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About Textbroker

About Textbroker
Since 2005, Textbroker has been the pioneer for on-demand, unique written content. The extensive
pool of professional, native speaking authors deliver high quality articles, blog posts, product
descriptions, web copy, press releases, white papers and other types of content. Textbroker’s authors
are freelancers, able to work anywhere there is an Internet connection. Thousands of clients
worldwide order over 100,000 texts monthly from native-speaking authors in German (,
French (, UK English (, US English (, Spanish
(, Dutch (, Italian (, Portuguese (, Brazilian
Portuguese ( and Polish (
Textbroker serves a wide variety of clients, from small local businesses to travel portals to publishing
houses to some of the largest companies in the world. This internet platform offers a service level and
price point for almost every need, so clients can choose to place and review orders themselves, or ask
Textbroker to manage every aspect of requesting, reviewing and posting their content. Textbroker also
has relationships with thousands of webmasters and agencies, from search or web design agencies
with a few clients to multi-national advertising agencies. Textbroker takes care of content creation, so
agencies can focus on more strategic activities for their clients.
Located in New York, Las Vegas and Mainz, Germany, the Textbroker team is a talented collection of
editors, account managers, client service reps, programmers, sales and business development
executives, marketing experts, and financial and administrative personnel. The team is highly diverse
as every platform is managed by native-speakers. More information is available at
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