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Bike Bolts Online

We make metric security bolts for any application that demands metric bolts. Our intended use and mission is to help keep components on your bicycle safe.
Bike Bolts Online
We make metric security bolts. Our intended use and mission is to help keep components on
your bicycle safe from opportunistic thievery. Simply replace the existing Allen bolts with our
security bolts. Each set comes with an L- key. The use of these bolts will drastically reduce the
chances of a thief making off with your saddle, seat post, stem, handlebars, racks, wheels and
other components.
Bolt Sizing
When measuring a bolt, it’s best to use calipers and a thread checker. You can probably work it
out with a metric ruler though.
For example, if you were looking at an M8-1.25 x 50mm:
The bolt size is M8. You determine this by measuring the diameter of the shaft in mm to come
up with the "M8" value. The socket wrench the bolt uses does not determine the bolt size. This
is a common mistake.
The bolt length is measured from the end of the threads to the bottom of the bolt head. That's
the length of the shaft, excluding the head. In the example it is 50mm long.
The Thread pitch is the distance between threads measured in millimeters along the length of
the bolt. Determining the thread pitch can be difficult without a thread checker tool. The bolts
on this sight use the standard thread pitch per size. I’m sure there are some odd balls out there
but generally speaking, bicycles and bicycle parts use bolts with these thread pitches.
Security Tips
1. Invest in the highest quality lock you can afford. I recommend heavy-duty U-locks and
heavy-gauge chains.
2. Always lock your bike to a secure, fixed object.
3. Only lock your bike in a well-lit, well-traveled area.
4. Don't lock up someplace a thief will know you are gone for a while -- yoga, movie theatre,
5. If possible, lock your bike indoors.
6. Avoid using quick-release skewers on wheels and seatpost. Replace with security bolts
and/or locking skewers.
7. See locking techniques and video below. Info graphics and video from SF Bicycle Coalition.
M5 X 16mm Allen Bolts
10 stainless steel none-security Allen Bolts. For use in securing racks,
water bottle cages, and many other add on components to your
Key Features:
 Size: M5-0.8 X 16mm
 Head: Allen / Socket Head
 Material: Stainless Steel
 Quantity: 10 Bolts
 Weight: 2.7g
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