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#JULY 4TH - Chef Fabio Viviani

Get ready to celebrate
Independence Day!
What kind of negotiator are you?
Tricks for your best recovery!
Celebrate dad in
today’s magazine!
Do you have the essential
tools in your kitchen?
The wedding is about HER!
Let’s take a walk down the aisle…
10/10 FABIO
Meet my good friend CRISTINA FERRARE,
co-host of Home & Family… as well as
INGRID HOFFMANN, host of Simply
Delicioso on the Cooking Channel!
If July means BBQ and ice cream
to you, you’re in good company
#TeamFabio! In this month’s issue,
we’re gearing up for the Fourth of
July, with a side of ice cream.
This week I am bringing you six
fresh recipes straight from the
kitchen of Cafe Firenze.
What kind of negotiator are you?
Find out the 4 types of people & their
general use of negotiation tactics in
the workplace.
Negatives may follow you in business;
here’s a couple of steps and tricks to
help with the recovery.
WINE 101
Think you know everything about
Zinfandel? Think again! Delve into
this summer favorite wine.
What does it mean to live an authentic
life? Check out Dean’s blog to find out.
Christina Ferrare and Ingrid Hoffmann
answer Fabio’s questions in this issue!
In this month’s issue, get the scoop on
the 10 essential kitchen tools that every
person needs, as well as tips and advice
on the BIG DAY!
Just in time for Fourth of July, Emily gives
us the scoop on red, white & blue foods.
Fernando shares his easy,
budget-friendly interior design tips.
Each week I will answer your questions
here Follow @Fabioviviani on Twitter or on
Facebook to ask questions for the panel !!
on’t get it mixed up #TeamFabio, my
heart will always belong to Italy. But
since “Green, White, and Red” doesn’t
really apply for your Independence Day, I
wanna keep things Kosher. The first time I even
heard about July 4th was thanks to Will Smith
and the alien invasion on the White House. I
kept thinking, “How does he know how to fly an
alien spacecraft?” Not only did I not understand
anything they were saying, but also the
significance of having the White House blown up.
Being in America for some time now, I know that
it’s not really something you wanna do - alien or
not! The 4th of July has become a staple for me to
say thanks to the country that has welcomed me
with open arms and loved on me since day one. It
also has become a time where I get together with
friends, fire up the grill, and sing country music at
the top of my lungs. One of those isn’t true, but
I’ll leave the mystery for you guys.
I’m no stranger to family get-togethers and
celebrations. One Friday a month back in Italy,
I would invite my friends over to enjoy some
Italian sausage sandwiches and cold cut melts.
I’d spend all day in school, and then rush home
because I knew that mom was making the best
pressed sandwiches and homemade sausage
for my friends and me. Now in America, I’m the
one doing to cooking! Grab a couple beers, make
sure there are plenty hot dogs and burgers for
everyone, and have the fireworks ready to go non-illegally of course. Uncle Fabio always follows
the rules. America consumes more bratwurst,
hot dogs, and hamburgers combined in one day
than some countries do in a year. How’s that for
celebrating Independence! I’ve even seen some
people so proud of this country that they put blue
food coloring in their mayo and have “Red, White,
and Blue Dogs”. Crazy what you guys come up
with America!
But if there’s one thing that surrounds the 4th
of July as much as fireworks, it has to be cooking
outside. I’m blessed with great weather in
California, but some people will weather the snow
just to go outside and get their grill going. It’s as
symbolic as Uncle Sam is to taking your money.
The two just go together. Cooking outside brings
the joy of cooking to a new platform. Not only
do you get to enjoy all the wonderful aromas of
smokiness, caramelized meat and vegetables,
and the heat of the fire, but it’s done in the open
air with all of mother nature herself. I get goose
bumps just thinking about it, but maybe that’s
because I’m a chef. Being able to not only our
burgers, but our freedom to enjoy said burgers is
mind-blowing to me. And then if you add cheese,
well, that’s a whole barrel of monkeys that I can’t
even talk about. Tasty monkey though, but not
really monkeys.
If you wanna know some of the foods that I have
at my 4th of July BBQ, you are in luck because
I’m about to spill the beans for all you wonderful
people. Listen closely and let’s see how our lists
compare to each other. You might have been
partying like Uncle Fabio all this time and had no
• BBQ Ribs - Juicy, succulent, messy, and
flavorful. Everything a rib should be I like
to add chipotle peppers for a kick as big
as a firework. Pair it with a light beer that
complements the sweet and spicy flavor of the
ribs. Extra sauce? Keep it warm and brush the
ribs as they come off the grill. It’s a winner!
• Fruit Coolers - Everyone at your party may not
be a drinker, so you will still need something
to keep their Independence alive. Take
strawberries, lemon zest, and lime juice and
blend. Add sparkling white grape juice and
you’ve got a slightly sweet beverage that is
gonna keep them cooled on a hot summers
day. Here’s a Fabio quick tip - Save any extras
and freeze in an ice cube tray. Use two cubes
added to your water for a flavor boost anytime!
• Italian Sausage Dogs - It might not be
“American,” but it’s what I love. Nothing
better than pairing it with roasted peppers
and spicy mayustard. That’s mayo and
mustard put together. Yes I coined the term
and yes you can borrow it to bring even more
life to your party. #BOOM
• Apple Pie Shakes - Good thing Paul Revere
wasn’t sipping on one of these bad boys while
on watch. He would’ve been so on Cloud 9 and
missed that the British were coming! Take
apple pie slices, chopped bananas, vanilla
gelato, milk and some water, and watch the
magic that soon will follow. It’s thick, rich and
oh so very good. Your 4th of July just when
from ground shipping to overnight delivery
What spins are you putting on the classic dogs
and burgers? Do you like wine, soda, or beer at
your cookouts? Let me know because I might
drop in one year to your celebration and join
the feast! Take lots of pictures of what your 4th
of July celebration looks like and post it on my
Facebook and Twitter handles. Let me see what
makes your party worth celebrating. And to the
founding fathers of this great country - I’d totally
invite you guys over to enjoy a beer with me if you
were still alive, because chances are somewhere
in your history, you are probably from Italy
too. Good laughs, great food, and an incredible
country that I’m proud to call my second home.
Thanks America and Happy Independence Day!
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here do I begin #TeamFabio ?? Is
there anything better than a rich,
creamy, velvety dessert to satisfy
your mouth and stomach at the end
of a meal ?? I’ll answer for you since I can clearly
see you are already drooling and we haven’t
even begun to talk about it !! Ice cream is on the
menu today ladies and gentleman. This sweet
concoction is the product of dairy at it’s finest.
It’s a shame that it wasn’t around when Rome
was being built - those poor guys could’ve used a
snack break for sure! Whether served with a shot
of hot espresso or on top of homemade Apple pie,
ice cream can take you places past, present, and
future that you love even more than when you
started. Ok, maybe not that much, but it’s pretty
damn good.
Being your resident researcher for all things
Italian, we in Italy have a similar treat called
Gelato. Although very similar, the two are
different. Gelato has less fat, while ice cream
is normally heavy on the cream. Its fat content
usually is 10 percent. Gelato uses more milk than
cream, and generally also uses less egg yolks.
Serving temperature for Ice cream is best when
frozen, while gelato is better slightly softer and
warmer. Both need to be cold, but gelato a little
less than ice cream. One final difference is air
- While both put you on Cloud 9, ice cream has
about 30-40 percent more air than gelato. Ice
cream will appear fluffier while Gelato has a tad
more density. This doesn’t mean that either will
lack in flavor, but being Italian, I always route for
the home team, guys! But for your satisfaction,
I’ll stay on the ice cream side today. You’re
welcome in advance.
Ice cream can be just fine on its own, but even
Batman needs a sidekick at times. When thinking
about things that pair well with ice cream, always
look at the flavor profile. Since it’s dairy based,
you want to think of things that go well with milk
and cream. As a chef, chocolate and fruit are
some of the first things to come to mind. From a
texture standpoint, ice cream is soft - That means
we need some crunch. Maybe a cookie, brittle, or
puff pastry crisp would work nicely. Here are my
top 5 Ice cream pairings on any given day.
Chocolate Chips - Not just chocolate ice cream,
but to have chips mixed into it. I loved the fact
that it starts off as a solid and ends resembling
a liquid. I can crunch on it or let it melt in my
mouth. It’s the best of both worlds and especially
good with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
A La Mode - Ice cream on top of an already good
dessert is just that added bit of special. Anything
from brownies, pound cake, or Blackberry pie.
The hot and cold pairing makes for an exciting
Cannoli bits - I know that Grandma might slap
me on the wrist for this one, but I can’t help it!
Who needs a cream filling when you can just
break the shells and dive right in! No need to
wait people - Grab a cannoli shell and dip into
chocolate raspberry ice cream. You won’t be
No matter how you scoop it, make sure that
Ice cream is available when it’s hot outside.
Are you a DIY person? You can make your own
the old fashioned way like my grandma did
sometimes. Rock salt, a cleaned coffee can, the
cream, and sugar. Very different texture, but
fun nonetheless! When with Fabio, do as Fabio
does. We feast on gelato in Italy, but while in
the states, Ice Cream is the choice for me. Gotta
pay my dues and share the love. Well, now that
you’ve cleaned up your drool, tell me what your
favorite flavor is and how you like to it! Tag me
in some photos and maybe I’ll post my favorites.
Keep it cool this picnic seasons and make sure
to scoop up some frozen love - Save me some
America! #IceCream
Shakes - Who needs to keep it frozen all the
time? Let it go and get creative! Milkshakes take
ice cream to another level. Keep it simple for the
kids with strawberries and a little more adult by
adding a touch of amaretto or coffee liquor.
Sundaes - I all about keeping the day holy, but I’m
gonna make this dessert devilish! Pairing with
dry roasted hazelnuts and melted Nutella makes
me weak at the knees. A double dose of hazelnut
goodness with the sexy appearance of melted
chocolate over the top. #Boom
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Get your
sweet &
sour fix with
these ribs.
TIME: 4 hour
• 4 Racks Pork Baby Back Ribs
• 2 Beers (anything light)
BBQ Rub:
• 1 C. Paprika
• 2 T. Garlic Powder
• 2 T. Onion Pwder
• 1 T. Cumin
• 1 T. Salt
• 2 T. Pepper
• 2 T. Celery Salt
• ½ C. Brown Sugar
Balsamic BBQ Sauce:
• 2 C. Balsamic Vinegar
• 1 ½ C. Light Corn Syrup
• ¼ C. Honey
• 4 C. Ketchup
• 4 C. Water
• 4 Ea. Red Onion (sliced)
• 6 Ea. Garlic Cloves
• 1 T. Red Chili Flake
• 1 Ea. Sprig Rosemary & Sage
(tied together)
Roasted Potato:
• 5 Ea. Russet Potato (peeled &
cut into 1 inch chunks)
• 10 Ea. Garlic Cloves
• 1 Ea. Sprig of Rosemary &
• 2 T. Smoked Paprika
Mediterranean Slaw:
• 4 C. Napa Cabbage
(thinly sliced)
• 2 C. Red Cabbage
(thinly sliced)
• ½ C. Chervil (stems removed)
• 2 T. Apple Cider Vinegar
• 1 T. Lemon Juice
• ½ T. Sugar
• ¼ C. Olive Oil
Baby Back Ribs, Balsamic BBQ Sauce, Smoked Paprika
& Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Mediterranean Slaw
BBQ Rub & Ribs: mix together all ingredients for the rub & set aside. Using aluminum foil create a
vessel for the ribs it’s should be twice the the size as the ribs. Use two sheets per rack. Rub each
rack with BBQ rub & place in center of foil. Carefully mold the the aluminum around the ribs. Pour
half a bottle of beer into each package & seal foil around ribs making sure not to puncture the
foil. Bake ribs at 300 degrees for 2 1/2 hours. Check ribs to see if they are falling off the bone if
not then cook for an extra 30 mins. Checking until they are ready. Once done take out of oven &
place into a tray pan discarding the aluminum. Grill ribs till nicely charred placing BBQ sauce on
for the last few minutes of grilling (BBQ sauce will burn if cooked for too long on the grill)
BBQ Sauce: In large sauce pot sautГ© onion, garlic, herbs & chili flake until onion is translucent.
Deglaze with balsamic vinegar & reduce by half. Add corn syrup, honey & bring to a boil. Add
ketchup & water & boil until desired thickness. Take out herbs & purГ©e sauce till smooth season
with salt & pepper as needed. Set aside until ready for use
Roasted Potato’s: in a large pot add potato, herbs 1/2 of the smoked paprika & garlic. Cover with
cold water & season with salt & pepper. Boil until potatoes are just fork tender. Strain potatoes
and place on a tray pan lined with aluminum foil. Drizzle olive oil on top & roast potatoes at 500
degrees for 15 minutes check to see that they are crispy & browned nicely, if not continue cooking
until done checking every couple of minutes. When ready take out of oven & dust with remaining
paprika. Season with salt & pepper.
Mediterranean Slaw: in a mixing bowl, Mix together both cabbages & chervil. Ina separate bowl
mix together vinegar, lemon juice, sugar & olive oil season with salt & pepper. Pour dressing over
cabbage & toss until evenly coated.
To plate: place roasted Potato’s in center of plate. Place ribs on top of Potato’s. Place slaw next
to ribs & serve.
Razor Clams Casino
The garlic and paprika flavors
add a BOOM to these clams.
•20 each Razor Clams
•2 tablespoons olive oil
•3 Tbsp. butter
•½ cup Leeks, whites only minced
•¼ cup chopped Red bell pepper
•3 cloves garlic, minced
•1 ⅓ cup Panko Breadcrumbs
•½ cup Pancetta, rendered
•2 tsp. Oregano, chopped
•2 tsp. Parsley, chopped
•1 tsp. paprika
•2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1. Bring a pot of water to the boil. Drop in
clams and just as the open, shock them in
ice water, about 10 seconds. Tear off one
side of the clam shell and discard. Run your
finger along the underside of the opposite
side to disconnect the clam. Rinse any dirt
or debree, and place the clam back in the
half shell.
2. In a large pan on medium high heat, add
the next 5 ingredients. Season with Salt
and Pepper. Once caramelized, about 10-12
minutes, cool and set aside.
3. In a medium bowl, combine remaining
ingredients, except oil, and toss. Add
cooled cooked mixture and toss to combine
again. Place mixture on set aside clams.
Season to taste.
4. Preheat the oven to 450*F, place clams on
a baking sheet, drizzle remaining olive oil,
and place in the oven until golden brown,
about 8-10 minutes. Serve hot and with a
touch of lemon, if desired.
Rhubarb & Strawberry Cobbler, Vanilla Gelato
Go tart and sweet with this
delicious cobbler!
•4 Ea. Stalks Fresh Rhubarb (cut into ¼ inch pieces)
•5 Baskets of Strawberries (cut into ¼’s)
•1 Vanilla Bean (slit in half seeds scrapped out)
•1 C. Sugar
Cobbler Topping:
•12 Oz. All purpose Flour
•3 Oz. Sugar
•1 ½ T. Baking Powder
•½ T. Salt
•4 oz. Butter (unsalted, cold & cut into small pieces)
•1 ½ C. Heavy Cream
Vanilla Gelato:
•1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk (14 oz.)
•3 Ea. Egg Yolks
•Pinch of Salt
•2 Ea. Vanilla Beans (cut in half beans scrapped out)
•2 C. Heavy Cream
Rhubarb & Strawberry Filling: in a large pan cook
rhubarb with sugar & a little bit of water, until
rhubarb is starting to get soft. Add strawberries &
vanilla bean & cook until strawberries & rhubarb
are just soft to touch but not over cooked. Fill
ramekins & set aside.
Cobbler Topping: mix together all the dry
ingredients, cut the cubed butter into the dry
ingredients till flaky & make a well. Pour chilled
heavy cream into well & mix all ingredients
together until well combined. Form into 1/4 inch
disks and put on top of ramekins that are filled
with rhubarb & strawberries. Butter top of cobbler
topping & sprinkle with golden brown sugar. Bake
at 400 degrees for approximately 12 minutes or
until topping is golden brown.
Gelato: Whisk together all ingredients except
Cream & set aside. In a stand up mixer whip heavy
cream to stiff peaks. Fold whipped cream into
previously mixed ingredients, until there are no
lumps. Place into a container & freeze overnight.
To plate: take cobbler out of oven & place a scoop
of gelato in top. Dust with powdered sugar & serve.
Chicken Ravioli, Madera Reduction, Fine Herbs
This pasta and chicken combo
will be loved by the whole family.
• Pasta sheets Rolled thin, as needed
• 1 lb. Chicken Thighs, cooked and chopped
• 1 lb. Chicken Breasts Meat, cooked and chopped
• ½ lb. Ricotta cheese, water squeezed out
• ½ lb. Smoked Gouda, diced small
• 2 eggs, in separate bowls
• 1/3 cup Chervil, chopped
• 1/3 cup Chives plus more for garnish, chopped
• ¼ cup Tarragon, chopped
• 1 cup Madera Wine
• 1/3 cup Marsala Wine
• ½ cup Demi Glace
• 4 Tbsp. Butter, unsalted
• Grated Parmesan for garnish
• Salt and Pepper
1. Take 2 pasta sheets and set aside. Take next 8
ingredients, but only one egg, and mix together
in a large bowl. Season to taste with salt and
pepper. Scoop filling on to the pasta sheet,
leaving about an inch between each mound.
2. Take the remaining egg and beat it with a
touch of water. Take a pastry brush and brush
around the mixture lightly. Take the other
pasta sheet and place on top. Press down
where there is egg to secure ravioli. Cut circles
using a cookie cutter or top of a mason jar.
3. Pour both wines into a pot and begin to reduce,
when reduced by 2/3, add demi glace and
reduce to simmer until thickened. Add butter
and stir in.
4. Bring a pot of water to the boil, salt, and add
raviolis. In a separate pan, add some sauce
and bring to a simmer. When ravioli have
cooked for about 3-4 minutes, remove and add
to sauce. Coat completely, then garnish with
additional chopped chives and parm. Season
to taste if needed.
Dive into this summer
shellfish favorite.
PREPARATION TIME: 1 hour 15 minutes
•1 T Whole Grain Mustard
•1 T White Balsamic
•1 ½ c Red Wine Vinegar
•1 ½ c Apple Cider Vinegar
•1 c. Extra Light Virgin Olive Oil
•1 Brunoise Shallot
•1 bunch Chives
•2 T. Honey
•12 Fanney Bay Oysters
•12 Nantucket Bay Scallops
•1 lb. Julienned Red Onions
•¼ C Capers
•1 Bunch chopped Parsley
•2 eggs
•1 cup flour
•2 cups bread crumbs with 1 T
Oregano and 1 T thyme mixed in
Oysters: Shuck Oysters. Place Oyster meat into brine of 4 cups of water, ВЅ cup of salt,
1/4 cup of white wine vinegar. Let sit for 1 hour. Crack and whisk two eggs in one bowl.
In another bowl add flour and finally in a third bowl place bread crumbs. Place oyster
meat first into flour, then egg wash and finally bread crumbs. Follow by deep frying.
Yuzu Vinaigrette: Mix all ingredients in a small bowl except oil (Whole grain mustard,
White Balsamic, Red Wine vinegar, apple cider, 1 brunois shallot, 1 T diced chives, 2 T
honey). Slowly drizzle oil into bowl while constantly mixing; season to taste with salt
and pepper.
Scallops: Clean scallops and remove tongue. Cut scallops into fifths vertically.
Pickled Onions: Add 1 cup of water, 1 cup apple rice wine vinegar, Вѕ c sugar, ВЅ c salt,
Вј c coriander seed, 5 bay leaves. Bring all ingredients to a boil and let steep for 15
minutes. Add julienne red onions and let sit. This should be done in a day in advance so
onions absorb flavor and are lightly pickled
Capers: Take capers out of brine. Let Drain. Fry in light extra virgin olive oil for 30
seconds. Let sit until cool. Fry once more for thirty second. Place on a paper towel and
pat dry.
To plate: Place fried oyster into shucked shell. Mix scallops and yuzu vinaigrette
together. Place 2 to 3 scallop rounds on each oyster. Follow by placing pickled red
onion and fried capers on top. Drizzle remainder of yuzu vinaigrette and parsley on top.
Fried Oyster & Scallop Crudo, Yuzu Vinaigrette, Pickled Onions, Fried Capers
Root Beer Bundt Cake, Vanilla Gelato, Root Beer CrГЁme Anglaise
Can’t go wrong with root
beer in this dessert!
Root Beer Cake:
• 2 C. Root Beer
• 1 C. Cocoa Powder
• 8 Oz. Unsalted Butter
• 1 1/4 C. Granulated Sugar
• 1/2 C. Brown Sugar
• 2 C. All Purpose Flour
• 1 1/4 tsp. Baking Soda
• 1 tsp. Kosher Salt
• 2 T. Root Beer Liquor
• 2 Large Eggs
• 1/4 C. Root Beer (for soaking)
Root Beer Creme Anglaise:
• 2 C. Cream
• 2 C. Milk
• 1 C. Sassafras Bark
• 1 C. Sugar
• 1 Vanilla Bean
• 10 Ea. Egg Yolks
Vanilla Gelato:
• 1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk (14 oz.)
• 3 Ea. Egg Yolks
• Pinch of Salt
• 2 Ea. Vanilla Beans (cut in half beans scrapped out)
• 2 C. Heavy Cream
Root Beer Cake: spray the bundt cake molds with a nonstick spray.
In a sauce pot heat up butter, root beer, cocoa & powder heat until
mixture is combined thoroughly. Add both sugars, mixing until
sugars are dissolved & then set aside to cool. In a large mixing bowl
combine flour, baking soda, & salt. Mix together well then add eggs &
root beer liquor, mix well. Finally add the butter & root beer mixture
& mix well to incorporate everything. Transfer batter to prepared
bundt cake molds leaving 1/4 inch from the top so it doesn’t cook
over. Bake cakes at 325 degrees for 20 mins. If a toothpick inserted
into cake comes out clean they are done. Transfer to cool.
Root Beer Creme Anglaise: combine the cream, milk, sassafras, &
vanilla bean in a sauce pot & bring to a simmer. Set aside to steep
for at least 20 mins. In a large bowl combine egg yolks with sugar
& whisk in steeped cream mixture. Place bowl over the top of a pot
a water that is simmering & continue to whisk /stir until mixture is
thick & can coat the back of a spoon. Be careful not to cook to long it
will curdle. Strain through a chinois and cool in the refrigerator.
Vanilla Gelato: Whisk together all ingredients except Cream & set
aside. In a stand up mixer whip heavy cream to stiff peaks. Fold
whipped cream into previously mixed ingredients, until there are no
lumps. Place into a container & freeze overnight.
To plate: place cake in center of plate. Fill middle of cake with creme
Anglaise & drizzle some around the plate. Top with vanilla gelato &
dust with sassafras. Enjoy
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s much as I love the classics, I know that
there will always come a time where the
wheel needs to be tweaked. There’s no
need to reinvent it, but rather make it spin
faster and stronger. Today, marketing is the wheel
and it’s time for a tune up at my shop. Traditional
marketing tactics are a thing of the past. They
have lost steam when Social Media came to claim
its stake on the world stage, unveiling the new
era of how we communicate. The tools provided
by these communications gave companies more
options for engaging with their customers and
partners. Focusing on “MORE” is what will set
your company or small business to join the pack of
creative minds. More listening, more learning, and
more engaging. These three focal points will make
you a competitor to reckon with! I want to show
and illustrate that how you have been marketing
needs to be tweaked and upgraded. It’s time to
peel away the old and reveal the new.
People don’t care about a lot of stuff. But that all
changes when they can relate and develop a sense
of care for your company. They want to know that
you are putting forth the extra effort to care for
them before they will even turn their attention
towards your products and services. As far as I’m
concerned for my business, I need people that
will not only engage with others, but will do so
because they want to do it. As a chef, I can teach
anyone how to make scrambled eggs. Just takes
a little practice - but I can’t make them want to
do it. That’s one key that is crucial in making your
business successful. Surround yourself with people
who want to succeed as much as you do.
No business on Earth gets trust instantly. Just
like a relationship with a new friend, you have to
“test the waters” to see if they are someone who
can be trustworthy and loyal to you. It’s not very
different in the business world. Marketers that are
still advertising in the yellow pages of phone books
hope that customers will happen to come across
their page while flipping through to find Grandma’s
phone number for bridge night at the local dive bar.
We are trying to make the wheel better, remember?
No business on Earth gets trust
instantly. Just like a relationship
with a new friend, you have
to “test the waters” to see if
they are someone who can be
trustworthy and loyal to you.
A person that understands this would rather get
them to, say, subscribe to a newsletter or invite
them to an advice blog about the products they
are seeking. This allows the potential customer
to grab an understanding of what your company
is about and begin to develop a sense of trust.
Blogs and tweets are some of the highest-ranking
searches in search engines, and word of mouth
can travel fast. But as good as those can be,
there are also negatives that may follow that
you should always consider and have a plan of
action. Recovery from this isn’t impossible, but if
not well organized, you might be in some trouble.
Let me help you stay out of the ditch! Here are a
couple of steps and tricks to help.
Intelligence works - Your first response sets
the tone. If a customer makes an online
comment in disgust, don’t reply with disgust
back. It’s time to engage and find out what
happened and how you can fix the problem.
People want to be heard. And if you can
not only hear, but correct, you are gonna be
getting a lot more in return. Remember to
show genuine care and place yourself in the
person’s shoes.
Smart Talk - I read a story about someone on
Twitter making a comment that his favorite
juice shop didn’t have many outlets for him
to plug in his iPad to work on his studies.
The juice company responded saying, “We
serve juice and aren’t able to pay for more
outlets.” Stirring the pot even more, the
company suffered losses in sales that year
and had a hard time coming back. And
that was from a single tweet! Remember
to respond smartly. Yes, they aren’t in the
“outlet service” business, but surely they
could’ve responded better. Suggest times
when the store is slower perhaps and more
outlets would be available. This creates
business during a slow time, provides care
for a customer, and shows them that you
want to help. It’s a win win from all angles.
So get yourself adjusted men and women! You
are now in the most exciting time of our history
for creation of connection – how will you make
your mark? How will you make your business
compared to others? Make the right choices for
engaging, rather than defending and you will be
two steps ahead of your competitor. Stay sharp
America and let’s get the job done! #Business101
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uys, it’s always about communication.
Seven days a week, 365 days a year Communication is king. It’s what makes
relationships last and what controls a
kitchen on a busy night. It’s what starts wars, and
what ends civilizations. Our communication is such
a powerful thing. But how are we communicating
in the workplace? Chances are that your workplace
atmosphere, for the most part, is good. But we
don’t want good, we want great! The idea and
structure of negotiating is what makes or breaks
your workplace solutions. You have to be assertive
while providing comfort for your employees. To
approach this, you have to determine how you’ll
handle the other party within the negotiation.
There are a handful of techniques that you
can learn to apply to your approach within the
No one, two, or three negotiations are the same.
All can have a similar approach, but when working
with people, emotions and other factors interfere
and it’s important to know how to navigate through
these factors. From businessmen in women at the
top of the pole, all the way down to the regional
managers, these tricks and tactics can be used to
success each and every time. I can only provide an
outline is the process though. It’s then up to you
to use it as a working definition, because people
are always a work in progress, unless you are 100
years old. By that time, you’re pretty much doing
whatever you want to do because you’ve earned it.
Most people are very predictable when it comes to
their actions in negotiation. Effective negotiations
are quickly read by either one or the other
individuals in them. What king of negotiator are
you? Here are 4 types of people and their general
use of negotiation tactics in the workplace.
A. Non-emotional number crunchers that work
cubical jobs for 40 years straight look for as
much information as possible before making
their choices and decisions. Their tactic is
avoiding and pushing away. This is what
most people tend to do.
B. The “get down to business” people tend to
have short attention spans and carry a highly
competitive attitude. Their style is one that
is very forward and wanting to have you see
their way or no way. Sometimes this tactic
is beneficial, but that chances of the other
party being happy with the outcome, is slim
to none.
C. Highly Expressive people usually have a short
attention span as well. If dealing with one
of these types, look for a solution as quickly
as possible. They are more likely to reach
an agreement with you this way, because
otherwise they will begin to lose interest
D. The warm and friendly type of person might
be what you need outside the business
place, but inside they are weak negotiators.
This type will seem to like you immensely,
but chances are they feel that way about
everyone they come into contact with. They
dread making decisions and can usually be
guided during a discussion.
You can choose to either be proactive in your
attempts or let your emotions get in the way
and take an attitude of reacting quickly. I would
encourage you to choose the first approach.
With your proactive choices and attitude, they
usually end in better results. High cooperation
is directly connected to that mentality, while
low cooperation linked to the other side. Do you
want people to be on your side or not? It’s a very
simple decision that needs to be decided before
beginning a negotiation, so a tone can be initially
Approaches I take before discussing business
in a meeting or having to talk to employee
is take 60 seconds to evaluate and plan. I
simply ask myself, “what type is the other
party, and how will I engage with them?” This
sets up my thoughts for success because my
game plan is already set. I think my steps of
approach through, and my results are typically
better during the negotiation. Your style and
engagement techniques will grow stronger over
time and your employees with eventually learn
how you conduct yourself. Stay consistent
though. There’s power in consistency and failure
in not doing so. People will respect your word
more if you produce the same outcome rather
than being proactive on day and negative the
next. Find your balance and don’t be afraid to
negotiate to get what you believe is right and
fair! The sooner you carve out your plan, the
sooner your business employees will begin to
thrive. #Business101
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WINE 101
ews Flash - This just in - Fabio is gonna
hit you with the truth today on Wine
101. I mean I usually always hit you
with the truth, but this week especially
#TeamFabio! Here’s your challenge; you should
know someone who drinks White Zinfandel. You
know, the pretty in pink bottle that is celebrated
by sororities of all shapes and sizes. Trade that
pink bottle (not sure why it’s pink if they call it
white - only in America) and give them a stunning
red Zinfandel. Chances are they won’t know
what to do with it. They won’t recognize the
color, taste, or aroma. But cheers to you because
you are opening them up to the real deal and an
enriching investment of the true Zinfandel. It’s
like taking a couch potato in Rome, Ohio and
handing them a one-way ticket to the city that
defines a culture in itself. They will never come
back if they take the ticket!
It’s the grape that so proud to be American
is celebrates its independence by buying the
house a round! It looks like it, Tastes like it, and
most of all, is honored by its origin. Some wines
are just better overseas, but Zinfandel does
American justice and straight up is rock and roll
in liquid form. Nothing subtle as it screams with
fruit forward goodness, mainly blackberry and
raspberry that took a bath in alcohol and didn’t
want to get out. So if you thought that only kind
of Zinfandel was the pink bottle floating around
the room, think again. It’s time to go back to
• White Zinfandel - Skins are pulled off before
fermentation. Light color usually in a pink or
salmon color.
• Zinfandel - Fully Fermented with skins
attached. Red and Violet hues, almost Port
like spectrum of colors. Look for background
flavors of pepper, spice, and smoke.
While your head might be spinning with its
15-17% alcohol content, you might notice some
tannin. But generally speaking, Zinfandel usually
offers less sharp and headstrong flavors than its
next-door neighbor, Cabernet Sauvignon. In a
nutshell, it cane be enjoyed for the jammy taste
and texture - meant to be immediately enjoyed
upon the first sip. Sweet and alcoholic - please
proceed with caution! People have bumper
stickers for the wine for crying out loud! I’m
a grown man and still don’t understand this
phenomenon. The full-force, exuberant, in your
face American wine is like the class president
- always there when you need her, smile full of
gold and so sweet that even your grandmother
is taking lessons from it. It’s the “sugar, spice,
and everything nice” wine of our generation. God
bless America!
Although this varietal has been traced to places
such as Croatia and my home country of proud
Italy, America being the clever country they
are seem to be the only producer in the world
labeling this grape “Zinfandel”. Having made it’s
home all the way back in the 1900’s, it’s been
good for Zinfandel seeing that finer examples of
this wine came from ancient vines, or Old Vines.
All this means if that winemakers are able to use
this terminology if the vines has been used for
several decades usually starting around 35-40
years, which results in concentrated fruit, which
in turn makes for very fruit-forward wine. The
twist and turns on these vines shouldn’t be
confused for being troublesome, but rather a lowyield producer while makes for very concentrated
grapes. Want to use the pro’s tricks of the trade?
Remember the 3 R’s for producer knowledge Ridge, Ravenswood, and Rosenblum. Some pros
online say these three do the most justice for
the tasty varietal that is Zinfandel. Check out
some of their picks for over and under 20 bucks.
I’ve had some of these, but not all, so make sure
to try them and let me know! Save money or
splurge just a little bit - you’re worth it!
1. Under 20 bucks - Folie and Duex, Kerly
Zinfandel, Cline Ancient Vines, Rabbit Ridge,
and Seghesio Sonoma County
2. Over 20 bucks - Dache Cellars, Cline Cellars,
Ferrari Carano, Grgich Hills, Whitehall
Lane, and Joseph Swan.
Widely available in any store, its a shame not
to put this on your inventory for a night of fun
with friends. With so much variety, make sure
to not to get caught with a imposter. Don’t be
afraid to spend a little more for this wine. A
good rule of thumb - try to stay no lower the 5
dollars of 20 bucks. Anything lower and you are
just asking for trouble. It’s like diving the oceans
looking for sharks and then thinking you can pet
them. Don’t go looking for trouble just because
you can! Begin All-American, it’s perfect for our
Independence Day with all those charred flavors
floating around. Get it off the bench and into the
game! Let’s play ball and put Zinfandel up for the
Hall of Fame! #Wine101
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WINE 101
ow many of you guys watch reality TV?
What’s funny is that it’s probably the
farthest thing from actually reality there
it. Trust me, because if anyone should
know it’s me! It’s the type of stuff that you love
to hate, but still give it all the attention. A bad
viral video on YouTube or even the kid that plays
every sport and is nice to everyone. There’s just
things we love hate - and one of those things is
White Zinfandel. It’s considered a throwaway
wine (actually they don’t even like to call it wine)
by experts and wine drinkers, but celebrated and
loved by Middle America. The lines have been
drawn in the sand regarding this wine, so let’s
look at bother sides and see where we get!
I want to take a minute to clear up some rumors
about White Zin (yes, I’ll be calling it that
because it makes me feel cool). First, White Zin
doesn’t come from pink grapes. The Zinfandel
grape is your average everyday grape that when
used in a traditional way, provides a rich and
spicy red wine. We don’t see much of this wine
due to the fact that White Zin is the obvious
favorite. Producers say, “Why bother making it
when we can make White Zin and make America
happy?” It’s a good question to throw out there
see that the wine market has a vast array of
selection and tastes. White Zin actually comes
from having the skins removed before they are
fully able to release their complexity, color, and
taste into the wine. That way a slight bit of red
hue is imparted. Another route is simply taking
a red wine and pouring it into the white to give
a color ranging from faded pink to Hello Kitty!
Whichever way you look at it, it’s a light-bodied,
refreshing, somewhat sweet beverage that can be
consumed indoors or outdoors.
Some White Zin has been seen as fit, not to be
celebrated, but tolerated by the experts. These
wines have sweet qualities, while not having your
mouth feel like you’re eating Nerds or chewing
bubble gum. Sometimes they are called Rose or
If you’re a fan of shorts
and sandals in the beach
sand, White Zin might be
the perfect match for you!
Blush. The two words are describing the exact
same thing so don’t think you are venturing
into an unknown world. I know you were able
to get excited because you thought you found
something that hadn’t been discovered, but I’m
sorry to say you didn’t. The chances of finding a
White Zin with character and body are pretty slim
seeing that this wine is majorly mass-produced
for its high profit margin and ease in production.
While some wine is expensive to produce due to
labor, expensive oak barrels, or having to spend
time to age, White Zin can be shipped out and
ready to consume fairly quickly. Now you can
understand why you were so hung-over that one
time……..the sweetness hides the alcohol and you
are left with a sugar bomb of a headache!
I will tell you what White Zin is perfect for entertaining the masses! If you have a function
where wine is after thought and only needed to
encourage small talk, then it’s a perfect fit. On
a hot day, it’s refreshing and inside, it keeps the
party moving in the right direction. While most
White Zin is on the lower end of the cost bracket,
you can buy in bulk and save some money as well.
I know you are feeling that there isn’t too much
good to say about White Zin, but its just that
most of the wine community don’t spend their
time drinking it. It’s a celebration wine that’s
pink. That’s pretty much where it stops for them.
But like it or hate it, White Zin is overwhelmingly
the choice for a “weekend wine.” This wine
doesn’t really pair with anything directly, but is
an all-around wine that can be sipped on before,
after, or during the festivities. Just chill the
bottle, pop the tops, and kick back. If you’re a fan
of shorts and sandals in the beach sand, White
Zin might be the perfect match for you!
So what do you think about White Zin? Do you
love it, hate it, or love to hate it? Let me and my
team know because it’s a split on our end. Show
me what kinda of drinks and wine you have at
your next party or event by tagging me in the
pictures. Post them for me on Facebook, Twitter,
and Instagram and make sure to follow me @
FabioViviani for me to see how you roll! One last
thing America - Don’t you find it ironic that it’s
called White Zinfandel while being made with red
grapes and resulting in something that’s pink??
Just something to ponder as you are sipping.
Glasses high and spirits higher my friends! Take
care of each other and each other’s taste buds.
Until next time! #Wine101
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hat does it mean to live an
authentic life? I’m not sure if
there’s a correct answer because
the authenticity of one’s life has a
unique meaning to the individual questioning
it. It seems to me when we investigate what
living an authentic life means, the possibilities
can be painted with a broad stroke. The
beginning to answering this question is
identifying who you are at the deepest core
level. And in order to get in touch with your
deepest core level, one must begin peeling
back the layers of time and experience that are
built upon each other one by one. A lot of us
identify ourselves by our gender, race, religion,
occupation, political views, sexuality, etc.
But when you break through these layers and
identify the individual stories attached to each
of them, it’s easier to begin shedding these
façades of identity. Becoming introspective,
and questioning your thoughts and your stories,
helps you to become more in tune with your
authentic self. Asking questions like, “do I
really believe this?” or “is this how I truly feel?”
or “does this represent my highest good”,
and many more self- investigating questions,
begins to soften the false barriers of who we
really believe we are at our deepest level.
One of the greatest challenges we have, to
understanding who we authentically are, is the
constant bombardment of negative media that is
forced upon society as a whole. When we watch TV
or look at magazines, we are not given reflective
truths of our society and our world. But rather, we
are shown exaggerated levels of continuous drama,
conflict and sensationalism that we judge ourselves
against and/or try to live up to. It’s impossible
to identify who you truly are when you spend
time outside of yourself, trying to be something
or someone other than your own authentic self.
Constantly comparing yourself, judging yourself,
judging others or constantly absorbing the external
drama that is not your own as your own, will keep
you in a perpetual cycle of distorted truth and
reality. This type of behavior keeps you disconnected
from understanding what you truly think and feel.
It becomes a competition against a make-believe
enemy that can only be defeated if you choose to
turn it off, either physically or mentally.
Another aspect that hinders our ability to live
authentically is the attachment many of us hold to
our material possessions and our so-called labels of
status, i.e. education, career status, financial status,
etc. It appears that so many people are just “keeping
up with the Joneses” in order to establish their
own sense of identity and/or posturing of society.
There are many who believe they are better than
others because of the cars they drive, the houses
they live in, the title in front of their name or the
possessions they own. This false sense of identity
is a great impenetrable wall of deception hindering
the discovery of who you really are that your deepest
core level. We are not the “labels” of cloths we wear;
we are not the cars we drive; we are not the titles
we hold, but rather, we are all energetic beings
emitting different frequencies of light and thus
attracting different experiences as an outcome. I
read a great quote that says, “if we removed all of
the money from our world everyone would be equal.”
Think about it, without the separation of money
we would all be perceived as equal. And I believe,
without our social separation, most of us would be
greatly closer to living our authentic selves. Without
social separation, we could more easily remove
our judgments of ourselves and others. We could
more easily identify what truly resonates with us
at the heart level, and because of this, we would
know the truth of what makes us feel good. This
truthful feel-good would not be attached to the
perception a material object may bring to us. This
truthful feel-good would not come from comparison
or feeling of lack, but more from an authentic place
that resonates deep within our own personal and
unique vibrations. The awareness of this truthful feel
good vibration, I believe, would allow us to identify
and intimately understand what living authentically
means to us.
I understand it’s not realistic to imagine a world
without social divides. But I do believe that each
and every one of us can begin to uncover our own
hidden truths. This involves becoming aware and
mindful of your life in the world around you. It means
owning your own your life and what you attract into
it. It’s about having respect for yourself and others
around you. It’s about being honest with yourself
and the life you interact with moment to moment.
It’s about seeing oneness and connectedness with
each and every person that inhabits this earth.
Knowing that every choice we make has an equal
and opposite response. It’s an understanding and
a belief in community which includes helping and
serving others, not just you. It’s about recognizing
what truly makes you happy and doing your best to
steer clear of energies that do not feel good and do
not serve your best interest. Living authentically
is living passionately and believing that we are all
equal and we are all deserving for we are all one. An
authentic life is about stepping into your own truth,
even if no one is following or even looking your way.
It’s about believing in yourself and understanding
you have your own and unique guidance system that
doesn’t necessarily have to match what others are
doing thinking and/or believing, but also lends itself
to understanding that others are doing the same. I
believe there would be no greater sadness realized,
than the realization that you have lived your entire
life holding the fears and beliefs of someone other
than yourself.
Dean Schaefer
The Healer Guy
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with FABIO
Cristina Ferrare
It’s a pleasure to have my friend Cristina Ferrare a part of my magazine this month!
She is the co-host of Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family and a New York Times bestselling author… just to name a few. Follow her on Twitter @CristinaCooks for more!
Let’s assume that I don’t
know you. In a few sentences,
please share with my readers
why the world can use more
of you?
Cristina Ferrare – I will cook
you dinner, clean your house,
do the flowers, shovel snow,
and bring home the bacon. My
daughter Alex pointed out that
I sound like a mail order bride.
What is one food you love and
could not live without? What
is your least favorite food
that you wish would disappear
from the face of the earth,
and why?
I could never live without
perfectly ripe, summer
peaches. The food that I wish
would disappear from the face
of the earth is oysters. Eating
oysters feels like swallowing
your tongue.
What is one thing you
wish you had time to
do but currently doesn’t
п¬Ѓt into your busy schedule?
The one thing I wish I had time
to do more often is to read.
What is the weirdest
things you have ever eaten
and where were you?
The weirdest thing I have
ever eaten was sea urchin in
Phuket, Thailand.
What is the one meal that
reminds you most of your
The one meal that reminds
me most of my childhood
and my family is linguine
with butter, lemon, parsley,
and parmesan cheese.
Breakfast, lunch, & dinner:
What would be your perfect
3-square meal?
Breakfast: Organic egg white
omelet with fresh herbs from
the garden, feta or goat cheese
inside, spicy salsa, seven grain
toast, a glass of fresh cold
orange juice and a double
shot latte!!
What would be the last
meal you would want to
eat/make if you only had
1 more day to live?
For my final meal during my
last day on earth, I would
eat an In & Out burger with
extra pickles.
What is the hardest dish
that you have ever had
to make?/ Is there a dish
that you have still never
successfully completed?
The worst thing I have ever
cooked was pork tenderloin.
This was the only dinner I
have ever thrown out. The
pork was dry and flavorless. I
felt sorry for the pig he gave
this life for nothing.
Snack: 6 almonds Вѕ cup
of almond milk, half frozen
banana, 1 tsp. of vanilla and
cinnamon, two ice cubes
blended till smooth
Lunch: Grilled vegetables, and
marinated grilled chicken with
couscous or faro! Some times I
chopped all that up and mix in
with a small portion of pasta
sans the couscous or faro. I
add chopped basil and fresh
Snack: Sliced cold apples
with organic peanut butter
Appetizer- Burrata cheese,
prosciutto, and fresh
cantaloupe drizzled with olive
oil and topped with freshly
cracked pepper and basil.
Main Course- A dish of pasta
topped with fresh tomatoes
from the garden made into
a sauce with freshly grated
Parmesan cheese and
fresh basil.
Of course you want 2014 to
be a good one. If all else fails,
what would you want your one
and biggest success to be?
For my children to be healthy,
happy, productive and to give
back. That is all I ever want
and think about.
What is your most
prized possession?
My most prized possession
is my big, beautiful Italian/
Greek family.
with FABIO
Ingrid Hoffmann
Please meet Ingrid Hoffmann, host of “Simply Deliciouso”
on the Cooking Channel! She just came out with her latest
book: LATIN D’LITE: Delicious Latin Recipes with a Healthy
Twist , which also comes in a Spanish edition. Make sure to
check it out and follow her on Twitter @simplyingrid.
Let’s assume that I
don’t know you. In a
few sentences, please
share with my readers
why the world can use
more of you?
Ingrid Hoffmann – To
show people how
effortless and easy it
can be to cook healthy
from scratch at home
even when on a tight
budget and time
limited. I think this
would improve a lot of
health issues and it is
how I have managed
to improve my health
even when battling an
autoimmune disorder
to the point where I no
longer take medications.
I would like all to be
able to do the same.
What is one food you
love and could not live
without? What is your
least favorite food that
you wish would disappear
from the face of the
earth, and why?
Balsamic vinegar –
It covers the flavor of
everything and it is
so overused.
What is one thing you
wish you had time to do
but currently doesn’t fit
into your busy schedule?
Go back to school.
What is the weirdest
things you have ever
eaten and where were you?
Fried ants “hormigas
culonas” in Bucaramanga
What is the one meal
that reminds you most
of your childhood/family?
Arroz con pollo” Chicken
and rice and Dad’s
brandied shrimp
What would be the last
meal you would want to
eat/make if you only had
1 more day to live?
See answers 4 and 5 ;)
What is the hardest dish
that you have ever had
to make?/ Is there a dish
that you have still never
successfully completed?
German Saur Braten
and the potato balls
that go with it. Getting
the balance right is
Breakfast, lunch, &
dinner: What would
be your perfect
3-square meal?
Breakfast: Soft Boiled
egg, avocado, cilantro
and jalapeГ±o on top of a
multi-grain toast
Lunch: Arroz con pollo
Dinner: Porterhouse
Steak, Mashed Potatoes,
Fennel Arugula and
Avocado Salad
Of course you want 2014
to be a good one. If all
else fails, what would
you want your one and
biggest success to be?
To obtain balance in life.
What is your most
prized possession?
My dog “Salsita” my
grandmother’s jewelry,
coat and silver and my
dad’s epaulettes.
hat’s better than a bowl of Vanilla Gelato
#TeamFabio? Two bowls that you didn’t
have to pay for! That has nothing to do
with our topic of today, but hopefully
it brought a big smile to your face. What makes a
kitchen a kitchen? That’s a great question, probably
with too many answers to count. I look for things to
have in my kitchen that can arrive for double duty.
I’m a multitasking guy 8 days a week, 25 hours a day.
Things have to make sense around me in order for me
to get the best results. So for now, forget about the
backsplash, the cutting boards, and the cabinets - we
are talking about the first 10 kitchen tools that you
need in your kitchen to get 99% of the things you
need done. The other 1% is Fabio. Well, either me or
the band Imagine Dragons - they are pretty freaking
awesome too. As a side note, get a barrel of monkeys
for the kitchen too. These aren’t on the list, but I just
like monkeys. Don’t hate guys. Having a childlike
heart keeps you young!
1. Wooden Spoon - Kid tested and Grandma
approved. Use as drumstick for your 3 year old
that wants to start their own kitchen rock band, or
for mixing your family heirloom recipe of beef stew
and potatoes, the wooden spoon is crucial. There’s
just something about it. Every mark, every burn,
every scratch tells a story. Grab one with either a
rounded end or flat end.
2. Tongs - Who doesn’t want more hands?? I sure as
hell do! Tongs are simply an extension of your hand.
For today’s modern kitchen, grab ones that have a
lock to keep them closed for keeping the kitchen
tidy. Also, go for ones with high temperature plastic
tips. These work the best with non-stick pans to
make sure they stay scratch free
3. Whisk - Great for beating and whipping - except
the kids……use a belt for that! Fabio is all about
discipline for reinforcement in the kitchen. Pull
out the whisk when you need to get eggs ready or
mix pancake batter. Whisks help to incorporate air
into things and mix things better, since they have
space for the food to pass through unlike a spoon
or fork. Look for one with a good handle.
4. Spatula – Plastic is best and go for a high
temperature rating. Nothing worse than making
an omelet and seeing half your spatula disappear!
It’s the worst America. Use a spatula for getting
EVERYTHING out of bowls and plates. It will help
save you money and maybe get you enough batter
for that extra cupcake to keep your kids at bay.
Fabio Viviani aka Kid problem solver genius! #Boom
5. Grater/Zester - It’s all about the finishing touches.
Parmesan, zest, garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.
Sometimes the littlest bit of flavor with transform
a dish into something different and add that extra
note you are looking for. Citrus isn’t just good for
its juice, for also for its outer layer, the peel. Use
a grater to remove this to add to dipping sauces
or on top of fish. Grate ginger into a cookie batter
or chicken with ease, or take those meatballs and
hit them with the grated Parmesan, fresh off the
block instead of the pre-done stuff. Great as a
back scratcher when you really need it as well!!
6. Peeler - Potatoes are great with or without the
skin. Peelers are great for making vegetables
ribbons or removing citrus zest in whole pieces
to chop. I prefer the peelers that have the
blade running horizontally, rather than vertical.
Whatever style you like will make no difference in
its performance.
7. Garlic Press - Yes, I have one and I’m not ashamed
of it. I know you can mince garlic with a knife, but
maybe you aren’t that good with a knife. With a
single press of the handle, you instantly have garlic
for bread, pasta, or a marinade. Your hands don’t
get sticky, and there is literally minimal clean up.
8. Can Opener - It’s fine to have one that plugs into
the wall, but maybe a zombie apocalypse happens
and you are left in the woods with no electricity??
That’s right; Fabio is always here to make sure you
are protected from the food standpoint! These are
kid friendly and will help encourage your kids to
get in there with you.
9. Measuring Spoons/Cups - I’m a “grams” type of
guy, but America doesn’t roll that way. Look into
any cookbook or recipe online and it’s all about
tsp. and Tbsp. Get one set of quality measuring
spoons and cups and you’ll be set. If you want to
get fancy, grab a set that has cups within cups.
What I mean is that they fold in to act as more
than one cup. No need for more than one set,
because then you start to have clutter.
10.Digital Scale - Like I said earlier, I’m a grams
guy. I have no problem with using other forms
of measurement, but personally, I think that
weighing things gets the job done quicker and
cleaner. It’s also nice if you are trying to stick to
strict diet and need to portion your food. This is
great for baking, measuring your morning coffee,
or maybe being specific if wanting to try your hand
at some intermediate 30p7.2
Go grab these today and get started on having your
kitchen fully equipped for all your friends and family.
Yes, a lettuce knife sounds cute and all, but you don’t
need it. Nor do you need an egg slicer - Come on
America! I’m giving you the golden ticket for what
I have in my kitchen and a great place to start with
your kitchen building utensils. See anything you think
I missed? Let me know via Twitter @Fabioviviani and
let me know on Facebook how beat up your wooden
spoons are! #Letstalkabout #Fabio101
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A Fabio Viviani Restaurant
Italian Restaurant & Martini Bar
Please join us for a quick
Business Lunch,
a Dinner “al Fresco” or
simply for the best Martinis
in the 805 area, live music and
entertainment on weekends.
563 W Los Angeles Ave, Moorpark, CA 93021
(805) 532-0048
entleman, let’s get one thing straight about
weddings. It’s all about HER. Not you, HER.
The flowers are meant to have HER personal
touch. Everyone doesn’t care about your suit,
but HER dress. They want to see HER ring. Face it
guys, the day is HERS and it’s your job to make sure
that it stays that way. You might be feeling like chop
liver at this point, but at least you are HER chopped
liver (remember it’s all about her). But sometimes
women can go off the deep end when it comes to
wedding planning. Now, don’t go on some rant and
say, “Fabio that’s such rude thing to say” because you
all know I’m right. But fellas, take that opportunity to
keep your bride-to-be happy and have these helpful
tricks up your sleeve to save the day. But please
remember to let HER take the credit. It will help you
in the long run.
Simplicity is key. Go simple on the big things, and
fine tune with details - it’s not the color of the napkin
that matters, but rather how its folded. Believe me
when I say that weddings can get very clustered and
very quickly. Having too many opinions is usually
more of a negative than positive thing. Especially
when it comes to the after party, we don’t need very
many people deciding the course of events. Good
thing you have me America! I hereby name myself
the official, unofficial wedding planner at no charge!
Can’t beat that even if you tried.
I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and have seen
the good, bad, and the ugly (no i’m not talking about
the bride). Let me share some tips and advice on
your upcoming big day to make it as effortless as
possible - both from a chef’s and planner’s point of
view. Let’s take a walk down the isle, shall we?
Tried and True - Chances are you didn’t meet the
person you are marrying yesterday. It took time
to develop feelings, learn each others quirks, and
eventually fall in love. Food is the same way people
- now is NOT the time to experiment. You want tried
Do a little research and find out
the fruits and vegetables in season
at the time of your wedding.
Choose those items and it will help
keep your food costs down
and true recipes to use for this. Less headaches
and more guaranteed flavor for you and your guests.
Whether you or someone else is planning the menu,
make sure it’s done with food that at least has been
5-10 times prior to your event.
This isn’t a Restaurant - As much as I love doing chef
tastings for my customer, your guests aren’t going to
your event to eat dinner, they are going for the event
as a whole. Make sure to include food items that
reflect that. Leave fois gras and ideas of surf/turf at
the door. They are stuffy and have another time and
place. Most of that style of food doesn’t do well in
large amounts. That’s the reason we only pull it out
when doing small portions for people. Select items
that are familiar, but are maybe worded differently.
People don’t want stuffy food, nor do they want to be
stuffed themselves.
Print it and Ship it! - The extra step is what makes
it memorable. Print a dinner menu for your guest.
That gives them a choice and let’s them know that
you thought about it, rather than simply making the
decision for them. Having a menu also let’s guest
review to see if they have any foods that they simply
can’t eat due to allergies. This works with buffet,
single plate, or family style eating! #Boom
Stay in Season - Want to keep those costs down?
Go for things are the being grown at the time.
Strawberries aren’t available, in their purest form,
all year as much as you might want to believe. Do a
little research and find out the fruits and vegetables
in season at the time of your wedding. Choose
those items and it will help keep your food costs
down. Also, if a chef hears someone with this kind of
attention to food, they will be much, much happier to
work with you!
Ditch the Plate - I’m not saying that you can’t have
a sit down dinner, but why not mix it up and let your
guests mingle more? Set up high top style tables and
give your guests the option of standing or walking.
Serve slightly heavier style appetizers that will fill
your guests, but keep them mobile. They will end up
dancing more too if they are already up!
So yes to the Drink - Your guest are expecting to
at least have a beer, so why not go the extra fun
step and have a signature cocktail for the wedding?
Cosmos for the ladies and old fashions for the gents!
Take the drink that fits you best and have two for
yours guests. Open bars are fun and all, but they get
very, very expensive when people don’t know how to
control their consumption. This is a playful way to
give options.
America, I’m getting married in the future that’s for
sure. And I already know my sweet wife is gonna get
whatever she wants! But if you are stuck in the pits
with no ideas for your big day, feel free to take all the
credit and use my suggestions. I promise to keep my
mouth shut #TeamFabio. Are you already married?
These ideas can be translated into any event you are
putting on. Just remember to keep it simple, keep it
classy, and keep it Italian (with me of course)! Love
you to pieces! #WeddingbyFabio #Letstalkabout
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he Fourth of July is right around the corner
and that means hot sunny days, warm
summer nights and delicious food that we
prepare for neighborhood block parties
and BBQs. I will take you through some patriotic
dishes featuring red, white, and blue veggies and
fruits. Colorful fruits and vegetables are full of
vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help keep
the body running and healthy. When you think of
foods that are red...what comes to mind? Apples,
strawberries, watermelon... But what about red
potatoes, radicchio, pink grapefruit and red chili
peppers ? There is such an array of red fruits and
vegetables out there that we shouldn’t be stuck in
the mundane red haze of apples and strawberries.
Here is just a small list of red fruits and vegetables
to add to your summer healthy foods list: beets,
blood oranges, cherries, cranberries, guava, papaya,
pink/red grapefruit, pomegranates, radicchio,
radishes, raspberries, red apples, red bell peppers,
red chili peppers, red grapes, red onions, red pears,
red peppers, red potatoes, rhubarb, strawberries,
tomatoes and watermelon .
The red category for fruits and vegetables are called
the lycopenes and they contain many antioxidants
such as lycopene, ellagic acid, quercetin and
hesperidin. These antioxidant properties have been
known to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, lower
blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol, reduce tumor
growth, rid harmful free radicals in the environment
and support joint tissue.
Let’s get more specific, shall we? Lycopene, mainly
found in tomatoes and cooked tomatoes, can
decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men and can
protect against heart disease. Ellagic acid is found
in raspberries, strawberries and pomegranates. They
act in the intestinal tract and have an effect on
cancer cells by decreasing their energy production.
Quercetin is mainly in apples and onions and can
prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidation and help the
body with allergens and other breathing problems
. Finally, hesperidin has an anti-inflammatory and
anti-carcinogenic effect on the body and can lower
cholesterol in the body .
Next, let’s talk about white fruits and vegetables.
White foods, or anthoxanthins, tend to make us think
that they’re boring or bland foods, but quite the
contrary! Take a look at these white foods: bananas,
brown pears, cauliflower, dates, garlic, ginger,
Jerusalem artichoke, jicama, kohlrabi, mushrooms,
onions, parsnips, potatoes, shallots, turnips, white
corn, white nectarines and white peaches . Looking
at these foods, you can see that none of them are
A Fabio Viviani Restaurant
Italian Restaurant & Martini Bar
Please join us for a quick
Business Lunch,
a Dinner “al Fresco” or
simply for the best Martinis
in the 805 area, live music and
entertainment on weekends.
563 W Los Angeles Ave, Moorpark, CA 93021
(805) 532-0048
lacking flavor and also, a few of them can take on
flavor of many delicious seasonings (potatoes,
parsnips, cauliflower).
macular degeneration. It helps to protect the eye
from losing vision in the center of the eye because of
damage to the retina .
Anthoxanthins may be a plain color, but they pack
a punch on the antioxidant front. They contain
beta glucans, EGCG, SDG and lignans that give you
powerful boosting activity for your immune system.
They can activate your natural B and T cells in the
body, reduce the risk of colon, breast andprostate
cancer and finally, they can balance hormone levels
that reduce the risk of hormone related cancers i.e.
breast and prostate cancer .
Look at all of the benefits from just three colors of
foods! It’s unbelievable what properties food holds
and how much it can affect our overall health. This
summer when you’re going to Fourth of July parties,
make a dish that incorporates all of these colors, it’s
a fun and healthy way to be patriotic. Let’s take
a look at a one of Fabio Viviani’s recipes, available
on his website! The recipe Butter Lettuce, Apples,
Pomegranate Seed, Shaved Celery, Charred Shallot
Vinaigrette, Shaved Manchego , is so refreshing and
has the perfect balance of tang from the vinegar
and the salt from the manchego cheese. This has
all of the aspects we covered...the red from the
pomegranate seeds, the white from the charred
shallot vinaigrette and I’m sure we could add a
handful of blueberries to make this dish a hit at the
Fourth of July block party!
Diving further into the anthoxanthin world, we’ll just
focus on beta glucans and lignans. Beta glucans
are mainly found in mushrooms and they balance
the body’s immune system by supporting white
blood cells . Lignans can boost immune function
and contribute to maintaining good heart health
and may also help to block some hormone related
cancers .
Last but certainly not least are our blue/purple
foods. Blue and purple foods are known as
anthocyanins and consist of: black currants, black
salsify, blackberries, blueberries, dried plums,
eggplant, elderberries, grapes, plums, pomegranates,
prunes, purple Belgian endive, purple potatoes,
purple asparagus, purple cabbage, purple carrots,
purple figs, purple grapes, purple peppers and
raisins. Anthocyanin foods can help retinal health,
lower LDL cholesterol, boost the immune system,
support healthy digestion, improve calcium and
various vitamin/mineral absorption, reduce tumor
growth, limit activity of cancer cells and act as an
anti-carcinogen .
The blues and purples contain an abundance
of vitamins and antioxidants such as lutein,
zeaxanthin, resveratrol, vitamin C, fiber, ellagic
acid and quercetin. Ellagic acid and quercetin were
already reviewed, so let’s concentrate on lutein and
zeaxanthin . Lutein has the role of protecting the
eyes from oxidation and potentially reducing the risk
of breast, lung, skin and colon cancer . Zeaxanthin
is a special nutrient that helps prevent age related
Remember to eat healthy this summer and make
an array of dishes using all colors from the rainbow.
You’re body, and your neighbors, will thank you for
your healthy contribution!
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Vinaigrette, Shaved Manchego. Fabio Viviani Website:
Click here to read more
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him to make staples like Italian Apple Cake and
Homemade Ricotta, to the kitchen of a local
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restaurant favorites like Gnocchi and the Perfect
Tiramisu, and then across Italy where he studied
each region's п¬Ѓnest recipes, from Piedmont's Braised
Ossobuco to Emilia Romagna's Perfect Meat Sauce.
A gorgeously illustrated cookbook, Fabio's Italian
Kitchen is a celebration of food and family that
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Fabio Viviani was born in Florence, Italy, and became
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executive chef of Cafe Firenze, a renowned Italian
restaurant in Ventura County, California, and Osteria
Firenze, a Los Angeles Italian eatery. He has
appeared on Top Chef (season п¬Ѓve), Top Chef All
Stars, and Life After
A Top Chef.
From growing up in a Florentine housing project to
charming millions on Top Chef, Italian chef Fabio
Viviani blends his amazing personal story with his
favorite recipes from his home country.
Fabio shares the best of Italian home cooking while
telling the story of his own, hardscrabble Italian
childhood (and subsequent success upon arrival in
US) and especially the women in his life mother and
great grandmother who taught him to cook and
inspired him. e book will feature photos and over
150 recipes with stories, including Viviani staples
(Italian Apple Cake, 7 Flavors
Meat), restaurant
favorites (Gnocchi, the Perfect Tiramisu), and recipes
from his travels and apprenticeships across different
regions of Italy (Braised Ossobuco from Piedmont,
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efreshing the dГ©cor in any room can be done
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statement or a bold one, the change can be
as subtle as rearranging what you already
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new color.
Do you need a focal point in a room? “Reinvent your
family photographs!” Take out all those cheesy kid
pictures taken of close ups of eyes, fingers, lips,
nose, etc… and convert them into black and white
prints. Consistency is important when creating a
focal point on a wall. So long as there is unity in the
color of prints, you can easily pick out your favorite
eclectic mix of pictures. So blow them up, and frame
them all in Purple (Pantone’s color of the year 2014),
and do a GIANT family wall. A house is nothing
without accessories. Otherwise all you have is a
room full of furniture.
Paint it! Instead of using a rug in your space, ever
think about painting the floors to mimic a beautiful
patterned rug? Paint diagonal stripes on the floor to
give the illusion of a graphic rug. How about painting
a zigzag (chevron print) pattern on your child’s
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afraid of costs with paint, you’d be surprised how
much you can get out of a gallon of paint from
your local hardware store. Also, why not pick a
predominant color from your room and paint the
ceiling? It can be done in less than a day with as
little as one inexpensive gallon of paint. A little color
goes a long way!
Mirrors are the least expensive way to give your
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open up the space and give a grander feel. Placing
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Staying within budget can sometimes be a problem
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