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Alphabet Puppet Man
Alphabet Man is a comprehensive and versatile
teaching tool, designed to help children learn and
understand the alphabet. He introduces each
letter of the alphabet in a detailed and ordered way,
together with letter sounds, in a memorable and fun
fashion. Alphabet Man is a super hero character who
has been designed to capture children’s attention.
Set Contains: Alphabet man puppet, 26 upper
case letters with Velcro, 26 lower case letters with
Velcro, a Child size Super Cape, CD containing
comprehensive teaching notes, templates for
costumes, Alphabet Rhymes, Scripts for Plays.
Wooden Farmyard
This colourful 15pc wooden farmyard jigsaw puzzle is
supplied with 7 additional pcs which
can be inserted upright on the slotted
board to create a 3D effect. Ideal for
encouraging story and language skills
(including positional language) and
hand to eye coordination skills, this
innovative jigsaw will provide many
hours of entertainment.
Size 30cm x 21cm
Code: EDWF/1
Wooden Alphabet tray
This brightly coloured Alphabet Tray consists of the full alphabet
in both upper and lower case printed on each
shaped piece.
There are five different shapes to enable
children to learn shape and colour
recognition. Use the alphabet board for
recognition of the alphabet, word building
and letter identification.
Size 28cm x 22cm
Code: EDWAT/1
Ask a question dice Set
This Ask A Question Dice is a great resource which can be used to extend learning outside the
classroom. Words are printed on the dice to help children to create questions.
Encourages the use of language, improves sentence building and
communication skills and have fun, all at the same time!
Dice 1 - who, what, when,
where, why, how.
Dice 2 - is, did, can,
if, does, would.Can be
used in conjunction with
Punctuation Dice. Made
from wipeable vinyl. Size
12.5cm x 12.5cm x 12.5cm
Code: EDAQD/2
Set of 2
Punctuation Dice Set
The Punctuation Dice contain the following punctuation marks, Comma, Exclamation Marks,
Full Stop, Colon, Semicolon, Question Mark, Quotation Marks, Apostrophe,
Brackets, Ellipsis, Dash, Hyphen. Use the dice to identify where and when,
different punctuation marks are
used. Punctuation Dice will help
when reading aloud to ensure
appropriate expression, and as an
aid to composition of sentences.
Size 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 12.5cm
Code: EDPD/2
Set of 2
Magnetic Boards
These large magnetic boards are supplied with brightly coloured
Farm and Zoo magnetic jigsaw pieces. Ideal for encouraging story
and language skills (including positional language) and hand to eye
coordination. These quality products will provide many hours of
entertainment. Size 42cm x 31cm.
Magnetic Farm Board
Code: EDMFP/1
Magnetic Zoo Board
Code: EDMZP/1
Monkey bingo
A fun way to play Bingo!
This hands on interactive game will
help children develop important
learning and social skills such as
hand to eye coordination, picture
word relationships, matching,
cooperation and team work skills.
Each child picks an animal bingo
card and animal tiles are placed in
the tile dispenser. One child pushes
the monkey towards the dispenser
to release a tile. Children learn to
identify the animal by its picture and
its name printed on the tile. Once
identified on their bingo card, a monkey chip is placed over the correct animal. The
winner becomes the next Head Monkey!
Contains Banana Crate Animal Tile dispenser, 16 Animal Tiles,
8 two-sided Bingo Cards, 80 Transparent Monkey Chips.
Code: EDMNKB/1
Ocean Liner
This delightful wooden boat contains 26 magnetic blocks,
printed on 4 sides, with the alphabet in upper and
lower case, numbers and shapes. Children will
have great fun operating the crane to load and
unload their cargo. A quality resource for literacy or
numeracy and general
play activities.
Size: 33 x 8 x 14 cm
Code: EDOL/1
Grouping Sequence
With this spiral bound tabbed flip book, children
select, and place the cards in their correct
sequence to form a daily routine. Ideal for
language development and write words in the
blank spaces provided on each card. Use dry
erase markers (not provided).
Code: SEQ/1 -
This dry erase phonics resource is a fun method of
introducing pupils to different ways of writing words with
long vowel sounds. Each pack contains 20 A5 (leader)
cards printed with vowel sounds on the front and suggested
vocabulary answers on the reverse, 3 blank cards and 40
A6 (offspring) blank pupil answer cards plus instructions.
Helps to identify which letter patterns are most
commonly used for each long vowel sound
so that they can make informed
choices. Made from durable plastic
it is ideal for guided or independent
work, use with dry erase marker
Code: DWEL/1 Set of 63 cards
Spellbound �Words Up’ Board
This comprehensive wooden phonics/spelling board
comprises a complete set of lower and upper case
alphabetical letters, with additional vowels, consonants,
phoneme , grapheme , suffixes, digraphs (initial and final) and
punctuation cubes for sentence making.
Use for onset and rime activities. Supplied with teaching notes. Suitable for broad age
range from reception through to early secondary including special educational needs.
Code: SBWUBmi/1
Spellbound Flip Books
• Unique, easy to use tab selector. • Ideal hands on resource.
• Each pad contains the full English alphabet. • Enables complete versatility with
spelling. • Durable, laminated wipe clean surface. • Suitable for years 1 to secondary
and special needs. • Use for teaching or learning English as a second language.
• Available in either 4, 6 or 8 pad versions.
Code: SB4/1 4 pad - 115mm x 240mm,
Code: SB6/1 6 pad - 115mm x 357mm,
Code: SB8/1 8 pad - 115mm x 479mm.
Spellbound Word Boards
• Large A3 spiral bound books are an ideal teachers resource for aiding
word level work. • Comprises 10 double sided dry wipe laminated surfaces.
• Use Wordboard 1 for word endings, word beginnings, vowel sounds, CVC
words. • Use Wordboard 2 for plurals, anagrams, suffixes and prefixes plus
many more activities. • Suitable for years1 upwards and Special needs.
Dimensions: 305mm x 420mm
Code: SBWB1 Spellbound Wordboard 1
Code: SBWB2 Spellbound Wordboard 2,
Sound and Letter Game
This durable Phonics game can be used for individual or group work. Ideal for
learning the full alphabet in both upper and lower case. Use for recognition
and identification of initial letters and vowels. Contains 2 spinners and 36 word/
picture cards. Made from durable plastic. Suitable for 5 yrs and upwards.
Size, Cards 60mm x 60mm, Spinners 199mm x 199mm.
All of the games on this page are
made from durable plastic.
Group Classification Game
Group classification is a very useful cross curricular activity, ideal
for identifying and sorting into groups. The 24 durable plastic
cards cover kitchen utensils, cleaning utensils, tools, garden
tools, musical instruments, wild animals, domestic animals,
clothing, fruit, vegetables and furniture. Images may differ from
those shown here.
The Logic Game
The Logic game is a visually attractive activity with 4 different game
boards, is designed to aid logical thinking, progression and spatial
memory. Each board has velcroВ® attachments and matching
velcro picture cards. Made from
durable plastic.
Code EDLO/1
All of the games on this
page are made from
durable plastic.
Position, Size and Direction Game
Encourages children to understand and use everyday
words such as left, right, above, below etc, to describe
position, size and direction. Suitable for numeracy or
literary activities. Ideal for individual, group or whole
class teaching. contains 24 cards made from durable
Large Spelling Mat
This large sized durable vinyl mat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor
use. Supplied with 104 letter red and black discs in lower case, this
versatile activity is designed to help children learn how the alphabet works
for reading and spelling, and to aid word formation. This valuable resource
is ideal for use with groups or individuals. Contains 1 vinyl mat 150cm x
150cm, 104 red and black polyester letter discs.
Code: EDSMS/1
including 1 mat
and 104 letters
Response Board
This fantastic magnetic, writing and drawing board is totally versatile, and can be used for numerous
curriculum activities. Each board is made from durable plastic and supplied with a magnetic stylus
containing a fine 1.5mm tip at one end, and a 5mm tip at the other. To erase images quickly and cleanly,
simply swipe the stylus across the back of the board
and start again. This truly versatile resource is sure
to be a great hit with teachers and children!
Each pack includes 6 A4 boards with 6 magnetic
pens/erasers attached.
Code: EDRESB/6 pack of 6
Pupils Alphabet Dry Erase Board
These double sided Alphabet A4 boards are the perfect incentive for pupils to practice and
improve their handwriting skills. A ruled guide for accurate formation of upper and lower case
letters is featured, together with numbered directions on each letter to further aid correct
formation. Made from durable plastic. Supplied as a pack of 30 boards. Size A4
Code: DWLBUSA4/30
Pack of 30 Boards
Teachers Alphabet Dry Erase Board
• Teacher 775mm x 520mm
• Made from durable plastic.
Code: DWLBUSA2/30
A5 Literacy Dry Erase Board
• Guide lines for upper and lower case writing.
• Blank on the reverse. • Made from durable
plastic. • Size A5
Code: DWLBA5/30 Pack of 30 Boards
A4 Literacy Dry Erase Board
• Guide lines for upper and lower case writing.
• Blank on the reverse.
• Made from durable plastic.
• Available in A4
Pack Size:
Code: DWLBA4/30 - A4 pack of 30
Pack of 30 Boards
Washable Dry Erase Markers
• Durable tips, do not disappear
into barrel. Non toxic, vented caps
• Excellent cap off life.
• Slim barrel for easy grip.
• Available in black.
Code: DWMB/10 (Black)
Pack of 10