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Connected Mar 15 - Black Torrington Benefice

Readings for March
to help you as you prepare for services
The monthly Anglican/Methodist Newsletter
‘Christian Love in Action’
Sunday 1st March
2nd Sunday of Lent (P)
Sunday 22nd March
5th Sunday of Lent (P)
Genesis 17: 1-7, 15-16
Romans 4: 13-end
Mark 8: 31-end
Jeremiah 31: 31-34
Hebrews 5: 5-10
John 12: 20-33
Sunday 8th March
3rd Sunday of Lent (P)
Sunday 29th March
Palm Sunday (R)
Exodus 20: 1-17
1 Corinthians 1: 18-25
John 2: 13-22
Philippians 2: 5-11
Mark 11: 1-11
MARCH 2015
Sunday 15th March
Mothering Sunday (P)
Colossians 3: 12-17
Luke 2: 34-35
Note: readings may vary at some services, according to the theme
Revd. Kathy Roberts
The Rectory
Black Torrington
EX21 5PU
01409 231279
Superintendent Minister
Revd Ken Morgan
Hatchmoor Road
EX38 7BU
01805 628041
Church And Chapel Contact Numbers
Black Torrington, St Mary’s
Sheila Grabham
Val Letheren
01409 231581
01409 231430
Bradford, All Saints, with Cookbury, St John
Geoff Pitt
01409 221507
Vivien Radford
01409 255550
Highampton, Holy Cross
Jackie Ody
Bob Luckhurst
01409 231239
01409 231555
Thornbury, St Peter’s
Mike Chandler
Colin Wood
01409 253150
01409 261526
Chapel Superintendent Minister:
Revd Ken Morgan
Rural Worker:
Andy Jerrard
Chapel Stewards:
Black Torrington
Peter Ellis
Rose Fielder
Don Harkness
Thursday 5th March—Worship Ministry Team Service Planning
Friday 6th March—Black Torrington Chapel, Coffee and Cake,
10.00 am—12.00 noon
Thursday 12th March—Black Torrington Church and Chapel Lunch
Tuesday 17th March—Churchwardens and Ministry Team Meeting,
7.15 pm
Thursday 19th March— Mission Community Treasurer’s Meeting,
7.30 pm Holsworthy Skills Centre
01805 628041
Thursday 26th March—Black Torrington Annual Parochial Church
Meeting, 7.30 pm in Church
07801 755732
Saturday 28th March—St Mary’s Table at Black Torrington Village
Hall, 10.00 am—12.00 noon
———————————01409 231309
01409 231214
01409 231825
Friday 17th April - Music at St Mary’s, Concert with Launceston Male
Voice Choir
Saturday 18th April –- Wine and Wisdom Quiz Night, Bradford
Village Hall in aid of Bradford, Cookbury and Thornbury Churches
(chapel now closed for worship)
Marjorie Smale
01409 281560
Graeme Quance
Wednesday 6th May—Holsworthy Memorial Hall Coffee Morning, in
aid of Thornbury Church
01409 281248
Helen Orr
01409 231199
Friday 15th May—Barn dance in aid of St Mary's plastering fund with
'Stick the Fiddle'. 7.00 pm. £8 per adult, £20 per family (to include a
pasty supper). Further details to follow. Book the date in your diary
Mrs J Vanstone
Mrs. A Bond
Benefice Website:
Circuit Website:
Tuesday 26th May—Archdeacons Visitation, Holsworthy Church
01409 261221
Wednesday 30th September—Holsworthy Memorial Hall, Coffee
Morning, in aid of Thornbury Church
Torridge Circuit
As we have grown in experience with the Foodbank it has become
clear that there are several items from the full list which are always
needed. Because we collect regularly each week, rather than
occasionally, we are in the best position to satisfy this need so please
concentrate on the items from the list below when considering a
long life juice
long life milk
sugar (500g and 1Kg size)
tea (40 or 80 bag size)
coffee (100g size)
tinned meat
sponge puddings
tinned tomatoes
tinned rice
Circuit Administrator: Mrs Sheila Babb 01805 622949
March Services at Hope Chapel,
Black Torrington
Sunday 1st March
11.00 am
Mrs Elizabeth Squire
Sunday 8th March
11.00 am
Dr David Hudson
Sunday 15th March
11.00 am
Revd Martin Goord
Sunday 22nd March
11.00 am
Café-style Worship
Open to all
Sunday 29th March
11.00 am
Revd Peter Nock
Lake Chapel, Shebbear
9.00pm on the last Wednesday of every month Compline Liturgical Colour for Lent: Violet, or purple.
This is the colour of penitence and humility. Purple is also
symbolic of royalty and the colour reminds us that Jesus is
Hangings and flowers are removed from the worship area,
although dry arrangements could be appropriate.
a short service for the end of the day, a particular blessing
at the day’s end when there is nothing to rush off to afterwards!
Contact Helen Orr 01409 231199 for further details.
For details of Services
please contact: Iris Fry 01409 261322
Black Torrington Benefice Services in March
Services at parish church unless otherwise indicated
These names are of those people
willing to provide transport to
Services and events within the Benefice
Sunday 1st March
9.30 am
11.00 am Black Torrington
Morning Prayer
Holy Communion
Thursday 5th March
9.00 am
Holy Communion
Saturday 7th March
5.00 pm
Celtic Evening Prayer
Sunday 8th March
9.30 am
11.00 am Black Torrington
11.00 am Highampton
11.00 am Bradford
Holy Communion
Iona Holy Communion
Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
Peter Roberts
Wendy Stratton
Anne Gray (covering Sheepwash)
Morag Lobley
Margaret & Martin Taylor
281 800
281 327
Thursday 12th March
9.00 am
Holy Communion
Saturday 14th March
10.00 am Bradford Village Hall
5.00 pm
Saturday Church
Celtic Evening Prayer
Hilary Luxton is collecting used
postage stamps to support the
work of Leukaemia Research.
Sunday 15th March
11.00 am Bradford
6.30 pm
231 799
231 426
231 231
Benefice Mothering Sunday
Family Holy Communion
Benefice Evensong
Thursday 19th March
9.00 am
Black Torrington
2.30 pm
Burdon Grange
Holy Communion
Please save your stamps and leave them in St Mary’s Church,
Black Torrington for collection by Hilary
Pew sheet and Connected
Please forward items for the weekly pew sheet by
Wednesday each week to Kate Inniss
and for Connected to Sheila Grabham
by Wednesday 18th March
Items received after the deadlines may not be included
Holsworthy Mission Community Prayer
Saturday 21st March
5.00 pm
Black Torrington
Celtic Evening Prayer
Lord of the Church
hear our prayer for the Holsworthy Mission Community:
Set our hearts on fire with love for you.
Claim our worship and wealth,
our abilities and our time,
that we may be worthy stewards of all that you have given.
Save us from complacency and fear of new ways;
inspire us with vision;
make us a power-house of prayer,
a community of loving service,
and faithful witnesses to your kingdom
as we grow daily in and through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen
Sunday 22nd March
9.30 am
11.00 am Highampton
11.00 am Black Torrington
11.00 am Bradford
Holy Communion
Holy Communion
Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
Tuesday 24th March
9.30 am
School Easter Service
Wednesday 25th March
9.30 am
Black Torrington
School Easter Service
Thursday 26th March
9.00 am
2.00 pm
Holy Communion
School Easter Service
Saturday 28th March
5.00 pm
Celtic Evening Prayer
Sunday 29th March
11.00 am Black Torrington
Benefice Holy Communion
Followed by bring and share lunch
A group of people who pray privately (and in strict confidence)
for specific situations.
If you, or anyone you know, is in need of prayer for any reason,
please contact:
Maureen Ellis - 01409 231309
Sheila Grabham - 01409 231581
Margaret Taylor - 01409 281327
...and if you would like to be part of this unseen but
essential ministry, please contact Kathy Roberts or Maureen Ellis
Monday 30th March
6.00 pm
Holy Communion and
Stations of the Cross
Tuesday 31st March
6.00 pm
Black Torrington
Holy Communion and
Stations of the Cross
Every week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Morning Prayer, 8.00 am at Black Torrington
Lent has arrived, and with it decisions to ‘give up’ coffee....
chocolate..... sweets.... alcohol. Why do we do it? For some it is
because it is traditional – ‘we’ve always done it!’ And yet if this
time of Lent simply becomes a time when we give up things,
or turn out to a Lent group for 6 weeks, then perhaps we have
lost sight of what this season invites us to.
Jesus went into the wilderness ‘driven’ by the Holy Spirit, to
explore the meaning of his sonship, to accept deeply in himself
his vocation. And he could only do that by ‘giving up’ his home
comforts, earning a living, times with friends. He could only
become more fully himself by leaving behind those things that
at face value looked like they expressed who he was. Can we
use this Lent to set aside those things that get in the way of
finding out who we are, as people, who we are as God’s
beloved daughter or son. Who knows, maybe those things we
think we can only ‘give up’ for 6 weeks we might find we no
longer need!
Week of Accompanied Prayer
A small ecumenical group is planning a Week of Accompanied
Prayer to take place in July at Bodmin Street Chapel. The Week
is a kind of retreat in daily life. Each person who comes
undertakes to spend an hour a day in prayer and reflection and
then meets up with their allotted prayer guide for half an hour
to reflect together and to discern what God might be saying
and doing. It is a very gentle process. This Week is a very special opportunity for you to come close to God in your everyday
life. The week begins on a Sunday evening with a short service
and an introduction to the prayer guides who are people from
outside this area. The Week closes with a time of worship on the
following Saturday morning.
To the Clergy and Readers,
Churchwardens, Deanery Lay Chairs and Congregations
Of the Barnstaple Archdeaconry
You are invited to the collation of the Revd Dr Mark Butchers
As Archdeacon of Barnstaple
On Monday 23rd March 2015
At 7.30 pm
At St Peters and St Mary Magdalene Church, Barnstaple
Highampton Community Group
The Highampton Easter Bash
Live music event—Saturday 4th April 2015
Highampton Village Hall
Doors open at 7.30 pm
Live music will be provided by Devon musician Chris Stuckey with
support from the Isles and the Hatherleigh Ukulele Bashers
Admission £8 in advance (£10 on the door)
£5 under 16s and under 5s free
Tickets from Highampton Shop or phone 07960 244370
Longer term residents of Black Torrington will be sorry to hear
of the death of Dr Roger Filer Cooper on 29th January. His funeral took place in Exeter on 16th Febrary.
When Dr Filer Cooper first came with his wife Anita, they lived
at Coham Bridge House. The village was without a surgery as it
had been previously at The Larches. Surgeries were held at first
at a house in Broad Street, then at Coham Bridge House, then in
a caravan in the village - now the site of the present surgery.
With some difficulty Roger managed to get planning
permission to build beside the old people's bungalows in
Bowhay. For this the village must be grateful for it has secured
the continuance of the practice here. Roger retired from the
Black Torrington practice in 1990 but continued living at Coham
Bridge until last year.
In 1973 he was elected chairman of the parish council, a position
he held for eleven years until he stood down in 1984.
He created a fine garden at Coham Bridge and was an
enthusiastic restorer of vintage cars.
He was an active and much appreciated local doctor.
Date of service
There will be an Evensong at the cathedral on 20th April at
5.30pm at which the archdeacon of Totnes, Douglas Dettmer,
and the archdeacon of Barnstaple, Mark Butchers, will be
installed, Bishop Nick commissioned for Plymouth and I will be
commissioned as Dean of Women’s Ministry and made
prebendary of the cathedral. You are warmly invited to come
along to that service. I would so appreciate your ongoing
prayers in this new aspect of ministry for me – as I am sure our
new archdeacons and Bishop Nick would appreciate prayers!
Prayers in the churches
There has been a request from several people that we meet
regularly in each of our churches to pray for each parish in turn.
Do see if you can join us on a Saturday evening at 5pm – the
details each week will be on the pewsheet. We will be starting
off in Thornbury church on Saturday 7th March. The format will
be a simple Celtic Evening Prayer and will last between 20 and
30 minutes. You may want to ensure that you are wearing warm
clothing. The church is still very chilly at this time of the year!
Collation of the Archdeacon of Barnstaple
The collation service for the new archdeacon of Barnstaple,
Mark Butchers, will be on Monday 23rd March at St Peter’s,
Barnstaple at 7.30pm. Everyone is a little mystified by the term
‘collation’ (not least me!), but I think I may be right in understanding that when the archdeacon is ‘collated’ he (or she) is
admitted to the work of an archdeacon in a particular area. If
anyone would like to attend this service, there are lifts available,
please contact me.
Gerry Matthews
Marking Easter with our Benefice schools
Each of the schools in the Benefice will be holding an Easter
service in the churches in their parishes. Bradford School will be
holding their service on Tuesday 24th March at 9.30am. Black
Torrington School at 9.30am on Wednesday 25th March and
Highampton School at 2pm on Thursday 26th March. Do come
along and support the school in your area.
I trust that this Lent and Easter will be a meaningful time for
you, as we experience again the journey to the cross and then
joyfully express the exuberance and wonder of the resurrection
of Jesus.
With love and prayers
Prayer Cards and Stations
Unsure of what or how to pray?
Wine and Wisdom Quiz Night
With your question master: David Arney
Saturday 18th April
7.00 pm for 7.30 pm start
At Bradford Village Hall
Teams/Tables of up to 6 persons at £5.00 per person
Refreshments and first glass of wine or juice included
Tickets available from:
Sandra 01409 281128
In aid of the church funds for
Bradford, Cookbury and Thornbury Churches
with raffle proceeds to be donated to Christian Aid
Each of the churches in our benefice has a selection of
prayer cards freely available for you to use, and to take away, to
help as a ‘way in’ to your prayer times.
A dedicated quiet space for prayer has also been put in place in
both St Mary’s, Black Torrington, and All Saints, Bradford
As well as the selection of prayer cards, there are cards for you
to write your own prayer requests on and then place them onto
the boards. These will then be prayed for at the midweek Holy
Communion services.
The next breakfast is on
Saturday 18th April, 8.15 am for 8.30 am
at the Bickford Arms, Brandis Corner
Booking by payment of £7.00 in advance to:
Dennis Bater 01409 231573 or Bob Luckhurst 01409 231555
or e-mail:
Please do make use of these resources.
Music at St Mary’s
Launceston Male Voice Choir
Friday 17th April
7.30 p.m.
St Mary’s Church, Black Torrington
Everyone is invited to Saturday Church,
on the second Saturday of each month,
10.00 am at Bradford Village Hall.
Come and share time together, to
worship, to explore Bible stories, to play
games, sing songs, make things and eat
and drink things!
Do come along to our next session
On Saturday 14 March to celebrate Mothering Sunday
Tickets including refreshments
Adults £6.00 in advance or £7.00 on the door
Children half price
Tickets available from:
Val Letheren 01409 231430
Sheila Grabham 01409 231581
Anne Gray 01409 231231
Kate Inniss 01409 231234
We are part of a far-flung community with some
quite isolated properties and a tremendous
amount of care is already given by those in the
Benefice. However, as part of the Church's outreach we feel we
should be able to extend care to those who perhaps do not
attend Church, but may have needs which Kathy and/or the
team could address. If you have neighbours or friends whom
you feel might welcome any help please let Kathy know.
Followed by Holy Communion
At 11.15 am approx. for those who wish to partake
Contact Morag (281800) or Liz (261312) for further information
United Christian Broadcasters (UCB)
Hope Chapel, Black Torrington has two phone lines installed by UCB
so that three times a month, for a couple of hours each time, we can
be part of the national network that responds to calls for prayer when
people call UCB.
Each member of the team decides the number and time of sessions
they can commit to. If you or anyone you know is interested in
training to be part of the ecumenical team that meets at Hope Chapel
please pass their name to Revd Kathy Roberts.
It is a wonderful ministry that blesses those who pray as well as those
who ask for prayer.
St Peter’s Church, Thornbury
Ladies’ SUPPER
Bag Collection—our next bag collection is on
Tuesday 28th April.
Any clothes, belts, bags, shoes, coats, etc.,
no bedding, duvets or bric a brac.
Bags can be left in the back of Thornbury Church
Coffee Morning
Ladies’ Supper for all ladies in the
Benefice and Chapels
We will be meeting at
The Torridge Inn, Black Torrington
for supper on Thursday 9th April
7.00 pm for 7.30 pm
Wednesday 6th May
Holsworthy Memorial Hall
9.00 am—12.00 noon
If you would like to join us, please contact
Val 01409 231430 or email
by Sunday 29th March
Any donations of cakes, jams,
offers of help or tombola prizes very welcome.
For further details please contact Liz 01409 261312
St Mary’s Church, Black Torrington
Many thanks to all who supported the
BRUNCH on Saturday 7th February.
We raised £376.30 for the Plastering Fund
LUNCH and SUPPER dates for 2015
Thursday 9th April—Supper
Thursday 11th June—Supper
Thursday 13th August—Supper
Thursday 8th October—Lunch
Thursday 3rd December—Christmas Lunch
If you have any suggestions of places to go to for
lunch or supper please speak to Val Letheren
Some interesting information about fixing the date of Easter
Hope Chapel
The problem of fixing the date of Easter dates back
Home to a worshipping caring community
Growing as a Community Resource Centre
Christians of Jewish origin celebrated the resurrection
immediately after the Passover festival, using their
Babylonian lunar calendar, so Easter fell on different
days of the week.
Christians of gentile origin wished to commemorate
the resurrection on the first day of the week, Sunday,
so Easter always occurred on the same day of the week,
but fell on different dates.
Worship led by a Minister or Local Preacher is the usual pattern on a
Sunday. We are occasionally experimenting with informal Café-style
worship with music and hymns or songs suggested by those who
attend. People or situations will be prayed for as requested on the
day. Time will be set aside to explore Bible stories and question their
relevance today, and to enjoy discussions on Questions of Faith. This
may be of interest to people who are not regular church goers.
The Roman Emperor Constantine I’s Council of Nicea
ruled in 325 that the Easter festival should be
celebrated throughout the Christian world on the first
Sunday after the full moon following the vernal
The council also decreed that if the full moon should
occur on a Sunday and coincide with the Passover
festival, Easter should be commemorated on the
following Sunday.
Methods used to fix the date of Easter proved
unsatisfactory and Easter was celebrated on different
dates in different parts of the world.
Since 1752 when the Gregorian calendar was adopted
in Britain, Easter has been celebrated on the same day
in the Western part of the Christian world.
Our Services are accessible for wheelchairs and push-chairs. Those
with a learning disability, or age-related memory loss, are also
Community Resource Centre
Our Activities are accessible for wheelchairs and push-chairs. Those
with a learning disability, or age-related memory loss, are also
Individuals are welcome to use the Chapel at any time when the
schoolroom is being used. You may want to pray or quietly
contemplate. Candles may be lit or music played on the piano or CD
player. Bibles and Christian books and DVDs may be borrowed free
of charge.
Burdon Grange
Thursday 19th March, 2.30 pm
Source: Times database
St Mary’s Cook Book
Loose Change for Loose Plaster!!
St Mary’s Church is in urgent need of
re-plastering work with an estimated cost of
around £40,000.
Can you spare the loose change in your pocket to help?
There is a collecting pot available at the back of the church
if you would like to donate it to this cause.
Cake and Coffee Mornings
Black Torrington Chapel
We would like to thank you for supporting our
Loose Change for Loose Plaster.
To date we have collected £182.00 in small change,
approx. £23 per month.
It is surprising how that small change mounts up.
Friday 6th March
10.00 am—12.00 noon
Delicious cake can be enjoyed with tea, coffee or hot chocolate.
There is usually a raffle and Bring and Buy stall.
Have you visited the Benefice
web site recently?
We are fund-raising for the fabric of the building and to ensure
the future of all the Community Resource Centre Activities.
It can be reached on
and it normally has an up-to date copy of the latest edition of
Connected, weekly pew sheet and service times for the month,
as well as information about the wider church and about each of
the Parish churches within the Benefice.
There is also a “contact us” facility within the site, where you
can make any enquiry and it will be directed to the right
Alternatively, you can send an e-mail
The cook book of our favourite recipes is now
available from Val Letheren at a cost of £2.00.
Funds raised will go towards the church
plastering fund
Black Torrington Chapel Computer Club
The Chapel Computer Club runs on
Thursday mornings
10.00 am—12.00 noon at Hope Chapel.
£5.00 covers a drink and the help on hand from an experienced
tutor and others members of the club.
Bring your own lap-top, tablet or ipad if you have one.
New members are joining all the time.
Please contact Peter Ellis 01409 231309 if you are interested.
Time Out Lunch
The next Time Out Lunch is on
Thursday 26th March,
12.30 pm at Black Torrington Village Hall.
It is open to anyone who would like to come.
A donation only is requested.
It would be helpful to know numbers
a day or two beforehand.
Please let Maureen know on 01409 231309.
Black Torrington Village Hall
Table Top Sale
Saturday 28th March 10.00am - 12 noon
Suitable items for St Mary’s table
(cakes, produce, books and jigsaw puzzles)
will be gratefully received, and may be given to
Sheila Grabham 01409 231581, Val Letheren 01409 231430
or Anne Gray 01409 231231
Many thanks to all who donate cakes, jams and
other goods each month for church funds.
In January we raised £88.30
Pop-in Centre in Holsworthy
The Pop-in Centre runs in the Memorial Hall on a Wednesday
between 2pm and 4pm for a cuppa, a biscuit, and a chat. It
houses the Holsworthy Food Bank. There are collection points
for food in all our Benefice Churches and Black Torrington
Black Torrington Chapel Schoolroom is open
on Monday afternoons 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
You can borrow a book from our vast library of
paperbacks for 50p, you can connect to our broadband for free,
or you can just relax with a tea, coffee or hot chocolate (50p) and
spend time with friendly people.
If you are hoping to find people wanting to talk about books we
will be setting up a corner of the room for this to happen more
easily interrupted. Surplus funds are donated to charities.
Cinema facilities
The BT Cinema Club that meets in Hope Chapel is
running monthly, and has provided the funds to put
in blackout blinds, smoke alarms and emergency
Contact Bill Smithers for further information 01409 231598
Hope Chapel has also used the big screen facilities to
accommodate the children from the village school at the request
of the PTFA. We are also hoping to provide free Family Film
Shows open to anyone. (Children and Young People under 15
would need to be accompanied by an adult.) The choice of
films might cover comic and musical treats, old and new, and
inspiring true life stories from history and the present day.
Suggestions welcome. Would a Friday evening, Saturday
morning, or afternoon be of interest?
Some Benefice News:
Black Torrington Pop-in
From the registers:
Harvey Reginald Carter Mark Thomas-Hutchings (Highampton)
Do you enjoy company, and conversation in warm comfortable
surroundings, with hot chocolate, tea or coffee? The Pop-in at
Hope Chapel offers all this and more.
At the moment it is open on Tuesdays from 10.30am. There is
no charge but donations will be gratefully received.
David Mark Wilkins (Black Torrington)
Frank Browning (Black Torrington)
Jonathan Paul Eedy (Highampton)
Happy Birthday to all who celebrated a Birthday in February
Mary Dayman
Sandra Holland
Mary Edgecombe
Ronda Mogridge
Gwendoline Darnborough
Esther Colwill
Hilary Luxton
We may stay open for light lunches and open on more days if
this is wanted. Please let us know.
There is be a big yellow banner outside the chapel whenever the
Pop-in facility is open.
We would love to see you whenever you free to pop-in!
Some people think it worthwhile coming from as far away as
Hatherleigh and Langtree.
Bude Holsworthy Macular Group
The next meeting of the local support group
will be at 10.00 am on Monday 9th March
It is for people with Macular Degeneration causing sight
impairment, or any other sight loss.
It meets monthly at Holsworthy Hospital
Further information from the new group leader
David Golding (01409 211401) or Peter Ellis (01409 231309).
Disabled Christian Fellowship
Congratulations to all who celebrated a Wedding Anniversary
in February including;
Bob and Jan Luckhurst
A group of interest to those with a disability of some kind, and for their
carers, meets every month on the second Saturday of the month at 2.30pm.
We usually meet at St John the Baptist Church at Newport, Barnstaple.
Drivers and helpers are always welcome.
We generally provide a varied programme of activities, a tea and fellowship.
For further details contact Anita Southey 01409 261763
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