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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 4
Assignment (60 Marks)
Note: Answer all questions must be written within 300 to 400 words each. Each Question carries 10
marks 6 X 10=60.
Q1. Define the concept of e-commerce. Briefly explain the benefits and key challenges of ecommerce.
Answer. Electronic Commerce or e-commerce is the latest concept in today’s business scenario. Broadly
speaking, the e-commerce business methodology addresses the needs of organisations, retailers and
consumers to reduce the costs, while improving the quality of service and increasing the speed of delivery
of goods. Today, e-commerce refers to buying and selling of information, products and services through
computer networks. However, in the future, it may refer to carrying out business transactions through any
Q2. List and explain the advantages of B2C Model and B2B Model.
Answer. Advantages of B2C Model
Increased profitability over costs
Globalization of business
Reduced operational costs
Improved customer service
Effective knowledge management
Q3. Briefly explain the developments that IT has driven in the banking industry.
Answer. Developments in Banking Industry
1. Electronic Payment Services - E Cheques: Banks have come up with a new technology for enabling
electronic payments through e-cheques. E-cheques will largely replace the use of conventional paper
Q4. a. What are the benefits and limitations of Online Publishing?
b. Discuss the different approaches of Online Publishing.
Answer. a. Benefits of online publishing
 Online publishing requires very little investment by the publisher, encouraging new writers to
publish their manuscripts, articles or books.
 The publishing time for accepted manuscripts is reduced as online publishing broadcasts selected
work much faster than traditional publishing houses.
 Online publishing provides greater flexibility to the relationship between the writer and the
publisher. The changes required at both sides can be quickly implemented.
Q5. a. Elucidate the process of Electronic payment
b. Explain the different types of E-Payment Standards
Answer. a. Process of electronic payment
An electronic payment has the following parties involved in the process:
Issuer: Refers to the bank or financial institution where the buyer and the seller have their accounts.
Customer: Refers to the individual who makes a purchase and pays electronically.
Q6. Briefly explain the potential threats to online security.
Answer. Potential threats to online security
Viruses and Worms
The major threats to online security are viruses and worms. These harm data and software by either
corrupting them completely or partially. Viruses and worms attach themselves to host computers and
destroy important files and software needed for the proper functioning of the system. Computer viruses
have been around since the 1980s as the computer programs designed to spread themselves from one file
to another on a single computer. A virus might rapidly infect every application on an individual computer
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