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Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
A six month coach development programme: London** September 2015
Are you ready to work at a deeper level to develop leaders?
Programme Elements
Do you want to…
Gain a solid grounding in the basic skills and principles of coaching
Become academically qualified and professionally accredited
Learn from coaches working successfully in organisations
Embed your learning through plenty of practice
Build psychological mindedness and developmental awareness
Work on your own personal development and emotional mastery
Explore and experience the field of psychospiritual psychology
The Certificate
in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching gives
you all this in a six month, part-time course.
The programme starts with the Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis (4 days),
followed by five 3-day training workshops (Friday-Sunday), held over five
These are supported by guided and self-directed learning activities,
including reading, self-reflection, journal writing, peer-coaching, tutor
supervision and a written paper.
Leadership coaching has a crucial role to play in developing today’s leaders to
be able to meet the challenges they face in tomorrow’s organisations, whether
in business, public service or not-for-profit. Our vision is to offer a leadership
coach training that not only establishes the basic foundations for successful
coaching, but enables the coach to work at the deeper psychological level that
makes a fundamental difference to people’s lives. This unique course is the
result of a partnership between The Institute of Psychosynthesis, which brings
40 years experience of developing counsellors, therapists and coaches, and
Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited, which is dedicated to meeting the emergent
needs of the coaching profession and of organisational leaders.
The agendas and
issues that leaders bring
to coaching have both an
outer and an inner
dimension. Working with
your clients on the inner
dimension requires a
mindedness founded on
profound self-awareness,
which is what we help
you develop on this
This course gives you the core skills, models and tools
needed to practice successfully as a leadership coach
The Institute of Psychosynthesis, 65A Watford Way, Hendon, London, NW4 3AQ
Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis
Next dates:
26 – 29 March 2015
1 – 4 May 2015
For additional dates go to:
Next five month Professional
Development Programme:
18 -20 Sept, 16 -18 Oct, 13 -15 Nov,
11 -13 Dec, 8 -10 Jan 2016
Cost: £4,950 + VAT (Includes Fundamentals)
20% discount for independent coaches and small
practices, 40% discount for IOP graduates
Excludes individual coaching supervision if required.
Core learning elements:
1: Foundations of Psychosynthesis
Leadership Coaching – basics of
coaching; context, principles, models, skills
and tools
2: Agendas in Leadership Coaching –
Performance, Behaviour, Change,
Development, Purpose, Meaning and
3: Coaching Psychology and Human
Development – working at a deeper level
with the client
4: Practical, personal and organisational
Challenges of Leadership Coaching
5: Five Dimensions of Leadership – our
core model of development for leaders
* Academic validation applied for and in process
** Central London venue to be announced.
*** All details subject to change.
Outcomes and take-aways?
v Solid grounding in the principles and skills of coaching,
Who is it for?
working on themselves as part of an
including equivalent of ICF core competencies
holistic approach to professional
v Confidence in using coaching models, strategies and tools
that support being an effective leadership coach
experience, and want to learn how to work
awareness and understanding of human behaviour and
psychologically to deal with emotional
issues and spiritual challenges (e.g. of
v Understanding of organisational dynamics and the
v Personalised plan for your on-going development as a
identity, purpose, meaning, values and
career and want a coach training
Associate Membership of APECS
programme that builds upon their existing
level of experience and development
v Option to continue your learning on the MA in
Organisational leaders or professionals
who are starting out on a coaching
coach, with option to make a fast-track application for
Psychosynthesis Psychology applied to Leadership
Coaches who have hit up against the
limitations of their existing training and
v Ability to work psychologically as a coach and a deeper
leadership agendas that are brought to coaching
Self-aware coaches who want to continue
Counsellors and therapists who are looking
for a coach conversion training that
enables them to work at depth with leaders
in organisations
What is our Personal and Professional Development
approach to learning?
– The course is about what it means to be a leadership coach, as well
as what a leadership coach does
– Wide mix of learning activities, including skills practice and role
modelling alongside theoretical and experiential learning
– Third of the time we spend together is supervised peer learning
practice sessions, with frequent opportunities to witness how other
people coach
– Case clinics and fishbowls to learn collectively as a group about
what works.
How do I enrol?
Who leads the course?
Psychosynthesis Coaching has been set up by two
experienced coaches and psychosynthesis practitioners,
Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott, who lead the course
alongside a team of experienced and successful leadership
coaches, to give students different role models to engage
with and learn from.
Aubyn Howard MSc in Change Agent
Skills and Strategies with HPRG at Surrey
University (1999).
Aubyn has 30 years experience as a
management consultant, facilitator and
coach, bringing about transformational
change and leadership development by
working closely with senior leadership teams.
Trained with the Institute of Psychosynthesis between 20002004, currently a supervisor for the MA in Coaching. BSc
Economics, PG Certificate in Education, Certified Spiral
Dynamics and NLP practitioner and an APECS Accredited
Executive Coach.
For more information on the coaching course go on-line at:
Paul Elliott MA in Applied
Psychosynthesis, BTech, MCIPS. Paul
or contact:
had a successful career in
Aubyn Howard at [email protected] and on 07801861416,
or Paul Elliott at [email protected] and on 07967302971
To register for The Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis visit:
manufacturing over 28 years and held
leadership positions in The Hawker
Siddeley Group, Ebac Limited and
Rolls-Royce plc.
In 2002 he pursued an independent consulting and coaching
career and studied at the Institute of Psychosynthesis from
2003 to 2007. He has developed a successful Coaching
Practice working with leaders in Rolls-Royce plc, Bureau
Veritas, Shelter Scotland, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking
Group, Fokker Aerostructures (Netherlands), Nacro and
The course gives you the professional handrails and
personal confidence you need to coach senior leaders
The Institute of Psychosynthesis, 65A Watford Way, Hendon, London, NW4 3AQ
Anthony Nolan. APECS Accredited Executive Coach.
© Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited 2014
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