Call for Partners „Street Art – Association for innovative

Call for Partners
Erasmus+/Youth in Action/Key Action2: Strategic Partnership „Youthwork 3.0 – The NEW
„Street Art – Association for innovative youth work“ in Austria is planing to apply for a
strategic partnershipin Vienna with the 04.February 2015 Deadline.
Project Title: „Youthwork 3.0 – The NEW Century“
Topics: The new Youthfields, Youth Empowerment, Youth Unemployment,
Youthtalents, The new ways to help our Clients
Aims: write a guide about the changings in the Youth Sector, create a online site for
connecting Organizations to exchange „new“ „innovative“ ideas
Target Group: 4 innovative Youth Organisations, no age limit
Venue: Vienna/Austria
Date: 1.June 2015 – 1.June 2017
Partners: We looking for partners they have new innovative attempts in the field of
Project Summary:
„Youth work 3.0“ is a strategic partnership in the field of youth work to modernize or identify the
future of Youth Work, to give all active organizations a possibility to learn more about new ideas,
approaches and projects.
What is social entrepreneurship? What is Erasmus+? What re non formal projects? What are the
new talents of youth? The new Job Opportunitys?
That are many Questions and i konw there are many possibilitys to find the answers online but not
on one site, so now we create one big Guide and Online Tool where people have all answers on one
One of the Aims is to write a guide about the new fields in Youth Work. There are many changes in
the last 10 years. The Life is very fast and the youth field is every day bigger and there are many
new fields and Goals.
There are many new areas in youth work and many organizations may not have ideas or do not dare
to approach some of the fields so they can read in the guide and can get ideas or to see what new
„Online Site“
This is the second part of the partnership. We can put online all Contacts of Organizations, Projects,
Funds and use this for communicate with all Organizations and we can put online the Guide.
This online site can help organizations adapt to new Projects and funding opportunities.
Hosting Organisation: "Street Art - Association for innovative youth work" is a Youth
Organisation. We work with young People between 14 and 23 years. Our main topics are
Youth unemployment, youth empowerment, Art Projects, and Sport activities.
If you are interested please send a short description of your Organisation and your experiences in
the youth work to Pero Bogdanovic [email protected]
Deadline : Friday 09.January 2015