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AA Newsletter February 2015.cdr

Happy Valentines Day!
Your Neighborhood, My Neighborhood, Our Neighborhood...
Board Of Directors
President: Brian Fontana
[email protected]
VP: Lyle Krueger
[email protected]
Secretary: Lisa Whalen
[email protected]
Treasurer: Dave Campagna
[email protected]
Operations: Tim Salzbrenner
[email protected]
Newsletter: Nancy Sayles
[email protected]
Membership: Annie Beck
[email protected]
Website: Laurie Brodeur
[email protected]
Members At Large:
Doug Larson
[email protected]
Committee Chairs
Social Committee
Bonnie Farkas
[email protected]
Social Committee
Brigette Porro
[email protected]
New Neighbor Coordinator:
Chris Olson
[email protected]
Lost and Found: Rose Bockleman
[email protected]
Playground Committee Update
The last playground
committee meeting was held
at the home of David and
Kathy Campagna. A lot of
head way was made as the
committee is gearing up to
raise funds to replace the
aging park equipment in our
The main discussion
surrounded the July 4th event
at the park. The committee
has created 4 different
committees that will all work
together to pull the event off.
cones, face painting, etc.
2) Fund-raising - To include a
neighborhood “donation
basket” event, coordination
of drop offs and distribution,
display of baskets at event,
man hours for watching the
baskets, bid sheets, etc.
1) Entertainment-To include
DJ, bounce house, snow
3) Food-Food trucks,
schedule of trucks throughout
the day, working with trucks
for possible fund-raiser
assistance, etc.
4) Marketing-To include
email blasts, Facebook
updates, newsletter
information, display at park
indicating what has been
raised, etc.
The next meeting will be on
Thursday, February 5th at 7
PM. Email Laura Hansen at
[email protected]
m to become involved or to
answer any questions.
See you there!
Your Board of Directors
would like to spotlight your
remodel project. We are
looking for homes that have
recently remodeled either a
Kitchen, a bathroom,
outdoors or perhaps another
project. Ideally, we would
like to take some pictures and
interview you (and possibly)
your contractor about the
work you had done. It's a
great way to show how
remodeling and updating can
increase the value of the
homes in our neighborhood.
It does not matter the size of
the project but if you have a
contractor that you were
happy with it's a great way to
help them get more business.
We will even contact our local
realtors John Rohwer and
Char Smith and ask them
what your project might have
added to the value of your
Please contact either Nancy
Sayles @ 402.934.8004 or
Dave Campagna @
402.578.5205 to be featured!
Thank you!
Armbrust Acres Housing Market
Garage Sale: Rose Rutherford
[email protected]
Security Alerts: Dave Beck
[email protected]
16344 Oak Circle
There is currently 1 home for
sale in Armbrust. The average
price is $ $228,000 with an
average market time of 68
days. There have been 20
homes sold in the last year.
Average price was $ 281,005
with an average time of 28
days. Currently there are 0
properties pending. Please
call one of us for a complete
market analysis report. John
Rohwer 402 - 677-1111 or
Char Smith 402- 677- 9279.
Good To Know! - WHERE TO CALL
City Services
Air Quality/Odor Control
Environmental Services
Alarm Registrations
City Finance
Building Inspections (construction related)
Building Permits
Cars, Junk Trailers on Public or Private Property
Mayor’s Hotline
Chuck Holes, Debris, Litter Blocking Street, Curb Repairs Street Maintenance
City Council
City Services Information or Complaints
Mayor’s Hotline
Driveway/Curb Cut Permits (Issued by Planning)
Garbage Collection/Recycling/Complaints/Information Quality Control
Mayor’s Hotline
Mayor’s Hotline TTY/TDD
Mayor's Office
“No Parking” or Other Signs
Traffic Engineering
Nuisance Vehicles (Dead Storage on Street or Lawn,
Off Pavement,Auto Litter Improperly Licensed) Mayor’s Hotline
Parks and Recreation
Public Works Department
Sewer Problems
Sewer Maintenance
Sidewalks Broken or Obstructed
Sign Ordinance Information
Permits & Inspections
Snow Removal Complaints (24 hr. line)
Street Maintenance
Speed Bumps
Street Construction Problems or Complaints
Public Works
Trailers or Cars Parked on Front Lawns
Mayor’s Hotline
Tree Limbs/Hedges Blocking View of Traffic
Parks Maintenance
Trees, Downed Limbs on City Right-of-Way
Street Maintenance
Weeds Over 18”, Yard Litter
Weeds & Litter
Zoning Information
Planning/Planner’s Desk
Animal Control (Strays, Bites, Sick or Injured
Animals, Barking Dogs, or DeadAnimals
Before You Dig
Community Services/First Call for Help United Way 211
Gas Leaks, Water Line Breaks, or Fire Hydrants
Handicap Parking Stickers
Keep Omaha Beautiful
National Safety Council
Poison Control Center
Rats, Raw Garbage, Open Refrigerator/Freezer in
Safe Communities Efforts
State Ombudsman (Information)
Street Lights Out/Electrical Wires Down
Your Neighborhood, My Neighborhood, Our Neighborhood...
This newsletter is produced by the Armbrust Acres
Homeowners Association since May 2011.
Humane Society
County Treasurer
Douglas County Health
402-444-6015 / 402-444-6016
402-444-5150 ext. 2063
402-644-3565 / 1-800-642-8434
1-800-742-7690 (Toll Free)
Print: abc printing 402.895.0222
Distributed to 553 homes in Armrust Acres every month.
Armbrust Acres Homeowners Association
Advertising: [email protected]
Nancy Sayles 402.699.2486
Armbrust Acres News
February 17,
2015 - Board
The February board meeting will be
held at the Salzbrenner residence.
Anyone who is interested in financials,
social activities, planning, getting a
status update on landscaping actions or
just to see what is going on is invited to
join us at 7 pm at 16325 Grover Street.
Lost & Found:
Please contact Rose Bockelman if you
have any information about lost or
found items at 402-697-9250 or email
[email protected]
Baseball Field & Park Shelter
Requests are honored in the order in
which they are received and/or by the residence. Join the committee 7 pm at
number of coaches and children that live 16325 Grover Street.
in the neighborhood.
For more information, please contact Homeowners Dues Increase in 2015
S h a n e v i a e m a i l a t There are more options to pay your dues
[email protected] You may in 2015. We have begun to accept
Credit Cards for amount due plus any
also call him at (402) 676-7854.
donations you wish to make.
Playground Equipment
There is a 10% increase dues 10% from
Your help is needed. We assembled a $115 to $126.50.
committee that meets once a month and The 2015Membership Dues form is
discusses steps to be taken, plans fund- inserted into this newsletter.
raisers and anything that will help to
replace our current playground ArmbrustAcres Directory
equipment. Please send an email to The new Armbrust Acres Directories
[email protected] if you are will arrive in early Spring. Learn about
interested in joining the committee.
your neighbors and services they may
The next meeting will be held on offer.
February 05, 2015 at the Salzbrenner It is always good to have a copy!
Did you know?
The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare's lovers Romeo and Juliet
lived, receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet every Valentine's Day.
R. Cadbury invented the first Valentines Day candy box in the late 1800s.
2015 Sponsors Needed
As many of you know, throughout the
year, the home owners association
organizes different events for the
Armbrust Acres residents. Some of the
events include the HalloweenCostume contest, the Snowman
contest, and of course, the annual
Independence Day celebration, which
is not just for our residents, but brings
in many other visitors from around the
As we start our new year, we are
Monday-Saturday 11.00 AM-10.00 PM
Sunday 3.00 PM-9.00 PM
15619 West Center Rd
Omaha, NE 68130
looking for organizations who would
like to sponsor our events either in
general or for a specific event they have
in mind. We are also seeking our
sponsors who may be able to assist our
park improvement project.
Our sponsors have allowed us to make
our events even better and help keep the
costs for our residents down. As was
mentioned in the newsletter's cover
page; last year's Independence Day
celebration was mostly paid for by our
sponsors. Your help really makes a
If you would like to become a sponsor
or know someone who would like to
become a sponsor, please contact
Nancy Sayles at armbrustadvertising or (402) 699-2486.
Armbrust Acres
Thank you for your support of Piezon’s first year of business!
10% OFF*
For Armbrust ResidentsPlease bring this coupon!
*excludes lunch specials
Armbrust Acres Newsletter Coupon - February 2015
Tax Tip: Is Your New Roof Tax Deductible?
Tax time is swiftly approaching! If you exactly is covered. It’s your safest bet is 10 percent of the cost of qualified
are the proud owner of a new roof, you for information on how to get the energy-efficient improvements, up to
may qualify for a tax credit.
$500. Qualifying improvements
includeadding insulation, energyIf you installed an energy efficient Be warned that not all roofs, not even efficient exterior windows and doors
new roof in the past two years, you all roofs with the Energy Star seal, will and certain roofs. The cost of installing
may qualify for the Residential Energy qualify. Only specially manufactured these items does not count. You can
Efficiency Tax Credit of $500. This tax roofs, as listed on the Energy Star site, also claim a credit including
credit is designed to encourage are eligible.
installation costs, for certain highhomeowners to make green home Don’t rely solely on contractors who efficiency heating and air conditioning
improvements which lessen the may not know the details or who systems, water heaters and stoves that
overall electricity demand and save promise their products will get the burn biomass fuel. The credit has a
you money.
credit in order to make a sale.
lifetime limit of $500, of which only
$200 may be used for windows. If
Tax credit limits and deadlines:
The IRS would like you to get some you've claimed more than $500 of
? 10% of expenditures, up to a credit for qualified home energy non-business energy property credits
lifetime $500, for all energy improvements this year. Perhaps you since 2005, you can not claim the
improvements combined.
installed a new roof or recently c r e d i t f o r 2 0 11 . Q u a l i f y i n g
? A relevant roof must have been insulated your home? Here are two tax improvements must have been placed
installed by Dec. 31, 2014.
credits that may be available to you:
into service in the taxpayer’s principal
? Save receipts and labels.
residence located in the United States
? For roofs, installation isn’t The Non-business Energy Property before Jan. 1, 2012.
Homeowners who install
energy-efficient improvements may Source:;
See Energy Star for guidelines on what qualify for this credit. The 2011 credit
Call For Snow
Removal Services!
Go Green with Green Wings!
Sidewalk Edging
Power Raking
Lawn Renovation
Paver Patios
Retaining Walls
Water Features
Sprinkler Maintenance
402 - 290-7199
Your Resident Lawn & Landscape Partner - Tim Salzbrenner!
Need help getting a new
roof or roof repair services?
Custom Decks - Custom Home Additions - Sunrooms
Patio Enclosures -Basement Remodeling - Siding
Windows - Doors - Roofing - Tree Service Division
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Get the service you need done today!
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Positive Communication With Your Child
Communication involves expressing
your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. An
essential part of positive communication
is listening.
With children, positive communication
can help them feel comfortable talking
about their thoughts and feelings openly.
They can also learn to respect the
opinions, feelings, and thoughts of other
As parents and child care providers, you
can take important steps to build healthy
communication with your children.
Several elements are needed to build
healthy communication skills: Having a
loving attitude, listening, and
understanding what is being said. Your
child can learn to be a positive
communicator through your example.
By practicing positive communication
skills, children can grow to be
responsible and thoughtful individuals.
Parents and caregivers can help children
share their questions, thoughts, feelings,
and ideas in a positive and appropriate
manner by:
- Listening patiently: Your child may not
understand his own behavior or the
expected, appropriate behavior. Help
him understand by listening to what he
says before correcting or disciplining
- Clarifying: Repeat back to your child
what she said. Check if you understand
her correctly. This will help your child
feel you are listening to her.
- Allowing children to solve their own
problems: Gently guide your child to
discover his own solutions by
acknowledging his thoughts and actions.
Respond with brief answers, such as
“Yes” or “Really?” This encourages
your child to express emotions with
words and find solutions to concerns.
Asking your child open-ended questions
also helps him find answers, for
example,“How would you feel if that
happened to you?”
- Speaking in a calm and respectful tone:
This will help your child learn to listen
and speak appropriately. A loud, harsh
voice may cause your child to be too
scared or angry to listen.
- Choosing the best times to talk about
important issues:
If your child is hungry or tired, she may
find it difficult to listen or manage her
- Using positive language: Avoid
negative statements like, “I don’t care
what you say,” or, “You never do what I
ask you to do.”
- Focusing on behavior, not on
character: Instead of saying, “You are a
bad boy because you never put your toys
away,” say, “It makes a big mess when
you don't put your toys away.”
- Being specific with instructions: This
will reduce the chance for your child’s
mistakes and your frustration.
For example, instead of saying, “Clean
up your room,” say,“Please pick up your
books and put them on the shelf in your
- Role-playing: If your child is having
difficulty understanding why she is
being disciplined, you can role-play to
help her see the situation from a different
perspective. For example, if your child
hits another child, use puppets or other
toys to “replay” the situation.
As parents and child care providers, you
can create opportunities to communicate
with your children and be involved in
their daily lives by:
- Reading with children. Ask questions
about the story or how they would
handle a specific situation in the story.
- Being involved at school by attending
important events \such as parent/teacher
conferences, artistic performances, and
athletic events; volunteering to
chaperone for field trips; or helping with
school projects.
- Asking open-ended questions about
daily activities so your child will
respond with more than “yes” or “no.”
- Having family nights, outings, and
trips for the purpose of spending time
- Making time to play with children.
- Scheduling weekly or monthly family
meetings to share information and
discuss important family issues.
- Being involved with school projects or
volunteering to chaperone for school
- Eating meals together whenever
possible, and allowing each family
member a chance to talk about their day.
As your infant or toddler begins to form
words and phrases, you can develop
positive communication with your child
- Holding your child close to you when
you speak.
- Making eye contact.
- Using a soft, soothing voice.
- Speaking clearly
Practicing healthy communication skills
with your children will have positive
effects on their lives by:
- Encouraging an open relationship,
letting them know they can talk to you
even when they are scared or angry.
- Cultivating responsible and
independent children by teaching them
to think about options and the
consequences of their actions.
- Building their confidence to express
- Helping them develop skills to get
along well with others.
Although children should be
encouraged to communicate their own
thoughts and feelings,
it is important for parents to protect and
speak on behalf of their children when
they are harmed. Children will develop
confidence to speak for themselves.
Announcement: Movie Night in Armbrust Park 2015
We are delighted to announce that during
the warmer months of this year, we will
be offering some great family fun for our
Armbrust residents again. We will be
showing assorted movies in Armbrust
Park which will be projected on a 16 foot
screen! Mark your calendars! The
shows will start at dusk and right before
the show, a nostalgic drive-in
intermission trailer will be shown. A
new one will be shown at every event
through the fall. You do remember the
hot dog jumping into the bun don't you!!
Tentative Movie Schedule:
May 23, 2015
Clint Eastwood stars in the spaghetti
western "The Good, The Bad and The June 20, 2015
Sylvester Stallone stars in "Rocky"
The movies will be shown Saturday
July 18, 2015
Chicago with Earth Wind and Fire
virtual concert in the park
August 22, 2015
"Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
September 19, 2015
More information about Movie Nights
will be announced through our Facebook
page and signs at the entrances as well as
this newsletter. Please be aware that the
showing of movies is dependent on the
weather and there are no rain dates
The drive-ins may be gone, but this is the
next best thing.
Law Offices Of
Professional Malpractice
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Dangerous Products
Catastrophic Injury
Wrongful Death
Worker’s Compensation
Premises Liability
Insurance Contracts
Call to Schedule An Appointment
2809 S. 160th St., Ste. 101 - Omaha NE 68130
Making Your Home Safe from Fire and Carbon Monoxide
The safety issue is extremely important
today, as thousands of injuries and
untimely deaths are occurring
needlessly. Many of these injuries and
deaths can be prevented.
Everyone wants to live in a safe and
worry-free environment with their
families, spouse, and children.
However, most people are closer to a
disaster waiting to happen than they
think. You, the consumer, may feel safe.
Safety may not be an issue that comes to
mind as you go about your daily routine.
Yet, lurking in your home are dangers
that can take lives and destroy property.
General Fire Prevention Tips
Do not plug too many appliances into an
electrical outlet.
Make sure that combustibles are not too
close to heaters, stoves and fireplaces.
Never smoke in bed or overstuffed
furniture, or leaving a burning cigarette
in an ashtray.
Do not use damaged or frayed electrical
cords or extension cords.
Keep matches and lighters out of the
reach of children.
Teach your children about the dangers of
playing with fire.
Never use extension cords with heating
or air conditioning equipment.
Purchase smoke alarms and fire
extinguishers for each floor of your
Have an Emergency Escape Plan!
Practice it frequently!
Develop an emergency exit plan and an
alternate exit plan. The most obvious
way out may be blocked by fire. A
window will usually be the second way
out of a bedroom. Make sure that screens
or storm windows can be easily
removed. If you lice in a two-story
home, you should have an escape ladder
for each occupied bedroom. Escape
ladders are available for purchase, and
they can easily be stored under a bed or
in a closet.
Establish a meeting place outside your
home to be sure everyone has escaped.
Every family member should participate
in practice escape drills at least two time
per year.
In the event of fire, do not stop to get
dressed or gather valuables. Seconds
count - do not search for the family pet.
Teach your family that in a fire they must
stay low to the floor to avoid smoke and
intense hear. Passageways may be
completely filled with dense smoke, so
everyone should practice exiting on
their hands and knees while blindfolded.
Train family members to feel closed
door before exiting. If the door is warm,
open it slowly, and close it quickly if
heat or smoke rushes in.
Establish a rule that once you're out, you
never re-enter under any circumstances.
As soon as two people have reached the
meeting place, one should call 911 from
a neighbor's house.
ones for different kinds of fires. Install
fire extinguishers on every level of the
home and include the kitchen, basement
and garage.
How To Protect Yourself
To avoid CO exposure in the home, it is
important to:
Make sure heating appliances are
installed and used in accordance with
manufacturer's instructions.
Make sure chimneys and vents draw all
gases out of the home.
Have the heating system, chimney and
vents inspected and services annually by
qualified heating contractor.
Never use charcoal grills indoors.
Never heat your home with a gas kitchen
Always use a kitchen range hood, vented
to the outdoors, when cooking on a gas
Never warn-up or run vehicles or other
gasoline engines in garages or indoors.
Partly because of efforts by the U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission
and local fire departments, many
jurisdictions require smoke alarms for
homes and businesses. Through
education and media campaigns, most
people now realize the importance of The U.S. Consumer Product Safety
smoke alarms, and most homes in Commission recommends that every
residence with fuel-burning appliances
America have them
be equipped with at least one UL-listed
Purchase a smoke alarm for every floor CO alarm. If your alarm indicates high
of your home, and read the instructions levels of carbon monoxide in your
on how to use it and where to position it. home:
Smoke alarms should be placed near
bedrooms, either on the ceiling or six to Immediately move outdoors to fresh air
twelve inches below the ceiling on the and do a head count,
Call your emergency services,
Local codes may require additional Do not re-enter the home until
alarms. Check with your fire department emergency service responders have
or building code official. Locate smoke arrived, aired out the house, and
alarms away from air vents. Test your determined it is safe to re-enter
alarms regularly to ensure that they still Correct the problem before starting the
heating appliances, and if a carbon
If you have a battery-powered alarm, monoxide alarm sound again, repeat the
change the battery every six months above steps. Do not ignore alarms.
Fires are traumatizing and frightening,
when you change your clocks.
as is a carbon monoxide incident. It is
essential to fully recognize the hazards
Fire Extinguishers
To guard against small fires or to keep a of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning
small fire from developing into a big and to take preventative action. A
one, every home should be equipped regular home inspection, smoke and
with fire extinguisher. Because almost c a r b o n m o n o x i d e a l a r m s , f i r e
all fires are small at first, they might be extinguishers and an emergency exit
contained if a fire extinguisher is handy plan will help you and your family live
and used properly. You should take care, more safely.
however, to select the right kind of fire
extinguisher, because there are different Source:
“Before we built our Malibu Sunroom we still toyed with the idea of someday moving. After
this room was completed and we started to enjoy it, we decided not to move for 1000
-Don & Kathy - Omaha, NE
“Our Malibu Sunroom is beautiful. It's
added value to the home and looks like
it's always been there.”
-Jim & Gina
Omaha, NE
“I love having my morning coffee out here. We
love it. This is where we hang out every Friday
night. We're really excited to watch the leaves
turn colors and watch the snow.”
-Keith & Janie
Council Bluffs, IA
Our customers don't like us, they LOVE us. Find out how we can
transform your home and join the 2,000+ satisfied customers that we
call our “Malibu Family”.
To schedule your FREE design consultation:
(402) 715-5300
“The weather is ALWAYS great in a Malibu Sunroom!”
Delicious, Healthy & Simple!
Valentine's Day Salad
Original recipe makes 12 to 14 servings
1 (6 ounce) package strawberry flavored
2 cups boiling water
1 (16 ounce) package strawberries,
partially frozen
2 bananas, peeled and diced
1 (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple,
1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped
topping, thawed (optional)
bowl. mix together the ground beef and
onion soup mix. Divide the beef into 12
to 16 balls, then form them into small,
thin heart shaped patties. Press an
indention into the center of half of the
hearts, and fill with the cheese and
mushrooms. Place another patty on top,
and press to seal the hearts around the
filling. Place in a shallow baking dish.
Bake for 30 to 40 minutes in the
preheated oven, until beef is well done,
and filling is hot.
In a medium saucepan over high heat,
bring water to a boil and add gelatin.
After gelatin has dissolved, add
strawberries, bananas and pineapple,
mix well; remove from heat.
Spoon mixture into individual heart
molds or a 9x13 inch baking dish; chill
until firm.
Top each serving with whipped topping,
if desired; serv
Valentine's Day Steak Rub
Original recipe makes 10 servingss
2 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons dried oregano
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
½ teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
10 % OFF Coupon
Offer valid for the entire purchase. You must
present coupon at the time of purchase! Cannot
be combined with other coupons.
Coupon valid until March 31, 2015
Valentine Meatballs
Stir together the cinnamon, oregano,
Original recipe makes 8 servings
chili powder, cumin, salt, black pepper,
1 cup shredded Swiss cheese
garlic powder, onion powder, and
1 cup chopped fresh mushrooms
cayenne pepper in a bowl. Place the
2 pounds lean ground beef
2 (1 ounce) envelopes dry onion soup mixture into an airtight container or
empty seasoning bottle.
Credit Cards, Cash & Checks are accepted. Directions
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190
(402) 699-2486
degrees C).
16631 Wright Circle - Omaha, NE 68130 In a medium bowl, toss together the cheese and mushrooms. In a separate Source:
Residents to
AA: Upcoming Events
Spring Garage Sales
May 14 - 16, 2015
Would you like to announce a special
occasion like a wedding or an
engagement, birthday or anniversary?
Is there something we can help you sell?
Simply send an email to
[email protected]
Publishing restrictions may apply,
depending on the content you provide.
You will be notified in such case.
AA Annual Meeting
April - Date TBD
7pm at Clancy’s
Spring Clean-Up
Dates will be published
in the March & April issue
of theAA newsletter
2015 Armbrust Acres Baseball Field & Park Shelter
Reservation Guidelines For Coaches And Neighbors
Armbrust Acres resident Shane
Belohrad has been responsible for
scheduling the Armbrust Acres baseball
field and the park shelter in the past. We
are thankful to be able to say that Shane
will continue to manage the scheduling
in 2015. The park shelter and the
baseball field are part of Armbust Park,
which is owned and maintained by the
Armbrust Acres Homeowners
Association. Park rules and guidelines
are standardized to ensure all Armbrust
homeowners and every eligible team
has an opportunity to use the field,” said
Please contact Shane via email at
[email protected] for more
information about the usage rules and
the availability for the spring sessions
(March-July). Once the rules and
availabilities have been discussed,
coaches may start to schedule the time
slots requests with Shane via email as
early as noon on Sunday, February 8th.
If you would like to make use of the Park
Shelter for a family event or something
similar, call Shane at (402) 676-7854 to
make a reservation for your special
Thank you respecting 2015 guidelines!
All Of Our Service
People Are Experienced,
Insured, Bonded.
Serving the metro Omaha area for over
30 years!
Thank you!
11330 Q Street - Omaha, NE 68130
(402) 895-6201 -
Call Today
(402) 397-8884
Pigeons - Bees - Carpenter Ants - Roached - Spiders
Moles - Fleas - Clover Mites - Rodents - Snakes - Bed Bugs
We Remove: Woodchucks, Raccoons, Possums, & Squirrels
2903 North 84th Street - Omaha, NE
Armbrust Acres Fun For Old And Young
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