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Volume 15 | Issue 1 | Neighborhood Council No. 9 | Feb 2015 | In Color at:
Bringing Back the Brisket Dinner
Well, it’s been awhile since we held our
“annual” Brisket Dinner, so it is exciting to announce that it is back. In past years, we’ve
been known city-wide for this delicious fundraising dinner. Many of you have told me how
much you have missed this neighborhood tradition.
Mark your calendars now. This event
will take place Saturday, April 18th from 5-7
pm, at Open Arms Community of Christ. We
will have an auction or raffle and possibly
some live music. We will have take-out as
well for those who can’t stay and possibly delivery for those who can’t get out. Tickets will
be sold in advance for a small savings or they
may be purchased at the door.
Our Brisket Dinner Committee head is our
Vice President Marshall Sanchez this year. He
is already doing a fine job getting started, but
he will need many of us supporting the effort.
Open Arms will be partnering with us to
make this a great neighborhood event. We
depend on your participation as well. This
might include helping to cook, serve, cleanup. It also could just be buying a ticket and/
or enjoying delicious brisket with your neighbors or friends.
Our February neighborhood meeting,
Thursday February 12th 7pm at Open Arms
will be a planning meeting for this dinner directly following the election of officers for our
2015 term. We will have sign-ups for various
tasks for the brisket dinner. Come find out
how you, your family and neighbors can
Also, If you would like to buy or sell tickets
or make a financial contribution please contact our treasurer, Russell Hunt 833-4475. If
you would like to make a food donation contact Rhonda Hunt at 204-6577. If you are
available to help please contact Marshall
Sanchez at 682-8989.
Happy Valentine's Day Bundschu Neighbors
Your Bundschu N9 2014 Cabinet
The Bundschu News is the official newsletter of the Bundschu
Neighborhood (IPNC Independence Plan for Neighborhood
Rhonda Hunt
[email protected]
Councils ~Neighborhood 9 ). It is published currently on a
Vice Prest Marshall Sanchez 682-8989
[email protected]
monthly basis. Distribution by mail and email strives to reach
Anne Lamb
[email protected]
900 households and businesses. Area businesses and advertisTreasurer
Russ Hunt
[email protected]
ers may receive copies for display and/or distribution by rePhotographer Sharon Arel
833-1996 [email protected]
quest. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform Bundschu
residents and businesses about events, issues, and news which
We need your help in filling long vacant positions.
contribute to making this a friendlier, stronger and healthier
Our secretary Anne Lamb has served many years and
would like someone else to take her place. Let’s honor this place in which to live and raise our children. Please submit
dedicated hard-working neighbor by finding a new secre- articles to Rhonda Hunt or Mary Chance. Deadline for copy is
the 20th of the month following each publication. The Bundtary. Would you try it for 1 year. See what it’s like!
schu News is available in color online at:
You are vital!
Over 900 households see this bulletin board- let us
know what you have to offer, or what you need!
I would like to walk your dog for you. I walk
them in the rain, sleet or snow if needed (but
not the dark of night). I am in High School and
love animals! I have the Dog & Pet Care merit
badge from the boy scouts and am a trained
animal handler/volunteer at the Lakeside Nature Center. I have great availability. Relax this
winter, stay inside and drink a cup of hot chocolate while Fido and I go out to play. Reasonable rates. Regular customers preferred, Fido
and I need to get to know each other. If I don't
answer I'm probably studying so please leave
message and I will call you back. 816 908-2082
ask for Gabe.
Bryant School News
9-12 Parent/Teacher Conferences
12 Valentine Parties—afternoon
13 No School due to conferences
16-17 No School - Presidents' Day and
Teacher Meetings (back to school Jan 18)
27 Box Tops for Education Deadline
Yard Work/Lawn Care- reasonable reliable,
trusted long-time neighbor… Paul Arel call
March Madness 6-7:30pm. Note extra
vehicles in the neighborhood that
Deadline to order yearbooks
16 No school—Teacher Meetings
19 PTA Meeting/2nd grade musical 6pm
30-April 3 No School—Spring/Easter
MUST SELL: Eggs organic locally raised,
$3.00 per dozen Rachel at 726-1953 *empty
egg cartons appreciated.
Calling all community wannabe gardeners or
gardeners of all levels. Please call Rhonda
Hunt at 204-6577
We Have A New Neighbor!
City Ordinance SEC 118.15.005
Miss LeAnne have moved into the 700 blk of Vassar & 8th St Terr. She’s has relocated from Kansas
City. Here two children live here in Independence
so she can now be closer to them and her grandchildren.
Retiring from Kansas City government LeAnne
has a back ground in book keeping, working in
multiple departments including Neighborhoods
and Public Works. Fishing and helping to drive
people to their appointments is something she enjoys. She would love to do some part-time book
keeping or clerical work and only be semi-retired!
She is looking forward to dabbling in gardening
around the house and maybe joining our community garden. WELCOME to Bundschu LeAnne!
It shall be unlawful for a person driving or in
charge of a motor vehicle to permit it to stand
unattended without first stopping the engine,
locking the ignition, removing the key, and effectively setting the brake thereon, and when
standing upon any grade, turning the front
wheels to the curb in such manner as to prevent movement of the vehicle.
Link to online ordinances below and look on
page 18;48
Orchids: To the 700 blk of
Onions: To the driver of a
Vassar and 8th Terr. We now
have no vacant homes. The last
vacancy, a previously troublesome rental turned into an intentional homeownership. Hope this is an upward
trend in other parts of the neighborhood.
red van, speeding West on W
College Ave. Friday Jan 16th
around 10pm. This driver lost
control of his vehicle, overcorrected and took
out a telephone pole. The pole snapped landing squarely on a neighbors car causing vehicle damage and taking out a good amount of
electricity for neighbors up and down the
block. The street was blocked until electrical
wires were safely put up on the new pole.
Thankfully the car unexplainably missed the
car right in front of the pole!
New Independence Crime Mapping Tool
The long awaited crime reporting tool to replace our previous is now online at
www. This FREE app is for anyone online to check out crimes city-wide by typing in an address, specifying a mile radius from that address and then customizing what types of
crimes you would like to search for in specific date ranges. Features include crime hotspot analysis
and other trending patterns of crime. I am still learning how to use it’s many features and customize
it for our use. You can also sign up for crime alerts to be sent to your email, daily, weekly or monthly
and chose crime types or other parameters. An easy to understand seven minute U-Tube tutorial is
online here: http://youtube/6Ny67I7e1VA
What happened on your street in the last 30 days?
Commercial Burglary
11400 blk 11th St S
Criminal Activity arrest
1000 S Scott
5:33 am
Drug Violation marijuana – felony
W Truman Rd/ N Crysler
Criminal Activity – interfering w/Police
24Hwy/N Forest
Stolen Vehicle
800 blk N Crsysler
Criminal Activity – arrest
300 blk Sundown Dr
Vandalism-property damage
11600 blk E Truman Rd
Theft – rec. stolen property <$500
W Truman Rd/ N River
Criminal Activity – arrestx4
Truman Rd/N River
Burglary from Vehicle
1100 blk W Waldo
Criminal Activity –arrest
700 blk Sundown Dr
9:45 pm
Theft – stealing
1100 blk W College
Drug Violation
800 blk N Crysler
12:00 am
Residential Service
Ted’s Trash Service, Inc. provides residential trash collection for
the Independence and Raytown areas and strives to be efficient
and reliable with friendly hardworking employees. Call anytime
during our office hours, 7am – 4pm Monday – Friday. A friendly
voice will answer your call.
Ted’s Trash Service, Inc. is a family owned
operation, that has been serving the Bundschu Area since 1960.
Ted’s Trash Service started business in 1960. Ted Ferrell was working the night shift at Leed’s GM plant, when an
acquaintance decided to sell his trash route consisting of one hundred customers. Ted and his wife, Brenda, decided to purchase the route and the rest is history.
As a growing business, Ted’s Trash Service became incorporated in 1972. Soon after, in 1979, their son, Teddy,
was responsible for continued growth of the company by initiating the roll-off construction container service and
the front load container service. Lisa, his wife, worked part time, while raising two children, Heather Jo and
For Residential Trash Service Give us a call today!
will be conducting a drill for an
coming February
19th called a Rally Point Drill. The old drill
involved the classrooms evacuating to the
Open Arms Community of Christ church. To
avoid crossing River, the new evacuation site
or rally point will now be CPRS (Center Place
Restoration School) which is on W Waldo.
So if you see lots of emergency vehicles or
police cars in the area February 19th, do not
be alarmed. Bryant is just practicing keeping
our kids safe!
A new Resale/ Consignment Shop
Specializing in an eclectic collection of unique pieces
for your home!
Artwork, furniture, knick-knacks and more!
206 N. Liberty, Independence, MO
Visit them on FACEBOOK at:
Wash House Laundry
11525 E US Highway 24, Independence, MO 64054
6 load machines $5.00
3 load machines $2.50
5 load machines 8 mins/25¢
3 load machines 10 mins/25¢
A better wash
All American made-top of the line
Washers spin at 200 G force which
means less dry time/less money
Drop off available 90¢/lb.
Attendant on site
ATM on site
Clean, efficient and friendly!
Try us once! You’ll be hooked!
For Goodness Flakes! For Goodness Snow!
Our Bundschu Christmas Party was a delight to young
and old! Mrs. K or Bryant music teacher, Laura Kirkpatrick led 5th graders in pieces from their Christmas production, FLAKES, where snowflakes get mixed with dirt .
“Ya take a little snow, add a little dirt, and
what do you get . . . S.N.I.R.T. “
We were reminded that some snowflakes are big, some
small and when they stick together they can be a snow-
ball! “Some come down fast, some slower, you
might like us best, if you own a snow blower”
Just as no two snowflakes are alike, we are each as special as a snowflake! Some of us mixed with more dirt.
After their amusing snappy songs, we gathered around
the piano and all sang traditional Christmas Carols. And
last but not least, we enjoyed some holiday treats and
caught up with neighbors. We sure missed those of
you who could not make it this year!
The Independence Plan for Neighborhood Councils, Inc.
700 N Grand Ave
Independence Missouri 64050
Label goes
Right-side UP
First Bundschu Meeting of the Year:
February 12th (second Thursday) 7:00pm
We will take the first part of this meeting to
present candidates and elect our officers for
the 2015 term. If you would like to present a
nomination for the four cabinet candidates President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer call Rhonda Hunt 204-6577 or Marshal
Sanchez 682-8989 or any current officers.
You may also make nominations at the meeting. If you would like to serve as a chair of the
many different committees we would love to
have you. If you are 12 years old or older and
a Bundschu neighbor than you have a vote.
Shortly after our elections we will discuss the
needs and opportunities to get our Brisket Dinner off to a success this year.
We will team up to tackle all the tasks that need
to be done and the deadlines we need to meet.
Tickets will be available for you to take and sell
to neighbors friends and family.
If you are unable to come to this planning meeting but intend to serve on one of the teams,
please let Marshal or any of the officers know by
calling or emailing them. Marshal Sanchez 682
-8989 or email: [email protected]
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