Quarterly Newsletter (Winter 2015)

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Medina County
Veterans’ Newsletter
Piston Powered Auotrama
2015, I-X Piston Powered Auto Rama; will Benefit
The Greater Cleveland Fisher House
We are looking forward to another
huge turnout this year for the I-X
Center’s annual Piston Powered
Auto Rama this coming March
20th through 22nd, 2015. This
year we are featuring the US Marine Corps 3/25th and Northeast
Ohio Recruiters.
All proceeds will benefit The
Greater Cleveland Fisher House.
A Fisher House, similar to a
Ronald McDonald House, is for
where military family members to
stay free-of-charge while their injured or ill loved one undergoes
treatment, procedures, operations, or rehabilitation. The Goal
of the Greater Cleveland Fisher
House Organization is to raise
$3,000,000 locally with another
$3,000,000 from National Fisher
House for construction there are
currently 62 houses in operation
across the United States, Germany, and England). The new facility will be located one block north
of the Louis Stokes VA Hospital in
Cleveland, Ohio which is the second largest VA hospital in the
United States.
W IN TER 2 0 1 5
VA Medical CTR
contact information
Service Officer Comments
My Trip to Medina
Rolling Thunder Chili
Senior Section
VA News Release
Your Benefits
Senior Section (cont)
land Fisher House will be a County Coalition
16,500 square foot home with Calendar
18 to 21 suites to accommoID Cards are now available for
date up to 42 people. The cost eligible Veterans at the Medina
to build the house is $7 million. County Recorders Office. You
The goal of the Greater Cleve- must bring an original DD 214
or Discharge and record it to
land Fisher House is to raise receive your free ID card.
half of the money through community fundraising. The Fisher
House Foundation will then
provide the remaining $3.5 million. Thus far they have raised
$2.2 million of the $3m needed.
Ground breaking is anticipated
Recorders Office is located
to take place in Spring/Summer The
at in the County Administration
of 2015.
Building at. 144 N Broadway
It won’t happen without the St #117 Medina, OH 44256
generosity of those who are
How to Create
willing to support our veterans
and their families. Last year the Your myPay AcI-X Centers Rod and Piston Au- count
a Temporary Password
to Rama raised $75,000 and Request
1. Go to https://mypay.dfas.mil.
this year’s event hopefully will 2. Click "Forgot or Need a Passbring the Greater Cleveland word?"
3. Enter your Social Security NumFisher House closer to their ber and click "Yes" button on the
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bottom right.
4. Choose "mail to my address of
record with Military Retired" and
click "Send me a Password:'-ur if
you have a valid email address in
myPay, you can choose to have it
emailed to you.
Create a Permanent Password
and Login ID
V O LU M E 7 , I SS U E 2
VA Medical
Inpatient and Outpatient Care is
Available at the
Following Hospitals
Wade Park Center
10701 East Boulevard—
Cleveland, OH 44106
Phone: (216) 791-3800—Fax:
(216) 421-3217
For appointments or
(800) 379-8387
Parma Community Based Clinic
8787 Brookpark Rd.—Parma, OH
Phone: (216) 739-7000
Akron Community Based Clinic
55 W. Waterloo—Akron,
OH 44319-1116
Phone: (330) 724-7715
If you have an emergency you
may want to consider going to
the local hospital
Our office can provide
transportation for veterans
to the following VA
Healthcare facilities
Wade Park Hospital
Monday through Friday
Parma CBOC
Monday through Friday
Akron CBOC
Monday through Thursday
We ask that you make your appointments between the hours
of 9:00 am and 12 noon.
Our vans go to the Akron Clinic,
Monday through Thursday and
you should ask for an appointment between the hours
of 9:00 am and 12 noon. (Tell
them you are a van rider).
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goal. Let’s give injured veterans and their families a
place to heal. Help us reach
our goal. The Greater
Cleveland Fisher House…
put a face on it. Put a family
in it!
So come on out to the IX
Center, March 20th through
the 22nd to see some fast
cars and military displays as
well as show support for our
current military and their
This year the I-X Piston
Powered Auto-Rama, will,
boast over one million
square feet of pistonpowered vehicles including
hot rods, customs, trucks,
motorcycles, tractors, antique construction equipment, military vehicles, and
even airplanes. Last year’s
show the new, bigger and
better event received an
from local enthusiasts, and
the net result was a recordbreaking attendance count
of more than 35,000 spectators'.
This year’s event will have
many more military vehicles
as well as civilian hot rods,
something for everyone.
There will be booths set up
there by many Veterans Organizations to include the
Medina, Cuyahoga and
Summit County’s Veterans
Service Offices will be on
sight to talk about your benefits. The Disabled American Veterans Chapter #72
from Medina County will also have its 1953 Korean
War Army vehicle on display. Medina VFW #5137 is
again one of the main sponsors of the event. Jack Forster encourages everyone to
come out and enjoy some
great camaraderie with family and friends. There is truly
something for everyone at
this event, no matter your
See page 10, for this years
prices and military discounts.
Last year the leadership of the InternaƟonal ExposiƟon Center (I-X Center)
really “revved it up” at recent the Piston
Powered Auto-Rama Show with the
presentaƟon of a $50,000 check to The
Greater Cleveland Fisher House (GCFH)
campaign. The show not only featured
some 1,000 custom cars and hot rods,
but it also featured a large military vehicle display which honored area veterans
and service members.
A Message From the
County Veterans’
Well fall has come and
gone and so has another
joyous Holiday Season. I
can’t believe we’re in 2015
already. I want to thank
everyone for making the
2nd Annual Medina County Veterans Ball a huge success this year.
My hat goes off to Dave Taylor and
the Coalition for all the hard work
and effort they have put into what
has become a wonderful evening of
camaraderie and fun. It was great
to see so many Veterans say “hey I
haven't seen you in years.” to old
acquaintances. That’s really what
the event is all about.
Congratulations to Mr. Jerry Lemons
who was selected as our very first
Medina County Veteran of the year
for 2014. Jerry along with Mr. Lou
DeLoss were also among the 20 Ohioans who were inducted into the Ohio
Veterans Hall of Fame Class of 2014.
The Christmas Season has come
and gone and again the generosity
of our entire community as well as
the Veterans Organizations throughout the County never ceases to
amaze me. Even with a recovering
economy we still have several Veterans and Families in need and the
donations we received to assist
those in need were overwhelming.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Our “Tank the Truck” also received
overwhelming amount of donation
this year as we handed out more
than 600 bottles of laundry detergent and toiletries to the needy with-
in Medina County. A
big thanks to the DAV
Chapter #72 for sponsoring it again this
year and all the organizations who donated.
There have been several changes in the
past few months within the VA and one of
the big ones is the
Card. Although it is a
great idea, I have to
warn you . Make sure
you get prior approval from the VA
Medical center prior to using it, or
you may be responsible for the bill
you incur.
Don’t forget the Homestead Exemption Program can save you tax dollars. There are changes to this program for the new year. One of the
biggest changes is that if you have
100% service connected disability
rating from the VA you may be eligible. . You must apply before the first
www.medinacountyauditor.org and
click on “FORMS”. Or call Judy
Rogers at the Auditor’s Office if you
have questions, 330.725.9754.
With winter in full swing please stay
safe and we’ll see you in
the spring.
Veterans Service Officer
Medina County, Ohio
V O LU M E 7 , I SS U E 2
CONTACT THEM: 901 Lafayette Rd.
Medina, OH 44258 330.421.4816
will be held at the Community Center at the Medina County Fairgrounds,
on the Third Thursday of each month.
Feb 19
Mar 19
Apr 16
Any household or individual under the 200% of Federal Poverty Guideline is
eligible! Anyone receiving benefits from Job and Family Services is under 200% of
poverty. Food will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.
Please bring your own bags
My Trip to Medina, Ohio
By: Ron Goben
During our VSRA trip to Medina, Ohio we meet an outstanding man with a marvelous outlook on life. A man
that I am honored to have
met. A man that knows no
strangers. While there are
many surprising items, vehicles, equipment, parts,
memorabilia and such within
the several buildings he has,
the real treasure is the man!
Introduced to me as Carl Bilski it was soon explained that
he is best known as "the
Sandman". From his business
to his hobby of truck pulling
and wheel standing vehicles
he is widely known - and
loved! I found Mr. Bilski to
be a humble, pure and gracious person. He was more
than happy to show us around
compound and show his talents.
And they are many! And while
every turn found amazing sights
and accomplishments, he continually mentioned other folks
that had something to do with
his projects.
His mind always searching, exploring new ideas, or creating
something from nothing, he still
finds the time to be a genuine
person. Though some may call
him a 'character', I choose to
call him real. His compassion
for life and sharing beams from
every sentence and action.
He also has an unwavering
commitment to our veterans and
service personnel. In fact, every
truck, car and display proudly
displayed the 'In Honor of Our
Veterans' logo. He even has a
special area in his shop that has
been set aside to only house
items honoring some of our nation's finest! A true patriot as
well as a veteran himself, he
has not and will not ever forget!
I was/am amazed and surprised.
While everything I saw was
fantastic and well surprising, it
was and is the man that I find
most amazing. A man with a
warm heart and a great mind.
He can and has
engineered some very neat mechanical units. Including some
young minds he has mentored.
His unselfish sharing of his
knowledge and wealth has definitely had a positive effect on
many lives.
His smile and soft voice was
always assuring. His influence
always present, though subdued. His enthusiasm for life is
contagious and inspiring. His
abilities never ending. He is the
kind of man I aspire to be but
fall way short.
Though he is burdened with
some health and medical issues
in this portion of his life, he is
not letting advancing age keep
him from his love of mechanical and human involvement. A
great surprise was the immediate friendship struck between
him and I. A friendship that I
am very honored to have made
and will treasure forever.
Though it should be of no surprise as he has never met a
stranger. I am reassured that
there is hope for our hobby, this
country and the future as long
as there are men like Mr. Bilski
in it!
Just a little reminder to make
the rest of your year go a little
February 14th is Valentines Day.
I wouldn't forget that if I were you!
Appointments will be available on
Tuesdays at the Professional Building on
120 W. Washington St, Room 3‐C on the
third floor.
To schedule an appointment call
(440) 845‐5023.
V O LU M E 7 , I SS U E 2
Veterans and Their Benefits
Edward Zackery
Reprinted from January 2015
“Helping Hands”
VA’s New
“Choice Card”
The Department of
Veterans Affairs (VA) have
one of the most noble and inspiring missions in Government. It is a privilege for
them to serve our nations
The Veterans Access, Choice,
and Accountability Act of
2014 (VACAA), enacted less
than 3-months ago, goes a
long way toward enabling VA
to meet the demand for Veterans health care in the shortterm. VA has put considerable focus and attention on ensuring the law is implemented
seamlessly, without confusion, and without creating
hardships for Veterans. This
legislation provides authorities, funding, and other tools
to better serve Veterans in the
short-term. This should be a
temporary measure to improve access while they a
build capacity within the VA
system to better serve those
who rely on us for health
From June 1 to September 30,
2014, VA completed more
than 19 million Veteran appointments in their facilities and
made nearly 1.1 million authorizations for Veterans to receive
care in the private sector and
other non-VA health facilities—a 46.6-percent increase
over the same period in 2013.
This was all done under existing programs prior to the passage of VACAA, and sets the
stage for strengthening existing
partnerships between VA and
the private sector. The VA has
much they can share with the
private sector to benefit of Veterans.
The VA has signed contracts
with two private health care
companies to help VA administer the Veterans Choice Program (Choice Program) under
VACAA. Recipients will have
to register as program participants through one of the health
care contractors, who will issue
a referral for care within five
days. The Choice Program is a
new, temporary benefit allowing some Veterans to receive
health care in their communities
rather than waiting for a VA
appointment or traveling to a
VA facility. It does not affect
your existing VA health care or
any other VA benefit you may
be receiving. They have begun
implementing this benefit on
November 5, 2014 as required
by law. A
call center
is now operational
answer your
questions and verify your eligibility for this program. Veterans
can check their eligibility for
the program by calling 1-866606-8198
ct .
As part of this new program,
the VA is issuing a Veterans
Choice Card to every Veteran
who is potentially eligible for
the new, temporary health benefit. The Choice Card allows
Veterans to elect to receive care
outside of VA when they qualify for the new program based
on the distance of their residence from a VA care facility,
or when wait times for VA
health care exceed the standards
established in law. The Choice
Card does not replace the identification card you already use
to access other VA benefits;
please do not throw away that
identification card.
The Choice Card will be issued
in three phases. The first group
of Choice Cards along with a
letter explaining eligibility for
this program is currently being
sent to Veterans who may live
more than 40 miles from a VA
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This program is designed to educate disabled veterans and their families on specific veterans' benefits and services. This outreach program
generates considerable claims work on behalf of veterans and their
families. NSOs, often aided by Department and Chapter Service Officers, travel to communities across the country to counsel and assist
veterans with development of evidence, completion of required applications and prosecution of claims for veterans benefits
administered under federal, state and local laws.
VA Implements National Hypoglycemic Safety Initiative
Empowering Veterans to Personalize their Diabetes Care
As part of the Department of Veterans Affairs’
(VA) ongoing effort to improve Veterans’ access to
healthcare, VA is announcing
the launch of a national Hypoglycemic Safety Initiative
(HSI) to encourage diabetic
Veterans receiving VA care to
seek support to lower the risk
of hypoglycemia (low blood
sugar). The new initiative will
enable Veterans living with
diabetes to work more closely
with their VA clinicians to
personalize health care goals
and improve self-management
of the disease.
Safety Initiative is designed to
enable Veterans and their
families, partners and caregivers to create a personal plan
for blood sugar management
based upon the Veteran’s
unique health goals,” said Dr.
Carolyn Clancy, Interim Under Secretary for Health. “Our
objective is to change how diabetes is managed in VA and the
United States, and to help patients improve their personal
well-being, not just manage
their numbers.”
Diabetes is one of the
most prevalent diseases among
older Americans, with one in
four Veterans suffering from
the disease. Recent clinical
studies indicate that when diet,
exercise and stress reduction are
not successful, the benefits of
achieving intensive blood sugar
control with medication are less
effective. This is especially
true for hypoglycemic agents
(pills or insulin) used for those
patients who have had diabetes
for many years and those who
have additional serious health
HSI’s key elements emphasize shared decision-making
and universal health literacy to
ensure Veterans understand the
health information provided by
their VA health care team. This
includes the “teach back method” where Veterans and their
caregivers are asked questions
to be certain they understand
and can act on key elements of
self-management, including diet, exercise, glucose monitoring, managing medications, and
insulin injections. The focus of
the HSI is to help raise awareness among patients who may
be at risk.
“Hypoglycemia has only
recently been prioritized as a
national public health issue, but
Federal agencies are taking a
leadership role in addressing
the problem. We are proud to
note the collaboration of VA
with Department of Health and
Human Services in aggressively
addressing this problem,” Dr.
Clancy added.
For more information
about VA health care, please
visit http://www.va.gov/health/.
County benefits throughout Ohio are benefits
provided by the county in which you reside.
They are provided by the County and are specific to those Veterans living within it.
They are not the same from county to county.
V O LU M E 7 , I SS U E 2
State benefits are provided by the State of Ohio
and are available to ail Veterans that are state
Federal benefits come from the Federal Government and apply equally to all Veterans
across the country.
Our office is trained to assist you in applying for and pursuing any benefit from Medina County, the State of Ohio or the Federal Government.
Veterans Bonus Program - Bonus Facts
Our office can provide transportation
for veterans to the following VA
Healthcare facilities:
VAMC - Wade Park Hospital;
Cleveland, Ohio - Monday through
VAMC - Parma CBOC - Monday
through Friday
VAMC - Akron CBOC - Monday
through Thursday
Our regularly scheduled runs go to
Wade Park and Parma Monday through
Friday. We ask that you make your
appointments between the hours of 9:00
am and 12 noon. Our vans go to the
Akron Clinic, Monday through Thursday and you should ask for an appointment between the hours of 9:00 am and
12 noon. (Tell them you are a van rider). The vans leave promptly from our
office at 8:00 am. If you need transportation to our office call the Medina
County Public Transit at 330.723.9670
to schedule a ride to our office. We will
pay your fair to and from our office.
In some cases, you will not be able to
schedule your appointments to coincide
with our regular schedule.
In those cases, we will attempt to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee that transportation will be available
in every case.
There is no charge for this service.
However, by using the van service, you
are not eligible to receive travel
pay from the VA.
Eligible Veterans are encouraged to
begin the process by completing the
online bonus application. Veterans will
see that most of their questions probably are answered in the short application process. They will quickly learn
what information is required and what
documentation is needed to support
their bonus application. Applications
are available at
www.veteransbonus.ohio.gov, or at any
of Ohio’s 88 County Veterans Services
Offices. Or call 1 - 877 - OHIO VET to
receive a handwritten application. In
most cases, applying on-line is the simplest and fastest option.
Reimbursement of Burial Expenses – A
burial allowance may be paid to help
offset expenses of the Veteran’s funeral
and burial. The allowance is payable for
Veterans who:
died of a service-connected disability,
or were in receipt of compensation of
pension, or retired pay in lieu thereof,
or died in a VA facility.
Plot Allowance – If not buried in a national cemetery, a plot allowance may
be payable for Veterans who:
were discharged for disability incurred
or aggravated in the line of duty, or
were in receipt of compensation or pension, or retired pay in lieu thereof, or
died in a VA facility.
National Cemetery – Most Veterans,
their spouses, and dependent children
are eligible for burial in one of VA’s
National Cemeteries at no cost to the
family. Many states have Veterans
cemeteries, built with VA grants,with
similar benefits.
Headstone or Marker – VA provides a
headstone or marker for Veterans buried in any cemetery worldwide.
Flag – An American flag is provided to
drape the casket or accompany the urn
of an eligible Veteran. The flag is presented to the Veteran’s next of kin upon
Presidential Memorial Certificates –
Family and other loved ones may request these personalized certificates.
To apply for the bonus Veterans go to
www.veteransbonus.ohio.gov and complete the online application form.
Please note an application is not complete until it is printed, signed and
mailed along with required supporting
documentation through the U.S. Postal
Service. The signed application must be
signed in the presence of a Notary Public "notarized" or witnessed by an Ohio
Clerk of Courts "acknowledged" and
mailed to:
Ohio Veterans Bonus P.O. Box
373Sandusky, OH 44871
If this is the first time you have received this newsletter and would like to continue receiving it call or email us so that we keep you on our mailing list. You can always go to our website and sign up for the Eedition in full color with interactive web links.
Brunswick American Legion is changing their mee ng loca on
and me. See details below. Please update our newsle er.
New Mee ng Details:
Brunswick America Legion Post #234
Loca on: FOP Lodge
716 West 130th St
Brunswick, OH 44212
1st Thursday of each month
2:00 PM
The second
Cards and letters will be sent
shortly thereafter to those Veterans who are currently waiting for
an appointment longer than 30days from their preferred date or
the date determined to be medically necessary by their physician. The third and final group of
Choice Cards and letters will be
sent between December 2014
and January 2015 to the remainder of all Veterans enrolled for
VA health care who may be eligible for the Choice Program in
the future.
The VA is continuing to work
with their partners—Congress,
Veterans Service Organizations,
and others—to get the information about this health program
Continued from Senior
Section Page 6
out to Veterans in as many ways as
possible. Please visit our Web site
where they have provided helpful
information on Choice Program
eligibility. The VA continues to
work with its stakeholder to keep
veterans informed as they improve
the delivery of high-quality, timely
One thing to remember is the VA
provides some of the best health
care in the world to our veterans. It
is the largest provider of health
care in the world, that is not to say
there are not problems. Addressing
these problems and ensuring our
veterans get the service they deserve is what is important. The private sector in no way could ever
replace the VA Health Care System nor should we want it to.
If you have questions about the
VA “Choice Card” please feel free
to contact our office.
If you have, any questions about
veteran’s benefits contact the Medina County Veterans’ Service Office at 330-722-9368 or email us at
[email protected]
or catch us on the web at
V O LU M E 7 , I SS U E 2
News from the:
Medina County Veterans Coalition
The Joint Veterans Coalition
County will begin its 2015 bimonthly meetings on Saturday,
February 21 at the Medina
County Veterans Memorial Hall
on 620 North Broadway in Me-
dina. The meeting will be from
11AM to 1PM and is sponsored
by American legion Post 234.
Medina County Veterans organizations meet to share experiences and best practices so we
all grow stronger as organizations. All county Veterans are
invited to attend. Set your calendars now for the third annual
Medina County All-Veterans
Banquet on October 3 at Williams on the Lake. For more
information contact Dave Taylor at 330-321-3370.
Fundraising to modernize the
Medina County Veterans Hall
continues into 2015. In 2014
$290,000 was raised. The goal
is to modernize the Hall so more
Veterans organizations can use
it and we can expand the activi-
ties at the Hall. We will continue fundraising until the summer
of 2015. If you can make a taxfree donation please consider
doing so or if you know a business owner who can make a
generous donation please let us
know. For more information
contact: David Taylor (330-3213370)
[email protected]
or www.medinavethall.com.
Rod and Piston Show:
Limit 6 tickets: At I-X Center Box Office only.
General Admission at Show
Kids 7-12 at Show
Kids 6 and Under
Eligible member or spouse (but not both) may purchase up to 6 tickets, provided one is used by the
purchasing member/spouse. Tickets are available to active and retired U.S. military personnel
(including active and retired members of the United States Coast Guard, National Guard and Reservists) or their spouses. Must show Current, Retired or Dependent Military ID to receive discount. Veterans must show DD214.
Medina County Veterans Organizations Meeting Times and Places
Post #
American Legion
Post #234 FOP 716 West 130th St
American Legion
Post #523 120 Bank Street, Lodi
American Legion
American Legion
American Legion
Blue Star Mothers of Medina
Disabled American Veterans
Forty et Eight
Korean War Veterans Association
MARINE Corps League
Medina County Veterans Coalition
Post #202
Post #608
Post #170
Post #1990
Rolling Thunder
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Vietnam Veterans of America
Meeting Times
620 N. Broadway St.
North Main St
129 Main Street
620 N. Broadway Street
2:00 PM - First Thursday of each month
7:00 PM - Second Thursdays of each
Lodi, OH
Medina, OH
7:15 PM - Fourth Monday of each month
Spencer, OH
8:00 PM - First Monday of each month
Wadsworth, OH 7:00 PM - Second Monday of each month
Medina, OH
7:30 PM - Third Wednesday of each month
1439 S. Carpenter Road
Brunswick, OH
6:30 PM - Third Tuesday of each month
Medina, OH
Valley City, OH
Rocky River, OH
Medina, OH
7:00 PM - Second Tuesday of each month
9:00 AM - Second Saturday of each month
1:00 PM - Fourth Tuesday of each month
7:00 PM - Third Tuesday of each month
OH 44258
[email protected]
Medina, OH
Brunswick, OH
2-4:00 PM - Second Sunday of each month
7:00 PM - Second Monday of each month
Spencer, OH,
8:00 PM - Second Tuesday of each month
Medina, OH
Seville, OH
Valley City, OH
Wadsworth, OH
7:00 PM - First Tuesday of each month
8:30 PM - Third Thursday of each month
7:00 PM - Second Monday of each month
8:00 PM - First Tuesday of each month
7:00 PM - First Wednesday of each month
(no meeting in July)
Chapter #72 620 N. Broadway Street
Voiture #601 Coppertop 5740 Center
Chapter #69 590 N. Rocky River Dr.
DET #569 3916 Pearl Rd
Medina County Women of the
City, State
PO Box 1812,
Chapter #8 3916 Pearl Rd.
Post #9520 1439 S. Carpenter Road
6299 Avon Lake Rd.,
Post #6892
Chatham Twp.
Post #5137 3916 Pearl Rd
Post #8753 39 F Main St.
Post #5563 6731 Center Rd.
Post #1089 121 Main Street
620 N. Broadway
Brunswick, OH
Medina, Ohio
*** If the information above is not correct please contact our office so that we may update it.
Dates to Remember
Feb 14—Valentines Day
Feb 12—Veterans Service
Commission Meeting
Mar 8—Daylight Savings Time
Mar 12—Veterans Service Commission
Mar 17—St. Patty’s Day
Mar 20-21—Rod Piston Show,
IX Center
Feb 16—Presidents Day
Feb 18—Ash Wednesday
Feb 23—Flag Raised on Iwo Jima
Apr 5—Easter Sunday
Apr 6—Persian Gulf
War Ends
Apr 9—Veterans Service
Commission Meeting
Apr 10—Opening Day
Cleveland Indians
Apr 15—Tax Day
Veterans Service Office Closed on:
Veterans Service Office Closed on:
Feb 16—Presidents Day
Apr 3—Good Friday
Would you like to receive a replacement set of your medals and decorations, or awards you may have earned but never received? Contact our
office for information on how to receive the awards you earned.
Medina County Veterans’ Service Office
Out-Reach Program - Wadsworth
The Medina County Veterans’ Service Office provides an outreach center
in Wadsworth the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from
1:00 to 3:00 PM, at the Center for Older Adults in Wadsworth
Become a
Medina County
Veterans’ Newsletter
Medina County Veterans’ Service Office
Our Mission
Our Pledge
This newsletter is provided as a
courtesy only. The Medina County
Veterans’ Commission does not
endorse the content of these
newsletters or of other organizations' policies or products.
The information provided here is
for your personal use only and is
in some cases reprinted for the
sole purpose of the Veterans’ of
Medina County.
When you come into the
County Veterans Service
Office you will be assisted
by one of our knowledgeable associates. The people that work in the Medina County Veterans Service Office have a compassionate understanding
of the problems which
confront veterans, widows, widowers, and their
We provide two basic services:
Temporary emergency
financial aid and assistance to eligible veterans and family mem-
bers who have demonstrated a need as set
fourth by the commission.
2. Assist veterans, family
members and survivors
when applying to the
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for
Our assistance includes but is
not limited to:
Financial Assistance:
a. Rent and mortgage payments
b. Utilities: Gas, Electric
and Water
c. Food and personal Hygiene items
d. Medical
Transportation to and from
VA Medical Centers in
Cleveland, Parma and
Akron, Ohio
Grave markers and flags
Service Assistance:
a. Preparations of forms and
b. Documentation of claims
and pertinent data
c. Proper submission of
claims to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
thru a service organization
d. Submission for awards
decorations and medals
e. Notary Public & DD 214
Our services are FREE of
Contact the Medina County Veterans’ Service Office
210 Northland Dr. - Medina, Ohio 44256
Call: 330.722.9368 FAX: 330.722.9378
E-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday 8:00 AM 4:00 PM - Tuesday 10:00 - 4:00 (Closed Noon – 1:00 PM for Lunch)
Medina County
Veterans’ Service Office
210 Northland Dr.
Medina, Ohio 44256
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