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CS533 Spring 2014 March 10, 2014 8

CS533 Spring 2014
March 10, 2014
8- Minute Presentations
To be Done On: March 12, 2014
No. Group Members
M. Ali Abbasoğlu - G. Ece
Neslihan Bulut - M. Can
2 Çavdar
M. Emre Nevayeshirazi Hamed Rezanejad Asl-bonab
S. Emre Solmaz - Devrim
Semih Şahin - Abdurrahman
Yaşar - Tolga Yılmaz
Paper Assigned: No., Author name(s), title)
2. A language modeling approach to information retrieval - 1998
Jay M. Ponte, W. Bruce Croft Cited
4. An algorithmic framework for performing collaborative
filtering - 1999 Jonathan L. Herlocker, Joseph A. Konstan, Al
Borchers, John Riedl
10. IR evaluation methods for retrieving highly relevant
documents - 2000 Kalervo Järvelin, Jaana Kekäläinen
5. The use of MMR, diversity-based reranking for reordering
documents and producing summaries - 1998 Jaime Carbonell,
Jade Goldstein
3. A re-examination of text categorization methods - 1999 Yiming
Yang, Xin Liu
Guidelines: Please raed!
1. Prepare a 8-minute in class presentation using power point. This is a new short presentation style used
in some CS conferences (in various conferences, such as ECIR and WSDM, in different years you can
see its 5- and 10-minute versions).
2. Make it available on the Web also bring it to the class in a memory stick (both of them just in case if
one works use the other one). Please also bring your laptop the classroom laptop may not be available.
3. You must prepare handout (e.g., a poster on A4 paper) and give it to your classmates at the beginning
of your presentation.
4. Only provide the most essential parts of the paper (you have no other choice). Most importantly make
us understand the intuition behind it, and its significance.
5. I will bring a chronometer and stop each presentation when the allocated time expires.
6. Presentation number indicates the order of presentation. After each presentation we will have time for
questions and answers for about 2 minutes.
7. With your votes we will pick the best presentation. You can only vote for one group.
8. Each member must contribute to the presentation.
9. On March 12 by 5 pm please send me the pdf version of your presentation and your handout as an
attachment to you email with the subject line: CS533: 8-minute presentation, Group No.: x), whre x is
your group number.
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