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Current Newsletter - Valley of Everett

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Robert (Bob) C. Dearborn
32°, KCCH, Secretary
220 Olympic Blvd
Everett, WA 98203
(425) 337-6982
Ill. Carl Smith, 33°
Personal Representative
of the S.G.I G.
(360) 387-4357
Volume 24
Orient of Washington - Valley of Everett
March 2015
Issue 03
From The Personal Representative
Ill. Bro. Carl Smith, 33°
From the Personal Representative
Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal Today’s the Day the Sun will Rise,
As it did the Year Before.
To Cast it’s Rays on Frozen Skies,
And to Renew the world once More.
It should come as no Surprise,
Amidst Man in All his Strife.
This would be the day we Share,
To Celebrate the Gift of Life. Upon reading this poem, I thought to myself how appropriate it was when writing about our Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal, the Mystic Banquet, and the Extinguishing and Relighting of the lights. In its simplest form it is
our celebration of the gift of life. Quoting now from the “Forms and Traditions” of the Scottish Rite, “The Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal,
including the Mystic Banquet, is not a religious observance. It is neither the Feast of the Passover nor a Sacrament of
Holy Communion, although it commemorates the spirit of both days.” Our Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal as its presented today is separated into four distinct parts. They are as
follows; Remembrance of Recently Deceased Brethren, The Mystic Banquet, The Tenebrae, or Extinguishing of the
Lights, and Fiat Lux, or Relighting the Lights. The remembrance of recently deceased Brethren is for the Knights of Rose Croix to remember those that have
passed to that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. It is here that we each, in our own way, celebrate
their lives and the contribution their life gave to this world.
Continued on page two
From the Personal Representative
Continued from page one
The Mystic Banquet is not itself a religious ceremony,
however to our Jewish Brothers, it signifies the Feast of
the Passover, commemorating Jehovah’s passing over the
Israelites houses while passing through the houses of the
Egyptians to destroy the firstborn of each household. To
our Christian Brothers, it signifies the Last Supper Jesus
had with his Disciples after which followed his crucifixion and resurrection. In the Tenebrae, or Extinguishing of the Lights, we witness each light, one by one, fade into the darkness. As the
darkness gathers in the world hope fades, and fear assumes its place. Fear of no Salvation and no rekindling of
life, fear of death. Then Fiat Lux, one light appears, followed by another,
then another. Light pushes back the darkness. Faith and
Hope returns and life is again rekindled. Again quoting from “Forms and Traditions” the
“Tenebrae asserts in candle, wax, and flame the simple
truth that Faith, Hope and Charity will never die. Dark-
From the Secretary
By Robert C. Dearborn,32°, KCCH
Ill Charrison received the attached letter says and
thought I would share it with all of you Brethren
who have a special talent: "The holidays are here
and a spirit of friendly competition is in the air!"
This letter has the info needed for you if you are interested in participating. This is a nationwide contest.
Have you got the talent; are you a musician, magician, dancer, ventriloquist, etc? Scottish Rite is having a competition on May 16th, 2015. A good example is: Allen Lowe and his band.
Submissions are due no later than March 1, 2015 if
you'd like to give it a try - and we'd really root for
you to win
I know that Seattle and Tacoma are putting a real
effort to get some of their numerous members to win
this - doesn't that just get in your craw? The Everett
Valley needs your skills to participate and win for us!
Seriously, if you have some talent and would like to
give it a wing - why not try out for this! Get a hold of
Supreme at the 'Scottish Rite has talent' web page. .
We will be purchasing our new home
soon: Jim Hamlin 32
KCCH has volunteered to gather any
requests or needs that
we will have/need to
incorporate into the new building.
The building is a church in it's present configuration and will need changes to truly be a Scottish Rite
Temple, We want to do it right the 1st time (and not
have to redo's, etc). Jim has included some of the
ideas that have been brought up.
There are some areas that need to be fixed and/or
expanded - we know about them. We do have an architect lined up - we are not looking for any volunteers to do this work.
It is going to be YOUR SCOTTISH RITE TEMPLE - this is the time for any input.
Yours in better Scottish rite Masonry
Bob D
ness must yield to light, Tyranny will fall to freedom. Order
and truth will ever conquer chaos and error.” As Scottish Rite Masons, and Knights of the Rose Croix,
we are obligated on this special day, to break bread with
other Knights of the Rose Croix in memory of those that
have come before. If not possible to do so in person, then to
do so at least in spirit. On Friday, March 20th, Everett Valley will share this special day with each other, and in spirit with thousands of
Scottish Rite Masons throughout the world. We thank each
of you for sharing this time with us in our celebration of life.
The “Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal” is open to
all Brothers, their families and friends. The evening will begin with a punch bowl at 6:30 p.m. followed by dinner at
7:00 p.m. The ceremony will then be performed by a team
of Rose Croix Brethren after dinner. The program will conclude with the traditional Mystic Banquet. Please give Bro
Terry Grove 32°, at or email him at: [email protected] to make reservations, if you have not
already signed-up, so that proper preparations can be made.
Charge for the dinner will be $12.00. Carl B. Smith, 33°, Personal Representative
Submitted by Terry Groves, 32°
Here in Washington, we all know the Scottish Rite as one of two
branches of degree Masonry a member of the “Blue Lodge” can aspire
to. (The other being the York Rite.) But really, there are two separate organizations of the Scottish Rite , the Southern Jurisdiction and the Northern Jurisdiction. Only the Southern Jurisdiction practices in the West.
There are 15 states and 109 Valleys within the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America. The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction specifically covers the 15 states east of the Mississippi River and
north of the Mason-Dixon Line and the Ohio River, including Delaware. Its headquarters is in Lexington, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. The Northern Scottish Rite was established in 1813 following a
schism within the original Scottish Rite body.
The Southern Jurisdiction is not as much “southern” as it is “national,”
practicing throughout the United States. It's headquarters are in Charleston, South Carolina - their Supreme Council was established on May 31st,
1801. The Scottish Rite - House of the Temple is situated in Washington,
2 0 1 5 Degree Schedule
Director of Works – Walt Moody 33°
Class Marshall – Terry Grove 32°
Assistant Class Marshall – Dan Chadrow 32°
14th Degree
15th Degree
18th Degree
21st Degree
25th Degree
26th Degree
Scheduled 04-10-15
Scheduled 04-17-15
Scheduled 04-24-15
Scheduled 05-08-15
Scheduled 05-15-15
To be Scheduled
29th Degree
To Be Scheduled
To Be Scheduled
30th Degree
To Be Scheduled
32nd Degree
Degrees shown in red are the mandatory degrees and must be viewed
From the Almoner's desk
Kenneth Cage, 32º
If you know of anyone who is ill, in a nursing home or hospital please
let me know so I can send them a card or pay them a visit. May God
you and be with you 360-659-5808 or email me at:
[email protected]
Washington Masonic Charities assists Masons, their widows
and wives navigate stages of aging. Our staff understand that many people
prefer to age in their own home but face issues beyond their control that
make it difficult for them to age independently and with dignity. Call us at
253-442-2505 to learn how we can help you or your loved one address a current need or prepare for the next stage of aging.
The members of the Valley
of Everett extend to all the
Brethren listed be March
a very Happy Birthday
John R Bellmore
Bruce E Biddlecome
Ralph L Brigman
Henry C Brown
James F Davidson
Timothy J Guernsey
Jack Harris
Robert E King
Francisco W Lalas
Leo A Latlip
Robert G Little
Thomas A Mead
Dwight W Needham
Donald W Newquist
Brian E O'dell
Ronald D. Quinto
Jason P. Rivers
Chester A Simcoe
Dale K Thayer
William R H Wade
Bertum Williams
Dennis C Withers
Robert M Wright
St. Patrick's Day and Freemasonry
by Steven L. Harrison, 33°, PM, FMLR
Every school kid learns March 17
About twenty years later, during the
is the day we celebrate the life and
deeds of Maewyn Succat, the second
French-Indian War, a young Masonic
Bishop of Ireland, who is better known
Colonel recognized the morale among
as Ireland's Patron Saint, St. Pat-
his troops was low and decided they
rick. Those same school kids also
needed what today we would call some
learn Patrick's great triumph was chas-
"down time." It was March, at the end
ing the snakes out of Ireland. It's true,
of a long, brutal winter and many of the
there are no snakes in Ireland; how-
troops were Irish. It didn't take the
ever, that's more likely because there
Colonel long to figure out the best day
have never been any snakes on the iso-
to declare a general holiday would be
lated island.
Captured and taken into slavery as a youth, Maewyn,
St. Patrick's day.
Several years later, that same Freemason, now a gen-
a.k.a. Patrick, escaped to the European mainland. While a eral in the American Revolution, faced a very similar
slave he had converted from paganism to Christianity, and problem. Billeted at Morristown, New Jersey, his troops
once on the continent, he sought refuge at Marmoutier
were discouraged after a long winter of devastating fight-
Abbey, a French monastery. There, he accepted his call-
ing and losses. On top of that, the preceding winter of
ing, which was to convert other pagans to Christian-
1779-80 was brutally cold. That General, George Wash-
ity. With that, he returned to Ireland and became very
ington, again had many Irish troops under his command
successful at making those conversions. In a manner of
and once again he saw the opportunity of celebrating St.
speaking, the "serpents" he figuratively chased from Ire-
Patrick's Day to boost morale. With that, Washington is-
land were the pagan Druids, not actual reptiles.
sued the order giving his troops their first day off in over
After a successful ministry, Patrick retired to County
two years, “The General directs that all fatigue and work-
Down, where he died on March 17, 461 A.D. Although
ing parties cease for to-morrow the SEVENTEENTH in-
never officially canonized by the Catholic Church he is, in stant, a day held in particular regard by the people of
fact, recognized as a saint; and today we celebrate the
Feast of St. Patrick, or St. Patrick's Day, on the anniver-
The respite from the ravages of war and winter went over
sary of his death.
well with the troops, some of whom were said to celebrate
However, even in Ireland prior to the late 18th century,
with a "hogshead of rum." Washington is credited with
St. Patrick's Day was not that big of a deal. The same was establishing the first instances of a secular celebration of
true in North America, where the churches in Boston,
St. Patrick's day, a tradition which caught on and has
with its large Irish population, didn't recognize the day
grown to become a major event today, with the hogshead
until 1737.
of rum long replaced by freely flowing green beer.
Reprinted from Midnight Freemason
"So, what," you may ask, "does this have to do with the
Washington Masonic Charities – Community Outreach Program Update
Masons caring for Masons, their wives, and widows as they age has been a long and important tradition of Freemasonry. Washington Masonic Charities (WMC) invests in youth and education, provides comfort and support for aging adults and those in need, and preserves and shares the Masonic
heritage of Washington State. WMC’s Community Outreach Program replaced the Masonic Retirement Center of Washington’s Masonic Outreach Service in October of 2014. New staff have joined WMC to provide
positive energy for an effective, and relevant service that meets the needs of the Masonic community.
Community Outreach Program Purpose
The Community Outreach Program’s purpose is to help individuals stay at home as long as they can by providing information and support. When the time comes, staff are available to individuals find the right path to make the transition into a higher level of care, and to provide limited financial assistance through our emergency needs service.
Services Provided
Information & Referral – staff are available assist individuals in identifying resources available to them in their
community including care providers, housing options, support groups, nutrition and more.
Assessment & Evaluation – Staff can visit individuals to assess and evaluate their physical, financial, and social
needs to make recommendations.
Care Planning & In Home Visits– Based on assessment, staff will prepare recommendations for individuals and
assist to coordinate services or provide services where applicable. When possible, our staff will visit people in
their homes on a regular basis.
Financial Benefits Application Assistance – Staff can assist in the preparation of benefits and entitlement applications for qualified individuals.
Emergency Needs – Washington Masonic Charities can assist with one time emergency needs requests. We do
this in coordination with their local lodge and Grand Lodge.
Services are provided at no cost, but we do suggest a donation for assessment & evaluation, care planning, and benefits assistance services.
What Happened to the Masonic Retirement Center?
The Masonic Retirement Center of Washington (MRC) has been closed to residents for several years. Changes in the
building codes, costs for construction to meet those new requirements, and ongoing operational costs led the Grand
Lodge of Washington to make the decision to close the facility. The MRC is owned by the Grand Lodge. The disposition of proceeds from any future sale of the MRC will be decided upon by the Grand Lodge.
Contact Information
Washington Masonic Charities
Community Outreach Program
4970 Bridgeport Way W.
University Place, WA 98467
(253) 442-2505 (select option 8 to speak with one of our Community Outreach Staff)
1 (844) 288-3531 Toll Free
Ken Gibson
Byron Cregeur
Andrea Hall
Marcia Washburn
Monica Bradley
WA. Masonic Charities Executive Director
Community Outreach Program Director
Supervising Case Manager
Case Manager
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Valley of Everett
Ceremony of remembrance
Friday, March 20, 2015
At the
Everett Masonic Center
6:30 PM Punch Bowl
7:00 PM Dinner
Members, Ladies and Guests are
Cordially invited to attend
Mother’s day brunch
Let us all Celebrate all our Moms
Sunday, May 10, 2015
At the
Location to be Announced
10:00 AM—1:00 PM
Members, Ladies and Guest are
Cordially invited to attend
Valley of Everet t Calendar of Events
Reserve Friday Evenings for your Scottish Rite
Mar 08
Mar 13
Mar 20
Mar 27
2:00 PM Executive Council Meeting
Dark—District 9 Grand Lodge Meeting
Chapter of Rose Croix—Ceremony of Remembrance—6:30 PM Punch Bowl
7:00 PM Buffet Dinner
Council of Kadosh—6:30 PM Buffet— Confer 13th Degree+\
Apr 05
Apr 10
Apr 17
Apr 24
2:00 PM Executive Council Meeting
Lodge of Perfection—Confer 14th Degree– 6:30 PM Buffet
Chapter of Rose Croix—Confer 15th Degree– 6:30 PM Buffet
Council of Kadosh, Confer 18th Degree– 6:30 PM Buffet
March 2015
6:30 PM
8:00 AM
7:30 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
6:30 PM
6:30 PM
6:30 PM
6:30 PM
7:30 PM
7:30 PM
6;30 PM
Sultan Monroe 160
Crystal 122
Peninsular 95
Alpha 212
Centennial 25
Everett 137
Damascus 199
Arlington 129
Peninsular 95
Sultan Monroe 160
Crystal 122
Alpha 212
Centennial 25
Damascus 199
Peninsular 95
Stated Meeting—6:00 PM Dinner
Stated Meeting—6:30 PM Dinner
SLOC Meeting
Stated Meeting
Stated Meeting
Stated Meeting—6:30 PM Dinner
Stated Meeting—6:30 PM Dinner
Stated Meeting—6:30 PM Dinner
Stated Meeting—6:30 PM Dinner
Stated Meeting—6:00 PM Dinner
Stated Meeting—6:30 PM Dinner
Stated Meeting
Stated Meeting
Stated Meeting—6:30 PM Dinner
Special Communication—6:30 PM Dinner
March 2015
Date Day
6:30 PM
6:30 PM
6:30 PM
7:30 PM
7:30 PM
7:30 PM
6:30 PM
7:30 PM
Mount Baker 36
Burlington-United 93
Fidalgo 77
Camanio 19
Whidby Island 15
Garfield 41
Langley 218
Fidalgo 77
6:30 P M Dinner—Stated Meeting
6:30 P M Dinner—Stated Meeting
6:30 P M Dinner—Stated Meeting
6:30 P M Dinner—Stated Meeting
6:30 P M Dinner—Stated Meeting1
6:30 P M Dinner—Stated Meeting
6:30 P M Dinner—Stated Meeting
District 9 Leadership Association
Note: Brethren take the time to visit your local Blue Lodges and share with them the opportunities that are available to them in the Valley of Everett Scottish Rite
F&AM Scottish Rite Bodies
220 Olympic Blvd
Everett, WA 98203
March 2015
Non-Profit Org
U.S. Postage paid
Mt Vernon, WA
Permit No. 147
What is Scottish Rite?
Although there is no higher degree than that of Master Mason, the 29 degrees of the Scottish Rite
serve to enrich the philosophy of the Symbolic Lodge. A Mason who chooses to further his Masonic experience by becoming a
32° Scottish Rite Mason will be expanding upon the fundamental principles of Freemasonry. The moral and ethical lessons will
allow him to be constantly reminded of his duty to God, Family, Country, and Fellow Man.
From the Personal Rep
From the Secretary “Truth be
 Februarys Birthdays
 “Simplicity,” by Dewey Wollstein
 Rite Care “Sydneys Remarkable Journey”
 Upcoming Events
 Scottish Rite Has Talent
 Valley of Everett Public Relations by Greg Outman
 “Mentoring”, Cary Cope
 Washington Masonic Charity Community Outreach Program
 “Planting and Growing.” Article by David R. Ritchie
Visit the Everett Valley web site.
It is located at:
Friday, March 20, 2015
Valley of Everett
Ceremony of Remembrance
6:30 Punch Bowl
7:00 PM Dinner
At the
Everett Masonic Center
Everett, Washington
Members, Ladies and Guest
are cordially invited to attend
Sunday, May 10, 2015
Valley of Everett Annual
Mothers Day Brunch
10:00 AM—1:00 PM
Valley of Everett
Contact List
Carl Smith, 33º,
Personal Rep of the S.G.I.G.
Telephone: (360) 387-4357
[email protected]
Robert (Bob) C. Dearborn
32º, KCCH, Secretary
Telephone: 1-425-337-6982
[email protected]
Kenneth Cage, 32º
Telephone: 360-659-5808
[email protected]
Location to be determined
Members, Ladies and Guest
are cordially invited to attend
Ladies Free
Kenneth Thompson,
32º, KCCH, Editor
Telephone: 425-344-4477
[email protected]
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