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Waste To Energy Market: size and forecast, 2014-2020 by Future Market Insights

Waste to energy (WTE) is the process of utilizing waste to generate energy or electricity. Various technologies are used to generate energy from waste source such as, municipal domestic waste. Energy generated from the process can be in form of elec
Asia Pacific Waste To
Energy Market
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Report Description
Waste to energy (WTE) is the process of utilizing waste to generate energy or electricity. Various
technologies are used to generate energy from waste source such as, municipal domestic waste.
Energy generated from the process can be in form of electricity, fuel or heat.The WTE
management is considered as a vital part of the waste disposal infrastructure of any nation as it
also comes under renewable energy sources. Waste to energy market refers to electricity
generated with utilization of waste resources.
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Rapid change in consumption pattern and lifestyle of the population, along with migration of
people towards urban areas are triggering urban waste accumulation, hence demanding a
better infrastructure for its safe disposal and reuse.Various corporate or energy producing
companies have ventured into waste to energy market by deploying their facilities. Types of
waste that can be used in the waste to energy market include utilization of semi solid waste
discharged from the industrial plants, liquid waste like domestic sewage and gaseous waste
produced in refinery.
Waste to energy market can be segmented on the basis of technology used, viz. thermal and
biological. Thermal technology can be further bifurcated on the basis of oxygen used in the
process, combustion (excess oxygen), gasification (partial oxygen) and pyrolysis (no oxygen).
Biological process can be used in a process where anaerobic decomposition of the solid waste is
required. In Asia pacific, incineration is the most commonly used technology in waste to energy
Report Description
Incineration cuts the cost required in the transportation of waste to landfills. There has been a
noticeable rise in the production of industrial and municipal waste, demanding innovation in
existing waste to energy management technologies.
Necessity to maintain balance between the three ‘E’s that is, saving the Environment, Economic
development and Energy independence can clearly explain the need of waste management thus
driving growth in waste to energy market. Companies are adopting aforementioned
technologies to reduce discharge of waste material and generate confined energy in parallel. For
instance, General Motors through its renaissance center and landfill-free sites has been able to
eliminate over 10 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions in 2013.Waste to energy
management supports nation to conserve energy resources and earn carbon credits, which can
be further used to gain profit via carbon credit trading. Additionally, converting a waste into a
beneficial product will leadto an economic development of a country by turning a liability into
an asset. China is considered as one of the forerunnersin waste to energy market.
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Asia pacific waste to energy market is expected to grow two folds by 2020 with promising CAGR.
Japan primarily dominates waste to energy market in Asia pacific, owing to its increasing waste
to energy technology adoption. Rapid growth of residential and industrial wastes in China and
India,and supports by government to endorse sustainable energy generation are anticipated to
drive the regional waste to energy market.
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