to hydrogeological resources: J
Somma, L Drapeau, C Abou Chakra, T El-Ali
Interpolation to Estimate Peak Accumulation
of Snow Water Equivalent in Rocky Mountain
National Park: G G Patterson, S R Fassnacht
1340h C43C-0406 POSTER Localized Detection of
Frozen Precipitation Events and the Rain/Snow
Transition: S Strachan
1340h C43C-0407 POSTER Influence of landscape
features on variation of Оґ2H and Оґ18O in seasonal
mountain snowpack: E L Kipnis, W Chapple, J M
Frank, E Traver, B E Ewers, D G Williams
1340h C43C-0408 POSTER Spatial and Temporal
Variability of Surface Snow Accumulation and
Snow Chemistry at East Antarctic Ice Sheet : H
Motoyama, K Ito, M Hirabayashi
1340h C43C-0409 POSTER Seasonal and
interannual variations in snow cover thickness,
water equivalent, and gravity-induced dynamics in
a high Arctic valley glacier watershed: F Tolle, A
Prokop, Г‰ Bernard, J M Friedt, M Griselin
1340h C43C-0410 POSTER Snow Cover
Quantification in the Central Andes Derived from
Multi-Sensor Data: G CortГ©s, E Cornwell, J P
McPhee, S A Margulis
Moscone West Poster Hall
Recent Advances in Monitoring,
Measuring, and Modeling Snow
Processes II Posters
Presiding: Danny Marks, USDA
Agriculture Research Serv; Adam
Winstral, USDA-ARS; Ned Bair,
University of California Santa Barbara;
Jordy Hendrikx, Montana State
1340h C43D-0411 POSTER Snow Water Equivalent
Reanalysis Over a Scarce Data Region Via
Assimilation of Snow Covered Area from Landsat
5, 7 and 8: G CortГ©s, M Girotto, S A Margulis
1340h C43D-0412 POSTER Optimization of Sensor
Placements Using Machine Learning and LIDAR
data: a Case Study for a Snow Monitoring Network
in the Sierra Nevada: C Oroza, Z Zheng, S D Glaser,
R C Bales, M H Conklin
1340h C43D-0413 POSTER Airborne LiDAR and
hyperspectral mapping of snow depth and albedo
in the Upper Colorado River Basin, Colorado, USA
by the NASA JPL Airborne Snow Observatory: J S
Deems, T H Painter
1340h C43D-0414 POSTER Revisiting Runoff Model
Calibration: Airborne Snow Observatory Results
Allow Improved Modeling Results: B J McGurk,
T H Painter
1340h C43D-0415 POSTER Snow Depth from Lidar:
Challenges and New Technology for Measurements
in Extreme Terrain: D F Berisford, V Kadatskiy, J
W Boardman, K Bormann, J S Deems, C E Goodale,
C A Mattmann, P Ramirez, M Richardson, T H
1340h C43D-0436 POSTER Extreme icing event in
snowpack at High Arctic site: J Kohler
1340h C43D-0437 POSTER Measuring Wind
Ventilation of Dense Surface Snow: S A Drake, H
Huwald, J S Selker, C W Higgins, M Lehning, C K
Moscone West Poster Hall
Snow Hydrology: Flooding, Modeling,
and Vegetation Interactions II Posters
Presiding: John Pomeroy, University of
Saskatchewan; Timothy Link, University
of Idaho; Tobias Jonas, SLF / WSL;
Mukesh Kumar, Duke University
1340h C43D-0416 POSTER An Evaluation of
Vegetation Filtering Algorithms for Improved Snow
Depth Estimation from Point Cloud Observations
in Mountain Environments: B J Vanderjagt, M T
Durand, A Lucieer, L Wallace
1340h C43E-0438 POSTER The Sensitivity of
Mountain Snowcovers to Temperature, Humidity,
and Phase Change in a Warming Climate: D G
Marks, H P Marshall, A H Winstral, A R Hedrick
1340h C43D-0417 POSTER Cross-sites analysis of
snowpack depth from LiDAR in Southern Sierra
Nevada: Z Zheng, P B Kirchner, R C Bales, S D
1340h C43E-0439 POSTER Observed Impact of
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snowmelt
Energy Balance Factors and Runoff Sources During
Rain on Snow Events: S Pohl, J Garvelmann, M
1340h C43D-0418 POSTER The information content
of terrestial LIDAR images with respect to different
snow cover processes: M Bernhardt, K Schulz, S
1340h C43D-0419 POSTER Quantifying Snow
Volume Uncertainty from Repeat Terrestrial Laser
Scanning Observations: P J Gadomski, P J Hartzell,
D C Finnegan, C L Glennie, J S Deems
1340h C43D-0420 POSTER Design, implementation
and hydrologic evaluation of a snow-measurement
network using wireless sensors in the American
River basin of California: R Rice, R C Bales, D G
Marks, M H Conklin, Z Zhang, S D Glaser
1340h C43D-0421 POSTER In situ monitoring
and machine modeling of snowpack evolution in
complex terrains: J Frolik, C Skalka
1340h C43D-0422 POSTER Simultaneous Estimation
of Depth, Density, and Water Equivalent of Snow
using a Mobile GPR Setup: T Jonas, N Griessinger,
S Gindraux
1340h C43D-0424 POSTER Estimating snow-water
equivalent (SWE) over long mountain transects
with snowmobile-mounted GPR: W S Holbrook,
M Provart, S N Miller, M Dogan
1340h C43D-0425 POSTER Improvements in
simulating liquid water flow in snow using Richards
Equation: N Wever, C G Fierz, M Lehning
1340h C43D-0426 POSTER Ground Penetrating
Radar for Measuring Snow Water Equivalent in
Wet Snow: M Robertson, H P Marshall
1340h C43D-0427 POSTER Understanding
Mountain Range Spatial Variability of Surface
Hoar: J Hendrikx
1340h C43D-0428 POSTER Ground Based Insitu Measurements of Snowfall with a 2D-Video
Distrometer on Mt. Zugspitze, Germany: F
Bernauer, M Schwinzerl, K Huerkamp, J
1340h C43D-0429 POSTER Snow Never Falls on
Satellite Radiometers: A Compelling Alternative to
Ground Observations: L M Hinkelman, K E Lapo,
N C Cristea, J D Lundquist
1340h C43D-0430 POSTER Assimilating Spaceborne
Passive Microwave Measurements into a Land
Surface Model to Estimate Snow Water Equivalent
in the Yampa River Basin: R S Kim, D Li, M T
1340h C43D-0431 POSTER Evaluating Mesoscale
Numerical Weather Predictions and Spatially
Distributed Meteorologic Forcing Data for
Developing Accurate SWE Forecasts over Large
Mountain Basins: A R Hedrick, D G Marks, A H
Winstral, H P Marshall
1340h C43D-0432 POSTER The Cycles of Snow
Cover in Pyrenees Mountain and Mont Lebanon
Analyzed Using the Global Modeling Technique:
L Drapeau, S Mangiarotti, F Le Jean, S Gascoin, L
1340h C43D-0433 POSTER MODIS Data and
Services at the National Snow and Ice Data Center
(NSIDC): M McAllister, L Booker, D K Fowler, T
M Haran
Transferable Sub-Pixel Relationships for Estimating
Snow Depth from Remotely-Sensed Snow Covered
Area and Terrain Variability: D Schneider, N P
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 39
1340h C43D-0435 POSTER Discrepancies between
two measurements and two model approaches for
liquid water flow in snow: N Wever, L Schmid, A
Heilig, C G Fierz, M Lehning
1340h C43E-0440 POSTER A Cold Rain-on-Snow
Event in a Canadian Rockies Alpine Catchment:
Characteristics and Modelling: J W Pomeroy, X
Fang, D G Marks
1340h C43E-0441 POSTER Canada’s Fraser River
Basin transitioning from a nival to a hybrid system
in the late 20th century: D H Kang, H Gao, X Shi,
S J Dery
1340h C43E-0442 POSTER Precipitation-Snowmelt
Timing and Snowmelt Augmentation of Large
Peak Flow Events, Western Cascades, Oregon: K S
Jennings, J A Jones
1340h C43E-0443 POSTER Diagnosis of Insidious
Data Disasters: J D Lundquist, N E Wayand, A
Massmann, M P Clark, F Lott, N C Cristea
1340h C43E-0444 POSTER Which forcing data
errors matter most when modeling seasonal
snowpacks?: M S Raleigh, J D Lundquist, M P Clark
1340h C43E-0445 POSTER Constraining snow
model choices in a transitional snow environment
with intensive observations: N E Wayand, A
Massmann, M P Clark, J D Lundquist
1340h C43E-0446 POSTER Evaluating snow
models for hydrological applications: T Jonas, J
Magnusson, N Wever, R Essery, N Helbig
1340h C43E-0447 POSTER Understanding the Role
of Controls on the Timing of Daily Streamflow
Peak and its Seasonal Variation: X Chen, M Kumar,
R Wang, A H Winstral, D G Marks
1340h C43E-0448 POSTER Flow and Temperature
Dynamics in the Hydrologic Response: Travel Time
Formulation and Application to Alpine Catchments:
F Comola, B Schaefli, A Rinaldo, M Lehning
1340h C43E-0449 POSTER The application
snowmelt runoff model considered the
characteristics of snow distribution outside of
forests to the dam located in high elevation zone in
Japan: T Nishihara, M Nakatsugawa, T Usutani
1340h C43E-0450 POSTER How does the
representation of altitudinal variation of
temperature in gridded forcing data affect modeled
assessment of snow sensitivity to climate warming?:
M G Cooper, A W Nolin, M Safeeq
1340h C43E-0451 POSTER Improving the
Community Land Model (version 4) Regional
Snowpack Predictions in the Western United States
Using High Resolution Forcing Data: T Crawford,
J Jin
1340h C43E-0452 POSTER Newly Implemented
Community Land Model: J Perket, M Flanner, M
P Clark, D M Lawrence
1340h C43E-0453 POSTER Improving Snow
Canopy Interception Modelling Using Airborne
Lidar Data: D Moeser, T Jonas
1340h C43E-0454 POSTER A New, Two-layer
Canopy Module For The Detailed Snow Model
SNOWPACK: I Gouttevin, M Lehning, T Jonas,
D Gustafsson, M Mölder
1340h C43E-0455 POSTER Influence of Tree
Proximity on Simulated Sub-Canopy Incoming
Longwave Radiation to the Snow Surface in MidLatitude Boreal Forests: C Webster, N Rutter, T
Jonas, F Zahner
1340h C43E-0457 POSTER A Comparison of
Snowpack Mass and Energy Dynamics Across a
Canopy Discontinuity and Small-Scale Elevational
Gradient: T E Link, D Carson
Moscone West 3007
Glacier Monitoring from In Situ and
Remotely Sensed Observations III
(joint with A, GC, H, NH)
Presiding: Bruce Raup, University
of Colorado at Boulder; Richard
Armstrong, Univ Colorado; Michael
Zemp, University of Zurich; Tobias
Bolch, University of Zurich
1340h C43F-01 Modelling Glacier Mass Balance on
Regional and Global Scales: How Precise Can the
Models Be?: V Radic, R Hock
1400h C43F-02 Geodetic Glacier Mass Balance of
Norway: L M Andreassen, H ElvehГёy, B KjГёllmoen
1420h C43F-03 Glacier Mass Loss in Alaska from
Airborne Lidar Altimetry: E W Burgess, C F
Larsen, A A Arendt, S Oneel, A Johnson, R W
McNabb, L S Zirnheld, C Kienholz
1435h C43F-04 Potential and limitations of ICESat
over small mountain glaciers: D Treichler, A
1450h C43F-05 North Cascade Glacier Annual Mass
Balance Record Analysis 1984-2013: M S Pelto
1505h C43F-06 Ten new long-term glaciological
mass balance series for Swiss glaciers: M Huss, L
Dhulst, A Bauder
1520h C43F-07 Glacier Change of China during the
Last 50 Years As Revealed By Glacier Inventories: S
Liu, W Guo, X Yao, J Xu, D Shangguan, J Wei, Q
Liu, X Wang, Z Jiang
Moscone South Poster Hall
Multidisciplinary Perspectives on
Mantle Plumes: Predictions and
Observations from Source to Surface
II Posters (joint with S, T, V)
Presiding: Anna Courtier, James
Madison University; Anthony Koppers,
Oregon State University; Garrett
Ito, Univ Hawaii; Nicholas Schmerr,
University of Maryland
1340h DI43A-4346 POSTER Of Mantle Plumes,
Their Existence, and Their Nature: Insights from
Whole Mantle SEM-Based Seismic Waveform
Tomography: B A Romanowicz, S W French
1340h DI43A-4347 POSTER The Residual of the
Oki-Daito Plume in the Lower Mantle with the P
wave Arrival-time Delays: H Cui, Y Zhou, G Li, X
1340h DI43A-4348 POSTER Topography of Upper
Mantle Seismic Discontinuities Beneath the North
Atlantic: The Azores, Canary and Cape Verde
Plumes: C Thomas, M Saki, S E J Nippress, S
1340h DI43A-4349 POSTER P-wave travel-time
tomography reveals multiple mantle upwellings
beneath the northern East-Africa Rift: J O S
Hammond, C Civiero, S D B Goes, A Ahmed, A
Ayele, C Doubre, B Goitom, D Keir, M Kendall, S D
Leroy, G Ogubazghi, G Rumpker, G W Stuart
resolvability of mantle plumes with synthetic
seismic modeling: R Maguire, P E Van Keken, J
Ritsema, A Fichtner, S D B Goes
1340h DI43A-4351 POSTER The Role of
Geometrically Restricted Large Low Shear Velocity
Province Source Material on Hotspot Volcanism: E
Baker, E L Mittelstaedt
1340h DI43A-4352 POSTER The Effect of Plumes
on the Dynamics of Supercontinents in a SelfConsistent Plate Tectonics Setting: C Jain, A Rozel,
P J Tackley
1340h DI43A-4353 POSTER Evolution of the
central Atlantic hot spots cluster in the last 100
Myr: interaction between plate tectonics, a lower
mantle thermochemical instability and upper
mantle secondary plumes: A Sibrant, A Davaille, F
O Marques, A Hildenbrand
1340h DI43A-4354 POSTER Preserving Deep
Mantle Structure in Hotspot Lavas: T D Jones, R
Davies, I H Campbell, C R Wilson, S C Kramer
1340h C43E-0456 POSTER Evaluating Observational
Methods to Quantify Snow Duration under Diverse
Forest Canopies: S E Dickerson-Lange, J A Lutz,
K Martin, M S Raleigh, R Gersonde, J D Lundquist
11/28/2014 11:06:34 AM
1340h DI43A-4355 POSTER New Insights into the
Morphology of the Galapagos Platform from Lower
Crustal Flow Models: F Orellana Rovirosa, M A
1340h DI43A-4356 POSTER The role of heat source
for spatio-temporal variations of mantle plumes: I
Kumagai, Y Yamagishi, A Davaille
1340h DI43A-4357 POSTER Effect of partial melting
on small scale convection atop a mantle plume: R
Agrusta, D Arcay, A Tommasi, A Gonzalez
1340h DI43A-4358 POSTER Testing links between
mantle plumes and true polar wander: A E Eyster,
R J O’Connell, F A Macdonald
RIDGE: J P Tree, G Ito, M O Garcia, C Kelley, P
Wessel, B Shiro, B Boston, H Togia, J R Smith Jr
1340h DI43A-4360 POSTER An Evaluation of
the Complex Age Progression along the CookAustral Islands Using High-resolution 40Ar/39Ar
Incremental Heating Ages: J Rose, A A P Koppers
1340h DI43A-4361 POSTER Explaining TristanGough Plume Dynamics with New Age Data from
Multiple Age-Progressive Seamount Sub-Tracks in
the Young Walvis Ridge Guyot Province: S Schnur,
A A P Koppers, C Class, W W Sager
1340h DI43A-4362 POSTER A top to bottom
stratigraphic investigation of two transects through
the Ethiopian flood basalt province: S R Krans, T O
Rooney, J W Kappelman, D Ayalew, G Yirgu
1340h DI43A-4363 POSTER Age constraints on
basalt samples from a transect across the Lau Basin:
supporting evidence for modification by multiple
mantle sources: C S Conatser, A A P Koppers, M G
Jackson, J G Konter, A A Price, K Konrad
Moscone South 301
Dynamic Evolution of the
Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary
System in Diverse Geological Settings:
An Integrated Approach I
Presiding: Anne Pommier, University of
California San Diego; Edward Garnero,
Arizona State University; Samer Naif,
Scripps Institution of Oceanography;
Huaiyu Yuan, Macquarie University
1340h DI43B-01 Origin of the Low Velocity Zone: L
P Stixrude, C R Lithgow-Bertelloni
1355h DI43B-02 Seismic constraints on the
evolution of the continental lithosphereasthenosphere boundary system: H A Ford, E
Hopper, K M Fischer, V Lekic, K Selway, P B
1410h DI43B-03 Lithosphere and Asthenosphere
Properties beneath Oceans and Continents and
their Relationship with Domains of Partial Melt
Stability in the Mantle: R Dasgupta
1425h DI43B-04 Electrical Conductivity of H2OCO2 rich-Melt at mantle conditions: interpretation
of the LAB using petrology-based 1D conductivity
profiles: D Sifre, F Gaillard, L Hashim, M
Massuyeau, E GardГ©s, S Hier-Majumder
1440h DI43B-05 A high resolution seismic
reflection image for the oceanic LAB (LithosphereAsthenosphere Boundary), beneath southern North
Island, New Zealand: T A Stern, S A Henrys, D A
Okaya, M K Savage, H Sato, T Iwasaki, J N Louie,
S H Lamb
1340h ED43A-3456 POSTER Demographic Change
in the American Geophysical Union’s United States
Membership, 2006-2014: D D Rhodes
1340h ED43A-3457 POSTER Highlights from the
First Ever Demographic Study of Solar Physics,
Space Physics, and Upper Atmospheric Physics: M
Moldwin, C A Morrow, S C White, R Ivie
1340h ED43A-3458 POSTER GeoFORCE Texas: An
Outreach Program that is Increasing the Number
and Diversity of Students Completing STEM
Degrees and Entering the Workforce: E Snow, S L
1340h ED43A-3459 POSTER Extending the
Pathway: Building on a National Science Foundation
Workforce Development Project for Underserved
k-12 Students: W Slattery, T Smith
1340h ED43A-3460 POSTER Increasing the Overall
Quality and the Number of Women and Hispanic
Geoscientists for the Workforce: Rebuilding an
Undergraduate Program: M T Ford, T L McGehee
E M Riggs, J M Sexton, K Pugh, C Bergstrom, R
Parmley, M Phillips
Moscone South Poster Hall
Increasing the Diversity of
Undergraduate Students in the
Geosciences II Posters (joint with DI)
Presiding: Joshua Villalobos, El Paso
Community College; Diane Doser,
University of Texas at El Paso
1340h ED43B-3464 POSTER Understanding the
Prevalence of Geo-Like Degree Programs at
Minority Serving Institutions: J R McDaris, C A
Manduca, K Larsen
1340h ED43B-3465 POSTER Undergraduate-driven
interventions to increase representation in science
classrooms: M Freilich, D Aluthge, R M Bryant,
B Knox, J McAdams, A Plummer, N Schlottman, Z
Stanley, E Suglia, J Watson-Daniels
1340h ED43B-3466 POSTER Implementation of
InTeGrate Modules into Introductory Courses in
the El Paso Higher Education Community : D I
Doser, J I Villalobos, I E Henry
1340h ED43B-3467 POSTER The effectiveness of
courses developed to recruit and retain minority
students in the geology major at California State
University, Sacramento: L C Hammersley
AGU2014News.indb 40
1340h ED43C-3480 POSTER Communicating
Geoscience through Geoheritage: The Chaine Des
Puys and Limagne Fault Unesco World Heritage
Project: C Olive-Garcia, B van Wyk de Vries
1340h ED43C-3481 POSTER NASA’s Planetary
Science E/PO Forum: Reflections on Five Years of
Effort to Support an E/PO Community: S S Shipp,
S Shebby, S Buxner, D Boonstra, E A CobabeAmmann, W H Cobb, H Dalton, J Grier, S L Klug
Boonstra, K LaConte, J Ristvey, C B Shupla, S
Weeks, A S Wessen, R Zimmerman-Brachman
1340h ED43C-3482 POSTER Tools for Scientist
Engagement in E/PO: NASA SMD Community
Workspace and Online Resources: H Dalton, S S
Shipp, J Grier, N A Gross, S Buxner, L Bartolone, L
M Peticolas, M Woroner, T G Schwerin
1340h ED43C-3483 POSTER Tools for Engaging
Scientists in Education and Public Outreach:
Resources from NASA’s Science Mission Directorate
Forums: S Buxner, J Grier, B K Meinke, N A Gross,
M Woroner
Community Addresses the needs of the Higher
Ed Community: Introducing Slide sets for the
Introductory Earth and Space Science Instructor: S
Buxner, B K Meinke, D Brain, N M Schneider, G R
Schultz, D A Smith, J Grier, S S Shipp
1340h ED43C-3485 POSTER Engaging Scientists in
Meaningful E/PO: NASA Science4Girls and Their
Families: B K Meinke, D A Smith, L Bleacher, K
Hauck, C Soeffing
1340h ED43B-3471 POSTER Integrating Enhanced
STEM Themes in the UTEP CAREERS Weather
Camp for Youth: M GГјereque, J G Olgin, M W
Kier, C E Winston, R M Fitzgerald, V Morris
1340h ED43C-3489 POSTER Daymet: Daily Surface
Weather Data on a 1-km Grid for North America,
Version 2: R Devarakonda
Moscone South Poster Hall
1340h ED43C-3472 POSTER Promoting Scientist
Communications Through Graduate Summer
School in Heliophysics and Space Physics: N
A Gross, K Schrijver, F Bagenal, J J Sojka, M J
1340h ED43C-3473 POSTER NSF-supported
researchers to the Arctic: V A Alexeev, J E Walsh,
R Hock, I Repina, U Kaden, L Bartholomew
Presiding: Dallas Rhodes, Humboldt
State University; Chris Keane, American
Geosciences Institute
1340h ED43C-3479 POSTER Communicating the
Science of Nasa’s Maven Mission through Public
Engagement: T Mason, L M Peticolas, E L Wood
1340h ED43C-3488 POSTER Visualizing Space
Weather: The Planeterrella Auroral Simulator
as a Heliophysics Public Outreach Tool: E V
Masongsong, J Lilensten, M J Booth, G Suri, T G
Heflinger, V Angelopoulos
Presiding: Sanlyn Buxner, Planetary
Science Institute; Nicholas Gross,
Boston University; Brooke Hsu, Lunar
and Planetary Institute; M Alexandra
Matiella Novak, Johns Hopkins
University APL
Geoscience Workforce Issues:
Demography, Gender, and Diversity II
Posters (joint with GC, PA, SI)
1340h ED43C-3478 POSTER Development of
Experience-based Learning about Atmospheric
Environment with Quantitative Viewpoint aimed
at Education for Sustainable Development: Y
Saitoh, H Tago
1340h ED43B-3470 POSTER Increasing Diversity
in STEM through Ka Hikina O Ka LДЃ Summer
Bridge Program for Native Hawaiian Students: A
Coopersmith, D K Cie, S Calder, D Naho`olewa,
B Rai
1510h DI43B-07 Constraints on the Nature
of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary:
Comparison of Observed Textural Evolution to
Measured Seismic Anisotropy: L N Hansen, C Qi,
K Kumamoto, J M Warren, R F Katz, D L Kohlstedt
Moscone South Poster Hall
1340h ED43C-3477 POSTER Student and
Community Engagement in Earth, Space, and
Environmental Sciences Through Experiential
Learning and Citizen Science as Part of Research
Broader Impact: A I Ibrahim, R Tutwiler, A Zakey,
M E Shokr, Y Ahmed, D Jereidini, M Eid
1340h ED43C-3487 POSTER The “Space Weather”
Exhibit at the Children’s Discovery Museum of
West Virginia: P Cassak, J Bryan, J Carver
Scientist Engagement in Education
and Public Outreach: Sharing
Effective Tools, Resources, and Stories
of Success III Posters (joint with P, PA,
1340h ED43C-3476 POSTER Project SMART:
A UNH-Sponsored Outreach Program for High
School Students: C W Smith, L Broad, S Goelzer,
R Levergood
1340h ED43B-3468 POSTER Increasing diversity in
the geosciences through the AfricaArray geophysics
field course: G Vallejo, E Emry, B L Galindo,
V Carranza, C D Gomez, K Ortiz, J G Castro, J
Guandique, C Falzone, S J Webb, M Manzi, S B
Mngadi, K Stephens, B Chinamora, R Whitehead,
D P de Villiers, K Tshitlho, R P Delhaye, J A Smith,
A Nyblade
LITHOSPHERE: A Levander, M J Bezada, F Niu, I
Palomeras, S Thurner, E Humphreys, M S Miller, R
Carbonell, J Gallart, M Schmitz
1525h DI43B-08 Integrative Analysis of Mantle
Lithosphere Rheology: G Hirth, J A Collins, P H
Molnar, P B Kelemen
1340h ED43C-3474 POSTER Initiating New Science
Partnerships in Rural Education: STEM Graduate
Students Bring Current Research into 7th-12th Grade
Science Classrooms: S Radencic, K S Dawkins, B S
Jackson, R M Walker, D Schmitz, D Pierce, W K
Funderburk, K McNeal
1340h ED43C-3486 POSTER Reverse Asteroids:
Searching for an Effective Tool to Combat Asteroid
Belt Misconceptions: F Summers, B Eisenhamer
1340h ED43C-3490 POSTER The Whole World In
Your Hands: Using an Interactive Virtual Reality
Sandbox for Geospatial Education and Outreach: T
Clucas, G S Wirth, D Broderson
1340h ED43C-3491 POSTER PLANETarium Pilot:
visualizing PLANET Earth inside-out on the
planetarium’s full-dome: M D Ballmer, T Wiethoff
1340h ED43C-3492 POSTER Social Media and
Student Engagement in a Microgravity Planetary
Science Experiment: S S Lane, K Lai, B Hoover, A
Whitaker, C Tiller, S Benjamin, A Dove, J E Colwell
1340h ED43C-3493 POSTER The Community Cloud
Atlas – Building an Informed Cloud Watching
Community: N Guy, A Rowe
1340h ED43C-3494 POSTER Crowdsourced
Contributions to the Nation’s Geodetic Elevation
Infrastructure: W A Stone
Moscone South 102
Best Practices in Meaningful and
Authentic Science Outreach to Formal
and Informal Audiences I
Presiding: Todd Ellis, SUNY College at
Oneonta; Melissa Burt, Colorado State
1340h ED43D-01 Lessons Learned by Combining
Formal and Informal Science Education at CMMAP:
S Denning, M A Burt, B Jones, R M Russell
1355h ED43D-02 Building the Bridge to Help
Engage your Audience to your Science and Mission:
K Yuen
1410h ED43D-03 The CERES S’COOL Project:
Dynamic NASA Earth Science Education and Public
Outreach for Formal and Informal Audiences: S
Crecelius, L H Chambers, P M Lewis Jr, T Harte
1425h ED43D-04 NASA and GLOBE Connect
K–12 Students to NGSS with Big Data Applications:
D Oostra, T Hunt, L H Chambers, P M Lewis Jr
1440h ED43D-05 Meaningful, Authentic and PlaceBased Informal Science Education for 6-12 Students:
E Ito, D M Dalbotten
1455h ED43D-06 Introducing School Children
in Nigeria to SPACE Technology As a Tool for
Mitigation of National Catastrophes: O Alabi
1510h ED43D-07 Scientist engagement in NGSSrelated professional development: the role of
subject-matter experts in implementing the NextGeneration Science Standards: M A Rogers
1525h ED43D-08 Building Effective ScientistEducator Communities of Practice: NASA’s Science
Education and Public Outreach Forums: T G
Schwerin, L M Peticolas, S S Shipp, D A Smith
Moscone South Poster Hall
Advances in the Science and
Communication of Biophysical
Interactions in Riverine Landscapes II
Posters (joint with H)
Presiding: Desiree Tullos, Oregon State
University; John Buffington, US Forest
Service; Lee Harrison, NOAA Santa
Barbara; Hamish Moir, University of the
Highlands and Islands
1340h EP43A-3542 POSTER River Restoration by
Dam Removal: Assessing Riverine Re-Connectivity
Across New England: F J Magilligan, K H Nislow,
B Graber, C Sneddon, C Fox, E Martin
1340h EP43A-3543 POSTER Testing Geomorphic
Controls on Salmonid Spawning Habitat: A
Pfeiffer, N J Finnegan
Landslides Influence Topographic Variability and
Salmon Habitat in the Oregon Coast Range, USA: H
W Beeson, M A Fonstad, J J Roering
1340h EP43A-3545 POSTER Relationship between
channel morphology and foraging habitat for
stream salmonids: Effects of body size: P Cienciala,
M A Hassan
1340h EP43A-3546 POSTER Salmon Spawning
Effects on Streambed Stability: T H Buxton, J M
Buffington, E Yager, A K Fremier, M A Hassan
1340h EP43A-3547 POSTER Field and flume
investigations of the effects of logjams and woody
debris on streambed morphology: V Leung, D R
Montgomery, M L McHenry
1340h EP43A-3548 POSTER Geomorphic Function
and Restoration Potential of Spring Creeks in
Southeastern Idaho: Analysis and Communication:
T P Hanrahan, Z Hill, A Levell, T Maguire, D Risso
1340h EP43A-3550 POSTER 2D Hydrodynamic
Based Logic Modeling Tool for River Restoration
Decision Analysis: A Quantitative Approach to
Project Prioritization: D Bandrowski, Y Lai, N
Bradley, D A Gaeuman, J Murauskas, N A Som, A
Martin, D Goodman, J Alvarez
1340h EP43A-3551 POSTER Opportunities and
Limitation of Hyporheic Restoration in a 4th Order
Semi-Arid Floodplain: a Case Study of Meacham
Creek, Oregon : S J O’Daniel, B E Amerson, M B
1340h EP43A-3552 POSTER Heat Budget of Large
Rivers: Sensitivity to Stream Morphology: S T
Lancaster, R Haggerty
1340h EP43A-3553 POSTER Comparing riparian
forest processes on large rivers to inform floodplain
management and restoration: J C Stella, H Piegay,
C Gruel, J Riddle, B Raepple
1340h EP43A-3554 POSTER Determinants of
Riparian Vegetation along Western Sierra Nevada
Mountain Streams and Management Implications:
K M Ross
1340h EP43A-3555 POSTER Integrated Stochastic
Evaluation of Flood and Vegetation Dynamics in
Riverine Landscapes: H Miyamoto, R Kimura
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:34 AM
1340h EP43A-3556 POSTER An Ecohydrological
Approach to Riparian Restoration Planning in
the American Southwest: G T Leverich, B Orr,
Z Diggory, T Dudley, J Hatten, K R Hultine, M P
Johnson, D Orr
1340h EP43A-3557 POSTER Preparing for
uncertainty: toward managing fluvial geomorphic
assessment of Massachusetts rivers: C E Hatch, S B
Mabee, N B Slovin, E Vogel
1340h EP43A-3558 POSTER Understanding
Biophysical Interactions In The Great Barrier Reef
Catchments: Better Landscape Management For
Water Quality Outcomes: E N Bui, S Wilkinson,
R Bartley
1340h EP43A-3559 POSTER Biophysical Interactions
within Step-Pool Mountain Streams Following
Wildfire: A Parker, A Chin, A P O’Dowd
Moscone South Poster Hall
Aeolian Geomorphic, Sedimentary,
and Atmospheric Processes I Posters
(joint with A, NG, P, PP)
Presiding: Ryan Ewing, Texas A&M
University; David Rubin, University of
California Santa Cruz; Raleigh Martin,
University of California Los Angeles;
Jonathan Perkins, UC Santa Cruz
1340h EP43B-3560 POSTER Boundary Conditions
for Aeolian Activity in North American Dune
Fields: A F Halfen, N Lancaster, S Wolfe
1340h EP43B-3561 POSTER Morphodynamics
of Planetary Deserts: A Laboratory Approach: A
Garcia, S Courrech Du Pont, S Rodriguez
1340h EP43B-3562 POSTER Is The Enclosed
Qaidam Basin In The Tibetan Plateau Accumulative
Or Erosive?: Z Lai
1340h EP43C-3575 POSTER Spatiotemporal
Structure and Covariance of Bedload Motion and
Near-Bed Fluid Velocity over Bedforms: Laboratory
and Numerical Experiments Downstream of
a Backward-Facing Step: K P Leary, M W
1340h EP43C-3601 POSTER Meandering River
Dynamics: Spatial and Temporal Wave Growth and
Non-Periodic Wave Patterns: S Weiss, J Higdon
1340h EP43C-3576 POSTER The Effects of Bed
Configuration on Incipient Motion in Oscillatory
Flows: D P Frank, D L Foster, J Simeonov, I M
Sou, J Calantoni
Advances in Understanding
Fluvial-Deltaic Processes and Their
Interactions with the Tectonic Setting
II (joint with NH, T)
1340h EP43C-3577 POSTER Seabed Spectra
Predictions Using a Time-Dependent Seafloor
Boundary Layer Model: M L Palmsten, A Penko, K
O Olejniczak, J Calantoni, A Sheremet, J M Kaihatu,
R Weiss
Observations of Sand Ripple Evolution in a Small
Oscillatory Flow Tunnel: J Calantoni, M L
Palmsten, J Chu, B J Landry, A Penko
Morphodynamics in a Meandering Stream: M L
Palmsten, J L Kozarek, A Khosronejad, J Calantoni
1340h EP43C-3580 POSTER Discrete Element
Method Simulations of Ice Floe Dynamics: J
Calantoni, S P Bateman, F Shi, M Orzech, J
1340h EP43C-3581 POSTER Experimental and
numerical study of turbulent flow associated with
interacting barchan dunes: J M Barros Jr, G Blois,
W Anderson, Z Tang, J Best, K T Christensen
1340h EP43C-3582 POSTER Sector-Scanning Sonar
Imagery of Laboratory Bedforms: K O Olejniczak,
J Calantoni, A Penko, M L Palmsten, A Sheremet, J
M Kaihatu, R Weiss
1340h EP43C-3583 POSTER Hyporheic exchange
induced by channel-spanning obstacles in a
coarse, highly-permeable laboratory streambed: D
Lichtner, J Best, G Blois, T Kim, K T Christensen
1340h EP43B-3563 POSTER An Isotopic Map of
Dust Source Areas in the McMurdo Sound Sector of
Antarctica: M A Blakowski, S Aciego, B Delmonte,
C Baroni, M C Salvatore
1340h EP43C-3584 POSTER Structural perturbations
in immersed granular beds due to shear-flow-driven
erosion in a laboratory flume: J C Salevan, M D
Shattuck, C Ohern, N T Ouellette
1340h EP43B-3564 POSTER Evaluation of Surface
Slope Effects on Ripple Orientations Observed on
Sand Dunes in the Terra Tyrrhena Region of Mars:
J R Zimbelman, M B Johnson
1340h EP43C-3585 POSTER Dynamic Similarity and
Instability in Porous Flows: A Papke, I Battiato
1340h EP43B-3565 POSTER Eolian Soft-Sediment
Deformation Records on Earth and Mars: M A
Chan, C H Okubo, R L Bruhn
1340h EP43B-3566 POSTER Using Ground
Penetrating Radar to Image Paleotopography and
Structural Controls at Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kane
County, Utah: E J Rozar, J H Bradford, R L Ford,
D E Wilkins
1340h EP43B-3567 POSTER Periodic Trajectories
in Aeolian Sand Transport: A Valance, J T Jenkins
Mechanisms and Morphology of Windblown
Coarse-Grained Sand Ripples at White Sands, New
Mexico: R Glade, D J Jerolmack, J D Pelletier
1340h EP43B-3569 POSTER Gnamma Pit Growth:
Insights from Wind Tunnel Experiments and
Numerical Modeling: Y Wang, M W Schmeeckle
1340h EP43B-3570 POSTER Morphologic and
Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Sand
Dune-Topographic Obstacle Interactions on Earth
and Titan: J Cisneros, G D McDonald, A G Hayes
Jr, R C Ewing
1340h EP43B-3571 POSTER Morphology and
stratigraphic evolution of aeolian protodunes at
White Sands Dune Field: R C Ewing, B A Weymer,
P Barrineaux
1340h EP43B-3572 POSTER A seismic search for the
paleoshorelines of Lake Otero beneath White Sands
Dune Field, New Mexico: P F Wagner, R Reece,
R C Ewing
1340h EP43B-3573 POSTER Linking Atmospheric
Models and Dune Morphology – Testing a Forward
Modeling Approach: N Lancaster, C E Newman
Turbulence Effects on Aeolian Sand Transport: R L
Martin, J F Kok, M Chamecki
Moscone South Poster Hall
Complex Geophysical Flows and
Morphological Complexity Across
Scales II Posters (joint with A, H)
Presiding: Gianluca Blois, University of
Illinois at Urbana Champaign; William
Anderson, University of Texas at
Dallas; Joe Calantoni, Naval Research
Laboratory; Kimberly Hill, University of
Presiding: John Shaw, University of
Arkansas; Jeffrey Nittrouer, Rice
University; Meredith Reitz, Lamont
-Doherty Earth Observatory; Carol
Wilson, Vanderbilt University
1340h EP43D-01 Exploring the Effects of Baselevel Change and Differential Subsidence on
Fluviodeltaic Channels with a Reduced-Complexity
Model: M Liang, C Van Dyk, P Passalacqua, S L
Goodbred Jr, W Kim
ATTACK: W Nardin, D A Edmonds, S Fagherazzi
1410h EP43D-03 Evaluating the signatures of
fluvial, wave, and tidal processes on deltaic deposits
in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: E A
Hajek, S M Trampush
1425h EP43D-04 A New Method for Quantifying
Compaction Rates and Their Spatial Variability in
the Mississippi Delta: E L Chamberlain, Z Shen, T
E Tornqvist, B Mauz
Channelization in Coastal Wetlands with Ecological
Feedbacks: Z J Hughes, A Mahadevan, S Pennings,
D FitzGerald
1340h EP43C-3593 POSTER Slow Granular
Dynamics in River Beds: Toward a Continuous
Definition of Bed Load Transport: M Houssais, C
P Ortiz, D J Durian, D J Jerolmack
1340h EP43C-3594 POSTER Two-Phase Flow
Modelling Perspectives Based on Novel HighResolution Acoustic Measurements of Uniform
Steady Sheet-Flow: J Chauchat, T Revil-Baudard,
D Hurther
1340h EP43C-3595 POSTER Statistical Inversion of
Acoustic Backscatter Profile Data with SedimentInduced Attenuation: G Wilson, A E Hay
1340h EP43C-3596 POSTER Experimental Support
of Statistical Mechanics Theory of Bed Load
Sediment Motions Using High-Speed Imagery: S L
Fathel, D J Furbish, M W Schmeeckle
1340h EP43C-3597 POSTER Bedload transport flux
fluctuations over a wide range of time scales: H Ma,
X Fu, C Ancey
1340h EP43C-3598 POSTER Characterization of
the intermittent behavior of sediment transport
from numerical simulations on a flat bed channel: C
GonzГЎlez, C R Escauriaza, D H Richter, J Calantoni,
D Bolster
1340h EP43C-3599 POSTER Using Computational
Fluid Dynamics to investigate the generation of
soluble bedrock forms: J M Myre, M D Covington
1340h G43A-0489 POSTER Using InSAR for
Characterizing Pyroclastic Flow Deposits at
Augustine Volcano Across Two Eruptive Cycles: D
B McAlpin, F J Meyer, Z Lu, J E Beget
1340h G43A-0490 POSTER Refining the Magnitude
of the Shallow Slip Deficit: X Xu, X Tong, D T
Sandwell, C W D Milliner
1340h G43A-0491 POSTER Synergistic Usage of
ERS, ASAR and PALSAR Data for PS InSAR Based
Mining Induced Subsidence Monitoring: C J Thiel,
N Salepci Jr, C Schmullius, A Kuehl Jr
1340h G43A-0493 POSTER Subway Subsidence
Monitoring and Analysis in Beijing through
Envisat-Asar and Terrasar-X DATA: G Duan, H
Gong, B Chen, X Li
1340h G43A-0494 POSTER Detection and
Monitoring of Inundation with Polarimetric L-Band
SAR: B D Chapman, J E Celi, S K Hamilton, K C
1340h G43A-0496 POSTER Ground Deformation
Mapping of Houston-Galveston, Texas Using
InSAR Time-Series Analysis: F QU, Z Lu, G W
Bawden, J W Kim
1510h EP43D-07 Patterns and Rates of Deltaic
Aggradation and Progradation: Insights from the
Mississippi Delta: T E Tornqvist, Z Shen, E L
Chamberlain, C R Esposito, B Mauz, J Marshak, C
D White, A N Nijhuis, L Sandoval
1340h G43A-0497 POSTER Active anthropogenic
and surface salt deformation measured by InSAR,
northwestern China: C Colon, A G Webb, C
Lasserre, M P Doin
Moscone West 2007
1340h EP43C-3591 POSTER Flood-Derived Sand
Lobes on the Shelf of the Northern Santa Barbara
Channel, Southern California: E Steel, A Simms, J
A Warrick, Y Yokoyama
Presiding: Lin Liu, Chinese University
of Hong Kong; Jessica Reeves, Stanford
University; Piyush Agram, NASA Jet
Propulsion Laboratory
1455h EP43D-06 A Synthetic View of Delta
Progradation, Distributary Channel Stability and
Alluvial Aggradation in Terms of the Control of
Basin Water Depth: T Muto
1340h EP43C-3588 POSTER Single-parameter
Model of Vegetated Aquatic Flows: I Battiato, S
1340h EP43C-3590 POSTER Different bed surface
and flow resistance characteristics for gravel and
sand bed: N Fan, K Yang, R Nie, X Liu
Advances in InSAR Data Processing
for Earth System Applications I
Posters (joint with B, C, H, OS)
1340h G43A-0495 POSTER Spatial-temporal
heterogeneity of land subsidence evolution in
Beijing based on InSAR and cluster analysis: Y Li, Y
Ke, H Gong, X Li, L Zhu, B Chen
1525h EP43D-08 How Does Subsidence Affect
Deltaic River Systems?: C Paola, S L Goodbred Jr,
S H Akhter, J Pickering, M D Reitz, L Seeber, M S
1340h EP43C-3589 POSTER Quantifying Flow
Resistance of Mountain Streams Using the HHT
Approach: L Zhang, X Fu
Moscone West Poster Hall
1440h EP43D-05 Mechanics of BackwaterMediated Avulsions on River Deltas: V Ganti, H J
Hassenruck-Gudipati, A J Chadwick, M P Lamb
1340h EP43C-3587 POSTER Vertical Subsurface
Flow Mixing and Horizontal Anisotropy in
Coarse Fluvial Aquifers: Flow Field: E Huber, P
High-Resolution Topography and
Process Measurements for Analyzing
Earth-Surface Dynamics II (joint with H)
Presiding: Thad Wasklewicz, East
Carolina University; Julian Leyland,
University of Southampton; Paola
Passalacqua, University of Texas at
Austin; Christopher Crosby, UNAVCO
1340h EP43E-01 Rapid-Response or Repeat-Mode
Topography from Aerial Structure from Motion: E
Nissen, K L Johnson, F S Fitzgerald, M Morgan, J
1355h EP43E-02 3D Reconstruction of a Fluvial
Sediment Slug from Source to Sink: reach-scale
modeling of the Dart River, NZ: J Brasington, S
Cook, S Cox, J James, N Lehane, S T McColl, D J
Quincey, R D Williams
1410h EP43E-03 Multi-Resolution Analysis of
LiDAR data for Characterizing a Stabilized Aeolian
Landscape in South Texas: C P Barrineau, I D
Dobreva, M P Bishop, C Houser
1425h EP43E-04 Observations of the Changing
Spatial Patterns of Post-Wildfire Erosion and
Deposition Using Terrestrial LIDAR: F K Rengers,
G E Tucker, J A Moody
1440h EP43E-05 What’s the Point of a Raster?
Advantages of 3D Point Cloud Processing over
Raster Based Methods for Accurate Geomorphic
Analysis of High Resolution Topography: D Lague
1455h EP43E-06 Improving Aboveground Carbon
Estimates in Dryland Ecosystems with Airborne
LiDAR and Satellite Laser Altimetry: N F Glenn, R
Shrestha, A Li, L Spaete
1510h EP43E-07 The topographic signature of
anthropogenic geomorphic processes: P Tarolli, G
1525h EP43E-08 Assessing the Ability of Pleiades
Stereo Imagery to Determine Height Changes
in Earthquakes: A Case Study for the El Mayor–
Cucapah Epicentral Area: B Parsons, Y Zhou, J R
Elliott, I Barisin, R T Walker
Investigation of Momentary Bed Failure Using a
Multi-dimensional Eulerian Two-phase Model: Z
Cheng, T J Hsu, J Calantoni
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 41
Moscone West 2005
1340h G43A-0498 POSTER A new Persistent
Scatterer InSAR method based on phase
decomposition, with application to subsidence in
greater Houston area: N Cao, H Lee, H C Jung
1340h G43A-0499 POSTER Exploring Small-Scale
Movement and Deformation of Landfast Sea Ice
through InSAR Observations and Pseudo-Inverse
Modeling: D O Dammann, H Eicken, F J Meyer,
A R Mahoney
1340h G43A-0500 POSTER On the Utility of
High-Resolution InSAR Data for Geodynamic
Applications: Y Zhang, F Amelung
1340h G43A-0501 POSTER Data assimilation
experiment for reproducing localized delay signals
derived from InSAR: Y Kinoshita, M Furuya
1340h G43A-0502 POSTER Results from the NASAISRO SAR Mission Applications Workshop:
Linking Mission Goals to Societal Benefit: S E
Owen, G W Bawden, P A Rosen, M C Dobson,
B Holt, E S Kasischke, J M Kellndorfer, X Li, F E
Lindsay, F M Monaldo, W G Pichel, M E Pritchard,
T Stough, H A Zebker
1340h G43A-0503 POSTER UAVSAR: InSAR and
PolSAR Test Bed for the Proposed NI-SAR Mission:
C E Jones, S Hensley, Y Lou
1340h G43A-0505 POSTER InSAR-Detected Tidal
Flow in Louisiana’s Coastal Wetlands: T OliverCabrera, S Wdowinski
1340h G43A-0506 POSTER Apply Multi-baseline
SAR Interferometry on Long Term Space-borne
SAR Data for 3-D Reconstruction in Forest and
Urban Areas: Q Lin, H A Zebker
1340h G43A-0507 POSTER Localized Surface
Deformation Monitoring Applications using
Ground Based Interferometric Radar: J J Legarsky,
F G Gomez, B Rosenblad, E Loehr, G Gurnani, Z
Fallert, J Gilliam
1340h G43A-0508 POSTER Planned Data Products
and Science Processing Paradigm for the Proposed
NASA-ISRO SAR Mission: P A Rosen
Moscone West Poster Hall
After the “Big One”: Integrated
Studies of Seismic and Geodetic
Processes after Large Earthquakes I
Posters (joint with S, T)
Presiding: Christodoulos
Kyriakopoulos, Georgia Institute of
Technology; Jacob Walter, University of
Texas at Austin
11/28/2014 11:06:35 AM
1340h G43B-0509 POSTER Postseismic Slip Inferred
from Repeating Earthquakes Following the 2012
Mw 7.6 Nicoya Earthquake in Costa Rica: D Yao,
J I Walter, X Meng, Z Peng, A V Newman, S Y
Schwartz, M Protti
Deformations Associated with Maule Earthquake
and the Mechanical Properties of the Asthenosphere
and Subduction Interface: E Klein, L Fleitout, C
Vigny, J D Garaud
1340h G43B-0512 POSTER Deep Postseismic
Viscoelastic Relaxation Excited By an IntraSlab Normal Faulting Earthquake in the Chile
Subduction Zone: L Bie, I M A Ryder
1340h G43B-0513 POSTER Evidence of Viscoelastic
Deformation following the 2011 Tohoku-oki
Earthquake Revealed from Seafloor Geodetic
Observation: S I Watanabe, M Sato, M Fujita, T
Ishikawa, Y Yokota, N Ujihara, A Asada
1340h G43B-0514 POSTER Numerical Simulation of
Earthquake Generation Cycles before and after the
2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake in Northeast Japan:
R Nakata, K Ariyoshi, M Hyodo, T Hori
1340h G43B-0515 POSTER Fast Displacement
Rate of the Subducting Pacific Plate After the
2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake Measured by GPS/
Acoustic Surveys: F Tomita, M Kido, Y Osada, T
Iinuma, R Hino, Y Ohta
1340h G43B-0516 POSTER Spatiotemporal
Evolution of Postseismic Deformation Following
the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake in Northeastern Japan
Arc: S Miura, Y Ohta, T Demachi, K Tachibana,
T Sato
G43B-0517 POSTER
Observations Along the Japan Trench for
Postseismic Deformation After the 2011 TohokuOki Earthquake: M Kido, F Tomita, Y Osada, H
Fujimoto, R Hino, Y Ohta, T Iinuma, R Azuma, I
1340h G43B-0518 POSTER Updated Rupture
Model for the M7.8 October 28, 2012, Haida Gwaii
Earthquake as Constrained by GPS-Observed
Displacements: L Nykolaishen, H Dragert, K
Wang, T S James, B de Lange Boom, M Schmidt,
D Sinnott
1340h G43B-0519 POSTER A New Ensemble-Based
Method for Assessing Uncertainties and Parameter
Tradeoffs in Complex Models of Postseismic
Deformation: Application to the 2010 M=7.2 El
Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake: C Rollins, S Barbot,
J P Avouac
1340h G43B-0520 POSTER Aftershock Sequence
of the Mw = 7.9 Little Sitkin, Alaska Earthquake of
June 23, 2014: K A Macpherson, N A Ruppert
1340h G51C-01 POSTER The lowdown on
postseismic deformation: Integrated studies from
Tibet: I M A Ryder, L Bie
1340h G43B-0522 POSTER Coseismic and
postseismic slip of the 2006 Kiholo Bay earthquake
in Hawaii from GPS data: A Aryal, B R SmithKonter, J H Foster
Moscone West 3024
Gravity Data and Geoid Modeling:
Methods, Theories, and Opportunities
Presiding: Theresa Damiani, NOAANat-l Geodetic Survey; Vicki Childers,
NOAA, National Geodetic Survey;
David Avalos-Naranjo, INEGI; Thomas
Johnson, NGA
1340h G43C-01 The Path to an Up-to-date Absolute
Gravity Reference System: H Wilmes, R Falk, H
1355h G43C-02 Too Fast to Measure: Network
Adjustment of Rapidly Changing Gravity Fields: J
Kennedy, T P A Ferre
1510h G43C-07 Improving New Zealand’s GeoidBased Vertical Datum with Airborne Gravimetry:
M Amos, J McCubbine, R Winefield
1525h G43C-08 Astrogeodetic Deflection of the
Vertical at ETH ZГјrich: From the Development
of Instrumentations to Concrete Applications: S
Guillaume, B BГјrki
Moscone West Poster Hall
Renewable Energy III Posters (joint
with A, H, OS)
Presiding: Elizabeth Weatherhead,
University of Colorado; Scott James,
Exponent, Inc.; Jessica Lundin,
Vaisala Inc.; Andrew Clifton, National
Renewable Energy Lab
1340h GC43A-0671 POSTER Effect of Climate
Change on Shallow Geothermal Energy Utilization:
B H Park, S W Ha, S Y Lee, H S Kim, K K Lee
1340h GC43A-0695 POSTER Assessing Surface Solar
Irradiance in French Guiana using the Heliosat-II
method and GOES images: T Albarelo, I MarieJoseph, A Primerose, F Dolique, F Seyler, L Linguet
1340h GC43A-0696 POSTER Environmental and
Economic Performance of Commercial-scale Solar
Photovoltaic Systems: A Field Study of Complex
Energy Systems at the Desert Research Institute
(DRI): X Liu
1340h GC43A-0697 POSTER Sensitivity analysis
of numerical weather prediction radiative schemes
to forecast direct solar radiation over Australia: S
K Mukkavilli, M J Kay, R Taylor, A A Prasad, A
1340h GC43A-0673 POSTER A preliminary study
on the feedback of heat transfer on groundwater
flow in a Karst geothermal field: Y Kong, Z Pang, S
Hu, J Pang, H Shao, O Kolditz
The Emerging Science of Climate
Attribution, Detection, and Trend
Analysis II Posters
(joint with A)
1340h GC43A-0674 POSTER Exergetic Analysis of
Hybrid Power Plants with Biomass and Photovoltaics
Coupled with Intermediate Temperature Steam
Electrolysis : F Petrakopoulou, J Sanz
Presiding: Chris Funk, UC Santa
Barbara; DГЎithГ­ Stone, Lawrence
Berkeley National Lab; Andrew Hoell,
University of California Santa Barbara;
Stephanie Herring, NOAA Boulder
1340h GC43A-0675 POSTER H2S Injection and
Sequestration into Basalt - The SulFix Project: S
Gudbrandsson, P Moola, A Stefansson
1340h GC43A-0676 POSTER Power Curve
Modeling in Complex Terrain Using Statistical
Models: V Bulaevskaya, S Wharton, A Clifton, G
Qualley, W Miller
1340h GC43A-0678 POSTER Spatial Analysis of
Geothermal Resource Potential in New York and
Pennsylvania: A Stratified Kriging Approach: J D
Smith, C A Whealton, J R Stedinger
1340h GC43A-0679 POSTER Probabilistic Weather
Information Tailored to the Needs of Transmission
System Operators: I Alberts, V Stauch, D Lee, R
1340h GC43A-0680 POSTER Understanding the
Role of Interannual Variability and Momentum
Transfer on Wind Energy: S Koerner, N A
Brunsell, L Miller, D B Mechem
1340h GC43A-0681 POSTER Exergetic analysis
of parabolic trough solar thermal power plants: F
Petrakopoulou, B Ruperez, G San Miguel
1340h GC43A-0682 POSTER NCAR Global Climate
Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation (CFDDA)
Hourly 40 km Reanalysis: a high-resolution
dynamically downscaled climatography: G S Peng,
C Y Hou, D L Rife, R Dattore
1340h GC43A-0683 POSTER Improved solar
irradiance forecast with Weather Research and
Forecasting model: A Sensitivity test of shallow
cumulus clouds to the turbulence process: C K Kim,
E A Betterton, M Leuthold, W Holmgren, A Cronin
1340h GC43A-0684 POSTER Mexican Network for
the evaluation of Solar Resources in the country: M
Valdes, R Bonifaz, H Estevez
1340h GC43A-0685 POSTER Global Potential for
Hydro-generated Electricity and Climate Change
Impact: Y Zhou, M I Hejazi, C Leon, K V Calvin, A
M Thomson, H Y Li
1425h G43C-04 Updated Status of the Planar
Electrostatic Gradiometer GREMLIT for Airborne
Geodesy: B Foulon, B Christophe, K Douch, V
Lebat, I Panet
1340h GC43A-0687 POSTER Developing and
testing solar irradiance forecasting techniques in
the Hawaiian Islands region: D K Matthews, J M
Souza, K Stein
1440h G43C-05 RegGRAV - Regional gravity
field modeling as multi-resolution representation
estimated from the combination of heterogeneous
data sets: V Lieb, K Börger, W Bosch, J Bouman,
K BuГџe, D Dettmering, M Fuchs, C Haberkorn,
W F Kersten, S Kirsch, G Ressler, M G Schmidt,
C Schwatke
1340h GC43A-0688 POSTER Quantifying the
Geographic Diversity Needed to Reduce Wind
Power Variability: C St Martin, M Handschy, J K
1455h G43C-06 Harmonic Analysis as a Tool for
Locating Errors in Terrestrial Gravimetry Data: S
A Holmes
1340h GC43A-0690 POSTER Using ensemble NWP
wind power forecasts to improve national power
system management: D Cannon, D Brayshaw, J
Methven, P Coker, D Lenaghan
AGU2014News.indb 42
1340h GC43A-0694 POSTER Towards a More
Accurate Solar Power Forecast By Improving NWP
Model Physics: C Köhler, D Lee, A Steiner, B Ritter
Moscone West Poster Hall
1410h G43C-03 Development of a Portable Matter
Wave Gravimeter: B Desruelle, V MГ©noret, P
Vermeulen, P Bouyer, A Landragin
1340h GC43A-0693 POSTER Renewable Energy
Production and Urban Remediation: Modeling
the biogeochemical cycle at contaminated urban
brownfields and the potential for renewable energy
production and mitigation of greenhouse gases: G
1340h GC43A-0672 POSTER Economic and
Environmental Evaluation of Flexible Integrated
Gasification Polygeneration Facilities Equipped
with Carbon Capture and Storage: M Aitken, W H
Yelverton, R S Dodder, D H Loughlin
1340h GC43A-0686 POSTER Spatial Pattern
Classification for More Accurate Forecasting of
Variable Energy Resources: E Novakovskaia, C
Hayes, C Collier
1340h GC43A-0691 POSTER Estimating the Power
Characteristics of Clusters of Large Offshore Wind
Farms: D Drew, J F Barlow, O Coceal, P Coker, D
Brayshaw, D Lenaghan
1340h GC43A-0689 POSTER Gaussian vs nonGaussian turbulence: impact on wind turbine loads:
J Berg, J Mann, A Natarajan, E G Patton
Anthropogenic-Induced Changes of Climate Classes
Since 1950: D Chan, Q Wu
1340h GC43B-0715 POSTER Hiatus in global mean
temperature: trend patterns inspected with MSU/
AMSU and GNSS-RO satellite data: J K Nielsen, B
Christiansen, H Gleisner, P Thejll
1340h GC43B-0716 POSTER Dependence of
Precipitation Extremes on Temperature over
United States: V H, J Singh, S Karmakar, S Ghosh
1340h GC43B-0717 POSTER Long-term variation of
the typhoon trajectory pattern estimated from the
typhoon best track data: S Nakano, K Ito, G Ueno
1340h GC43B-0718 POSTER The influence of ElNiГ±o Southern Oscillation and Pacific Decadal
Oscillation on secular rainfall variations in Hawai�i:
A G Frazier, O Elison Timm, T W Giambelluca
1340h GC43B-0719 POSTER Event Attribution:
A fast Method based on Surrogate Fields: B
1340h GC43B-0720 POSTER Surface Temperature
Extremes and Detectable Trends in Northern
Hemisphere Mid-Tropospheric Planetary Wave
Pattern Occurrence and Persistence: D E Horton, D
Singh, D L Swain, N S Diffenbaugh
1340h GC43B-0721 POSTER Impacts of
anthropogenic activities on climate change in arid
and semiarid areas based on CMIP5 models: T
Zhao, C LI
1340h GC43B-0723 POSTER Identifying and
Investigating the Late-1960s Interhemispheric SST
Shift: A R Friedman, S Y Lee, Y Liu, J C H Chiang
1340h GC43B-0698 POSTER Sensitivity of Recent
Event Attribution Analyses to Methodology: O M
AngГ©lil, D A Stone, P Pall, M F Wehner
1340h GC43B-0699 POSTER Detection and
quantification of fraction of attributable risk of
extremes at regional to global scale: E M Fischer,
R Knutti
1340h GC43B-0700 POSTER Evaluation of methods
to determine the fraction of attributable risk for a
given extreme event: F Selten, G J van Oldenborgh,
F E L Otto
1340h GC43B-0702 POSTER Attribution of UK
Winter Floods to Anthropogenic Forcing: N
Schaller, K Alison, S N Sparrow, F E L Otto, N
Massey, R Vautard, P Yiou, G J van Oldenborgh,
R van Haren, R Lamb, C Huntingford, S Crooks, T
Legg, A Weisheimer, A Bowery, J Miller, R Jones, P
Stott, M R Allen
1340h GC43B-0704 POSTER The Extraordinary
California Drought of 2013-2014: Character,
Context, and the Role of Climate Change: D L
Swain, M Tsiang, M Haugen, D Singh, A Charland,
B Rajaratnam, N S Diffenbaugh
1340h GC43B-0705 POSTER An attempt to
reconstruct the observed climate trends in the Baltic
Sea Basin: A Barkhordarian, H Von Storch, C R
1340h GC43B-0706 POSTER Impact of Interdecadal
Sea Level and Sea Surface Temperature Variability
on Primary Productivity and Harmful Algal Blooms
in Southern California: K L Perry
1340h GC43B-0707 POSTER Attributing the
Increase in Northern Hemisphere Hot Summers
during the Last Half of the 20th Century and the
Recent Climate Hiatus: Y Kamae, H Shiogama, M
Watanabe, M Kimoto
1340h GC43B-0708 POSTER Assessment of the
Climate Vulnerabilities of the Arabian Peninsula: T
Alharbi, M Sultan, M Ahmed, K Chouinard
1340h GC43B-0709 POSTER Evidence of Causality
Between the Atmospheric Concentration Level of
Carbon Dioxide and Temperature : K F Forbes
1340h GC43B-0710 POSTER Anthropogenic
Influence on Multi-Decadal Changes in Hydrology
of Western Canada: M R Najafi, S Kumar, F W
Zwiers, N P Gillett, M Schnorbus, A J Cannon, R
Shrestha, A T Werner
1340h GC43B-0711 POSTER Attributing the
Global Warming Slowdown of the Last Decade: V
Guemas, F Doblas-Reyes
1340h GC43B-0712 POSTER West African warming:
Investigating Temperature Trends and their
relation between Precipitation Trends over West
African Sahel: M LY Jr
1340h GC43B-0713 POSTER The Fingerprint
of Climate Trends on European Crop Yields: F
Moore, D B Lobell
Moscone West Poster Hall
The Third Pole Environment (TPE)
Under Global Changes III Posters (joint
with A, C, H)
Presiding: Tandong Yao, Inst of Tibetan
Plateau Res; Bernd Wuennemann,
Nanjing University; Lonnie Thompson,
Ohio State University Main Campus;
Volker Mosbrugger, Senckenberg
1340h GC43C-0724 POSTER Seasonal Variations
of Chemical Compositions of Lake and Inflowing
River Water from Nam Co Catchment — a ThreeYear Monitoring Study: J Wang, J Ju, G Daut, Y
Wang, Q Ma, L Huang, R Maeusbacher, L Zhu
1340h GC43C-0725 POSTER Water Budget over the
Tibetan Plateau and Its Dependency on Horizontal
Resolution Simulated By an MRI High-Resolution
Global Atmospheric Model: O Arakawa, A Kitoh
1340h GC43C-0726 POSTER Observation and
Simulation of Runoff and Suspended Sediment Flux
of the Mabengnong Catchment in Southeast Tibet:
F Zhang, C Zeng, X SHI, X Zhang
1340h GC43C-0727 POSTER Projected East-West
Contrast of Water Budget in Future Climate over
the Tibetan Platea: A Kitoh, O Arakawa
1340h GC43C-0728 POSTER Evaluation of
Future Precipitation Scenario Using Statistical
Downscaling MODEL over Three Climatic Region
of Nepal Himalaya: M Sigdel
1340h GC43C-0729 POSTER A BrightnessTemperature-Variance-Based Passive Microwave
Algorithm for Monitoring Soil Freeze/Thaw State
on the Tibetan Plateau: M Han, K Yang, J Qin, R
Jin, Y Ma, J Wen, Y Chen, L Zhao, Z La, W Tang
1340h GC43C-0730 POSTER Using Field
Observations and Satellite Data for the Energy and
Water Cycle Study over Heterogeneous Landscape
of the Third Pole Region: Y Ma
1340h GC43C-0731 POSTER Southern Tibetan
Plateau Ice Core Оґ18o Reflects Abrupt Shifts in
Atmospheric Circulation in the Late 1970s: J Gao
1340h GC43C-0733 POSTER Terrestrial Water
Storage Changes in the Tibetan Plateau in the Past
Decade and the Possible Cause: F Meng, F Su
1340h GC43C-0734 POSTER Modeling of Lake
Water Storage Changes in the Tibetan Plateau
Using a Land Surface Model Coupled with a GlacierMelt Scheme: K Tong, F Su, Z Ren, Y Zhang
1340h GC43C-0735 POSTER Spatio-Temporal
Variations of Evapotranspiration in the Lake Selin
Co Basin (Tibetan Plateau) from 2003 to 2012: J
Zhou, L Wang, Y Zhang, Y Guo, X Li, W Liu
Evapotranspiration Changes (1983–2006) of Four
Large Basins on the Tibetan Plateau: X Li, L Wang,
D Chen, K Yang, A Wang
1340h GC43C-0737 POSTER Mass Balance of a
Maritime Glacier on the Southeast Tibetan Plateau
and Its Climatic Sensitivity: W Yang
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:35 AM
1340h GC43C-0738 POSTER Response of Lake Area
on the Tibetan Plateau to Climate Change: K Yang,
Y Lei, B Wang, Y Sheng, B W Bird
1340h GC43C-0739 POSTER Spatial Variability
of Soil Water and Soil Organic Carbon Contents
Under Different Degradation Degrees of Alpine
Meadow Soil over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: C
Zeng, F Zhang
1340h GC43C-0740 POSTER Impact of Recent
Glacier Advance to Runoff of a Large Glacier-Fed
River in China Karakoram: L Jingshi
Moscone West 2022-2024
Schneider Lecture and the Tyndall
History of Global Environmental
Change Lecture
(Virtual Session)
Presiding: Malcolm Hughes, University
of Arizona; Steven Lloyd, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Ctr; Rong Fu,
Jackson School of Geosciences
1340h GC43C-0741 POSTER Strong Regulation of
Precipitation on Spring Phenology in the Tibetan
Plateau from 1982 to 2008: Y Yi, W Zhang, J S
Kimball, Y Kim
1340h Introduction by Prof. Malcolm Hughes:
1340h GC43C-0742 POSTER Teleconnections of
Tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean Oscillations with
Monsoon Rainfall Variability over Southern Slope
of the Central Himalayas: L P Devkota
1432h Questions for Dr. Field:
1340h GC43C-0743 POSTER Is the Growth of Birch
at the UPPER Timberline in the Himalayas Limited
By Moisture or By Temperature?: E Liang, B
Dawadi, N Pederson, D Eckstein
1340h GC43C-0744 POSTER Recent Climate
Changes in Northwestern Qaidam Basin Inferred
from Geothermal Gradients: J Liu, T Zhang
1340h GC43C-0745 POSTER Interrelations between
snow cover and climate and topographic factors in
Upper Heihe River basin, northwestern China: Y
Bi, H Xie
1340h GC43C-0746 POSTER Atmosphere Vapor
Isotope Change in Monsoon Region at Lhasa in
Southern Tibetan Plateau: L Tian
1340h GC43C-0747 POSTER Towards High SpaTemporal Resolution Estimates of Surface Radiative
Fluxes from Geostationary Satellite Observations
for the Tibetan Plateau: X Niu, K Yang, W Tang,
J Qin
1342h GC43D-01 Schneider lecture: From climate
change impacts to climate change risks: C B Field
1440h Introduction by Dr. Rong Fu:
1532h Questions for Dr. Redmond:
Moscone West 3004
Climate Change: Impacts, Resilience,
Vulnerability, Adaptation, and
Mitigation II
(Virtual Session) (joint with ED, NH,
Presiding: James Byrne, University of
Lethbridge; Simon Donner, University of
British Columbia; Brian O’Neill, National
Center for Atmospheric Research; Kent
Peacock, Univ of Lethbridge
1340h GC43E-01 Our Globe Vs. Our Brain:
Modeling and Understanding the Climate Vs.
Human Cognition: S Lewandowsky
1340h GC43C-0748 POSTER Study on Yarlung
Zangbo River Sediment Distribution: X SHI, F
Zhang, C Zeng
1355h GC43E-02 Improving Communication
About Potentially Catastrophic Risks of Climate
Change: R E T Ward, N H Stern
1340h GC43C-0749 POSTER Characterization of
atmospheric trace elements in the Puruogangri
ice core: a preliminary account of Tibetan Plateau
environmental and contamination histories : E
Beaudon, P Gabrielli, R Sierra Hernandez, A
Wegner, L G Thompson
1410h GC43E-03 Quantifying Climate Change
Impacts on Infrastructure: Three Case Studies: K
Hayhoe, A M K Stoner
1340h GC43C-0750 POSTER Lakes’ state and
abundance across the Tibetan Plateau: G Zhang, T
Yao, H Xie
1440h GC43E-05 Recent advances in research on
climate and human conflict: S M Hsiang
1340h GC43C-0751 POSTER Spatial distribution and
magnification processes of mercury in snow from
high-elevation glaciers over the Tibetan Plateau:
J Huang, S Kang, J Guo, Q Zhang, G Zhang, K
Wang, L Tripathee
1340h GC43C-0752 POSTER 10
Be dating of boulders
on moraines of the last glacial period in the
Nyainqentanglha Mountains, Tibet: C Yi, G Dong,
M W Caffee
1340h GC43C-0753 POSTER Third Pole
Environment (TPE) -Latest Progress: Z Liu, T Yao,
F Zhang, X Yang, W Wang, F Ping
1425h GC43E-04 Sink or Swim: Adapting to the
Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change: P H Gleick
1340h GC43C-0762 POSTER Late Quaternary
Climate and Precipitation Оґ18o Variations over the
Tibetan Plateau from Paleoclimate Modeling: T A
Ehlers, J Li, M Werner, S Mutz, C Steger, H Paeth,
C J Poulsen, R Feng
1340h GC43C-0763 POSTER Spatial variations in
10Be-derived catchment wide denudation rates and
the timing of glaciation in the NW Pamir SW Tien
Shan Mountains, Tajikistan: E Grin, T A Ehlers, M
1525h GC43E-08 Paper 5944 Changing Climates
@ Colorado State: It’s Everybody’s Business: S
Campbell, J Calderazzo, S Denning, M Betsill, J A
Klein, M Fiege
1340h GC43G-01 Uncertainty in Climate Change
Projections due to Internal Variability: C Deser, A
1400h GC43G-02 Uncertainty in Socioeconomic
Pathways and Their Implications for Climate
Forcing and Analysis—the Shared Socioeconomic
Scenarios (SSPs): J Edmonds
1420h GC43G-03 The Role That Clouds Play in
Uncertainty in the Climate Sensitivity: A E Dessler
1440h GC43G-04 A Philosopher’s Look at ModelTuning: M Frisch
1500h GC43G-05 Biases in the instrumental
temperature record: the policy and communications
context: K Cowtan, R Way
1520h GC43G-06 Climate feedback uncertainty
quantification and learning using reduced models:
N M Urban, B T Nadiga
Moscone South Poster Hall
Paleogeography of Supercontinents,
Terrane Tectonics, and Geodynamo
History II Posters (joint with DI, T)
1340h GP43A-3617 POSTER Paleomagnetism of the
~1.1 GA Portage Lake Volcanics (Michigan, USA):
E Kulakov, A V Smirnov
1340h GP43A-3618 POSTER A New Paleomagnetic
Study of the ItararГ© Group from the State of SГЈo
Paulo, SE Brazil and Implications for Pangea
Reconstructions: Inclination Shallowing or
Pervasive Remagnetizations?: D Bilardello, W
Callebert, M I B Raposo, P R dos Santos
1340h GP43A-3619 POSTER Amalgamation of East
Eurasia Since Late Paleozoic: Constraints from the
Apparent Polar Wander Paths of the Major China
Blocks: L Wu, V A Kravchinsky, D K Potter
1340h GP43A-3620 POSTER Paleomagnetism
and Its Tectonic Implication of the Red Beds of
Oligocene Kangtuo Formation in the QinghaiTibetan Plateau: J Ding, S Zhang, W Chen, H Li, H
Wu, T Yang, K Zhang
1340h GP43A-3621 POSTER A new Late
Carboniferous Pangea reconstruction: X Tan
1340h GP43A-3622 POSTER Lower CambrianEdiacaran Paleogeography and True Polar Wander
with New Paleomagnetic Constraints from West
African Craton: B Robert, J Besse, O Blein, M
Greff-Lefftz, T Baudin, L Fernando, S Meslouh, M
1340h GP43A-3623 POSTER Ted Irving’s legacy:
recent developments on his pioneering work in
paleomagnetism: R J Enkin, N D Opdyke, D V
Kent, H R Frankel, D A Evans, J W Geissman
1340h GP43A-3624 POSTER Geomagnetic
Paleointensity As Recorded By the ~1.1 Ga BaragaMarquette Dike Swarm (Michigan, USA: M S
Foucher, E J Piispa, A V Smirnov
Remagnetization of Jurassic Carbonates and
a Primary Paleolatitude of Lower Cretaceous
Volcaniclastic Rocks of the Tibetan Himalaya: W
Huang, D J J Van Hinsbergen, M J Dekkers, E
Garzanti, G Dupont Nivet, P C Lippert, X Li, M
Maffione, C G Langereis, X Hu, Z Guo, P A Kapp
Paleomagnetic Investigation of Angara - Taseeva
Depression and Central Part of Tunguska Syncline
(Siberian Trap Province, Russia): A Latyshev, R V
Veselovskiy, V Pavlov
1340h GP43A-3627 POSTER Translation vs.
Rotation: The Battle for Accommodation of Dextral
Shear at the Northern Terminus of the Central
Walker Lane, Western Nevada: C W Carlson, J E
1340h GP43A-3628 POSTER Exploring ElongationInclination Relationships in Datasets from Plutons
and Remagnetized Sediments: Examples from
the North Cascades and the Blue Mountains: B A
1340h GP43A-3629 POSTER Late Carboniferous
paleomagnetism of the Southwestern Tarim block
and its implications for the paleogeography of
central Asia: Z Sun, H Li, J Pei, J Pan, L Zhang, C
Li, J Si, D Liu
1340h GP43A-3630 POSTER 900 Ma Pole from the
Bjerkreim-Sokndal Layered Intrusion, Rogaland
Igneous Complex, Norway: Where Was Baltica
in the Early Neoproterozoic?: L L Brown, S A
1340h GP43A-3631 POSTER Paleomagnetism of
Jurassic Carbonates from Germany: V Bachtadse,
E K Settles, H Soffel
Earth’s Future: Navigating the Science
of the Anthropocene II (joint with A, B,
1340h GC43F-01 Policies for Correcting
Anthropogenic Drivers: R B Norgaard
1355h GC43F-02 Towards a Self-Consistent
Physical Framework for Modeling Coupled Human
and Physical Activities during the Anthropocene: T
J Garrett
1410h GC43F-03 The Sea Level Fingerprints of
Global Change: J X Mitrovica, C Hay, R E Kopp
III, E Morrow
1425h GC43F-04 Translating Knowledge: The
role of Shared Learning in Bridging the ScienceApplication Divide: M Moench
1440h GC43F-05 Future Earth: Reducing Loss By
Automating Response to Earthquake Shaking: R M
1455h GC43F-06 Managing Nitrogen in the
anthropocene: integrating social and ecological
science: X Zhang, D L Mauzerall, E A Davidson, D
Kanter, R Cai, T Searchinger
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 43
Presiding: Maoyi Huang, Pacific
NW Nat’l Lab-Atmos Sci; Donald
Lucas, Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory; Katharine Hayhoe, Texas
Tech University; Elisabeth Lloyd,
Indiana University Bloomington
1340h GP43A-3616 POSTER Paleomagnetic and
Geochronological Studies of the Kola Devonian
Alkaline Province (Kola Peninsula, Russia) and
Their Geological Implication: R V Veselovskiy, A
Arzamastsev, S N Thomson
Presiding: Ben Van der Pluijm,
University of Michigan; Guy Brasseur,
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology;
Michael Ellis, British Geological Survey;
Nancy Grimm, Arizona State University
1340h GC43C-0761 POSTER Reconstruction of
Late Quaternary Environmental Changes in Large
Endorheic Basins: Challenges and Problems:
K Hartmann, B Diekmann, F Lehmkuhl, K R
Reicherter, G Stauch, B Wuennemann
Quantifying Uncertainty in Climate,
Earth System, Integrated Assessment,
and Impact Models and Observations
II (joint with A, B, H, SI)
1510h GC43E-07 Applying the Science of Science
Communication to Climate Change and Clean
Energy: Lessons Learned from the NSF- and PBSsupported “Earth: The Operators’ Manual”: G
Haines-Stiles, E Akuginow, C Sanford
1340h GC43C-0755 POSTER Influence of the
Tianshan Mountains on Arid Central Asia: J W
Baldwin, G A Vecchi
1340h GC43C-0759 POSTER Continuous Lake
Recession of Siling Co, Central Tibet, Since the
Middle Holocene: X Shi, E Kirby, K P Furlong, K
Meng, R A J Robinson, H Lu, E Wang
Moscone West 3003
Presiding: David Evans, Yale Univ;
Randolph Enkin, Geological Survey of
Canada; John Geissman, University of
Texas at Dallas
Moscone West 3005
1340h GC43C-0758 POSTER Water level variation
of Inland lakes on the southeasten of Tibetan
Plateau in 1972-2012: Y Wu, L Lei
1525h GC43F-08 From
Stewardship? Living with the Biosphere in the Age
of the Anthropocene: J A Foley
1455h GC43E-06 Scientists Are from Mars,
Laypeople Are from Venus: An Evidence-Based
Approach to Consensus Messaging: J Cook, P
Jacobs, D Nuccitelli
1340h GC43C-0754 POSTER Trace Element
Determination from the Guliya Ice Core to
Characterize Aerosol Deposition over the Western
Tibetan Plateau during the Last 500 Years: R Sierra
Hernandez, P Gabrielli, E Beaudon, A Wegner, L
G Thompson
1340h GC43C-0757 POSTER Soil Temperature and
Moisture Change and the Impacts on Vegetation
over the Tibetan Plateau: L Cuo, T J Bohn
1510h GC43F-07 Identifying and Reconciling
Risk Across Sectors: The implications of differing
views of risk in climate policy, environmental
conservation, and the finance sector: T Johns, I
Henderson, G Thoumi
11/28/2014 11:06:35 AM
1340h GP43A-3633 POSTER Advancing Late
Mesoproterozoic Paleogeography With New
Constraints From The Keweenawan Rift And The
Umkondo Large Igneous Province: N SwansonHysell, T M Kilian, S A Bowring, R E Hanson, S D
Burgess, J Ramezani
1340h GP43A-3634 POSTER Rapid True Polar
Wander Oscillations Preserved In Continuous
Orosirian Strata: R N Mitchell, P F Hoffman, A
Brenner, X Xu, D A Evans, S A Bowring, W Bleeker
1340h GP43A-3635 POSTER Paleomagnetism of
Jurassic dolerites from Northern Victoria Land,
Antarctica - Onset of rapid Jurassic pole shift?: U
Kirscher, V Bachtadse, N Petersen, C Rolf, O S
Paleomagnetic Data from Permian-Triassic Rocks
of Belkovsky Island (New Siberian Islands): A
Zhdanova, D Metelkin
1340h GP43A-3637 POSTER New Paleomagnetic
Data for the Franz Josef Land Archipelago and their
Tectonic Consequences: V Abashev, N Mikhaltsov
1340h GP43A-3638 POSTER Paleomagnetism of the
~1.1 Ga Baraga-Marquette dykes (Michigan, USA):
E J Piispa, M S Foucher, J A Chmielewski, A V
Smirnov, L J Pesonen
Moscone South 300
ESA’s Swarm Mission, One Year in
Space I (joint with DI, G, SA, SM, T, V)
Presiding: Gauthier Hulot, IPGP;
Hermann Luhr, Deutsches
GeoForschungsZentrum, GFZ; Eigil FriisChristensen, DTU; David Knudsen,
Univ Calgary
1340h GP43B-01 Swarm - Mission Status,
Exploitation and Evolution Plans: R Floberghagen
1400h GP43B-02 Results from the First Year of
Swarm GPS Receiver and Accelerometer Data:
S Bruinsma, E Doornbos, C Siemes, R Pe?estГЅ, J
Kraus, A Bezd?k, J van den IJssel, J Encarnacao, P
N Visser
1420h GP43B-03 Deriving a Core Magnetic Field
Model from Swarm Satellite Data: V Lesur, M
Rother, I Wardinski
1440h GP43B-04 Swarm’s Absolute Magnetometer
(ASM) Experimental Vector Mode, a Unique
Capability With Considerable Potential: G Hulot,
P Vigneron, J M Leger, I Fratter, N Olsen, T Jager,
F Bertrand, L Brocco, O Sirol, X Lalanne, A Boness,
V Cattin
1340h H43A-0936 POSTER Estimating the
Reactivation Potential of Pre-Existing Fractures
in Subsurface Granitoids from Outcrop Analogues
and in-Situ Stress Modeling: Implications for EGS
Reservoir Stimulation with an Example from
Thuringia (Central Germany): N Kasch, K M
Ustaszewski, M Siegburg, P Navabpour, G Hesse
1340h H43A-0937 POSTER A Numerical Study for
Groundwater Flow, Heat and Solute Transport
Associated with Operation of Open-loop
Geothermal System in Alluvial Aquifer: D K Park,
G O Bae, K K Lee
1340h H43A-0939 POSTER Hydro-chemical
specifications of thermal waters from different
geographical regions in Turkey: D Z Seker, S
Aydin, N Sivri, E Bitik, Z Cakir
1340h H43A-0940 POSTER Deep Stimulation at
Newberry Volcano EGS Demonstration: K Grasso,
T T Cladouhos, S Petty, G H Garrison, Y Nordin, M
Uddenberg, M Swyer
1340h H43A-0941 POSTER Optimum bleeding rate
of open loop ground source heat pump systems
determined by hydrogeological modeling in Korea:
W H Jeon, N Kim, J Y Lee
1340h H43A-0942 POSTER Tectonic Evolution
of Chingshui Geothermal Field Inferred from
Evidence of Quartz and Calcite Veins: Y C Lu, S R
Song, P L Wang, C M Liu, E C Yeh
1340h H43A-0943 POSTER Using High Pressure
Thermal Vessel For Mineral Solubility Experiments
in Geothermal System: H L Liu, Y H Huang, H F
Chen, S R Song
1340h H43A-0944 POSTER Simulating the Mineral
Scale by High Pressure Thermal Vessel: Y H Huang,
H L Liu, H F Chen, S R Song
1340h H43A-0945 POSTER Numerical modeling
of Non-isothermal two-phase two-component
flow process with phase change phenomena in the
porous media: Y Huang, H Shao, M Thullner, O
1340h H43A-0946 POSTER The Thermal
Conductivity from Central Cross-lsland Highway
and South Cross-Island Highway in Taiwan: C H
Chen, J H Hung
1340h H43A-0947 POSTER Development of a
Laboratory Experiment to Derivate the Thermal
Conductivity based on Electrical Resistivity
Measurments: T Vienken, L Firmbach, P Dietrich
1340h H43A-0948 POSTER Understanding High
Temperature Gradients in the Buckman Well Field,
Santa Fe County, New Mexico: M Folsom, C J
Gulvin, F M Tamakloe, K Yauk, S Kelley, J Frost,
G R Jiracek
1455h GP43B-05 A Secular Variation Model
for Igrf-12 Based on Swarm Data and Inverse
Geodynamo Modelling: A Fournier, J Aubert, T
1340h H43A-0949 POSTER Stochastic Model of
Fracture Frequency Heterogeneity in a Welded Tuff
EGS reservoir, Snake River Plain, Idaho, USA: A
Moody, J P Fairley Jr
1510h GP43B-06 Estimating susceptibility and
magnetization within the Earth’s continental
crust: Petrophysical and Satellite approaches: M E
Purucker, S A McEnroe
1340h H43A-0950 POSTER A Numerical Study
on Small-Scale Permeability Creation Associated
with Fluid Pressure Induced Inelastic Shearing: D
Vogler, F Amann, P Bayer
1525h GP43B-07 Sensing the Electrical
Conductivity of the Upper Mantle and Lithosphere
Using Satellite Magnetic Signal Due to Ocean Tidal
Flow: N R Schnepf, A V Kuvshinov, T J Sabaka,
N Olsen
1340h H43A-0951 POSTER Estimation of Reservoir
Geotemperatures from Multicomponent and
Classical Geothermometry of the Bath Geothermal
Reservoir: An Integrated Approach: D N Wishart
Moscone West Poster Hall
Conventional and Enhanced
Geothermal Systems:
Characterization, Integration,
Stimulation, Simulation, and Induced
Seismicity II Posters (joint with MR, NG,
S, V)
Presiding: Souheil Ezzedine, Univ
California LLNL; Azadeh Riahi, Itasca
Consulting Group; Alain Bonneville,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1340h H43A-0933 POSTER Stimuli Responsive/
Rheoreversible Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids for
Enhanced Geothermal Energy Production (Part I):
C A Fernandez, H B Jung, H Shao, A Bonneville, D
Heldebrant, D Hoyt, L Zhong, J Holladay
1340h H43A-0934 POSTER Stimuli Responsive/
Rheoreversible Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids for
Enhanced Geothermal Energy Production(Part II):
A Bonneville, H B Jung, H Shao, S Kabilan, W
Um, K C Carroll, T Varga, N Suresh, S Stephens,
C A Fernandez
1340h H43A-0935 POSTER Characterization of
Site for Installing Open Loop Ground Source Heat
Pump System: S W Yun, Y Park, J Y Lee, M J Yi,
J H Cha
AGU2014News.indb 44
1340h H43A-0952 POSTER В­В­Fault scaling and
permeability controls in geothermal systems: D L
Siler, N Hinz
1340h H43A-0953 POSTER Study of Hydrothermal
Mineralization in 2013 Drill Core from Hawaii
Island: N C Lautze, W M Calvin, J Moore, E
Haskins, D M Thomas
Moscone West Poster Hall
Multiscale Preferential Flow from
Soils to Fissured/Karst Systems:
Hydrologic, Geochemical, and
Biological Implications II Posters
(joint with B, EP)
Presiding: Nicolas Massei, University
of Rouen, UMR 6143; Andreas
Hartmann, University of Bristol; Ingrid
Padilla, University of Puerto Rico
Mayaguez; Joshua Larsen, University of
1340h H43B-0954 POSTER Relative Importance of
Karst-Conduit Hyporheic Zones Co-occuring at
Different Spatial Scales: K Henry, J L Wilson
1340h H43B-0955 POSTER Carbamazepine
breakthrough as indicator for specific vulnerability
of karst springs: application on the Jeita spring,
Lebanon: J Doummar, T Geyer, K Noedler, M
1340h H43B-0956 POSTER Evaluation of Rapid
Recharge Processes and Spring Source Vulnerability
of Karst Aquifers in Semi-arid Environments: S
Schmidt, F Ries, M Sauter
1340h H43B-0957 POSTER Assessment of
groundwater recharge in an ash-fall mantled karst
aquifer of southern Italy: F Manna, J R Nimmo, P
De Vita, V Allocca
1340h H43B-0958 POSTER Use of microbial analysis
to evaluate denitrification in the karstic aquifer of
Okinawa, Japan: J Yasumoto
1340h H43B-0959 POSTER Elucidation of
denitrification mechanism in karstic Ryukyu
limestone aquifer: K Hijikawa
1340h H43B-0960 POSTER Using Smoke Injection
in Drains to Identify Potential Preferential
Pathways in a Drained Arable Field: M H Nielsen,
C T Petersen, S Hansen
1340h H43B-0961 POSTER Monitoring of Emerging
and Legacy Contaminants in Groundwater and Tap
Water of the Karst Region in Northern Puerto Rico
for Assessment of Sources and Fate and Transport
Processes: I Cotto, I Y Padilla, P M Torres
1340h H43C-0979 POSTER Application of
HydroGeoSphere to model the response to
anthropogenic climate change of three-dimensional
hydrological processes in the geologically,
geothermally, and topographically complex Valles
Caldera super volcano, New Mexico: Preliminary
results: M Wine, D D Cadol
1340h H43C-0980 POSTER Quantifying the
Effects of Upstream Farm Dams on inflows into
the Gaborone Dam in Botswana: An integrated
approach: J Helmschrot, P K Kenabatho, B Parida,
S Kralisch, M Fleischer
1340h H43C-0981 POSTER An integrative approach
to characterize hydrological processes and water
quality in a semi-arid watershed in Northeastern
Brazil: M R Franklin, N Fernandes, L H S Veiga,
L R Melo, A C S Santos, V P Araujo
1340h H43C-0982 POSTER Modeling the
hydrologicEffects of Spatial Heterogeneity in Soil
Hydraulic Properties in a Mountainous Watershed,
Northwest China : C He, X Jin, L Zhang, X Zhang
Moscone West Poster Hall
1340h H43B-0962 POSTER Fate and Transport of
TCE Solvents Through Saturated Karst Aquifer: M
Carmona, A A Anaya, I Y Padilla
Critical Zone in the Anthropocence II
(joint with B, EP, GC, NG)
1340h H43B-0963 POSTER Laboratory study of
the possible division of fractures and conduits and
the applicability of Cubic law in closed fractures: C
Presiding: Praveen Kumar, University
of Illinois; Thanos Papanicolaou,
University of Tennessee; Amilcare
Porporato, Duke Univ; Daniel Richter,
Duke University
1340h H43B-0964 POSTER A new stochastic
hydraulic conductivity approach for modeling
one-dimensional vertical flow in variably saturated
porous media: M D Vrettas, I Y Fung
1340h H43B-0965 POSTER Numerical Study of a
Groundwater Flow Cycling Controlled By Seawater
Intrusion within Karst Conduit Networks Using
Modflow-CFP: Z Xu, B X Hu, H Davis
1340h H43B-0966 POSTER Modeling and
characterization of flow processes in the carbonate
aquifer vadose zone: N Z Dvory, Y Livshitz, M
Kouznetsov, E Adar, A Yakirevich
1340h H43B-0968 POSTER Dolines on ultramafic
rocks : the case of the Southern Grande Terre
of New Caledonia (SW Pacific): J Jeanpert, P
Genthon, J L Join, M VendГ©-Leclerc, P Maurizot,
J SГ©rino
1340h H43B-0969 POSTER Infiltration of Highway
Stormwater Runoff into Vegetated Filter Strips
under Wet Climate in Western Oregon: Z Liu, C
W Higgins, R D Stewart
Moscone West Poster Hall
Characterizing Hydrological and
Linked Processes in Arid and SemiArid Regions II Posters
Presiding: Raghavendra Jana, King
Abdullah University of Science and
Technology; Binayak Mohanty, Texas
A&M University; Matthew McCabe,
King Abdullah University of Science and
Technology; Bridget Scanlon, University
of Texas at Austin
1340h H43D-0983 POSTER The Calhoun Critical
Zone Observatory: understanding the evolution of
the critical zone after centuries of anthropogenic
degradation: J M Mallard, B L McGlynn, D Richter
1340h H43D-0984 POSTER Human Impact
Intertwined with Glacial Legacy: HydroGeomorphologic Exploration using LiDAR data: Q
Yan, P Kumar
1340h H43D-0985 POSTER Stream Channel Change
in an Intensively Managed Agricultural Landscape:
Implications for Critical Zone Processes: Q W
Lewis, B L Rhoads, W Andresen
1340h H43D-0987 POSTER A GIS-based Framework
for Examining the Effects of Water-Driven Erosion
on Soil Biogeochemical Cycling: B K Abban, T
Papanicolaou, K Wacha, C G Wilson
1340h H43D-0988 POSTER Differences in Net
Ecosystem Exchange for an intensely managed
watershed using a lumped, regional model and a
mechanistic, hillslope-scale model: C G Wilson, K
Wacha, T Papanicolaou, C O Stanier, A Jamroensan
1340h H43D-0989 POSTER Mapping the Legacies
of Historic Charcoal Production: A Schneider, A
Raab, T A Raab, M Takla, A Nicolay, H Rösler
1340h H43D-0990 POSTER Small Particles – Big
Change? Engineered Nanomaterial Effects on Soil
Subsurface Properties: I Dror, B Yaron, B Berkowitz
1340h H43D-0991 POSTER Reservoir and
contaminated sediments impacts in high-Andean
environments: Morphodynamic interactions with
biogeochemical processes: C R Escauriaza, M T
Contreras, D A MГјllendorff, P Pasten, G E Pizarro
1340h H43C-0970 POSTER Soil Water Content
Variations and Hydrological Relations of a Typical
Land Use Pattern in an Arid Inland River Basin of
Northwest China: Q Shen, G Gao, B Fu
1340h H43D-0992 POSTER Insights into the Carbon
Sequestration Potential of Rangelands Through
Measurement and Modeling of Differently Managed
Pastures: J J Owen, M Hartman, W J Parton, W L
1340h H43C-0971 POSTER Impacts of Salinity on
Soil Hydraulic Properties and Evaporation Fluxes:
V Fierro, F Cristi Matte, F I Suarez, J F Munoz
1340h H43D-0993 POSTER Biogeochemical
evolution of sulfide ore mine tailings profiles under
semi-arid climate: J Chorover
1340h H43C-0972 POSTER Comparisons of Four
Methods for Evapotranspiration Estimates in
Jordan: H Zhang, S Gorelick, J Yoon
1340h H43D-0994 POSTER Sediment budgeting and
restoration planning in a heterogeneous landscape,
the Root River watershed, southeastern Minnesota:
J M Hemmis, M Souffront, J C Stout, P Belmont
1340h H43C-0973 POSTER Column Experiments
Investigating Wetting and Drying of Soil and
Consumption of Organic Contaminants for
Managed Aquifer Recharge: M Silver, C Schueth,
A Wefer-Roehl, C Kuebeck
1340h H43C-0974 POSTER Use of Sharpened Land
Surface Temperature for Daily Evapotranspiration
Estimation over Irrigated Crops in Arid Lands: J
Rosas Aguilar, M F McCabe, R Houborg, F Gao
1340h H43D-0995 POSTER Effects of Aggregation:
How Significant Are They to Potentially Skew
Slope-Scale Carbon Balances?: Y Hu, N J Kuhn
1340h H43D-0996 POSTER Long term responses of
a subtropical rainforest ecosystem to logging in the
Australian Main Range Volcanics CZO: T Santini,
J Larsen, S R Howell
1340h H43C-0976 POSTER Mode Decomposition
Methods for Soil Moisture Prediction: R B Jana, Y
R Efendiev, B Mohanty
1340h H43D-0997 POSTER Sediment and solute
transport in a mountainous watershed in Valle
del Cauca, Colombia: C D Guzman, A Castro, A
Morales, F Hoyos, P Moreno, T S Steenhuis
1340h H43C-0977 POSTER The hydrologic response
in a hilly-gully catchment with a developed checkdam system on the Loess Plateau, China: H Tang,
Q Ran, Q Qian
Moscone West Poster Hall
1340h H43C-0978 POSTER Hydrogeology in
The Semi-Arid South-West of Madagascar – a
Multi-Scale Approach: A Englert, L Dworak, J
Rasoloariniaina, K Brinkmann, S Kobbe, A Buerkert
Water Footprint Assessment II
Posters (joint with GC, PA, SI)
Presiding: Saket Pande, Delft University
of Technology; Arjen Y. Hoekstra,
University of Twente; Megan Konar,
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:35 AM
University of Illinois at Urbana
Champaign; Bridget Scanlon, Univ
Texas Austin
1340h H43F-1017 POSTER Soil moisture dynamics
and their effect on bioretention performance in
Northeast Ohio: S A Bush, A Jefferson, K Jarden, L
E Kinsman-Costello, J Grieser
1340h H43E-0998 POSTER Sustainability of Italian
Agriculture: A Methodological Approach for
Assessing Crop Water Footprint at Local Scale: F
Altobelli, A Dalla Marta, O Cimino, S Orlandini,
F Natali
1340h H43F-1018 POSTER Green infrastructure
retrofits on residential parcels: Ecohydrologic
modeling for stormwater design: B Miles, L E Band
1340h H43E-0999 POSTER Effect of irrigation
techniques and strategies on water footprint of
growing crops: A D Chukalla, M S Krol, A Y Y
1340h H43E-1000 POSTER Environmental,
Economic and Social Efficiencies of Irrigated
Farming Systems: Using Water Footprint Indicators
to Compare Farm Income and Labor Generated per
Volume of Water Available in Irrigated Farming
Systems in Campania, Italy: F Altobelli, A
Meybeck, V Gitz, A Dalla Marta, O Cimino
1340h H43E-1001 POSTER Global Anthropogenic
Phosphorus Loads to Fresh Water, Grey Water
Footprint and Water Pollution Levels: A HighResolution Global Study: M M Mekonnen, A Y Y
1340h H43F-1019 POSTER Impacts of Green
Infrastructure on the Water Budget and Other
Ecosystem Services in Subhumid Urban Areas: Y
Feng, S J Burian, E Pardyjak, C A Pomeroy
1340h H43F-1020 POSTER Storm Water Retention
on Three Green Roofs with Distinct Climates: P A
Breach, A Sims, D M O’Carroll, C E Robinson, C C
Smart, B S C Powers
1340h H43F-1021 POSTER Stormwater Attenuation
by Green Roofs: A Sims, D M O’Carroll, C E
Robinson, C C Smart
1340h H43F-1022 POSTER Effects of substrate
properties on the hydraulic and thermal behavior of
a green roof: V P Sandoval, F I Suarez, F Victorero,
C Bonilla, J A Gironas, S Vera, W Bustamante, V
Rojas, P Pasten
Moscone West Poster Hall
Remote Sensing of Rivers:
Observations Across Scales I Posters
(joint with B, EP)
Presiding: Tamlin Pavelsky, University
of North Carolina
1340h H43H-1038 POSTER A computationally
efficient 2D hydraulic approach for global flood
hazard modeling: L Begnudelli, Y Kaheil, B F
1340h H43H-1039 POSTER Prospects and challenges
in integrating reservoir operation in a global surface
water dynamic modeling framework: A Getirana,
Y B Sulistioadi, J Van Den Hoek, C D Peters-Lidard
1340h H43H-1040 POSTER Progress on the
calibration of channel geometry and friction
parameters of the LISFLOOD-FP hydraulic model
using time series of SAR flood images: M Wood, J
C Neal, R Hostache, G Corato, P D Bates, M Chini,
L Giustarini, P Matgen, T Wagener
1340h H43H-1041 POSTER Evaluation of regionalscale water level simulations using various river
routing schemes within a hydrometeorological
modelling framework for the preparation of the
SWOT mission: V Häfliger, E Martin, A A Boone,
F Habets, C H David, P A Garambois, H Roux, S M
Ricci, A ThГ©venin, L Berthon, S Biancamaria
1340h H43E-1002 POSTER Assess water scarcity
integrating water quantity and quality: J Liu, Z
1340h H43F-1023 POSTER Was all that Los Angeles
River flood control concrete necessary?: W C
Patzert, S S Regalado, S LaDochy, P C Ramirez, J
K Willis
1340h H43E-1003 POSTER Developing a
methodological framework for estimating water
productivity indicators in water scarce regions: S
T Mubako, T M Fullerton, A Walke, T Collins, G
Mubako, W S Walker
1340h H43F-1024 POSTER Remotely Measuring
Trash Fluxes in the Flood Canals of Megacities
with Time Lapse Cameras and Computer Vision
Algorithms – a Case Study from Jakarta, Indonesia:
F Sedlar, E Turpin, B Kerkez
1340h H43E-1004 POSTER Virtual water flows and
Water Balance Impacts of the U.S. Great Lakes
Basin: B L Ruddell, A S Mayer, S T Mubako
1340h H43F-1025 POSTER Observation of Isotope
Ratios (Оґ2H, Оґ18O, 87Sr/86Sr) of Tap Water in
Urban Environments: C J Mancuso, B J Tipple, J
R Ehleringer
1340h H43H-1043 POSTER Design of Airborne
Surface Water Elevation Observation Campaigns
for Improved Hydrodynamic Modeling of Deltas: C
Michailovsky, E Rodriguez, K Andreadis
1340h H43F-1026 POSTER Integrated watershed
planning across jurisdictional boundaries: A W
Watts, R Roseen, P Stacey, R Bourdeau
1340h H43H-1044 POSTER Quantifying the level
of improvement in discharge estimation from the
SRTM-era to the proposed Surface Water Ocean
Topography (SWOT)-mission era : M S Sikder, F
1340h H43E-1005 POSTER Inter-City Virtual Water
Transfers Within a Large Metropolitan Area: A
Case Study of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area in the
United States: R Rushforth, B L Ruddell
1340h H43E-1006 POSTER The Urban Food–Water
Nexus: Modeling Water Footprints of Urban
Agriculture using CityCrop: T R Tooke, M J
Lathuilliere, N C Coops, M S Johnson
1340h H43E-1007 POSTER Tracing the Temporal
and Spatial Variations in the Origin of Fecal
Material in Three Oklahoma Watersheds Using
Sterol Fingerprints: Y Lu, P R Philp
1340h H43E-1008 POSTER Cultural Dimensions of
Water Pollution: L Polaki, V R Bekkam
Moscone West Poster Hall
Water, Energy, and Society in Urban
Systems II Posters (joint with A, B, GC, SI)
Moscone West Poster Hall
Ecohydrology for Earth System
Models I Posters (joint with A, B, GC)
Presiding: Gretchen Miller, Texas A
& M University; Salvatore Manfreda,
University of Basilicata; Maoyi Huang,
Pacific NW Nat’l Lab-Atmos Sci
1340h H43G-1027 POSTER Development of HighResolution Regolith Thickness and Topographic
Datasets for Regional/Global Land-Surface
Modeling: J D Pelletier, P D Broxton, P Hazenberg,
X Zeng, P A A Troch, G Y Niu, M Brunke, D J
Presiding: Claire Welty, University
of Maryland Baltimore County; Anne
Jefferson, Kent State University Kent
Campus; Darrel Jenerette, University
of California Riverside; Alfonso Mejia,
Pennsylvania State University Main
1340h H43G-1028 POSTER Evapotranspiration
flux partitioning using an Iso-SPAC model in a
temperate grassland ecosystem: P Wang
1340h H43F-1009 POSTER Managing Stormwater
Runoff From Urban Areas in Consideration of
Predicted Climate Change Impacts in the MidAtlantic Region: M Williams
1340h H43G-1030 POSTER A New Approach to
Estimating Potential Reduction in Fish Species
Richness in a Global Hydrological Model: S Kanae,
S Yoshikawa, S Koirala, Y Hirabayashi, A Yanagawa,
Y Iwasaki, C Yoshimura, P Sui
1340h H43F-1010 POSTER Evapotranspiration and
surface energy balance across an agricultural-urban
landscape gradient in Southern California, USA: S A
Shiflett, R G Anderson, D Jenerette
1340h H43F-1011 POSTER Temporal evolution
of flow regimes in urbanizing basins: A Mejia, F
Rossel, J A Gironas, T Jovanovic
1340h H43F-1012 POSTER Estimating the Limits
of Infiltration in the Urban Appalachian Plateau:
S M Lavin, D Bain, K G Hopkins, E K PfeilMcCullough, E Copeland
1340h H43F-1013 POSTER An Optimal Balance
between Efficiency and Safety of Urban Drainage
Networks: Y Seo
1340h H43F-1014 POSTER A watershed scale
assessment of the impacts of suburban turf
management on runoff water quality: M Bachman,
S P Inamdar, S Barton, J Duke, D Tallamy, J Bruck
M Maxwell
1340h H43F-1016 POSTER Particle-Tracking
within an Ultra-High-Resolution Urban Domain
Integrated with Best Management Practices: S R
Lopez, R M Maxwell
Soil Moisture Heterogeneity in the “SuperParameterized” Community Earth System Model: P
M Kraus, S Denning
1340h H43G-1031 POSTER Development of a
distributed model for eco-hydrological simulation
in the upper Heihe River: B Gao, D Yang
1340h H43G-1032 POSTER Exploring the Influence
of Topography on Belowground C Processes Using
a Coupled Hydrologic-Biogeochemical Model: Y
Shi, K J Davis, D M Eissenstat, J P Kaye, C Duffy,
X Yu, Y He
1340h H43H-1045 POSTER Using Width-Based
Rating Curves from Spatially Discontinuous
Satellite Imagery to Monitor River Discharge: T
1340h H43H-1046 POSTER First Airswot KaBand Radar Backscatter Returns over a Complex
California Wetland: O N Baney, L C Smith, L H
Pitcher, C J Gleason, V W Chu, M M Bennett, T
Pavelsky, G A Sadowy
1340h H43H-1047 POSTER First Airswot
Interferometric Radar Water Surface Elevations and
Flooded Inundation Extent from the Sacramento
River and Edwards AFB Wetland Complex,
California: L H Pitcher, L C Smith, C J Gleason,
O N Baney, V W Chu, M M Bennett, T Pavelsky,
G A Sadowy
1340h H43H-1048 POSTER River flood events in
Thailand and Bangladesh observed by CryoSat: O B
Andersen, K Nielsen, H Villadsen, L Stenseng, P
1340h H43H-1049 POSTER Dynamic Connectivity
in the Middle Ganga Reaches Impacted by Human
Disturbance: H Mohanta, P Carbonneau, R Sinha
1340h H43H-1051 POSTER The Continuous
Monitoring of Flash Flood Velocity Field based on
an Automated LSPIV System: W Li, Q Ran, Q Liao
1340h H43H-1052 POSTER Use of Ground Imagery
to Study Wood Raft and Ice Dynamics in Fluvial
Systems: Potential and Challenges: V Benacchio, H
Piegay, T K Buffin-Belanger, L Vaudor, K Michel
1340h H43H-1053 POSTER Development of a
Novel, Parsimonious, Model-based Approach for
Representing High-resolution Gravel Facies: N
Burrows, N S Entwistle, G L Heritage
1340h H43G-1033 POSTER Optimality and dynamic
equilibrium conditions in a simulated hillslope
under periodic, arid atmospheric forcing: S J Kollet
1340h H43H-1054 POSTER On the Quality of
Point-Clouds Derived from Sfm-Photogrammetry
Applied to UAS Imagery: P Carbonneau, T James
1340h H43G-1034 POSTER Changing Water
and Nitrogen Use Efficiency over Agricultural
Lands of the Inland Pacific Northwest During the
21th Century: Implications for Adaptation and
Mitigation: M Liu, K Malek, J C Adam, C O Stockle,
K Rajagopalan, R Nelson
1340h H43H-1055 POSTER Structure from Motion
vs. the Kinect: Comparisons of River Field
Measurements at the 10-2 to 102 meter Scales: M A
Fonstad, J T Dietrich
1340h H43G-1035 POSTER The sensitivity of
modeled evapotranspiration to rooting parameters
during interstorm periods: G Sivandran, G Bohrer,
B Rizzo, D Soldaini
1340h H43G-1036 POSTER Modeling Environmental
Controls on Tree Water Use at Different Temporal
scales: H Guan, H Wang, C T Simmons
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 45
1340h H43H-1042 POSTER Two dimensional
hydrodynamic modeling of a high latitude braided
river: E Humphries, T Pavelsky, P D Bates
1340h H43H-1056 POSTER Mapping Spatial
Distributions of Stream Power and Channel Change
along a Gravel-Bed River in Northern Yellowstone:
D M Lea, C J Legleiter
1340h H43H-1057 POSTER Mapping water
surface roughness in a shallow, gravel-bed river
using hyperspectral imagery: B T Overstreet, C J
1340h H43H-1058 POSTER Stream Restoration
Monitoring Utilizing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle,
Teton Creek, Idaho: T Stegman
1340h H43H-1059 POSTER Measuring the Discharge
of River Flood Using Witnesses Movies Found on
the Internet: A Hauet, J LeCoz, R Le Boursicaud,
L PГ©nard
1340h H43H-1060 POSTER Characterizing
Sediment Flux Using Reconstructed Topography
and Bathymetry from Historical Aerial Imagery
on the Willamette River, OR: T Langston, M A
1340h H43H-1061 POSTER Water Quality
Measurements from Hyperspectral Remote
Sensing: The Case of the River Ganga: A Baruch,
P Carbonneau, R Sinha, S Scott
1340h H43H-1062 POSTER Retrieving TN and
TP Concentration of Urban River From High
Resolution IKONOS Multispectral Imagery: Y
Zhang, J Liu, L Zhang, X Song
1340h H43H-1063 POSTER Optimization of field
spectroscopy and Hyperion data to evaluate water
quality in the Shenandoah River Basin, Virginia: M
J Mbuh, P R Houser
Moscone West Poster Hall
Streamflow Prediction from the
Catchment to the Continental Scale I
Presiding: Stacey Archfield, US
Geological Survey; Martyn Clark,
NCAR; Jan Seibert, University of Zurich;
William Farmer, US Geological Survey
1340h H43I-1064 POSTER Simplicity of Monthly
Climate and Its Implications for Hydrologic
Signatures at Various Time-Scales: W Berghuijs,
M Sivapalan, H Savenije, R A Woods
1340h H43I-1065 POSTER Hydrological similarity
and controls of streamflow behaviour in eastern
Australian catchments: R Trancoso, C A Mcalpine,
J Larsen, S R Phinn, T McVicar
1340h H43I-1066 POSTER Interactions of the Pacific
ocean variability with western U.S. streamflow: S
Sagarika, M Bernardez, A Kalra, S Ahmad
1340h H43I-1067 POSTER Uncertainty assessment
in the regionalisation of hydrological signatures: I
Westerberg, H K McMillan, G Coxon, T Wagener,
A Castellarin, A Montanari, J E Freer
1340h H43I-1068 POSTER Resampling Gaged
Networks to Provide Uncertainty Estimates for
Daily Streamflow Predictions in Ungaged Basins:
W H Farmer, T M Over, R M Vogel, S A Archfield,
J E Kiang
1340h H43I-1069 POSTER Fitting Three- and
Four-Parameter Probability Distributions to Daily
Streamflow: S A Archfield, R M Vogel
1340h H43I-1070 POSTER The dependence
structure of daily hydrological processes: N J K
Howden, T P Burt, F Worrall, S A Archfield, R M
Vogel, R A Woods
1340h H43I-1071 POSTER A Statistical WeatherDriven Streamflow Model: Enabling future flow
predictions in data-scarce headwater streams: A
Rosner, B H Letcher, R M Vogel
1340h H43I-1072 POSTER Regionalization of
Low Flows in Hawaii Streams for Past and Future
Rainfall Conditions: M Bassiouni
1340h H43I-1073 POSTER Global Maps of Temporal
Streamflow Characteristics Based on Observations
from Many Small Catchments: H Beck, A van Dijk,
A de Roo
1340h H43I-1074 POSTER European Continental
Scale Hydrological Model, Limitations and
Challenges: E Rouholahnejad, K Abbaspour
1340h H43I-1075 POSTER Development and
Application of a Process-based River System Model
at a Continental Scale: D Dutta, J Vaze, S S H Kim,
J D Hughes, A Yang, J Teng
1340h H43I-1076 POSTER Calibration of the
Variable Infiltration Capacity Model from HyperResolution to the Regional Scale: R Uijlenhoet, L
A Melsen, R Teuling, P Torfs, M Zappa
1340h H43I-1077 POSTER Monthly Water Balance
Model Portal for the United States: L Hay, A Bock,
S L Markstrom, G J McCabe Jr, D Atkinson
1340h H43I-1078 POSTER A Geospatial Fabric (GF)
for National Hydrological Modeling: R Viger, A
1340h H43I-1079 POSTER Temporally Variable
Land Cover Parameterizations for the USGS
National Hydrologic Model: R M Hart, R Viger
1340h H43I-1080 POSTER Evaluation of Potential
Evapotranspiration from a Hydrologic Model on a
National Scale: K A Hakala, L Hay, S L Markstrom
1340h H43I-1081 POSTER Improving USGS National
Hydrologic Model Parameterization with SatelliteBased Phenology Products: P D Micheletty, T S
Hogue, L Hay, S L Markstrom, R S Regan
11/28/2014 11:06:35 AM
1340h H43I-1082 POSTER Using Gridded Snow
Covered Area and Snow-Water Equivalence
Spatial Data Sets to Improve Snow-Pack Depletion
Simulation in a Continental Scale Hydrologic
Model: J C Risley, J A Tracey, S L Markstrom, L
1340h H43I-1083 POSTER Development of a
Consistent GIS Based Method for Estimating the
Groundwater Runoff Parameter for Regional Scale
Precipitation-Runoff Models : D M Bjerklie
1340h H43J-1103 POSTER Assessing the Potential
Impact of Climate Variability on the Hydrology in
the Shubuto River Basin, Hokkaido, Japan: A M
Bhatti, T Koike, M Shrestha
1340h H43J-1104 POSTER Simulated Impact
of Climate Change on Hydrology of Multiple
Watersheds Using Traditional and Recommended
Snowmelt Runoff Model Methodology: E Elias,
A Rango, C M Steele, J Mejia, R Baca, D James, S
Moscone West Poster Hall
Emergent Behaviors and Patterns
in Catchment Water, Energy, and
Carbon Balances Posters
Presiding: Pierre Gentine, Columbia
University; Stanislaus Schymanski, ETH
Zurich; Hong-Yi Li, Pac NW National Lab
1340h H43I-1084 POSTER Evaluation, Calibration
and Comparison of the Precipitation-Runoff
Modeling System (PRMS) National Hydrologic
Model (NHM) Using Moderate Resolution Imaging
Spectroradiometer (MODIS) and Snow Data
Assimilation System (SNODAS) Gridded Datasets:
P A Norton II, A E Haj Jr
1340h H43J-1105 POSTER From Snow to Flow:
Predicting the Timing of Peak Streamflow Using
SNOTEL Ablation Curves: K J Ferguson, J P
McNamara, R Abramovich
1340h H43L-1124 POSTER Predicting the effects of
elevated CO2 concentrations on catchment carbon
and water fluxes: R J Donohue, M L Roderick, T
McVicar, G D Farquhar
1340h H43J-1106 POSTER Application of Snowmelt
Runoff Model (SRM) in ungagged Manasi River
Basin, Northwest China: X Chen, S Liang, A Bao
Moscone West Poster Hall
1340h H43J-1107 POSTER Implementing the Effects
of Changing Landscape by the Recent Bark Beetle
Infestation on Snow Accumulation and Ablation
to More Accurately Predict Stream Flow in the
Upper Little Laramie River, Wyoming watershed:
J Heward, N Ohara
1340h H43L-1125 POSTER Emergent Behavior in
Slow-Fast Landscape-Climate Dynamics: Evidence
from Spatiotemporal Flood Statistics and a
Nonlinear Dynamical Model of Coevolution: R A P
PerdigГЈo, G Bloeschl
Advancing Hydrologic Predictions in
Snow- and Glacier-Fed River Systems
II Posters (joint with C)
Presiding: Yuqiong Liu, University of
Maryland College Park; Martyn Clark,
NCAR; Regine Hock, University of Alaska
Fairbanks; Charles Luce, USDA Forest
1340h H43J-1086 POSTER Adapting the iSNOBAL
model for improved visualization in a GIS
environment: W J Johansen, D Delparte
1340h H43J-1087 POSTER Implications of
Snowpack Data Uncertainties for Hydrological
Modelling of Climate Change Impacts in Northern
India: I Holman, R Remesan, A J Adeloye, C S P
S Ojha
1340h H43J-1088 POSTER Using an Ablation
Gradient Model to Characterize Annual Glacial
Melt Contribution to Major Rivers in High Asia:
M J Brodzik, R L Armstrong, S J S Khalsa, T H
Painter, A Racoviteanu, K Rittger
1340h H43J-1089 POSTER Sensitivity Analysis
of a Conceptual HBV Ra?nfall-Runoff MODEL
Using Eumetsat Snow Covered Area Product: Z
Akyurek, S Surer, J Parajka
1340h H43J-1090 POSTER Incorporation of Glacier
Mass Balance Modelling in the Variable Infiltration
Capacity Hydrology Model, with Application to
Western Canada: M Schnorbus, F S Anslow
1340h H43J-1091 POSTER Developing a hydrological
model in the absence of field data: E A Sproles, C
Orrego Nelson, T Kerr, D Lopez Aspe
1340h H43J-1092 POSTER Twenty-first century
changes in the hydrology, glaciers, and permafrost
of the Susitna Basin, Alaska: A K Bliss, R Hock,
G J Wolken, J Zhang, E Whorton, J L Braun, A
Gusmeroli, A Liljedahl, J Schulla
1340h H43J-1093 POSTER Integrated snow and
hydrology modeling for climate change impact
assessment in Oregon Cascades: M Safeeq, G Grant,
S Lewis, A W Nolin, L A Hempel, M Cooper, C
1340h H43J-1094 POSTER Greenland Ice Sheet
Meltwater Export and River Discharge: A K
Rennermalm, M Tedesco, T L Mote, I Overeem,
A B Mikkelsen, B Hasholt
1340h H43J-1095 POSTER Impact of altitudinal
variability on streamflows in mountainous
catchments under changing climate (Upper Indus
Basin), Himalayas Pakistan: K M Khan, M Yaseen
1340h H43J-1096 POSTER High-Resolution
Modeling of Freshwater Discharge and Glacier
Mass Balance in the Gulf of Alaska Drainage: J P
Beamer, D F Hill, A A Arendt, G E Liston, E W
1340h H43J-1097 POSTER Toward improving
streamflow prediction in the Upper Colorado
River Basin via assimilating bias-adjusted satellite
snow depth retrievals: Y Liu, C D Peters-Lidard, S
Kumar, K R Arsenault, D M Mocko
Measurements, Simulations, and Forecasts of Snow
Water Equivalent Across the Great Lakes Basin: R A
Bolinger, C Olheiser, B Krumwiede, A Gronewold
1340h H43J-1100 POSTER How the state vector
configuration matters in multivariate data
assimilation for streamflow predictions of snow-fed
rivers: J Bergeron, M Trudel, R Leconte
1340h H43J-1101 POSTER Tree Ring and Climate
Information based Reconstruction of Streamflow
for Sacramento River, California: S S Bukhary, M
Bernardez, A Kalra, S Ahmad
1340h H43J-1102 POSTER The Signature of
Hillslope Aspects on the Hydrologic Response of
Snow-Covered Catchments: F Comola, B Schaefli,
P Da Ronco, G Botter, A Rinaldo, M Lehning
AGU2014News.indb 46
Watershed-Scale Groundwater/Surface Water
Interactions to Better Understand How ENSO/PDO
Teleconnections Affect Streamflow Variability in
Geologically Complex, Semiarid, Snow-Dominated
Mountainous Watersheds: L Tsinnajinnie, M D
Frisbee, J L Wilson
1340h H43J-1109 POSTER On the Frozen Soil
Scheme for High Latitude Regions: A Ganji, L
Moscone West Poster Hall
New Insights into Catchment
Heterogeneities and Spatial Patterns
I Posters
Presiding: Anna Coles, University of
Saskatchewan; Jennifer Jacobs, Univ
New Hampshire; Josie Geris, University
of Aberdeen
1340h H43K-1110 POSTER Examining Soil Moisture
Variability and Field Mean Estimation Methods
using Nested Observations: A Peterson, W
Helgason, A M Ireson
1340h H43K-1111 POSTER Calibration of a
Hydrologic Model via Densely Distributed Soil
Moisture Observations: A R Thorstensen, P
Nguyen, K L Hsu, S Sorooshian
1340h H43K-1112 POSTER A Simple Runoff Model
Based on Topographic Wetness Indices and Soil
Moisture for Central New York Agricultural Fields:
K Hofmeister, C Georgakakos, M T Walter
1340h H43L-1127 POSTER Insights about Stomatal
Behavior and Surface Conductance from Globally
Distributed Ecosystem Scale Observations
(FLUXNET): C A Williams
1340h H43L-1128 POSTER Monitoring and
Modeling Water, Energy and Carbon Fluxes at
the Hillslope Scale in the Landscape Evolution
Observatory: P A A Troch, G Barron-Gafford, K
Dontsova, Y Fang, G Y Niu, L A Pangle, M Tuller,
J L M Van Haren
1340h H43L-1129 POSTER Time-Scale Invariance
As an Emergent Property in Water Balance: D
Wang, Y Tang
1340h H43L-1130 POSTER Relating Variations in
Streamflow to Variations in Climate in Catchments
across the Contiguous United States: H Y Li, S Li, S
Ye, L R Leung, L Xiong, F Sun, Y Demissie
1340h H43L-1131 POSTER Examining the Intraannual Variance in Streamflow: What is the
Contribution from Climate Variability?: S Ye, H Y
Li, S Li, L R Leung
H43L-1132 POSTER
fluctuations driven by natural and anthropogenic
forcing in China: S Zhang, D Yang
1340h H43L-1133 POSTER The Budyko and
complementary relationships in an idealized model
of large-scale land-atmosphere coupling: B R
Lintner, P Gentine, K L Findell, G Salvucci
1340h H43L-1134 POSTER Using Sulfur
Hexafluoride to Quantify the Gas Leakage Rate
within the Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO)
and the Diffusion Coefficient of the Crushed Basalt:
J Barta, M Costa, J L M Van Haren, L A Pangle, P
A A Troch
Moscone West Poster Hall
1340h H43M-1145 POSTER The Importance of
Protons in Reactive Transport Modeling: C J
McNeece, M A Hesse
1340h H43M-1146 POSTER Propagation of Gravity
Currents of non-Newtonian Power-Law Fluids in
Porous Media: V Di Federico, S Longo, V Ciriello,
L Chiapponi
1340h H43M-1147 POSTER Smoothed Particle
Hydrodynamics Modeling of Gravity Currents on
a Dry Porous Medium: E Daly, S Grimaldi, H Bui
1340h H43M-1148 POSTER Influence of Ssurfactants
on Physico-chemical Properties of Nanofluids
for Enhanced Oil Recovery: B M Luther, C J G
1340h H43M-1149 POSTER Analysis of the time
scales in time periodic Darcy flows: T Zhu, C
Waluga, B Wohlmuth, M Manhart
Zhuang, S M Hassanizadeh, A Leijnse, M Van
Genuchten, A Raoof
1340h H43M-1151 POSTER Experimental and
Computational Study of the Hydrodynamics
of Trickle Bed Flow Reactor Operating Under
Different Pressure Conditions: S Rabbani, I Ben
Salem, H Nadeem, J C Kurnia, T Shamim, M Sassi
1340h H43M-1152 POSTER Mechanics and
hydraulics of unsaturated soils: what makes
interfaces an indispensable part of a physicallybased model: E Nikooee, S M Hassanizadeh
1340h H43M-1153 POSTER Incorporating NonLinear Sorption into High Fidelity Subsurface
Reactive Transport Models : L S Matott, A J
Rabideau, R M Allen-King
1340h H43M-1154 POSTER An improved method
of calculating infiltration into unsaturated soil by
discretizing moisture domain: J Zhu, F L Ogden,
W Lai
1340h H43M-1155 POSTER Organic Compounds
Complexify Transport in the Amargosa Desert—
The Case for Phytotritiation: D A Stonestrom, W
Luo, B J Andraski, R J Baker, S Maples, C J Mayers,
M B Young
1340h H43M-1156 POSTER An Evaluation of
Coupled Water and Heat Transport Models in
the Vadose Zone with Different Assumptions and
Processes: Z Yang, B Mohanty
1340h H43M-1157 POSTER Coupled Heat and
Moisture Transport Simulation on the Resaturation of Engineered Clay Barrier: W H Huang,
Y F Chuang
1340h H43M-1158 POSTER Quantifying impacts
of coupled chemical and physical heterogeneity on
water quality evolution during Aquifer Storage and
Recovery: H Deng, C Descourvieres, S Seibert, B
Harris, O Atteia, A J Siade, H Prommer
1340h H43K-1113 POSTER Influences of topography
and subsurface heterogeneity on lateral subsurface
flow in unsaturated zone: J Kim, B Mohanty
Complexities of Flow and Transport
in Porous Media Across Diverse
Disciplines I Posters (joint with NG)
1340h H43K-1114 POSTER Incorporating landscape
heterogeneity to understand patterns of stream
discharge across spatial and temporal scales in
forested mountain watersheds: A Bergstrom, K G
Jencso, B L McGlynn
Presiding: Chaozhong Qin, Utrecht
University; S. Majid Hassanizadeh,
Utrecht Univ; Denis O’Carroll, Western
1340h H43K-1115 POSTER Spatial variation in
streamflow generation in a small forested catchment
in Japan: H Sun, T Kasahara, K Otsuki, M Tateishi,
Y Onda
1340h H43M-1137 POSTER 3D Flow Simulation
Using Lattice Boltzmann Method on Real
Carbonate Core-Plug Samples: A Islam, T F Faisal,
S Chevalier, M S Jouini, M Jouiad, M Sassi
1340h H43M-1161 POSTER Hyporheic Flow in
Coarse Gravel Beds: A Laboratory Investigation:
H Wu, C C Zuniga Zamalloa, G Blois, J Best, K
Christensen, M H Garcia, A I Packman
1340h H43K-1116 POSTER Temporospatial Patterns
of Manganese Concentrations in a Hydropower
Dam Watershed: Z Munger, M E Schreiber
1340h H43M-1138 POSTER Reactive Transport
Modelling By Using Euleria-Lagrangian Methods
Based on Mixing: J soler Sagarra, A Nardi, M
Saaltink, J Carrera
1340h H43M-1162 POSTER The Impact of PoreScale Heterogeneity on Drying Porous Media: R
Holtzman, O Borgman, P Fantinel, L Goehring
1340h H43M-1139 POSTER About the Relevance
of Downscaling for Nonlinear Problems in Porous
Media: V Leroy, D Bernard
Moscone West Poster Hall
1340h H43K-1117 POSTER Development of a
numerical reactive transport modelling framework
- Concept & Case Studies: T Kalbacher, E Jang, W
He, H Shao, R Zolfaghari, O Kolditz
1340h H43K-1118 POSTER Investigation of the SCSCN initial abstraction ratio using a Monte Carlo
simulation for the derived flood frequency curves:
E Caporali, V Chiarello, G Galeati
1340h H43K-1119 POSTER Heterogeneity in
sensitivity and response to drought in a headwater
catchment: J Geris, D Tetzlaff, C Soulsby
1340h H43K-1120 POSTER A Storage Capacity
Model Integrating Terrain and Soil Characteristic:
X Xiang
1340h H43K-1121 POSTER The Power of the
Variogram for Characterising Spatial and Temporal
Patterns of Streamflow Variability: A Chiverton, J
Hannaford, I Holman, R Corstanje, C Prudhomme,
T Hess, J Bloomfield
1340h H43K-1122 POSTER Validation of Pacific
Northwest Hydrologic Landscapes at the Catchment
Scale: K A Sawicz, S G Leibowitz, R Comeleo, P J
Wigington Jr
1340h H43K-1123 POSTER Data-Driven Scale
Extrapolation: Application on Continental Scale: L
1340h H43M-1140 POSTER Interactions Between
Chlorinated Waste Solvents and Clay Minerals in
Low Permeability Subsurface Layers: D Ayral, M
Otero-Diaz, A H Demond
1340h H43M-1141 POSTER Effects Of Evaporation
Rate of Some Common Organic Contaminants on
Hydraulic Conductivity of Aquifer Sand : Q J Saud,
S E Hasan
1340h H43M-1142 POSTER Snap-off Time for
Continuous Nonwetting Liquids in Sinusoidally
Constricted Pores: W Deng, M Balhoff, M B
1340h H43M-1143 POSTER A New Approach to
Modelling Water Flooding in a Polymer Electrolyte
Fuel Cell: C Qin, S M Hassanizadeh
1340h H43M-1144 POSTER Experimental and
Computational Study of Multiphase Flow
Hydrodynamics in 2D Trickle Bed Reactors: H
Nadeem, I Ben Salem, J C Kurnia, S Rabbani, T
Shamim, M Sassi
1340h H43M-1159 POSTER Effects of Gravity and
Aperture Statistics on DNAPL Entrapment in
Fractures : J A Beattie, S Cianflone, S E Dickson
1340h H43M-1160 POSTER SPECT Imaging as a
Tool for Testing and Challenging Assumptions
About Transport in Porous Media: S M Moysey, T
A DeVol, M P Tornai
Evolution of Groundwater
Hydrochemistry and Isotope
Composition in Arid and Semi-arid
Zones Posters (joint with EP)
Presiding: Grzegorz Skrzypek,
University of Western Australia; Shawan
Dogramaci, Rio Tinto Iron Ore; Pauline
Grierson, University of Western
1340h H43N-1163 POSTER Water Balance of Lakes
in the Continental Arctic: An Arid Zone Case Study:
J J Gibson, Y YI, S J Birks
1340h H43N-1164 POSTER Application of 129I/127I
Ratios in Groundwater Studies Conducted at Los
Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico: P
Longmire, M Dale, K Granzow, S M Yanicak
1340h H43N-1165 POSTER Constraints in
calculations of evaporative losses in arid climates
using the stable isotope composition of water: G
Skrzypek, A Mydlowski, S Dogramaci, P Hedley,
J J Gibson, P F Grierson
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:36 AM
1340h H43N-1166 POSTER Imported Versus Local
Water Sources? Origins of Stream Flows at the
Wildlands/Urban Interface in Suburban Parts of
Southern California: B J Hibbs, J W Scott, Y Wong
1340h H43N-1167 POSTER Identifying the Source
and Generation of Thermal Groundwaters based
on Stable Isotopes and Rare Earths – the Case
of the Lower Yarmouk Gorge Artesian Wells: C
Siebert, P Möller, F Magri, S Kraushaar, P Dulski, J
Guttman, T Rödiger
1340h H43N-1168 POSTER Groundwater Sources
in a Desert Watershed (Tule Basin, Nevada) Estimates of Recharge and Interbasin Flow from
Groundwater 14C Patterns and Deviations from
a Local Paleoclimate Archive: B Hagedorn, G L
1340h H43N-1169 POSTER Tracing Recharge
Sources and Salinization Processes of the
Quaternary Aquifer Using Stable Isotopes and
Hydrogeochemistry, South of the Ismailia Canal,
Egypt: M M A M Khalil, T Tokunaga
1340h H43N-1170 POSTER Sources and Relative
Timing of Groundwater Recharge in Northwest
India Using Environmental Isotopes: S P Rai, S K
Joshi, R Sinha, S Gupta, A L Densmore, Y S Rawat,
S Shekhar
1340h H43N-1171 POSTER Groundwater changes in
evaporating basins using gypsum crystals’ isotopic
compositions: E Gatti, D Bustos, A Allwood, M L
1340h H43N-1172 POSTER Groundwater Recharge
Processes Revealed By Multi-Tracers Approach in
a Headwater, North China Plain: K Sakakibara, M
Tsujimura, X Song, J Zhang
1340h H43N-1173 POSTER Recharge Regimes of
the Saq Aquifer System, Saudi Arabia: Inferences
from Geochemical and Isotopic Compositions: A
Abouelmagd, M F McCabe, M C Castro, M Sultan,
R B Jana, S Al-Mashharawi
1340h H43N-1174 POSTER Uranium and Strontium
Isotopic Study of the Hydrology of the Alluvial
Aquifer at the Rifle Former U Mine Tailings Site,
Colorado: J N Christensen, A E Shiel, M E Conrad,
K H Williams, W Dong, T K Tokunaga, J Wan, P E
Long, S S Hubbard
Moscone West 3016
Advances in Hydrogeology and
Hydrogeophysics: Innovations
in Experimental Methods, Data
Processing, and Modeling I (joint with
Presiding: Deqiang Mao, Colorado
School of Mines; Pernille Marker,
Technical University of Denmark;
Kristopher Kuhlman, Sandia National
Laboratories; Tobias Lochbuehler,
University of Lausanne
1340h H43O-01 Characterization of Anomalous
Transport in Fractured Rock through the Imaging
of Push-Pull Experiments Using Single-Hole
Ground Penetrating Radar Reflection Data: A
Shakas, N Linde, L Baron, O Bour, O Bochet, T Le
1400h H43O-02 Detailed Measurement of
Horizontal Groundwater Velocities Without a
Borehole: M Bakker, R Calje, K J Van der Made,
F Schaars
1415h H43O-03 The potential of hybrid gravimetry
for hydrology; application to a sudanian catchment
(West Africa): B Hector, J Hinderer, L SГ©guis
1435h H43O-04 Footprint Characteristics of
Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing for Soil Moisture
Monitoring: M Schrön, M Köhli, M G Zreda, P
Dietrich, S Zacharias
1450h H43O-05 Hydrogeological Parameter
Estimation Using Low-Field Proton Nuclear
Magnetic Resonance: Lessons from the Laboratory:
K Keating, S Falzone, G K Osterman, D S Wallace
1505h H43O-06 Tiltmeters as Tools for
Characterizing Geometrical and Hydrodynamical
Properties of Fractured Crystalline Aquifers and
Fault Zones: J Schuite, L Longuevergne, O Bour,
N Lavenant, F Boudin
1520h H43O-07 Don’t Use Geophysics: T P A
Ferre, C Kikuchi, J A Vrugt, J Kennedy, T Bayley
Moscone West 3022
Advances in Hydrometeorological
Predictions and Applications III (joint
with A, NH)
Presiding: Hamid Moradkhani,
Portland State University; Nathalie
Voisin, PNNL; Andrew Wood, National
Center for Atmospheric Research;
Hamid Moradkhani, Portland State
1355h H43R-02 Experiments on Plume Spreading
by Engineered Injection and Extraction: D C Mays,
M Jones, R G Tigera, R Neupauer
1340h H43P-01 Development of large-ensemble
hydrology simulations in support of water resources
planning and management: M P Clark, B Nijssen
1410h H43R-03 Multi-Objective Optimization of
Engineered Injection and Extraction to Remediate
Sorbing Contaminants in Homogeneous and
Heterogeneous Aquifers: A N Piscopo, R Neupauer,
J R Kasprzyk
1355h H43P-02 CBaM : A calibration, bridging
and merging method for post-processing GCM
forecasts of meteorological variables: A Schepen, Q
J Wang, D E Robertson
1410h H43P-03 Characterizing the Behavior of
NOAA’s Hydrologic Ensemble Forecast Service in
California: M He, B Whitin, J Brown, P Fickenscher,
A Henkel, S Talanki, R Hartman
1425h H43P-04 Long lead-time flood forecasting
using data-driven modeling approaches: N Bhatia,
J He, R K Srivastav
1440h H43P-05 Evaluation of North American
Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) Climate Forecasts
in China: Q Duan, F Ma, A Ye, W Gong
1455h H43P-06 A Simple Bayesian Climate
Index Weighting Method for Seasonal Ensemble
Forecasting: A Bradley, M A Habib, S S Schwartz
1510h H43P-07 Toward Improving Predictability
of Extreme Hydrometeorological Events: the Use
of Multi-scale Climate Modeling in the Northern
High Plains: F Munoz-Arriola, J Torres-Alavez, A
Mohamad Abadi, R L Walko
Moscone South 308
Knowledge Translation: Mobilizing
Environmental Data and Modeling for
Uncertain and Changing Decision and
Policy Contexts I (joint with B, EP, GC, SI)
Presiding: Theodore Melis, USGS
Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research
Center; Shaleen Jain, University of
Maine; Anthony Jakeman, Australian
National University; Patricia Gober,
Arizona State University
1340h H43Q-01 From community preferences
to design: Investigation of human-centered
optimization algorithms in web-based, democratic
planning of watershed restoration: M BabbarSebens, S Mukhopadhyay
1355h H43Q-02 The Role of Integrated Modelling
and Assessment for Decision-Making: Lessons from
Water Allocation Issues in Australia: A J Jakeman,
J H A Guillaume, S El Sawah, S Hamilton
1410h H43Q-03 Participatory Modeling Processes
to Build Community Knowledge Using Shared
Model and Data Resources and in a Transboundary
Pacific Northwest Watershed (Nooksack River
Basin, Washington, USA): C Bandaragoda, M
1425h H43Q-04 Implementing interactive decision
support: A case for combining cyberinfrastructure,
data fusion, and social process to mobilize scientific
knowledge in sustainability problems: S A Pierce
1440h H43Q-05 Evaluating Investment in Missouri
River Restoration: The Missouri River Effects
Analysis : R B Jacobson, C J Fischenich, K E
1455h H43Q-06 Monitoring and Research of
the Colorado River Ecosystem: When Is Enough
Enough?: J C Schmidt
1510h H43Q-07 The Science and Policy of the First
Environmental Flows to the Colorado River Delta:
K W Flessa, E Kendy, K Schlatter
1525h H43Q-08 Bridging the Knowledge Gap
towards more Resilient Environmental Decision
Making: C Kirchhoff
Moscone West 3014
New Developments in Soil and
Groundwater Remediation: Advances
in Process Understanding and
Sustainability I (joint with B)
Presiding: Jason Gerhard, University
of Western Ontario; Geoffrey Tick,
Univ Alabama; Deyi Hou, University of
Cambridge; Jian Luo, Georgia Institute
of Technolog
1340h H43R-01 Is Sustainable Remediation Now a
Self-Sustaining Process? an International Progress
Report: J W N Smith
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 47
1425h H43R-04 Laboratory Validation of Passive
Flow Focusing of Horizontal Wells for in Situ
Groundwater Remediation: A DiMarco, M Crimi,
T Holsen, C Bellona, P Kumarage, C Divine, T
1440h H43R-05 Physicochemical Approaches for
the Remediation of Former Manufactured Gas
Plant Tars: S Hauswirth, C T Miller
1510h H43R-07 Estimation of Injected Carbon
Longevity and Re-oxidation Times at Enhanced
Reductive Bioremediation Sites: J Tillotson, R C
1525h H43R-08 Nonlinear Chlorinated Solvent
Sorption Impedes Remediation in Sedimentary
Aquifers: R M Allen-King, A J Rabideau, A Merlo,
J A Salvado i Estivill, V Barbarosa, L S Matott
Moscone West 3020
Uncertainty Quantification and
Reduction in Hydrogeological
Forecasting and Inversion II (joint with
A, GC, MR, NG)
Presiding: Souheil Ezzedine, Univ
California LLNL; Niklas Linde,
University of Lausanne; Philippe
Renard, University of Neuchatel; Daniel
Tartakovsky, Univ California San Diego
1340h H43S-01 Developing Training Image-Based
Priors for Inversion of Subsurface Geophysical and
Flow Data: J Caers
1410h H43S-02 Uncertainty in TrainingImage Based Inversion of Hydraulic Head Data
Constrained to ERT Data: Workflow and Case
Study: T Hermans, F Nguyen, J Caers
1425h H43S-03 Consistent integration of geoinformation: T M Hansen, K S Cordua
1440h H43S-04 Uncertainty Quantification and
Transdimensional Inversion: M Sambridge, R
1510h H43S-05 Functional Error Models to
Accelerate Nested Sampling: L Josset, A H Elsheikh,
V Demyanov, I Lunati
1525h H43S-06 Assimilating Hydraulic Conductivity
Data Using Multiscale Training Images: G
Mariethoz, K Mahmud, A Baker, A Sharma
1340h IN43A-3683 POSTER Open NASA Earth
Exchange (OpenNEX): Strategies for enabling cross
organization collaboration in the earth sciences: A
Michaelis, S Ganguly, R R Nemani, P Votava, W
Wang, T J Lee, J L Dungan
Moscone South Poster Hall
Frontiers in Uncertainty
Quantification for Geophysical
Modeling Posters
Presiding: Ming Ye, Florida State
University; Jasper Vrugt, UC-Irvine;
Bryan Tolson, University of Waterloo
1340h IN43B-3685 POSTER Characterizing the
Effect of Different Sources of Uncertainty on
Surrogates of Groundwater Models: M Asher, B F
W Croke, A J Jakeman, L Peeters
1340h IN43B-3686 POSTER UQ -- Fast Surrogates
Key to New Methodologies in an Operational and
Research Volcanic Hazard Forecasting System: C G
Hughes, R E R Stefanescu, A K Patra, M I Bursik, R
Madankan, S Pouget, M Jones, P Singla, T Singh, E
B Pitman, D Morton, P Webley
1340h IN43B-3687 POSTER Applying Bayesian
Compressed Sensing (BCS) for sensitivity analysis
ofclimate model outputs that depend on a highdimensional input space: K Chowdhary, Z Guo, M
Wang, D D Lucas, B Debusschere
Quantification and Learning in Geophysical
Modeling: How Information is Coded into
Dynamical Models: H V Gupta
1340h IN43B-3690 POSTER How Well Do
Earthquake Hazard Maps Work and How Good Do
They Have to be?: E Brooks, S A Stein, B D Spencer
1340h IN43B-3691 POSTER New Statistical
Approach to the Analysis of Hierarchical Data: S P
Neuman, A Guadagnini, M Riva
1340h IN43B-3692 POSTER Multilevel Monte
Carlo Method with Application to Uncertainty
Quantification in Reservoir Simulation: D Lu, G
Zhang, C Webster, C N Barbier
volcanic ash cloud simulations: Characterizing
the uncertainty and moving into the operational
environment: P Webley, A K Patra, M I Bursik, E B
Pitman, J Dehn, T Singh, P Singla, R E R Stefanescu,
R Madankan, S Pouget, M Jones, D Morton, C G
1340h IN43B-3695 POSTER Quantification of
Model Uncertainty in Modeling Mechanisms of
Soil Microbial Respiration Pulses to Simulate Birch
Effect: A S Elshall, M Ye, G Y Niu, G BarronGafford
1340h IN43B-3696 POSTER Estimating Model
Probabilities using Thermodynamic Markov Chain
Monte Carlo Methods: M Ye, P Liu, P Beerli, D Lu,
M C Hill
Moscone South Poster Hall
Moscone South Poster Hall
Collaborative Community Platforms
for the Earth Sciences Posters (joint
with A, C, DI, GC, OS)
Near-Real-Time Data for Earth Science
and Space Weather Applications III
Posters (joint with A, G, NH, OS)
Presiding: Mark Parsons, Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute; Erin Robinson,
Foundation for Earth Science
Presiding: H Michael Goodman,
NASA Marshall Space Flght Ctr; Gerald
Bawden, US Geological Survey; Kevin
1340h IN43A-3676 POSTER Moving Green
Chemistry Forward: Networks as a Foundation: T
Carter, G Lough
1340h IN43A-3677 POSTER The ACI-REF
Program: Empowering Prospective Computational
Researchers: M Cuma, W Cardoen, G Collier, R M
Freeman Jr, A Kitzmiller, L Michael, K I Nomura, A
Orendt, L Tanner
1340h IN43A-3678 POSTER Interdisciplinary
Collaboration amongst Colleagues and between
Initiatives with the Magnetics Information
Consortium (MagIC) Database: R Minnett, A
A P Koppers, N Jarboe, L Tauxe, C Constable, L
Jonestrask, R Shaar
1340h IN43C-3698 POSTER Near Real Time Data
Products from the Aura Microwave Limb Sounder:
W G Read, A Lambert, N J Livesey, L Froidevaux,
M J Schwartz, G L Manney, P A Wagner
1340h IN43C-3700 POSTER NASA Langley
Atmospheric Science Data Centers Near RealTime Data Products: T Davenport, L Parker, P L
1340h IN43C-3701 POSTER Near Real Time VIIRS
EDR Products Via Direct Broadcast Using the
Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP):
G P Cureton, S Mindock, G Martin, R Garcia, K
Strabala, J Davies, N Bearson, L Gumley, A Huang
1340h IN43A-3679 POSTER DCO-VIVO: A
Collaborative Data Platform for the Deep Carbon
Science Communities: H Wang, Y Chen, P West, J
S Erickson, X Ma, P A Fox
1340h IN43C-3703 POSTER Near Real Time
MISR Wind Observations for Numerical Weather
Prediction: K J Mueller, S Protack, B E Rheingans,
E G Hansen, V M Jovanovic, N Baker, J Liu, S Val
1340h IN43A-3680 POSTER User-driven Cloud
Implementation of environmental models and data
for all: R J Gurney, B J Percy, Y Elkhatib, G S Blair
1340h IN43C-3704 POSTER Integration of Earth
Remote Sensing into the NOAA/NWS Damage
Assessment Toolkit: A Molthan, J E Burks, P
Camp, K McGrath, J R Bell
1340h IN43A-3681 POSTER EarthCube: A
Cyberinfrastructure: K Patten, M L Allison
1340h IN43A-3682 POSTER STEPPE: Supporting
collaborative research and education on Earth’s
deep-time sedimentary crust: D M Smith
1340h IN43C-3705 POSTER Early Benchmarks of
Product Generation Capabilities of the GOES-R
Ground System for Operational Weather Prediction:
S N Kalluri, B Haman, D Vititoe
11/28/2014 11:06:36 AM
1340h IN43C-3706 POSTER Testing the estimated
hypothetical response of the magnetosphere to a
major space weather event: R Bala, P H Reiff
1340h IN43C-3707 POSTER Near-Realtime Cosmic
Ray Intensities from the Neutron Monitor Database:
C T Steigies
1340h IN43C-3708 POSTER Enhancements to
NASA’s Land Atmosphere Near Real-Time
Capability for Eos (LANCE): D Davies, K J Murphy,
J E Schmaltz, R A Boller, M F Cechini, E Mauoka, G
Ye, H Conover, K J Regner, S Harrison
1340h IN43C-3709 POSTER CDDIS Near Real Time
Data for Geodesy Based Applications: B P Michael,
C E Noll, J Roark
1340h IN43C-3710 POSTER The AIRS Applications
Pipeline, from Identification to Visualization to
Distribution: S E Ray, T S Pagano, E J Fetzer, B
Lambrigtsen, J Teixeira
1340h IN43C-3711 POSTER The Earth Observation
Monitor – Automated monitoring and alerting for
spatial time-series data based on OGC web services:
J Eberle, C HГјttich, C Schmullius
1340h IN43C-3712 POSTER Field Research
Campaign Support: A web based tool to provide
support to researchers in the field and to broadcast
experiment status in real time: T Chee, L Nguyen, P
Minnis, D Spangenberg, J K Ayers, R Palikonda, R
Dubois, P R Murphy
1340h IN43C-3713 POSTER Early warning of
active fire hotspots through NASA FIRMS fire
information system: S Ilavajhala, D Davies, J E
Schmaltz, K J Murphy
1340h IN43C-3714 POSTER Upgrading the
HiSeasNet Ship-to-Shore Satellite Network: S
Foley, J C Meyer, J A Orcutt, J Berger
1340h IN43C-3715 POSTER Near Real Time Review
of Instrument Performance using the Airborne
Data Processing and Analysis Software Package: D
J Delene
Moscone South Poster Hall
Science Data System Architectures
for New Earth Science Missions and
Applications Posters
Presiding: John Moses, NASA Goddard
Space Flight Center; Ron Weaver,
National Snow and Ice Data Center;
David Meyer, USGS
1340h IN43D-3716 POSTER Evolving Data System
Architectures in NOAA: Perspectives from the
National Data Centers: K S Casey, S Mesick, D
Kowal, E J Kearns, S A Hausman, S A DelGreco, J
1340h IN43D-3717 POSTER SMAP Science Data
System Architecture: D Cuddy
1340h IN43D-3718 POSTER Evolution of the JPSS
Ground Project Calibration and Validation System:
G Chander, P Jain
1340h IN43D-3719 POSTER The New Online
Metadata Editor for Generating Structured
Metadata: R Devarakonda, B Shrestha, G
Palanisamy, L Hook, T Killeffer, T Boden, R B
Cook, L Zolly, V Hutchison, M T Frame, A T
Cialella, K Lazer
1340h IN43D-3720 POSTER Data System
Architectures: Recent Experiences from Data
Intensive Projects: G Palanisamy, M T Frame, T
Boden, R Devarakonda, L Zolly, V Hutchison, N
Latysh, M Krassovski, T Killeffer, L Hook
1340h IN43D-3721 POSTER Augmenting Basic Web
Data Services with Middleware Services to Facilitate
Usability and Interoperability: J Werpy, C Torbert
1340h IN43D-3722 POSTER Sentinel-1 Data System
at the Alaska Satellite Facility Distributed Active
Archive Center: V G Wolf
1340h IN43D-3723 POSTER A GIS-based Model for
Natural Gas Data Conversion: E Bitik, D Z Seker,
H H Denli
1340h IN43D-3724 POSTER Architectures Toward
Reusable Science Data Systems: J F Moses
L Dwyer
1340h IN43D-3726 POSTER Near-Real-Time,
Global Radar Data at the Alaska Satellite Facility
DAAC from NASA’s SMAP Satellite: S A Arko, A
R Allen, I R Dixon
1340h IN43D-3727 POSTER Integrating Actionable
User-defined Faceted Rules into the Hybrid
Science Data System for Advanced Rapid Imaging
& Analysis: G J M Manipon, H Hua, S E Owen,
G F Sacco, P S Agram, A W Moore, S H Yun, E J
Fielding, P Lundgren, P A Rosen, F Webb, Z Liu,
A T Smith, B D Wilson, M Simons, M P Poland,
P F Cervelli
1340h IN43D-3728 POSTER NASA’s Global Imagery
Management System: TIE: C Alarcon, J T Roberts,
T Huang, C K Thompson, M F Cechini, J R Hall, K
J Murphy
1340h IN43D-3729 POSTER A Distributed, Open
Source based Data Infrastructure for the Megacities
Carbon Project: R Verma, D J Crichton, R M
Duren, P Salameh, A Sparks, C Sloop
Moscone West 2020
Dark Data: Rescuing Data from the
Edge of Oblivion II
Presiding: David Gallaher, University
of Colorado Boulder; Kerstin Lehnert,
Columbia University; George Campbell,
University of Colorado Boulder
1340h IN43E-01 Citizen Science for Data Rescue:
Recovering Historical Climate Records with a
Network of 20,000 Volunteers: P Brohan
1355h IN43E-02 Efforts to Find, Recover and
Restore “A National Treasure”, The Apollo Lunar
Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP) Data Set: S
Nagihara, L R Lewis, Y Nakamura, C R Neal, P J
Chi, D R Williams, G K Schmidt, D G Currie, P T
Taylor, H K Hills, M Horanyi, E Gruen, P Dyal, J
W Freeman, P H Reiff, J Bates, M A Hager, W S
Kiefer, D Perkins
1410h IN43E-03 Rescuing Seasat-A from 1980: J
Hausman, A Sanchez, E M Armstrong
1425h IN43E-04 The Quest to Find the Ring (Data):
M D Allison, P H Wiebe, N J Copley, R C Groman
1440h IN43E-05 Seeing Earth for the First Time
and Other Archive Adventures: V A Toner, N A
Ritchey, J M Cooper
1455h IN43E-06 Rescuing NOAA’s Earliest
Airphoto Archive: F C Hsu, K Baugh, C Elvidge, M
V Hendy
1510h IN43E-07 NASA GES DISC Efforts
for Preserving Nimbus Atmospheric and
Meteorological Data Sets: J E Johnson, A E
Esfandiari, E B Zamkoff, I V Gerasimov, A F AlJazrawi, G T Alcott
Campbell, D W Gallaher
Moscone South Poster Hall
Stochastic Modeling and Complex
System Approaches to Nonlinear
Geophysical Systems II Posters (joint
with A, GC, OS)
Presiding: Adam Monahan, University
of Victoria; Cecile Penland, Physical
Sciences Division; Paul Williams,
University of Reading; Reik Donner,
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact
1340h NG43A-3751 POSTER On an Unified Scaling
Law for Volcanic Eruptions: F Cannavo, G Nunnari
Decomposition of Climate Data: a New Method for
Reconstruction of Dynamical Modes: D Mukhin,
A Gavrilov, E M Loskutov, A M Feigin
Hernandez, O J Mesa
1340h NG43A-3754 POSTER Using Scaling to
Understand, Model and Predict Global Scale
Anthropogenic and Natural Climate Change: S
Lovejoy, L del Rio Amador
1340h NG43A-3755 POSTER Multifractal properties
of geoelectric time series associated with main
shocks occurred in Mexico: A Ramirez Rojas, L R
1340h NG43A-3756 POSTER Empirical Modeling
and Stochastic Simulation of Sea-Level Pressure
Variability: S Kravtsov, N Tilinina, Y Zyulyaeva,
S Gulev
1340h NG43A-3757 POSTER On estimation of
stochastic forcing with application to El NiГ±o: C
AGU2014News.indb 48
Sequencing: Significance of Kuramoto Model on
Directed Graphs: K Vasudevan, M Cavers
1340h NG43A-3759 POSTER Crossover in Scaling:
Asymptotic Hyperbolic Behavior and Computation
of Crossover Point: A S Sharma, V A Setty
1340h NH43A-3806 POSTER New Insights on
the Creeping Phase of the Vajont Landslide form
Rotary-Shear Experiments: F Ferri, E Spagnuolo, F
Di Felice, G Di Toro
1340h NG43A-3761 POSTER A method for the
evaluation of global source and destination
characteristics of geophysical data: A Pares-Sierra,
A L Flores Morales
1340h NH43A-3807 POSTER Binary Logistic
Regression Versus Boosted Regression Trees in
Assessing Landslide Susceptibility for MultipleOccurring Regional Landslide Events: Application
to the 2009 Storm Event in Messina (Sicily, southern
Italy): L Lombardo, M Cama, M Maerker, L Parisi,
E Rotigliano
1340h NG43A-3762 POSTER Stochastic averaging
of fast-slow systems forced with alpha-stable noise:
W F Thompson, R A Kuske, A H Monahan
1340h NH43A-3808 POSTER Landslide hazard
analysis – a case study in WuShe reservoir
catchment: C M Huang
1340h NG43A-3763 POSTER Optimal Empirical
Prognostic Models of Climate Dynamics: E M
Loskutov, D Mukhin, A Gavrilov, A M Feigin
1340h NG43A-3764 POSTER A stochastic model for
tropical cyclone tracks based on Reanalysis data and
GCM output: K Ito, S Nakano, G Ueno
1340h NG43A-3765 POSTER The Statistical
Differences Between the Gridded Temperature
Datasets, and its Implications for Stochastic
Modelling: H B Fredriksen, O LГёvsletten, M
Rypdal, K Rypdal
1340h NG43A-3766 POSTER Multiple Regimes of
Flow, Stratification, and Turbulence in the Stable
Boundary Layer: A H Monahan, T Rees
1340h NG43A-3767 POSTER Climate Variable
is Time-Averaged: Dealing with Uncertainty of
Paleoclimatic Record Caused by Smoothening of
Noisy Variations: K Umemura, K Ebina
Moscone South Poster Hall
Landslides and Gravitational Slope
Deformation: Case Studies and Their
Mechanism III Posters
(joint with EP, H, S)
Presiding: Hiroshi Fukuoka, Niigata
University; Ning Lu, Colorado School
Mines; Federico Agliardi, University
of Milan - Bicocca; John Clague, Simon
Fraser University
1340h NH43A-3793 POSTER Topographical Factors
in the Formation of Gully Type Debris Flow By
Landslides in Dechang, Sichuan, China: B Yu, Y
1340h NH43A-3794 POSTER Frequencies of Deep
Catastrophic Landslide during the Past 10000 Years
in Hokkaido, Japan: K Aoto, T Gomi, M Hiraoka, T
Ishizuka, T Uchida
1340h NH43A-3795 POSTER Landslide Hazard in
Aizawl, India Revealed from Field and Geodetic
Observations and Hillslope Stability Analysis: C
Schaeffer, M H Huang, A Smedley, N Sitar, D S
1340h NH43A-3797 POSTER On the importance of
variable soil depth and process representation in the
modeling of shallow landslide initiation: S Fatichi,
P Burlando, G Anagnostopoulos
1340h NH43A-3799 POSTER Study of Rain-Induced
Landslides Prediction in Malaysia: S P Koay, H
Lateh, H Fukuoka, N Sakai, S Murakami, T Koyama,
S B Jamaludin
1340h NH43A-3800 POSTER Statistical Signature
of Deep-seated Landslides: C Gangodagamage, E
Foufoula-Georgiou, P Belmont, B H Mackey, T K
1340h NH43A-3801 POSTER A Method for
Assessing Spatial Patterns of Rainfall-Intensity
Duration Thresholds for Shallow Landslides: R
Akiyama, A Kinoshita, T Uchida, T Takahara, T
1340h NH43A-3802 POSTER Debris flow hazard
assessment by integrated modeling of landslide
triggering and propagation: application to the
Messina Province, Italy: L M Stancanelli, D J
Peres, L Cavallaro, A Cancelliere, E Foti
1340h NH43A-3803 POSTER Geomorphological
analysis of large-scale slope instability, Trotternish,
Isle of Skye, Scotland: C H Fenton
1340h NH43A-3804 POSTER The Influence of
Increasing Rain and Earthquake Activities on
Landslide Slope Stability in Forest Areas: T Kubota,
A Aditian
1340h NH43A-3805 POSTER First-time Sliding
Failure in Weak Sandstones and Subsequent
Evolution in a Fast-moving Flow: A Simoni, M
Berti, B Bayer, L Bertello, S Franceschini, M C
Deformation and Landslides Assosiated with
Cinchona Earthquake, Mw 6.1, Costa Rica, Detected
by ALOS/PALSAR: S Umemura, M Furuya
1340h NH43A-3810 POSTER Experimental research
on a slope destabilization process with a movement
of groundwater: N Sakai, T Ishizawa, T Fukuzono
1340h NH43A-3811 POSTER Determination of
Strength Parameters of Soil Samples Recovered
from Eastern Nankai Trough for Seafloor Stability
Study: S Nishio, E Ogisako, A Denda, T Mitachi,
H Hirakawa
1340h NH43A-3812 POSTER Movement of
Landslide Triggered by Bedrock Exfiltration with
Nonuniform Pore Pressure Distribution: C D Jan,
Z K Jian
1340h NH43A-3813 POSTER A Study of the
Relationship between Mountain Bridges Damaged
and Multi-Hazards Induced by Extreme Rainfall: C
W WANG, K Yoshimi, T Yamada, W F Lee
Interpretation of Geophysical, Geotechnical,
and Environmental Monitoring Data to Define
Precursors for Landslide Activation: S Uhlemann,
J Chambers, A Merritt, P Wilkinson, P Meldrum, D
Gunn, H Maurer, N Dixon
1340h NH43A-3815 POSTER An Integrated
Landslide-Runout Model for the Assessment of
Typhoon-Induced Landslide Hazard and Early
Warning Practice: S H Chiang, K T Chang, Y C
Chen, C F Chen
1340h NH43A-3816 POSTER Current development
of mass movements in lowland river valleys at
the site of old landslides - case study form Vistula
Valley, Poland: S Tyszkowski
1340h NH43A-3817 POSTER Research on
Slope Disaster Risk Evaluation Considering the
Hydrologic Processes throughout the Watershed:
M Nakatsugawa, T Usutani
1340h NH43A-3818 POSTER Rainfall thresholds for
the initiation of shallow landslides in Nuevo Leon,
Mexico: L R M Sanchez Castillo, T Kubota, I
Cantu Silva, H Hasnawir
1340h NH43A-3819 POSTER Developing a warning
system in Ambon city, Indonesia: Rainfall threshold
for sediment related disasters: H Hasnawir, T
Kubota, L R M Sanchez Castillo
1340h NH43A-3820 POSTER Using Runoff
Hydrograph Model for Early Detecting Landslide
Dam Failure: C Chompuchan, W L Chen, C Y Lin
1340h NH43A-3821 POSTER Spectral Characteristics
of Landslide Induced Seismicity: Experimental
Validation Based on the Use of an Up-Scaled Sheer
Box: G Yfantis, H E M Carvajal, S Pytharouli, R J
1340h NH43A-3822 POSTER A GIS-based numerical
simulation of the March 2014 Oso landslide fluidized
motion: H Fukuoka, I Ogbonnaya, C Wang
Moscone South 309
Advances in Analysis and Prediction
of Rock Falls, Rock Slides, and Rock
Avalanches II (joint with EP, S)
Presiding: Greg Stock, Yosemite
National Park; Brian Collins, U.S.
Geological Survey; Jeffrey Moore,
University of Utah
1340h NH43B-01 Exploring the Dynamics of the
August 2010 Mount Meager Rock Slide-Debris
Flow Jointly with Seismic Source Inversion and
Numerical Landslide Modeling: K Allstadt, L
Moretti, A Mangeney, E Stutzmann, Y Capdeville
1355h NH43B-02 New Perspectives on Long Runout Rock Avalanches: A Dynamic Analysis of 20
Events in the Vaigat Strait, West Greenland: J
Benjamin, N J Rosser, S Dunning, R J Hardy, K
Karim, W Szczucinski, E C Norman, M Strzelecki,
M Drewniak
1410h NH43B-03 Characterization of Unstable Rock
Slopes Through Passive Seismic Measurements: U
Kleinbrod, J Burjanek, D Fäh
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:36 AM
1425h NH43B-04 Damage In Rock Massives,
Evidences From Microseismic Monitoring and
Numerical Modelling: D Amitrano, S Gruber, L
1440h NH43B-05 Quantitative Simulation of
Granular Collapse Experiments with Visco-Plastic
Models: A Mangeney, I R Ionescu, F Bouchut, O
1455h NH43B-06 Enhanced Rockfall Activity
from Periglacial Environments in the Swiss Alps
Correlates with Warm Summer Temperatures
over the Course of the 20th Century: M Stoffel, D
Trappmann, C Corona
1510h NH43B-07 The performance of rock slopes
during the 2010/11 Canterbury Earthquake
sequence, New Zealand: C I Massey, M J
McSaveney, C Francois-Holden, A E Kaiser
1525h NH43B-08 Recent advances in analysis and
prediction of Rock Falls, Rock Slides, and Rock
Avalanches using 3D point clouds: A Abellan, D
Carrea, M Jaboyedoff, A Riquelme, R Tomas, M J
Royan, J M Vilaplana, N Gauvin
Moscone South Poster Hall
Advances in Exploration Geophysics
IV Posters (joint with GP, H, NH, S)
Presiding: Louise Pellerin, Green
Geophysics; Kennedy Doro, University
of TГјbingen; Darcy McPhee, USGS
1340h NS43A-3847 POSTER Full Elastic Waveform
Search Engine for Near Surface Imaging: J Zhang,
X Zhang
1340h NS43A-3848 POSTER Resolution in
Electromagnetic Prospecting: D F Aldridge, L C
Bartel, H A Knox, K A Schramm
1340h NS43A-3849 POSTER Truncated GaussNewton Implementation for Multi-Parameter Full
Waveform Inversion: Y Liu, J Yang, L Dong, Y
1340h NS43A-3851 POSTER Seismic Reflection –
Focusing on Muting Jacquelyn Daves University of
Colorado – Boulder SAGE 2014: J Daves
1340h NS43A-3852 POSTER Simulation and
Processing Seismic Data in Complex Geological
Models: S Forestieri da Gama Rodrigues, W
Moreira Lupinacci, C A Martins de Assis
1340h NS43A-3865 POSTER A research of 3D
gravity inversion based on the recovery of sparse
underdetermined linear equations: M Zhaohai
1340h NS43A-3866 POSTER A primary research
on marine magnetic disturbance using GPS precise
point positioning : Y Liu, X Luo
1340h NS43A-3868 POSTER A better method to
define electrical chargeability from laboratory
measurements of spectral impedance using a parallel
Cole-Cole equivalent circuit: R J Enkin
1340h NS43A-3869 POSTER Modelling Study at
Kutlular Copper FIELD with Spat This Study,
Evaluation Steps of Copper Mine Field SP Data Are
Shown How to Reach More Accurate Results for SP
Inversion Method: O K Sahin, M Asci
1340h NS43A-3859 POSTER Integration of Seismic
Sequence Analysis and High Resolution Sequence
Stratigraphy for Delineating the Sedimentation
Characteristics and Modeling of Baltim Area, OffShore Nile Delta, Egypt : A M E S Nasr El-Deen
Badawy, A S A Abu El-Ata, N H El-Gendy
1340h NS43A-3860 POSTER Suppression of Pulse
Noise in Electromagnetic Seismic Vibrator Data: T
Jiang, X Xu, H Jia, Z Yang
1340h NS43A-3861 POSTER The Acoustic Wave
Field Features and Thickness Analysis of the
Footstone of the Yellow River Levee: G Li, P Zhu,
K Yang, J Jiang
1340h NS43A-3862 POSTER Imaging the Subsurface
of the Thuringian Basin (Germany) on Different
Spatial Scales: A Goepel, M Krause, P Methe, N
1340h NS43A-3863 POSTER Inversion of Seismic
Cross-hole Data from Dom Joao Field, Reconcavo
Basin, Brazil: A Bassrei, N P D Oliveira
1340h NS43A-3872 POSTER Geological Hypothesis
Testing and Investigations of Coupling with
Transient Electromagnetics (TEM): A C Adams, M
M Moeller, E Snyder, E J Workman, S Urquhart, P
Bedrosian, L Pellerin
1340h OS43A-1249 POSTER Influence of ENSO and
MJO Phases on Extreme Events of Precipitation
over Amazon: M H Shimizu, T Ambrizzi
1340h NS43A-3873 POSTER Inversion of Airborne
Electromagnetic Survey Data, Styx River Area,
Alaska: A Kass, B J Minsley, B D Smith, L Burns,
A Emond
1340h NS43A-3874 POSTER Monitoring of
magnetic EOR fluids in reservoir under production
by using the electromagnetic method : S KIM, D J
Min, S Moon, W K Kim, Y Shin
1340h NS43A-3875 POSTER Wide Field
Electromagnetic Method for Marine Shale Gas
Exploration in Southern China: X Yang, B Li, C
Peng, Y Yang, J Che
1340h NS43A-3876 POSTER An approach for
monitoring resistivity variations using surface
magnetotelluric data and its application to CO2
storage site: X Ogaya, J Ledo, P Queralt, A G Jones,
A Marcuello
Geophysical modeling of the southern margin of
the Dublin Basin: J Vozar, A G Jones, J C Llovet,
R Pasquali
1340h NS43A-3878 POSTER Old data, New tricks:
New insights into the Stillwater Complex: B R
Bloss, C Finn, M L Zientek, B J Minsley
Near-Surface Seismic Methods for
Geohazard Assessment II (joint with
NH, S)
Presiding: Laura Socco, Politecnico di
Torino; Richard Miller, Univ Kansas;
Georgios Tsoflias, University of Kansas
Methods Applied to Geotechnical and Geohazard
Engineering: From Qualitative to Quantitative
Analysis and Interpretation: K Hayashi
1420h NS43B-02 Including Faults Detected By
Near-Surface Seismic Methods in the USGS
National Seismic Hazard Maps – Some Restrictions
Apply: R A Williams, K M Haller
1440h NS43B-03 Full Microtremor H/V(z,f)
Inversion for Shallow Subsurface Characterization:
A M Lontsi, F J Sanchez-Sesma, J C Molina
Villegas, M M Ohrnberger, F Krueger
1455h NS43B-04 Multicomponent Body and
Surface Wave Seismic Analysis using an Urban
Land Streamer System: An Integrative Earthquake
Hazards Assessment Approach: G Gribler, L M
1510h NS43B-05A Quantifying monthly to decadal
subsidence and assessing collapse potential near the
Wink sinkholes, west Texas, using airborne lidar,
radar interferometry, and microgravity: J G Paine,
E Collins, D Yang, J R Andrews, A Averett, T
Caudle, K Saylam
1525h NS43B-06 Recent Experience Using
Active Love Wave Techniques to Characterize
Seismographic Station Sites : A J Martin, A Yong,
L Salomone
1340h NS43A-3864 POSTER CO2 mass estimation
visible in time-lapse 3D seismic data from a saline
aquifer and uncertainties: A Ivanova, S Lueth, P
Bergmann, M Ivandic
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 49
1340h OS43A-1246 POSTER How ENSO Modifies
the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation in a General
Circulation Model: S Schirber
1340h OS43A-1248 POSTER Trade Wind Charging
of the Equatorial Pacific As a Driver for ENSO
Variability: B T Anderson, R C Perez
Moscone South 302
1340h NS43A-3858 POSTER Accurate Estimation of
the Fine Layering Effect on the Wave Propagation
in the Carbonate Rocks: F Bouchaala, M Y Ali
Presiding: Dennis Moore, NOAA/PMEL;
Julian McCreary, Univ of Hawaii; Ted
Durland, Oregon State University;
George Kiladis, NOAA/ESRL
1340h NS43A-3871 POSTER 2D TEM Modeling and
Inversion by Adaptive Born Forward Mapping : T
Lee, M Seo, I K Cho, K B Ko, Y J You
1340h NS43A-3854 POSTER High-resolution
S-velocity structure of the shallow crust via Transdimensional Multi-Frequency Receiver Function
inversion: N Piana Agostinetti, A Malinverno
1340h NS43A-3857 POSTER An Algorithm for
Evaluating Fresnel-Zone Textural Roughness for
Seismic Facies Interpretation: H Di, D Gao
Equatorial Dynamics of the
Atmosphere and Oceans II Posters
(joint with A, GC)
1340h OS43A-1247 POSTER Variability of South
Pacific Tropical Water Subduction: X Lu, R A Fine,
T Qu
1340h NS43A-3879 POSTER Mapping of Gold
Mineralization Alteration Zones in Central Eastern
Desert Egypt using Spectral Angular Mapper and
Aeromagnetic Data: E Hasan, T Fagin, Z El Alfy
1340h NS43A-3856 POSTER High Resolution
Seismic Reflection Survey for Coal Mine: fault
detection: M Khukhuudei, U Khukhuudei
Moscone West Poster Hall
1340h NS43A-3870 POSTER Modeling Electric
Current Flow in 3D Fractured Media: S Demirel,
D Roubinet, J Irving
1340h NS43A-3853 POSTER High resolution crustal
image of South California Continental Borderland:
Reverse time imaging including multiples: A Bian,
C Gantela
1340h NS43A-3855 POSTER Synthetic Seismic Study
for Hydraulic Fracture in Shale-Gas Reservoirs: Y
Xia, Y Li
1340h OS43A-1250 POSTER Long-Range Radiation
of Barotropic Rossby Waves from the Equatorial
Pacific Ocean: J T Farrar, T Durland
1340h OS43A-1251 POSTER Influence of the
Basic State Zonal Flow on Convectively Coupled
Equatorial Waves: G N Kiladis, J Dias
1340h OS43A-1252 POSTER Persistent Cold States
of the Tropical Pacific Ocean in an Intermediate
Coupled Model and a General Circulation Model: N
Ramesh, M A Cane, R Seager
1340h OS43A-1253 POSTER A Theory for the
Formation and Equilibration of Equatorial Deep
Jets from Stratified Turbulence: J Fitzgerald, B
1340h OS43A-1254 POSTER Energy partition
between the hemispheres when an equatorial
Kelvin or Yanai wave reaches an inclined eastern
boundary: D W Moore, T Durland, H G Hristova
1340h OS43A-1255 POSTER Walker Circulation, El
NiГ±o and La NiГ±a: D Halpern
1340h OS43A-1256 POSTER Changes in the
relationship in the SST variability between the
tropical Pacific and the North Pacific across 1998/99
regime shift: H S Jo, S W Yeh, S K Lee
1340h OS43A-1257 POSTER Impact of Sea Surface
Salinity on Coupled Dynamics for the Tropical Indo
Pacific: A J Busalacchi, E C Hackert
1340h OS43A-1258 POSTER Energy transport and
secondary circulations due to vertically-propagating
Yanai waves observed in the equatorial Indian
Ocean: W Smyth, T Durland, J N Moum
1340h OS43A-1259 POSTER Revisiting Coupled
Instability Theory and the Initiation of ENSO: S
Larson, B P Kirtman
1340h OS43A-1260 POSTER Characteristics of the
Dominant Frequency of West Pacific Warm Pool
Subsurface Temperature in Response to ENSO
Events: G S Park, D K Lee, Y H Jo
1340h OS43A-1261 POSTER Nonlinear traveling
wave solution for the MJO skeleton model: S Chen,
S N Stechmann
1340h OS43A-1262 POSTER Climatic Influences
on Indian and Pacific Ocean Heat Waves: H A
Scannell, M H England, A Sen Gupta
1340h OS43A-1263 POSTER Tropical-Midlatitude
Rossby Wave Coupling in the Presence of an
Overturning Meridional Circulation: A Back, J A
1340h OS43A-1264 POSTER Analysis of different
intraseasonal patterns of large-scale circulation over
the Amazon: C P de Oliveira, T Ambrizzi, L D
1340h OS43A-1265 POSTER Meridional Energy
Flux Near an Eastern Boundary Within the Turning
Latitudes of an Equatorial Basin: T Durland, D W
Moore, J P McCreary Jr
1340h OS43A-1266 POSTER Westerly Wind Bursts,
ENSO Asymmetry, and Tropical Pacific Decadal
Variability: A F Z Levine, M J McPhaden
Moscone West Poster Hall
Ocean Mesoscale Processes III Posters
(joint with A, B, NG)
Presiding: Ali Belmadani, University of
Concepcion; Ryo Furue, IPRC Univ of
Hawaii; Pedro VГ©lez-BelchГ­, Spanish
Institute of Oceanography; Hidenori
Aiki, JAMSTEC Japan Agency for MarineEarth Science and Technology
Displacement of the Kuroshio Extension Front
from the Current Axis Revealed from Simultaneous
Observations By Three Research Vessels and an
Eddy-Resolving Ocean General Circulation Model:
F Kobashi, Y Onikata, N Iwasaka, Y Kawai, E Oka,
K Uehara, S I Ito, M Odamaki, H Sasaki
1340h OS43B-1268 POSTER Shipboard Observations
to Clarify the Formation and Subduction of Central
Mode Water in Relation to Fronts and Eddies: E
1340h OS43B-1269 POSTER Decadal Mesoscale
Eddy Modulations in the South Pacific Subtropical
Counter-Current: S Travis, B Qiu
1340h OS43B-1270 POSTER Global Dstribution of
Merger and Split of Oceanic Mesoscale Eddies: H
Ishiyama, H Ueno, M Inatsu, S Itoh
1340h OS43B-1271 POSTER Analysis of Large Red
Tide Bloom off the South East/Japan Sea Using
Multi-Satellite Measurements in the Summer of
2013. : D W Kim, Y H Jo
1340h OS43B-1272 POSTER Subsurface eddies in the
northern Baja California oxygen minimum zone: J
Gomez-Valdes, H S Torres, L Zavala Sanson
1340h OS43B-1273 POSTER A Novel Teflonmembrane Gas Tension Device for Denitrificationstudies in Oxygen Minimum Zones: A C Reed, C L
McNeil, E A D’Asaro, M A Altabet, B Johnson, A
1340h OS43B-1274 POSTER Observation of
Mesoscale Instabilities of the Northern Current in
the North Western Mediterranean Sea : a Combined
Study Using Gliders, Surface Drifters, Moving
Vessel Profiler and Vessel Data in the Ligurian Sea:
I L Pairaud, P Garreau, D Le Berre, D Fernandez
BruyГЁre, L Bellomo, V Garnier
1340h OS43B-1275 POSTER Mesoscale variability
of deep currents in the Northwest Pacific Basin:
M Miyamoto, E Oka, D Yanagimoto, S Fujio, M
Kurogi, H Hasumi
1340h OS43B-1276 POSTER Comparison of
characteristics of hydrographic structures in
Aleutian eddies : R Saito, I Yasuda, K Komatsu, H
Ishiyama, H Ueno, H Onishi, T Setou, M Shimizu
1340h OS43B-1277 POSTER Seismic Images of
the Gulf Stream Front off the Coast of North
Carolina from the 2014 ENAM Community Seismic
Experiment: T M Blacic
1340h OS43B-1278 POSTER Deep Eddies in the Gulf
of Mexico: H H Furey, A S Bower, P Perez-Brunius,
P Hamilton
1340h OS43B-1279 POSTER Origins and impacts
of mesoscale meanders in the Agulhas Current: S
Elipot, L M Beal
1340h OS43B-1280 POSTER Comparison of
Large Oceanic Eddies from Satellite Observations
and a High-Resolution Coupled Climate Model
Simulation: C Y Yang, J LIU
Moscone West Poster Hall
Ocean Mesoscale Processes IV Posters
(joint with A, B, NG)
Presiding: Ali Belmadani, University
of Concepcion; Ryo Furue, IPRC Univ
of Hawaii; Hidenori Aiki, JAMSTEC
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science
and Technology; Pedro VГ©lez-BelchГ­,
Spanish Institute of Oceanography
1340h OS43C-1281 POSTER How Do Hydrodynamic
Instabilities Affect 3D Transport in Geophysical
Vortices?: P Wang, T M Ozgokmen
1340h OS43C-1283 POSTER On Verifying Currents
and Other Features in the Hawaiian Islands Region
Using Fully Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale
Prediction System Compared to Global Ocean
Model and Ocean Observations: P G Jessen, S Chen
1340h OS43C-1284 POSTER Relation between
meandering of subpolar front of the Japan Sea
and volume transport of the Tsushima Warm
Current found in numerical experiments based on
global warming: Y Igeta, K Fukudome, M Kuga, T
Watanabe, H Kidokoro
1340h OS43C-1285 POSTER A Multi-wavenumber
Theory for Eddy Diffusivities: Applications to the
DIMES Region: R Chen, S T Gille, J McClean, G
Flierl, A Griesel
1340h OS43C-1286 POSTER Ocean Circulation
and Biogeochemical responses to Typhoons: S M
Huang, L Y Oey, P L Lin, K K Liu
1340h OS43C-1287 POSTER Assessment of Mixed
Layer Mesoscale Parameterization in Eddy
Resolving Simulations: C A Clayson, M V Luneva,
M S Dubovikov
11/28/2014 11:06:36 AM
1340h OS43C-1288 POSTER Zonal Variations of
Eddy Diffusivities in an ACC-like Channel: Discrete
Transport Corridors: A Lazar, A F Thompson
1340h OS43D-1313 POSTER Diagnosing and
Understanding the AMOC Biases in NorESM: D P
Ivanova, M Bentsen, M Ilicak, C Guo, H Drange
1340h OS43C-1289 POSTER Pathways of the North
Pacific Intermediate Water identified through
the tangent linear and adjoint models of an ocean
general circulation model: Y Fujii, T Nakano, N
Usui, S Matsumoto, H Tsujino, M Kamachi
1340h OS43D-1314 POSTER Coupling analyses of
new high-resolution regional ocean climatologies
and ocean model output in relation to long-term
AMOC fluctuations: A R Parsons, D Seidov, S L
Cross, A V Mishonov, J R Reagan
1340h OS43C-1291 POSTER How to diagnose the
horizontal flux of mesoscale / Rossby eddy energy
in the extension regions of western boundary
currents?: H Aiki
OCEAN BASIN: F Schloesser, J P McCreary Jr, R
Furue, L M Rothstein
1340h OS43C-1292 POSTER Hydrostatic Modeling
of Buoyant Plumes: A Stroman, W K Dewar, N
Wienders, B Deremble
1340h OS43C-1293 POSTER Air-sea coupling in the
Hawaiian Archipelago: J M Souza, B Powell, D
1340h OS43C-1294 POSTER Eddy diffusivity in the
equatorial and tropical Pacific Ocean diagnosed
from an ocean state estimate: M Linz, R M Ferrari,
R A Plumb
1340h OS43C-1295 POSTER Mesoscale Eddy
Parameterization in an Idealized Primitive
Equations Model: J Anstey, L Zanna
1340h OS43C-1296 POSTER Upwelling and
downwelling induced by mesoscale circulation
in the DeSoto Canyon region: T T Nguyen, E
Chassignet, S L Morey, D S Dukhovskoy
1340h OS43C-1297 POSTER Jet-topography Effects
on Horizontal Eddy Mixing in the Southern Ocean:
S Waterman, A Barthel, A Hogg
1340h OS43C-1299 POSTER Effect of the Mesoscale
on Southern Ocean Water Mass Structure and
Properties - Assessment Based on a Suite of Model
Simulations of Varying Resolution: I Frenger, J L
Sarmiento, C O Dufour, G de Souza
Moscone West Poster Hall
The Atlantic Meridional Overturning
Circulation, Climate Variability, and
Change IV Posters (joint with A, GC, NG,
Presiding: Alexey Fedorov, Yale Univ;
LuAnne Thompson, University of
Washington; Jerry McManus, Columbia
U. / LDEO; Eleanor Frajka-Williams,
National Oceanography Centre,
1340h OS43E-1316 POSTER Progress and Priorities
of the US AMOC Program: M W Patterson, G
Danabasoglu, K Uhlenbrock
1340h OS43E-1317 POSTER Impact of LargeScale Ocean Circulation Changes on Climate: D S
Trossman, J B Palter, T M Merlis
1340h OS43E-1318 POSTER Diagnosing Factors
Influencing Amoc Decline in Climate Models: A
Ahlert, M Winton
1340h OS43E-1320 POSTER Impact of Greenland Ice
Sheet Melt on Future AMOC Evolution: P Bakker,
A Schmittner, J Lenaerts
Moscone West Poster Hall
1340h OS43E-1321 POSTER Greenland Freshwater
Input to the North Atlantic: N Beaird, F Straneo
The Atlantic Meridional Overturning
Circulation, Climate Variability, and
Change III Posters (joint with A, GC, NG,
1340h OS43E-1323 POSTER The Canary Basin
contribution to 26ВєN AMOC Seasonality: M D
PГ©rez-HernГЎndez, G McCarthy, D Smeed, A
Hernandez-Guerra, P VГ©lez-BelchГ­
Presiding: Alexey Fedorov, Yale
University; LuAnne Thompson,
University of Washington; Jerry
McManus, Columbia U. / LDEO;
Eleanor Frajka-Williams, National
Oceanography Centre,
1340h OS43E-1324 POSTER Evidence of a
Weakening Gulf Stream from In-situ Expendable
Bathythermograph Data, 1996-2013: L Roupe, M
O Baringer
1340h OS43D-1300 POSTER Lagrangian Pathways
of Temperature Anomalies from the Subtropical to
the Subpolar Gyre in the North Atlantic: N Foukal,
M S Lozier
1340h OS43D-1301 POSTER The Impact of Salinity
Perturbations on the Future Uptake of Heat By the
Atlantic Ocean: R S Smith, J M Gregory, R Sutton
1340h OS43D-1302 POSTER Influence of Ocean
Diapycnal Diffusivity on the Amoc Stability
and Variability: Y Liu, R Hallberg, S Manabe, B
Samuels, O V Sergienko, M Oppenheimer
1340h OS43D-1303 POSTER Quantifying the
Contribution of Wind-Driven Linear Response to
the Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Amoc
Volume Transports Across 26.5ВєN: K Shimizu, J S
von Storch, H Haak, K Nakayama, J Marotzke
1340h OS43D-1305 POSTER Processes Governing
the Location and Depth of Convection in the
Labrador Sea – Lessons Learned from an Idealized
Model Study: C A Katsman, R Gelderloos
1340h OS43D-1306 POSTER Interannual to decadal
temperature variability in the north-west Atlantic:
Observations from the MV Oleander XBT line: J S
T Forsyth, M Andres, G Gawarkiewicz
1340h OS43D-1307 POSTER Bringing Together
Simulated ~20 Year Variability in Coupled Climate
Models: M Menary, D Hodson, J Robson, R Sutton,
R A Wood
1340h OS43D-1308 POSTER An OSSE study using
the GFDL ensemble coupled data assimilation
system: Biased twin experiment for deep Argo array:
Y S Chang, S Zhang, A Rosati, G A Vecchi, X Yang
1340h OS43D-1310 POSTER Stronger Ocean
Meridinal Heat Transport with a Weaker Atlantic
Meridional Overturning Circulation?: F Sevellec,
A V Fedorov
1340h OS43D-1311 POSTER Does External Forcing
Interfere with the AMOC’s influence on North
Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature?: N F Tandon,
P J Kushner
1340h OS43D-1312 POSTER North and South
Atlantic Bidecadal SL variability: Rossby Waves,
AMOC fingerprints and Regime Shifts: M L
Vianna, V V Menezes
AGU2014News.indb 50
1340h OS43E-1326 POSTER Atlantic Meridional
Overturning Circulation during Heinrich-Stadial 1
& 2 as seen by 231Pa/230Th: B Antz, J A Lippold, H
Schulz, N Frank, A Mangini
1340h OS43E-1327 POSTER Extraction of seawaterderived neodymium from different phases of deep
sea sediments by selective leaching: P Blaser, J A
Lippold, N Frank, M Gutjahr, E Böhm
1340h OS43E-1328 POSTER The Nd-isotopic
fingerprinting of North Atlantic water masses and
its influences from local sources such as Iceland: N
Frank, A Waldner, C Christophe, P Montagna, Q
Dubois-Dauphin, Q Wu
1340h OS43E-1329 POSTER The interplay between
particulate and dissolved neodymium in the Western
North Atlantic: First insights and interpretations:
T Stichel, S Kretschmer, M Lambelet, T van de
Flierdt, M Rutgers van der Loeff, M J A Rijkenberg,
L J Gerringa, H J W De Baar
1340h OS43E-1330 POSTER A brief history of
climate – the northern seas from the Last Glacial
Maximum to global warming: B Risebrobakken,
T Eldevik, A E Bjune, C Andersson Dahl, H J B
Birks, T M Dokken, H Drange, M S Glessmer, C Li,
J E Г� Nilsen, O H OtterГҐ, K Richter, O Skagseth
1340h OS43E-1331 POSTER How Well Do
Neodymium Isotopes Trace AMOC Mixing? A Test
in the Southwest Atlantic: Y Wu, S L Goldstein, L
Pena, A E Hartman, M J A Rijkenberg, H J W De
Moscone West 3011
Modeling and Observing of Tides and
Waves in the Ocean II (joint with A)
Presiding: James Richman, Naval
Research Lab Stennis Space Center;
Edward Zaron, Portland State
University; Richard Ray, NASA; Patrick
Cummins, Institute of Ocean Sciences
1340h OS43F-01 Mapping M2 Internal Tides Using
a Data-Assimilative Reduced Gravity Mode: G D
Egbert, S Erofeeva
1400h OS43F-02 Simulations of low-mode internal
tides in realistic mean flows: S M Kelly, P F J
Lermusiaux, T F Duda, P J Haley Jr
1420h OS43F-03 Numerical Internal Tide
Scattering, Diffraction, and Dissipation on the
Tasman Continental Slope: J M Klymak, H L
Simmons, J A MacKinnon, M H Alford, R Pinkel
1340h P43A-3973 POSTER Chandra, HST, and
NASA/Irtf Observations of Comet C/2013 A1
(Siding Spring)’s Encounter with Mars: C M Lisse
1440h OS43F-04 Seasonal Variation of Semidiurnal
Internal Tides and Their Impact on Shelf-Slope
Water Exchanges in the Southwestern East/Japan
Sea : J H Park, C Jeon, S Seo, H J Lee, Y S Kim, H
S Min, Y G Park
1340h P43A-3974 POSTER OH & H2O Production
and Radial Distribution from Ultraviolet
Observations of C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) by
MAVEN: M M J Crismani, N M Schneider, J
Deigan, I F Stewart, M R Combi, N Fougere, B M
W R Peltier
1340h P43A-3975 POSTER UV/Visible Observations
of C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS and C/2013 A1 Siding
Spring from a Stratospheric Telescope: E F Young,
J Diller, K Dinkel, Z Dischner, A F Cheng, C
Hibbitts, S N Osterman
1525h OS43F-07 Modeling the Ocean Tide for
Tidal Power Generation Applications: M Kawase,
M Gedney
Moscone South Poster Hall
Evolutions, Interactions, and Origins
of Outer Planet Satellites II Posters
Moscone West 3009
Ocean Salinity and Water Cycle
Variability and Change III
Presiding: Paul Durack, Lawrence
Livermore Nat. Lab.; J. Thomas Farrar,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst;
Jacqueline Boutin, LOCEAN CNRS; Eric
Lindstrom, Nasa Headquarters
1340h OS43G-01 Aquarius Satellite Salinity
Measurement Mission Status, and Science Results
from the initial 3-Year Prime Mission: G S E
Lagerloef, H Y Kao
1410h OS43G-02 Overview of SMOS Salinity: R
1425h OS43G-03 Three Years of Aquarius Salinity
Measurements: Algorithm, Validation and
Applications: T Meissner, F J Wentz, D M Le Vine,
G S E Lagerloef
1440h OS43G-04 Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity in
the South Indian Ocean: Revealing Annual-Period
Planetary Waves: V V Menezes, M L Vianna, H E
1455h OS43G-05 Is the Tropical Zonal Bias in
Aquarius-Argo Salinity Comparisons Due to the
Difference in Measurement Depth?: R Drucker, S
1510h OS43G-06 Mixed Layer Variability and
Subduction in the SPURS Area: J E Anderson, S
1525h OS43G-07 Isohaline Salinity Budget of the
North Atlantic Salinity Maximum: F Bryan, S
Moscone South Poster Hall
Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) at
Mars II Posters
(joint with NH)
Presiding: Petrus Jenniskens, SETI
Institute; Diane Wooden, NASA
Ames Research Center; Apostolos
Christou, Armagh Observatory; Padma
Yanamandra-Fisher, Space Science
1340h P43A-3965 POSTER Evaluating the hazard
from Siding Spring dust: Models and predictions: A
1340h P43A-3966 POSTER Meteor showers from
comet 209P/Linear at Earth and comet C/2013 A1
(Siding Spring) at Mars: P M M Jenniskens
1340h P43A-3967 POSTER Impacts of Comet Siding
Spring in the Middle Atmosphere of Mars: J M C
Plane, J D Carrillo-SГЎnchez, E Dawkins, J C Gomez
Martin, T Mangan, D Duft, M Nachbar, T Leisner
1340h P43A-3968 POSTER Dust Observations by
the MAVEN Spacecraft at Mars associated with the
Comet Siding Spring Encounter: L Andersson, D
Malaspina, G T Delory, R Ergun, M W Morooka, C
M Fowler, T McEnulty, A I Eriksson, B M Jakosky
1340h P43A-3969 POSTER Comet Siding
Spring’s Impact on the Martian Magnetosphere:
Observations from MAVEN’s magnetometer: J
R Espley, J E P Connerney, G A DiBraccio, B M
1340h P43A-3970 POSTER Ion cyclotron waves
near comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) and Mars: F
J Crary, V J Dols, J E P Connerney, J R Espley
1340h P43A-3971 POSTER The Mars Magnetosphere
in the Tail of Comet C/2013 A1(Siding Spring): Y
Ma, Y D Jia, C T Russell, A F Nagy, G Toth, M R
Combi, R V Yelle, C Dong, S W Bougher
Presiding: Amanda Hendrix, Planetary
Science Institute Tucson; Krishan
Khurana, University of California at Los
P43B-3976 POSTER
Reconnaissance from the Europa Clipper Mission
Concept: Exploring Europa’s Habitability: D Senske,
R T Pappalardo, L M Prockter, B Paczkowski, S
Vance, B Goldstein, T J Magner, B Cooke
1340h P43B-3977 POSTER Argus: An Io observer
mission concept study from the 2014 NASA/JPL
Planetary Science Summer School: L E Hays, C
Holstein-Rathlou, P Becerra, K Basu, B Davis, V K
Fox, J F C Herman, A C G Hughes, J T Keane, E
Marcucci, E Mendez-Ramos, A Nelessen, M Neveu,
N L Parrish, A L Scheinberg, J S Wrobel
1340h P43B-3978 POSTER Compositional Mapping
of a Satellite Surface with a Dust Mass Spectrometer
: J Schmidt, S Kempf
1340h P43B-3979 POSTER The Past, Present, and
Future of Tidal Deformation at Europa: M Walker,
B G Bills, J Mitchell
1340h P43B-3980 POSTER Interaction of Europa
with Jovian Plasma Torus: P M Travnicek, O
Sebek, S D Bale, P Hellinger, J S Halekas
1340h P43B-3981 POSTER Reaching Europa’s
Surface: Erosion of the Viscous Lid by
Compositional Plumes with Implications for OceanSurface Material Exchange: D Allu Peddinti, A K
1340h P43B-3982 POSTER Investigating Stress
Seources and Fault Parameters Along Major StrikeSlip Lineae on Europa: M E Cameron, B R SmithKonter, R T Pappalardo
1340h P43B-3983 POSTER Defining the
Contribution of Fragmentation to Icy World
Geology: C C Walker, B E Schmidt
1340h P43B-3984 POSTER Global Morphological
Mapping of Strike-Slip Structures on Ganymede:
B R Smith-Konter, M E Cameron, F Seifert, R T
Pappalardo, G C Collins
1340h P43B-3985 POSTER The Global Contribution
of Secondary Craters on the Icy Satellites: T
Hoogenboom, K E Johnson, P Schenk
1340h P43B-3986 POSTER How are Rhea’s Alfven
Wings Generated?: K K Khurana, E Roussos, N
Krupp, M Holmstrom, J Lindkvist, M K Dougherty,
C T Russell
1340h P43B-3987 POSTER Cassini CIRS Emissivity
Variations across Dione and Rhea’s Polar Regions:
C Howett, J R Spencer, T Hurford Jr, A Verbiscer,
M Segura
1340h P43B-3988 POSTER Surface Composition
and Physical Mixture State of the Regoliths of Outer
Solar System Satellites: The Role of Scattering
and Absorption by the non-Ice Components and
Implications for Rayleigh Absorption and Rayleigh
Scattering: R N Clark, Z S Perlman, N Pearson, A
R Hendrix, J N Cuzzi, D P Cruikshank, E T Bradley,
G Filacchione, P D Nicholson, M M Hedman, R H
Brown, B J Buratti, K H Baines, C Sotin, R M Nelson
1340h P43B-3989 POSTER UV-IR Spectra of the Icy
Saturnian Satellites: A R Hendrix, G Filacchione, P
Schenk, R N Clark, J N Cuzzi, K S Noll, J R Spencer
1340h P43B-3990 POSTER Crater Relaxation and
Heat Flow in the Saturnian System, and Anticipation
of New Horizons Observations at the Pluto-Charon
System: O L White, P Schenk, A J Dombard, J M
1340h P43B-3991 POSTER Destruction and ReAccretion of Mid-Size Moons During an Outer Solar
System Late Heavy Bombardment: N Movshovitz,
F Nimmo, D G Korycansky, E I Asphaug, M Owen
1340h P43B-3992 POSTER Fault Formation and
Evolution on Icy Satellites as a Result of Bidirectional
Cyclical Shear: Insights from Physical Analog
Experiments: I S Curren, A Yin, R T Pappalardo
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:36 AM
Moscone South Poster Hall
Geophysics of Satellites and Small
Bodies II Posters
Presiding: Ashley Davies, Jet Propulsion
Laboratory; Dennis Matson, Jet
Propulsion Laboratory; Thomas
McCord, Bear Fight Institute; Torrence
Johnson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1340h P43C-3993 POSTER The Contribution of
Impact Basins and Mascons to the Lunar Figure:
Evidence for Lunar True Polar Wander, and a Past
Low-Eccentricity, Synchronous Lunar Orbit: J T
Keane, I Matsuyama
1340h P43C-3994 POSTER New Map of Io’s Volcanic
Heat Flow: A G Davies, G J Veeder, D Matson, T
V Johnson
1340h P43C-3995 POSTER Tidal Heating and Melt
Segregation and Migration within Io: A Rajendar,
C S Paty, J Dufek, J H Roberts
1340h P43C-3996 POSTER Improvement of
Europa’s Gravity and Body Tides and Shape with a
Laser Altimeter during a Flyby Tour: E Mazarico,
A Genova, D E Smith, M T Zuber
1340h P43C-3997 POSTER Inverse theory
resolution analysis in planning radio science gravity
investigations of icy moons: A Ganse, S Vance
1340h P43C-3998 POSTER Modeling Tidal Stresses
on Planetary Bodies Using an Enhanced SatStress
GUI: D A Patthoff, R T Pappalardo, L Tang, J Kay,
S A Kattenhorn
1340h P41E-05 POSTER Viscoelastic Membrane
Tectonics on Europa: M Beuthe, A Rivoldini
1340h P43C-4000 POSTER The H2O-MgSO4
system up to 1 GPa: implications for deep oceans in
Ganymede and Titan: O Bollengier, J M Brown, S
Vance, O Grasset, E Le Menn, G Tobie
1340h P43C-4001 POSTER The Librations of Titan:
T Van Hoolst, T Tokano, R M Baland, A Coyette,
A Rivoldini, A Trinh, M Yseboodt
1340h P43C-4002 POSTER Unstable Titangenerated Rayleigh-Taylor Lakes Impact Ice: O M
Umurhan, D G Korycansky, K J Zahnle
1340h P43C-4003 POSTER A Study Regarding the
Possibility of True Polar Wander on the Asteroid
Vesta: M Karimi, A J Dombard
1340h P43C-4004 POSTER Radio Science
Observations of the Mars Express December 2013
Phobos Flyby and Implications for the Satellite’s
Gravity Field: T Andert, M Paetzold, P Rosenblatt,
V Lainey, A Pasewaldt, J Oberst, R Jaumann, W
Thuillot, S Remus, L Gurvits, S Pogrebenko, T
Bocanegra Bahamon, G Cimo, D Duev, G Molera
1340h P43C-4005 POSTER The Anomalous Drift
of Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) due to Sublimating
Volatiles near Perihelion: J K Steckloff, J V Keane,
S Milam, I Coulson, M M Knight
1340h P43C-4006 POSTER New Calculations of
Temperatures and Volatile Migration on Small
Bodies: L A Young, C Olkin, W B McKinnon, C
1340h P43C-4007 POSTER Structural Failure
Condition for Bifurcated Rubble Pile Asteroids: M
Hirabayashi, D J Scheeres
Moscone South Poster Hall
Mars Science Laboratory’s Prime
Mission: An Exploration of Fluvial
and Lacustrine Environments on Gale
Crater’s Plains II Posters
(joint with EP)
Presiding: Ashwin Vasavada, Jet
Propulsion Laboratory; Michael Meyer,
1340h P43D-4010 POSTER Comparing MSL
ChemCam Analyses to Shergottite and Terrestrial
Rock Types: J Bridges, P Edwards, M D Dyar, M R
Fisk, S P Schwenzer, O Forni, R C Wiens
Institute; Julie Castillo, NASA Jet
Propulsion Laboratory; Carey Lisse,
1340h P43D-4011 POSTER Long-term Passive
Mode Data Measured by the Dynamic Albedo of
Neutrons (DAN) Instrument onboard Mars Science
Laboratory (MSL) and Comparison to REMS
Surface Pressure and Temperature Measurements:
I Jun, I G Mitrofanov, M L Litvak, A B Sanin, J
MartГ­n-Torres, M P Zorzano, W V Boynton, F
Fedosov, D Golovin, C J Hardgrove, K Harshman,
A Kozyrev, R Kuzmin, A Malakhov, M A Mischna,
J Moersch, M Mokrousov, S Nikiforov, C G Tate
1340h P43F-01 The Ring System Discovered
Around the Centaur Object (10199) Chariklo: F
Braga-Ribas, B Sicardy, J L Ortiz, R Vieira Martins,
F Colas, R Duffard, J I B Camargo, J Desmars,
A Gulbis, M Assafin, L Maquet, W Beisker, G
Benedetti-Rossi, F Vachier, C Dumas, V D Ivanov,
S Renner, K L Bath, A Klotz, J T Pollock
1340h P43D-4012 POSTER Characteristics and
Origin of a Cratered Unit near the MSL Bradbury
Landing Site (Gale Crater, Mars) Based on Analyses
of Surface Data and Orbital Images: S Jacob, S K
Rowland, K S Edgett, L C Kah, R C Wiens, M D
Day, F Calef, M C Palucis, R B Anderson
1340h P43D-4013 POSTER Banding in Mount Sharp,
Gale Crater: Stratigraphy, Strandlines, or Buttress
Unconformities?: T J Parker, W E Dietrich, M C
Palucis, F J Calef III, H E Newsom
1340h P43D-4014 POSTER Compositional and
Physical Properties of Materials Along Curiosity’s
Traverse Inferred from CRISM Hyperspectral Data:
A A Fraeman, R E Arvidson, B L Ehlmann, J P
Grotzinger, V E Hamilton, J MartГ­n-Torres, M P
1340h P43D-4015 POSTER Visible to Near-IR
Spectral Units Along the MSL Gale Crater Traverse:
Comparison of In Situ Mastcam and Orbital CRISM
Observations: D F Wellington, J F Bell III, A
Godber, K M Kinch, A A Fraeman, B L Ehlmann, R
E Arvidson, M S Rice, J R Johnson
1340h P43D-4016 POSTER Evaluation of
Sedimentary and Terrain Parameters from MARDI
Camera Imaging and Stereogrammetry at Gale
Crater: M E Minitti, J B Garvin, R A Yingst, J Maki
1340h P43D-4017 POSTER Multivariate Statistical
Analysis of MSL APXS Bulk Geochemical Data: V
E Hamilton, C S Edwards, L M Thompson, M E
1340h P43D-4018 POSTER Mars Science Laboratory
Sample Acquisition, Sample Processing and
Handling Subsystem: A Description of the Sampling
Functionality of the System after being on the
Surface for Two Years: L W Beegle, R C Anderson,
W J Abbey
1410h P43F-03 New Dust Measurements
throughout the Solar System: M Horanyi
1425h P43F-04 The Water Regime of Ceres and
its Potential Habitability: J Y Li, M V Sykes, J C
Castillo, L A McFadden
1452h P43F-06 Composition of Rheasilvia Basin on
Asteroid Vesta: E Ammannito, M C De Sanctis, F
Capaccioni, M T Capria, J P Combe, A Frigeri, R
Jaumann, A Longobardo, S Marchi, T B McCord,
H Y McSween Jr, D W Mittlefehldt, K Stephan, F
Tosi, C A Raymond, C T Russell
1504h P43F-07 A Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout
(MASCOT) for the Hayabusa 2 Mission to 1999 JU3:
The Scientific Approach: R Jaumann, J P Bibring,
K H Glassmeier, M Grott, T M Ho, S Ulamec, N
Schmitz, H U Auster, J Biele, H Kuninaka, T Okada,
M Yoshikawa, S Watanabe, M Fujimoto, T Spohn,
A Koncz, D Hercik, H Michaelis
1516h P43F-08 The Potential of Extreme Adaptive
Optics Systems for Asteroid Studies: F Marchis, D
1528h P43F-09 End of Life Scenarios for Rubble
Pile Asteroids: D J Scheeres
Moscone South Poster Hall
Working with Diverse Partners to
Communicate Climate Science and
the Effects Associated with Climate
Change Posters
(joint with ED, GC, SI)
1340h P43D-4019 POSTER Mars Rover Curiosity
Traverses of Sand Ripples: N Stein, R E Arvidson,
F Zhou, M Heverly, M Maimone, F Hartman, P
Bellutta, K Iagnemma, C Senatore
Presiding: Alexandra Shultz, American
Geophysical Union; Cynthia Schmidt,
University Corporation for Atmospheric
Moscone West 2011
1340h PA43A-4034 POSTER Using Climate Science
to Inform Local Planning: Challenges and Successes
from the Field: K Hayhoe
Geophysical Investigations of
Planetary Volatiles I
Presiding: Stephen Clifford, Lunar and
Planetary Institute; Valerie Ciarletti,
LATMOS/CNRS; Essam Heggy, NASA Jet
Propulsion Laboratory; Igor Mitrofanov,
Institute for Space Research
1340h Introductory Remarks
1355h P43E-01 Radar techniques to study interiors
of the small bodies: W W Kofman, A Herique
DIFFERENCE: I G Mitrofanov
1435h P43E-03 Probing Planetary Bodies for
Subsurface Volatiles: GEANT4 Models of Gamma
Ray, Fast, Epithermal, and Thermal Neutron
Response to Active Neutron Illumination: G Chin,
R Sagdeev, J J Su, J Murray
1450h P43E-04 A Passive Probe for Subsurface
Oceans and Liquid Water in Jupiter’s Icy Moons: A
Romero-Wolf, S Vance, F Maiwald, P A Ries, K
1340h P43D-4008 POSTER In Situ Analysis of
Mars Soil and Rocks Sample with the Sam Gcms
Instrumentation Onboard Curiosity : Interpretation
and Comparison of Measurements Done during the
First Martian Year of Curiosity on Mars: C Szopa,
P J Coll, M Cabane, A Buch, D Coscia, M Millan,
P Francois, I Belmahadi, S Teinturier, R NavarroGonzalez, D P Glavin, C Freissinet, A Steele, J L
Eigenbrode, P R Mahaffy
1505h P43E-05 Mini-RF Bistatic Observations of
Cabeus Crater: G Patterson, B Bussey, P Spudis
1340h P43D-4009 POSTER Determination of the
Possible Source of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Detected By SAM during MSL Mission: A Buch,
I Belmahdi, C Szopa, C Freissinet, D P Glavin,
P Francois, P J Coll, K Miller, J L Eigenbrode,
J C Stern, R Navarro-Gonzalez, A McAdam, S
Teinturier, J Y Bonnet, R E Summons, M Millan, T
Dequaire, M Cabane, P R Mahaffy
Moscone West 3002
1520h P43E-06 Titan Ground Complex Permittivity
at the HUYGENS Landing Site; the PWA-HASI and
Other Instruments Data Revisited: M Hamelin, A
Lethuillier, A A Le Gall, R Grard, V Ciarletti, C
BГ©ghin, K Schwingenschuh, R D Lorenz, J J LopezMoreno, I Jernej, V Brown, F Ferri
Solar System Small Bodies: Relics of
Formation and New Worlds to Explore I
1340h PA43A-4036 POSTER Bridging the Partisan
Divide Over Climate Change: Messenger is as
Important as the Message: M Cater
1340h PA43A-4037 POSTER Why We Don’t
Collaborate in Response to Climate Change: The
Knowledge Deficit, Co-Production, and the Future
of the IPCC: B R Cook, J T Overpeck
1340h PA43A-4038 POSTER The New England
Climate Adaptation Project: Enhancing Local
Readiness to Adapt to Climate Change through
Role-Play Simulations: D Rumore, P H Kirshen, L
1340h PA43A-4039 POSTER Climate Change and
Political Action: the Citizens’ Climate Lobby: P H
Nelson, S Secord
1340h PA43A-4040 POSTER Simple but accurate
GCM-free approach for quantifying anthropogenic
climate change: S Lovejoy
1340h PA43A-4041 POSTER
Communicates Real-Time Developments in the
Arctic: P L Langen, S B Andersen, K K Andersen, M
L Andersen, A P Ahlstrom, D van As, V R Barletta,
J E Box, M Citterio, W T Colgan, G Dybkjær,
R Forsberg, J L HГёyer, M B Jensen, N Kliem, R
Mottram, K P Nielsen, M Olesen, F C Quaglia, T A
Rasmussen, C B Rodehacke, M Stendel, L Sandberg
SГёrensen, R T Tonboe
1340h PP43A-1441 POSTER A speleothem record
of South Pacific Convergence Zone dynamics
during MIS 3 - Evidence for non-stationary
coupling between the southern tropical Pacific and
Greenland?: D J Sinclair, R M Sherrell, H D Rowe,
J D Wright, R A Mortlock, J C Hellstrom, H Cheng,
A Min, R L Edwards
1340h PP43A-1442 POSTER The Indian Monsoon
Variability over the Past 280,000 Years: G Kathayat,
H Cheng, A Sinha, C Spötl, R L Edwards, W Liu, H
Zhang, Y Cai, S F M Breitenbach
1340h PP43A-1443 POSTER Role of Seasonal
Transitions and Westerly Jets in East Asian
Paleoclimate: J C H Chiang, I Y Fung, C H Wu, Y
Cai, J P Edman, Y Liu, J A Day, T Bhattacharya, Y
Mondal, C Labrousse
1340h PP43A-1444 POSTER Abrupt Late Pleistocene
Changes in Northern South American River RunOff: J Hoffmann, A Bahr, S Voigt, J Schönfeld, D
1340h PP43A-1445 POSTER El NiГ±o evolution
during the Holocene revealed by a biomarker rain
gauge in the GalГЎpagos Islands: Z Zhang, G Leduc,
J P Sachs
1340h PP43A-1446 POSTER Hydrological and
Vegetation Dynamics in Central Indonesia since
the Last Glacial Maximum: S A Wicaksono, J M
Russell, S Bijaksana, A E Holbourn, W Kuhnt
1340h PP43A-1447 POSTER North African dust
deposition and hydroclimate over the last 60 ka:
A combined view from the east and west of the
continent: C W Kinsley, D McGee, L I Bradtmiller,
J E Tierney, G Winckler, J B W Stuut, P B
1340h PP43A-1448 POSTER Multi-decadal Variation
of the Indian Monsoon Rainfall: Implications of
ENSO: D Pothuri, D Nuernberg, M Mohtadi
1340h PP43A-1449 POSTER Glacial termination
hydroclimate in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool: S
Yuan, X Wang, H W Chiang, S Bijaksana, X Jiang,
A M Imran, S A Wicaksono
1340h PP43A-1450 POSTER The Asian Monsoon
Moisture Transportation Revealed by Two Cave
Sites in Myanmar: G Liu, X Wang, H W Chiang, P
Maung Maung, X Jiang, L T Aung, S T Tun
1340h PP43A-1451 POSTER Pluvial Period over NE
Brazil linked to Heinrich Stadial 4: K A Wendt, A
Häuselmann, D Fleitmann, X Wang, A S Auler, H
Cheng, R L Edwards
1340h PP43A-1452 POSTER The Role of Regional
Atmospheric Circulation in Shaping Abrupt
Climate Reorganization in Africa: C B Skinner, C
J Poulsen
1340h PP43A-1453 POSTER Magnitude of
hydroclimatic variance in paleoclimate records and
in multi-millennial simulations of two Earth System
Models: L A Parsons, J T Overpeck, J Yin, J P
Krasting, S Malyshev, R J Stouffer
1340h PP43A-1454 POSTER Using Idealized GCM
Simulations to Reconstruct and Interpret Past
Precipitation Change: M P Erb, C S Jackson, A J
Broccoli, D W Lea
1340h PP43A-1455 POSTER The Impact of Orbital
Insolation Changes on East Asian Climate: S Y Lee,
C C Shen, C H Wu
1340h PP43A-1456 POSTER Late Pleistocene and
Holocene Hydroclimate Variability in the Tropical
Andes from Alpine Lake Sediments, Cordillera de
MГ©rida, Venezuela: D J Larsen, M B Abbott, P J
1340h PP43A-1457 POSTER Millennial-scale
Climate Variability During the Last Interglacial
Recorded in Two Speleothems from Eastern North
America: Y Gao, H D Rowe, Z Rao, J A Buckles, X
Wang, H Cheng, R L Edwards
1340h PP43A-1458 POSTER Role of Atmospheric
Circulation and Westerly Jet Changes in the midHolocene East Asian Summer Monsoon: W Kong,
J C H Chiang
Moscone West Poster Hall
Moscone West Poster Hall
Multiproxy Records for Climatic and
Oceanic Reconstructions III Posters
(joint with A, B, GC, OS)
Advanced Understanding of Tropical
Hydroclimate Changes during the
Late Pleistocene II Posters (joint with
A, H, OS)
Presiding: Franck Marchis, Carl
Sagan Center, SETI institute; Padma
Yanamandra-Fisher, Space Science
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 51
1355h P43F-02 A new mechanism for the formation
of regolith on asteroids: M Delbo, G Libourel, J
Wilkerson, N Murdoch, P Michel, K T Ramesh, C
Ganino, C Verati, S Marchi
1340h PP43A-1440 POSTER Widespread Lake
Highstands in the Southernmost Andean Altiplano
during Heinrich Event 1: Implications for the South
American Summer Monsoon: C Y Chen, D McGee, J
Presiding: Kristine DeLong, Louisiana
State University; Grant Harley,
University of Southern Mississippi;
Emilie Dassie, Lamont Doherty Earth
Observatory; Jason Polk, Western
Kentucky University
11/28/2014 11:06:37 AM
1340h PP43B-1459 POSTER A multiproxy fjord
sediment record of Holocene climate change from
the subantarctic Auckland Islands: I M Browne, C
M Moy, G S Wilson, H Neil, C R Riesselman
1340h PP43B-1481 POSTER Plio-Pleistocene
paleoclimatic variability: results from the NW
Arabian Sea: M Prakasam, A K Gupta, A Yuvaraja,
A Velu
1340h PP43B-1460 POSTER New Method for the
Quantitative Analysis of Smear Slides in Pelagic and
Hemi-Pelagic Sediments of the Bering Sea: M K
Drake, I W Aiello, A C Ravelo
1340h PP43B-1482 POSTER Connection of the
Oxygen Isotope in Stalagmites from East Asia with
the Large Scale Atmospheric-Oceanic Patterns: S Li,
Y Jing, F Luo, J Wan
1340h PP43B-1461 POSTER Microfossil Records
and Shifts of Paleo-Kuroshio Current in the Nankai
Trough since last 1 Ma: X Su, X Duan, L Ling, F
1340h PP43B-1483 POSTER Multi-System and
Compound-Specific Isotopic Study of Neogene
Vegetation and Climate Changes in the Siwalik
Strata, Nepal Himalaya: P C Neupane, M R Gani,
Y Huang, N D Gani
1340h PP43B-1462 POSTER Leaf Wax n-Alkane
Distributions and Stable Isotope Ratios,
Paleovegetation, and Dust Flux to Reconstruct
North Pacific Climate During the Late Holocene: T
Liu, J E Nichols, D M Peteet, C M Moy, J Crusius,
A W Schroth
1340h PP43B-1484 POSTER Use of Groundwater
Tracers to Assess Climate Change in North-Central
New Mexico during the Holocene Epoch: S M
Yanicak, M Dale, K Granzow, P Longmire, G
1340h PP43B-1463 POSTER Pleistocene – Holocene
Rainfall and Productivity Records in Alfonso Basin
Baja California Sur : V D R Martinez-Perez, O
Gonzalez-Yajimovich, K G Mejia-Pina
1340h PP43B-1485 POSTER Seasonal Climate
Signals in Multiple Tree-Ring Parameters: A Pilot
Study of Pinus ponderosa in the Columbia River
Basin: M Dannenberg, E K Wise, J H Keung
1340h PP43B-1464 POSTER Climate and sea
level changes and the role of shelf morphology in
recording in Sibuyan Sea Basin, Philippines during
the last 14 kyBP: R B Lloren, F P Siringan
1340h PP43B-1486 POSTER Projecting Future
Water Availability in the Great Lakes Megalopolis:
Reconstructing Lake Michigan-Huron Lake Level
and Regional Hydroclimate Using Tree Rings: K R
1340h PP43B-1465 POSTER Pairing Leaf-Wax
Isotopes and Lithogenic Fluxes to Understand the
Drivers of Dustiness in the South Pacific: F J Pavia,
J E Nichols, G Winckler, P De Deckker
1340h PP43B-1466 POSTER Understanding TEX86H
Temperature Estimates in the Eastern Equatorial
Pacific over the Last Deglacial: N J Randle, M W
Schmidt, T S Bianchi, J E Hertzberg, M R Shields
Moscone West Poster Hall
Neoproterozoic Glaciation:
Interrogation of Data and Models II
Posters (joint with A, C, EP, P)
1340h PP43B-1467 POSTER Multi-proxy Analysis of
Pleistocene Carbonate Fluctuations in the Eastern
Equatorial Pacific: S Gwizd, D W Lea
Presiding: Ian Fairchild, Univ
Birmingham; Huiming Bao, Louisiana
State Univ.; Francis Macdonald,
Harvard University
1340h PP43B-1468 POSTER Reconstruction of the
Eastern Equatorial Pacific circulation over the last
160 kyr using foraminiferal Nd isotopes: R Hu, A
M Piotrowski
1340h PP43C-1487 POSTER Energy and Heat
Transport Constraints On Tropical Climates of the
Sturtian Snowball Earth: L E Sohl, M A Chandler,
J Jonas, D H Rind
1340h PP43B-1470 POSTER Eastern Pacific Climate
Variability Reconstructed from Porites Coral
Geochemical Tracers over the Last Millennium: M
Moreau, T Correge, E Piga, R L Edwards, H Cheng
architecture of the Cryogenian successions of South
China : M Zhu, Z Yin, J Zhang, D J Condon, F A
Macdonald, P Liu
1340h PP43B-1471 POSTER Hydrological shifts in
seawater ?18O in southwest tropical Pacific since
1649 CE: K L DeLong, T M Quinn, F W Taylor,
K Lin, C C Shen
1340h PP43C-1490 POSTER Neoproterozoic Glacial
Strata of the Centralian Superbasin: New Insight
From Subsurface Data in the Southern Georgina
Basin, Australia: C Verdel, R J Willink, J Gurney
1340h PP43B-1472 POSTER Assessing the accuracy
of oxygen isotopes and Sr/Ca as proxies of sea
surface temperature at the extreme latitudinal limits
of Porites corals: S Hirabayashi, Y Yokoyama, A
Suzuki, Y Kawakubo, Y Miyairi, T Okai, S Nojima
1340h PP43B-1473 POSTER Replicating and
calibrating Haitian microatoll coral Sr/Ca variations
to build confidence in sea surface temperature
reconstructions: G Ouellette Jr, K L DeLong, K H
Kilbourne, F W Taylor, P Mann, P Jean
1340h PP43B-1474 POSTER Millennial-Scale
Climate Variability for the Last Glacial Cycle along
the Iberian Margin based on Dinoflagellate Cysts: M
Datema, F Sangiorgi, G J Reichart, L J Lourens, A
1340h PP43B-1475 POSTER Holocene-Pleistocene
Environmental Changes in Eastern Mediterranean
Sediments: Foraminiferal and Geochemical
Approach: K S Sinoussy Mohamed Jr, M I A
Ibrahim, A R Moustafa, M R Abd Elkarim, M M A
1340h PP43B-1476 POSTER Restrictions in Mg/
Ca-Paleotemperature Estimations in High-Latitude
Bottom Waters: Evidence from the Fram Strait and
the Nordic Seas: K Werner, T M Marchitto Jr, C
Not, R F Spielhagen, K Husum
1340h PP43B-1477 POSTER Deep Ocean Circulation
and Nutrient Contents from Atlantic-Pacific
Gradients of Neodymium and Carbon Isotopes
During the Last 1 Ma: A M Piotrowski, H
Elderfield, J N W Howe
1340h PP43B-1478 POSTER Environment and
Climate Changes during the Holocene: Inferred
from Sedimentary Record/Proxies of a Paleodelta
Region, Southwest Coast of India: N C Allu, V
Prakash, P K Gautam, S K Bera
1340h PP43B-1479 POSTER Sr-Nd isotopes and
mineralogy as tracers of continental erosion and
sediment transport to the Red Sea and the Gulf of
Aden during the last 20,000 years: V P Rojas, L
Meynadier, F C Bassinot, C Christophe, J P Valet
1340h PP43C-1491 POSTER Cryogenian-Ediacaran
Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of the Amadeus Basin,
Central Australia: R L Joubert, C Verdel, I Schultz
1340h PP43D-1500 POSTER Simulation of
Monsoonal Characteristics of the East Asian
Climate during the Mid-Cretaceous in a Coupled
Climate Model: J Zhang, C Wang, J Yang, Y Guo
1340h PP43D-1519 POSTER Pleistocene Indian
Monsoon Rainfall Variability: D G Yirgaw, E C
Hathorne, L Giosan, T S Collett, S AV, B N Nath,
M Frank
1340h PP43D-1501 POSTER Transient Simulation
of Oxygen Stable Isotopes over the Asian Monsoon
Region with the Iloveclim Model: T Caley, D M
Roche, H Renssen
Moscone West 2010
1340h PP43D-1502 POSTER The Time-lagged
Impacts of Spring Sensible Heat over the Tibetan
Plateau on the Summer Rainfall Anomaly in East
China: Cases Study by Using WRF Model: A Duan
1340h PP43D-1503 POSTER Millennial-scale
Variation in East Asian Summer Monsoon Front
Position Deduced from Provenance Changes in
Yangtze River Delta Sediments: R Tada, W Ke, K
Saito, H Zheng, T Irino, L Chao, M He, S Sugisaki,
Y Kuboki, Y Suzuki, M Uchida
1340h PP43D-1504 POSTER Stable Isotope Ratios
of Carbon and Nitrogen in Suspended Organic
Matter: Seasonal and Spatial Dynamics Along the
Changjiang (Yangtze River) Transport Pathway: L
Gao, D Li
1340h PP43D-1505 POSTER OSL dating of finegrained quartz from Holocene Yangtze delta
sediments: S Sugisaki, J P Buylaert, A S Murray, R
Tada, H Zheng, W Ke, K Saito, T Irino, L Chao, L
Shiyi, M Uchida
1340h PP43D-1506 POSTER Tracking Monsoon
Related Provenance Changes in Continental Margin
Sediments of the East China Sea: Preliminary
Results from IODP Expedition 346: C H Anderson,
A G Dunlea, R W Murray, C W Kinsley, D McGee,
L Giosan, H Zheng, R Tada, C A Alvarez Zarikian
1340h PP43D-1507 POSTER Seasonal variability of
mineral composition of suspended material in the
Yangtze River: T Irino, K Saito, Y Suzuki, R Tada,
L Chao, M He, H Zheng
Estimation of Chemical Weathering versus Total
Denudation Ratio within Tributaries of Yangtze
River Basin Based on Size Dependent Chemical
Composition Ratio of River Sediment: Y Kuboki,
L Chao, R Tada, K Saito, H Zheng, T Irino, M He,
W Ke, Y Suzuki
1340h PP43D-1509 POSTER Variations in the
Yangze River outflow in the last 7 ky deduced from
?18O and Mg/Ca in the northern East China Sea: Y
Kubota, K Kimoto, R Tada, Y Yokoyama
1340h PP43D-1510 POSTER An 8000-Year Record
of Extreme Floods in the Yangtze Catchment from
the Subaqueous Yangtze Delta: D Fan, L Chen, G
1340h PP43C-1493 POSTER Climatic Instability and
Regional Glacial Advances in the Late Ediacaran: J
L Hannah, H J Stein, N Marolf, B Bingen
1340h PP43D-1511 POSTER Influence of relative
sea level on a marginal sea environment and its
implication for reconstructing ice volume changes
using IODP Expedition 346, Site U1427: T Sagawa,
R Tada, R W Murray, C A Alvarez Zarikian
1340h PP43C-1494 POSTER Coupled Changes in
Sulfur and Carbon Isotopes Preceding the Sturtian
Glaciation of the Neoproterozoic: J Gouldey, M
1340h PP43C-1495 POSTER Microbial mat
structures in the basal Ediacaran Doushantuo cap
dolostone from the Yangtze Gorges area of South
China and their environmental implications: Z
Wang, J Wang, S Xiao, J Hu
1340h PP43C-1496 POSTER Testing the “Mudball
Earth” Hypothesis: Are Neoproterozoic Glacial
Deposits Capped with Supraglacial Dust?: J C
Goodman, C Alvim Lage
1340h PP43C-1497 POSTER Boron and diagenesis:
Questioning the fidelity of Snowball ?11B excursions:
G L Foster, J Stewart, M Gutjahr, F Pearce, P K
Moscone West Poster Hall
The East Asian Monsoon and Its
Impact on Marginal Seas: Marine and
Terrestrial Records, Modeling, and
Observations II Posters (joint with A,
Presiding: Richard Murray, Boston
Univ; Ryuji Tada, University of Tokyo;
Hongbo Zheng, Nanjing Normal
1340h PP43D-1498 POSTER Asian Winter
Monsoons in the Eocene: Evidence from the
Aeolian Dust Series of the Xining Basin: A Licht,
R Adriens, A T Pullen, P A Kapp, H Abels, M van
Cappelle, J Vandenberghe, G Dupont Nivet
AGU2014News.indb 52
1340h PP43D-1518 POSTER Annual-Resolution
Precipitation Record of Lake Suigetsu Based on
Lamina Thickness and Its Chemical Composition
during the Last 350 Year: Y Suzuki, R Tada, T
Irino, K Yamada, K Nagashima, T Nakagawa
1340h PP43C-1492 POSTER High-Albedo Salt
Crusts on the Tropical Ocean of Snowball Earth:
Measurements and Modeling: R Carns, B Light, S
G Warren
1340h PP43B-1480 POSTER Erosional History of
the Himalayan Range Since the Last 180 kyr: Clay
Mineralogical and Geochemical Investigations
From the Bay of Bengal: R Joussain, Z Liu, C
1340h PP43D-1499 POSTER Provenance of Asian
Dust Delivered to the Philippine Sea and Its
Transport Pathways: Isotopic and Mineralogical
Evidences: I SEO, Y I Lee, C M Yoo, H J Kim, K
1340h PP43D-1512 POSTER East Asian Summer
Monsoon Variations in the Last 1,700 Years
Inferred from ?18o of Ostracode Shells: K Yamada,
S Sakai, K Seto
1340h PP43D-1513 POSTER Terrestrial biomarkers
in the sediment of the East Sea (Japan Sea) since
the MIS 11: implications for paleoproductivity and
paleoclimatic changes: S Hyun, Y J Suh, K S Woo,
M Ikehara
1340h PP43D-1514 POSTER Variability of the
Tsushima Warm Current during the Pleistocene
and its relationship with the evolution of the East
Asian Monsoon. Preliminary results from IODP
Expedition 346 (Sites U1427 and U1428/29) based
on benthic ostracod assemblages: M A Bassetti, C
A Alvarez Zarikian, S Toucanne, M Yasuhara, A E
Holbourn, T Sagawa, R Tada, R W Murray
1340h PP43D-1515 POSTER High-Resolution
Pleistocene Alkenone Temperature Records of
IODP Expedition 346 Sites U1425 and U1429: K E
Lee, S W Bae, K Kim, R A Kim, N Kang, T W Ko, R
Tada, R W Murray, C A Alvarez Zarikian
1340h PP43D-1516 POSTER Orbital and suborbitalscale sedimentary rhythms in the Middle Miocene
Onnagawa Formation, Northeastern Japan: S
Kurokawa, R Tada, S Takahashi, T Itaki, Y Kubota
1340h PP43D-1517 POSTER Sedimentation Rates
at IODP Site U1424 since the Pliocene Deciphered
from Spectral Analyses of RGB and GRA Bulk
Density Profiles: T J Gorgas, R Tada, T Irino, S C
Clemens, M Ziegler, A E Holbourn, R W Murray, C
A Alvarez Zarikian
Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopes:
Extracting the Signal from the Noise
to Improve Paleoclimate Applications
Presiding: JoГЈo Trabucho-Alexandre,
Durham University; Christopher
Junium, Syracuse University; Aaron
Diefendorf, University of Cincinnati;
Erika Freimuth, University of Cincinnati
Main Campus
1340h PP43E-01 The Nature of Carbonate and
Organic ?13C Covariance Through Geological
Time: A M Oehlert, P K Swart
1355h PP41A-1334 Application of ?13c Values
Recorded in Neoproterozoic Marine Dolomite As
a Marker for Global Correlations: Significance of
Major ?13c Variations for the Carbon Cycle Based
on Studies of Modern Dolomite Precipitating
Environments: J A McKenzie, T R R Bontognali,
A Bahniuk, C Vasconcelos
1410h PP43E-03 Is my C isotope excursion global,
local, or both? Insights from the Mg and Ca isotopic
composition of primary, diagenetic, and authigenic
carbonates: J A Higgins, C L Blättler, J M Husson
1440h PP43E-05 Hydrogen Isotope Biogeochemistry
of Plant Biomarkers in Tropical Trees from the
Andes to Amazon: S J Feakins, C Ponton, A J
West, Y Malhi, G Goldsmith, N Salinas, L P Bentley
1455h PP43E-06 A Spatiotemporal View of the
African Humid Period from Leaf Wax Isotopes: J E
Tierney, P B deMenocal
1510h PP43E-07 Fidelity of leaf-wax n-alkane and
n-alkanoic acid D/H ratios in space and time: P J
Polissar, M B Preefer, C Liu
1525h PP43E-08 Predicting the Hydrogen Isotope
Ratios of Leaf Waxes Across Landscapes: B J
Tipple, M A Berke, B Hambach, J R Ehleringer
Moscone West 2008
Observations and Dynamics of
Deglaciations I (joint with A, C, OS)
Presiding: William Roberts, University
of Bristol; Guleed Ali, Columbia
University in the City of New York; Anna
Hughes, University of Bergen; Kyle
Armour, Massachusetts Institute of
1340h PP43F-01 Ice Stream Dynamics during
Deglaciation of the Laurentide Ice Sheet: C Stokes,
M Margold, C Clark
1355h PP43F-02 The Role of Ice Streams in
Deglaciation: A Robel, C Schoof, E Tziperman
1410h PP43F-03 Update on the Dynamics of the
Late Wisconsinan Northwestern Laurentide IceSheet: C Hillaire-Marcel, L Tarasov
1425h PP43F-04 Early Break-up (~20 ka) of the
Norwegian Channel Ice Stream of the Scandinavian
Ice Sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum: J I
Svendsen, J P Briner, J Mangerud, A L C Hughes,
N E Young, K Vasskog
1440h PP43F-05 Paleoceanography and Ice SheetOcean Interactions on the Central West Greenland
Margin, LGM through Deglaciation: A E Jennings,
J T Andrews, C Г“ Cofaigh, G St-Onge, S T Belt, P
Cabedo-Sanz, J A Dowdeswell
1455h PP43F-06 When Was MWP-1A? Evidence
From Two New Hawaiian Coral Reef Records: K H
Rubin, C H Fletcher II, J X Mitrovica
1510h PP43F-07 How much did the N. American
ice sheet contribute to the Meltwater Pulse 1a sea
level rise event ?: L J Gregoire, N A Gomez, B L
Otto-Bliesner, A J Payne, P J Valdes
1525h PP43F-08 Rapid Climate Shifts during last
Deglaciation over Central to Northern Europe: F
Schenk, F Muschitiello, J Brandefelt, B Wohlfarth,
L Tarasov, J O Naslund, A V Johansson
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:37 AM
Moscone South Poster Hall
General Contributions in Seismology
I Posters
Presiding: Victor Tsai, CaltechSeismological Lab; Carl Tape, University
of Alaska Fairbanks
1340h S43A-4502 POSTER Diversity in the HighFrequency Wave Radiation of Small Repeating
Earthquakes: N Hatakeyama, N Uchida, T
Matsuzawa, T Okada, J Nakajima, T Matsushima, T
Kono, S Hirahara, T Nakayama
1340h S43A-4503 POSTER Improvements of the
Ray-Tracing Based Method Calculating Hypocentral
Loci for Earthquake Location: A H Zhao
1340h S43A-4504 POSTER Using Benford’s Law As
a Seismic Detection Tool: J Diaz Cusi, J Gallart, M
1340h S43A-4505 POSTER Activity of Small
Repeating Earthquakes along Izu-Bonin and
Ryukyu Trenches: K Hibino, T Matsuzawa, N
Uchida, W Nakamura, T Matsushima
1340h S43A-4506 POSTER A highlight of data
products from IRIS Data Services: A R Hutko, M
Bahavar, C M Trabant, M Van Fossen, R T Weekly
1340h S43A-4507 POSTER InSight detection of a
Lithospheric Low Seismic Velocity Zone in Mars: Y
Zheng, F Nimmo, T Lay
1340h S43A-4508 POSTER Fuzzy Discrimination
Analysis Method for Earthquake Energy K-Class
Estimation with respect to Local Magnitude Scale:
T Mumladze, J Gachechiladze
S43A-4524 POSTER
Techniques to Automatically Detect Local
Earthquakes in the Wavetrain of Large Remote
Teleseseismic Events Using Data within the
Continental United States: R A Alfaro-Diaz, A A
Velasco, D Kilb, K Pankow, L M Linville
1340h S43A-4525 POSTER MUSTANG: A
Community-Facing Web Service to Improve
Seismic Data Quality Awareness Through Metrics:
M E Templeton, T K Ahern, R E Casey, G Sharer,
B Weertman, S Ashmore
1340h S43A-4526 POSTER Numerical Simulation of
Stoneley Surface Wave Propagating Along ElasticElastic Interface: V A Korneev, M A Zuev, P
Petrov, M Magomedov
1340h S43A-4527 POSTER F-Mode
Heliotomography: S de Ridder, J Zhao
1340h S43B-4550 POSTER Numerical Solution
of Poroelastic Wave Equation Using Nodal
Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method: K
Shukla, Y Wang, P Jaiswal
1340h S43A-4530 POSTER A new approach for
estimation of seismic moment from back projection
analysis: R Honda
1340h S43A-4531 POSTER A Meshfree Method for
Wave Propagation using the Multi-variable Taylor
Expansion: J Takekawa, H Mikada
1340h S43A-4532 POSTER Local Magnitude Scaling
Relations from P-waves in Turkey : M Yilmazer
1340h S43A-4533 POSTER Assessing the benefit
of 3D a priori models for earthquake location: F J
Tilmann, A Manzanares, K Peters, R L Kahle, D
Lange, J Saul, N Nooshiri
1340h S43A-4535 POSTER Recent advancements on
the development of web-based applications for the
implementation of seismic analysis and surveillance
systems: P A Friberg, R S Luis, M Quintiliani, S
Lisowski, S Hunter
1340h S43A-4536 POSTER Federated data access
and other services offered by the IRIS DMC: C M
Trabant, T K Ahern, M Van Fossen, Y Y Suleiman,
B Weertman, R T Weekly, M Stults
1340h S43A-4538 POSTER Simulation Of
Broadband Seismic Wave Propagation In A Deep
Mine in Sudbury Ontario Canada: R Saleh, H Chen,
B Milkereit, Q Liu
1340h S43A-4515 POSTER High-Order Hybridized
Discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) Method for Wave
Propagation Simulation in Complex Geophysical
Media – Elastic, Acoustic and Hydro-Acoustic –
an Unifying Framework to Couple Continuous
Spectral Element and Discontinuous Galerkin
Methods: T SГ©bastien, J P Vilotte, L Guillot, C
1340h S43A-4539 POSTER Hypocenter relocation of
microearthquakes in offshore area of northeastern
South Korea: H M Cho, I Y Che, G Kim
1340h S43A-4517 POSTER Epicenter Relocation
of 2013 Boryeong Earthquake Sequence in Korea,
Using Travel-Time Double- Differences and LgWave Cross- Correlation: J S Shin, M Son, G Kim
1340h S43A-4518 POSTER Harmonic seabed
tremors recorded by ocean bottom seismometers
offshore Taiwan: S Y Wang, S K Hsu, C W Liang
1340h S43A-4519 POSTER Applications methods of
spectral ratios in the estimation of site effects: Case
Damien (Haiti): B J Jean, S ST Fleur
1340h S43A-4520 POSTER Topography Effects on
Frequency-dependent Traveltimes and Amplitudes
from Regional Earthquakes: Y J Luo, L Zhao, S H
1340h S43A-4521 POSTER Curvilinear Grid
Finite-Difference Method to Simulate Seismic
Wave Propagation with Topographic Fluid-Solid
Interface at Sea Bottom: Y SUN, W Zhang, X Chen
1340h S43A-4522 POSTER Retrieving the Green’s
function of attenuating heterogeneous media by
time-reversal modeling: T Zhu
1340h S43A-4523 POSTER No clear evidence for
localized tidal triggering of earthquakes in the Japan
region: W Wang, P M Shearer
1340h S43A-4540 POSTER SKS Splitting from
Ocean Bottom Seismometer Data Offshore
Southern California: J Ramsay, M D Kohler, P M
Davis, D S Weeraratne
1340h S43A-4541 POSTER An Empirical Study of
Atmospheric Correction Procedures for Regional
Infrasound Amplitudes with Ground Truth: J E
Moscone South Poster Hall
Imaging the Earth IX Imaging Seismic
Anisotropy and Attenuation +
Theoretical Developments Posters
(joint with DI, T)
Presiding: Monica Maceira, Los
Alamos National Laboratory; Andreas
Fichtner, ETH Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology Zurich; Paula Koelemeijer,
ETH Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology Zurich; Carene Larmat, Los
Alamos National Laboratory
1340h S43B-4552 POSTER Solving the 3D Acoustic
Wave-equation on Generalized Structured Meshes:
A FDTD Approach: J C Shragge
1340h S43B-4553 POSTER Three-dimensional
Distribution of Azimuthal and Radial Anisotropy
in the Japan Subduction: M Ishise, H Kawakatsu,
K Shiomi
1340h S43B-4554 POSTER Seismic Attenuation
beneath Tateyama Volcano, Central Japan: K
Iwata, H Kawakata, I Doi
1340h S43B-4555 POSTER A radial anisotropy
model of the upper mantle from surface wave
observations: T M Ho, E Debayle, K F Priestley, C
H Chapman
1340h S43B-4556 POSTER 2D Global Attenuation
Model of the Upper Mantle from Combined
Analysis of Surface Wave Phase and Amplitude
Data: Z Ma, G Masters
1340h S43B-4558 POSTER Empirical sensitivity
kernels of noise correlations with respect to virtual
sources: P BouГ©, L Stehly, N Nakata, G C Beroza
S43B-4559 POSTER
Constrained Seismic Velocity and Attenuation
Tomography of the Aftershock Zone of the 2013
Mw 6.6 Lushan Earthquake, China: X Zhang, H
1340h S43B-4560 POSTER Application of Timewindow Selection Method in Tomography with
Topographic Effects: E Wei, W Zhang, X Chen
1340h S43B-4561 POSTER Qs-values in the Southern
Korean Peninsula Area: I Kim, J M Lee, H M Cho,
D H Lee
1340h S43B-4562 POSTER Seismic Velocity and
Attenuation Tomography of the Tonga Arc and
Lau Back-arc Basin: S S Wei, Y Zha, D A Wiens,
S C Webb
1340h S43B-4563 POSTER Comparison of misfit
functions for phase-only inversion in the frequency
domain: G Jeong, W Jeong, D J Min
1340h S43B-4564 POSTER Parameterization of
density estimation in full waveform well-to-well
tomography: K Teranishi, H Mikada, T N Goto,
J Takekawa
1340h S43B-4565 POSTER Teleseismic Body-Wave
Attenuation beneath the Western and Central
United States: B Yang, C A Reed, K H Liu, S S Gao
1340h S43B-4566 POSTER Synthetic normal-mode
spectra: a full-coupling perspective: H Y Yang, J
1340h S43B-4567 POSTER Apply Seismic Migration
Technique to Teleseismic Receiver Functions: S
Hu, L Zhu
1340h S43B-4568 POSTER Waveform Inversion of
Synthetic Ocean Models in the Laplace Domain: H
Rosado, T M Blacic, H Jun, C Shin
1340h S43B-4569 POSTER A New Method to
Minimize the Influence of Lateral Heterogeneity on
Inversion Applying Triplicated Phases: J Li, C Cai,
D Kang, J Ning
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1340h S43B-4542 POSTER Body-wave Attenuation
in the South-Central Region of the Gulf of
California, MГ©xico: R R Castro, C A VidalesBasurto, C I Huerta, D F Sumy, J B Gaherty, J A
1340h S43B-4543 POSTER An Objective Rationale
for the Choice of Regularisation Parameter with
Application to Global Multiple-Frequency S-Wave
Tomography: C Zaroli, M Sambridge, J J Leveque,
E Debayle, G Nolet
Tomography of the Upper Mantle: A Adenis, E
Debayle, Y R Ricard
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 53
1340h S43B-4551 POSTER Anisotropy in the Pacific
Upper Mantle from Inversion of a Combined
Global and Regional Dispersion Dataset: C L Eddy,
G Ekstrom, M Nettles, J B Gaherty
1340h S43B-4557 POSTER Computing Sensitivity
Kernels of Noise Correlations with Respect to Noise
Sources: L Stehly, L Margerin, P BouГ©
1340h S43A-4537 POSTER Implementation
and testing of a real-time 3-component phase
picking program for Earthworm using the CECM
algorithm: B I Baker, P A Friberg
1340h S43A-4514 POSTER Automatic Detection and
Location of Teleseismic Events with Using Usarray
As a Big Antenna: L Retailleau, N Shapiro, J
Guilbert, M Campillo, P Roux
1340h S43A-4516 POSTER An Effective Method for
Small Event Detection: Match and Locate (ML) and
Its Applications: M Zhang, L Wen
1340h S43B-4548 POSTER Anisotropic Shear
Velocity Models of the North American Upper
Mantle Based on Waveform Inversion and
Numerical Wavefield Computations: C Pierre, Y
Masson, B A Romanowicz, S W French, H Yuan
1340h S43A-4529 POSTER Seismic Observations
of the 15 February 2013 Chelyabinsk Meteor from
Dense ChinArray: L LI, B Wang, Z Peng, W Wang
1340h S43A-4510 POSTER GPU-accelerated
Migration with Gauss Points Partition: Z Zhen, X
1340h S43A-4513 POSTER The LITHO1.0 Model:
M Pasyanos, G Masters, G Laske, Z Ma
1340h S43B-4547 POSTER New Zealand-Wide 3-D
Qp Attenuation Model: Low Qp North Island Crust
Contrasts with High Qp South Island Terranes: D
M Eberhart-Phillips, M Reyners, S C Bannister
1340h S43B-4549 POSTER Sn Attenuation in the
Iranian and Tibetan Plateaus: W Ku, A Kaviani, X
Bao, J Christopher, E A Sandvol
1340h S43A-4534 POSTER ObsPy: A Python
Toolbox for Seismology - Recent Developments
and Applications: T Megies, L Krischer, R Barsch,
E Sales de Andrade, M Beyreuther
1340h S43A-4512 POSTER Detailed Analysis of a
Multiplet Earthquake Sequence: A Iglesias, S K
Singh, V H GarduГ±o
1340h S43B-4546 POSTER Sensitivity of Coda
Waves to Lateral Variations of Absorption and
Scattering: Radiative Transfer Theory and 2-D
Examples: J Mayor, L Margerin, M Calvet
1340h S43A-4528 POSTER Pre-Processing and
Cross-Correlation Techniques for Time-Distance
Helioseismology: N Wang, S de Ridder, J Zhao
1340h S43A-4509 POSTER Topography and
Anisotropy Adaptation of a Modified Discrete
Element Method in Elastic Seismic Wave Modeling:
X Hu, X Jia
1340h S43A-4511 POSTER Estimation of the Mean
Free Path using Cross-Correlations in the Seismic
Coda: V Clerc, P Roux, M Campillo, R Maynard,
J A Chaput
1340h S43B-4545 POSTER Global S-Wave
Tomography Using Receiver Pairs: An Alternative
to Get Rid of Earthquake Mislocation: J J Leveque,
C Zaroli, B S A Schuberth, Z Duputel, G Nolet
11/28/2014 11:06:37 AM
1340h S43B-4570 POSTER Waveform inversion
schemes for 3D density structure: N Blom, A
1340h S43B-4571 POSTER The impact of crustal
density variations on seismic wave propagation: A
Plonka, A Fichtner
1340h S43B-4572 POSTER High Resolution Models
of Regional Phase Attenuation and Velocity
Structure of the Turkish-Iranian Plateau and
Zagros: A Kaviani, E A Sandvol, X Bao, R Gok, G
1340h S43B-4573 POSTER Frequency dependent
Lg attenuation in Northeast China and Korean
Peninsula: N R Ranasinghe, A C Gallegos, A R
Trujillo, A R Blanchette, T M Hearn, E A Sandvol, J
Ni, S P Grand, F Niu, Y J Chen, J Ning, H Kawakatsu,
S Tanaka, M Obayashi
1340h S43B-4574 POSTER Sn Attenuation Model in
Tibetan Region and its Geodynamic Implications to
Plateau Formation: L Zhao, X B Xie, N Fan, Z Yao
1340h S43B-4575 POSTER A highly attennuative
zone beneath the Tokyo Metropolitan area: Y
Panayotopoulos, N Hirata, S Sakai, S Nakagawa,
K Kasahara
1340h S43B-4576 POSTER Imaging the Juan de Fuca
subduction plate using 3D Kirchoff Prestack Depth
Migration: C Cheng, T Bodin, R M Allen, B Tauzin
1455h S43C-05 Source Inversion of Glacial
Earthquakes: A Sergeant, A Mangeney, E
Stutzmann, J P Montagner, L Moretti, O Castelnau,
V Yastrebov
1510h S43C-06 A Surface Wave Study of the
Greenland Ice Sheet: W Shen, A L Levshin, M P
Barmin, L Feng, M H Ritzwoller
1525h S43C-07 The Seismic Signal of Sediment
Transport in Rivers: D L Roth, E E Brodsky, N J
Finnegan, J M Turowski, C R Wyss, A Badoux
Moscone South 303
Geophysics for National Security
Needs II (joint with NS, T)
Presiding: Catherine Snelson, Los
Alamos National Laboratory; Jessie
Bonner, Weston Geophysical; Robert
Mellors, LLNL L-046
1340h Welcoming Remarks:
1345h S43D-01 High resolution atmospheric
transport modelling in support of radionuclide
detections at CTBTO network: M Krysta, B
Szintai, J Ku?mierczyk-Michulec, J A Carter, J W
1340h SA43A-4090 POSTER First Measurements
of Aspect Sensitivity of Polar Mesospheric Summer
Echoes by a Bistatic Radar System: C La Hoz, H
Pinedo, O Havnes, M J Kosch, A Senior, M T
1340h SA43A-4091 POSTER The Limb-imaging
Ionospheric and Thermospheric Extremeultraviolet Spectrograph (LITES): S C Finn, A W
Stephan, T Cook, J Martel, S Chakrabarti
1340h SA43A-4092 POSTER First Studies with the
Compact Echelle Spectrograph for Aeronomical
Research (CESAR): T G Slanger, J Hedin, D
1340h SA43A-4093 POSTER Evaluation of
Ionospheric Parameters Obtained by Inverting O II
83.4 nm Dayglow Profiles from RAIDS: G Geddes,
S Chakrabarti, T Cook, E S Douglas
MEASUREMENTS: S Inyurt, C Mekik, O Yildirim
1340h SA43A-4096 POSTER Metastable Oxygen
Production by Electron-Impact of Oxygen: J D
Hein, C P Malone, P V Johnson, I Kanik
1340h SA43A-4097 POSTER Estimation of SelfClutter of the Multiple-pulse Technique for HF
Radars: A S Reimer, G C Hussey
1340h S43B-4577 POSTER Hybrid optimization
methods for Full Waveform Inversion: D Datta, M
K Sen
1400h S43D-02 Recent Advances in Infrasound
Science for National Security Applications: S
Arrowsmith, P S Blom, O E Marcillo, R W
1340h SA43A-4098 POSTER Penn State Radar
Systems: Implementation and Observations: J V
Urbina, R Seal, R Sorbello, K Kuyeng, L P Dyrud
1340h S43B-4578 POSTER Data inversion immune
to cycle-skipping using AWI: L Guasch, M
Warner, A Umpleby, G Yao, J V Morgan
1420h S43D-03 Spall Effects on Infrasound
Generation: K R Jones, A J Rodgers, R W
Whitaker, S M Ezzedine, O Vorobiev
1340h SA43A-4099 POSTER Ionospheric Analysis
with Langmuir Probes: Sheath and Edge Effects: R
M Albarran, J Klenzing, D L Cooke, P A Roddy
1340h S43B-4579 POSTER Shear-wave splitting
across the central Appalachian Mountains using
USARRAY and PASEIS data: A White-Gaynor, A
Nyblade, K Homman
1435h S43D-04 Using Seismic and Infrasonic Data
to Identify Persistent Sources: S Nava, R Brogan
1340h SA43A-4100 POSTER Observations of
neutral mesospheric smoke particles using
triboelectric current measurements from a multisurface Langmuir probe: A Barjatya, M Friedrich,
B Strelnikov
1340h S43B-4580 POSTER A dam-break simulation
using the higher-order MPS(Moving Particle Semiimplicit) Method with a new treatment of the
Neumann boundary condition: D Cheng, T Yamada
1340h S43B-4581 POSTER ASDF: A New Adaptable
Data Format for Seismology Suitable for LargeScale Workflows: L Krischer, J A Smith, A
Spinuso, J Tromp
1340h S43B-4582 POSTER Crustal and Mantle
Structure Beneath the Iles Eparses (Mozambique
Channel, Indian Ocean): G Barruol, F R Fontaine,
C Davy, V S N Schlindwein, K Sigloch
1340h S43B-4583 POSTER Surface Wave Scattering
and Mode Coupling: Implications for Surface Wave
Tomography: A Datta, K F Priestley, C H Chapman
1340h S43B-4584 POSTER Seismic Attenuation
Structure beneath Harrat Lunayyir, northern
Arabian shield: N S Al-Arifi, S El khrepy, I
Koulakov, I Sychev
WAVES: V Monteiller, S Beller, S Operto, T
Nissen-Meyer, J Tago Pacheco, J Virieux
1340h S43B-4587 POSTER Seismic Attenuation
Tomography of the Rupture Zone of the 2010
Maule, Chile, Earthquake: M E Torpey, R M Russo,
M P Panning
1340h S43B-4588 POSTER Accuracy and Stability
of the Interior-Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin
Method for Acoustic and Elastic Wave Propagation:
J D De Basabe
Moscone South 305
Ambient Seismic Investigations:
Oceans, Ice, Environment, and
Climate II (joint with OS)
Presiding: Anya Reading, University
of Tasmania; Keith Koper, University
of Utah; Richard Aster, Colorado
State University; Victor Tsai, CaltechSeismological Lab
1340h S43C-01 Ambient Noise, External Forcing
and Monitoring of Elastic Properties of the Crust:
M Campillo, G Hillers, A Colombi, F Brenguier, J
A Chaput, B Froment
1410h S43C-02 Amplitude retrieval from
correlations of the ambient seismic field: P Poli, G
A Prieto
1425h S43C-03 Investigating hum sources using
cross-correlation asymmetry: L A Ermert, A
Fichtner, M Schimmel
1440h S43C-04 Geophysical Constraints on Glacial
Earthquakes in Greenland and Implications for
Glacier Dynamics: M Nettles
AGU2014News.indb 54
1455h S43D-05 What can we get out of acoustic coda
from explosions?: O E Marcillo, S Arrowsmith, R
W Whitaker
1510h S43D-06 Near- Source, Seismo-Acoustic
Signals Accompanying a NASCAR Race at the
Texas Motor Speedway: B W Stump, C Hayward,
R Underwood, J E Howard, M D MacPhail, P
Golden, A Endress
1340h SA43A-4101 POSTER First Results from a
New Rigid Falling Sphere Probe to Measure Winds,
Density, and Temperature in the Mesosphere and
Lower Thermosphere : C S Fish, M F Larsen, R F
Pfaff Jr, R Fullmer, C Swenson, R Martineau, W
Sanderson, M Pilinski
1525h S43D-07 Can GDSN Seismometers be used
as Temporary Replacements for Hydrophone
Stations?: R G Heyburn
1340h SA43A-4102 POSTER Topside Ionospheric
Sounder for CubeSats: C Swenson, J Pratt, C S
Fish, C Winkler, M Pilinski, I Azeem, G Crowley,
M Jeppesen, R Martineau
1340h SA43A-4103 POSTER The Calibration of
a Large Number of Scientific Instruments for
the Auroral Spatial Structures Probe Sub-Orbital
Mission: A Swenson, J Miller, T L Neilsen, C S
Fish, C Swenson
Moscone South Poster Hall
Aeronomy: General Contributions I
Presiding: Larry Paxton, The Johns
Hopkins University Applied Physics
Laboratory; Ian Richardson, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center; Robyn
Millan, Dartmouth College
1340h SA43A-4081 POSTER Middle Atmosphere
Sounder and Thermal Emission Radiometer –
Master: M G Mlynczak, D K Scott, R W Esplin, S
M Bailey, C E Randall
1340h SA43A-4082 POSTER Derivation of Incident
Angle and Sweeping Voltage Design on Advanced
Ionospheric Probe onboard FORMOSAT-5: Z W
Lin, C K Chao, Y S Chang
1340h SA43A-4083 POSTER Design of Miniaturized
Time-of-Flight Reflectron Mass Spectrometer for
Upper Atmosphere Density Measurements: M L
Pyle, C Swenson, R Davidson
1340h SA43A-4084 POSTER A global upper
atmosphere observatory using lidar on the
International Space Station: J H Clemmons, S
M Beck, J H Hecht, C F Corey, J C McLeroy, K L
Ferrone, J F Spann, G R Swenson, D Janches, B L
Giles, M A Krainak, A W Yu, S Jones
1340h SA43A-4085 POSTER Total Electron Content
Monitoring over South America Region: Validation
and Case Studies: P M D S Negreti, E R Paula, Y
1340h SA43A-4087 POSTER GPS Observation
of Fast-moving Continent-size Traveling TEC
Pulsations at the Start of Geomagnetic Storms: R
Pradipta, C E Valladares, P H Doherty
1340h SA43A-4088 POSTER Overview of the
Performance of the Compact Total Electron Content
Sensor (CTECS) on the Space Environmental
NanoSatellite Experiment (SENSE): R L Bishop,
S Hansel, D Stoffel, D Ping, J Bardeen, A Chin, S
Bielat, T L Mulligan
1340h SA43A-4089 POSTER HF Radio Wave
Propagation in the Ionosphere Observed with
the ePOP RRI (Radio Receiver Instrument) -SuperDARN Experiment: G C Hussey, R G Gillies,
C G Ridley, A W Yau, K A McWilliams, G J Sofko
1340h SA43A-4104 POSTER Theory and Capability
of the Planar Langmuir Probe: D L Cooke, P A
Roddy, J Ballenthin, J Machuzak, R M Albarran, J
1340h SA43A-4105 POSTER Measurement of
Neutral Winds and Gradients in the Lower
Thermosphere with Multi-Point, Chemical-Release
Sounding Rocket Payloads: C Andersen
Moscone South Poster Hall
Ice Layers in the Mesopause Region:
Their Physics, Relationship to the
Environment in Which They Form,
and Response to External Forcings I
Presiding: James Russell, Hampton
University; Scott Bailey, VA Tech
1340h SA43B-4107 POSTER Nucleation of
Mesospheric Cloud Particles: Model and Laboratory
Results: H Wilms, A Kirsch, M Rapp, D Duft, M
Nachbar, T Leisner
1340h SA43B-4108 POSTER SBUV Version 4 PMC
Data and Trend Analysis: Did the Trend Change in
the mid-1990’s?: M T DeLand, G E Thomas
1340h SA43B-4109 POSTER Cips (Cloud Imaging
and Particle Size Experiment) Observations of a
Newly Discovered Population of Very Large Ice
Particles in Polar Mesospheric Clouds: D W Rusch,
G E Thomas, A Chandran, A W Merkel, J D Lumpe
Jr, C E Randall, J J Olivero, S M Bailey, J M Russell
1340h SA43B-4110 POSTER Interannual Variability
in PMCs from AIM/CIPS: C E Randall, V L
Harvey, L A Holt, J D Lumpe Jr, S M Bailey, J M
Russell III
1340h SA43B-4111 POSTER Mesospheric Zonal
Mean Winds Derived from Consecutive Orbits of
AIM Cips Images: P P Rong, J Yue, J M Russell III, J
D Lumpe Jr, J Gong, D L Wu, C E Randall
1340h SA43B-4112 POSTER An Albedo-Ice
Regression Method for Determining Ice Water
Content of Polar Mesospheric Clouds from UV
Observations: G E Thomas, C Bardeen, S Benze
1340h SA43B-4113 POSTER On the formation of
sharp gradients in electron density resulting from
an ice-plasma feedback instabilities in the polar
summer mesosphere: J Yee, H Bahcivan
Moscone West 2016
Frontiers in Global Change in the
Middle Atmosphere and Its Coupling
to the Lower Atmosphere I (joint with
A, GC)
Presiding: Xun Zhu, Johns Hopkins Univ;
William Swartz, Johns Hopkins Univ;
Ming Cai, The Florida State University;
Jae Lee, NASA Goddard Space Flight
1340h SA43C-01 Simulation of secular temperature
trends in the stratosphere, mesosphere and lower
thermosphere: R R Garcia
1355h SA43C-02 Global Distribution of CO2
Volume Mixing Ratio in the Mesosphere and Lower
Thermosphere and Long-Term Changes Observed
By Saber: J M Russell III, L Rezac, J Yue, Y Jian, A
A Kutepov, R R Garcia, K A Walker, P F Bernath
1410h SA43C-03 Interpreting Recent Global-Mean
Temperature Changes in the Lower Stratosphere
Simulated by Climate Models: M A Geller, T Zhou,
W G Martin, H Song, S Wang, L Nazarenko, K W
K Lo
1425h SA43C-04 The Future of the Stratosphere
and the Ozone Layer: P A Newman, L Oman, S
Pawson, E L Fleming, F Li, C H Jackman
1440h SA43C-05 MLT Dynamics Related to
Major Sudden Stratospheric Warming Events:
V Limpasuvan, Y J Orsolini, A Chandran, R R
Garcia, D E Kinnison
1455h SA43C-06 Occurrence of Winter
Stratospheric Sudden Warming Events and the
Seasonal Timing of Spring Stratospheric Final
Warming: R Ren
1510h SA43C-07 Why Does a CO2 Increase Cool
the Stratosphere?: S Sejas
1525h SA43C-08 Neutral Air Density Variations
Derived from Specular Meteor Echo Observation
Spanning One Solar Cycle: G Stober, V Matthias,
J L Chau, P Brown
Moscone South Poster Hall
Connection of Solar Events with the
Variability of Space Environments II
Posters (joint with SA, SM)
Presiding: Chin-Chun Wu, Naval
Research Lab DC; Kan Liou, JHU/Applied
Physics Lab; Simon Plunkett, Naval
Research Lab; Shi Tsan Wu, University
of Alabama in Huntsville
1340h SH43A-4165 POSTER Comparisons of
characteristics of magnetic clouds and cloud-like
structures during 1995-2012: R P Lepping, C C
Wu, K Liou
1340h SH43A-4166 POSTER An Unusual
Heliospheric Plasma Sheet Crossing at 1 AU : C C
Wu, K Liou, A Vourlidas, R P Lepping, Y M Wang,
S P Plunkett, D G Socker, S T Wu
1340h SH43A-4167 POSTER Severe to Extreme
Solar Storms: Magnetic Field Complexity and
Warnings: H Lundstedt
1340h SH43A-4168 POSTER Characteristics of solar
wind density depletions during solar cycles 23 and
24: K Park, J Lee, S Oh, Y Yi
1340h SH43A-4169 POSTER Full Halo Coronal Mass
Ejections: Arrival at the Earth: C Shen, Y Wang, Z
Pan, B Miao, P Ye, S Wang
1340h SH43A-4170 POSTER Coronal shocks
properties and their associations with energetic
particle events measured near 1AU: A P Rouillard,
A Vourlidas, A J Tylka, C K Ng, C M Cohen
1340h SH43A-4171 POSTER Study of QuasiHomologous Coronal Mass Ejections from Super
Active Regions in Solar Cycle 23: L Liu, Y Wang,
C Shen, R Liu, P Ye, S Wang
1340h SH43A-4172 POSTER A reexamination of
long-duration radial IMF events: G Pi, J H Shue, C
K Chao, Z Nemecek, J Safrankova, C H Lin
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:37 AM
1340h SH43A-4173 POSTER Interaction of magnetic
clouds with the Earth’s environment: effects due to
the terrestrial bow shock: D Fontaine, L Turc, P
1340h SH43B-4193 POSTER A Comparison of FeRich Solar Energetic Particle Events from Cycle 24
to Those of Cycle 23: C M Cohen, R A Mewaldt, G
M Mason, M E Wiedenbeck
1340h SH43A-4174 POSTER Dual-Time Stepping
Method for Solar Wind Model in Spherical
Coordinates: X S Feng
1340h SH43B-4194 POSTER 2012 May 17th GLE:
New Views of a GLE with PAMELA: G A de Nolfo,
M Boezio, U Bravar, A Bruno, E R Christian, M
Martucci, M MergГЁ, M Mocchiutti, R Munini, M
Ricci, J M Ryan, S Stochaj, N Thakur
1340h SH43A-4175 POSTER Multi-Spacecraft
Observations of Interplanetary Shocks Near Earth:
P Kajdic, X Blanco-Cano, B Lavraud
1340h SH43A-4176 POSTER Global MHD
Simulation of the Coronal Mass Ejection on 2011
March 7: from Chromosphere to 1 AU: M Jin, W
Manchester, B van der Holst, I Sokolov, G Toth, A
Vourlidas, C A de Koning, T I Gombosi
1340h SH43A-4177 POSTER Could the Collision
of CMEs in the Heliosphere be Super-Elastic? (ii)
Influence of the Initial Speed of CMEs on Their
Collision Process: F Shen, Y Wang, C Shen, X S
1340h SH43A-4178 POSTER RealВ­-Time Ensemble
Forecasting of Coronal Mass Ejections Using
the Wsa-Enlil+Cone Model: M L Mays, A
Taktakishvili, A A Pulkkinen, D Odstrcil, P J
MacNeice, L Rastaetter, J A LaSota
1340h SH43A-4179 POSTER Evolution of Three
Geoeffective Shock-CME pairs in September 2011 :
S T Wu, K Liou, C C Wu, A Vourlidas, S P Plunkett,
M Dryer, PhD, D G Socker, B E Wood
1340h SH43A-4180 POSTER Squeezing of Particle
Distributions by Expanding Magnetic Turbulence
and Space Weather Variability: D J Ruffolo,
P Tooprakai, A Seripienlert, P Chuychai, W H
1340h SH43A-4181 POSTER The Propagation of
Solar Energetic Particles as Observed by the Stereo
Spacecraft and Near Earth: T T von Rosenvinge,
I G Richardson, H V Cane, E R Christian, A C
Cummings, C M Cohen, R A Leske, R A Mewaldt,
E C Stone, M E Wiedenbeck
1340h SH43A-4182 POSTER Magnetic reconnection
at the solar wind current sheets as a possible cause
of strahl electrons acceleration and SEP dropouts: O
Khabarova, V V Zharkova
1340h SH43A-4183 POSTER Persistent Energetic
Ion Outbursts from the Sun: R Bucik, D Innes, G
M Mason
1340h SH43A-4184 POSTER Q/A Dependence
on Shock Geometry Using Multi-Spacecraft
Observations: L Zhao, G Li, G M Mason, C M
Cohen, R W Ebert, R A Mewaldt, I G Richardson
1340h SH43A-4185 POSTER A searching of past
large Solar Proton Event by measuring carbon-14
content in tree-rings: F Miyake, K Masuda, M
Hakozaki, T Nakamura, K Kimura
1340h SH43A-4186 POSTER Association Rate of
Major Sep Events As a Function of CME Speed and
Source Longitude: S Yashiro, N Gopalswamy, S
Akiyama, P A Makela, H Xie
1340h SH43A-4187 POSTER Solar Energetic Particle
Acceleration in the Solar Corona with Simulated
Field Line Random Walk and Wave Generation: A
D Arthur, J A le Roux
1340h SH43A-4188 POSTER The Solar Energetic
Particle Event on 2013 April 11: An Investigation of
the Solar Origin of its Longitudinal Widespread: N
E Raouafi, D Lario, R Y Kwon, J Zhang, R GomezHerrero, N Dresing, P Riley
1340h SH43A-4189 POSTER Transport of Solar
Energetic Particles across the Parker field direction
due to field line meandering: T L Laitinen, A Kopp,
F Effenberger, S Dalla, M S Marsh
1340h SH43A-4190 POSTER High Energy Particle
Events in Solar Cycles 23 and 24: N Thakur, N
Gopalswamy, P A Makela, S Yashiro, S Akiyama,
H Xie
Moscone South Poster Hall
Solar Sources and Heliospheric
Consequences of Coronal Mass
Ejections in Solar Cycle 24 II Posters
(joint with SM)
Presiding: Ying Liu, NSSC National
Space Science Center, CAS; NoГ© Lugaz,
University of New Hampshire; Benoit
Lavraud, IRAP/CNRS; Neel Savani,
Naval Research Laboratory
1340h SH43B-4191 POSTER 25 MeV Solar Proton
Events in Cycle 24 and Previous Cycles: I G
Richardson, H V Cane, T T von Rosenvinge
1340h SH43B-4192 POSTER Energetic Particle
Anisotropies Observed By Stereo/LET in the
23 July 2012 Solar Particle Event: R A Leske,
A C Cummings, C M Cohen, R A Mewaldt, A
W Labrador, E C Stone, M E Wiedenbeck, E R
Christian, T T von Rosenvinge
1340h SH43B-4195 POSTER Preliminary Results on
Simulations of Ground Level Enhancements (GLEs)
detected by The High Altitude Water Cherenkov
Observatory (HAWC): O Enriquez Rivera, A Lara
1340h SH43B-4196 POSTER GLE and the NON-GLE
Solar Events Observed by AMS-02 in Solar Cycle
24: V Bindi, C Consolandi, C Corti, K Whitman
1340h SH43B-4197 POSTER Proton Intensity
Spectra during the May 17th, 2012 and January 6th,
2014 Solar Energetic Particle Events - Measurement
Capabilities of the Electron Proton Helium
Telescope on Board SOHO : P KГјhl, S Banjac, N
Dresing, R Gomez-Herrero, B Heber, A Klassen, C
1340h SH43B-4199 POSTER Simulations of Solar
Energetic Particles Response to Interplanetary
Coronal Mass Ejections in the Gradual Events: G
Qin, Y Wang
1340h SH43B-4200 POSTER Possible Role of
Coronal Streamer as Magnetically-closed Structure
in Shock-induced Energetic Electrons and Metric
Type II Radio Bursts: X Kong, Y Chen, F Guo, G Li
1340h SH43B-4201 POSTER A Solar type-II
radio burst from CME-coronal ray interaction:
simultaneous radio and EUV imaging: Y Chen, G
Du, L Feng, S Feng, X Kong, F Guo, B Wang, G Li
1340h SH43B-4202 POSTER What Do EUV
Dimmings Tell Us About CME Topology?: B J
Thompson, M L DeRosa, R R Fisher, L D Krista, R
Y Kwon, J P Mason, M L Mays, N Nitta, N Savani,
M J West
MASS EJECTION: H Song, J Zhang, Y Chen, X
1340h SH43B-4204 POSTER Microwave Signatures
in the Pre-impulsive Phase of a Solar Flare: Z Wu,
Y Chen, G Huang, G Li
Moscone West 2012
Implications and Applications of
Kappa Distributions in Space Plasma
Physics II (joint with NG, SA, SM)
Presiding: George Livadiotis, Southwest
Research Institute; Ioannis Kourakis,
Centre for Plasma Physics; Jacob
Heerikhuisen, U of AL/Huntsville-CSPAR
1340h SH43C-01 The kappa Distribution as Tool in
Investigating Hot Plasmas in the Magnetospheres of
Outer Planets: S M Krimigis, J F Carbary
1340h SH43B-4210 POSTER ForeCAT: Using CME
Deflections to Constrain their Mass and the Drag: C
Kay, L F G dos Santos, M Opher
1340h SH43B-4211 POSTER Propagation of the 2012
March Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun to
Heliopause: Y D Liu, J D Richardson, C Wang, J
G Luhmann
1340h SH43B-4212 POSTER Rotation of a Magnetic
Cloud: MESSENGER and STEREO-B Observations: S
W Good, R J Forsyth
1340h SH43B-4213 POSTER Forecasting the
magnetic vectors within a CME at L1 by using solar
observations: N Savani, A Vourlidas, A Szabo, M L
Mays, R M Evans, B J Thompson, I G Richardson,
A A Pulkkinen, T Nieves-Chinchilla
1340h SH43B-4214 POSTER The HELCATS
Project: Characterising the Evolution of Coronal
Mass Ejections Observed During Solar Cycle 24:
M M Bisi, R A Harrison, J A Davies, C H Perry, C
Moestl, A P Rouillard, V Bothmer, L Rodriguez, J P
Eastwood, E Kilpua, P Gallagher, D Odstrcil
1340h SH43B-4215 POSTER Observations of
Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections and its
Geoeffectiveness During 1996-2013: Y Chi, C Shen,
Y Wang
1340h SH43B-4216 POSTER Shocks Propagating
Through Coronal Mass Ejections: N Lugaz, C J
Farrugia, C W Smith, K W Paulson
1340h SH43B-4217 POSTER 3D Numerical Study
of Typical CME Event: The 2010-04-03 Event: Y
Zhou, X S Feng, X Zhao
1340h SM43A-4263 POSTER A Statistical Study
of EMIC Waves Observed at THEMIS Probes
in the Outer (L > 7) Magnetosphere Under Quiet
Geomagnetic Conditions: G J Kim, K H Kim, J S
Park, E Lee, D H Lee
1340h SM43A-4265 POSTER Analysis of EMIC
waves in relation to magnetospheric heavy ion
density: H Kim, E H Kim, J Johnson, D H Lee, C R
Clauer, M Lessard, M J Engebretson, Z Xu
1425h SH43C-04 Low Energy Neutral Atoms
and Kappa Ion Distributions in the Heliosheath:
S Fuselier, F Allegrini, M Bzowski, M A Dayeh,
M I Desai, H O Funsten, A Galli, D Heirtzler, P H
Janzen, M A Kubiak, H Kucharek, W S Lewis, G
Livadiotis, D J McComas, E Moebius, S M Petrinec,
M S Quinn, N Schwadron, J M Sokol, K J Trattner
1438h SH41A-4120 The Dispersion Relations for
Dispersive AlfvГ©n Waves in Superthermal Plasmas:
R Gaelzer, L F Ziebell
1451h SH43C-06 On the Radial Evolution of
?-Distributions of Pick-up Protons in the Supersonic
Solar Wind: H J Fahr, H Fichtner, K Scherer
1504h SH43C-07 Electron kappa distribution,
quasi-thermal noise, and spontaneously-emitted
electromagnetic fluctuations: P H Yoon
1518h SH43C-08 Quasi-Conformality of a NonExtensive Entropy and Kappa Distributions: N
1531h Discussion
Moscone South Poster Hall
1340h SH43B-4209 POSTER The Interaction of Two
Coronal-Mass Ejections: Particle-in-cell simulation:
Z Yang, Y D Liu, R Wang, C Huang
Characteristics of EMIC Waves Observed at
Geosynchronous Orbit during Quiet Geomagnetic
Conditions: J S Park, K H Kim, D H Lee, E Lee,
H Jin
1410h SH43C-03 The Common Spectrum in the
Heliosphere: Observations and a Theory to Explain
the Observations: G Gloeckler, L A Fisk
1340h SH43B-4206 POSTER The relationship
between CME momenta and magnetic forces: Y Li,
B J Lynch, B T Welsch, D J Bercik
1340h SH43B-4208 POSTER The possible trigger
mechanism of the solar eruption in 2012 July 12: R
1340h SM43A-4261 POSTER Application of Local
Time Dependent Ion Composition to Observations,
Modeling, and Effects of Electromagnetic Ion
Cyclotron Waves: J H Lee, V Angelopoulos, L
Chen, R M Thorne
1340h SM43A-4264 POSTER Statistical analysis of
plasmaspheric EMIC waves: Y Kato, Y Miyoshi,
K Sakaguchi, Y Kasahara, K Keika, M Shoji, N
Kitamura, S Hasegawa, A Kumamoto, K Shiokawa
1340h SH43B-4207 POSTER Using Ionic Charge
States to Investigate the Relationship Between
Eruptive Flare Emission and the Heating of CME
Plasma: B J Lynch, M Kazachenko, Y Li, A Reinard,
T L Mulligan
1340h SM43A-4260 POSTER ULF Wave
Electromagnetic Energy Flux into the Ionosphere:
Joule Heating Implications: M Hartinger, M
Moldwin, S Zou, J W Bonnell, V Angelopoulos
1355h SH43C-02 Kappa Distributions: The
Injection Problem At Perpendicular Shocks And
The Transmission Problem At The Heliospheric
Termination Shock: G P Zank
1340h SH43B-4205 POSTER Early Evolution of An
Energetic Coronal Mass Ejection: R Liu, Y Wang,
C Shen
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 55
1340h SH43B-4218 POSTER New approach for
the inverse boundary value problem of Laplace’s
equation on a rectangle: technique renovation for
the Grad-Shafranov (GS) reconstruction: H Li, X S
Feng, J Xiang, P Zuo
Cross-Energy Interactions in the Inner
Magnetosphere II Posters
Presiding: Jichun Zhang, University of
New Hampshire; Yiqun Yu, Los Alamos
National Laboratory; Colby Lemon,
The Aerospace Corporation; Michael
Liemohn, University of Michigan
1340h SM43A-4251 POSTER Advancements in
empirical geomagnetic field modeling during the
Van Allen Probes era: G K Stephens, M I Sitnov, H
Korth, A Y Ukhorskiy
1340h SM43A-4252 POSTER Source of O+ in the
ring current: Van Allen Probes observations during
the 1 June 2013 storm : J Yang, P Song, W J Burke,
J Zhang, M Noah, B Larsen, H E Spence, G D Reeves
1340h SM43A-4253 POSTER Ion Spectral Structures
Observed by the Van Allen Probes and Cluster: C
Ferradas, J Zhang, H Luo, L M Kistler, H E Spence,
B Larsen, R M Skoug, H O Funsten, G D Reeves
1340h SM43A-4254 POSTER On the threshold
energization of radiation belt electrons by double
layers: A P Dimmock, A Osmane, T I Pulkkinen
1340h SM43A-4256 POSTER Observations of the
coupling efficiency of VLF lightning-generated
whistlers into the low-latitude plasmasphere: A
R Jacobson, R H Holzworth II, R F Pfaff Jr, R A
1340h SM43A-4257 POSTER Comparison between
Low and High Latitude Lightning VLF Wave
Propagation Using WWLLN and Van Allen Probes:
H Zheng, R H Holzworth II, J B Brundell, J R
Wygant, G B Hospodarsky, F Mozer, A R Jacobson,
J W Bonnell
1340h SM43A-4258 POSTER The interaction
of high-m guided poloidal alfven waves with
magnetospheric electrons and the ionosphere: R
Rankin, D Sydorenko
1340h SM43A-4259 POSTER Observations of
purely compressional waves in the upper ULF band
observed by the Van Allen Probes: J L Posch, M J
Engebretson, J Johnson, E H Kim, S A Thaller, J R
Wygant, C Kletzing, C W Smith, G D Reeves
1340h SM43A-4266 POSTER EMIC waves and
associated relativistic electron precipitation on 2526 January 2013: J Zhang, A Halford, C L Huang,
H E Spence, G D Reeves, R M Millan, R J Redmon,
C W Smith, R B Torbert, W S Kurth, C Kletzing, S
G Claudepierre, J B Blake, J F F Fennell, D N Baker
1340h SM43A-4267 POSTER Electron Lifetimes
from Narrowband Wave-Particle Interactions
within the Plasmasphere: J F Ripoll, J Albert, G
1340h SM43A-4268 POSTER Long-term Trends
in Plasmapause Location Based on Defense
Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP)
Observations: R Pernak, L M Winter, W R
Johnston, Y J Su, J Cho, R A Quinn
1340h SM43A-4269 POSTER Fine Structure of
Plasmaspheric Hiss: D Summers, Y Omura, S
Nakamura, C Kletzing
1340h SM43A-4270 POSTER Long-duration
exohiss waves outside the plasmasphere: observed
by Van Allen Probes: H Zhu, Z Su, F Xiao, H
Zheng, Y Wang, Z He, C Shen, M Zhang, S Wang,
C Kletzing, W S Kurth, G B Hospodarsky, H E
Spence, G D Reeves, H O Funsten, J B Blake, D N
1340h SM43A-4271 POSTER Drifting QuasiPeriodic Modulation of the Fast Magnetosonic
Mode: Van Allen Probe Observations: S A
Boardsen, G B Hospodarsky, C Kletzing, R F Pfaff
Jr, W S Kurth, J R Wygant, E MacDonald
1340h SM43A-4272 POSTER Role of Lower-hybrid
Resonances to Relativistic Electrons: S H Chen, M
C H Fok, G V Khazanov
Moscone South Poster Hall
Incorporating Plasma Waves in
Models of the Radiation Belts and
Ring Current III Posters
Presiding: Vania Jordanova, Los Alamos
National Laboratory; Richard Thorne,
UCLA; Jichun Zhang, University of New
1340h SM43B-4273 POSTER Statistical Character
of Emic Waves: Van Allen Probe Observations: D
Wang, X Yu, Z Yuan, X Deng, S Huang
Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves in the
Inner Magnetosphere: K V Gamayunov, M J
Engebretson, M Zhang, H Rassoul
1340h SM43B-4276 POSTER EMIC Wave Induced
Radiation Belt Losses and Proton Aurora: R E
Erlandson, L J Paxton, Y Zhang, R K Schaefer
1340h SM43B-4277 POSTER Predominance of
Ech Wave Contribution to the Diffuse Auroral
Precipitation in Earth’s Outer Magnetosphere: X
Zhang, V Angelopoulos, B Ni, R M Thorne
1340h SM43B-4278 POSTER Statistical results
describing the bandwidth and coherence coefficient
of whistler-mode waves using THEMIS waveform
data: X Gao, W Li, J Bortnik, R M Thorne, V
Angelopoulos, Q Lu, X Tao
1340h SM43B-4279 POSTER Characteristics of
Plasmaspheric Hiss Wave Spectrum and Their
Effects on Energetic Electron Dynamics: W Li, R M
Thorne, J Bortnik, Q Ma, C Kletzing, W S Kurth, G
B Hospodarsky
11/28/2014 11:06:37 AM
1340h SM43B-4280 POSTER A Global Model of
Plasmaspheric Hiss Waves Inferred from Poes
Observations: M de Soria-Santacruz Pich, W Li,
R M Thorne, Q Ma, J Bortnik, B Ni, C Kletzing, W
S Kurth, G B Hospodarsky
1340h SM43B-4281 POSTER Activity Dependent
Global Model of Electron Loss inside the
Plasmasphere: K Orlova, M Spasojevic, Y Shprits
1340h SM43B-4282 POSTER Wave Properties of
Equatorial Magnetosonic Waves as Observed by
Cluster: M A Balikhin, S N Walker, Y Shprits
1340h SM43B-4283 POSTER The dependence of
fast magnetosonic wave instability on wave normal
angles: L Chen
1340h SM43B-4284 POSTER RAM - C P L
Simulations of Electron Transport and Plasma
Wave Scattering Using Van Allen Probes Data: V
Jordanova, J Zhang, A Saikin, J Albert, W Tu, Y
Chen, S Morley, S De Pascuale, C Kletzing
1340h SM43B-4285 POSTER Bounce averaged
diffusion coefficients in a physics based magnetic
field geometry from RAM-SCB: L Zhao, Y Yu, G L
Delzanno, V Jordanova
1340h SM43B-4286 POSTER Characteristics of
Pitch Angle Distributions of 100s Kev Electrons in
the Slot Region and Inner Radiation BeltВ­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­: H Zhao,
X Li, J B Blake, J Fennell, S G Claudepierre, D N
Baker, A N Jaynes, D Malaspina
1340h SM43B-4287 POSTER The pitch angle
diffusion by stochastic motion in the Earth’s
radiation belt: C Choi, K Dokgo, S B Kang, E J Choi,
K W Min, J Hwang, Y D Park
1340h SM43B-4303 POSTER Energetic electron
interaction with broadband ULF waves: D
Vassiliadis, M Tornquist, M E Koepke, X Shao
1340h SM43B-4305 POSTER Falling-tone chorus:
theory and simulations: A R Soto-chavez, G Wang,
A Bhattacharjee, G Y Fu, H M Smith
1340h SM43B-4306 POSTER Simulation Study
of the Direct Measurement of the Pitch Angle
Scattering of Energetic Electrons by WhistlerMode Chorus Emissions: M Kitahara, Y Katoh, H
Kojima, Y Omura
investigation of nonlinear whistler wave processes:
B Amatucci, E M Tejero, C E Crabtree, D D
Blackwell, M Mithaiwala, L Rudakov, G Ganguli
1340h SM43B-4308 POSTER Wave-Kinetic
Simulations of the Nonlinear Generation of
Electromagnetic VLF Waves through Velocity Ring
Instabilities: G Ganguli, C E Crabtree, L Rudakov,
M Mithaiwala
1340h SM43B-4309 POSTER Nonlinear VLF Wave
Physics in the Radiation Belts: C E Crabtree, E M
Tejero, G Ganguli, M Mithaiwala, L Rudakov, G B
Hospodarsky, C Kletzing
1340h SM43B-4310 POSTER Nonlinear Generation
of Electromagnetic Waves Through Scattering by
Thermal Electrons: E M Tejero, C E Crabtree, D D
Blackwell, B Amatucci, M Mithaiwala, L Rudakov,
G Ganguli
1340h SM43B-4311 POSTER Simulating the Decay
of Inner Radiation Belt Electrons: W R Johnston,
R Selesnick, J Albert, J P McCollough II, X Li, W Tu
1340h SM43B-4288 POSTER Estimation of pitch
angle diffusion coefficients for EMIC waves with
realistic field models: S B Kang, K W Min, C Choi,
J Hwang
1340h SM43B-4312 POSTER Experiment of ~200
keV electron pitch angle diffusion near loss cone
boundary: J Lee
1340h SM43B-4289 POSTER Sub-packet structures
in EMIC triggered emissions observed by the
THEMIS probes: S Nakamura, Y Omura, M Shoji,
M Nose, D Summers, V Angelopoulos
Moscone West 2018
1340h SM43B-4290 POSTER Examining EMIC
wave spectral properties using in situ measurements
of multi-ion species and hybrid simulations: K Min,
K Liu, H E Spence, G D Reeves, H O Funsten, B
Larsen, C Kletzing, G B Hospodarsky, W S Kurth,
R E Denton, J R Wygant, J W Bonnell, A W
Breneman, J M Jahn
1340h SM43B-4291 POSTER Global Simulation of
EMIC waves at Earth: Generation and Application
of Linearly Polarized EMIC waves: E H Kim, E J
Valeo, J Johnson, H Kim, D H Lee, C Phillips
1340h SM43B-4292 POSTER Relativistic electron
microbursts due to pitch angle scattering by EMIC
triggered emissions: Y Kubota, Y Omura, D
1340h SM43B-4293 POSTER Whistler mode wave
generation in a laboratory plasma: X An, B Van
Compernolle, J Bortnik, R M Thorne
1340h SM43B-4294 POSTER Quasi-periodic
Whistler Mode Waves Detected by the Van Allen
Probes Spacecraft: G B Hospodarsky, O Santolik,
F Nemec, W S Kurth, C Kletzing, S R Bounds, J R
Wygant, J W Bonnell
1340h SM43B-4295 POSTER Emergence of Electron
Distributions Related to Banded Chorus Excitation:
K Liu, K Min, X Fu, S P Gary, D Winske, M Cowee
between chorus properties and electron velocity
distributions: Van Allen Probes: X Fu, M Cowee, S
P Gary, K Liu, K Min, D Winske
1340h SM43B-4297 POSTER Whistlers on Density
Gradients in the Radiation Belts: A V Streltsov, J R
Woodroffe, M T Bengtson
1340h SM43B-4298 POSTER Hybrid code
simulations of whistler mode chorus waves in oneand two-dimensinoal dipole coordinates: S Wu, R E
Denton, K Liu, M K Hudson
1340h SM43B-4299 POSTER Analysis of the Effects
of Finite Particle Temperature on Whistler Mode
Wave Propagation in the Earth’s Magnetosphere:
M Golkowski, P Kulkarni
1340h SM43B-4300 POSTER Quasi-Linear
Evolution of Trapped Electron Fluxes Under the
Influence of Realistic Whistler-Mode Waves:
O V Agapitov, D Mourenas, A Artemyev, V
1340h SM43B-4301 POSTER A study on
characteristics of radial transport of relativistic
electrons by ULF Pc5 waves in the inner
magnetosphere based on the GEMSIS-RC and RB
models: K Seki, T Amano, S Saito, Y Miyoshi, Y
Matsumoto, T Umeda, K Keika, Y Miyashita
1340h SM43B-4302 POSTER Novel Estimates of
ULF Wave Radial Diffusion of Relativistic Electrons
in the Radiation Belts using the Van Allen Probes,
THEMIS and GOES: T E Sarris, X Li, Q Schiller
AGU2014News.indb 56
Magnetic Energy Dissipation through
Magnetic Reconnection in Laboratory
and Heliophysical Plasmas II (joint with
Presiding: Hantao Ji, Princeton Univ;
Vassilis Angelopoulos, UCLA---ESS/
IGPP; William Daughton, MS-F699,
Plasma Theory and App
1340h SM43C-01 Coronal Signatures of Magnetic
Energy Dissipation in Solar Eruptions: S Krucker
1400h SM43C-02 Ion and Electron Bulk Heating in
Magnetic Reconnection: Dependence on the Inflow
AlfvГ©n Speed: T D Phan, J F Drake, M A Shay, J T
Gosling, G Paschmann, M Oieroset, M Fujimoto, J
P Eastwood, V Angelopoulos
1420h SM43C-03 Instabilities in the separatrices
of asymmetric reconnection at the dayside
magnetopause: D B Graham, A Vaivads, Y V
Khotyaintsev, H Viberg, M Andre
1434h SM43C-04 Theoretical Studies of Energy
Conversion in Magnetic Reconnection: P Cassak
1454h SM43C-05 Ion Temperature Anisotropy
across Reconnection Exhaust Jets: H Hietala, J F
Drake, T D Phan, J P Eastwood, J P McFadden
1508h SM43C-06 Study of Energy Conversion and
Partitioning in the Magnetic Reconnection Layer in
Laboratory and Space Plasmas: M Yamada
Reconnection Experiments with Colliding,
Magnetized Laser-Produced Plasma Plumes: W R
Fox II, A Bhattacharjee, W Deng, C Moissard, K
Germaschewski, G Fiksel, D Barnak, P Y Chang, S
Hu, P Nilson
Moscone South Poster Hall
Three-Dimensional Observations and
Models of Lithospheric Extension I
Posters (joint with S)
Presiding: Dale Sawyer, Rice University;
Timothy Minshull, University of
Southampton; Timothy Reston,
University of Birmingham
1340h T43A-4672 POSTER Enigmatic rift-parallel,
strike-slip faults around Eyjafjörður, Northern
Iceland: J A Proett, J A Karson
1340h T43A-4673 POSTER Multiple Generations
of Faulting: A Kinematic Analysis of the LagarfljГіt
Region, Northeast Iceland: K Runnals, J A Karson,
A J Fiorentino II
1340h T43A-4674 POSTER Exploring Crustal
Structure and Mantle Seismic Anisotropy Associated
with the Incipient Southern and Southwestern
Branches of the East African Rift System: Y Yu, C A
Reed, S S Gao, K H Liu, B Massinque, H S Mdala, P
R N Chindandali, M Moidaki, D M Mutamina
1340h T43A-4697 POSTER Seismic valve as the
main mechanism for sedimentary fluid entrapment
within extensional basin: example of the LodГЁve
Permian Basin (HГ©rault, South of France): D
Laurent, M Lopez, A Chauvet, P Imbert, A C
Sauvage, M Buatier, M Thomas
1340h T43A-4675 POSTER Character of High
Temperature Mylonitic Shear Zones Associated
with Oceanic Detachment Faults at the Ultra-Slow
Mid-Cayman Rise: C Marr, B E John, M J Cheadle,
C R German
M Wong
1340h T43A-4676 POSTER Lithospheric Structure,
Stress, and Magmatism at the Rainbow NonTransform Offset on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: M
Paulatto, J P Canales, R A Dunn
1340h T43A-4677 POSTER GPS Constraints on the
Spatial Distribution of Extension in the Ethiopian
Highlands and Main Ethiopian Rift: Y B Amere, R
O Bendick, S Fisseha, E Lewi, R E Reilinger, R W
King, G Kianji
1340h T43A-4699 POSTER Thermal Evolution
of Continental Rifting in Corsica (France): N M
Seymour, D F Stockli, M Beltrando, A Smye
1340h T43A-4700 POSTER P-to-S Receiver
Function Constraints on Crustal Structure and Rift
Magmatism in the Southeastern United States: H
Parker Jr, R B Hawman, K M Fischer, L S Wagner
1340h T43A-4678 POSTER Radial Anisotropy
beneath the Main Ethiopian Rift and Afar
Depression: N J Accardo, J B Gaherty, G Jin, D J
1340h T43A-4701 POSTER Neogene Extension and
Exhumation in NW Sulawesi: E L Advokaat, R
Hall, L T White, R A Armstrong, B P Kohn, M K
1340h T43A-4679 POSTER Quantifying crustal
back-arc extension and shortening in the Northeast
Japan arc: S Okada, Y Ikeda, T Imaizumi
1340h T43A-4702 POSTER Pliocene Core Complex
Exhumation on Land and Rapid Subsidence in
Gorontalo Bay, Sulawesi (Indonesia): G Pezzati, R
Hall, P Burgess, M Perez-Gussinye
1340h T43A-4680 POSTER Model of lithospheric
rifting controlled by magmatic underplating in the
South China Sea: H Xu
1340h T43A-4681 POSTER Neogene Extension of
the Central North Arm of Sulawesi, Indonesia: A
Rudyawan, R Hall, L T White
1340h T43A-4682 POSTER 3D Seismic Reflection
Experiment over the Galicia Deep Basin: D S
Sawyer, B Jordan, T J Reston, T A Minshull, D
Klaeschen, C Ranero, D J Shillington, J K Morgan
1340h T43A-4683 POSTER Galicia Bank OceanContinent Transition Zone: New Seismic Reflection
Constraints: S L Dean, D S Sawyer, J K Morgan
1340h T43A-4684 POSTER Searching for the Onset
of Seafloor Spreading West of Galicia: Wide-Angle
Seismic Constraints: R G Davy, T A Minshull, G
Bayrakci, J M Bull, D S Sawyer, D Klaeschen, C A
Papenberg, T J Reston, D J Shillington, C Ranero,
C A Zelt
Continental Breakup for the Iberia-Newfoundland
Conjugate Margins: L Jeanniot, N J Kusznir, G
Mohn, G Manatschal
1340h T43A-4686 POSTER Deep seismic studies
of conjugate profiles from the Nova Scotia –
Moroccan and the Liguro-Provencal margin pairs:
F Klingelhoefer, Y Biari, M Sahabi, D Aslanian,
S Philippe, M Schnabel, M Moulin, K E Louden, T
Funck, C J Reichert
1340h T43A-4687 POSTER Structural and
Stratigraphic Evolution of the Iberia and
Newfoundland Rifted Margins: A Quantitative
Modeling Approach: G Mohn, G D Karner, G
Manatschal, C A Johnson
1340h T43A-4688 POSTER Spatial and Temporal
Evolution of Rift Systems: Implication for the
Nature, Kinematics and Timing of the Iberian–
European Plate Boundary: J Tugend, G Manatschal,
N J Kusznir
1340h T43A-4689 POSTER Lithosphere continental
rifting and necking in 3D analogue experiments:
role of plate divergence rate: Y Nestola, F Storti,
C Cavozzi
1340h T43A-4690 POSTER Highly Faulted Upper
Crust Caused by Continental Rifting: Evidence from
Seafloor Compliance Inversion in the Okinawa
Trough: B Y Kuo
1340h T43A-4691 POSTER The Evolution of
Back-Arc Extension Driven by the Interference
of Different Subduction/Collisional Systems: L C
Matenco, K Vogt, T Francois, E Willingshofer
mantle deformation in the Yerer-Tullu Wellel
Volcanotectonic Lineament: A study of peridotite
xenoliths: K R Trestrail, T O Rooney
1340h T43A-4694 POSTER 3D Anisotropic
structure of the south-central Mongolia from
Rayleigh and Love wave tomography: D Yu, Q Wu,
J P Montagner
1340h T43A-4695 POSTER Strain Partitioning and
Localization within Dobe Graben Using Differential
(D-INSAR) and Shuttle Radar Terrain Model: Z S
Demissie, M G Abdelsalam, J M Byrnes, D Bridges
1340h T43A-4696 POSTER Seismogenic Expression
of Three Dimensional Strain within a Single
Earthquake Sequence: J M Fletcher, M E Oskin, O
Teran, E Hauksson
1340h T43A-4703 POSTER Feedbacks Between
Surface Processes and Tectonics at Rifted Margins:
a Numerical Approach: M Andres-Martinez, M
Perez-Gussinye, J P Morgan, J J Armitage
1340h T43A-4704 POSTER Force Required to
Breakup a Continent: Implications on Rifting
Localization and Migration: A E Svartman Dias, L
L Lavier, N W Hayman
1340h T43A-4705 POSTER Regional 3D Numerical
Modeling of the Lithosphere-Mantle System:
Implications for Continental Rift-Parallel Surface
Velocities: D S Stamps, W Bangerth, B H Hager
1340h T43A-4706 POSTER A Constrained MultiObjective Optimization Framework for Multiple
Geophysical Data Sets: L E Thompson, A A
Velasco, V Kreinovich, A Sosa
1340h T43A-4707 POSTER Gravity Inversion with
Geological Modeling Constraint and Its Application
in the Okinawa Trough: S Zhang
1340h T43A-4708 POSTER 3D Numerical Models
for Along-axis Variations in Diking : X Tian, E
development in two-phase experimental models of
shortening followed by extension and comparison
to natural examples: K F Warrell, M O Withjack,
R W Schlische
1340h T43A-4710 POSTER Assessing the Influence
of Orogenic Inheritance on the Architecture, Time
Evolution and Magmatic Budget of Hyper-extended
Rift Systems: a Combined Mapping and Numerical
Modelling Approach: P Chenin, G Manatschal, L L
Lavier, D Erratt
Moscone South Poster Hall
Advances in Subaqueous
Paleoseismology and New Insights
from the Sedimentary Records
into Earthquake Recurrence and
Deformation throughout the
Earthquake Cycle I Posters (joint with
NH, OS, S)
Presiding: Chris Goldfinger, Oregon
State University; Ken Ikehara, Marine
Geology Research Group
1340h T43B-4711 POSTER River capture by
earthquake caused the transition of ancient Sichuan
civilizations: N Fan, B Wu, R Nie, X Liu, S Cao
1340h T43B-4712 POSTER Paleoseismic Records
of 1762 and Similar Prior Earthquakes Along the
South-Eastern Coast of Bangladesh: D R Mondal,
C M McHugh, R A Mortlock, D Gurung, A BastasHernandez, M S Steckler, L Seeber, S Mustaque, S L
Goodbred Jr, S H Akhter, P Saha
1340h T43B-4713 POSTER Constructing an Alpine
Fault Paleoseismicity Record from Slumped
Lacustrine Deposits in the Cascade River Valley,
South Westland, New Zealand: G Coffey, C M
Moy, V G Toy, C Ohneiser, J D Howarth
1340h T43B-4714 POSTER Paleoseismological
investigation offshore eastern Sicily and Calabria
(Ionian Sea) and possible origin of megaturbidites:
M A Gutscher, L San Pedro, N Babonneau, A
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:38 AM
1340h T43B-4715 POSTER Preservation of
submarine event deposits: Where is the most
preferable area to reconstruct the past earthquake/
tsunami events from marine sediment records?:
K Ikehara, T Kanamatsu, J Ashi, M Strasser, K
Usami, Y Nakamura, S Kodaira
1340h T43B-4716 POSTER Seismo-turbidites in the
Japan Trench inner slope: K Usami, K Ikehara, T
Kanamatsu, C M McHugh
1340h T43B-4717 POSTER Seismo-turbidite
Sedimentology: Implications for Active Tectonic
Margin Stratigraphy and Sediment Facies Patterns:
C H Nelson, C Goldfinger, J Gutierrez Pastor, A
Polonia, M E Van Daele
1340h T43B-4718 POSTER Sedimentary Records
of Past Earthquakes during the Last 2400 Years in
Botnsvatn Lake on the HГєsavГ­k-Flatey Fault, North
Iceland: U Avsar, S Jonsson, A Geirsdottir, T
Thordarson, G H Miller
1340h T43B-4719 POSTER Investigating the coastal
paleo-seismic and paleo-tsunami records using
vermetid benches in the Eastern Mediterranean:
case of the Palm Islands reserve -Lebanon: A Elias
1340h T43B-4720 POSTER Correlated Paleoseismic
Interpretation of Turbidites from 3 Distinct
Sedimentary Environments in the Cascadia
Subduction Zone Off Vancouver Island Canada: R
J Enkin, T S Hamilton, G C Rogers
1340h T43B-4721 POSTER Definition and
Paleoseismology of the Active, Left-Lateral
Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault Zone Based on
High-Resolution Chirp Profiles: Lakes Azuey and
Mirogoane, Haiti: J Wang, P Mann, A V von
1340h T43B-4722 POSTER Comparison of Offshore
Turbidite records and Lake Disturbance Events at
the Latitude of Seattle, Washington: S Galer, C
Goldfinger, A E Morey, B Black, C Romsos, J W
Beeson, M Erhardt
1340h T43B-4723 POSTER Exploring the Use of
Historic Earthquake Information to Differentiate
Between Deposit Triggers for the High-resolution
Stratigraphy from Squaw Lakes, Oregon, USA: A E
Morey, D G Gavin, C Goldfinger, A R Nelson
1340h T43B-4724 POSTER Archaeoseismological
Study of Prehistoric Earthquakes in Anhui Province,
China and Adjacent Areas: D Yao, X Shen, X Gong,
W Wu, Z Hu, H Zheng, A Chen, P Zhao, Y Yang
1340h T43B-4725 POSTER Continuous Holocene
Submergence of Southern Sanriku Coast Consistent
with the Coseismic Subsidence of the 2011 TohokuOki Japan Earthquake Revealed from New PaleoGeodetic Data: Y Niwa, S Toda, T Sugai
1340h T43B-4726 POSTER Sedimentary Record
of Paleodeformation of the Saint Martin Anticline
Reveals the Interaction Between Tectonics,
Sedimentation Processes and Relative Sea-level
Changes: Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta Burma Arc
Collision, SE Bangladesh: A Bastas-Hernandez, C
M McHugh, D R Mondal, L Seeber, M S Steckler, D
Gurung, S Mustaque, J Marsh, S H Akhter
1340h T43B-4727 POSTER Evidence of Coseismic
Subsidence Along the Newport-Inglewood Fault
Zone During the Late Holocene: R J Leeper, B
P Rhodes, M E Kirby, K M Scharer, S Starratt, E
Hemphill-Haley, N Bonuso, B Balmaki, D J Garcia,
D O Creager
1340h T43B-4728 POSTER Abrupt change of
sedimentation rate recorded in lacustrine sediment
from coastal lakes, Nankai subduction zone: H
Matsuoka, M Okamura
1340h T43B-4729 POSTER Quantifying Coseismic
Normal Fault Rupture at the Seafloor: The 2004
Les Saintes Earthquake (Mw 6.3) Along the Roseau
Fault (French Antilles): J Escartin, F Leclerc,
M Cannat, S Petersen, N Augustin, A Bezos, D
Bonnemains, V Chavagnac, Y Choi, M Godard, K
Haaga, C Hamelin, B Ildefonse, J W Jamieson, B
E John, T Leleu, M Massot-Campos, C Mevel, P
Nomikou, J A L Olive, M Paquet, C Rommevaux, M
Rothenbeck, A SteinfГјhrer, M Tominaga, L Triebe,
R Garcia, N Gracias, N Feuillet, C Deplus
1340h T43B-4730 POSTER Coseismic Coastal
Movements Associated with Strong Submarine
Paleoearthquakes in the Eastern Segment of the
Hellenic Arc: Observations from Rhodes Isl.
(Greece): I Triantafyllou, G A Papadopoulos
1340h T43B-4731 POSTER A Record of the inLake and Upland Response to Large Earthquakes,
Lake Quinault, Washington: E L Leithold, K W
Wegmann, D R Bohnenstiehl, S A Smith
1340h T43B-4732 POSTER Evidence for a tsunami
generated by the 1762 Great Arakan earthquake,
Southeastern Bangladesh: D Gurung, C M
McHugh, D R Mondal, L Seeber, M S Steckler, A
Bastas-Hernandez, S H Akhter, S Mustaque, S L
Goodbred Jr
Moscone South Poster Hall
Density Structure of the Lithosphere
and Upper Mantle: A Key for Tectonics
II Posters (joint with DI, G, MR, S)
Presiding: Mikhail Kaban, Helmholtz
Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research
Centre for Geosciences; Walter
Mooney, USGS MS977; Hans-Juergen
Goetze, Univ Kiel; Carla Braitenberg,
Univ Trieste
1340h T43C-4733 POSTER Structure of the
Lithosphere in Central Europe: Integrated Density
Modelling: M Bielik, M Grin?, H J Zeyen, D
PlaЕЎienka, R Pasteka, M Kraj?ГЎk, M BoЕЎanskГЅ, J
1340h T43C-4734 POSTER Study on Density
Structure and Tectonic Movement of Xiaojiang
Fault System: G Yang, C Shen, H Tan, G Wu, J
1340h T43C-4735 POSTER Integrative Approach
for Inversion of Gravity, Seismic and Tomography
Data: Application to Northern Eurasia: M K Kaban,
W Stolk
1340h T43C-4736 POSTER On the Mode of
Deformation and Thickness of Earth’s Outer Layers:
R L Patton, A J Watkinson
1340h T43C-4737 POSTER Revisiting the RidgePush Force Using the Lithospheric Geoid: R M
Richardson, D D Coblentz
1340h T43C-4738 POSTER Anomalous Structure
of Oceanic Lithosphere in the North Atlantic and
Arctic Oceans: A Preliminary Analysis Based on
Bathymetry, Gravity and Crustal Structure: O
1340h T43C-4739 POSTER Influence of the Density
Structure of the Caribbean Plate Forearc on the
Static Stress State and Asperity Distribution along
the Costa Rican Seismogenic Zone: O H LГјcke, B
D Gutknecht
1340h T43C-4740 POSTER P-wave Velocity and
Density: Borehole Data for a Better Shallow Crust
Model in the Po Plain (Italy): M T Mariucci, P
1340h T43C-4741 POSTER Crustal Structure
Beneath the Lake Ontario Region from Inverse
Models of Potential Field and Seismic Data: L C
Navarrete, M H Benoit, C J Ebinger, F Horowitz
1340h T43C-4742 POSTER 3D density model of
the western US lithosphere: Insights on chemistry,
temperature, topography, and intraplate stress: W
Levandowski, C H Jones
1340h T43C-4743 POSTER BSDWormer; an Open
Source Implementation of a Poisson Wavelet
Multiscale Analysis for Potential Fields: F G
Horowitz, O Gaede
1340h T43C-4744 POSTER Up-to-date Terrain
Correction Evaluation within the Gravity Database
of the Slovak Republic: R Pasteka, P Zahorec, I
Marusiak, J MikuЕЎka, J Pap?o, M Bielik
1340h T43C-4745 POSTER Crustal Thickness
Variation in Southern China and Adjacent Areas
Using High-Accuracy Constrained Nonlinear
Density Interface Inversion Methods: B Wang
1340h T43C-4746 POSTER Estimated Moho
Temperature from Observed Heat Flow and
Comparison with P-Wave Velocity in the East Sea,
Korea: W Y Jung, W T Wood
1340h T43C-4747 POSTER Thermal data from
recently drilled boreholes near Bergen, Stavanger
and Moss, southern Norway: Y P Maystrenko, O
Olesen, J S RГёnning, H K Elvebakk, G V GanerГёd
1340h T43C-4748 POSTER Crustal structure of
norther Oaxaca terrane; The Oaxaca and caltepec
faults, and the Tehuacan Valley. A gravity study: J
O Campos-Enriquez, M A Alatorre-Zamora, V M
RamГіn, S Belmonte
1340h T43C-4749 POSTER Late Cenozoic Basin
Architecture in Central Turkey: Geodynamic
Implications: A Gurbuz, N Kazanci
1340h T43C-4750 POSTER Seismic Stratigraphy of
the Ross Island Flexural Basin, West Antarctica: C P
Wenman, D L Harry, S Jha
1340h T43C-4751 POSTER Orogen-parallel
Variation in Flexure of the Arabian Plate Beneath
the Zagros Mountains: M Pirouz, J P Avouac, G
Simpson, J Hassanzadeh, F Herman, P Sternai
Investigation of Avon Valley, West-Central
Montana, using Gravity and Seismic Reflection
Profiling: L Knatterud, J Mosolf, M A Speece, X
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 57
1340h T43C-4753 POSTER Gravity and Seismic
Investigations of the Santo Domingo Basin,
Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico: L W Braile, J F
Ferguson, C Boucher, C G Novitsky, P M O’Shea,
J Daves, R Marzen, K Mendoza, T Rasmussen, W
Wei, W S Baldridge, S Biehler, J M Claytor, S H
Bischoff, N R Ranasinghe, A Corredor
Moscone South Poster Hall
Moscone South 304
Magma Transport and Eruption at
Basaltic Volcanoes III Posters (joint
with DI, MR)
Illuminating the Factors That
Determine Subduction Megathrust
Fault Slip Style III (joint with G, MR, NH,
Presiding: Ake Fagereng, University
of Cape Town; Matt Ikari, MARUM,
University of Bremen; Kohtaro Ujiie,
University of Tsukuba; Laura Wallace,
University of Texas at Austin
1340h T43D-01 Fault plane reflectivity along
subduction thrusts: What does it really tell us?: D M
Saffer, H J Tobin
1355h T43D-02 Pore Fluid Pressure and State of
Stress Above the Plate Interface from Observations
in a 3 Kilometer Deep Borehole: IODP Site C0002,
Nankai Trough Subduction Zone: H J Tobin, D M
Saffer, T Hirose, D A Castillo, H Kitajima, H Sone
1410h T43D-03 Quantification of in situ stress
and pore pressure in the Nankai subduction zone:
Effects of lithology and loading path: H Kitajima,
D M Saffer
1425h T43D-04 Role of Silica Redistribution in
the Rate-State Behavior of Megathrusts: Field
Observations and Experimental Results: D M
Fisher, S A M Den Hartog
1440h T43D-05 Focused Fluid Flow and
Cementation in Fault Zones From NanTroSEIZE
Site C0002, Expedition 348: J C Sample, E Even, S
Hammerschmidt, S Fuchida, T Hirose, D M Saffer,
H J Tobin
1455h T43D-06 Hikurangi Margin: Geology, Flow
Rates, Water-Rock Interaction and Relative Fluid
Ages: A G Reyes
1510h T43D-07 Can Competition Between
Frictional Sliding and Viscous Creep Determine
Megathrust Fault Slip Style?: A Fagereng
1525h T43D-08 Plastic Creep and Brittle-Ductile
Transition in Hydrated Rocks of the Plate Interface:
B Reynard
Moscone South 306
Linking Plate Tectonics and Mantle
Convection to Wilson Cycles:
Constraints from the Geological
Record and Surface Processes III
(joint with DI, EP, S)
Presiding: Nicolas Flament, University
of Sydney; Thorsten Becker, USC;
Rebecca Flowers, Univ of Colorado,
Boulder; Zheng-xiang Li, Curtin
1340h T43E-01 Recognising the Different Roles
and Expressions of Dynamic Mantle Flow and Plate
Kinematics in the Evolution of Africa’s Topography:
R W Brown, M Wildman, R Beucher, D Chardon,
D Rouby, F M Stuart, C Persano
1355h T43E-02 The Columbia Plateau Revealed;
Low Temperature Thermochronology Across the
Canadian Cordillera and Links to Lithospheric
Delamination: B Guest, D Bacque, N Miles, D F
1410h T43E-03 Spatial Patterns of Channel
Steepness in the Central Rockies: Do River
Profiles Record Landscape Evolution Forcing By
Yellowstone Dynamic Topography?: E F Guerrero,
A Meigs, E Kirby, P M Gregg
1425h T43E-04 Localisation of Mantle Upwelling
Beneath Recent Intra-Plate Volcanism in Australia:
R Davies, N Rawlinson
1440h T43E-05 Rejuvenation of Appalachian
topography due to subsidence induced differential
erosion: L Liu
1455h T43E-06 The Amazon River reversal
explained by tectonic and surface processes: V
Presiding: Nicolas Villeneuve, Institut
de Physique du Globe de Paris; Marie
Edmonds, University of Cambridge;
Paul Okubo, U S Geological Survey;
Nicole Metrich, Institut de Physique du
Globe de Paris
1340h V43A-4841 POSTER Temporal and Spatial
Strain Distribution Derived from GNSS Network
in Volcanic Area, the Case Study of Piton De La
Fournaise: A Peltier, J L Got
1340h V43A-4842 POSTER Dike Intrusions and
Magma Accumulation in the Red Sea Region:
Insights from InSAR and High-Resolution Optical
Imagery: W Xu, S Jonsson, J Ruch
1340h V43A-4843 POSTER The June 2014 eruption
at Piton de la Fournaise: Robust methods developed
for monitoring challenging eruptive processes: N
Villeneuve, V Ferrazzini, A Di Muro, A Peltier,
F Beauducel, G C Roult, T Lecocq, F Brenguier, I
Vlastelic, L Gurioli, S Guyard, T Catry, J L Froger,
D Coppola, A J L Harris, M Favalli, A Aiuppa,
M Liuzzo, G Giudice, P Boissier, C Brunet, P
Catherine, F J Fontaine, L Henriette, F Lauret, A
Riviere, P Kowalski
1340h V43A-4844 POSTER The “Jerk” Method for
Predicting Intrusions and Eruptions of Piton De La
Fournaise (La RГ©union Island) from the Analysis
of the Broadband Seismological Rer Station: G C
Roult, F Beauducel, V Ferrazzini, P Boissier, N
1340h V43A-4845 POSTER Transient Source
Processes Prior to the March 2011 Kamoamoa
Fissure Eruption, K?lauea Volcano, Hawai?i: P
Lundgren, M P Poland, A Miklius, K R Anderson
1340h V43A-4846 POSTER Deformation Sources
in K?lauea’s Southwest Rift Zone Inferred from
the Modeling of Geodetic and Seismic Data: C
Wauthier, D C Roman, M P Poland, A Miklius, Y
Fukushima, A J Hooper, V Cayol
1340h V43A-4847 POSTER Post-2008 Inflation of
Okmok Volcano, Alaska, from InSAR: Z Lu, F QU,
D Dzurisin, J Kim
1340h V41D-05 POSTER The Bubble’s Wake:
Localized Rebound of K?lauea’s Summit Lava Lake
Following Minor Bubble Bursts: T R Orr, B F
Houghton, J Taddeucci, E Del Bello, P Scarlato, M
R Patrick
1340h V43A-4849 POSTER Spatial and Temporal
Evolution of Eruptive Activity in a Youthful
Extensional Setting: the Case of the Nyamulagira
Volcanic Field, Western Branch of the East African
Rift: B Smets, M Kervyn, N d’Oreye, F Kervyn
1340h V43A-4850 POSTER Hidden Outgassing
Dynamics at Kilauea (Hawaii) Lava Lake: E Del
Bello, J Taddeucci, T R Orr, B F Houghton, P
Scarlato, M R Patrick
1340h V41D-04 POSTER Mapping the Spatial
Distribution of CO2 release from K?lauea Volcano,
Hawaii, USA: T Elias, C A Werner, C Kern, A J
Sutton, E H Hauri, P J Kelly
1340h V43A-4852 POSTER Lava Lake Thermal
Pattern Classification Using Self-Organizing Maps
and Relationships to Eruption Processes at K?lauea
Volcano, Hawaii: A M Burzynski, S W Anderson,
K Morrison, A L LeWinter, M R Patrick, T R Orr,
D C Finnegan
1340h V43A-4853 POSTER Tracking the nature and
duration of magma transfer beneath Mauna Loa
using a crystal population and kinetic modelling
approach: M Kahl, D J Morgan, C R Thornber, F
A Trusdell
1340h V43A-4854 POSTER The effect of microlite
and permeability on the Plinian eruption of
basaltic magma: P Moitra, H M Gonnermann, B F
Houghton, J Crozier
1340h V43A-4855 POSTER Volatile content of
Hawaiian magmas and volcanic vigor: A P Blaser,
H M Gonnermann, D J Ferguson, T A Plank, E H
Hauri, B F Houghton, D A Swanson
1510h T43E-07 Constraining the upper plate
surface deformation across coupled subductioncollision systems: P Sternai, L Jolivet, A Menant, T
Gerya, J P Avouac, M Pirouz, K Ueda
1340h V43A-4856 POSTER Basaltic cannibalism at
Thrihnukagigur volcano, Iceland: M R Hudak, M
D Feineman, P C La Femina, H Geirsson
1525h T43E-08 Geodynamic inversion to quantify
the rheological parameters of the lithosphere: T
Baumann, B Kaus
1340h V43A-4857 POSTER Magma Differentiation
in the Plumbing System of an Alkaline Ocean
Island Volcano (Fuerteventura, Canary Island): E
Tornare, F Bussy, S Pilet
11/28/2014 11:06:38 AM
Edmonds, J Maclennan, R A Corsaro
1340h V43A-4860 POSTER Recent and Hazardous
Volcanic Activity Along the NW Rift Zone of
Piton De La Fournaise Volcano, La RГ©union Island:
G Walther, I Frese, A Di Muro, U Kueppers, L
Michon, N Metrich
1340h V43A-4861 POSTER Contrasting conditions
between reservoirs of two nearby volcanic
complexes of the SVZ, Chile: Caburgua-Huelemolle
Small Eruptive Centers and Villarrica Volcano: E E
Morgado, M ГЃ Parada, C Contreras, F J GutiГ©rrez,
A Castruccio
1340h V43A-4862 POSTER Ponding Conditions and
Degassing Dynamics of Mafic Magmas Beneath the
Azores Islands: N Metrich, V Zanon, C D’Oriano
1340h V43A-4863 POSTER Effects of State and
Decompression Rate on the Decompressive
Response of Volatile- and Crystal-Bearing
Analogue Magmas: L Spina, C Cimarelli, B Scheu,
D B Dingwell
1340h V43A-4864 POSTER Gravity Change at
the Summit of K?lauea Volcano, Hawai?i, during
2012-2014: S Moore, M P Poland, N K Young, M
Bagnardi, D Carbone
1340h V43A-4865 POSTER Production of Seismic
Radiation By Top Down Excitation of a Magmastatic
Column: The Role of Non-Equilibrium Degassing
and Complex Conduit Geometry: L Karlstrom, E
M Dunham
1340h V43A-4866 POSTER 3-D Anisotropic
Ambient Noise Tomography of Piton De La
Fournaise Volcano (La RГ©union Island): A
Mordret, D N Rivet, M Landes, N Shapiro
1340h V43A-4867 POSTER Mapping tremor at
K?lauea volcano: A Wech, W A Thelen
1340h V43A-4868 POSTER Rheological Properties
of Ascending Magma at a Basaltic Andesitic System:
Puy De La Vache, France As a Case Study: L
Sanchez, A Sehlke, A J L Harris, A G Whittington,
T Menand
1340h V43A-4869 POSTER The Rheology of ThreePhase Basaltic Magma: E W Llewellin, J Truby, S
P Mueller, H M Mader
1340h V43A-4870 POSTER Fracturing and
Seismicity at the PrestahnГєkur Fissure Swarm
in the Ultra-Slowly Spreading Western Volcanic
Zone, Iceland: A R Hjartardottir, S Hjaltadottir, P
Einarsson, K S Vogfjord
1340h V43A-4871 POSTER Recent Rifting Events in
the Southern Red Sea and Regional Implications: J
Ruch, W Xu, S Jonsson
Moscone South Poster Hall
Petrochronology I Posters
(cosponsored by MSA) (joint with DI, T)
Presiding: Martin Engi, Univ Bern;
Bradley Hacker, University of California;
Matthew Kohn, Boise State University;
Pierre Lanari, University of Bern
1340h V43B-4872 POSTER Diffusion kinetics of
geochronologically relevant species in baddeleyite:
E M Bloch, J M Watkins, J A Van Orman
1340h V43B-4873 POSTER 40Ar/39Ar incremental
heating experiments on celadonite from the Skessa
Tuff, eastern Iceland: Thermochronology of lowtemperature alteration of a flood basalt pile during
burial metamorphism: M S Riishuus, D P Miggins,
A A P Koppers, R A Duncan
1340h V43B-4874 POSTER 2.69-2.68 Ga granulite
facies metamorphism in the Wyoming Craton
revealed by Sm-Nd garnet geochronology and trace
element zoning, eastern Beartooth Mountains,
Montana and Wyoming, USA : V Guevara, B
Dragovic, M J Caddick, E F Baxter
1340h V43B-4875 POSTER Radiogenic heating
to ultrahigh temperature: Geochronology and
4+ thermometry across southern Madagascar: F
Horton, B R Hacker, A R Kylander-Clark
1340h V43B-4876 POSTER Petrology and
Geochronology of High-Grade Metamorphic Rocks
from Cedros Island, Baja California, Mexico: D
Gonzales, M L Leech
1340h V43B-4877 POSTER Lu-Hf Garnet
Geochronology Reveals the Tectonic History
of Precambrian Rocks in the Southern Rocky
Mountains: R Aronoff, C Andronicos, J D
Vervoort, R A Hunter
1340h V43B-4879 POSTER Chemical and textural
record of REE accessory phases along a well
constrained prograde pelitic suite: implications for
allanite and monazite petrochronology: M Robyr,
S Goswami-Banerjee, M Engi
1340h V43B-4880 POSTER Monazite traceelement and isotopic signatures of high-pressure
metamorphism: examples from the Western Gneiss
region, Norway: R M Holder, B R Hacker, A R
Kylander-Clark, J M Cottle
1340h V43B-4881 POSTER Geochronology of Zircon
in Eclogite Reveals Imbrication of the UltrahighPressure Western Gneiss Region of Norway: D J
Young, A R Kylander-Clark, D B Root
1340h V43B-4882 POSTER Unraveling the
polymetamorphic history of garnet-bearing
metabasites: Insights from the North Motagua
MГ©lange (Guatemala Suture Zone): G Bonnet, K E
Flores, C Martin, G E Harlow
1340h V43B-4883 POSTER Metamorphic evolution
of high-pressure–low-temperature rocks from the
northern section of the Guatemala Suture Zone:
PTt paths and tectonic implications: K E Flores, S R
Hemming, G E Harlow, Y Cai, G Bonnet, C Martin,
H K Brueckner
1340h V43B-4884 POSTER Geochronological and
Petrological Constraints on the Evolution of the Pan
African Ajjaj Shear Zone, Saudi Arabia: M Hassan,
K Stuewe, T S Abu-Alam, U S Kloetzli, M Tiepolo
1340h V43B-4885 POSTER Triassic High-P
Metamorphism of the central Qiangtang terrane,
Tibet; constraints using mineral equilibria modelling
and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology: A Rajkumar, L Hui,
G L Clarke, J C Aitchison, M A Forster
1340h V43B-4886 POSTER A 30 Myr record of
retrograde metamorphism and multiple generations
of monazite and garnet in western MA revealed by
coordinated LASS and EPMA: E M Peterman,
Z F M Burton, J N Rubel, D R Snoeyenbos, A R
1340h V43B-4887 POSTER >2500-km-Long
Contemporaneous Deep Continental Subduction
in the West Gondwana Orogen: D Rubatto, C
E Ganade de Araujo, J Hermann, U G Cordani, R
Caby, M A S Basei
Moscone South Poster Hall
The Making of a Continent III Posters
(joint with DI, S, T)
Presiding: Richard Carlson, Carnegie
Inst Washington; Grant Michael Bybee,
University of the Witwatersrand; Oliver
Jagoutz, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology; Stephen Parman, Brown
1340h V43C-4888 POSTER Continental growth on
Early Earth: Crustal electrical conductivity models
of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa: U
Weckmann, S Kutter, M De Wit
1340h V43C-4889 POSTER Helium isotopes of
the Siberian sub-continental lithospheric mantle:
Insights from eclogite xenoliths: P H Barry, D R
Hilton, J M Day, J Pernet-Fisher, G H Howarth, L
A Taylor
1340h V43C-4890 POSTER The Preservation of
Meso- Archean Refractory Lithospheric Mantle
Underneath the Eastern Margin of the Tanzania
Craton: Q Shu, J Liu, G D Pearson, S A Gibson
1340h V43C-4891 POSTER Mesozoic-Cenozoic
thermal evolution of lithospheric mantle beneath
the North China Craton: evidence from REE-intwo-pyroxene temperatures of mantle xenoliths: C
Wang, W Xu, Y Liang
1340h V43C-4892 POSTER Tracing origins of
cratonic eclogites by magnesium isotopes: S Wang,
F Z Teng, R L Rudnick, S G Li
1340h V43C-4893 POSTER Looking up from the
Base of a Thickened Arc — Evaluating Eclogite
Fractionation Depths: T Chapman, G L Clarke, N
R Daczko
1340h V43C-4894 POSTER Stable isotopic
constraints on formation of continental lithospheric
mantle: a case study from the Colorado Plateau: E
W Marshall IV, J Barnes, J C Lassiter
Zirconography of Continental Growth: S W
1340h V43C-4896 POSTER Uplift of the Colorado
Plateau via Lower Crustal Foundering: M Erdman,
C T Lee, H Jiang
1340h V43B-4878 POSTER Time-scales of
crustal anatexis in the Himalaya revealed by
petrochronology: G W Lederer, J M Cottle
1340h V43C-4897 POSTER Role of Plumes and
Plates in the Construction and Preservation of
Hadean-Archean Continental Nuclei: P A Mueller,
D W Mogk, D Henry, J Wooden
AGU2014News.indb 58
1340h V43C-4898 POSTER Crustal composition of
the Western Australian craton and implications for
craton formation tectonics: H Yuan
1340h V43C-4900 POSTER Multiphase volcanism
of the Archean Tipasjärvi greenstone belt (Eastern
Finland) revealed by single-grain U-Pb dating of
zircons: E Lehtonen, A Käpyaho
1340h V43C-4901 POSTER Lithostratigraphy
and structure of the early Archaean Doolena Gap
Greenstone Belt, East Pilbara Terrane (EPT),
Western Australia: D Wiemer, C E Schrank, D T
1340h V43C-4903 POSTER Isotopic Disequilibrium
and High-Crystallinity Magma Ascent: Clues to the
Temporal Restriction of Proterozoic Anorthosites:
G M Bybee
1340h V43C-4905 POSTER P-T evolution of the
garnet-amphibolites from the Quanji Massif:
Amalgamation of the continental blocks in NW
China and Links to assembly of the Columbia
supercontinent: N Chen, H A Mustafa, X Li, B Xia,
Q Wang, M Sun
1340h V43C-4906 POSTER The ~2.4 Ga granitoids
in the Quanji Massif?NW China: Petrogenesis
and Implication for the early Paleoproterozoic
Tectonics: S Gong, N Chen, Q Wang
1340h V43C-4907 POSTER Neoproterozoic
Orogeny-Related Magmatic Event in the
Northwestern Yangtze Block and Its Implications
for the Unification of South China: B Wafa
1340h V43C-4908 POSTER Late Permian Melt
Percolation through the Crust of North-Central
Africa and Its Possible Relationship to the African
Large Low Shear Velocity Province: J G Shellnutt,
T Y Lee, C C Yang, J C Wu, K L Wang, C H Lo
1340h V43C-4909 POSTER Distinctly different
parental magmas for plutons and lavas in the central
Aleutian arc: Y Cai, M E Rioux, P B Kelemen, S L
Goldstein, L Bolge, A R Kylander-Clark
1340h V43C-4910 POSTER Petrogenesis and
Tectonic Implications for High Ba-Sr Porphyries
from South Qinling Oroganic Belt, China: H F
Zhang, B J Luo, L M Shen, Y Liu
Moscone South Poster Hall
Using Sediments to Understand
the Evolution of the Earth I Posters
(cosponsored by EGU-GMPV) (joint with
Presiding: Marion Garcon, Carnegie
Inst Washington; Jeffrey Vervoort,
Washington State University; Eduardo
Garzanti, University of Milano-Bicocca;
Richard Gaschnig, University of
Maryland College Park
1340h V43D-4911 POSTER Tracing Earth’s O2
Evolution Using Zn/Fe Systematics in Carbonates:
X M Liu, R M Hazen, L C Kah, D A Sverjensky, H
Cui, A J Kaufmann
Characterization of Bitumen Carbonate from
Grosmont Formation, Alberta: Well 10-12-9324W4 and 11-33-94-22W4: J Seol, Y W Kil, J H
Kim, J Choi
1340h V43D-4913 POSTER Newly discovered
Cryogenenian Diamicties and Cap-carbonate in the
Neoproterozoic successions from the Tarim Craton,
NW China: B Wen, D A Evans, Y Li, Z Wang
1340h V43D-4914 POSTER Determining the
Provenance of Late Paleozoic Loess Using
Radiogenic Isotopes: M R Wiltse, S Aciego, G S
Soreghan, A Bailey, N G Heavens, L A Hinnov
1340h V43D-4915 POSTER Li Isotopic Composition
and Concentration of the Upper Continental Crust:
New Insights from Desert Loess: L Sauzeat, R L
Rudnick, C Chauvel
1340h V43D-4916 POSTER Elemental geochemistry
and Sr–Nd isotopic fingerprinting of sediments
in monsoon dominated river systems along the
west coast of India: S U Pradhan, J Zhang, M M
Baskaran, P Shirodkar, Y Wu
1340h V43D-4917 POSTER Where is basalt in river
sediments, and why does it matter?: M Garcon, C
1340h V43D-4918 POSTER Petrography of
sandstones from drill cores BARB4 and BARB5,
Paleoarchean Mapepe Formation, Barberton
greenstone belt, South Africa: Implications for
provenance and tectonic reconstructions: N
Drabon, D R Lowe, C E Heubeck
1340h V43D-4919 POSTER Geochemistry of Heavy
Minerals from Wang River, Lampang Province,
Thailand: T KIM, I Lee
1340h V43D-4920 POSTER From Back-arc Drifting
to Arc Accretion: the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous
Evolution of the Guerrero Terrane Recorded by a
Major Provenance Change in Sandstones from the
Sierra de los Cuarzos, Central Mexico: N B Palacios
Garcia, M Martini
1340h V43D-4921 POSTER U-Pb Detrital Zircon
Ages from Sarawak: Changes in Provenance
Reflecting the Tectonic Evolution of Southeast
Asia: H T Breitfeld, T Galin, R Hall
1340h V43D-4922 POSTER Episodic crustal growth
of South China as revealed by U–Pb–Lu–Hf–O
isotopic studies of detrital zircons from Yangtze
river: Z Liang, S Gao, L Zhou, H Yuan, X Liu, M Li
1340h V43D-4923 POSTER Thermal History of
Drummond Basin, Queensland (Australia) from
Apatite and Zircon (U-Th)/He Thermochronology:
W Zhang, K K Min, S E Bryan
1340h V43D-4924 POSTER Detrital Record of the
Middle to Late Paleozoic Transition from Subduction
to Collision in the Northern Andes: Implications in
the Paleogeographic Reconstructions of Pangea: V
Valencia, A Cardona
1340h V43D-4925 POSTER Provenance of OligoMiocene Strata from the Adriatic Foredeep of
the Alps-Apennines System Determined through
Detrital-Zircon U-Pb Geochronology: L N Dafov,
O A Anfinson, M G Malusa’, D F Stockli
1340h V43D-4926 POSTER Provenance of the Heavy
Mineral-enriched Alluvial Deposits at the West
Coast of Red Sea. Implications to the Evolution of
Arabian–Nubian Crust: M A Mahar, T Ibrahim, P
1340h V43D-4927 POSTER Zircon U-Pb Ages of
Tuffs and Volcaniclastic Sandstone of the Core
Sample of IODP Exp. 322 at the Northern Part
of the Shikoku Basin: H Shinjoe, T Nakajima, Y
Orihashi, S Saito, H Oda, T Danhara
1340h V43D-4928 POSTER Extraterrestrial Impact
Event Recorded in the Late Triassic Deep-Sea
Deposits from Japan: H Sato, N Shirai, M Ebihara,
T Nozaki, K Suzuki, T Onoue, S Kiyokawa
geochemistry and Re-Os age of the Lower-Middle
Pennsylvanian stage boundary, central Appalachian
basin, USA: N Geboy, G R Tripathy, L F Ruppert, C
F Eble, B M Blake, J L Hannah, H J Stein
Moscone South Poster Hall
Volcanic Plumes: Dispersion Dynamics
and Atmospheric Phenomena I
Presiding: Shannon Kobs-Nawotniak,
Idaho State University; Kimberly
Genareau, University of Alabama;
Kirsten Chojnicki, Scripps Institute
of Oceanography; Sonja Behnke,
University of South Florida Tampa
1340h V43E-4930 POSTER Volcanic Lightning:
Update on New Global Observations and
Constraints on Source Mechanisms: S R McNutt,
E Venzke, E R Williams
1340h V43E-4931 POSTER Alteration of Tephra
Conductivity Resulting From Secondary Pyroclast
Disaggregation: K D Genareau, A W Farley
1340h V43E-4933 POSTER Volcanic Particle
Aggregation: A Fast Algorithm for the
Smoluchowski Coagulation Equation : E Rossi, G
Bagheri, C Bonadonna
1340h V43E-4934 POSTER Aggregation Of Volcanic
Particles: Physical Constraints Provided By Field
And Numerical Investigations: G Bagheri, E Rossi,
C Bonadonna
1340h V43E-4935 POSTER Mapping Densities in
Analogue Laboratory Turbulent Plumes Using Dye
Concentration: M A Fisher, S E Kobs-Nawotniak
1340h V43E-4936 POSTER Partial Collapse of
Plinian Volcanic Jets and the Production of Multiply
Layered Ash Clouds: J T Gilchrist, M Jellinek
1340h V43E-4937 POSTER Rise and Collapse of
Volcanic Plumes Produced By Explosive Basaltic
Fissure Eruptions: S Paillat, E C Kaminski
1340h V43E-4938 POSTER Impacts of winds
on volcanic plumes – Do crossflows challenge
the Morton, Turner and Taylor entrainment
assumptions?: T J Aubry, M Jellinek, G Carazzo
1340h V43E-4939 POSTER Complex tephra
dispersion from 3D plume modeling using ATHAM:
B C Nicholson, S E Kobs-Nawotniak
1340h V43E-4940 POSTER Reconstruction of
eruption column model based on the 3D numerical
simulation of volcanic plume for 2011 Shinmoedake eruption: A Hashimoto, Y Suzuki, T
Shimbori, K Ishii, A Takagi
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:38 AM
1340h V43E-4941 POSTER Identification of Regime
Transitions in Umbrella Cloud Growth for Shortand Long-Lived Eruptions: S Pouget, M I Bursik, C
G Johnson, A J Hogg, R S J Sparks, J Phillips
1340h V43E-4942 POSTER Insights into
Coignimbrite Plume Dynamics from Numerical
Models: S L Engwell, M De’ Michieli Vitturi, S
Barsotti, J Eychenne, T Esposti Ongaro, A Neri
1340h V43E-4943 POSTER Dynamics of Volcanic
Jets from Short-Duration Eruptions: Mixing and
Rise: K N Chojnicki, G R Gisler, D Ogden
1340h V43E-4944 POSTER Plume Dynamics,
Turbulence and Volcanic Lightning: S A Behnke,
E C Bruning
1340h V43G-01 Storage and Transport of
Hydrocarbons in Organic-Rich Mudstones: R L
Kleinberg, K I Falk, B A Coasne
1355h V43G-02 Prediction of Shale Transport
Properties Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method:
Permeability and Effective Knudsen Diffusivity: Q
Kang, L Chen
1410h V43G-03 Mechanical properties of organic
matter in shales mapped at the nanometer scale: M
Eliyahu, S Emmanuel, R J Day-Stirrat, C Macaulay
1425h V43G-04 Monitoring hydraulic fracturing
with seismic emission volume: F Niu, Y Tang, H
Chen, K TAO, A Levander
1340h V43E-4945 POSTER Comparison of sampling
methods for the determination of sulfur species in
volcanic gases: S Lee, M Park, H Y Jeong
1440h V43G-05 Variations of Carbon Isotopes
during Shale Gas Production from the Horn River
Basin, British Columbia, Canada: G Norville, K
1340h V43E-4946 POSTER Global microphysical
simulation of stratospheric sulfate aerosol after the
Mt. Pinatubo eruption: T Sekiya, K Sudo
1455h V43G-06 Minimizing the water and air
impacts of unconventional energy extraction: R B
1340h V43E-4947 POSTER A High-resolution
Simulation of the Transport of Gazeous Pollutants
from a Severe Effusive Volcanic Eruption: J
Durand, P Tulet, J B Filippi, M Leriche
1510h V43G-07 Trace Hydrophobic Organic
Chemicals Present in Pennsylvania Groundwater
are Correlated with Geogenic Brines rather than
Hydraulic Fracturing Active Zones: B Drollette, K
Shregglman, E D’Ambro, M Elsner, N R Warner, M
O’Connor, O Karatum, A Vengosh, R B Jackson, T
Darrah, D Plata
1340h V43E-4948 POSTER Magma Boiling
Underneath Volcanoes: A Key to Massive S Release
during Eruption: Y Su, C Huber, O Bachmann, Z
1340h V43E-4949 POSTER Triple oxygen and
sulfur isotope analyses of sulfate extracted from
voluminous volcanic ashes in the Oligocene John
Day Formation: insight into dry climate conditions
and ozone contribution to supereruptions: J
Workman, I N Bindeman, E Martin, G Retallack, J
L Palandri, N Weldon
1340h V43E-4950 POSTER Application of NIR
Laser Spectroscopy to the Monitoring of Volcanic
Plumes: Principles and Practicalities : A Hamish, B
W Christenson, A Mazot
1340h V43E-4951 POSTER Impact of improvements
in volcanic implementation on atmospheric
chemistry and climate in the GISS-E2 Model: A N
LeGrande, K Tsigaridis
1340h V43E-4952 POSTER Climate Throughout
Geologic Time Has Been Controlled Primarily by
the Balance Between Cooling Caused by Major
Explosive Eruptions of Evolved Magmas Typical of
Island Arcs and Warming Caused by Voluminous
Effusive Eruptions of Basaltic Magma Typical of
Subaerial Ocean Ridges and Island Chains: P L
Moscone South 310
Physical Petrology I (joint with MR)
Presiding: Adam Simon, Univ of
Michigan; Dennis Geist, University of
1340h V43F-01 On the Basic Principles of Igneous
Petrology: B D Marsh
1355h V43F-02 Petrologic Regime Diagrams:
Parameterizing Kinetic Controls on Vesiculation
and Crystallization: K V Cashman
1410h V43F-03 On the Grand Challenges in
Physical Petrology: the Multiphase Crossroads: G
W Bergantz
1425h V43F-04 Eddy Flow during Magma
Emplacement: The Basemelt Sill, Antarctica: N
Petford, S Mirhadizadeh
1440h V43F-05 The Vanda Dike Swarm,
Dry Valleys, Antarctica II: Geochemistry and
Geochronology: K S Harpp, B Bray, D Geist, M O
1455h V43F-06 Magma Pulsing and Internal
Structure of the Torres del Paine Laccolith
(Patagonia) Constrained by High Precision Zircon
U-Pb Dating, and Thermal and Crystal Size
Modeling of its Contact Aureole: L P Baumgartner,
R Bodner, J Leuthold, O Muntener, B Putlitz
1525h V43G-08 Evaluating the Influence of
Chemical Reactions on Wellbore Cement Integrity
and Geochemical Tracer Behavior in HydraulicallyFractured Shale Formations: C Verba, A Lieuallen,
J Yang, M E Torres, A Hakala
Moscone West 3018
1715h A44A-06 Confronting Climate Model
Simulations with Satellite-Based Evaluation
of Warm Rain Formation: Can We Reconcile
“Bottom-up” Process-Based Constraints with the
“Top-Down” Temperature Trend Constraints?: J C
Golaz, K Suzuki, H Guo
1730h A44A-07 Climate Model Sensitivity to
Moist Convection Parameter Perturbations: D N
Bernstein, J D Neelin
Moscone West 3008
Intraseasonal to Interannual
Variability of the Asian Monsoon in a
Changing Climate IV (cosponsored by
AMS) (joint with GC)
Presiding: Ajaya Mohan Ravindran,
New York University Abu Dhabi;
Simona Bordoni, California Institute of
Technology; Venkat Krishnamurthy,
George Mason University Fairfax
1615h A44B-02 Simulation of East Asian Summer
Monsoon (EASM) in SP-CCSM4: Y Jin, C Stan
1600h U44A-01 Dramatic increases in likelihoods of
extreme seasonal temperatures since 2003: P Stott,
N Christidis, A Ciavarella
1615h U44A-02 Assessing Extreme Events for
Anthropogenic Influence: Examples of Recent Cases
for Australian Temperatures, U.S. Precipitation,
and Hurricane Sandy: T R Knutson, F J Zeng, A
T Wittenberg, P Duffy, J R Arnold, C Massey, M F
Wehner, D A Stone, M Bender, M Morin
1630h U44A-03 Relevance of land forcings and
feedbacks in the attribution of climate extremes: S
I Seneviratne, E Davin, P Greve, L Gudmundsson,
M Hauser, M Hirschi, B Mueller, B Orlowsky, R
1645h U44A-04 Attribution of low precipitation
in California during the winter of 2013-2014: R J
Mera, B Ekwurzel, D E Rupp
1700h U44A-05 Ethical Implications of Probabilistic
Event Attribution for Policy Discussions about Loss
and Damage: F E L Otto, A Thompson
1715h U44A-06 Framing Extreme Event
Attribution from the Bottom up – an Enquiry into
the Social Representations of key stakeholders, of the
Press and of Climate Scientists: J P Vanderlinden,
M Fellmer, N Capellini, I Meinke, Y Remvikos, D
Bray, C Pacteau, H Von Storch
1730h U44A-07 Can we attribute changes in risk to
anthropogenic emissions?: D A Stone, C Huggel, G
1745h U44A-08 Educating Local Audiences about
Climate Change: H M Cullen, D Satterfield, M R
Constraining Climate Model
Simulations and Predictions Using
Observations II
Presiding: Hui Su, Jet Propulsion
Laboratory; Leo Donner, Geophysical
Fluid Dynamics Laboratory; Jonathan
Jiang, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1600h A44A-01 The tropospheric moisture and
double-ITCZ biases in CMIP5 models: B Tian
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 59
1700h A44A-05 Observed relationship between
Arctic sea ice, cloud, and solar radiation and its
implication for ice-albedo feedback: Y S Choi, B M
Kim, S K Hur, S J Kim, J H Kim, C H Ho
Presiding: Myles Allen, University
of Oxford; Heidi Cullen, Climate
Central; Gabriele Hegerl, University of
Edinburgh; Judith Perlwitz, NOAA
1525h V43F-08 Magmatic Processes and Systems
Deduced from Single Crystals: J Davidson, R C
Bezard, D J Morgan, C Ginibre
Presiding: Paul Craddock,
Schlumberger-Doll Research; Nicholas
Drenzek, Statoil
1645h A44A-04 Predicting Shortwave Cloud
Feedback in Models and Observations Based on the
Seasonal Cycle of Liquid Water Path: P Ceppi, D
McCoy, D L Hartmann
1600h A44B-01 Isentropic analysis of the Indian
Summer Monsoon circulation and its implications
for the active and break periods: O M Pauluis, S
Sandeep, A M Ravindran
Moscone West 3006
Shale Reservoir Science and
Technology I (Virtual Session) (joint
with H, MR, NS)
1630h A44A-03 Constraining cloud responses to
CO2 and warming in climate models: physical and
statistical approaches: S C Sherwood, D Fuchs, S
Bony, D Jean-Louis
The Attribution of Extreme Weather
Events and Their Impacts to External
Drivers of Climate Change (Virtual
1510h V43F-07 Towards true 3D textural analysis;
using your crystal mush wisely: D A Jerram, D J
Morgan, M J Pankhurst
Moscone West 3018
1615h A44A-02 A-Train Observations in
Extratropical Cyclones: A Comprehensive Tool
for Model Evaluation: C M Naud, J F Booth, D J
Posselt, S C van den Heever, A D Del Genio
1630h A44B-03 Role of the SST over the East China
Sea in the linkage between East Asian winter and
summer monsoon variability: Y Kajikawa, Y W
Seo, K S Yun, K J Ha, R H Johnson
1645h A44B-04 Relationships between ENSO
and East Asian-western North Pacific monsoon:
observations versus 18 CMIP5 models: B Wu
1700h A44B-05 Future Projection and Associated
Uncertainty of the East Asian Summer Monsoon: J
Chen, S Bordoni
1715h A44B-06 Predictability of the Indian Summer
Monsoon onset through an analysis of variations
in surface air temperature and relative humidity
during the pre-monsoon season: V Stolbova, E
Surovyatkina, B Bookhagen, J Kurths
A44B-07 Intraseasonal-to-interannual
variability of the Indian Monsoon: the present
climate and future projections of climate change: L
V Carvalho, C Jones, F Cannon
1745h Concluding Remarks
Moscone West 3001
Mineral Dust Aerosols: From
Small-Scale Insights to Large-Scale
Understanding IV
(cosponsored by AMS) (joint with B, EP,
Presiding: Jasper Kok, University of
California Los Angeles; Amato Evan,
Scripps Institute of Oceanography;
Kerstin Schepanski, Leibniz Institute
for Tropospheric Research; James King,
Indiana University Bloomington
1600h A44C-01 Toward a Greater Understanding
of the Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Impacts
of Mineral Dust Aerosol Through Fundamental
Laboratory Studies: V H Grassian
1620h A44C-02 Using Brittle Fragmentation
Theory to represent Aerosol Mineral Composition:
C PГ©rez GarcГ­a-Pando, R L Miller, J P Perlwitz
1635h A44C-03 Global trends in mineral dust
aerosol: determining causes and attributing
uncertainty with the GEOS-Chem model: D A
Ridley, C L Heald, J M Prospero
1655h A44C-04 Estimating the Sensitivity of
Regional Dust Sources to Sea Surface Temperature
Anomaly Patterns: A Hoffman, C E Forest
1710h A44C-05 Dust in the Arctic during the Past
Millennium from a Developing Array of Ice Cores:
Linkages to Climate and Land Use: M M Arienzo, J
R McConnell, N Chellman, D Fritzsche, K J Kreutz,
S Kipfstuhl, O J Maselli, M Nolan, D R Pasteris, M
Sigl, J P Steffensen
1730h A44C-06 Dust emissions from eastern
Australia during the mid to late Holocene record
changing hydro-climatic conditions and landuse: S
K Marx, H A McGowan, B Kamber
1745h A44C-07 4He in Bahamas Carbonates: A
Link between Dust Export and North African
Mega-droughts over the Last Millennium: A
Bhattacharya, S Mukhopadhyay, A C Maloof, E R
Williams, A T Evan
Moscone West 3004
The Southern Ocean: Precipitation,
Clouds, Aerosols, and the Air-Sea
Interface II (Virtual Session)
Presiding: Roger Marchand, University
of Washington; Trish Quinn, NOAA
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
1600h Welcoming Remarks:
1601h A44D-01 The cloudy nature of southern
ocean preciptation: G L Stephens, R Forbes
1616h A44D-02 The Evidence for Two-Way
Feedbacks Between Cloud Processes and Large
Scale Climate Variability over the Southern Oceans:
D W J Thompson, Y Li
1631h A44D-03 The pristineness of the Southern
Ocean aerosol system: a model view: K S Carslaw,
D Hamilton, L Lee
1646h A44D-04 Marine biogenic aerosols explain
seasonal and spatial patterns of Southern Ocean
cloud droplet number concentration: D McCoy,
S M Burrows, S Elliott, D P Grosvenor, D L
Hartmann, P J Rasch, R Wood
1701h A44D-05 Observations of Clouds, Aerosols
and Surface Energy Fluxes over the Northern
and Southern Atlantic Ocean with the OceanetAtmosphere Platform Onboard RV Polarstern: A
Macke, M BrГјckner, H Deneke, R Engelmann,
T Hanschmann, J Kalisch, T Kanitz, M Merkel, B
Pospichal, M van Pinxteren
1716h A44D-06 A Mixed Phase Tale: New Ways of
using in-situ cloud observations to reduce climate
model biases in Southern Ocean: A Gettelman, J
L Stith
1731h A44D-07 A new source of Southern Ocean
and Antarctic aerosol from tropospheric polar cell
chemistry of sea ice emissions: R S Humphries,
A R Klekociuk, R Schofield, A D Robinson, N R P
Harris, M Keywood, J Ward, I Galbally, S Molloy, A
Thomas, S R Wilson
1746h A44D-08 Linkages between Southern
Ocean Cloud-Radiative Processes and the LargeScale Southern Hemisphere Circulation, and Their
Implications for Climate Model Projections: K M
Grise, L M Polvani
Moscone West 3012
Warm Boundary Layer Clouds and
Climate Change from the Cloud to the
Global Scale III (cosponsored by AMS)
(joint with GC, OS)
Presiding: Jan Kazil, NOAA/CIRES; Armin
Sorooshian, University of Arizona; Jan
Kazil, University of Colorado at Boulder
1600h A44E-01 The Response of Trade-wind
Clouds to a Changing Environment: Why Climate
Model Cloud Feedbacks Might Differ from Nature?:
L Nuijens, B Medeiros, I Sandu, M Ahlgrimm
1615h A44E-02 Shallow cumulus rooted in
photosynthesis: J Vila-Guerau Arellano, O H G,
G Horn, M Sikma, C M Jacobs, D Baldocchi
1630h A44E-03 The Role of Cold Pools in Mesoscale
Organization of Shallow Cumulus and Congestus: D
B Mechem, S E Giangrande, D D Turner
1645h A44E-04 Investigating Warm Marine
Boundary Layer Cloud Organization By
Thermodynamic and Dynamic States with NASA
a-Train and MERRA Reanalysis Data: B H Kahn, G
Matheou, M Christensen, E J Fetzer, M D Lebsock,
J Teixeira, Q Yue
1700h A44E-05 Radiative forcing by coastal
anthropogenic emissions explains observed 20th
century Southeast Pacific cooling: S Spak, P E Saide,
M Mena, G R Carmichael
1715h A44E-06 Transport of Mass and Water
Vapor in Cumulus Topped Boundary Layer: A
Case-Study from Arm Darwin Facility: V P Ghate,
M P Jensen
11/28/2014 11:06:38 AM
1730h A44E-07 The Response of Marine Boundary
Layer Clouds to Idealized Climate Perturbations:
P N Blossey, C S Bretherton, A Cheng, S Endo, T
Heus, A Lock, J van der Dussen, K M Xu
1745h A44E-08 Aerosol Indirect Forcing Dictated
by Warm Low-Cloud: M Christensen, Y C Chen,
G L Stephens
Moscone West 2003
Carbon Cycle Dynamics in the Arctic
and Sub-Arctic Terrestrial and Peat
Dominated Environments II
(joint with GC)
1645h B44B-04 Changes in Landscape-level
Carbon Balance of an Arctic Coastal Plain Tundra
Ecosystem Between 1970-2100, in Response to
Projected Climate Change: M J Lara, A D McGuire,
E S Euskirchen, H Genet, V L Sloan, C M Iversen, R
J Norby, Y Zhang, F Yuan
1700h B44B-05 Impact of Hydrologic Variability on
Nutrient Age Distribution in Intensively Managed
Landscapes: P Kumar, D K Woo
1730h B44B-07 Water and Carbon Fluxes
in a Semi-Arid Region Floodplain: Multiple
Approaches to Constrain Estimates of Seasonaland Depth Dependent Fluxes at Rifle, Colorado:
T K Tokunaga, J Wan, W Dong, Y Kim, K H
Williams, M E Conrad, J N Christensen, M Bill, B
Faybishenko, C Hobson, R Dayvault, P E Long, S S
1745h B44B-08 Seasonal and spatial variations of in
situ measured benthic fluxes of nutrients and carbon
at the sediment water interface of the southern
North Sea: T Oehler, R Martinez, M Schlueter
Presiding: Michael Rawlins, University
of Massachusetts Amherst; Pawlok
Dass, University of Massachusetts
Amherst; Charles Lane, US
Environmental Protection Agency;
Bradley Autrey, US Environmental
Protection Agency
Moscone West 2002
1600h B44A-01 Importance of West Siberian
Peatlands to Global Carbon and Water Cycles: L C
Mapping, Methods, Modeling, and
Monitoring: Agriculture’s Four Means
of Global Change Assessment II (joint
with GC, IN)
1615h B44A-02 The Methane to Carbon Dioxide
Ratio Produced during Peatland Decomposition
and a Simple Approach for Distinguishing This
Ratio: J Chanton, S B Hodgkins, W T Cooper, P H
Glaser, J E Corbett, P M Crill, S R Saleska, V I Rich,
B Holmes, M E Hines, M Tfaily, J E Kostka
Presiding: Jessica McCarty, Michigan
Technological University; Rick Mueller,
USDA NASS; Jesslyn Brown, USGS/
EROS; Tatiana Loboda, University of
1630h B44A-03 Western Siberian Peatlands As
Indicator and Regulator of Climate Change on
Global Scale through Feedbacks with Carbon
Effluxes: S Kirpotin, O Pokrovsky, E P Gordov
1600h B44C-01 A Multi-Sensor Approach for
Satellite Soil Moisture Monitoring for Agricultural
Climate Risk Assessment: C Champagne, P
Cherneski, T A Hadwen, A Davidson
1645h B44A-04 Enhanced Seasonal Exchange of
CO2 by Northern Ecosystems – Observations and
Models: H D Graven, R F Keeling, S C Piper, P
K Patra, B B Stephens, S C Wofsy, L R Welp, C
Sweeney, P P Tans, J J Kelley, B C Daube, E A Kort,
G Santoni, J D Bent, R Thomas, I C Prentice
1615h B44C-02 Monitoring Crop Phenology and
Growth Stages from Space: Opportunities and
Challenges: F Gao, M C Anderson, I E Mladenova,
W P Kustas, J G Alfieri
1700h B44A-05 The Importance of Explicitly
Representing Soil Carbon with Depth over the
Permafrost Region in Earth System Models:
Implications for Atmospheric Carbon Dynamics at
Multiple Temporal Scales between 1960 and 2300:
A D McGuire
1715h B44A-06 Quantifying Net Carbon Exchanges
Between the Atmosphere and Terrestrial Biosphere
in the Arctic: What Have We Learned through
Decade Regional Modeling Studies?: Q Zhuang
1730h B44A-07 The Role of Remote Sensing in
Modeling Landscape Change and Its Associated
Carbon Cycle Impacts Across Terrestrial Arctic
Ecosystems: D J Hayes, S Goswami, B M Jones, G
Grosse, A Balser, S D Wullschleger
1745h B44A-08 Intercomparison of the WetchimpWsl Wetland Methane Models over West Siberia:
How Well Can We Simulate High-Latitude
Wetland Methane Emissions?: T J Bohn, J R
Melton, V Brovkin, G Chen, S N Denisov, A V
Eliseev, A V Gallego-Sala, M Glagolev, A Ito, J O
Kaplan, T Kleinen, S S Maksyutov, K C McDonald,
M A Rawlins, W J Riley, R Schroeder, R Spahni,
B Stocker, Z M Subin, H Tian, B Zhang, X Zhu, Q
Moscone West 2004
Characterizing Spatial and Temporal
Variability of Hydrological and
Biogeochemical Processes Across
Scales II
(joint with H)
Presiding: Bhavna Arora, Lawrence
Berkeley National Lab; Haruko
Wainwright, Lawrence Berkeley
National Lab; Susan Hubbard, Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory
1600h B44B-01 Environmental controls on CO2
flux variability across spatial and temporal scales:
A M Michalak, Y Fang, V Yadav, S Gourdji, K L
1615h B44B-02 Tracing arctic hydrology with
observations of water vapor isotopes from in situ,
airborne, and satellite platforms: J E Cherry, E S
Klein, R L Herman, J M Young, J Leffler, J Worden,
J M Welker
1630h B44C-03 Mapping Agricultural Land-Use
Change in the U.S. 2008-2012: T Lark, M Salmon,
H Gibbs
1645h B44C-04 Profiling Fallow Land in California’s
Drought Conditions Using the Cropland Data
Layer: A Zakzeski
1700h B44C-05 Mapping Agricultural Fields in SubSaharan Africa with a Computer Vision Approach:
S R Debats, D Luo, L D Estes, T Fuchs, K K Caylor
1715h B44C-06 Providing a Spatial Context for Crop
Insurance in Ethiopia: Multiscale Comparisons of
Vegetation Metrics in Tigray: B F Mann, C Small
1730h B44C-07 Biogenic carbon fluxes from global
agricultural production and consumption: Gridded,
annual estimates of net ecosystem carbon exchange:
J Wolf, T O West, Y le Page, A M Thomson
1745h B44C-08 Identification of Arctic transport
potential within the Northern Hemisphere based on
an analysis of trajectories, 1979-2009: N K Larkin,
J L DeWinter, S M Raffuse, T Strand, S G Brown, K
Craig, R C Solomon
Moscone West 2006
Variation in Dissolved Organic
Matter Composition and Transport as
Indicators of Ecological,Hydrological,
and Watershed Processes III (joint with
Presiding: George Aiken, USGS;
Brian Bergamaschi, USGS-Calif State
University; Yuehan Lu, University of
Alabama; Elizabeth Canuel, Virginia Inst
Marine Sciences
1600h B44D-01 Evolving Human Alteration of
the Carbon Cycle: the Watershed Continuum:
S Kaushal, K Delaney Newcomb, T Newcomer
Johnson, M J Pennino, R M Smith, J J Beaulieu, K
Belt, M Grese, J Blomquist, S Duan, S Findlay, G
Likens, P M Mayer, S Murthy, R Utz, M Yepsen
1615h B44D-02 Do soils loose phosphorus with
dissolved organic matter?: K Kaiser, D Brödlin, F
1630h B44D-03 Evidence for Direct Transfer of
Carbon from Surface Litter to Subsoil in WellDeveloped Spodosols of Northern Michigan, USA:
D Rothstein, E R Toosi, R Schaetzl, S Grandy
1630h B44B-03 Landscape analysis of methane flux
across complex terrain: K E Kaiser, B L McGlynn,
J E Dore
CATCHMENTS: E C Seybold, B L McGlynn
AGU2014News.indb 60
1700h B44D-05 The quality and quantity of DOC:
Ecological and biogeochemical significance in a
nested boreal stream network: H Laudon
1715h B44D-06 A Multiyear Study of the Variability
in Organic Matter Concentration and Composition
in a Flashy Temperate Stream: E C Minor, M J
Macdonald, P K Zigah
1730h B44D-07 Shades of Brown: Changes in
dissolved organic matter (DOM) with storm-event
and seasonal hot moments: S P Inamdar, S Singh,
M J Mitchell
1745h B44D-08 Making Sense of Sensors: Stream
Carbon Flux Determination at the Five USGS
WEBB Watersheds: J B Shanley, J Saraceno, M
Dornblaser, B T Aulenbach, A Mast, D W Clow,
J F Walker, K Hood, K Wickland, B A Pellerin, G
Aiken, J T Crawford, R G Striegl
Moscone West 3005
Climate and the Changing Cryosphere
in High Asia II (joint with EP, GC, NH, SI)
Presiding: Jeffrey Kargel, University of
Arizona; Umesh Haritashya, University
of Dayton; Michael Bishop, Texas A & M
1600h C44A-01 Adding the Long-Term Perspective:
Tien Shan’s Glacier Mass Change during 19612012: D Farinotti, L Longuevergne, G Moholdt, D
Duethmann, T Bolch, S Vorogushyn, A Guntner, A
1615h C44A-02 Glacier Retreat Recovered from
Landsat Images by Object-Oriented Classification
in Central Tianshan, 1977-2013: X Wang, M Liu,
J Wang
1630h C44A-03 Glacier dynamics of the PamirKarakoram-Himalaya region over the last 40 years:
N Gourmelen, A Dehecq, E Trouve
1645h C44A-04 The deformation of ice-debris
landforms in the Khumbu Region from InSAR: D A
Schmidt, A D Barker, B Hallet
1700h C44A-05 Regional Glacier Sensitivity to
Climate Change in the Monsoonal Himalaya:
Implications for Water Resources: S Rupper, J M
Maurer, J M Schaefer, K Tsering, T Rinzin, C Dorji,
E S Johnson, E R Cook
1720h C44A-06 High-Resolution Monitoring of
Himalayan Glacier Dynamics Using Unmanned
Aerial Vehicles: W Immerzeel, P D A
Kraaijenbrink, J Shea, A B Shrestha, F Pellicciotti,
M F Bierkens, S M de Jong
1740h C44A-07 Seasonal and Elevational Variations
of Black Carbon and Dust in Snow and Ice in the
Solu-Khumbu, Nepal and Estimated Radiative
Forcings: S Kaspari, T H Painter, M Gysel, M
Skiles, M Schwikowski
Moscone West 3007
1745h C44B-08 An Initial AUV Investigation of
the Morainal Bank and Ice-Proximal Submarine
Processes of the Advancing Hubbard Glacier,
Southeast Alaska: D E Lawson, S P S Gulick, J A
Goff, W O’Halloran
Moscone South 301
Driving the Interior: The Role of
Boundary Layers in the Dynamic
Evolution of the Earth’s Mantle I (joint
with GP, MR, S, T, V)
Presiding: Keely O’Farrell, University
College London; Shijie Zhong, University
of Colorado at Boulder; Tobias Rolf, ETH
1600h DI44A-01 Lower Mantle Superplume
Growth Stimulates Geomagnetic Reversals: P
Olson, H Amit
1615h DI44A-02 Interaction Between Mantle
Plumes, Subducted Oceanic Crust and Primordial
Reservoirs at Earth’s Lowermost Mantle: M Li, A K
McNamara, E Garnero
1630h DI44A-03 When Boundary Layers Collide:
Plumes v. Subduction Zones: L N Moresi, P G
Betts, M S Miller, D Willis, L O’Driscoll
1645h DI44A-04 A Dynamical Context for Smallscale Heterogeneity Throughout the Mantle
Beneath Subduction: D A Frost, S Rost, E Garnero
1700h DI44A-05 Slab Deformation in the Mantle
Transition Zone: The Effect of Plate Age and
Strength Evolution: S D B Goes, F Garel, R Davies,
J H Davies, S C Kramer, C R Wilson
1715h DI44A-06 Attenuation in the Upper Mantle
Beneath “Normal” Old Seafloor in the Western
Pacific: D W Forsyth, D S Weeraratne
1730h DI44A-07 Origin of Azimuthal Seismic
Anisotropy in Oceanic Plates and Mantle: T W
Becker, C P Conrad, A J Schaeffer, S Lebedev
1745h DI44A-08 Mantle Rheology and Plate
Tectonics: Damage and Inheritance: Y R Ricard, D
Bercovici, G Schubert
Moscone South 102
Challenges and Approaches to
Running Effective Undergraduate
Research Experiences in the
Geosciences II
Presiding: Rebecca Haacker, UCAR;
Daphne LaDue, University of Oklahoma;
Valerie Sloan, UCAR
1600h Introductory Remarks
Glacier-Ocean Interactions: Iceberg
Calving and Submarine Melting II
(joint with OS)
Presiding: Ellyn Enderlin, Climate
Change Institute; Timothy
Bartholomaus, University of Texas
1600h C44B-01 How to choose a calving law: M
1615h C44B-02 First-principles Simulations and the
Criticality of Calving Glaciers: D Vallot, J A Åström,
M Schäfer, E Welty, S O’Neel, T C Bartholomaus, Y
Liu, T Riikila?, T Zwinger, J Timonen, J Moore
1630h C44B-03 Melt Undercutting and Calving
from Tidewater Glaciers: Observations and Model
Results: D Benn, S Cook, J A Åström, A J Luckman,
T Zwinger
1645h C44B-04 When ice meets water: Subaqueous melt and its relevance in various settings:
M Truffer, R J Motyka
1700h C44B-05 Oceanic Boundary Conditions for
Jakobshavn Glacier: Variability and Renewal of
Ilulissat Icefjord Waters, 2001-2014: C V Gladish,
D M Holland, A Rosing-Asvid, J Behrens, J Boje
Investigating Glacier Submarine Melt Rates and
Circulation in an East Greenland Fjord: C Cenedese
1730h C44B-07 Runoff Routing Beneath Marineterminating Glaciers in Central West Greenland:
M Fried, G A Catania, T Bartholomaus, C Black,
D Duncan, M B Davis, L A Stearns, J D Nash, E
Shroyer, D Sutherland, R T Walker
1605h ED44A-01 Tackling diversity challenges
in Geoscience with the “Advancing Space Science
Undergraduate Research Experience” (ASSURE)
program at UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory:
C L Raftery, R Paglierani, R L Shackelford III, L M
Peticolas, R Frappier, B Mendez
1620h ED44A-02 UAHuntsville-NASA MSFC
Heliophysics REU: A Model for Recruiting Targeted
Groups: S Farid, J Heerikhuisen, A R Winebarger
1635h ED44A-03 Battling the GPA Bias: Selecting
NSF-REU Participants for Transformative Research
Experiences: M Smith, C S Kim, J Osborn
1650h ED44A-04 Tailoring Summer Research
Experiences to Diverse Student Cohorts: Lessons
Learned from Teaching Scientific Communication
to Summer Interns: R L Batchelor, R Haacker
1705h ED44A-05 The CSU-CHILL REU: The
Interdisciplinary challenge: C V Chandra, J C
1720h ED44A-06 Broadening participation in
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
programs: an evaluation of the team research
model for undergraduate research experiences: A R
Berthelote, E M Geraghty Ward, D M Dalbotten
1735h ED44A-07 Solving Nutrient Loading in the
Great Lakes: An Integrative, Interdisciplinary and
Ambidextrous Approach: M C Borrello, T Keeton,
T Foley, A Frost, N Green, J Isler
1750h ED44A-08 Supporting REU Leaders
and Effective Workforce Development in the
Geosciences: V Sloan, R Haacker
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:38 AM
Moscone South 308
Unlocking the Educational Value of
Hydrologic Research for Development
of Student-Centered, ContextRich, Active Hydrologic Learning
Experiences I (joint with H)
Presiding: Emad Habib, University of
Louisiana at Lafayette; David Tarboton,
Utah State University; Upmanu Lall,
Columbia Univ; Thorsten Wagener,
University of Bristol
1600h ED44C-01 Integrating Place-based Science
and Data into Hydrology and Geoscience Education
Using the CUAHSI Water Data Center Resources:
J S Arrigo, D M Dalbotten, R P Hooper, J Pollak,
E Geosling
1615h ED44C-02 New Student-Centered and
Data-Based Approaches to Hydrology Education: G
Bloeschl, P A A Troch, M Sivapalan
1630h ED44C-03 Significant Learning Experiences
in Ecohydrology in the Critical Zone: K A Lohse
1645h ED44C-04 Model My Watershed:
Developing a Pipeline from Secondary School to
College That Engenders Interest in Hydrologic
Sciences: S E Gill, A K Aufdenkampe
Environment: Web-based Virtual Hydrological
Simulation System using Augmented and Immersive
Reality: I Demir
1715h ED44C-06 Experiences with the
Development of an Undergraduate Degree in
Ecohydrology: L Saito, M Walker, N Markee
1730h ED44C-07 Ecohydrology: no future without
a past: O Batelaan, R Hunt, M Hayashi
1745h ED44C-08 Training young scientists across
empirical and modeling approaches: D J Moore
Moscone West 2005
Floodplain Dynamics through Space
and Time I
Presiding: Elizabeth Hajek, Penn
State University; Irina Overeem, Univ
1600h EP44A-01 MAST-1D, a Model to Route
Sediment and Tracers in Channel-Floodplain
Complexes: E Viparelli, J W Lauer, P Belmont
1615h EP44A-02 Modeling Flood Dynamics Along
the Super-Elevated Channel Belt of the Yellow
River, China, over the Last 3,000 Years: Y Chen, I
Overeem, A J Kettner, S Gao, J P Syvitski
1630h EP44A-03 Interactions of Flow, Sediment
Transport, and Vegetation in the Long-Term
Evolution of Arroyos: M C Perignon, E R Griffin,
G E Tucker, J M Friedman, I Overeem
1645h EP44A-04 Time-scale bias in evidence
for anthropogenic acceleration of soil erosion
and floodplain accretion: J K Willenbring, T
Hoffmann, P Sadler, J O Kaplan, R C Chiverrell, G
Erkens, F von Blanckenburg
1715h EP44A-06 Global-scale simulation of riverfloodplain water and sediment exchange within
a riverine modeling framework: S Cohen, A J
Kettner, J P Syvitski, D Yamazaki
1730h EP44A-07 Deconvolving Flood Plain
Dynamical Processes from Pedogenic Processes on
Ancient Floodplains: N D Sheldon
1745h EP44A-08 Evaluating the Influence
of Floodplain-filling Styles on Channel-belt
Stacking and Basin-scale Fluvial Architecture: E
Chamberlin, E A Hajek
Moscone West 2007
High-Resolution Topography and
Process Measurements for Analyzing
Earth-Surface Dynamics III (joint with
Presiding: Thad Wasklewicz, East
Carolina University; Julian Leyland,
University of Southampton; Paola
Passalacqua, University of Texas at
Austin; Christopher Crosby, UNAVCO
1600h EP44B-01 Laser Scanning Applications in
Fluvial Geomorphology: P Alho
1615h EP44B-02 Topographic and Acoustic
Estimates of Grain-Scale Roughness from HighResolution Multibeam Echo-Sounder: Examples
from the Colorado River in Marble and Grand
Canyons: D Buscombe, P E Grams
Photogrammetry for Assessment of Fluvial
Dynamics of a Montane Stream. Case Study
– Roklanský Creek, Šumava Mts., Europe: J
Langhammer, J Mi?ijovskГЅ, F Hartvich, J KaiglovГЎ
1645h EP44B-04 Using High-Resolution Field
Measurements to Model Dune Kinematics in a
Large Elongate Meander Bend: K M Konsoer, B L
Rhoads, J Best, C E Frias, J D Abad, E J Langendoen
1645h GC44A-04 Climate Risk Management
in the Anthropocene: From Basic Science to
Decisionmaking and Back: K Keller
1700h GC44A-05 Managing U.S. climate risk
through mitigation: Insights from the American
Climate Prospectus: R E Kopp III, S M Hsiang,
T Houser, K Larsen, D M Rasmussen Jr, A Jina, J
Rising, M Delgado, S Mohan, R Muir-Wood, P S
1700h EP44B-05 Bedform dynamics in a large
sand-bedded river using multibeam echo sounding:
C M Elliott, R B Jacobson, S Erwin, A B Eric, A J
1715h GC44A-06 A Multi-Model Framework to
Achieve Consistent Evaluation of Climate Change
Impacts in the United States: M C Sarofim, J
Martinich, S Waldhoff, B J DeAngelo, J McFarland,
L Jantarasami, K Shouse, A Crimmins, J Li
1730h EP44B-07 Bedrock Channels: Towards a
Process-Based Understanding: D R Parsons, S E
Darby, C R Hackney, J Leyland, J Best, A P Nicholas,
R E Aalto, C A P T Horn III, M R Thy
1730h GC44A-07 A new large initial condition
ensemble to assess avoided impacts in a climate
mitigation scenario: B M Sanderson, C Tebaldi, R
Knutti, K W Oleson
1745h EP44B-08 Combining Remote Sensing with
in situ Measurements for Riverine Characterization:
J Calantoni, M L Palmsten, J Simeonov, D W
Dobson, K Zarske, J A Puleo, K T Holland
1745h GC44A-08 The Feasibility of Avoiding
Future Climate Impacts: Results from the AVOID
Programmes: J A Lowe, R Warren, N Arnell, S
Moscone West 3024
Cryosphere, Solid Earth, and Sea-Level
Interactions and the Next Generation
of Glacial Isostatic Models I (joint with
C, NH, S, T)
Presiding: Jeanne Sauber, NASA
Goddard SFC; Erik Ivins, JPL/Caltech;
Wouter van der Wal, Delft University
of Technology; Volker Klemann, GFZ
German Research Centre
1600h G44A-01 Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in
Antarctica: P L Whitehouse
1615h G44A-02 The Influence of Earth structure on
a coupled Antarctic ice sheet - sea level model: N A
Gomez, D Pollard, D M Holland, K Latychev
1630h G44A-03 Antarctic Glacial Isostatic
Adjustment from an inversion of satellite and insitu observations: A Martin, J L Bamber, N Schoen,
A Zammit-Mangion, J Rougier, E J Petrie, R Riva, S
B Luthcke, T Flament
1645h G44A-04 Earth Structure, Ice Mass Changes,
and the Local Dynamic Geoid: C Harig, F J Simons
1700h G44A-05 Constraining Earth’s Rheology
of the Barents Sea Using Grace Gravity Change
Observations: W van der Wal, B C Root, L
1715h G44A-06 Construction of Late Pleistocene
Laurentide Ice History on Earth with Composite
Rheology: P P C Wu, W van der Wal, H Steffen,
H Wang
1730h G44A-07 The thickness history of the
northern sector of the Laurentide Ice Sheet: an
assessment of glacial isostatic adjustment models,
sea-level measurements, and vertical land motion
rates: K M Simon, T S James, J A Henton, A Dyke
1745h G44A-08 Postglacial Rebound Model
ICE-6G_C (VM5a) Constrained by Geodetic and
Geologic Observations: W R Peltier, D F Argus, R
Moscone West 3010
Climate Change: Impacts, Resilience,
Vulnerability, Adaptation, and
Mitigation III
(Virtual Session) (joint with ED, NH,
Presiding: James Byrne, University of
Lethbridge; Simon Donner, University of
British Columbia; Brian O’Neill, National
Center for Atmospheric Research; Kent
Peacock, Univ of Lethbridge
1600h GC44A-01 Political Challenges and
Opportunities to Climate Change Mitigation: A
View from the Front Lines: A J Weaver
1615h GC44A-02 Addressing Global Warming, Air
Pollution, Energy Security, and Jobs with Roadmaps
for Changing the All-Purpose Energy Infrastructure
of the 50 United States: M Z Jacobson
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 61
1630h GC44A-03 Regional Renewable Energy
Cooperatives: P Hazendonk, M B Brown, J M
Byrne, T Harrison, R Mueller, K Peacock, J Usher,
R Yalamova, R Kroebel, J Larsen, R McNaughton
Moscone West 3003
Quantifying Uncertainty in Climate,
Earth System, Integrated Assessment,
and Impact Models and Observations
III (joint with A, B, H, SI)
Presiding: Maoyi Huang, Pacific
NW Nat’l Lab-Atmos Sci; Donald
Lucas, Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory; Katharine Hayhoe, Texas
Tech University; Linda Mearns, NCAR
1600h GC44B-01 A brief overview uncertainties in
climate change projections and their consequences
for impact assessment: C Tebaldi
1620h GC44B-02 Climate models, extremes and the
role of statistics: D W Nychka
1640h GC44B-03 (non) Emergent Constraints: C S
Jackson, M W Hattab, G Huerta
1700h GC44B-04 Regional climate predictability
from regional climate feedbacks: G Roe, N Feldl, K
Armour, Y T Hwang, D M Frierson
1720h GC44B-05 Stringent Mitigation Policy
Implied By Temperature Impacts on Economic
Growth: F Moore, D Turner
1740h GC44B-06 The Influence of Downscaling
Hydrochemistry Reponses of Forest Watersheds: A
Pourmokhtarian, C T Driscoll, J L Campbell, K
Hayhoe, A M K Stoner
Moscone South 300
ESA’s Swarm Mission, One Year in
Space II (joint with DI, G, SA, SM, T, V)
Presiding: Gauthier Hulot, IPGP;
Hermann Luhr, Deutsches
GeoForschungsZentrum, GFZ; Eigil FriisChristensen, DTU; David Knudsen,
Univ Calgary
1600h GP44A-01 Ionosphere-Magnetosphere
Coupling from Dynamics Explorer to Swarm and
Beyond: T E Moore, J H Clemmons, G Collinson,
D J Gershman, G V Khazanov, L M Kistler, D J
Knudsen, R F Pfaff Jr, C J Pollock, D E Rowland
1615h GP44A-02 Scientific Highlights from the
Swarm Electric Field Instruments: D J Knudsen,
W Archer, J K Burchill, S C Buchert, E Donovan,
B G Fejer, B J Jackel, M Patrick, J P St-Maurice, C
1630h GP44A-03 Coordinated Swarm in Situ and
THEMIS All Sky Imager (ASI) Observations of
the Motion of Patchy Pulsating Aurora: B Yang,
J Liang, E Donovan, D J Knudsen, J K Burchill, A
Kouznetsov, J M Ruohoniemi, E Spanswick, K Rae
1645h GP44A-04 Coordinated Coverage of the
Ring Current, Cusp and Adjacent FACs with
Cluster and Swarm: M W Dunlop, Y Bogdanova,
J Yang, Y Yang, C Shen, H Luhr, C Xiong, N Olsen,
Q H Zhang, P Ritter, K Kauristie, A Masson, R
1700h GP44A-05 Swarm Observations of FieldAligned Currents: Case Studies: G Le, P J Chi, J W
Gjerloev, C Stolle, H Luhr, J Park, J Rauberg
1715h GP44A-06 Confirmation of Small Scale FieldAligned Currents in Middle and Low Latitudes and
an Estimation of Their Typical Period of Temporal
Variation: T Iyemori, K Nakanishi, T Aoyama, H
Luhr, M Nose, Y Koyama, Y Yokoyama
1730h GP44A-07 Equatorial Post-Sunset Plasma
Irregularities As Seen from the Swarm Constellation
Mission: C Stolle, J Park, C Xiong, H Luhr, B G
Fejer, J Rauberg, I Michaelis
1745h GP44A-08 A study of magnetosphereionosphere coupling using Swarm ULF wave
observations: G Balasis, I A Daglis, K Papadimitriou,
I R Mann, R Haagmans
Moscone West 3016
Advances in Hydrogeology and
Hydrogeophysics: Innovations
in Experimental Methods, Data
Processing, and Modeling II (joint with
Presiding: Deqiang Mao, Colorado
School of Mines; Pernille Marker,
Technical University of Denmark;
Kristopher Kuhlman, Sandia National
Laboratories; Tobias Lochbuehler,
University of Lausanne
Implementation Considerations at a Recalcitrant
Environmental Site: C H M Tso, C M W Mok, T C
J Yeh, W A Illman, Y Hashimoto
1615h H44A-02 Should Hydraulic Tomography
always rely on the Geostatistics Approach? A
Laboratory Sandbox Investigation: W A Illman, S
J Berg, Z Zhao
1635h H44A-03 The Science and Practice of
Oscillatory Flow Testing: M A Cardiff, Y Zhou, D
Lim, T Bakhos, D L Hochstetler, W Barrash, P K
1650h H44A-04 High Resolution Aquifer
Characterization - Busting the Grain Size Myth: T
Vienken, P Dietrich
1705h H44A-05 Inversion and Experimental
Methods for Tomographic Investigations in
Hydrogeology: C Leven, R L Schwede, K O Doro, E
E Sanchez-Leon, O A Cirpka
1725h H44A-06 Efficient Method for Calculating
Hydraulic Conductivity from Pneumatic Slug Tests:
X Peng, B Cheung, P S Knappett, H Zhan
1740h H44A-07 Model Selection and Calibration
with Sparse Representations : B Jafarpour
Moscone West 3022
Advances in Hydrometeorological
Predictions and Applications IV (joint
with A, NH)
Presiding: Hamid Moradkhani,
Portland State University; Nathalie
Voisin, PNNL; Andrew Wood, National
Center for Atmospheric Research;
Hamid Moradkhani, Portland State
1600h H44B-01 What can data assimilation do for
water quality forecasting?: S Kim, H Riazi, D J Seo,
C Shin, K Kim
1615h H44B-02 Towards a More Effective
Postprocessing of Hydrologic Forecasts by
Copula-Embedded Bayesian Model Averaging: S
Madadgar, H Moradkhani
1630h H44B-03 Towards guided data assimilation
for operational hydrologic forecasting in the US
Tennessee River basin: A Weerts, A W Wood, M
P Clark, S Carney, G N Day, M Lemans, J Sumihar,
A J Newman
1645h H44B-04 A Successful Example of
Transitioning Research to NCEP Operations: The
North American Land Data Assimilation System
(NLDAS): M B Ek, Y Xia, H Wei, J Meng, J Dong, K
Mitchell, E F Wood, J Sheffield, C D Peters-Lidard,
D M Mocko, B Cosgrove, D P Lettenmaier, K C Mo,
W Ebisuzaki, M Rosencrans, L Luo, E Luebehusen
1700h H44B-05 Streamflow forecasting and data
assimilation: bias in precipitation, soil moisture
states, and groundwater fluxes: J L McCreight, D
J Gochis, T Hoar, A L Dugger, W Yu
1715h H44B-06 Drought Patterns Forecasting using
an Auto-Regressive Logistic Model: M del Jesus, J
Sheffield, F J MГ©ndez Incera, I J Losada, A Espejo
1730h H44B-07 Drought Occurrence and
Management in Kazakhstan : Y Iskakov, A
Mendigarin, B Sazanova, Y Zhumabayev
11/28/2014 11:06:39 AM
1745h H44B-08 Event-based aquifer-to-atmosphere
modeling over the European CORDEX domain: J
Keune, K Goergen, M Sulis, P Shrestha, A Springer,
J Kusche, C Ohlwein, S J Kollet
Moscone West 3014
New Developments in Soil and
Groundwater Remediation: Advances
in Process Understanding and
Sustainability II (joint with B)
Presiding: Jason Gerhard, University
of Western Ontario; Geoffrey Tick,
Univ Alabama; Deyi Hou, University of
Cambridge; Jian Luo, Georgia Institute
of Technolog
1600h H44C-01 Gas Dynamics during Thermal
Remediation: Visualization, Quantification and
Enhancement: K G Mumford, P R Hegele
Moscone West 3020
Uncertainty Quantification and
Reduction in Hydrogeological
Forecasting and Inversion III (joint with
A, GC, MR, NG)
Presiding: Souheil Ezzedine, Univ
California LLNL; Niklas Linde,
University of Lausanne; Philippe
Renard, University of Neuchatel; Daniel
Tartakovsky, Univ California San Diego
1600h H44E-01 Incorporating Pore-Scale Data in
Field-Scale Uncertainty Quantification: A MultiScale Bayesian Approach: M Icardi
1615h H44E-02 Transient Hydraulic Tomography
in the Field: 3-D K Estimation and Validation in a
Highly Heterogeneous Unconfined Aquifer: D L
Hochstetler, W Barrash, P K Kitanidis
1615h H44C-02 Seasonal Variations in CO2 Efflux,
Vadose Zone Gas Concentrations, and Natural
Attenuation Rates at a Crude Oil Spill Site: J Trost,
N Sihota, G N Delin, E Warren
H44E-03 Hierarchical
of Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods for
Computationally Expensive Simulations in
Reservoir Modeling: G Zhang, D Lu, C Webster
1630h H44C-03 Activated Persulfate Treatment of
1,4-Dioxane in the Presence of Chlorinated Solvent
Co-contaminants: T T Boving, D E H Eberle, R Ball
1645h H44E-04 Inverse Groundwater Flow
Modelling Via Conditional Simulation: S Hörning,
A Bardossy
1645h H44C-04 Regulation of Electrochemically
Generated H2O2 in Situ from a Novel CB-PTFE
Cathode for Transformation of Chlorine Benzene
in Groundwater: J Jiang, X Zhang, G Li
1700h H44C-05 Laboratory Assessment of a
Screening Model: Exploring the Coupling between
Dissolution and Degradation Rates in GangliaDominated Source Zones: T J Phelan, L M Abriola,
J L Gibson, K M Smits, J Christ
1715h H44C-06 Slow Release of Permanganate
from Injectable Fumed Silica Gel: Rheological
Properties and Release Dynamics: S Yang, L Zhong,
M Oostrom, G Li
1745h H44C-08 Long term impacts of CMC/nZVI
amendment injection on organohalide-respiring
microbial communities at a chlorinated solvent field
site: C M Kocur, L Lomheim, H K Boparai, A I
Chowdhury, K Weber, L M Austrins, B Sleep, D M
O’Carroll, E Edwards
Moscone West 3002
Open-Source Tools and Software
Development for the Hydrological
Sciences I (joint with IN)
Presiding: Joseph Hughes, USGS Office
of Groundwater; Christopher Kees, US
Army Corps of Engineers; Karthik Ram,
University of California, Berkeley
1600h H44D-01 Leveraging Open-Source Software
and Data Standards within the Integrated Water
Resources Science and Services Initiative: E P Clark
1615h H44D-02 A suite of R packages for webenabled modeling and analysis of surface waters: J S
Read, L A Winslow, D NГјst, L De Cicco, J I Walker
1630h H44D-03 OpenGeoSys: An Open-Source
Initiative for Numerical Simulation of ThermoHydro-Mechanical/Chemical (THM/C) Processes
in Porous Media: N Watanabe, L Bilke, T Fischer,
T Kalbacher, T Nagel, D Naumov, K Rink, H Shao,
W Wang, O Kolditz
1645h H44D-04 Akuna: An Open Source User
Environment for Managing Subsurface Simulation
Workflows: V L Freedman, D Agarwal, K
Bensema, S Finsterle, C W Gable, E H Keating, H
Krishnan, C Lansing, W Moeglein, G S H Pau, E
Porter, T D Scheibe
1700h H44D-05 Software Carpentry In The
Hydrological Sciences: A J Ahmadia, C E Kees
1715h H44D-06 Rapid setup of the high resolution
interactive hydrological / hydraulic model for flood
forecasting at global scale: G Donchyts, A Haag,
H Winsemius, F Baart, R Hut, N Drost, N Van De
1730h H44D-07 The Jupyter/IPython architecture:
a unified view of computational research, from
interactive exploration to communication and
publication: M Ragan-Kelley, F Perez, B Granger,
T Kluyver, P Ivanov, J Frederic, M Bussonier
1745h H44D-08 Rapid Prototyping of Hydrologic
Model Interfaces with IPython: M W Farthing, K
D Winters, A J Ahmadia, T Hesser, S E Howington,
B D Johnson, J Tate, C E Kees
1700h H44E-05 CDF solutions of diffusion equation
with random inputs: F Boso, D M Tartakovsky
1715h H44E-06 A Comparison of Three Stochastic
Approaches for Parameter Estimation and
Prediction of Steady-State Groundwater Flow:
Nonlocal Moment Equations and Monte Carlo
Method Coupled with Ensemble Kalman Filter
and Geostatistical Stochastic Inversion: E MoralesCasique, J V BriseГ±o-Ruiz, A F HernГЎndez, G S
Herrera, O Escolero-Fuentes
AGU2014News.indb 62
1600h OS44A-01 Developments in Airborne
Oceanography and Air-Sea Interaction : W K
Moscone South 309
Landslide Vulnerability, Risk, and
Cost Assessment II (joint with EP, SI)
Presiding: Dalia Bach Kirschbaum,
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center;
Paola Reichenbach, CNR-IRPI; Paola
Salvati, CNR-IRPI
1600h NH44A-01 From Physical Process to
Economic Cost – Integrated Approaches of
Landslide Risk Assessment: M Klose, B Damm
1615h NH44A-02 New Method for Estimating
Landslide Losses for Major Winter Storms in
California: C J Wills, F G Perez, D Branum
1630h NH44A-03 Post-Fire Debris-Flow Hazard
Assessments at the U.S. Geological Survey – Recent
Advances and Future Directions: D M Staley, J W
Kean, G M Smoczyk, J A Negri
1645h NH44A-04 Towards Cross-Border Landslide
Hazard and Risk Assessment in Central Asia: A
Saponaro, M Pilz, M Wieland, M Pittore, D Bindi,
S Parolai
1700h NH44A-05 Elements at Risk Exposed to
Landslides in the Eastern European Alps: S Fuchs,
A Zischg, M Keiler
1715h NH44A-06 A Tool for Modelling the Impact
of Triggered Landslide Events on Road Networks:
F E Taylor, M Santangelo, I Marchesini, B D
Malamud, F Guzzetti
1730h NH44A-07 Field-based landslide risk of
deep-seated landslides reactivating based on
changes in infrastructure: an example from Kelso,
Washington, 2014: S F Burns
1730h H44E-07 Characterizing Roughness and
Connectivity Properties of Aquifer Conductivity
Using the Method of Anchored Distributions
(MAD): F Hesse, J E Sege, C Murillo, S Attinger,
Y Rubin
1745h NH44A-08 Impact Of Landslides Along
Road Network And Direct Cost Estimation: A Case
Study In Marche Region, Central Italy: P Salvati,
M Donnini, F Guzzetti, F Ardizzone, M Cardinali, F
Bucci, F Fiorucci, M Alvioli, M Santangelo
1745h H44E-08 Optimal Observation Network
Design for Model Discrimination using Information
Theory and Bayesian Model Averaging: H V Pham,
F T C Tsai
Moscone South 302
Geophysical Methods for
Groundwater Evaluation and
Management II (joint with H)
Moscone West 2020
Presiding: Rosemary Knight, Stanford
Univ; John Lane, USGS
Cyberinfrastructure for Field
Work: Data Standards, Computer
Applications, Instrumentation, and
Best Practices II (joint with A, B, C, DI, EP,
G, GP, H, NH, OS, PP, T, V)
1600h NS44A-01 Aquifer-System Characterization
by Integrating Data from the Subsurface and from
Space, San Joaquin Valley, California, USA: M
Sneed, J T Brandt
Presiding: Xiaogang Ma, Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute; Matty Mookerjee,
Sonoma State University; Charuleka
Varadharajan, Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory; Deb Agarwal,
1600h IN44A-01 Digital Curation of Earth Science
Samples Starts in the Field: K A Lehnert, L Hsu, L
Song, M R Carter
1613h IN44A-02 Sedimentary Geology Context
and Challenges for Cyberinfrastructure Data
Management: M A Chan, D A Budd
1626h IN44A-03 Towards Making Data Bases
Practical for use in the Field: T P Fischer, K A
Lehnert, G Chiodini, B McCormick, C Cardellini,
L E Clor, E Cottrell
1652h IN44A-05 The many facets of integrating
data and metadata for research networks: experience
from the AmeriFlux Network: G Pastorello, C
Poindexter, C van Ingen, D Papale, D Agarwal
1705h IN44A-06 Multivariate Spatio-Temporal
Clustering: A Framework for Integrating Disparate
Data to Understand Network Representativeness
and Scaling Up Sparse Ecosystem Measurements:
F M Hoffman, J Kumar, D M Maddalena, Z
Langford, W W Hargrove
1718h IN44A-07 Information Requirements for
Integrating Spatially Discrete, Feature-Based Earth
Observations: J S Horsburgh, A K Aufdenkampe,
K A Lehnert, E Mayorga, L Hsu, L Song, I Zaslavsky,
D L Valentine
1731h IN44A-08 Machine Learning on Images:
Combining Passive Microwave and Optical Data
to Estimate Snow Water Equivalent: J Dozier, K
Tolle, N Bair
1744h IN44A-09 FreshAiR and Field Studies—
Augmenting Geological Reality with Mobile
Devices: D G De Paor, H Crompton, M Dunleavy
1615h NS44A-02 Spatiotemporal Characterization
of Aquifers Using InSAR Time Series and Timedependent Poroelastic Modeling in Phoenix,
Arizona: M M Miller, M Shirzaei
1630h NS44A-03 Extracting Hydrogeology from
Heliborne Dual Moment Transient Electromagnetic
Investigation in Geologically Divergent Terrenes: S
Ahmed, S Chandra, E Auken, S K Verma
1645h NS44A-04 Hydrogeophysical Monitoring of
Water Infiltration in the Context of Soil Aquifer
Treatment at the Shafdan Site (Israel): K Haaken,
A Furman, N Weisbrod, A Kemna
1700h NS44A-05 Advanced Borehole Radar for
Hydrogeology: M Sato
1715h NS44A-06 Spectral induced polarization and
the hydraulic properties of New Zealand sands: S
Joseph, M Ingham
1730h NS44A-07 An experimental investigation of
the relationship between borehole-NMR derived
effective diffusion in unconsolidated media and
hydraulic conductivity: T P Irons, K Martin, J D
1745h NS44A-08 Improved estimates of formation
factor for combined electrical and nuclear magnetic
resonance models of permeability of sandstone
cores: G K Osterman, K Keating, A M Binley, L D
Slater, R McDonald
1615h OS44A-02 Using Remotely Piloted Aircraft
System to Study the Evolution of the Boundary
Layer Related to Fog Events: G C Roberts, G
Cayez, C RonflГ©-Nadaud, M Albrand, J P Dralet,
G Momboisse, K Nicoll, Y Seity, M Bronz, G
Hattenberger, M Gorraz, A Bustico
1630h OS44A-03 Observations of Marine
Atmospheric Boundary Layer Processes and HighFrequency Internal Waves from Ship-Launched
UAVs and Ship-based Instrumentation: B D
Reineman, L Lenain, W K Melville
1645h OS44A-04 Solar Radiation Measurements
Onboard the Research Aircraft HALO: I Lohse, B
Bohn, F Werner, A Ehrlich, M Wendisch
Airborne Missions Support Ecosystem and Water
Quality Research in the Coastal Zone: L S Guild,
R M Kudela, S B Hooker, J H Morrow, P B Russell,
S L Palacios, J M Livingston, K Negrey, J L TorresPerez, J Broughton
1715h OS44A-06 Airborne lidar for oceanatmosphere studies and assessment of future satellite
mission concepts: C A Hostetler, J W Hair, Y Hu,
M J Behrenfeld, I Cetinic, C F Butler, K A Powell, R
A Ferrare, S P Burton, B Cairns, J Chowdhary, R J
Hare, D B Harper, A L Cook, T Berkoff, T L Mack,
A Notari, G A Woodell
1730h OS44A-07 MIZOPEX – A UAS Arctic
Campaign During Summer 2013: M A Tschudi,
J A Maslanik, W J Emery, S E Palo, A C Bradley,
D Weibel, C J Zappa, S Brown, D Lawrence, M M
Fladeland, L Ligon, P Elstner, R Berthold, J Adler
1745h OS44A-08 NOAA Marine and Arctic
Monitoring Using UASs: T Jacobs, J J Coffey, R E
Hood, P Hall, J Adler
Moscone West 3009
Ocean Salinity and Water Cycle
Variability and Change IV
Presiding: Paul Durack, Lawrence
Livermore Nat. Lab.; J. Thomas Farrar,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst;
Jacqueline Boutin, LOCEAN CNRS; Eric
Lindstrom, Nasa Headquarters
1600h OS44B-01 Ocean-to-Ocean Dissimilarities of
Salty Subtropical Surface Water: A L Gordon
1615h OS44B-02 A Subtropical North Atlantic
Regional Atmospheric Moisture Budget: F
Bingham, J M D’Addezio
1630h OS44B-03 Water cycle amplification inferred
from broadening of the ocean’s salinity distribution:
J D Zika, N Skliris, G Nurser, A Blaker, R Marsh
1645h OS44B-04 Variability of the Tropical Atlantic
and Pacific SSS Minimum Zones in the Last Three
Decades and Their Relations to the ITCZ and
NECC: T C Delcroix, M L Tchilibou, G Alory, G P
Reverdin, S Arnault
1700h OS44B-05 Where to Look for Recent Decadal
Ocean Temperature and Salinity Changes: a CMIP
Model Density Analysis: E Guilyardi, P J Durack,
P J Gleckler
1715h OS44B-06 The Impact of the Ozone Hole on
the Salinity of the Southern Ocean: A L Solomon, L
M Polvani, R P Abernathey, K L Smith
1730h OS44B-07 Upper Ocean Salinity Stratification
in the Tropics As Derived from the Buoyancy
Frequency N2: C Maes, T O’Kane
1745h OS44B-08 The Role of Time Scales in
Estimating the Relative Importance of Isopycnal
and Diapycnal Oceanic Mixing: J J Schanze, R W
Moscone West 2009
Accretion, Differentiation, and Early
Planetary Evolution I (Virtual Session)
(joint with DI, EP, MR, V)
Presiding: Henri Samuel, IRAP; Gregor
Golabek, ETH Zurich
Moscone West 3011
1600h P44A-01 On the Ways That Planetesimals
Were Analogs to Terrestrial Planets: L T ElkinsTanton
Airborne Systems in Support of
Oceanographic and Atmospheric
Research II (joint with A)
Presiding: Philip McGillivary, US Coast
Guard Ice Breaker Operations; Luc
Lenain, SIO/UCSD
1615h P44A-02 Mixing of Impactor Liquid Cores
and Planetesimals Constrained by Single Silicate
Crystal Magnetism: R K Bono, J A Tarduno, F
Nimmo, E Scott, L FerriГЁre
1630h P44A-03 Making an Iron Planet: The Case
for Repeated Hit and Run Collisions: E I Asphaug,
A Reufer
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:39 AM
1645h P44A-04 Investigating Planetary Volatile
Accretion Mechanisms Using the Halogens: C J
Ballentine, P L Clay, R Burgess, H Busemann, L
RuziГ©, B Joachim, J M Day
1700h P44A-05 Selenium isotopes indicate a
chondritic origin of volatile elements on Earth: H
Vollstaedt, K Mezger, I Leya
1715h P44A-06 Partial Atmospheric Loss and
Partial Mantle Melting during the Giant Impact
Stage of Planet Formation: S T Stewart, S J Lock, S
1730h P44A-07 Metal-Silicate Equilibration
at Super-Liquidus Temperatures During Core
Formation: J W Hernlund, H Ichikawa, S
Labrosse, M Kameyama
1745h P44A-08 Combining N-body accretion
simulations with partitioning experiments in a
statistical model of terrestrial planet accretion and
core formation: R A Fischer, F Ciesla, A J Campbell
Moscone West 2008
Observations and Dynamics of
Deglaciations II (joint with A, C, OS)
Presiding: William Roberts, University
of Bristol; Guleed Ali, Columbia
University of New York; Kyle Armour,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
Anna Hughes, University of Bergen
1600h PP44A-01 Coherent Changes of Northern
and Eastern Equatorial Africa Rainfall during the
Last Deglaciation: B L Otto-Bliesner, J M Russell,
P U Clark, Z Liu, J T Overpeck, B L Konecky, P B
deMenocal, S E Nicholson, F He, Z Lu
1615h PP44A-02 Decoupled Changes in Western
Niger Delta Primary Productivity and Niger River
Discharge Across the Last Deglacial: A O Parker, M
W Schmidt, N C Slowey, Z R Jobe, F Marcantonio
1630h PP44A-03 Penultimate Deglacial Dust Fluxes
in the Equatorial Pacific: Implications for ITCZ
Movement and a Common Mechanism for Glacial
Terminations: A W Jacobel, J F McManus, R F
Anderson, G Winckler
1700h PP44B-05 What in reality did we count?
Some details of the Suigetsu chronology (SG06_2012
yr BP chronology): T Nakagawa
1715h PP44B-06 Quantifying Uncertainty in
Spatio-temporal Forest Composition Changes
Inferred from Fossil Pollen Records: A Dawson, C J
Paciorek, J S McLachlan, S J Goring, J W Williams,
S T Jackson
1730h PP44B-07 A Statistical Reconstruction
of Bivariate Climate from Tree Ring Width
Measurements Using Scientifically Motivated
Process Models: J Tipton, M Hooten, N Pederson,
M Tingley, D A Bishop
1745h PP44B-08 Seeing the Forest for the
Tree(ring)s: Guarding Against False Discovery in
Large-Scale Dendroclimatology: S St George
Moscone South 305
1715h S44A-06 35 years of Ambient Noise: Can
We Evidence Daily to Climatic Relative Velocity
Changes ?: T Lecocq, H Pedersen, F Brenguier, K
1730h S44A-07 Effects of Seasonal and Secular
changes in Antarctic Sea Ice on Microseismic Noise:
R E Anthony, R C Aster, C A Rowe, D A Wiens
1745h S44A-08 Predicting High Frequency Windwave Generated Seismic Noise: a Way to Remotely
Monitor Sea-ice Mechanical State: F Gimbert, V C
Moscone South 303
Geophysics for National Security
Needs III (joint with NS, T)
Presiding: Catherine Snelson, Los
Alamos National Laboratory; Jessie
Bonner, Weston Geophysical; Robert
Mellors, LLNL L-046
Ambient Seismic Investigations:
Oceans, Ice, Environment, and
Climate III (joint with OS)
1600h Welcoming Remarks:
Presiding: Anya Reading, University
of Tasmania; Keith Koper, University
of Utah; Richard Aster, Colorado
State University; Victor Tsai, CaltechSeismological Lab
1625h S44B-02 A Micromechanical Damage
Mechanics Model for the Seismic Coupling of
Underground Nuclear Explosions: M A RogersMartinez, C G Sammis, J M Mihaly, H S Bhat
1600h S44A-01 numerical broadband modelling
of ocean waves, from 1 to 300 s: implications for
seismic wave sources and wave climate studies: F
Ardhuin, E Stutzmann, L Gualtieri
1615h S44A-02 Sources of Secondary Microseisms
in the Indian Ocean: G Barruol, C Davy, F R
Fontaine, E Stutzmann, M Schimmel
1630h S44A-03 Crustal Shear Structure and Seafloor
Compliance in the Shallow and Deep Ocean: A K
Doran, G Laske
1645h S44A-04 Splitting of the Double-Frequency
Microseismic Peak at Land-Based Seismometers in
North America: K D Koper, V Burlacu
1700h S44A-05 Decay of Hurricanes Tracked by
Dense Seismic Array: A Lamontagne, T Tanimoto
1605h S44B-01 Numerical modeling of explosions
for nuclear monitoring: J L Stevens
1640h S44B-03 Numerical Simulations of
Underground Explosions: Effect of Joints Near the
Source on Energy Coupling, Shear Motions and Gas
Flow: T Antoun, S M Ezzedine, O Vorobiev, L A
1655h S44B-04 Seismic Methods of Identifying
Explosions and Estimating Their Yield: W R
Walter, S R Ford, M Pasyanos, M L Pyle, S C
Myers, R J Mellors, A Pitarka, A J Rodgers, T F
1745h S44B-07 The use of waveform cross
correlation for creation of an accurate catalogue
of mining explosions within the Russian platform
using joint capabilities of seismic array Miknevo
and IMS arrays: I Kitov, M Rozhkov, I Sanina
Moscone South 304
Science and Societal Lessons from
a Decade of Giant Megathrust
Earthquakes II (Virtual Session) (joint
with G, NH, SI, T)
Presiding: Andrew Newman, Georgia
Tech; Lujia Feng, Earth Observatory
of Singapore; Jamie McCaughey,
Earth Observatory of Singapore;
Aron Meltzner, Earth Observatory of
1600h S44C-01 Characterizing the Variability of
Supercycles on the Mentawai Segment of the Sunda
Megathrust and Implications for Global Fault
Behavior: B Philibosian, K Sieh, J P Avouac, D H
Natawidjaja, H W Chiang, C C WU, H Perfettini, C
C Shen, M R Daryono, B W Suwargadi
1615h S44C-02 Constraining Paleoearthquake Slip
Distributions with Coral Microatolls: A Lindsay, J
McCloskey, M nic Bhloscaidh, S Murphy
1630h S44C-03 Paleoseismic Records of Multiple
Great Earthquakes from the Subduction Zones of
Sumatra, Chile, and Alaska: T Dura, B Horton, R
W Briggs, M Cisternas, L L Ely, H M Kelsey, A R
Nelson, C M Rubin
1645h S44C-04 Deterministic and Nondeterministic
Behavior of Earthquakes and Hazard Mitigation
Strategy: H Kanamori
1700h S44C-05 Influence of the Great Megathrust
Earthquakes of the Past Decade on Risk Assessment
and Outreach Programs: L A Dengler
1715h S44B-05 Source Time Functions of the Dprk
Announced Nuclear TESTS of 2006, 2009 and 2013:
A Ziolkowski
1715h S44C-06 Counter-intuitive Behavior of
Subduction Zones: Weak Faults Rupture, Strong
Faults Creep: K Wang, X Gao, S L Bilek, L N Brown
1730h S44B-06 Moment Tensor Descriptions
for Simulated Explosions of the Source Physics
Experiment (SPE): X Yang, E Rougier, E E Knight,
H J Patton
1730h S44C-07 Localized Fault Slip to the Trench
in the 2010 Maule, Chile MВ­w = 8.8 Earthquake from
Joint Inversion of High-Rate GPS, Teleseismic
Body Waves, InSAR, and Tsunami Observations:
H Yue, T Lay, L A Rivera, C An, C Vigny, X Tong
1645h PP44A-04 Dynamics of Glacial Terminations
Simulated By a Coupled Ice-Sheet-Earth System
Model: A Timmermann, M Heinemann, D
Pollard, A Abe-Ouchi, F Saito
1700h PP44A-05 Heat Storage in the Deep Ocean as
a Capacitor to Explain Deglaciations: J F Adkins,
N Thiagarajan
1715h PP44A-06 Late Circulation Response in the
Deep Southwest Atlantic during Termination I: D C
Lund, A C Tessin, A Schmittner
1730h PP44A-07 Mid-ocean ridge bathymetry
records past variations in sea level: evidence from
spectral analysis of abyssal hills and implications for
100 ky glacial cycles: P J Huybers, S M Carbotte, R
F Katz, C H Langmuir
1745h PP44A-08 Interglacial Climate from
Deglaciation to Glacial Inception: J F McManus, D
Raynaud, P C Tzedakis, E W Wolff, Q Yin, K Pol,
L C Skinner, M Crucifix, D A Hodell, A Berger, A
Ganopolski, B L Otto-Bliesner, C Mangili
Moscone West 2010
Understanding Uncertainties in
Paleoclimate and Paleoecology: Age
Models, Proxy Processes, and Beyond
II (joint with B, GC, NG)
Presiding: Connor Nolan, University of
Arizona; John Williams, University of
Wisconsin; Lorraine Lisiecki, University
of California Santa Barbara; Deborah
Khider, University of California Santa
1600h PP44B-01 The Paleoclimate Uncertainty
Cascade: Tracking Proxy Errors Via Proxy System
Models: J Emile-Geay, S G Dee, M N Evans, J F
A joint meeting, hosted by the U.S. and
Canadian scientific community, covering a diverse
program across the Earth and space sciences
1615h PP44B-02 Foraminifera Record the Good
Years More than the Bad: P M Hull
1630h PP44B-03 Radioisotopic Tie Points of the
Quaternary Geomagnetic Instability Time Scale
(GITS): How Accurate and Precise?: B S Singer
1645h PP44B-04 A Probabilistic Model of
Chronological Errors in Layer-Counted Climate
Proxies : M Comboul, J Emile-Geay, M N Evans, N
Mirnateghi, K M Cobb, D M Thompson
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
AGU2014News.indb 63
Abstract Submissions Deadline:
14 January
11/28/2014 11:06:39 AM
1745h S44C-08 Modeling Afterslip of the 2010 Mw
7.8 Mentawai Tsunami Earthquake Using Stressdriven Rate-and-State Frictional Slip: L Feng, S
Barbot, E M Hill, P Banerjee, I Hermawan, K Sieh
Moscone South 310
The M6.0 24 August 2014 South Napa
Earthquake II (joint with G, NH, T)
Presiding: Jeanne Hardebeck, USGS ;
Arthur Rodgers, Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory; Ingrid Johanson,
University of California Berkeley;
Michael Oskin, University of California
1600h S44D-01 Successful ShakeAlert Performance
for the Napa Quake: R M Allen, D D Given, T H
Heaton, J E Vidale
1615h S33F-4921 Monitoring seismic velocity
changes associated with the 2014 Mw 6.0 South
Napa earthquake: T Taira, F Brenguier, Q Kong
1630h S44D-03 Where was the 1898 Mare Island
Earthquake? Insights from the 2014 South Napa
Earthquake: S E Hough
1645h S44D-04 Sources of Increased Spring and
Streamflow Caused by the 2014 South Napa
Earthquake: J J Rytuba, T L Holzer
1700h S44D-05 Drought-induced stress changes
on faults associated with the 2014 South Napa
earthquake: A A Borsa, D C Agnew
1715h S44D-06 Stress transferred by the 2014
M=6.0 American Canyon (Napa), California,
earthquake, to the West Napa and Concord-Green
Valley faults: S Toda, R S Stein, V Sevilgen
Moscone West 2011
Linking the Solar Interior with the
Corona: Observations, Models, and
Data Assimilation II
Presiding: Irina Kitiashvili, NASA Ames
Research Center; Nagi Mansour, NASA
Ames Research Center; Mausumi
Dikpati, NCAR; Junwei Zhao, Stanford
1600h SH44A-01 Modeling the Convection Zoneto-Corona System over Global Spatial Scales: W P
Abbett, D J Bercik, G H Fisher
1615h SH44A-02 The Sun’s Meridional Flow and Its
Role in Magnetic Flux Transport and the Sunspot
Cycle: D H Hathaway, L Upton
1630h SH44A-03 Solar Meridional Flow from
Helioseismic Observations: R Komm
1645h SH44A-04 Dynamo Action and Meridional
Circulation Dynamics in Eulag-MHD Global 3D
MHD Simulations of Solar Convection: D M D C
Passos, P Charbonneau
1700h SH44A-05 Shaping Meridional Circulation
in Solar and Stellar Convection Zones: N A
Featherstone, M S Miesch
1715h SH44A-06 Coronal Eruptions in Simulations
of Magnetic Flux Emergence from the Convection
Zone: F Fang, Y Fan, S W Mcintosh
1730h SH44A-07 Direct interlink of plasma in the
convection zone and in the corona: K Shibasaki
1730h S44D-07 Dynamically Triggered Earthquakes
in the Geysers Region following the 2014 M6.0
South Napa Earthquake: X Meng, Z Peng, C Aiken,
D Kilb
1745h SH44A-08 Measuring Coronal Energy and
Helicity Buildup with SDO/HMI: P W Schuck, S K
Antiochos, G Barnes, K D Leka
1745h S44D-08 Ambient Tremor Triggered by the
24 August 2014, M6.0 South Napa Earthquake in
the Parkfield-Cholame region of California: R M
Moscone West 2016
Ice Layers in the Mesopause Region:
Their Physics, Relationship to the
Environment in Which They Form,
and Response to External Forcings II
Presiding: James Russell, Hampton
University; Scott Bailey, VA Tech
1600h SA44A-01 Modeling and observations of
PMC/NLC in the mesopause region: U Berger, F J
Luebken, G Baumgarten
1618h SA44A-02 The Roles of Greenhouse Gas and
Solar Cycle Forcing on the Interannual Variability
of Temperature and Ice Layers near the Mesopause
Region : S M Bailey, B Thurairajah, J M Russell III,
C E Randall, M E Hervig, D E Siskind
1636h SA44A-03 Two-day period fluctuation of
PMC occurrence over Syowa Station, Antarctica
observed by a ground-based lidar and AIM satellite:
T Nakamura, H Suzuki, M Tsutsumi, M K Ejiri,
Y Tomikawa, M Abo, T Kawahara, T T Tsuda, T
1650h SA44A-04 Stratospheric Impact on the
Onset of the Mesospheric Ice Season: J Fiedler,
G Baumgarten, U Berger, A Gabriel, R Latteck, F
J Luebken
1704h SA44A-05 Interhemispheric Coupling in
AIM/CIPS in Dec 2013/Jan 2014: A Connection to
Cold Air Outbreaks?: L A Holt, C E Randall, V L
Harvey, J France, J Pettit, J D Lumpe Jr, J M Russell
III, S M Bailey
1718h SA44A-06 Drivers of PMC Variability from
SOFIE and the Implications for Long-Term PMC
Change from SBUV: M E Hervig, M H Stevens
1732h SA44A-07 Gravity Waves in the Polar
Stratosphere and Mesosphere and Their Relations
with Ice Cloud Observed Sofie/AIM: X Liu, J Yue,
J Xu, L Wang, W Yuan, J M Russell III, M E Hervig
Moscone West 2012
Effects of Suprathermal Electrons in
Space Plasmas I
Presiding: George Khazanov, NASA/
GSFC; Viviane Pierrard, IASB-BIRA;
Michael Liemohn, University of
Michigan; John Dorelli, NASA/GSFC
1600h SM44A-01 The Role and Implications of
Non-Thermal Distributions in the Solar Corona/
Wind: J D Scudder
1615h SM44A-02 The Importance of Suprathermal
Electrons in the Solar Wind: G LE CHAT, N MeyerVernet, F G E Pantellini, K Issautier, M Moncuquet
1630h SM44A-03 Suprathermal Electrons in the
Plasma Environments of Mars and Venus: D A
1645h SM44A-04 Data-Model Comparison
Investigations of Thermospheric Density and
Composition Influences on High-Altitude
Photoelectron Fluxes at Mars: S Xu, M W Liemohn,
S W Bougher, D L Mitchell
1700h SM44A-05 Prompt Ion Outflows and
Artificial Ducts during High-Power HF Heating at
HAARP: Effect of Suprathermal Electrons?: E V
Mishin, G M Milikh
1715h SM44A-06 The role of superthermal
electrons in high latitude ionospheric outflows: A
Glocer, G V Khazanov, M W Liemohn, G Toth,
T I Gombosi
1730h SM44A-07 The Role of Superthermal
Electrons in the Formation of Double Layers and
their Application in Space Plasmas: N Singh
1745h SM44A-08 Investigation of sounding
rocket observations of field-aligned currents and
electron temperature: I J Cohen, M Lessard, M D
Zettergren, J Moen, K A Lynch, J M Heavisides
Moscone West 2018
Magnetic Reconnection and
Its Universal Consequences in
Magnetospheric and Solar Plasmas II
(joint with P, SH)
Presiding: Pontus Brandt, Johns
Hopkins Univ/APL; Brian Anderson,
Johns Hopkins Univ; Paul Cassak, West
Virginia University; Harry Warren, Naval
Research Lab DC
1600h SM44B-01 Thermal Structure and Dynamics
in Supra-arcade Downflows and Flare Plasma
Sheets: K Reeves, W Hanneman, M Freed, D E
1615h SM44B-02 Secondary Rayleigh-Taylor
Instabilities in the Reconnection Exhaust Jet: A
Mechanism for Supra-Arcade Downflows in the
Solar Corona: L Guo, A Bhattacharjee, Y M Huang,
D Innes
The Birch Lecture
(Virtual Session)
Presiding: Greg Hirth, Brown Univeristy;
Anthony Watts, University of Oxford;
Andrea Tommasi, University of
Montpellier II
1700h Presentation of the Jason Morgan Early
Career Award:
1705h T44B-01 On the Origin of Plate Tectonics: D
1630h SM44B-03 Spontaneous Reconnection Onset
in the Magnetotail: Kinetic and MHD Pictures: M I
Sitnov, V G Merkin
Moscone South 306
1645h SM44B-04 Consequences of Kinetic Effects
in Nonsymmetric Reconnection Configurations on
Large-Scale Dynamical Processes in Magnetosphere
and Solar Plasma: M M Kuznetsova, M Hesse, N
Aunai, D E Wendel, L Rastaetter, A Glocer, G Toth
Presiding: Adam Simon, Univ of
Michigan; Dennis Geist, University of
1700h SM44B-05 In-situ observations of
magnetic reconnection in the Jovian nightside
magnetosphere: S Kasahara, E A Kronberg, T
Kimura, C Tao, S V Badman, A Masters, A Retino,
N Krupp, M Fujimoto
1715h SM44B-06 The Impact of Plasmapheric Mass
Loading on Dayside Reconnection: J Ouellette,
J Lyon, O Brambles, B Zhang, W Lotko, M J
1730h SM44B-07 Comparative Examination of
Reconnection-Driven Magnetotail Dynamics at
Mercury and Earth: J A Slavin
1745h SM44B-08 Mercury’s Plasma Mantle during
Solar Wind Dynamical Pressure Enhancements : D
Delcourt, K Seki, N Terada, T E Moore
Physical Petrology II (joint with MR)
1700h V44A-01 The Distribution and Separation of
Crystals from Melt During Magmatic Evolution: J
1715h V44A-02 Petrology and Geochronology of
Kaula Volcano lavas: An off-axis window into the
Hawaiian Mantle Plume: M O Garcia, D Weis, B R
Jicha, J P Tree, M Bizimis
1730h V44A-03 A record of lower crustal chamber
sizes from Icelandic olivine-hosted melt inclusions:
J Maclennan
1745h V44A-04 Quantification of the Intrusion
Process at Kïlauea Volcano, Hawai’I: T L Wright,
B D Marsh
Moscone West 2002
NASA Earth Science Division Town
Hall Session (joint with A, B, GC, IN)
Moscone South 306
Linking Plate Tectonics and Mantle
Convection to Wilson Cycles:
Constraints from the Geological
Record and Surface Processes IV
(joint with DI, EP, S)
Moscone West 2004
Presiding: Nicolas Flament, University
of Sydney; Thorsten Becker, USC;
Rebecca Flowers, Univ of Colorado,
Boulder; Zheng-xiang Li, Curtin
Moscone West 2006
1600h T44A-01 Spherical Harmonic Models of
Observed Dynamic Topography: M Hoggard, N J
White, D Al-Attar
1615h T44A-02 Ice Age Sea Level Change on a
Dynamic Earth: J Austermann, J X Mitrovica, K
Latychev, A Rovere, R Moucha
1630h T44A-03 The Relationship between Dynamic
Topography and Sequence Stratigraphy: N J White
1645h T44A-04 Dynamic Topography and Sea
Level Change Inferred from Dipole and Quadrupole
Moments of Plate Tectonic Reconstructions: C P
Conrad, B M Steinberger, T H Torsvik
DOE’s Accelerated Climate Modeling
for Energy (ACME) Project
NSF Division of Polar Programs Town
Moscone West 2008
The Agricultural Model
Intercomparison and Improvement
Project (AgMIP) Town Hall (joint with
Moscone West 2003
NWS Model Development Forum
Moscone West 2005
Evaluating the Implementation of the
Global Earth Observation System of
Systems (GEOSS) and Envisioning the
Next Decade (joint with SI)
Moscone West 2007
Moscone South 103-104
Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM) Town
Hall Meeting (joint with C)
Daly Lecture (Virtual Session)
Presiding: Catherine McCammon,
Universitaet Bayreuth; Vickie Bennett,
Australian National University
1746h SA44A-08 Laboratory Measurements on
Heterogeneous Nucleation and Growth of Water
Vapor on Meteor Smoke Particle Analogues under
Conditions of the Mesopause: D Duft, M Nachbar,
H Wilms, M Rapp, T Leisner
Moscone South 103-104
1600h V44B-01 A Chlorine-Centric Perspective
on Fluid-Mediated Processes at Convergent Plate
Boundaries: J Selverstone
Moscone West 2009
U.K. Science and Innovation Network:
Strategic International Engagement
in the Earth and Space Sciences and
Policy (joint with PA, SI)
Moscone West 2011
Strategic Planning Update from UCAR
(joint with A, B, ED, OS)
AGU2014News.indb 64
All information is current as of 14 November, 2014
11/28/2014 11:06:39 AM
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