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Associate Professor and researcher
Università degli Studi of Florence
Medieval Period
Fabrizia BALDISSERA graduated cum laude in Classics at the, Università degli Studi and completed
her BA (1974) and MA (1980) from Oxford University in Oriental Studies, Sankrit and Pali.
She was a researcher with CNR in Oriental Studies and studied Sanskrit drama manuscrpits at the the
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, and at the Centre for Advanced Sanskrit Studies, Pune
University in India. Then she explored Bharatanatyam dance to gain a better understanding of Indian
drama between 1978 and 1981.
Since 1978, she was doing research in editing and interpreting unedited Sanskrit kaavya texts.
She is recipient of three CNR grants for: study of Bharatanatyam tradition; philological/religious
investigations on texts, iconography and ritual relating to terrifying goddess figures; and finally for
research in the historical/social background of medieval Kashmir through literary Sanskrit texts from
the year 1000.
For ten years, she held the post of “Ricercatore confermato” at the Università degli Studi, Milan.
Studied the Greek and Roman relations with India in the antiquity; contemporary temple rituals of
terrific goddesses in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Kerala, seen in relation to ancient manuals
on temple worship. She Studied Sanskrit satire and worked for the Nepal-German Manuscript
Preservation Project (Universities of Kiel, Berlin and Kathmandu).
Since 1991, she is associate professor of Sanskrit Language and Literature, first at the Università
Orientale, Naples, then at the Università degli Studi of Florence (1999-present).
She focused on the Alexander campaign in India, and on Indian texts about the Indo-Greeks. Is
currently editing a collective volume of translations, mainly from Sanskrit, on the theme of love in
ancient India; engaged in the study of the Artha"saastra; doing research on texts and temples of
terrific goddesses; investigating ancient Indian alchemy and its relation with Chinese alchemy;
researching the ancient migrations of brahmans both within India and in the larger Indian sphere of
She lectured abroad at: Collège de France, Paris; Curtin University, Perth, Australia; Universities of
Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Benares, Lucknow, India; of Bern, Marburg, Heidelberg, Weimar,
Edinburg, Lancaster; at the Volkerskunde and Rietberg Museums, Zurich. She also organized with
Heidelberg the Advanced Sanskrit Summer School in Florence, and a round table on Indian dance at
Cà Foscari University, Venice.
Besides academic commitments, she is the scientific director of the cataloguing project for the Jain
manuscripts in Florence, in collaboration with Florence University, the Florence National Library, and
the LD Institute of Indology, (Ahmedabad).
Since 1999, She is in the scientific committee of Quaderni di Linguistica (Firenze), and now is in
the committee for publications of the di Lingue, Letterature e Studi Culturali. Since 2001, is
membre du Comité International de Pilotage des Études Indianistes à Pondichéry.
Books :
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(eds.), Emotions in Rituals and Performance. p. 333-377, Abingdon & New Delhi: Routledge,
ISBN: 9780415523042
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F. Baldissera (2006), Donne, animali, passioni nel Kathaasaritsaagara. QUADERNI DEL
219-226, ISSN: 1122-0619
F. Baldissera (2005), Traditions of protest: the development of religious suicide from religious
act to political statement. In: F. SQUARCINI (ed.) et al., Boundaries, Dynamics and
construction of traditions in South Asia. pp. 515-568, Firenze: Florence University
Press/Munshiram Manoharlal, ISBN: 8884532620
F. BALDISSERA (2005), The Narmamaalaa of K.semendra (study, edition, annotated
translation), pp.VII-186 (+XXXI), Heidelberg: South Asian Studies, Heidelberg University,
Ergon Verlag, ISBN: 3899134273 (monograph)
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Ed., Le parole e i marmi. Studi in onore di Raniero Gnoli nel suo 70° compleanno, pp. 13-35,
ROMA: Herder
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D'ÉTUDES INDIENNES, vol. 17-18, pp. 153-172, ISSN: 0761-3156 N. Progr. 17601
F. Baldissera (1996). Ca.n.dikaa/Ca.n.dii, Vindhyavaasinii and Other Terrific Goddesses in the
Kathaasaritsaagara. In: Wild Goddesses in India and Nepal, Proceedings of an International
Symposium in Berne and Zürich 1994, Studia Religiosa Helvetica. pp.71-103, A. MICHAELS,
C. VOGELSANGER, A. WILKE (eds.), Berne and Zürich
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racconti. (Kathaasaritsaagara). pp. 1-403, Torino: Einaudi (monograph)
F. BALDISSERA, A. MICHAELS (1988). Der indische Tanz. Koln: Dumont Buchverlag 1984 –
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F. BALDISSERA (1980). The "Saaradaatilaka of “Sa.mkara, spring pastimes of an
Indian gallant. (editio princeps), pp. 1-123, Poona: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
Articles :
F. BALDISSERA (ed.), L’universo di Kaama, testi d’amore dell’antica India, Torino: Einaudi
F. Baldissera, Indian Alchemy: Rasaayana in some kaavya and kaatha texts, in: G.
OROFINO (ed.), Elisir mercuriali e immortalità. Capitoli per una storia dell’alchimia
nell’Eurasia antica, AION, sezione filologica letteraria
F. Baldissera, Note in margine al Milindapanha: la fortuna dell’immagine di Alessandro e dei
re indo-greci in India, in: S. BIANCHETTI (ed.), Tracce di presenza greca fra Etiopia e India,
F. Baldissera, King and Devii: instances of their specialrelationship, in: S. Bindi, E. Mucciarelli,
T. Pontillo, Cross-cutting Asian Studies: an Interdisciplinary Approach, London: Anthem Press.
F. Baldissera, Antiche migrazioni di intellettuali: spostamenti di gruppi di brahmani esperti
di testi e di rituale in sanscrito sia entro l’India, sia verso la “Greater India”, in: A. SARACGIL,
R. SVANDERLICK (eds.), Lingue, letterature e culture migranti, Firenze: QUADERNI DEL
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