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MI0041-Java and Web Design

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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 4
MI0041-Java and Web Design
Assignment (60 Marks)
Note: Answer all questions must be written within 300 to 400 words each. Each Question carries 10
marks 6 X 10=60.
Q1. Briefly explain any two Java-based web technologies.
Answer. Java-Based Web Technologies
Java Servlet
A Servlet is a Java program module that processes and answers client requests. A Servlet runs on the
server and acts as an interface between the client and the server. Java Servlet provides high level,
component-based, platform-independent and server-independent standards for developing web
applications in Java. To appreciate the significance of Java Servlet in developing web application, we first
need to understand the challenges that the developers were facing. When we use a web browser to access
simple, static HTML pages, the browser sends requests to a web server. The web server uses HTTP to send
back the requested web page stored on the server. These web pages are static; they exist in a constant
state. However, with changing technologies and requirements, we now need to design a web server to
Q2. Explain the elements of HTML document structure.
Answer. The structure of an HTML document is made of several elements and attributes such as
!DOCTYPE, html, head, and body.
The <!DOCTYPE> Tag
The <!DOCTYPE> tag is the first element in an HTML document and it specifies the Document Type
Definition (DTD) used by the document. A DTD is a separate file containing the formal definition of a
grammar, such as the supported elements and attributes used in the markup language. The browser
Q3. Write a short note on:
a. Special operators
b. Operator precedence and associativity
Answer. a. Special Operators
The special operators, such as instance of and dot operators, are used to perform certain specialized
operations. The instance of operator is a binary operator that checks whether or not an object is of a
particular type (type can be a class, interface, or an array). It is used for object reference variables only.
The syntax to use the instance of operator is as follows:
Q4. Explain dynamic polymorphism with an example of Java program.
Answer. Dynamic Polymorphism
Polymorphism that is exhibited at runtime is called dynamic polymorphism. This means that when a
method is called, the method call is bound to the method body at the time of running the program,
dynamically. In this case, the Java compiler does not know which method is called at the time of
compilation. Only the JVM knows at runtime which method is to be executed. Therefore, this is also called
‘runtime polymorphism’ or ‘dynamic binding’.
Q5. Explain the classes in Abstract Window Toolkit.
Answer: AWT is an API that helps to create GUI-based (Windows) applications. The AWT API provides
various classes stored in the java.awt package to create GUI in the application. Using the java.awt package,
we can create and display buttons, labels, check boxes, text fields, and other user interface components in
a Windows application.
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