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S.Ü. YABANCI DİLLER YÜKSEKOKULU YETERLİK SINAVI ÖRNEK SORULARI Sorularda boşlukları en uygun şekilde tamamlayan kelime ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. My wife wants ‐‐‐ fur coat for her birthday. a) a* b) – c) the d) an You ‐‐‐ go to bed early tonight. You look very tired. a) might b) have to c) should* d) could I looked for my keys in the house but I couldn’t find them ‐‐‐ . a) nowhere b) anywhere* c) somewhere d) everywhere I was late for the class. I ‐‐‐ earlier. a) should have got up* b) needn’t have got up c) must have got up d) can’t have got up Jane ‐‐‐ on the train when Jack ‐‐‐ at the station. a) was getting / had arrived b) had got / had arrived c) had got / arrived* d) were getting / arrived The boss wanted to know ‐‐‐ . a) if his secretary had completed her work* b) if his secretary completes her work c) if his secretary has completed her work d) if his secretary will complete her work Jerry isn’t a/an ‐‐‐ person although he has everything he wants in life. a) nervous b) modest c) outgoing d) arrogant* Some people ‐‐‐ the trees in the forests to sell the fields and earn money. a) cut down* b) cut up c) cut off d) cut out * Doğru cevap.
Soruda verilen ifadeye anlamca en yakın cümleyi bulunuz When I remember my teenage years, I feel down. a) When I look back, I become unhappy.* b) When I look back, I write in my diary. c) When I look back, I sing to myself. d) When I look back, I go down to the cellar. Sorudaki İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz. Nowadays, a woman who wants to make a career in the world of fashion has to watch her weight. a) Bugünlerde kariyer yapan bayanlar kilolarını izlemek zorundalar. b) Günümüzde moda dünyasında kariyer yapmak isteyen bir bayan kilosuna dikkat etmek zorundadır.* c) Bugünlerde moda dünyasında kariyer yapmak isteyen bayanlar kilolarına dikkat etseler iyi olur. d) Günümüzde bir bayan moda dünyasında kariyer yapacaksa, kilosuna dikkat etmek zorundadır. Sorudaki Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz. Sınava yeterince çalışmadım ve kaldım. Keşke çalışsaydım. a) I studied enough for the exam and I failed. I wish I studied. b) I studied enough for the exam and I passed. I wish I hadn’t studied. c) I didn’t study for the exam and I failed. I wish I had studied.* d) I don’t study for the exams and I fail. I wish I studied. Bu sorular sadece örnektir. Soruların zorluk derecesi sınavda değişiklik gösterebilir.
S.Ü. YABANCI DİLLER YÜKSEKOKULU YETERLİK SINAVI ÖRNEK SORULARI Soruda karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz. Waiter : Good evening sir, what would you like to have? Man : ‐‐‐ . Waiter : Certainly sir; here you are. Man : Thank you. a) What do you recommend? b) I’m waiting for my friend. c) What do you have? d) Can I have the menu, please?* * Doğru cevap.
Soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. Scientists often meet and talk about endangered animals. Politicians in many countries are beginning to talk about this, too. They ask a lot of questions and sometimes they listen to the scientists. Who can hunt dolphins and whales? How many can those people kill every year? Can people buy rhinoceros horns? Is it right? Which animals are disappearing fastest? How can we protect them? Where is the money going to come from? These are some of their questions. So, what can countries do? Here is one possible answer: They can open national parks. These are big and usually very beautiful wild places. Here, animals and birds can live freely, and they are also homes for trees and flowers. Visitors can go there and watch the animals, but usually they leave at night. They cannot hunt or take things away with. Politicians can find ways to stop hunting. They can stop the pollution of the rivers, seas, sky and land too. People in every country are asking ‘How can we stop the pollution from cars, planes, and factories? Let’s think about lives, our work, our homes. Our world needs to be a better place for all living things.’ In the text, ‘endangered animals’ means ‐‐‐ . a) animals in danger* b) dangerous animals c) animals which died out years ago d) animals which hunt other animals We can infer from the text that ‐‐‐ . a) politicians always listen to the advice of scientists about endangered animals. b) countries should let animals disappear c) national parks may be a good solution for animals and plants which are in danger of extinction* d) endangered animals have never been the subject of conversation among scientists What does ‘here’ in the text refer to? a) countries b) national parks* c) homes d) wild nature Bu sorular sadece örnektir. Soruların zorluk derecesi sınavda değişiklik gösterebilir.
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