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[land of prospects]
[ land of possibilities
Innovative textile - industrial
cluster of the Ivanovo region
[ Ivanovo region]
For development of the Innovative textile - industrial
cluster of the Ivanovo region it is suggested using the
territory of seven municipal districts, connected by the
automobile road Kovrov- Shuya-Kineshma
Prospective measures of financial State support
for the enterprises of the Innovative textile industrial cluster of the Ivanovo region
1 level
State financial support
program for small and
enterprises of OJSC
«MSP Bank»
2 level
3 level
Establishment of the Fund
of investments to textile
industry in the region with
the participation of «VEB
Capital» LLC and JSC
Providing of loans by
subordinated by the
loans of commercial
banks up to 50% of
total lending
To implement the major projects 2nd and 3rd levels of funding may be used at one
and the same time, but in total amount of up to 50% of investments
Creation of Technopark.
Focus on composite materials
 Creation
«IVREGIONSYNTHEZ» in Ivanovo city in the form of public-private
partnerships with support of the federal and regional budgets and
development institutions including:
– small enterprises business- incubator
– laboratories and pilot-plant productions for the development of science
and technology in the field of technical textiles
 Priority areas for research and development in the technopark:
– Development and industrial testing of composite polyester - containing
technical textiles (nonwovens, fabrics, knitted fabrics) and plastics
– Development and experimental-industrial testing of the formation
technology of composite fiber materials based on PET, polyamide,
polypropylene, PLA and their products
Location of the special purposed Vichuga
industrial park
 Auto road connection
– The
Distance to the federal highway - 400m
Distance to the cities: Moscow - 400 km,
Ivanovo- 65 km
 Railroad connections
– The nearest main railway line: Northern
Railway, the distance to the railway
station 4km
 Air connections
– The nearest airport Ivanovo-Yuzhniy, the
distance to the airport - 72 km
Preliminary sketch-map of the Vichuga industrial
park general Plan
Sites for the PET
plant and the
service plants and
(~25 hectares)
Sites for the
residents of the
Industrial park (
~50 hectares)
Anchor project of the industrial park - textile
grade PET plant
 Location: Ivanovo region, Vichugsky district (on
the border of the Vichuga city)
 Types of produced products:
Polyester staple fiber produced by direct
spinning method;
Textile grade chips
 Production volume: up to 200 thousand tons per
 Quantity of created work posts: 500
 The cost of the project is 12 190 mln roubles
(CAPEX and attendance of the letter of credit)
 Date of commissioning - 2017
Goals of Textile grade PET plant project
 Mass substitution of imported raw materials
(cotton and polyester) for raw materials
produced in the territory of the Russian
 Enabling systematic development of textile
production in Russia;
 Creation of the resource base and the conditions
for effective competition on the domestic and
external markets of the Russian textile industry.
 Development of infrastructure in the region
associated with the creation of new associated
industries and enterprises processing the
production of the Plant.
Performance indicators of the project - ( the
planning horizon - 10 years)
 The cost of the project is 12 190 mln rubles
(CAPEX and attendance of the letter of credit)
 Payback period– 8,08 years;
 DPP, discounted payback period– 8,86 years;
 Average rate of investments return (ARR) 10.73%
 Internal rate of return (IRR) – 7,23%;
 Net cash flow – 4 343 mln rubles
 NPV – 1 788 mln rubles
Dynamics of consumption of polyester fibers and
yarns in Russia and CIS up to 2020
Polyester fiber in CIS
Polyester yarn in CIS
Polyester fiber in Russia
Polyester yarn in Russia
(Expert estimation based on data of PCI Fibres, Fiber Organon, Tecnon OrbiChem, reports from national
organizations and associations)
Ratio of import, production and consumption of
polyester fiber in the Russian Federation in 2007 2012. and up to 2020
*Taking into account the construction of the polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
production plant for the textile industry in the Ivanovo region
Thousand tons
Industrial use of polyester fibers and yarns by
major segments of the Russian market
in 2007-2012 and for perspective till 2020
Promising projects for processing of PET plant
production in the amount of
more than 50,000 thousand tons per year.
( new plants to be built)
* Only building area
The production scheme of the PET plant
Bottle grade
PET flakes
PET melt
up to 500 tons/day
Textile grade
up to 100 tons/day
Main product
polyester staple fiber
up to 600 tons/day
Products of the PET plant
PET production chain
The project envisages production of 200 thousand tons per year of PET melt followed by direct production of
170 thousand tons of staple fiber and 30 thousand tons of textile grade chips.
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