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Ex Back Roadmap - Get The Guy

Get Him Running
Back to You –
The Roadmap
a t t h e w
u s s e y
I know you want to jump into this Roadmap right away. But you’ll
get so much more out of this if you watch the video I created for
you to go along with this Roadmap. It takes you through lots of
details that I couldn’t fit in this PDF. You can find that video by
clicking here…
What you have here is a Roadmap to get your ex back. I’m handing you every step of my new
“Get Him Running Back to You” approach.
For the past five years I’ve coached millions of women to help them get the love life of their
dreams. My relationship guide is a New York Times bestseller, my YouTube coaching videos
have helped over 19,000,000 women and I’m the resident love expert on The Today Show.
I’ve worked with royalties and celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Eva Longoria, and I’ve
coached over 100,000 women around the world in my live seminars.
But I’ve never shared my secrets for getting your ex to come running back to you before…until
This is a really big moment for me in my career and I’m so glad you are here to share it with me.
I’ve always known exactly what it takes to get to get an ex boyfriend back. But I’ve held back
these secrets because I was worried that women would use them to get back a man that wasn’t
right for them.
But I recently realized that many women will try to get back their ex with our without my help.
And I would rather you do it the right way, with my help, than the wrong way which will only
leave you with more heartache.
So below I’m giving you my each step in my Roadmap to get your ex back fast.
Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by any of it, in the next video I’ll show you how to get
access to every single detail behind the Roadmap in one simple package that is so simple it is
practically paint-by-numbers to get him back.
Please promise me you’ll watch the video that goes with this Roadmap. In the video I explain the
5 Simple Steps you need to follow to get him back. As I’ve said from the start, the only way to
get your man back is to have a plan. You can’t wing it and you can’t let your emotions rule you
during this delicate time. Otherwise you will lose him forever. And we are not going to let that
DO NOT go it alone. Let me guide you through this time and you absolutely will get him back,
or, if you decide, move on to a man who is even better for you!
To your lasting happiness,
Matthew Hussey
This is what the entire Roadmap looks like.
I know it is too small to see. Sorry about that, but it
was the only way I could fit it all on one page for you.
Don’t worry though, I’ve broken it down on the
following pages so you can see every detail.
Use His Fears
“60/40” Concept
#1: Nothing to Rebel Against
3-Legged Chair
#2: Keep Him Off Balance
Emotional Judo
No extra effort required
Pilar #1: Understand His Head and Heart
Reality not as expected
4: Secret Strategies
#3: His “Lag Period”
He’s hurting too
But won’t last forever
Can give in
#4: He’s Winning You Back
The Attractions Forumula
Earn benefits
You MUST follow a plan to get him back
Your Strategy
All women
You’re not alone
He’s feels these too - in different ways
Valuable emotions
Not your fault
Right time, right place
Reflex Response
Pushes him further away
Use the right mode
High Value Response
Pillar #2: Don’t Let Emotions Rule
This always wins
Power Move #1: Live An Amazing Life
Power Move #2: Kill Him With Kindness...And Love
6 Power Moves
Power Move #1: Use the
“Goldilocks Contact Method”
Power Move #4: Become a Mystery Again
Power Move #5: Humbly Admit Your Role
Power Move #6: Follow a Plan, Not Your Emotions
Reflex Response vs. High Value Response
Perceived Challenge
Visual Chemistry
Perceived Value
Perceived Challenge
Laying the Foundation
Your Attraction Toolkit
Deep attraction
Lasting attraction
Timing it perfectly
“Cooling Off Period”
Must do
“No Contact” window
The formula for success
Let him miss you
Give him just enough space
Don’t let him think you’ve moved on
Walking that fine line
Before You Connect
Pushes him further away
Reflex Response Mode
Digs you deeper into an emotional hole
Don’t de-value the relationship you’re trying to save
High Value Response Mode
The art of Emotional Persuasion
No manipulation
Copy/paste posts
LR-LI Strategy
Text Messages
Copy/paste messages
Prevent His Panic
Don’t be “easy”
Fine line
Use “Nonchalant Confidence”
Step #1: Re-Establish Contact With
Your Ex Again (The Right Way)
Always remember the “Goldilocks Contact Method”
Early Flirtation
Avoid letting him play with your emotions
Making Contact
The Ultimate Social Media Rule
Nothing to Rebel Against
Control Your “Personal Brand” Image
He’ll sell himself on having a relationship with you again!
Spiking His Attention From Afar
Without investing in love
Use Loving Behaviour
Kill him with kindness
The 3 Qualities to Guide Every Communication
Stoke His #1 Fear
YOU getting over HIM
Choosing the right place to meet
Only let him see your best side
High Value approach
Puts you in control
Create An Aura Of Positivity
Keep Him “Off Balance”
Draw him into you again
Erase past negative ideas he may have
Leverage “The Art Of The Unfamiliar”
Be the girl he doesn’t recognize anymore
“Hangover Model”
Step #2: Make Your Life Irresistible To Him
Pick the Right Recovery Model
“Athlete Model”
Maximize Your Time Apart
It is a gift to increase your impact on him forever
Use His “Lag Period” to Your Advantage
The “Moving Train Mindset”
Let him know the cars are leaving the station
Gets him chasing after you
Ignites that first time excitement
Create a SECOND First Impression
Better than before
Why it works
Scent - Your Secret Weapon
How to do it
Body Language of Attraction
Evidence of growth
Defying Expectations
Your 5 Step Plan to
Win Him Back
Turn his world upside down
Step #3: Blow Him Away With Your
NEW First Impression
“Show Don’t Tell” Method
Scramble his brain
Show yourself in an amazing new light
Daniel Musto’s celebrity secrets
Be The Sexiest “You” He’s Ever Seen
Effortless beauty
Touch Calibrated
Hit the sweet spot
Make him feel enticed without feeling
like you’re trying to get him back
Don’t give in
Humbly Admit Your Faults
How to answer his “hidden landmine” questions
Maintain Your High Value Response
What to do if he has seen other women
What you trigger in him
The Next Level of Flirting
No flirtation that wuldn’t be OK on a first date
Exact ways to do it
Drive him crazy for you
Create Excitement and Challenge
It will backfire at this stage
Don’t Use Love at This Stage
Trigger the right emotion at the right time
Turning Up His Desire 10x
Use subtle techniques
Spontaneous moments
What to say
If he’s seeing other women
How to remain High Value
Stand out all other women
“Rebound Relationships”
Step #4: Create Uncontrollable Desire In Him
Use his imagination to your advantage
Raise your value
Surprise him
Challenge his prior beliefs
Create an even better relationship this time
Avoid past destructive patterns
Use your clean slate
The rules to live by
Never Engage in “Emotional Time Travel”
Don’t rehash the past
Secrets of Attraction
Keeping him “Off Balance”
The Affection Equation
Kissing Dos and Dont’s
Test His Intentions
Spark of desire
What he’s thinking
When he wants to sleep with you
How to respond for long-term attraction
Limit Intimacy
Wanting more
Leave on a High Note
Pique his interest
What to say
Copy/paste messages
After Your First Date
Not about technique
The Tightrope Walk
Step #5: Let Him Win You Again (And Stay Forever)
Keep Him Interested
But don’t move too fast
Follow Your Plan, Not Your Emotions
Retain Some Key Boundaries
Maintain Your Values When He Tests Your Standards
Avoid the Temptation to Move to Quick
Re-Ignite the “Honeymoon Phase”
Use the Butterfly Metaphor
Trigger His Dopamine Response
Overly romanticizing?
Can you
Should you
Uncover hidden issues
If you caused the breakup
3 Reconcillation Steps
Gut Check
Communicate it won’t happen again
Make him feel like your #1 priority
Keep your thinking clear
Stay Out of Emotional Black Holes
“I’ll never find another him”
Making excuses
The wrong reasons
Overlooking too much
Should you make changes?
The only rule you need
Recovering from a mistake
Be Prepared for Anything
“Want vs. Need” Paradigm
Why you can’t lose
Crucial for desire
It benefits you!
Protection Mode
Your body
View of men
Emotional energy
Halt your progress
“Survival Mode”
Destructive behaviours
Reflex Response
Emotion led
Impulse led
“Distraction Hunting”
#1 Transform Self-Loathing Into Self-Love
Be your own best friend
Filling the void
#2 Don’t Force Your Feelings
Rebuilding Your
Emotional Armor
Your “Emotional Immune System”
#3Letting Your “Emotional Wound” Heal
How to heal it
Don’t accidentally make it worse
Avoid the bogus cures
“Kindred Spirits”
#4 Surrounding Yourself With Love
3 types that are essential to your recovery
“Sage Counsel”
Who to avoid at all costs
7 Methods to Feel Better Fast
#5 Regaining Responsibility
#6 Feeling Desirable
Surprising value of dedlines
Restoring emotional balance
Withdrawal stage
Flirting to boost your emotional recovery
#7 Becoming Invincible
“RISE UP Model”
Recovering smart
See past his excuses
Mindsets That Guarantee
You’ll Lose Him
The Excuse Minefield
Understand true meaning
Use your “4 Secret Strategies”
Show him you are
the right woman
“He’s afraid of commitment
No man fears
commitment with
the right woman
“He’s Too Focused on Career”
Men ca always make
time for what they decide
is important
“He’s Moved On”
You’ve won his
heart before, easy to do
He’ll beg
you to commit!
“60/40” rule
“High Value”
approach eliminates
Reignite the spark
“He grew bored with the relationship”
He’ll forget
about work
Deep connection
Live an Amazing Life
“I was/am too jealous”
Make your
relationship important
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