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Concrete Admixtures Market

Cement is the most common binding material used in construction activities. Cement is mixed with crushed rocks, sand and water in specific proportion to create concrete. Admixtures are chemicals that are added to concrete at the initial mixing stage
Global Concrete
Admixtures Market
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2014 - 2020
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Report Description
Cement is the most common binding material used in construction activities. Cement is mixed
with crushed rocks, sand and water in specific proportion to create concrete. Admixtures are
chemicals that are added to concrete at the initial mixing stage to enhances or modify the
working properties of the mix. Concrete admixtures are primarily used to enhance the
compressive strength, workability and durability parameter of the concrete and to reduce the
water content in it. Admixtures are generally classified according to application as Plasticizers
(water reducing agents), super plasticizers (high range water reducers), air entrainers,
accelerators and retarders. Also, three types of admixtures very common in the market such as
Lingo-based, Sulfonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde (SNF) and Sulfonated Melamine
Formaldehyde (SMF) based and PCE (Polycarboxylate Ether) based admixtures. Optimum use of
admixtures depends on several factors including the type and amount of cement used, working
temperature of concrete and air and water content.
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For developers, engineers, contractors, builders, architects and other end-users, concrete
admixtures offer innumerable benefits such as corrosion resistance, reduced permeability and
improved resistance to chemical attack, effective placement of concrete in extreme weather
conditions and underwater placement of concrete.
Report Description
The demand for concrete admixtures is directly related to cement consumption trends. Some of
the drivers of the concrete admixtures market are improving quality of construction in
developing economies, increasing demand for high rise buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels and
dams. Reduction in water usage and construction time is the major concerns of contractors and
manufacturers, which could be rightly addressed by making effective use of concrete
admixtures. Some of the inhibitors in the concrete admixtures market are increasing prices of
raw materials, unskilled labour and lack of awareness about admixtures in the unorganized
sector of construction developers.
Growing residential requirements in the Middle East and Africa, and the urbanization trend in
the Asia-Pacific region indicates high market opportunities for concrete admixture
manufacturers. Repair and maintenance applications also provide potential opportunities,
supported by increase in renovation and repair activities. Gradual aging of the housing stock in
regions like Europe and North America offers major opportunities for concrete admixtures
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Report Description
In developing countries of Asia Pacific, improving quality of civil structures is offering a doubledigit growth rate for concrete admixture consumption. The Asia Pacific region is the largest
consumer of concrete admixtures, and is expected to hold market share of over two-thirds of
the total global admixtures market. Various factors such as foreign direct investment (FDI) in
developing markets such as India and China is providing new market opportunities in the
concrete admixtures market. Recent developments in concrete admixture technology have led
to the development of mid-range water reducers. Another trend which has been increasingly
adopted by major players in the market is the use of new concrete mixtures that contain up to
85% recycled material. Another innovative concrete admixture product includes an additive
called Elemix, which consists of expanded polystyrene beads. This product allows making of a
lighter weight concrete with the same structural strength, while enhancing its thermal
properties, retarding properties and cracking resistance.
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