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About Boston University
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The Metcalf Medals
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The Metcalf Awards
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Honorary Degree Recipients of the Past 25 Years
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Prelude, Processional, and Recessional Music
The Corporation
About Boston University
medical college in the world. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
perhaps our most famous alumnus, studied here in the
early 1950s, during a period when nearly half of this
country’s doctoral degrees earned by African American
students in religion and philosophy were awarded by
Boston University.
Boston University’s impact extends far beyond
Commonwealth Avenue, Kenmore Square, and the
Medical Campus. Our students, faculty, and alumni
go all around the world to study, research, teach, and
become a part of the communities in which they live.
Today, BU is the fourth-largest private university in
the country and one of the world’s leading research
universities. As a measure of its global reach, Boston
University is currently engaged in more than 340
separate research, service, and educational programs
and projects around the world.
For many at Boston University, a commitment to
serving and shaping the world is formed while still a
student. The early dream of engagement “in the heart
of the city, in the service of the city” has been deeply
and abidingly realized in numerous ways: through
the University’s twenty-year partnership with the
Chelsea Public Schools, the more than $135 million
in scholarships provided to graduates of the Boston
Public Schools via the Boston Scholars program and
the new Boston Public High School Community
Service Award, and the pioneering merger of the
BU Medical Center Hospital and Boston City
Hospital. Students and faculty regularly engage
in a broad range of both formal and informal
community service activities.
Enduring commitments to teaching, research, global
education, and community engagement are the
touchstones of Boston University’s proud past and
promising future.
In the rich tapestry of Boston University’s history,
one thread runs true: quality teaching by an excellent
faculty. Students benefit from direct instruction by
dedicated professors who are actively engaged in
original research and scholarship, as well as from
the University’s combination of a strong liberal arts
foundation and exceptional professional programs.
Many students work closely with faculty mentors
to advance the frontiers of human discovery.
Opportunities for educators and researchers to
collaborate across disciplines leverage the breadth
and depth of the University’s program offerings.
Boston University’s academic community reaches
near and far. Today, the University’s sixteen schools
and colleges enroll more than 33,000 students from
all fifty states as well as the District of Columbia
and three U.S. Territories and 139 foreign countries.
The nation’s first collegiate international exchange
program was created here at the end of the nineteenth
century. Since then, Boston University’s Study
Abroad offerings have grown to include nearly one
hundred programs in twenty-four countries. This
global emphasis is integrated into the on-campus
curriculum, with courses and programs that bring
an international perspective to subjects from
anthropology to zoology.
Since its founding, Boston University has embraced two
principles that have come to define higher education
today: a belief that the pursuit of learning is enhanced
by direct engagement with the community and the
world, and a conviction that higher education should
be accessible to all.
Boston University has made a commitment to
providing educational opportunity without regard
to race, class, sex, or creed from its beginning, and
this has led to a number of momentous “firsts”: the
first to open all its divisions to women, the first to
award a Ph.D. to a woman, the first coeducational
Today’s graduates take their place in a long line of
alumni whose inclusive and engaged educational
experience prepared them to help serve, shape, and
improve the world.
Prelude Concert (musical titles on page 104)
Boston University Brass Choir
Aaron Goldberg, Director
Processional (musical titles on page 104)
Call to Order
Robert A. Knox
National Anthem
Michael Convicer
The Reverend Dr. Robert Allan Hill
Student Speaker
Leila Belmahi
Presentation of the Class Gift
Fernando J. Limbo III
Welcome from the Alumni Association
Shadi Daher
The Metcalf Awards for Excellence in Teaching
The Metcalf Cup and Prize for Excellence in Teaching
Robert A. Brown
Conferring of the Honorary Degrees
Robert A. Brown
Norman R. Augustine, Doctor of Science
Thomas G. Kelley, Doctor of Laws
Sandra L. Lynch, Doctor of Laws
Leonard S. Nimoy, Doctor of Humane Letters
Eric E. Schmidt, Doctor of Science
Eric E. Schmidt
Presentation of Candidates
Jean Morrison
Karen H. Antman
Promotion of Candidates to Degrees
Robert A. Brown
President’s Charge to the Graduates
Robert A. Brown
Clarissima (words and music on page 105)
Michael Convicer
Bishop Peter D. Weaver
Recessional (musical titles on page 104)
An A.S.L. interpreter for guests with hearing impairment will be stationed on the field, in front of the accessible seating
area. A large-screen, real-time, open-caption video feed will also be available for the deaf and hard of hearing at this site.
The First Aid Station is located in the Boston University Children’s Center, 32 Harry Agganis Way, adjacent to the
В­stadium. It is staffed by Emergency Medical Technicians. The Lost & Found Counter is in the lobby of the Boston
University Police Headquarters, next door to the Children’s Center.
The Metcalf Medals
The Metcalf Medals are conferred upon
member, and founder and endower of the Metcalf
winners of the Metcalf Cup and Prize for
Awards, served on the Board of Trustees from 1956
Excellence in Teaching and the Metcalf
to 1997 and was the Board’s Chairman from
Awards for Excellence in Teaching. On
1976 to 1994, when he became Chairman
the back of each medal is engraved the
Emeritus. The Cup and Prize medal is
winner’s name; on the front appears a portrait
struck in gold, the Award medals in
of Dr. Arthur G. B. Metcalf (1908–1997) by President
Emeritus John Silber. Dr. Metcalf, an alumnus, В­faculty
The Metcalf Cup
The Metcalf Cup and $10,000 Prize
the University’s president. “The purpose
were created by an endowment gift
of the prize,” Dr. Metcalf stated at
from the late Dr. Arthur G. B. Metcalf,
the time of its ­creation, “is to establish
an alumnus and Trustee of Boston
a systematic В­procedure for the review
University. Candidates are nominated by
of the quality of teaching and the
students, faculty, or alumni, and finalists
identification and advancement of those
are selected by a screening committee of
members of the faculty who excel as
faculty and В­
students. The committee’s
teachers, of which this cup is symbolic.”
recommendation is then forwarded to
The Metcalf Awards
The Metcalf Awards are given annually to one or more
tiveness, respect for the past and the future, a struggle to
finalists in the competition for the Metcalf Cup and Prize.
comprehend the world and the ideas we have of it, and a
The winners of the Metcalf Awards each receive $5,000.
community defined by its open-ended debates. Teaching
In describing the Metcalf Awards in 1997, then President
is what elevates and unifies these diverse elements and
Westling said, “the Metcalf Awards for Excellence in
brings them directly into the lives of students. By recog-
Teaching express Boston University’s understanding of
nizing and encouraging outstanding teaching, the Metcalf
the centrality of teaching in higher education. A univer-
Awards express Boston University’s deepest purpose.”
sity is many things: an active tradition of inquiry, atten-
The Metcalf Cup
Andrew G. Duffy
Dr. Andrew G. Duffy is an inspired teacher whose creative methods have transformed how students experience
introductory physics. Dr. Duffy engages his students
through active learning, using the latest technological
tools and demonstrations that bring course material
to life. Even in his largest classes, Dr. Duffy—who is
­ aster at learning hundreds of names—creates an
В­intimate environment.
Dr. Duffy communicates his passion for physics and his
deep devotion to his students. They respond with superlatives: “Dr. Duffy is the best professor I have ever had,”
wrote one. “Incredible energy and charisma,” wrote
another. Some resort to hyperbole: “He is the god of
Physics.” Perhaps the most telling praise: “We left his
class with a newfound understanding of and appreciation
for the physical universe.”
Dr. Duffy creates compelling instructional resources for
his students, including numerous introductory videos,
which illustrate central concepts in physics. His classes
combine lecture, interactive exercises, group discussion,
and memorable demonstrations. Whether it is by crashing model cars to explain momentum or shining a laser
through water to show total internal reflection, Dr. Duffy
inspires and engages his students, causing them to raptly
anticipate his next demonstration or explanation. Once,
he mounted a revolving table, with weights in hand, to
illustrate the concept of centripetal force and why figure
skaters spin faster when they bring their arms closer to
their bodies. In such a dynamic classroom, students gain
a deeper and richer understanding of physics.
Dr. Duffy has published and presented nationally on
education in physics, advocating the use of varied pedagogical techniques. He has taught physics and science
to secondary school teachers and is part of a National
Science Foundation–funded program, called PhysTEC,
to recruit and train future physics and physical science
teachers to meet pressing national needs.
Pedagogical innovator, dedicated teacher, and gВ­ enerous
mentor, Dr. Duffy explicates the world around us with
flair and insight, and provides the tools to improve
В­physics education. Boston University proudly presents
Master Lecturer Andrew Duffy with the Metcalf Cup
and Prize for Excellence in Teaching.
The Metcalf Award
for Excellence in Teaching
Robert Craig Lowe, M.D.
Dr. Robert Craig Lowe is an inspired teacher, distinguished researcher, and superb clinician. His passion
is medical education, and his masterful teaching helps
train skilled and empathetic doctors. Dr. Lowe’s enthusiasm for and total dedication to teaching medical students grow out of his conviction that “being a doctor
is the greatest profession in the world.”
the Wards”; “he is an effective, compassionate, and
knowledgeable physician”; and “he demonstrates how
empathy itself can be healing.” Perhaps the greatest
tribute that was received is “he is exactly the kind of
physician I would hope to be in a few years.”
Dr. Lowe considers himself a student of medical education as well as a teacher. He is always seeking to
improve his teaching and the medical curriculum. He has
offered faculty development courses, lectured, and published on multiple aspects of liver disease. He also has
won every teaching award in the School of Medicine.
Dr. Lowe strives to combine the discipline-based
approach of the basic sciences with the more practical, problem-solving focus of clinical instruction. His
teaching, enriched by research findings, uses cases to
prompt the students to apply their knowledge and to
hone their diagnostic skills. He is a caring mentor to
students at all stages and to faculty colleagues; he is
also a wonderful role model as a teacher and clinician.
Students in his Gastroenterology Module, DRx, had
only praise: “Dr. Lowe is awesome—he makes you
marvel at the physiology of the GI tract!”; “the course
was superbly taught and great for both the Boards and
Dr. Lowe was recently selected by Boston magazine as
one of the “Best of Boston”; more important, he is also
one of the best of Boston University. His exemplary
commitment to the teaching of the art and science of
medicine has shown students how to practice their
profession with both expertise and compassion. Boston
University proudly presents Dr. Lowe with the Metcalf
Award for Excellence in Teaching.
The Metcalf Award
for Excellence in Teaching
Marisa Milanese
Ms. Marisa Milanese is an outstanding Senior Lecturer
in the freshman Writing Program, who welcomes the
challenge of teaching required writing courses. Her aim
is to transform students’ understanding of the writing
process and to give them rhetorical and critical skills
that are broadly applicable to their career at Boston
University and beyond. Admitting that she is “almost
embarrassingly excited about everything from film theory to semicolons,” she achieves her goal using carefully
crafted interdisciplinary courses, taught with irrepressible enthusiasm.
embodied every aspect of the active, interested, and
patient professors advertised in the admissions office”!
As Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Milanese mentors
Writing Program faculty and has greatly increased the
teaching resources for her colleagues. The Program
Director praised her as “a shining star on the Writing
Program’s faculty . . . she illuminates everything around
her. She is a superb teacher, but she is also a superb institutional citizen, whose generosity toward her cВ­ olleagues
makes them better teachers as well.” Ms. Milanese has
been active in outreach efforts, providing writing tutorials
at English High School and participating in the educational initiative, Success Boston.
Ms. Milanese engages her students through challenging content. She then carefully reads multitudinous
writing assignments and holds intensive individual and
group working sessions, through which students receive
invaluable mentoring, and her class becomes a true
community. Grateful students praise her: “She provides
the perfect transition for entering freshmen, combining
real-world expectations with guidance for the next four
years”; “she is a model teacher . . . and has a personal
investment in each one of her students”; “Ms. Milanese
Gifted teacher, caring mentor, and contributor to the
community, Ms. Milanese has transformed the writing
and sharpened the reasoning of all her students. In so
doing, she has given them powerful tools to be used
in any field. Boston University is pleased to present
Ms. Milanese with the Metcalf Award for Excellence
in Teaching.
Honorary Degrees
Norman R. Augustine
Norman R. Augustine was raised in Colorado and
Mr. Augustine served for 16 years on the President’s
attended Princeton University, earning a Bachelor
Council of Advisors on Science and Technology under
of Science in Engineering, in aeronautical engineer-
Democratic and Republican presidents and led two
ing, magna cum laude, and a Master of Science in
major reviews of the future of the U.S. space pro-
Engineering. He joined the Douglas Aircraft Company
gram, in 1990 and 2009. He led a 2005 National
in 1958 as a research engineer, and later became chief
Academies of Science commission that produced a
engineer. Beginning in 1965, he served in the Office
landmark report, Rising Above the Gathering Storm:
of the Secretary of Defense as assistant director of
Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter
defense research and engineering.
Economic Future.
He joined LTV Missiles and Space Company in
He has been chairman of the American Red Cross and
1970 as vice president for advanced programs and
the National Academy of Engineering, served as president
marketing. In 1973 he returned to government ser-
of the Boy Scouts of America and on the boards of Johns
vice as Assistant Secretary of the Army and in 1975
Hopkins, MIT, and Princeton, and as a Fellow of the
became Under Secretary of the Army, and later Acting
National Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Secretary of the Army.
Mr. Augustine has received the National Medal of
He joined Martin Marietta Corporation in 1977 as vice
Technology, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Distinguished
president of technical operations and became CEO in
Public Service Award, and the Department
1987 and chairman in 1988. He became president of
of Defense’s highest civilian decoration, the
Lockheed Martin upon the formation of that company
Distinguished Service Medal.
in 1995, retiring as chairman and CEO in 1997.
Honorary Degrees
Thomas G. Kelley
Thomas G. Kelley, a native of Boston, joined the United
the operation by relaying orders through one of his men,
States Navy after graduating from the College of the Holy
thereby saving the Army company and the men and boats
Cross in 1960.
under his command. For his bravery and leadership, he
was awarded the Medal of Honor.
In June 1969, while in command of River Assault
Division 152, he led a column of eight assault craft up a
Following his recovery from injuries sustained in the fight,
canal in Kien Hoa Province, South Vietnam, to extract a
including the loss of an eye, he convinced his superiors to
U.S. Army infantry company. One of the boats became
allow him to remain in the Navy, serving until 1990 and
disabled when its ramp malfunctioned just as the
retiring as a captain.
Americans came under heavy fire from Viet Cong forces
After leaving the Navy, he worked for the Department of
on the opposite bank. Lieutenant Kelley ordered the other
Defense and then returned to Massachusetts, where he
boats to form a protective cordon around the disabled
was appointed Commissioner of the Commonwealth’s
boat while its crew attempted to raise the ramp manually.
Department of Veterans’ Services in 1999, and Secretary
He maneuvered his own boat into the line of fire in order
of the Department in 2003. Having advocated tirelessly
to engage the enemy. A rocket-propelled grenade
for veterans, individually and in groups, he retired from
exploded near his head, causing severe wounds. Although
public service in 2010 with the deep respect and admira-
unable to stand or speak clearly, he continued to direct
tion of those he served and their families.
Honorary Degrees
Sandra L. Lynch
The Honorable Sandra L. Lynch, the daughter of a
Litigation Department in the prestigious Boston firm
career Army intelligence officer, lived overseas during
of Foley, Hoag and Eliot, handling numerous com-
much of her childhood before attending high school in
plex litigations, as well as pro bono cases. She also
Dallas. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and the
has served as an Assistant Attorney General for the
Boston University School of Law.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts and General Counsel
to the Massachusetts Department of Education, where
She became Chief Judge of the United States Court of
she worked on the Boston School desegregation case
Appeals for the First Circuit in 2008. Judge Lynch was
and implemented the state’s gender equity and special
the first woman to be appointed to that court, in 1995,
needs statutes.
after Justice Stephen Breyer was named to the Supreme
Court. She is also chair of the First Circuit Judicial
A former president of the Boston Bar Association, she
Council and a member of the Judicial Conference of
successfully promoted state court reform and account-
the United States, which sets policy for the federal
ability legislation. Judge Lynch was instrumental in
courts. The New York Times reported that Judge
the creation of public outreach programs at the federal
Lynch’s opinions were among the most cited federal
court, including an education project for elementary,
court of appeals decisions.
middle, and high school students. She also has been
active in the American Bar Association and has won
After law school, she became the first female law
numerous awards in recognition of her contributions.
clerk in the U.S. District Court for Rhode Island, and
later was the first woman to serve as the head of the
Honorary Degrees
Leonard S. Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy was born in Boston in 1931, the son
He earned his fourth Emmy nomination when he
of Russian Jewish immigrants. He grew up in a West
appeared in A Woman Called Golda, opposite Judy
End tenement and began acting at a young age at
Davis and Ingrid Bergman. In Never Forget he por-
the Elizabeth Peabody Playhouse on Charles Street.
trayed a survivor who fought a successful court battle
He moved to Los Angeles at 18 and spent the next
against Holocaust deniers. The program was nomi-
16 years pursuing his craft and career in television,
nated for a Cable Ace award.
stage, and film. His success in Star Trek beginning in
Nimoy’s fine art photography is in private collec-
1966 gained him worldwide recognition for his iconic
tions, galleries, and museums throughout the country.
portrayal of the Vulcan science officer Mr. Spock and
His photographic essays have covered the subject of
earned him three Emmy nominations.
the feminine presence of God, in Shekhina, and body
He became a successful movie director with Star Trek
image, in The Full Body Project. His most recent
III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek IV: The Voyage
work, Secret Selves, is a large-scale photographic por-
Home, The Good Mother, and the blockbuster hit
trait series that explores each individual’s lost or hid-
Three Men and a Baby.
den self. It opened at the Massachusetts Museum of
Contemporary Art in 2010, and was named one of the
On Broadway, Nimoy has starred in Equus and Full
10 most important museum exhibits of that year.
Circle. Other stage credits include Camelot, Twelfth
Night, Caligula, and Fiddler on the Roof. Vincent, his
A successful recording artist and author, Nimoy has
one-man play about Vincent Van Gogh, toured the
published two autobiographies and several volumes of
United States and was broadcast on A&E.
poetry, two of which also feature his photographs.
Honorary Degrees
Eric E. Schmidt
Eric E. Schmidt was born in Washington, D.C.,
technical and business strategy alongside founders
and grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia. He earned a
Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Under his leadership,
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from
Google dramatically increased the scale of its
Princeton University as well as a master’s degree
infrastructure and diversified its product offerings
and Ph.D. in computer science from the University
while maintaining a strong culture of innovation.
of California, Berkeley.
Prior to joining Google, Dr. Schmidt was the chairman
A transformational business leader and engineer,
and CEO of Novell and chief technology officer at
Dr. Schmidt has earned worldwide respect for
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Previously, he served on the
changing how we use and rely on the Internet.
research staff at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
(PARC), Bell Laboratories, and Zilog.
Since joining Google in 2001, Dr. Schmidt has
helped grow the company from a Silicon Valley
Dr. Schmidt is a member of the President’s Council
start-up to a global leader in technology. As executive
of Advisors on Science and Technology and the
chairman, he is responsible for the external matters of
Prime Minister’s Advisory Council in the United
Google: building partnerships and broader business
Kingdom. He was elected to the National Academy of
relationships, government outreach, and technology
Engineering in 2006 and inducted into the American
thought leadership, as well as advising the CEO and
Academy of Arts and Sciences as a Fellow in 2007. He
senior leadership on business and policy issues.
also chairs the board of the New America Foundation,
and has been a trustee of the Institute for Advanced
From 2001 to 2011, Dr. Schmidt served as Google’s
Study in Princeton, New Jersey, since 2008.
chief executive officer, overseeing the company’s
Honorary Degree Recipients
Katie Couric
Victoria Reggie Kennedy
Jacques PГ©pin
Frank Stella
Nina Totenberg
Ahmed Zewail
Edward Albee
William T. Coleman, Jr.
Wafaa El-Sadr
Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Osamu Shimomura
J Allard
Larry J. Bird
Michael E. Capuano
Alan M. Leventhal
Steven Spielberg
Gloria E. White-Hammond
Earle M. Chiles
Millard Drexler
William H. Hayling
Billie Jean King
Lawrence Lucchino
Bill Kovach
Steven Chu
Brice Marden
Judy Norsigian
Samuel O. Thier
Peter H. Vermilye
Nancy Goodman Brinker
Aram V. Chobanian
Dean Kamen
Leslie Moonves
Frederick S. Pardee
Patricia Meyer Spacks
David Aronson
John W. Henry
Shirley Ann Jackson
Hamid Karzai
John Forbes Kerry
Christine Todd Whitman
Edward J. Zander
His Beatitude Anastasios
Bill Belichick
Saul Bellow
Irwin Chafetz
Keith Lockhart
Edward J. Markey
J. Craig Venter
Alfre Woodard
of the
Past 25 Years
William M. Bulger
Aaron Feuerstein
John A. Kelley
Paul J. Liacos
Steven A. Schroeder
Alfonso Valdivieso Sarmiento
Barbara Polk Washburn
Henry Bradford Washburn, Jr.
August Wilson
Van Cliburn
Lukas Foss
Karen Elliott House
Nasser David Khalili
Velia N. Tosi
Gerald Tsai, Jr.
Jon Westling
George F. Will
Rev. Michael E. Haynes
William F. Russell
Marisa Tomei
Jason Alexander
Stephen G. Breyer
Adelaide M. Cromwell
Robert K. Kraft
Nakedi Mathews Phosa
Norman Podhoretz
Rabbi Joseph Polak
John Silber
Sila M. CalderГіn
Leonard Florence
Thomas M. Menino
Kathryn Underwood Silber
Rev. Nicholas C. Triantafilou
Olympia Dukakis
Norman B. Leventhal
Guy A. Santagate
Ruth J. Simmons
Tom Wolfe
James F. Carlin
Geena Davis
Rev. Ray Alexander Hammond II
Henry A. Kissinger
Stephen J. Trachtenberg
Jordan J. Cohen
Mary Jane England
Ralph D. Feigin
Rev. Floyd H. Flake
Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson
Rachel B. Keith
Gary Locke
Donald O’Connor
David Satcher
Luciano Benetton
Jo Benkow
Dorothy L. Brown
Janez Drnovsek
Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle
Julie Harris
François Léotard
Ross Perot
Sumner M. Redstone
Robert Shaw
Diana Chapman Walsh
W. Edwards Deming
Joseph H. Hagan
C. Everett Koop
John F. Smith, Jr.
Gordon R. Sullivan
Derek A. Walcott
Marilyn E. Wilhelm
Rev. Johnny Ray Youngblood
Beverly B. Byron
Wynton Marsalis
Joseph A. Moore
Fred Rogers
Sue Bailey Thurman
Mario Vargas Llosa
John Biggers
Fredrick Fu Chien
Joseph Ciechanover
Maurice Druon
Sheikh Hasina
Kim Woo-Choong
Lee Teng-hui
John J. Parker
Christopher Reeve
Gonzalo SГЎnchez de Lozada
Joseph L. Tauro
Rev. Juan Julio Wicht Rossel
Gregory H. Adamian
Roone Arledge
Thomas Stephens Haggai
Jesse Loftis Johnson
Toshiki Kaifu
Aubrey Fook-Wo Li
C. Eric Lincoln
David Riesman
Yitzhak Shamir
Eduard A. Shevardnadze
Satoshi Iue
Angela Lansbury
Louis E. Lataif
K. T. Li
Andrew P. Quigley
Louis W. Sullivan
Vernon A. Walters
Marion Wiesel
Barbara Pierce Bush
George H. W. Bush
May-ling Soong Chiang
King Hussein Ibn Talal
Helmut Kohl
François Mitterrand
Paul Weiss
Harold Burson
Arthur Cohn
Howard B. Gotlieb
Mary-Jane Hemperley
Karl Alexander Muller
Richard John Neuhaus
Carlo Rubbia
An Wang
Faith Ryan Whittlesey
Carl Michael Yastrzemski
Lerone Bennett, Jr.
Virginia Hughes Chiles
Robert F. Daniell
Harry Ellis Dickson
Clara Hale
Gertrude Himmelfarb
Benoit Mandelbrot
William H. Rehnquist
Terence A. Todman
Candidates for Degrees and Certificates
College of Arts & Sciences
Abdurahman Ahmed Abdelgany
Colette Christianne Abichaker‡
Tesla Rene Abrego
Patricia Abreu
Nicole Margaret Acciavatti,
Jumana Khozema Shaikh Amiruddeen‡
Regina Elaine Amorello,
Brielle Christine Acevedo‡
Elena Mary Acuna, CumВ Laude
Adam Ira Adelson, CumВ Laude
Lindsay Selma Adler
Robert Samuel Adler
Stephen Patrick Marshall Adler‡
Karena Sanjay Adnani§
Ankit Agarwal, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Parul Agarwal, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jaclyn Janine Agui
Saatvik Ahluwalia
So Hee Ahn
Andrew Gregory Ajemian
Sharmin Akhter, CumВ Laude
Darya Vladimirovna Akimova,
Faqir Riasat Saleqin Anam
Kelsey Andersen, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Ingrid Anderson, CumВ Laude
Jesse Evan Anderson
Nicholas Lee Anderson,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Katherine Y. Akinyemi
Artem Abramovich Akopyan
Rahim Akram†Franziska Renate Albietz
Anya Siobhan Alexander, CumВ Laude
Laura Ashley Alexander, Cum Laude†Adien Mishall Algadrie
Stirling Somers Algermissen
Kara Dawn Alhadeff, CumВ Laude
Gianna Marie Aliberti
AmirAli Alizadeh Rad
Mae Noaf Bashar Al-Kalamchi§
Lauren Chanel Allen*
Stephen Robert Allen, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lisa Sue Ally
Abdullah Naji Al-Mutairi
Amanda Margaret Alon
Cody Alongi
Vanush Michael Aloyan‡
Nourah H. S. M. Alsager
Nazar Iesa Al Saleh
Hussain Abdul Karim AlSarraf,
CumВ Laude
Brianne Marie Altomonte
Julie Victoria Alvord
Razan Abdulkarim Al Yusuf
Todd Derek Amaral
Allison Amaro
Giordana Amato†Alex Amaya
Lily-Kathryn Elizabeth Ames
Pouya Amiri-Hezaveh
Najmia Chakri Amirina
Magna Cum Laude†Lesli Danielle Amos, Cum Laude*
Nicolas Alessandro Ampuero,
CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Gregory Russell Andrews,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lauren B. Angueira‡
Michael Leonard Antinozzi
Rebecca Michelle Hines Antonoplos
John William Arbogast
Jacqueline Gabriela Argueta
Benjamin Meir Arnold*
Charlotte Elizabeth Arthun, Cum Laude‡
Haroot Arthur Artinian
Danit Ashkenazi
Julie Dimitra Athanasiadis‡
Michael Theodore Athans
Chantelle Attarian
Matthew Bo Au, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Benjamin John Austin,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Monica Bianca Austria
Nafiun Razzaq Awal, CumВ Laude*
Lisa Kim Awaya
Martin J. Azzam
Pooja Bachani
Stephanie Lauren Bachewski
Laura Cathryn Bachmann§
Sibel D. Bagcilar, CumВ Laude
Deena Ara Baig
Melanie Dawn Baird
Aurora Lucia Baker, CumВ Laude
Chase Lee Baker, CumВ Laude
Kayla Kristine Baker†Jose Antonio Balderrama
Emily Elizabeth Bales
Arielle Marie Balicki†Patricia Gisela Ball‡
Sarah Marie Ballister, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Diana A. Balluku
William Badlam Balson
Helen Kristine Banach, Cum Laude†Arjun Banerjee
Seung Jin Bang†Amanda Rene Banks
Ashley Theresa Banks, CumВ Laude
Cayla Marie Banton
Rebecca Dalia Bar
Alexander Michael Barbaro, CumВ Laude
Nicholas Charles Barbati, CumВ Laude
John Bark, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Leon Denis Barker
Christie Marie Barone
Alexandra Mackensie Barrett
Kyle Andrew Barrett
Ryan Armour Barrett,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Steven Goncalves Barros
Richard Robert Barsk
Tessa Bartholomew-Good, CumВ Laude
Kristen Jennings Bartlett, CumВ Laude
Meredith Marie Bartlett
Christopher Bartolome
Christopher A. Bartolomei
Christina Lynn Bastarache‡
Maura Katherine Bastarache,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
DeAnna Marie Baumle,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Austin James Bay
Ramzi Bazzy§
Meaghan Elisabeth Beatley, Cum Laude†Crystal Stephanie Becerril†Charles Joseph Beck
Julianna Becker
Nathan Jeremy Beer
Ekaterina Beglova, CumВ Laude
Yousef Abdulmutalib Behbehani
Valerie A. Belding†Danica Hope Bellini
Leila Belmahi
Charlotte Clare Belok
Yuliya Belyayeva
Letizia Bemberg§
Alec Taylor Bendix
Amram Ariel Bengio
Matthew William Bennet†Rachel Sara Bennett, Magna Cum Laude*
Jorind Beqari, CumВ Laude
Krista Lee Berardi‡
Kyra Jane Correa Berg,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Drayton Holwell Berger‡
Anthony Vincent Berghelli, CumВ Laude
Andrea Noelle Bergman§
Brittany Deborah Berk, CumВ Laude
Alex Jared Berkowitz
Eric Kim Berman†Reena Lynne Berman
Holly Marie Bernard
Daniel J. Bernays
Alexander Morton Berne§
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration  †January 2012 graduate   ‡September 2011 graduate  §Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of ARTS & SCiences
Robert Aaron Berry
Marissa Fara Berstein†Benjamin David Berube
Alexandra Irene Beskrowni
Megan Christine Bevis, Cum Laude†Shahzad Bhatti
Shirley Wenwei Bi, CumВ Laude
Xueying Bi, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Beatrice Bianchi Fasani, CumВ Laude
Lillian Frain Bicchieri, CumВ Laude
Haley Brice Bihlmaier§
Pamela Ann Bilewicz
Chelsea Bingham
Abigail McCormack Binns
Diana Shakila Binti Abdul Sukor
Lester Bernard Black, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
William D. Blair
Patrick Joseph Blais
Siobhan Kathleen Bledsoe†Cristina Margaret Bleicher,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Miranda Joyce Bloom
Ruth Nevada Bluestone
Adam Michael Bobella
Dinah Alexis Boehle, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Brittany Marie Boesenhofer, CumВ Laude
James Thomas Boggie, CumВ Laude
Katherine Elizabeth Bohny
Madison M. Bold
Emily Nicholson Bollman, CumВ Laude
Shiva Bolourchi, CumВ Laude
Samantha Lucille Bommelje,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Matthew Simon Bonder
Abigail Joy Bonnice†David J. Bopp§
Rebecca Kelli Bornheimer
Brian Alexander Bornstein
Chana Boruchov, CumВ Laude
John Christopher Bosco, CumВ Laude
Sebastian Hodges Botzow
Madeline Stedman Bourque
Lauren Marie Box, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Eric Adam Boxer
Andrew Darwin Boyle†Molly Elizabeth Bradley‡
Felipe Bogoricin Braga§
Allyson K. Brainard-Smith§
Elise Sarah Braun
Andrew Clifford Cooper Bream,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sean Matthew Breen, CumВ Laude
Piper A. Breves, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lawrence Jordan Breyfogle
Chelsy Lee Brindley‡
Jonathan Richard Broderick, CumВ Laude
Kyle Christopher Brogle,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Phillip Alexandru Brougham,
CumВ Laude
Jennifer Joyce Brousseau
George Stelian Brova, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Laura Elizabeth Brown
Patrick William Brown‡
Natalie Browne
Michael Edward Bruffee
David Fernando Bruni
Lara Elizabeth Bryfonski,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
David John Buchanan
Catherine Elizabeth Buchholz
Brittney Simone Bullock†James Laighton Bunn
Michele Susan Buonanduci,
John Allan Chapman, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Mary Aquila Chase
Kathy Hui Chau, CumВ Laude
James Manuel Chaves,
Mary Rose Burbridge, CumВ Laude
Trevor Burd
Jennifer Leslie Burg‡
Arthur M. T. Burke, CumВ Laude
Kelly Ann Burke
Willis Tuthill Burke‡
Benjamin Murry Burkholder
Kate Linden Burnham, CumВ Laude
Theodore Patrick Burns
Naomi Maureen Burnside
Camilo Malcolm X Burr
Avery Burton
Tara Bylsma, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Laura Alexandra Cadena§
Lauren Elise Cagino
Matthew Alexander Cahn, CumВ Laude*
Jessica Cai, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jialu Cai
Anuhya Caipa
Janet Kathleen Calcaterra‡
Lise Ann Caldara§
Beth Elaine Callahan, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Adam James Day Camblin
Elizabeth Sullivan Cameron,
ThГ©o Jeffrey Chayegan
Neangkanika Chea
Marissa Jean Chechette, Cum Laude†Asheesh Ram Cheerath§
Bradley Michael Chehab†Mark Matthew Cheis‡
Alice Vivian Chen†Brian Ray Chen
Jimmy Chen, CumВ Laude
Katheryn Yeu-Ching Chen, CumВ Laude
Kelly K. Chen
Nancy Chen
Peter Edward Chen, CumВ Laude*
Xing Chen, Cum Laude†Yu Ping Chen
Andy Yi-Ming Cheng,
Summa Cum Laude†Summa Cum Laude†Kevin Patrick Camps, Cum Laude
Adrian Thomas Cann,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Alexandria Lola Cannon
Alex Ortman Canova
Yuan Cao, Cum Laude‡
Ross Luciano Caputi‡
Rachel Lauren Cardi
Rafaella Cardoso, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kelly Lynn Carlin
Lauren Theresa Carlson, CumВ Laude
Michael Anthony Carollo, CumВ Laude*
Angelica Russolillo Carreon‡
Amanda Lee Carter
Erica Catherine Casacci
Gina Marie Caselden
Jennifer Margaret Casey‡
Monica Marie Castillo‡
Sara Elizabeth Cathcart
Lena Marie Cavallo, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Herbert Robin Cayzer
Alex James Cecchinelli,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Julia Kolb Cennamo
Joseph Anthony Cerasuolo,
Magna Cum Laude†Nicole Ariane Chabaneix
Samuel Lawrence Chalfin
Meaghan Anne Chalifour, CumВ Laude
Jonathan Daniel Chamberlain,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Maxwell Metz Chamberlin‡
Komal Chamling§
Anthony Kaiwah Chan
Grace Eunhae Chang
Jessica Ying Chieh Chang
Po Kai Peter Chang
Samuel Wonil Chang
Sandy Chang
Madeleine Wolff Chapin
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Daniel J. Cheng, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Stanley Shen Cheng
Yajie Ivy Cheng
Travis Samuel Cherry
Tyrone Cheung, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Tammy J. Chiang
Matthew Chin‡
Monika Harshad Chitre
Danny Chiu
Ah Ra Cho
Eun Sun Cho‡
Seong Joon Cho§
Su Youn Cho, Cum Laude†Crystal Yong Choe
Eileen Choi
Jessica Hyun Choi
Michelle D. Choi
Nak Joon Choi‡
Sae Ron Choi‡
Woosung Choi§
Elizabeth Christian
Emily Katherine Christian
Sacha Behr Christianson
Melissa Jean Christie,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Maureen Casey Christin‡
Man Chung Stanley Chu
George Chung
Jihyun Chung
Lessa Josephine Yeh Roo Chung
Terence William Ciavarra
Carolina Ciccia
Anthony Albert Cifone, CumВ Laude
Omer Cingillioglu§
Radu Alexandru Cioata
Jeremiah Joseph Cioffi, CumВ Laude
Anthony John Cirino
Andrew Anthony Clark
Emily A. Clark
Alexis T. Claytor
Kimberly Anne Clemens
Katharine Lynnae Clements, CumВ Laude
Nicola Lehar Clements,
September 2011 graduate
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Borah Coburn†Sarah Katherine Coe§
Christopher Wayman Coffee‡
Gregory Charles Cogswell
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of ARTS & SCiences
Natasha B. Cohen, Summa Cum Laude*†Dea Coka
Brinia Jane Colbert§
Amanda Lyn Colby†Alexander Michael Cole
Colin Cole
Sarah Catherine Cole
Jorge Eduardo Colindres, CumВ Laude
Eduardo Oscar Colon Baco
Evan Andrew Conaway, CumВ Laude*
Jacqueline Anne Conese
Milagros Serena Conislla Loza§
Carolyn Rose Conley
Jeremy Richard Conlin
Michael Alexander Connerney*
Julia Ann Connolly
Lindsey Connolly
Nora Mairead Conroy
Tara Maireid Conway, CumВ Laude
Emily Bigelow Cook
Philip Stylianos Cook,
Roshni Dattani‡
Srivatsa Gopala Dattatreya
Daniel Robert D’Auge‡
Georgios Davaris†Ishan Dave, Magna Cum Laude
Nathan C. Davidson
Elizabeth Ashley Davis
Emily Caroline Davis
Michelle Shiner Davis†Clare Carrolly Dean
Regina Deap
Nicholas James Deaver
Audrey DeBarros
Alyssa Elaine DeCamp
Stephen James DeCosta
Benjamin Frederick DeDominici
Jenna M. Dee
Peter Burke DeGenaro
Ethan C. DeGracia‡
Alexandra Lynn Degutis
David Christopher de las Morenas,
Benjamin Alexander Cooper‡
Cheryl Ann Copson
Julianne Louise Corbin, CumВ Laude
Sara Kathleen Cordial
Angelina Jacqueline Cords, CumВ Laude
Jasmine C. Corona, CumВ Laude
Gabrielle Corrado†Sigmund Mark Correa
Andrew Kennedy Corse§
Wesley John Cosby
Margaret Christine Costello
Luke Anthony Coughlan,
Magna Cum Laude†*
Alex Robert Cournoyer‡
Charlie Cox
Jessica Lauren Cox
Sarah Elizabeth Cox‡
Adrian Robert Coyne, Cum Laude†Alesondra Elise Crea‡
Colleen Cressman§
James Stillman Rockefeller Crompton,
Laura Marie Del Camp
Alex Andrea Depompolo, CumВ Laude*
Rachel Derman
Brendan Patrick DeRoo†Pratik Paresh Desai
Rushil Desai
David Joseph De Santis§
Erin Elizabeth Deskin,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
CumВ Laude
Daniel Eduardo Crouch
Eli Alexander Crozier, CumВ Laude
Alicia Marie Cruz
Jessica Lorraine Cuellar
Brianne Marie Cuffe‡
Alexis Rene Culhane§
Linnea Janae Curtiss
Leanna Nicole Cwiklinski‡
James Samuel Czodli, CumВ Laude
Zoe Dabbs
Pouya Esfahani Dabiri
Olivia Rose D’Accordo,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Andrea Diane Dacka,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Kristina Graham Dahm‡
Allison Nicole Daley, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Aakarsh Dalmia‡
Bryn Catherine Daly, CumВ Laude
Erica Marie D’Amato,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Kristian Danorwayan
Matthew Packard Darling§
Caleb Alexander Darsch, CumВ Laude
Shamael Rabia Dastagir
Chandini Ishwarlal Daswani†Cum Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Taylor Jean Desmond, CumВ Laude
Frank Peter DeVita
Mikyla Elise DeWitt
Florian Damien Dhondt†John Winner Dickenson III, Cum Laude
Joseph Luigi DiFazio
Ludovica Di Gaetano§
Monica Djunaidi
Anh Phuong Do
Tien Thien Do
Alethea Cecilia Dolan†Macayla Donegan, Cum Laude
Steven Silva Dong‡
Jacob Daniel Dorman
Benjamin Joshua Dornfeld
Jennifer Elizabeth Doucette,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Alexander Calef Dow, Cum Laude†Colleen Elizabeth Drapek,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Aisling Brigid Driscoll, CumВ Laude
Rebecca Ann Drof
George Gordon Drouillard
Amanda Du
Conor Kalevi DuBois, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Samantha Danielle DuBois,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Taylor Rae Dubord
Matthew Thomas Duffy
Timothy James Duffy
William Gray Dunlap, Cum Laude‡
Kayleigh Anastacia Dunn
Wesley David Dunphy
Tram T. Duong
Camille Isabelle Dupaquier, CumВ Laude
Elyse Marie Dupre, CumВ Laude
Ana Maria Duque Moreno
Ashvary Parth Dwivedi
Ashley Lillian Dziegielewski
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
Jenna Lee Ebersole, CumВ Laude
Jose Andres Echegaray
Katharine Anne Edgar
Jonathan James Edgerton§
Jessica Lauren Eichler
Alex Eizo Eitoku
Suzanne Knar Ekchian*
Tolga Can Eksioglu§
Adam L. Elessawi
Charles James Elia‡
Chelsea Anne Elkaim, CumВ Laude
Roger Gerard Elliott
Scott R. Ellis
Amani Usama El Sehrawey,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Girma Tsegaye Endale
Adam Even Engel
Kirill Mikhailovich Epelbaum
Katrina Pajarillo Erikson
Sven Eric Sluti Eriksson, CumВ Laude
Elisabeth Caroline Erskine
Arturo Manases Escajeda
Felipe Escobar‡
Elisa Espinoza
Nicole Katherine Estabrooks,
Magna Cum Laude†Hilliana Estrada, Cum Laude
James Bernard Evans Jr.В§
Ryan Walter Evans, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Matthew Edward Ewen, CumВ Laude
Alexandra Eve Exner
Chinemelum Elochukwu Ezekwesili
Allison Shelly Fahey
Chelsea Lauren Fairbanks
Diana Fang, CumВ Laude
Navah X. Farahat*
Hannah Rose Berke Farber
Kamal Said Farha
Mary Kathryn Farina,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Thomas Roy Farndon
Shazim Khan Farooq
Jordan Ross Farrer, Summa Cum Laude†Charles Bégué Fawell,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Emily R. Fazio, CumВ Laude
Courtney Averill Federico§
Katelyn Lorraine Federico
Marisa Caitlin Feehan
Elena Christine Feldman, CumВ Laude
Robert Fera
Nicholas Edward Ferbert§
Daniel Eduardo Fernandez‡
Joseph Michael Fernandez‡
Francesca Sulit Ferrante
Carlene Rebelo Ferreira
Nicholas Roy Ferreri
Michael Thomas Ferruggia
Mauricio Figueroa†Dorothy Aikaterini King Filiotis§
Libby Olga Finer
Jenna Rachel Fiore‡
Sheila Nassim Firoozan,
September 2011 graduate
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Christian T. Fischer†Kelsey Nicole Fitta
Kathryn Fitzgerald, CumВ Laude
Timothy Ryan Fitzpatrick
William James Fitzpatrick‡
Brett Allen Flaherty
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of ARTS & SCiences
Justin David Flamenbaum
John Robert Flanagan
Kathleen Elizabeth Flanagan
Caitlin Elizabeth Flannery,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Meagan Taylor Fleishman
Carly Janell Fleming, CumВ Laude
Samantha Maria Flick
Alex Jacob Flumenbaum‡
Julie Noelle Flynn, CumВ Laude*
Lucy Claire Flynn, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Courtney Cobb Foley, CumВ Laude
Erin Foley
Yevgenia Ykovlevna Fomina, CumВ Laude
Devon Jeanine Forest
James William Tait Forman
Sarah Jameson Forster‡
Kayleigh Roxane Foulkes
Matthew John Fowler
Benjamin David Fox, CumВ Laude
Cassandra Gardner Fox,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Colin Sears Fraher
Benjamin M. Fraimow
David Gilbert Francescone,
Summa Cum Laude‡
Rebecca Gabrielle Gelernter
Maria A. Gellepes
Audrey Joy Gellman-Chomsky
Nicholas Akira Geron, CumВ Laude
Ravneet Ghumman§
Alison Claire Giangrasso
Sheena Rose Gibbs
Laura Rachel Gigliotti
Elisa M. Gill, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Shea Nicole Gillet, CumВ Laude*
Katherine Marie Gillman,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Genevieve Dawn Gilroy, Cum Laude‡
Kyla Bridget Gineitis
Dina Ginzberg, CumВ Laude
Carl Vincent Giovannucci‡
Kristen G. Glass
Melani Julia Glassman
Vassili Glazyrine, CumВ Laude
Annaliese Crane Godderz,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Margo Elizabeth Godersky
Jason Thomas Godfrey,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Hallie Dorothea Goertner,
Magna Cum Laude†Taylor Franchi
Tara Dima Francolini†Caroline Frances Frazia†Eli Shlomo Fredman, Cum Laude*
Jaclyn Michelle French
Christina Anne Fresta
Kayleigh Elizabeth Fretwell, CumВ Laude
Greg Mitchell Friedlander†Scott Matthew Imai Friedlander
Brittanee Leigh Friedman,
Valerie Hui Min Goh, CumВ Laude
Kathryn Marie Gohn, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Molly Rebecca Gold, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Mandi Ilana Goldberg, CumВ Laude
Isaac Goldman, CumВ Laude
Rachel Hilary Goldman,
Joshua T. Friedman†Samantha Tracey Friedman, Cum Laude
Auri Edward Friedrich
Breanna Micheline Fuhrmann,
Amanda Rosa GonzГЎlez
Justin R. Gonzalez‡
Kathryn Ellen Goodfriend, CumВ Laude
Spencer Matthew Goodman, CumВ Laude
Hannah Tebelman Goor
Ashley Rose Gordon
Daniel James Gordon
Margaret Kehoe Gosewisch†Patrick William Goss
Tess Rogoff Gostfrand§
Hannah Elizabeth Gotlieb§
Amy Elizabeth Governale†Logan John Gowdey,
Magna Cum Laude†Cum Laude
Christopher James Fundora
Charlotte Anne Funk
Sarah Jane Funk, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Katharine Mary Gallagher
Allyson Erynn Galle
Brianna Lynn Gallivan
Juan Issac Galvan
Mohammed Basem Garada
Carlos Daniel Garcia‡
Lorena Garcia
Sara Alicia Garcia
Alexander Nicholas Gardell
Jenee Marie Gardner
Megan Marie Garland,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Patricia Rose Garrity
Melissa Thileni Garuthara, CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Maverick Gary
Emily Elizabeth Gasda,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Victoria Louise Gau, CumВ Laude
Chance Elston Gautney, Cum Laude‡
Ljubica Gavrilovska
Daniel Michael Gawlik
Emma Jane Gehrman,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nikolaus Wolfgang Geihe
Justin Robert Geldzahler, CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Taryn R. Goldman
Rafaella Zuri Goldsmith†Jessica Natalia Gomez,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Summa Cum Laude†Christoffer Michael Gowesky
Abhinav Goyal†Kelsey Melissa Graber, Cum Laude
Allison Grace
Erik Pierre Richard Graff‡
Amber Ann Graham, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Casey May Graves, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Stephanie Marie Graves‡
Jennifer Lee Gray
Megan Ann Gray
Alison Renee Greco
Elizabeth Annie Green
Maryellen Christine Green
Andrea Greene Silva
Jennifer Elizabeth Greene,
Summa Cum Laude†Matthew Gerard Greene II
Rachel Catherine Greenfield, CumВ Laude
Janessa Marie Greenleaf, CumВ Laude
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
Drew Connor Gresh
Abigail Lee Griffith‡
Anastasiia Grinberg, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Mary Estelle Grinman,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lucas James Griswold†Tina Gruene, Summa Cum Laude*
Kathleen Claire Grueter, CumВ Laude
Joanna Grunin
Jessica Guadarrama§
Calvin Xin Guan
Kevin Nicholas Guerra
Carol Guerrero, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Victoria Marie Guida
Annum Abdulmajid Gulamali§
Fei Guo
Li Guo
Zirui Guo, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Megha Gupta‡
Deniz Gurbuz, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Joseph Michael Gurski
Jacqueline Michele Gushue,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Brittany ReveГ© Gutierrez
Maria Gabriela Gutierrez
Rachael Alexandria Gutierrez
Lisa Helen Haapaniemi
Andrea Grace Hage§
Ryne RenГ© Hager
Christiane Emily Haikel
Matthew James Hajek
Laura E. Halcomb, CumВ Laude
Heather Elizabeth Hall,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
John William Thurston Hall
Julie Katherine Hall§
Sarah Bethany Hall
Danielle Hallock
Brittany Natasha Ham,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Matthew Douglas Hames†Lee Elizabeth Hamill, Cum Laude
Christopher Lydon Hamilton,
CumВ Laude
Jacob Anthony Hampton†Joung Soo Han‡
Yunoak Mellany Han
Thomas John Hanes, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Brian John Hanley
Patrick Michael Hanlin
Troy Michael Hannigan
Megan Lorianne Hanno
Gabriela Soares Hansen
Adwoa S. Hanson-Hall
Nazmul Haque‡
Angelos G. Hardouvelis§
Claire Eileen Hardy, Magna Cum Laude†Emily Claire Harned
Samir Ahmed Haroon,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Shadane Micilla Harris
Samantha Jean Hart
Alessandra Vera Hartkopf
Tiegan Hatch
Brian Richard Hause, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Dennis Nicolai Hauser,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Richard Russell Hayes,
September 2011 graduate
Summa Cum Laude†Jordan Yu Feng He
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of ARTS & SCiences
Victoria M. Heath, CumВ Laude
Alexandra Anne Hebert‡
Leif Hede Brierley
Patrick Bryan Hegarty,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Charles Fredrik Heisler,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alexander Ian Helfand
Melanie Jane Helmer
Brian Anderson Hepler, CumВ Laude*
Nelson PaГєl HernГЎndez,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Lauren Elizabeth Herrera*
Beverly Lida Hersh§
Julia Elizabeth Hershonik
Kathryn Maclean Hess,
Summa Cum Laude†Nicholas John Heupel, Cum Laude
Ryan Mary Hevia
Brian Tully Hickey, CumВ Laude
Charles Alexander Hill,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Edward Tayloe Hill
Jackson Gilbert Hill
Katherine E. Hill, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Alison Nicole Foster Hird
Julie Ann Hirsch, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Lulia Hito
Victoria Catherine Hoch
Nicholas Anton Hoff
Anis Homayoon Hoffman, Cum Laude‡
Grace Dover Hoffman
Tess Clasen Hofmann§
Kelley Elizabeth Holden
Nicholas Robert Holden,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Emory Jane Hennig Holland,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Grace Maria Teresa Holley§
Julienne Jiyun Hong
Kathleen Hong, Cum Laude†Alexander Michael Honza
Sean Fitzgerald Hopkins
Daniel Jacob Horowitz‡
Balint Horvath
Jesse Hou, Magna Cum Laude†Amanda Marian Hough, Cum Laude†Samantha Lynn Howe
Yu- Yi Hsia†Henrison Ulrick Ong Hsieh,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ke Hu, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ian Wang Huang, CumВ Laude*
Jiexin Huang
Karen Lin Huang
Louis M. Huapaya
George Martin Huber
David Martyn Huckle‡
Margo Elizabeth Hudson
William James Huebner
Micaela Ruth Huerta§
Diego Huezo-Rosales, CumВ Laude*
Alexandra J. Hughes, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Emma Catherine O’Connell Hughes,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Olivia Marina Huleatt, CumВ Laude
Amanda Christine Hunt
Clayton Russell Hunter†Sarah Emily Hunter, Magna Cum Laude
Gregory Stalo Huntoon‡
Jennifer In Young Hur
Joanna Eileen Hurd, CumВ Laude
Bethany Clarissa Hutchens,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
In Seul Hwang§
Jun Il Hwang, CumВ Laude
Winifred Hwang, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Jeremy Hynes
Rachael Alisha Ibarra
Stephanie Marlene Ibarra,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alexandra Yesennia Ibarra Carmona§
Michael Louis Illiano§
Alexa Marie Ippolito‡
Sylvia Skyy Irizarry
Alison Audrey Irwin, CumВ Laude
Janella Monique Isaac
Carolyn Salazar Ives
Christopher Emmanuel Jackson‡
Anjali Jacob, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Adam Robert Jacobs
Rachel Ariel Jacobs
John Hanus Jacobsen,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Kenneth Louis Jahan
Mikail Jaikaran‡
Xiaofei Jalette, CumВ Laude
Nathan Samuel Janis
Amanda Lynn Janish,
Magna Cum Laude†Emma Claire Javits
Tara Suviyana Jayakar
Rascha Marie Jelks
Elizabeth Anne Jerome
May Mei Jiang
Zhixing Jiang
Jessica Andrea Jimenez
Jenessa Katie Job, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Emily Katherine Johnson, CumВ Laude
Hanah Diah Johnson, CumВ Laude
Chelsea Nicole Johnston
Corinne Ann Jones‡
Arjun Kumar Joshi*
Renee Bun-Chi Jou‡
Johannah Adaire Juarez, CumВ Laude
Kenneth Juarez‡
Se Hyun Jung‡
Alexa Baiardo Justice,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Alanna Rachel Kahn
Anna Charlotte Kalil†Olivia Ann Kalmanson*
Laura Maria Kalpas, CumВ Laude
Dimitrios Theodore Kamberidis
Daniella Jain Kang†Hyemi Kang‡
William Hyunwook Kang‡
Yun Suk Kang‡
Arjun Kannan, CumВ Laude
Manasa Kanneganti, CumВ Laude
Gary Zane Kanner, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Krista Shizuko Kano, CumВ Laude
Chelsea Leigh Kantor
E-Jay Kao, CumВ Laude
Alyson Bari Kaplan, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Leora Michelle Kaplan
Valerie Elizabeth Kaplan
Zoe Baysdorfer Kaplan
Kenneth Ray Karas
Octavio Simon Karbank
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
Nazli Kardes
Emily Catherine Karp
Divya Kotisha Kasaraneni
Emily Senghas Kassis
Smriti Kattel, Cum Laude†Addie Tal Katz, Magna Cum Laude
Ariana Elizabeth Katz*
Justin Michael Katz
Gugandeep Kaur, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
John A. Kavouris‡
Sai Spandana Kaza†Kelly Jordan Kearney
Shannon Kathleen Keating†Katherine Marie Keegan, Cum Laude
Kacy Lynn Keenahan, CumВ Laude
Sara Helen Keimig
Victoria Ann Kelberer,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Lauren Alexandria Keller
Noah Richard Kelley†Jenna Ashley Kelly, Summa Cum Laude†Lisa Christine Kelly, Magna Cum Laude
Daniel Alexander Kempf
Daniel Peter Kennedy‡
Hannah Caroline Kennedy
Tara Lynne Kenworthy*
Emma Lee Rebekah Kerr-Carpenter
Tatevik Keshishyan
Rachel Olivia Khalili
Ahmad Khan
Gabriel Jamil Hart Khan,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Christopher Sean Khurdan§
Fallon Renee Kiehl, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
David Jackson Killmon
Che H. Kim‡
Daniel De Hun Kim
Donghyun Kim†Erica Eunji Kim‡
Esther Seulgee Kim
Genevieve Sooin Kim†HeeKeun Kim, Cum Laude†Jefferson Kim
Kate Kim§
Katie Wray Kim
Lindsay Kim, CumВ Laude
Min Kyung Kim§
Sangah Kim, CumВ Laude*
So Hee Kim
Soojin Kim
Susan Kim, CumВ Laude
Theresa Soo Kim
Ye Eun Kim
Danice Alexandria King, CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Katherine King§
Meghan Elizabeth King
Thomas Joseph Kirby†Torie Frances Kirshe†Benjamin James Kitchen
Jared Alexander Kleiman
Sarah Sinicropi Klein, Cum Laude‡
Kristin Elizabeth Klimas
Katherine Elizabeth Klyng
Amanda Claire Kmetz, CumВ Laude
Axel Thorson Knust
Justin Alan Koch, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Vedika Niraj Kochhar‡
Ludwig Sebastian Koeneke Hernandez,
September 2011 graduate
CumВ Laude
Benjamin Koevary
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of ARTS & SCiences
Christopher James Kohberger
Michael Kolesnik
Kiril Delianov Kolev
Sai Saneet Reddy Konda,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ashley Noelani Rodriguez Kong,
Summa Cum Laude†Kwang Lim Koo
Araminta Julia Koppenheffer§
Adam Brett Korn*‡
Ashley Samantha Korn*
Yannis Koroneos
Joshua Jerome Korshak
June Kathryn Kowalewski
Amanda Leigh Kozar
Ada Kozicz†Alix Foodim Kraminitz,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Andrew Francisco Kratzer
Kaili Murphy Kreiner
Matthias Patrick Kriegel
Alexandra Kritzman, CumВ Laude
Abigail Evaclaire Kruger
David James Krugman†Eryn Lee Kruk, Cum Laude
Judy Shirley Kuang
Maxine Y. Kuang‡
Melanie Anne Kudra, CumВ Laude
Sharon Kuo, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Miare Kuse§
William Gunawan Kustiono§
Avra June Kutcher
Jina Kwak, CumВ Laude
Ho Young Kwon§
Yong Gu Kwon
Andrew Lai, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kam Ho Lai, CumВ Laude
Leticia Nickole Laines
Brendan M. Laing
Prakash Vashdev Lalwani,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Myles Jay Lambert II
Sumner Karsh Lambert†Aaron Jeffrey Landau, Cum Laude
Howard Adam Landau, CumВ Laude
Hila Ariane Landesman
Michele Renee Landry, Cum Laude†Christopher James Lane,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Emily Kathryn Lane
Sean Mccoy Langan‡
Elizabeth Leanne Langer*
Maxwell Joseph Langevin
Erika Ann Langley
Ksenia R. Lanin‡
Zachary M. Lans, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nicholas John Lattanzi
Sarah Ellen Lattrell, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Danielle Lauto, CumВ Laude
Jacob Ian Lavenhar
Jordan Anne Lavy
Olivia Catherine Lawson,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Cam Dung Le, CumВ Laude
Daniel Curtis Leader
Angella Eunji Lee‡
Chris (Younghoon) Lee, CumВ Laude
Colin Anthony Lee
Da Yeon Lee†Dasom Lee§
David Chung Hyun Lee
Edwin Chan Lee
Gina Lee
Hyomin Lee§
Hyosun Lee†Jennifer Sang-Jee Lee,
Magna Cum Laude†Ji Youn Lee
Jun Young Lee
Luri Lee, CumВ Laude
Min Ji Lee†Minsoo Daniel Lee§
Nam Hoon Lee
Paul Yeon Chul Lee
Seung Min Lee
Soo Jin Lee, Cum Laude‡
Soo Yeon Lee
Sun W. Lee‡
Sung Hoon Lee
Sung Min Steven Lee
Victor S. Lee†Victoria Y. Lee, Summa Cum Laude†Allison Leemann
Dylan Z. Leidig
Marina Ariane Lekkas‡
Maureen Anne Leninger
Celestina Melissa Leon§
Angela Mary Leonard
Gregory John Leonelli
Kaiyang Leong
Brian Christopher Lepre
Jenna Alexa Lerner
Amber Leung
Tsz H. Leung, CumВ Laude
Lauren Nicole Levenson,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Romy Levin
Benjamin Max Levine
Hester Ann Levine, Magna Cum Laude‡
Matthew Evan Lew‡
Marian Amanda Lewin
Sylvia Klare Lewin, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Breanna Shea Lewis
Corinne Paige Lewis, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jeannette Kristine Lewis, CumВ Laude
Tingyan Li
Ying Li, Magna Cum Laude‡
Andy Liang‡
Charlene Liang
Li Shan Liang
Ying Liang
Evelyn Kay Liberman,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
William Anthony Liberti III,
CumВ Laude*
Brian David Liebman
Kristina Ann Lieu
Stanley E. Likver, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Daniel Alan Geoffrey Lilley,
CumВ Laude*
Jonathan Andrew Lim,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lynn Lim
Brian Lin
Jessica Y. Lin†Shuci Lin, Cum Laude
Justin David Lipsky, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Anna Lishay
Colin James Lisy, CumВ Laude
Aleeza Erin Liu, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
Jimmy Liu§
Louisa Tao Liu§
Lucy Xi Liu†Mengqi Liu, Cum Laude
Peter Chi-Cheong Lo‡
Derek DeHart Locke§
Michele Loduca‡
Nick David Loewen
Gabrielle Jeanne Marie Logan§
Madeleine Ann Logan
Anita Kaman Lok‡
Matthew Donal Lonergan, CumВ Laude
Mary Elisabeth Longenecker
Emily Hui Lin Loo‡
Angelica Marie Lopez,
Magna Cum Laude†David Justin Lopez
Magdalena LГіpez
Ashley Marie Loranger, Cum Laude‡
Julia B. Loraque
Gabriel Abella Loterena
Samantha Rose Lotto
Andrew Scott Lowe, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nathaniel Lewis Lowenthal
Carlos Lorenzo Lu
Paul Kin Lu†Xiao Lu
Zhi Hui Lu
Stephanie Anne Lui Qing Ning,
CumВ Laude
Andrea Anne Luk§
Anna Elizabeth Lukacs, CumВ Laude
Annamaria Klara Lukes
Rebecca Sue Luna, Magna Cum Laude†Alexandra Elizabeth Lundsted,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Da Cheng Luo
Irina Lut
Jaime Elizabeth Lutz, CumВ Laude
Andrew Ma
Calvin Ma†Gabriel Ma
Lian Lian Ma, CumВ Laude
Yinan Ma
Michael Anthony Macchi
Michaela Elizabeth MacDonald,
CumВ Laude
Margot Worthington Mache
Kristen Anne Macher, CumВ Laude
Julia Marie Mackin
Ann Gilbert Mackowski†Craig Thomas MacPherson
Rachael Lois Maddox
Beatriz Atenas Madico, CumВ Laude
Ashley Kimiko Maetani†Maggie Lannon Maffione
Katherine Mahoney
Jennifer Krystina Mainor
Elizabeth Gillian Makal
Julie Marie Mallon†Rufat Chingiz Mammadyarov
Prem Manghanmal Chattani,
September 2011 graduate
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Vikas Venkat Mangipudi§
Alexis Manning
Madeline Jaeger Manning
Brock Christian Mantella‡
Alexandra Caroline Maramba†Matthew Ryan Marchany‡
Miranda Lenore Marchese
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of ARTS & SCiences
Robert Charles Marchwinski,
CumВ Laude*
Louis Angelo Mareschi
Elizabeth Marino, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Michael Julien Marino
Elisabeth Sarah Markman
Samuel B. Markson
Laila Nabil Marouf, CumВ Laude
Ruben Tiago Gomes Marques
James Malcolm Marshall†Mahendra Arifien Marshall
Megan Elizabeth Marshall,
Theodore Nicholas Mejia
Samantha Elizabeth Mele
Cailee Louise Mellen‡
Kerri Lynn Mellert‡
Michael Jacob Meltzer
Rishi Mahesh Melwani
Alyssa K. Mendlein, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nicole Renee Mengini
Samantha Ashley Menjor
Kelisha Tara Menon, CumВ Laude
Adam Menzin§
Christopher James Mercurio,
Larissa Martchenko‡
Samuel Martin§
Odette Tavares Martins
Joshua Lev Mascoop
Nessa Lili Mashayekh,
Blanca Merino De Paz
Jessica Yount Merrell†Sarah Elizabeth Merriman*
Gillian Emily Mertens
Nicholas Joseph Messana, CumВ Laude*
Maxwell Van Bokkelen Metcalfe,
CumВ Laude*
Danielle Elise Meyer
Zachary Steele Meyer
Monika Roza Mical, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Meghan Elizabeth Michalski§
Iris Mile
Stephanie Yadhira Miliano
Caroline Johanna Miller,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Benjamin Blix Masters
Nithya Rachel Mathews
William Kyle Mathews,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Vidhya Mathiyazhagan*†Andrew John Matsas, Cum Laude
Ayaka Matsui
Brendan Peter Scott O’Reilly Mayer,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sophia Alexandra Mazanitis,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Christopher James Mazur
Alexander Eli Mazurek, CumВ Laude
Katherine Corbin McAnallen
Lisa Ann Mcauliffe
Camille Marie McCall
Miles Andrew McCann, Cum Laude†Timothy Patrick McCann Jr., Cum Laude
Molly Rose McCargar
Sean Christopher McCarthy‡
Sharrod Keon McClusky
James Edmund McConnaughy
Kalani Hoe McDaniel§
Brendan Stephen McDermott†Marlee Katlyn McDonald
Christopher Thomas McDonough
Marissa Diane McDonough†Madison Alyssa Avellino McEvoy
Ryan Charles McFadden‡
Jenna Kathleen Corwin McGrath†Lillian Caitlin McGuire
Timothy James McHugh§
Michelle Katherine McInnis
Claire Cecelia McKinley
Trevor James McManamon,
Magna Cum Laude†Therese Anne McNamee*
Drew Logan McPartlin,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Oliver David McRae
Caitlin Marie Meagher,
Magna Cum Laude†Andrea Marie Medeiros
Shweta Megati
Shayaan-e-Mohammad Mehdi
Armir Mehmeti
Hiba Mehmood
Selam Gabriella Mehretu
Amol Rajen Mehta
Anita Daksha Mehta
Bhaven K. Mehta
SummaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jackson L. Miller*
James Zenon Miller
Kyrei Jendaya Miller
Michael Jared Miller
Kathryn Milner
Kyoyoon Min§
Yae Jee Min
Cristina Isabel MiГ±ana
Daniela Eugenia Miranda
Elizabeth Mirovich
Niloofar Mirsaidi, Cum Laude†Gaurav Misra, Magna Cum Laude
Rawan Missouri
Anna Lind Mitkevicius‡
Colin Taylor Mitts‡
Kento Miyake, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Michael D. Mobilio
Hayley Ann Moen§
Emily Christine Mohr, CumВ Laude
Andrew Ka Mok
Stephanie Molina
Shelagh Eve Mollohan
Jessica Leigh Molskness
Kathryn Monahan, Magna Cum Laude†Justin McPherson Monestime†Anthony Phillips Moneta‡
Kridipak Mongkolyuth
Elizabeth Carmela Monroe,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Rena Beverly Montville
Ariana Araxi Mooradian‡
Samantha Genna Mor
Elena Mora
Saba J Moreh
Brooke Erin Morgan
Rebecca Lee Morgan§
Lisa Marie Morgillo
Arnault Marie Marc Morisson de la
Colleen Barbara Morrissey,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alissa Morrone, CumВ Laude
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
Ian A. Moskowitz
Lisa Patricia Motameni
Amanda Motomochi
Rebecca Moura
Caressa Lynne Moy, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Patrick Joseph Moynahan,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Daniel Edmund Mucinskas,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Sebastian Mueller†Ryan Michael Mulhern‡
Christine Marie Mullane
Alexa Daniela Muller, Cum Laude‡
Anupriya Mundra, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Michael Joseph Murowchick
Nairika D. Murphy
Katherine Elizabeth Murray, CumВ Laude
Shawn Andrew Musgrave,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Giovanni Musto
Kristin Lee Myers‡
Hilary Ross Mylon
Jaejoon Joseph Myong, CumВ Laude
John Homayoun Nahai
Jennifer Lynn Nann§
Archana Narain
Monica S. Narang, Cum Laude‡
Aditi Rammohan Narayan
Rajvin Narula
Christopher Michael Naso, CumВ Laude*
Ramah Nazieh Nassief, Cum Laude‡
Jose Antonio Nazario Jr.
Marcus Daniel Neafsey, CumВ Laude
Lina Necib, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Vamsee Krishna Neerukonda,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ami Negishi
Kevin Ezra Nemandoust
Erica Lynn Newman
Jaclyn Michelle Newman, CumВ Laude*
Ryan Andrews Newton§
Matthew R. Ng
Nelson Chak Hei Ng§
Yvonne Kuei Lan Ng*†Felicia Luu Nguyen
Jeremy Phach Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen§
Thien Tai Thanh Nguyen, CumВ Laude
Trudy Hien Nguyen
Tayler Flynn Nichols
Alec Benjamin Nicholson,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Rebecca Emilia Nickson
Heidi Ann Niederhausen,
Magna Cum Laude†Kimera Shea Nielsen†Josue Roberto Nieves,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lisa Nip, CumВ Laude
Rohan Robbins Nobis
Patricia Josephine Nugent,
September 2011 graduate
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ana Margarida Nunes Henriques
Lourenco Branco, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kelley Michelle Nunn, CumВ Laude*
Faith Ndidi Nwaoha
Jesse Joseph Obert, Cum Laude‡
Irene O’Brien
Evan Gregory O’Connor,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of ARTS & SCiences
Katharine Mary O’Connor‡
Molly T. Sarah O’Connor†Avi A. Offer†Alexandra Oh‡
Ryangseok Oh
Caitlin Anne O’Halloran,
Hillary Holgate Pennypacker†Kenny Peou
Franco Lorenzo Perez-Redondo†Andrew Pertusi, Cum Laude†Alyssa Francine Peterkin
Matthew Joseph Petersile,
Kelley Elizabeth O’Leary‡
Robin Marie Olinyk
MarГ­a SofГ­a Oliver
Meredith Leah O’Neill
Larry Torrefranca Ong, Jr.
Georg Andreas Onodi‡
Tiffany Birago Opong†Micah Gregory Oppenheim
Jillian Orcel
David Michael Oricchio‡
Tracie Roberta Orman, Cum Laude†William Scott Orman Jr.,
Amanda Jacqueline Peterson
Amy Lynne Peterson*
Chelsea Lane Peterson‡
Mihayl Petkov Petkov
Lea Petrovic
Julie Pfeffer
Christina V. Pham
Dai Le Trang Pham§
Hong-Van Thi Phan
Judy Phan, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Samantha Anne Philip
Amanda Phillips§
Rebekah Grace Parrish Phillips
Natalia Aiala Piazzarolo
Isabella Noelle Pietroboni,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
David Mark Orr
Henry Stephen Orzynski,
Summa Cum Laude†Cady Ophelia Osgood-Otis
Kohei Oshima§
Woodly B. Osias, CumВ Laude
Shun Otaka
Steven Joseph Oustecky†Amey Elisabeth Owen
Ekrem Yi�git Özyol
Barcley Talon Pace, Magna Cum Laude†Frances Marie Pacheco
Glenys Sweeney Packer
Nathalie Paez
Ariel May Pakier, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Abby Pan
Emily Y. Pan†Jeffrey Nelson Pan, Magna Cum Laude*
Yuxi Pan
Sonya Siraj Panjwani
Kathryn Brooke Papa
Christopher Peter Pappas,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ujas Nigam Parikh, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ji Hye Park
Michael Jones Parry§
Kevin L. Passione
Derek John Pastuszek,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Andrew Adams Pate
Ankita Mahesh Patel†Dhrupesh Patel§
Hemali A. Patel
Jaanki Patel
Krupa Kaushik Patel, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Mrugesh Navinchandra Patel,
CumВ Laude
Prayag Suresh Patel, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sohni Asit Patel, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Vishal Jatin Patel†Christopher Thomas Paterson*
Regina Evelyn Patterson
Anthony Joseph Patullo
Rachel Abigail Paul
Matthew William Paulson
Jarod Aubrey Payne§
Tetyana Pecherska, Cum Laude†Esha Peddireddy
Ariel Jocelyn Pellegrino†Jordan Louis Pelletz
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Lily Esterly Ramseyer
Parimal C. Rana‡
Sumeet Randhawa§
Jamal Mikal Rasheed§
Julia Yvonne Rashid, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Andrew Thomas Rasmussen
Daniel Ravan†Shivani Ray, Cum Laude
William Franklin Rayburn,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Shane Campbell Reardon, CumВ Laude
Terence Kingston Reardon
Divya Cherukuru Reddy,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sithara Reddy§
Jared Lawrence Reed§
Matthew John Reichert,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Zoe Elizabeth Reiches, CumВ Laude
Karen Rebecca Reichgott, CumВ Laude
Jesse Avery Reinherz, CumВ Laude
Bena Rose Reiter
Maria Renken, CumВ Laude*
Hanna Andrews Repp
Pamela Anne Rerko
Andrew Nicholas Reswow
Andrea Revivo
Joseph Gabriel Reytan
Stefanie Dianna Rich, Cum Laude§
Julianne Nicole Richard, CumВ Laude
Shana Savannah RГ© Richards,
Nicole Danielle Pietromonaco
Lucinda Stearns Pike, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lauren Jacqueline Piña‡
Jennifer Pino
Morgan Faye Piskorz‡
Michael Reginald Pitter, CumВ Laude
Joshua David Pitts†Heshini Kalhari Piyathilake§
Alex Plamm, CumВ Laude
Cassandre Marie Plantin, CumВ Laude
Alexandra Marie Plassaras,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Taylor Nora Platt
Kelsey Ann Plew†Pimpiroon Ploysangam§
Katarina Polacikova, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Andrew Leonard Politis
Zachary Meyer Pollack
Alexander Michael Pomerantz
Cayla Jon Poteete, CumВ Laude
Jason James Pouris
Christine Marie Power, CumВ Laude
Ann Gerard Powers, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Robert D. Pratt‡
Ethan Thomas Pravetz
Rachel Ann Preloh, CumВ Laude
Samantha Nicole Pressman
Lauren Frances Daneu Price
Rachel PrimГ©, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Caroline Prince
Ashley Easton Proctor
Nina Psoncak, Cum Laude†Margaret Ellen Purdy
Hannah Claire Putnam§
Han Pye
Yuxin Qin, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Dora Quach
Jacqueline Rose Querubin
Minaqa Quinn
Alexandra Biorka QuiГ±ones
Thomas J. Quitadamo, Cum Laude‡
Tara Raam, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kaitlan Emily Radoycis, CumВ Laude
Zachary Joseph Rahaim
Alex Lawrence Raike, Cum Laude‡
Mamtha S. Raj, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Thomas Robert Ramirez§
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
CumВ Laude
Samantha Elise Rick
Irene Teresa Maria Riestra
Amy Mikaela Ringquist, CumВ Laude*
Andrew Jeffrey Ritchie
Alexander Lloyd Rittenberg,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ashley Kristine Rittershaus, Cum Laude†Evan Thomas Ritzinger, Cum Laude
Alexander Michael Rivenburgh,
CumВ Laude
Jessica Nicole Rivera
Jorge Alejandro Armando Rivera Robles
Kayla Jean Rivers
Arianna Maria Rizzo
Duney Roberts
Amanda Bellah Robertson§
Michael Robinson
Adriana Mendoza Robledo
Emmanuel Rochaix‡
Robert Pearson Roche III
Lara E. Rodgers
Emily Ann Rodil
Santiago Roel Santos, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jonathan Daniel Roger,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Katherine Rogers§
Stephanie Nicole Rojas§
Sophia Elizabeth Rokkas
Jasmine Seanita Rollins
Julia Romano*
Yasmin Romitti†Emma Lawrence Roose,
September 2011 graduate
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Annie Wynn Ropeik
Ines Marylia Rosas
Caitlin Breann Rose
Aaron Matthew Rosenberg‡
Kate Rebecca Rosenberg
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of ARTS & SCiences
Stephanie Lynn Rosenfeld
Emma Rachel Rosenthal, CumВ Laude
Shoshana Eve Rosenthal, CumВ Laude
Cloe Jade Rosenwald§
Erica Paige Ross, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Stephanie Rossi
Jordan Joseph Rossman
Jacob Walker Roy
Faina Rozental, Summa Cum Laude‡
Lindi Rruka
Lee Joseph Rubin§
Rachelle Leora Tenenbaum Rubin,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ryan Paul Ruikka, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Adina Rusakov, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Robert John Russo, Cum Laude†Neil Kiran Rustgi
Justin B. Rutherford
Caterina Anna Sacchini,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nisha Kishori Sachdev‡
Ekaterina Sadikova, Magna Cum Laude†Jacklyn Gail Saferstein-Hansen,
CumВ Laude
Stephanie Elizabeth Sagey, CumВ Laude
Stephanie Salcedo§
Gregory Joseph Salimando,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Parissa Kimia Salimian,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Hannah Ariel Samet
Faizaan Fehmi Sami‡
Amanda Elizabeth Sampson
Mallory Jennings Sampson‡
Michelle Samuel
LyAnna Marie Sanabria
Jaime Sanchez
Tessa Francesca Sanchez§
Laura Sancho, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Christine Marie Saniuk‡
Fred Christopher Santaite
Audrey-Jo Soriano Santo
Adriana Marie Santos‡
Rutuparna Sarangi, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Shoaib Pedro Cyprian Hugo Sargeant
Sarah Elizabeth Sargent
Skylar Frederick Sarkis§
Maria Karen Sarkissian
Ana Sarsenbay§
Beata Teresa Sasi nska,
CumВ Laude
Rachaintr Sasirajpornchai§
Amanda Marie Savage, CumВ Laude
Michelle Jolivette Savage
Rebecca Iris Savoy, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
George L. Savvidis
Nicholas John Sawyer,
Rebecca Kathleen Schuberth,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kiersten Haley Schultz†Michael Paul Schulze‡
Thomas John Schumann, CumВ Laude
Amanda Jean Schwab, CumВ Laude
Ian Matthew Schwartz, Cum Laude†Rachel Schwarzman, Cum Laude
Ronnit Schwebel
Whitney Elizabeth Schweizer
Jenna Sciabbarrasi§
Lauren Alexandra Scungio§
Allison Christine Sebastiani§
Nicholas Francis Secatore
Rizwana Seeham‡
Karishma Sekhon, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Raguraman Selvakumar
Jonathan Ivan Senin
Chang Woo Seo§
Elena Fountain Serio
Paloma Celine Sylvie Evelina Serra
Abhishek Seth
Ami Shah, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Anuj Jitendra Shah
Barkha Shah
Deep Bharat Shah, CumВ Laude
Neil Shah
Parth Prashant Shah, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Parth V. Shah, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Romaisa Shah
Peter Sarko Shahinian,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Aydar Zamirbekovich Shaildayev§
Norae Yasmeen Shakur§
Skylar Alexandra Shapiro,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
David Joshua Saxon
Amy Elizabeth Scheiner
Joshua Abram Schenkein, CumВ Laude*
Shelby Anne Schermeyer
Molly Elizabeth Schettewi
Jamie Michelle Schiffer, CumВ Laude*
Christopher James Schlauch, CumВ Laude
David Benjamin Abrams Schleider,
Brian Jones Sharkey
Anika Sharma§
Michael Peter Shaughnessy§
Muna S. Sheikh, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Nathan Adlai Sheinfeld‡
Sarah Anne Sheridan, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ethan Maxwell Sherr†Dorothy Yunci Shi, Magna Cum Laude
Elaine Antonia Shields§
Allyson Caroline Shifley, CumВ Laude
Ommi Shimizu
Livca Shin†Nathan Joong Hun Shin
Yoo Jung Shin, CumВ Laude
Emily B. Shoov, CumВ Laude
Cara Huongsa Shorey
Simone K. Shorter
Natasia Umi Sidarta§
Jacob Philip Siegel‡
Samantha Moira Sievering†Matthew Rey Silva§
Nayara Arantes Silva
Nadia P. Silver
Michael Nicholas Simmons
Benjamin James Simon
James George Simoneau§
Anna Elise Sims, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jill Christina Sims
Michelle Stephanie Simunovic,
Courtney Elyse Schneider
Katharina Anneliese Schnepel§
Keith Michael Schrumpf, CumВ Laude
Blaise Thomas Sindone
Timothy Patrick Singer, Cum Laude‡
Amit Singh, CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
CumВ Laude
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
Tarun Pal Singh
Maxine Tess Singleton
Nicole Martine Sirianni, CumВ Laude
Nalinee Sirivatanaaksorn,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Meenakshi Sivaraman, CumВ Laude
Alexander David Skillin,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Andrew Bennett Sklar
Kira Lee Skolas
Jacob Shimon Slutsky,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Akanke V. Small
Kendra Verhoeven Smallwood†Abigail Marie Smigelski
David Lyman Smigen-Rothkopf§
Rupert Daniel Smit†Brendan Mychal Smith, Cum Laude*
Christine Rebecca Smith
Erika Wynn Smith, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Erin Malay Smith†Ian Paul Smith†Jasmine Cordola Smith
Jennifer Marie Smith†Kathryn Christine Smith§
Leah Catherine Smith, CumВ Laude
Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Haley Elizabeth Smith-Fries*
Marissa Ann Snyder
Tracy Kimberly Snyder*
Maryellen Pires Sofiste
Sara Rachel Sokolove§
Rishub Solan, Cum Laude‡
Alexandra Joy Sollers
Melanie Solorzano§
Hannah Marguerite Somerville,
September 2011 graduate
CumВ Laude
Frank Feldher Sommers
Ellen S. Song
Ming Song, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Xuli Song
Pejmon Sorornejad
Virginia Rose Soskey, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Pauline Sou†Panagiotis Ektor Souroulidis†Alexander Santos Sousa
Isabelle Marie Soussou‡
JoAnne Marie Spagnuolo
Nathan John Spector
Leon L. Spencer
Shannon Ennis Spencer†Sasha Tiffany Garcia Spite‡
Raphael Eleazar Spitzer, CumВ Laude
Saranya Sridaran
Kendall Reid Stacey§
Caroline Stack
Amanda Renee Stamler
Aaron Nicholas Stanley
Margaret Mary Stanton
Laura O’Connell Steel
Kirzia Steele
Barry Michael Stein‡
Catherine Elizabeth Stein, CumВ Laude
Jeffrey Phillip Stein‡
Caitlin Dorothy Steinberg
Maria Andreevna Stepanchak
Cali Ann Stephens, CumВ Laude*
Christina Rose Stephens
Nicole Elizabeth Stephens
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of ARTS & SCiences
Jason Peter Stern
Jessica Ann Stewart§
Lauren Elisabeth St. Germain
Aaron R. Stinehour§
Samantha Jean Stockman,
Jill Elizabeth Thorsen*
Thant Thurane§
Raymond Thomas Tobias,
Ariel Grace Stone, CumВ Laude
Hally Bissell Stone, Magna Cum Laude†Margaret Katherine Strabala
Theresa A. Strachila, Magna Cum Laude†Jacqueline Nadine Strawbridge,
Alyssa Barbara Tochka, CumВ Laude
Melissa Marie Toland, CumВ Laude
Jonathan Wolcott Toll
Whittney Ann Tom, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Katrina Danielle Tomecek‡
Julie Anne Tomolonis,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Wenting Tong, CumВ Laude
Trevor William Toohey§
Leda Rose Tornaritis
Corey W. Toscano, Summa Cum Laude†Brittainy Kathleen Tousley Pond
Gordon Robert Towne,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Joseph William Stroman§
Christine Elizabeth Stuart
Eva Anne Stutzman
Marzena Maria Stykowska, CumВ Laude
Emily Patricia Stypolkowski,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Arthur Su, Magna Cum Laude†*
Ting-Yi Su
Aurora Camila Suarez
Zahra Ismail Suleiman§
Emma Marie Lopo Sullivan†Kerry Elizabeth Sullivan
Michael David Sullivan,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Kaila M. Summers
Cherng-Mao Sun
Enid Sun, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Huan Sun, CumВ Laude
Brian Samuel Sussman
Jacqueline Ozawa Sussman
Sarah L. Swain, CumВ Laude
Holly Jean Swanson, Cum Laude†Sarah Mae Swenson
Theadora Jo Swenson,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Zachary Allen Sylvane
Misha Anastasia Sylver
Peter Henly Szujewski,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ricardo Tabacow§
Hyunseo Tak
Mansiya Adilyevna Takenova†David Nathaniel Pulido Tan,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Victoria Tan
Alina Tanbayeva, CumВ Laude
Caroline Robin Tarpley§
Sabrina Tasnova§
Valerie Rose Tassinari,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Elisa Kathleen Tatham†Brynn Julia Taylor
Zachary William Taylor§
Aida Tazi
Cyrus Ali Massih Tehrani
Theodore Molai Tehrani
Yajahira Tejada‡
Deren William Temel, CumВ Laude
Howard Paul Terry III
Kyle Scott Teves
Vanessa Thai, CumВ Laude
Michael Francis Thees
Jason Michael Thole
Kehvon Phillip Thomas§
Matthew Chester Thomas,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Susan Mary Thomas
Nathaniel Kanzler Thompson§
YesmГ­n Alexandra Vega Valdivieso,
CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Rachel Chiyoko Tochiki,
Summa Cum Laude†Magna Cum Laude
Chelsea C. Towson§
Thach Ngoc Tran†Eryn L. Trauben, Summa Cum Laude§
Daniel Seiji Travin, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Diem Trang Thi Trinh
Megh Mayank Trivedi,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nichole Ann Trosino§
Kyle A. Trotman‡
Caitlin Ann Trottier, SummaВ CumВ Laude
James Timothy Trussler
Nickolas Tsakmaklis§
Aaron Cheuk Lon Tsang,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ka Lo Tsang§
Tsun Yeung Edwin Tsang§
Ethan Tseng, CumВ Laude
Chloe Elizabeth Tuck,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Stephanie Catherine Tucker
Adam J. Twente, Summa Cum Laude‡
Caroline Eugenia Twyman†Eleftheria Tzigizis
Daniel San Ping Ugolick‡
Frances Omotese Uhomoibhi
RenГ©e-Marie Ulysse
Julia Hali Louise Umansky
Christopher M. Unger, CumВ Laude*
Shivam N. Upadhyaya
Maximiliano Vicente Urdaneta Di
Rafael Umberto Urdaneta Di Filippo,
CumВ Laude
Julien Hampton Urraca
Alejandro Urrutia Rodriguez
Sarah Lynn Vacca
Michael Rylan Vachon§
Ronny Valdes
Emilce Valdez‡
Ashley Anne Valdivia
Eliel van Buren, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Simon Nicoll Vance, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nathalie Michele Donghwa Van Der
Elst, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Pim Nicolaas Wilhelmus Van der Sluis
Nil Vanli§
Jaime Victor Vara†Bernardo Vargas Trasfí
Robert William Vatter
Alena Vecerova, CumВ Laude
*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
Rebbekah Irene Cecilia Vega Romero‡
Fiorella Antonella Velasquez‡
Kevin Chang Velasquez
Tessa Marie Velazquez, CumВ Laude*
Ivana Veliskova
Balakrishna Vemula, CumВ Laude
Anya Geiss Veremakis, CumВ Laude
Jennifer Victorica
Beatriz Elena Vidal Liceaga
Meghana Vijaysimha
Mercedes Barbara Villalonga‡
Jennifer Helen Villegas
Maya Viner, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lisa Luz Virgen
Katie Marie Vitale†Trang Thuy Vo‡
Jennifer Dorothy June Wakefield
Miranda Aya Wakimoto†Amelia Michel Walcek
Lisa Danielle Waldon, CumВ Laude
Andrea Frances Walker
Christina Lee Walker
Rachel Walker, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
John Heaton Walsh
Kaitlin Louise Walsh, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Matthew Walsh
Sean Andrew Walter, CumВ Laude
Shelby Renee Walton
Man Yeung Angus Wan
Chao Wang§
Chen-Hsu Wang
David Junliang Wang
Feijie Wang
Ji Wang
Junjun Wang
Maggie Yachao Wang§
Megan Kathleen Wang, Cum Laude†Shyan-Wen Wang, Summa Cum Laude†Tian Wang, Magna Cum Laude
Yue Wang
Allison Elizabeth Ward†Anna-Marie Ashley Ward§
Amelia Anne Warren, CumВ Laude
Lauren Ann Waslick
Claire Sarah Wasserman
Julia Storino Waterhous, CumВ Laude
Rachel Marie Watsky, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Leona Cecilia Watson
Tabitha Jori Watson, CumВ Laude
Vaughn Michael James Watson
Rachel L. Waxman
Catherine Markham Way,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Emily Gerardina Weaver
Allison Rose Webber†Olivia Frances Weeks
Deborah Beryl Weinberg
Marni Blair Weiner
Rose Lynn Weiner§
Steven Samuel Weisman
Gregory William Weitzner,
September 2011 graduate
Magna Cum Laude†Jeffrey Ernest Wessell, Cum Laude†Elizabeth Claire Whetstone, Cum Laude
Jillian Patricia Whipple‡
Anna Mary White
Brendan James White‡
John Francis White§
Tentative September 2012 graduate
GRADUate school of ARTS & SCiences
Kate Eileen White, CumВ Laude
Andrew Scott Whiteman*
Jennifer Lynn Whiteside,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Rebecca Nan Wier
Alexandra Victoria Williams
Eliza Amelia Williams
Courtney Jean Willis, CumВ Laude
Olivia Evelyn Wilson, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Peter Cowie Wilson
Alexandra Strudwick Wiltsie
Lindsey Lane Wimberly, CumВ Laude
Kim Salo Win, CumВ Laude
Amanda Katherine Winchester
Laura Marie Wing, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Alyssa Kaatje Winter,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Robert Lehman Winter
Meredith Withelder†Gabrielle Marisa Witte
Ilyse Maura Wolberg
Colin Herbert Wolfgang
Genevieve Sabrina Wollenbecker,
Summa Cum Laude†Alia Emily Wong, Summa Cum Laude
Annie Wong
Annie Wong, CumВ Laude
Gregory James Wong
Jennifer Krystal Wong
Mai S. Wong, CumВ Laude*
Stephanie Hoi Yee Wong
Stephanie Jung-Ying Wong,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Tin Kin Wong
Vanessa Wong, CumВ Laude
Vincent Wong, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kristen Evian Woo
Hannah Kells Woodman
Michael C. Woolford
Sylvia Emilia Wozny
Macklin Joseph Wrixon
Timothy Liang Wu§
Wanwen Wu, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Yi Zhe Wu, CumВ Laude
Kaitlyn Pamela Wulfken‡
Brendan Wylie
Alexander Noble Wynn
Edward McGowan Wyrwicz,
Won Seok Yoon
Crystal Shaojay Yu†Jia Xin Yu, Summa Cum Laude
Fang Yuan
Yelena Yukhvid, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Daniel Hongmin Yun
Emily Christine Yunkun
Paul Zablowski*
Bryan Kenneth Maguire Zaramba,
Margaret Hannah Wyschogrod,
Joseph John Zatkovich IV
Jennifer Pearle Zeheb, CumВ Laude
Brendan James Zehnder,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Marc Victor Zemel, Magna Cum Laude‡
Aleksey Mikhailovich Zemmel§
Ji Hye Clarice Zeon†Karen Ileana Zepeda
Lu Zhang, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Rui Zhang, Cum Laude†Shuochen Zhang
Wenji Zhang
YiFeng Zhang‡
Katherine D. Zhao§
Zeqiang Zhao, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alan Zhou, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Yi Zhou
Enoch Zhu
Yanci Zhu
Owen Ferdinand Ziegler,
CumВ Laude
CumВ Laude
Yaoyubai Xiao, CumВ Laude
Dianping Xu, Magna Cum Laude†Yuzhao Xu
Michael Ilan Yakuel
Rae’e Yamin, Cum Laude
Yige Yan, Magna Cum Laude†Di Yang§
Katherine Kai-Lin Yang†Sae Lin Christina Yang
Sou Hee Yang, Magna Cum Laude†Tao Yang
Adrienne Marie Yangas‡
Christopher John Yanish§
Chang Yao‡
Sheung Ting Mazy Yap
Noel Yarze, CumВ Laude
Na Ye†Chia Li Cleo Yeh
Alan Tien Yeo, Cum Laude‡
Stacey Lynn Yesenosky
Alissa Michelle Yi
Jimmy Yi
Peter Yi
Steven Kwon Yi
Emily Blaine Yoerger‡
Janice K. Yong, CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jessica Lynn Ziemek, CumВ Laude
Michael Louis Zimmerman, Cum Laude‡
Alexandra Thorey Zimmermann‡
Eleni Zneimer
Oriana Zoghbi Harb
Amanda Ann Zuazua
Lillian Aniela Zulueta†Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Sarah Abravanelli, B.A., B.A.‡
Nicole Margaret Acciavatti, B.A.
Aarushi Aggarwal§
Deniz Alaçam‡
Layla Abdulaziz Eissa Ibrahim
Almandoos Albalooshi
Selena Ali Taliento, B.A.‡
Abdullah Abdulaziz Almana, B.S.B.A.‡
Abel Djassi Amado, B.A.‡
Sarah Inae An, B.A.
Revathi Ananthakrishnan, Ph.D.
Asrianti Mira Anggraeni
Banu Aras†David Lee Askenazi, B.A.‡
Lara Ayad, B.A.‡
Gurmeet Bajaj§
Chase Lee Baker, B.A.
Shaun Michael Baker, B.S., M.A.
Ji Won Bang
Keith Barbato, B.S.
Jessica Marie Barnes, B.S.
Christopher Bartolome, B.A.
Jasmeen Batra‡
Fred Bayles, B.S.
Julianna Becker, B.A.
Muhammed Benli
Solomon Michael Berman, B.S.‡
Clare Sullivan Bernard, B.S.†Justine Lavallée Berti, B.A.‡
Tong Bi, B.S.В§
Jonathan Binstock, B.A.‡
Jaime Elizabeth Blackmon, B.A.
Jesse Westlund Blaisdell, B.A., J.D.‡
Ruth Nevada Bluestone, B.A.В§
Grai Peace Bluez, B.A.
Shiva Bolourchi, B.A.
Matthew D. Bolt, B.S.
Neil Carlos Borland, B.A.†Michelle Lee Bourgeois, B.A.
Amelia Cathryn Bourne, B.S.†George Stelian Brova, B.A.
Yulia Bubnova, A.B.‡
James Toshio Sakai Burchill, B.A.‡
Jeremy Hill Butman, B.A.‡
Devin Lee Byker, B.A.‡
Rui Cai, B.Ec.†*Degree earned with distinction in concentration
January 2012 graduate
Elizabeth Sullivan Cameron, B.A.†Eric John Camire, B.S.
Christopher Dorian William Campbell,
Thomas Matthew Campbell, B.B.A.‡
Eric Christian Carlson, B.S.В§
Luis Carrasco, B.S.C.E.†Esat Doruk Cetemen‡
Erin Anne Chapman, B.A.‡
Shuoyi Chen, M.S.
Tzu Hua Chen‡
Yang Chen‡
Esther Yoon Chung, B.A.
Sarah Chung, B.S.†Benjamin Jackson Clark, B.S.‡
Chelsea Marcia Cogan, B.A.
Amanda Lyn Colby, B.A.†Matthew James Collins, B.Mus., B.A.
Scott Lenz Condren, A.B.†Emily Anne Cottrell, B.A.
Peter Grant Courtright, B.A.†Ameliah Lorrin Croft, B.A.
Patrick Thomas Culhane, B.A.‡
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
graduate school of arts & Sciences
Juliana Da Costa Plaster†Maria Bernarda Dall’Aglio‡
Sandra Amelia Daniel, B.A.‡
Nicholas Stephen Danis, B.A., B.S.‡
Shamael Rabia Dastagir, B.A.
Sayondeep Deb, B.S.‡
Raquel Elizabeth DeBartolo, B.A.
Nicole Kristine Delgado, B.A.
Roman Demerzhan, B.A.‡
Deniz Demirci†Zayd Assim Ismail Jawad Derweesh,
B.Sc.†Seema Mukesh Desai, B.Sc.‡
Amanda Nicole Devane, B.A.
Brett Thomas DiBenedictis, B.S.†Catherine J. Dimas, B.A.
Kaitlin Cynthia Dinota, B.S.†Bryan Christopher DiStefano, B.A.
Amreena Jaffar Diwan†Erin Ross Doherty, B.A.
Jennifer Bridget Doherty, B.A.
Ewan Streets Douglas, B.S.‡
Alexander Krusin Draine, B.A.
Abaigeal M. Duda, A.B.‡
Aditya Dugar‡
Lauren Danielle Eckenroth, B.A.
Jordan Lee Eisenback, B.A.
Shintawati Elizabeth§
Girma Tsegaye Endale, B.A.
Danielle M. Enserro, B.A.
Nelsa Leonor Estrella, B.S.
Ethan Henry Fahy, B.A.‡
Rocio Falcones Bordallo§
Hua Fan§
Qiushi Fang
Xian Fang
Lauren Michelle Farrell, B.S.
Rainer Alexander Felder
Chen Feng§
Ashley Ferrer, B.A.†Michael Joseph Figuccio, B.A., B.S.
Clara Eleanore Fletcher, B.S.‡
Kathryn Hannon Franich, B.A.‡
Meryl Inez Franklin, B.A.†Amanda Marie Frink, B.A.†Shuting Fu†Zhe Fu‡
Jared Killian Fujii, B.A.
Alan Gabel, Sc.B.‡
Xiaying Gao†Florian Pierre Gargaillo
Michael Robert Garrison, B.A.‡
Victoria Louise Gau, B.A.
Michael David Gechter, B.A.
Leann Katharine Gehlke, B.A.†Kun Geng
Hanna Gerlovin, B.A.
Debanjali Ghosh, B.A.†Jason Thomas Godfrey, B.A.
Gareth Goh, B.Sc.
Perin Gokce†Jose Santiago Gomez Monte†Yun Gou§
J. Kingsley Greenland III, B.A.‡
Yingying Gu‡
Mozhu Guan, B.G.S.
Haifan Guo§
Wangshu Guo
Zirui Guo, B.A.
Jacqueline Michele Gushue, B.A.
Jeffrey David Gustafson, B.A.†Collin James Haberl, B.A.†Megan Joyanne Hacker, B.A.
Molly Nicole Hale, B.A.В§
Satgin Seraj Hamrah, B.A., M.P.A.
Han Han†Ling Han§
Mifrah Haq†Jianming He†Qian He, B.A.
Shiwen He†Laurel Jo Heggernes, B.A.
Margaret Driscoll Helms, B.A.†Sarah Elizabeth Henly-Thomas, B.A.†Bernardita Maria Henriquez Ricke†Nina Vanessa Hildebrand, M.A.‡
Alexander McGavock Hill, B.A.†Edward Tayloe Hill, B.A.
Brian Evan Hoffman, B.A.†Caroline A. Holcomb, B.A.
Colin Beattie Howard, B.S.†Nan Hu†Xin Huang, B.A.†Yan Huang†Ma De La Azucena Huebe Espin†Clayton Russell Hunter, B.A.†Sarah Emily Hunter, B.A.
Warren David Hynson, B.A.‡
Gina Marie Iacobelli, B.A.‡
Momoko Ichikawa
Alexander Ivanishev‡
Carolyn Dicey Jennings
Fanglin Jiang§
Muying Jiang, B.S.В§
Shen Jing, B.A.‡
Ian Michael Johnson, B.S.
Henry Horatio Joyce, A.B.
Evan Thomas Judd, B.S.
Michael Kahn, B.A., M.S.‡
Sima Kalmens, B.A.
Rong Hui Kan‡
Ji Yeon Kang‡
Gul Karaduman
Nilufer Ipek Karyagdi‡
Clarissa Ann Keen, B.A.
Caroline Suzanne Kelley, B.A.
Johnathan Irving Kelly, B.A.В§
Gail Nia Kemp, A.B., M.P.H.‡
Jesse Michael Keppley, B.A.В§
Udit Mohan Khanna§
Lawrence Namkyun Kim, B.S.
Na Yeon Kim‡
Youran Kim, B.S.E.‡
Amelia Elisabeth Kimball, A.B.
Alexander Luke Kitt, B.S., B.A.
Sabrina Alyse Klein, B.A.
Sarah Sinicropi Klein, B.A.‡
Aaron Tristan Knapp, B.A., J.D.‡
Jordan Douglas Kokot, B.A.
Catherine Mary Kozelka, B.A.
Zarina Krebayeva§
Michael Kruskal, B.S., M.S.E.‡
Hyosung Kwon
Oh Hyun Kwon, A.B.‡
Sean Michael Lacey, B.S.†Andrew Edison Lai, A.B.‡
Marineh Lalikian, B.A.
Conor J. Lally, B.S.†Alex Hunter Lang, B.S.
Joseph William Larkin, B.S.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Timothy James Layton, B.A.
Katie Elizabeth Lazuk, B.A.
Rachael Marie Leary, B.A.‡
Jenna Danielle Leavitt, B.A.‡
Joohyun Lee†Maysoon Lehmeidi, B.A.‡
Jocelyn Elizabeth Levin, B.A.‡
Daniel Li, B.A.В§
Li Li†Nicholas Young Li, B.A.†Sijie Li§
Simin Li
Xueting Li‡
Yang Li, B.A.‡
Ying Li, B.A.‡
Pak Kau Lim, B.S.
Chia-Jung Lin
Shuheng Lin, B.S.
Jie Ling
Michael Louis Litano, B.S.
Bochi Liu, B.A.‡
Kevin Liu, B.A.‡
Quan Liu
Sizhe Liu§
Tianqiang Liu‡
Tzu-Ping Liu‡
Xiaojun Liu§
Peter Chi-Cheong Lo, B.A.‡
Yi Luan‡
Nicholas Edward Williams Lubbers,
B.S.†Jason Paul Lucas, B.A., B.A.
Amber M. Ludwig, B.A.‡
Xiao Luo†Jiajing Ma§
Arthur Alastair MacConochie, B.A.
Donald A. MacDonald, A.B., J.D.
Chad Allen Madsen, B.A.
Dylan Solomon Maguire, B.A.
Stephanie Jane Maiocco, B.S.
Rufat Chingiz Mammadyarov, B.A.
Prem Manghanmal Chattani, B.A.
Bradley Earl Markano, B.A.‡
Gretchen Hague Markiewicz, B.A., B.A.†Lauren Elizabeth Masak
Amanda Alexandra Daly Mathews, B.A.
Serena Hoikuen Mau, B.A.†Jenna Kathleen McGrath, B.A.†Perry Walter McManis, B.B.A.‡
Kathleen G. Mcnamara, B.A.
Bhaven Mehta, B.A.
Nathanael Raymond Meneer, B.Mus.†Kathryn Anna Mesh, B.A.‡
Lei Miao, B.A., B.A.В§
Samantha Wakefield Michalka, B.S.‡
Oskar Tadeusz Milik, B.A.
Lauren Michelle Miller, B.S.‡
Katherine Maria Minakov, B.A.
Sophia K. Mizouni†Junghwan Mok
Annan Michael Mozeika, B.S.
Martha C. Muniz, B.A.
Nairika D. Murphy§
Tomoko Nagakura
Virginia Nasika§
Nigel R. Nation, B.S.‡
Elizabeth Ann Nelli, B.A.†Shayna Rae Nestor, M.S.
Huy Xuan Nguyen, B.S., B.A.
Thien Tai Thanh Nguyen, B.A.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
graduate school of arts & Sciences
Isadora Kriegel Nicholas†Lisa Nip, B.A.
Erin Hyde Nolan, B.A.†Catherine Elizabeth Nordstrom, B.A.
Bryan Ellis Norwood, B.A., B.Arch.‡
Vanessa Sarah Obourn, B.A.‡
Michael Williamson O’Boyle, B.A.†Brian Oh, B.A.†Indu Ohri, B.A.
Jason William Olejarz, B.S.‡
Christopher Paul O’Neil, B.A.‡
Georg Andreas Onodi, B.A.‡
Michael David Orr, B.A.†Colleen Ortiz, B.Mus.
Robin Taylor Osten, B.A.‡
Ibrahim Oumarou, B.A.‡
Danielle Marie Pahud‡
Joseph Nicholas Palmisano, B.A.,
M.P.H.†Feifei Pan§
Weiwei Pan†Saachi Pande§
Mary Patricia Papows, B.A.
Kyounghoon Park‡
Won Myung Park‡
Yang Shin Park
Setari Parsa, B.A.
Qinzeng Peng
Yangyi Peng§
Gaia Penteriani
Maria Francisca Perez Veyl
Elisabeth Ruth Perlman, B.A.
Katherine Elizabeth Peruzzini, B.A.
Dai Le Trang Pham§
Lauren Jacqueline PiГ±a, B.A.
Joel Lester Pinsker, B.A.
Sergio Mauricio Poblete Vargas
Daniel Michael Podgorski, B.S.
George N. Popham, B.A., M.A.
Avantika Prabhakar‡
Brendan Stewart Pratt, B.A.‡
Andrew Richard Proffitt, B.S.
Bridget A. Pulice, B.A.
Qiao Qiao†Leisa Mabel Quiñones Oramas†Erick Shane Rabin, B.A.
Ryean Moayedzadeh Rad, B.A.
Kristin Michelle Radcliffe, B.A.‡
Mamtha S. Raj, B.A.
Maria Ramirez-Lopez, B.A., M.A.
Karen Rebecca Reichgott, B.A.
Sebastian Christoph Remi
Gretchen Olson Reynolds, A.B.
Joao Pedro Ribeiro Dos Santos†Erik Andrew Richardson, A.B.‡
Jennifer Marline RodrГ­guez BГЎez
Maya Rosen, B.A.‡
Shoshana Eve Rosenthal, B.A.
Zachary Alex Rotfus, B.A.
John Roush, B.S.‡
Faina Rozental, B.A.‡
Ryan Paul Ruikka, B.A.
Robert John Russo, B.A.†William Chounghoon Ryu‡
Louis Hedwig Joris Cornelius Sabbe‡
Claire Ellen Sadar, B.A.
Sarah Nicole Sadrakula, B.A.
Shakhida Sadyrova‡
Gumilang Aryo Sahadewo‡
Lindsay Catherine Sansom, B.A.†Siddharth Sarma‡
Yasemin Satir
Lea Yassamin Savoji, B.S.†Serhan Sayin§
Marissa Ann Scatena, B.A.
Gene L. Schlack, B.A.†Terri Lynn Scott, B.A.
Lindsey M. Seaver, B.A.†Rachel Marie Seely, B.A.‡
Katherine Eileen Shanahan, B.S.В§
Jonis Shehu, B.S.‡
Elizabeth Ann Muske Sherva
Dale Dimon Shidemantle, B.A.
Tanmay Shukla
Aliza Hayat Sial, B.S.
Brett Adam Sidelinger, B.S.
Grayson Keith Sieg, B.A.
Anushka Danielle Silva, B.A.†James Brian Silva, B.Sc.‡
Talya Kayla Silver, B.A.
Rizki Nauli Siregar‡
Evangelia Irene Sloth, B.A.†Nathaniel Benjamin Soule, B.S.†Brian Jonars Besana Spielberg, B.A.,
Casey L. Stevens, B.A.
Kimberly Anne Stradal, B.A.В§
Elena Gennadyevna Strekalova, B.S.,
B.S., M.S.‡
Andrew Clare Strikwerda, B.A.†Christine Elizabeth Stuart, B.A.
Carling I. Sturino, B.A.‡
Hye Sun Sul‡
Chun Yi Sum, B.A.‡
Kathryn Eva Summo, B.S.
Luyang Sun
Hyun Suk Sung
Shannon Dolan Supitkowsky, B.A.
Kensuke Suzuki, M.P.P.M.‡
Edward Ronald Sywulka, B.M.
Kristin Lynn Szuhany, B.A.
Leyong Tan‡
Alina Tanbayeva, B.A.
Xiaojing Tang
Karishma Thawani
Jason Michael Thole, B.A.
Laura Whitney Thomas, B.A.
Sean Michael Tobyne, B.A.‡
Carla Tokman
Niza Alejandra Tonarely, B.A.
Sarata Lisette Toriola, B.A.
Alanna Torres, B.A.
Brittainy Kathleen Tousley Pond, B.A.
Gordon Robert Towne, B.A.
Thomas Walter Trembley, B.A.В§
Tsung-Po Tsai†Andre George Tutundjian, B.A.‡
Tania Tzelnic, B.A.
Galiya Urymkhanova‡
Rucha Prashant Vankudre, B.A.†Elizabeth Anne Vazquez, B.A.§
Pablo Andrés Villalobos Dintrans‡
Margaret Joanna Virzi, B.A.†Daniel Volovik, A.B.†Daniel von Allmen, B.A.†Candace Leigh Walsh, B.A.†Chan Wang, B.A.‡
Chao Wang§
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Chenzhi Wang§
Huaiyuan Wang†Jue Wang†Siyang Wang†Yang Wang†Yiqun Wang§
Matthew A. Wargo, B.A.†Tyler Campbell Warrick, B.S.
Ryan David Weberling, B.A., B.A.
Maximilian Johannes Weidl†Russell Michael Weinstein, A.B.
Carl William Weitkamp, B.A.†Gregory William Weitzner, B.A.†Boyang Wen
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Tentative September 2012 graduate
graduate school of arts & Sciences
MASTER OF ARTS (M.A.) Overseas
International Relations
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*Degree awarded by the College of Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
graduate school of arts & Sciences
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January 2012 graduate   ‡September 2011 graduate  §Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Degree awarded by the College of Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
graduate school of arts & Sciences
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January 2012 graduate   ‡September 2011 graduate  §Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Degree awarded by the College of Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
graduate school of arts & Sciences
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“Party System Change in the Netherlands: Intra-Party
Cohesion, Discourse, and the Socio-Cultural Cleavage”
Itai Vardi, “Normalizing Accidents: Cars, Carnage, and the
Disappearance of Social Problems”†Michael J. Vincze, B.A., M.A., “Dying to Know: Five Studies
on Death and Identity in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses”
Brian M. Walsh, B.A., M.A., “Energetic Particles in the Earth’s
Magnetospheric Cusps”†Courtney L. Weiner, B.S., M.A., “Predictors and Correlates of
Sleep-Related Problems in Anxious Youth”
Jolie Lauren Weingeroff, B.A., M.A., “The Course of Eating
Disorder Not Otherwise Specified and Its Subtypes in Patients
with Borderline Personality Disorder”†Francine Weiss, B.A., “Visual Verses: Edward Weston’s
Photographs for Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, 1941–
Jeremy Michael Weiss, M.A., “Strategizing for Peace:
Approaches to Global Security in Crisis and War 1933–
Valerie Rosen Wilson, B.A., M.A., “Attachment, Experiential
Avoidance, and Mindfulness in the Narrative Disclosure
Task”†January 2012 graduate   ‡September 2011 graduate  §Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Degree awarded by the College of Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
graduate school of arts & Sciences
Jonathan Alexander Winkler, B.S., “Improving Antibiotic
Activity by Manipulating Bacterial Oxygen Species
Francis S. Wolenski, B.A., “The NF-kappaB Signaling Pathway
of the Sea Anemone Nematostella vectensis: Functional
Characterization of Core Elements and Two Naturally
Occurring Polymorphisms”
Jie Wu, M.A., “Total Synthesis of (-)-Virginiamycin M2 and
Chiral Organosilane Based Sequential Transformations to
Access Polycyclic Scaffolds”
Vanessa Xanthakis, “Assessing Methods for Inclusion of New
Disease Markers into Risk Prediction Models”†Qinchuan Xin, “Fusion of MODIS and Landsat Data to Allow
Near Real-Time Monitoring of Land Surface Change”†Xiaoyuan Yang, “Using a Ground-Based Lidar Instrument
(EchidnaВ®) to Reconstruct Three-Dimensional Forest
Structure for Biophysical and Ecological Studies”†Tian Yao, “Measuring Forest Structure and Biomass Using
Echidna® Ground-Based Lidar”
Georgios Zervas, “Data-Driven Analysis of Electronic
Commerce Systems”†Qiang Zhang, M.S., “Total Synthesis of Polycyclic
Polyprenylated Acylphloroglucinol Natural Products and
Derivatives”†Weiwei Zhang, “Chinese Exceptionalism?: Conspicuous
Consumption Versus Conspicuous Frugality Among the
Chinese Middle Class”†Wei Zhuang, M.S., M.S., “Using Phenotyped but Ungenotyped
Relatives in Genetic Association Tests”
January 2012 graduate   ‡September 2011 graduate  §Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Degree awarded by the College of Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
College of Communication
Gina Marie Abatangelo
Elena Mary Acuna, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Emily J. Adams†Emily Jane Africk
Sam Agoos
Cassandra Elizabeth Albee, CumВ Laude
Sana Younus Ali, CumВ Laude
Jerusha Faith Aman, Summa Cum Laude†Gabriela Catalina Arias
Adam B. Azahari
Lindsay Nicole Bachmann
Edward Aaron Baida†John Wills Baker III†Justine Ariel Bakhshi
Haley Davis Ballentine
Holly Jeanne Barber, CumВ Laude
Shirley Rebecca Afi Enam Barrett
Arianne Becker Marcano
Linel Roxette Bello
Olivia Ruth Bennett
Halee Bernard‡
Shirley Wenwei Bi, CumВ Laude
Stephanie Bibeau
Christine Marie Blain,
Ellen Ariel Cohn
Allison Marie Coleman
Jorge Eduardo Colindres,
Dinah Alexis Boehle, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Fani Paola Bonilla
Philippe Nelson Bosshart
Eleanor Quinn Botelho, Cum Laude†Frances Carolyn Bova
Jamie Leigh Bradley
Miles Dillon Branman, CumВ Laude
Alyssa Rachel Brodie
Andrew G. Bungert§
Kristen Marie Buttolph
Jessica Cai, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Schyler Jean Cain
Jeanevra Lynn Calhoun†Eva Frima Cantor
Fuming Cao, CumВ Laude
Delanie Alana Carney
Erin Elizabeth Caron, CumВ Laude
Laura Carmen Castro
Brandon Kyle Castronovo, CumВ Laude
Emily Marie Caulfield
Antonius Chandra‡
Victoria Molly Chang,
Elizabeth Mariel Duff,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Victoria Chaplin‡
Angela May Chen
Christopher J. Cheong,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Christina S. Chnaider
Hyun Young Choi
Stephanie Marie Ciotta
Lindsay Arden Cohen
Michael Pearlman Cohen
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kristin Keeley Colville
Molly Caitlin O’Dell Coyne, Cum Laude
Tommaso Gianpiero Croci
Sean Richard Croegaert-Key
Elissa Mae Dailey
Maggie Patricia Daly
Courtney Noelle Dampolo
Katerine A. DeFrank
Yvonne RenГ©e deFuria
Kimberly Tara Maud de Geer
Jessica Nicole DeJean, CumВ Laude
Katrina Nicole De Rosa
Brian Christopher DeVito, CumВ Laude
Britni J. Morgan Diamond
Sarah Tompkins DiBella,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Jillian J. DiPhillips, CumВ Laude
Devondra Christine Dominguez
Victoria Elizabeth Donahue
Katherine Courtenay Donnelly,
CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Danielle Belinda Dupre†Katherine Corbin Emmett, Cum Laude
Nicole Veronica Farin
Nathalie Felsberg
John Paul Fichera
Rachel Joy Finkelstein
Kristiane Kvaase Fiore,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Carly Alexandra Fitterman
Timothy Jerome Flach
Laura Margaret Flanagan
Jasmine Florencio
Prima Alexandra Formica
Justin L. Franklin†Danielle Straefer Freiberg
Cassandra Devon French, CumВ Laude
Jessica Mari Friedowitz,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
William Steven Funk
Ariel S. Gaknoki†Caroline Ann Ganson, Cum Laude
Elena GarcГ­a DГ­az-PinГ©s
Leechen Gershon
Stephanie Elizabeth Goldman,
CumВ Laude
Stacey Beth Goodman,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Samantha Hope Gordon
Michael C. Goyette‡
Kathryn Barry Greenthal
Katherine Hartford Grillon
Alison Quon Gruosso
Katherine Marie Guiney
Elena Sica Gulotta
Lauren Elizabeth Gumport, Cum Laude†Sarah Ann Halle
Joseph John Hamel
Jehan Munir Hashim
Patrick Anthony Hazel
Celia Webster Herrera, CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Sawyer Higgins, Cum Laude†Gwendolyn Adeline Hoerman‡
Jennifer Lynn Hogrefe,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nicholas Robert Holden,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Kathleen Hong, Magna Cum Laude†Victoria Rose Huber
Willemijn Laurine Huizing,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sophia Grace Hunter, CumВ Laude
Proma Huq
Claudia Yin Iao
Samantha Hailey Inchausti‡
Jennifer E. Isakowitz, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Xiaofei Jalette, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Riya Rajen Jhaveri
Stuti Jhawar
Hanah Diah Johnson, CumВ Laude
Liat Hana Justin‡
Manpreet Kaur Kalra, Cum Laude‡
Cynthia Kan
Alyssa Michelle Kane
Brittany Anne-Hyokon Kang†Jason Michael Kaplan, Cum Laude
Lindsay Morgan Kaplan
Rebecca Jean Kaufman, CumВ Laude
Michael Joseph Kelliher
Bonnie Kim
Kyung Mi Kim
Meghan Elise Kluth
Cailey Ann Kneis, Summa Cum Laude†Stephen Jeremy Knox
Grace Ko
Emily Drew Kopit
Laura Atlas Kravitz, CumВ Laude
Leah Schley Kuhlmann
Angela Kitty Kung
Jeanine Leda Kutil
Margaret Madden Lapp
Sarah Ellen Lattrell, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Adam Gabriel Lauria
Miriam Elisheva Lazoff‡
Nicholas Kevin Lee
Natalie Blair Levine
Jessica Carole Levitt‡
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
Leanne Marie Lewis,
Summa Cum Laude†Haley Marie Loftus, Cum Laude
Ashley Marie Loranger, Cum Laude‡
Rebecca Ann Loya, CumВ Laude
Sarah Amber Luan
Gellena Lukats
Nicole Mariel Luna
Brianna Lynch
Marielle Frances Malamud
Nicole Marie Maley, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ashley H. Marand
Abigail A. Maroon
Susie Marquina
Taylor M. Martin†David Marulanda
Kelsey Leigh Mason
Katherine Luberta McCabe
Gabrielle Braun McGonagle, CumВ Laude
Marie Jacqueline McGwier, CumВ Laude
Rebecca S. McLouth
Ryan Devan McPhee, CumВ Laude
Ann Victoria Medeiros‡
Susan Mei
Samantha Monica Melendez, CumВ Laude
Kelisha Tara Menon, CumВ Laude
Chelsea Ann Merget
Anna Meskishvili
Julianna Marie Michniewicz
Joseph Louis Mielenhausen,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Carly Bryn Milden, Summa Cum Laude‡
Rose Arlene Milgrom†Lauren Elizabeth Minella
Krista Minto
Katie Mishaan Cohen
Kelly Ann Molewski
Brittany Adaora Faith Momah
Giovanna Marie Monaco
Valentina Emily Monte†Ivellisse Marie Morales
Christopher Delafield Morisseau
Danielle Renee Moroukian, Cum Laude†Rachel Samara Moskowitz
Julius Martin Moyo
Colleen May Murphy,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Mary Elizabeth Murphy
Brittany Erin Nahum
Vernon Neo
Kelly E. Nichols†Gabriela Nicolescu, Summa Cum Laude
Patricia Josephine Nugent,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kelsey Oates, Cum Laude†John Joseph O’Brien
Irem Defne Onel
Sireedhorn Onsri
Amey Elisabeth Owen
Alyssa Palermo
Rachael Ann Palmisano, CumВ Laude
Ga Hyun Park
NaEun Park†Isaiah Peacott-Ricardos,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Allison Kelly Pescatore
Vitor Petrone
Elyse Danielle Phelan, CumВ Laude
Megan Elizabeth Pisani, CumВ Laude
Natasha Jade Port
Heather Kelsey Potts
Joshua Kenneth Pranckevicius
Margaret Ellen Purdy
Xiaoyue Qin§
Caitlin Beeth Quigley
Natalee Marie Ranii-Dropcho,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Arielle Sarah Rapaport
Maya Prescott Reddy
Samantha Ann Reinstein
Chelsea Rose Resnick
Nicole Alexandra Rice†Rosa Marie Rivera Gautier†Hilary Elizabeth Roberts
Jennifer Anna Roche
Emily Paige Roesch, CumВ Laude
Hannah Marie Rosenthal,
Magna Cum Laude†Kathleen Barbara Rothschild,
CumВ Laude
Alexandra Lillian Rutkosky
Kaitlin Kelly Ryan, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Marcella Sacco
James Andrew Sachar
Margaret Pearle Sanderford
Petra Santini, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Tessa Noelle Schaaf
Marina Schachnik
Natalie Nelson Schiera,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ana C. Senior
Abhishek Seth, CumВ Laude
Alyssa M. Shames
Allison Marie Shannon†Victoria Shannon†Benjamin Eli Shaw†Sara Jane Sheehy†Mallory Mackenzie Shelbourne
Gabriel Benjamin Sherman
Emily Audrey Shields†Eric Si
Ashley Elizabeth Simmons
Andrea Jean Sobieski, Cum Laude†Virginia Rose Soskey, Magna Cum Laude
Lindsay Frederick Southwick,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Stephanie Sprayregen
Kristin Elizabeth Sroka, CumВ Laude
LaTresha Chantel Staten
Elizabeth Stavis
Alexander Joseph Steinberg
Miranda Elizabeth Steinway
Samantha R. Stern, CumВ Laude
Jerri Evans Sternstein
Samantha Jean Stockman,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Annie Marie Stookesberry
Alyssa Maria Storm
Ashlyn Nicole St. Ours, CumВ Laude
Brittany Faye Sullivan
Sarah Elizabeth Sutton
Danielle Sophia Syrop, CumВ Laude
Connie Lam Tang
Margaret Joye Tate
Xavier Ivan Taveras
Zachary William Taylor
Alexandra Helena Teixeira
Jade Nicole Terry, Magna Cum Laude†Casey Megan Thornton
Catharine Amanda Tilton
Sarah Ruth Timmings, Cum Laude†Danielle Lauren Tolkin,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Sommers Townsend,
Cum Laude†Bonnie Gamo Tuballa
Silvia Mariana Tueros-Cossio†Alyssa Consuelo Turner
Asli Unlu
Kaitlin Marie Urban
Alexandra Rae Vaccarino
Christina Sophia Vailas,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sayaka Varma
Nadine Eva Viegas§
Elizabeth Alison Vilnits
Aleksandra Vragovic, CumВ Laude
Holly Johanna Vrotsos
Lisa Danielle Waldon, CumВ Laude
Anne Taylor Walker
Taylor Philip Walker
Jennifer Wang
Sai Wang§
Yu Wang, CumВ Laude
Zachary Hanley Warder
Christine V. Warner, CumВ Laude
Quentin Harrison Weil
Marisa Jill Weilheimer
Michelle Adina Weiser
Maayan C. Weiss, Magna Cum Laude†Jessica Hannah Wenger
Chelsea Jo Werner, CumВ Laude
Jake Edward Wetherbee, Cum Laude†Jennifer Zallen Whitman, Cum Laude
Emily Hayes Wienberg,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Christopher Robert Wilcox, CumВ Laude
Hannah Albertina Wolfson
Tracey Marie Workman
Hannah Alisa Wright
Quincy W. Wright, CumВ Laude
Sheung Ting Mazy Yap
Beliz Yerguz
Alexandra Virginia Young
Crystal Shaojay Yu†Emily Ka-Man Yung
Riana Jade Zimmerman†Gillian Owen Zwengler‡
Film & Television
Hartley Abdekalimi
Carolyn Rose Abend, CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Marie Alfonso
Alexis Maria Amorosi
Kevin A. Anton
Mariel Arroyo‡
Elena Lorraine Autin-Hefner†Matthew Kevin Bae, Magna Cum Laude
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Marisa A. Balkus, CumВ Laude
Jessica Lauren Beavis
MartГ­n Alonso BГ©guГ©
Emma Lauren Belli, Cum Laude†Tentative September 2012 graduate
Robert Binger Bench
Robert Aaron Berry, CumВ Laude
Daniel James Blundell
James Peter Boger
Vedat Bonfil, CumВ Laude
Michael Spiros Bell Brazda,
Adam Preston Kasper,
Tetyana Pecherska, Magna Cum Laude†Ariana Nicole Pecoraro
Patrick Luke Pereira§
Kenneth Christopher Petti
Ryan Anthony Piccirillo,
Emma Akdag Kazarian‡
Alexa Rose Keane
Michael Joseph Keating
James Driscoll Kent
Aanchal Khaneja§
Margaret Elizabeth Kimball, CumВ Laude
Olivia Cutaiar Kimmel
Emily Gray Kister, CumВ Laude
Samuel Quinn Klein
Alexandra Drew Klimavich
William John Klophaus,
Tess Savannah Plotkin
Michael Ryan Pogarian
Justin Nicholas Premo‡
Melissa Janine Prieto, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Melissa Rose Raffalow
John Connor Reidy
Katherine Mary Reilly
Stephanie Anne Reining
Kevin Joseph Reuning
Christine May Riccio§
Kimberly Diane Rideout,
Kari Marissa Koeppel
Scott Graham Krier
Sam Abbot Krinsky-Rogoff
Valerie Kate Krulfeifer†Sarah Elizabeth LaBrusciano
Stefan Maximillian Lan
Ariel Sophia Levine, Cum Laude†Brian Levine§
Jae Hyun Lim, CumВ Laude
Kate Alexandria Llona, CumВ Laude
Kendra Margaret Long,
Lindsay Rose Riordan, Cum Laude†Abigail Rose Roman, Cum Laude
Scott Lewis Rosenkrantz,
Stephen Gregory Jones
Joel Nathaniel Kahn, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jan Paul Alexander Kaim,
Magna Cum Laude†Magna Cum Laude†Summa Cum Laude
Elizabeth Caron Breen,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Joseph Edward Brislin§
Brittany Joy Buchanan
Sean Sullivan Buckley,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Adam Nathaniel Burnstine, CumВ Laude
Melanie Mary Carr
Jonathan Joseph Caso, CumВ Laude
Alan Rill Causey, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Benjamin HyunJun Cho
Anthony Albert Cifone, CumВ Laude
Louis Irving Cohen
Alexander Lee Janjigian Colbeth,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Diamond Coleman
Christina Elaine Cook§
Stan Corston†Jose De Burgo Cota Jr.
Daniel Edward Creed,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Danielle D’Avignon, Cum Laude
Sinead Mary Deane
Ryan DellaCagna
Sean Andrew Devin
Cassandra Rose Dinesen
Charisse Elaine Dunkley
Barry James Eastmond, Jr.
Samantha Beth Faigen
Ryan Alexander Featherman§
Scott Joshua Feldman
Elizabeth Ellis Fitzgerald
Brendan Fletcher
Allison Saiya Floyd
Victoria Elyse Fuesterer, CumВ Laude
Lucia Maria Gadala Maria Eserski
Grant Nathaniel Garson
Jonathan R. Gaudet§
Justin Robert Geldzahler, CumВ Laude
Anna Kristen Gerstenfeld,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Michael Wilson Gold
Matthew Robert Goodhue, CumВ Laude
Daniel Chapman Graf,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Julia F. Grimm, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ezequiel Gurovich
Jacob Michael Haungs
Julia Antoinette Henken§
Karla Rocio Heredia‡
Sean Hester
Nicholas John Heupel, CumВ Laude
Tess Clasen Hofmann§
Kathryn Marie Holt, CumВ Laude
Emily Anne Jachimiak
Stephen P. Jacobs, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lauren Kate Jaffie
Elliott Carl Jenkins
Julian Jensen
Magna Cum Laude†Magna Cum Laude
Megan Kathleen Lovallo
Jenna Ann Lubliner§
Ariel Courtney Lyon
Pedro Padilha Maia
Carolyn Day Mainardi
Zachary Ross Mandinach
Louisa Mardirossian
Jessica Maroney§
Javier Adrian Martinez
Megan Ruth Masur, Magna Cum Laude†Devin M. McDonough,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kara Brianne McGuire, CumВ Laude
Kaitlin P. McKinney
Samuel Matthew McLennan
Kyle McNee
Michael Matthew McWalters
Lindsey Kate Metselaar
Taylor E. Miller
Dylan Michael Moir
Carling Rhiannan Monder
Philip Ryan Moniz, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Evan Scott Moore, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Kelly Elizabeth Mount§
Caroline Margaret Nardilla
Jordan Christianne Carlson Nelsen‡
Nevline Winona Nnaji
Ryan Casey Nolan
Dylan York Norton
Evan Michael Olmsted
Alexandar Antun Ortloff
Ariel May Pakier, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Dhruv Piyush Panjuani‡
Alyssa Michelle Parella†Derek John Pastuszek,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Nicole Lara Saccomandi†Daniel Laurence Salgarolo,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kyle R. Sauer, Magna Cum Laude†Nicholas John Sawyer,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
William Stuart Sayre, CumВ Laude
Stephen Douglas Schley,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alexander Kyle Schneps, Cum Laude†Emily Blake Schwartz
Lindsay Robyn Schwartz§
Colin John Scully
Isabel Jane Shanahan
Kyle Jared Shevrin
Kara Aileen Siebein§
Laura Renee Simon
Michelle Stephanie Simunovic,
CumВ Laude
Alexis Mattison Smith§
Alec Martin Spitz
Madeleine Elizabeth Staszak,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Ryan Mitchell Steinke†Chandler Robert Stephen
Abraham Benjamin Stern
Kerry Elizabeth Sullivan
Sarah Elizabeth Tamarkin, CumВ Laude
Christian Duane Trapp
Chloe Elizabeth Tuck,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Joshua Henry Ullman
Walter Francis James Wachter§
Phoebe Marie Waldron§
Amelia Anne Warren, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Emily Frances Webb, CumВ Laude
Rebecca Lynn Wilkinson, CumВ Laude
Ilyse Maura Wolberg
Alexander Sigiel Wolinetz†Janice K. Yong, Magna Cum Laude
Dakota Rose Zantay, CumВ Laude
Olga Zhukov, Magna Cum Laude†Magna Cum Laude
January 2012 graduate
†Summa Cum Laude
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Maria I. Alafouzos
Andrea Renee Aldana, CumВ Laude
Nourah H. S. M. Alsager, CumВ Laude
Nicholas Jaryd Amos‡
Kristin Emily Anderson‡
Arielle Hannah Aronson,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Arianne Charlotte Atlan
Gretchen Bradley Baker
Renata Barbosa Do Nascimento Brito
Crystal Stephanie Becerril†Danica Hope Bellini
Lester Bernard Black, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Brian Michael Bochner
Nicholas A. Bove
Paige Pihl Buckley, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lauren Alyce Burnstein,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Julia Margaret Butler
Joshua Paul Cain†Kathryn Margaret Calvin
Kane David Carpenter‡
Benjamin Robert Carsley, CumВ Laude
Alison Kay Carter, CumВ Laude
Erin Maureen Chack, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Hanna Yeeji Choi†Junhee Chung
Carroll Kennedy Cole, CumВ Laude
Benjamin Jacob Cooper
Brittany Ann Devane§
Meghan Kaur Dhaliwal, CumВ Laude
Jordan Diaz§
Alison M. Donohue
Angus William Dunk
Elyse Marie DuPre, CumВ Laude
Andrew Gregory Dwyer§
Samuel Collins Dykstra, Cum Laude†Katherine Elizabeth Eberle,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Hilary Ann Falcon
Lee Andrew Feiner, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Brittany Elizabeth Fischer
Alana Ryan Flanagan
Alexandra Jean Flanders
Molly Maitlin Ford
Nicholas Anthony Forster
Rebecca Lynn Fox
Samantha Michelle Galanis,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jennifer Lee Galvin, CumВ Laude
Christopher John Gambon
Jillian Michelle Geib, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alia LeeAnn Gilbert, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lyssa M. Goldberg†Mia Ana Greenberg
Kayla Richards Hamel‡
Meara Amanda Hamidiani,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Marie Hansen
Alessandra Vera Hartkopf
Brianna Rae Healy, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Angela Victoria Holohan
Emanuelle Clara Honnorat
Julia Parsons Horne
Yue Huang, Magna Cum Laude‡
Anna Sofia Broderick Jacoby
WenHui Ji†Danica Lauren Jorge
Krista Shizuko Kano, CumВ Laude
Meghan Marie Kemp
Janet Jae Yeon Kim
Sylvia B. Kim, Magna Cum Laude†Katherine Carter King
Matthias Patrick Kriegel, CumВ Laude
William Louis Kruse
Sarah M. Kuschner, Summa Cum Laude†Grace H. Kwon†Sean McDowell Lamm‡
Kaitlyn Lannan, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Angela Lee§
Yul Lee
Vivian Faye Leung
Rebecca Abigail Lewinter
Sydney Alison Lindberg,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jaime Elizabeth Lutz, CumВ Laude
Jasmine Shay Lywen-Dill
Michaela Elizabeth MacDonald,
Lauren Rebecca Pyes, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kaitlin Courtney Quinn‡
Nina M. Reschovsky‡
Neal Jonathan Riley, CumВ Laude
Nicole Andrea Rojas
Camille R. Rubin
Laura Ellen Snow Sacco
Molly Saito
Alyssa Maria-Louisa Santiago†Michael Paul Schulze‡
David Philip Scopac‡
Hannah Dee Sheinberg
Anna Elise Sims, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Grace Sin
Alexandra Sliwkowski,
Summa Cum Laude†Erika Wynn Smith, Summa Cum Laude
Richard Abraham Sobey,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Mallory Brook Sofastaii
Mariah Grace Sondergard,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Caroline Darby Stewart
Rachel Bethany Sabourin Stine†Eva Anne Stutzman
Emily Patricia Stypolkowski,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ian Moergen Macleod
Sarah Gloria Mantegani
Jillian Paige Martin
Hailey B. McCall, CumВ Laude
Timothy Patrick McCann Jr., CumВ Laude
Maura Elizabeth McGowan
Anna Grace McKeon,
Amanda Lee Swinhart
Kirsten Leigh Taggart
Mariko Ann Takahashi
Kedzie Chase Teller, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Jackson William Tobin
Michelle Margaret Trosclair§
Morgan Daniel True§
Ariel Utin Lalkin, CumВ Laude
Carolyn Vallejo, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ashley Lauren Varela,
Craig Alan Meyer, CumВ Laude
Alexandra Caitlin Miller
Seol Hyeon Min§
Vanessa Beth Misciagna, CumВ Laude
Alyssa Nicole Moni, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Laura Rose Montorio‡
Ursula Maria Duarte Munn,
Samantha Regan Varner†Maya Viner, Magna Cum Laude
Madelyn Marie Vitamia
Jessica Marie Walsh†Kaitlin Louise Walsh, Magna Cum Laude
Menolly Ann Walter
Julia Storino Waterhous,
Leland Tyler Murray,
Tabitha Jori Watson, CumВ Laude
Rachel Hollingsworth Wellford
William Vincent Whelan
Alyson Claire Whitman,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Magna Cum Laude†Summa Cum Laude†Megan Elizabeth Murray†Emilia Carmen Navarro
Marjorie Nesin
Jaclyn Michelle Newman,
Magna Cum Laude†Magna Cum Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Erin Kathleen Wiegert,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Tiffany M. Obembe§
Alexandra Romi Osherow
Jessica Rebecca Owen, CumВ Laude
Thomas Christopher Parrotta‡
Elizabeth Susan Peters
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Tess Alison Wiley
Alia Emily Wong, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Catherine Margaret Frances Young
Shannon Kathleen Young†Scott Alexander Raeside Zaramba‡
Marta Armengol Royo
Yaniv Aronson
Peter John Atsave
George Carstocea, B.A.
Alvaro Congosto Martinez, B.S.
Christopher Paul Csont†Melissa Rae Davis
Haeli Elizabeth Dunstan†January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Sharon Elizabeth Flynn†Walter Louis Gardner†Rachel Lynn Imbriglio
Andrew Kent Kightlinger†Tentative September 2012 graduate
Jonathan Creswell Knight†Bethany Grace Lewis
Catherine Eloise Martin
Sandra Rosalie Miska†Patrick Craig Regan†Julie Meredith Reizes, B.A.
Padrick Sean Ritch†Geoffrey Byron Ross, B.F.A.
Christopher Alexander Scannell Scofield†Alexandra Catherine Sear
Davia Nicole Sills†Erika Justine Street
Jason Teich, A.B.†Jared Vincenti, B.A.
E. Bruce Berman, Jr.*
Ryan Powers Callahan, B.A.*
Keith A. Chachkes, B.S., B.S.*
Ana V. Cosmas*
Rachel Read Whitman Wass Cox,
B.F.A.†Lilianne M. de la Calle§
Staci Ann Fanelli‡
Jennifer Leigh Foster‡
Mariana Gallardo García, A.B.A.‡
Max Graham*
Jillian B. Horvath, B.A., Cert.*
Jidekene Amara Iruka‡*
Khaled Arafat Kazi, B.A.‡
Siuzanna Khachatryan, B.A.†*
Adam Richard Krueger‡*
Jesse Mallon Macomber‡*
Samantha Newman†Holly Sue Ann Nunes†*
Katerina Upevche Potter*
Nicole Racicot, B.S.†*
Michelle Charlene Diane Roberts§*
Benjamin Elliot Sacks*
Lauren Elise Sampson‡
Jessica St. Clair Smith§*
Ankita Sodhia, B.S.B.A.†Nandini Trivedi†Declan Kyle Van Welie†Allie Michele Wassum†*
Broadcast Journalism
Brittany Erin Abery
Pin-Yu Chen
Danielle Nicole DuGuay
Gauthier Umberto Giacomoni†David Matthew Lombardi†Meghan Elizabeth Ottolini†Joseph A. Parello
Lacey Severins†Amanda Brooke Tramont, A.B.†Lingfeng Zhao
Business & Economics Journalism
Hui Dong†Xiaoye Tan†Film
Sha’Day J. Hart‡
Jamie A. Mattone
Deborah E. Carroll†Randall John Coll
Edward Leonidas Merritt†Health Communication*
Erika Michelle Abe, B.A.
Jennifer Marie Barrett‡
Sarah L. Beams, B.A.
Danielle Taylor Benjamin, B.A.‡
Jeffrey Bruce Benyacar§
Yvette Jimenez Bernal, B.A.‡
Jill Beth Bloom, B.S.
Elizabeth Whitney Brandt, B.S.‡
Sheila Elizabeth Brion, B.A.‡
Charles McBrayer Broadway III, B.A.†Karl Uldis Bucus, B.A.‡
Stephanie L. Burke, B.S., M.H.S.A.†Erica S. Collins, B.A., Cert.†Melanie E. G. Cousins, B.A.§
Lydia Curtin-Wilding, B.A.‡
Sylvia Diane Davis, B.S.В§
Stephanie Lynn DeBoer, B.A.
Meeghan Donahue De Cagna, B.A.
Margaret Victoria Delashmit, B.S.Ed.,
A.M., Ph.D.
Daren Dean Denniston, B.S.В§
Erin Dilber, B.S.B.A.‡
Linda Jean DiPersio, B.L.S.
Ellen M. Druckenmiller, B.S.‡
Bennet R. Dunlap, B.S.В§
Adib Qaadir El-Amin, B.S.†Anna S. Elgart, B.A.
Amanda Leigh Estes, B.A.
Erica Lynn Fabo, B.S.‡
Ferren Leah Farah, B.A.‡
Sara Kathryn Friend, B.S.В§
Margaret M. Gavan, B.S.
Rebecca Ann Gomez, B.A.
Gabrielle Christine Hathaway, B.S.
Jamar Michael Hawkins, B.S.В§
Debra Leigh Henderson, B.A.‡
Tammy Herro, B.A.В§
Jane C. Hildebrandt, B.A., B.A.В§
Ivy Jena Jackson
Theresa Jacobellis, B.S.†Amy Lahoma Jennings, B.A.
Deann Marie Jepson, B.S.‡
Pamela Marie Jones, B.S.‡
Karen Brislin Julius, B.A.†Eli Kogan
Abbie Derrick Kozomara, B.S.
Katherine Layer Kraines, B.S.‡
Joseph W. Krause, B.A.
Susan Jill Lackey, B.B.A.‡
Jody Renee LaVerdure§
Robert Alan Mansfield§
Chanelle Mars, B.S.В§
Lauren Wheeler McCoy, B.A.
Carolyn Marie Mongillo, B.A.‡
Jennifer Lynn Morss, B.A.†Jacqueline Newell, B.S.
Lindsey Bateman Nichol, B.A.
Evangelyn Chigozirimu Nkwopara,
B.A.†Barbara Jean Noble, B.A.‡
April L. Norris, B.S.‡
Payal Patel
Jolene Nicole Posey, B.S.В§
Lauren Marie Prodouz, B.S.
Alison Elizabeth Ralbovsky, B.A.
Amy Margaret Ramsay, B.A.‡
Celina Louise Ramsey, B.A.В§
Malavika M. Rao, B.A.
Janice Teresa Robinson, B.A.
Vecepia Poneia Robinson, B.S.†Claudia Roth, B.S.N.‡
Patricia Andrea Salomon, B.A.
Arynne Saunders, B.A.†Rachel Eileen Slamon§
Nancy Stricklen-Juneau, B.S.
Letitia Antoinette Stryk, B.S.†Samuel Abie Thomas, M.B.B.S.†Laura Nicole Torgerson, B.L.A.‡
Kimberly Fisher Uccellini, B.S., Cert.
Amy J. Walencik, B.S.‡
Robin R. Wearley, B.S., Cert.†Lisa Palacios Welch, B.A.
Ayla Mariel Withee, B.S.В§
Michele Mary Wojtowicz, B.A.
Kirstin Amanda Yokel, B.S.
January 2012 graduate   ‡September 2011 graduate  §Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Degree awarded by Metropolitan College and the College of Communication
Taylor Caroline Bigler
Jill Alison Breit†Laura Nicole Bulgrin, B.A.
Kristianne Zara David†John Wayne Ferguson, B.A.§
David Evan Finn†Scott Michael Flaherty†Jillian Maher Foley
Meghan Foley
Jane Kedzie Fox†Carly Ann Gelsinger
Connor Mark Gleason‡
Matthew Goisman, B.A.†Dana Stuart Hansen§
Stephanie A. Horst
Ryan Patrick Hutton
Lisa Linnea Kaczke
Dara Elizabeth Kelley
Amy Marie Laskowski, B.A.
Heidi Ann Leach†Melissa Anne Levanti
Evan Meyjes Lips
Michelle Elizabeth Mangum†Sarah Mongeau-Birkett
Kathleen Michelle Morrison
Amy Louise Rafferty
Nitya Rao, A.B.
Per Magnus Nordrum Riseng
James Andrew Lloyd Robinson†Kevin Richard Schwartz
Adam Wesley Tamburin
Sarah Ann Ruth Kess†Sarah Michalina Thomas‡
Jamie Theresa Webben†Varsha Yeshwant Kumar
Mass Communication
Divya D. Amladi
Jeanean Ontiveros Ayala†Mia Angeline Tanseco Bacarro†David Alex Blumberg, B.A.†Julia E. Fadzeyeva, B.A.†Jeffrey Barr Howanek†Lisa Michelle Kevorkian†Hyojin Kwon, B.S., B.S.B.A.†Laura J. Lemire, B.A.†Jessica Mari Maki†Amy Elizabeth Miller††Emilie Jeanne Suzanne Plat‡
Crystal Cherie Reitmeir†Kimberly Ann Romanello‡
Marcello Campos Santana†Charles Duncan Street†Media Ventures
Pedro Manuel Abreu Jimenez‡
Steven Patrick Annen, B.A.‡
Gaston Derchi Russo, B.S.B.A.‡
Stephen Michael Gallagher§
Clarissa Nicole Jaime‡
James Jerlecki‡
Rasha TN. Kassab‡
Erica Ashleigh Kritt‡
Thomas Bowman Muller, B.A.‡
Oscar Luis Rohena Cardona, B.S.‡
Rakshita Saluja§
Josyula Jagannadha Sastry, B.E.В§
Hiroko Sumikura‡
Hannah Jane Wurzel‡
Public Relations
Jacob Ackman, A.B.
Nina Marie Akerley†Cristin Casper
Verity Deidra Elize Conrad‡
Amy K. Crook§
Madison Jane Dennis†Wenwen Fan†Whitney Dow Ferguson‡
Colleen Conaty Flynn§
Lauren Hendrix§
Xinru Huang†Diana Iovescu, A.B.
Eugene Jeong
Bevin Coaine Kennedy
Lola Elizabeth Keyes‡
Michael Frank Kieloch
Elise Rochelle Kovi†Paul David Kresge, B.S.§
Abra Beatrice Landau†Emily Lynn Lospennato, B.F.A.
Courtney Nicole Lyerly
Sara Rafik Morgan‡
Juliana Berzin Nicholson†Benjamin Astbury Overaas§
Jennie Marie Porto, A.B.†‡
Kathleen Lynn Slocum†Camille Catherine Szramiak, B.S.†Yin Tang§
Xue Teng
Bailey Triggs, B.A.
Grace Ros Turiano†Stephanie Marie Vermillion§
Karis Rhea Vigil
Austin William Weedfall‡
Di Xie†Yi Zhang§
Xuan Zhao†Science Journalism
Emily R. Greenhalgh, B.S.
Hillary Elizabeth Hoffman†Jessica Paige Johnson, B.S.†Mary Philippa Parker†Alicia Prewett
Arezu K. Sarvestani
†Anne-Marie Patricia Singh†Kristen Michelle Stivers†Television
Giana Lee Battista
John Phillip Bogulski†Brittany Nicole Flynn, B.A.
Gail Elizabeth Friedland, B.A.
GГёril Furu
Jeanne Rose Herring, A.B.
Xiaoxuan Jin
Remona Cornelia Nastassia Outar
†Eric Sydney Phillips‡
Peter Santana†Lindsay Mechelle Wolfe
Hao Wu
Television Management
Zarah Klink Hansen‡
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of Education
Veronica K. Bacher, CumВ Laude
Brenna Marie Banister
Alison Jeanne Bartlett,
Courtney Cobb Foley, CumВ Laude
Lily Ann Koufman Frederick
Abigail Rachel Gavens
Ben Robert Gibbons§
Kathryn Ellen Goodfriend, CumВ Laude
Benjamin Wilcox Greenfield
Julia Marie Hajedemos,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alexandra Deanne Beck
Meryl Frances Becourtney,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Carrie Christina Belden, CumВ Laude
Ellen Elizabeth Belinsky,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Emily Bernstein§
Emily Nicholson Bollman, CumВ Laude
Piper A. Breves, CumВ Laude
Zachary J. Brokenrope
Christopher A. Bruno†Lara Elizabeth Bryfonski,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Katherine Anne Benshimol Carlebach,
CumВ Laude
Joseph Chismar
Aaron Talbot Kennedy Coleman
Jessica Ilana Couture
Eric Freidhoff Cowan
Adrian Robert Coyne, Cum Laude†Matthew Packard Darling§
Kristen Marie Dimitriades
Emily Amanda Dino
Amanda Rachel DoAmaral
John Christian David Dolan
Robert Edward Dubovy III
Braxton Thomas Wayne Duckworth†Daniel Thomas Ferro
Christina Anne Finkel
Emily Flukes, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Sohee Han†Lindsay Samson Harrington
Melissa Claire Heller, CumВ Laude
Brittany Leigh Howling
Jennifer Hye-Young Hwang
James Chiyoki Ikeda, CumВ Laude
Madolyn Beatrice Kendall†Fallon Renee Kiehl, Cum Laude
Jillian Barbara Kirchner
Ashley B. Klane
Juliana Michelle Klein
Michelle Beth Kosow,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Laurence Joseph Kozakowski, Jr.
Alix Foodim Kraminitz,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Laura Kathleen Leahy, CumВ Laude
Lyle Ray Thomas Loewen
Lauren Marie Lutz, Summa Cum Laude†Robert Curtis Mahoney
Kathryn J. Matthews,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Madison Alyssa Avellino McEvoy
Daniel David McGean
Rebecca K. McGhee
Jacqueline Diane Mills
Rachael Minor
Jessica Devon Moskowitz
Daniel Patrick O’Connell
Christine Elizabeth Olsen
Kristina Lana Ortloff
Albert Peter Paez, CumВ Laude
Melissa Ann Pastorello, CumВ Laude
Judy Phan, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Nicole Elizabeth Popp
Ethan Thomas Pravetz
Erin Margaret Quinlan
Scott Richard Rawdon
Julia Meredith Richmond§
Angela Leigh Rodriguez
Emma Rachel Rosenthal, CumВ Laude
Sarah Esther Shainwald
Rebecca Claire Spitz, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Brittany Teresa Stein†Grace Stephanie Stewart
Elise Carol Stora, CumВ Laude
Maggie Hoera Tittler
Michael Robert Tivey Jr.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Rachel Chiyoko Tochiki,
Summa Cum Laude†Denise Michelle Treacy
Lindsay Nicole Vozar
Nicole Ashley Warren‡
Nicole Marie Wenstrom§
Amy Marcia Woogmaster, Cum Laude†Harrison Pierce Wright‡
Jacob Tyler Yanovich†Margaret Susan Young
Jeremy Saul Adams, A.B.
Darilyn Lee Kealohamakua Barney, B.S.‡
Christina A. Barton, B.S.‡
Andrea Bassett, B.A.‡
Kelsey Anne Bishop, B.A.
Tristan Black-Ingersoll
Anne Comfort-Cole, B.A.
Tara Kathryn Conley, B.A.
Taryn Craig, B.A.‡
Erin Cronin, B.A.
Katherine Barbara Dammann, B.A.
Rachel Lee DeBiase, B.S.I.E.
Genna Drooker, B.S.
Christine Dunn, A.B.‡
Mary Feeley, B.A.
Christopher J. Flores, B.A.
Grant Gary, M.S.
Elizabeth Gibbons, B.A.
John Gilling, B.A., M.A.
Robert S. Guastella, B.A.
Kathryn Harney, B.A.
Carolyn Frances Herman, B.A.
Hubert Yen-Chih Hwang, B.S.
Ila S. Illario, B.A.
Brian Japp, B.S.†Vincent J. Kane, B.A.
Jennifer Ann Katz, B.A.†Mollie Kathleen Kaufman, B.S.‡
Joseph Thomas Kelly, B.A.
Lillian Kouletsis, B.S.
Desa Ann Lavrusky, B.S.‡
Mark Keily Leach, B.A.
Erin Louise Leonka, B.A.‡
Cameron Jane Lobianco, B.A.
Na Lu, B.S.‡
William Ramsay MacLaughlin, B.A.
Julie Marie Marshall, B.A.
James Robert McCartney V, B.A.
Shari Faith Meyer, B.A., B.S.‡
Amanda J. Miles, B.A.
James Charles Miller, B.S.
Elizabeth Lauren Moguel, B.A.‡
Samantha S. Murrell, B.A., M.P.H.
Heather Marie McBean Nelson, B.A.,
J.D.†Kelly Baumli Pendergast, B.A.‡
Emily Rose, B.A.
Erin Bailey Rosene, A.B., M.A.В§
Joseph Michael Sacks, B.A.‡
Michelle Marie Saperstein, A.B.
Ryan Giovannetti Shrey, B.A.
Zachary Paul Sorenson, B.S.‡
Yoo Kyung Suh, B.A.‡
Anna M. Szabo, B.A., M.A.
Lindsay S. Webber, A.B.
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
Patricia Adam, B.A., M.A.В§
Munirah Mohammed I Alaboudi, B.A.В§
Kelly Janet Alfaro, B.A.‡
Jennifer Marie Aller, B.S.
Estefania Alves, M.S.W.В§
Stephanie Kathryn Antoniou, B.S.†Todd L. Aronson, B.S.
Robin C. Arruda, B.A.†Muhammad Adil Arshad, B.S.†Mary M. Atlee, B.A., Cert.
Wyndham Langston Ayares, B.A., Ed.D.‡
Maha Ahmed S Bahammam, B.D.S.,
M.S., Ed.M., D.Sc., C.A.G.S.†Donna Balaouras, B.A.§
Jennifer Katharine Barkin, B.A.
Andrew Jonathan Barlow, B.A., B.S.В§
Alexandra Helen Bazzano, B.A.‡
Elizabeth Carol Bear, B.A.
Lianne Nicole Beauregard, B.S.‡
Kira Rebecca Bell, B.S.
Claire Louise Bergin, B.A.‡
Emily Jane Berman, B.A., B.S.‡
Stephanie Frances Bielagus, A.B.
Jocelyn Susan Blanton, B.S.В§
Abbie Emily Bloom, B.A.
Alison Laura Bluestone, B.A.‡
Sandra Bonfiglio, B.A.
Terri Bowman, B.A.
Steven James Brady, B.S.
Sarah Britton, B.S.†Cynthia A. Brossman, B.A., M.S., M.A.†Suzanne Lynn Brown, B.A., M.A.§
Kali Amanda Harper Burnham, B.S.
Emily Elizabeth Burns, B.S.
Amy Hope Burton, B.S.В§
Sarah Elizabeth Butler, B.A.‡
Amanda Lynn Buttolph, B.A.‡
Carrie Francis Cabot, A.B.
Mary Corinne Cafferky, B.S.†Kara A. Caffrey, B.A.
Mariana Canaval Nikitine, B.S., B.S.‡
Lauren Elisabeth Carlson, B.A.
Jamie Lynn Cascio, B.A.‡
Caitlinn Elizabeth Casey, B.S.
Gail Castaneda, B.S.
Scott Russell Chamberlain, B.S.
Chien-Ni Chen, B.A.В§
Xiaohan Chen, B.A.†Kristin Marie Ciappina, B.S.‡
Janine Claysmith, B.A., B.A.
Alicia Belair Clemente, A.B.
Jesse Hardin Kennedy Coleman, B.A.
Courtney Ann Combies, B.S.‡
Stephanie Nicole Conelias, B.A.
Lauren Emily Consalvo, B.A.†Patrick Michael Curran, B.A.
Victoria Anne Curry, B.A.
Emily Adkinson Dalton, B.S.
Pia Dandiya, A.B.‡
Bradley Robert Dean, B.A.‡
Lauren Alayna DeGenaro, B.S.
Courtney B. de Lacy, B.A.‡
Whitney Delorey, B.S.
Lauren Desautels, B.A.†Tyler Matthew DeShaw, B.A.
Prachi Deshmukh, B.A., M.A.‡
Lauren Kelly DeViney, B.A.
Valentina Maria Di Blasi, B.A.
Micah M. Doak, B.A.‡
Ryan James Donaher, B.A.‡
Carly Jo Donelson, B.A.
Tara B. Dragoon, B.A.‡
Heather Suzanne Ewing, B.S.‡
Jessica Sarah Feigenbaum, B.S.
Laura Kelsey Field, B.A.
Catherine Margaret Sprague Foley, B.A.
Whitney Elisa Ford, B.S.
Jillian A. Forschner, B.A.
Amy Elizabeth Fox, A.B.
Richard Kenneth Fox, B.A.‡
Andrea Leah Fugazot, B.A.‡
Gina Marie Galland, B.A.
Melody Brooke Gammon, B.A.†Anurupa Ganguly, B.S., M.E.†Diana Marie Garity, B.A.‡
Sarah Mahmoud Ghulman, B.A.В§
Shaina Vicki Gilbert, B.A.В§
Sarah Anne Godwin, B.S.В§
Stephanie Gonzalez, B.A., B.S.
Maria Jorgelina Gonzalez Tristan, B.A.‡
Anya Elizabeth Good, B.A.‡
Chelsea Rae Grandchamp, B.S.‡
Eric Alan Gregoire, B.S.
Jessica Mae Griffin, B.A.‡
Brendan Grimm, B.A.†Alan Hatton, B.A.†Michael Gerard Healy, B.S.†Ashley Meredith Hebert, B.A.‡
Brittany A. Heist, B.A.
Jennifer Bess Helfand, B.A.
Gabrielle E. Helfgott, B.A.‡
Cynthia Maria Hernandez, B.A.В§
Margaret Hickey, B.A.†Renèe I. Hirschberg, B.A.
Melody R. Holmes, B.A.
Justin Horvath, B.F.A.
Alyson Humphreys, A.B.
Vali Huseynov Mammadhasan, B.Ec.
Adsina Fibra Ibrahim, B.S.
Lori L. Ioannone, B.S.
Erin Nicole Jackson, B.A.
David James, B.S.‡
Boo Moon Jang, B.A.В§
Hermaine Jeanie Jean, B.S.Ed.
Andre Eugene Johnson, B.S.
Kristy Alida Johnson, B.A.‡
Mitzi Johnson, B.A., M.P.H., M.D.‡
Ashley Adams Johnston, B.A.†Brittany Marie Jordan, B.S.‡
Maria Jensen Jouttenus, B.A.
Maureen Lee Beatriz Kattah, B.A.‡
Elizabeth Jane Katz, B.A.
Noriaki Kawai, B.A.
Elizabeth M. Keenan, B.A.
Carly Jean Kaylor Keese, B.A.В§
Kristina Marie Kelleher-Bianchi, B.A.‡
Timothy Michael Kelly, B.A.†Deborah Lee Kent, M.B.A.
Jennifer Anne Kline, B.A.
Emily Adrienne Knight, B.A.
Louise Estelle Kraft, B.A.‡
Jennifer Elizabeth Kras, B.A., A.B.
Lauren Elizabeth Kudisch, B.B.A.
Tracy Labady, B.A.‡
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Josie Mariah Ladle, B.A.В§
Andrew D. Lafrenz, B.A.
Julia Marie Latino, B.S.В§
Tania S. Lee, A.B.
Yi-Hsin Lee, B.Ed.
Stephanie Lynn Lepardo, B.A.В§
Dror Levy, B.A.B.A.
Naama Liberboim, B.A.‡
Rachel Leah Lichtenberg-Scanlan, B.S.‡
Felicia Lynne Lipari, B.A.‡
Cherylanne Marcelle Lombardi, B.A.В§
Micaela Jean Long, B.A.
Andrew K. Ly, B.S.‡
Caitlin Fair MacDonald, B.S.B.A., B.A.
Sara Elice Mack, B.A., M.S.W.‡
Erica Michelle Manczuk, B.A.
Audrey Mangone, B.A.
Kelly Christine Mara, B.A.
Lindsey Jane Mayer, B.A.‡
Ellen Marie Maynard, A.B., M.S.W.
Evan Handley McAlear, B.S., M.S.†Allison Cook McCartney, B.A.‡
Caitlin McCarty, B.A.†Kathryn Marie McColgan, B.S.‡
Sara Jane Renee McCullagh, B.A.
Davida Sheri McGhee, B.A.
Laura Helen McLaughlin, B.A.
Bridget Abigail McNulty, B.S.В§
Sarah Elizabeth Meyer, B.A.‡
Nathaniel S. Meyers, B.A.
Thomas Milaschewski, B.A.‡
Stacey H. Milton, B.S.†Paulina A. Mitropoulos, B.A.‡
Erin Mooney Phipps, B.A., M.S.
Sarah Anne Morris, B.A.
Cecile Faye Moskowitz, B.S.
Angela Cooper Mota, B.S.
Cheryl Ann Nalbach, B.F.A., B.A.
Erin Katherine Newell, B.S.‡
Elizabeth Marie Niles, B.A.‡
Somer Alexis Nugent, B.A., M.A.В§
Charles Oladipo Ogunro II, B.A.‡
Katelyn Marie O’Hara, B.A.†Jennifer Marie O’Leary, B.S.
Nikki Lee Olivas, B.A.†Napitchaya Panum, B.A., Cert.
Tessa Christine Paolini, B.A.
Michelle Etta ParГ©, B.A.
Chong Myung Park, A.B., A.M.‡
Injoo Park, B.A.
Seung Hyun Park, B.A.†Erin C. Parker, B.S.‡
Sarah W. Peteraf, A.B.‡
Sacha Pfeiffer, B.L.S.†Christin Marie Pinto, B.A.†Samantha Robin Pitter, B.A.‡
Amanda Natalie Plasencia, B.A.‡
Jeanine Dorothy Pollard, B.S.‡
Michael A. Posternack, B.A.‡
Katherine Christine Pyskaty, B.A.,
Rebecca Ann Quinn, B.S.В§
Karen Elisabeth Reback, A.B., M.S.‡
Stacey Eady Reed, B.A.
Allison Pamela Reichentahl, B.A.
Rebecca Sue Relyea, B.A., M.S.W.†Caroline Janet Rende, B.A.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Breanna Sherri Reynolds, B.A.Ed.
Theresa Courtney Sharp Rezendes, B.S.
Claire Gallogly Rheaume, B.A.‡
Barbara Dryden Rice, B.S.
Arianna Marie Rigano, B.A.
Denise G. Rodrigues, B.A.
Emily Sue Rogan, B.A.
Lynn A. Rosenbaum, B.A., M.A.
Gena Lynn Rosenberg, B.S.‡
Hanna Rosenthal-Fuller, B.A.†Bayla Rothstein, B.A.‡
Michael Edward Rubino, B.S.
Emily Salander, A.B.
Courtney L. Sandrue, B.S.Ed.В§
Melissa Narcissa Savage, B.S.Ed.В§
Margaret L. Sawada, B.A.
Colleen Marie Schenker, B.A.†Katherine Anne Schooler, B.A.
Melissa Lynn Schwartz, B.A.†James Searle, B.S.†Ashley Marie Sheehan, B.S.†Michael R. Shilalie, B.A.‡
Stephen Adam Silversides, B.A.†Matthew Sims, B.A.
Ziggy Michael Smith, B.A.‡
Dena B. Snyder, A.B.‡
Brittain Lynn Sobey, B.A.
Courtney Leigh Spring, B.A., Cert.
Kira Marie Stewart, B.A.
Linda Parks Strain, B.A., Ed.M.,
Maryette Andrews Stuart, B.S.†Andrea Jean Sullivan, B.A.
Allyson Grace Takara, B.A.‡
Ainsley E. Taylor, B.A.‡
Jennifer Marie Teuscher, B.A.В§
Emily Ann Tomita, B.A.
Gina Marie Tonelli, B.S.
MyHanh T. Tran, B.A.†Brittany Carol Trimble, B.S.
Wasadrey Urban Bennett, B.S.
Ivanna Antonella Ursino, B.A.
Tara Kathleen Vaglica, A.B.
Emily Jane Wandrei, B.A., M.A.
Hanfei Wang, B.Ec.
Colleen Patricia Ward, B.S.
William B. Warren, B.L.S.
Melinda Webster Loof, B.A., M.S.
Esther Yeongshin Wei, B.A.‡
Stephen John Wells, B.A.
Sarah Western, B.S.
Denise Tina Wilkins, B.A.
Marcia Lynn Williams, B.A., M.S.W.
Lauren Natalie Witek, B.A.‡
Elizabeth Suzanne Wolfe, B.S.Ed.
Liana Rae Wolk, A.B.†Debra Helen Woods, B.A., Ed.M.‡
Chen Wu, B.A.†Chen Wu, B.A.†Chien-Peng Wu, B.Ed.
Wanling Xu, B.Ed.
Mei-Ju Yen, B.A.В§
Elizabeth Lauren Young, B.A.‡
Jarred Robitaille, B.S.B.A.
Jeanne Caron, B.S., Ed.M.
Mary K. Fries, B.S., M.A.
Alissa D. Greif, B.A., M.A.
Allison McCabe Hamilton, B.A., Ed.M.‡
Beth Ann Kershner, B.A., M.A.T.В§
Flora J. Keumurian, B.A., Ed.M.†Andrea Katherine Masiello, B.A.,
Ashiya N. Smith, B.A., Ed.M.
Timothy C. Stirk, B.S., Ed.M.†Dianne Van der Meer, Ed.M.‡
Krystal Ann Velazquez-Bergeron, B.A.,
Rachel Layne Wetschensky, B.F.A.‡
Nancy Canavan Anderson, B.A., B.S., Ed.M., “Preservice
Teachers’ Learning Through Discourse-Intensive
Mathematics Instruction”
Angela Linn Atkinson Duina, “Moving the U.S. Teacher
Workforce from Highly Qualified to Effective”
William H. Blackwell, B.A., Ed.M., “Making Alternate
Assessment Scores Reports a Meaningful Tool for Parents”
Kara Wheatley Brown, B.A., M.A., “Pretty Good for a Girl:
Women Athletes Reflect on Title IX, Gender, and Playing
Sports in 21st Century America”‡
Gregory Edward Cartin, B.A., Ed.M., “Efficacy of the Team
Advisory Program at the Boston English High School from
the Perspective of Its Faculty”
Rebecca Ryan Caruso, B.S., M.P.H., “Evolution of Training for
High Containment Personnel”
Christina Marie Cassano, B.S., Ed.M., “Examining Patterns of
Growth in Vocabulary and Phonological Awareness in the
Preschool and Kindergarten Years: A Multi-Level Modeling
Beverly A. Chase, B.A., M.S.W., M.A., “Effects of Dynamic
Assessment on Language Development”
Michael Yangjen Chen, B.A., Ed.M., “Resilience and Hope
Among Internally Displaced Persons in Nepal”
Nicole Amanda Cohen, B.S., M.Ed., “Effectiveness of Toys as
an Enhancement to Instruction in Explanation for Students
with Learning Disabilities”
David Craig, B.S., M.A., “Matthew Effects and the ReadingWriting Connection”
January 2012 graduate
†Paula Anne Donnelly, B.A., M.A., “Investment in SchoolBased Mental Health Consultation: Perspective of Multiple
Kevin Eugene Finn, B.S., M.A., “Integration of Physical
Activity and Technology Motion Devices Within a Combined
5th and 6th Grade Science Curriculum”†Evelyn L. Ford-Connors, B.A., Ed.M., “Examining Middle
School Teachers’ Talk During Vocabulary Instruction”
Rebekah Amy Freeman, B.A., M.A., “Suicide Prevention on a
College Campus: An In-Depth Look at Students’ Experiences
in a Peer Education Program”†Peter Gregory Ghazarian, B.A., M.A., “Measuring Quality,
Measuring Difference: International Rankings of Higher
Rachel Zucker Gould, B.A., M.A.T., “Adolescent Development
of Global Competencies Through a Short-Term International
Study-Travel Experience to China”
Deborah Lee Halliday, B.A., M.B.A., M.A., “Managing the
Gap: The Psychology of Personal Transition”†Michael Dennis Harten, B.A., M.A., “An Evaluation of the
Effectiveness of Written Reflection to Improve High School
Students’ Writing and Metacognitive Awareness”
Kathleen Ryan Hickey, A.B., Ed.M., “Examining Factors that
Contribute to Academic Success: A Qualitative Study of
Boston Public Exam School Students”
Lisa Lewis, B.A., M.A., “Choosing to Move: Physical Activity
Differences Among Urban Adolescent Females”
Dianne Hope Lochhead, B.F.A., Ed.M., “Altered Selves:
Re-Entry into a Traditional High School Following an
Alternative Program Placement”‡
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Katherine Canal Meyer, B.A., M.A., “Adolescents’
Internalization of Parents’ Aspirations and Expectations”
Tanyika Mobley, B.S., M.S., “An Examination of the Factors
Influencing Sport Choice(s) of African-American Athletes”
Dana Andrew Robertson, B.M., M.Ed., “Teacher Talk:
Transcript Analysis as a Method of Improving Effectiveness
During Comprehension Strategies Instruction”
Mary Erin Sheppard, B.A., Ed.M., “A Study of Preschool
Special Education Teams in New York City as Reported by
the Parents of Preschoolers with Special Needs”
Thomas Stephen Stoner, B.A., M.Div., “Toward More
Distinctive Christian Schools”
January 2012 graduate
†Theresa Go Suico, B.A., M.A.T., “Older Adolescent Girls’
Responses to and Interactions with Three Works of Popular
Young Adult Literature”
Sarah Thomas, B.A., M.A., “The Influence an Overseas
Teaching Experience Has on Teaching Decision”
Patricia Kathryn Vasiliadis, B.S., Ed.M., “Assessment of
Emotional Disturbance Following a Sport Injury in the
High School Athlete: Developing Social Support Through
Anthony Joseph Zavagnin, B.A., M.Ed., “Politics in the
Classroom: Teacher Political Disclosure and the DecisionMaking of Secondary Social Studies Teachers”
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Matthew John Appleman
Robert Kendrick Bennett
Matthew John Bentley‡
Kayla Paige Binggeli
Patrick James Brandenburg
Daniel Lim Carrozzi
Jose Luis Cayuela Calvo
Natasha Alekzandria Hagen
Casey Alexis Harris§
Alonso Percy Holmes
Carlos Antonio Jimenez
Daniel James Kazanjian, CumВ Laude
Oliver F. Kempf, CumВ Laude
Daniel Frederick King
Oluwatosin Eniola Adedokun
Julian Meredith Anding
Vedran Beganovic, CumВ Laude
Aaron Jacob Berliner
David Barnes Berry, CumВ Laude
Katherine Elizabeth Black
Cassidy Helene Blundell,
Hufsa Iqbal, CumВ Laude
Raeef Eric Istfan, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Supriya Jain
Pawel Kalinowski
Jae Yeon Kim
Leslie Kim
Raphael Jose Landaverde,
Anthony Michael Rinaldi, CumВ Laude
Alexis Rodriguez Valenti§
Dayana Rojas
Katheryn Elaine Rothenberg,
Kali J. Brong
Lisa Danielle Cervia
Betty Chan‡
George William Chapman IV
Xudong Chen
Dan Kristoffer Chin, CumВ Laude
Suh Young Steven Choi
Dorothea Anne Crowley
Molly Ford Dacus
Chantal Marie-Jeanne de Bakker,
Megan Gana Lee
Max Jonah Lerman, CumВ Laude
Nicholas Mauriello Luzod,
Eric Gordon Schwarz
Michael Patrick Shaw
Dante Joseph Smith
Megan Marie Sperry, CumВ Laude
Hang Su, CumВ Laude
Seyed Javid Taghados
David Nathaniel Pulido Tan,
Colin Patrick Kipping-Ruane
David Thomas Kvartek
Eric S. Munsell, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Richard Rakowski
Anissa Senouci-Bereksi
Andrew Baran Wagner
Eric Robert Womer, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Biomedical Engineering
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Rachel Nouha Deraney
Magi Galal Sayed Abdel Aziz
Tess Ellen Forster‡
Jessica Lynne Fraser
Kaitlin Colleen Gargiulo
Morgan Belinda Giles
Xhorxhi Gjoka
Daniel Joseph Grasso, CumВ Laude
Joseph Thomas Greenspun,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Mark Mina Guirguis, CumВ Laude
Julian Ian Hart
Christopher Hernandez
Jacob Herrmann, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nathaniel William Hixon,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Joshua P. Hodgson
Dongjian Hu, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Benjamin Joseph Huey§
SummaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ian Cody MacDonald
Ashish Venkat Krishna Sai Malladi,
CumВ Laude
Herve Phillipe Mathelier§
Steven Nalonnil Mathews, CumВ Laude
Suhina Minocha
Rahul Navin Modi
Rubayath Mohsen
Caitlin Mallory Monahan, CumВ Laude
Keri Ann Mroszczyk, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Imaly Anoshka Nanayakkara
Stephanie Jean Nelson
Ajinkya Shashank Nene
Linda Nguyen
Angela Lucia Nocera
Olurotimi O. Ogunbiyi
Evelyn Cristina Orozco
Alexander Castano Paloranta
Arjun M. Patel
Parth G. Patel, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Parth Pankaj Patel, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Chelsea Lynn Peragallo‡
Joseph John Pirrello
Ryan Michael Pope
Victor Stefan Radulescu,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Chelsea Jordan Saniel
Andrew Franklin Schiff,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Elias B. Thorp, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Zachary Lukas Tochka
Shahar Torton, CumВ Laude
Wei-Lun William Tsang
Teena Mary Varghese
Natalia Marie Vieira, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Boris T. Virnik
Alexandra Christine Walco
Cynthia Warman‡
Anne Marie Thomasina Weber
Benjamin Harris Weinberg,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Frank J. Weng§
Sharon Michelle Wolfson,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Angela Wang Xie, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Vanessa Fatima Yanez
Chian Yang, Cum Laude‡
Anastasia Ilinichna Yaroslavsky
Frank Hao Zong
Vincent Zuo
Computer Engineering
Kholood Waleed Al Tabash§
Andrew Michael DeNicola
Donald Nichols Dougherty
Gregory James Andres Duguies
Benjamin Francis Duong,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Derek Ryan Heyman, CumВ Laude
Eric Allan Hsiao, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ryan Gregory Hunter†Ian Robert Koenigsknecht
Michael Thomas MacNeil†Brian Thomas Meyers
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
Sunny Ngan, CumВ Laude
Javier Tiotuyco Onglao
Sergio Hyun Woo Shin
Nicholas Bradford Stiegman, CumВ Laude
Mason Tan
Philip Tan
Tracy T. Thai‡
Idan Miron Warsawski,
Min Wei
Robert William Winnett
Gregory Andrew Zoeller
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Electrical Engineering
Evgeni Aizenberg, CumВ Laude
Anuar Akizhanov
William Frederick Anthony,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
David Matthew Beauchesne, CumВ Laude
Abigail Joy Bonnice†John Sarris Burke‡
Thomas William Cashel III‡
Alex Chan
David Anthony Chang
David Yu-Fong Cheung
Andrew Paul Francis
Peter Dennis Galvin§
Sarah Emily Griesse-Nascimento,
CumВ Laude
Nima Haghighi-Mood
Pattaya Chowidhyangkul Hongsmatip
Jamesy Jean-Michel
Michael Paul Kasparian, CumВ Laude
Kshitiz Kohli
Yevgeniy Kolodenker, CumВ Laude
Kam Ho Lai, CumВ Laude
Jim Juchuang Lee
Henry Chi Ken Lok
Kevin William Lovely
Eric James Markwith, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Shayla Natasha Melo
Yeshaswini Mohan
Eulalia Raquel Moreno,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Drew Eugene Morris†Thomas Ian Murphy
Christopher John Petrik
Elena Paul Pliakas
Besmir Sulejmani
Gerardo J. Talavera DГ­az
Alexander James Tooke,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Syed Naufal Bin Veqar
Lindsey Nicole Whitehurst, CumВ Laude
Alexander MacMillan Whittemore
Kevin Wong
Matthew Chet-Yen Yee, CumВ Laude
Jingfeng Zhao
Kenneth Zhong
Manufacturing Engineering
Kurt A. Abrams Jr.
Seif Eldin Ashraf Mahmoud El Attal
Tarik Burak Ficicioglu, CumВ Laude
Daniel Garnier Ventura
Michelle Marie Guevremont
Ricardo Andres Hernandez Hilado
Jadeson Leng Komolvipat‡
Charles Manning
Mahmood Ishaq Alhusseini,
Marla Anne Gutmann, CumВ Laude
Thomas Richard Hall
Christopher Steven Hatem, CumВ Laude
Jennifer Shie He
Samuel Max Hoffman
Masaru Ichihara
James Maxwell Collin Jelavich
Matthew Barnett Johnson, CumВ Laude
Ita Christine Marie Kane
Anthony James Kardelis
Michael Iljoong Kim
Iva Kokoshi
John Stephen Koningswood III
Krum Georgiev Kostadinov
Evangelia Adriana Kostopoulos
Kayla Rose Kruper
Ryan James Lacy
William Gillmore Lally Jr.,
Cameron Babak Sadri-Azarbayejani
Perry Matthew Schein,
Clarence Chiho Lee
Sang Wook Lim
Yu-Cheng Lin, CumВ Laude
Daniel Lopez
Jackson Luo, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Connor Brian Mace
Peter James Malloy
Colin James Mansfield
Roger Rudolf Santos Maranan
Elissa Claire Henke Mueller
Christopher Roger Nehme, CumВ Laude
Huong Hoai Thi Nguyen
David Ouk, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jared B. Reiter
Peter Joseph Rock Jr.,
Obehi Ukpebor, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Vasileios Valsamis
Gabriel Ricardo Venegas,
Brianna Ella Nelson
Bryan Soedarsono
Jose Miguel Tineo Raga
Jacky Yeh
Mechanical Engineering
Summa Cum Laude‡
Shahd Alrashed, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Amy Christine Ashur, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ashwin Asokan‡
Yasmin Margo Atefi
Aditi Basu, CumВ Laude
James Matthew Beck
Thomas David Belna
Christopher John Bernard
Michael Spiros Bell Brazda,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Erik William Brizzee‡
Matthew David Brooks
Preston Paul Buehrer, CumВ Laude
Eric Randall Carlson†Michael John Cataldo Jr.
Brian Chang
Stephen Diec Cheng
Vaibhav Chhabra
John Craig Chisholm, CumВ Laude
Michael Zhongming Chu†Trung Duc Desa
Ali-Zain Dhukka, CumВ Laude
Mark Joseph DiFilippo
Paul Anthony DiTullio
Hannah Coolidge Doherty
Patrick Michael Ehrlicher, CumВ Laude
Natasha Elezabeth George§
Daniel Allan Gill
Peter David Girouard,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Louisa Marie Going
Ifran Govani
Wade Guan
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ian Pardes Schon
Michael Leo Sehn
Russell Joseph Shomberg
Kara Ashley Silver, CumВ Laude
Faisal Mazen Snobar
Michael Anthony DiSimons Stone
Michael David Sylvia
Ricardo Tabacow§
Mark A. Taddonio, CumВ Laude
Carlo Alberto Tagliabue
Daniel Braden Taylor
Caroline Grace Tennyson,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Francis John Thalakotur
Christopher Douglas Tommila,
CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Preetika Vishwanathan
Thomas Chadwick Waldman,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Patrick Nilsen Walsh
Kailee Johanna Widanka
Diego R. Yanez
Soogon Yoo, CumВ Laude
Kevin Douglas Zagorski
Khaldoun Walid Zeidan,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Elbara Ziade, CumВ Laude
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Biomedical Engineering
Christopher Bennett Dubois, B.S.
Yuval Adam Harel, B.S.
Dale Brittannie McGrath, B.S.
Matthew Nels Batterton, B.A.†Wei-Hsiang Chang, B.S.B.E.
Esteban Chavez, B.S.†Sean Leo Cotton, B.S.
Kate Paiva, B.S.
Peter Robert Russo III, B.S.
Tina T. Zhou, B.S.B.E.
Computer Engineering
Joohi Mittal, B.E., M.S.
Wei Zhang, B.E.†Yuxiang Zhang, B.E.
Electrical Engineering
Benjamin Jackson Clark, B.S., M.A.
Molly K. Crane, B.A.
†Gozde Guckaya, B.S.
Jennifer K. Marx, B.S.
Gene William Schildkraut, B.A., B.A.
Manufacturing Engineering
Ali Sinan Hassan, B.S.
Materials Science & Engineering
Jackson Chang, B.S.
Poornima Muralidhar, B.A.
Mechanical Engineering
John Edward Fitzpatrick, B.S.
David Scott Hamilton Giraud, B.S.
Dana Mashayekh, B.S.
Edward Allen Miller, B.S.M.E., B.M.
Gregory Michael Boumil, B.S.
Tyler Johnson Cronk, B.S.В§
Timothy James Davidson, B.S.В§
Sean James Driscoll, B.S.
Patrick Alan Pease, B.S.
Barry John Veltman, B.S.
Zhipeng Wang
Eric Allen Zipfel, B.S.
Joseph Weizong Yu, B.S.†Systems Engineering
Ludovico Jose Fontana Pelgron, B.S.
†David Joseph Kuchinsky, B.S.†Yerzat Marat, B.S.†MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.S.)
Evan Michael Appleton, B.S.
Chet Bradley Birger, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Rishi Ganguly, B.E., M.Eng.
Yu Fei Li, B.S.†Carol L. Munroe, A.B., M.A., M.A.T.,
Alexandria R. Papa, B.Sc.‡
Bonny Pravin Patel, B.S.
Juan Carlos Ramirez Tapia, B.S.
Matthew Charles Schu, B.S., M.S.Ed.†Simone Sciabola‡
Sivasish Sindiri
Badri Narayan Vardarajan, M.S.†Viktor Nikolaev Vasilev, B.S.†Ran Xue
Biomedical Engineering
Raffi B. Afeyan, B.E.
Samir Dilip Amin, B.S.
Vivek N. Bhatia, B.A.†Whan Wook Chang, B.S.‡
Alexander Michael Fichtenholtz, B.S.‡
Timothy Nehiley Ford, B.S.†Christopher Dane Garay, B.E.
Michelle Elizabeth Kinahan, B.S.‡
Zhuting Li, B.S.†Kevin D. Litcofsky, B.S.‡
Benjamin McNally, B.E.†Sheetal Rajendra Modi, B.S.‡
Margo R. Monroe, B.A., B.S.†Charlotte Chia Ch’I Naylor, B.S.
Rikin Vasudev Patel, B.S.†Matthew Wayne Peterson, B.S.
Eduard Reznik, B.S.†Jared C. Saffie, B.S.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Sean Michael Serell, B.S.‡
Kevin Shiue Shiuan, B.S.
Rachel Christine Stewart, B.S.‡
Brian Talbot, B.S.†Tyler J. Wellman, B.S.
Jon Woodard, B.S.†Raphael Yao, B.S.†Eunice Sunyoung Yi, B.S.
Stefan Thomas Yohe, B.S.‡
Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Degree awarded by the College of Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Computer Engineering
Sri Krishna Chaitanya Bhattam, B.E.
Daiwen Chen, B.E.
Leran Chen, B.E.
Yushan Chen, B.E.†Shizun Ge, B.E.
Roza Ghamari, B.S.‡
Ruoyu Huang, B.S.
Rohindra Vighnesh Lall, B.Tech.†Qimeng Li, B.E.
Xiaonan Li, B.E.
Kan Lin, B.E.‡
Xulei Liu, B.E.
†Xiaohui Ma, B.S.
Xiaojing Ma, B.E.
Cankut Orakçal, B.S.
Vijeth Rajashekar, B.E.
Rohan Roy, B.E.
Ishita Saxena, B.S.†Rashmi Sampatlal Shah, B.E.†Chen Sun, B.S., B.M.
Zafar M. Takhirov, Diploma
Alice Tsing, B.S.
Aylin Turhan, B.S.
Po-Cheng Wang, B.S.
Yan Wang, B.E.
Idan Miron Warsawski, B.S.
Yi Wei, B.E.
Yupeng Xing, B.E.
Jingxi Xu, B.S.
Haohan Yao, B.E.
Feitong Yi, B.S.
Xiang Yu, B.E.
Jiang Zhang, B.E.†Zuojun Zhu, B.E.
Electrical Engineering
Rohan Arora, B.E.
Dipesh Bhattarai, B.A., M.A.
Huibin Bi, B.S., B.E.
Zhu Chen, B.E.†Daniel James Cullen, B.S.
Kane Alexander Martino Cunningham,
B.A., M.F.A.†Ermias Dendir, B.S.‡
Jeffrey Di Maria, B.S.†Sourav Kumar Dutta, B.Tech.‡
Joshua Einstein, B.H.A.‡
Willem DaniГ«l Esterhuizen, B.S.
Dordaneh Etezadi, B.E.‡
Ken-Hao Fan, B.S.
Pavel Gilenberg, B.S.†Kumarapuram Ananthakrishnan
Gopalakrishnan, B.E.†Jinshan Guo, B.E.
David Mark Harrah, B.S.
Fei He, B.E.
Zhuotao He, B.E.
Jonathan Carl Hedstrom, B.S.†Yavor Lyubomirov Kolarov, B.S.
Nathaniel Thomas Lawrence, B.S.
Jonathan Michael Lobo, B.S.†Di Lu, B.S.
Alexander Thomas Macdonell, B.S.
Anusha Madala, B.Tech.†Runsheng Mao, B.E.
Ryan M. McGovern, B.S.
Pinar Ozdemir, Diploma‡
Kyle Anders Pearson, B.S.†Mohammed Osamh M Rahbini, B.S.
Gustavo G. Ramallo, B.S.‡
Lokesh Amarnath Ravindranathan,
Alexander P. Reddington, B.S.
Omar Ryan Sadder, B.S.†Fahmil H. Shah, B.S.†Qingchuan Shi, B.S.
Peter John Staats, B.S.
Jeremy Stark, B.S., B.S.
Robert C. Sumner Jr., B.S.
Xiaochun Sun, B.E.
Gary F. Walsh, B.S., B.S.‡
Chen Wang, B.E.
Huan Wang, B.S.
Junfei Wang, B.E.
Meng Wang, B.E.
Eric Andrew Wolf, B.S.‡
Yaoqi Zhang, B.S.†Qi Zhao, B.S.
Manufacturing Engineering
Maria T. Castro, B.S.M.E., B.S.
Lu Liu, B.E.†Bryan Mario Marazzi, B.S.††Shaun M. Phillips, B.S.†Materials Science & Engineering
Katharine Claire Bailey, B.S.
Peter David Girouard, B.S.В§
Christopher Brooks Henderson, B.A.‡
†Shou-Chia Hwang, B.S.†Sijie Jia, B.E.†Yihong Jiang, B.E.†Gultekin Tasdirek, B.E., M.S.
Wenjie Tu, B.S.‡
Chih-Lun Wang, B.S., M.S.†Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Tyler Adams, B.S.
Olalekan Adeoye Babaniyi, B.S.В§
Xue Ben, B.S.
Christopher Michael Ceglio, B.S.†Christopher David Cooper Villagrán‡
Neil Dhandhukia, B.S.B.A.†Steven Fernandez, B.S.†Preston Edward Jenkins, B.A.
†Saurav Kumar Dubey, B.S., B.S.
Charles A. Lissandrello, B.S.†Ian Harwood McGuinness, B.A.
Hasan Kayhan Ozcimder, Diploma‡
Zenan Qi, B.N.S.
Thomas J. Raymond, B.S.†Alexander Gerald Roan, B.S.†Robert Michael Schleicher, B.M.§
Daniel Thomas Seidl, B.S.
David Stapleton, B.S.†Karin Peggy Sung, B.A.
Jacob Thomas Trueb, B.S.‡
Brede Joseph Wegener, B.S.†Jonathan David White, B.S.†Reimi Yonekura, B.S.‡
Rachel Lindsey Yu, B.S.
Ahmed Magdy Farouk Mohamed, B.S.
Systems Engineering
Aaron Jacob Berliner, B.S.
Justin MacLeod Foster, A.B.‡
Yanfeng Geng, B.E.
Jizong Shang, B.E., M.E.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Xiaojin Tang, B.S.‡
Egill Tómasson, B.S.‡
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Eric Paul Bishop, B.S., “Characterization of Chromatin
Architecture and the Mechanism of Dosage Compensation”
David Byrne, B.E., M.S., “Genetic and Environmental
Perturbation Effects on Metabolic Networks and
Engineering Objectives”
Joseph David Campbell, B.A., M.S., ”Genome-Wide
Characterization of MicroRNA and Gene Expression
Patterns in Smoking-Related Lung Disease”
Alexandra Dumitriu, M.S., “Genome-Wide Expression and
Genomic Data Integration Analyses in Sporadic Parkinson
Julie Zeskind Gil, B.S., M.Eng., “Gene Expression Alterations
Associated with Progression of Emphysema and Small
Airway Disease in Smokers with COPD”†Adam Chapin Gower, B.S., “Discovering Biological
Connections Between Experimental Conditions Based on
Common Patterns of Differential Gene Expression”
Loren L. Hansen, B.S., “Computational Analysis of Chromatin
Features Associated with Transcription and Recombination
in Yeast”†Varun Mazumdar, M.S., “Metabolism in the Human
Microbiome, From the Single Organism to the Community
Gregory D. Miles, B.S., M.S., “Identifying Dysregulated
Pathways and Signatures Associated with Tumorigenesis and
Survival Differences in Cancer”
Jignesh Parikh, B.S., M.S., “Interrogating Signaling Pathways
Using Transciptomic and Proteomic Data”
Esther Rheinbay, “Integrative Analysis of Histone
Modification Landscape of Embryonic and Glioblastoma
Stem Cells”
Razvan Sultana, M.S., “High-Throughput Genotyping and
Fingerprinting of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Multi-Drug
Resistant Strains”
Biomedical Engineering
Michael Nicholas Economo, B.S., “Investigating the
Mechanisms of Cellular and Network Rhythmogenesis
in Hippocampal Formation and Neocortex”†Alexander Michael Fichtenholtz, B.S., M.S., “In Silico
Bacterial Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction from
Sequence”†David Reynolds Hall, B.S., M.S., “Analysis of Molecular
Interactions in the Presence of Side Chain Flexibility”
Walter Ferdinand Heine, B.S., M.S.E., “The Spatiotemporal
Receptive Field Properties of Rat Retinal Ganglion Cells”
Abhishek Jain, B.Tech., M.S., M.S., “Blood Rheology
and Biomimetic Rare Cell Segregation on Microfluidic
Platforms”†Henry Hung-Yi Lee, B.S., M.S., “A Systems Approach to the
Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance”†Kevin Daniel Litcofsky, B.S., M.S., “A Breadboard for
Synthetic Gene Networks”†Jiahui Spring Liu, B.E., M.S., “Neural Coding of Circadian
Rhythm: Efferent Modulation of Limulus Visual Sensitivity”†Benjamin McNally, B.E., M.S., “Next Generation NanoporeBased DNA Sequencing”†Chi Ho Ngan, B.S., M.S., “Identification and Analysis of
Ligand Binding Sites by Computational Mapping”†Benjamin P. Perrone, B.A., “Neural Selectivity in the Secondary
Auditory Forebrain of the Zebra Finch”†Dorea Ruth Ruggles, B.A., M.S., “Individual Differences in
Processing of Supra-Threshold Sound: An Investigation of
Normal-Hearing Listeners”†Michele Diane Savery, B.S., M.E., “Quantitative Analysis of
the Hydrodynamic Integrity of the Microvascular Glycocalyx
in Healthy and Transgenic Mice”†Alon Singer, B.S., M.S., “A Solid-State Nanopore-Based
Platform for Molecular Diagnostics”
Philipp Stefan Spuhler, B.S., M.S., “High-Throughput
Detection of DNA Orientation and Conformation for
Characterization of Protein-DNA Interactions”†Jane Yuqian Zhang, B.A.S., M.S., “Concentrating Complex
Biological Samples for Point-of-Care DiagnosticsӠComputer Engineering
Vyas Venkataraman, B.S., M.S., “Lyra:
A High Level Modeling and Synthesis Methodology
for Concurrent Systems Using RendezvousӠElectrical Engineering
Sonal Ambwani, B.Tech., M.S., “Joint Cardiac and Respiratory
Motion Correction and Super-Resolution in Coronary PET/
CT”†Bryan Thomas Cole, B.S., M.S., “Integrated Machine
Learning and Signal Understanding for Movement Disorder
Recognition”†Kai Guo, B.E., M.Phil., “Action Recognition Using LogCovariance Matrices of Silhouette and Optical-Flow
Features”†John Timothy Irvine Henson, B.S., M.S., “Plasmonic
Enhancement Engineering of Semiconductor Light EmittersӠJanuary 2012 graduate
†Brian Andrew Hicks, B.A., M.A., “Nulling Interferometers
for Space-Based High-Contrast Visible Imaging and
Measurement of Exoplanetary Environments”†Chen-Kai Kao, B.S., M.S., “Development of Ultraviolet
Electroabsorption Modulators and Light Emitting Diodes
Based on AlGaN Alloys”†Craig Alan Keasler, B.S., “Advanced Numerical Modeling and
Characterization of Infrared Focal Plane Arrays”†Burkay Birant Orten, B.S., M.S., “Exploitation of Sensing
Structure in High-Dimensional Decision Making Motivated
by Computed Tomography Perfusion ImagingӠIvana Stojanovic,
´ B.S., M.S., “Sparse Reconstruction in
Monostatic and Multistatic SARӠSeptember 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Degree awarded by the College of Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Materials Science & Engineering
Lincoln James Miara, B.S., “Kinetics of Oxygen Reduction in
Perovskite Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: A Combined
Modeling and Experimental Approach”†Yongwoo Shin, B.S., M.A., M.S., “Modeling Energy and
Charge Transports in Pi-Conjugated Systems”†Stephen Gibson Topping, B.S., “Vapor Deposited Europium
Doped Lutetium Oxide for X-ray Imaging ApplicationsӠMechanical Engineering
Qingqing Cao, B.E., B.M., M.S., “Microfluidic Platform for
PCR Based Nucleic Acid Diagnostic”†Andrew Bruce Draudt, B.S., M.S., “Evaluation of Harmonic
Motion Elastography and Acousto-Optic Imaging for
Monitoring Lesion Formation by High Intensity Focused
Ultrasound”†Peng Zhang, B.S., M.S., “The Application of Phase-Shift
Nanoemulsion in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound: An in
vitro StudyӠSystems Engineering
Ali Kebarighotbi, B.S., M.S., “Perturbation Analysis in Fluid
Scheduling and Optimization of Stochastic Hybrid SystemsӠJanuary 2012 graduate
†Zeyu Wu, B.S., “Free Space Optical Networking with Visible
Light: A Multi-Hop Multi-Access SolutionӠSeptember 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of Fine Arts
Emily Michelle Avedissian,
Jessica Mari Friedowitz,
Chelsea Lynn Bathurst, CumВ Laude
Philippa Palmer Bradberry
Arielle Victoria Bremby, CumВ Laude
Reuben William Buchanan
Beth Campbell‡
Allison Fong Chi, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Erica Lorrie Chin, Cum Laude†Jessica Lynn Churchill,
Raleigh Daniel Froeber
Christopher Joseph Goodale
Amy Guan, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Brittany Anne Haynes
Jennifer Lilly Hinkle
Alyssa Clare Hoersten, CumВ Laude
Lara Ann Holt
Abigail Catherine Kaiser
Melissa Nicole Katz
Erin Meylan Kelly, CumВ Laude
Jessica Jinkyoung Kim‡
Juyoung Kim
Aline Dalit Kovacs, CumВ Laude
Calais Erika Kraichoke
Christopher Albert Lee, CumВ Laude
Abigail R. Lewis
Yihyoung Li, CumВ Laude
Alicia L. Link
Tania Maria Machado
Maxwell Douglas McArdle, CumВ Laude
Joelle Brianne McKenna
Emily Megan McMahon, CumВ Laude
Anna Rose Mulry, CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kristen Elizabeth Connors,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Abigail Farelo Costeira,
Magna Cum Laude†Jennifer Maya Crandall
Charis Erin Dalessio
Elyssa Beth Dion, CumВ Laude
Molly Marie Douglas,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Simone Duff
Anna Faber-Hammond
Kristina Flores
Deborah Fong
Colleen Ann Fremont-Smith†Magna Cum Laude
Ji Hyun Oh†Jessica Li Pang, Cum Laude
Kim Tuyen Thi Pham
Juliet Rose Phillips, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Rebecca Priscilla Villanueva Puno†Luke Taylor Rogers, Summa Cum Laude
Caroline Rothston
Madeline Michele Saggiomo
Marissa Salas
Natalie Nelson Schiera,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Crystal Marie Seitz, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Samantha Ray Siegel, CumВ Laude
Rachel Peery Sloan
Eric Matthew Strother
James Gustav Svahn-Jaccoma
Virginia Mollenhauer Swain
Michele Rose Trio
Lauren Katherine Vershon
Amber Nicole Vittoria,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Lindsay Ilyse Weitzman
Kristen Mckenzie Winner
Hye Ji Yang
Eunice Yeung
Lauren Elizabeth Acker,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Anna Katarina Adamowicz
Edda Simone Baruch
Mary Kathleen Budzn‡
Trevor Scott Campbell
Adrienne Michelle Carlile,
Summa Cum Laude‡
Melissa Kaitlyn Carter
Nicholas David Alexander Carter
Samuel Auld Coughlin‡
Caitlin Elizabeth Crawley‡
Sonia Rhay Karuna Decker,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Stephen Crane Dee Jr.
Nicole Olney DiLoreto, CumВ Laude
Edmund C. Donovan
Stephen Razzari Elrod
Callie Jane Farnsworth
Daisy Alexandra Farrant
Jahna Nicole Ferron-Smith, CumВ Laude
Maria Gianna Gilhooley
Sacha Glasser
Amelia Anne Gossett, CumВ Laude
Kate Jean Hamilton
Tessa Regina Hayward
Olivia Joan Hendrick, CumВ Laude
Hayley White Holbrook
Cloteal Lee Horne
Matthew Seiji Ketai, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Antonia Sive Lassar, CumВ Laude
Sydney Noel Lemmon
Matthew Allan Lytle
Benjamin Kyle Martin,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
John Clifford McLean
Stuart Benjamin Meyers
Melanie Joy Neu
Bridget Mary O’Neill
Maria Lucia Pasquini, CumВ Laude
Loren Primeau
Leigh Mackenzie Robinette
Kaley Clare Ronayne
Emily Rose Rudofsky
Kevin D. Schlagle, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Kathleen Britian Seibert
Gail Rachel Shalan, CumВ Laude
Brian Andrew Shaw
German Slutskiy
Daniel Ross Solomon
Leo Maxwell Stagg, CumВ Laude
Chelsea Moriah Thomason
Jessica Ann Uher‡
Caroline Lynne Waldman
Forrest Edward Weber§
Amber Reauchean Williams, CumВ Laude
Brittany Clair Wineteer§
Jay S. Zawacki
John Robert Zdrojeski, CumВ Laude
Emily Kiefer Zickler
Constance M. Bainbridge
Emily Elizabeth Baker
David Elias Baroody
Patrick Edward Bergerson
Lee Anne Blackmore
Jonathan Winton Brenner
Michael Philip Convicer, CumВ Laude
Thomas Arthur Curry
Michael Brian Gallagan‡
Ian Grodsky Gottlieb, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Benjamin Russell Green
Emily Elisabeth Hudson,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Silvija Lara Kristapsons,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of FINE ARTS
Megan Isabelle Lotz, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Seth Jordan MacLeod
Lea Marie Madda, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Catherine Elizabeth Marino, CumВ Laude
Brandon R. Mason
Matthew Scott McDonald
Tavia Marie Merchant
Robert Lawrence O’Brien
Ashlyn M. Olson, CumВ Laude
Evan E. Perry
Laura Kim Pincus‡
Joseph Enrico Pratolongo†Alexandra Elizabeth Rinn
Elise Margaret Roth
Miles Anthony Salerni, CumВ Laude
Jeremy Andrew Allen Salo,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Michael Carpenter Sherman, CumВ Laude
Katrina Marie Tammaro
Andres Santiago Trujillo
Natalia Afentoulidou, Diploma
Roeya Amigh, B.F.A.
Kyle John Anger, B.F.A.
Christopher Gareth Bain, B.A., B.Phil.,
Art Dip.
Abigail Randolph Beauregard-Lewis,
Melinda Sol Brechbuehler, B.A.
Joel Morris Brown, B.F.A.
Jinkyung Cho, B.F.A.
Leah Claire Davis, B.A.†Andrew K. Dunn, B.F.A.
Mayce El Kharouf, B.S.
Yan Gao, B.A.
Stefan Alexander Jones, B.S.Ed.
Nathan Alan Keay, B.F.A.
Kyle Robert Larson, B.A., M.A.
Alla B. Lazebnik, B.F.A., B.S.
Shanshan Ma, B.E.
David Keith Mar, B.F.A.
Meghan Patricia Marshall, B.A., B.S.
Christina Elizabeth Mastro, B.A.
Amanda Christine Matthews, B.F.A.
Sarah Elizabeth Mosser, B.S.
Margaux Higby Ogden, B.A., Cert.
Kei Omotaka, B.A.
Brian Paul Savignano, B.F.A.
Marc Nicholas Schepens, B.S., Cert.
Chi-Yao Tang, B.A.
Erika Marie Wastrom, B.F.A.
Emily Natrese Wist, B.A.
Mengyuan Xue, B.A.
Jieling Yang, B.F.A., B.A.
Yang Yang, B.A.‡
Benjamin Howell Zawalich, B.F.A.
Ye Zhang, B.A.
Jeremy C. Barnett, B.F.A.†Lane Clare Black, B.A.
Nancy J. Brennan, B.A.
Christopher Shane Dills, B.F.A.
Steven Matthew Ginsburg, B.A.
Jennifer Leigh Hebner, B.F.A.
Elena Rose Heyman, B.S.
Alicia Lyn Hunt, B.F.A.
Jason King Jones, B.F.A.
Eleanor Sarah Kahn, B.Arch.
Ryan Miller Kichler, B.A.
Kamilla Kurmanbekova, C.A.S., B.A.
Diane L. McLean, B.S.
Jessica Christine Pautler, B.A.
Tristan Scott Barton Raines, B.S.†Darby A. Smotherman, B.S., B.A.†Joshua Staines, B.S.
Eric Sean Watkins, B.E.E.
Andrew Duncan Will, B.A.
Seth Michael Adams, B.Mus.
Pamela Ann Agius, B.M.
Ismail Akmuradov, B.M., Perf. Dip.
Bradley Neil Allen, B.M.†Rafael Borges Amaral, B.M.
Jon Christian Mayhew Anderson, B.S.,
Kathryn Elizabeth Anderson, B.M.E.‡
Jessica Schmeck Bannasch, B.M.‡
Kimberly Karen Bain Barclift, B.M.
Tana Nicole Barnett, B.M.‡
Maria Jean Stone Bassett, B.M.
Aubrey L. Bauers, B.M.
Anna Louise Bielawski, B.M.
Chad Matthew Bieniek, B.M.‡
Melodie Bishop, B.A.
Lisa Laury Blanchette, B.M.E.†Stephanie Ann Bonitz, B.M.E.‡
Justin Houtz Brehm, B.A.
Rebecca Mae Brendli, B.A.†Kyle David Brightwell, B.M.
Jonathan Andrew Britt, B.A.†Timothy Alan Bupp, B.M.E.‡
Christopher L. Burns, B.A., M.F.A.
Heidi Lynne Bush, Ed.B.
Amanda Carol Cagle, B.M.E.‡
Amanda Marie Caretta-Hull, B.A.†Heather A. Carlson-Jaquez, B.M.
Megan Carrie Carmody, B.M.E.‡
Jason Adam Champlin, B.M.‡
Mu-Fan Chan, B.M.
Kai-Yun Cheng, B.M.
Jamie Chimchirian, B.M.
Donna Jean Clark, B.M.E.
Alexandra O’Shaughnessy Coghill,
Audra Rose Comer, B.M.‡
Kenneth William Craig, B.A.‡
Heidi Ann Dahms, A.B., M.M.
Kimberly Sue Damian, B.M.E.‡
Jeffrey Ryan Daniels, B.A.†Kelly M. Danner, B.A.
Lisa M. Davey, B.Mus.†Maxwell Spenser DeCurtins, B.A., B.A.‡
Joanna Erin Deputy, B.M.E.†Lucas Elliot Dickinson, B.F.A.‡
Brigitte Emenheiser Dill, B.M.E.‡
Laura Elizabeth Donovan, B.S.Ed.‡
Mary Katherine Dulweber, B.M.
Brian Christopher Elder, B.A.
Kelly Jeanne Eldridge, B.M.‡
Jill Greenwood Ensign, B.M.
Christina Michelle Esposito, B.M.E.†Bethany Anne Estano, Mus.B.
Jesse Lee Evans, B.M.E.†Zora Wafer Foster, B.M.E.‡
Christine Marie Froomer, B.M.E.
Kaitlin Elizabeth Fry, B.Mus.
Henry William Fu, B.Ed.‡
Gina Nicole Gaspary, B.M.E.
Edward John Gibney, B.M.‡
Amy Louise Gier, B.M., M.M.†James Glenn Gillette, B.Mus.‡
Melissa Elizabeth Glover, B.S.Ed.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Kristin A. Golding, B.M.E.†Valerie Jane B. Gonzales, B.M.
Jennifer Gonzalez, A.B.Ed., Ed.M.†Shelly Denise Goughnour, B.M.†Jennifer Ann Grant, B.S.
James Sidney Greene, Jr., B.Mus.†Anna Lydia Griffis, B.Mus.
Jason Lee Groon, B.M.E.‡
Alexander Carey Grover, B.A.†Brandon James Hagan, B.M.
Paul Alex Halpainy, B.M.E.†Paul Charles Halverson, B.A.
Kelly Ann Harms, B.M.‡
Sharen Wynona Hart, B.S.‡
Megan Irene Hauck, B.M.E.†Eric Augustus Hayslett, B.M.†Isabel Virginia Hernandez-Cata, B.A.‡
Eugene John Hernandez Jr., B.M.†Tiffany Leilani Hitz, B.M.E.
Loyda Esmirna Hjelte, B.A.S.
Maria Kathleen Hoffman, B.M.
Bonnie Jeanne Holmes, B.S.
Katie Marie Houck, B.M.
Devin Tyler Householder, B.M.E.†Candice A. Howard, B.A.‡
Matthew K. Howe, B.M.
Chen-Ling Hsu, B.M.
Tyler Joseph Hull, B.A.
Lauren Christine Hurd, B.M.‡
James Michael Hurley, B.A.†Amy Elizabeth Iceman, B.M.E.†Laura Jacky, B.M.†Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of FINE ARTS
Teresa Lynn Jazo, B.M.E.‡
Christopher William Johnson, B.S.
Jennifer Lynn Johnston, B.M.‡
Samantha Christine Jones, B.A.
Rachel Marie Juszczak, B.M.
Caroline M. Kaupa, B.A.‡
Christopher Harrison Keiper, B.S.†Benjamin John Kepler, B.M.E.
Amy Elizabeth Keus, B.Mus.†Todd James Keyser, B.S.Ed.
Rebecca Lyn Kilgus, B.M.
Hyun-Ji Kim, B.M.
Aaron Jonathon Kirschner, B.M.
Jonathan Ross Kladder, B.M.E.‡
Katelyn A. Kurpiewski, B.M.‡
Krista Linnea Lane, B.M.E.‡
Sean Michael Larkin, B.M.
Laura K. Leary, B.M.
Holly Joanna Lehman, B.S.Ed.
Daniel William Leimer, B.M.†Laura Marie LeSaffre, Mus.B., B.M.E.†Vivien Tsz Yan Leung, B.S., M.A.
Sarah Rae Lidy, B.M.‡
Jonathan Michael Lischak, B.M.†Kelly Ann Lopes, B.M.
Melissa Elizabeth Lund, B.M.
Sahara Ann Lupo, B.S.
Elizabeth Anne MacDonald, B.M.E.†Alicia Marie Maloney, Mus.B.
Julie Ann Manfredi, B.M.E.
Connie Esther Mann, B.M.E.†Angela Christine Mantie, B.M.E.
Elizabeth Louise Markofski, B.M.‡
Roberto Marti Jr., B.M.E.†Marilyn Ann Mascitti, B.M.E.‡
Molly Kay Mason, B.A.
Raymond Massoud, B.Mus.
Todd Michael Mastric, B.M.†Patricia Jo McMullen, B.M.E.
Jeffrey Todd McNurlan, B.A.†Kate Ellen McRae, B.M.†John Basil Mears, B.M.
Teryl Marie Mertzeis, B.M.E.‡
Christopher Lee Metcalfe, B.M.‡
Anna Maria Andrews Miller, B.S.
Crystal Michelle Miller, B.M.
Shannon Alisha Miller, B.M.
Charles Mondre Moffett, M.A.‡
Mason Alexander Morton, B.M.
Mellissa Sue Mulvey, B.A.
Jennifer Michelle Murray, B.M.
Forest Nathanael Muther, B.M.
Stephanie Myre, B.A.‡
John Marcus Levi Nance, B.M.E.†Devon Grace Nelson, Mus.B.
Jessica Elizabeth Nelson, Mus.B.
Luke Allen Nelson, B.A.‡
Michael Carl Nelson, B.M.†Peter Roddy Nelson-King, B.M.
Lauren Elizabeth Nicosia, B.M.†David Andrew O’Brien, B.A.‡
Ricardo Robert Oliva, B.M.
Natacia A. Owens, B.A.
Lisa Latrell Pariseau, B.A.
Min Su Park, B.M.E.
Denali Dawn Pearce-Alt, B.S.Ed.‡
Anne Elizabeth Pendleton, B.M.†Brianna Aislinn Pesce, Mus.B., B.M.§
Daniel Joseph Peterson, B.S.
Daniel Marshall Peterson, B.M.
Allyn M. Phelps III, B.Mus.
Jerry Lynn Phelps, Jr., B.M.E.‡
Anthony Ronte Pierce, B.A.
Amanda Renae Pitzen, B.M.‡
Jenna Ann Poling, B.S.
Evelyn Joyce Pricco, B.M.‡
Kaitlin Christine Pucci, B.M.
Stephen Raleigh, B.S.‡
Kendall Rashad Ramseur, B.M.
Matthew Walter Reeves, B.S.
Eric Reynolds, B.M.
Danielle Elizabeth Ripa, B.M.†David Keith Roberson, B.S.Ed.
Michael Nathan Roberts, B.M.
Roxanne Elizabeth Roca, B.A.
Justine Judith Rodriguez, B.S.Ed.‡
Alison Lea Rohrbach, B.S.‡
Abigaile Linda Rosen, B.M.E.‡
Ronald Gregory Roskowske, B.Mus.†Andrew Alan Rothrock, B.M.‡
Donna Seddon Roye, B.A.‡
Paula M. Ryan, B.A.‡
Randa Gaber Sadik, B.A.‡
Sarah Kay Sandstrom, B.M.E.
Colin Matthew Sapp, B.A.†Rachel Marla Saul, B.M.
Erika Lea Scheig, B.M.E.
Philip James Schroetter, B.M.E.
Tracy James Seiber, B.M.‡
Sara Marie Sesack, B.S.
Morgan R. Shaffer, B.M.E.‡
Brendon Adam Shapiro, B.M.
Seth Michael Shirk, B.M.‡
Carey Mercer Shunskis, B.Mus.
Mark Christopher Shuping, B.M.‡
Denise M. Sitler, B.M.E.‡
Daniel Ian Sitomer, B.M.†Janine Salomon Slaga, B.Mus.†Alison Matta Smith, B.S.Ed.‡
Allison Marie Sproul, B.M.E.‡
Sandra Dawn Stehman, B.A.†Andrea Dorothy Strong, B.S.Ed.
Jeffrey Michael Sturgeon, B.A.
In Ji Sung, B.M., B.A., M.Ed.†Rachelle Meredith Swank, B.M.E.
Stephenie R. Swart, B.M.‡
Lacy Catherine Swauger, B.S.
Cora Halma Swenson, B.M.
Leonard John Szaltis II, B.M.E., B.A.,
Whitney Dorne Tandon, B.A.†Crystal Angelique Traini, B.M.E.
Ying-Chen Tu, B.Mus.
Casey William Vanderstouw, B.M.E.‡
Matthew Joseph Visconti, B.M.
Jessica Carolanne Welch, B.M.‡
Thomas N. Weston, Mus.B.
Ross Daniel Whiting, B.M.‡
Erin Leigh Wilday, B.M.E.‡
Dale Lamar Williams, B.S.‡
Kevin Richard Williams, B.A.
Paul Vincent Williams III, A.B.Ed.†Anna Katherine Wooderson, B.S.
Mitchell Alan Wyman, B.M.‡
Kai-Chien Yang, B.M.
Kyungsun Yoo, B.M.
Lauren Noelle Yorgensen, B.M.E.‡
Ah Young You, B.A.
Rebecca Elise Zeisler, B.A.
Master of Arts (M.A.)
Naima Safiya Abdul-Haqq, A.B.Ed.†Ruby Michelle Aday, B.A.
Janet Marie Allison, B.A.†Jessica Ryan Baldwin, B.A.†Jennifer F. Bass, B.A.†Jacqueline Bergeron, B.F.A.‡
Mark Andrew Bielecki, A.B.Ed.†Jennifer Jill Braverman, B.A.†Graciela Maria Gambetta Brehmer,
B.S.B.A., M.B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Bucy, B.S.Ed.
April Jane Busch, B.A.
Genecie Camacho, B.A.†Bridget Therese Casserly, B.A.‡
Katherine Elizabeth Chawula, B.F.A.†Corey Remelle Cianfarano, B.A.
Whitney Scott Clement, B.A.‡
Erica Beth Connolly, B.A.†Alyse K. Daly, B.F.A.
Chao Ying Su Davis, B.A.‡
Lisa Miriam Davis, B.S.†Meranda Michelle Dawkins, B.S.Ed.†Kay Frances Oiler Dean, A.B.Ed.†Jennifer Lynn Devin, B.A.
Catherine R. Digioia-Laird, A.B.Ed.
Julie Dimino, B.S.Ed., Ed.M.‡
Stephanie Michelle Donaldson, B.S.‡
Maeve Kathleen Doolan, B.F.A.
Jolanda Dranchak, B.S.Ed.‡
Karen Ruth Duke, B.S.Ed.†Lora Marie Durr, B.S.A.D., B.A.†Katrina Eichorn, A.B.Ed.†Sarah Ellen Erdmann, B.S.†Elizabeth Dianne Evans, B.F.A.
Gregory James Falta, B.F.A.
Arthurina Fears, B.A.†Gina Fera, B.A.‡
Mark Allen Fisher, B.A.‡
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Joseph Richard Fontinha, B.F.A.
Michael Charles Fullerton, B.A.†Angela Yvonne Galvan, B.A.
Alyssa Laverne Gangemi, B.A.†Renee Kathleen Gary, B.F.A.†Emily Jane Glass, B.Eng.‡
Lauren Christine Goric, B.S.Ed.
Jennifer Lynn Grimaldi, B.A.†Emily Jeanne Hossfeld, B.A.†Jessica Francene Howell, B.L.A.†Crystal Darlene Jahnig, B.S.†Heather Jo Jamesgaard, B.S.Ed.†Mary Schepis Johnson, B.A.‡
Susan Johnson, B.F.A., M.F.A.†Jamie Lynn Jones, A.B.†Nancy B. Jordan, B.A., B.S.‡
Landry Ceann Kelly, B.F.A.
Nancy Davies Kenney, B.F.A.†Marcia Kiley-LeMay, B.F.A.‡
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of FINE ARTS
Hyojin Kim, B.F.A.
Elizabeth James Kingsley, B.A.†Jennifer Karen Kipnis, B.F.A.‡
Panagiota Patty Klibansky, B.A.†Heather Lea Kostal, B.A.†Kristen Claire LaJeunesse, B.S.†Amanda Guyton Lange, B.F.A., B.A.
Megan Colleen Leary-Crist, B.F.A.
James Michael Lee, B.A.‡
Lindsay Noelle Lehmann, B.F.A.‡
Heather Anne Libby, B.F.A.
Emily Magee Linne, B.S.Ed.
Li-Wei Liu, B.F.A.‡
Mary Howard Pender Logel, B.A.
Alexandra Kay Ludovici, B.S.Ed.
Maria Lorena Maldonado Samaniego,
Katharine Anne Malone-Smith, B.F.A.†Alice Elizabeth Matz, B.F.A.
Danielle Marie Meyer, B.F.A.†Nancy J. Meyer, B.F.A.
Brendan J. Mruk, B.F.A.
Donna Ellen Muchnicki-Hurwitz, B.A.
Andrew John Mullen, B.S.‡
Amanda May Murphy, A.B.Ed.‡
Aubrynn Gwenn Nealis, B.A.†Jennifer Sue Nitschke, B.F.A.
Jessica Marie Noel, B.A.†Yolanda W. Ortiz, B.F.A.‡
Katherine Otlowski, B.F.A.
Marlene Marie Ouellette, B.S.†Pamela Grace Ouellette, B.S.
Tanya Lorraine Patterson, B.S.Ed.†Virginia Settle Peros, B.A.‡
Gretchen Lang Petrarca, B.S.‡
Stephanie Anne Pollard, B.A.
Angela Marie Rago, B.F.A.†Jama Worthington Raines, B.A.‡
Jennifer Rebecca Rankey, B.S.Ed.†Brenda Estela Reyes, B.A.‡
Evelyn Rivas, B.A.†Elizabeth Tobin Rodriguez, B.S.
Kara Margaret Rosenberg, B.A.‡
Jessica Renee Rupp, B.A.†Megan Ashley Sabatini, B.A.
Kara Michele Salinas, B.S.A.D.‡
Clara Jane Schuster, B.F.A.
Lisa Robin Schwal, B.F.A.†Alexandre Hugo Selarque, B.A.†Sarah Lyn Sharp, B.F.A.
Stephanie Jayne Sherman, B.F.A.†Wendy Taka Shiraki-Raphael, B.F.A.,
Christy Adair Steagall, B.S.Ed.†Stephanie L. Stiassni, B.A.S.
Leah Elizabeth Todd, B.S.†Joni Marie Turner, B.A.†Holly Nielsen Vlajinac, B.F.A.
Jennifer Anne Walk, B.A.‡
Lauren Ashley Watkins, B.F.A.
Nicole Marie Whitescarver, A.B.Ed.‡
Sarah Stafford Whitlock, B.F.A.‡
Toni Whittington, B.S.
Jeff Vernon Willis, B.A.
Leah Louise Winters, B.A.
Jessica Lauren Yennie, B.F.A.
P. Jayne Marie Young, B.A.†Michael C. Zaba, B.S.Ed., B.S.†Thomas Richard Zuber, B.A.
Elissa Kathryn Alvarez, B.M., M.M., Voice Performance§
Mark Alun Anderman, B.A., M.A., “Musicianship Instruction
in the California Community Colleges”‡
Christopher John Belluscio, B.M., M.M., Brass Performance†Suzanne Therese Cartreine, A.B., M.M., Historical
Tiffany Hsu Han Chang, B.M., M.M., Orchestral Conducting
Yu-Fang Chang, B.M., Mus.M., String Performance†June Yin-Hsuan Chen, A.B., M.M., M.Ed., “Analysis on
Yehudi Wyner’s Piano Concerto, �Chiavi in Mano’ ”†Graham John Dixon, B.A., M.Mus., M.A., “Horizon”‡
Eric Peché Esparza, B.M., M.A., M.M., “The Motets of
Francesco Cavalli’s �Musiche Sacre’: Performing Editions
with Critical Commentary”
John Michael Genovese, B.M., M.A., “Three Movements for
Kristine Elizabeth Gray, B.Ed., B.Mus., M.M., Woodwind
Michelle Hansen Snow, B.M., M.M., “Music Education and
Entrepreneurship, Post Secondary Music Education and
Value Creation for Individuals and Communities”
Jamie Timothy Hillman, B.Mus., M.M., Choral Conducting
Bo Young Hyun, B.M., M.M., String Performance
Yoko Igarashi, B.A., M.M., G.P.D., Collaborative Piano
Jee-Hyun Kim, B.M., Mus.M., M.M., “An Introduction to
Arthur Bliss’s Solo Vocal Works: An Interpretive Approach”†Ji-Eun Kim, B.M., M.M., P.D., Piano Performance§
You Lee Kim, B.M., M.M., String Performance
Hyun Ji Kwon, B.M., P.D., M.M., String Performance
GeneviГЁve Leclair, Dip., Dip., B.M., M.M., Orchestral
Jou-Won Lee, B.M., M.M., Perf. Dip., Piano Performance
Yi-Hsiu Liu, B.F.A., M.M., String Performance
Wen-Chieh Lo, Dip., M.M., “The Piano Music of Mathilde
Kralik von Meyerswalden (1857–1944)”
Rosemarie B. Manganello, Mus.B., M.A., “Movement in the
Middle School Choral Rehearsal”‡
Amy Melissa Mcglothlin, B.F.A., M.M., Woodwind
Kenneth James Moore, B.M.E., M.A., “A History of the
Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association: 1959–
2009ӠJanuary 2012 graduate
†Bianca Oglice, B.A., M.M., “Tracing the Enhancement of
Sonorities in Beethoven Sonatas”
Karl Lloyd Nilsen Orvik, B.M., M.M., String Performance†Maria Pikoula, B.M., M.M., Piano Performance
Ana Sorina Popa, B.M., M.M., “You Become What You
Practice: Applications of Taijiquan Principles to Piano
Bonnie Anderson Rising, B.M., M.M., Piano Performance
Rafael C. Rodriguez, B.M.E., Mus.M., “Continuing Education
in Music Ministry of the Atlantic Union Conference of the
Seventh Day Adventist Church”
Jason A. Sabol, B.M., M.M., “Cantico delle Creature:
A Microtonal Original Composition for Soprano and
String Quartet to a Text by St. Francis of Assisi, Including
Analytical Commentary”
Jelena Simonovi´c Schiff, B.A., M.A., M.A.T., “Music History
Pedagogy: Content Analysis of Six Editions of the Norton
Anthology of Western Music (1980–2009)”
Jung-Won Sun, B.M., M.M., G.P.D., “The Study of Recueil
d’Airs de Danse Caractéristiques By Johann Philipp
Pei-Yeh Tsai, B.M., Perf. Dip., M.M., Piano Performance
Amanda Wang, B.S., M.M., “An Analysis of Krzysztof
Penderecki’s String Quartet No 3 �Leaves of an Unwritten
Diary’ ”
Benjamin Safer Warsaw, B.M., M.M., Piano Performance‡
Timothy Paul Westerhaus, B.A., Mus.M., M.M., “The
Baroque Requiem Mass at the Imperial, Habsburg Court in
Vienna: A Study of Context, Musical Characteristics, and
Christopher Stuart Whyte, B.M., M.M., “The Stone Tears
of Ixtaccihuarl: Into the Serial Timpani Music of Meyer
Lei R. Yu, B.M., M.M., “Reconsidering the Yellow River
Cantata by Xian Xing-Hai: A Non-Revolutionary
Holly Marie Zagaria, B.A., M.M., Voice Performance
Nathan Andrew Zullinger, B.S., M.M., “A Guide to the
Choral Music of Charles FussellӠSeptember 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of FINE ARTS
Opera Institute
John Malsbary Irvin, B.Mus.
Adrian Nathaniel Smith, B.A., M.M.
Christiaan Jesse Smith-Kotlarek, B.M.,
Marcus Heath Sorensen, B.A., M.M.
Amanda Nicole Tarver, M.M.
Elizabeth Cecilia Barksdale, B.M., M.M.
Chi Hui Kao, B.F.A., M.A.†Meredeth Gwyn Kelly, B.M., Mus.M.
Nayoung Kim, B.M.
Jiyoung Lee, B.M.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Chen-Ti Lin, B.F.A.
Lindsay Rae McIntosh, B.M., M.M.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
Dental Public Health
Sarah Ahmed S Bahammam, B.D.S.†Maha Sameer A Linjawi, D.M.D.†Endodontics
Adela Agolli, B.A., D.M.D., C.A.G.S.
Mashael E. H. A. M. A. Al-Qallaf, B.A.,
Heba M S A Al-Qatami, B.A., D.M.D.В§
Loai Abdulfattah Alsofi, D.Sc., D.D.S.В§
Rayan Kafri, D.M.D.‡
Marci Mazzuca, B.S., D.M.D., C.A.G.S.В§
Operative Dentistry
Asma A. Ibrahim Ben Salah, B.D.S.
Ahmed Faraj Kaddi, B.D.S.В§
Maryam M. A. A. AlNajdi, B.D.S.‡
Ghadir Atout-Hajhamad, D.D.S.‡
Gokay Goktug, B.D.S.
Bo Lam Kim, B.D.S.‡
Yong Soo Kim, D.D.S.‡
Wen-Tse Lin, D.D.S.В§
Enrique Daniel Muller Klein, D.M.D.‡
Zeina Nseir, D.M.D.В§
Kishore Sama, B.D.S.В§
Abdelrouf Otman Suwid, B.D.S.В§
Ali Mohamad M. Ahmad Khiblil,
B.D.S., C.A.G.S.В§
Oral Biology
Konstantina Thomadaki, D.M.D.В§
Georges Kamal Traboulsi, D.D.S.‡
Paul Chi-Lin Tsai, B.D.S.‡
Cynthia Yee, B.S., D.D.S., C.A.G.S.В§
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
Fawzi M. S. A. Al Qatami, B.A.,
David P. Blackburn, B.S., D.M.D., Cert.‡
Daniela Beatriz Toro Ramirez, D.D.S.†Elizabeth Derby Walker, B.S., D.M.D.,
Pediatric Dentistry
Michael Posada, D.D.S.† Prosthodontics
Ozair Banday, B.D.S.†Claire Chang, B.S., D.M.D., C.A.G.S.‡
Manuel Salvador Posada Orozco,
Fabio Scutella, C.A.G.S.†Shila Sharifi, B.S., D.M.D.
Andreas Skyllouriotis, D.D.S.В§
Sahar Abtahi, B.S., SummaВ CumВ Laude
Nitin Agrawal, B.D.S.‡
Anu Aheer, B.D.S.‡
Hamed Mohammed S. Alenezi, B.A.,
D.M.D., Magna Cum Laude‡
Sayed M. Al-Mousawi, B.A.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Mohammed Nazar Al Rawas, B.D.S.
Paritosh Amburle, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Anju Aneja, B.D.S.‡
Oshin Samuel Anjirghooli, B.A.,
CumВ Laude
Matthew Richard Annese, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Shruti Apte, B.D.S., HighВ Honors
Hossein Aram, B.A.‡
Divya Arora, B.D.S.
Puneet Arora, B.D.S., HighВ Honors
Farah Arshad, B.D.S., HighВ Honors
Cammellia Shahram Askari, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
Jasmeen Aujla, B.S., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nicholas Bacos, B.S., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Rishi Bafna, B.D.S.‡
Christopher Douglas Baker, B.A.,
Neal Baweja, B.S., CumВ Laude
Katherine Alexis Bednar, B.A.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sathvik Begur Seshadri, B.D.S.
Richa Belbase, B.D.S., HighВ Honors
Jeffrey Anthony Bellanti, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Garrett Benz, B.S.,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Lucinda Jayne Barry, B.S.,
Lakshmi Bethi, B.D.S.
Rakesh Matulal Bhatt, B.A.
Bibeka Bhattarai Koirala, B.D.S., Honors
Jessica Leigh Bogucki, B.S.,
Vijaya Lakshmi Bathina, B.D.S.
Vinay Kumar Reddy Battula, B.D.S.‡
Aaron Matthew Baumler, B.S., M.S.
Pawandeep Kaur Boparai, B.D.S.
Elmehdi Boujida, B.S., CumВ Laude
Robert Lee Bowling, B.S., Cum Laude‡
CumВ Laude
Julia B. Barbagallo, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
Henry m. goldman school of dental medicine
Joshua Neil Josell Bratt, B.S.‡
Hayley Glenn Buchholz, B.S., M.S.,
Alana Elizabeth Gilgurd, B.S.,
Parneet Khokhar, B.D.S.‡
Ryota Kikuchi, D.D.S., HighВ Honors
Jion Kim, B.S., SummaВ CumВ Laude
Soeun Jenny Kim, B.A., CumВ Laude
Julie Danielle King, B.A.,
Ketan Girishbhai Ginoya, B.D.S.,
Alisun Elizabeth Kovach, B.S., M.A.,
Shivali Narendra Gohel, B.A., M.S.,
Matthew Gerard Kramer, B.A.,
Cum Laude‡
Michelle Faith Goldstein, B.S.,
Olga Krikunenko, B.A., M.A.,
Magna Cum Laude‡
George Gotsiridze, B.A., M.S.‡
Anshu Goyal, B.D.S.
Lauren Anne Greco, B.S., CumВ Laude
Shawn Mitchell Groyeski, B.S.,
Snehlata Kulhari, B.D.S., Honors‡
Sharanya Kumaraswamy, B.D.S.
Kennie Kwok, B.S., Magna Cum Laude‡
Sara Lalani, B.S., SummaВ CumВ Laude
Christian Lares, B.S.
Alexey Latsilnik, D.D.S.‡
Jaeseop Lee, B.A., SummaВ CumВ Laude
Jong Jin Lee, D.D.S., HighВ Honors
Peter Aaron Eu Wung Lee, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
Alma Javed Bukhari, B.S.‡
Ravindra Kumar Burugapalli, B.D.S.,
Seth Caldon, B.A., CumВ Laude
Derrick Call, B.S., CumВ Laude
Bradley Cammack, B.A.
Christopher Alejandro Canizares, B.S.,
Zachary John Cargill, B.S.,
Kai Gao, M.S., M.S.D., D.M.D.‡
Adam David Garaas, B.S., CumВ Laude
Danny Michael Gennaoui, B.S.,
Cum Laude‡
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Christopher M. Cassidy, B.S.,
Cum Laude‡
Pankaj Kumar Chadha, B.D.S.‡
Sumit Chanana, B.D.S.
Mary Mei-Wa Chau, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Danielle Leigh Gulis, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Vijaya Laxmi Cheethirala, B.D.S.,
Pallavi Chellur, B.D.S.
Derrick Kuang-Hsi Chen, B.S., M.S.,
CumВ Laude
Ruo-Hsuan Chen, D.D.S.
Yang-San Chen, B.S., Magna Cum Laude‡
Jared Shiaw-Cheang Cheng, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
Vera Chernomordik, B.A.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Yamini Gupta, B.D.S., Honors‡
Arshan Haghi, B.S., Summa Cum Laude‡
David Christopher Haluska, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
Ahmed Mohamed Hamada Ibrahim,
B.D.S., Honors
Imran Ali Hameedi, B.S.
Nidhi Ajit Handa, B.D.S., Honors‡
Sabahat Hanif, B.A., CumВ Laude
William C. Harding IV, B.A.,
Cum Laude‡
Magna Cum Laude‡
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
CumВ Laude
CumВ Laude
Soonki Lee, D.D.S., Honors
Jessica Leonetti, B.A., Cum Laude‡
Ivey Leigh Lipman, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Melissa Ann Ripeka Lowry, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
Hue To Ly, B.S.
Namratha Madapu, B.D.S.
Spaska Lachezarova Malaric, D.D.S.,
Melissa Choi, B.A., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Young Ah Choi, B.S., Cum Laude‡
Michael Chong, B.S., CumВ Laude
Neha Chopra, B.D.S.‡
Sophia Chou, B.A., B.A., Cum Laude‡
Rajesh Chunduri, B.D.S.
Mark Paul Cipolla, B.S.,
Cherry Harika, B.D.S.
Mark William Hartzler, B.S.,
Jeffrey Paul Clark, B.S., M.A., M.A.,
Thomas Mitchell Horgan, B.A.,
Purveshkumar Labhubhai Malaviya,
B.D.S., Honors‡
Rahul Malik, B.D.S.
Amy Yvette Mann, B.S., CumВ Laude
Derek Michael Martin, B.A., CumВ Laude
Ana Carolina Lopes Mattos, B.S.
Matthew Joseph Meador, B.A.,
Evan Ross Cohen, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Hsi, B.A.
Alex Po Man Hung, B.S.,
Kiyan Mehdizadeh, B.S., CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Allison Merritt, B.S.,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Jun Hyuk Hwang, B.S.,
Andrew James Miller, B.S.,
Lindsey Dawn Jackson, B.A.,
Hiral Mukundkumar Modi, B.D.S.,
Rohit James, B.D.S.
Jatinder Singh Jawandha, B.D.S.
Amulya Jayanty, B.D.S.
Shyam Sunder Jindal, B.D.S.
Nelishah Jiwani, B.S.,
Sean Patrick Monaghan, B.S.
Lizania Montero, B.A., M.A.,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Magna Cum Laude‡
Sean Thomas Collins,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Farah Hasan, B.D.S., HighВ Honors
Khaled Mohamed Abdelsalam Hashem,
Andrea C. Herold, B.S.,
Summa Cum Laude‡
SummaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alicia Dawn Cook, B.S., Cum Laude‡
John Joseph Costandi, B.D.S.,
HighВ Honors
Michael William Courtney Jr., B.A.,
M.A., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sarah Lyn Courtney, B.A., M.A.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Danielle Louise Culp, B.S., CumВ Laude
Savio Joseph D Cruz, B.D.S.†Andrew Danczak, B.S.
Kaushal Chandresh Desai, B.D.S.,
Salimah Dhanji, B.S., CumВ Laude
Pabina Dhawan, B.D.S.
Jaya Gumanmal Doshi, B.D.S.‡
Rushabh Jayprakash Doshi, B.D.S.
Hemasundra Reddy Duggireddy, B.D.S.
Wadie O. Dughman, B.S.,
Magna Cum Laude†Richard G. Egan III, B.A.
Marc William El Masri, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Shilpi Joshi, B.D.S.
Uros Jovovic, B.S., Cum Laude‡
Joseph Kabaklian, B.S., CumВ Laude
Shayan Kafri, B.A., CumВ Laude
Kunal Mukesh Kanani, B.D.S.
Janaki Kanti Kanzaria, B.A., CumВ Laude
Aditya Arvind Kashyap, B.D.S.
Surpreet Kaur, B.D.S., Honors‡
Mayur Kewalramani, B.D.S.‡
John Randall Keyes, B.S., CumВ Laude
Sheede Khalil Ciccarese, B.A.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Adeel Ahmad Khan, B.S., M.A.,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Adar Finkel, B.S., CumВ Laude
Margarita A. Galvez Fuentes, B.S.,
Cum Laude‡
Rachel Gandler, B.S., Cum Laude‡
Magna Cum Laude‡
Fatima Khan, B.D.S., HighВ Honors
Taimur Khan, B.S., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Deepika Khanna, B.S., CumВ Laude
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Cum Laude‡
HighВ Honors
Cum Laude‡
Angela Moon, B.A.
Joshua Craig Morrow, B.A.
Joseph H. Musselman, B.S.,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Guruprasanna Nagarajan, B.D.S.‡
Sarah Naghibi, B.A., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Saif Munther Naji, B.D.S.
Marcus L. Ngai, B.S.
Timothy Ngork, B.S., CumВ Laude
Arnold Nguyen, B.A.
Tatiana Novas, B.A., M.A., Cum Laude‡
Thomas O’Connor, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sean O’Grady, Cum Laude‡
Nina Mi Hyun Oh, B.A., CumВ Laude
Young Ju Oh, D.M.D.‡
Sybil Ann Padavathil, B.S., CumВ Laude
Mayank Pahwa, B.D.S.‡
Manjari Pamulapati, B.D.S.
Rajeev Panakanti, B.D.S.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Henry m. goldman school of dental medicine
Mike Papastamatis, B.S.
Kony Park, B.S., CumВ Laude
Mohammed Parvez, B.D.S.
Amit Patel, B.S., CumВ Laude
Amitkumar Pravinkumar Patel, B.D.S.,
Dhagash Bharatkumar Patel, B.D.S.,
Johannes N. Seywerd, B.S.‡
Kajel Shah, B.S., CumВ Laude
Kinnar Rameshchandra Shah, B.D.S.,
Kiran Kumar Tamminidi, B.D.S.
Toshar Taneja, B.D.S., High Honors‡
Jay Muruga Theva, B.A., M.A.,
Mansi J. Shah, B.A., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Rani Rajen Shah, B.S.,
Viet Tran, B.S., CumВ Laude
Malav Bakul Trivedi, B.S., Cum Laude‡
Petrushka Tuli, B.D.S., Honors
Elizabeth Tweddale Correa, B.A.
Charles Alexander Ullman, B.A.,
HighВ Honors
Magna Cum Laude‡
Jimishkumar Patel, B.D.S.
Shivani Tapan Patel, B.D.S.,
HighВ Honors
Tapan Patel, B.D.S.‡
Madhur Sudhir Patil, B.D.S.
Benjamin Pham, B.S., CumВ Laude
Jesbina Piya, B.D.S.
Naima Qureshi, B.D.S.
Darshil Bhupatbhai Ranpariya, B.D.S.
Chad E. Rebhun, B.S.,
Aliesha Lashell Shaw, B.S., Cum Laude‡
Tanuja Shekhawat, B.D.S.‡
Zheng Shi, B.M.
Rakshya Shrestha, B.D.S.
Madhav Shrirao, B.D.S.
Henry Wing Hong Shum, B.S.,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Jagdeep Sibia, B.D.S.
Aprajita Singh, B.D.S.
Priya Singh, B.A., M.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Moira Kathleen Sinnott, B.A.,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Hillary Critchlow Sivik, B.S.,
Magna Cum Laude‡
James Ryan Smith, B.A.,
Matthew Rhee, B.A., D.M.D.,
CumВ Laude
Kathleen Kane Rigden, B.S.,
Cum Laude‡
Michael Z. Rolin, B.S.
Alan Robert Rosales, B.S.‡
Kevin Ryan, B.A., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Mahesh Hiralal Sadhnani, B.D.S.,
Leyla Sahabi, B.S., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Karim Salem, D.D.S.
Gurpreet Kaur Sandhu, B.D.S., Honors
Lillelenny Santana Gutierrez, B.D.S.,
HighВ Honors
Bhumi Raghavbhai Savani, B.D.S.
Robert Logan Schmidt, B.A.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Magna Cum Laude‡
Kandis Alexis Smith, B.S., CumВ Laude
Timothy Sidney Smith, B.A.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Shikha Sohal, B.D.S.
Seung Han Song, B.S., CumВ Laude
Aida Soroori Ebadi, D.D.S.,
HighВ Honors
Soorya Srinivasan, B.D.S., High Honors‡
Boris Stein, B.S.‡
Wade Su, B.S., M.S.
Betty S. Suh, B.S., MagnaВ CumВ Laude
CumВ Laude
CumВ Laude
Kimberley Marie Ung, B.S.,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Dhwani S. Upadhyay, B.D.S., Honors
Vanessa Valdez, B.S., Cum Laude‡
Vivian Valdez, B.S., Cum Laude‡
Jay George Varghese, B.D.S.
Rani Varghese, B.D.S.
Deepthi Vasireddy, B.D.S.
Harichandana Vemireddy, B.D.S.,
High Honors‡
Lisa Vu, B.A., CumВ Laude
Puneet Wadhwa, B.D.S., Honors
Ke Wang, B.M., High Honors‡
Cory J. Williams, B.S.,
Magna Cum Laude†Fang Xia, B.M.
Eugenia You Yea Yang, Cum Laude‡
Song Yang, B.M., Honors
Wen-Chyi Ying, D.D.S., C.A.G.S.
Marita Zguri, B.A.‡
Jing Zhang, B.D.S., D.Sc.‡
Michael Yu Zhang, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Myrna Zohni, B.S.
Oral Biology
Rima J. Abdallah, D.D.S., C.A.G.S.,
Jazia Abdullah R Alblowi, B.D.S., D.Sc.,
Maha Ahmed S Bahammam, B.D.S.,
D.Sc., C.A.G.S.‡
Hesham Nouh, B.D.S.В§
Mai Fouad T Zamakhchari, D.D.S.,
D.Sc., C.A.G.S.‡
Ahmed Elmagtouf Zarrough, B.D.S.В§
Dental Public Health
Rehab Zaki H Alabduljabbar, B.D.S.
Jehan Ahmed S AlHumaid, B.D.S.‡
†Ehab Nafea M Alshouibi, B.D.S.‡
Michelle Henshaw, B.A., B.S., M.P.H.,
D.D.S., C.A.G.S.
Dalia Ebrahim Meisha, B.D.S., M.P.H.,
Operative Dentistry
Summer Farouk Khatib, B.D.S., C.A.G.S.†Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Basim Tarek S Jamal, B.D.S.‡
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
Jan N. Ortiz, D.M.D.‡
Senan Khalil Ziadeh, B.D.S., M.S.D.‡
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Henry m. goldman school of dental medicine
Mohammed Khalil Fahmi, B.D.S., C.A.G.S.†Chaimongkon Peampring, D.D.S.†DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D.)
Oral Biology
Dental Public Health
Joseli Aparecida Alves-Dunkerson,
Gary Marshall Henley, D.D.S.
Adela Agolli, B.A., D.M.D., C.A.G.S.В§
Ghyath S Alkhalil, D.M.D., D.D.S.,
Mashael E. H. A. M. A. Al-Qallaf, B.A.,
Heba M S A Al-Qatami, B.A., D.M.D.‡
Loai Abdulfattah Alsofi, D.Sc., D.D.S.‡
Yasmine Basseghi, B.S., D.M.D.,
Emanouela Dimitrova Carlson, D.D.S.‡
Jason Tyler Conn, B.S., D.M.D.В§
Usman Fazli, B.D.S., D.M.D.В§
Gabriel Antonio Fuentes Arroyo,
Samuel Gegamian, B.A., D.M.D.В§
Laila Kafi, B.A., D.M.D.В§
Rayan Kafri, D.M.D.‡
Richard John Kolanda, D.D.S.‡
Stylianos Krithinakis, D.D.S.‡
Sophia Lalani, B.E., D.M.D.‡
Richa Mehta, B.D.S., M.S.В§
Hongsheng Liu, B.D.S., M.S.D.,
Marci Mazzuca, B.S., D.M.D., C.A.G.S.В§
Michael Russo Pauk, B.S., D.M.D.В§
Laura Ann Piroutek, B.S., M.A.,
Andrew Richard Stubbs, D.M.D.‡
Kristel B. Tabet, D.M.D., C.A.G.S.‡
Bing Wan, B.A., D.M.D.В§
Yale Alexander Winestock, B.D.S.‡
General Dentistry
Selsabeel Adham, D.M.D.
Hamed Mohammed S. Alenezi, B.A.,
Alexandra Antonescu, B.S., D.M.D.В§
Hema P. Arany, D.D.S.‡
Lindsay Ashley Bruneau, B.S., D.M.D.В§
Moira K. Casey, D.M.D.В§
Justin Michael Cifuni, B.S., M.A., M.S.,
David-Meir Dano, B.D.S., D.M.D.‡
Pablo Duluc Vega, D.D.S.В§
Roxana Hashemian, D.D.S.В§
Sara Jeffrey, D.M.D.‡
Flavio A. Kottar, D.D.S.В§
Miranda Janine Lucht, B.S., D.M.D.В§
David Peltier Malouf, D.M.D.‡
Derek Charles Metzger, D.M.D.‡
Ismael Rafael Montane, M.S., D.M.D.‡
Lorenzo Mordini, D.D.S.В§
Ami Mahesh Patel, B.S., D.M.D.‡
Adam Charles Polivy, B.A., D.M.D.‡
Manal Mahmoud Abdallah Saadoun,
Babar Saleem, B.S., D.M.D.‡
Candace Sabrina Schoengold, D.M.D.В§
Jonathan Michael Shinay, B.S., D.M.D.‡
Leila Zamani, B.A., D.M.D.В§
Operative Dentistry
Ammar Ali Eshky, B.D.S.
Asma A. Ibrahim Ben Salah, B.D.S.В§
Ahmed Faraj Kaddi, B.D.S.В§
Ali Mohamad M. Ahmad Khiblil,
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Mark Leonard Jesin, D.D.S.В§
Brandon Jon Meier, D.M.D.‡
Abhishek Avinash Mogre, B.D.S.,
Mohammed Mansour A Nadershahh,
Nathan Frederick Turley, D.D.S.В§
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
Fawzi M. S. A. Al Qatami, B.A.,
Soulafa Susan Baloul, M.S.D., D.Sc.D.,
D.M.D., C.A.G.S.‡
David P. Blackburn, B.S., D.M.D., Cert.‡
Mary-Katherine Fasy, D.M.D.‡
Jasun Matthew Mahaffey, B.A., D.M.D.‡
Jan N. Ortiz, D.M.D.‡
Daniela Beatriz Toro Ramirez, D.D.S.†Senan Khalil Ziadeh, B.D.S., M.S.D.‡
Pediatric Dentistry
Eman Abduljalil I Bakhurji, B.D.S.В§
Patricia A. Benton, D.D.S.‡
Tyler Wood Davis, B.A., D.M.D.В§
Renato de Luna, B.A., D.M.D.‡
Michael C. Brown Dowling, D.M.D.‡
Amy Lee Fugate, D.M.D.В§
Jungwon Joun, D.D.S.В§
Christine Nicole Kim, D.M.D.‡
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Rene Landa, D.D.S.‡
Andre Leon Lewis, D.D.S.‡
Raffi Miller, B.S., D.M.D.‡
Michael Posada, D.D.S.‡
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Henry m. goldman school of dental medicine
Breno Rabelo Reboucas, B.D.S., D.Sc.В§
Alex K. Roh, B.S., D.M.D.‡
Talia S. Miller, B.A., D.M.D., C.A.G.S.В§
Shrenik Mukesh Shah, B.A., D.M.D.В§
Erik James Smith, D.M.D.В§
Shailaja S. Thaker, D.M.D., C.A.G.S.‡
Justin Lee VanBibber, D.M.D.В§
Rima J. Abdallah, D.D.S.
Jazia Abdullah R Alblowi, B.D.S.‡
Maryam M. A. A. AlNajdi, B.D.S.‡
Ghadir Atout-Hajhamad, D.D.S.‡
Maha Ahmed S Bahammam, B.D.S.,
Ed.M., D.Sc., C.A.G.S.‡
Gokay Goktug, B.D.S.
Robert Gyurko, D.M.D.В§
Paola Andrea Hurtado Buckley, D.Sc.,
Eleni Kanasi, D.D.S.‡
Bo Lam Kim, B.D.S.‡
Yong Soo Kim, D.D.S.‡
Wen-Tse Lin, D.D.S.В§
Enrique Daniel Muller Klein, D.M.D.‡
Zeina Nseir, D.M.D.В§
Kishore Sama, B.D.S.В§
Abdelrouf Otman Suwid, B.D.S.В§
Konstantina Thomadaki, D.M.D.В§
Georges Kamal Traboulsi, D.D.S.‡
Paul Chi-Lin Tsai, B.D.S.‡
Cynthia Yee, B.S., D.D.S.В§
Mai Fouad T Zamakhchari, D.D.S.‡
Reem Abdulelah Abualsaud, B.D.S.
Khulud Al-Aali§
Ozair Banday, B.D.S.†Dana Elena Culda, D.D.S.‡
Marium Hasan, B.D.S.В§
Waleerat Kaweevisaltrakul, D.D.S.‡
Chaimongkon Peampring, D.D.S.†Manuel Salvador Posada Orozco,
Osama Ahmed H Qutub, B.D.S.В§
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Diego Romero, D.D.S.В§
Shila Sharifi Gonzalez, B.S., D.M.D.
Andreas Skyllouriotis, D.D.S.В§
George Ding-Chun Wu, D.D.S.†Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of Hospitality Administration
Tiffany Afshani†Emely Victoria Almonte,
Alanna Mary Joyce
Deborah Minjoo Kang,
Dipali M. Patel, CumВ Laude
Samantha Denise Nicole Peia,
Brittaney Victoria Battaglino
Jessica Lorraine Boenning†Amanda Rochelle Brown
Michael Dean Butvinik§
Kasie Nicole Carbacio
Rachel Katherine Carlson
Kerry Lynn Cashman‡
Andres Raul Castello
Elyse Clara Caxide†Danya Arielle Celmaster,
Joshua David Kelsey, CumВ Laude
Kerianne Dineen Ketterer,
Jeff Pelage
Sallie Pernick
Gabriela Paloma Pineda
Olivia Josephine Prineppi,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Hilary Felicia Chalson
Joanna Gail Chan, CumВ Laude
Helen Chang‡
Carly Leialoha Rodriguez Chase‡
Jing Ya Chen, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Madison Yilian Chen
Susan Waiyee Chen, CumВ Laude
Michael Domenick Cimino
Danielle Elizabeth Clark Cole,
CumВ Laude
Merritt Elizabeth Conway, Cum Laude‡
Kathleen-Elizabeth Fitzgerald Cook†Samantha Lynn Cramer,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Raul Antonio Cueva†Magaly Dacosta-Calheiros§
Spencer Ian Davidson
Alison Claire DeBorba
Michael Anthony DiFillippo
Leslie Maria Duran, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Jill Merritt Eelman
Alexandra Lauren Erbiti, CumВ Laude
Rachel Joy Finkelstein
Jessica Eileen Foong
Alana Michele Frey
Leah Jennifer Gabel
Ross Edward Gaudet
Seth Raymond Gerber, CumВ Laude
Travis Charles Giske
Daisy Isabel Grondin
Manuel Luiz Grunenfelder, Cum Laude†Alexandra Nicole Habie
Anika Paige Havlicek
Brendan William Henne
Laura Kathryn Hennemuth,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Fallon Rebecca Hirschhorn
Hannah Kasden Hoffman
Morgan Rose Homer
Lisa Yu Wen Huang
Ziling Huang, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Shannon Marie Hudson
Eric Scott Jacobs‡
InHyang Jang
Sarah Anne Jesup§
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Eileen Yeun Kim
Rebekah Kim
Christos Kounnas
Olivia Kragen‡
Laurel Paige Kramer, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Yael Tamara Krimsky,
Summa Cum Laude†Sejin Kwag, Cum Laude†Asis Lamba
Dana M. Laustsen, CumВ Laude
I Lee
JinKyung Lee
Danielle Christina Lefebvre
Parker Braden Lieberman
Alex Liu
Ivan Lo†Katherine Anne LoFaso
Garbo Loo, Cum Laude†Tiffany Louie‡
Meghan Siew-Yee Low
Allison Marie Lynch, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
William Everett Madison
Nicoleen Alys Maldonado
Howard Benito Male, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Natalya Malysheva
Jonah Charles Mandel§
Catherine Nora Manning
David Lyle Marquis§
Laura Allison McNeill
Julio Alexander Mejia
Hillary Anderson Meyer
Michael Angelo Milano-Picardi
Claudia Mimo, CumВ Laude
Daniel John Mitro, CumВ Laude
Lauren Melissa Moger§
Nicholas Moinian
Zahra Mehmood Motiwala†Wilson Mui
Lauren Elizabeth Mulherrin,
Magna Cum Laude†Alexa Daniela Muller,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Katherine Francis Murphy
Melissa Ng Pack‡
Sarah Elizabeth Nicksa‡
Stefanie Nunic
Javier Manmohan Oberoi Correa‡
Randi Sarah Okun
Elizabeth Marie O’Leary
Corey Jonathan Padnos
Jessica Karmen Pang
Jason Michael Pappadio
Caroline Park‡
CumВ Laude
Summa Cum Laude†Daniel Queiruga, Magna Cum Laude
Michelle Margaret Rappoli‡
Veronica Alexandra Rodriguez
Nicholas Patrick Rogers
Grant Lyle Rollheiser
Jeffrey Tucker Rose
Nora Catherine Rossini
Won Shick Ryu
Deepti Sataluri
Natalie Victoria Shellito, CumВ Laude
Danah Shin
Peri Hannah Silverberg§
Luiza Maria Casimiro Smith
Hannah Rose Soboroff‡
Jonah Lyle Stella
Casey Allison Stievelman§
Mason Mercy Su, CumВ Laude
Kate S. Sullivan, CumВ Laude
Alison M. Tague‡
Jonathan Lichuan Tay
Juliana Catherine Taymor
Ryan Nicole Till, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jonathan Michael Toobi
Weichy Tsai, CumВ Laude
Amy Tseng§
David Thomas Van Meerbeke†Ariella Tabachnik Viner
Sarah Jean Vorhaus, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Kristin Cooper Wagner,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Lydia Alexis Warco, CumВ Laude
Nathan Andrew Weiner§
Jasper Paul White
Rachael Elizabeth White,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Soo Won Wie‡
Caroline Anne Wilhelm†Katherine Sarah Wilson§
Samantha A. Winnick
Carmen Yeung‡
Clara Sun Yoon
Melissa Harue Yoshimoto,
Magna Cum Laude†Elizabeth C. Yu
Glen Peter Yu
Huanjia Yu, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Carolina Priscila Zeldin
Yi Ji Zhang
Lingyun Zhao
Amine Zlaoui‡
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of Law
Lynda Joelle Abend, B.A., M.A.
Allen F. Acosta, B.A., M.L.A.
Ariana Tiffany Afshar, B.A., M.Sc.
Nana Agyeiwaa Annan, B.S.
Safa J. Ansari, B.A.
David J. Arnold, B.A., M.Ed.
Owen E. Barcala, B.S., M.E.M.
William David Becker, B.B.A.
Joshua Elliott Beldner, B.A.
Ava Marie Bessel, B.A.
Daniel L. Biller, B.A.
Laura P. Birnbaum, B.A.
James Early Bryan Bobseine, A.B.
Tabitha A. Bolden, B.A.
Michael John Bordonaro, A.B., A.M.
Andrew Patrick Borges, B.S., M.B.A.
Igor A. Bratnikov, B.Eng.
James D. Britt, B.A.
Renee Elaine-Mae Burgher, B.A.
Sonya Rose Burke, B.A.
Jessica S. Burniske, B.A.
Richard Cassidy Burson, B.S.B.A., M.S.
William Joseph Bussiere, Jr., B.A.
Darian M. Butcher, B.A.
Crystal Anne Callahan, B.B.A.
Robert F. Callahan, Jr., B.A.
Cynthia L. Caramana, B.S., M.S.
Andrea Carrillo, B.A.
Amanda N. Catalano, B.A.
Patrick C. Cento, B.A.
John M. Chambers, B.S.
Wai Carolyne Chan, B.A.
Camden Blake Chancellor, B.A.
Hsin-I Chen, B.S.
Alexis Lauren Chernow, B.A.
Kyle A. Childers, B.A.
Eunjin Choi, B.A.
Natalia Julia Cianfaglione, B.A.
Emalene M. Clark, B.A.
Robert Joseph Coniglio, A.B.
Kevin J. Conroy, B.A.
Kyle Gregory Cowser, B.A.
Benjamin R. Cox, B.A.
Jeffrey Jay Cravens, B.A., M.S.Ed.
Jacqueline Leigh Croteau, B.S.
Brian A. Daluiso, B.A., M.A.
Ami Atul DavГ©, B.A., B.S.
Celeste RenГ©e Davis, B.S., M.P.H.
Richard P. Davisson II, B.A.
Michelle M. Deldjoubar, B.A.
Robert DeLeon, B.A.
Rebecca Rose Delfiner, B.A., M.A.
Geoffrey J. Derrick, B.S.
Stephanie Dickstein, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Sc.
Christine Elizabeth Dieter, B.A., B.Mus.
Nicholas Salvatore DiLorenzo, B.S.
Caroline Edwards Dotolo, B.A.
JennyBess Dulac, B.A.
Andrew E. Dunning, B.S.
Bradley K. Eberly, B.A.
Mark S. Eisen, B.A.
Amanda Michelle Ekey, B.A.
Margalit Caroline Faden, B.A.
Thomas Faiella, B.A.
Deborah Farber-Kaiser, B.A.
Johanna Dinkins Ferguson, B.A.
Juliet Marie Fiege, B.A.
Jamie Luellyn Frank, B.A.
Stephanie L. Frank, B.A.
Alex J. Freundlich, B.A.
Caroline Goodspeed Gammill, B.A.
Jack T. Gannon, Jr., B.B.A.
Y. Aquilah S. Gantt, B.A.
Alex P. Garens, B.A.
Brendan A. Gavin, B.A., Ph.D.
Kyle Evans Gay, B.A.
Benjamin Robert Giumarra, B.S.
John Cartier Godfrey, A.B.
Ivan J. Goering, B.A.
Bailey Adam Goldberg, B.A.
John F. Gonzalez Benitez, B.A.
Adam T. Goodstone, B.A.
Mark T. Goracke, B.A.
Benjamin Daniel Greenberg, B.A.
Samuel T. Grover, B.A.
Emerich F. Gutter, A.B.
Miranda Joy Ha, B.S., M.E.
Brittany S. Hale, B.A.
David John Harris, Jr., B.S.
Timothy Nettleton Hatfield, B.A.
Mary A. Herman, B.A.
Edwin William Hinsee, B.A., M.S.
Tamiel S. Holloway, B.A.
Kelly M. Horein, B.A.
Lynn Amanda Horowitz, B.A.
Mirela Veselinova Hristova, A.B.
Elizabeth M. Hugetz, B.A.†Jessica A. Hurley, B.A.
Benedict E. Idemundia, B.A.
Regina S. Ingberman, B.S.B.A., B.A.
Sarah Mirzazadeh Javaheri, B.A.
Avalon C. Johnson, B.A.
Caitlin Alexandra Johnston, B.S.
Stephen T. Kam, B.L.A.
Schneur Z. Kass, F.R.D.
Anna Bethany Katz, B.A.
Ryan P. Kelly, B.A.
Fred E. Kemper, B.A.
Carolyn J. Kendzia, B.A.
Patrick C. Kilgore, B.S.
Robert Adam Killip, B.A.
Kathleen B. Kim, B.A.
Tae Yeon Kim, B.A., B.B.A., M.I.S.
Matthew D. Kimberlin, B.A.
Laura Beth Kirshner, B.A.
Dominik Kolodziejczyk, A.B.
Blair R. Komar, B.A.
Amber Colleen Kopp, B.A., M.S.
Nicholas Justin Korbas, B.S.
Christopher Matthew Kornak, B.A.
Namrata Kotwani, B.A.
Kevin Edward Kozlowski, B.A.
Matthew R. Kugizaki, B.S., M.S.
Yasser Kemal Kureshi, B.A.
Yuliya A. Kuzovkova, A.B., A.B.J.
Eric J. Lavin, B.A.
Jonathan Mark Lee, B.A.
Lina Lee, B.S.
Maximilian Kai-Yin Lee, B.A.
Odelia J. Lee, B.A.
So-Yeon Lee, B.S.B.A.
Andrew Harris Lehrer, B.S.
Lindsay F. Leone, A.B.
John D. Leppanen, B.A.
Jia Y. Leung, B.S.
Nicholas A. Levenhagen, B.A.
Anthony Michael Lewis, B.A.
Michael Christopher Lezaja, B.A.
Lisa Dorothy Liebherr, A.B.
David Jiri Linhart, B.S., M.E.
Paul C. Lively, B.A.
Natalie M. Logan, B.A., B.S.
Adam J. Lyke, B.A.
Woo R. Lyou, B.A.
Andriy Lytvyn, B.S.
Pamela Christine Mahle, B.S.B.A.
Chloe Major, B.A.
Peter Joseph Mancuso, B.A.
Karen June Marcus, B.A.
Blakely E. Markham, B.A.
Aaron A. Marshall, B.S.
Mathew A. Martinez, B.A.
Nicholas W. Mason, B.A.
Kaitlyn R. Maxwell, B.A.
Adam C. Mayle, B.A., M.A.
Jonathan E. McAlister, B.A.
Patrick C. McCooe, B.M.
Alison K. McKinney, B.A.
Liam McMahon, B.A.
Deanna L. Meehan, B.A., M.P.W.
Zaki E. Megeed, B.S., Ph.D.
Molly C. Merlini, B.A.
Stephanie Marie Meyer, B.A.
Marina Alexandra Miasnikova, B.A.
Brandon Jerrard Middleton-Pratt,
B.S.B.A., M.B.A.
Lisa Mikhail, B.A.
Casey Ann Milianta, B.S.
Joshua J. Miller, B.S.
Robin Nicole Miller, B.A., M.Sc.
Julia G. Mirabella, B.A.
Christopher A. Mireles, B.S.B.A., B.A.
Ramon Andres Miyar, B.A.
Alexander Henry Modell, B.S.B.A.
Valerie A. Moore, B.A.
Diana Winter Richey Myers, B.A.
Melissa Beth Nasson, B.A.
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
Katrina R. Neal, B.S.W.
Jennifer E. Neubauer, A.B.
Diana Mary Nevins, B.A.
Mark E. Nickas, B.A., Ph.D.
Jacqueline O. Nyenke, B.A.
Adamma C. Obele, B.A., M.Sc.
James A. Odell, B.A.
Julia Min Min Ong, B.A.
Elena Olga Papoulias, B.A.
Daniel Minsoo Park, B.A.
Sapna N. Patel, B.A., M.Sc.
Naveen Z. Paul, B.A., M.B.A.
Ian Knowlton Peck, B.A.
Lorraine Pereira, B.A.
Theresa A. Perkins, B.S.
Christina R. Phelan, B.S.
Jasmine D. Pierce, B.A.
Ephraim J. Pierre, B.A.
Justin M. Polk, B.A.
Kathryn S. Pollack, B.S.
Adam Chin Ponte, B.A.
Leah M. Prestamo, B.A.
Christopher Ryan Puck, B.A.
Jacob D. Pugh, B.S.
Amon Hart Purinton, B.A.
Athena A. Rapis, B.A.
Joanna Elizabeth Ray, B.A.
Francesca Rios, B.A.
Lauren Elizabeth Ripley, B.S.B.A.
Amanda Elizabeth-Lee Risch, B.S.B.A.
David E. Rod, B.A.
Cordaro H. Rodriguez, A.B.
Jenny Maria Rodriguez, B.A.
Anne N. Ross, B.A.
Elizabeth A. Rossi, B.A.
Jonathon Henry Roth, B.A., B.B.A.
Christoph Paul Rupprecht, A.B.
Jessica Alana Sanchez, B.A.
Jarrod L. Schaeffer, A.B.
Katharine Lee Schanz, B.A.
Jonathan I. Schreiber, B.A.
Matthew A. Schultz, B.A.
Michael J. Sears, B.S., B.A.
Paul D. Shapiro, B.A.
Matthew Shayefar, B.A., B.S., M.S.
Meredith Paige Shih, B.A.
Orly Shoham, B.A., M.A.
Artem V. Shtatnov, B.S.
Aleksey Shtivelman, B.S.
Peter R. Shults, B.A.
Ashley Elizabeth Siegel, B.A.
Audrey C. Siegel, B.A.
Margaret A. Siegel, B.S.
Clayton W. Skinner, B.S.
David T. Skinner, B.A.
Christopher James Smith, B.A.
Molly Rebecca Soiffer, B.A.
Joshua Adam Stafman, B.S.B.A., M.Acc.
Victoria Marie Starrett, B.A.
Matthew M. Stayman, B.A.
Joel Douglas Steward, B.A.†Daniel F. Suraci, B.A.
Maura Jennie Tansley, B.A.
Marianne J. Tassone, B.A.
Samuel L. Taylor, B.A.
Julia K. Tebor, B.A.
Tara M. Thomas, B.A.
Kyle L. Thomson, B.A., M.P.H.
Christopher Tom, B.A.
Adam Linus Toporoff, B.A.
Angelo R. Trivisonno, B.S.Eng.
Marissa Renee Urban, B.A.
Hallie Marin Van Duren, A.B.
Gabriela Marina Ventura Gonzales,
B.A., M.P.P.
Elizabeth Mifflin Verney, B.A.
Kristen Verrastro, B.A., B.A.
Hao Wang, B.S.
Julie Tong-Ting Wang, B.B.A., M.Acc.
Matthew E. M. Waters, B.A., M.A.
Brittany Lauren Webster, A.B.
Zachary A. Weinman, B.A., M.F.A.
Matthew J. Welch, B.A.
Meghan Brid Welteroth, B.A.
Kristen Ebbe Wheeler, A.B.
Evan Matthew Wisser, B.A.
Sarah Alexandra Wolf-Boyd, B.A.
Joshua M. Wolk, B.A.
Nathaniel J. Wonderly, B.A.
Henry Blake Wong, B.S.E.E.
Sirui Sherry Xia, B.S.
Richard F. Xu, B.S.
Victor T. Xu, B.A.
Marissa R. Zator, B.S.
Ke Zhang, LL.B., LL.M.
Veronica H. Zhang, B.A.
Shudan Zhou, B.A., M.A.
Thea B. Zimnicki, B.S., B.A.
Joel E. Zoch, B.A.
Ido Amidi, LL.B.
Sunghee An, LL.B.
Asha S. Anand, LL.B.
Gary P. Bagnall, LL.B., Ph.D.
Fabian Sebastian Behrens, LL.B.
Yoab Abraham Bitran Hasson, LL.B.
Laura Vera Julie Blondel, Licence
Hannah Rachel Eveliane CauhГ©pГ©,
Licence, MaГ®trise, MaГ®trise
Shao-Teng Chang, LL.B., LL.M.
Dooho Choi, LL.B.
Carrie L. Cook, LL.B.
Chungang Dong, B.A., LL.M.
Andrea Claire Dufaure, Licence
Sarah Juliane Fegert, First State Exam,
Second State Exam
Francisco Jose Fernandez Rostello,
Wanye Fu, LL.B.
Soleine Linh Gautier, Licence
Francesca Danielle Gibbs, LL.B.
Ekaterina Grechka, Lawyer
Andreas Gritsch, First State Exam,
Second State Exam
Jeeyeon Han, B.Pharm., M.S., LL.B.
Junko Hatomi, LL.B.
Dana Michelle Hunte, B.A., Diploma
Tomoko Iwasa, LL.B.
Dana Junger Gutman, B.A., LL.B.
Takeshi Kamazawa, LL.B.
Christos Symeon Kapsalas, LL.B.
Abdul Rauf Karimi, B.A.†Simon Alexander Karlin, First State
Atsuko Koga, LL.B.
Kalyani Kulkarni, LL.B.
Shusuke Kuwabara, LL.B.
Qingyang Li, LL.B.
Xiafan Li, LL.B.
Daniele Maria Longo, Laurea
Elham Marzouk, Licence, MaГ®trise,
MaГ®trise, MaГ®trise, MaГ®trise
Yuiko Matsumura, LL.B.†Desislava Stefanova Mihaylova, LL.M.
Kyong Nam Moon, B.S., LL.B.
Maryam Naghavi, Licence, MaГ®trise
Jaspreet Kaur Narang, LL.B.
Vu Ngoc Anh Ngo, First State Exam,
Marvin Kwaku Nimoh, First State
Exam†Fernanda Susana Novoa Tonda, B.S.
Max Wilhelm Oehm, First State Exam
Yi Peng, LL.B., LL.M.
Diego Perez Ara, Abogado
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Galina Svetoslavova Petkova, LL.M.
Pauline Camille Rampazzo, Licence,
Elias Resinger, Magister iuris
Pradujduan Sirion, LL.B., LL.M.
Michele Slizza Marchisio, Laurea
Magistrale, Laurea Specialistica
Maria Slobodchikova, Lawyer, LL.M.
Jung-Won Sung, B.S., LL.B.
Aurore Tonnellier, B.A., MaГ®trise,
Juan Carlos TristГЎn RodrГ­guez, LL.B.
Manuela Uribe EchavarrГ­a, LL.B.
Takashi Usui, LL.B.
Maurits Joost van Buren, LL.B., LL.M.
Ivethe Clarissa Vega Ruiz, LL.B.
Solange Villarroel Riquelme, LL.B.
Kayoko Wadayama, LL.B.
Kai Wang, LL.B.
Yiping Wang, LL.B.
Megumi Watanabe, LL.B., LL.M.†Kaewta Winyoopradist, LL.B.
Minye Wu, LL.B.
Luyang Xing, LL.B., LL.M.
Shiyuan Xu, LL.B., M.S.
Inhong Yeo, B.S.†Jingyi Yuan, LL.B.
Bo Zhu, LL.B.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Temisan Agbeyegbe, B.A., J.D.†Ainur Akhmetova, B.A., LL.B.
Malak Mohammed A Alnamy, LL.B.
Emanuel Alves, B.A., J.D.
Agustin Ignacio Andrade Reveron,
LL.B., LL.M.
Lina Bagautdinova, Diploma
Sona Baghdasaryan, Licence en Droit,
Mastere en Droit
Christoph Emanuel Baumann, Licentiate
Gabriel Rodolfo Bizama, LL.B.
Anastasia Bobyleva, Diploma
Cecilia Lorainne Bueso Matheu, LL.B.
Gong Cheng, LL.B.
Wing Cheng, B.A., J.D.
Cristhian Mauricio Cruz Gonzalez,
Abogado, Specialist, Specialist
Maria Eugenia Delgado R, Abogada†Roberta S. R. B. Demange, Bacharel em
Matar Diouf, B.S., M.S., J.D.
Gena Rose Dirani, B.A., J.D.
Diane Mounir Doumit, LL.B.
Duong Quynh Nga, LL.B.
Scott Christopher Durocher, B.A., J.D.
Devin Aaron Ehrig, B.A., J.D.
Maria Lucia Fernandez, Abogada
Takehiro Fujita, LL.B.
Sudhanshu Goil, LL.B.
Jose Benoit Gonzalez Brown, Licenciado
en Derecho, Specialist
Yue Han, LL.B.†Mauricio Javier Herdocia Icaza,
Licenciado en Derecho
Daniela HernГЎndez Roa, Licenciada en
Yini Hou, LL.B.
Jun Jinushi, LL.B.†Kelina Kantzou, LL.B.
Nimaldeep Kaur, LL.B.
Aleksandr Khachaturyan, Licence en
Droit, Mastere en Droit
Princess Emefa Afua Kludjeson, B.A.,
B.S., J.D.†Evanthia Koutsioumpa, LL.B., LL.M.
Yasushi Kumashiro, LL.B., LL.M.
Yuqi Li, LL.B.
Pei-Yi Liu, LL.B.
Johnaida Llantin, B.S., J.D.
Hsiao-Fan Lu, LL.B.
Xiangpeng Meng, LL.B.
Patrick Francois Michod, Licentiate Iuris
Juan Andres Morales Santaella,
Abogado†Eduardo Oliveira Martins Pachi,
Bacharel em Direito
Ayse Tugba Ozkarsligil, LL.B.†Wendy Xiaowen Pan, B.Com., LL.B.
Pranisa Panurach, LL.B.
Pavel L. Paromov, LL.B., LL.M.
Arun Abraham Paul, M.A., LL.B.†Carlos Jose Paulino Gaton, B.S.B.A.,
Licenciado en Derecho
Tigran Piruzyan, LL.B., LL.M.†Laura Fernanda Ramos Parra,
Licenciada en Derecho
Kristin Anne Seltman, B.A., J.D.‡
Jiexin Shi, LL.B.
Siriya Sirithienthong, LL.B., LL.M.†Joel Douglas Steward, B.A., J.D.
Neela Rekha Swaminathan, B.A., J.D.
Koh Ueda, LL.B.
Elizabeth Louise Unger, B.A., J.D.
Xinyi Wang, LL.B.
Nipapat Wongwatthanadej, LL.B.,
Juan Yang, B.A., LL.B.
Zaure Yespayeva, LL.B.
Yueer Yu, LL.B.
Liangmin Zhang, LL.B.
Yan Zhou, LL.B.
Weiyi Zhu, LL.B.
Albert Singson Alday, B.A., LL.B.,
Ph.D.†Jeffrey Scott Gitto, B.A., J.D.†Thomas Schubert, Mag.iur.†Marini Sulaeman, S.H., M.H.†MASTER OF LAWS IN TAXATION (LL.M.)
Emma Rose Armstrong-Blanchard,
B.S.B.A., J.D.
Jonathan Peter Ash, B.S., J.D.
Beata Bala, M.S. in Law
Kelly A. Bennett, B.A., J.D.
Elephteria V. Boutalis, B.S.B.A., J.D.
Thomas Earl Crice, B.S., J.D.
Sara Goldman Curley, B.A., J.D.
Jason Thomas Della Sala, B.A., J.D.
Matthew Richard Deutsch, B.A., B.A.,
J.D.†Sean T. Donovan, B.A., J.D.
Ryan J. Dugan, B.A., J.D.
Alfred E. Fargione, B.S., J.D.
Thomas B. Ferrante, B.A., M.B.A., J.D.†Marten Wallace Finlator, B.A., M.S.,
Anna Marie Finney, B.S., J.D.
Ryan B. Ghazey, B.S., J.D.
Alyssa Brinn Graham, B.A., J.D.
Robert C. Guth, B.A., J.D.
Marina Heindel Gouvea de Miranda,
Peter Caldwell Herbst Jr., B.S., J.D.
Nicole A. Hostettler, B.A., J.D.†Kathryn Sue Howery, B.A., J.D.†Amaan Husain, B.A., J.D.
Richard Paul Illiano, B.A., J.D.
Derrick Philip Ireland, B.S., J.D.†Yakun Li, B.A., J.D.
Bradford Nicholas Lombardi, B.A., J.D.
Lisa Marie Mahlum, B.A., J.D.
Harper R. Marshall, B.A., J.D.†Elaine Ann Martel, S.B., M.B.A., J.D.
Michael Daniel Molloy, B.A., J.D.
David Barry Murphy, B.A., J.D.†Joel Monteith Nolan, B. Music, M.S.,
J.D.†Evan Jane Norton, B.A., M.B.A., J.D.
Chukwuka Ochieze, LL.B., LL.M.
David Ari Packman, B.A., J.D.
Mary Clements Pajak, A.L.B., J.D.†Michelle Renee Phillips, B.A., J.D.
Christopher Lee Pope, B.S.B.A., J.D.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Sharon Holland Purtill, B.A., J.D.
Roberta Scarpato, Laurea Magistrale in
Vitor Anunciatto Serafim, LL.B.†Aaron L. Shapira, B.S.B.A., J.D.
Andrea Renee Shapiro, B.S., J.D.
Jung Kwang Song, LL.B., J.D.
Kyle Michael Stewart, B.S., J.D.
Ryan Christopher Tassin, B.A., J.D.
Joseph Thogo, LL.B.
Jonathan Tigeri, B.A., J.D.
Juan David Velasco Kerguelen, J.D.,
Carollynn J. Ward, B.S., J.D.
Rachel Marie Wassel, B.A., J.D.
Geoffrey Christopher Westbrook, B.A.,
Anne Chiu Yip, B.A., J.D.
Gina Ji-Yeon Yu, B.A., J.D.
Summer B. Zeh, B.A., J.D.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of Management
KENNETH W. FREEMAN, Allen Questrom Professor and Dean
Michelle Lindsay Ackerman, CumВ Laude
Steven Adam, Magna Cum Laude†Desmond James Adams,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Keshav Agnihotri
Victor Ahluwalia
Abraham Ahn
Soun Hee Ahn†Salomon Nachshon Aiach
Thomas Benjamin Alberini
David Michael Alessi II, CumВ Laude
Aziz Bandar Alharbi
Evana Amaya
Olivia Liebling Amchin,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Michael Gerard Anastassiou
Kristyn Fitzgerald Anderson
Richard Carl Anderson
Michael Anwarzadeh
Michelle Etsuko Arawwawela,
CumВ Laude
Craig Evan Arnoff
Raja Thangamuthu Arumugam
Shadi Ashouri
Aamir Ashraf, CumВ Laude
Arisa Aswanichakorn‡
Alexander Steven Au
Altug Aynur
Tenessa Helene Azar
SeungEun Baek, MagnaВ CumВ Laude**
Kaminie Devita Balkaran
Monica Kathleen Ball
Matthew Robert Ballew, CumВ Laude
Matthew J. Bang
Arjun Bansal§
Miguel Jose Baquero Bogaert§
Mariano Antonio Barrera
Amelia Parisa Barros,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Kaylee Anne Bates
Michael Denimir I. Baysa
Corey Robert Beck
Rey G. Bello
Stepan Maksimovich Belov
Laurel Lee Bennis
María Elena Benshimol Bello‡
Lisa Nicole Bensinger
Nathan Thomas Bernard
Andrew Philip Bernstein,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Shalin H. Bhanderi, CumВ Laude
Sarah Elizabeth Bird, CumВ Laude
Zachary Eric Birenbaum
Benjamin Marie-David Biscarrat
Alexandria Marie Bleecker
Amy Michelle Bochner
Christine Astley Bolton§
Florent Gregory Bonin
Jordan Hana Borkan
Richardson Bosquet†Kasey Deanna Boucher, Cum Laude
John Bourous, CumВ Laude
Maria Rita Boustany
Lauren Marie Box, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Christine Marie Boyd
Mary Ann Julia Boyd
Erica Nicole Brady†Leon Brener-Hellmund
Jordan Gregory Brown
Lauren Reed Bryant
Katrina Ella Bucu
Vuong Bui
Pearl Berta Rae Burkham, CumВ Laude
Alyssa Marie Callahan,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Nicholas Richard Canova,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Yuan Cao, Magna Cum Laude‡
Kali Elizabeth Cardoza†Melanie Mary Carr
Craig Michael Carroll, CumВ Laude
Anika Catherine Cassel-Feiss,
CumВ Laude
James Francis Caufield
Ashley Willoe Causey‡
Evan Thomas Cavanaugh
Alessandro Lino Cetera
Jennifer Chammas, CumВ Laude
Mark Kevin Chandoo
Chun Ying Chang
Thanawadee Charoenchitmun
Achal Kumar Chauhan
Hanson Chen, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Hui-Chun Chen‡
Kaiyue Chen, CumВ Laude
Steve Xinyu Chen, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Hei Sin Cheng
Lu Cheng, CumВ Laude
Peng Cheng, CumВ Laude*
Jessica Wendi Cheung
Samantha Courtney Cheung
Tyrone Cheung, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Brian Lee Chin
Lucca Belle Chin, CumВ Laude
Shi-Hua Chin
Jessica Lynn Chiulli
Hyun Joon Cho†Jae Hyeon Cho‡
Katrina Cho
Nam Hee Cho, CumВ Laude
Joo Hee Choi
Stephanie S. Choi
Ashish Chopra, Magna Cum Laude*†Ankit Choudhary
Shihab Uddin Chowdhury
Judy Sung Choy
Choi Chun Marco Chu§
Michelle Chu
King Ho Steven Chung†James Christopher Cicalo
Ariana Cohen
Timothy R. Compernolle
Jonathan Andrew Concepcion
Bryan Michael Connelly,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jonathan Marcus Cooper
Mitchell Eric Cooper
Julianne Louise Corbin, CumВ Laude
Stephanie Corral
Margaret Christine Costello,
CumВ Laude*
Myriam Eva Sally Coulibaly
John William Cox
William James Mountain Cox,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Rachel Katharine Cram†Samantha Lynn Cramer,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Jordan Benjamin Crames
Michael G. Cruz
Severine Laura Cukierman§
Julia Clare Cullerton
Michael Paul Curtin
Jonathan Michael Dagle
Alexandria Isabelle D’Agostino
NicolГЎs DarrГ©
Anik Das
Shailee Divyang Dave
Sam W. Davidson
Jonathan Henry Davis, Cum Laude§
John J. DeFelice
Angela Catherine DeFranco, CumВ Laude
Ethan James DeLano,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Rose Mary DeMarco, CumВ Laude
Daniel Brett De Orchis, CumВ Laude
Emily Chaves De Revere, CumВ Laude
Gregory Louis DeSocio,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Meghan Elisabeth Devereux
Gabriel Gershon Deverman,
Summa Cum Laude†Davesh Vipul Dharia
Devika Dhawan
Hilary Rose DiSilvio
Samy Dolah, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Daniel John Donohue
Natalya Mikhailovna Dorokhina,
CumВ Laude
Ryan William Dowd
Logan Daniel Duarte
William Gray Dunlap, Cum Laude*‡
William Joseph Dunn, Cum Laude†Blair Portmann Eckelberg
Drew R. Egan, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Neal Alan Eisler
Nicholas Isaac Elias
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
*School Honors Program
*Beta Gamma Sigma Society inductee  †January 2012 graduate   ‡September 2011 graduate  §Tentative September 2012 graduate
Jessica Erlikh, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Anthony James Errico§
Alexandra Catalina Escobar Lopez‡
Ashley Starr Fabrikant
Wei (Katie) Fang, CumВ Laude
Rebecca Lee Farmer, CumВ Laude*
Kayvon Farshbaf†John M. Featherston
Danielle Finn
Phillip Fischer§
Samantha Rose Flaxman
Martijn Joseph Hubertus Fleuren,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Whitney Tenaya Fraleigh
Daniel Michael Freedman, CumВ Laude
Kelsey Danielle Allen Fyfe
Estefania Gallego
Mary Roseanne Enriquez Gameng
Jennifer Anne Erin Gardner,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Nitin Garg†James Patrick Garvey
Travis Robert Gentile
James Glenn Getonga
William Joseph Gilbert,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Genevieve Dawn Gilroy,
Magna Cum Laude*‡
Garima Giri, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Taryn Alexandra Glenn
Daniel Gnecco
Hazal Gokmen, Cum Laude§
Laura Elaine Goldsticker§
Michael Golen, SummaВ CumВ Laude**
Yelena Goncharik
Christine Cuenca Gonzales,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ashita Gopal
Chelsea Leigh Gosnell
Patrick William Goss
Alexander William Green
Matthew James Griffin
Evan G. Gross, CumВ Laude
Vladimir Groysman,
SummaВ CumВ Laude**
Christopher Alabado Gultiano
Zachary Charles Gumbardo
Manuel Hadjibay, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Sang Woo Hahn‡
Ryan J. Hall, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Craig Kendall Hallock
Jehan Hassan Hamedi,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
David Han§
Siyang Han
Thomas John Hanes,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude**
Joshua Harounian
Lindsay Michelle Harrington
Evan Ross Hasson
Ian Willis Hatfield
Alexandra Rae Hatton
Katherine Anne Haubrich
Dennis Nicolai Hauser,
Magna Cum Laude§
Riho Hayashi
Kang Sheng He, CumВ Laude
Ezekiel Paul Hecker
Jesse Ryan Hertz†Drew D. Hesketh‡
*School Honors Program
Rizky Rachmat Hidayat, Cum Laude†Justin Gregory Hill
Ingo Hillenbrand§
Paul Stephen Hlatky
Steven Kuan Ju Ho
Justin Brett Hochhauser, CumВ Laude
Christian Mark Hoechst
Haley Eileen Hoffdahl
Jamie Hom, CumВ Laude
Lauren Tui-Ming Hom, CumВ Laude
Jesse Hou, Summa Cum Laude**†Alyssa Michelle Howes
Chun Han Elizabeth Hsu
Sharon Emily Hsu
Ke Hu, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Carmen Huang
Erica Huang
Ta-Wei Huang
Yu Huang
Willemijn Laurine Huizing,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Annie Hung
Marc William Hurdle
Daulet Muratovich Imankulov‡
Travis Alexander Inwald
Larry Ip†Nathan Tsun Wah Ip, Cum Laude
Leigh Ellwood Irving, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alexa Lindsay Ischia
Ozer Isik‡
Vadim Ivanov‡
Evan Izquierdo‡
Michael Norman Jablow
Abdulghani Hamid Jabr§
John Hanus Jacobsen,
Summa Cum Laude*‡
Vivian Janeo
Santiago Jaramillo Sfeir
Alejandro Enrique Jattin Celedon
Jordan Harry Jemison
Fengyi Jin
Raziq-Omar Jivani
Paul Edward Johnson†Danyelle Jones
Stephen Gregory Jordan Jr.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Kelly Rose Joyce
Thomas Joseph Jump Jr., CumВ Laude
Edwin S. Jung
Ian Kachadorian
Benjamin Kalmanowicz,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Zara Kamal
Christ Nicholas Kamberos†Suraj Subhash Kaneria
Yejee Kang†Chih-Yi Kao
Eldar Karymsakov
Jamie Lynne Kasabian‡
Michael Robert McCann Kates
Keshav Kaul
Daniella Rose Kaye, Magna Cum Laude†Ryan Brett Kaye
Yonathan Eyob Kebede‡
David Joseph Hopkins Kennedy†Mark Addison Kermath, Cum Laude
Hitesh Kewlani, Cum Laude*†Tanay Khandelwal†Varun Khetawat
Sean Shahriar Kia
*Beta Gamma Sigma Society inductee
January 2012 graduate
Kwan Kim§
Min Ku Kim
Seung Hwan Kim
Evan Todd Klein
Katie Elizabeth Kocourek,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Brett Jason Kohan
Brian Robert Koller
Gianna Rae Korpita
Karishma Kothari
Alex Vladimir Kotlar
Liri Kovalski, Magna Cum Laude‡
Thomas Koziel
Svyatoslav Kruzement-Prykhodko,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Tessa Ku, Cum Laude†Barry C. Kulig
Saurab Kumar
Vidhi Kumar, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Chin-Yi Kuo
Christopher Daniel Kuster, CumВ Laude
Linda Kusumo, Magna Cum Laude†Melissa Mary Kuzoian, Cum Laude†Bonnie Kwan, Magna Cum Laude
Alexander Kwok
Chak-Yan Lai
Andrew Yongfu Lam, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Patrick Lam
Mary E. Lane, CumВ Laude
Heather Elizabeth Lations,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lai Chuen Lau
Christopher William Laucks
Peter James Lauria†David P. Lavieri, Summa Cum Laude*†Quang Thanh Le§
Sara Beth Lederman§
Chan Sug Lee
Dong Gil Lee§
Han Ol Lee‡
Jun Oh Lee
Kellie Hana Lee
Pada Seth Lee
Polai Lee, Summa Cum Laude*‡
Rebecca Young Lee
Victoria Y. Lee, Summa Cum Laude*†Michelle Ann Leung
Nicholas Sai-Gat Leung
Merrick Levy
Paul Lanier Lewis
Annie Li, CumВ Laude
David Li§
Fangwen Wen Li, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Hua Li, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Julia Yan Li
Jun Li
Sijia Cynthia Li, CumВ Laude
Xinyu Rebecca Li, CumВ Laude
Yichao Y. Li
Joshua Li-Jin, CumВ Laude
Stanley E. Likver, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Charles Sen Lin
Denise Lin
Elaine Lin
Vincent Lin§
Rachel Soong-En Liou
Jurgen Martin Lippert
Aleeza Erin Liu, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Yee Hang Liu
Sandy Weimon Lok, CumВ Laude
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Albert Chi-Ping Loong,
Joseph Patrick Nangle,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Michael Alexander Lopez, CumВ Laude
Sarah Katherine Lopez
Jairo Enrique Loranca
Connie Lu, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Stephanie Lu
Giang Thi Luc
Madelyn Patricia Luczycki, CumВ Laude
Surbi Luhadia
Annalyn Glenn Lui Kuo
Stephanie Anne Lui Qing Ning,
CumВ Laude
Clara Luo
Stephanie Elizabeth Lyons, CumВ Laude
Carrie Ma, CumВ Laude
Charles Chunchen Ma,
Summa Cum Laude**†Lian Lian Ma, Magna Cum Laude
Paula Elizabeth Macdonald, CumВ Laude
Cameron Iain Macfarlane
Brian John Mache
Jung Min Maeng†Justin Timothy Maes
Lyndsay Jill Maggin, Cum Laude†Shubha Mahawar, Cum Laude
Howard Benito Male,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Maria V. Malinina
William David Mancia
Justin William Mann
Michael P. Mark
Morgan Lewis Marquis
Michael Joseph Martinez
Michael Keith Martino
Konstantine Mastroianni
Cristina Mata
Marie Antoinette Solis Matschuck
Katharine Emily Mau‡
Nicholas Carl Maugeri, CumВ Laude
Alexandra Marie Mauro
Teresa Mary Mccahill,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
William McColl VI
Erin Elizabeth Mcgettigan
Eilis Anne Meagher, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Hendrik Meelak, CumВ Laude
Peter McGowan Mehlert
Vaishakhi Parag Mehta§
Jessica Lynn Meisel,
SummaВ CumВ Laude**
Rishi Mahesh Melwani
Matthew Chase Messer
Stephanie Mirsky, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Edmond Mishaan Cohen
Karan Misra
Robert Jacob Mitchell
Meikel Marlon Mokry,
Summa Cum Laude*†Matthew C. Monarch
Sebastian Mueller†Ani Mary Mujukian‡
Leslie Lloyd Mullings Jr.
Shiela Murali, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Hye Young Na
Akhil Anil Naheta
Keerthi Naidu
Aravind Ramachandran Nair,
Cum Laude‡
*School Honors Program
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Wing Sum Ng, SummaВ CumВ Laude**
Sean D. Nguyen, Cum Laude§
Nguyen Duc Tri
Ellen Nikonova, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Alexander Nisenzon
Rachel S. Nizhnikov†Christine Elizabeth Norman,
SummaВ CumВ Laude**
Sarah Jeewon Oh
Shirley May Okiyama
Zhiperng Ooi, Summa Cum Laude‡
Steven P. Oranges
Aigerim Orazbekova
Cameron Joseph Orcutt
Falko Sebastian Orsinger,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Ifeoma Linda Ottah, CumВ Laude
Nicholas T. Pacifico
Timothy Pak
Bryce Randall Palmer
Loredana Pamfile‡
Stephanie Yalan Pan
Ethan James Panek, CumВ Laude
Jessica Karmen Pang
Robin Brianne Panish
Lissandra Elena Paredes
Emily Athena Parise, Magna Cum Laude†Devon MacKenzie Park
Inwoo Park
Matthew Joseph Parlengas, CumВ Laude
Alexandra Georgiana Pascu,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Arielle Nicole Patack
Akshar Bhaskar Patel, CumВ Laude
Dipali M. Patel
Nipun Rajni Patel, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Prutha J. Patel, Magna Cum Laude§
Radhika Vijay Patel, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Roma Dilip Patel
Ronak Kanubhai Patel
Eric Francis Peck†Xholion Pelari
Craig Leo Pelletier
Andrew Evan Penner
Stephanie Rose Pepper
Matthew Gabriel Pereira§
Ryan Ethan Pesch
Ryan P. Peterson, Summa Cum Laude*†Katherine Marie Petrozzi,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
David Brian Petrullo§
Karen Pham, CumВ Laude
Jennifer May Philippou, CumВ Laude
Drew J. Phillips§
Florencia Piccinini
Sara Elizabeth Pishock, Cum Laude†Alexander Victorovich Pobednov
Katarina Polacikova,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Michael Thomas Powers,
Magna Cum Laude†Dwi Pratiwi Prayoga‡
Leigh Fallon Pressman†Yanjun Qiu
Daniel Queiruga, CumВ Laude
Tara Raam, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Adam Russell Rafalowicz‡
*Beta Gamma Sigma Society inductee
January 2012 graduate
Juhin Rafiq Rajani
Cristina Ramirez
Philip Andrew Ramos
Timothy D. Ramos
Sasitharan Ranjan‡
Robert Andrew Rappa
Andrei Razov, SummaВ CumВ Laude**
Xiangfei Ren, CumВ Laude
Kathryn Elizabeth Rhine,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Sean Doron Rimokh
Gabriel A. Rivas Jr.
Leah Sonia Rizkallah,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Riley Stephenson Roberts, CumВ Laude
Stephanie M. Rodriguez
Amanda Elizabeth Rogers,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Flavia Romani‡
Caitlin Breann Rose
Ashley Lynn Rosenkranz
Rodney Adam Roth§
David Rothenbucher
Javier Ruiz-Galindo, Jr., CumВ Laude
Samuel Haskiel Ruk, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Amar Manoj Ruparelia
Ethan Waterman Sales, CumВ Laude
Samantha D’Alessandro Salles
Ashni Arvind Sanghvi
Luiza De Nadai Santos,
SummaВ CumВ Laude**
Raymond Lee Santoso†Eliran Sapir§
Jessica Frances Sardo, CumВ Laude*
Nicole Katherine Saunders§
Christine Marie Schena
Daniel Irving Schiffer
Ramie Larisa Schneider
Colin Matthew Scully, CumВ Laude
Samantha Pearl Secor
Michael Joseph Segalowitz§
Andrea Marie Sentovich
Sonali Setia
Sneha Sett
Aashita Prakash Shah
Ankeet Hasmukh Shah
Nirali Mahesh Shah
Simoni Shah
James Thomas Shalhoub
Erica Faye Shapiro
John Stephen Sharkey
Divita Sharma
Jenna Sharma†Puja Nilesh Shastri
Zachary Jonathan Shechtel,
Magna Cum Laude†Saqib Mohammed Saleem Sheikh
Shareen Ivana Shelton, CumВ Laude
Anna Shen
Katherin Shevchenko
Ericson Shi, CumВ Laude
Mina Ming Shi, CumВ Laude
Kiley Ann Shianna, Magna Cum Laude‡
Dong Won Shin, CumВ Laude
Saman Shooshani, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Ariel Ethan-Michael Short,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Matea Joana Shosho†Tan Shu, Cum Laude
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Vito Rocco Siciliano†Fernando Sierra Lippmann†Maxwell Lee Silva
Jaime Lynne Silverstein
Rebecca Ann Simoff, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Taylor John Simpson
Nicholas John Sinatra,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Amit Singh, CumВ Laude
Chitwanjot Singh
Jai Singhania‡
Stella Hoyun Sitt
Adam Paul Skierkiewicz-Chovan,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Alexandra Slender§
Benjamin Curtiss Smith
Ming Wai Viola So
Stephanie Lynn Soder
Rishub Solan, Magna Cum Laude‡
Andrew Ross Solarz
Andrew Joseph Somma
Benjamin Gordon Sommer
Jin Young Son, CumВ Laude
Min Jung Son‡
Alexander Gregory Spanos
Kevin Andrew Spector
Erich William Staib, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Timothy Doyle Staino
Zachary James Stearns, CumВ Laude
Stephanie Rae Stein
Madeline Anne Steiner, CumВ Laude
Sheng-Min Su§
Kate S. Sullivan
Michael David Sullivan,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
I-Kwan I. Sun
Panchalee Suriyaprapadilok†Elizabeth Anne Swahn,
Summa Cum Laude**†Andrew David Swank, Cum Laude
Dylan J. Sweeney
Lionel Loic Talon§
Riddhi Talreja§
Lance Martin Lu Tan
Jesse Elizabeth Tan-Alper
Hor Wei Adam Tang†Jiahua Tang
Christopher James Tantoco†Ryan James Taylor‡
John G. Teltsch III, MagnaВ CumВ Laude**
Diana Teng, CumВ Laude
Rachel Elizabeth Teplitsky
Nisharagi Kantibhai Thakkar
Kathryn Anya Thal
Ashley Rae Theodore‡
Stephanie Leigh Thierer
Dyana Elisse Thurston§
Mohamed Taisir Mohamed Tomalieh
Junyong Tong, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Stefan Toubia
Nhat-Khanh Kim Truong
Weichy Tsai
Samantha Lok-Yan Tsui
Melanie Ginn Tuazon
Shannon Elizabeth Twomey‡
Nicholas J. Tymeck, CumВ Laude
Jumpei Uchida
John Robert Uchill, MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Bharat Vaitla, CumВ Laude
Michiel Armando Van Gellekom
Kimrey Ann Van Perre,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Robert William Vatter
Carlos Javier Vazquez
Alena Vecerova, CumВ Laude
Kimberly Hope Vega
Max Glicksman Veggeberg†Edison Thai Trung Vo
Max Jacob Vogel
Danielle Astrid Volman, CumВ Laude
Fredric Emory von Stange
Junjun Wang
Po Yuan Wang
Shimeng (Cathy) Wang,
SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Shuya Wang‡
Yi Wang
Eric Angelo Weiss
Erin Michel Wildman,
Shawn Cadette Winslow
Alexander T. Wolman
Anson Man Ho Wong§
Timothy Ting-Fai Wong†Ashley Modiano Woychowski,
CumВ Laude
Nicholas Foley Wozniak
Joshua Lee Wright, CumВ Laude
Sarah Janie Wright
Meng Wu§
Justin Jason Wu Chang§
Xiaojing Xia, CumВ Laude
Hongming Xu, SummaВ CumВ Laude*
Jing Xu, Cum Laude§
Michael Yahudaii
Di Yang
Jason Yih
Collin Chun Yin Yip
Man Ho Brian Yip
Tina Ting Chi Yip
Daniel Hahrim Yoo§
Tony Seungwoon Youm
Nicole Mary Yu, CumВ Laude*
Raymond Yu, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Megan Y. Yung, CumВ Laude
Victor Zaborowski
Michelle Marie Zaniboni,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
James Elliott Zar
Allysa Hope Zemke
Menglin Zhang
ZinMin Zhang
Yingjun Zhou, Magna Cum Laude†Haosi Zhu
Shaopeng Zhu, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Emily Zhukovsky, Magna Cum Laude§
Militza Nikolova Zikatanova,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude*
Khin Mee Mee Zin, Cum Laude†Rebecca Leigh Zulch
Dominik Zunkovic‡
Natalie Ellen Zurawin
Brent O. Zwirn
Magna Cum Laude†Graduate School of Management
Hythem Mohamed Abdelaziz Abde,
Alexander Abdou‡
Renzo M. Aida, B.S.
Firoza Akhter, B.S., High Honors†Matthew James Allen, B.A., Honors
Dane Bradley Aloe, B.B.A.В§
Eric Clinton Amstutz, B.A.‡
Steven Patrick Annen, B.A.‡
Alison Hirsch Annese, HighВ Honors
Carlos Arellano Quintana, M.D.
Domenic K. Armano, B.S.Eng.
Daniel Asmar, B.S.B.A.
Tejas Vijay Atawane, B.E.
Naziha Bagui, B.A.B.A.
Nima Bahrehdar, B.E.
*School Honors Program
Patrick John Bair, B.S.
Shaun Michael Baker, B.S.
Daniel Jonathan Bakke, B.A.
Martina Barth, B.A.В§
Akshay Ashok Basrur, B.E.
Andrew Ryan Beitler, B.S.
Lisa Ann Belanger, B.S.†Joseph Anthony Bellantuoni‡
Ezra Ralph Benjamin, B.A., M.A.,
High Honors†Gregory Edwards Berman, B.S.
Akshaya Bhargava, B.E.
Rebecca J. Bhatia, High Honors‡
Penelope Anne Billington, A.B.
Stephanie N. Bloch, B.A.
Aaron Lawrence Blum, B.S., Honors§
*Beta Gamma Sigma Society inductee
January 2012 graduate
Natalia Bogatova, M.S.
Jonas Borkenhagen, B.B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Aaron Raymond Bourret, B.S., M.S.,
Honors†Courtney Michelle Bowman, B.A.§
Joshua Loren Brodsky, B.S.В§
Cyrus Derek Brown, B.S.E.E.,
High Honors‡
Devon Hyland Bruce, B.A.
William C. Bruce Jr., B.S.B.A.
John Reiffel Bry, B.S.A.E., M.P.H.
Timothy Fred Buck, B.S., Honors†Jane Bulnes-Fowles, B.A., High Honors§
Eric Robert Burns, B.S., Honors
Venkat Reddy Busanelli, B.Tech., M.S.
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Justin J. W. Bush, B.S.
Jaime J. Bustamante, B.Eng.,
HighВ Honors*
Ivan Gabriel Busulwa, B.Sc.В§
Adam Grant Butland, B.S.Eng., M.S.E.,
HighВ Honors*
Christine Elise Butterfield, B.S.,
HighВ Honors
Jason Cameron Butterworth, B.S.,
Honors†Joseph Patrick Byrne, B.A.,
High Honors‡
Daniel Francis Campbell, B.S.B.A.
Dwight Nickolai Campbell, A.B.
Kerri Beth Carlson, B.A.
Joel Darshan Carlton-Gysan, B.A.В§
Eric Todd Carniol, B.A., HighВ Honors*
Orly Carrera Barreda, B.B.A.
Lindsay Jane Carver, B.A.†Brendan Stephen Cavalier, B.S.B.A.,
Kristen Diane Cecchetti, B.S., M.S.,
Wing Tai Chan, B.A., B.Sc.В§
Pan Shing Chau, B.S.†Guillermo Chavez Arreche, B.A.‡
Albert Wenway Chi, B.S., Honors
Arif Khozaim Chiba, B.A.
Carol S. Chow, B.A.
Adam Daniel Chused, B.S.†Heather Jean Cochrane, Honors‡
Jeffrey M. Cole, B.S., M.S.T.†Sarah Elizabeth Connors, B.A.†David Robert Conte, B.S.M.E.,
HighВ Honors*
Julie Marie Cordeiro, B.S.†Jeremy Lawrence Cote, B.S., M.S.,
High Honors*†Andrew F. Crockett, B.A.
Kyle A. Cross, B.B.A.
Melissa A. Cyr, B.S., Honors†Rachel Florence Soloria Dacwag,
Jin Dai, B.Ec.
Mark William D’Alfonso, B.S.B.A.‡
Amit Das, B.E., Honors
Jeffrey Alan Davis, B.S.
Jaclyn M. DeAngelo, B.S.B.A., Honors‡
Nicole Elyce DeFeo, B.A., HighВ Honors*
Joseph Stephen DeLisle, B.S.,
HighВ Honors*
Erik Justin DeMarco, B.S., B.S., Honors‡
Michael Gregory DeMarco†Timothy DeMichiel, B.S., High Honors*
Matthew Shawn Densmore, B.S.,
Gaston Derchi Russo, B.S.B.A.‡
Elliot K. DeRemer, B.S.B.A.
Karen Lynne Detjen, B.A.†Alin Dev, B.E.
Patricia L. Dickerson, B.S.
Jason James Dijak, B.B.A.В§
Jenny Gloria Doan, B.S.B.A., A.B.,
High Honors†Wesley J. Dobbs, B.S., Honors‡
Haodi Dong, B.S.В§
Brian Devin Driscoll, B.S.
Philip Francis Duffy, B.A.
Chad Emerson Duncan, B.B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
*School Honors Program
Phuong T. Duong, B.S.B.A.В§
Jennifer A. Durkin, B.S.
Thomas James Durkin Jr.‡
Nicole Michelle Eagon, B.S.‡
Devron Lamar Eakins, B.S.†Katherine Eclarin, B.A.‡
Drew Francis Edwards, B.S.
Andres Elizundia Cusi, B.Ec.
Erin Courtney Elwood, B.A., Honors‡
Derek Eamon Evenson, B.S.*
Jonathan Fajen, B.S., Honors
Li Fan, LL.B.
Joseph Edward Farrell, B.A.‡
Michael James Farrell, B.A.В§
Patrick William Fedigan, B.A.†Uri Feld, B.S.
Cameron Buckminster Feldman, B.S.
Sarah Elizabeth Ferguson, B.S., Honors‡
Rebecca Wing Ferry, B.S.‡
Christopher Paul Finn, B.S.B.A.‡
Christiana R. Fischer, B.A.В§
Amy E. Fisher, B.S.
Breandan Philip Fisher, B.A., Honors
Kevin Michael Flaherty, B.A.‡
Candice Rose Flandrau, B.A., Honors*В§
Sergio Alberto Bruno Monteiro de
Carvalho Floris, B.A.В§
Brandon Michael Fogarty, B.A., Ed.M.В§
Kristin A. Fountain, B.S.‡
Parker Kenneth Fox, B.A.
Christina Roxana Fuentealba, B.S.‡
Jeremy Charles Gagne, B.A., B.S.B.A.,
HighВ Honors
George Warren Gainer III, B.S.A.
Monica Alejandra Gallegos Saldana,
Balasubrahmanyan Ganesh, B.Tech.,
Siddharth Garg, B.E.
Paris George Gartaganis, B.A.
Sindhu Mary George, B.Arch., M.L.A.
James Andrew Gerlach, B.S.B.A.В§
Sonja Khan Gessling, B.A.
Samuel R. Girgis, B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E.
Barrett Mckenzie Glasser, B.Sc.‡
Christopher David Glenn, B.S., Honors
Katharine Glynn, A.B.
Ashish Gohil‡
Jose Santiago Gomez Monte, B.Ec.,
High Honors†Hilary Goss, B.A.
Peter Crosby Gray, B.S., B.A.,
High Honors*†Jessica Greenberg, B.A., B.A.
Nolan Greene, B.A.
Erin E. Gregory, B.S.J., B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Richard John Griffin, B.S.‡
Anna Jacqueline Gruszecki, B.S.B.A.
Abram Nicholas Guerra, B.A.
Stephanie Chong Guertin, B.S.
Wishwas Kumar Gummanur Mohan,
Bishal Kumar Gupta, B.Tech.
Gautam Jagannath Gupta, HighВ Honors*
Mikhail Gurevich, B.S., B.S.E.E.
Helene Frances Gwizdak‡
Joseph C. Hachadorian, B.S.E.E.†Sarah E. Haigh Molina, B.Sc., Ph.D.§
Colin Anders Haley, B.S., M.S.‡
*Beta Gamma Sigma Society inductee
January 2012 graduate
Meredith Colby Hall, B.S.‡
Eszter Sarolta Hamori, B.B.A.
Sana A. Hanible, B.A.
Erica Fordon Hansen, B.M.
Peter Harakas, B.A., Ph.D.
Kevin Bailey Harder, B.S., HighВ Honors*
Nicholas William Harris, B.S.B.A.‡
Christina Beata Harsanyi, B.S.J.
Assad Abbas Hasanain, B.E.
Shawn Gregory Hay, B.S.M.E.
Qiao He, B.S.C.E.
Joshua Erich Hildebrand, B.S.
Lindsay K. Hoag, A.B.‡
Matthew Lowndes Holcomb‡
Lindsay Cheryl Holland, B.A.†Elana Joy Horowitz, B.A.
Kathleen Lorraine Houghton, B.Com.,
Roya Hu, A.B.
Jack Huang, B.S.
Carlos Andres Huerta, B.A.S.
Luis Carlos Huerta Moreno, B.A.
Daniel William Hughes, B.A.
Joanna Irene Huh, B.A.
Jin Young Hur, B.F.A.В§
Cornelius Keefe Hurley, B.A.
John Farrell Hurley, B.A.†Ca Lay Ip, B.S., Honors*†Jason Walter Issertell, B.M.E.
Shyam Chandramouli Iyer, B.S., M.S.,
Ankita Jain, B.S.
Erin Colleen Jemiola, B.A.
Lindsay Marie Jensen‡
Kyle Albert Johnson, B.A.
Lesley Rose Katie Jones, B.A.
Sean Francis Judge, B.C.E.
James Michael Kalinowski, B.S.‡
Michael A. Kanaan, B.S., Honors*
Scott Miles Kanach, B.S.B.A.
Susan Kataoka, B.A.
Vinoth Kanna Kathappanraju, B.E.,
David Aaron Katz, B.S.B.A., Honors
Brian William Kelly, B.S.B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Katherine C. Kennedy, B.A., M.S.В§
Keith Alan Kenney, B.S.
Cassandra Michelle Kern, B.S.
David Youngjin Kim‡
Gohree Kim, B.S.B.A.В§
David John King, B.A., HighВ Honors*В§
Robert Vincent Klein, B.S.В§
Daniel Joseph Knob, B.S., HighВ Honors*В§
Ravi Prakash Kolipaka, B.Tech., M.S.,
HighВ Honors*
Branden Marcel Kornell, High Honors†Julia Lynn Krol, A.B., B.S.N., Honors
Dinesh John Kurian, Sc.B.
Chun-Nan Lai, B.A.
Shiao-Hui Lai, B.A., M.A.
Colleen R. LaMotte, B.B.A.†Jarett Scott Landman, B.A.§
William Lane, B.A., Honors
Heather A. Laplante, B.A.
Matthew P. Larkin, B.A.
Benjamin Steven Lavoie, HighВ Honors*В§
Tiffany Sue-Kie Lee, B.A.
Alexis Lempereur, B.A., B.A.‡
Allison Lewitus†September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Maire Christina Leyne, Honors‡
Xiao Li, B.S.E.E., M.Sc.
Catherine Lynn Liang, A.B., M.P.H.В§
Jerilyn M. Libby, B.A., Honors
Youjin Lim, B.A.
John James Linehan, B.S.C.S.†Andrew S. Lippman, B.B.A., Honors
Ying Liu, B.Eng., M.Sc., M.Sc.
Amina Clarisse Lobban, M.S., B.Sc.,
HighВ Honors*
Alison J. Loffredio, B.A.†Hélène Nadine Céline Loncin, M.Sc.,
HighВ Honors*
Toni Ann Louie, B.S.В§
Robert Malcolm Lucas, Honors†Margaret M. Lukaszewicz, B.S.
Hong Gia Ly, B.L.A.
Juan Pablo Machado Roosen, B.E.
Pradeep Mady, Honors‡
Scott Edmund Maersch, B.S.В§
Ritika Mahal, B.E.T., M.Sc.,
HighВ Honors*
Priyank Maheshwari, B.Tech., M.B.A.
Gaurav Manchanda, B.E.
Emily Marcus, S.B., HighВ Honors*
Phillip Michel Mark, B.A.В§
Lisa K. Marlette, B.A., Honors§
Erin Elizabeth Mason, B.A.
Eli Selvage Mather, B.A., Honors*
Corey William Mathis, B.S.E.E.
Ian Seth Mazsa, B.S., B.S.
Alexandria Michelle Mcauliffe, B.B.A.В§
Rita Marie McCusker, B.S.B.A.
Ramona Grace Mcfall, B.A.В§
Andrew McLellan, B.S.‡
Jeffrey Paul Medor, B.S.B.A.
Harindra Meetiyamulla Arachchi, B.A.,
Honors*†Samir Mehra, M.S.‡
Ajay M. Mehta, B.E.E.‡
Aneesh Jaidev Mehta, B.Com., M.Com.
Kavita Mehta, B.E., M.S., HighВ Honors*
Sara Alison Meinke, B.A.
Evan Garret Melford, B.B.A.†Alper Memioglu, B.A.
Catherine Theresa Mendel, B.A.†John Michael Merriman, B.A., B.A.,
Honors†Nathan Gardner Meryash, B.S.E.E.
Margaret Rae Meyer, B.A.В§
Paul Corbett Meyers, B.A.‡
Ashley Lauren Mikowski, B.S.B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Ruchi Mishra, B.E.
Alexander J. Misiaszek, B.S.E.E.,
Claudia Miyagusuku Nakamatsu, Dip.,
Debabrata Mohanty, B.Tech.
Amy Wing-Yu Mok, B.S., HighВ Honors*В§
Charles M. Montemor, B.S.B.A.†Timothy Patrick Moran, B.S.B.A.
Sarah E. Moynihan, B.A.S.
Lindsey Leonard Muldoon, B.A.
Thomas Bowman Muller, B.A.,
High Honors‡
Emily Alexandra Mulligan, A.B.†Sean Brennan Murphy, B.A.
Benjamin Smith Myers, B.S.B.A.‡
Jeremy Adam Myers, B.A., Honors
*School Honors Program
Michael A. Nalli, A.B.
David Scott Nash, B.A.
Natalie B. Nathanson, B.S.В§
Ahmed Mohammad Nawasrah, B.E.E.,
Sunny Nayyar, B.S.
Jennifer Elizabeth Nevins, B.A., Honors
James William Newton, B.A.В§
Cynthia Ching-Mun Ng, B.S.†Tuan Nguyen, B.A., Honors†Birgit Neitz Nilsson, B.A., Honors‡
William Morse Noble, B.S.
Melissa Ann Nolet, B.E.E., M.Sc.,
Honors†Sandra E. North, B.A., Honors*§
Andrew Reid Ochs, B.S., HighВ Honors*
James Timothy O’Connor, B.S.B.A.
Jon C. O’Connor, B.S.
Michael O’Laughlin, B.S.I.E.,
HighВ Honors*
Kasey Laine Oliver, B.A., Honors†Lauren Elisabeth Olmsted, B.A.§
Christopher Robert O’Malley, B.B.A.
Michael Joseph O’Neil Jr., B.A.‡
Michael Miki Osovski, LL.B.
Carl Eric Palme, B.S., Honors
Ann Julie Bumatay Palmteer, B.S.
Nirav Patel, B.A.
John Brodrick Pauler, B.B.A., A.B.,
Maria Cristina Pedroza Jimenez, B.E.В§
Kathryn Elaine Perkins, B.S.
Victoria Ai Phung, A.B., HighВ Honors*
Erin Elisabeth Pizzonia, B.A., B.A.
Margaret Lacey Plimpton, B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Angela Teresa Pontrello, B.S., B.S.,
Dhatri Pradeep, B.E.
Manoj Prakash, B.E., HighВ Honors
Daniel Pralat, B.S.
Thiago Preihs Pinto, B.A.
Katrina Lynn Privett, B.S.C.S.В§
Cuixiang Qu, B.E.
Quyen Dat Quan‡
Catherine Esuel Quinn, Honors
Daniel Quintero Calle, B.E.E.
Mike Rabinovich, B.S., HighВ Honors*
Aizan Radzi, B.S., HighВ Honors*
Khadija Rahman, B.A.
Sidharth Ramsinghaney, B.E., Honors
Caesar Rana, B.A.B.A., Honors‡
Nathan Robert Reel, B.S.Eng., Honors†Leah J. Ricci, B.A., High Honors*
Leigh Anson Rick, B.A., Honors
Lindsey Kristin Riddell, B.A., Honors
Abanish Raj Rizal, B.A., M.P.H.†Kristen Elizabeth Roberts, B.S.B.A.
Anthony D. Robillard, B.A.‡
Sarah Mitchell Rodermund, A.B.
Catherine Powers Rodriguez, B.B.A.,
Catherine Louise Rogers, B.A.
Tchad William Rogers, B.S., Honors
Randy Scott Romano, B.S.,
HighВ Honors*
Aron Dovev Rosenberg, B.S., M.S.,
High Honors†Ivan David Ross, B.S.
Allison W. Rowe, B.S.B.A.
*Beta Gamma Sigma Society inductee
January 2012 graduate
Benjamin Jon Roy, B.A.†Evelyn Yuliana Rubio Mejía, B.S.B.A.,
Jan Rychly, B.Fin., M.Fin.
Burke Joseph Ryder, B.S.
Vito Paul Salm, B.A., Honors†Deedar Manmohan Samant, M.P.H.,
Joel Howard Samen, B.A.
Sarah N. Samuels, B.A., High Honors*†Hannah Sandrowski, B.A.B.A.
Kira Sargatzke, Dip., HighВ Honors*
Ester Gabriella Schiano, B.A.
Frank Schiavone, B.S.B.A., Honors
Peter Jacob Schuller, B.S., High Honors†Jordan Daniel Schulz, B.S.C.E.
Dori Beth Schwartz, B.B.A.,
High Honors*†Jamie Michelle Schwartz, B.A.B.A.
Kerie Ann Seamans, B.B.A., Honors
Sriram Seetharam, B.E., M.S.
Robert Bruce Segan, B.A.‡
Shweta Sekhon, B.E.
Matthew Joseph Seltzer, B.S.,
HighВ Honors*В§
Stephen M. Sentovich, M.D.,
HighВ Honors*
Elissa Ching Yen Seto, A.B.
Tara A. Sexton, B.S.B.A., Honors‡
Akshay Umakant Shah, B.A.
Katherine Eileen Shanahan, B.S.,
Joshua Paul Sheldon, B.Ed.,
High Honors†Lisa J. Sheldon, B.A., Honors*
Avanti Satish Shetye, B.E., M.S.,
Sandesh Shrestha, M.B.B.S.
Steven John Sideris, B.A., Honors
Federico Martin Sidero, B.B.A.
Molly Alma Silva, High Honors‡
Humberto Raul Silva Rondon, B.E.E.
Renee Sinha, B.S.Eng., M.E.‡
Adam Neil Sinoway, B.A.В§
Jacqueline Slater, B.A., Honors
Melissa Jane Small, B.A.
Jessica Lynn Smith, B.S.B.A.
Kevin Charles Smith, B.S.‡
Jose Goncalo Soares Pacheco Pereira,
Ben Sobczak, B.S., Honors
Maryam Sohraby, B.S.B.A.В§
Jitin Pal Singh Sood, B.Sc., Honors†Jeffrey M. Sousa, B.A., Honors†Christopher Michael South, B.B.A.†Dorota Malgorzata Spaulding, B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Felipe Spinel Salcedo, B.A.B.A.
Leif V. Springer, A.L.B., Honors§
Christopher Lyons Stoeckle, B.Sc.
Natalie Marie Stokke, B.B.A.В§
Jonathan Stone, B.Arch.
Sean Michael Stone, B.A.†Philip Anthony Strazzula, B.S.M.E.,
HighВ Honors*
Arjun Kumar Sud, B.S.M.E., M.S.,
HighВ Honors
Satish Surapaneni, B.E., M.S.В§
Laura M. Suslowicz, B.A.
Peter Devin Sylvester, B.S.В§
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Paul V. Tagliaferri, B.S.†Jay A. Tailor, B.S.‡
Marcel Michael Tam, B.S.
Samrin Ahmed Tanzeem, B.A.S., Honors
Jeremy Tarr, B.S.†James F. Tau, B.A., M.S.‡
Paul Coder Taylor, B.S., Honors*
Maureen Leigh Tedford, B.S.,
High Honors†Laura Elyse Teicher, B.A.§
Anya Marie Thomas, B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Jamie Victoria Tomc, B.A., Honors*†Minh Ngo Tran‡
Keith Michael Traverse, B.A.
Sameer Trikha, B.S.В§
Tsen-Hsin Tsai, B.B.A.
John Zachary Tumolo, B.A., M.P.H.†Jagdish Uddhao, Dip., B.E.,
Richard William Wilhelm III, B.S.B.A.,
Todd Christian Valentine, B.A.
Stefan Jacques Vehr, B.B.A.
Matthew S. Veilleux, B.S.
Gilouse Vincent, B.A.
Tiffany Ngoc-Uyen Vo, B.A.
Rashmikant Vyas, B.Eng.‡
Michael Thomas Waecker, B.S., B.S.E.E.
Julie Palombo Wallace, B.A., Honors
David Joseph Walsh, B.A.
Fengjuan Wang, Honors‡
Gregory James Watts, B.A.†Katy Mutale Weinberg, B.A.
Sabrina Grijalva Wells, B.S.B.A., Honors
Linda Weng, B.A.
Aaron Craig Wesolowski, B.S.
Eric Alan Whitney, B.S.Arch.
Elsa Margot Gelberg Wilson, B.S.‡
Matthew J. Winton, B.Sc., Ph.D.‡
Renee Wong, B.S.E.‡
David Andrew Workman, B.S.‡
Justin G. Wright, B.S., M.A., Honors‡
Chih-Ping Wu, B.B.A.†Andi Yao, B.A., C.A.S.
Wind Yee, B.B.A.
Canbek YД±ldД±ran, B.S.I.E.
Wei-Yi Yin, B.A.
Bronwen Mari Young, B.A.
Feng M. Yu, B.S.
Manuel Carlos Zapata Arca, B.S.E.E.
Elizabeth A. Zelie, B.L.A., Honors*В§
Kun Zhang, B.S.E.В§
Zheng Zhao, B.A.
High Honors§
Edward R. Bedrosian, Jr., B.A., J.D.
Adam Edward Brophy
Seema Veerappa Byahatti, B.S., M.D.,
Richard Anthony Cammarano, B.A.
Keith R. Carlton, B.S., HighВ Honors
Douglass Gresham Cuff, B.S.
Sergei Daniel, B.S., HighВ Honors*
James Paul Ely III, B.S., HighВ Honors*
Sean Timothy Foley, B.A.
Scott Edward Johnson, B.S.
Pramodh T. Koshy, B.E.
Lorraine Elisa Laham, B.S., Ph.D.,
HighВ Honors
Daniel James Landers, B.S.,
HighВ Honors*
Gregory Anthony Madden, B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Christopher Michael McAloon, B.S.,
HighВ Honors*
Robert J. McCullough, B.S.B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Abhijit B. Mhetre, B.E., Honors
Matthew M. Ofilos, B.S.B.A.
John Mark O’Mahony, B.S.
James Sherman Parker, B.A.
Christopher R. Petryshin, B.S.
Daniel E. Pikora, B.S., M.S.
Olyvia Rakshit, B.E.
Vikram Ramachandran, M.S.
Sahar-Madison M. Saba, B.A.
Matthew T. Santangelo, B.S.,
HighВ Honors
Peter E. Spiess, B.S., Honors
Christopher P. Sullivan, B.S.B.A.
Prakash Suman, B.E., HighВ Honors*
George Tasiopoulos, B.S., M.S.
Andrew FitzGerald Thiel, B.S., Honors
Russell J. Todia, B.S., Honors
Alan Williams, B.S., M.S., HighВ Honors
Alan Young, B.S.
Hythem Mohamed Abdelaziz
Abdelwahab, M.B.Bch., HighВ Honors
Akshaya Bhargava, B.E., HighВ Honors
Guillermo Chavez Arreche, B.A.‡
Joseph Stephen DeLisle, B.S.,
HighВ Honors
Derek Eamon Evenson, B.S.,
HighВ Honors
Uri Feld, B.S.
Monica Alejandra Gallegos Saldana,
B.S., HighВ Honors
Siddharth Garg, B.E., HighВ Honors
Christopher David Glenn, B.S., Honors
Abram Nicholas Guerra, B.A.,
HighВ Honors
Wishwas Kumar Gummanur Mohan,
B.E., HighВ Honors
Erica Fordon Hansen, B.M.,
HighВ Honors
Kevin Bailey Harder, B.S., HighВ Honors
Joshua Erich Hildebrand, B.S.
Elana Joy Horowitz, B.A., Honors
Joanna Irene Huh, B.A., Honors
Cassandra Michelle Kern, B.S., Honors
Margaret M. Lukaszewicz, B.S., Honors
Eli Selvage Mather, B.A., HighВ Honors
Carl Eric Palme, B.S., Honors*
Kathryn Elaine Perkins, B.S., Honors
Manoj Prakash, B.E., HighВ Honors*
Tchad William Rogers, B.S., Honors
Burke Joseph Ryder, B.S., Honors
Deedar Manmohan Samant, M.P.H.,
M.B.B.S., Honors‡
Joel Howard Samen, B.A., HighВ Honors
Akshay Umakant Shah, B.A., Honors
Humberto Raul Silva Rondon, B.E.E.,
Jonathan Stone, B.Arch., Honors
Paul Coder Taylor, B.S., HighВ Honors
Todd Christian Valentine, B.A.,
HighВ Honors
Eric Alan Whitney, B.S.Arch.,
HighВ Honors
Manuel Carlos Zapata Arca, B.S.E.E.,
Alankrita Agrawal, B.Com., M.S.F.C.†Jessica Hong Eun Ahn, B.S.,
High Honors*†Steven Edward Bastin, B.S.†Kulveer Singh K. Cheema, B.E.†Ning Cheng, B.E., M.E., High Honors†Mudita Dhingra, B.Sc.†Petros Dikaios, B.S.C.S.†Fan Gao, B.Ec.†Sunil Gopal, B.S.†*School Honors Program
Michael Reed Guidi, B.S.†Jason Peng-Chun Hsu, B.A.†Ashley Meers Jankowski, B.A.†Jingwen Li, B.Com.†Ning Lin, B.E., M.S.†Jackie Liu, B.S.†Jianing Liu, B.A.†Kyle Robert Lythjohan, B.S.†Andres Macias Berrueta, B.Sc., Honors*†Afshan Munir Malik, B.Sc., M.Sc.†*Beta Gamma Sigma Society inductee
January 2012 graduate
Sidharth Malik, B.E.†Maria Lorena Martinez Rodriguez,
B.B.A.†Ameya Moghe, B.A.†Michael Alexander Monaco, B.S.,
High Honors*†Ankit Nanda, B.A., B.A.†Van Hai Nguyen, B.S.B.A.†Orianna Pamela Olivero Ramirez, B.A.,
M.A., Honors*†September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Shivani Patnaik, B.S.†Quang Pham Huy, B.Math,
High Honors*†Robert M. Pierce, B.S.†Temelia O’Gina Providence, B.Sc.†Swee Lye Quek, B.Eng., High Honors†Philip Matthew Rubin-Streit, B.S.†Pallavi Ranchhodlal Shah, B.Tech.,
M.B.A.†Ilanit Shtein, B.Sc., High Honors*†Kateryna Speck, B.S.†Sichares Suppapanya, B.Eng.,
High Honors*†Gaurav Taneja, B.Tech.†Siqi Tang, B.S.†Jacob Thomas Karippaparampil,
B.Tech.†Hoyu Wu, B.A.†Michael Xiyu Yang, B.Math†Zi Yang, B.B.A.†Shiwei Yu, B.Ec.†MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (M.S.I.M.)
Anas Assara, B.S., Honors
Gregory E. Clute, B.S.Eng., M.B.A.,
Kristen Elizabeth Colvin, B.A.
Carly Ann Condron, B.B.A.
Kevin Padric Cullen, B.B.A., Honors
Scott Armstrong Darci, B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Joseph Matthew Devlin, B.S.B.A., M.S.,
Sean Jacobs, B.S., HighВ Honors
Patrick Joseph Joyce, B.S.
Christopher Michael Kelley, B.S.
Michael Levinson, B.S.
Charles J. Lynch, B.A.
Brian Moore, B.S.B.A.
Meghan Emily Moses, B.S.
Sherri Lee Normand, B.S.B.A.
Michael Anthony Pappas, B.B.A.
Alexander Raymond Provencal, B.S.
Blair Fawcett Ridley, B.A., HighВ Honors*
Joseph Mario Sannicandro, B.S.B.A.,
HighВ Honors
Forrest Thomas Simenson, B.A.
Jeffrey J. Smith, B.A., M.B.A.
Bradley Michael Westendorf, B.S.B.A.,
HighВ Honors*
Adam C. S. White, B.S.
Mustafa Kerem Arsal, M.B.A., “Nascence, Growth and
Fragmentation in Online Cultural Production”
Kyungho Kim, B.A., M.B.A., “Corporate Environmental
Strategy, Environmental Performance, and Financial
Performance in the U.S.A. Heavy Polluting Industries,
Jina Mao, B.S., M.S., “Managing the Self in Low Wage Service
Jobs: A Case of Fast Food Work”
Muhammad Muntazir Mehdi, B.S.M.E., M.S.M.E., “Aligning
Specialty Steel Supply Chain in the US with a New Online
Binpacking Algorithm”‡
Nopmanee Tepalagul, M.B.A., “Audit Completion Phase:
Determinants and Implications for Audit Quality”*§
Chunlai Ye, B.S., M.S., “Tax Reserves, Auditor-Provided Tax
Services and FIN 48”*
Doctor of Philosophy in Management (Ph.D.)
Li-Wu Hsu, B.B.A., M.B.A., “The Role of Social Media
and Brand Equity During a Product Recall Crisis:
A Shareholder Value Perspective”*
*School Honors Program
*Beta Gamma Sigma Society inductee
January 2012 graduate
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of Medicine
Rami Youssef Abdou, B.S., M.A.
Hilal Said Abu-Zahra, B.S., M.A.
Melanie Andersen, B.S.
Jamie Montgomery Aranda, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
Shannon Lotus Ashley, B.S.
Christopher R. Baca, B.A.
Kara LorГ©n Baker, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Nicole Mary Bedros, B.A., CumВ Laude
Atisa Beihaghi, B.S.
Bryan George Belikoff, B.S., M.A.
Jason R. Bellan, B.S.
Dana C. Billups, B.S.
Kristen Elizabeth Blackmon, B.A.
Andrew Christopher Boylan, B.A.
Aaron Fabian Brafman, B.S.
Benjamin Richard Bralove, B.A.
Lauren Ann Branchini, B.A.
Alex Brevil, B.S.
Jeffrey Wade Brown, B.A.
Morenikeji Ayodele Buraimoh, S.B.
Paul Monroe Butler, B.S., M.T.S.
Viet Lukasz Cai, A.B.
Nathan Hamilton Calloway, B.S., M.A.
Eric Todd Carniol, B.A.
Ebonee Brooks Carter, B.S.
Arthur Roland Celestin, B.S.
Bora Chae, B.S.
Fonda Chan, B.S.
Ingrid Tina Chang, B.S., CumВ Laude
Kevin Jeram Chapla, B.A.
Luke Thomas Chatburn, B.S., Ph.D.
Kir-Wei Chen, B.S., M.A.
Jessica Pang Chi, A.B.
Andrew James Chrisman, B.S.
Tristen Taeho Chun, B.S., M.A., M.S.
Winston Wen-Chen Chung, B.A.
David Justin Cleary, B.A., M.A.
Jed Adam Cohn, B.A.
Andrew Thomas Colucci, B.A.
Laura D’Addese, B.A.
Jessica Margaret Davison, B.A.,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ashley Brenna Decker, B.S., M.A.,
CumВ Laude
Erica Ann Delsman, B.S.
Erkeda Lacherish DeRouen, B.S.
Sandra Renae DiBrito, B.S.
Albert Do, B.A.
Clare Alexis Donnelly-Taylor, B.S.
Melissa Margaret Dowd, B.S.
Charles Marc Ekstein, B.S.
Sridevi Suresh Ellickal, B.A.
Carolee D. Estelle, B.S.
Philip George Eye, B.A.
Anahita Fallahi, B.S.
Robert J. Feeley, B.A., M.A.
Kui-Tzu Victoria Feng, B.A., M.A.,
Caitlin Foor-Pessin, B.S., CumВ Laude
Lisa Marie Force, B.S.,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Andrew W. Francis, B.A.
Joseph David Nickolas Freeburg, B.S.
Zachary Patrick Fricker, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
Amanda Jean Gallant, B.S.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Joseph James Gallant, B.S.
Toya Dewan George, B.S.
Ryan Andrew Gise, B.A.
Matthew Hans Gonzalez, B.S.
Damon Anthony Gray, B.S.
Jessica Gray, B.A.
Christopher Emilio Graziano, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
Matthew Kurth Griswold, B.A.
Carly Allison Grovhoug, B.A.
Keyona Cheyne Gullett, B.S.
Sara Ismail Haidar Ahmad, B.S.
Chris C. Han, B.S., M.A.
Frank Hao, B.S.
Rachel Hathaway, B.S.
Aniruddha Hazra, B.A.
Shireen Nassim Heidari, B.A.
Walter Ferdinand Heine, B.S., M.S.E.
Lauren Myrbeck Hittson, B.S.
Zi Huang, B.S.
Michelle Maduabuchi Igbani, B.S.
Monica Jain, B.S.
Rachel Clare Jordan, B.A.
Jennifer Rose Jorgensen, B.A.
Aung Kaung, B.A.
Raymond James Kenney, B.S., M.A.
Ayanna A. Khalsa, B.S.
Naima Khamsi, B.S.
Besam Khidhir, B.A.
Patrick Bennett Killoran, B.S.
Cindy Meerim Kim, B.S., M.S.
Sora Kim, B.S.
Patrick Burke Kinnaird, B.A., M.A.
Andrea Margarita Koploy, B.A.
Cassandra Jean Kovach, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
Thomas Drew Kozlek III, B.A., M.A.,
Abirami Kumaresan, B.S.
Dinesh John Kurian, Sc.B.
Donna Kurowski, B.S.
Yinan Lan, B.S.
William Lane, B.A., M.A.
Alexander Lauder, B.A., CumВ Laude
Ebony Lawson, B.A., M.A.
Eugene Chen-Li Lee, B.A.
Joseph Hsieh Liao, B.S., M.A.
Dana Duo Liu, B.A.
Max Raul Lopez, B.A.
Patrick Donald Lee Mabray, B.S.
Jeremy Gottig Maggin, B.S.
Julia Manasson, B.S.
Jacob Alexander Mark, B.S., CumВ Laude
Shanna Allison Matalon, B.A.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Gabriel E. Merlin, B.S.
Laura Daniela Michelis, B.S.
Hannah Swan Milch, B.A., CumВ Laude
Ilan Mizrahi, B.S.
Marissa Mayor Montgomery, B.A.
Sharda Mukunda, B.A.
Chantale O. Murray, B.S.
Latisha C. Murray, B.S.
Wissam H. Mustafa, B.S.
Lina Nazartchouk, B.S.
Kathryn Neubauer, B.S.
Jordan Jacob Neviackas, B.S., M.A.
Yee Seng Ng, B.S.
Ken Duong Nguyen, B.S.
Michael Miyazaki Nguyen, B.S., M.A.
Nicole Thuy Phuong Nguyen, B.A.
Shanedelle S. Norford, B.S.
John Paul O’Hara, B.A., M.A.
Lauren Elizabeth Owens, B.S.
Haig Panossian, B.A., M.A.
Jason Amit Paruthi, B.A.
James Jacobson Peairs, B.S., M.A.
Allison Marie Peluso, B.S., M.P.H.
Paul Phillips IV, B.S.
Siddarth Rathi, B.A.
Lisa Ashley Rauh, B.A., CumВ Laude
Emily S. Reiff, B.S., M.A., CumВ Laude
Casper Reske-Nielsen, B.A.
Samara Beth Rifkin, B.S., M.S.
Yesenia Risech-Neyman, B.S.,
CumВ Laude
David F. Rodriguez, B.S.
Max David Rubinstein, B.S.
Babak Sadighi, B.A., M.A.
James David Saint John, B.S.
Davida Marti Schiff, B.S., CumВ Laude
Mariana Schmajuk, B.S.
Mason Antone Schmutz, B.S.
Max Edward Seaton, B.A., M.A.
Ryan Graham Seibert, B.S., CumВ Laude
Anand Selvam, B.A.
Neepa Shah, B.A., CumВ Laude
Steven James Sherry, B.S.
Ariel Shuckett, B.A., M.A., M.P.H.
Lorena Silvestre, B.S.
Paramjit Singh, B.S., M.A., CumВ Laude
Kosha Bhupendra Soneji, B.S.
Joseph Cameron Stuart, B.S.
Catherine Ann Sullivan, B.S., CumВ Laude
Samir Sur, B.S., M.A.
Marcel Michael Tam, B.S.
Martin Yukpoon Tam, B.A., M.A.
Amanda Heather Tang, B.A.
Andrew David Tannenbaum, B.S., M.A.
Lucas William Thornblade, B.A.
Sebastian Tak Chun Tong, B.A.
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
Ichen Sally Tsai, B.S., M.A.
Louis Joseph Vaickus, B.S.
Mary Alice Vijjeswarapu, B.S.
Irina Vovnoboy, B.A.
Anthony Scobba Walls, B.S.,
Nicholas Alexander Weida, B.A.
Jenna Leigh Wheelhouse, B.S.
Nathan Andrew Wigner, B.A.,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Aaron Michael Wolfson, B.S., M.S.
Christina Ann Woodward, B.A.
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Winston Sung Wu, B.S.
Jin Xu, B.S., CumВ Laude
Peter Zhao Yan, B.S.
Jacqueline Carla Yano, B.S., M.A.
Sarah Tsai Yee, B.S.
Rebecca S. Zee, B.A.
Veronica Akle Alvarez, B.S., “Anatomical and Functional
Significance of F-spondin and the Role of Circadian Factors
in Adult Neurogenesis in Zebrafish”
Erika Natalie Ebbel Angle, B.S., “Development and
Implementation of New Techniques to Study Biomarkers in
Huntington Disease”
Bryan George Belikoff, B.S., M.A., “Regulation of the
Immunosuppressive Hypoxia-A2 Adenosinergic Pathway: A
Potential Therapeutic Target for the Treatment of Bacterial
Rebecca Sturtevant Benham, B.A., “BDNF and JAK/
STAT: Partners in Seizure-Induced GABA-A Receptor
Johann Sebastian Bergholz Villafañe, B.A., “Role of p63 in
Cell Migration and Cancer Metastasis”
Sherman Jesse Bigornia, B.S., M.A., “Childhood Adiposity:
Measurement and Effects of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage and
Dairy Intakes”
Madhumita Bogdan, B.S., “Cross-Talk Between Activated
Immune Cells Exacerbates Inflammation in Type 2
Diabetes”†Jacqueline Claire Bouchard, B.S., “Immunological Mechanism
of Alcohol-Exacerbated Asthma”
Michael Robert Breen, B.A., “Cavin-2 Is a Cholesterol Sensor
Linking Caveolae to the Adipocyte Cortical Cytoskeleton”‡
Jeffrey Wade Brown, B.A., “Structure, Function, Dynamics,
and Cellular Localization of Villin-Type Headpiece
Paul Monroe Butler, B.S., M.T.S., “Religious Cognition in
Patients with Parkinson’s Disease”
Constantina Christodoulou, B.S., “Modelling of Early Liver
Development Using ES and iPS Cells”‡
Leah Leslie Cushing, B.A., “The Role of MIR-29 in Pulmonary
Fibrosis”†Alicia Marie Evangelista, B.S., “S-Glutathiolation of the
SERCA Reactive Cysteine-674 Is Required for VEGFMediated Endothelial Cell Migration”‡
Lorenzo Ihsan Finci, B.S., “The Molecular Architecture and
Catalytic Mechanisms of BH1999 Thioesterase and BetaPhosphoglucomutase”‡
Jennifer Lynn Fitch, B.S., “The Interaction Between Bone
Marrow Stromal and Endothelial Cells in Post-Natal Bone
Andrea Elizabeth Gorman, B.S., M.S., “Obesity and Diet
Quality Predict Periodontal Disease Development in Men”‡
Daniel Saul Green, B.S., “CD4 Regulation of T Cell
Jian Guan, B.M., M.S., “Role of Stanniocalcin1 in
Immunoglobulin Light Chain Amyloidotic Cardiomyopathy”
Erica Reneé Harris, B.A., M.P.H., “Neurocognition and SelfRegulation of the Agentic Self in Patients with Parkinson’s
Edward J. Hartsough, B.S., “Molecular Regulation of
VEGFR-2 Function and Expression Through PostTranslational Modifications”
Ning Hua, B.S., “Studies in Multi-Modal Cardiovascular
Imaging: Cardiovascular MRI in Humans and Targeted
Fluorescence in an Animal Model of Atherosclerosis”†Shakuntala Karki, B.Sc., M.S., “Multi-Level Action of Fatty
Acids on Diponectin Production by Fat CellsӠJanuary 2012 graduate
†Amanuel Yohannes Kehasse, B.S., “Mass Spectrometry Based
Characterization of Differential Phosphorylation of Signaling
Proteins by Epidermal Growth Factor and Nucleotides”
Besam Khidhir, B.A., “Radiologic Localization of Pathologic
Lesions Using Image Registration”
Julia Heewon Kim, B.S., “Growth Factor Regulation of Early
Growth Response Factor 3 Localization and Function in
Juyoun Kim, B.S., M.S., “The First Luminal Loop Confers
Insulin Responsiveness to the Glucose Transporter 4”
Sarah Anne Krawczyk, B.A., “Antioxidant Effects on Lipid
Turnover in Human Differentiated Adipocytes”†Liqun Liu-Yesucevitz, B.S., “The Biology of TDP-3 Stress
Granules: Novel Insights About Protein Aggregation in
Neurodegenerative Diseases”
Tyler Alden Longmire, B.S., “Efficient Derivation of Purified
Lung and Thyroid Progenitors from Embryonic Stem Cells”†Larry L. Luchsinger, B.S., M.A., “Control of Myofibroblast
Gene Expression by Transcriptional Co-Regulators”†Patrick Donald Lee Mabray, B.S., “Circadian Modulation of
the Vasoconstrictive Properties of Cocaine”
Xiaohu Mei, B.M., “Structural Studies of Truncated Human
Apolipoprotein A-I in Solution and Crystal Identify the
Folding Domain and Reveal the Assembly of Discoidal HDL
by Dimerization”‡
Le Meng, B.S., “Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1 and Heat
Shock Protein 72 Play a Critical Role in Her2-Induced
Cellular Transformation and Tumorigenesis”†Matthew Alvin Mitsche, B.Ch.E., “Interfacial Properties of the
N-Terminal Lipid-Binding Domains of Apolipoprotein B and
Their Role in Triacylglyceride-Rich Lipoprotein Assembly”†Supraja Narasimhan, B.Sc., M.Sc., “The Role of the
Constitutively Active Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor in
Mammary Tumor Progression”‡
Nicole Alia Fazo Northrop, B.S., “The Role of
Neuroinflammation in Stress & Methamphetamine-Induced
Damage”†Laura Esther Packer, B.S., “Determinants of Protein Structure,
Specificity, and Stability in Excised Domains of Villin and
Apolipoprotein B”†Maria Catalina Perdomo, B.S., “MicroRNAs as Modulators of
the Airway Gene Expression Response to Smoking and Lung
Cancer”†Victoria Kristina Perry, B.Sc., M.S., “Integration of Copy
Number Aberration and Genomic Expression Data in
Preinvasive Breast Cancer”
Eileen Susan Krenzel Rojas, B.S., “Identification of Fatty Acid
and Bilirubin Binding Sites on Human Serum Albumin by
2D-NMR Spectroscopy”†Nadezda P. Sargaeva, B.S., M.S., “Deamidation and Related
Problems in Structural Analysis of Peptides and Proteins”
Patrick Alan Scott, B.S., “Iodoacetic Acid Induces
Photoreceptor Degeneration in the Porcine Retina”‡
Pauline Po Lam So, B.M., M.S., “The Role of Amyloid
Precursor Protein Dimerization in Amyloid Beta Peptide
Srimathi Srinivasan, B.Sc., M.Sc., “Molecular Regulation of
VEGFR-2 Expression and Activation in Endothelial Cells”
Louis Joseph Vaickus, B.A., “Cockroach Allergen Induced
Asthma: Pulmonary Mechanics, Inflammation and
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Erica Marlene Walsh, B.S., “Role of Murine Double Minute
2 and Retinoblastoma Protein in Cellular Senescence and
Muscle Cell Differentiation”†Jing Wang, B.S., “Structural Basis for the Formation of a
Poliovirus RNA Replication Complex”
Nathan Andrew Wigner, B.S., B.A., “Regulation of Aggrecan
Gene Promoter During Endochondral Bone Formation and
Fracture Repair”
Rebecca S. Zee, B.A., “Cellular Thiol Redox Environment
Modulates SIRT1 Activity”
Liling Zeng, B.S., M.S., “Jade-1 Acts Through the PI3K-AKT
Pathway and the Wnt Pathway to Inhibit Renal Cancer
Passaratep Anurukpaiboon, M.D., “High-Dose Skin
Type-Based Dosing of Narrowband UVB Phototherapy”
Sofia Aba Jebel, B.S.‡
Nasra Abdulkadir, B.Sc.В§
Dayle Elizabeth Acquilano, B.S.
Ashwin Agrawal, B.S.Eng.
Omair Badshah Ali, B.A.
Badera Mohammad Al Mohammad,
B.S.†Adam Almozlino, B.A.
Khalid Misfer A Alshamrani, B.Sc.‡
Roaa Mohammedabonomy N Alsharif,
B.A.S.†Katherine Ann Altman, B.S.‡
Tyler Hannah-Marie Andolina, B.A.
Jason Michael Andreas, B.S.
George Y. Aoude, B.A.В§
Stephanie Krystal Aresta-DaSilva, B.A.
Amrita Kaur Bajwa, B.A.‡
Safi W. Barqawi, B.S.‡
Oscar Gregory Bascug, B.S.В§
Charity M. Battle, B.S.†Geoanna Marie S. Bautista, B.S.‡
Mostafa Elmokhtar Belghasem,
Mamta Rajendra Bhakta, B.A.
Jacqueline Margaret Bliley, B.S.
Lindsay Amanda Bohnert, B.S.
Alexandra Virginia Brewer, A.B.
Madeline Frances Brisotti, B.A.
Shemika M. Brooks, B.A.
Kathryn E. Buchanan-Howland, B.A.
Alycia L. Buchheit, B.A.
Emily J. Burns, B.A.
Robert John Burns, B.A.
Darrell Paul Cameron, B.A.‡
Amanda Lowry Cantor, A.B.
Marie Lidia Carillo, B.B.A.‡
Sylvia Lou Chang, B.S.
Andrew Jacob Chapel, B.S.
Leena Maggie Chehab, B.S.
Qiu Ming Chen, B.S.
Yang Chen, B.S.‡
David Ching-Pin Cheng, B.S.В§
Kari Yi-Han Cheng, B.A.†Fei Ying Cheong, B.S.
Cheryl Chi, A.B.
Entela Cika, B.A.
Patrick J. Coleman, B.A.
Latoya S. Comer, B.S.‡
Caleb Madden Consenstein, B.A.
Benjamin Peter Cooperman, B.S.‡
Kristen Maryrose Corkum, B.A.
Cristina Marie Crespo Suarez, B.S.‡
Jenna Leigh Culp, B.S.
Arielle Brooke Curtis, B.A.В§
Joel Hanson Dankwa, B.A.
Sherryl Ann De Leon, B.S.В§
Meghen Marie De Santa, B.A.‡
Anal S. Desai, B.S.
Parth Vikas Desai, B.S.
Smruti Manhar Desai, B.S.‡
Joseph Normand Deschene, B.S.†Snehal Parag Dhake, B.S.†Thomas John Dinsmore, B.A.
John Christopher Doehring, B.A.‡
Andrew J. Dolman, B.A.В§
Florence Xini Doo, B.A.†Francis James Doyle, Jr., B.S.
Marie A. Drottar, B.A.‡
David Andrew Druga, B.S.
Farah El Mawas, B.S.‡
Hazem Ibrahim Mohamed Eltawell,
Joelle Emery, B.A.
Sawyer Franklin Emmer, B.S.
James Gleason English, B.A.
Eric Wayne Etchill, B.S.
Justin R. Eusebio, B.A.‡
Doaa Farid, B.S.‡
Jessica Denise Farnsworth, B.S.
Adnan Faruqui, B.S.‡
Brigid Marie Feeley, B.A.
John Kyle Feller, B.S.
Kristina Huntington Fenn, B.A.
Alyssa Lynn Fernandez, B.S.‡
Joseph Daniel Ferrari III, B.S.‡
Lauren Marie Ferrerosa, B.A.‡
Mohsin Fidai, B.A.
John Paul Fitzsimons, B.A., D.M.D.‡
Edeliz Flores, B.S.
Richard Edward Flynn, B.S.В§
Eric Brian Fox, B.S.
Marie-Helene Gagnon, B.A.
Andrew M. Galica, B.S.
Jermie Jay Gandhi, B.A.‡
Matthew Jeffrey Garcia, B.S.‡
Christopher R. Gonzales, B.A.
Asia A. Gordon, B.S.
Vivek Shrirama Gowda, B.S.В§
Erin Marie Guilbert, B.A.
Rebecca Therese Gyi, B.S.
Jeongcheol Ha, B.A.‡
Emma Halbrooks, B.A.
O’Hara Kay Haley, B.S.
Yara Hamade Tohme, B.A.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Mary Margaret Hays, B.A.
Stephanie Lee Hill, B.A.
Audrey Elise Hime, B.S.
Kristin Elizabeth Hoffman, B.S.
Mike Jager, B.A.
Scharukh Jalisi, B.A., M.A., M.D.‡
Alyssa E. James, B.S.
Derrick Pyomin Jeon, B.A.
Albert Richard Jones IV, B.S.
Rebecca H. Jugo, B.S.
Ali Mahmoud Karaouni, B.S.В§
Raphael-John Hernandez Keegan, B.S.
Hadar Keren-Gill, B.S.
Azeem Khan, B.A.
Anna Kharaz, B.A.
Abraham John Khorasani, B.S.В§
Jessica Min Joung Kim, B.A.
Julia Jung Hyo Kim, B.A.†Sylvia Kim, B.S.‡
Christine Kivork, B.S.†Pardis Koleini, B.A.§
Meryl L. Kopy, B.A.‡
Oze Yaakov Koreh, B.S.‡
Christine Erin Krueger, B.S.B.E.
Vidhya Kumar, B.S.
Danielle Marie Kumpulanian§
Jason Kung, B.S.
Tanaya Kunnenkeri, B.S.
John Kenneth Park Kuster, B.A.‡
Jae Hee Kwak, B.S.
Michelle Estella Laguerre Michel, B.S.В§
Kristen Marie Lang, B.A.
Ana Carolina Lara Alvarez, B.S.
Vivian Laurens, A.B.
Kimberly Ann Leary, B.S.В§
Montrice Lynette Leatherwood, B.S.В§
Hallie Paige Leavitt, B.S.
Flavien Eric Leclere, B.S.
Louis Lee, B.S.
Nicholas Yong Kyu Lee, B.A.
Yoon Jae Lee, B.S.
Vincent Michael Levesque, B.S.‡
Richard A. Lewis, B.A.‡
Yahui Li, B.S.
Wentao Liang, B.S.
Ross Bennett Linker, B.S.В§
Brett Adam Linowes, B.S.
Bert Liu, B.S.‡
Michelle Marie Loch, B.S.‡
Jenny Estelle Loew, B.S., M.S.‡
Santhi Nalla Logel, B.A.
Hsun-Ming Lu, B.S.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Samantha Ly, B.S.
Matthew Robert Mackenzie, B.S.
Sundis Mahmood, B.A.
Kayla Theresa Mahoney, B.A.
Simon Florian Maisel, B.S.
Yevgeniy Mikhaylovich Maksimenko,
B.A., M.A.В§
Andres Marquez-Guzman, B.Ch.E.
Lindsay Nicole Marszal, B.S.
Aaron Daniel Martin, B.S.В§
Erin Alexandra Martinez, B.A.†Michael Anton Mayr, B.B.A.
Justin Wesley McCool, B.A.‡
Kevin Tyrell Mckenzie, B.S.В§
Caitlin Therese McPhelimy, B.S.
Kyle Andrew Medeiros, B.S.
James Patrick Mendoza, B.S.
Meghan Alexandra Meyerson, B.A.
Lorraine Elizabeth Miedema, B.A.
Jennifer Lynn Eiko Miller, B.S.
Mari Trecia Minkel, B.F.A.
Nishat Sadya Fahria Mirza, B.S.
Isaac Mizrahi, B.A.‡
Kinjal Mody, B.Pharm.В§
Ramiz Mogannam, B.S.‡
Rajat Nishant Moman, B.S.
Megan Ann Moretti, B.A.В§
Travis Yoshida Morioka, B.S.
Andrew Arun Moses, B.A.
Alexandre Rizkalla Mouchati, B.S.‡
Joey Giovanni Napolitano, B.A.‡
Yanina Romanovna Nersesova, B.S.
Alex Thai Nguyen, B.S.В§
Anne Nguyen, B.S.‡
Sheela Nimishakavi, B.S.
Natalia Del Pilar Núñez, B.S.‡
Maxwell Ibeabuchi Nwaru Jr., A.B.
John Paul O’Brien, B.A.
Zuri H. Obado, B.A.
Jeremy Jaehwan Oh, B.A.
Chimela Tobechi Ohaji, M.D.†Christopher August Olm, B.A.‡
Daniel Jose Ortiz, B.A.
Alexandra Marie Palmer, B.A.
Kristin Mary Parent, B.S.
Angela M. Park, B.A.
Jade Park, B.S.
Heather Marie Patry, B.S.В§
Dasun S. Peramunage, B.S.‡
Andrew Gerard Percy, B.S.
Erica W. Perlman-Hensen, B.S.†Robert Petrocelli, B.S.‡
Andrew Cong Pham, B.S.
Ly-Elaine Pham, B.S.B.A.
Tai Anh Phan, B.S.‡
Thien-Kim Thanh Phan, B.A.
Toan Anh Phan, B.A.
Elizabeth Michelle Piper, B.A.
Malgorzata Ptak, B.S.В§
Andrew John Raymond Rehs, B.S.
Roberto Rivas Jr., B.S.
Steven James Robinson, B.S.
Michael Geoffrey Roche, B.S.
Michael Anthony Roegner, B.S.
Kevin Andrew Roodhouse, A.B.‡
Kimoon Ryu, B.S.
Oshin Safarian, B.S.‡
Justin Daniel Salciccioli, B.A.†Renee C. Santana, B.A.
Jennifer Ann Sardella, B.A.
Jonathan Allen Scabich, B.S., M.S.В§
Megan Virginia Scott, B.S., M.P.H.
Naomi K. Sedani, B.A.В§
Claire M. Seguin, B.S.
Siddhartha Mohan Sharma, B.A.
Ayesha Mariam Shaukat, B.A.‡
Shanta T. Shepherd, B.A.
Sheetal Jennifer Sheth, B.A.‡
Robert William Shine, B.S.†Dhurata Shosho, M.D.‡
Jakub Michal Siembida, B.A.
Ruth Michelle Simeon, B.S.В§
Harjot Singh, B.S.‡
Harnoor Singh Dhaliwal, B.A.
John Nikolhaus Smith, B.A.В§
Richalle V. Smith, A.B.
Ryan Michael Sofka, B.S.‡
Daniel Lee Solomon, B.A.В§
Kathleen Ashley Soltis, B.S.
Jonathan Nuesa Soriano, B.S.
Christine Soya, B.A.
Paula Marie Stewart, B.A.
Ashlie Elizabeth Stitt, A.B., Ed.M.
Casey Anne Stottrup, B.S.
Michael Thomas Stratton, A.B.
Michael Jeffrey Stutzman, B.S.
Nicole Leigh Tanguy, B.A.
Thomas Edward Tanner, B.S.
Ian Conrad Teng, B.S.‡
Francesca Marie Tesone, B.S.В§
Whitney Lea Thomas, B.S.
John Tierney, B.A.‡
Ekaterina Evgenevna Tsymbal, B.S.
Jaclyn Robin Tuck, B.S.
Katie-Elyse Turner, B.A.В§
Jonathan Aaron Urbach, B.A.
Maria I. Vasilakos, B.S.‡
Nicolas Damon Vassel, B.S.‡
Jessica Lynn Vick, B.S.†Nicole Renee Visyak, B.S., M.S.
Philip Siva Vittozzi Wong, B.A.†John Arkel Westres, B.S.‡
Matthew C. Whitaker, B.A.
Ariana Louise Wilkinson, B.S.
John Thomas Wille, B.A.
Jill Sarah Wolfson, B.S.
Alicia Wong, B.A.В§
Jonathan Wons, B.S.
James Yw Wu, A.B.†Julienne Ashley Yamamoto, B.A.
Scott Wayne Yee, B.S., B.A.
Elsia Jeein Yoo, B.S.
Jin Young Youn, B.S.†Jonathan Richard Young, B.A.
Rui Zhang, B.M.†Yan Zhang, B.S.
Dustin Lin Abbott, B.S.‡
Tabitha A. Abrazinski, B.S.
David Agoada, B.A.‡
Exantus Alcimbert, M.D.В§
Farhan Tmaish M Alrwaili, B.S.
Hala Ashour Ammar, M.B.B.S.В§
Sara Melissa Arias, B.A.
Toni L. Bark, M.D.В§
Michelle Barretta, B.A.
Samantha Ann Beglinger, B.S.В§
Amelia May Richards Boaks, B.A.
Gregory Thomas Bond, B.A.†Ivelt Boyer, M.D.§
Joli Bregu, B.S.‡
John Broderick, B.S.В§
Abigail Gunther Brown, B.S.
John Joseph Burke, B.S.‡
Tara Louise Caiano, B.S.
Laurel Jane Calderwood, B.S.
Danielle Nicole Carroll, B.A.
Shannon Marie Casey, B.S.
Kristine Marie Cavicchi, B.A.‡
Chandrapa Chandrangsu§
Colleen Marie Clark, B.A.
Dayna Frances Currie, B.S.
Alan Charles Damiani, B.S.
Voraphat Dejsuphong§
Joseph Emillio Dellamura, B.S.В§
Napaporn Detchairungrueang, M.D.В§
Jonathon S. Dunn, B.S.
Ann D. Fasano, B.A.В§
Brian Patrick Felschow, B.A.‡
Jean Ford Gorny Figaro, M.D.†Maria Danielle Friday, B.S.§
Laura Ann Fuerstman, B.S., M.A.†Jessica Lynn Gadway, B.S.†Chantal Geneus, M.D.§
Christian Jacques Geneus, B.S.В§
Gina Marie Gentiluomo§
Breahna Corinne Giles, B.S.‡
Jacob Samuel Gordon, A.B.†Chelsea Victoria Gray, B.A.‡
Alison Liane Gugliotta, B.S.†Lena Elizabeth Gunn, B.S.§
Joseph Andrew Haegele, B.S.
Mark Hartney, B.S.
Tori Kaelene Jensen, B.G.S.
Jackson Jeong, B.S.‡
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Gretchen Zaneta Johnson, B.S., M.A.†Sandra Lynn Koch, B.A., M.A.
David Linn Krikorian, B.S.B.A.
Jeremiah August Kunze, B.S.‡
Kristin Elyse Leonard, B.S.
Kristin Marie Levandoski, B.S.
Natalia Liventseva, B.S.В§
Christina Marie Lomba, B.A.В§
Paulette Marie Lomba, B.S.
Richard B. Marx, B.S.В§
Justin Douglas McCullen, B.S.В§
Amanda Christine Minnock, B.S.‡
Megan Elizabeth Minter, B.A.‡
Andrea L. Muirhead, B.S.
Dickens Pierre-Louis, M.D.В§
Tammy Lynn Pimentel-Matthews, B.S.В§
Kerry Joy Pine, B.A.
Christine Alese Rakay, B.S.
Darryl Roland Ricketts, B.A.В§
Nicholas Michael Robertson, B.S.‡
Corissa Leigh Rodgers, B.A.
Jacques Sainvil, M.D.В§
Chidchon Sakjirapapong§
Ciara Elizabeth Shaughnessy, B.A.‡
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Jessica Anna-Marie Shea, B.S.В§
Chanpreet Singh, B.A.В§
Ashley CiГєine Smith, B.A.
Kelly Snell, B.A.‡
Thomas William Sporrer, B.S.
Winnie E. Suen, B.S., M.D.
Nabil Hossain Tahan, B.S.
Danielle Christine Trull-Donahue, B.A.‡
Evonne Daelia Turner-Byfield, B.A.В§
Zachary Ian Vella, B.S.
Natalie Ann Vena, B.S.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Jennifer Lynn Walsh, B.S.
Lauren Kaye Westling, B.A.В§
Shana Michelle Diamond White, B.S.
Megan Elizabeth Wogan, B.S.
Nicholas Anthony Zell, B.A.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
Metropolitan College
Francisco Alcorta, Cum Laude‡
L’auren M. Alleyne§
Allen Baker, Summa Cum Laude§
Charlene Nicole Benjamin‡
Shaun Patrick Bossio
John Christopher Braithwaite§
Eric C. Breshears§
Eric Nunes Brook§
Robert Alexander Bullon§
Maria Wilda de los Reyes Camero§
Christopher Mark Connolly
James Michael Copell§
Gregory John Costello, CumВ Laude
Kelai Cousseillant, CumВ Laude
Elayne Marie Deschler†Consuelo Diaz†Ralph Theodore Dines§
Mark Richard Donahue
Nicole S. Dorsett‡
John Spencer Eldridge III
Laura Anne Eustice‡
Michael Furmaniuk, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Francis J. Gallagher†Jason Reed Gragg, Cum Laude†Ann Marie Henry, Cum Laude
Mark BaldovГ­ Heymann,
Summa Cum Laude†Louis T. Hicks, Magna Cum Laude†Joshua Curtis Hopes, Sr., Cum Laude†Laura Dorothy Hornreich§
Nancy Elizabeth Hume, Cum Laude‡
Leroy C. Ivey§
Calvin L. Iwanicki, Cum Laude‡
Meredith Joy Johnston†Marwan Kanafani§
David Patrick Kelley†Janice Dorothy Kilfeather§
Jong Yoon Kim§
Brian P. Lannan§
Francis Leach, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Tommy Tea Lee§
Daniel Adam Levin§
Alyssa Blaire MacKenzie§
Brandi Christine Marsh§
Erin J. McLaughlin
Kelly Marie Milan, Magna Cum Laude‡
John Ingram Mitchell‡
Don Mo
Kevin Christopher Molineaux†Benjamin Nash Murray, Cum Laude
Melissa Marie Neptune§
Sandra Ng, CumВ Laude
Neal Parham†Brian J. Peixoto, Magna Cum Laude
Sean Bradley Pillai
Jessica C. Pinkney§
Stephanie Ann Robb†Joseph Lee Roberts, Cum Laude
Aaron Rogers, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Ashley Lynn Rose§
Walter Clayton Sanders, Cum Laude‡
Lisa Marie Sarraga†Josiah Jon Seppala§
Richard P. Silva‡
Michael Francis Skinner§
Lacy Allen Smith§
Jeffrey Southworth, Magna Cum Laude†Michael Daniel Steinkrauss†Barbara Jeanine Stevenson, Cum Laude†Brian James Strait§
John Joseph Sullivan, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Julia Callanan Sullivan
Scott William Taylor, Magna Cum Laude‡
Marie Leotah Tinson§
Peggy Tolan, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Toby Julius Wasniewski‡
Lauren Ashley Weiss†Gregory Robert Wheeler, Cum Laude†Stacey N. White§
Alvino Ray Williams Jr.В§
Jorge Luis Zerquera, CumВ Laude
Amanda Erin Ziegler, Cum Laude‡
Hashmat Abdul-Rauf
Emile T. Abi Hanna, CumВ Laude
Faizan Ahmed§
Mohammed Ait-El-Haj†Idiculla Alexander†Ben Christopher Anderson,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Endris Eshetu Asfaw, Cum Laude‡
Tanya Kirilova Atanasova, Cum Laude†Alexander John Bakos
Balela Judith Milambo Bashala‡
Justin Michael Basque§
Tigist Teklu Bedada§
Woynshet Teklu Bedada§
Othman Benchama‡
William Walter Bennett II‡
Nikeya Shante Berry§
Nisha Jugal Bhagat†JoAn Shawn Blake, Cum Laude†Jennifer Bonte‡
Jalal Jay Boutou†Leonid Bratshpis§
Lisa Brenan
Jason Deire Buggy, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Sandra Catalina Bustamante Lopez‡
Jesus Miguel Cabrera
Laura M. Casado
Scott Michael Chadwick
Debora P. Chase, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Joel Brian Cifuentes‡
Katherine T. Concannon, Cum Laude‡
John Selden Connolly§
Karen A. Cormier, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Diana T. Coronel
Veronica M. Cottle-Greaves§
Maura E. D’Arcy‡
Derek J. DaSilva
Brendan DeAngelis
Christopher Stewart De Bruyn
Joanie Decopain§
Vanuza T. DePina†Emilia G. DePina Carrasquillo†Wakjira Seboka Dila, Cum Laude‡
Frederick William Dooe†Christopher Peter Dyment§
Steven Craig Eaton
Nadia Elysse, Cum Laude‡
Jamal E. Farouk§
Jared Fish§
Nicolas Rolferne Francois,
Denise Sylvia Greene‡
Naida R. Greene§
Johanna Gutierrez Panez
Sarah Beth Haidul‡
Alison Anne Harlor†Sharif M. Hassan§
Matthew David Hayes
Tiara R. Hector
Christy Ho
James Robert Huggins‡
Chidinma Sandra Ihenetu
Lia Uenohara Ingaharro,
Richard Gabriel, Cum Laude‡
Melineda Germain
Andrew Steven Giaquinta§
Matthew Judson Gibson
Kevin Daniel Gilroy
Maribel Gomez
Jermain Dujon Graham
Lora Eileen West Kinney†Ausrine Korsakaite
Heather Lindsay Kough‡
Joan C. Lacey, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Dae Won Lee
Renee Kim LeFevre†Kristina Lefteri, Magna Cum Laude†Magna Cum Laude‡
Magna Cum Laude†Aom Ra Isbell§
Georgi Kamenov Ivanov‡
Akshat Jain
Philippe Zongola Kadiobo†Leonid Karan§
Kiana Karbasi, CumВ Laude
Alfred Herbert Katumba†Marybeth A. Kennedy,
Magna Cum Laude†Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
metropolitan college
Dimitri T. Leonidas
Hyissia Lewis Ivey†Timothy R. Littlefield§
Linh My Lu, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lingqi Luo, CumВ Laude
Solomon Waka Mamo, CumВ Laude
Tselote W. Mamo, CumВ Laude
Dilyan Toshkov Marazov†Andry L. McFall
Erin Rose McGarry, CumВ Laude
William Patrick Medlin†Breno Alcoforado Melo§
Debora A. Melo§
Fabiana Fernandes Menezes,
Cum Laude‡
Melissa K. Merolla§
Joezer Mikalixen, CumВ Laude
Otis-Hakeem Miles†Sarah Catharine Mizhir†Christian Boyd Myers
Leonid Sergeyevich Nevar, CumВ Laude
Hien Nguyen‡
Lyutsiya F. Nurmieva
Edward A. Offutt§
Trevor Charles O’Leary
Jessica Christine Orbovich§
Desiree M. Pappenheimer,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Yong Hyun Park§
Darryl Lee Partin
Archana K. Patel‡
Dipti Patel, Magna Cum Laude‡
Matthew Douglas Pereira
Christopher Heartt Perry§
Ofer Perry§
Lisa Peterson-Mitchell†Thanh Binh Pham
Joseph Warren Pitha, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Amit R. Rana§
Barbara M. Rebeiro, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Terrance Reeve, CumВ Laude
Emily Marguerite Regan†Samantha Rem§
Ryan D. Renzella
Diana Leigh Richardson,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jason Carl Richardson, CumВ Laude
Nathaniel Austin Ring†Beverly Cherie Rogers, Cum Laude
Mark Joseph Rutkowski
Ann Saitta, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Maimoona Saleem, Cum Laude†Curt Morgan Savoie, Cum Laude‡
Kenya S. Scott‡
Mayuko Segawa, CumВ Laude
Rahel A. Sertse†Marriam Shah§
Nasir Shah†Rosaly Silva Lopez
William Joseph Stearns
Denise Stephens‡
Daniel Lawrence Stollman
Hussein Syed
Abdoulaye Sylla‡
Maycon Gilberto Tambosi, CumВ Laude
Thomas Teehan
Marianne Maya Telfort§
James Edwin Torres§
Enrique De Jesus Torres Batiz Serrano†Elizabeth Ann Trozzi‡
Nicole Patricia Turcotte,
Summa Cum Laude†Jaimee Noelle Tyler§
David Laurano Vadala†Cynthia Veiga†Sony Vilbon‡
Selamawit Mamo Waka§
Carly Jennifer Warren
Kristina Elaine Watts
Junea Christopher Williams§
Audrey M. Wong-Centauro
Gary Richard Wood‡
Gregory Laurence Wyman
Katherine Yniguez
Brhane Abebe Zewdie
Daniel A. Amstutz, B.A., M.P.A.
Lizbeth Bello Sigurany, B.Arch.‡
Bui, Thi Diem Chinh, B.Arch.
Van Hao Du, A.B.
Daniel J. Farnkoff, B.A.
Ashley Elizabeth Fears, B.S.‡
David J. Fields, B.A.
Stacy Ann Fox, B.A.†Ricardo Andrés González Bruno, B.A.
Elliot Anthony Guerrero, B.Arch.
Sahar Lawrence, B.A.В§
Shan-Yi Lin, B.S.S.‡
Shang Liu, B.S.‡
Andrew Martineau, B.S.В§
Peter Dominick Monea, B.A.†Sean Michael Pfalzer, B.A.†Bradley E. Rosse‡
Carsten Brittany Snow, B.S.
Jennifer Page Stendel, B.A.‡
Patrick Sullivan, B.A.‡
Elizabeth Anderson Taylor, B.A.
Charles Vlahakis, B.A.
Lauren Elizabeth Williams, B.A.
Hadley Richmond Wilmerding, B.A.
Leilani Dolores Unpingco Ada, B.A.†Michael T. Adkins, B.A.‡
Saeed Sultan Ateeq Juma Al Muhairi,
Ali Mohammed Saeed Rashed
Lekhraibani Al Nuaimi, B.C.J.†Anne Atieno Amadi, LL.B.
Roy Louis Aquafresca, B.S.‡
Manuel Eduardo Arrieta, B.S.
Shannon Nicole Arthur, B.S.
Laura Katherine Asbell, B.A.†Eric Peter Ashe, B.A.†David John Atkinson, B.A.‡
Meredith Atkinson, B.A.
Michael Howard Baker, B.A.‡
Ashley Elizabeth Barlow, B.A.
Matthew David Barter, B.A.
Kelly Lee Bayne, B.A.В§
Colleen Jara Bednar, B.A.
Jacqueline Rae Benson, B.S.†Kimberly Marlene Bethea, B.S.‡
Eamon Michael Blanchard, B.S.В§
Crystal Xaviera Boring, B.S.
Jaime Lee Bressler, B.A.‡
Leonore Denise Brody, B.S.
Patrick David Brom, B.A.†Ashley Brooke Broschart, B.A.†Gwendolyn Brown, B.S.
Tom M. Brown, B.S.†Tony Lee-Edward Brown, Sr., B.S.§
Wendy Frances Brown, B.A.‡
Elizabeth Cynthia Echeandia Buchholz,
B.A., M.P.A., Ed.D.
Tracy Jean Burke-Carriere, B.A.В§
Brian Jeffrey Cain, B.S.В§
Jeffrey James Casper, B.A.В§
Patricia Chapman, B.A.‡
Rakeem André Chapman, B.A.‡
Lindsay Alice Chastain, B.A.†Lawrence Francis Clark, B.S.‡
Cassandra Shante Colston, B.A.В§
Christine Dawn Conradt, B.F.A.
Tyrone Conyers, B.A.В§
Brandi Dawn Corriveau, B.A.В§
Brian Michael Costello, B.S.В§
Briana Noelle Counts, B.S.†Elyse Nicole Crane, B.A.
James M. Creed, B.A.
David Matthew Cron, B.A.
Malanienne Ruth Davis, B.S.†January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Jason Ethan Dobson, B.A.†Deanna Winifred Dockery, B.A.†Kurt Robert Donahue, B.S.
Brian Andrew Dorety, B.A.В§
Matthew W. Drake, B.S.C.E.,
Tammy Jessica Drayton, B.A.
Lama El Dani, B.A.В§
Christian Escobar, B.S.
Naomi Kristine Ruffner Evans, B.S.†John Ross Fakner, B.S.‡
Jeffrey M. Favreau, B.A.†Michael Gerard Ferrick, B.S.‡
Patricia Ann Fidler, B.A.
Daniel Grady Flanigan, B.S.‡
Ernest Robert Forlini, Jr., B.A.†Ashley Paige Frank, B.A.†Cassandra Frederic, B.A.§
Olivia Aline Marie Furieri, B.A.
Daniel Edward Gannon, B.S.†Anatoliy Garayda, B.S.
Amy Kathryn Gartner, B.S.†Sharee Shantell Gibson, B.S.
Jeffrey Stephen Giddings, B.S.
Maria Elizabeth Gil, B.S.B.A.В§
Tentative September 2012 graduate
metropolitan college
Patricia Anna Gonzalez, B.A.
James L. Graham, B.S.‡
Tiffany Sheree Graham, B.A.†Richard Lee Green, Jr., B.S.
Nicholas Quinn Gregory, B.A.†Ashley Nikole Grzeslo, B.A., B.S.
Vivian Thuy Ha, B.A.В§
Jennifer Kristen Harris, B.A.‡
Karen Michelle Harris, B.A.В§
Jessica Ann Henderson, B.S.
Angela Michelle Herbster, B.S.В§
Adrian A. Hernandez, B.S.†Jennifer Woodbury Hibbard, B.A.†Melissa Courtney Hillis, B.A.†Gretchen M. Hine, B.S.§
Amanda Marie Womack Hinton, B.S.‡
Jaclyn Alicia Hollingsworth Lankford,
Demetress L. Holmes, B.A.†Mahtab Hosseini, B.A.‡
Kelly Ann Jackson Houston, B.S.‡
Richard Andrew Iafelice, B.A.
Danely Rossio Johnson, B.A.
Jennifer Beth Johnson, B.A.
Khaliah Abena Joshua, B.S.В§
Christopher Scott Journey, B.S.‡
Robert Adam Journey, B.A.В§
Samantha Meredith Kalinowski, B.A.
Megan Chandler Karlsen, B.S.†Melanie Sue Kent, B.S.‡
John J. Kim, B.A.†Jessica Lynn Kluth, B.S.‡
Emmanuel Kolitsis, B.A.В§
Lacey Elizabeth Kondracki, B.A.В§
Jeremy Patrick Koren, B.A.†Anna Victoria Kornblum, B.A.§
Jennyfer Lynne Krech, B.A.†Ericka Leigh Kuhlman, B.A.
Alexandria Tamara Kunz, B.S.†Heidi Morgan Laramie, B.A.
Nicholas Channing Larmore†Mark Jangwhee Lee, B.A.§
Alexandra Monica Leek, B.A.В§
Kris Lynn Leifer, B.A.В§
Jason M. Lewis, B.S.
Amanda Leigh Looney, B.S.В§
Joseph Brandon Lopresti, B.S.†Michelle E. Lugo Ynoa, B.A.‡
Stephen Thomas Lyons, B.S.‡
Novia Sunday Maduro, B.S.
Kelli Teresa Magann, B.S.В§
Jennifer Victoria Magnus, B.S.†Raadhaa Maharaj, B.A.‡
Dmitry Malyshev, B.S.
Jacqueline Elizabeth Martin, B.A.‡
Brittany Kay Martinez, B.S.‡
Valerie Mathis, B.S.В§
Jason Charles Mattia, B.A.†Chelsey Alexandra May, B.S.‡
Anna Dee Mayo, B.S.
Kendall Eileen McBrearty, B.A.В§
Arleigh McCabe, B.A.
Mira Lea McDermott, B.A.В§
Christine Frances McGrath, B.A.‡
Robert Gregory Mennona, B.A.
Andrew Dennis Meyers Jr., B.S.†JaNina Innette Milligan, B.A.
Katie Wonmi Min, B.A.†Baraa Fadel Mohamed, B.A.
Jeffrey Allen Moreau, B.A.‡
Jennifer Anne Moschetti, B.A.‡
Sarah Katherine Mullins, B.A.
Shannon Elizabeth Neuzil, B.A.‡
Amy L. Newton, B.A.
Jon M. Norris, B.S.
Quiana Yvonne Olivares, B.A.В§
Karen Elizabeth Olsen, B.S.
Donald William O’Neill, B.A.†Elizabeth Anne Owen, B.A.
Paula Sue Owens, B.A.
Judith Owusua, B.A.В§
Linda Lee Parish, B.A.†Qadriyyah Nadirah Parsee, B.A.‡
Christine Marie Payne, B.S.†Mary Elizabeth Pepples, B.A.
Gabrielle Alejandra Perez, B.A.В§
Angel Perkins, B.B.A.В§
Cristine Ann Perlin, B.S.
Denise Patricia Peters, B.S., M.B.A.В§
Ian Daniel Pfaff, B.A.†Jennifer Piñera, B.A.†Laci Danielle Pochie, B.A.
Graham Christian Polando, B.A.†Renee Melissa Polletta, B.S.
Rachel Amanda Ponder, B.A.В§
Jessica Marie Post, B.A.
Debra Ann Preston, B.A.‡
John M. Price, B.A.В§
Kristina Maree Price, B.A.В§
Jason Michael Prigge, B.S.‡
Michael Blanchard Prizio, B.A.
Raymond John Prytuliak, B.A.†Tabitha Quick, B.A.
Mayura S. Rao, B.A.В§
John Daniel Remaley, B.A.В§
Christopher Ryan Reynolds, B.M.В§
Alexander Rhalimi, B.S.В§
Sheila Mary Osborn-Riddle, B.A.
Derrick Andrew Rieger, B.A.‡
Miosha Dechett Robinson, B.S.В§
Christopher Rodriguez, B.A.
Nicholas Cantu Rodriguez, B.A.†Anthony Lee Rootes, B.S.§
Confesor Roman Rosa, B.A.‡
Megan LyAnn Ross, A.B.Ed.‡
Lisa M. Rossi, B.A.
Christin Rudell, B.A.
Ryan Frank Sarnecki, B.S.В§
Steven Edward Sawyer, B.S.В§
Rachel Elizabeth Seeber, B.A.†Christina Elaine Sgro, B.A.
Stephen Gerard Shields, B.S.В§
Gina Gisele Smith, B.A., J.D.
Tommy Randall Southwick, B.S.‡
Brent Wesley Spencer, B.A.‡
Valerie Maria Steen, B.S.†Jacqueline Stein, B.A.
Justin Michael Stern, B.A.†Scott James Stewart, B.S.
Courtney Noelle Straface, B.A.†Karl Anthony Strobach, B.A.§
Angarette Katrice Stuckey, B.A.В§
Kahley Elizabeth Sullivan, B.A.‡
John Haig Tarpinian, B.S.B.A.†Christian Israel Tate, B.S.§
David A. Terlemezian, B.A.‡
Evangelline Yee Ching Tsang, B.A.В§
Takashi Tsuboi, B.S.‡
Andrea Tsuruta, B.A.†Aaron J. Tucker, B.A.
Keith Jay Tucker, B.S.†Tonya Anne Tunnell-Thornhill, B.A.§
Michelle Lee Urbanek, B.A.†Bert J. Van Der Werff, B.A.
Dung David Van Vu, B.S.В§
Matthew J. Warren, B.A.
Massa Kamara Washington, B.A.
Clint Brian Whalen II, B.S.
Sasha Vinyette Wharton, B.S.†Justin Dean Wingate-Poe, B.A.†Brian Paul Wisneski, B.A.‡
Rosalyn Rebecca Wright, B.A.†James Wu, B.A.‡
Marissa Marane Wyatt, B.A.
LaChon Marie Yeldell, B.A.†Michael Peter Zanyor, B.A.
Ali Ziab, B.S.В§
Katie Michelle Allen, B.S.
Jane Victoria Armstrong, B.A.
Mark A. Banville, B.A.
Zoe Ilona Baughman, B.A., M.A.
Rachel Adams Bennett, B.A.
Jillian Nicole Bernardini, B.A.В§
Danielle Louanna Ceribo, B.S.
Stephanie Chatelanat Marmier, B.S.
Annaliese DeNooyer, B.A.
Katie Dolph, B.A.В§
Sophie Gees, B.A.В§
Anne Marie Goldberg, B.B.A.‡
Colleen Janet Harrison, B.S.
Lilly Wang Jan, B.S.†Whitney Brooke Johndro, B.A.
Megan Christine Jones Wall, B.A.†Anne Elisabeth Knopf, B.A.
Anina Kostecki, B.A.В§
Michael Robert Kostyo, B.A.
Joyce P. Krystofolski, B.A., M.S.
Sarah Ayako Kurobe, B.A.
Nicole Elizabeth Leavenworth, B.A.
Kristin Lee, B.A.В§
Tiesha Andrea Lewis, B.A.
Christofer Azzara Malloy, B.A.
Rudolf Vincent Tia Manabat, B.S.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Leah Allison Mawson, B.A.
Elizabeth Connor McCann, B.A.
Jennifer Chia-Ning McJunkin, B.A.
Sarah Elizabeth Morrow, B.S.
Rona Moser, B.A.
Lauren Obregón, B.A.†Emily P. Olson, B.B.A.
Ashley Kathryn Pardo, B.S.
Ashmi Niranjan Patel, B.S.†Katherine Ann Peterson, B.S.§
Nicole Rose Petricca, B.A.†Erin Janine Powell, B.A.
Khalilah Ramdene, B.A.В§
Tentative September 2012 graduate
metropolitan college
Mabel Stephannie Ramirez Reyes,
Daniel Alexander Greenhood Remar,
Erin Katherine Ross, B.A.
Avi Benjamin Schlosburg, B.A.†Drew Scott, B.A.
Priya Haridas Shah, B.A.†Kristen Day Shelly, B.A.‡
Renee M. Sheppard, B.A.†Sarah Debora Sholes, B.S.
Molly E. Siciliano, B.A.†Christopher Allen Tanner, B.B.A.‡
William Stephen Vasvary, B.S.
Billy Andre
Heather Ashley Marino, B.A.
Kristen Merrill
Toni Pepe‡
Omar Basil Aldabagh, B.A.
Denice Carryl, B.A.
Fabio Colasante, B.A.
Rufus Jackson Faulk, B.A.‡
Brian Michael Magee, B.A.†Linsey Candice Onishuk, B.S.§
John Robert Standard, B.S., M.A.†Ashley Nichole Vincent, B.S.
Muhammad Abdullah
Umair Ahmad
Gildas Mikpawé Bah†Guoce (Jackson) Chen
Qiushi Chen‡
Martin Chi, B.A.†You Mi Choi†Christen Elizabeth Eulian
Daniel David Green†Andrew John Jenkins†Yingjiao Jiang†Zhao Jin†Trevor Jay Kranzusch
Jihyeon Lee
Chunhui Li
Rucha Arvind Phatak†Ian Ross Ramey, B.A.
Gabriel Ka-Teen Sattayapiwat
Ya Tang†Chia-Chun Tsai‡
Ravi H. Upadhyaya
Long Wang†Chen Yang†Yang Yang†Ting-Yu Yeh†Wei Zhang‡
Xiang Zhang†Chao Zhou†Nan Zhou
Han-Ming Liao†Liu Liu
Wenhong Liu†James Parker Loring
Xin Lu†Jonathan Edward Miller, B.S.
Kavitha Mohan
Indira Moldazhanova§
Jee Won Moon, B.A.‡
Van Nguyen†Sungho Noh
Szu-Hsin Ou
Kailee E. Padolewski, B.A.
Sung Jun Paek†Carrie Lynne Palumbo, B.A.
Michael Joe Abou-Jaoude§
Yvonne Agyare Adjepong
Jean Christian Yannick AhoussouKouadio, B.A.B.A.†Mustafa Ak§
Erdem Akilotu, B.A.‡
Michael S. Allain, B.A.†Abdulla Rashed Al Mazrouei†Ahmed Hamed Ahmed Ebrahim
Mohamed Al Shawi, B.S.
Hasan Hamed Ahmed Ebrahim
Mohamed Alshawi§
Jessica C. Angelo, B.S.B.A.
Ali Banki, B.A.‡
Kelly Marie Barker
Despina Bokios, B.S.B.A.†Halil Ibrahim Bozkus, B.S.E.‡
Katherine Cabral Dume, B.Ec.†Margaux Candide Eleonore Campagnoli
Antoine CarrГ©
Mustafa Celik
Salim Chahine§
Yi-Chun Chen, B.S.
Ying Chen, B.Ec.†Lee-Hsien Cheng, B.A.‡
Yi-Wei Cheng, B.A.
Yuan Cheng, B.S.В§
Ya-Chun Chuang, B.B.A.†Julio Ernesto Concepcion Breton
FrГ©dГ©ric Dagher-Hayeck
Julien Dai
Azddine Daif‡
Katelyn Marie Daley, B.S.
Kien Duc Dao, B.S.C.E.†Zahide Demir, Dip.§
Caterina DeSorbo, B.A.
Julien Stanislas Desrez
Alexandre Digoin
Li-Yu Dong, B.A.†Florian du Fayet de la Tour
Melike Duran, B.S.Eng.‡
Alaattin Durmaz, B.S.E.‡
Badr Farid M Enany, B.B.A.В§
Tahir Erdem, B.S.‡
Ana Belen Escobar Fernandez, B.A.†Mustafa Esen, B.A.‡
Anatoliy A. Eybelman, M.S.C.E.
Ping-Hong Fan§
Nicole Leigh Feldner, B.S.‡
Shih-Ta Feng†Gustavo Adolfo Fernandez Perez,
B.B.A.†Robert James Gadbois, Jr., B.S.B.A.†Susan Gallego, B.S.
Chenning Gao, B.A.B.A.
Emmanuelle Juliette Genin
Olha Goldstein, M.L.A.‡
Maria Juliana Gonzalez Sierra§
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Adriana America Gonzalez Tavares,
B.S.†Yeliz Gurlek, B.A.§
Carl Victor Hanson, B.S.‡
Mu-Chieh Ho, B.A.B.A.†Yea-Yuan Hsiao§
Chang-Yao Hsieh, B.B.A.†Kun-Lin Hsieh§
Chia-Chen Hsu
Hsueh-Chin Hsu, B.B.A.‡
Wen-Ting Hsu, B.A., M.A.‡
Samantha Sumei Huang, B.S.В§
Shao-Chien Hung
Nansinee Jaruprat§
Chunhui Jiang
Xin Jin§
Zhen Jing, B.S.†Fereniki Lida Kalamida, B.B.A.
Chia-Ying Kao, B.S.†Wei-Yi Kao, B.L.A.
Mehmet Karakus, B.Ec.†Ana Carolina Kawas, B.S.†Tanvir Hyder Khan, B.S.C.E.†Thirachai Khong-Amnuaisak§
Nazih Kishtban, B.A.†Sedat Kurdoglu, B.B.A.‡
David R. Langlais
Yi-Te Lee†Yabin Li, B.S.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
metropolitan college
Shu-Wen Lin, B.B.A.‡
Yan-Ting Lin§
Kunqi Liu, B.B.A.†Yi-Li Liu, B.A.‡
Wipada Liusirirat, B.S.A.В§
Li-Ying Lo, B.B.A.†Roger B. Lovell Jr., B.S.
Melissa E. Manolis, B.S.В§
Vahe Stanley Manoukian
Maxime Antonin Manseau
Luis Augusto Martinez Monestina,
B.B.A.†Melanie M. Mei, B.S.§
Carmen Morales, B.S.
Propa Mujtaba
Nicolas Nemeth
Cong Niu§
Nils Dominique Patrick Obiergo
Freda Nayebare Otafiire, B.A.†Natasha Paredes, B.A.§
Cristina Perdoni†Jennifer Marie Pereira, B.S.†Natthaphon Phianphensiriwong§
Pichayapat Pokasamrit, B.Ec.†Jie Ren
Jennifer Ellen Rizzo, B.M., M.M.
Thiravut Sabmaneeanant, B.A.†Miguel Alejandro Santana Serra, B.A.†Saurabh Saraswat, B.B.A.‡
Tanakrit Somnimitr, B.A.‡
Narupon Suesatsakul, B.A.†Renata Rasidovna Suleymanova‡
Rubing Sun, B.Ec.†Yuh-Tarng Sung, B.S.†Monmanee Tannapai†Harold S. Tavares§
Casey Devon Titus, S.B.‡
Chia-Jung Sami Tsai†Chun-Jui Tsao, B.B.A.
Nizamettin Ucak, LL.B.‡
Hwai-Chern Wang, B.B.A.
Jing Wang†Kou Peng Edmund Wang
Meng-Kai Wang, B.A.†Sheng-Juin Wang, B.B.A.
Siqi Wang§
Li-Yun Wen, LL.B.
Chen-Ning Weng§
Ming-Hwa Wu, B.B.A.
Mu-En Wu§
Shuang Xu, B.A.†Qinyi Xue, B.A.
Ryusaku Yamamoto, B.Law†Yamei Yan, B.B.A.‡
Ben Yang†I-Huang Yang, B.B.A.
Serpil Yasar, B.A.‡
Sebnem Pinar Yesilyurt, B.S.S.‡
Tairzhan Yessenov§
Wahab Adeoumi Atanda Yessoufou§
Mehmet Ali Yilmaz, B.A.В§
Dong Yoon Yoo, B.S., B.A.S.
Hsiang-I Yu, B.A.‡
Ying Yuan, B.A.†Bibo Zhou, B.A.
Le Zhou, B.A.B.A.‡
E. Bruce Berman, Jr.
Ryan Powers Callahan, B.A.
Keith A. Chachkes, B.S.
Ana V. Cosmas
Max Graham
Jillian B. Horvath, B.A.
Jidekene Amara Iruka‡
Siuzanna Khachatryan, B.A.†Adam Richard Krueger‡
Jesse Mallon Macomber‡
Holly Sue Ann Nunes†Katerina Upevche Potter
Nicole Racicot, B.S.†Michelle Charlene Roberts§
Benjamin Elliot Sacks
Jessica St. Clair Smith§
Dana Adli Ahmed Mohamed Alaseeri§
Nora Abdulrahman Aldabal‡
Cara Lynn Allen, B.A.
Man Bao, B.A.†Rachel Elizabeth Baptista, B.A.‡
Kristina Le Dain Beaudett, B.A.
Carla Michelle Berrios Cruz†Sarah Megan Berry†Cheryl Angela Bodah
Carolyn Mary Brown, B.A.‡
Anne Rothier Claflin
Amanda L. Coley§
Julia Catherine Cuellar Martin
David Erik Dell†Allison Elzanita Engelsma-Mosser, B.A.
Jessica Rahn Finch
Hannah Craig Hankinson Gathman,
Erin M. Grundman†Mariela Hardy Guerrero, B.A.†Lisa Haubenstock, B.A.§
Hsuan-Yu Hong§
Lara Felice Kahn, B.A.
Jillian Angela Levine, B.F.A.В§
Oi Sze Liu, B.Law‡
Sang Liu, B.A.†Yin Liu, B.A.†Katherine Aletta Ludington, B.M.§
Jerrie Ksenia Lyndon, B.A.‡
Jacqueline Maureen McCoy, B.A.
Ryan Courtney McMahon‡
Jodie Elizabeth McMenamin†Annalise T. Mecham
Alissa Sage Minot§
Natalie Kay Moore†Laura Margaret Norris, B.A.
Debra Ann Nunes, B.A.‡
Jessica Dora Pappathan†Michelle Rush
Megan Kathleen Searcy, Mus.M.†Deborah Marie Sharp
Jennifer Grace Simmons, B.A.
Michael Duncan Smith‡
Sarah Elizabeth Spinella, B.A., B.A.В§
Carey LaOna Stipe, B.F.A.В§
Signe Martina Swenson‡
Beverly E. Verla
Margaret Emily Winikates, B.A.
Lauren Alissa Wright
Ching Yeo
Joseph Kofi Adjei, B.S.†Alain Auguste, B.S.
Talita Azalea
Sultan Z. Baig‡
Lesley Victoria Blackburn-Collette,
James Albert Brewer, B.A.
Katrina Battle Bumpers, B.S.
Russell Corona, B.S.В§
Chad Charles Czerwinski
Ryan T. Day, B.A.†Robert A. Derrickson‡
Lixia Duan, B.A., M.A.
Damien Michael Ghee
Jo Anne Gibson
Eric Paul Gundersen, B.A.
Paula K. Heffron, B.A.
Lara Ann Hoffman, B.A.†Matthew M. Hogan†Jemini K. Joshi, B.S.B.A.† †John William Kenefick, B.B.A.
Dastan M. Khamzin†Soyoung Lee, B.S.§
Andrew Mario Leone, B.S., M.S.†Judith Massawe, B.S.†Brian Douglas Matthews‡
Jonathan Michael McColgan‡
William F. McGue, B.A.В§
Gregg McNamara, B.S.
Mellada Miskaryan, B.B.A.
January 2012 graduate   ‡September 2011 graduate  §Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Degree awarded by Metropolitan College and the College of Communication
metropolitan college
Nirmalya Mitra‡
Katherine Anne Morgan, B.S.B.A.†Ryan James O’Connell, B.A.
Onwosi Odefa, M.A.‡
Olatunde T. Oduwole‡
Richard Jones Onyeneho†Ethel Kanan Pippin†Stacy-Ann Alicia Powell
Laura E. Ridge
Yurii Sergiyovych Rudenko†Vincent P. Smith
Craig E. Squires, B.A.†Yuliya Staggs†Steven M. Stano, B.A.§
Seraphine Ufitinema†Carlos A. Uscategui, B.S.†Mario Velarde, B.S.§
Smith Vioselin
Laura Viviana Viveros Rubiano, B.A.‡
Julian Raymond Vulliez, B.S.‡
Bradley David Wheelus‡
Chad Charles Williams†Michael David Zulawski, B.A.
Daniel Vega Atienza†Mark Orin Bailey, B.S.†David Barnes§
Anne Elizabeth Buono§
Steven R. Green Jr.†Jesse Jaramillo
Michael David Johnson‡
Richard M. Reed‡
Carmen Rochelle Smith‡
Jessica Marie Weinbrenner, B.A.‡
Rafael R. Avramov, B.S.
Gary Eugene Bailey†Elizabeth Ashley Carlson, B.A.‡
Nelson Carvalho, B.A.†Ronald James Courter, B.S.†Jordan Duane Crotty, B.A.‡
Sallie Patricia Edwards†Alejandra Glass, B.A.§
Nicholas Matthew Granillo, B.S.‡
Gerard Vincent Hennelly‡
Brittney Klaas†John Jay Lohrfink‡
James Terrance Long‡
Miachelle Marie Marzullo
Dahlia I. Mihyar‡
Patrick Mugambe§
Jerlyn Camille Parel, B.S.‡
Thomas Joseph Platt
Jose Santiago III, B.B.A.
Kelly Ann Sosnowski, B.A.
Andrew Sharif Aboudaoud, B.A.
Michael Robert Adams, B.S.
Nanette Elisa Agor‡
Troy Shannon Albright, B.A.В§
Ivan Zilotti Alencar‡
Panagiota Katerina Alexiadis, B.A.В§
Hussain Ali‡
Dawar David Alimi‡
Khader Mohiuddin Allahbaksh, B.E.
George Luis Altiery, B.S.
Brian William Ames§
Iqbal Amiri†Jeffrey Michael Arey‡
Gaurav Arora†Raman Arora, M.C.A.
Talal Pervez Balouch‡
Manajit K. Barman, B.E.‡
Robert D. Barnes, B.S.
Eoin Barry, B.Sc.
Girma Beka, B.S.†Ruby Olaya Berge†Allen Roberto Bermudez†Christian Ashley Bernardo†Pritam Jithendra Bhat§
Qianlong Bian, B.A., M.B.A.
Andrew Jeffery Bifolck, B.A.В§
Joseph Thomas Bingaman†Jay Paul Black, B.S.
LuAnn Born†Earl R. Bostic, Jr., B.S.§
Carissa Lyn Bousfield, B.S.
Travis Channing Bowen‡
Cindy Carol Bragg†Adam Scott Breed‡
William Albert Brier Jr.‡
Christopher Michael Brookover§
Franklin Gerard Buck‡
Gregory Wayne Buckley†Patrick Ryan Burke†Chad D. Burkholder†Elizabeth Bierman Burns, B.S.B.A.§
Racquel Danay Caloza‡
Leslie Danielle Carano, B.S.
Jaime Alberto Carazo Del Toro‡
Tejay Elwood Cardon‡
Damon Zachary Cassell, B.S.
Toni Charlot, B.S.
Yi-Ting Chen‡
Chandrashekar Chidirala†Santosh Kumar Chintakayala, B.Com.
Keshia Natasha Clarke, B.S.В§
Brian Rodney Cleavelin‡
Blithe S. Clinton†Adam Robert Cohen‡
Marc J. Cohen, B.S.
Christopher Charles Collymore†Michael William Contois, B.S.
Jamente Michael James Cooper
Sarah Cortes, A.B.‡
Scott Robert Croskey, B.S.E.E.
Patrick D. Crowe†Rani A. Crozier, B.S.
Robert Cruz†Peter Cuddy, B.A., M.B.A.
Andrew James Curcio‡
Denever Elcover Davis, B.S.
Robert Neil Davis‡
Paul Michael DeBone, B.S.
Michael Todd Deckman, B.A.
John Joseph Deltuvia, Jr., B.A.В§
Amy L. Dembinski, B.S.
Bennett Bryant DeSadier†Tejas M. Desai, B.S.§
Matthew Thomas DiCapua‡
Nathalie T. Dickson†Angela DiMiceli Bawcum†Roshini Dominic‡
Andrew Peter Doran†January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Brian Lee Dorris‡
Kevens Dorsainvil§
Glenn Derek Duhon II
Matthew John Eaton†Jake Carlton Engle, B.S.B.A.§
Sergio Omar Esquivel†Rachel Elaine Etter‡
Scott Steven Ewers, B.S.B.A.
Ahmed Farooq, B.S., B.A.
Pamela Murphy Farr, B.A.
Lloyd H. Ferdinand, B.S.†Matthew Brian Firtion, B.S.
Bryan Fitzmartin, B.A.
Kevin Joseph Flynn†Tzvi D. Friedman, B.B.A.
Darling Nelson Garcia, B.S.C.S.†Ernest George Gardner‡
Nicholas K. Garza‡
Shanty K. George, B.A.†Karl Francis Grandel†Philip Karim Gray, B.S.
Jeffrey Paul Green, B.A.
Sasanka Sekhar Griddalur
Suhas D. Gudihal†Steven M. Guertin
Daniel Hahn‡
Brian S. Hale, B.S.‡
Donald M. Hardy, B.S.Eng.†Kathleen P. Harris†Christopher Michael Harrison†Nancy J. Hebert, B.S.‡
Carl Nicholas Eugene Hefele, B.S.,
Donald Patrick Hegarty, B.S.
David Louis Hicks†Torry Lawan Hickson‡
John Hildebrant‡
Michael Todd Hite†Alexander Hoppe†Tentative September 2012 graduate
metropolitan college
Jacqueline Yee Hsieh Wojan§
Yi-Yuan Hsu‡
Angela Green Huneycutt, B.S.В§
David L. Hunter†Luke Edward Huston†Tuan Anh Huynh, B.S.
Catina Marie Hyman, B.A.†Collins E. Igberaese‡
Jacky Ismeus‡
Devon S. Jarman, B.S.В§
Daniel Mark Jarvis†Eugene Charles Jiongco†Tennyson Garfield Johnson‡
Johnnie Dwight Jones†Brian Edward Jurczyk†Matthew Kapala†Eleanor C. Karvoski‡
Cindy Lynn Keltner, B.S., B.S.B.A.
Firoz Nazirullah Khan, B.S.
Salman Ali Khan†Kyung Hee Kim
Tae H. Kim, B.A.
Gary Edward Klama‡
Carlos Koo, B.S.В§
Daniel John Kovach, B.B.A.
Joseph George Kovba, B.S.Eng.
Amit Ranjan Kumar‡
Rosanne M. Kysar§
Dino Laguerre, B.S.E.E.
Ha Lam†Rona Charlene Ong Lao†Robert Nicholas LaRocca Jr.†Kevin Tin-Ching Lau‡
Brian William Lawrence†Erin Beth Leonard†Bryce Hsu Levin, B.S.
Roger E. Leyou Leyou‡
Yi-Shun Liao†James Gavin Lillevig, B.S.
Nancy Lee Lopez-Zapata, B.S.В§
Zhong Lu§
Subbiah Mahalingam, B.E.
William L. Mansfield‡
Diego Mauricio Martinez, B.G.S.
Jeffrey Charles Mathena‡
Joshua Thomas McDonald‡
Shawn Michael McElhinney, B.S.
Jonathan David Meade†Dawit Mekebib
Nabil Meziani, B.S.‡
Robert Clement Michaud†Alonza Levon Mitchell‡
William Joseph Monagle III, B.A.
Donald Charles Moody†Anthony Warren Moore, B.S.
Rebecca Morgan‡
Clyde Adolph Morris‡
Vincent Joseph Moser, B.S.
Sampada Shashikant Mulaye, B.Com.
Edward Munoz‡
Brian Patrick Murphy, B.S.В§
William Allen Murray, B.B.A.
Icar De Villa Napiza
Chitra Yashwant Nawale, B.E.
Hasan Nazir†Arben Ndrenika, B.S., B.S.
Robert James Neil
Michael Clay Nelson, B.S.
Tuan Quoc Nguyen
Susan Ann Niederkorn‡
Mike Nithaworn‡
Boadu Nkrumah, B.S.В§
Tracey Rachelle Norwood, B.S.
Hamed Okasi
Matthias Adedapo Omisore, B.S.†William Ostrowski Jr., B.S., M.A.§
Anthony P. Palazzo‡
Avani Patel‡
Daniel James Piekarski, B.L.S.†Nicholas F. Pinheiro B.S.§
Theresa Marie Popson†Jeremiah Anthony Puleo, B.A.
Joseph Dwight Purvis, B.A.
Lorraine Linnea Quackenbush, B.S.
Pranav Raichura‡
Asha Ramadas, B.Com.
Carlos Ramos, B.A.В§
Gilbert Anthony Reyes‡
Ivelise Rivera, S.B.
Adam Joshua Roberts‡
Richard Ralph Rococi†Kevin Barry Roden‡
Andrew Christian Rossing‡
Mary Elizabeth Ruff, B.T.M.В§
Robert E. Rupe Jr.‡
Kristopher John Russo, B.S.В§
Althea Joan Saldanha†Isaac Benjamin Salles, B.B.A.
Paul Joseph Salvetti Jr.
Andrew Joseph Samuel†Michael M. Santos, B.S.B.A., B.S.§
Daniel R. Schlegel, B.S.
John Thomas Scott‡
Giovanni Guiseppe Antonio Sealey, B.S.В§
Kyle Weston Seath†John Henry Servatt, B.S.§
Zahir Osama Shareefi, B.S.C.S.В§
Ian Paul Sharpe§
Shrikant Shenoy, B.Sc., M.Sc.
Vitaly Shusterov†Siong Ie Eugene Sidharto, B.S.C.S.§
Denis Sinelshchikov
Olga Smolyar, B.A.
Artem Smorodin, B.S.
Matthew Randall Sousley, B.S., M.A.
Nichole Suzanne Stein‡
Troy Alan Stiffler†Benjamin Lee Stillwagon, B.A.§
Matthew Bryan Swan‡
Lance Douglas Taylor, B.A.В§
Sunil S. Taylor†Jason Teeple‡
Naveen Kumar Thankappan†Karthick Thiruvenkatam, B.E.
Michael Thommen, B.Sc.В§
Alexander Trska†Wai Man Tsoi, B.Eng.§
Vailahi Ramsay Tuita‡
Michael David Turner†Muhammad Umair, B.S.
Steven James Ursillo Jr., B.S.
Alberto Luis Valedon†Lindsey Elizabeth Van Klei‡
Pablo Sebastian Vega†Jocelyn Catindig Visco‡
Jimmy Thanh Vo, B.S.В§
William Joseph Wallace†Dennis John Walsh, B.S.
Jing Wang, B.S.
Scott Michael Ward†Brian James Weidner‡
Mark Kirwin Weingartner, B.S.
Tome Justin Weldy, B.A.
Michael R. West†Christopher White, B.S.C.S.
Scott David Whitman‡
Tyler Jacob Whitney, B.S.
Jeffrey M. Williams†Alexander Elliott Wilson, B.S.
Thomas Neil Wynne, Jr.†Kavitha Yalamanchi‡
Lisa Bizzie Zanes
Kim Zavala†Xin Yi Zhang‡
Mohammad Saeed M Alghamdi†Aruna Alla†Tyrone David Baltimore, B.S.
Ryan David Berger, B.S.В§
David Thomas Bonczar‡
Kevin Cabral, B.S.
Andrew Salvatore Cannizzo, B.S.В§
Michael James Coviello
Wendy Derstine‡
Erica Lynne Dominguez, B.S.C.S.В§
Jeffrey Patrick Dunn, B.S.E.T.
Dale Martin Earnest
Nathan John Ferry, B.S.‡
David Jeremy Gillespie, B.Sc.В§
Kishore Kumar Gopalakrishna, B.Sc.В§
Ilyas Hamdi, B.S.E.E.‡
Sandeep Haridas, B.S.Eng.‡
Ernst Frederick Herard
Jason Lon Hu, B.A.В§
Peter Robert Iannuzzo
Payal Jain Kambala, B.T.
Brian Jewell, B.S.B.A.†Ajai Joy, B.E., M.S.
William J. Joyce, B.A.
Shruthi Alekha Karthik Rao, B.E.
Alan Roger Keniston, B.S.†Fazle Samad Khan, B.S.
Javier Kielmanowicz, B.S.C.E.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Andrew Lyman Kittredge, B.A.†Yang-Ying Liu, B.S.
David Scott Lutkins, B.A.‡
Michael Richard McDevitt, B.A.†Jeff Meoli, B.S.C.S.†Chad Raymond Nagle†Robert K. Neeb, B.S.§
Kenneth Nimley, B.S.В§
Laura Marie Perdomo, B.S.B.A.
Parasuraman Ramakrishnan, B.E.
Eric K. Reeve, B.S.‡
Bryan Keith Rickman, B.A., B.A.В§
Matthew Lee Shaw, B.S.C.S.
Prateek Shokeen
Tentative September 2012 graduate
metropolitan college
Jeremiah David Small
John Wallace Spencer, B.S.†Darath Sreng, B.S.C.S.
Sarah-Grace Horne Thomas‡
Parastoo Vakili, B.S.†Ricardo Villamil, B.S.
Michael Augustus Williams, B.S.
Wei-Hsiang Yang, B.S.†Emily Lynn Ziegler, B.S.
Jacob D. Ziegler, B.S.
Erika Michelle Abe, B.A.
Jennifer Marie Barrett‡
Sarah L. Beams, B.A.
Danielle Taylor Benjamin, B.A.‡
Jeffrey Bruce Benyacar§
Yvette Jimenez Bernal, B.A.‡
Jill Beth Bloom, B.S.
Elizabeth Whitney Brandt, B.S.‡
Sheila Elizabeth Brion, B.A.‡
Charles McBrayer Broadway III, B.A.†Karl Uldis Bucus, B.A.‡
Stephanie L. Burke, B.S., M.H.S.A.†Erica S. Collins, B.A.†Melanie E. G. Cousins, B.A.§
Lydia Curtin-Wilding, B.A.‡
Sylvia Diane Davis, B.S.В§
Stephanie Lynn DeBoer, B.A.
Meeghan Donahue De Cagna, B.A.
Margaret Victoria Delashmit, B.S.Ed.,
A.M., Ph.D.
Daren Dean Denniston, B.S.В§
Erin Dilber, B.S.B.A.
Linda Jean DiPersio, B.L.S.
Ellen M. Druckenmiller, B.S.‡
Bennet R. Dunlap, B.S.В§
Adib Qaadir El-Amin, B.S.†Anna S. Elgart, B.A.
Amanda Leigh Estes, B.A.
Erica Lynn Fabo, B.S.‡
Ferren Leah Farah, B.A.‡
Sara Kathryn Friend, B.S.В§
Margaret M. Gavan, B.S.
Rebecca Ann Gomez, B.A.
Gabrielle Christine Hathaway, B.S.
Jamar Michael Hawkins, B.S.В§
Debra Leigh Henderson, B.A.‡
Tammy Herro, B.A.В§
Jane C. Hildebrandt, B.A.В§
Theresa Jacobellis, B.S.†Amy Lahoma Jennings, B.A.
Deann Marie Jepson, B.S.‡
Pamela Marie Jones, B.S.‡
Karen Brislin Julius, B.A.†Abbie Derrick Kozomara, B.S.
Katherine Layer Kraines, B.S.‡
Joseph W. Krause, B.A.
Susan Jill Lackey, B.B.A.‡
Jody Renee LaVerdure§
Robert Alan Mansfield§
Chanelle Mars, B.S.В§
Lauren Wheeler McCoy, B.A.
Carolyn Marie Mongillo, B.A.‡
Jennifer Lynn Morss, B.A.†Jacqueline Newell, B.S.
Lindsey Bateman Nichol, B.A.
Evangelyn Chigozirimu Nkwopara,
B.A.†Barbara Jean Noble, B.A.‡
April L. Norris, B.S.‡
Payal Patel
Jolene Nicole Posey, B.S.В§
Lauren Marie Prodouz, B.S.
Alison Elizabeth Ralbovsky, B.A.
Amy Margaret Ramsay, B.A.‡
Celina Louise Ramsey, B.A.В§
Malavika M. Rao, B.A.
Janice Teresa Robinson, B.A.
Vecepia Poneia Robinson, B.S.†Claudia Roth, B.S.N.‡
Patricia Andrea Salomon, B.A.
Arynne Saunders, B.A.†Rachel Eileen Slamon§
Nancy Stricklen-Juneau, B.S.
Letitia Antoinette Stryk, B.S.†Samuel Abie Thomas, M.B.B.S.†Laura Nicole Torgerson, B.L.A.‡
Kimberly Fisher Uccellini, B.S.
Amy J. Walencik, B.S.‡
Robin R. Wearley, B.S.†Lisa Palacios Welch, B.A.
Ayla Mariel Withee, B.S.В§
Michele Mary Wojtowicz, B.A.
Kirstin Amanda Yokel, B.S.
Gale Ann Doran, B.S.B.A.В§
Malika Elodie Adams, B.B.A.†Trina C. Boone†Jason Michael Burnett
Tucker Corey Brent Carter, B.S.
Camille P. Dahdouh, B.S., M.B.A.В§
Sonia Dolan, B.A.
Sarah Jane Dressler‡
Brian M. Fiore, B.B.A.
Tara Kunkler, B.A.
Michael James McGonigle, B.A.
Greg Ryan Morris§
David Paul Niziolek, B.S.‡
Patrick Nsereko, B.L.S.†Paul A. Peirce
Jenny T. Pye, B.A.‡
Jennifer Carroll Santucci, B.A.
Cady McKim Sinks, B.A.
Benjamin Andrew Stahl, B.S.В§
Brayden Delbert Whitney†Andrew W. Zastrow, B.S.‡
Marianne Abreu, B.A.†Talia Janelle Aguilar, B.A.
Idrees Olanrewaju Ajakaiye
Catherine R. Alton, B.A.В§
Tracy Adrianne Annis, B.S.
Simone Arami‡
Adam David Basilio, B.S.
Angela Z. Berry, B.A.В§
Eric Lewis Bilodeau, B.S.B.A.
Alisha Sharlene Cargill, B.A.В§
Connie Cheung, B.S.
Kevin Andrew Copas‡
Ryan Austin Cox, B.S.‡
Lauren Michelle Croop, B.S.В§
Eric Christopher Dahl, B.A.‡
Debra Jane Dangelo, B.L.S.В§
Alison Fujii†Diana Marquez Gellidon, B.S.‡
Megan Gural Oepen, B.A.
Emily Anne Heller, B.S.
Allen Hodge
Benjamin Sayre Hoopes, B.S.
Ashley Elizabeth Ivkovic
Eric Leif Ian Jasper, B.S.
Hubbard E. Jordan Jr., B.A.†Joseph M. Juarez, B.S.‡
Sarah Kennedy†Rados Klikovac‡
 †Michael N. Kuczmarski, B.S.‡
Charlene Chialing Lee, B.A.
Nicole Elaine Miller
Gail Joyce Mitchell, B.S.
Roland P. Nutter, Jr., B.S.
Alisa Wanda Nweke, B.B.A.‡
William Payne, B.A.
Joseph David Perry, B.A.В§
Radhika Rangachar
Christopher James Rosko, B.S.
Sherrie Lee Savela‡
Behdad Shahossini‡
Bryan Curtis Simmons, B.A.†Kyle Brandon Smith‡
January 2012 graduate   ‡September 2011 graduate  §Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Degree awarded by Metropolitan College and the College of Communication
metropolitan college
Maitriya Verma†Lucjan Jerzy Zaborowski, B.A.§
Beth Anne Taylor†Kelly M. Van Cott, B.A.
Juan Carlos Zambrano, B.A.В§
Gary L. Baskerville
Andrea Anjanette Bowman
Linda Bivins Branch§
Clint J. Burbach
David Castellano
Christopher James Dingler
James Lamont Fischer Jr.‡
Daniel Joseph Gibbons†Amy Nicole Goss‡
Mark Alan Greenlief§
George B. Harrell
Thomas M. Harris
Misty Rain Rasmussen‡
Brian Richard Reed
Ladessa H. Reed
Michael J. Schulte
Brian M. Sharp§
Kenneth Sims§
Mindy A. Vanes
Morgan D. Veyna§
James Alvin Washington Jr.
James H. Williamson III‡
William Peter Witzig‡
Ronnie L. Harrison†Stephen Hathaway, B.S.‡
Jacob Ighile
Peter Sungwu Kim†Allan R. Lindsley†Tiffany Danielle Lung, B.S.
Michelle Lynn, B.S.
Arthur Cameron McLean§
Samuel D. T. Monk‡
Susette A. O’Neal†John John E. Orille
Shanelle A. Porter§
Marcia Jeannette Abreu
Arun Kumar Aggarwal†Haggar Hilda Ampadu, B.S.†Kathleen Anne Barber, B.S.
Michael Martin Bayer‡
Bethany Anne Belice
Warrick Lonsdale Benjamin‡
Michael Allen Bishop‡
Brienna Rae Blades, B.A.†Stephen Linwood Boardman II
Kristen L. Bonkoski, B.B.A.†Istvan Bonyhay, M.D., Ph.D.
Bradley Scott Brezinski†Luis D. Castillo, B.S.‡
Katy Celeste Cecere‡
Deborah Lynn Chipperfield, B.A.
Shawn Robert Cornell, B.B.A., M.B.A.
Consuelo Corrales, B.S.‡
Edmond Gerard Cronin†Katelyn Victoria Crowley, B.A.‡
Kevin Alexander Cunningham‡
Waseem Dabag, B.S.‡
Camala Daly, B.S.
Sagar S. Damania, B.S.‡
Donna Clair Davis
Wilmari Carrasquillo Delgado§
James Desjardin, B.S.
Jason Matthew Dodge, B.S.‡
Jeffrey Miles Dunn, B.S.
Haissam El Aawar, B.E.
Laura Elizabeth Ewell, B.S.‡
Jason David Faries, B.A.В§
William Joseph Feaster IV, B.S.†Carolyn Grace Fenley, B.B.A.†Jessica Allyn Flatley†Virginia Flores‡
Maria Galarza, B.S.
Alexander Gerela†Shelby Antoine Goodman‡
Shaina Kawohikukapulani Granillo,
La Toya Denise Green, B.A.‡
Joanne M. Greene-Blose, B.S.В§
David Allan Greer§
Maria Frances Gregory
Glenn Howard Hall‡
Ashley Elizabeth Hayden, B.A.В§
Cassie Ayana Higgins†Ann Marie Hinshaw, B.F.A.†Chioma Eberechi Igwe, B.A.
Cartier S. Jarveaux, B.S.†Kevin T. Johnson
Julia Jolly‡
Ashwina Keertikar, B.S.
Shamim Khan
Kenisha Kidd-Albright, B.A.†My Tuyet Lac, B.A.†William Robert Lauff, B.S.
Lespinasse Leveille†Jonquil Li, B.S.
Nicole Isidoros Luosey, B.F.A.
Meredith Ann Macha‡
Michael Marcelle Mann†Rachel L. Manzi
Leigh Adele Grace Martin, B.A.
John Mason, B.S.‡
Scott Sean Mayberry, B.S.
Aalaa Milagro‡
Derrick Dwayne Mills‡
Douglas Lee Miorandi, B.S.
Juan Manuel MogollГіn Canal, B.S.
Martha Aleida Motta-Delgado, B.S.
David Jorge Luis Mudek, B.S.
Maureen Kaina Mukelabai
Oscar W. Murray, B.S., M.S.C.I.S.
Dylan Jules Neidorff, B.S.
Andrew Sebastian Netto, B.S.B.A.
Uy X. Nguyen, B.S.
Nicole Genevieve Norton, B.A., B.S.†Theresa Lynn Ogden‡
Michael Ross Olive, B.S.В§
Oscar Osores, B.A.‡
Cheryl L. Palmer
David G. Paradiso†Miguel Alonso Perea†Lisa Marie Pierce, B.A.
Fabio de Almeida Pinto‡
Robert James Purviance III‡
Karthik Puttichanda, B.A.‡
Janelle Rafferty
Manimaran Ramalingam, B.S.‡
Kshitij Ranjan, B.E.В§
Robert M. Raphael, B.S.
Rhonda Elaine Reinke, B.A.B.A.†Carol J. Reynolds, B.A.‡
Eric Ribitsch, B.S.‡
Matthew Edwin Richard‡
Julio Arquel RodrГ­guez, B.S.
Michelle Arlene Sabia, B.S.B.A.
Max Fraser Sabo, B.S.†Trudy Brenda Samuels‡
Luis Fernando Sanchez Maldonado,
B.S.†Mark Kenneth Scarpa, B.S.†Frank Schoster, B.A.‡
William Neal Simpson III†Paramjit Singh, B.S.
Kurt Edward Smith, B.S.†Marnie Spadaro-Wilkins, B.S.‡
Christine S. Stelter
Peter C. Stickle Jr., B.A.‡
Andrea Janelle Stroud, B.A.В§
Brian Michael Sundell†Sanjay Sidhartha Swamy
Denise L. Talley, B.A.
Anish Philip Thomas, B.S.†Arumugam Vadivel, B.A.
Steven Michael Valinski, B.S.†Aeisha Y. Wallace, B.S.§
Ryan Michael Wedemeyer, B.S.‡
Christine Louise Weeks, B.A.†Angela Yvette Williams, B.S.
Jeremy Wine, B.A.‡
Dorothee Winkler†Caryl Lynn Yenny, B.S.†MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.S.) IN Telecommunication
Chae Cho, B.S.В§
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
metropolitan college
Daria Ivanova†Tomas Jakimavicius
Elitsa Katsarska†Nicolina Justine Elisabeth Lilly†Jessica Lena Lukyamuzi Kawalya‡
Kathleen Marie Machet
Megan Inés McIntosh†Victoria Parsegian‡
Jeanette Abi Saleh
Dalia Alhaider§
Valerio Bargado§
Chloe Blieck‡
Luca Defendi
Pieter-Jan De Koster§
Claire Demaria†Tyler Fleming
Eva-Christina Peterzéns‡
Supornphan Prongthura§
Claudia Ritter§
Hasnae Senhaji
Onur Simsek§
Conrad Toft§
Florence Ugochi Umeh
Mirsad Enver Uruci†MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.S.M.) IN MANAGEMENT, Overseas
Florin Inte‡
Matias Medina‡
Fabien Joseph Yves Morel†January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Christopher Adam Waecker‡
Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of Public Health
Hayat Sara Abdulkerim, B.A.†Joy Aigbogun, B.S.
Adeola Adetola Akinlonu, M.B.B.S.
Leslie E. Allen, B.S.
Shelley Anne Amberg, B.A.
Hillary Katherine Anderson, B.A.†Kimberly Anderson Eshleman, B.A.‡
Erik Holmes Andrews, B.A.В§
Lindsay Danielle Andrus, B.A.†Ehimen Chima Aneni, M.B.B.S.†Gauri Arun Apte, M.B.B.S.
Kira Anne Armajani, B.A., M.S.W.
Deepa P. Arya, M.B.B.S., M.D.‡
CarmenLeah Ascencio, B.A., M.S.W.
Nissa A. Askins, B.A.
Beza E. Ayalew, B.A.
Elizabeth M. Bachman, B.S.
Sarah Jane Baker, B.A.
Sophia E. Barberich, B.A.†Patrice Barrett, B.S.
Jenna M. Barry, B.A.†Amanda N. Bartholomew, B.A.†Miriam Bassi, B.A.†Monica A. Baytos, B.S.‡
Emily Kathryn Bean, B.A.
Meagan Lynn Beasley, B.A.†Jared Alan Beaumont, B.S.
Zachary Martin Beck-Goss, B.A.,
Kathleen Marie Bell, B.A.‡
Michelle R. Berardi, B.A.†Michael Gardner Best, B.A.†Amy Lauren Bettano, B.A.
Alexandra N. Black, B.S.
Kalina Crystal Black, B.A., M.S.W.
Meredith Anne Black, B.A.
Danielle A. Bolduc, B.S., M.S.W.
Carolyn M. C. Borsch, B.S.†Rachael K. Brem, B.S.†Christine Breuer, B.A.
Maureen K. Brophy, B.A.
Siobhan C. Brown, B.A.
Samantha Lee Brown-Stonbraker, B.A.
Allison Rose Bryant, B.A.†Rachel Faye Burns, B.S.†Isaac J. Burrows, B.S.
Ivan Busulwa, B.Sc.В§
James Henry Buszkiewicz, B.A.
Kerrie E. Canavan, B.S.
Rebecca E. Cantor, B.A., M.S.W.
Daisy Cardenas, B.S.
Emily Catherine Carroll, B.S.
Carolyn C. Case, B.A., M.A.‡
Debora Atherton Case, B.A.‡
Leah Michele Casner, B.A.‡
Emily Rebecca Cellana, B.S.
Dominique H. Chambless, B.A.
Arthika Chandramohan, B.S.†Alicia Charleston, B.A.§
Kari Yi-Han Cheng, B.A.†Cassandre Chipps, B.S.
Jacqueline S. Cho, B.S.‡
Sevan Nazareth Chorluyan, B.S.
Adam Chu, B.S.†Cathleen Sheila Cisse, B.A.
Katie L. Clifford, B.Sc.†Alexander Macleod Cohen, B.A., B.A.,
Julia Margaret Coit, B.A.‡
Patrick J. Coleman, B.A.
Erin C. Collins, B.A.
Latoya S. Comer, B.S.‡
Ariana Coniglio, B.A.
Thomas Brian Cotter, B.A.
Robert William Stewart Coulter, B.S.
Stephanie J. Cox, B.S.
Lucy Morgan Cox-Chapman, B.A.†Leslie Shermina Craig, B.Sc.†Andrea L. Crete, B.S.
Elizabeth Joy Crosby, B.S.N.‡
Rachel Florence Soloria Dacwag,
Natasha Maria D’Agrosa, B.A.
Joel Hanson Dankwa, B.A.В§
Lauren A. DeBerry, B.S.
Parth Vikas Desai, B.S.
Smruti Manhar Desai, B.S.‡
Dominique Y. Devaris, B.S.
Daniella Marie DiNizo, B.S.
Melinda Sue D’Ippolito, B.S., M.S.W.
Albert Do, B.A.
Sarah Virginia Doersam, B.S.
Caroline T. Donahue, B.A.†Sarah Lyn Dowal, B.A., M.S.W.
Danielle A. Dresner, B.S.
Erin Lindsey Duffy, B.A.В§
Cheryl L. DuMond, B.S.В§
Ashley Jeanne Dunkle, B.S.
Jennifer N. Dutcher, B.B.A.†Alla Dziuma, B.S.§
Justine Michelle Egan, B.A.
Varun Umesh Ektare, B.Pharm.
Heidi Elsinger, B.A.†Eric Wayne Etchill, B.S.
Omar Fareedi, B.S.
Theresa L. Feeley-Summerl, B.A., B.S.†Allison Helget Fels, B.A.†Eliza V. Fernie, B.A.‡
Zhandra Carolina Ferreira-Cesar Suarez,
B.A.†Anna Collins Finestone, B.A.†Rebecca Vivian Fink, B.S.‡
Mariya Mikhailovna Fishbeyn, B.A.
Brittany Aleksandre Fisher, B.A.
Katherine Lyn Flaherty, B.S.
Gina M. Foianini, B.A.
Heather S. Friedman, B.S.†Martha H. Friedman, B.A.
Taryn L. Fusco, B.A.‡
Anna Fydrych, B.S.†Nollascus Owuor Ganda, M.B.
Jermie Jay Gandhi, B.A.‡
Bemnet Gessesse, B.S.
Meredith Anne Gilbert, B.A.‡
Casey B. Godbout, B.S.†Samuel Elias Goldman, B.A.†Anshuman Goswami, B.S.
Stephanie Ann Gottsch, B.A.
Qing Gu, M.B.
Dalit Michelle Gulak, B.S.N., B.A.†Preeti Gupta, B.A.‡
Brook Hailu, B.S.†Laura J. Hajar, B.A.
Ela Halilaj, B.S.
Mary E. Hanley, B.S.†Elizabeth M. Havener, B.A.‡
Mary Margaret Hays, B.A.В§
Cheryl Jane Hendrickson, B.A.
Rebecca Skye Herman, B.A.†Kristen L. Herrick, B.S.
Shannon L. Heuklom
Danielle Marie Hinchey, B.S.
Bretta Lynne Hixson, B.S.
Christen Wilhelm Hoedt, B.A.
Eric R. Howald, B.S.†Chun-Wei Hsu, B.B.A.
Adam T. Hughes, B.S.H.S.
Alexandra Hollyday Hulme, B.A.
Stephen Anthony Iacono, B.S.
Diana Marie Ivans, B.S.N.
Hari Subramaniam Iyer, A.B.†William Braxton Jackson II, B.S.
Natalie Chavi Jain, B.S.В§
Nandini Jayarajan, B.A.
Maithili Jha, B.S.†Kate Elizabeth Johnson, B.A.†Jennifer Rose Jorgensen, B.A.
Claire Ann Joseph, B.Sc.
Kelley Wallace Journey, B.A.В§
Kavon Christopher Kaboli, B.A.
Jaskeerat Kailey, B.S.
Nicolas I. Karr, B.S.
Shobha Kaushik, B.A.†Danit Yael Kaya, B.A.†Sheryl A. Kelley, B.S.
Karey Kenst, B.A.В§
Julia E. Keosaian, B.A.‡
Madina Khamzina, B.A.
Priyanka J. Khandhar, B.S.
Kara A. Kimball, B.S.†Alicia Christine Kimbrel, B.S.‡
Jennifer Ashley Kincaid, B.A.
Kathryn W. Kinzel, A.B.†Lindsay Ann Ricci Kirsch, B.A.
Jessie Rae Klapper, B.A.†Maximilian Klar, M.D.†Lauren B. Kleimola, B.S.
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of public health
Robert Alan Knox Jr., B.S.†Carol Hunsberger Kopelman, B.A.,
Ellen Claire Glow Kreida, B.A., M.S.W.
Chelsea Elizabeth Krieger, B.S.
Lana Kwong, B.A.В§
Breanne K. Langlois, B.A.
Kindra L. Lansburg, B.S.Ed.†Jennifer E. Lavin, B.S.
Abiola Lawson, B.S.В§
Katherine M. Lee, B.S.
Vonne Letah Moanamalieokanaloa Lee,
B.S.†Anne Kathryn Lewallen, B.A.
Donna Li, B.S.
Christopher Patrick Libby, B.A.
Vijeta Limbekar, B.S.
Abigail Link, B.S.N.†Jessica Ellen Long, B.S.
Katherine A. Louer, B.A.
Jenna D. Lovaas, A.B.‡
Esprit Ma, B.S.†Lameck Cyliacus Machumi, M.D.
Kelly A. Macnee, B.S.
Natalya P. Maharaj, B.A.‡
Neha Maheshwari, M.B.B.S.†Francine L. Maloney, B.A.
Bozena Krystyna Malyszko, B.S., M.S.,
Roselande Marcellon, B.A., B.S.В§
Asween Marco, B.D.S.
Jessica Mariah Martin, B.A., M.A.†Prerna Martin, A.B.‡
Adam Brett Mathias, B.A.В§
Ned James McCague, B.A.
Danielle Lauren McCloskey, B.A.†Lia Meisinger, A.B., M.D.
Roanne Mae De Guzman Mejilla,
B.S.Eng.†Rachelle Suzanne Mercier, B.A.‡
Jamie Cassidy Merrill, B.S.†Elizabeth M. Meuser, B.S.§
Margaret Meyer, B.A.В§
Michelle Estella Laguerre Michel, B.S.В§
Joanne Greer Miller, B.A.
Amira Mithavayani, B.S.
Eden A. Mohammed, B.S.
Lauren E. Molotnikov, B.S.†Katharine R. Mooney, B.A.
Holly Marie Moore, B.A.
Erin M. Morehouse, B.S.
Elena V. Moroz, B.A.S.
Margaux A. Morrison, B.S.†Janet L. Mozes, B.A., B.S.N., M.S.N.
Casey Allyn Mulligan, B.S.
Johnna Stephanie Murphy, B.A.
Austen Fedele Musso, B.S.
Yerlan Nanarov, B.M.†Stephen Bonin Nicholson, B.S.‡
Sheela Nimishakavi, B.S.
Gedalia Reuven Niram, B.S.
Sonia Grace Nixon, M.D.
Manka Nkimbeng, B.S.N.
Kathleen E. Noddin, B.A.†Hannah Caitlin Oakley, B.A.
Aya P. Obara, B.S.†John Paul O’Brien, B.A.
Andrew T. O’Connell, B.S.†Sharon Naa Akuyea Odametey, B.A.
Tricia L. O’Donohue, B.S.N.†Michele L. Osborne, B.S.†Jahera Mugelle Otieno, B.S.†Nadia L. Oussayef, A.B., J.D.
Eghosa I. Oyegun, B.S.
Margaret R. Pancost, B.S., M.S.‡
Angela M. Park, B.A.
Micah Rae Pepper, B.A.†Ann Peralta, B.A.§
Meghan Ellen Perkins, B.A.
Erica W. Perlman-Hensen, B.S.†Anne Amelia Perthou, B.A.†Jeremy Colin Petruska, B.A.†Andrea C. Pinzon, B.S., M.Ed.†Jasmine E. Plummer, A.B.†Katherine E. Poirier, A.B.‡
Alison Elizabeth Puckett, B.A.†Sarah Hannah Puklin, B.S.
Daniel M. Purnell, B.A.
Deepa Raj, B.A.†Sanjay Penumetsa Raju, B.S.†Steven Joseph Ralston, B.S., M.D.‡
Sudha Ram, M.B.B.S.†Nora Guadalupe Pina Ramirez, B.A.
Lalithya Reddy, B.S.
Craig R. Regis, B.S.†Katherine Elizabeth Reid, B.S.
Sergey Rekhtman, D.Pharm.
Naomi Mitzvah Rennard, B.A.†Stephanie J. Reynolds-Bigby, B.S.‡
Janis Scanlon Rice, B.A.
Sadie Christina Richards, B.A.†Katherine E. Riley, B.S.
Natasha Neha Rishi, B.S.†Hira Rizvi, B.A.
Laken Camille Roberts, B.S.
Sarah Phoebe Roberts, B.A.
Kathryn M. Rodgers, B.S.
Danielle Marie Roncari, B.A., M.D.‡
Ainsley Ross, B.A.
Ivan David Ross, B.S.
Alee M. Rowley, B.S.
Jaime L. Rubin, B.A., M.A.†Aurelia M. Rus, B.S.
Arian Rustemi, A.B.
Molly M. Ryan, B.A.†Radha Sadacharan, B.A.†Hiroki Saito, M.D.‡
Heather K. Sauls, B.S.
Joseph W. Scarpelli, B.A.
Lisa Simone Schottenfeld, B.A., M.S.W.
Teresa Erin Schrader, B.A.‡
Brennan Hollis Scott, B.A., M.A., M.Sc.
Eileen Frances Searle, B.S.N.†Robert Bruce Segan, B.A.‡
Jeral Patrece’ Self, B.S.B.E.
Jhill Shah, B.S.
Affan T. Shaikh§
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Keren Shani, B.A.
Shanta T. Shepherd, B.A.
Elaine Shu, B.S.
Adrianna Sicari, B.S.В§
Aude Sicsic, B.A.†Aayesha Siddiqui, S.B.†Taryn Marisa Silver, B.S.H.S.‡
Melanie Tia Silverman, B.S.
Ankura Singh, B.A.
Tiffany Skogstrom, B.A.
Erin Marie Smith, B.S.‡
Kathryn Ashe Soderholm, B.A.
Andrew P. Solomon, B.S.
Benjamin Dwight Spozio, B.S.†Shruti Sreepathi, B.A.§
Amber Dawn Steorts, B.S.В§
Gretchen M. Stoddard, B.A.†Eric Alexander Stratton, B.S., B.S.,
Michelle Kendra Surdyk, B.A.
Margaret Doerfler Swift, B.S.
Joy Marie Sylvester, B.A.
Thomas Edward Tanner, B.S.
Laura M. Tarko, B.A.
Catherine R. Taylor, D.Pharm.†Whitney Leigh Taylor, B.A.†Alat S. Tigunait, B.S.†Laura F. Tinkham, B.A.
Hailey Noel Tipton, B.S.†Christopher M. Toretsky, B.S., B.A.†Alayna Irene Tress, B.S.B.A.†Sandy M. Tsai, B.A., M.Ed.‡
John L. Tucker, B.A.‡
Elizabeth A. Umphrey, B.A.
Shamaila Ahmad Usmani, B.A.
Consolate Uwamariya, B.A.‡
Heather Kay Valente, B.S., M.S.W.
Jennifer Longacker Valerio, B.S.
Lauren S. VanDixhorn, B.A.
Marisa Ann Van Osdale, B.A.
Brandi T. Vaughan, B.A.‡
Leslie C. Verploegen, B.S.†Naya E. Villarreal, B.A.†Barbara Lynn Waldorf, B.S.N.
Joni Leigh Waldron, B.A.†Meredith Olson Wallace, B.A.†Alexander M. Wasserman, B.A.†Meredith Rose Weiner, B.S.
Andrew Michael Well, B.S.
Bryony Whipp, B.S., M.B.B.S.†Jessica Lee White, B.A.†Rashmi Sansun Wijeratne, B.S.
Eve Szamreta Wilder, B.A.†Tracey Allyson Wilkinson, B.A.‡
Alix Mackenzie Wilson, B.A.‡
Heather A. Wise, B.A.
Douglas C. Wistner, B.S.†Alicia Wong, B.A.§
Emily Yukjan Wong, B.A.
Tianzhong Yang, B.S.†Olga Yevtukhova, B.A., J.D.‡
Felix Isaac Adam Zemel, B.S., M.C.P.†Rebecca C. Zwickl, B.A.
Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of public health
Environmental Health
Diana N. Ekman, A.B.
Joseph Michael King, B.A., M.P.H.
James Douglas Watt, B.A.†Epidemiology
Deborah E. Dreyfus, B.A., M.D.
Peter C. Grayson, A.B., M.D.‡
Naomi M. Hamburg, A.B., M.D.
Mary Elizabeth Howard, B.S.‡
Tal Henia Kopel, B.S., M.D.‡
Christine Kee Liu, B.A., M.D.‡
Webb E. Long, B.S., M.D.
†Jared W. Magnani, B.A., M.S.W., M.D.
Azadeh Nasseh, M.D.‡
Christine Pace, B.A., M.D.
Health Services Research
Kathleen Nugent Conroy, B.A., M.D.
Kelly A. DeLong, B.A.‡
Gudjon Hauksson, B.S.N.††Nicole Marie LaRue, B.A., M.D.
Hema N. Magge, A.B., M.D.
Erika Nicole Oleson, B.A.‡
Environmental Health
Traci Nicole Bethea, A.B., M.P.A., “The Role of Place in
Health: Investigating How Life Environment Influences
Chronic Disease”‡
John G. Minnery, B.S., B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., “Quantifying
Uncertainty in Pathogen Removal, Membrane Integrity
Monitoring and Health Risks in the Treatment of Drinking
Deborah Jean Watkins, B.A., M.P.H., “Human Exposure to
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in the Indoor
Katherine Antonia Ahrens, A.B., M.P.H., “Consequences of
Controlling Viral Diseases During Pregnancy: Antiherpetic
Medication and Influenza Vaccination”
Lin Li, B.M., M.S., “Safety of Opioids for Non-Cancer Pain”†Se Li, B.M., “Adverse Health Outcomes Associated with
Conditions During Reproductive Years in U.S. Black
Amanda B. Wilson, B.A., M.P.H., “Risk Factors in the
Occurrence and Diagnosis of Myeloid NeoplasmsӤ
Health Services Research
Donald Allensworth-Davies, B.S., B.Sc., M.Sc., “Assessing
Localized Prostate Cancer Post-Treatment Quality of Life
Outcomes Among Gay Men”†Meredith Manze D’Amore, B.A., M.P.H., “Quality of Sexual
Health Care for Vulnerable Populations: Patient Perceptions
of the Interaction with and Role of Clinicians”‡
Jonathan Delman, B.A., M.P.H., J.D., “Young Adults with
Mental Illnesses: Their Active Participation in Medication
Decisions and in Research”
Barbara Lerner, B.A., M.S., “Communication During the
Disclosure of Genetic Susceptibility to Alzheimer’s Disease:
Patterns and Provider Flexibility and Their Effects on Patient
Hillary Jane Mull, B.A., M.P.P., “Developing and Testing Tools
to Improve Patient Safety in Surgery”‡
Noelle Marie Cocoros, B.A., M.P.H., “Influenza and Other
Infections: Surveillance and Long-Term Health EffectsӠJanuary 2012 graduate
†Ryan Edward Ferguson, B.S., M.P.H., “Predictors of End-Stage
Renal Disease (ESRD)ӠSeptember 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of public health
International Health
Syamak M-Moattari, M.D., “Community-Based
Participatory Program Development for Controlling
Road Traffic Injuries in the City of Boroujerd, Iran”‡
Maternal and Child Health
Sara Mary Alice Donahue, A.B., M.P.H., “Implementing
Junk Food and Beverage Marketing Bans in Schools”‡
Elaine L. Fitzgerald, B.S., M.I.A., “A Quality Improvement
Initiative to Develop and Implement an Infant Feeding
Strategy for Healthy StartӤ
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Christine R. Ayash, B.A., M.H.S., “Clinic-Based Interventions
to Address Childhood Obesity: Part of the Solution to the
Public Health Problem”‡
Amanda Jo Dennis, B.A., M.S., “Assessing and Addressing the
Reproductive Health Care Needs of Women with EpilepsyӤ
January 2012 graduate
†Arundati Muralidharan, B.A., M.A., “Constrained Choices:
Understanding Help Seeking Behavior of Young Unmarried
Women for Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs in a
Mumbai SlumӤ
September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
Rebecca Brown Adlman, Cum Laude†Priscilla F. Agyemang, Cum Laude
Emily Marie Alano, Summa Cum Laude‡
Robert Glenn Ali, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Michael Vincent Amato‡
Christopher Michael Ang
Alfonso Jonathan Arevalo
Andrea Margot Baer
Victoria E. Bagwell
Isabel Chandhana Balachandran
Kristely Ninon Bastien
Philip John Beaudry
Daniel Eric Beauvais, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Nicholas Chang Bene, Cum Laude‡
Leorah Sara Bernstein, CumВ Laude
Christine Alyse Binko
Alice Cavitt Binns
Allison Elisabeth Bitto
Paige Courtney Bookoff
Shinjini Bose
Meghan Marie Bratton,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Christina Mary Brigante, CumВ Laude
Michelle Hannah Brosbe
Alana Nicole Burchman,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Nina Victoria Burke, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Tiffani Laurin Burks
Chelsea Lyn Burton, Cum Laude‡
Bridget Elyse Bussell
Jeremy Richard Butz‡
Zachary Anthony Cabana
Alena Linda Campo
Jennifer Cano
Brittany L. Carlin
Michelle C. Carson, Cum Laude‡
Gary Michael Chan
Regis Chang§
Violet Keyao Chang
Waylon Chen
Willis Chen
Daniel Ming-Shyang Chiang
Alex Chin
Danielle Choi
Min Young Choi
Meghan Jean Chura
Melissa Alexis Cloutier
Blake Ashley Cohen
Sarah Grace Collier
Julie Elizabeth Collins
Danielle Janay Colon
Elizabeth Strand Cook, Cum Laude†Rachel Elizabeth Corrado
Erica Cousins
Catrina Marie Cropano,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Carrianne Stathers Crummett
Jiayi Cui, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Maya J. Cumento†Michelle Lynne Curran
Stephanie Ann Curreri
Renata Ribeiro Dalla Costa,
Summa Cum Laude‡
Jena Eve Daniels
Kelly Marie David, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Alisa Ann Davidoff, CumВ Laude
Alexandra Delaney
Gina DeLisio
Sara Renee DeVoe, CumВ Laude
Kaitlin E. Dicks, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Melissa Suzanne DiFabio
Danielle Yee DiMarco
Shannon Jane Doherty
Alisa Nicole Domanski, CumВ Laude
Stephanye Allyson Doucette
Paul William Duduit§
Laura Anne Eldred
Fatema-Zahra El Rhermoul
Jessica Lora Emilfarb
Kristina Feld, CumВ Laude
Emma Margaret Finch, CumВ Laude
Alannah Christine Flanick, CumВ Laude
Charlotte Louise Foley, CumВ Laude
Saskia Melissa Forester†Lindsay Alexandra Forman
Hannah Marie Frey
Lauren Elyse Friedman
Alicia Maria Gadomski, CumВ Laude
Sara Marie Gagne
Amber Lynne Gannon
Jennifer Bo Gao§
Manoushka Gedeon
Nouha M. Georges
Michael Thomas Geraghty
Justin Michael Gilmartin
Dina Ginzberg, CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Girault
David Jude Glover†Jessica L. Goeters, Magna Cum Laude
Julie Hannah Goldberg, CumВ Laude
Dafna Leah Goldwasser,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Winifred Gong
Yesenia Gonzalez
Jessica Michele Graber
Bethany Jayne Grace
Joanne Han
Stacey Nicole Hardin, Cum Laude‡
Julie Marie Harkins
Sarah Ann Healy
Constance Ruth Hillyer,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Dana Jill Hindman, CumВ Laude
Amalia Rose Hirsch, Magna Cum Laude†Sarah Elizabeth Hodge,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Nicholas Michael Horvath
Andrew Scott Howland
Eric Hwang
Farzad Khushru Irani
Michael Norman Jablow
Justin James§
Tamika Danielle Jeune
Christopher Eugene Jin§
Courtney Jean Johnson
Sarah Ann Kanarek
Alexandra Grubow Kathman
Christine Mary Kelly
Michelle Marie Kielty,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
April Sohee Kim
Hilary Perl Knack
Chantelle Alyssa Knott
Ece Koprulu
Jacob Mathew Koshy, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Theresa Elizabeth Kreiser
Maxine Y. Kuang‡
Claire Alexandra Kuehnel
Hope Elizabeth Ladd
Giulia Lais, CumВ Laude
Elizabeth Ashley La May
Leeann Michelle Laverty
Olga Fedoryshyn Lawrence, CumВ Laude
Robert Harry LeBlanc III
Minseok Lee
Hannah Elizabeth Letbetter,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Huajun Li
Fernando Jamoralin Limbo III
Angela Lin
Jeffrey Lu
Lorah Leigh Ludwig
Jessica Ann Luscinski,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Anna Shui Yu Mak
Allison Anne Manfreda
Kathryn Lyn Manley
Gregory Marcellin
Sarah Ann Marchese
Lauren M. Marias
Michelle Campagna Markle
Kristen Marie Marotta
Sophie Evelyn Martin-Tsoupas,
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Samantha Marie Mastanduno,
CumВ Laude
Antigone Sophia Matsakis, CumВ Laude
Amanda Julianna Matteo, CumВ Laude
Kathryn Elizabeth Matthews,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lauren Emma Mayer,
Magna Cum Laude†Devin Deanne McClintock
Krista-J Shanice McEwan
Patrick John McTague
Kathleen Meehan†Ashini S. Mehta, Cum Laude
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of Health & rehabilitation sciences: sargent college
Winnie Mei
Lisa Marie Menendez, CumВ Laude
Raquel Alessondra Minasian,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Arianna Sophia Mitropoulos
Alexa Louise Moccia, CumВ Laude
Marissa Hale Moran
Sarah Lynn Morris
Luba Widad Riyad Muaddi†Christina Marie Murphy, Cum Laude
Shakeela T. Najjar
Samantha Lynn Nguyen, CumВ Laude
Hannah Emily Nichols,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Neha Nidamarti
Remy Laura November
Catharine Grace Novikoff
Rachel Lorraine O’Canas
Onyemaechi Chiekwue Onyekwu
Oscar Orengo
Cai Min Ou
Miranda Gail Ouellette,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Michelle Diane Padreza
Sudha Rathna Panneerselvam
Sophia Pascual
Dhruv Indravadan Patel
Jayesh Patel
Parth Vijay Patel
Roshni Umeesh Patel, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Shiv Hasmukh Patel, CumВ Laude
Dana Marie Pelerin, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Devin S. Peuser, CumВ Laude
Justin Marshall Pezick‡
Cecil Philip†Alexandra Maria Prochorski,
CumВ Laude
Gretchen Erin Proulx
Lauren Stephanie Pryharski
Gabrielle Louise Purcell,
Jessica Moniz Ramalho
Shreshtha B. Ramanlal
Sucheta Shokeen Ravindran
Juliana Jeanne Reinold,
Natalie Nichole Stump
Joanna Marie Stumper,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
SummaВ CumВ Laude
Michelle Rivera
Maria Pia Rivero
Sarah Michelle Robertson,
Magna Cum Laude‡
Chelsea Robson
Dennis Joseph Rocheleau
Alyson Leigh Rofrano
Keren Rokhman, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Ivan Ignacio Romero
Kathleen Peridas Rosales
Michele Alexa Rostowsky
Richard Rueda IV
Jessica Lauren Safer
Brian Zygmund Saindon
Ryan Frank Sarnecki‡
Sumire Dorothy Sato
Michelle Erika Saulnier
Laura Marie Savella, CumВ Laude
Yu-Ting Saw
Amanda Kathryn Schmitz, CumВ Laude
Heather Ann Schuler
Katharina Schwan, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Julia Mary Sementelli, CumВ Laude
Janvi Vikram Shah, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Peter Sarko Shahinian,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
David Alexander Sherman
Marlena Leigh Sherman
Clark Sebastian Shirley
Michaela Conlon Sleight
Paul Joseph Smith
Emily Ingram Snack†Madeleine Solomon-Magraw,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Hannah Claire Putnam, CumВ Laude
Julie Elizabeth Solovyova
Noah Benjamin Sosin§
Sarah Grace Stone, CumВ Laude
Sean R. Sullivan‡
Jenna Lee Tamburello
Magina Tepliz
Jason Thai, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Kaitlin Claire Thompson, Cum Laude‡
Wendy J. To, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Georgina Alejandra Toledo
Casey James Traylor
Laura Anne Truex, CumВ Laude
Katherine Zoe Tsagaris, CumВ Laude
Elicia Suzanne Turcotte
Anya Geiss Veremakis, CumВ Laude
Brittany Lee Vieira, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Meredith Caroline Wasserman,
CumВ Laude
Tara Leigh-Anne Watchorn
Emily Robin Weingart
Caitlin Elizabeth Welch‡
Katie Ann Weller
Jeffrey Ernest Wessell, Cum Laude†Krystal Marie Weston‡
Matthew Kevin Whitney
Abigail Louise Williams, CumВ Laude
Kiyanna Marie Williams,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Anna Marie Winston‡
Paige Dianne Winter
Vivian Wong
Sara Catherine Woolcock,
MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Jade Weilan Yim
Colleen Margaret Young
Morgann Beverly Saari Young
Yevgeniy Zenchenko, MagnaВ CumВ Laude
Lilun Zhang
April Zhou, CumВ Laude
Karen Michelle Zucker, CumВ Laude
Pamela Ellen Zucker, SummaВ CumВ Laude
Christina Denise ZuГ±iga QuiГ±onez
Maggie Elizabeth Abbate, B.S.В§
Nahar Khalid Bader Albudoor, B.S.‡
Jason Tolentino Baena, B.S.
Galelea Ballestero, B.S.
Yorine Bélizaire, B.S.†Cristine Bertochi, B.S.§
Whitney Leigh Boglioli, B.A.
Dasha Bulatov, B.A.В§
Rachel Peninah Bye, B.S.†Josianne Cadieux, B.A.§
Margaux Marie Canevari, B.S.
Gina Marie Capriccio, B.S.
Briana Caruccio, B.A.В§
Matthew John Casserly, B.S.†Maria Nicole Chapekis, B.S.
Tina T. Chilampath, B.S.
Erin Keely Columbia, B.S.
Kerry Coughlin, B.A.В§
Kathryn Jessica Davidson, B.S.
Shari Annette Davis, B.S.
Caroline Jeannette Davit, B.S.
Linda Della Porta, B.S.
Colleen Herlihy Doyle, B.S., M.S.T.
Andrew Rich Duckett, B.S.Ed.
Lauren Ferraro, B.A.†Carlie Morgan Geiger, B.A.‡
Taylor Robinson Gillis, B.S.В§
Kyle Marc Gobeil, B.S.
Clara Elizabeth Gordon, B.A.‡
Lara A. Greenberg, B.A.В§
Kristin Elizabeth Hammond, B.S.
Laura Patrice Harney, B.S., M.A.T.В§
Lauren Elizabeth Hecht, B.S.
Emily Blair Hinckley, B.A.‡
Stephanie Dirocco Horton, B.A.‡
Christine E. Howard, B.S.
Laura E. Jacobs, B.A.
Laura Michelle Kasparian, B.A.
Lauren Catherine Kennedy, B.S.
Sarah Ann Kenney, B.A.‡
Hee Kim, B.S.‡
Jae sook Jessica Kim, B.S.В§
Katherine Mae Kinney, B.S.‡
Diane Elizabeth Kresser, B.A.
Jeanine Nicole LeDoux, B.S.В§
Sylvie Lee, B.S.‡
Eliza Blake Leone, B.S.
Anthony John Lever, B.A.
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Brooke Hyland Littleton, B.S.‡
Chi Jung Lu, B.S.‡
Kristin Nicole Marceau, B.S.†Alessandra Marino, B.S.†Hannah M. McGlynn, B.S.
Irene Valerie Michel, B.S.‡
Jennifer Nicole Milavec, B.A.В§
Hillary Ely Monroe, B.A.В§
Beth Natalie Morse, B.A.‡
Geeta Santosh Nath, B.S.В§
Ashley Colette Packer, B.S.†Sara Margaret Patterson, B.S.Ed.‡
Sarah Jeannette Paul, B.S.В§
Jessica Amber Peters, B.S.
Jessica Lynn Putnam, B.S.В§
Elise Eileen Radford, B.A.‡
Charlotte Uteva Richardson, B.A.В§
Caroline Maria Richman, B.A.
Kelly Marie Ruth, B.A.‡
Colleen Arielle Schad, B.S.
Katie Nevin Schweitzer, B.S.
Rebecca Faye Shrago, B.S.В§
Katherine Keating Simons, B.B.A.‡
Kelly Lynne Siss, B.A.В§
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of Health & rehabilitation sciences: sargent college
Vanessa O’Toole Supple, B.A.§
Lay Lay Tan, B.S.В§
Sarah Noelle Villard, B.A., M.A.В§
Melissa M. White, B.S.В§
Erica Lee Widegren, B.S.
Marla Faith Wolfe, B.S.В§
Stephanie J. Wysocki, B.A.
Jenny Yamauchi, B.S.
Amy Elizabeth Alaniz, B.A.В§
Kristine Badillo, B.S.†Sarah Jean Barton, B.S.§
Margaret Elizabeth Bell-Walker, B.S.†Sara Ana Bonderud, A.B.†Alissa Ann Bonjuklian, B.S.§
Christine Margaret Carifio, B.S.†Anna Marie Curby, B.S.†Leah Elizabeth DiBiccari, B.S.
Caitlin Anne Fanelli, B.S.†Jessie Rae Franco, B.S.
Jenilee Catherine Frost, B.S.†Kara Elizabeth Gleason, B.S.†Deborah Lauren Greenstein, B.A.†Theresa Marie Griffin, B.S.†Ariella Michal Haber, B.A.†Elizabeth J. Kearns, B.S.†Alaina Majella Krumbach, B.S.†Erin Allison Lanke, B.S.
Tina Lau, B.S.В§
Anne U. LeBorgne, B.S.†Leigh Rose Makely, B.S.†Jacqueline Rose Markowitz, B.S.
Jessica Joy McAteer, B.S.
Emily Katherine Meibeyer, B.S.†Jillian J. Melican, B.S.†Michelle Morgan Narro, B.A.†Natasha Michelle Nesbeda, B.A.†Marissa Pilon, B.S.†Nicole Deanna Price, B.S.
Aviva Marta Pruzinsky, B.A.†Barbara Lynn Roth, B.S.
Emily Ann Rubenstein, B.S.†Larissa Jill Sachs, B.S.†Kara A. Schreier, B.S.†Jamie Allison Schub, B.S.†Laura Elizabeth Seidel, B.A.
Samantha S. Slocum, B.S.†Danielle Denise Sotelo, B.A.†Lindsay Kate Sposato, B.S.†Stephanie Lynn Troiano, B.A.§
Nicole Dupre Urbanowski, B.S.‡
Constance Kumiko Wauthier, B.S.
Denise E. Finch, B.S.†Barbara Carol Gilbertson, B.S., M.S.
Mary Hostetler Brinson, B.S., M.S.†Julie Alison Dorsey, M.S.
Theta A. Grimaud, B.S.
Elizabeth Nicole Abbott, B.S.В§
Bernardine Gemma Aguirre, B.S.
Andrea Ruth Alter, B.S.В§
Jennifer W. Auyeung, B.S.‡
Julia K. Baldenko, B.S.‡
Inna Basanskaya, B.S.‡
Catherine Ching Basco, B.S.
Aiena Laya Angeles Bautista, B.S.‡
Rodolfo Belida, B.S.
Paul Richard Berkeley, B.S.‡
Samantha Anne Block, B.S.‡
Brittany Lynn Bolton, B.S.В§
Alana Marie Brembs, B.S.‡
Megan Janelle Brooks, B.S.В§
Jose Ma Alberto Isidro Bugay, B.S.
Jaclyn Rose Cameron, B.S.В§
Jonna Joy Carroll, B.S.‡
Janice Chia-Yun Chen, B.S.В§
Christine Michele Chisholm, B.S.В§
Gwen Huyen Chu, B.S., M.S.
Neville Chu, B.A.В§
Kerry Robin Considine, B.S., M.P.T.
Margaret Ann Conte, B.S.‡
Geoffrey Cox, B.S.В§
Sara Marie Crandall, B.S.В§
Kelly Abigail Csinsi, B.S.В§
Rebecca Whitney Dail, B.S., M.S.P.T.
Molly Elizabeth Daniels, B.S.В§
Darin Lloyd Deaton, M.S.†Jeffrey Torres Dela Cruz, B.S.P.T.†Michelle Marie Dellascio, B.S.‡
Lauren Louise Detmer, B.S.В§
Allison R. DiGiacomo, B.S.В§
Celeste Mazzeo Douglas, B.S.В§
Elizabeth Paige Dow, B.A.В§
Tamara Duncalf, A.B.В§
Andrew Thomas Duncan, B.S., M.S.
Erin Marie Fabian, S.B.В§
Colleen Marie Farrell, B.S.В§
Mona Fazzina, B.S.‡
Jennifer Florio, B.S.†Samantha Francucci, B.S.‡
Laura Frances Furey, B.S.В§
Brendan Michael Gallagher, B.S.‡
Megan Christine Gonzalez, B.S.‡
Caitlin Alicia Grabowski, B.S.‡
Deborah Lynn Grant, B.A., M.P.H.‡
Caroline Christine Hall, B.S.‡
Dana Harnik, B.S.В§
Paul F. Hartmann, B.A.В§
Charlotte June Hillery, B.S.‡
Kaitlin M. Hiserote, B.A.В§
Heather Whitney Hoglund, B.S.‡
Colin B. Hoobler, B.S., M.S., M.P.T.
Stefanie Leah Howlett, B.S.В§
Brett James Hutchinson, B.S.‡
Emileigh Waisei Ip, B.S.В§
Adel Iqbal, B.S.
Anne Maureen Jackson, B.S.†Kathryn Johnson Critchfield, B.S.‡
Yumiko Kawakami, B.S.В§
Tiffany Dawn Kendig, B.S., M.S.‡
Mila Kim, B.S.
David Kazimierz Koszyk, B.S.†Belinda Kathryn Krebs, B.S.§
Vijay Kumar, B.S.†Kristen Michelle Lally, B.S.‡
Rebecca Lynn Lemberg, B.S.В§
Deanna Lesmeister, B.S.
Joyce Liau, B.S.В§
Jessica Marie Liberty, B.S.В§
Adam Linsalata, B.S.В§
Molly Marie Loder, B.S.В§
Emily Ruth Malkin, B.A.В§
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Deirdre Jane Manning, B.S.В§
Kevin Mao, B.S.‡
Philip Salvatore Marchese, B.S.‡
Deborah Adrian Marotta, B.S.‡
Jezille Martinez, B.S.P.T.
Heather Lynne Massie, B.S.‡
Allison Joy Mayer, B.S.‡
Martha McClure, B.S.†Sara Alexander McEvoy, B.S.‡
Meghan Elizabeth McGoldrick, B.S.‡
Kyra Anacleta Mihalick, B.S.‡
Heather Mariette Milne, B.S.В§
Jennifer Anne Mohns, B.S.‡
Laura Elizabeth Morgan, B.S., M.S.
Annei Rose Calo Navidad, B.S.†Jolene Rachelle Nelson, B.S.‡
Timothy Jon Nordahl, B.S.‡
Rochelle Ethlyn Peiffer Panichelle, B.A.‡
James Parado, B.S.P.T.†Gaurav B. Parikh, B.S.
Brian Matthew Parow, B.S.‡
Lisa Pataky, B.S.В§
Khushbu Pankaj Patel, B.S.‡
Tulsi M. Patel, B.S.В§
Rachel Peary, B.S.В§
Elizabeth Ashley Perreault, B.S.‡
Mathew D. Procopio, B.S.В§
Ashley Marie Rex, B.S.В§
Lucy Little Richert, B.S.В§
Jonathan Adam Rogers, B.S.‡
Susan Regina Rogers, B.S.
Andrew Jeremiah Roth, B.S.‡
Catherine Gervais Royal, B.S.‡
Robert Sayers Russ, M.S.†Joseph Russolello, B.S.§
David A. Sanchez, B.S.‡
Supriya Sathish Kumar, B.S.В§
Tentative September 2012 graduate
College of Health & rehabilitation sciences: sargent college
Kristen Elizabeth Sawyer, B.S.‡
Kevin John Schell, B.S.‡
Lindsay Suzanne Scott, B.S.‡
Ruchi R. Shah, B.S.
Brenda Sheridan, B.S.В§
Ashley Kay Short, B.S.В§
Laura Alexander Smith, B.S.
Steven Zachary Smith, B.S., M.S.P.T.†Brenda Dela Cruz Solano, B.S.†Christopher Robert Stackpole, B.S.‡
Althea Stanislaus, M.P.T.‡
Mallikarjuna Prasad Suryamoni, B.S.†Angela Po Yee Tam, B.S.‡
Tiffany May Tang, B.S.‡
Amy Elizabeth Tible, B.S.‡
Megan Leigh Tkach, B.A.В§
Rebecca Lauren Towers, B.S.В§
Meghan Tubridy, B.S.‡
Tammy Lynn Vanevenhoven, B.S.
Thomas Frederick Van Ornum, B.S.‡
Mary Willcox Vaughan, B.A.В§
Jessica Lyn Vernier, B.S.‡
Jennifer Corina Vicinay, B.S.‡
Leah Gasgonia Villanueva, B.S.P.T.
Kristen Lyn Wade, M.P.T.†Rachel Christine Watkins, B.S.§
Jamie Lynn Whitefleet-Smith, B.S.‡
Emma Iwanicki Wilcox, B.S.‡
Amie Katherine Williams, B.S.‡
Jessica Christine Wilson, B.S.‡
Carol Joan Wilson-Smith, B.S., M.A.,
Danny Wong, B.S.
Zachary Slade Zerbonia, B.S., M.B.A.
Robert Ryan Caron, B.A., M.A.
Cheng-Chieh Lin, B.S., M.S.
Gail Marie Monaghan, B.Sc.
Inbal Sapir, M.S.‡
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Farah Zaheer, B.S.†Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of Social Work
Karyn Anderson, B.A.
Jennifer Ann Andrade, B.A.
Jennifer Jeanne Apps, B.S.В§
Julie Elizabeth Aresco, B.A., M.A.
Lynsey Brynn Avalone, B.A.
Kevin Louis Avitabile, B.A.
Norene Harris Baker, B.S.H.S.
Jonathan Samuel Baum, B.A.
Nicole Belanger, B.A.
Allison Nicole Berg, B.S.W.‡
Kevin Berney, B.A.
Elizabeth Anne Black, B.A.
Lauren Kathleen Black, B.A.
Nely Blackwell, B.A.
Lindsay Michelle Brenner, B.S.W.‡
Julianna Brody-Fialkin, B.A.
Heidi J. Bruggink, A.B.
Kim Burkland-Ward, B.A., M.A.
Aaron Drew Camp§
Crystal Chevonne Carrington, B.A.
Todd Michael Cassidy, B.S.W.‡
Raquel Castro, B.S.W.‡
Joseph D. Cavanaugh, B.A.
Bonnie S. Chang, B.S., M.S.
Denise Shellene Chazin, B.A.
Charles Chear, B.A.‡
Annie Elizabeth Tomasek Clock, B.A.
Caroline Amy Cohan, B.A.
Katherine Meredith Hall Cole, B.A.
Elizabeth Conner, B.A.†Kelly Lynne Connolly, B.A.
Jordana Pamela Connor, B.A.
Toni-Ann Cormier
Talea Cornelius, B.A.
Francis Bianco Correa, B.A.
Meghan Eleanor Coyle, B.A., J.D.
Amy-Marie Davidson, B.A.
Jacqueline Diaz, B.S.W.‡
Ashley Lynn Diniz, B.S.W.‡
Ashley Elizabeth Dow, B.S.S.W.‡
Elaina Christine Elias
Svetlana Emelyanov
Andrea M. Ericksen, A.B.
Billie Jo Fairbrother, B.A.
Charlotte Ashford Farber
Sarah Elizabeth Farver, B.A.
Caroline Antoinette Favulli, B.S.W.‡
Masha Feldman§
Abigail Catherine Fellows, B.A.
Bryan Trevor Fiscale, B.A.
Aubrey Fessenden Fitzpatrick, B.A.
Robert Sloane Franklin, B.A.
Renee Lynn Franzis§
Amanda Elizabeth Frates, B.S.
Allison Elizabeth Freeburn, B.A.
Laura Aimee Freeman, B.S.‡
Alexander William Froom, B.A.
Lizeth Wakuthii Gatei, B.A.В§
Kara Corrigan Gaughen, B.A.
Katherine Marie Gillespie, B.A.
Katie Gilley, B.S.W.В§
Elizabeth K. Gillott, B.A.
Debora Dantas Guimaraes, B.A.‡
Andrew Christopher Ian Hare, B.A.
Jill Alexis Harrington, B.A., M.A.
Dontie Harris, B.S.W.‡
Yvonne Collette Hitchens
Daniel William Hogan, B.A.
Jaimie Lee Hogan, B.A.
Kelly Alicia Hogan, B.S.W.‡
Patricia Marie Jamiol, B.A.
Kenyora Lenair Johnson, B.A.В§
Catherine Browning Johnston, B.A.
Heatheranne Fayth Kantrowitz, B.A.
Justin Christopher Kasarsky, B.A.
Andrea Anne Kelley, B.A.
Whitney Meleia Kemp§
Stephanie E. Kietlinski, B.S.W.‡
Meghan Elizabeth Kirtland, B.A.
Lauren Nicole Kozlowski, B.A.
Sarah Kroesser, B.A., Sc.M.
Amanda Marie Leins, B.S.W.В§
Nicole Marie Lora, B.A.
Kalie Jane Lounds, B.S.
Jennifer Lynn Mahoney, B.A.‡
Alexandra Shoghagat Margosian, B.S.
Shelly Santos Marshall, B.S.
Cristina Rodriguez Martin, B.S.‡
Sarah Beth Maxner, B.A.
Kathleen A. McCarthy, B.A.
Leo Patrick McCarthy, B.S.‡
Ashleigh Adria McClenthen, B.S.W.‡
Elise Christine McDonald, B.A.
Amelia Meredith McGowan, B.A.
Courtney Allison McGuire, B.S.W.‡
Christie Lyn McKnelly, B.A.
Alexandra Marie McLain, B.A.
Jennifer Anne Memmen
Lauren Cosette Mettam, B.A.
Maya Milic-Strkalj, B.A.
Mary Lisa Mills, B.A.
Ladan Nasser Miremadi, B.A.
Gina Mittal, B.A.
Amy Lynn Moran
Christopher Glendon Morawski, B.S.†Julie Elaine Morgan, B.S.‡
Stephanie Barrett Morris, B.A.
Angelica Vajbar Morse, B.A.
Rutendo Faith Moyo, B.A.†Erin Elizabeth Neil, B.S.
Carmen Rosa NoroГ±a, B.S., M.S.В§
Christine Karangwa Ntagengwa, B.D.
Kate Follett O’Hara, B.A.
Ann Elizabeth Olson, B.A., M.Div.
Sarah Archambault Ouellette, B.A.‡
Michele R. Pacholec, B.S.
Amelia MacKenzie Paini, B.A.
Kerry Ann Paradis, B.A.
Sarah Beth Parkerson, B.A.
Emily Jean Partridge, B.A.
Emily Marlys Peeler, B.S.W.‡
Jill Leslie Placzek, A.B., B.S.‡
Ashleigh Nicole Poirier, B.S.
Sarah Michelle Pomerantz, B.S.W.
Paige E. Rawlins, B.A.‡
Rebecca Lynn Raymond, B.A.
Audrey Jane Reffie, B.S.W.‡
Thomas J. Reis, B.A., M.A.
Vickery Rendall, B.A.
Meryl R. Rewolinski, B.L.S.‡
Leigh Catherine Riazi, B.A.
Leah Michelle Rice, B.S.W.‡
Rachael Jae Roberts, B.A.В§
Margaret Ruth Robinson, B.A., M.A.
Tali Leah Rojem, B.A.
Nora Rose, B.S.W.‡
Matthew Anthony Roselli, B.S.В§
Avital L. Ruskin, B.A.
Sarah A. Satgunam, B.A.
Nicole Marie Sauve, B.A.
Elana Gelbart Schwartz, B.A.
Rhetta A. Scott, B.A.В§
Gina Sheehan, B.S.W.В§
Raessa Valencia Singh§
Nicole Marie Sinopoli, B.A.
Izabela Skorska, B.A.
Elizabeth Ann Slate, B.A.
Melinda Freshman Slovinsky, B.A., M.S.
Sarah Elizabeth Smith, B.S.W.‡
Sherolde Valencia Smith, B.A.
Hannah Elizabeth Snyder§
Anna Lee Soloway, B.S.‡
Allison Jean Staley§
Megan Rae Stolze, B.A.
Ann Marie Sullivan, B.S.
Thomas N. T. Swift, B.A.‡
Jillian Treacy Sypole, B.S.W.‡
Grace Catherine Taylor, B.A.
Chantell May Teed, B.A.
Kylee Ann Thomson, B.A.
Valerie Jean Tobia, B.A.
Amneris Jenice Torres§
Alexis Gayle Verbin, B.A.
Kristyn Mary Wakelin§
Kristin Elizabeth Wedel, B.S.W.В§
Sarah Whitby, B.S.S.W.‡
Amanda White-Lief, B.A.
Ann Michelle Whitfield, B.A., M.Div.
Catriona MacLeod Wilkey, B.A.
Danielle Sandra Williams, B.S.
Kathryn Wood, B.A.В§
Brynn Elizabeth Woodland, B.A.
Scotney M. Young, B.A.
Seyhmus Yuksekkaya, B.A.
Katie Elizabeth Zagame, B.S.W.‡
Marisa Devina ZГєГ±iga, B.A.
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
School of Social work
Sociology & Social Work
Cesar Gabriel Abarca-Guevara, B.A., M.S.W., “Securing
Work and Keeping the Family Together: A Study of Latino
Immigrants in New Mexico”†Terrence Omar Lewis, B.A., M.S.W., “The Phenomenon of
LGBT Affirming Black Churches and Their Response to the
HIV/AIDS Crisis in Black America”†Jennifer A. Meade, B.A., M.S.W., “Who Has the Power?
Diversity and Discourse Within Domestic Violence
Organizations”†Kelly Ann Mills-Dick, B.S., M.S.W., “Voices from the Street:
Exploring How Older Adults and Outreach Workers
Define and Mitigate Problems Associated with Urban Elder
Homelessness”†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
*Ph.D. in Sociology & Social Work awarded by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
School of Theology
Casey Edward Bradley, B.S.W.
Michael Douglas Brown, B.A.
JungMin Byon, B.A., M.A.
Elizabeth Angeline Cademartori, B.A.
Taeseob Cho, B.Th.
HyungYong Choi, A.B.†Charles Micah Christian, B.A.
Katherine Meredith Hall Cole, B.A.,
Kasey Marie Cox, B.A.
Amy Durfee West, B.A., J.D.
Alexander William Froom, B.A., M.S.W.
Sarah Rebecca Goodloe, B.A.
Nathan Daniel Griffith, B.S.†Amanda Orr Harmeling, B.A., M.A.†Cassandra V. Helms, B.S., M.A.T.
Allison RenГ©e Hoffman, B.A.
Sungmin Jeon, B.A.
Aidan Myers Kelley, B.A.
Laurie Center Kilgore, B.A., M.S.W.
Dong Youn Kim, B.S.E.
Yunki Kim, B.A.†Tyler Brandon Kirk, B.A.
Meghan E. Kirtland, B.A., M.S.W.
Andrew Coy Kjorlaug, B.M.
Norma Vedan Leachon, B.S.
Eunjung Min, B.A., Th.M.
Phillip Robert Nase, B.A.
Jaime Kyle Pangman, B.A.
Myungeun Park, B.A., M.A.†Edith A. Poland, B.S., M.Ed., M.S.
David Anthony Rohr, B.A.
Sieglinde Barbara Sampson, B.S.
Emily Laura Barth, B.A.
Bradley P. Bauer, B.S., M.A.
Landon B. Capps, B.A.
Lianna Hamilton Chong, B.A.
Casey Monique Conway, B.A.
Christopher Alexander Damien, B.A.
Tyler Paul Day, B.A.
Sean P. Finnegan, B.S., B.Th.†Elibariki Phillip Kutta, B.A., M.Div.
Felix Percy Longdon, B.Th.†Bum Shik Min, M.T.S.†Zachery Frederick Oliver, B.A.
Melko Rasica, B.A., M.A.‡
Franklyn F. Schafer III, B.A.
Elizabeth Ann Slate, B.A., M.S.W.
Trevor Lee Winn, B.A., M.L.S.
Sara Elizabeth Guill, B.M.
Adam Quinn Kurihara, B.M., M.M.
Nathan Alexander Skinner, B.M.
Stephen Andrew Stacks, B.M.
Seong Moon Ahn, B.A., M.Div.†Jason Michael Apicella, B.S.Ed., M.Div.‡
Jeffrey Todd Barker, B.A., M.Div.
Sean Anthony Barley, B.A., M.Div.
Vincent L. Crouse, B.A., M.S.
Brandon Thomas Crowley, B.A., M.Div.
Timothy D. Gault, B.A., M.Th.
Jonathan Robert Heaps, B.A., M.A.
Samuel Eunsu Hong, B.A., M.Th., M.A.
Eunjoo Kim, B.A., M.Div.
Heetae Kim, Th.B., M.A., M.Div.
Sung Joong Kim, B.A., M.Div., M.A.
Keon Pyo Lee, B.A., M.Div.†Li-Chiou Li, M.A.R., B.S., M.S., M.Div.
Bernardo AndrГ© LuГ­s, B.D., M.Div.
Marcus TourГЁ B. McCullough, B.A.,
Intek Oh, B.Th., Th.M., M.Div.
Zhenhua Ou, B.Phil., M.Phil.†Justin Leavitt Pearl, B.A., M.T.S.
Monica Isabel Rey, B.A., M.A.
Benjamin L. Thompson, B.S., M.T.S.
Biblical & Historical Studies
Imani-Sheila Newsome-Camara, B.S., M.Div., M.Ed., “An Historical and
Critical Analysis of Leadership Education of African American Protestant
Clergy within University-Based Black Church Studies Programs”
Ministry in Church & Society
James Joseph Olson, B.S., M.Div., S.T.M., “A Connecticut Yankee at the
Gates of Heaven: A Study of the Rites Surrounding the Death of a
Christian in the Connecticut Conference, United Church of Christ
at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century”
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
school of theology
Practical Theology
Nell M. Becker Sweeden, B.A., M.Div., “Christian Hospitality
in Light of Twenty-First Century Migration”
Paul Dongwon Goh, B.A., M.Div., “Save All Beings from
Suffering: A Practical Theological Exploration of Christian
Evangelism in Correlation with Contemporary ChristianBuddhist Spiritual Dialogue in the USA”
Joshua R. Sweeden, B.A., M.Div., “The Church and Work: A
Study of the Ecclesiological Grounding of Good Work”
Kirk Alan VanGilder, B.S., M.Div., “Making Sadza with Deaf
Zimbabwean Women: A Missiological Reorientation of
Practical Theological Method Toward Self-Theologizing
Agency Among Subaltern Communities”‡
Biblical & Historical Studies
Ryan Nicholas Danker, B.A., M.Div., “Constrained to Deviate:
John Wesley and the Evangelical Anglicans”
Kenaleone F. Ketshabile, Diploma, M.Div., M.Th., “Methodist
Burial Rites: An Inquiry into the Inculturation of Christianity
Among the Barolong of Mahikeng, South Africa”
Samuel Watuka Muindi, Th.M., M.S., M.Div., “Interpreting
Ezekiel’s �ruach’ in an African Theological Context: African
Pneumatology as a Hermeneutical Lens for Understanding
Ezekiel’s �ruach’ ”
Stephen Michael Squires, B.S., M.A., S.T.M., “Absolution and
the Universal Priesthood from Luther to Spener”
Philosophy, Theology & Ethics
Winiko Patrick Luwanika, Diploma, S.T.L., “Malawi
Population-Ecology Crisis: A Challenge for Catholic Social
Thought and Christian Socioecological Ethics”
Ministry in Church & Society
Stephanie Anne Budwey, B.A., M.S.M., “Mary Star of Hope:
Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the United States
from 1854 to 2010, as Seen Through the Lens of
Roman Catholic Marian Congregational Song”
January 2012 graduate
†September 2011 graduate
Tentative September 2012 graduate
University Professors Program
Aaron M. Faust, B.A., “The Ba’thification of Iraq: Saddam
Hussein and the Ba’th Party’s System of Control”
Eric Malczewski, B.S., M.P.P., “The Elements of �Social’
Science: An Essay Concerning the Set of Elemental Empirical
Phenomena that Underline and Distinguish Social Scientific
Inquiry”†Tereza Novotna, “Negotiating the Accession: Transformation
of the State During German Unification and the Eastern
Enlargement of the EU”
Zhenyu Zhu, “Love, Rome, and Dante’s Comic Vision”†Alex M. Zito, B.A., M.A., “Prosperity and Purpose, Today and
Tomorrow: Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba and Discourses of Work
and Salvation in the Muridiyya Sufi Order of Senegal”
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
Division of Military Education
Second Lieutenant Chase Lee Baker, College of Arts & Sciences and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant Leon Denis Barker, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant Jonathan Richard Broderick, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant Jeremiah Joseph Cioffi, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant Benjamin Frederick DeDominici, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant Sarah Jane Funk, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant Rebekah Kim, School of Hospitality Administration
Second Lieutenant Lyle Ray Thomas Loewen, School of Education
Second Lieutenant Ian Jeffrey Marecic, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant William Kyle Mathews, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant Timothy James McHugh, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant Robert Jacob Mitchell, School of Management
Second Lieutenant Daniel Hongmin Yun, College of Arts & Sciences
Navy & Marine Corps
Ensign Richard C. Anderson III, School of Management
Ensign William F. Anthony, College of Engineering
Ensign Thomas D. Belna, College of Engineering
Ensign Matthew D. Brooks, College of Engineering
Ensign Jessica H. Choi, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant George G. Drouillard, College of Arts & Sciences
Ensign Patrick M. Ehrlicher, College of Engineering
Ensign Timothy R. Fitzpatrick, College of Arts & Sciences
Ensign Matthew J. Fowler, College of Arts & Sciences
Ensign Drew C. Gresh, College of Arts & Sciences
Second Lieutenant Melanie J. Helmer, College of Arts & Sciences
Ensign Anthony J. Kardelis, College of Engineering
Ensign Colin P. Kipping-Ruane, College of Engineering
Ensign Emily K. Lane, College of Arts & Sciences
Ensign Rachel L. O’Canas, College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
Second Lieutenant Andrew A. Pate, College of Arts & Sciences
Ensign Keith Michael Schrumpf, College of Arts & Sciences
Ensign Russell J. Shomberg, College of Engineering
Ensign Nicholas B. Stiegman, College of Engineering
Ensign Margaret K. Strabala, College of Arts & Sciences
Ensign Kaila M. Summers, College of Arts & Sciences
Air Force
Second Lieutenant Christopher John Petrik, College of Engineering
Second Lieutenant Christopher Douglas Tommila, College of Engineering
Unofficial list of graduates. The actual award of honors at Commencement, reflected on diplomas, is based on students’ final academic averages.
Because of publication deadlines, the lists in this book were compiled using Fall 2011 grade point averages and may, therefore, omit the honors of some students who earned them.
†January 2012 graduate ‡September 2011 graduate §Tentative September 2012 graduate
Academic Traditions
ACADEMIC DRESS: The academic dress worn by today’s graduates reflects a tradition begun in the late twelfth century,
when universities were taking form. Originally the dress may have had a practical purpose: to keep the student warm
in unheated buildings. Today it is ceremonial. American colleges and universities subscribe to a code of academic dress
first adopted in 1895. The Academic Costume Code is divided into three parts: caps, gowns, and hoods.
The traditional cap is the mortarboard, which is worn by our bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates. The colored
tassels worn from the mortarboards identify the graduate’s discipline or field of study. Boston University’s doctoral
candidates wear an octagonal tam with gold tassels.
The gown for the bachelor’s degree is simple, with open sleeves. The master’s gown has a long, curved extension at the­
bottom of the sleeve, and is narrow at the wrist. Bachelor’s and master’s gowns are always untrimmed. The more ornate
В­doctoral gown is faced with velvet and features three velvet bars on each sleeve. The velvet is black for all disciplines
except law, dentistry, and medicine, which are faced with those fields’ traditional colors: purple, lilac, and green. The
sleeves are bell-shaped and billowing.
Bachelor’s candidates at Boston University do not wear hoods as part of their dress. The master’s hood is three and
one-half feet in length, and the doctoral hood is four feet with panels on the sides. The lining of the hoods is unique to
the university: every university, according to the Academic Costume Code, has a distinct pattern. The Boston University
hood is lined with a single white chevron on a scarlet field. The color of the velvet edging of the hood corresponds to the
graduate’s field of study. Academic disciplines and associated colors seen at today’s Commencement include:
Arts, Letters, Humanities—white
Business, Management—drab
Dental Medicine—lilac
Education—light blue
Fine Arts—brown
Philosophy—dark blue
Physical Therapy—teal
Public Health—salmon
Social Work—citron
THE ACADEMIC PROCESSION: The University Marshal presides over the Academic Procession, standing at the front
of the platform. He raises the mace to signify that Commencement is ready to begin; as he lowers it, the music begins and
the graduates begin to march onto the field. The faculty procession follows the student procession. The platform party
follows the faculty; the President is the last person in the procession. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the University
Marshal leads the President and the platform party off the field, followed by the faculty. There is no student procession
at the end of Commencement. Graduates and guests are asked to remain in their places until the platform party and
faculty have left Nickerson Field.
PRESIDENT’S COLLAR: The collar is a chain of repeating decorative links. Such collars were often worn in the Middle
Ages as a badge of office. The Boston University collar, symbolizing the office of the President, is composed of the
University seal alternating with the letters BU; a larger seal is suspended from it. The collar was designed in the 1980s by
the late Dr. Arthur G. B. Metcalf, alumnus, Associate Founder of the University, and Chairman Emeritus of the Board
of Trustees.
MACE: The mace was originally a weapon of war; heavy, often with a spiked metal head, it was designed to damage an
­opponent’s armor. It has evolved into a symbol of institutional authority. The academic mace, representing the authority
of the university, is carried at the front of formal academic processions.
The Boston University mace was also designed in the 1980s by Dr. Metcalf. It is fashioned of sterling silver and has two
University seals intertwined on the button end. In today’s ceremony, it is borne by the University Marshal.
Charles River Campus
Fenway Park
To Dow ton
scale in feet
Parking Lots
9 5
Distance from Kenmore Square
to West Campus residences is
approximately 1.3 miles.
44 ST. 24
1 24
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214-152 Bay State Road
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213-153 Bay State Road
ck ield
College and Graduate
School of Arts & Sciences
Doctoral Hooding
Ceremony (Ph.D. only)
5:30 pm
George Sherman Union, Metcalf Hall
775 Commonwealth Avenue
African American Studies Sat.
4 pm
Departmental Offices
138 Mountfort Street
American & New England Studies
9 am
Metcalf Science Center Auditorium
590 Commonwealth Avenue
4 pm
Photonics Colloquium Room
8 St. Mary’s Street, Ninth Floor
5:30 pm
Tsai Performance Center
685 Commonwealth Avenue
5:30 pm
College of Arts & Sciences
725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 522
& Molecular Biology
4 pm
Tsai Performance Center
685 Commonwealth Avenue
9 am
Fitness & Recreation Center
915 Commonwealth Avenue
5:30 pm
9 am
Metcalf Trustee Center
One Silber Way, Ninth Floor
School of Hospitality Administration Editorial Institute
4 pm
Departmental Offices
143 Bay State Road
Political Science
9 am
George Sherman Union, Metcalf Hall
775 Commonwealth Avenue
School of Law
George Sherman Union, Metcalf Hall
775 Commonwealth Avenue
4 pm
Walter Brown Arena
285 Babcock Street
Fuller Events Facility
808 Commonwealth Avenue
9 am
Photonics Colloquium Room
8 St. Mary’s Street, Ninth Floor
College of General Studies Auditorium
871 Commonwealth Avenue
Romance Studies
4 pm
Fuller Events Facility
808 Commonwealth Avenue
Sun. School of Management Auditorium
9 am595 Commonwealth Avenue
Room 105
College of Communication
(Master’s candidates)
2 pm
College of Communication Auditorium
640 Commonwealth Avenue
(Bachelor’s candidates)
4 pm
Agganis Arena
925 Commonwealth Avenue
School of Education
Walter Brown Arena
285 Babcock Street
5:30 pm
9 am
5:30 pm
History of Art
& Architecture
9 am
Tsai Performance Center
685 Commonwealth Avenue
International Relations Sat.
6 pm
Walter Brown Arena
285 Babcock Street
Marine Program (BUMP)
5:30 pm
Metcalf Science Center Auditorium
590 Commonwealth Avenue
Mathematics & Statistics
9 am
College of General Studies Auditorium
871 Commonwealth Avenue
Medical Science
9 am
Photonics Auditorium
8 St. Mary’s Street, Room 206
Modern Languages & Comparative Literatures
9 am
Sargent College Auditorium
635 Commonwealth Avenue
College of Engineering
(Doctoral candidates)
6:30 pm
School of Management Auditorium
595 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 105
10 am
George Sherman Union, Metcalf Hall
775 Commonwealth Avenue
9 am
Agganis Arena
925 Commonwealth Avenue
12:30 pm
Agganis Arena
925 Commonwealth Avenue
(Master’s and Doctoral candidates)
5 pm
Agganis Arena
925 Commonwealth Avenue
School of Medicine
10 am
Agganis Arena
925 Commonwealth Avenue
Graduate Medical
Sciences Division
(Master’s candidates)
10 am
George Sherman Union, Metcalf Hall
775 Commonwealth Avenue
(Ph.D. & M.D./Ph.D.
candidates with
School of Medicine)
10 am
Agganis Arena
925 Commonwealth Avenue
Metropolitan College
6 pm
Track & Tennis Center
100 Ashford Street
School of Public Health
5 pm
Agganis Arena
925 Commonwealth Avenue
School of Management
(Bachelor’s candidates)
Music Sat.
(with College of Fine Arts) 11 am
Track & Tennis Center
100 Ashford Street
(Bachelor’s and Master’s Sun.
4:30 pm
Track & Tennis Center
100 Ashford Street
College of Health
& Rehabilitation Sciences:
Sargent College
9 am
Track & Tennis Center
100 Ashford Street
School of Law Auditorium
767 Commonwealth Avenue
Neuroscience Program
College of Fine Arts Concert Hall
855 Commonwealth Avenue
College of Fine Arts
Track & Tennis Center
100 Ashford Street
School of Social Work
4 pm
Fitness & Recreation Center
915 Commonwealth Avenue
Life Sciences & Engineering Auditorium
24 Cummington Street
School of Law Auditorium
767 Commonwealth Avenue
Henry M. Goldman School
of Dental Medicine
Walter Brown Arena
285 Babcock Street
School of Theology
4 pm
Marsh Chapel
735 Commonwealth Avenue
Sun. George Sherman Union
9 am775 Commonwealth Avenue, Fifth Floor
Faculty Dining Room
Computer Science
9 am
5:30 pm
Classical Studies
Earth Sciences
Fitness & Recreation Center
915 Commonwealth Avenue
Geography & Environment
College of Fine Arts
855 Commonwealth Avenue, Concert Hall
4 pm
(B.A. and M.A. candidates)
9 am
5:30 pm
11 am
3 pm
Prelude Concert
Fanfare from La PГ©ri
Paul Dukas
“O Magnum Mysterium”
Morten Lauridsen
Festival Celebration Music (in a Russian Style)
Elena Roussanova Lucas
Bulgarian Folk Song
Suite Americana No. 1: “Son de México”
Enrique Crespo
Symphony for Brass and Percussion, Con moto
Alfred Reed
Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare
Richard Strauss
Keystone Celebration
John Cheetham
Processional Music
Flourish for Wind Band
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Pavane “La Bataille”
Tielman Susato
Pomp and Circumstance March, No. 1
Edward Elgar
Recessional Music
“Go BU”
Ranny Weeks and Bernie Fazioli
“Hey! Baby”
Margaret Cobb and Bruce Channel
Theme from Star Trek
Alexander Courage and Michael Giacchino
Suite in F, Op. 28, No. 2, March
Gustav Holst
Dean B. Doner
Brenton C. Patterson, 1911
New lyrics for “Clarissima” were written by the late Dean B. Doner, a Vice President of Boston University from 1973 to 1986.
The Corporation
Lee Claflin
Isaac Rich
Jacob Sleeper
Augusta E. Corbin
Chester C. Corbin
Albert V. Danielsen
Edward H. Dunn
Rafik B. al-Hariri
Charles Hayden
Arthur G. B. Metcalf
Stephen P. Mugar
Anne A. Ramsey
John R. Robinson
Roswell R. Robinson
Alden Speare
Dewey David Stone
Harry K. Stone
Gerald Tsai, Jr.
An Wang
Robert A. Knox, Chairman
John P. Howe III, Vice Chairman
Robert A. Brown, President
Richard D. Cohen
Jonathan R. Cole
Shamim A. Dahod
David F. D’Alessandro
Richard B. DeWolfe
Kenneth J. Feld
Sidney J. Feltenstein
Ronald G. Garriques
Richard C. Godfrey
SungEun Han-Andersen
Bahaa R. Hariri
Robert J. Hildreth
Stephen R. Karp
Rajen A. Kilachand
Cleve L. Killingsworth, Jr.
Elaine B. Kirshenbaum
Andrew R. Lack
Eric S. Lander
Alan M. Leventhal
J. Kenneth Menges, Jr.
Carla E. Meyer
Alicia C. Mullen
Peter T. Paul
C. A. Lance Piccolo
Christine A. Poon
Stuart W. Pratt
Allen I. Questrom
Richard D. Reidy
Sharon G. Ryan
S. D. Shibulal
Richard C. Shipley
Hugo X. Shong
Bippy M. Siegal
Adam W. Sweeting
Nina C. Tassler
Andrea L. Taylor
Peter D. Weaver
Stephen M. Zide
Shamim A. Dahod, Chairman
Edwin D. Fuller, Vice Chairman
Warren J. Adelson
James Apteker
Merwyn Bagan
Steven R. Becker
Gayle R. Berg
William D. Bloom
Thomas M. Bowers
Fred A. Bronstein
Robert J. Brown
Jay M. Cashman
Earle M. Chiles
Cassandra M. Clay
Gerard H. Cohen
Suzanne Cutler
Derek Davis
Patricia K. Donahoe
Maya Ezratti
Bruce J. Feirstein
Ryan K. Roth Gallo
Lucy Landesman Halperin
Kathleen L. Healy
David E. Hollowell
Esther A. H. Hopkins
Karen Elliott House
Linda Sloane Kay
Raymond L. Killian, Jr.
William H. Kleh
Leif C. Kvaal
Peter J. Levine
Melvin B. Miller
Jay Roewe
Kenneth Z. Slater
Marshall M. Sloane
Marcy Syms
Terry L. Andreas
Christopher A. Barreca
John L. Battaglino
Robert J. Brown
Frederick H. Chicos
Earle M. Chiles
Howard L. Clark, Jr.
Suzanne Cutler
Edson D. de Castro
Dexter A. Dodge
Patricia K. Donahoe
Norman E. Gaut
Gerald L. Gitner
Vartan Gregorian
Leon C. Hirsch
Esther A. H. Hopkins
Karen Elliott House
James M. Howell
Richard R. Joaquim
Luci Baines Johnson
William F. Macauley
Edward I. Masterman
JoAnn McGrath
Melvin B. Miller
John R. Robinson
Marshall M. Sloane
John F. Smith, Jr.
Laura Walsh Strandskov
Robert E. Yellin