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Protein Expression Market Volume Analysis, size, share and Key Trends 2015-2025

The formation of amino acids or proteins within the cells of living organisms that takes place after gene expression is referred as protein expression. Gene expression utilizes DNA template for mRNA formation during transcription, which is thereafte
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The formation of amino acids or proteins within the cells of living organisms that takes
place after gene expression is referred as protein expression. Gene expression utilizes
DNA template for mRNA formation during transcription, which is thereafter utilized as a
template for protein polypeptide formation of amino acids during the translation
process. Protein expression is a vital process in which numerous important types of
proteins are synthesized and modified, where recombinant proteins can also be
synthesized. These synthesized, modified and recombinant protein types find a wide
range of commercial applications.
Protein expression is utilized thorough protein expression systems, which find wide usage
in various fields such as biotechnology, medicine and life sciences. One major field of
biotechnology, molecular biology utilizes many proteins like DNA polymerase in
polymerase chain reactions (PCRs), restriction endonucleases in cloning procedures and
reverse transcriptases in the analysis of RNAs. Some medical applications of protein
expression include the large scale production of human insulin and various product sets
for drug discovery procedures. Major protein expression systems include, baculovirus
based systems, mammalian cell expression systems, E. coli systems, saccharomyces
systems, K. lactis systems, pichia systems and other expression systems.
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The protein expression market, thus, can be classified into four major segments, namely,
competent cells, expression vectors, instruments and reagents. This market can also be
Report Description
basis of its end-users, the protein expression market can also be classified into four
segments, namely, academic research, contract research organizations, pharmaceutical
and biotechnology companies.
Major driving factors for the growth of this market include, rising biologics market and
corresponding research activities, increasing demand from proteomics market, in turn
will benefit this market, and others. Sales drop in the pharmaceutical industry due to
current patent expiries of major drugs, have induced intense research and development
of novel pharmaceuticals in various categories will demand more proteins from this
market, hence will contribute towards the growth of this market. The expanding biologics
and proteomics market will increase the demand for more pure forms of proteins from
fields such as biotechnology, drug researches etc. These demands will boost the overall
protein expression market in the coming future. However, cost and expense cuttings in
various R&D activities in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as well
as market consolidation of high degree are some restraining factors for this market.
Geographically, North America is the largest market for protein expression followed by
Europe. These regions dominate the overall protein expression market due to factors like
presence of well-established healthcare infrastructure in these regions combined with
intense R&D activities carried out. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing protein expression
market due to increasing penetration of various biotechnology and pharmaceutical giants
in R&D activities in these areas. Other major factors responsible for this regions’ fast
growth are rapidly increasing healthcare infrastructure and increasing awareness and
hence, demand for biologics and other proteins in the region.
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Some of the key players operating in the protein expression market are Agilent
Technologies, Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, New England
Biolabs, Inc., Merck Millipore, Promega Corporation, Qiagen, Takara Bio, Inc., and Life
Technologies Corporation (Thermo Fischer Scientific, Inc.).
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