MI0036-Business Intelligence Tools

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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 3
MI0036-Business Intelligence Tools
(Book ID: B2043)
Assignment (60 Marks)
Note: Answer all questions must be written within 300 to 400 words each. Each Question carries 10
marks 6 X 10=60
Q1. Define Business Intelligence (BI). Explain the uses of BI in contemporary organisations.
Answer. In 1958, IBM researcher, Hans Peter Luhn defined BI as, “The ability to apprehend the
interrelationships of presenting facts in such a way as to guide action towards a desired goal.” Moving
ahead, in 1989, Future Gartner Group Analyst, Howard Dresner defined BI as “Concepts and methods to
improve business decision-making by using fact-based support systems.” BI is the art of making decisions
based on information, knowledge and experience. With the advancement and involvement of computers
in our daily life, various computer-based
Q2. a. Discuss the contribution of business analytics in strategy management.
b. How is CRM linked to business intelligence?
Answer. a. A good financial performance is the result of better business outcomes. To achieve these
outcomes, organisations need to develop and manage multiple, interconnected business strategies. BA
solutions give an actionable business forecast that can guide business strategies and technologies to
provide timely and accurate financial results. Although, the business user teams may only have an
apparent understanding of BA technologies, they are expected to highlight the requirements of the
Q3. Explain the data mining process in detail.
Figure of data mining process
Explain the process
Answer. DM includes a number of operations, each one of which is aided by a variety of techniques, such
as decision trees, rule-based induction, neural networks and conceptual clustering. The derived results are
evaluated repeatedly over the developed models to minimize the occurrence of potential errors. In the
real world applications, knowledge extraction involves collaborative use of several data mining techniques
Q4. Briefly explain the 7 Ps of marketing mix
Answer. 7 Ps of service marketing mix is as follows:
Product: A product can be defined as an idea, a service or a good that involves a mix of tangible and
intangible elements that aim to satisfy consumers. It is traded for money or any other trading unit that has
some value attached to it. Tangible products can be manufactured in a large quantity. For example, cars,
Q5. What are the main features of a financial reporting system?
Answer. The following are the main features of a financial reporting system:
1. Drag-and-drop report builder: This feature helps in creating sophisticated reports and analysing them
with ease. To generate a report, you need to select the desired items from a menu, drag them onto a
graphical workspace and choose appropriate formatting options.
2. Choice of dimensions in rows and columns: This feature enables you to easily design your report. You
just need to choose the right value of various dimensions, such as business unit, department, region,
Q6. Define big data. Briefly explain the different types and elements of big data.
Define big data - 4
3 types and 3 elements of big data - 6
Answer. Big Data is being created or produced around us every second by billions of people across the
world. Each digital process and social media conversation generates it. Big Data is transmitted through the
Internet and mobile devices. Apart from the sheer pace of generation, the volume and variety of Big Data
is astounding. This continuous generation of huge amounts of data brings with it various challenges. The
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