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The Quarterly Newsletter for the Sacramento/Sierra Nevada Chapter of Meeting Professionals International
Volume 30, Issue 2 • Winter 2014
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Lots of Crab! Lots of Fun! Auction, Dancing and More!
Join MPISSN for Our Inaugural Crab Feed!
Wednesday, January 21, 2015
5:30 p.m.
Dante Club, Sacramento
Join us for “Under the Sea ” an evening that
promises an all you can eat fresh crab dinner,
silent and live auction.
Plus music by the popular Decades Band. The
menu includes crab, salad, vegetables, pasta,
and wine. Bring your crab crackers, butter
warmers and get ready for a great time.
$65 per person
$125 per couple
Table of 10 is $600
What’s Inside
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MPISSN Calls for Nominations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
November Event Recap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Upcoming MPISSN Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Have You Connected with MPISSN. . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Thank You Key Partners. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
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The Four C’s of Audience Engagement . . . . . . . 10
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Volunteer of the Quarter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
1 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
President’s Message
2014 -2015
Board of Directors
Dear MPISSN Members:
Jennifer Flohr, CAE, CMP
[email protected]
Jeff Dougherty
[email protected]
Immediate Past
Kelli Schroeder, CAE, CMP
[email protected]
Vice President,
Jenn Wheaton, CMP
[email protected]
Mary Zavislan Cook, CMP
[email protected]
Vice President,
Felicia Price, CMP
[email protected]
Thank you for your support this year! I
am excited to report that membership is
growing! One reason I think membership
is up, is due to our great programs. Our
education and special events teams are
working hard to provide us with topnotch speakers and education as well
as new, fun social events. If you would
like to volunteer and help either of these
committees, please let us know.
I hope to see you at one or all of the
following events:
Jan. 21st – Under the Sea, Crab Feed
Feb. 10th – Luncheon presentation: Devices Down! How to Keep Your
Audience Fully Engaged!
March 24th – Annual Trade Show with education
And since we are half-way through our fiscal year, I want to thank our
board for all their hard work. I am proud to work with each of you and
I thank you for your dedication to MPISSN.
Please feel free to reach out to me for any reason, comment,
suggestion, etc. I am here to serve you and our community. Have a
Happy and fun-filled New Year!
Vice President,
Lynda Sagar
[email protected]
Jennifer Flohr, CAE, CMP
MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada President 2014-2015
Vice President,
Special Events
Robin Rinehard, CTSM
[email protected]
2 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
Upcoming MPISSN Events - Save the Date!
January 2015, 5:30 p.m.
Dante Club
2330 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, 95825
Special Event: MPISSN’s 1st Annual Crab Feed
February 10, 2015, 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Mack Powell Event Center
2003 Howe Ave, Sacramento, 95825
Luncheon Program Topic: “Devices Down! How to
Keep Your Audience Fully Engaged”
Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP
March 24, 2015
Arden Hills Resort & Spa
1220 Arden Hills Lane, Sacramento, 95864
Morning Workshop Topic: “Hands-on Technology
Training” More information coming soon.
MPISSN’s Annual Trade Show
3 • Winter 2014
April 21, 2015
Location TBA
Membership Appreciation Event
May 19, 2015
Location TBA
“Speakers Showcase”
June 16, 2015
Location TBA
MPISSN Annual Gala & Silent Auction
August 1-4, 2014
San Francisco
MPI World Education Congress
MPISSN Connects
4 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
Article Originally Published on Page 10,
California Meetings + Events Magazine,
Fall 2014 Issue
5 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
Another Successful MPISSN Game Night!
6 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
What Was Once a Necessity is Now So Much More
By Christina Hake, CMP, California Head Start Association
When I originally obtained my CMP (Certified
Meeting Professional) it was out of a pressing
need to learn more about the meetings industry
as quickly as possible. My Executive Director was
leaving our association and the responsibility of
managing our events had been delegated to me. I
had been an event coordinator for 3 years and was
well versed in the administrative duties but I had
never managed an entire event on my own.
I soon learned of the CMP through my MPI and
PCMA memberships. It became apparent this was
the quickest and most affordable method to gain
knowledge and credibility in my new position. With
100% support from my new E.D. I began this exciting endeavor. Within the year I had passed my
CMP exam. What I thought was a necessity in order to do my job ended up being so much more.
Earning the CMP provided me with the confidence boost needed to fulfill my pressing job duties.
Now, I feel assured that I’m on the right track when I take on higher level tasks including contract
negotiations, speaker/education recruitment, sponsorships, A/V requests, F&B ordering and much
While studying for the exam I acquired a great number of resources including study guides and
manuals. The most important resource has been all of the other planners that were on this journey
with me. Studying for the CMP created an abundance of opportunities for me to network with my
peers and create lifelong relationships with both novice and seasoned planners. These relationships
not only serve as guidance now but can also provide assistance with my possible growth in the
Having a credential that is recognized globally by both planners and the hospitality industry
reminds me that the work that I do is crucial in advancing the mission of my association. What once
felt like a job now feels like a career. Prior to earning my CMP I was unaware of how vital face to face
meetings are for the local and the global economy. Now, I realize this is a profession that is only
growing larger and I’m excited to be a part of it.
With this new found confidence and network of peers I hope to continue moving forward with
my career in the meetings industry. Next to my college degree, getting the CMP is one of the best
choices I have made academically in my adult life.
Want to learn more about the CMP Program? Click here to visit the Convention Industry Council
website for details, deadlines and application materials.
7 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
8 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
MPISSN Calls for Board of Directors Nominations
Each year the Nominating Committee recommends a slate of candidates to serve in the following
positions: President Elect, VP of Communications, VP of Education, VP of Finance, VP of Membership
and VP of Special Events. Serving on the MPISSN Board of Directors contributes to a meeting industry
professional’s personal and career growth which benefits our Chapter. Current and previous Directors
report serving on the MPISSN Board is a rewarding and memorable experience.
Prospective candidates are planner or supplier members who are: in good standing; active in and
familiar with MPISSN Chapter functions and events; willing to fulfill the obligations of office; have a
history of involvement, accomplishment and dependable service; and are willing to contribute time,
energy and creativity to the Chapter. Members may nominate their peers, once they have established
said member’s interest in serving, or self-nominate.
Visit www.mpissn.org to view the Leadership tab, then select Nominations & Elections to download the
Nominating Form. You may mail or fax the Nominating Form to MPISSN headquarters or scan the form
to Nominating Committee Chair Kellie Schroeder at [email protected]
Applications are due January 31, 2015.
Have you Connected with MPISSN?
Over the past two years, the MPISSN Social Media Committee has
taken the Chapter’s Facebook Page to a new level. This year the
Committee’s focus is to continue to improve and engage on Facebook
as well as develop more of a LinkedIn presence. The committee is
comprised of Co-Chairs Larry Jacinth, CMP, Kimber Chavez, and Anna
The committee welcomes receiving any content or ideas to share with
our audience via social media - i.e. industry events, member activities
or any industry relevant topics or concerns that would enlighten
and engage our followers. To join the committee (the best way to
learn more about social media) or submit relevant topic information
contact [email protected],
[email protected] or [email protected]
Not connected with MPISSN? Be sure to click the links below and LIKE,
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9 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
FEBRUARY EDucation Highlight
The Four C’s of Audience Engagement
By Shawna Suckow, CMP
There are two huge challenges facing our industry right now. The first is
audience engagement (I won’t go into the second one here, but just in case
you’re curious, it’s the toxic RFP environment).
How do we engage today’s audiences of multi-tasking, device-addicted,
short-attention-spanned people? Our entire culture has evolved in the past
few years, so that we feel we must be multi-tasking, or we’re slacking off.
Gone are the days when we can fill a whole conference with one lecture
after another, or people will simply check out mentally and recede into the
comfort of their smart phones. Or worse yet, walk out of sessions and hang
out in the hallways with like-minded lecture refugees. Or worst of all, stop
coming to our conferences altogether!
I want to back up to look at the fundamental reasons we have conferences. It’s been on my mind lately,
so I’ve posed this question to audiences all over North America, and the answers always fall into four key
categories, which I call “The Four C’s.” Stick with me to the end, though, because although you may nod
your head in agreement, I’d like to take the discussion a step further, and challenge all planners out there to
engage their audiences better in each category.
These are The Four C’s:
Community. Networking is often the number one reason people come to conferences and events.
Celebration. Recognizing the accomplishments of ourselves, our peers, and our industry is one of the other
main reasons why we congregate. It’s no fun celebrating alone.
Collaboration. Some have argued that �content’ should be one of the C’s, but I don’t believe content is as
meaningful without collaboration. If it were just about the content, we would just stay home and watch
webinars or read books. It’s coming together for the shared learning experience that makes a conference
Changing lives. In big ways and small, ALL meetings change their participants. Whether it’s meeting
someone new, learning something that can ease frustration at work, or coming across a new idea that sparks
change for mankind, meetings change lives – there’s no denying it.
Here’s the Four C’s Challenge: once you’ve identified your conference’s goals and objectives, I put forth that
you then focus on the four C’s and how you can engage your participants differently.
10 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
11 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
FEBRUARY EDucation Highlight - CONTINUED
The Four C’s of Audience Engagement
Continued from Page 10
How will you foster a sense of Community? Most conferences and events just schedule free time
and rely on attendees to network organically. I believe that we need to do better these days. With the
convergence of four generations, the lure of our devices, and diversity of participants that always include
newcomers and introverts, it’s harder than ever to meet new people. Planners can be strategic in providing
ways for participants to connect with others throughout the conference by creating deliberately structured
networking opportunities. These are always appreciated by the first-time attendees and introverts.
How will you build Celebration into your event in a more engaging way? Think of the last awards
ceremony you attended – it’s painfully boring for everyone but the winners. We can do better.
How will you foster better Collaboration at your conference? Ask each speaker how they will
engage the audience, and what percentage of their session is collaborative – I mean truly collaborative.
Don’t settle for anything less than one third. Every session, unless it’s a strict download of information,
can be collaborative. The speaker just needs to relinquish the power to the audience for table discussions,
small group analysis, Q&A, facilitated audience response, or other formats. I wonder if people truly want
lectures and traditional keynotes these days, or if they’d rather prefer a strong message wrapped in an
opportunity to really connect with one another. Where there’s collaboration in sessions, participants truly
can create their own outcome. Would you rather leave success in the hands of just one speaker, or share
the responsibility with every single participant at the conference? When they are invested in their own
outcome, everyone is more engaged.
Of course, there are all sorts of ways to Change lives through our conferences via CSR activities. I
always encourage a Corporate Social Responsibility aspect at every conference. What I’m talking about,
though, is changing the lives of our own attendees. If we can provide the opportunities for Community,
Celebration and Collaboration, we virtually guarantee that every single participant will walk away a changed
Not every conference is solving world hunger or addressing the debt crisis, but if we can serve up the simple
elements that every conference participant seeks, we change every person’s life who walks through our
doors. I’d have to say that’s a worthy outcome.
Please plan on joining MPISSN on Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Devices Down! How to Keep Your Audience Fully Engaged!
Presented by Shawna Suckow, CMP
Today’s audiences need to be highly engaged — immediately — or they will tune out. Presenters are
competing for the attention of demanding attendees who have low tolerance for talking heads, short
attention spans, and the considerable diversions of their phones and other devices. In this session,
Shawna Suckow, CMP, will discuss how the evolution of technology, our culture and our generations
have led to changes in how education needs to be structured to meet attendees’ needs.
12 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
By Jeff Dougherty, Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau
Our Neck of the Woods
Hotels: Two hotels going in next to new downtown arena: The first will be a Hyatt Place taking over Hotel
Marshall. This hotel will have 130 guest rooms and 15 condos. The second, being built by the Kings will be a
mixed use building with an unnamed hotel boasting approximately 250 hotel rooms and 69 condos. More
info on this project can be found in my “Also In The News” section. SacBee, 12/1/14
Events: A Global Winter Wonderland has come to Sacramento. The event, includes carnival rides, holiday
gift market, international foods, live performances and a village of colorful handmade silk lanterns opened
at Cal Expo on Nov. 22 and run through Jan. 4, 2015 and will take over 17 acres of Cal Expo. SBJ, 10/15/14
The Amgen Tour of California will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a start in Sacramento on May 10,
2015. The eight-stage men’s race will move from Sacramento to Southern California. The 2015 race will also
include a 4-day women’s professional race that starts in Lake Tahoe and ends in Sacramento. SBJ, 10/20/14
Restaurants: Music venue Marilyn’s on K closed on Nov. 1 and will be replaced by a new arcade room that
will offer video game machines and craft cocktails. SBJ, 10/20/14
A new pizzeria recently opened in Midtown Sacramento. Pieology, which specializes in personal pizzas
replaced the former Monsoon restaurant at 1020 16th St. Think Chipotle meets pizza. The Rancho Santa
Margarita-based restaurant has more than 20 locations in eight states. SBJ, 10/22/14
Also In The News
Sacramento Republic moving ahead on bigger Bonney Field, MLS bid SBJ, 11/25/2014
OpenTable list of top steakhouses includes two area restaurants SBJ, 11/12/2014
Sacramento Kings submit formal plans for development next to arena SBJ, 10/11/2014
Our Neighbors
Lake Tahoe: The second renovation phase has begun for the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. The property is
forking over $3 million to add new lighting for all suites, upgrade guest room furniture, remodel banquet
rooms and lobby and enhance the pool area including new decking and furniture. Meetings Focus,
September 2014
Elk Grove: The city’s newest events center is set to open in November. The Falls event center located at
8290 Elk Grove Blvd. offers 13,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor space that can accommodate several
events at the same time. A similar center is being planned for Roseville with construction beginning in late
2015. SBJ, 10/9/14
Santa Clara: The opening of Levi’s Stadium has resulted in a demand for Santa Clara hotel rooms. During
the third quarter of 2014, area hotels were 85 percent full with nightly rates close to $200. Demand
continues for 2015 and 2016 and several new hotel projects are being considered for the city. SBJ, 10/16/14
13 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
Volunteers of the Quarter
By Jeff Dougherty, Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau
Our Volunteer of the quarter is not a person, but a team. The Social Media
Team! Social media is one of those volunteer opportunities that is behind
the scenes and does not typically see very much recognition. Co-Chaired
by Kimber Chavez, UC Davis Health System Eye Center and Past MPISSN
President, Larry Jacinth, CMP with UC Davis Health System, the team has
increased our Facebook likes by more than 300% over the past two years and
have begun to focus on Twitter and LinkedIn. Kimber and Larry volunteered
for this role with no social media experience. They wanted to learn more
about running a successful social media campaign so that they could
implement this new found knowledge back to their “real jobs”. Rounding
out our team and new to our chapter this year is Anna Swanson, Conference
Marketing Coordinator for the League of California Cities.
VP of Communications, Jenn Wheaton had this to say about her team:
“Kimber and Larry have done a great job over the last two years learning about
using social media effectively and applying that to the MPISSN social media
channels. The have really taken our Chapter’s social media presence to the next
level. Anna joined the team this year and our Facebook page is stronger than
ever. The three of them have been dedicated to this Chapter and have really
proven to be important members of the communications team. I couldn’t do it
all without their help and dedication!”
Kimber Chavez
Larry Jacinth, CMP
Kimber, Larry and Anna - Thank you for everything you do!
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
Connect wtih us on LinkedIn
Anna Swanson
We have had 41 members volunteer at least one hour of time to MPISSN since July 1st. We would like to
recognize the following individuals for the time they have committed to our Chapter:
Robert Best – Lisa Bispham – MaryAnne Bobrow – Laura Bohannon – Susan Buntjer – Kimber Chavez
– Mary Zavislan Cook – Jessica Counts – Cheryl Cox – Paula Currie – Jeff Dougherty – Marcia Durst –
Amanda Flagas – Jennifer Flohr – Deborah Grinnell – Christina Hake – Marilyn Hauck – Lauryl Hernandez
– Richard Heitke – Michael Hutchings – Larry Jacinth – Amy Lai – Lynette Magnino – Jennifer Mann
– Maria Martinsen – Catherine Murnighan – Felicia Price – Stephanie Pridmore – Lauren Richardson –
Robin Rinehart – Lynda Sagar – Theresa Schrader – Monica Slingerman – Iris Smith – Margie Starr – Anna
Swanson – Kristine Van Winkle – Janet Waldie – Jennifer Weaton – Tamara Williams – Jenai Wyatt
Volunteered and don’t see your name? Please contact President Elect, Jeff Dougherty.
Would you like to give back to the chapter? Perhaps write an article for Connects? Contact President Elect,
Jeff Dougherty – [email protected] / (916) 808-8140 or click here to view our “Volunteer Your
Way” A la carte Volunteer Menu.
14 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
Continued from Page 13
Business Travelers:
According to a new BridgeStreet report, many business travelers are unsure whether it is ok to combine
leisure trips with business trips. Fourteen percent of business travelers said they are aware of a company
policy on the issue, while 59 percent said there is no policy and 27 percent aren’t sure if there was a policy.
Although uncertain, a whopping 83 percent say they use time on business trips to explore cities they are
visiting. Another 60 percent said they’ve taken a “bleisure” trip (blending leisure and business) with half
adding up to two vacation days to the business trip. Fifty-four percent of travelers also bring their families
along. Skift, 10/22/14
Meeting Planners:
Hilton Worldwide has launched a new online resource for meeting planners. Idea Network features articles,
advice and tips designed to inspire meeting professionals. The site is organized into four sections focusing
on creating experience, driving results, building connections and doing it all responsibly. Successful
Meetings, 10/27/14
15 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
Tuesday Atop the Tower with MPI and Stuckrath
By Rich Heitke, CMP, CGMP, J. Burton and Associates, Inc.
The Sacramento Sierra Nevada chapter of MPI met in the Capitol Room on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency
Sacramento on Tuesday, November 18. If you haven’t been, the view from this room affords a dramatic
vantage above the state capitol and downtown. The Hyatt staff was gracious and welcoming from the
general manager to servers. We got early insider news that the Hyatt, a 27,000 square feet of meeting space
property, is creating a Regency Club high up in their tower which will be a really nice amenity.
Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC, CFPM of thrive! meetings & events, delivered, “Serve This Not That!”, an
interactive presentation on food allergies and their effects on people and the conduct of events. Shockingly,
eight allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, milk, wheat, crustaceans, and soy account for 90%
of all food allergies. U.S. food labeling is beginning to alert consumers the presence of these eight allergens,
but if you hold meetings in Europe fourteen allergens are featured. One can no longer merely assume that
serving seminar chicken to 95% of your attendees with an allowance for 5% vegetarians accommodates
individual dietary needs. All who attended the MPISSN meeting are now much more familiar with the major
special needs diets such as Vegan, Paleo, Pescetarian, Kosher, Fruitarian, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian and more.
Tracy described eight strategies for meeting professionals to follow to meet attendee’s needs. Some may
seem like common sense in their first sentences, but all provide thoughtful and logical guidance (Reference
them at www.thrivemeetings.com.) For very large events with many dietary needs represented planners are
even bringing on dietary consultants.
Meeting dietary needs is not merely catering to food preferences. The ADA dictates a measure of
responsibility upon the group to accommodate dietary needs. Not doing so can be not only discriminatory
but also increase a planner’s liability.
The meeting was sponsored by the Wyndham Anaheim/Garden Grove, formerly a Crowne Plaza.
Representing Wyndham was Monty Criss, Director of Group Sales.
Monty proudly described big changes being undertaken at his
property such as lobby renovation.
16 • Winter 2014
MPISSN Connects
Thank You to our Key Partners
Diamond Level
Emerald Level
Ruby Level
2014-15 Committee Chairs
Advertising, Chair
Other Special Events, Chair
Strategic Alliance, Chair
Annual Event,Chair
Member Recruitment, Co-Chair
Audit, Chair
Terri L. Schrader, CMP
[email protected]
Member Retention, Chair
Monica Slingerman
[email protected]
Trade Show, Chair
Michael Hutchings
[email protected]
Awards & Recognition, Chair
Lisa Bispham, CMP
[email protected]
Nominating, Chair
Kelli Schroeder, CMP, CAE
[email protected]
Community Outreach, Chair
Robert Best
[email protected]
Professional Development, Chair
Marcia Durst, CMP
[email protected]
Corporate Social Responsibility, Chair Public Relations, Chair
Amy J. Lai, CMP
Richard Heitke, CMP, CGMP
[email protected]
[email protected]
Educational Programs, Chair
Marla Martinsen
[email protected]
17 • Winter 2014
Website, Chair
Lauren Richardson, CMP, CGMP
[email protected]
Social Media, Co-Chair
Kimber Chavez
[email protected]
Social Media, Co-Chair
Larry Jacinth, CMP
[email protected]
Publications, Chair
Deoborah Grinnell
[email protected]
MPISSN Connects
Volunteer with us!
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and available time.
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shapes and defines the meeting
and event industry in the greater
Sacramento/Sierra Nevada region.
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18 • Winter 2014
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