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Jump start the year by journeying with the magi
January 5th –11th 2015
Monday: January 5th
8:00am- +Raniero Rotondo
7:00pm- +Joseph,Thankamma Babu
Tuesday: January 6th
8:00am7:00pm- +Guiseppina Lunardo
Wednesday: January 7th
8:00am- +Cajetan Lawrence Fernandes
7:00pm- +Immacolata Simone
Thursday: January 8th
8:00am7:00pm- +Maria Perugini
Friday: January 9th
8:00am-+Leonardo Sorio
7:00pm- +Paul + Mildred Antony +Roy
Saturday: January 10th
8:30am5:00pm- For the Community of OLA
Sunday: January 11th
9:00am- +Mary Magdalene & James Theophilus Balthazaar
10:30am- +Giacomo Quatrociocchi
12:00pm - +Maria Fernandes Marques
for those who are sick
members of our parish
and those who love and
minister to them:
Sunday Collection $ 7,151.50
Maintenance $ 1,060
Christmas Collection $15,108.00
Other Revenues $10,193.30
Total Revenues $ 33,512.80
Many thanks for your generosity!
Total Roof Renovation Expenses
$ 450,795.08
Deposited $ 177.951.45
Loan Balance $ 272,843.63
“In our first reading on this Solemnity of the
Epiphany, we hear, ‘Rise up in splendour, Jerusalem! Your light has come, the glory of the
Lord shines upon you’ (Isaiah 60:1). Jesus is that
light and He now shines upon each of us.
“The Gospel tells the story of the Magi
from the East who travelled in search of Christ,
the new-born king. Again, we see this truth, the
God of all creation has come to the world, and
those of good will seek Him. The Magi travelled
over great distance and time to seek the new-born king. They found Him and
brought great gifts for Him. And they followed Him thereafter according to
right judgment, forsaking the lure and temptations of the culture and corrupt
government (cf. Matthew 2).
“The story of the Magi and the Revelation of the Christ-Child in what
we call the Epiphany is a wonderful occasion and opportunity to begin anew
our prayer life. There is much for us to meditate on here.
“Each of us can consider our own life, in one sense, as the journey of
the magi to find and give homage to the new king who is revealed to them –
and to us – as the Saviour of the world. So during the remaining week of
Christmastide, let’s jump-start our prayer lives by reflecting on this passage
and our lives.”
Lay Pastoral Visitors’ Training
Are you interested and available to help your parish to minister to the sick and the home-bound in your community? This
programme, of three Saturdays of six hours each, will prepare
you to provide pastoral visits and/or bring Holy Communion
to parishioners who are confined in their homes, nursing
homes and hospitals due to illness or infirmity. You can help
bring Catholic Social Teaching to life by responding to the
needs of the sick and the home-bound in a way that is both affirming and encouraging.
Saturdays, January 24, 31, and February 7, 2015 / 9:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
St. Anne's Parish, 115 Vodden St. East, Brampton ON, L6V 1M4
Let us pray for our brothers and sisters who passed away
this year 2014 in our parish.
Angelo Ciccacerelli, Giuseppe Ventura, Ezio Veri, Saverio Antonacci,
Julian Morgan, Angelino Iezzi, Frank Bartolumucci, Benjamin Chiavaroli, Cosimo Trichilo, Graziella Ciuffreda, Annammah Sebastianpillai,
Shirley Franks, Angelo Pagliuca, Lucia Patriaca, Joseph Patriaca,
Giuseppina Alfano, Domenico Murru, Bernard Carbonneau, Lino Valentino Colagiacomo, Erminia Spadafora, Bruna Fabris, Frank Gullusci,
Albert Jacob Mann, Italia Iaboni, Ortenzia Micieli, John Conroy, Mary
Margaret Hayes, Benedict Andrew, Vicenzio Iercaci, Pio Guido
Pietrangeli, Maria Prataviera, Gary Thomas Fitzpatrick, Silvia Venditto,
Antonia Stumpo, Maria Luisa Guinto, Bridget Ivory, Giusepina Lunardo, Immacolata Simone, Maria Camina Perugini, Giovanni Nardulli,
Ezio Pavan,
“A little "Thanks" to All”
A sincere attitude of gratitude is a beatitude for a safe Life Journey. I
thank you all for being part of my support system. Thank you for reminding me of my strengths when I feel so weak at times. Thank you for helping me to see the other side of the clouds when the rain comes in. May the
good souls of my Grandfather and Aunt Rest in Peace. With lots of
prayers Fr. Jimmy Joseph
The Son of God was first manifested to the
world through the visit of the magi. Today,
God's Son is brought into the world and is present to the world through His Church. If you
think that God is calling you to a Church vocation, call Fr. Chris Lemieux, Vocation Director, Archdiocese of Toronto 416-968HAVE A SAFE TRIP!
Let us pray for Fr. Jimmy as he takes his annual vacation to India on Januemail [email protected]
ary 6th, 2015 and to be with his family in this difficult time as he mourns
Saturday, January 10th, 2015
Classes begin at 9-45am—11:45am
Thursday, January 29th, 2015
Class begins at 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
The special Children Liturgy at the 12:00 noon
Is off until Sunday, January 11, 2015.
Our Lady of the Airways Church
Valentine Dinner and Dance
Saturday, February 14,
Panemonte Banquet and
Convention Centre
Rich Menu - Red and
White Wine
Open Bar
Music for all
Door Prizes – Raffle and more…
Adults $65.00 per person
Children under 12-$45.00
Tickets and contact information will be
available soon.
with the loss of his Aunt and Grandfather. Have a safe trip and may God
be with you and with your family.
Una stella ha guidato i Magi fino a Betlemme perché
là scoprissero “il re dei Giudei che è nato” e lo adorassero. Matteo aggiunge nel suo Vangelo: “Entrati
nella casa, videro il bambino con Maria sua madre, e
prostratisi lo adorarono”. Il viaggio dall’Oriente, la
ricerca, la stella apparsa ai Magi, la vista del
Salvatore e la sua adorazione costituiscono le tappe
che i popoli e gli individui dovevano percorrere nel
loro andare incontro al Salvatore del mondo. La luce
e il suo richiamo non sono cose passate, poiché ad esse si richiama la
storia della fede di ognuno di noi. Perché potessero provare la gioia del
vedere Cristo, dell’adorarlo e dell’offrirgli i loro doni, i Magi sono passati
per situazioni in cui hanno dovuto sempre chiedere, sempre seguire il
segno inviato loro da Dio. La fermezza, la costanza, soprattutto nella fede,
è impossibile senza sacrifici, ma è proprio da qui che nasce la gioia indicibile della contemplazione di Dio che si rivela a noi, così come la gioia di
dare o di darsi a Dio. “Al vedere la stella, essi provarono una grandissima
gioia”.Noi possiamo vedere la stella nella dottrina e nei sacramenti della
Chiesa, nei segni dei tempi, nelle parole sagge e nei buoni consigli che,
insieme, costituiscono la risposta alle nostre domande sulla salvezza e sul
Salvatore. Rallegriamoci, anche noi, per il fatto che Dio, vegliando sempre, nella sua misericordia, su chi cammina guidato da una stella ci rivela
in tanti modi la vera luce, il Cristo, il Re Salvatore.
Our Lady of the Airways Church
Cena e Ballo di San Valentino
Panemonte Banquet and Convention Centre
Ricca Cena -Vino Rosso & Bianco
Open Bar
Musica per tutti i gusti…
Premi abbinati al biglietto d’ammissione - sorteggio
per la lotteria e altro…
Adulti $65.00 a persona
Bambini al di sotto di 12anni -$45.00
Biglietti e altre informazioni saranno disponibili presto.