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Constitutional Rights Lawyer KY

Sober Assistance is here to help you find the best sober livings, rehabs, sober coaches, therapists and drug and alcohol counselors in the nation.
Constitutional Rights Lawyer KY
Sober Assistance Offers The Best Rehabs
Sober Assistance was created to help the individual, family member or friend
with the struggle of addiction. We offer a extensive amount of recovery services
including sober livings, rehabs, sober coaches, therapists and drug and alcohol
counselors all over the nation. We also have access to a number of free
addiction solutions like meeting directories, sober events and support groups.
What type of Sober Assistance are you looking for?
Career Counselors : Want a Career but don't know which
direction to go? Check out one of our many Career Counselors
Sober Coaches : Sober Coaches are a great way to help you
stay on top of your program. Pick one from huge selection
Rehabs : Are you trying to find a Rehab for you or someone
you love? Take a look at the large selection Sober Assistance
has to offer
Our Story & Mission was founded in 2015 with two
ideas in mind: to house information for those
struggling with addiction or behavioral issues –
either personally or through loved ones – and to
link those people with the recovery services that can
help them.
We are the final destination for anyone looking for
recovery services.
We have everything from Sober Coaches, Sober
Livings, Rehabs, Therapists and much more! Not only
do we house all of these recovery services but if they
want to be an exclusive recovery option for their city,
They go through a rigorous evaluation process.
For more information please visit
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